This Is So Personal & Profound

I have about ten articles in my draft section waiting for me to finish and publish them. I re-read through what I’ve written in each of them so far, and at the moment, they don’t feel appropriate. Would those drafts help certain people? Yes. Would they be boring and/or old news to certain other people? Yes, and this is what it’s like trying to write to a wide range of AP readers, each at a slightly different level of development and personal AP and/or EP focus and processing. In moments like this I go into my HighHeart and perceive what it is that needs to be expressed in this moment that would help the most in this moment. That’s where this article is coming from, and it’s specifically for those few currently Embodying the latest n’ greatest and dealing with the indescribable changes and side effects doing so naturally produces.

There are periods where it’s nearly impossible to write or talk or move about or interact with another human being because one is deeply within a NEW higher, more vast level of Embodiment, meaning not only are you dramatically evolving and changing in NEW to you ways, but you know there’s more coming in this unending supply of greater, higher, more vast and amazing Embodiment processes.

Embodying more Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine energy typically makes me feel so profoundly huge, vast and powerful that just BEING that energy within myself and physical body is almost too much… in the very best of ways I mean. Divine Mommy energy is the background energy to everything everywhere. Embodying a smidgen more of IT feels like the most important “blank canvas” that’s ever been. You know, you See, you Feel, you Allow Creativity to happen on the canvas that is YOU.

Embodying more Divine Daddy/Father/Masculine energy typically makes me feel like I’m going to burst if I cannot creatively improve everything, immediately! The warm sensual desire to eternally creatively expand and improve is as beautifully and devastatingly overwhelming as Embodying more Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine energy is.

When you’ve Embodied just enough of them both within yourself and your physical body, an automatic birthing process begins where you go through the rigors of birthing a Divine Child, which in this Ascension and Embodiment Process case is the greater, multidimensional, quantum, crystalline, Christ frequency, greater Unified ascended YOU. You give birth to Divine YOU.

“We are all One” takes on a very different meaning to people living this phase of the EP. All original Divine aspects of each of us that were originally and intentionally separated out directly from Divine Source to go out and create within Divine Mommy and Divine Daddy energies for and as aspects of Divine Source, start the turnaround process of reunifying with all the other aspects of our Selves spread out across the multiverses. What was intentionally separated for multiple reasons continues the process of reunification with its many different Selves and aspects, which produces a NEW Divine Child.

And occasionally amidst all this amazing Embodiment Process business one becomes intimately aware of the fact that Divine Source wants nothing more than to eventually have as many as possible NEW Divine Sources created out of these natural evolutionary processes. This would be that moment where one drops the mic and walks off stage for full impact on the viewing audience. Back to the Embodiment Process and those doing/living/being it now however.

It’s so hard to describe, explain or outline the Embodiment Process that Forerunners/Wayshowers/Embodiers/Pathpavers are going through. It’s so profound and so personal to and for each of us, plus the very act of doing it instantly changes every one of us even further into a totally NEW higher level of being, consciousness and realities. How does one put words to all that? I don’t know. I’ve tried and it pales under the brilliant Light, creative LOVE and eternal drive of natural evolution but there it is. We live, we die, we are, we are again in different packages and locations and levels, we come, we go, we stay, we do it all simultaneously, and we eternally desire to create anew for the benefit of All everywhere. So it is. Keep up The Great Work as it’s about to “get real” in NEW ways for All. ❤


October 8, 2017

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Equal Arm Cross of Ascension

Equal Arm Cross of Ascension

I’m not and never have been a religious person, but the Equal Arm Cross has been emblazoned in my Higher Awareness and HighHeart for years now because it’s what some have lived for many years via the evolutionary Ascension Process. We’ve been, and continue to, integrate and resolve polarity/duality in ourselves individually no matter which sex body we incarnated into during this time of planetary and species-wide evolution induced Ascension.

Male bodies and consciousness have needed to integrate female/feminine energies within themselves; female bodies and consciousness have needed to integrate male/masculine energies within themselves. We’ve needed to alchemically live through the Process of Sacred Unity, of Sacred Marriage of the male/masculine with the female/feminine within ourselves individually so that regardless of which sex body one incarnated into, it and Self are evolving into an integrated, complete whole Sovereign unit that’s able to exist within a fifth dimensional frequency range physically.

As if the horizontal line energies and Process alone wasn’t a big and difficult enough spiritual, energetic and conscious task, Forerunners have also been working on the vertical line energies represented in my drawing above. They’ve been and continue to integrate, merge, unite and embody their Higher Self with their Lower Self in their current physical bodies. While the unaware mindlessly trace a cross in the air with their fingers over their body, Forerunners are actually living it, actually doing it energetically from the inside out and the outside in within themselves body and soul. One is an old well-known religious gesture; the other is a small group of Forerunners actually living, embodying, becoming and being the unification of the Higher with the Lower Self because the feminine/female has been integrated and unified with the male/masculine and vice versa. One is merely external and a mostly mindless habit; the other is internal, acute, alchemical, vibrational and energetic and when individually accomplished automatically creates and manifests something very NEW—a Christed/Crystal human in the physical on Earth.

duality heart5

Because humanity has been intentionally led astray from higher truths and awareness for so very long, it’s going to take repeated attempts to fully understand that to achieve evolution requires personal inner work and inner alchemical and energetic changes which cause consciousness and eventually external reality changes to match and reflect it. Inner must happen first, not outer. Do the Great Work inside yourself first because that’s what causes everything, and eventually everyone else, to be able to do the same themselves. Nothing else matters, which I know is also another intentional lie to further keep humans from working on themselves.

Don’t be surprised when, after years or decades of doing the Great Inner Work on yourself already, you suddenly find yourself back in there and on top of some old issue(s) from long ago, working it/them some more. This is normal and we typically have to chip away at many layers of some of our old issues, our stuff, our inner junk etc., but because the evolutionary (revolutionary) push is full-on now in 2016, we’re able to move through whatever duality layers remain very quickly. That is if you don’t let yourself get sidetracked or intentionally derailed. Stay the course, finish this phase of your Inner Great Works as the insanity, chaos and general BS and madness increases and the deluded lower consciousness people continue doing what they do. It’s going to get worse for a while because it’s getting better now, much better actually even though the external doesn’t reflect that yet in as large and sweeping ways as the Forerunners might prefer. It’s coming however and it’s coming because YOU continue to do the Great Inner Work on/in yourself.

Think of the above Equal Arm Cross and what that really means for you as a Forerunner now actually living and embodying what it represents within yourself, your physical and energetic bodies and all else. This is no small feat, no small event, no small or puny evolutionary change. To those who have been actually doing it and continue doing it, my deepest gratitude, respect and heartfelt thanks. ❤ ❤ ❤


July 18, 2016

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Masters Stepping Forward: Team Dark Disappearing

I’ve waited many years to finally be able to write this particular article, and as always, based on my personal experiences. I’ve felt these changes taking place slowly since the December 21, 2012 expiration date, with each year since then increasing rather dramatically. Then with the complete expiration date of December 19, 2015 reached recently, the entire old grid system(s) with matching old blueprints/templates running in them dropped away, expired, disappeared completely and the entire business “ascended” up to NEW, vastly higher frequency and more complex grid systems where NEW matching blueprints/templates are running in them. Talk about a shift! My gawd it was shocking in its completeness and speed!

Since January 2016, I’ve moved, been unpacking and aching from the extra work and big rush which means I’ve needed a bit more time to do nothing but exist within the NEW Grid systems and get my bearings and seriously begin consciously adjusting to it all. It was rather hard for me at first to be utterly sure about what all I was feeling because I’d been so busy with selling the old house and going through all that goes with that and then moving by myself. In many ways its felt like I’ve not been anywhere really but in tremendous transition on all levels between the old and the NEW worlds/grids/systems etc. But by mid January 2016, I could clearly feel that my move was into the NEW in more ways than one! I knew it had to be an externalization of what was happening at higher levels.

Now that I’m unpacked, rested from the physical moving aspects, getting more settled into my “new” old house that exists in the NEW with the NEW Grid(s), and my HighHeart has better adjusted to this mega Shift, I can perhaps better convey some of what these changes feel like to me at this very early point. I know many of you have been profoundly affected by the mid December 2015 through mid January 2016 Shift off the old lower Grid system and Ascension to the NEW Grid(s). As usual, this too is taking some time for each of us to better understand on a fully conscious level and make the obvious changes—whatever they may be for each of us individually at this time—and get to living and creating in the NEW as NEW beings ourselves. Don’t rush but consider that last sentence deeply and honestly.

One of the huge things I felt instantly due to this Grid Ascension Shift and my simultaneous matching physical move to another house is how very much alone I feel so far. Not lonely, not isolated, just alone and even that word isn’t correct really. I feel “alone” now only because the actual space and creative possibilities I now exist within are so, so much larger and more complex than the old lower world reality we came from in these lives. I’m stressing this because I know many Forerunners/Starseeds/Wayshowers are feeling this or soon will be. Know that it’s just a larger field of expression, field of creativity, field of being (5D) with much fewer restrictions, density obviously, and borders that are so scant and distant you can barely See or Feel them. In other words, you are now more of Source incarnate in the physical, and to our human selves, this can possibly be interpreted as feeling much less of the old familiar “you” and much more of NEW, larger YOU and Source/God/Divine All or “alone” in your NEW vastness. That Ascension Shift—along with the matching Earth Grid Ascension Shift—is going to take some getting used to so allow yourself that as you exist in it today, tomorrow and going forth.

Because of the Earth Grid Ascension Shift we just went through, being in physical human form just got a lot easier to cope with in all ways for the Forerunners/Starseeds/Blue Rays/Pathpavers etc. Said another way, the old physical body vehicle, the old meat suit’ ain’t what it used to be (and neither is anything else!) so give it some time and consider all of your NEW creative options and abilities in the NEW. Let the HighHeart fun and creativity begin! 😀 ❤

The other obvious thing that goes with all this NEW is that Team Dark is not, cannot, will not and won’t ever be in this same NEW space, this NEW higher 5D level. They are so vibrationally and energetically out of sync with it that they cannot See it or See into it. Aah, the shoe is on the other foot now. 😉 This is the thing I’ve personally waited for for so very long; not having Team Dark beings or people existing within the same place, space and reality that I am and that means not being available to them to attack, use or feed off from. If one is not existing and functioning within Duality and Duality consciousness but from Neutrality/Unity consciousness and being, then this stuff no longer exists for you as it did before. You literally exist in a higher, faster frequency beyond it and that horror does not exist, cannot exist at this NEW higher level of being and neutrality. That fact feels so freakin’ wonderful I cannot even tell you after a lifetime of those dark, demented creatures on me constantly. Their absence also adds to my current sense of feeling more “alone” in this NEW, monster-free vastness. No darkness allowed here, not even anything I/you/we may create in our minds in moments of forgetting where we now are.

Some Aches N’ Pains Continue However

Don’t hate the messenger but since the Grid Ascension Shift, I’ve had some days that were filled with Ascension pain-a-plenty! The old inner ear ringing is on more times than off and my head, skull, eyes, and the space above my head has hurt like crazy. Thought my head was going to explode a few days ago it was that severe again.

One of my readers emailed me a recent article on that talked about how now that the ‘sun is in a quiet phase’ that this is only allowing more Solar energies to reach Earth because there isn’t any storms or winds or high solar drama taking place like it has been for the past many years blowing much of those energies elsewhere.

I appreciated her sending me this information because it confirmed what I’d been feeling for a long time already, which is even more potent Solar Light Energies reaching Earth and humanity when the Sun was quiet and supposedly not doing anything. My head, ears and body could and do feel every speck of Divine Light that comes from and/or through our local Sun and solar flares, solar CME’s, solar winds or storms are no longer needed to get the Ascension job done. We’re in it now for good (the NEW Ascended Grid Shift) meaning these higher energies are the NEW normal and our bodies, selves and lives are and will continue to adjust and adapt to them regardless.

So if you too are still feeling your skull and head ringing like a bell from all the higher Light energies constantly pouring down on it and into you, know that this isn’t going to be stopping any time soon which means we’ll adapt to it too just like we are with the NEW Grids running much higher energies.

There’s a thousand other related things to talk about now that the old blueprints/templates and their matching Grids have been disintegrated and we’ve Ascended to the NEW ones many of us have worked decades on helping to build from both our physical in-body state and our out-of-body states too.

Speaking of out-of-body states and before I forget, since the Ascension Grid Shift I’ve found myself out-of-body (while asleep) counseling, teaching, advising some well-know public people. I can’t and won’t mention who these still living people are but I wanted to mention this because I know it’s related to the profound Shift change with the planetary Earth Grids and simultaneously the incarnate Forerunners. If I’m busy at higher nonphysical levels counseling certain other living people of power on Earth now then some of you are too, and/or doing any number of other higher dimensional Work related to this recent Grid Shift. Some of us are witnessing many exiting their lives and bodies; others of us are giving NEW information to those who will actually do something positive in their awake states with that information and so on. Pay attention to your higher dimensional or Inner Planes Work too because all of this is going to become more of your/my/our NEW normal daily/nightly multidimensional Selves and personal Works.


February 7, 2016

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