Multiple Higher DNA Activations

Traditionally the month of April is an intense month with plenty of big Aries-like ascension related changes and April 2019 is certainly perpetuating this. It’s April 13, 2019 as I hurriedly write this and I’m rushing because I know all too well just how quickly and easily three or four weeks can come and go now and before you know it we’re in the next month! You look back at the previous month and can barely remember it and instantly find yourself deep in the next level and phase of the rapidly unfolding everything. This is us getting used to existing in non-linear, quantum, it’s always the Now Moment life and reality. Exciting, weird in a good way and it’s forcing us to quickly adapt to this timeless, more creative and much more malleable 5D and higher way of being and living.

As with everything unfolding with the Ascension and Embodiment Processes, all of us have had our preconceived expectations about how each level and phase would be like, what it would look like and how it would feel in our bodies, consciousness, lives and external reality. We’ve all had these preconceived notions, expectations and beliefs about all the Ascension Process stages, and for the most part we’ve been correct but we’ve also been wrong many times too.

I know that in many cases my, your, our Higher Self/Selves deliberately withhold certain information from these versions of us incarnate on Earth during the Ascension Process, the Embodiment Process, and the Separation of Worlds. I can feel when I, Denise, am being deliberately kept in the dark so to speak and typically it’s because I, Denise have to physically live it, embody it and be permanently changed by it from having physically lived and embodied it. There is no one else in my, in your personal Volunteer Ascension Ground Crew that can do this but me, but you, and because of this we’re often left to do it without fully understanding what and how etc. The point I want to make with this is that in these types of physical level Ascension and/or Embodiment moments, it’s all on you baby! The second I’ve done this, the temporary higher awareness blindfold is removed once again. Many times we have to live it blind so that “it” has the most impact on us, our consciousness, our physical body and our energetic structures. I mean that’s the point, physical level, biological, DNA evolution and with some of it consciously knowing it from higher levels of awareness doesn’t help us with it. Because of this and the need to have each Ascension and/or Embodiment related energetic events impact us as powerfully as they can, we’re often intentionally kept unaware of certain aspects of all this.

Never forget for a moment that we’re currently living the increasing conjuntion between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn NOW, all year. The magic doesn’t only happen on January 12, 2020, when this astrological transit reaches the exact conjunction, it’s been happening all of 2019 and it peaks January 12, 2020. Readjust your perspective about every minute of 2019 because you are a FORErunner and this is true this with powerhouse reality-changing, Separation of Worlds, Saturn Pluto in Capricorn conjunction.

For Starseeds & Other Dimensional Incarnates “First Contact” Means Something Very Different

The entire week of April 7th thru the 13th has been very busy on multiple levels and far more is coming throughout the second half of this month. During April 7–13th many of us had written Comments under the previous article about remembering attending meetings in higher dimensions. Some of these asleep, out-of-physical-body meetings took place at the eight dimensional (8D) Galactic Federation level while most others took place in dimensions below that but were highly important and valid nonetheless. I’ve had conscious memory of having attended many big 5D and a few smaller 8D Galactic Federation meetings since the start of the 1980s. Many of these different dimensional meetings going up to the 8D Galactic Federation level were packed with currently incarnate Volunteer Starseeds individuals but many others from other dimensions and Light levels also.

[I have to share this because it’s another aspect of this article. The pressure yesterday and today, April 12–13th, has been rather intense feeling to quickly get this particular article written, edited and published asap. Keep that in heartmind the rest of this month especially.]

Many had shared in Comments about their different personal experiences at these common higher dimensional, nonphysical meetings. The talk included how much we’d all enjoy being able to get together like this but while in our physical bodies on the physical level. There was talk about meetings at a bar and laughing and sharing our earthly trials and tribulations with each other once we were out of them. All in all the discussions were something most Starseeds and other Volunteer aspects could thoroughly relate to from having lived multiple lives on both sides of the proverbial “Veil”.

The entire week of April 7th through the 13th, 2019 has been very busy on multiple levels and far more is coming throughout the second half of this month. The evening of April 10th I repeatedly saw different humanoid shaped beings moving about in my house. None of this felt or was negative but it’s been a while since this has happened for me, and it felt different somewhat and like they wanted me to be very consciously aware that they were here and moving about.

April 11th shortly after I’d gone to bed and probably only a few minutes after I’d fallen asleep, I was jolted by a lucid encounter with a large metallic cube shaped etheric device that carefully and intentionally came into contact with the tip of my right elbow. The second contact was made it hurt and jolted me back awake. For a moment I was confused and thought, out of old habit, that it was some sort of Team Dark attack. Like I said, old Team Dark PTSD! After a few minutes I realized that there had been a small group of positive higher dimensional Starbeings, aka ETs, who had intentionally used that large metallic cube device to remove some old trauma and physical level damage to my right elbow. (I’ve had pain and tendonitis in my right elbow since the late 1970s.) There may have been other reasons this happened but I wasn’t aware of them.

The main reason this event surprised me was because my once common and almost daily interactions with my higher Starbeings/ETs family as been nearly nonexistent since I started the physical level Ascension Process February 1999. I’ve had positive ET contact since birth, but once I began the Ascension Process at the physical level, they left me alone on the physical level to live and embody all I had to. It’s for this reason that I’ve been mildly surprised to have some positive Starbeings showing up in my life and house again in 2019.

The morning of April 12th I was suddenly impulsed to go visit Whitley Strieber’s website. I haven’t even thought of him in over a decade so I was also interested in why this was happening now. I read a couple of his latest Journals and checked out a couple of his current books. In one of his Journals he mentioned about how he’s being pressured now by his ET group to quickly write a book about, well, I’m not sure exactly. It sounded like they are pushing him hard now to get something specific written to help other people, and, how he’s also been under attacks by unseen negative others that do not want him to share this information. Same old story of negative controllers vs. freedom fighters on the physical and nonphysical levels. There’s other reasons why I was unexpectedly impulsed to visit his website yesterday but they’re personal. I’ve always liked the way Whitely Strieber writes but I don’t Work or live anymore where he still does. Yes, getting the information out now is very important, for everyone at their different levels and Earth worlds.

The late evening of April 12th I read a mass email notice from Sandra Walter, April Wave and Three Years of Unity Meditations! April 12, 2019. There was one main sentence in it that was valuable to me now because it helped me better connect the many Starbeings, Starseeds and ET dots that have escalated in my personal life again this month.

A ‘collective starseed DNA activation is upon us’. That helped me better understand why and what all has unfolded quickly throughout the week of April 7–13, 2019. I strongly sense there’s much more of this coming with our Starbeing, ET kinsfolk and more this month and beyond. I now understand why some of my ET family recently showed up to help me with whatever was stuck in my elbow. It also indicates why many have written Comments recently about their desires to connect more with their Star kinsfolk both in the physical as Starseeds and in higher dimensions at meetings etc.

I mentioned recently in a Comment about how I’ve been Seeing a series of cosmic walls or thresholds etc., or what others call Gateways. Because I usually always See cosmic Gates from a position above them looking down on them, they look more like the tops of sections of different walls to me. Who knows. I take what I get in the ways I get them. 😉 Anyway, what I’ve Seen of these latest cosmic wall tops—aka Gateways—is that there looks to be four or five of them in this section we’re in now. The first one looks to me to be Crystalline but slightly cloudy like dirty quartz crystal. The second, third and forth of these particular cosmic wall tops or Gateways or cosmic thresholds is more Crystalline and clear and bright until the fifth one which is Diamond-like and barely even visible because it’s of such a higher frequency. Those visuals are big clues about what we’re literally going through this month and beyond; from Crystalline to Diamond and beyond that. Include some ‘collective starseed DNA activations’ along with all this too. They’re all different aspects of the one overall Ascension and Embodiment Process and automatic Separation of Worlds. You cannot have the one without the other/others happening.

Now that we’ve talked about all this from this angle, flip it around and view and sense things from the Embodiment angle. There’s a huge and important difference. The more you, me, we Embody (capital E), the more NEW Crystalline and Diamond and also Starseed DNA we Embody, the faster the Separation of Worlds is happening. It cannot help to do so because all that NEW cannot co-exist within all that old lower negativity and escalating chaos and insanity. Absolutely cannot.

In April 2019 we’re passing through these particular four or five different cosmic wall top threshold Gateways, each one a higher frequency than the previous, then depositing us into greater NEW Photonic Light energies and space and much more with more NEW in our physical bodies and beings than before. I sense this and more is quickly evolving us into greater Embodiment, greater merging and unification with the Other aspects of our Selves in and through our physical bodies, DNA and Selves here now. We cannot fully comprehend what all that is going to automatically change in us and all around us. This year is the Separation of Worlds, the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction, and “First Contact”, just not like most have expected or believed it would happen. It’s “First Contact” for sure when you, me, we start Embodying Starseed DNA in these our current physical bodies! Let go of what you thought you knew and believed because so much bigger and more complex and interesting than that is what’s really happening.

Much more to come this month and every month this year. I sense by August 2019, many things will be radically different in very positive ways for many who are ready for that level of improvement internally and externally. For others it will arrive each week or month after August leading up to January 2020. For others it will be after that. It doesn’t matter when, only that it happens for as many as can do it now. ❤

Denise Le Fay

April 13, 2019

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Latest Etheric Covert Light Ops Mission

[I’m deliberately using military terms in this article to better express what a “battle” this Ascension Process has been on multiple dimensions. I’m not using these terms because I’m fond of the military or military consciousness, wars, battles etc., but to hopefully get a larger point across a little better.]

  • Volunteer — my blanket term for Team Light members such as Starseeds, Wanderers, Lightbeings, Forerunners, Lightworkers, Pathpavers, Wayshowers etc. Already ascended souls who volunteered to incarnate into 3D density duality negativity on earth as physical humans for the purpose of helping by embodying or seeding the current Ascension Process from within physicality for humanity, earth, and all life everywhere.
  • Team Dark — my blanket term for all negative nonphysical, nonhuman beings, aliens, entities, demons and other such energetic parasites. Term also includes physical humans—aka Portal People—that work for/are used by TD and don’t care about their fellow humans, earth, animals or much of anything other than what they want.
  • Sortie — military term for combat and/or evacuation missions.
  • Astral Sorties, Etheric “Boots on the ground” — my term for covert ops missions done from out-of-body in the ethereal astral or higher dimensions.
  • Boots on the ground — military term for people deployed in different physical locations.
  • Reconnaissance, Recon — military term for visual observation, surveillance or other detection methods.
  • Silent running — military term for submarines operating in Stealth mode.
  • Black Ops — military term for covert operations, cover ops.
  • Light Ops — my term for Team Light Volunteer covert operations, covert ops.

The majority of humans don’t even know that Team Light Volunteers exist and live among them, or what they’ve done so far, or what they continue to do. Humanity doesn’t realize that different “ETs” and “Angelics” have been beside them in camouflage clothing (physical human bodies) all along as Volunteer incarnate Light Boots on the 3D ground at the workplace, next door, at church, within their own families, side by side in shopping stores, the doctors, everywhere.

We Volunteers knew we were here Undercover, functioning in Stealth mode or Silent running mode the majority of our lives, especially the elder Volunteers who’ve lived more decades in the negativity and Darkness on earth than each Stair-step Wave or Group that’s come in after them. There have been important reasons why the Volunteers needed to be and live in Stealth mode, undercover, and camouflaged as “regular humans” and mostly in non-threatening, inconspicuous female bodies to boot. One of those reasons was to protect each Volunteer from human and nonhuman Team Dark physical and Astral attacks. The other reason was to protect the overall Mission. The less you consciously remember about who you really are and why you’re really here now, the less likely you’ll be discovered by Team Dark (and obviously attacked or possibly killed) while you were on earth working within their negative systems.

Nevertheless, our time of invisibility and living like Spies in a foreign land has finally ended. It’s time for more people–humans and Volunteers alike–to know that we’ve always been here working different multidimensional Covert Light Ops, Light Sorties, Ethereal UFO Recon missions etc. from the 3D physical, the 4D Astral, and from 5D, 6D and higher in some cases for the majority of our human Volunteer lives.

Some Old Etheric Meeting Places for Volunteers

I’ve been on these etheric, out-of-body, lucid Cover Ops missions that I’ve been consciously aware of since the 1970s in this life. Over the decades I’ve repeatedly found myself in certain nonphysical locations that were places for Volunteers to go when we needed updates on Light Intel from Light Headquarters; when we needed etheric hospitalization and/or surgery for damage received from our lifelong Tour of Duty in 3D earth physicality; when we needed to connect with other incarnate Volunteers while asleep and out-of-body in their physical homes in the middle of the night to exchange the latest info, messages or work together as a larger Group from the ethereal range of frequency on the cosmic/global Ascension Process. Some of these old common etheric locations looked like:

  • Large auditoriums on some University or Collage.
  • Beautiful old library packed full of ancient books (repository of information/Light)
  • Etheric Hospital for Volunteers only.
  • Large movie theater where specific information/Light was given to us individually or in small groups via “movies”.
  • Large shopping Malls across the country. In the 1980s Malls and certain stores in them were easy locations where Team Light Starbeings and human Volunteers often met and exchanged the latest Light info and entered and exited 3D.
  • Side Note: some shopping Malls across the country (and other large buildings) had huge etheric underground areas beneath them where Team Dark did the same sorts of things with human military people working with them, with civilians both unaware and aware of what was going on, and humans who were astrally kidnapped were often brought to these etheric locations for different negative reasons and so on. (I never want to play in Duality again!)

When Volunteers needed to get together while out-of-body in higher dimensions to receive the latest Light Intel, we often met in huge nonphysical auditoriums and other places. We went to etheric Light Libraries when we needed some specific info; we went to nonphysical hospitals when we needed our bodies patched back up so we could quickly return to active duty again; we went to etheric Malls and other locations to met with nonphysical Team Light Starbeings and on and on, and this is only some of what I’ve consciously remembered over the decades! There’s so much more that we’ve done for years, decades, and multiple lives and all towards the current Ascension Process we’re now incarnate for.

On December 31, 2013 around 6:00 AM while asleep and out-of-body I was suddenly sent on another ethereal Covert Light Ops mission. I’ve done this many times over the years, but this latest mission was slightly different from earlier ones and that’s the reason I’m sharing all this. This December 31, 2013 early morning mission was to certain countries in the Middle East. I’ve never physically been to the Middle East in this life, but none of that matters in these types of higher frequency deployment Service Work missions; they’re more “real” and far-reaching than if it had happened on the physical level only.

[I can tell when I’m having a normal dream that’s coming from me, from my inner issues and subconscious etc., and I can tell when I’m lucid and actually doing something somewhere while physically asleep and out-of-body. Most Volunteers have trained long and hard to be able to do this so it’s a common Higher Awareness ability. In this case, I was lucid and actually with a small handful of other human Volunteers in the Middle East. This was “real” and simply took place in another level of reality, frequency and consciousness.]

There I am all the sudden in some small car with a Middle Eastern woman in her mid-forties quickly and silently driving me hundreds and hundreds of miles across three different countries in the Middle East. No pre-Mission briefing, no heads-up prep warning beforehand, no hints, no nothing just there you are in the Middle East with some stranger that you know is also a Volunteer.

Because of how this female stranger was driving me–her passenger and her part of this particular mission–and how she spoke to me ONLY when absolutely needed and how she rarely looked at me or focused on me in any way, I knew this was a very important and potentially dangerous Covert Light Ops mission we were on. She was doing her best to do her job which was to drive me through these specific countries and some towns and cities in them, but, at the same time NOT focus on me at all! She needed to stay calm, quiet, focused on driving and produce as few thoughts and emotions as she possibly could the entire time. In other words, she was very much in Stealth or Silent running mode herself as was I so neither of us would energetically transmit and therefore attract attention from Team Dark and come under fire.

When I suddenly find myself (or you other Volunteers find yourselves) in some intense and potentially dangerous nonphysical mission such as this I’m often NOT allowed to know, perceive, or sense ANYTHING beforehand because by keeping me unaware in this way, I’m not transmitting any thoughts or emotional energies about the mission that Team Dark would pick up on immediately, especially when I’m deep in their primary Headquarters as this case was. This is another reason we Volunteers are often deliberately NOT let in on the specifics about a Covert Light Ops beforehand and are literally functioning in Stealth or Silent running mode. We’re just there doing it quickly, quietly, and with as little foreknowledge and emotion as possible for not only our own protection but the protection of all other Volunteers involved and the entire mission itself.

From my perspective this etheric road trip I went on through three countries in the Middle East in this 12-31-13 lucid “dream” mission took three days and two nights. How long the lucid “dream” took in the physical dimension was probably about 20–30 minutes or so. Such is multidimensional life and punching the clock in different dimensions, realities and timelines.

After I woke up I discovered that the reason I (and a handful of other Volunteers elsewhere) were needed to actually go there, be there as etheric boots on the ground in the Middle East at the end of 2013 had to do with some of us directly energetically “seeding” some NEW Light Energies from the NEW Evolutionary Cycle into these ancient Team Dark locations throughout the Middle East.

Because that area has been a primary portal (entrance/exit point) on to and off of physical Earth, it was raided and taken over long ago by Team Dark. However, now that the old Evolutionary Cycle Expired on December 21, 2012, the time was ripe on December 31, 2013 for Team Light to do a fast Covert Light boots on the ground Ops through some Middle East countries and energetically “seed” some NEW Light Energies of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle there. (Watch that area now to see how things start to change even faster than they have been since the ‘Arab Spring’ that started on December 18, 2010.)

Three days after my lucid “dream” Covert Light Ops mission on 12-31-13 (which puts us into the first days of 2014) I received two emails from two different women who both mentioned things directly related to this Light Ops mission in the Middle East. Neither of them knew that I’d had my lucid “dream” experience three days earlier.

One email was from someone who told me she’d been aware of having been in an etheric UFO far above the Earth with some of her Arcturian friends and kinsfolk. She called this UFO experience a ‘world tour’ and the Arcturians pointed out specific locations on Earth to her, the main being the Middle East. I had an etheric road trip through parts of the Middle East to “seed” specific NEW energies; she participated in some Aerial Recon from an etheric Arcturian UFO. The second email I received on the same day was from another woman who told me that she’d very strongly perceived the worlds ‘Tel Aviv’.

heart icons 3The great news is that with the arrival of 2014 (only 12 days ago! It seems like months and months because SO much has happened and changed for the better from December 31, 2013 to January 1, 2014 but it’s only been 12 days so far!), the NEW energies of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle have been pouring into the NEW Rewired Earth Grid system and our NEW Rewired Body and Brain Grid systems creating much positive change already. If you don’t feel any improvements yet, persevere because it’s here finally and will continue to manifest in us, our bodies and our consciousness, and of course in the external world around us. The Dark Ages on Earth are over. This is just the start however of the NEW coming in and replacing the old distortions and distorted systems created by Team Dark so long ago. High Heart thanks go out to all members of Team Light on Earth and off for this latest successful Light Ops mission work.

Denise Le Fay

January 12, 2014

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