“How Can I Stop these Inner Vibrations, Heat & Pains?”

I’ve repeatedly seen this question used in online searches, plus I’ve had many people email me over the years asking me how to STOP what they’re feeling taking place inside their physical body such as hot flashes, inner body vibrations and other strange Ascension related evolutionary changes they’re experiencing. There’s been a few Comments recently on another article about how to stop, how to fix, medicate, how to heal some painful Ascension symptoms which is why I’m writing about this.

I realize most people do not know what their bodies are doing or why they’re doing it now, but every time I read someone desperate to stop the natural evolution taking place within them, I feel for them but more importantly I want them to understand the reasons for these oftentimes painful symptoms or side effects. People, there’s nothing “wrong” with you or your body, you are evolving while remaining in your physical body and that grand Alchemical Process causes some pains, pressures, aches and confusions as should be expected. Welcome to the evolutionary Ascension Process.

It Isn’t Easy Casting-off Thousands of Years of Dis-empowering Mind Control Overnight

The other aspect of this Ascension related issue is how many people automatically and instantly want to STOP what they’re feeling in their bodies usually because it’s painful and/or scares them and they go in search of an external healer, doctor, medication(s), shaman, facility or whatever or whoever to get rid of the damned pesky evolutionary pains they’re feeling. Humanity has been so effectively brainwashed, mind controlled and redirected (herded) into all-encompassing dis-empowerment and believing that, if it hurts there’s something wrong so immediately go to some external person to fix the pain and problem and typically with chemicals/drugs and/or invasive painful tests and/or surgery.

If a person doesn’t know that they’re experiencing the evolutionary Ascension Process with its many weird and usually painful side effects, then I understand why they would first look towards old external lower frequency consciousness methodologies, people and consciousness to supposedly help them with those pains and symptoms that scares, hurts and confuses them. It is however the people who do know about the Ascension Process and its weird variety of usually painful side effects and yet STILL believe in, look to and use external people like doctors, healers, drugs, surgery, plant-based drugs, gemstones etc.— anything so long as it’s not them but someone and something else external that occasionally frustrates me.

I understand that those people are in transition, are in mid-stream, are in mid-Process, are only partially there so far and are falling back on the only methods of old 3D “help” they’re familiar with which are all external systems, people, tools, methodologies, drugs and beliefs. It’s going to take a bunch of Forerunners repeatedly walking on water to begin to convince people—even some already living it—that there are NEW, higher and very different internal ways of dealing with everything. Stair-steps as usual.

You Have an Innie or an Outie?

Do you always go, search, look, think, feel, expect, believe, anticipate etc. externally for everything, everyone? Or are you evolving into increasingly greater Self-empowerment, Higher Awareness, honest Self-reflection and always looking internally at your Self as Divine Source? Are you increasingly, naturally looking internally to problem solve, know more, hold more Light, Embody more within your physical body and earthly being which naturally increases your Self-As-Divine Source in and with all things?

Are you making the evolutionary shift from being a dis-empowered externally focused “outie”, to being an empowered internally focused “innie”?

That’s what’s going on with the Ascension Process; people casting-off the mind control lies of complete and utter dis-empowerment while simultaneously being evolved to greater and greater self-empowerment, to the point that they KNOW and live their lives as empowered Self-as-Divine Source beings in these current physical lives on Earth.

Your “soul mate” is the Greater, Higher YOU. Your “healer” is the you that’s evolving, “ascending” now. Your “savior” is the Greater, Higher YOU that you are discovering is NOT disconnected from you or you from IT but merging, marrying, unifying, integrating within your growing HighHeart right here in the physical. Your HighHeart is where you and YOU meet, merge and “ascend” into the NEW Higher YOU and that you is a total “innie”. Everyone must become an “innie” to exist within the HighHeart because then everyone is energetically equal and zero parasitism or any other such old negative crap can ever manifest. This is all part of the ongoing Ascension Process, but because it has to do with old belief systems about our bodies, health, healing, power, lack of power, being self-empowered, physical pain, sickness, consciousness, spirituality, energy and so on, it’s one big stubborn old turd for most people to work their ways through. And typically, it takes repeated attempts to finally get them all and reach real freedom.

A lot of people have reached another of many levels in early 2016, where they HAVE to cast-off some more (please notice I said some more) of their old limiting belief systems, thoughts and emotions now. This is necessary to continue, and to get each of us to do more releasing of the old at times like this, we’ll find we’re getting hit over the head again and again, each time more intensely, to help us realize that we’ve got something else in us that HAS to go now. The old lower and the NEW higher cannot co-exist and so we go through many energy Stair-steps between the two which gives us the time and space to do more Inner Work so we can take the next step and the next and the next and the next…

Honestly keep looking at where you and your consciousness are still an “outie”, are still focused externally. The Ascension energies feel increasingly intense until we release whatever it is at the time we need to and become a bit more of a self-empowered, self-reliant, internally focused “innie”. This will only increase dramatically this month of March 2016 with two eclipses and the Vernal Equinox so get with the higher program and look within to discover places where you are still looking without. The more you do this the easier and faster it becomes.

Denise Le Fay

March 11, 2016


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36 thoughts on ““How Can I Stop these Inner Vibrations, Heat & Pains?”

  • This is so interesting because it was 6 years ago this article was written and I’m just realizing I’m going through the Ascension process right now! I would like to ask you all, or Denise, some questions but it would be off-topic, and I’m not sure any of you are still around this site. I appreciate all your authenticity.

  • I see Denise is open to External donations from lower vibration forms. Perhaps she needs to focus on Internal donations from her soul mate.

  • ‘Hi Denise…me and my mum and my aunt our little trio…have been reading your e-mails for many years,they have made us laugh, cry, but most of all kept us sane! and kept us going! So so thankful and blessed to receive your insights as the synchronicity of your articles ring bells of truth and empathy through our ever expanding being world. The reason for the e-mail other than to say Thankyou! Thankyou! Was to enquire about your artwork, was wondering if you did prints of any of them? or are they in your books? Hope this e-mail finds you doing well and thankyou again for sharing. Always look forward to your e-mails. Much love and light, Nameste x
    Tracy Ron
    April 11, 2016

    Tracy Ron,

    I had to copy and paste your Comment and place it here ONLY because you placed it under an image and not an article. Many people have done this and usually I just delete their Comment because I won’t publish any that are written under an image. So if you want to write another Comment, and I hope you do, please always do it under the article that you want to comment on. Thanks.

    Most of the artwork is in my book A Lightworker’s Mission. I’ve shared many of them here at TRANSITIONS because they needed to be seen by more people than I knew would buy my book. Sad but true, so if you wish to have all of them, please consider buying my book and the others as well. (I’m currently working on a third book and hope, intend to have it on the market later this year.)

    Thanks for your kind words and keep reading. ❤

  • I have been SO exhausted. I just can’t get enough sleep but I also don’t have the opportunity to nap because of work and 3D crap. The last week or two has been brutal. I have asked for relief. I guess my relief is just getting through each day. I suffer too from head/neck pain. Have for several years. Its become part of the day to day stuff. I just wonder when the exhaustion will ease up or not ever. The game is over, the jig is up. Denise, you are right we have to do this ourselves. There is no one who can help us at this point. I have become increasingly aware of my own abilities and strengths of healing, creating etc. Its astounding. Thank you!

  • I do understand about the electricity going on in my body per your previous post. I’m sorry I’m monopolizing your blog here but I haven’t talked to anyone about Ascension stuff. I’m very alone. And I will stop. But one last question PLEASE. so an outie is asking for something from an outside source, Just how do I ask for something from my inside source … How do I address this? Whom am I talking to? spirit please help, higher self please help, universe please help, all seems to be outside of me. how do ask for help, What are the words ?

    • Laura,

      Your Higher Self is you, you are an aspect of Spirit, you are an aspect of the living Universe, you are an aspect of Source/God/All That Is and on and on.

      This Ascension Process is us, these grunty little aspects in meat suits in physicality intentionally embodying, merging with, reconnecting with our greater, Higher Self, with Divine Source, with Christ/Crystal/Christic consciousness and being while we’re in these grunty little meat suits in physicality! How outrageous, how wild, how daring is that!?! But that’s exactly what we’re doing because God/Source/All That Is is being embodied by us down here in physical bodies so that we all realize that there is no separation, no space, no distance, nothing between us and IT; IT and us, even all the way down here is the physical dimension.

      Just think about this everyone. We put on meat suits, entered severe density, with amnesia to boot!!! and we still are able to find a way to embody the Higher here in the physical. Guess how powerful that indicates we actually are? Guess how much that indicates what powerful creators we really are? This is why Team Dark has worked so long and hard to convince us otherwise!

      Don’t get hung up and distracted in the small stuff. Accept that you’re much more than you realize yet and know that you are in the process of compressed physical, energetic, and spiritual evolution. We all are and this isn’t going to end so just move through the painful Alchemical Ascension Process and become more of the Greater YOU down here in your physical body and Laura self. This is what’s happening anyway so just relax, surrender yourself to the Process.

  • Most of my days are filled with exhaustion and pain. But when I have to go shopping or take care of business out of the house, I have to ask my ascension team or guardian angels, who ever is there, to please give me focus, energy, wisdom, and keep my heart open while I get thru my tasks. It works every time. But look out when I get home Bamm! down in the chair or bed and I cant move for the rest of the day.

  • I discovered your site through an amazing series of synchronicity just now. I’m in shock and so grateful!! I’ll get back to reading, but I just wanted to express my gratitude for your work!

  • Someone mentioned head and neck pain…after I had a soul retrieval and psychopomp session last month with someone who practices Shamanism my neck went into an agonizing locked position at home and I couldn’t contain my screams. It has happened before with two other healers, but not as severe.
    My chiropractor must think I’m quite the case! Next weekend I’m taking a weekend class for Shamanic journeying and am fearful the energy might be too much for my neck. Any thoughts?
    Thank you.

    • janis,

      Did you read my article that you’re Commenting on? I ask because it doesn’t sound like it at all. ‘Any thoughts?’ Yes, read it again and focus on the parts in it where I talked about being an innie or an outie.

      janis & All,

      You and some other readers are still deep into being committed to being an “outie”, meaning always looking outside of yourself for help, relief, being “fixed”, “healed”, everything. The Ascension Process is the exact opposite to “outie” consciousness and being, and the sooner people honestly get this point, this fact, the easier and faster their energetically increasing intensifying Ascension Process will be. Or just go to another class, teacher, shaman or whatever and play spiritual beat around the bush games some more.

      The Ascension Process is and always has been something that each individual HAS to live, HAS to personally go through cell-by-cell because by doing so it’s how they are Alchemically evolved, changed, “ascended” to a higher, larger more complex level of consciousness, being and therefore actual external reality. It HAS to be lived by each of us because it automatically changes us by doing so. People, always looking and focusing externally is old Team Dark mind control and dis-empower humanity tactics.

      There’s no more time for me to go slow and easy about these Ascension related situations because the amount of Light Energy is about to go through the roof with the start of 2017 (a 1 energy year but within the NEW so it will be like nothing anyone has experienced ever before) and that is going to be very difficult for many people. It will probably be, as usual, mildly painful for a while for those who have moved up the seemingly endless Ascension Stair-steps throughout the past 25-plus years; it will cause many people to exit their bodies and I mean MUCH more so than what’s happening already. This is why I’m writing at TRANSITIONS again now and why I’ve opened Comments here and am spending so much time and energy writing Comment replies. The time to fuck around, play games, get sidetracked and/or BS ourselves or anyone else about any of this Ascension Process is over people. I’m trying to help you even though it may sound like I’m being bitchy and mean. This is the “adult” phase of the Ascension Process and I honestly want each of you to benefit from it and not be burned alive by the increasing Light and now LOVE Energies! Believe it or not, said with Light and LOVE. ❤

      • You go Denise! Kick my ass I need it. I’m stubborn as hell and I need you right now to set me straight and you did. Plus I cant remember anything 10 minutes after I read it.
        Now I know why I have never in the last 15 years I have never had any more than twenty dollars in my pocket. Its so I don’t go to shamans seminars, webinars, and doctors and use and buy lotions potions and spells and other things outside my self. I get it now. Big AHA!

  • Great topic because I feel so many of us are feeling way more physical experiences. I have and now reached a point that I “give in” to the illness or whatever this is taking over. I have asked over and over if I can really be progressively sick and still ascend. (Neuropathy all over my body and face/mouth. Steady and progressive symptoms – way more in the past month – hard to stand or walk. 24/7/365 for almost five years.)

    Yet, I have merged with my soul on more than one occasion, see “into” people, can communicate with my dogs soul essence and have overwhelming love and forgiveness for myself and the planet. What often set me off no longer does. I recognize emotions when they flow up and simply allow them to be. I no longer need to release them, judge or feel them because that put me in a low vibration state. As I write these words, I am amazed and humbled at how far I have come. I have gone into the dark corners of myself and honored what I found.

    Could it be the complete rewiring of my body still? When will it turn around, if ever? I am often feeling “jipped” by the universe because I have been so faithful, intentional and committed to this process. I wanted this my whole life – even when I didn’t know what “this” was, I knew something was ahead for me. My self-healing efforts used to work for me years ago, but now…nothing. Any and all interventions to take the edge off, make me worse. No one I see can figure me out. My body makes no sense and for me, it feels like it’s got a mind of its own.

    At this point, hope is fading fast – I never thought a year ago I would be in the physical condition I am. There are so awesome highly gifted friends reading this, so if anyone can guide me, thanks.

    Much love and strength to you,
    – Susie

    • ‘…My self-healing efforts used to work for me years ago, but now…nothing. Any and all interventions to take the edge off, make me worse.’


      Thanks for saying that Susie because it’s why I’ve said repeatedly over the years to 1) just surrender to The Process and 2) gemstones don’t work, “healing” doesn’t work, eating only organic doesn’t work etc. etc. etc.

      Nothing “works” because there’s nothing to “fix” everyone! It hurts because we ARE being “fixed”. 😉 Relax into it, yes I’m talking about the pains too, while KNOWING that you are evolving and this action alone does so, so, much to lessen the pains and quicken the Process. Why? Because we’re dealing with it from higher and higher levels within ourselves and our consciousness — aka our HighHearts.

      I’ve hurt worse in some ways since the start of 2014 which I’ve come to understand is me living the Embodiment phase of the Ascension Process. Many Forerunners have been going through this since that year. I don’t know if this applies to you Susie but I wouldn’t be surprised. ❤ Hang in there and surrender in your heart, in your emotions, every time the pain reaches those levels that would kill anyone else or drive them to suicide or into madness. Some of us simply feel more and feel it more intensely than most and there’s nothing “wrong” with us or that. The more I’m in my HighHeart, the less the pain which is a huge clue for everyone.

      • Denise – yes, my symptoms got my attention at the end of 2013. However, I can think back years prior and remember how they were starting to manifest and I didn’t think anything of it. This is the rub — at times I truly think it’s a physical, permanent issue because of that. And then, my body makes no sense to healthcare folks and there is no reason I should have this body-wide experience. “take an anti-depressant”

        On top of it, I have been asking for my transformation when I didn’t even know about what time I was living in. Remember The Fifth Dimension – Age of Aquarius?? I played that album and song over and over as a kid and KNEW it meant something for me.

        Is it just waiting for me to assist it to healing and symptom relief??
        Off I go to my high heart and still point……

  • Thank you Denise. I have been constantly tired to the point it affects my life since around September. Shook off the layers of the corporate world and finally started to work for myself, writing and recording what I want to and what I feel is necessary to help others break out of shame, guilt and more and break out of negative programming of image, media etc. For the first time in over 12 years I do not have the energy to work out and go running 3 times a week. Since last year, I had so many shocks of people interfering in my life, ex-colleagues persistently meddling in what I was doing and people I thought were friends pointing out all the things that would go wrong. It was like a wave of negativity. I kept a low profile but they would not leave me alone. One by one I had to tell them to leave me alone.

    It was a shock but I feel now that I have different eyes, like I have clearer vision and see people differently. Not in a cynical way but I think I was idolising people before, or being blind to their insecurities even if they were obvious. I like to think the best of others and I was not listening to my inner signals of who was still very insecure, still caught up in their ego: women competing with me, men trying to control me and “keep me in my place” I did nothing at all to promote my work in my old inner circles but these people kept worming their way in. One by one I called them out, usually indirectly. Yesterday, after several emails I finally had enough of one man and wrote this off the top of my head: ” It’s been many years (this process of finding what I want to do and my mission/passions). It’s been dozens of ideas, testing, years of studying but I don’t publish what I do or minimize what I do…Over the last year, the reactions and insistent follow-ups from people, not just you but including you, has made me realise that most people are afraid of change…Imagine if you put all that energy into something positive….but most people don’t know who they are when they stop complaining and gossiping and making excuses).

    I love your comment also on this is just another layer. Someone said to me once that maturity is realising you do have blind spots. But I think last year, as much as it was a huge shock to experience such a strong reaction from those around me, I think it had to happen. I am still exhausted all the time.

    I also would like to know how can I manage my fear. As soon as I sit still and start to ask to connect with whatever is out there, something will happen: seeing / hearing things and I get afraid and ask them to leave me alone. But I believe it will help me. There are more layers for me to shed, no doubt.

    • Sarah C.,

      You should be very proud of yourself for following your higher calling. “Waking up” and leaving the unaware herd is no small feat, and as you’ve experienced and shared here, the still “asleep” people DO NOT want anyone escaping. This stage is typically when deliberate negative interference starts, either through living humans such as what you’ve described, and/or nonphysical, nonhuman other-dimensional negative beings too. As soon as someone rocks the old lower consciousness boat, the fight usually starts for a while because of the interference coming from multiple levels and sources. Be strong however and push your way through this because it’s part of the Process and where we’re tested so to speak in how badly we really want to evolve and become empowered individuals existing in a higher frequency with matching consciousness.

      The fear is also pretty typical and so long as you don’t fixate on it or try to ‘manage’ it or empower it any further than a quick honest acknowledgement, it will diminish over time as you continue growing and become increasingly self-empowered. For now, use the fear as a tool for discovering the what/where/who/why things/people/situations etc. that cause you fear. Use it to evolve beyond it in other words. 😉 Don’t manage it, evolve beyond it which comes automatically with everything else the Ascension Process activates within us.

      ‘…as soon as I sit still and start to ask to connect with whatever is out there, something will happen: seeing / hearing things and I get afraid and ask them to leave me alone.’

      This is also common, like the living humans interfering with your leaving that lower level of the human herd and consciousness. This is the same thing, just on a personal internal level, and possibly with some nonphysical interference too. We’ve all got our own inner darkness that we work our ways through (transmute) via the Ascension Process, but we’ve also got the general human Collective darkness that we encounter too, along with outright attacks from nonphysical beings. Not everyone experiences them however and so much of this business has already been removed so it probably won’t be an issue for you. The other stuff, probably yes as we’ve all got to clean up and clear out the lower frequency inner stuff whatever it is, so that we can continue embodying NEW higher Light Energies and consciousness etc.

      Keep up the Great Work you’re doing and congratulations.

      • I’ve been on this journey for decades. For the most part, when I’m in ascension pain, I thank my guides and angels for their assistance – I am so grateful that I am ascending. Occasionally, when the head/neck pain is extreme, I ask my spirit technicians: “please release endorphins”. It helps and doesn’t seem that it would disrupt any forward progress. Agree?

        • ‘…It helps and doesn’t seem that it would disrupt any forward progress. Agree?’

          Agreed Gerry and thanks for sharing this great tip with everyone. ❤

      • Thank you so much, Denise, for your thoughts, your reply to my comments and your recent kick-ass comments. Even kick-ass, your comments are full of kindness and “full heartedness” if I can say that.

        I noticed a few others mentioned immense neck pain and that is me too – since my 30s.

        I wholeheartedly agree with disliking this era – for many decades now – of worshiping and following: shamans, gurus, talk show hosts, whoever. If we follow then we surrender our own choices and our own wisdom. We just follow a path that may not be our own and we also submit to being inferior and living in hierarchy.

        Whether I’m Indigo or other, hierarchy has never felt right to me. I hate conflict. I am not a rebel who chooses to rebel, far from it. But I have constantly been picked out as different, whether I speak or not.

        I dislike the era of the selfie and ego so much. My own work now is totally anonymous and just gives people choices. It has somehow moved really quickly in the year and a bit since I quit the “matrix” or system or whatever you want to call it, into 1) deprogramming people from consumption and from denying themselves and 2) embracing their own inner journey just having a voice to test out different ideas by. I just give choices. I do not propose any new program, any new ideology, I instead focus on helping people deprogram and just explore the feelings they have that we are told are unacceptable in this shame, guilt and secrecy laden culture.

        Thank you for your encouraging words about continuing my path. In all honesty, I was hurt and angry at the reactions from my ex-colleagues who actively interfered in my life even when I tried to exit that old world without a word. It was an unbelievable amount of people. I left and started my new work as quietly as possible. But it truly has surprised me, baffled me, the insistent and persistent interference. I have had no choice but to stand up to these people and tell them to LEAVE ME ALONE. I see each person having a different agenda: one trying to maintain superiority / control from his own ego, another trying to pull the rug from under me as another follow / subservient, another trying to point out where I will fail as her own fear and feistiness is blocked by her own love of conformity, another pointing out I’m “too old” and all of them pointing out financial fear . Even people part of the teaching system where I went to learn, even there that I was told I earned a good amount in my old career and it would be hard, difficult, and more to make a change, but I see that even people with just one foot in the new world are not necessarily AWAKE. They WANT to be but just are not. They are drawn to the old world and old system. So no following, no worshipping.

        We live in a world where we desire certainty, rules, right and wrong, and that’s not going to help. We have to connect to what is right in our spirit, sometimes not easily translated into language.

        I think not following, accepting not knowing, embracing uncertainty and still moving forward – plus creating a time for rest (essential for me) – is what is needed. It is hard to rest but I am easing into it more and more and my body is giving up and I’m forced to take a break after years and years of crazy work hours.

        Thanks also Denise for telling me not to be afraid. I’ve been watching silly late night shows of bad spirits. But I have never ever experienced any supernatural / ET / paranormal that is negative, only the negative “Team Dark”. I will restart a practice of quiet sitting and inviting in whoever is good to talk or show themselves. As a child it never scared me but us adults get scared.

        Still staying indoors a lot as people cling to me every time I go outside (even went to get my oil changed and was exhausted by the service tech unloading his personal life on me). I see people on the streets staring into my face when I walk by. Every time. People also comment on my eyes a lot, I know many can feel I am different. Those who have always been different will know it is a burden and that you have to learn to live with it and find the good in it. I do not fit in but I believe more and more I have a reason to live in this time and plan and something that I can contribute.

        • ‘…I see people on the streets staring into my face when I walk by. Every time.’

          I’ve experienced this many times too over the years, makes one wonder what these people are seeing if they are seeing anything or if it’s more feeling, sensing that we’re packin’ more Source than anyone else. 😆 This is also why strangers are drawn to you like moths to the Light… because you ARE the Light. Expect more of this and other opposite reactions. Curiosity, attracting, connection, automatic hatred and attacks. It’s so easy to tell who is and who ain’t with the program. 😆

          ‘…It is hard to rest but I am easing into it more and more and my body is giving up and I’m forced to take a break after years and years of crazy work hours.’

          Yes this is a big one for many of us, females especially because we’re so used to having to multi-task 24/7 that to slow down, self-care, rest when needed both physically but mentally and emotionally too is often hard to do. But, the “doing” has to be done when it’s right for it and the “being” has to be done all the rest of the time. Eventually we’ll BE all the time, even when we’re “doing” things, we won’t drop or shift our inner higher focus and being when we do things. This is living from the HighHeart all the time.

          Another thing people have to remember is just how much change they and their physical and energetic bodies are continuously going through! It’s amazing really that we can “do” at all with all these evolutionary changes taking place in us. So give yourself and your body the rest time, the down time, the do NO thing time it needs, especially during extra potent energy periods such as this month is (March 2016).

          Also I wanted to mention Sarah, that the link next to your name is broken, not working, so just include a link that does work into one of your Comments and I’ll remove the broken link and include the new one next to your name so other people can find you online if they want to. ❤

        • Thank you Denise, for your kind and sincere words to all of us. Agreed: women are more the gender that multi-tasks, fills every gap, every need is filled with us. I can’t explain it any other way other than my body is forcing me to slow down. I’ve been through extreme stress, insomnia and exhaustion for months and years before but with lots of caffeine (bad, I know) just kept myself going. Now, nothing works and I’m giving in. Occasionally the “old” world of worrying about survival is of course still there but strangely, as of the start of this year, it’s less and less. I just feel things will work out now but of course with work.

          Thank you also: I agree: whatever I attract is polarizing. As I mentioned on another blog of yours, even when I kept quiet, kept my head down in the old, traditional, hierarchical world, they just found me and tried to push me out. They knew I was different.

          I am grateful you for asking for my links. I will send them to you in the comments box below. I present my work in a really straightforward way: first, to get people to reconnect to themselves, then to calm, then to start to shed layers of negative programming, whether consumption, dieting, images of perfection, ideology of shame and unworthiness and more.

  • Thank you Denise. Very timely as my symptoms have stepped up a notch in 2016! Over the years your writings have been of great help to me in understanding the Ascension process.

    • mm34 & All,

      2016 has and will continue to ‘step up’ EVERYONE’S energies and therefore their symptoms, whatever they are at this point for each of us individually. The Forerunners have been dealing with this since the start of 2014, and by the start of 2017, everyone will be existing in the NEW Energies fully (meaning much more so than today!) so there’s no time to waste or fool around anymore. No pressure however 😆 but 2016 — a 9 energy year meaning completion and preparation for the NEW coming with the next year/energies — is and will unfold super fast and very intensely for all so continue releasing and evolving even more than we already have. Self-care, rest when needed, stay flexible in all ways, and never forget that you are an aspect of Divine Source and keep moving forward everyone. 🙂

  • I have never hurt so much, and been exhausted since starting this transition in 1999 as I have this year and its only March . And I have so much to do. And no energy body to do it. My house needs cleaning badly , my body needs cleaning badly, I feel like an 90 year old lady carrying around this blanket for the last ten years. I really feel like my life is over and I’m dying.. And like all answers I get from my higher self is to sleep. Sleep sleep sleep sleep. I sleep so much I don’t like it , I stair at the wall. And feel bad about my dirty house and body. I feel like my grandmother before she died, Is this it? Am I done? I’m only 56, I love being alive I love being on earth I have so much to see and do, but all I do is sleep and stare at the wall. Am I the only one?

    • Dearest Laura,
      No, you are not the only one — I’m right there with you, holding your hand. I have not had the exhaustion, but nerve issues escalating at an alarming rate. Walking/standing is getting impossible. Like you, I feel like I’m dying.

      Love yourself and forgive yourself – especially your body. I know its tough because it feels like it’s betrayed you, but if even for a second a day you can move there, it will relieve some of the pressure.
      Somehow, we keep going and you will keep going. Know you are not alone.
      – Susie

      • Yes Susie the nerve issues, I have electricity running thru my body like a live wire. My masseuse says she cant rub me any more because I’m shocking her, and when I grab things with my own hands I shock my self from the inside at my finger tips.

        • Laura — would you even go so far as to call it “neuropathy”? Does is ever let up? Mine has not for almost four years — every day, all day long.

          I must share that last night and today, I am seeing clearly how all the pieces of me are coming together. How my physical is a part of my whole being. And I honor that truth of me. Perhaps you can feel into that for yourself even just a little bit. I know, it’s super hard when your body feels the way it does…..

        • Laura,

          Have you NOT read my many, many, articles about the body and brain Rewiring? I’ve talked about how the Rewiring process of the Ascension Process causes us to carry more electrical energies in our bodies which causes us to get “zapped” A LOT.

          You are, we all are being upgraded, evolved and very quickly, and this means we’re literally carrying, embodying, housing within us constantly FAR more and FAR higher and FAR faster vibrating Light Energies in all of our bodies — physical, mental, emotional, light, etheric etc. To us this often causes pain because our entire brains, bodies, central nervous system and everything else is evolving to be able to embody and safely cope with these vastly more complex, higher frequency Light Energies. This is why we hurt, this is why we get zapped a lot, this is why our nerves are often frazzled and raw not to mention our psyches! We are literally lighting up from all this and there’s more coming throughout 2016 and 2017.

          So yes it hurts, I’ve been in constant pain most of my life and that was before any Ascension symptoms even started! Do what you can to get through the days/nights and do those things we all have to do like shopping and all the rest of it.

          ‘Denise could you maybe tell us what we first wavers will look and feel like when this all over, or are we just gonna go on a long silent pain filled evolution clearing for the collective and then just die when we are old enough.’

          Many of us will choose to physically die, exit these current bodies and go elsewhere to continue Working, helping and learning. Many of us will choose to remain in these physical bodies we’ve worked on and suffered in so greatly to help not only ourselves, our multidimensional Selves etc., but all of humanity on Earth now and far into the future and much more. I want to stay in this still painful physical Denise body and go as far with the Embodying Process as I’m capable of. I know that the more I Embody, the more abilities I’ll have, the more Higher Awareness I’ll have etc. which means this pain will stop as will everything else that’s been difficult and/or painful in all ways in this life. Because I’ve put the difficult and painful Work in on all this in this Denise body and self for so long, I want to stay in it and experience the positive “symptoms” and “side effects” of it… and I am already even though I still hurt physically. Things are improving and dramatically already and this is just the start of it all.

  • I have a thorn in my side (my slightly disabled son 28 who does not love me or anyone for that matter) for the last twenty years. I have tried to love him, ignore him, have compassion for him. I have done the inner work and know I must love and forgive him for all he has done to me, And I have over and over and over and over and over and over again 200 times no 20000 times. Why does he torture me when I try to love him. I’m pretty sure he is my last stair step.

  • What do we do if we go within’, ask a question and never get an answer? So, are using healing stones bad now? lol I never heard that one before haha “HEAL”ing Stones. take care. Good story.

    • Jason222,

      No healing stones and anything else isn’t “bad”, I’m trying to get people to understand that the power they look for externally to help them is within them. This is the “Shift” from 3D consciousness and reality up to “ascended” HighHeart 5D consciousness and reality. The power is within each of us and we now have to begin living from this NEW level of being.

      • my heart is closed. i dont feel love for anyone or anything. i try to go within’ but feel nothing. i do go into christ consciousness occasionally and i love it!!! my ego is fighting me like crazy. its been hell on earth since my dark night started sept 2012. lol take care

  • Thanks for the reminder Denise. It used to be abdominal swelling and now breast swelling and itching recently. I was diagnosed with “need for radiation” for the skin, (if you don’t name it, you don’t claim it), but did a lot of holistic things and it disappeared last year. In the last two weeks so much hair fell out that I’m wondering what to do! Don’t think a wig will be comfortable. I read that itching of the breasts can be a sign of cancer. So, it is hard to tell where the defining line is about what to do, or not do, even when you are aware of the innie.

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