UFOs, ETs & Ascension in Early 2016

None Of This Is Terribly Important, But Kinda Interesting Nonetheless

Yesterday was the Full Moon at 3° Virgo, plus it was 2-22, which may or may not have anything to do with any of what I’m going to share. The only reason I’m sharing this is because the weirdness factor pushed hard multiple times yesterday and I know to pay attention and discern it all when something wants me to be consciously aware of it. It doesn’t matter to me what “it” is, only that I perceive it as accurately as I can and go from there.

Before I go any further with this, I want to remind everyone about how human and nonhuman Team Dark (TD) excels at combining some actual truth with a whole lot of untruths and then pitching it long and hard at the masses. Brain washing at light speed! I got the sense that this next bit of info has both truth in it and some deliberate disinformation and distortions in it as well. Because I trust your ability to discern information for yourself, I’ve decided to share this strange tidbit of ET and UFO related info. As always discern, and in many cases with the Forerunners of the Forerunners, this won’t even apply to your life or reality now so just look upon all this as entertainment if nothing else. 🙂

Yesterday morning I had to go to Home Depot (huge warehouse of building supplies etc.) to return some plumbing stuff it turned out I didn’t need. There were two young women working at the Service/Returns/Refunds area so this experience was for just the three of us evidently. I can feel when other people are being deliberately kept away so that something can happen and/or be said, heard, told, seen or felt etc. The vibe in a place suddenly goes very private and isolated from the rest of the world and people and “time” diminishes meaning something is getting ready to happen or come through so pay attention. This is what happened as I walked up to the Home Depot Returns area so I went into hyper awareness and waited for the show to begin, whatever it was going to be.

While the one young woman went through the routine of refunding me, her personal cell phone rang, she answered and all three of us could hear a male on the other end excitedly telling her, ‘It’s all on the TV news right now!’ I watched her face as she listened to her husband excitedly tell her about reports on the TV he was watching. Once she hung up, both I and the other female employee asked her what was going on. She said her husband was watching the TV and that there were reports about multiple people seeing multiple UFOs last night—early AM February 22, 2016—which both she and her husband saw too only because their two dogs ‘barked like crazy all night last night’ so they both went outside in the middle of the night to see why. While outside they both saw multiple UFOs. They live in the town next to the one I live in which is just a few miles away.

I’m hearing all this and had already felt the slight shift in frequency in that area the three of us were in inside Home Depot so I knew I needed to be super aware and careful with my words. Whaddaya gonna do or say or not say Denise?’ was the issue for me in that moment. I heard the words spill out of my mouth, ‘Oh here we go…’

The two young women were glued to my every word and that sense of responsibility that Wise Ones feel when they open their mouths to speak (or type words) was extremely obvious to me in that moment yesterday. This is us experiencing our Mastery as NEW Planetary Teachers/Masters/Guides etc. and it feels very different from what it’s ever been before.

With that awareness in every speck of my being, I spoke carefully and slowly and told them that UFOs and ETs are real but that people need to think for themselves and be smart about things all the time. It felt to me like they wanted me to talk for two hours about ETs and UFOs and share what I know about it all and yet, the level of restraint I felt necessary in that moment was huge, like being really careful about telling a child the truth about Santa or the Tooth Fairy etc. Weird sensation, and I got another larger feel into what being one of the NEW Teachers is about. I’m used to hiding who and what I am and now I am supposed to reveal myself in ways like this and never apologize for any of it. Really weird sensation for me after all these decades of hiding in plain sight my entire life.

This situation comes to an end and I leave the two young women to their work and go about my business. Strangely, I forgot about this unusual event a couple of hours later and because I evidently needed to connect more ET/UFO dots, I got another event dropped in my lap later that evening. This is how it usually goes if we don’t consciously get enough of something, more gets delivered until we do.

UFO abduction2

The second message came later that evening when a TV movie came on that I’d already seen a few times four or five years ago. The movie was, The Fourth Kind (released in 2009). One of the things that was meaningful to me personally in that movie was the year those events began at another level. (I don’t care if the movie is truth or untruth or a mixture of both, I only know what I’ve experienced myself and when and how similar it is or isn’t to these types of movies.) The year these events took place according to the movie was 2000, with October peaking evidently. If you’ve read my book A Lightworker’s Mission, you know that April 2000 was when the demonically possessed, used, manipulated and entirely owned and operated two male next door neighbors moved in next to us (at another house). April 2000 was the start of four horrific years of demonic abuse, much of which happened through the two physical human neighbors (brothers), and much of it directly from the nonhuman, nonphysical demonic entity.

I’m absolutely certain that all sorts of highly unpleasant negative shit began across planet Earth simultaneously with the start of Galactic Alignment around 1998–1999. As the Light arrived and activated many of the Forerunners/Starseeds etc. at that time, Team Dark—negative aliens, negative beings, entities, demonics etc.—also went into high action to combat that energy and us. The thinning and eventual disappearance of the natural old “Veils” between dimensions made these attacks, abductions, possessions and such all the easier, faster and more prevalent so it’s the timing of things along with what happened that I find interesting.

During this particular four years of demonic abuse (April 2000 through June 2004), I repeatedly would be awakened around 3:00 or 3:30 or 3:33 AM to what sounded to me to be a large diesel truck running down the street for 30–45 minutes. It sounded like it was parked a block or so down the street with its engine running and it would wake me up in the middle of the night and seriously piss me off! It never dawned on me that it could have been anything other than what I assumed it was at that time, like possibly some type of UFO craft hovering overhead. However, when I also smelled horrible burning rubber mixed with strange chemical-like smells at the same time as hearing this running engine sound, I started to consider that something else was taking place.

The connections between astral demons and other negative beings/entities and negative aliens/ETs is basically all the same thing as far as I’m concerned. All the same business. All the same group of Team Dark beings doing what they’ve done for so long to humanity. To me there is no difference between being physically or astrally abducted by negative aliens or attacked by a demonic beings. It’s all the same thing done by the same nonhuman, nonphysical negative beings. Some are more clearly seen as demons while others are more clearly seen as aliens/ET beings but they’re all Team Dark.

I have a vague memory of reading something long ago by Whitley Strieber about him hearing the sound of a strange machine or engine running and discovering it was a UFO. That memory helped me finally consider that the sound I heard off and on for four years via my next door demonically used human neighbors was not a parked diesel truck engine but more likely a UFO. I even got dressed a couple of times and went outside, unlocked the front gate and walked into the street to look for the damned diesel truck because I was frustrated enough to confront the driver at 3 AM. I never found any truck or any other vehicle(s) anywhere. I sort of wished I’d thought to look up to see if anything was hovering overhead. Or, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t.

My point with this is that it’s all Team Dark — ETs, UFOs, demons, negative entities etc., and when one is experiencing any aspect of TD, you don’t much care if it’s aliens or demons, you just want to survive the crushing nightmare.

I didn’t hear anything on the SoCal TV news about any UFO sightings on Monday, February 22, 2016 here in my area or anywhere else. Does that matter? Not to me. I don’t doubt that those people in the next town who claimed to have seen UFOs did indeed see some. Why and why now is more important to me. Like I’ve said before, I’ve never known any positive ET that needed a UFO to get anywhere or to make contact with me, so my first impression when UFOs are spotted is that it’s probably Team Dark or some much less evolved alien beings. As always, discernment is critical.


The other meaningful thing with all this has been how separate or removed it is from me and where I now am. Stuff can, is and will happen but it won’t affect you if you’re existing at a higher frequency level and consciousness/awareness than it. Layers of reality like different onion skins all existing close to each other. My sense with this recent ET and UFOs business here in SoCal in 2016, is that something is brewing and possibly getting ready to manifest this year. Does that mean it will be what it or someone else or a group of people claims it to be? Of course not so be smart, be wise, discern and maintain your current higher level consciousness and frequency.

A lot of old Dark is still coming to the surface, coming up into the NEW Light and most of this is for the masses now and not you or me. It’s their time to further wake up and smell the abundant, longstanding deceptions and then deal with the responsibilities that greater knowledge always brings. Stair-steps for the masses now which produces more agitation, more irritation, more frustration for many. If you too are ultra-sensitive to anything the global masses produce/think/feel/create etc., then you too have been or will most likely be feeling more pains and aches in your body as they continue waking up. Spiritual growing pains affect us all in a variety of ways. 😉 Stay in your HighHeart as the masses go through what they are and will at their different levels. It all reverberates as the old lower clanks up hard against the higher NEW causing many of the ultra-sensitives bones to rattle from it all! This is the winter quarter prep period before the 2016 March Equinox arrives and lifts, blasts, pushes, pressures All of us to higher and higher levels of being, awareness, creativity and reality.

I realize how random and disconnected this article may sound but this is all of us—at our individual levels—adapting to all this NEW in very NEW ways. The more I try to think with my head the worse everything becomes very quickly. The more I simply perceive reality from my HighHeart, the more sense it all makes very quickly. Thanks for wading through this strange one with me. ❤


February 23, 2016

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10 thoughts on “UFOs, ETs & Ascension in Early 2016

  • Hey Denise,

    Well I had almost stop looking into UFO/Alien stuff three years back, but last few days I am sort of reminded of it again , like a one two three punch … the first one was this http://rainbowphoenixcom.ipage.com/Archives/20160207M.pdf second one was a book I wanted to read for few years now, but could not buy it or get it from any other source, suddenly it showed up read it and it was all about alien /ufo stuff… and third one is your article …

    After getting hit by this one two three punch/es , I think I should start looking UP….

    oh I forget about this , make that 4 punches… and its MSM…


  • Hi Denise,

    Totally get it and can relate. 🙂 And yes, I’ve felt the strange vibrating noise or even something sounding like an airplane landing. It’s a familiar sound to me now, like a zooming sound. I also feel that they create portals. At first I didn’t know what to think of it either but then after a while it kicks in and really makes you wonder and go in deeper. And my intuition has come up with the same conclusion as you. So, discernment in these kinds of experiences I feel is crucial. Love all of your articles even though don’t have much time to comment as much anymore. A hug & love to you and your family. Lot’s and lot’s of healing love & light always ❤

  • Denise,

    I guess I can’t agree with you on “None of this is terribly important…” because honestly, I think it is. First, let me say I am a Virgo sun and moon with Pisces rising, so I think I’m gonna be in for a ride this year (and specifically some of the eclipses). Second, though I had ascension symptoms for a good number of years previous to 2012, they were kicked into HIGH GEAR on February 22, 2012 due to a very special dream I had. Let me say that I not only believe in twin souls, but I met mine late in 2004 (June of 2004 being notable for a Venus transit and I heard of a lot of twin souls coming together at around that time period). I am about as normal and sane as apple pie (yes, pies have a level of sanity ;-), but the experience can’t be explained until you have it. Anyway, in my dream on 2/22/12, he came to me (the setting was a wedding) and from across the aisle, he held my hand. I believe it was the signal to get the ascension process into high gear because that is exactly what it did. One extremely notable thing about the dream that I didn’t understand at the time was that though it was absolutely him, his fingers were longer and a bit translucent and I was actually a little repulsed. It wasn’t until a while after this dream that I understood that our souls can be originally from a different planet. Then it made absolute sense. I am pretty sure we have Pleiadian origins (I have always been attracted to Subaru cars (the Pleiades logo – LOL).

    Anyway, your off-the-cuff post actually resonated very strongly. You never know who you will reach in these random posts!!

    • Elle,

      I’m going to suggest that your dream “groom” that you feel is Pleiadian just, just, just may be another aspect of YOU. 😉 That is very much what the Ascension Process is for all of us; consciously integrating with, “merging” with other aspects of our greater multidimensional Selves in these current physical bodies and self. We start this with the female/male aspects and energies and Work our ways up higher and higher and higher to the layers, energies and states of Being beyond this one such as Higher Self, Mother God, Father God, Divine Child, Source, Divine All etc. Stair-steps, big ones for sure! 😉 Keep up the great work.

      • Denise, I totally agree with you that many of the other dimensional Beings are aspects of us individually. I finished merging all of my other dimensional selves a few years ago and then the real work began for me, just totally focusing on my human self! I have to say I had a whole lot of fun with my other dimensional selves and not so much fun(Lol) working on my human self. Speed forward to today and that work has paid off. Totally and fully residing in this New stage of Evolution that we all have created, and it is quite wonderful. So good hearing from you Denise and everyone sharing on here.

  • Absolutely related to something that Had me awaken, choking and coughing so had to get up at 3:33am, I live in mountain time so we did share a weird experience together.The benign G.F. brothers and sisters are so gracious and respectful. Keep writing your experiences as they fit hand in glove with mine.

  • Dear Denise,

    I know you’ve mentioned this in more than one article over the years (about the space being “held” for a group of people for a time), but this is the first time it “clicked” for me. And then I realized that yes, I have experienced that and know what that “feels” like. Striking up a highly personal and “out of the box” conversation because of a “nudge” in the middle of the store without being interrupted (or having another person join in because they were meant to hear it) does happen to me a lot when I’m out these days. So I just wanted to thank you for mentioning these things more than once. It is greatly appreciated.

    Also, it occurred to me this morning in regards to the UFOs: it’s like an ego thing such as “Here we are and aren’t we foreign and strange and more advanced than you!” A truly Light alien Being (beyond us 🙂 ) doesn’t need bells and whistles at all. It has Presence and Love.

    Again, thank you for allowing us to come to/draw our own thoughts and conclusions in regards to all things. You’re great at dropping just enough breadcrumbs!!

    Chrysalis/Fae Elf

    • ‘You’re great at dropping just enough breadcrumbs!!’

      Chrysalis/Fae Elf,

      Thanks so much for saying that because I do it intentionally because I want the readers to get there on their own. I’ve never wanted or needed “followers” but I have always wanted and needed empowered Individuals. 😉 I have worried sometimes that my breadcrumbs weren’t enough for some people but I just tell myself that they’ll get it when it’s time for them to on their own and that’s exactly what happens. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hello Denise I just want to say I resonate so much from what you write also what you wrote in the past . I feel shudders going through me when you mention 1999 ,as I could feel so strongly something was happening .Like yourself I can feel so much .I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you have helped me and so many other come through this
    Love and Light Denise

  • Denise, I love this article… so much resonates with me, including hearing strange engine sounds along the way, somewhere in the timeless time of this multidimensional existence! And most definitely my Higher Heart is being challenged daily right now, with all of the old stuff causing pain in my body, heart and mind to the point of me inwardly screaming, ‘TAKE ME HOME! I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE!’ 🙂

    But I absolutely KNOW with everything in me that we Forerunners are taking the hit for the cause, so to speak. I feel that ease is within reach now, more ease and fluidity as this nebulous state most of us feel we are in comes to the birthing zero point of new creation… if that makes sense.

    Thank you so much for your wisdom. I completely relate to it, and to the awareness of the importance of discernment. So many want to believe the illusions presented by what you call Team Dark! Seeing past, beyond and through them is our Prime Directive!

    Love and appreciation, Jay (UK) xxx

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