Masters Stepping Forward: Team Dark Disappearing

I’ve waited many years to finally be able to write this particular article, and as always, based on my personal experiences. I’ve felt these changes taking place slowly since the December 21, 2012 expiration date, with each year since then increasing rather dramatically. Then with the complete expiration date of December 19, 2015 reached recently, the entire old grid system(s) with matching old blueprints/templates running in them dropped away, expired, disappeared completely and the entire business “ascended” up to NEW, vastly higher frequency and more complex grid systems where NEW matching blueprints/templates are running in them. Talk about a shift! My gawd it was shocking in its completeness and speed!

Since January 2016, I’ve moved, been unpacking and aching from the extra work and big rush which means I’ve needed a bit more time to do nothing but exist within the NEW Grid systems and get my bearings and seriously begin consciously adjusting to it all. It was rather hard for me at first to be utterly sure about what all I was feeling because I’d been so busy with selling the old house and going through all that goes with that and then moving by myself. In many ways its felt like I’ve not been anywhere really but in tremendous transition on all levels between the old and the NEW worlds/grids/systems etc. But by mid January 2016, I could clearly feel that my move was into the NEW in more ways than one! I knew it had to be an externalization of what was happening at higher levels.

Now that I’m unpacked, rested from the physical moving aspects, getting more settled into my “new” old house that exists in the NEW with the NEW Grid(s), and my HighHeart has better adjusted to this mega Shift, I can perhaps better convey some of what these changes feel like to me at this very early point. I know many of you have been profoundly affected by the mid December 2015 through mid January 2016 Shift off the old lower Grid system and Ascension to the NEW Grid(s). As usual, this too is taking some time for each of us to better understand on a fully conscious level and make the obvious changes—whatever they may be for each of us individually at this time—and get to living and creating in the NEW as NEW beings ourselves. Don’t rush but consider that last sentence deeply and honestly.

One of the huge things I felt instantly due to this Grid Ascension Shift and my simultaneous matching physical move to another house is how very much alone I feel so far. Not lonely, not isolated, just alone and even that word isn’t correct really. I feel “alone” now only because the actual space and creative possibilities I now exist within are so, so much larger and more complex than the old lower world reality we came from in these lives. I’m stressing this because I know many Forerunners/Starseeds/Wayshowers are feeling this or soon will be. Know that it’s just a larger field of expression, field of creativity, field of being (5D) with much fewer restrictions, density obviously, and borders that are so scant and distant you can barely See or Feel them. In other words, you are now more of Source incarnate in the physical, and to our human selves, this can possibly be interpreted as feeling much less of the old familiar “you” and much more of NEW, larger YOU and Source/God/Divine All or “alone” in your NEW vastness. That Ascension Shift—along with the matching Earth Grid Ascension Shift—is going to take some getting used to so allow yourself that as you exist in it today, tomorrow and going forth.

Because of the Earth Grid Ascension Shift we just went through, being in physical human form just got a lot easier to cope with in all ways for the Forerunners/Starseeds/Blue Rays/Pathpavers etc. Said another way, the old physical body vehicle, the old meat suit’ ain’t what it used to be (and neither is anything else!) so give it some time and consider all of your NEW creative options and abilities in the NEW. Let the HighHeart fun and creativity begin! 😀 ❤

The other obvious thing that goes with all this NEW is that Team Dark is not, cannot, will not and won’t ever be in this same NEW space, this NEW higher 5D level. They are so vibrationally and energetically out of sync with it that they cannot See it or See into it. Aah, the shoe is on the other foot now. 😉 This is the thing I’ve personally waited for for so very long; not having Team Dark beings or people existing within the same place, space and reality that I am and that means not being available to them to attack, use or feed off from. If one is not existing and functioning within Duality and Duality consciousness but from Neutrality/Unity consciousness and being, then this stuff no longer exists for you as it did before. You literally exist in a higher, faster frequency beyond it and that horror does not exist, cannot exist at this NEW higher level of being and neutrality. That fact feels so freakin’ wonderful I cannot even tell you after a lifetime of those dark, demented creatures on me constantly. Their absence also adds to my current sense of feeling more “alone” in this NEW, monster-free vastness. No darkness allowed here, not even anything I/you/we may create in our minds in moments of forgetting where we now are.

Some Aches N’ Pains Continue However

Don’t hate the messenger but since the Grid Ascension Shift, I’ve had some days that were filled with Ascension pain-a-plenty! The old inner ear ringing is on more times than off and my head, skull, eyes, and the space above my head has hurt like crazy. Thought my head was going to explode a few days ago it was that severe again.

One of my readers emailed me a recent article on that talked about how now that the ‘sun is in a quiet phase’ that this is only allowing more Solar energies to reach Earth because there isn’t any storms or winds or high solar drama taking place like it has been for the past many years blowing much of those energies elsewhere.

I appreciated her sending me this information because it confirmed what I’d been feeling for a long time already, which is even more potent Solar Light Energies reaching Earth and humanity when the Sun was quiet and supposedly not doing anything. My head, ears and body could and do feel every speck of Divine Light that comes from and/or through our local Sun and solar flares, solar CME’s, solar winds or storms are no longer needed to get the Ascension job done. We’re in it now for good (the NEW Ascended Grid Shift) meaning these higher energies are the NEW normal and our bodies, selves and lives are and will continue to adjust and adapt to them regardless.

So if you too are still feeling your skull and head ringing like a bell from all the higher Light energies constantly pouring down on it and into you, know that this isn’t going to be stopping any time soon which means we’ll adapt to it too just like we are with the NEW Grids running much higher energies.

There’s a thousand other related things to talk about now that the old blueprints/templates and their matching Grids have been disintegrated and we’ve Ascended to the NEW ones many of us have worked decades on helping to build from both our physical in-body state and our out-of-body states too.

Speaking of out-of-body states and before I forget, since the Ascension Grid Shift I’ve found myself out-of-body (while asleep) counseling, teaching, advising some well-know public people. I can’t and won’t mention who these still living people are but I wanted to mention this because I know it’s related to the profound Shift change with the planetary Earth Grids and simultaneously the incarnate Forerunners. If I’m busy at higher nonphysical levels counseling certain other living people of power on Earth now then some of you are too, and/or doing any number of other higher dimensional Work related to this recent Grid Shift. Some of us are witnessing many exiting their lives and bodies; others of us are giving NEW information to those who will actually do something positive in their awake states with that information and so on. Pay attention to your higher dimensional or Inner Planes Work too because all of this is going to become more of your/my/our NEW normal daily/nightly multidimensional Selves and personal Works.


February 7, 2016

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19 thoughts on “Masters Stepping Forward: Team Dark Disappearing

  • Denise, Thank you for the excellent review of why they are bombarding us with chemtrails! The geo-engineering programs actually started me on my path. I saw the skies and started asking questions ,ect. I am new to your postings but will be reading them now with an open heart and love….just the way you write them! Many blessings and I feel so less alone.

    • Noelle,

      I’m glad you’ve been led by your Higher Self to information that will help you make further discoveries about what’s really going on in our lifetimes and why. Because the Ascension Process is new to you, I would suggest you start reading my older articles at my other blog, TRANSITIONS.

      Secondly, the chem-trails and all the other negativity intentionally done to humanity by human and nonhuman Team Dark is, finally, pointless and impotent because of the higher frequency Light Energies constantly pouring on, into and through Earth, humans and absolutely everything else. Nothing and no one can override or overpower this natural evolutionary Light and Ascension Process. They want people to continue believing that they’re super powerful and that their chem-trails and other devices both physical and etheric are more powerful than anything else, but that’s just negativity spewing lies as they always have. Let it go, shift your gaze, your focus, your heart to the NEW higher and ignore all that old negativity and don’t look back. They can’t affect anyone whose not playing their game with them any longer. Disengage and redirect you and your focus and REALITY itself changes very quickly just from doing that. 🙂 Welcome to the Grand Evolutionary Party. ❤

  • Thank YOU, Denise, for going through it with us for so long, while other people, and I think you’ll know who I mean, ‘retired.’

    I was told 4 months ago that there would be a big shift in January. But I then just forgot about it, until it happened! 🙂 (Interestingly, like you, I was forcibly cut off from the internet at that time). WHAT a shift! I now completely understand what the Separation of Worlds means. I can see them, but I’m existing in a kind of paradise state, and *they can’t get to us anymore*! I never thought I’d see the day. Worth every freaking minute of those seventeen years of cleaning up others’ crap, and enduring relentless, stunning, apparently interminable attacks.

    I can’t remember how it *felt*, because the old ‘me’ that felt the pain and exhaustion is no longer here, but I remember all that happened, and I will not press the ‘erase’ button. The way a dark entity would leap into someone, and they would turn on you and put obstacles in your way, and try to destroy you. The way they used *everyone*, relatives, animals, to get at us. The misery of it. Sometimes I didn’t think I could stick it out. But we did it! One day I hope you and I will have a drink in some Galactic bar, and swap stories, of the race we ran, barefoot on broken glass – a race we won. 🙂

    • teleile,

      Yep I know and it’s good actually because the negative interference was showing in the material.

      There are so many terms from the past Ascension years that now mean something very different because they’ve become a reality — Separation of Worlds & Timelines is one of many. Christ consciousness and/or Solar Christ and/or Crystal consciousness and being etc. is the one that some of the Forerunners are living/merging/embodying since around December 2015 Solstice. The upcoming March 2016 Equinox will be another larger wave or layering or level of this, as will the June 2016 Solstice and so on. Stair-steps with this too so prepare to OPEN & RECEIVE more soon. 🙂 ❤

      I mentioned about how we're soon going to have the option to forget the horrors and pains we've gone through with this Ascension Process, and how I still want to retain conscious memory of my experiences with this. That may change over time, but the forgetting how the "old you" felt is your (mine, our) Lower Self merging with Higher Self which instantly alters, expands our consciousness and everything else too of course. Every day another one of us Forerunners goes through this change, the entire world and far beyond will be affected by that and reflect it. Massive positive changes are and will continue happening because of what you’ve done, what I’ve done, what all of us have and will do. ❤ ❤ ❤

      USE the 2016 Equinoxes and Solstices Forerunners to increasingly merge with and physically embody more of the Higher YOU/Source/LOVE/Home.

  • Hi Denise, I’m wondering if you are aware about the HAARP/Geoengineering program which manipulates the Earth’s frequency and vibration? The reason I’m asking is because the side effects from this program and ascension symptoms sound similar and this has me very confused about what I’m really feeling, hope you can clarify. Thank you.

    • If I can throw my two cents in, at this point I feel they are one and the same in that even though we know Ascension is a very good thing, it can feel really shitty at times. I try not to assign a value to so called good or bad anymore. I just am focused on maintaining my spot energeticaaly to hold where we have finallly arrived and that is in a very good place, at least for myself that is. Granted, as Denise states, it’s not all smelling like roses all the time but I refuse to be part of that rot anymore, it has to vanquish itself at this time, granted, as always, it will go down fighting and continuing at time’s to be that irritating tick on my ass that needs to be removed once and for all.

    • Irene,

      Yes I’ve been aware of HAARP, chem-trails and other negative man-made atrocities for a long time.

      I’m hoping that you’re over 20 years of age, 30 would be even better, because if you are, then you should clearly remember what the Sun looked like 20-25 years ago. Hold that memory and go outside and take a look at the Sun today. It isn’t even the same color as it was 25 years ago and the light it emanates seems 1000 times brighter and that light is silvery-white, not the warm, less potent, much less bright golden-yellow color of a couple of decades ago.

      Now, your question and my respond are related even though they sound like they’re not. Here we go…

      The reason why humans created these man-made horrors, like spraying chem-trails across the USA constantly for how many years now? 20? 25? 30? and all the rest of it, is because someone was told to do these types of things to intentionally interfere with, prevent or override what someone had told someone else was coming that would naturally and automatically evolve humanity. These someones I’m talking about were the nonphysical, nonhuman Team Dark beings or Archons as they’re more commonly known, and some of the human elite. For both of these parties to remain in control over humanity, they needed to try to override what the Archons knew was coming and informed some of the human elite about a long, long time ago and they’ve all been doing their utter best to derail that very thing that they knew was coming. That thing is the current evolutionary Ascension Process which would (has) Shifted, ascended human consciousness to a much greater and higher level. It has also been naturally and automatically activating human DNA to evolve and so much more that I and other Ascension teachers have written about for years.

      Because Team Dark and the human elite have known about the coming Ascension and the evolutionary changes the Sun would go through, our entire solar system entering the Photon Band of 7D Light and all the rest of it, both parties have been doing everything they could to override what these natural evolutionary Energies and Light(s) would do to humanity and Earth. I’m 64 and if you look back at the past 70 years or so, it’s easy to see all of the grand technological advances that have manifested in just our lifetimes so far. It’s easy to be impressed by it all and think of all of it as “positive” and making our lives easier, safer, faster and so on. But… what if the majority of those devices that everyone uses now were intentionally designed to suppress human consciousness? To retard it? To keep it locked down and focused on anything but evolving!

      The point of all this is that these technologies and devices etc. (not to mention drugs, chemicals in food, water, air etc. and much more) have really had a darker purpose behind them and that’s been to intentionally interfere with the cosmic, galactic, solar and Divine Higher Energies and Light that’s been pouring into humanity and Earth and all life on her for the past 25-30 years now. These two things are not random but very much related.

      The kicker is that these nonphysical, nonhuman Team Dark beings (Archons & Co.) and the living human elite have honestly believed all along that they’re more powerful than Source, than God, than the Divine energies pouring out of the Galactic Center, more powerful than all of the “Volunteers”, the Starseeds, the Lightworkers, the Pathpavers, the Light Warriors, and all the rest of us ancient Masters. They honestly have believed that they, the Archons and the human elite, are more powerful than Divine Source and the Ascension Process and those of us who volunteered to come to Earth (incarnate into physicality) to help with the Ascension Process by embodying it in the physical and anchoring it here for humanity of today and far, far into the future.

      Ya gotta love their arrogance. 😆

      Some of Team Dark figured this out around the Expiration Date of December 21, 2012–much to their amazement–and have fled to other locations. (They will not be allowed to remain there however.) Some have been destroyed, some have been neutralized and reabsorbed back into Divine Source, a scant few have turned towards the Light, and some are still gigantic evil assholes that believe they can overpower ALL THIS and are fighting for their lives and food/fuel sources as I write this. A great battle rages right now in corners of the old 4D Astral. Before that, it was playing out in higher dimensions. I cannot believe I’m sharing all this in a Comment! 😐

      What was the question? 😀

      I hope this helps you better understand what and when and why etc. with all of these things. ❤

      • Dearest Denise,

        You wrote your reply comment because we weary Forerunners needed to be reminded, arghh, again, why we’re here! Holy crap, since Winter 2015 Solstice, what a kicking we’ve been taking. But, hey, perseverance and oh, how glad I am to see the Sun again after one long, long northern winter of rain, snow and chem trails. Keep on keeping on, regardless. Love to you, my friend, and thank you for keeping on. Feeling your High Heart across the grid. B.

      • Thank you so much, Denise, for your reply. I am forty eight years old and miss the beautiful sunsets which kept me connected to Source. I was alone on this path for many years until I connected with you about four years ago and was able to confirm my mission here. All you said really resonated as I have intuited the same about the Geoengineering programs. Again thank and much love.

  • Dear Denise, Congratulations on your successful move!  Just wanted to let you know, this article totally meshes with the latest post from Cosmic Awareness/Rainbow Phoenix – Amazing!  For myself, it’s the work in the dreamtime that’s kicking my butt…..but so worth it if darkness/the Archons are getting their butt kicked……  we will definitely see the best of this yet! Thanks for everything, Keep the Faith, Peace and Blessings,Susan Roumpapas in Rochester NY

  • Denise, I so hope you’re right that will be adjusting to these higher light energies pouring into our head. This is what has most made me unable to work or live normally for the past 8 years. I always had a sensitive nervoussystem and difficulty with grounding and now I’m almost constantly overstressed with tensionwaves and lightness in my head and of course the ringing ears/eyeblinking. Last year up until now it’s worst. Almost impossible to drive, listen to music, read/tv, sleep and even doing simple grocery shopping is a challenge now.
    So my biggest worry in this whole ascension process is, how I’m ever gonna feel happy, vital and be a shiny light again with these constant upgrading energy frequencies wrecking my nervous system that not seems to be able to cope with these high energies.
    I just hope it will settle eventually and try to tust the process and my souls intention for feeling and spreading love, light and joy.

    Wishing you lots of good times in your new house!

    Greetz, Annemiek

    • This is exactly what i have been through. Its impossible for me to work and maintain physical, mental health while my nervous system is constantly undergoing changes. -Very testing to maintain center under this stress.

  • Thanks again, Denise, I get it completely, and just need to teach my mind to stop creating problems and I will truly UNDERSTAND that we’ve cracked it………… congratulations to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Linda xxx

    • NadineMarie,

      This was posted at on January 27, 2016. Thanks again Kathy for sharing this with me and now with others. ❤

      ‘INTENSIFYING COSMIC RAYS: For the past year, neutron monitors around the Arctic Circle have sensed an increasing intensity of cosmic rays. Polar latitudes are a good place to make such measurements, because Earth’s magnetic field funnels and concentrates cosmic radiation there. Turns out, Earth’s poles aren’t the only place cosmic rays are intensifying. and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus have been launching helium balloons to the stratosphere to measure radiation, and they find the same trend over California:

      In the plot, neutron monitor measurements from the University of Oulu Cosmic Ray Station are traced in red; gamma-ray/X-ray measurements over California are denoted in gray. The agreement between the two curves is remarkable. It means that the intensification of cosmic rays is making itself felt not only over the poles, but also over lower latitudes where Earth’s magnetic field provides a greater degree of protection against deep space radiation.

      Cosmic rays, which are accelerated toward Earth by distant supernova explosions and other violent events, are an important form of space weather. They can seed clouds, trigger lightning, and penetrate commercial airplanes. Indeed, our measurements show that someone flying back and forth across the continental USA, just once, can absorb as much ionizing cosmic radiation as 2 to 5 dental X-rays. Likewise, cosmic rays can affect mountain climbers, high-altitude drones, and astronauts onboard the International Space Station.

      This type of radiation is modulated by solar activity. Solar storms and CMEs tend to sweep aside cosmic rays, making it more difficult for cosmic rays to reach Earth. On the other hand, low solar activity allows an extra dose of cosmic rays to reach our planet. Indeed, the ongoing increase in cosmic ray intensity is probably due to a decline in the solar cycle. Solar Maximum has passed and we are heading toward a new Solar Minimum. Forecasters expect solar activity to drop sharply in the years ahead, and cosmic rays are poised to increase accordingly. Stay tuned for more radiation.’

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