Late October Gateway Energies & Galactic Changes


“ATMOSPHERIC CANYON ON THE SUN: A large hole has opened in the sun’s atmosphere, cleaving the Earth-facing side of the sun with a gaseous canyon more than 700,000 km long. This image, based on data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, shows the jagged structure directly facing Earth on Oct. 22nd:

This is a coronal hole–a region where the sun’s magnetic field peels back and allows solar wind to escape. The solar wind emerging from this hole is blowing faster than 600 km/s and is expected to reach Earth during the late hours of Oct. 24th. NOAA forecasters say there is a 45% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Oct. 24th, increasing to 80% on Oct. 25th. Arctic auroras are in the offing. Free: Aurora Alerts. ”


The Sun continues doing its part in these October 21–25th Gateway energies, and as you can see by SpaceWeather’s report above, there’s more coming so keep the antacids and other digestive, guts and bowel-soothing aids close by!

Man this one’s been really tough on the tummy/digestive track, the HighHeart, and the head because many of us are processing on a Milky Way galactic level now, which is also assisting the entire galaxy to ascend to a higher octave. Have any extra weird dreams along these types of lines the past few days? Walking around in an Earth world that’s been abandoned by recent humanity? Closing down old systems and worlds? Overseeing the completion and disintegration of the old everything on both global and galactic levels? Is it any wonder we’re needing more sleep time and some of our physical body parts have felt really horrible and rebellious? No because so much more is currently happening than most realize.

I often intentionally zoom out beyond the Earth, turn around and view it from that position. Lately however this has happened to me automatically on a galactic level; I suddenly zoom way out beyond the Milky Way galaxy, then turn around and view it—the entire galaxy—from that position. The reason this has been happening during this late October 2017 Gateway is because the entire Milky Way galaxy is in the process of evolutionary ascension to a higher octave and place. Why my digestive track is so affected by this is beyond me but whatever, it’s just Ascension business as usual really. 😉 And you thought you’ve just been Working on Earth all this Volunteer lifetime! Not hardly fellow Ascension co-workers, we’re at a galactic level now with all this. Universal is up next. Swoon…

Going to keep this one short as I mainly wanted to let everyone know that more Solar winds, therefore Earth and human magnetic fields are being impacted and upgraded (further crystalline DNA and more) and will continue. Rest and sleep and know that you’re doing so much more than just feeling rotten again. ❤


October 23, 2017

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31 thoughts on “Late October Gateway Energies & Galactic Changes

  • Hi. It’s my dog that’s suffering Gastrointestinal indigestion. He’s got some sort of recurring condition. I also noticed my friend’s cat is suffering and the cat has ongoing recurring symptoms. I just want to stuff my face with all the wrong “foods”.

    I notice its getting easier to learn/see/know how my use of thoughts/energy work. At work the in charge coworker got upset with me and i immediately hooked in to it for about a minute and then began asking myself questions. I learned that guilt opens my doorway to receiving negative energy. I realized that the scenario was all his. I began to clean and clear up and Returned it. The more i stayed calm the more intense he became because he had to keep his stuff. My being able to really finally see this is my ongoing awareness that everything i think/believe us based on what i think/believe. Not who I Am. I grow stronger and have deeper insight to how this works and plays out the deeper I trust within. And Denise, this is weird and maybe belongs in your Transitions blog but there is a tv show i happened upon that because of what i have learned from u about Team Dark, as well as what im learning about what’s Not Me, this show really demonstrates how ignorant we are about our selves and team dark. Its shown me the repercussions and now i simply understand. If its ok with u, if its safe to do so i will share the name of this popular show. I STRONGLY warn it can be Extremely Disturbing. I woukd not watch it if i didnt have a strong basic inner foundation. It has connected thoughts. I also advise not attuning to photos and images of strongly powerful dark beings. It took me by surprise when i realized by intently focusing on THEM i might be opening a pathway to ME especially if the photo has strong eye contact energy. Its not a game. So i make sure to not look or maybe skip certain parts. It really encapsulates how energy is used, misused and abused accidentally and worse on purpose! Well maybe i wont give the name. Its been a powerful tool for me tho and helped me to further and strengthen my resolve to be the Light I Am in All Responsible ways. And for us on the lower stair steps, for me its an ever deeper revelation: Look. This is what u have been doing! This is how it happens. This is what results. This is all the Not Self. THIS is what u Dont want to cultivate and create. For me Denise Im at a point to being willing to see and know concretely instead of ideas or imaginings from writings. This show brought things down to the physical no bullshit level. But i had to be ready to handle and observe. The upshot is the drive for all things High Heart Light Life!

    • Edith,

      A big part of people “waking up” via the Ascension Process (AP) has to do with consciously discovering that Team Dark has even existed. The old lower 3D Earth world and that old cycle happened within Duality so that all could learn/create/discover etc. everything about Duality. The AP is all of that ending (ended) and us ascending up vibrationally into Unity frequency so we can learn/relearn about it. So, knowing that Team Dark has existed and how they’ve worked, manipulated, controlled and hijacked natural Source creations to keep themselves alive by para-siting off of humanity for eons is a necessary part of humanities current evolution AP.

      “The more i stayed calm the more intense he became because he had to keep his stuff.”

      Yep, and this is another reason why some people are loosing it; the people that used to play the Duality game negativity with them knowingly and unknowingly are waking up as you are and making conscious decisions to NOT let themselves be manipulated, used, fed off of emotionally etc. which automatically and now instantly leaves these people with all that negative sick stuff and no one to push it off on to like they’ve always done. This is a huge realization for you Edith and you should be proud of how you continue growing, and at the hands (claws!) of Team Dark (TD), Portal People, and the general unaware masses.

      “I also advise not attuning to photos and images of strongly powerful dark beings. It took me by surprise when i realized by intently focusing on THEM i might be opening a pathway to ME especially if the photo has strong eye contact energy. Its not a game.”

      It certainly is not a game, not at all.

      I remember watching some TV show a decade ago or so about a priest going through someone’s home doing an exorcism. The priest said that first you HAVE to discover if the negativity is indeed in a particular location, land area, house, person etc. and the second you know that it is there then you’ve got to immediately ignore it and act like it’s not there! When I first heard this I didn’t understand it either but over time and multiple negative attacks from TD the information made sense to me for the very reasons you’ve mentioned. With most of TD they want you to either not see them or know they exist, but once you do they shift their tactics and try to hook into people in the ways you mentioned. They want to build a conscious telepathic and etheric connection with individuals because it’s then very easy for them to move through dimensional levels and easily effect the person that’s become consciously aware of their existence and proximity. And so, we learn, quickly!, to do as that priest suggested; we consciously discover them, acknowledge that they are indeed there and then immediately do our best to NOT make any contact or connections — emotional, mental, etheric, energetic etc. — with them because it makes a bad situation so much worse! Talk about learning the fine art of Neutrality while under extreme duress!

      Another aspect of this same business has to do with eventually embodying so much NEW Light and NEW Codes etc. that one cannot even think for a few moments about TD because you open up that connection again — the one you/me/we have Worked so long and so hard to evolve and ascend beyond! We discover that what we focus on once we’ve reached higher Light levels of our NEW beingness, we cannot entertain old lower crap mentally or emotionally for even a few seconds without there being instant consequences on etheric levels. I’ve had little negative TD beings manifest in my house because I spent too many minutes focused on them. We’re all learning so, so, so much about consciousness, Creativity, being Conscious Creator Beings ourselves, TD, the old lower ways and so on.

      But many people NEED to have these face-to-face, toe-to-toe, fully conscious battles with TD to learn about all these complexities of old Duality Realities. Once you’ve got all that you needed to learn from that, the next Stair-step is becoming increasingly conscious of ones consciousness, and finally ascending/evolving beyond them and that lower frequency range altogether.

      Thanks for this valuable conversation and sharing Edith. Dark Arts training at it’s most positive. Keep up the Great Work. ❤

      • much energy was received from this communication, however I cannot put words to it right now
        I do wish to say that for about a week or so I have had many bouts of excessive anger. I do understand that this is not mine but feel the need to allow it through me and venting it hopefully in ways that do not harm anyone but have been rude once or twice to people that did not deserve it. my mission as a recycler of energy is why I feel needed to allow this and most of the time I can channel it out without it overflowing onto anyone else. However it has been overpowering past 2-3 days even entering my dream space.
        that’s all for now, just needed to share
        love and hugs to all and thanks Denise

        • If its ok Denise, the TV show which has been ongoing for 8 seasons and i viewed the one is called The Dead Files. The special affects with the camera is extremely annoying. Little do they know that the information doesnt need dramatics. The afflicted people are in distress. The medium will walk the sight describing what she sees and feels. This runs the gamut from ordinary dead people to recognizable deeply disturbing creatures and what they do and how they harm unaware people. There are even ancient curses. One example that is ok to share was an extremely disturbed gifted depressed despairing personality and the unconscious “thing” her intense negative emotion created. And this “thing” took on a life of its own! She was never aware of it.

          This show likes evidence so they are big on finding old photos or having a police artist type of sketch made of people and “creepy not human”. This is when u must not hook in and connect. The medium brings to light what we ignorantly do to open doors or stir things up. Or denial. Or the abilities of non human things on people and places. Even how we the ignorant people can harm and hurt confused dead people. Even the ole myth of a ouji board…if u bring something into your home with a specific intent and purpose, even if u dont use it and u happen to b a sensitive and u don’t know it u can unknowingly open portals! That was another ah ha realization i got. I was ok impartially “hearing” the medium as she walked. Again to not be pulled in by seeing and thereby connecting with beings that actually exist Now. They are not a horror fairy story to abosorb connect and wonder about. They are existing creatures. Dont connect with them. Too bad the people who do this show dont realize THIS.

        • Edith & All,

          The Dead Files TV show with Amy Allen and Steve DiSchiavi is a favorite of mine and I’ve watched it for a while now.

          This type of information and drawings of astral negative entities doesn’t bother me personally only because I’ve Seen and experienced so much of this type of thing and far worse all my life. I’m not a Medium but I am a Sensitive, a Seer (clairvoyant and all the other “clairs”), an Empath, consciously aware on multiple dimensions in this life, have remembered many of my past lives since early childhood, and the most important is that I am an Ascension Process Volunteer Forerunner Elder. When you incarnate with those abilities functioning from birth, not many of the monsters scare you after the first two or three decades. 😆

          I’ve always clairvoyantly Seen these types of negative beings that have never been human or alive in the physical so I’ve developed a neutrality towards them when I’ve Seen them, been attacked by them or had conversations with them. I’ve also always known that nasty humans don’t automatically turn into angels when they die, but often, especially over these past 60-70 years or so, quickly turn even more negative and Dark to the point that many dead human beings become demonic monsters themselves. The spiritual and energetic Work and growth never ends…

          Above and beyond all the obvious and interesting information and experiences is why TV shows like this have become so popular over the past twenty years or so. I started a book about this topic in 2014, but time and energy demands have made me put it on the back burner for now even though I know it would help many people at this time with these and other related topics.

          The reason for this is to help the unaware and/or hardcore disbelieving masses slowly come to realize that there are other dimensions with other beings that exist and have always existed in them despite their narrow mindedness, religious beliefs, ego etc. People have to expand their consciousness to include dead humans, the “after life”, demons, ghosts, ETs, aliens both positive and negative, angels, Higher Selves, multiple timelines, reincarnation, past lives and on and on and on. Many of these types of TV shows are helping wake people up to the fact that much more is and always has been going on and that they’ve always been intentionally lied to about all of these things and much more. One of the new TV shows about these things that I enjoy seeing is called Terror In The Woods I think it’s called. Any of these types of TV shows that are based on personal experiences with anything paranormal, supernatural etc. is very positive in helping other people learn about these things from people who, in many cases were hardcore disbelievers themselves BEFORE they had personal experiences that expanded them. Stair-steps for the slowly awakening masses, plus some big DON’T DO THIS type of messages too such as using any divinatory tools when one doesn’t have a clue about what they’re doing and going to have to deal with because they did.

  • Thank you for posting this Denise. My bile reflux has been off the charts & I’ve been falling asleep like a Narcoleptic. It’s so frustrating & unsettling. My boss has mentally derailed again & I pray that these energies mellow out soon.

  • I just wanted to vent alittle. This sound in my ear is nutty. About two years ago it was like a Morris code sound now it’s just weird, more like a crystal sound. It’s not all the time either. Good news is, my body doesn’t vibrate anymore and it doesn’t feel like wings are coming out of my back. Anyways I still have no real idea of what’s going on with me.

    • My ear is nutty also. It’s as if I hear spheres and other frequencies and it’s been constant for me since the July full moon. It’s just tones down between high solar activity. For 2 weeks now every time my husband talks ( he has a low voice) he sounds like a computer robot with this ear!! 👽😳

  • Denise, thanks again…. Saturday (21st) I actually vomited. Nausea for hours. I am not one to vomit at all so this stumped me. Also, the head… OMG… I have had head issues since January but CONSTANT since the full moon in July. Its like my ears went out (crazy frequencies) and caused one massive headache/migraine which has only lessened in pain since then but has lingered. I am having all kinds of strange head sensations… Like, I have to sit/lie SO much for months now. I get localized pressures in the back of my head, then the crown, then the base of my head (spine?)… Lately, a lot of pressure in the frontal lobe as well (above eyes/forehead.. kind of light pressure and cold sensations) I find I cannot even shake my head or it hurts ALL over. Its almost as if the scalp is loose, or most of the pain feels like its in the etheric field of my head??!! I also at times feel like I have a block inside my head. When i bend over then stand up, its like major brain freeze sensations and aches all over my scalp and up the base of my head in the back, strange headaches I’ve never felt before… what on earth is this stuff? It’s quite hard for my human not to interfere with the fear thoughts seeing as this is just ongoing and ongoing… for months now. Then of course there is the solar activity times when I feel like there is electricity inside my head (that is almost non stop too)… makes my EGO want to scream and snap.. I would like to know HOW do we actually live our life this way? It’s been 6 years now for me since I really began to wake up and the physical symptoms have been EXCRUCIATING… to the point where this human life is non functional for me… How do we function as human with these types of crazy symptoms and always dizzy, or in pain or feeling so unwell…. is this what life is going to be like from now on? SOS

    • Livia, your story is mine exactly!!!! Everything with the enormous headpressures, electricity especially at the back/beginning neck area, intense pressure between shoulders and on chest. Am in survival modus trying not to freak out big time these past weeks thinking I’m gonna have a real big nervous breakdown if this continues much longer. Also have intense dreams waking up completely shaky and feeling beamed in with light/heat pressure sensations especially during early mornings. For me it’s been 7 years when it came to the point of ascension symptoms starting to keep me more and more from enjoying a normal life and last 4 years have been becoming more intense every year with this year the max. And I sooo believed that this year would be the resurrection 1 year. Instead since August is has been real hell with this nonstop electric vibrations burning me to ashes. I try to find some trust in signs that this will bring me a better life soon but it has reached a minimum now 😦 I soo much want to have a calm head&body plus enjoyment of life again!

      Thanks Denise for your continuous posts in these extreme times. I read all of them but don’t react much because of minimum laptop time is possible with this head. Love & strength to all out here!

      A Dutch girl burned out from lightwork

      • Just want to show support. I hear ya. I KNOW. I’m hurting badly last three days. 4-5 years ago was by far worse. Like being dragged behind a train all night long plus tons of imagery of stuff I got to watch leave my brain. Non-stop exhaustion one or two years of it. I know what it’s like to lose ability to live normal. I often wish I could explain it to friends so they don’t judge me. But I discovered this recently…if you make yourself go out anyway, sometimes, it fades out for a time oddly enough (and returns) but it is workable! Especially if it’s a natural environment, like you are outside, on ground, or physical, skating, walking, dancing, etc. Out of frustration, it’s been YEARS without normal exercise, I just forced myself and it worked! Even if/when energies return, you are better off for going out and about, the activity is a blessing. More peace of mind. I make myself more now, socially. Exercise wise, by myself, still hard if energies are up.

      • Annmiek… thank you for sharing your story … I empathize SO much with all of this. I cannot believe, someone else with similar chaos and for this long as well. I often feel the same, like it’s escalated as time goes on… it feels never ending at times doesn’t it. I can totally understand the electric vibrations since August… it’s like Ive short circuited and my human aspect of me worries always that i am not clearing things or may not find what needs to be cleared. I feel FRIED! literally, fried. like sizzled, electricity Nervous system fried. Isn’t this crazy? Maybe we are peaking and will soon reap the benefits of this AP? I too am waiting and wanting a calm body and and head and want some enjoyment too… I want some kind of a life but feel like I have turned galactic alien lol

  • Absoluty strange again! Denise, for me it feels if the body has fever, still awake for 18 h. Can not foucus on 3D worldly things. Day becomes a dream state and the dreamstate becomes real. Head, heart and senses are very sensitive
    Last week there was a solarwind that had mis the earth (spaceweather report) but ended on the planets Jupiter and Mercurius, On that moment there was a close conjuction in Scorpio in the firtst degrees. I was feeling a great silence and everthing was oke. Did you feel it also? 18/10. ( a Silence before the next storm!!)
    Yes we become more aware, but it is not a easy pathway!!!
    With Divine Love to all./ Diviana

    • Oh my, I definitely felt this lull, calm before the storm.. I am back in the storm also, 10 fold. That calm brought SO much clarity and a feeling of being well.. I felt as If i had expanded SO much in that calm period..

  • Denise, I was reading both most recent entry and last entry. I’ve been “dying” a bit through this. Past couple months exhausted to the point of discouragement feeling failure loss and temptation of regret sadness. Thanks for encouraging. It’s hard to keep CHOOSING when you feel like an idiot and have been one for years…
    My love for God is great. Whatever beyond my understanding is happening in my body at this point, is great. I’m lost and overwhelmed, that is probably great too. I just wish someone would hold me for a minute… peace

  • Wow, Denise! It’s awesome that you can see the entire galaxy. I read about all the planets in the Milky Way ascending but for you to actually see/sense this is mind-blowing. It’s so gratifying to know that all our efforts and everything we have been through has not been in vain. We seem to be at the “end” of this process (at least the Forerunners of the Forerunners), and that really helps. I am taking steps to stay in a High Vibration, though it hasn’t prevented a family member from viciously attacking me. To be expected at this stage, I guess! Much LOVE to you and all here.

  • You sure nailed these symptoms Denise, I have been burping almost non stop for 2 days, constant heartburn, head squishy, and yet over energized at the same time. And yes my dreams have been crazy but I’m remembering them more again – one in particular the other night, I was with someone else and we were swimming in this big dark murky pool of water with a cave entrance down on the bottom side of the pool, and we weren’t scared, we just like, ok, this is a very unpleasant place, lets clear it out and get this done, and we did! So I keep waking up feeling like I’m doing a lot but it’s still very mysterious exactly what. Hang in there everybody, we can do it! 🙂 Thanks Denise as always for keeping us sane!

  • for many years I have struggled with the energies that went through me, as with acupuncture, but then I am the needle, and the earth is the body. I also followed the spaceweather channel for the many solar bursts, because that had big influence on me, it took a lot of effort not go in victimization. a few weeks back I sat through it, I couldn’t, I screamed, it was too much for me. but the days afterwards came the solution : the energies felt as unbearable only because there are still old patterns in my system. old patterns that as a child got stuck in me . in the most difficult moments I had to let go of everything: my wife, my family, my friends , hobbies. but not in the physical reality. I had to create an energy of “letting go” without the physical release. then I called for help from the angels and ascended masters, I felt their presence and their healing energy. in the last week I have never felt so liberated, even if there are sun eruptions . I feel a sense of peace . I see myself in a heavenly field but physically present on earth . my environment with its lower energies don’t determine how I feel now, it comes from within. now I am in the world , not more of the world. today i am still living together with my wife, familie, friends, still have hobby’s i like, wake up for the first time totaly relaxed.i still do my daily meditation, bud it feels almost no different of my life during the day. this is my story, hopes it inspires others ..

    • Ben, your story inspires me. Thank you for sharing. I REALLY needed to hear this today. How the old energies and limitations of the mind are what need to be released. Many days I worry how will I function with my 3D / lower energy family around me (my daughter is moving home and she is very unconscious and thinks I have lost my mind)… I can release them all without actually releasing the physical family. Thank you 🙂

    • “but the days afterwards came the solution : the energies felt as unbearable only because there are still old patterns in my system. old patterns that as a child got stuck in me . in the most difficult moments I had to let go of everything…”


      This is a mandatory aspect of the evolutionary Ascension Process and we all have to go through the let go of everything we each must so that we can evolve beyond the old lower frequency stuff. And this process typically starts on the emotional level (Emotional Body) and in many cases, but not all, it goes all the way into the physical level too. Some people have to also let go of on the physical level as well with certain other people, usually it’s the people that are behind them on the Ascension path or energetic Stair-steps as I’ve called them over the years.

      That “coming from within” you mentioned is the start of what’s called in the Ascension Communities as becoming increasingly Sovereign or consciously Self as Source. Keep reading if interested and you may find TRANSITIONS articles helpful now.

  • Thank you so so much.

    Indigestion and IBS since Saturday and tremendous sacral area pain. Crying in despair with the seemingly endless and relentless levels of exhaustion and ‘no life syndrome.

    As always you bring so much help and understanding.

    I m so sorry I haven’t donated in a while. I will as soon as I have some money.

    Blessings and huge gratitude Denise.

    Thank you…

    Cate (U.K.)

  • Thank you Denise. This morning I wrote in my diary “feel like I’m dying”. Gut is a toxic waste dump, head hurts like hell, balance is off and wobbly, overwhelming physical weakness. Can’t keep up this level of intensity, please God let it end soon – one way or another. Heartfelt thanks for this news bulletin.

  • Woohoo! Dreams are busy/sleeping is a must, and digestive has been a constant for me a looooong time! I do hope after the last WAVE, that I am more able to work, as I have a lot lined up due to having to bow out last week…😜

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