Becoming A Divine Sun in 2016

I was going to wait a bit to finish writing this article because my ears are ringing like crazy again due to current incoming Energies prior to the 2016 Vernal Equinox, and my head hurts and I go from freezing inner cold to uncomfortable inner heat. Nothing new with any of this but the other day I went numb from the top of my head down my face to the horizontal line of my upper teeth which I’ve experienced many times over the past few years. At least when you go numb like this from tremendous Higher Light Energies pouring into your Crown chakra then your physical head and further down into your spine and body, some of the pain goes away for a bit!

While I was sitting there being highly aware of my head and face having gone numb, I thought of that song by that young man whose name I don’t know with the great catch phrase, ‘I can’t feel my face when I’m with you…but I love it.’ 

In my case, and all the rest of the Forerunners experiencing this, I changed those lyrics to personally fit me better at this moment: I can’t feel my face when I’m with you God…and I LOVE it.  

If I’m getting goofy, expanded and painful this soon before March 19th Equinox, it tells me I’d better work on this article now because those energies are affecting me and some of us already, just like they did in early December 2015 before the winter Solstice! The 2016 Vernal Equinox Stair-step could lift many of us from: I can’t feel my face when I’m with you God…and I LOVE it, to: I can’t feel (insert your name) Denise when I’m with you God…and I LOVE it.

Just imagine where the 2016 summer and fall Solstice and Equinox Stair-steps will take us with this Higher and Lower Self merging/embodying/sacred marriage etc.???

I AM all the time and with you God…and we LOVE it!

Sandra Walter said all this in a couple of her latest wonderful and far more articulate articles recently, and I’m very grateful for her doing so because no one else is writing about the Embodiment Process in the way(s) that I’ve been living it myself. Thank you Sandra Walter. ❤ This however is how I’m saying it now because it’s how it feels to me/Me/ME moving up these latest Equinox and Solstice Stair-steps.

Childhood Sun Worshiping

When I was about six years old I began a “ritual” of hosing down my parents concrete patio area next to a large planting of papyrus during the hot weather, laying down in the golden solar warmth and send LOVE to the Sun and the Solar Beings that lived in the Sun.


I’d lay there in the warmth, water and nurturing golden sunlight next to Mom’s big papyrus plant and I’d be connected to my ancient Egyptian past lives and selves and many of my different Star Families from those past lives and this current one. Even more importantly was that I was consciously and intentionally connected to unimaginably evolved Solar Beings existing within the Sun. Denise, as a six-year-old child, was the seeded aspect and living conduit to, with and for multiple other aspects of “ME” as well as many Others.

My memories of doing this warm weather Sun loving, Sun worshiping, intentional Solar connecting is still so potent and crystal-clear all these decades later. The me that did this all those decades ago was very conscious and aware that at some point in “the future”, the adult me would be able to begin embodying those Solar energies that I was literally in love with and paying homage to, worshiping as a six-year-old (1957). In so many ways my Denise life has been a scramble of nonlinear, multidimensional, multiple timelines and multiple past lives connected to this life and self that I feel like a composite of them all…which I AM. I’m reminded of something Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians said years ago about us, about these versions of us incarnate in these Ascension lives being ‘the Standard Bearers of our Souls’. That’s always felt true to me.

As a kid I would lie in the southern California sun (grew up in Anaheim) in our patio and commune with great, great Solar Beings that existed in the Sun (a higher dimension) and pour all my Love out at them in deep, intense gratitude and longing. Sometimes they responded and it was always very angelic-like. As a kid, I LOVED those Solar Beings more than anything or anyone else, even my Star kinfolk, and I remember wondering why that was at such a young age. The stars above were kinsfolk, but the Sun and Solar Beings and Energies in the Sun were my heart, my HighHeart love that I wanted to be with again like nothing else. No one else in my blood family were Sun worshipers, and I had never been told about “sun worshiping”, so where did this intense Soul desire and exalted LOVE for those Sun/Solar Beings come from in a child of six? It came from Higher Awareness, past life memories, and from my being open to multiple higher dimensions and timelines.

Bring that childhood story and feeling back to mid December 2015 through mid January 2016. Sorry if you’re getting tired of me going on and on about that period but it was monumental and the start of this level of the Embodying Ascension Process for me and many Forerunners. Feel the connections in NEW ways and try not to think too much.

Because I’d been so busy with selling my old house, packing, moving, unpacking and the dozens of other things that go with buying/selling/moving etc., it’s taken more time for me to look/feel/know deeper into what exactly I went through starting, for me, December 19, 2015 through mid January 2016. I knew in December 2015, that “IT” was major because I was suddenly in love and I was LOVE and my physical heart pounded so freakin’ hard for three weeks straight that I wondered if my physical body and heart would survive that first phase, that first taste of IT. Once my physical heart stopped pounding in early January 2016, I intended to deal with the second phase, the second taste of IT much better than I did the first time because I was so busy and exhausted because of moving.

So what is “IT” and what is it that I’m intending to do better via the second Stair-step (2016 Vernal Equinox)? Embody some more of the Solar Energies; the Solar Christ, Divine Light, Crystal Christ Consciousness, Higher Beingness etc. Said another way, I’m further working on going Home which is really about me/you/us embodying more Home in our selves and bodies here now. Same-same. You wanna go Home? Embody Home and you’re there all the time here, there, everywhere you are.

I AM all the time and with you God…and we LOVE it!

Duality consciousness perceives here/there, stay/leave, higher/lower, right/wrong  and so on. Integrated or “ascended” consciousness, Unity or Triality consciousness perceives so much more simultaneously and it’s all good and perfect. It all just IS and is perfect in a non emotional way. HighHeart is so graceful, so peaceful, so non dramatic and that feels like freedom after a lifetime in old lower world high drama Duality insanity!

I’ve used the term Stair-steps for years to express how the Ascension Process happens in incremental steps because it would kill us, destroy our physical bodies, shatter our nervous systems and psyches if it happened any faster. We’ve needed all this linear time to go through all we have and will via the Ascension Embodiment Process in our physical bodies. Eventually the Forerunners reach a level of development however where this pattern changes and things can safely happen a little—or a lot depending on your point of view again—much faster than they have been. We reached that point in mid December 2015, just before the winter Solstice, and some of us entered a higher level of the Embodiment phase from anything we’ve experienced before. Some of us entered the beginning phase of embodying Christ consciousness, Sun/Solar Christ consciousness Light in these physical bodies and selves and almost instantly our doing so has and will continue to rapidly change physical reality and beyond as well. How could our doing so not radically alter, expand and improve absolutely everything?

multiple hearts

You know we move through Solstices and Equinoxes each year and how they’re big planetary Stair-steps. To simplify this  some more, the mid December 2015 Solstice could be called Stair-step 1 of the Embodiment phase. And because it was as potent as it was for many of us, I suspect the upcoming March 19, 2016 Vernal Equinox will launch some Forerunners up Stair-step 2 of the Embodiment phase. If not, then they’ll continue adjusting to where they are now and increase again at the June Solstice or the September 2016 Equinox and so on. If you need or want more time, then you take it, if not you keep moving up those Stair-steps and into more and more Embodiment at each 2016 (a 9 energy year) Equinox and Solstice in preparation for what’s going to be fully and constantly for All starting in 2017 (a 1 energy year within the NEW).

Remember, Galactic Alignment completes at the end of 2016, which means everything will exist within the NEW and only the NEW starting 2017. This is why the Forerunners who wish to stay in-body and Embody Higher and Lower, embody Sun/Solar Crystal/Christ Energy will do it incrementally throughout 2016. Our doing this helps, assists, creates and co-works with the NEW Cosmic Energies and blueprints/templates the NEW starting with 2017. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The Forerunners Embodying in-body or Galactic Alignment completing? Neither as that’s old Duality consciousness. Answer is both and so much more because that is Unity, Triality, HighHeart consciousness.

Some Forerunners will move up to Stair-step 1 of the Embodiment phase on or before the March 19, 2016 Equinox. Others will move up to Stair-step 2 of it then and so on. But, what’s really amazing about this NEW phase is that every person that begins the Embodiment phase now (I’m stressing this because it is not like anything we’ve experienced earlier) amplifies, quickens and simplifies the entire Ascension Process for all of humanity and Earth and beyond. In other words, what took lets say 50,000 Forerunners to do before to Pathpave the Ascension Process for mass humanity, is now amplified tremendously when only one, two, three or four people moves into actual in-body Embodiment.

When what used to exist far away from us on Earth, like the Solar Beings and Energies/Consciousness in the old yellow-golden Sun of my childhood, is Embodied by you, me, by each of us incrementally in 2016 and beyond at this NEW, higher silver-white Photonic level, we literally change reality/realities in ways we could not grasp earlier. I now understand why. This is some big, heavy shit as they say 😉 and we are the Ones In Form doing it now. It’s almost incomprehensible to me to know that I’m becoming, that you are becoming, Sun/Solar Christic Beings individually much like my childhood golden Sun/Solar Beings I LOVED and laid in the warm sunlight praying to and sending my love and gratitude to.

I hope that was enough ‘breadcrumbs’ to help you better grasp the magnitude of what you/me/we are and will continue to do individually (Leo) and as a higher group (Aquarius) throughout 2016.


February 27, 2016

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14 thoughts on “Becoming A Divine Sun in 2016

  • You’ve nailed it again! Thank you for observations regarding physical symptoms associated with Ascension/embodiment. Over the past several years I have continually found your posts supportive as I move from stair step to next stair step. The most dramatic of my physical “symptoms” have been a sense of pressure and pulsing vibration in and around my heart. In mid-December I actually was sent via ambulance to the Emergency Room; the doctors did lots of tests but turned up nothing physical. Those sensations have become much less intense over the past 2 months. I’ve accepted that these and a few other symptoms are very much related to the embodiment process — in particular transformation of the heart to operate at higher frequencies. Thank you also for talking about how each of us assists in the collective Ascension/embodiment process by taking these steps for ourselves. I’d been dimly aware of this, but your saying it has been supportive, as well as motivating. Thank you, thank you!

  • Hi everyone! I’m so glad to see this article as I feel like I’ve been going through the past few months mostly alone. While I’ve been on the path so to speak for many years, the past few months my meditations have intensified, I’ve felt bodhisatvas and angels come dwell in my heart, my head hands and back tingling like crazy and so on. I can’t even say where I am in the process as I don’t have an earthy guide and have mostly just been searching for information online as synchronicity leads me. Any information, guidance, or resources would be infinitely appreciated. Gratitude Love and light.

  • Excellent article Denise, thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading about your sun worshiping experience as a child. I wanted to share some of my experience concerning what is contained within your posting. I have been hanging in Triality(New) for around 2 months now and involved in my personal embodiment process! It has been quite blissful and wonderful. Yesterday I began to move within Triality to a portal access point, lacking any better way to describe it, to send what I embodied to humanity and earth, as you stated we are doing at this time. It felt like an “angel who fell to earth” type of scenario which I know all too well. But I had to remind myself that in triality there is no falling from higher to lower such as would happen in polarity/duality(Old). By staying conscious that I am now in the New(triality) and to allow the process and not freak out that it is going to be some long and arduous ordeal, the energetic of feeling some of the bleed through from the Old(polarity) was very short-lived. This has been very important to stay conscious of and also, your article was extremely timely for me to read as it had felt like I had just “fallen to earth”, squish-squash!!!!! Lol This is a totally new learning experience for myself, relearning as I go along with the rest of you! Excited to see where I will next move on to in Triality. I have learned at this point that there is no judging where I land as I would find myself doing in duality(old), just allow the flow to transpire with total Trust! I don’t know if anyone else is feeling this but I feel like I am a Cosmic Parent to Humanity and feel a deep responsibility to them. I have been feeling for some time now a deep Love for all of Humanity especially since I have been residing in Triality! Thanks again for the “breadcrumbs” Denise!

  • A warrior centered in the truth of their being is more powerful than an army of a thousand in the third dimension.

    I came across this a little over a year ago,printed it on violet paper and framed it.

    Thank you Denise for another right on point article.

    Sending love light to all 🙂

  • Thank you so much Denise LeFay and Sandra Walters!!! I actually went to the doctors twice this past week, my left ear, my face and lip all the same symptoms as you, so comforting to me to know I am not alone feeling this. Sometimes I feel like an “alien” I am alone in my world feeling these energies and ascension symptoms! So thanks for coming into my world this morning, by the way The Temple of Master Hotei, is to me one of the best books I have read,

    With Love and Light to you, Marielle NB Canada


    • ‘by the way The Temple of Master Hotei, is to me one of the best books I have read,’

      Thanks so much for saying that Marielle, it is a very special book that changes the reader in the absolute best of ways. ❤

      Gratitude hug,

  • Thank YOU .. I had to go to the local clinic for an issue with my ears, that I tried to heal myself for 3 months. The minute I stepped in there it felt weird. They said my BP was very high, but my heart rate was low.. They gave me a prescription not only for my ears but for my heart & BP. I filled only the ones for my ears and discarded the others. These energies have me buzzing like a bee. I don’t want to suppress these feelings with dangerous pills. You always seem to come out with timely information which validates my gut feeling. Bless you

  • Thanks so much Denise….I too now understand why I have been feeling this inner heat….I appreciate all you do and share….Thanks for keeping us all posted! Hugs, Barbara xxxxx

  • Thanks for the post Denise. I’ve been experiencing more intense ear-ringing as well as the numbness lately. My hands change between an almost burning feeling to being so cold I have to check my pulse to see if the blood is still flowing! It was getting a bit worrying but it sounds like another thing I can put down to the ongoing “symptoms” 😜

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