This Is So Personal & Profound

I have about ten articles in my draft section waiting for me to finish and publish them. I re-read through what I’ve written in each of them so far, and at the moment, they don’t feel appropriate. Would those drafts help certain people? Yes. Would they be boring and/or old news to certain other people? Yes, and this is what it’s like trying to write to a wide range of AP readers, each at a slightly different level of development and personal AP and/or EP focus and processing. In moments like this I go into my HighHeart and perceive what it is that needs to be expressed in this moment that would help the most in this moment. That’s where this article is coming from, and it’s specifically for those few currently Embodying the latest n’ greatest and dealing with the indescribable changes and side effects doing so naturally produces.

There are periods where it’s nearly impossible to write or talk or move about or interact with another human being because one is deeply within a NEW higher, more vast level of Embodiment, meaning not only are you dramatically evolving and changing in NEW to you ways, but you know there’s more coming in this unending supply of greater, higher, more vast and amazing Embodiment processes.

Embodying more Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine energy typically makes me feel so profoundly huge, vast and powerful that just BEING that energy within myself and physical body is almost too much… in the very best of ways I mean. Divine Mommy energy is the background energy to everything everywhere. Embodying a smidgen more of IT feels like the most important “blank canvas” that’s ever been. You know, you See, you Feel, you Allow Creativity to happen on the canvas that is YOU.

Embodying more Divine Daddy/Father/Masculine energy typically makes me feel like I’m going to burst if I cannot creatively improve everything, immediately! The warm sensual desire to eternally creatively expand and improve is as beautifully and devastatingly overwhelming as Embodying more Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine energy is.

When you’ve Embodied just enough of them both within yourself and your physical body, an automatic birthing process begins where you go through the rigors of birthing a Divine Child, which in this Ascension and Embodiment Process case is the greater, multidimensional, quantum, crystalline, Christ frequency, greater Unified ascended YOU. You give birth to Divine YOU.

“We are all One” takes on a very different meaning to people living this phase of the EP. All original Divine aspects of each of us that were originally and intentionally separated out directly from Divine Source to go out and create within Divine Mommy and Divine Daddy energies for and as aspects of Divine Source, start the turnaround process of reunifying with all the other aspects of our Selves spread out across the multiverses. What was intentionally separated for multiple reasons continues the process of reunification with its many different Selves and aspects, which produces a NEW Divine Child.

And occasionally amidst all this amazing Embodiment Process business one becomes intimately aware of the fact that Divine Source wants nothing more than to eventually have as many as possible NEW Divine Sources created out of these natural evolutionary processes. This would be that moment where one drops the mic and walks off stage for full impact on the viewing audience. Back to the Embodiment Process and those doing/living/being it now however.

It’s so hard to describe, explain or outline the Embodiment Process that Forerunners/Wayshowers/Embodiers/Pathpavers are going through. It’s so profound and so personal to and for each of us, plus the very act of doing it instantly changes every one of us even further into a totally NEW higher level of being, consciousness and realities. How does one put words to all that? I don’t know. I’ve tried and it pales under the brilliant Light, creative LOVE and eternal drive of natural evolution but there it is. We live, we die, we are, we are again in different packages and locations and levels, we come, we go, we stay, we do it all simultaneously, and we eternally desire to create anew for the benefit of All everywhere. So it is. Keep up The Great Work as it’s about to “get real” in NEW ways for All. ❤


October 8, 2017

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15 thoughts on “This Is So Personal & Profound

  • Yes! The 10/10 blast particularly was *pulverizing*, I just had to lie down and make small bleating noises while the light codes poured in.

    I saw something interesting last night. I was myself, but a bit in the future, and I knew it was after I had died. I was trying to talk to my daughter, but she couldn’t hear me. So far, so mundane. But I was talking about, and showing her, the change we lightworkers had brought about on Earth. I was very pleased about it, and smiling all over my face.
    We had managed to HUGELY raise the frequency of the planet, to the point that Team Dark wouldn’t be able to find a toehold here anymore. (I know this is Captain Obvious stuff, and we all know this, but to *see* what we’d done, was fantastic. While we’re down here doing it, there’s not much visible change that we can point to: you look at the news, with your tired body, and it’s Trump, yadayadayada, Korea yadayada wildfires yadayadayada.
    Here though, up above the Earth, I saw how IMMENSE our achievement was. The blue-green ball of Earth was now radiating so much light that it looked almost a teal, light sea-green! The difference in the amount of Light coming from it was beautiful and stunning, and made every bit of the hard effort worthwhile.

    • “Yes! The 10/10 blast particularly was *pulverizing*, I just had to lie down and make small bleating noises while the light codes poured in.”

      teleile & All,

      Small bleating noises… 😆 too funny and so accurate during these recent NEW blasts at this NEW higher, larger level.

      Over the past ten days or so I’ve been laid flat by the Solar winds. X-class Solar flares don’t effect me as intensely usually as coronal holes releasing Solar winds do. It’s always been this way for me but this latest round of Solar winds caused a near migraine-like headache pains with nausea etc. that every other day when I’d get hit by these I couldn’t do anything but make small bleating noises while trying to not throw up! More AP and EP fun in other words.

      After this weeks Solar winds hammering, the migraine-like headaches and pains they caused instantly disappeared and within 24 hours the above the head spinnies side effect started (again). After the Solar winds did what they did to us, then some NEW galactic (Milky Way galaxy) energies were Embodied by some of us. The above the head spinnies sensations felt like we’ve been (still are) Embodying galactic energies now on conscious levels which translated means that we’re “aligning with”, “connecting with”, merging with and Embodying on a galactic level in a NEW and much higher frequency way than we’ve ever been capable of doing before. As my head and the area above my physical head spun counterclockwise with the Milky Way galaxy, I knew I was, we are, stepping up another big and important Embodiment energy Stair-step now. More of this and other NEW and more vast conscious energetic, NEW crystalline DNA Embodiment’s and more coming. Do whatever works for you with each phase of these NEW processes. Falling asleep at whatever time of the day or night is often necessary just to Embody all that’s happening to us and our physical and energy bodies.

      Are more people noticing that the Sunlight has changed again recently? It looks to me at this point just like it did before the August 2017 Solar eclipse; like a partial Solar eclipse that makes everything look a little less bright than usual. More big changes come with every Embodiment phase we each go through. ❤ Hang in there everyone and rest and sleep and do whatever it is that YOU need to from hour to hour — or moment to moment in some cases — to get through these very NEW and much more intense galactic and beyond (Universal coming no doubt) Embodiment Processes. ❤

      • OMG thanks soooo much. Some how I missed out on what was going on with me and really thought I needed to go to the ER maybe having mental breakdown or something like wild virus in my body. Slept 12 hours Tues night and afternoon nap and so yucky feeling that night. Wed sign papers for moms life insurance. Thursday total breakdown crying until had sore throat. Slept 12 hrs. again. Yesterday just depression and sadness all day. Today somewhat better but the head spinnies as you say still.
        The thing with my eyes has been most intense, blurred vision, like I am somehow behind them, like I exist behind them. Sorry words fail here.
        Thanks Denise and all comments here. Just when I think I’m done, I seem to find hope in others words.

        • “The advice to fast this week has served me well; I AM still cleansing, fasting and feeling the opening of new pathways within myself. Fasting always amplifies my skills and connections, which is why I enjoy it.

          During this influx, it allowed my body to catch up with this new level of Presence and DNA transformation. This week’s influx is strong and ongoing, and my cells and DNA feel wide open to the Cosmic Winds. A Divine reflection of the massive Gate opening on October 11, which has brought us intense geomagnetic storms and solar wind all week.

          Sustained geomagnectic activity can be challenging to the body, emotional and mental levels. Use your highest wisdom to be present with where your heart is directed. Take care as Solaris and Gaia dance with this new area of Galactic geometry which transforms consciousness. Meditate with us on SUNday, we will share these codes and upgrades with the collective….”

          Read the latest Full Article HERE

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          Blessings and gratitude to all participating in this massive project of Ascension!

          In Love, Light and Service,
          Sandra ”

          This quote is from Sandra Walter via a mass emailing update, that I wanted to share here due to how severe it’s been over the past week or more due to the “massive Gate opening on October 11th” which produced these latest severe Solar winds. There’s so much going on now and most of it is NEW to even those of us who’ve been doing/living/being/Transmuting/Embodying since the very beginning of the Ascension Process. That’s saying something so pay attention, be open to ongoing changes like you’ve not experienced before, and also be increasingly prepared for things, reality, the Ascension realities to be far different than what you have believed they’d be and/or expected them to be. I’ll try to get something written about this and other related issues as soon as I can but it’s been a rough go lately. It’s felt to me like I’ve moved, like all of you reading this have moved to very NEW and different levels/spaces/places/locations etc. which has made it feel to me lately like we’re scattered across the cosmos with more “space” between each of us, which hasn’t felt so great to me lately. Growing is hard for us all in a variety of ways and for different reasons and 2017 is amplifying this like crazy as it rushes towards 2018 and even larger, more dramatic changes.

          Be strong, be wise, hold the Higher in all ways no matter what’s happening everyone and when needed, connect with like-others even if it’s your only way currently (like mine is) through emails and/or Comments like this. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Yes.
    Can’t really formulate sentences lately, so I can’t even describe it! I could feel the effort it took you to interact with 3D things like computer keyboards to even write that piece, Denise.

    • Yes teleile, at times it’s downright near impossible to pause the accelerated evolutionary expansions and constant changes to focus on something like even physically feeling the keys on the computer keyboard under one’s finger tips to type something! Very weird NEW sensations and I’ve not been successful in accurately expressing the latest massive changes but I’m just rolling on with it all as so many of us are at this amazing point with the AP and EP.

      I remember reading decades ago (can’t remember if is was Jane Roberts Seth material or Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians) about how hard it was for most higher dimensional beings/ETs and such to even locate humans in linear time in physical space. Many of us are currently, increasingly experiencing this and more ourselves. Existing within the quantum Now Moment multidimensionally and beyond that does indeed make it a bit more difficult to narrow the focus, search, gaze etc. down to only one small space and moment such as what physical life has required. This verbal fumbling I’m doing lately is me re-calibrating and realigning and further unifying with so much more while increasingly expanding into the quantum Now Moment. 😐 I will, we all will, acclimate to our ongoing Embodying and multidimensional galactic and universal expansions and be able to physically chew gum, rub our tummies and tap the tops of our heads simultaneously, and even look good doing so! Not quiet yet however but soon. 😆

      • Thanks Denise, appreciate this, I feel sure I’m dying again right now, but hope I can chew gum one day. I never tried that yet, but I have spent enough time rubbing this tummy and I DON’T look good but still somehow we keep going on and I appreciate your timely comments when I am just about to go under again, love ya Linda

  • I so totally get this and feel it and you’re so right, Denise. There are no words adequate enough to express this uniquely personal process. Too big for mere words. I just want to burst with Unity Sister/Brother-ship as I embody more of the good stuff. The Mother is beyond description, and lives within, through and throughout our every thought, word, deed and action. The Father also defies description, but when felt is off the scale! When the Divine Child is birthed, alongside all the physical symptoms of gestation, nausea, headaches (crowning) labour pains and eventually birth, there is simply a state of Divine Grace that infused every cell…

    Bless you, darling woman. Thank you.

    From my heart and soul, Father/Mother/Child

    Jay (North Wales, UK)


  • Denise!! I just want to send you a great huge (((hug)))!! I could feel the intensity of you getting this message written, and I just want to say…Rest dear one, and then rest some more!!
    Job well done beaYOUtiful SOUL!! ❤️

  • Thank you so much Denise for always being there just when it is needed. This week has been quite tough and I feel you have described some of these processes so perfectly. I am very much looking forward to what is to come. Much love

  • Denise, your clarification and descriptions of divine masculine and feminine sensations you feel helped to clarify the two energies so concisely. I was fortunate to spend from Thanksgiving 2016 to June 2017 focused solely on spiritual healing AP processes with like minded others. Since June I had to take two design remodels and function in “real world” of others. One message I received was “the clash you may experience between truth and lies may have you lying down in retreat…….this is ok for healing…..your knowing must be spoken when your truth hits you in the face. Denise, sharing your knowing is so powerful. As I am pushed and prodded to share my knowing while on a physical job, it is reassuring to to know we share similar or overlapping purposes, even if we exist inside two different dimensional realities respectively.
    Thank you. Blessings

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