Masters Stepping Forward: Team Dark Disappearing

I’ve waited many years to finally be able to write this particular article, and as always, based on my personal experiences. I’ve felt these changes taking place slowly since the December 21, 2012 expiration date, with each year since then increasing rather dramatically. Then with the complete expiration date of December 19, 2015 reached recently, the entire old grid system(s) with matching old blueprints/templates running in them dropped away, expired, disappeared completely and the entire business “ascended” up to NEW, vastly higher frequency and more complex grid systems where NEW matching blueprints/templates are running in them. Talk about a shift! My gawd it was shocking in its completeness and speed!

Since January 2016, I’ve moved, been unpacking and aching from the extra work and big rush which means I’ve needed a bit more time to do nothing but exist within the NEW Grid systems and get my bearings and seriously begin consciously adjusting to it all. It was rather hard for me at first to be utterly sure about what all I was feeling because I’d been so busy with selling the old house and going through all that goes with that and then moving by myself. In many ways its felt like I’ve not been anywhere really but in tremendous transition on all levels between the old and the NEW worlds/grids/systems etc. But by mid January 2016, I could clearly feel that my move was into the NEW in more ways than one! I knew it had to be an externalization of what was happening at higher levels.

Now that I’m unpacked, rested from the physical moving aspects, getting more settled into my “new” old house that exists in the NEW with the NEW Grid(s), and my HighHeart has better adjusted to this mega Shift, I can perhaps better convey some of what these changes feel like to me at this very early point. I know many of you have been profoundly affected by the mid December 2015 through mid January 2016 Shift off the old lower Grid system and Ascension to the NEW Grid(s). As usual, this too is taking some time for each of us to better understand on a fully conscious level and make the obvious changes—whatever they may be for each of us individually at this time—and get to living and creating in the NEW as NEW beings ourselves. Don’t rush but consider that last sentence deeply and honestly.

One of the huge things I felt instantly due to this Grid Ascension Shift and my simultaneous matching physical move to another house is how very much alone I feel so far. Not lonely, not isolated, just alone and even that word isn’t correct really. I feel “alone” now only because the actual space and creative possibilities I now exist within are so, so much larger and more complex than the old lower world reality we came from in these lives. I’m stressing this because I know many Forerunners/Starseeds/Wayshowers are feeling this or soon will be. Know that it’s just a larger field of expression, field of creativity, field of being (5D) with much fewer restrictions, density obviously, and borders that are so scant and distant you can barely See or Feel them. In other words, you are now more of Source incarnate in the physical, and to our human selves, this can possibly be interpreted as feeling much less of the old familiar “you” and much more of NEW, larger YOU and Source/God/Divine All or “alone” in your NEW vastness. That Ascension Shift—along with the matching Earth Grid Ascension Shift—is going to take some getting used to so allow yourself that as you exist in it today, tomorrow and going forth.

Because of the Earth Grid Ascension Shift we just went through, being in physical human form just got a lot easier to cope with in all ways for the Forerunners/Starseeds/Blue Rays/Pathpavers etc. Said another way, the old physical body vehicle, the old meat suit’ ain’t what it used to be (and neither is anything else!) so give it some time and consider all of your NEW creative options and abilities in the NEW. Let the HighHeart fun and creativity begin! 😀 ❤

The other obvious thing that goes with all this NEW is that Team Dark is not, cannot, will not and won’t ever be in this same NEW space, this NEW higher 5D level. They are so vibrationally and energetically out of sync with it that they cannot See it or See into it. Aah, the shoe is on the other foot now. 😉 This is the thing I’ve personally waited for for so very long; not having Team Dark beings or people existing within the same place, space and reality that I am and that means not being available to them to attack, use or feed off from. If one is not existing and functioning within Duality and Duality consciousness but from Neutrality/Unity consciousness and being, then this stuff no longer exists for you as it did before. You literally exist in a higher, faster frequency beyond it and that horror does not exist, cannot exist at this NEW higher level of being and neutrality. That fact feels so freakin’ wonderful I cannot even tell you after a lifetime of those dark, demented creatures on me constantly. Their absence also adds to my current sense of feeling more “alone” in this NEW, monster-free vastness. No darkness allowed here, not even anything I/you/we may create in our minds in moments of forgetting where we now are.

Some Aches N’ Pains Continue However

Don’t hate the messenger but since the Grid Ascension Shift, I’ve had some days that were filled with Ascension pain-a-plenty! The old inner ear ringing is on more times than off and my head, skull, eyes, and the space above my head has hurt like crazy. Thought my head was going to explode a few days ago it was that severe again.

One of my readers emailed me a recent article on that talked about how now that the ‘sun is in a quiet phase’ that this is only allowing more Solar energies to reach Earth because there isn’t any storms or winds or high solar drama taking place like it has been for the past many years blowing much of those energies elsewhere.

I appreciated her sending me this information because it confirmed what I’d been feeling for a long time already, which is even more potent Solar Light Energies reaching Earth and humanity when the Sun was quiet and supposedly not doing anything. My head, ears and body could and do feel every speck of Divine Light that comes from and/or through our local Sun and solar flares, solar CME’s, solar winds or storms are no longer needed to get the Ascension job done. We’re in it now for good (the NEW Ascended Grid Shift) meaning these higher energies are the NEW normal and our bodies, selves and lives are and will continue to adjust and adapt to them regardless.

So if you too are still feeling your skull and head ringing like a bell from all the higher Light energies constantly pouring down on it and into you, know that this isn’t going to be stopping any time soon which means we’ll adapt to it too just like we are with the NEW Grids running much higher energies.

There’s a thousand other related things to talk about now that the old blueprints/templates and their matching Grids have been disintegrated and we’ve Ascended to the NEW ones many of us have worked decades on helping to build from both our physical in-body state and our out-of-body states too.

Speaking of out-of-body states and before I forget, since the Ascension Grid Shift I’ve found myself out-of-body (while asleep) counseling, teaching, advising some well-know public people. I can’t and won’t mention who these still living people are but I wanted to mention this because I know it’s related to the profound Shift change with the planetary Earth Grids and simultaneously the incarnate Forerunners. If I’m busy at higher nonphysical levels counseling certain other living people of power on Earth now then some of you are too, and/or doing any number of other higher dimensional Work related to this recent Grid Shift. Some of us are witnessing many exiting their lives and bodies; others of us are giving NEW information to those who will actually do something positive in their awake states with that information and so on. Pay attention to your higher dimensional or Inner Planes Work too because all of this is going to become more of your/my/our NEW normal daily/nightly multidimensional Selves and personal Works.


February 7, 2016

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11/11: The Middle Stair-step of the last Three Months of 2014

10 11 & 12 3During October 2014, via Higher Awareness, I saw and experienced a stunningly complex and beautiful image/experience that I want to share with you before the November 11-11 portal arrives. I wanted to share it with you sooner but the Care Facility discharged my Mom on November 1st. so my home life has changed considerably yet again. More possibly about this situation in a related future article, but for now I wanted to share this vision experience with you and how it’s part of the unfolding energetic Stair-steps of 10-10 of October and 11-11 of November and 12-12 of December of 2014.

Oftentimes I See, perceive things like this and they’re simplified complex symbols for what I am and/or you are and/or humanity is or soon will be experiencing due to the Ascension Process. Other times they’re literally other dimensional experiences. This particular vision was another of these, but it was so huge and vast and there were hundreds of thousands of Angelic beings and highly evolved Galactic Starbeings and some Lightbeings too involved. It was a very “big deal” in other words, but every step and phase and layer we go through with the Ascension Process is! Let me describe what I Saw and experienced and you do your best to Feel it and discern what you can about it for yourself.

Everything I’m going to describe was not physical and dense but of a much higher dimension and filled with very high frequency Light Energies. We weren’t even in our physical bodies but our higher frequency Energy Bodies, and we were having a necessary and highly delicate exotic “procedure” done to each of us by the different Angelics, Galactic Starbeings and Lightbeings helping us and the overall Ascension Process with this particular phase. This was sort of like a very high dimensional, Light-filled Angelic “Mash Unit” for the Forerunners/Path Pavers at this time in late 2014.

The Higher Awareness vision started with myself and thousands of other Forerunners/Path Pavers lying comfortably on what looked somewhat like etheric hospital gurneys in long rows for as far as I could see. I viewed the vast space I was in and marveled at how many of us physically incarnate “Volunteer” Forerunners, and how many Angelics and very advanced Galactic Starbeings and some Lightbeings were all together there working very quickly and precisely to complete this latest and absolutely necessary phase during the completion of the physical months of 2014.

There were anywhere from two to five or six Angelics, Galactic Starbeings and maybe one Lightbeing working on each physically incarnate Forerunner laying on a gurney in this vast space. There was no talking as it simply isn’t necessary at this level of being; there was only quick, intense and highly focused “procedures” being done to each of us by them and we were quietly watching. It was a massive “production line” of sorts and was extremely impressive and unique.

The “procedure” that was being done to each of us was what looked to me like them carefully but quickly laying sections of about 5×6 inch very delicate living gold LIGHT mesh on the surface of our Energy Bodies. They used long light-filled tongs that looked like extra long chop sticks almost to quickly but carefully lay each piece, each section of the living gold Light mesh on each of us. They did this “procedure” over and over until they’d covered much of our Energy Bodies.

As usual I searched through hundreds of images, photos and vector images in hopes of finding anything remotely close to what the living gold Light mesh sections looked like. All I can do is try to find an image(s) that comes the closest to what I’ve seen and buy it to use in my article(s) to help convey the information visually as well to my readers.

gold mesh7 This vector image is pretty close to the gold color and mesh-like nature of these Light sections but it’s far too heavy and dense and has zero “life” or Light energies emanating from it so please just use it to get a sense of color and how small and delicate the patterning was in these living Light sections.

gold ribbon5 This photo has more “life” in it and shows a little better the delicacy and lightweight nature of the living gold Light mesh sections. Neither image or photo is 100% correct however but they’re close and they do help to give you an idea of what these things looked like. Now just image Angelics and Galactic Starbeings and a few Lightbeings using super long etheric “chop sticks” to delicately place every section of gold Light mesh on you. Yeah, something else indeed!

While I was having this “procedure” I looked around at the other Forerunners/Path Pavers having the same procedure to take it in and get an expanded sense of what all was happening and why. What I perceived about all of this was that it has to do with our Crystalline Light Bodies and last-minute tweaks and adjustments being done to them now by these great Beings to help us incarnate Forerunners more easily transition into them now, next month, next year or whenever each of us completes this amazing process. All this is directly connected to the yearlong 2014 12 Labors as I’ve called it in other articles and the last three BIG 2014 Stair-steps or Leap Points of October, November and December and their 10-10, 11-11, and 12-12 portals in each of those final three months.

I got the sense that these living gold Light mesh pieces were another layer or aspect to our Light Bodies and our multidimensional DNA and they all are being aligned and readied for us to begin using them in this totally NEW way. The heavy-duty onslaught of recent X-class and M-class solar transmissions—flares, CMEs etc.—happening since September are very much part of this “procedure” the Forerunners are embodying, living and anchoring into this physical world and dimension. This procedure is intimately connected as well to 2014’s 11-11 energies and portal that many of us will move through in only a couple of days. It’s all connected and all working towards the same goal of compressed evolution and Shift into something totally NEW and vastly improved. But know too that as fabulous as all this is and sounds and looks, it’s just one more of many other “procedures” and processes and layers we’ve already gone through and that there’s more to come so don’t think for a moment that this is it and we’re done.

In the end this latest vision reminded me somewhat of those elaborate couture fashion shows where all the models are lined up behind the curtain for the last minute go-over by the designer to make sure every model is wearing their clothing correctly and will display them in the very best light possible. This is sort of what we’re going through now in preparation for our stepping out on the “cat walk” (NEW world stage) to model (embody, live and use) the designer’s (Divine Source) latest fashion statement (the NEW 5D unity blueprints etc.). Wear it well my fellow Forerunners, wear it well, and much gratitude and Love to all in the higher dimensions for helping prepare us to put on our NEW Light Bodies and continue doing The Work here in the physical for mass humanity today and far into the future. ❤

Denise Le Fay

November 9, 2014

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2014 Spring Quarter Recap

763x800 journeyI have that great old song by the Who playing in my head — ‘I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles…’  And it’s about time after all I’ve personally been through throughout the 2014 spring quarter months (fall quarter in the Southern Hemisphere). Like I said before, sometimes I, sometimes we just cannot see or connect all the components of the forest for the trees business until the time is most potent for us to do so. That time arrived for me on June 18th. Many of the Forerunners are coming out the other side of this latest journey through the forest during these last days before the June 21st Solstice. This means that those old things—whatever and whoever they were in our personal “forests”—needed to be seen and understood by us, completed and fully cleared because more NEW is incoming with the June Solstice for those ready to embody IT, which is replacing the old.

I want to give deep Gratitude to a handful of other Forerunners who I’ve not connected with for nearly a year for specific reasons, but who emailed me within three hours of each other on June 18th. That alone is another big clue that many are ready to move up one or more Stair-steps with the arrival of the June Solstice’s incoming NEW energies. These Forerunner co-worker souls are Beth, Will and Callista, and Barbara. Thank you each so very much for unknowingly helping me better connect these latest “dots” on June 18th. ❤

[This is most likely going to be another of those articles where I’m seemingly leaping wildly from one topic to another, but please know they’re all intimately connected and are those energy Stair-steps I’m always mentioning. Hindsight always makes it easier for us all to See the latest batch of Ascension Stair-steps we’ve just traversed… in preparation for the next set.]

How Much More Truth Should I Tell Now?

Good question, and one I’ve seriously pondered many times over the years I’ve written about the Ascension Process. It always comes down to discernment and knowing if and when it’s time for me to reveal some more of the truth I know in this general public way, or sit on it a bit longer, or never reveal all of it. Because of what I’ve been through during the 2014 spring quarter (March, April, May, June), also due to the recent re-connections made and what was said by the Forerunners mentioned above, I feel it’s time to reveal some more things with the hope that doing so makes the Ascension Process and Stair-step journey easier, less confusing, painful and dangerous. Truly.

The first thing I need to reveal are the deeper reasons why I suddenly stopped writing at TRANSITIONS and closed Comments there on September 21, 2013 fall Equinox. That was when I ended there, but when I created HighHeartLife here. What I’m about to say next is NOT intended to hurt, wound, harm or insult anyone. Truly.

The Crowds Thin Considerably

I reached a point where I knew I had to close TRANSITIONS and Comments there because there were too many Lightworker wannabes; too many open doors for Team Dark to get in through and harm and derail not just me but anyone else they could; so much parasitism; many only hunting for the latest Ascension info to quote on their blogs/forums; and so many who were not really living the Ascension Process or utilizing the information themselves. It was heartbreaking in more ways than one and I had to make some big and important changes for all of us standing on very different Stair-steps at that Expiration Date.

Energetically stopping my writings at TRANSITIONS and Comments there was a really difficult thing for me to do and I knew before I did it that I’d lose the majority of my then readers and I have. However, what needed to be done for the betterment of ALL was and always will be my HighHeart bottom-line, even if my actions appear to some people like something else entirely. It’s that “tough love” sort of thing where one needs to do some difficult and painful things but one does them with the highest hope and intentions that those actions will benefit many people and help them become stronger, wiser, more self-empowered and free etc. It’s that “do you continue feeding the people or do you teach them how to fish for themselves” business. I’ll always opt for trying to teach people to do the Ascension related Divine Striptease themselves so they can become more of what they are beneath the old 3D layers of density, Duality, ego, negativity, limited consciousness, Team Dark, confusion, distortions, fears etc.

When the blessed completion of 2012 was reached, the rest of humanity faced the next step(s) of having to personally start actually living and being changed by these Ascension Process energies. The Forerunners had been doing that and much more for a couple decades before that Expiration Date. Everyone was given those Nine Months gestation period from December 21, 2012 to September 21, 2013 to honestly prepare for the arrival of the NEW energies/blueprints of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle within physicality with the start of 2014.

By September Equinox 2013, I knew the Thinning of the Crowds would begin in multiple ways and it did and continues to. This is the actual and very real ‘culling’  (to borrow Barbara’s term) taking place on a global scale. I also knew that once the 12-21-12 Expiration Date was physically reached, the Ascension Teachers/Channelers/Writers/Lecturers would increasingly become obvious to people with Higher Awareness who could, can honestly discern, feel and know for themselves who the real Teachers are and who are not. The Ascension related information (Light) being given on websites, blogs, books, videos, lectures etc. by the real Teachers is something that from September Equinox 2013 forward MUST now actually be lived by the people reading that Light and not just discussed, argued over, judged, disrespected, passed along, quoted etc. We’ve entered the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and the NEW, which means we all must ‘walk the talk’ or deal with the consequences of trying to resist Divine Source and the Cosmos. Yeah, right, good luck with that!

Oh oh, Here Comes Divine Source/God!

One big aspect of this Ascension Process that most people don’t really understand yet but certainly will at some point, is that the farther into the NEW Higher Light Energies (Photonic, Galactic, Divine etc.) we/earth/this solar system and beyond travels, the more proficient each of us MUST become at embodying, functioning within and radiating the NEW Light of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle blueprints (Light Codes etc.) Even though we’re slowly evolving out of energy range from Team Dark and their old tools, tactics and consciousness, we’re simultaneously moving into more and more tremendously higher frequency Light Energies that we’ve got to be able to survive, embody, live and sanely and safely function within and not be fried or imbalanced by. Sounds so easy doesn’t it? We know differently however, but it’s so worth the effort. ❤

Looking at this from one direction it looks and feels sort of like, Ha ha Team Dark, screw you, bye-bye, so long and farewell you evil bastards!’ And as we’re feeling all grand n’ glorious about these tremendous improvements, we turn around, only to discover that Divine Source/God is coming up on us (us on IT) at the speed of LightLove and we immediately think, ‘Oh no! How close to Divine Source/God can I actually get before I’m incinerated by the All That Is?’

Embodying more and more Light—and then Love—requires real and honest Inner prep-Work first. Period. Or you’ll fry to bits and really wish you’d gotten with the Higher program much earlier! This is where many are at now, and where far more will soon be. Heads n’ Hearts up about this now okay? 2014 Spring quarter gives way to summer quarter which gives way to fall Stair-step quarter and on and on and on… for miles and miles and miles. 😀

Can’t see the Forest for the Trees: Working the Timelines but with better Perspective

It’s far too easy for me, and I’m sure it is for some of you reading this too, to forget or overlook or ignore the fact that you/me/we are in this timeline working it like crazy from our physical bodies and beings in this physical dimension. That’s such a short, easy sentence and yet when honestly considered from another timeline, from another dimension and viewpoint it’s monumental! But, I sometimes momentarily forget this fact, usually when I’m deeply involved in another very important phase of my personal living/doing/working/embodying of the Ascension Process in and through this Denise suit and awareness from within this timeline and physical dimension. That’s when I momentarily lose my bearings within the greater forest and many trees. Thankfully however it never lasts too horribly long and I always return to my HighHeart and neutral vantage point where it all makes Divine perfect sense.

I mentioned in another article Evolving Into More Multidimensional Awareness about clearly Seeing (Higher Awareness vision) some strangers’ faces while asleep dreaming (and when awake as well), and how this is becoming something more and more people are and will be experiencing. Some of these strangers’ faces and upper bodies we’re are Seeing now in 2014, are other souls working other timelines in other dimensions and other realities. When I See them, they See me as well which is great, and in that timeless unspoken moment of recognition and Spherical Higher Awareness much is instantly known, transmitted, received, exchanged, felt and shared on a conscious level between us all for the benefit of ALL in all timelines. 

In moments such as this, we here in our physical bodies in this physical world and timeline better understand or remember that we’re part of vast Team Light; Team Light working multiple dimensions and multiple timelines at the same “time” from within linear time and outside linear time both in physicality and outside it too. Point is that we’re needing to be much more conscious of our consciousness and our Multidimensionality now and that we, that different aspects of the Greater US exist in multiple locations and they are “Volunteers” or “Lightworkers” or “Pathpavers” etc. too just as we are here in this dimension and timeline.

Some of these strangers’ faces I’ve seen are other aspects of some of you reading this, while some of them are other aspects of my Greater Self, while some of them are of people/beings/souls that Denise doesn’t fully remember yet at a conscious level. But as usual, it’s the why to this that’s interesting and telling to me. Because this article is long already, I’m not going to go into great detail defining or explaining this next statement:

Everyone needs to expand their concepts, beliefs and expectations about “First Contact”. There are multiple layers, levels and stages of what could be considered “First Contact”. Simply becoming more and more consciously aware of your own Multidimensional aspects/selves etc. existing in other timelines, dimensions and realities is one of many very real forms, levels and aspects of “First Contact”. The more of US that we’re consciously aware of in these physical bodies and consciousness on Earth, the easier it is for us to integrate and cope with face-to-face and heart-to-heart encounters with increasingly grand Beings that exist elsewhere. Never forget that many of those other aspects of you/You/YOU are ETs, are Angelics, are Ascended Masters, are Lightbeings etc.

Ending Certain Timelines & Genetic Bloodlines, DNA & Soul Contracts

Since late April 2014, I’ve been Working through past generations of my father’s and mother’s residual bloodline negativity. Did I bravely and knowingly set out to do this (yet again) but during the fifth of seven Cardinal Squares/Crosses? Hell no! This surprised me somewhat only because I’ve already been doing this same family bloodline Work off and on since 1991. Layer after layer of generational genetic energetic muck exist in these past, ancient even, family DNA bloodlines and timelines and many of us Forerunners have HAD to finish up (finish up being key) this particular Ascension Timeline Work this spring quarter of 2014. The whys of this have to do with the timeline Work we’re doing both here in this physical body and dimension, and also in many others as well.

After decades of chipping away at my own family bloodline junk, this Work suddenly exploded in my life and reality again this spring and it took me a while to eventually levitate myself energetically and emotionally up and out of that dark forest enough to reach a higher perspective and better See and Know what’s really going on now and why with this.

It has to do with many of the old timelines with their pre-Ascension energies, Soul Contracts, “karma”, genetic bloodline DNA from both father and mother needing to be intentionally ended, disconnected, transmuted, cleared and permanently removed. Why? Multiple reasons, the first being that we’ve literally outgrown them and that old DNA. They served their purposes across those past timelines with those past generations of our kinsfolk, but now many of them need to be ended, and that’s exactly what some of us Forerunners have been doing in highly compressed ways throughout the 2014 spring quarter. This old DNA (and many of the timelines and relatives it traveled through, such as WWI, WWII etc.) has Expired and therefore needed to be ended, removed, transmuted and cleared away just like that visual symbol I received about our Divine Striptease of repeatedly removing and casting-off layer-after-layer of “clothing” we’ve been wearing all our lives. That “clothing” is both energetic on historical levels and also our past family DNA bloodlines from daddy and mommy in this life going way, way back.

Much if not all of that in my case needed to end now because some more of the NEW is ready to be embodied by more of us on the other side of the June 2014 Solstice. We’ve cleaned out our old DNA closets and the timelines past family generations carried forward to us here now. Also, to prevent any remaining Team Dark beings from using, recycling any of these past timelines, genetics, DNA, energies etc. to template-off from in some other timeline(s) elsewhere, we Forerunners have worked to end certain timelines here and in other dimensions and realities and end, discontinue past DNA from our own family blood lines for these reasons.

I certainly hope I remembered everything I wanted to include in this article but it wouldn’t surprise me if I forgot some important bit somewhere. If so I’ll add it in another article. Here’s to an exceptional and all NEW 2014 June Solstice to everyone everywhere. ❤

HighHeart to HighHeart,

Denise Le Fay

June 20, 2014

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Latest Etheric Covert Light Ops Mission

[I’m deliberately using military terms in this article to better express what a “battle” this Ascension Process has been on multiple dimensions. I’m not using these terms because I’m fond of the military or military consciousness, wars, battles etc., but to hopefully get a larger point across a little better.]

  • Volunteer — my blanket term for Team Light members such as Starseeds, Wanderers, Lightbeings, Forerunners, Lightworkers, Pathpavers, Wayshowers etc. Already ascended souls who volunteered to incarnate into 3D density duality negativity on earth as physical humans for the purpose of helping by embodying or seeding the current Ascension Process from within physicality for humanity, earth, and all life everywhere.
  • Team Dark — my blanket term for all negative nonphysical, nonhuman beings, aliens, entities, demons and other such energetic parasites. Term also includes physical humans—aka Portal People—that work for/are used by TD and don’t care about their fellow humans, earth, animals or much of anything other than what they want.
  • Sortie — military term for combat and/or evacuation missions.
  • Astral Sorties, Etheric “Boots on the ground” — my term for covert ops missions done from out-of-body in the ethereal astral or higher dimensions.
  • Boots on the ground — military term for people deployed in different physical locations.
  • Reconnaissance, Recon — military term for visual observation, surveillance or other detection methods.
  • Silent running — military term for submarines operating in Stealth mode.
  • Black Ops — military term for covert operations, cover ops.
  • Light Ops — my term for Team Light Volunteer covert operations, covert ops.

The majority of humans don’t even know that Team Light Volunteers exist and live among them, or what they’ve done so far, or what they continue to do. Humanity doesn’t realize that different “ETs” and “Angelics” have been beside them in camouflage clothing (physical human bodies) all along as Volunteer incarnate Light Boots on the 3D ground at the workplace, next door, at church, within their own families, side by side in shopping stores, the doctors, everywhere.

We Volunteers knew we were here Undercover, functioning in Stealth mode or Silent running mode the majority of our lives, especially the elder Volunteers who’ve lived more decades in the negativity and Darkness on earth than each Stair-step Wave or Group that’s come in after them. There have been important reasons why the Volunteers needed to be and live in Stealth mode, undercover, and camouflaged as “regular humans” and mostly in non-threatening, inconspicuous female bodies to boot. One of those reasons was to protect each Volunteer from human and nonhuman Team Dark physical and Astral attacks. The other reason was to protect the overall Mission. The less you consciously remember about who you really are and why you’re really here now, the less likely you’ll be discovered by Team Dark (and obviously attacked or possibly killed) while you were on earth working within their negative systems.

Nevertheless, our time of invisibility and living like Spies in a foreign land has finally ended. It’s time for more people–humans and Volunteers alike–to know that we’ve always been here working different multidimensional Covert Light Ops, Light Sorties, Ethereal UFO Recon missions etc. from the 3D physical, the 4D Astral, and from 5D, 6D and higher in some cases for the majority of our human Volunteer lives.

Some Old Etheric Meeting Places for Volunteers

I’ve been on these etheric, out-of-body, lucid Cover Ops missions that I’ve been consciously aware of since the 1970s in this life. Over the decades I’ve repeatedly found myself in certain nonphysical locations that were places for Volunteers to go when we needed updates on Light Intel from Light Headquarters; when we needed etheric hospitalization and/or surgery for damage received from our lifelong Tour of Duty in 3D earth physicality; when we needed to connect with other incarnate Volunteers while asleep and out-of-body in their physical homes in the middle of the night to exchange the latest info, messages or work together as a larger Group from the ethereal range of frequency on the cosmic/global Ascension Process. Some of these old common etheric locations looked like:

  • Large auditoriums on some University or Collage.
  • Beautiful old library packed full of ancient books (repository of information/Light)
  • Etheric Hospital for Volunteers only.
  • Large movie theater where specific information/Light was given to us individually or in small groups via “movies”.
  • Large shopping Malls across the country. In the 1980s Malls and certain stores in them were easy locations where Team Light Starbeings and human Volunteers often met and exchanged the latest Light info and entered and exited 3D.
  • Side Note: some shopping Malls across the country (and other large buildings) had huge etheric underground areas beneath them where Team Dark did the same sorts of things with human military people working with them, with civilians both unaware and aware of what was going on, and humans who were astrally kidnapped were often brought to these etheric locations for different negative reasons and so on. (I never want to play in Duality again!)

When Volunteers needed to get together while out-of-body in higher dimensions to receive the latest Light Intel, we often met in huge nonphysical auditoriums and other places. We went to etheric Light Libraries when we needed some specific info; we went to nonphysical hospitals when we needed our bodies patched back up so we could quickly return to active duty again; we went to etheric Malls and other locations to met with nonphysical Team Light Starbeings and on and on, and this is only some of what I’ve consciously remembered over the decades! There’s so much more that we’ve done for years, decades, and multiple lives and all towards the current Ascension Process we’re now incarnate for.

On December 31, 2013 around 6:00 AM while asleep and out-of-body I was suddenly sent on another ethereal Covert Light Ops mission. I’ve done this many times over the years, but this latest mission was slightly different from earlier ones and that’s the reason I’m sharing all this. This December 31, 2013 early morning mission was to certain countries in the Middle East. I’ve never physically been to the Middle East in this life, but none of that matters in these types of higher frequency deployment Service Work missions; they’re more “real” and far-reaching than if it had happened on the physical level only.

[I can tell when I’m having a normal dream that’s coming from me, from my inner issues and subconscious etc., and I can tell when I’m lucid and actually doing something somewhere while physically asleep and out-of-body. Most Volunteers have trained long and hard to be able to do this so it’s a common Higher Awareness ability. In this case, I was lucid and actually with a small handful of other human Volunteers in the Middle East. This was “real” and simply took place in another level of reality, frequency and consciousness.]

There I am all the sudden in some small car with a Middle Eastern woman in her mid-forties quickly and silently driving me hundreds and hundreds of miles across three different countries in the Middle East. No pre-Mission briefing, no heads-up prep warning beforehand, no hints, no nothing just there you are in the Middle East with some stranger that you know is also a Volunteer.

Because of how this female stranger was driving me–her passenger and her part of this particular mission–and how she spoke to me ONLY when absolutely needed and how she rarely looked at me or focused on me in any way, I knew this was a very important and potentially dangerous Covert Light Ops mission we were on. She was doing her best to do her job which was to drive me through these specific countries and some towns and cities in them, but, at the same time NOT focus on me at all! She needed to stay calm, quiet, focused on driving and produce as few thoughts and emotions as she possibly could the entire time. In other words, she was very much in Stealth or Silent running mode herself as was I so neither of us would energetically transmit and therefore attract attention from Team Dark and come under fire.

When I suddenly find myself (or you other Volunteers find yourselves) in some intense and potentially dangerous nonphysical mission such as this I’m often NOT allowed to know, perceive, or sense ANYTHING beforehand because by keeping me unaware in this way, I’m not transmitting any thoughts or emotional energies about the mission that Team Dark would pick up on immediately, especially when I’m deep in their primary Headquarters as this case was. This is another reason we Volunteers are often deliberately NOT let in on the specifics about a Covert Light Ops beforehand and are literally functioning in Stealth or Silent running mode. We’re just there doing it quickly, quietly, and with as little foreknowledge and emotion as possible for not only our own protection but the protection of all other Volunteers involved and the entire mission itself.

From my perspective this etheric road trip I went on through three countries in the Middle East in this 12-31-13 lucid “dream” mission took three days and two nights. How long the lucid “dream” took in the physical dimension was probably about 20–30 minutes or so. Such is multidimensional life and punching the clock in different dimensions, realities and timelines.

After I woke up I discovered that the reason I (and a handful of other Volunteers elsewhere) were needed to actually go there, be there as etheric boots on the ground in the Middle East at the end of 2013 had to do with some of us directly energetically “seeding” some NEW Light Energies from the NEW Evolutionary Cycle into these ancient Team Dark locations throughout the Middle East.

Because that area has been a primary portal (entrance/exit point) on to and off of physical Earth, it was raided and taken over long ago by Team Dark. However, now that the old Evolutionary Cycle Expired on December 21, 2012, the time was ripe on December 31, 2013 for Team Light to do a fast Covert Light boots on the ground Ops through some Middle East countries and energetically “seed” some NEW Light Energies of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle there. (Watch that area now to see how things start to change even faster than they have been since the ‘Arab Spring’ that started on December 18, 2010.)

Three days after my lucid “dream” Covert Light Ops mission on 12-31-13 (which puts us into the first days of 2014) I received two emails from two different women who both mentioned things directly related to this Light Ops mission in the Middle East. Neither of them knew that I’d had my lucid “dream” experience three days earlier.

One email was from someone who told me she’d been aware of having been in an etheric UFO far above the Earth with some of her Arcturian friends and kinsfolk. She called this UFO experience a ‘world tour’ and the Arcturians pointed out specific locations on Earth to her, the main being the Middle East. I had an etheric road trip through parts of the Middle East to “seed” specific NEW energies; she participated in some Aerial Recon from an etheric Arcturian UFO. The second email I received on the same day was from another woman who told me that she’d very strongly perceived the worlds ‘Tel Aviv’.

heart icons 3The great news is that with the arrival of 2014 (only 12 days ago! It seems like months and months because SO much has happened and changed for the better from December 31, 2013 to January 1, 2014 but it’s only been 12 days so far!), the NEW energies of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle have been pouring into the NEW Rewired Earth Grid system and our NEW Rewired Body and Brain Grid systems creating much positive change already. If you don’t feel any improvements yet, persevere because it’s here finally and will continue to manifest in us, our bodies and our consciousness, and of course in the external world around us. The Dark Ages on Earth are over. This is just the start however of the NEW coming in and replacing the old distortions and distorted systems created by Team Dark so long ago. High Heart thanks go out to all members of Team Light on Earth and off for this latest successful Light Ops mission work.

Denise Le Fay

January 12, 2014

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