Highest Ascending Earth, Secondary Ascending Earth & Descending Earth

Or as this has been called years ago, Planet or Earth A, Earth A/B and Earth B.

  1. Earth A is the primary highest frequency ascending Earth with a matching frequency population.
  2. Earth A/B is the secondary ascending Earth with an extremely wide range of humans, consciousness and awareness. Some on it are aware of the Ascension Process but still have old lower beliefs and expectations, while most of the population on it aren’t aware of the AP at all.
  3. Earth B is the descending Earth going into greater density and negativity, but for a short period because this won’t be allowed to continue for much longer.

If these different evolutionary Ascension Process (AP) Earths and timelines sounds cast-like or discriminatory to anyone, understand that this is entirely a matter of individual frequencies, current consciousness and beliefs which are frequencies in themselves. We each end up in an ascending Earth world that we are an energetic match with, but even that changes as we individually continue growing and evolving. If someone in the secondary ascending Earth A/B evolves more from embodying more NEW Light and NEW Light Codes and NEW DNA etc., then they will automatically evolve vibrationally, energetically further and eventually be capable of existing in a higher or highest ascending frequency Earth A vibration. Stair-steps as usual because every belief system(s) and every human incarnate now is not and never has been on the same identical level of awareness, consciousness, abilities, frequency range, development, soul focus and so on. That was not an insult but a truth, and a very important one now during the major AP related Separation of Worlds & Timeline (“bifurcation”) changes affecting global humanity.

The growing disintegration and disappearance of the old 3D global patriarchal Team Dark controlled Earth world we all incarnated into continues. That world is currently disappearing because its time fully Expired back in December 2012. However, there are many people who still believe in the old (negative) ways that most of them don’t even realize have always been profoundly negative and Dark are currently on ascending Earth A/B let’s call it for ease and speed of communications here. There is the higher primary ascending Earth world, and there is the secondary ascending Earth world with a much larger population on it because they’re not aware of the AP or other related topics and energies and therefore aren’t currently capable of embodying and existing in a much higher frequency primary ascending Earth world. And, like the current smaller population on the primary higher/highest ascending Earth (A again lets call it), the descending Earth (B) also has a relatively small population on it. Descending Earth B world is for all the people who want, need and/or only believe in greater negativity, density, violence, murder, warring, dis-empowerment, refusal to take personal responsibility for anything, and overall chaos. All of the things that went with the old Evolutionary Cycle’s old chakra system in the lowest bottom three chakras; the Root chakra survival, the Sacral sexuality/procreation, and the Solar Plexus ego-based consciousness and self.

I’ve heard many say that they wish they could have some old normal life back again, mainly because all this chaos, change, AP related Work and everything else simply gets to be way too much sometimes. I totally understand that but it simply is not going to happen. Why? Because if you’re evolving/ascending, and if you’re consciously aware of the AP and a member of the Ascension Community Team Light Tribe, then you already know that none of this is about going back to what has been at lower frequency levels, even if some of it made you happy and comfortable. That old world is literally disappearing, in fact it already has, and in its place is the secondary but ascending Earth world. So I suggest you do your best to stop wishing for things in the limited old world we incarnated into in these lives and stay focused in and on the ascending Earth world you’re in at this moment and all the NEW everything that’s wanting you to embody it so you can have so much more and so much greater than anything from the old lower world.

  Like the old negative patriarchal Team Dark (TD) controlled Earth we all incarnated into, the human chakra system that went with it because it was an energetic match to it, is also disappearing, right along with that old Earth world and all of its systems and structures. So many people that are evolving/ascending still have old world beliefs about all sorts of things, not only the old human chakra system but so many other things. Things like which foods are “good” for you, or which medical system is going to “fix” you or someone you love, or which drugs will open your mind so you can gain access to greater awareness, or when the money is going to be shared equally among the world populations, or when the Second Coming is arriving, or when positive ETs will come down and “save” humanity. On and on with old world beliefs, expectations and habits and none of it is what’s really happening now everywhere.

Realize that the old 3D patriarchal Earth world you and I birthed ourselves into in these current lives no longer exists, which also means that all those old codes—original and the TD interfered with distortions—no longer exist or work in the ways they have. We’ve evolved beyond them, and the more each person can remember this and stay open to more and continually higher frequency NEW Light, NEW codes, and NEW structures etc. coming in constantly now and being embodied by you, then the easier and faster all this will be for not only you, but for everyone above, below and beside you as well. We are all connected energetically and what any one group and Earth world does affects the others above and below that one.

As the primary ascending Earth world (A) with its Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers etc. continues to go higher first, we help the secondary ascending Earth world (A/B) with its largest population energetically draft off of us sort of like race cars do on the racetrack. The primary ascending Earth world continues going higher energetically, vibrationally which Pathpaves the way for the secondary ascending Earth world to draft off of us from behind which makes it easier and quicker for them to continue ascending.

On the other hand, when the secondary ascending Earth world (A/B) is having some difficulties and/or deliberate TD interference attempts at low levels and/or stagnation due to human fear, uncertainty, negative old habits or whatever may be the case, those in the higher primary ascending Earth world (A) feel this as a sudden drag, weight, slow down and hesitation from that level so we push forward more strongly to help that world with its largest population move past its fears, uncertainties, doubts, negative interference, chaos, or temptations to continue recreating what’s familiar to them from the old negative TD patriarchal world. The descending Earth world does not influence the primary ascending Earth world whatsoever, but the secondary ascending Earth world does and we directly and intentionally aid and influence it.

Many of you reading this felt something seemingly go off rails a bit around October 26th or so. [It’s getting increasingly difficult for me to keep dates right because I’m existing increasingly in Spherical Consciousness, which is the quantum Now Moment awareness, so, unless I write a short note about what happened and when, I can easily get the time of things wrong because I’m perceiving time so differently now as many of us are.] I felt a sudden and unexpected speed bump if you will in late October after all those constant Solar winds all month causing more changes to our magnetic bodies and to Earth’s as well. We’d been sailing along very quickly, although rather painfully due to all those Solar wind side/magnetic effects, when suddenly I felt an increase in negativity on a global scale. It was like a huge energetic fear pocket had been reached and we all had to push through it this time, which is exactly what we did. We pushed through that energetic knot both personally if needed which it was for many, and for the collective in the secondary ascending Earth world spinning its wheels in old lower frequency muck again. What’s important however is that this old fearful junk got blasted through via some more Work by those in the primary ascending Earth world frequency to help not only the secondary ascending Earth world move on past that crap, but to also help us not get slowed down by anything anywhere.

So if you suddenly felt extra miserable, angry, frustrated, sad, depressed, confused, scattered, off kilter etc. the last few days of October into November, this has a lot to do with why. It’s always a bit stranger than usual anyway at the end of each month transitioning into the next month—especially in the year’s final trinity months of October (10) to November (11) to December (12)—but this year these changes are so amplified and NEW to all that it can really be unsettling at times. If you remember that the primary ascending Earth world with its Forerunner/Embodiers/Wayshowers inhabitants are intimately connected to the secondary ascending Earth world with its vast and highly confused population, then no matter which of these two ascending Earth worlds you’re on at this moment, you’ll do better with all the mandatory evolutionary AP changes and EP (Embodiment Process) changes. Know where you are and know why you’re there and if you want to be elsewhere then do what’s necessary for you to get there now.

There continues to be astonishing, amazing, beautiful uplifting experiences taking place side-by-side with escalated attempts by Team Dark to save themselves and their creations now and in their scant future timelines. Most of those TD controlled future timelines have been dead-ended and/or fully removed. I know because I am one of many Forerunners who’ve Worked that particular Mission Work very intensely since 2012. TD has been hustling to survive and keep their negative distortions and structures and do what they’ve always done; ride on the energetic coattails of humanity most but some others also. There are frantic battles, struggles, fights, cons and lying going on now with nonphysical Team Dark alien beings and others lower in the TD hierarchy, exactly like what’s happening with many human leaders trying to become global dictators themselves as these old timelines run down, dead-end, disappear, or survive for a while in the descending Earth world. There’s a lot going on and it’s only going to continue and expand so release whatever is weighing you down personally or collectively, plus be ready and open to Embody more NEW Light, NEW codes, NEW DNA, NEW higher you/You/YOU, NEW higher life, reality and creativity for yourself and everyone else brave enough to go so much higher. ❤

Denise Le Fay

November 1, 2017


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  • “I’d love to know more about how you see things evolving with the primary/secondary ascension timelines especially going into 2018. For some reason, I was thinking about $$$ and whether it will even be used in the primary ascension timeline where we will be able to more easily manifest everything that resonates with our High Heart.”

    Thelma & All,

    I’ve been working on an article about some HUGE changes coming, the first one is just next month in December, and I intend to work on it today to get it done as quickly as I can. It’s important and needs to be a back-to-back article to this one. And you’re right about sensing the $$$ money thing too which I’ll get into in this article from both a primary ascending Earth world perspective AND from a secondary ascending Earth world perspective. So, I’m off to Work to get it done. 🙂

  • So glad to read this post, Denise and everyone’s shared experiences as I had exactly the same over here in the UK at the end of October. Was feeling really strong and then WHAM, for a couple of days it disappeared and I found myself reacting in full petty, victim-consciousness mode to some issues that presented at work. However, I kept telling myself ‘this isn’t real’ and used it as an opportunity to look at why I was allowing myself to be triggered and how I could learn to be less affected. Now, like Colleen, I’m feeling stronger than ever so just need to keep going, resonating with Sandra’s advice as much as I can where she asks us to keep “pushing through [our] self-imposed barriers, personal delays, and the aches and pains of expanding to this next level of Light”.

    I’ve certainly noticed a definite shift in being able to be more confident in expressing myself, both in communicating with people – something that’s really welcome as speaking out has been a challenge my whole life (no co-incidence that I’m a communications officer at my workplace) – and in the strong urge I have to be more confident around my creativity. I took part in my first exhibition in early October and sold four paintings 🙂

    The revelations are all happening over here as well, with resignations and suspensions in the UK government being announced almost daily. There’s also a full investigation going on with our Scottish parliament and hopefully all the other bastions of patriarchy will follow i.e. banking, police, military, aristocracy etc.

    With huge gratitude as always x

  • Hi Denise & All,

    I SO get how we’re pulling up the secondary ascending timeline as we continue to hold more Light. I never realized that’s what we were doing until you wrote it, Denise. I know we’ve cut off from the descending timeline (such a relief) but I’ve still been feeling a drag. I wonder at what point we can finally let go and allow them to find their own way back to Source? I know that I agreed to bridge frequencies prior to coming here, but it will be such a relief when I can finally plant both feet on the other side. Love to you & all here.

  • Hi Denise,

    I can’t believe what I have experienced this last week or so – I feel huge (As in expanded) and I’ve enjoyed all
    of the purging, clearing, cleaning that I’ve done and there is no doubt in my mind that “I am” NEW. There is no
    more old inside of me – and that’s the best that I can describe it. This latest one shoved into me something so
    profound, unrecognizable, that it got rid of anything that was left and molded me into a perfectly shiny shimmering
    glowing bright diamond crystal and it feels so nice to feel so fresh. Do you feel fresh? – I feel fresh.

    I had a moment actually (a few of them) where I didn’t even recognize myself and a few weeks ago a few people
    mentioned that they couldn’t recognize me anymore. All of the evolution I’d had done literally made it impossible for
    other’s who had known me notice themselves how much more connected and new I was. I felt the need to share
    this with you because these people were part of an old timeline, back in the old existence I used to be apart of a
    long time ago. Every single person (I didn’t even recognize you) and it was kind of sad because they were obviously
    still living in the old and I wasn’t and had done my work.

    Speaking of old and old timelines. They are all falling, breaking, scattering around into a perfect pile of cards. Its been
    wonderful to see how many people can see through all of the old lower dark stuff that hasn’t been what its always been all of this time. The 3D world is going gaga – and a few weeks ago I had an astral visit of the old lower 3D world and it looked ravaged, non livable, there were still beings there sleeping in water infested fold out bags. I remember in those astral visits having to take a elevator all the way down from where I was existing just to see how devastated the entire 3D astral realm really was. Not pretty. I know you’ve also seen the 3D world as well Denise – but this was the first time I was shown, first time I saw it and its a barren destroyed dead world.

    I’ve been living on Earth A for quite a few years – and I’ve done my work to remain here and I will not go back to earth B or even earth A/B I can’t and don’t want to. Thanks again for this – and its so funny because I’ve always been able to sense you and when you are working on topics for articles that are just about to be published. The little voice always says “Yup, Denise is getting ready to share another one or yeah she’s working on another one right now.” the ability to connect has gotten greater for those on the same level or frequency. Its wonderful.

    Hope your still shining like a lighthouse – I took notice of how much light I was holding the other night and remembered the lighthouse comment. Hope you and mum are okay.

    Love & Hugs from Canada.

    Michael C Murdock

    • Michael,

      This sense of having gotten larger, physically and energetically is from you Embodying some more NEW Light. I’ve felt this repeatedly over the AP years, getting a little bit larger every time and this will only continue so get used to not being the old lower you but more and more of the NEW you/You/YOU being Embodied or merged within your Michael body, life and reality.

      In the early stages of my experiencing this, my hearing would change slightly and the floor would look about 5-6 feet away from me, like I was way up above my physical head/height making the floor look farther away than what I was used to. All of our senses and self is changed from these expansions and like I said, it doesn’t happen just once or twice but continues the more we evolve/ascend/Embody etc. so expect much more of this and other related side effects of it. The one I’ve been dealing with lately is being outside of linear time and matching consciousness in quantum, Spherical Consciousness as I’ve called it.

      I feel you and everyone else too and that is very much what 5D and higher feels like; everyone being consciously aware of everyone else. We’re still individualized now but we’re within that frequency range where individuals are capable of feeling, sensing, knowing, intentionally communicating with (telepathically etc.) some of those other people within this same level of being and development. This is why those individuals that are this far along in the AP and EP processes have become SO powerful not only individually, but even more so as a NEW Group Collective we’ve become and continue becoming. This is why Sandra Walter has Sunday meditations for this NEW Group, for each of us to Work at the same time (throughout every Sunday) on quickening the AP or helping lift up the secondary Earth and its inhabitants more quickly, anchor more NEW, direct and redirect certain things when needed. There are enough of us now that we are easily and quickly able to make needed changes etc. throughout this stage of the AP and Separation of Worlds/bifurcation.

      Congratulations on your latest NEW state of being. 🙂 Know that a lot more is coming for each of us. ❤

      • Denise, yes in these latest integrations that happened to me in both September (following a huge, challenging summer long clearing process) and now (following the solar winds and October energies), I have felt A LOT more power. It started back in September, and then ebbed off and stabilized a bit by mid-October. I was like, ‘Where the heck did it go?,’ and was even a bit sad and disappointed thinking it may have only been a temporary thing. Now this week, I feel it even more powerfully than I had back in September. For example, I noticed on Monday when I was speaking that it was very different from regular ‘human’ speech with FAR MORE power, ease, and strength flowing through my communication like never before. VERY powerful energy flowing through. I can also feel it increasingly in the HighHeart area even more so than I did for a few weeks back in September. It’s hard to put into words, but it feels very sovereign, spacious, light, fearless and like a warm, soft, peaceful, yet big and powerful inner energy-Light residing in the heart-chest area. The pattern increasingly seems to be that my/our body takes in the new powerful incoming Light, integrates it, and then it ebbs off a bit for a few weeks followed by even more new powerful Light with the next cycle or influx. The new Light pushes out some old stuff which is usually a challenging, uncomfortable time of release while going through it.

        Right now, I’m on a nice, floaty, soft plateau enjoying the new integrated energy from the challenging, utterly exhausting, and disorienting mid-late October influx with the October Solar Winds. (Gads, I kind of dread the intense, uncomfortable Solar Flare-Winds stuff 😫. It’s incredibly exhausting.) It’s so clear to now see how we AP’ers are rapidly holding-embodying more and more POWER just as simultaneously the old energy players are now quickly losing their distorted, lowly human-based power by the day. Theirs just doesn’t work anymore whatsoever. Boy, are things amplifying and accelerating! The collective is looking around at the exposed darkness, sickness, imbalance, and dysfunction of those in “power” and starting to seriously scratch their heads and wake up. I can hardly believe what I’m seeing with the rapid downfall of so many distorted-abusive-old energy males!

        So all is well! Things are actually unfolding beautifully ❤️❤️❤️!

        • Colleen & All,

          “For example, I noticed on Monday when I was speaking that it was very different from regular ‘human’ speech with FAR MORE power, ease, and strength flowing through my communication like never before. VERY powerful energy flowing through.”

          I’ll never forget the first time I felt this in my body. It was around 2000, I was driving the car and my mom said something funny and I laughed out loud and the energetic intensity and VOLUME of my own laughter shocked me! It was so intense, so amplified and SO much more energy coming into and through me than had never been able to prior. And, it’s only grown since then as each of us Embodies more and more NEW Light.

          I had something similar happen today — we’re in another “Gateway” now and it’s very powerful as they all are but this one feels different, like lots of Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine and HighHeart is currently being Embodied by us. My body suddenly started crying (involuntary action I mean here) and my HighHeart expanded again and I said out loud while crying, I AM done with all of the global darkness, misery, pain etc. etc. etc. and that it all is now ended and removed. This was powerful and very real and I know it was Divine Mommy working/residing/existing within me to a larger degree than yesterday. The level the Forerunners/Wayshowers/Grid/Gatekeepers etc. reached with the AP and EP is now so high and powerful that things are going to change more quickly than ever before. (I’m working on another article about this and what’s coming in 2018 and will get it done asap because it’s important and is connected to this article about the primary ascending Earth (A), and the secondary ascending Earth (A/B) and the MAJOR changes starting in 2018 and unfolding from there very quickly.)

          Also I want to make sure everyone reads Sandra Walter’s latest so here’s a link to it. ❤

          Sandra Walter’s latest

  • I seem to be going backwards. My life is upside down, abandoned by my family and soon to be homeless with no income. No where to go. living alone on SSI all this time holding the peace and love for everyone else. I cannot pretend to be happy any more. Life is kicking my ass. I don’t know what to do and I’m one inch away from suicide. So much for being a lightworker for the last 15 years. I have loved everyone but no one seems to love me. If there is a message or lesson in this I am not getting it.

    • Laura P.,

      You’re not “going backwards” as you said, but having more and more of the old you and your life and all else torn apart. That is the Ascension Process; layers and layers and layers of our old egoic selves and lives and world literally peeled away, one after another repeatedly over the years/decades. But, at the same time as all this is happening, you/me/we are each Embodying more and more of the NEW Light energies and codes and NEW DNA and more of the higher, greater YOU. That is a lot to be going through simultaneously but it’s exactly what this AP business is.

      “I have loved everyone but no one seems to love me.”

      I’ve felt this too and I strongly suspect most humans have, especially during different levels and layers of the AP. That doesn’t make that pain any less I realize, but I just want you to know that I’ve felt it many, many times and had to WORK my way through all the emotional layers of that such as anger over it, disappointment, a sense of being alone, as sense of what’s the point?, hurt and sadness. Again, I think most humans feel these emotions at times, but all of this and more is the “Dark Night of the Soul” ascension related business. I feel huge waves of “it” coming up and out of the human Collective because the human Collective is now deep into its Dark Night of the Soul and sensitives/empaths/HighHearts etc. feel all this and more.

      I don’t have a quick fix answer for you other than fight your way through this momentary depression and try to find some place where you can rest for a bit, collect yourself again and prepare to re-enter the AP fray yet again. This is what I’ve always done when I reach those lowly places within this Alchemical Process; I nest and heal my inner wounds and then get back in the saddle again. ❤

      Know that you are loved/LOVED, always have been ❤ ❤ ❤ and know too that what you're going through now is another phase of the AP and that things will improve. We haven't gone through all we have just to end up in a worse state than when we started this AP! 🙂

      • Hi Laura. I wrote a big long reply then my finger did something and its gone. Damn it. Im texting one finger via my phone! I totally KNOW and relate to your circumstance but i just cant make myself finger it all over again. So bottom line: and im in my 50s. I reached the bottom in circumstances that was about showing me where i still identified my sense of self as my mind. How i thought, how i believed, how i felt. I had yet to realize that those parts of consciousness are not The Self.

        Long story short i screamed and cried for help. Raged. I lost my appetite for days at a time. The stress marked my face with lines i carry still. The fear was immense. I planned how to take myself out if only i had the guts.

        Becuz i was coming from the frightened child and bcuz im alone in this life i cried and cried for mommy to come. I called to Jesus! Im talking desparate. It was total terror realizing that the me i THOUGHT was me was in fact powerless! Was in fact creating more distress. Im here to tell u that i believe LIFE/INNER CHRIST/HIGHER SELF/SOURCE meets u where u r in your growth. It reaches us at whatever stair step we stand. There is ALWAYS A WAY. A path was given to me. I had to work hard. Its been almost 3 years. Im still working hard. Life is better. One thing if u can grasp it: LIFE IS ON YOUR SIDE. Your lower self/mind/emotions cant be on our side. SOURCE is on your side. LIFE MAKES A WAY WHEN TO YOUR HUMAN MIND AND PERCEPTION THERE IS NO WAY! Anyway i hope ive helped a bit. Hang in there. There IS a way for u!

        Big hug!💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

      • Ok I’m gonna sit back and trust the Universe that I will be taken care of.( I have already been miraculously).
        But If my fur babies end up in a animal shelter and I end up in a homeless shelter, I’m coming after everyone. Starting with my higher self… then I’m outa here! Thank you Denise!

        • I have wished to be gone from here many times and tried to come up with a plan that would look like an accident because I did not want to hurt any of those people that I love even though most of them show/have shown not a pinch of concern for me. I live alone and support myself and have more that 25 years now.
          I work in a shelter, consider it an ok thing short term if you need to. Our local SPCA will shelter furry children for a couple weeks and there are other places that offer short term foster care. These may be an option for you if available in your area.
          Living in this kind of hell is terrible but it passes, hug on those fur babies and hang in there. Love and Hugs from someone who still has short bouts of “let me the f— out of here”

    • Laura, may I send you a virtual hug?
      An inch, I know what you mean.
      If you lived closer, at least I could help finding a shelter for your fur friends. I lost one of mine today.
      Please hold on ❤

      • Stellina I will accept your hug graciously. Thank you. All of us know how our pets are our children with a fur coat on. I lost my only fur friend of 21 years and I was devastated for two years. Just like any woman losing a child. It was just me and Frenchie for 21 years. I will never give up my fur family. If I go they go with me., I cant bear the thought of what would happen to them after I was gone. We all go together. I have an emergency plan in place, my sister offered me her garage till I can get another roommate (finding a roommate who is spiritual vegan who loves cats is hard) or move out. I have taken in family and strangers all my life and in the end I get a garage in Michigan winter. I am quiet and very clean and loving. but 4 cats is a problem and I will never let them go. ( my roommate left to go live with boyfriend, second time this happened to me) I did find some money to pay my rent one more month. so I have a few weeks to surrender to the universe keep my vibration high and imagine where I want to go next. . or I can live in a garage. Thank you for caring !

        • Laura, I wish you the best.
          Among my cat shelter volunteer memories, the ones that warm my heart: a man that lost his job and his house, he left his cat there because he had to live in temporary places where he could not keep the cat.
          He often came to visit him, they clearly loved each other deeply. It took a year, but eventually he got his life and his cat back

  • Dear Denise love this post. Your the first one that drew a picture of the amazing changes in my chakras a year ago. Somehow root sacral and solar collapsed together like a girl scout camping cup. Was it a smooth process? No. Lots of growing pains in diaphragm. I have to admit on 26 i was so angry i couldnt believe it was me. Did lots of forgiveness over and over. It was like a cosmic road rage. You really tell it like it is and i for one say hats off. Your long time follower of your work Maureen

    • “It was like a cosmic road rage.”


      Loved that, it’s so accurate to what most of us feel from time to cosmic time with all these AP and EP processes. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Many thanks for this update and confirmation, Denise! I sensed that something was “different” on 26th (and wrote a one-line statement about it on my blog), but didn’t know that what followed would be such an intense and awful period.

    Thanks again for the validation. I’m feeling much better now to be able to write more about it, and to use your update as a reference 🙂 Love and Blessings

  • Hi Denise and All,
    Yes, I got walloped with intense incoming light energy in late October as well, and now feel it integrating and settling a bit. It threw me for a loop as things had been kind of stable prior to that. It started last week with an intense vice grip-like head pressure and dizziness. Some primal terror in me cleared over a few nights disrupting sleep, and dreams were VERY surreal with an assortment of strange characters and situations in them. I’ve gotten even more communication, cognitive, and clairvoyant ‘upgrades’ with this one and feel very solid and firm in my energy today. Communication skills have hugely upgraded in just two days. Speaking feels VERY smooth, easy, fluent, clear, and precise like it is downloading into my brain and out of my mouth like never before. Very potent, high frequency light energy indeed! Thank you so much for this Denise. This one was a doozy coming up out of the blue last week, and I figured after a few days of feeling disoriented that it was a massive energy influx, and tried to keep calm and not fall into fear and panic. Your post was VERY helpful to confirm what I sensed-hoped was happening, but I wasn’t quite sure exactly what it was. Welcome to the new normal with riding these intense energy light waves! I’m finally getting to the point of not freaking out every time, and trusting the unfolding of the super intense influxes.

    On a side note, can you believe all these distorted, imbalanced, old energy, lower chakra males in power dropping like flies all over the place?!?! It’s one after the other! Wow!!! It’s clear to see they are VERY rapidly losing power and control by the DAY!! I knew when that certain Hollywood guy crashed and burned in such a monumental, public way, and then with the far reaching ripple effect it had, that some huge clearing and balancing energy for accelerated evolution was upon us!

    • “On a side note, can you believe all these distorted, imbalanced, old energy, lower chakra males in power dropping like flies all over the place?!?! It’s one after the other! Wow!!! It’s clear to see they are VERY rapidly losing power and control by the DAY!! I knew when that certain Hollywood guy crashed and burned in such a monumental, public way, and then with the far reaching ripple effect it had, that some huge clearing and balancing energy for accelerated evolution was upon us!”

      Colleen & All,

      And it’s only going to continue and get larger and unfold faster because that’s where we’re at now. 😀 The more Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine we embody also means more is anchored into the NEW Earth world realities, the less the old patriarchal evil deeds they’ve always gotten away with will continue or survive. Added to this is Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 10th which was, if memory serves, the same day that Hollywood guy you’re talking about was outed and it’s been non-stop ever since. Jupiter is in each zodiacal sign for about one year so this is yet another big clue about how 2018 is going to unfold. Divine Mommy is back which means the perverted patriarchal free-for-all is over globally. Watch how super fast this happens, it’s going to be so great. ❤

      • Yes, it’s astounding to clearly see how it is unfolding SO powerfully and rapidly. Divine Mama is doing some serious a$$ whooping. Get out the popcorn, this is getting good! 😁

  • I so needed this message Denise-thank you!!! I was feeling pretty good, going into October 25th and a day or two after that date, I have suddenly felt lost and confused. I had a wonderful session with someone regarding a new connection I have with someone. She told me in our session that this connection is the new template for relationships-and she confirmed for me everything I was feeling. And I felt so strong for a couple of days after this. And then this confusion hit! And now after reading this article, I wonder if I’m still hoping for something in the old world, or the feeling I was having will reconnect soon, after we move out of this murky spot. Any insight? Eternal gratitude for your service and love.

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