Multiple Higher DNA Activations

Traditionally the month of April is an intense month with plenty of big Aries-like ascension related changes and April 2019 is certainly perpetuating this. It’s April 13, 2019 as I hurriedly write this and I’m rushing because I know all too well just how quickly and easily three or four weeks can come and go now and before you know it we’re in the next month! You look back at the previous month and can barely remember it and instantly find yourself deep in the next level and phase of the rapidly unfolding everything. This is us getting used to existing in non-linear, quantum, it’s always the Now Moment life and reality. Exciting, weird in a good way and it’s forcing us to quickly adapt to this timeless, more creative and much more malleable 5D and higher way of being and living.

As with everything unfolding with the Ascension and Embodiment Processes, all of us have had our preconceived expectations about how each level and phase would be like, what it would look like and how it would feel in our bodies, consciousness, lives and external reality. We’ve all had these preconceived notions, expectations and beliefs about all the Ascension Process stages, and for the most part we’ve been correct but we’ve also been wrong many times too.

I know that in many cases my, your, our Higher Self/Selves deliberately withhold certain information from these versions of us incarnate on Earth during the Ascension Process, the Embodiment Process, and the Separation of Worlds. I can feel when I, Denise, am being deliberately kept in the dark so to speak and typically it’s because I, Denise have to physically live it, embody it and be permanently changed by it from having physically lived and embodied it. There is no one else in my, in your personal Volunteer Ascension Ground Crew that can do this but me, but you, and because of this we’re often left to do it without fully understanding what and how etc. The point I want to make with this is that in these types of physical level Ascension and/or Embodiment moments, it’s all on you baby! The second I’ve done this, the temporary higher awareness blindfold is removed once again. Many times we have to live it blind so that “it” has the most impact on us, our consciousness, our physical body and our energetic structures. I mean that’s the point, physical level, biological, DNA evolution and with some of it consciously knowing it from higher levels of awareness doesn’t help us with it. Because of this and the need to have each Ascension and/or Embodiment related energetic events impact us as powerfully as they can, we’re often intentionally kept unaware of certain aspects of all this.

Never forget for a moment that we’re currently living the increasing conjuntion between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn NOW, all year. The magic doesn’t only happen on January 12, 2020 when this astrological transit reaches the exact conjunction, it’s been happening all of 2019 and it peaks January 12, 2020. Readjust your perspective about every minute of 2019 because you are a FORErunner and this is true this with powerhouse reality-changing, Separation of Worlds, Saturn Pluto in Capricorn conjunction.

For Starseeds & Other Dimensional Incarnates “First Contact” Means Something Very Different

The entire week of April 7th thru the 13th has been very busy on multiple levels and far more is coming throughout the second half of this month. During April 7–13th many of us had written Comments under the previous article about remembering attending meetings in higher dimensions. Some of these asleep, out-of-physical-body meetings took place at the eight dimensional (8D) Galactic Federation level while most others took place in dimensions below that but were highly important and valid nonetheless. I’ve had conscious memory of having attended many big 5D and a few smaller 8D Galactic Federation meetings since the start of the 1980s. Many of these different dimensional meetings going up to the 8D Galactic Federation level were packed with currently incarnate Volunteer Starseeds individuals but many others from other dimensions and Light levels also.

[I have to share this because it’s another aspect of this article. The pressure yesterday and today, April 12–13th, has been rather intense feeling to quickly get this particular article written, edited and published asap. Keep that in heartmind the rest of this month especially.]

Many had shared in Comments about their different personal experiences at these common higher dimensional, nonphysical meetings. The talk included how much we’d all enjoy being able to get together like this but while in our physical bodies on the physical level. There was talk about meetings at a bar and laughing and sharing our earthly trials and tribulations with each other once we were out of them. All in all the discussions were something most Starseeds and other Volunteer aspects could thoroughly relate to from having lived multiple lives on both sides of the proverbial “Veil”.

The entire week of April 7th through the 13th, 2019 has been very busy on multiple levels and far more is coming throughout the second half of this month. The evening of April 10th I repeatedly saw different humanoid shaped beings moving about in my house. None of this felt or was negative but it’s been a while since this has happened for me, and it felt different somewhat and like they wanted me to be very consciously aware that they were here and moving about.

April 11th shortly after I’d gone to bed and probably only a few minutes after I’d fallen asleep, I was jolted by a lucid encounter with a large metallic cube shaped etheric device that carefully and intentionally came into contact with the tip of my right elbow. The second contact was made it hurt and jolted me back awake. For a moment I was confused and thought, out of old habit, that it was some sort of Team Dark attack. Like I said, old Team Dark PTSD! After a few minutes I realized that there had been a small group of positive higher dimensional Starbeings, aka ETs, who had intentionally used that large metallic cube device to remove some old trauma and physical level damage to my right elbow. (I’ve had pain and tendonitis in my right elbow since the late 1970s.) There may have been other reasons this happened but I wasn’t aware of them.

The main reason this event surprised me was because my once common and almost daily interactions with my higher Starbeings/ETs family as been nearly nonexistent since I started the physical level Ascension Process February 1999. I’ve had positive ET contact since birth, but once I began the Ascension Process at the physical level, they left me alone on the physical level to live and embody all I had to. It’s for this reason that I’ve been mildly surprised to have some positive Starbeings showing up in my life and house again in 2019.

The morning of April 12th I was suddenly impulsed to go visit Whitley Strieber’s website. I haven’t even thought of him in over a decade so I was also interested in why this was happening now. I read a couple of his latest Journals and checked out a couple of his current books. In one of his Journals he mentioned about how he’s being pressured now by his ET group to quickly write a book about, well, I’m not sure exactly. It sounded like they are pushing him hard now to get something specific written to help other people, and, how he’s also been under attacks by unseen negative others that do not want him to share this information. Same old story of negative controllers vs. freedom fighters on the physical and nonphysical levels. There’s other reasons why I was unexpectedly impulsed to visit his website yesterday but they’re personal. I’ve always liked the way Whitely Strieber writes but I don’t Work or live anymore where he still does. Yes, getting the information out now is very important, for everyone at their different levels and Earth worlds.

The late evening of April 12th I read a mass email notice from Sandra Walter, April Wave and Three Years of Unity Meditations! April 12, 2019. There was one main sentence in it that was valuable to me now because it helped me better connect the many Starbeings, Starseeds and ET dots that have escalated in my personal life again this month.

A ‘collective starseed DNA activation is upon us’. That helped me better understand why and what all has unfolded quickly throughout the week of April 7–13, 2019. I strongly sense there’s much more of this coming with our Starbeing, ET kinsfolk and more this month and beyond. I now understand why some of my ET family recently showed up to help me with whatever was stuck in my elbow. It also indicates why many have written Comments recently about their desires to connect more with their Star kinsfolk both in the physical as Starseeds and in higher dimensions at meetings etc.

I mentioned recently in a Comment about how I’ve been Seeing a series of cosmic walls or thresholds etc., or what others call Gateways. Because I usually always See cosmic Gates from a position above them looking down on them, they look more like the tops of sections of different walls to me. Who knows. I take what I get in the ways I get them. 😉 Anyway, what I’ve Seen of these latest cosmic wall tops—aka Gateways—is that there looks to be four or five of them in this section we’re in now. The first one looks to me to be Crystalline but slightly cloudy like dirty quartz crystal. The second, third and forth of these particular cosmic wall tops or Gateways or cosmic thresholds is more Crystalline and clear and bright until the fifth one which is Diamond-like and barely even visible because it’s of such a higher frequency. Those visuals are big clues about what we’re literally going through this month and beyond; from Crystalline to Diamond and beyond that. Include some ‘collective starseed DNA activations’ along with all this too. They’re all different aspects of the one overall Ascension and Embodiment Process and automatic Separation of Worlds. You cannot have the one without the other/others happening.

Now that we’ve talked about all this from this angle, flip it around and view and sense things from the Embodiment angle. There’s a huge and important difference. The more you, me, we Embody (capital E), the more NEW Crystalline and Diamond and also Starseed DNA we Embody, the faster the Separation of Worlds is happening. It cannot help to do so because all that NEW cannot co-exist within all that old lower negativity and escalating chaos and insanity. Absolutely cannot.

In April 2019 we’re passing through these particular four or five different cosmic wall top threshold Gateways, each one a higher frequency than the previous, then depositing us into greater NEW Photonic Light energies and space and much more with more NEW in our physical bodies and beings than before. I sense this and more is quickly evolving us into greater Embodiment, greater merging and unification with the Other aspects of our Selves in and through our physical bodies, DNA and Selves here now. We cannot fully comprehend what all that is going to automatically change in us and all around us. This year is the Separation of Worlds, the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction, and “First Contact”, just not like most have expected or believed it would happen. It’s “First Contact” for sure when you, me, we start Embodying Starseed DNA in these our current physical bodies! Let go of what you thought you knew and believed because so much bigger and more complex and interesting than that is what’s really happening.

Much more to come this month and every month this year. I sense by August 2019, many things will be radically different in very positive ways for many who are ready for that level of improvement internally and externally. For others it will arrive each week or month after August leading up to January 2020. For others it will be after that. It doesn’t matter when, only that it happens for as many as can do it now. ❤


April 13, 2019

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145 thoughts on “Multiple Higher DNA Activations

  • Dear Denise,
    I wanted to thank you for your article regarding different levels of ascension pain which was amazing (I love all of them), as it felt like I was ticking off a checklist as I continued reading. Every single point you made applied to me as well. Didn’t get to comment, feel behind, so catching up now!

    From around Mid march to mid April I experienced another escalation of symptoms such as napping a lot, fever, flu, coughing, a sore throat unlike any other previously ever experienced (as this one kept flaring up (still mildly is) in waves over and over again whereas all the times I’ve had it before in life it lasts for a certain time period then gradually improves, and a very sharp earache (which was also something new for me). Was walking around partially deaf for 2 weeks lol. I know you mentioned in a previous comment about having to nap after taking showers, I wanted to share that totally applies to me too. At times I have to use my hands to hold onto the counter as I’m washing my face over the sink as my legs feel like noodles. Then there are times I use my hands to help pull my body up as I’m going up the stairs. And this has nothing to do with weight or age, just extreme tiredness/exhaustion from the AP/EP process.

    Denise, thank you I’m so glad you shared that quote from Sandra Walter’s article regarding the collective starseed DNA activation that is upon us, the crystalline convergence, and the cosmic wall top gateways you mentioned. The first week of April I saw in a dream where I was starting to develop some shapes on my skin which were spreading. Instantly in the dream I knew it was sacred geometry. You sharing this is a confirmation for me as I knew we had reached another further level of activation’s. After seeing the shapes on my skin and there was also light emanating from my hands, TD located and came after me as they were extremely furious about us having achieved another level. This was a surprising dream since my last encounter (at least that I remember of consciously) was back in 2016 which I had repetitively (TD was looking for me, it was the first time I ever saw myself in a different body – another aspect of me – they were fuming with anger as I helped as many people over the bridge to the line to get to the other side of these gigantic elegant gates, I could see New Earth on the other side – there was beauty, life, flowers, people were dancing around with joy that they made it – whereas behind me everything including structures were dying/falling, it was dark/smokey with fire explosions. I was one of the last few people to enter before the gates shut. Perhaps you Denise and other’s here were there with me in those last few at the end 😀 , there was a huge sigh of relief as I saw myself enter the other side, as if a huge burden had lifted). I didn’t expect TD in 2019 but I know you Denise and others have previously commented about a similar experience. This is the first time I’m sharing something TD related, so thank you Denise!

    All the comments here by everyone were so beautiful that I feel like replying to all of them! I’ve also experienced a plants being sprayed situation. I’ve also had several getting on a train dreams. First train dream was back in 2016 where I saw another different aspect of me (different body but was me) run and get on a train, another 2 train dreams this year in 2019. It’s pretty cool how some of these aspects look similar to my current self, similar facial features yet totally different face/body build/structure, and other aspects look nothing like the current me!

    And Denise you’re right about us currently living the increasing saturn and pluto conjunction, I’m definitely feeling it, especially with the separation of worlds. Just like you, I’m also sensing a very huge shift after those July eclipses, so from August on wards. I’m looking forward to January 2020. I feel it’s something we’ve all been waiting for! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • “I’m looking forward to January 2020. I feel it’s something we’ve all been waiting for!”

      That sentence reminded me Prabhi K. of something one of my atomic clocks did yesterday, April 25, 2019. I was going to bed last night when I noticed the date on this atomic clock read December 29, 2019. From April to the end of December is a big jump but it felt like an important message about the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction and the Separation of Worlds. The “gates” will indeed be closed and no one will be allowed to go back, not that they’ll want to. Thanks for sharing your dream about this. ❤ ⭐

      • Haha! Even your clock is excited about the Pluto and Saturn conjunction in January 2020, by showing you it can’t wait by fast forwarding to a future date! Perhaps December 29 is a significant day. Not only that but I feel it also shows us the importance from now to the end of the year, hence the jump. Kind of like a cycle, or one unit, chunk of linear time that we shall be passing through! 😀 ❤

  • Hello Denise and very beautiful souls here,

    Yes to the spontaneous crying followed by intense bliss. This month and last the dreams were mostly past lives of Victim/Victimizer, sprinkled with meetings and a very random but significant one were of fire letters swirling around changing from letter to letter (looked hieroglyphic). Releasing it all, and Embodying more.

    I know this was mentioned here by others, but never happened to me until recently; walls, floors and environment wobbling like a ripple in a puddle. The matrix is crumbling.

    I live with my partner, a young daughter and a cat. My daughter was born awake like me, but my partner isn’t. Yet he is understanding of my journey and gives me space to Embody. For this I’m grateful. Sometimes our frequencies aren’t compatible and those moments feel like a void, like time stands still, everything stands still).

    Despite that I Embody, Embody, Embody and work through it. Afterwards, I feel like I’ve carried both of us to another shore of gentler, calmer waves. We will go our separate ways, whether through Separation of Worlds or on our own volition I can’t say yet.

    The new normal is Neutrality. I’m in my High Heart and Neutral at all times. My ego is being held back and silence reigns.

    Regarding the black cube you spoke of awhile back, I never go anywhere near there. Even before 9/11, I instinctively felt like those towers were made for an evil purpose and stayed away.

    I feel like I’m being born anew. Any doubt of my being a starseed is gone. I.Am.A.Starseed. And I have a job to do. embody. Embody. EMBODY.

    Love and Light to you ALL.

      • Oh Eleanor! I’m so busy with crying, I’m full to bursting with ❤️! Clearing so much, for my self, for humanity! I’m crying with gratitude for everything. I thank you, I thank this community and lovely loved Denise for making this moment possible.

        My heart feels sooo full! I love you all sooo much!

    • Dearest Jain Lee, thank you for sharing your Heart, honest and raw. I so relate to your situation with others in your life. I have a partner who, like yours, is not entirely on the same wavelength as I am. He gives me space and is there for me when I ask, but when I share with him, he becomes resistant and weird. He doesn’t know how to be around me or what to do sometimes. I just release and Embody, Embody and Embody more. I also have a cat who is aware and going through the AP/EP too. She is my special buddy. So, thank you for saying all this because it helps me be aware of the acceptance of I may or may not be with him with the Separation of Worlds and THAT IS OK. I have come to peace with it. Just know that you are loved so much – me included – thank you again sunshine. ~Karina

  • Denise, I love your tire depot story, a great example of how we can now create the experience we desire, whatever the situation. I’ve been consciously creating in this way for the last couple of years, ever since I had to venture out more and drive to new places. If I need to leave home, I both visualise the journey and also instruct my higher self on how I wish to experience certain situations …… such as kindness and respect from retail staff, a convenient and safe parking place, safe drivers on the roads, and my physical body having sufficient energy, and strength to easily get the job done. On one particular demanding day, I had a list of ‘to do’s’ including a dentist appointment 😱 and I really needed a lot of ‘upstairs support’ to get me through. Everything I did was super smooth and easy, people were extremely helpful, including packing my bags with shopping, which meant that I was right on time for the dreaded dentist appointment. That part completed, I went to my car and sat for a while before setting off for home, the day was warm and sunny with cloudless skies, and I realised that I could have a problem driving home as the sun would be in my face for the whole journey (driving westward into a setting sun), I requested some temporary cloud cover to help me, and began driving home. As I left the busy roads and turned directly west I noticed a large bank of cloud slowly moving across the path of the sun, oh boy was I excited at this demonstration of help and creation, I drove the whole half hour journey with ease, and that cloud bank stayed put, right until I pulled up in front of my home, then the sun reappeared right on cue. To say I was in gratitude is an understatement, I was in awe when I looked at how my day had unfolded, and at that moment I realised that ‘the world moved to accommodate me’.

    Donkey’s years ago I read a book which talked about creating, it gave the analogy of someone walking into a restaurant for a meal, he/she could ask the staff to bring a meal to the table (anything could turn up) or he/she could order in detail and have the perfect dish arrive. This analogy has stayed with me as an example of how to create in detail, and it works for me. My gratitude attitude goes right along with my creating, I feel blessed everytime I have these experiences, and who knows, maybe life will become one long creation experience …….. aka 5D 💖

    • Hope, Denise & All:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with conscious creating – very inspiring. Loved the cloud story. I think we will all get better at this moving forward and life will feel so much EASIER!
      Also loved Denise’s “tire” story.

      It really feels like we’re living in two different realities, with the dead & dying stuff and the friendly people wanting to be of service.

  • Oh man, Penny, your landlord spraying. I feel you. :/
    I had something like that happen to me, 3 years ago, I had been growing beautiful flowers in containers outside.
    One morning I woke up, and, I know this may sound crazy, though hopefully not to you, but I could *feel* my plants upset, agonized, literally as if they were wailing. I thought, ‘Huh?’, and threw some clothes on and went quickly downstairs to see why I was picking up Plant Panic.
    My landlord had ripped them up and thrown them away!!! Just empty containers and tubs left. They were not in the way, the flowers couldn’t have bothered anyone, it was just a power-play, and such a nasty thing to do that I cried. I had loved those flowers, I used to talk to them.
    Two months later I found a much better place and moved out! 🙂
    It’s just so sad when you’re forced to watch someone chop down this and use killer spray on that, because it’s “his property”, and you’re helpless to do anything.

    • Dear Denise,Podvig, and Barbara
      Thank you all for understanding…
      yes Denise, it is time for me to move…I may have to leave my Island…but
      no longer any point in being a point of interest for the rabble. I am happy you experienced a good tire day..may we all have more of these experiences!

      and Podvig, I understand,….,plants are sentient and respond accordingly…its very hard to understand the cruelty and lack of empathy and love that some people display. Where is the lost connect between “it will kill weeds and not the rest of us. I did go out and had quiet words and prayers for them. I have been very honoured to witness at lighting up and guiding the way in the dark.

      and Barbara,
      yes it would be great to communicate with you…if Denise cares to send you my email.
      and I have seen plants grow in very unusual places….with care and nuturing …they can bring joy to all.

      Love to all

      • and Barbara,
        yes it would be great to communicate with you…if Denise cares to send you my email.

        Done and done Penny and Barbara. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Raymond L Boeri & All,

    Coming here always gives my heart a lift. It’s like I can FEEL all of you as we go through this Embodiment process together, sharing our truth and graced by Denise’s insights and perceptions as well as our own.

    Raymond, I (like a few others here) immediately resonated with your comment: “I am being called into a deepening silence whereby I have virtually nothing to say to anyone, and yet can allow things and people to be where they are.”

    YES! I thought I was becoming anti-social because I have no desire to BE with people now unless I can be silent. There’s literally nothing to SAY because to talk about the superficial is to give it my focus and energy and that brings me into a lower consciousness.

    I feel I have shifted to another level where I can still see and hear what’s going on in the world but am farther removed … as more pieces of my former identity (who I THOUGHT I was) fall away. Increasingly I feel into the energy of what’s around me, feeling it expand (or contract) my heart and let that guide me.

    This Separation of Worlds involves our active choice in every moment … we are likely to shut doors on what was once familiar and unquestioned, just by how it FEELS to us now (groups of people, places, ways of thinking).

    We are all so much MORE than the roles we play … in essence, a fragment of Pure Consciousness and Intelligence. Allowing that realization to seep in, bypassing all the years of programming and conditioning that made us feel small and powerless, is no small feat!

    Love to all.

    • I “second” Karina’s comment, Thelma!…Thank you for your affirming thoughts and words, sent with love to all of us…LOVE right back atcha, Thelma, and to all here and everywhere!

  • Dear Denise ,

    Yes it has been an eventful week. I thought I had processed all emotion except perhaps anxiety..well I guess not!
    I rent a small ground level suite on a mostly organic island…I have a small garden that I plant herbs etc for making tinctures and edibles. This week my landlord decided he would kill whatever and I caught him spraying round -up. He has an attitude of its my property and I can do what I like…never mind the people animals and wild life. It has brought years of “its ok , just keeping going” and my believe that if I keep quiet and invisible I will make it thru this density! Its difficult to be around such asleep people. I still am not ok with this,,,but (its a little but) I feel it may represent all the in- justices for me in 3d that I have been ineffective in handling…I have found it difficult to reach these people…Reason and heart based solutions do not work with most of them…Yuk!

    Also I am a bit later than some of you here with the wheely bins and noises at night. One sleepless night what I heard sounded like a massive apartment building moving on wheels down the road…(not possible here) and nothing is there…Perhaps in my area we have alot more “trash to remove’.
    Warm wishes to you

    • Hi Penny,

      I know how you’re feeling about round-up, where I live it’s still the go-to for anything that gets in the way of Mother Nature actually relaxing and enjoying herself working with us as we do the gardening that we enjoy. I haven’t had a garden for a few years but that could change. I’m by necessity on the second floor of an apartment building, but could have an herb garden on the balcony. I’ve never grown herbs. How would they do on a balcony that faces north? But more importantly, I wanted to post this comment to say that I live quite close to you… Fraser Valley… a ferry ride away… and if you would like to be in touch, please ask Denise to send you my e-mail address. Maybe that apartment building you heard moving on wheels was mine… 🙂 ….into 5D gardening? Possible. B.

    • “He has an attitude of its my property and I can do what I like…never mind the people animals and wild life. It has brought years of “its ok , just keeping going” and my believe that if I keep quiet and invisible I will make it thru this density! Its difficult to be around such asleep people. I still am not ok with this…”

      Penny & All,

      Oh the old lowly negative patriarchal consciousness. I want to add a really obscene smilie here but will go with this one. 😡

      Maybe time to move?

      I’ve spent all of my life prior to the start of the AP on the physical in 1999, doing my best to stay alive on a totally negative planet. Once the AP started in me back then, I no longer live flying below the patriarchal radar like I always did.

      Today I had to go to a tire store to buy new tires for my car. I did some research first trying to figure out where I should go because these types of things are usually not very pleasant at all! I discovered a new tire shop in town and sensed it was where I should go so off I went this morning. This weird story is related believe it or not! 😆

      As I parked my car and turned it off I discovered there was this young man standing there a few feet away from my drivers side door smiling at me. I opened my door and asked him if I’d parked in the wrong spot. He replied no and stood there smiling and waiting for me to get out of my car. I didn’t get what was happening at this point. Once out of my car he asked me what I needed and I told him I needed new tires. He took all the info he needed off of my car and tires and then led me into the building.

      While I waited in their waiting room I glanced around at the other people there having work done on their vehicles. Most all of them were transfixed on their smartphones and oblivious to life and reality all around them. There was a large glass window between the waiting room and the garage where the tire guys worked so I could watch the progress on my car. There was a clock right there and I made a mental note of the time my car went into the garage and when the work was done, which was, you won’t believe this, only 35 minutes!!!

      Anyway, while I waited there I couldn’t help but feel all the people there. I was the only person there NOT on a cell phone or engrossed in a magazine or talking with another person. I did what I always do which is sit silently and radiate the Light within me throughout the entire building, the parking lot and beyond if necessary. In other words, I do what I’m good at which is radiating the NEW Light, the NEW codes, the NEW DNA, HighHeart energy and so on. Doing this today at this positive tire shop was easy because it was a higher vibrating place than most. It was not and the males that worked there were NOT like your landlord spraying toxic chemicals all over Mother Nature and the things you loved. It was the opposite. I finally understood why the young male met me in the parking lot before I was even out of my car. It was positive service which is something that’s been disappearing rapidly for the past 20 years! I didn’t even recognize it when it was right there ready to help me but automatically though I must have parked in the wrong place or something. It was a very good, very positive experience after not having any from anyone out there for a really long time. And, to have my car done in 35 minutes was bliss. They pulled my car out of the garage and parked it in front of the exit door so all I had to do was walk out the building and get in it. I wished I’d brought candy and cookies for all the guys that worked there!!! 😆 Instead I layered it and them in Light and LOVE and hot damn I have new tires finally! ❤

      Fuck the patriarchal consciousness, radiate the Light, radiate YOUR Light and literally Pathpave The Way to NEW Earth for those who are ready and able to go there too. 🙂

      • omg, Denise, I LOOOOVE your tire story! What a great story of the NEW energy! Perfectly juxtaposed to the old crumbling Sears and JC Penny stories. When I got to this part: “I was the only person there NOT on a cell phone or engrossed in a magazine or talking with another person. I did what I always do which is sit silently and radiate the Light within me throughout the entire building, the parking lot and beyond if necessary. In other words, I do what I’m good at which is radiating the NEW Light, the NEW codes, the NEW DNA, HighHeart energy and so on,” I literally said out loud “I love you, Denise!” I DO this. I notice ALL the time that I’m the only one not engrossed in a phone/book/show ~ I just sit there and radiate. It was really fun to see you do this too. (But of course you do.)

        I also have much more to share about your beloved Master Hotei (who is now also MY beloved Master Hotei) but I’ll wait until I’m finished. I’m at the part where he just turned transparent for Jade One. Interestingly enough, I’m usually a very faster reader and would have normally finished your book by now, but I’m noticing that the vibration is SO high that it makes me sleepy! The only other book that ever did this to me was “The Sophia Code.”

        Sometimes I can’t even make it through a chapter before I have to go to sleep. I don’t mind at all, though, as it’s making the journey last longer. I’m SO grateful, Denise, for you bringing this GLORIOUS laughing buddha into my life! I’ll share more soon…

        • Kate S.,

          There’s so much more going on with this book than it just being a physical book. You’re experiencing that and you are right, Master Hotei is now with you too. In your own time dearest and enjoy your sacred journey with them. ❤

      • Dear Denise and All,
        I so agree with your comment, Denise, about radiating our light! I have been yearning to do just that for it seems like an eternity! When I have done it before this time, I felt like a lighthouse on a distant shore, attracting the attention of mostly dark entities, followed by the inevitable attack by them or portal people. So I, too have hidden so much of myself for most of my life. Now, I just let it loose!
        These current energies, though intense and harsh and excruciating at times have given me inner freedom and such a calm and secure acceptance of the Being that I truly am, at least the beginnings of that realized Being. I’m now used to the cotton-wool feeling of the eternal now in my brain, and the third dimension is so much easier for me to release. It is a somewhat dissociative feeling, but I feel more present in myself. Just as Karma became a much easier release over time, I have found that I can release those love relationships that were karmic in 3-D, with understanding and compassion. No offense, but 5-D LOVE is so much more, more, MORE!
        I have found in a natural way the things that will support my new “frequency”, they just come to me, or happen to me. I can no longer eat meat, and walking through that section of the market is a real challenge. My body feels better in only natural fibers, such as linen(my top fave), silk(next fave) and wool, then cotton. Goodwill and Sal Army are my places for finding those. My cat now sleeps on my stomach and high heart and his purring is like an energy bath! Walking in nature is like walking prayer, a joyful connection.
        I sense a big transformation is coming our way, and the field is open and ready.
        Thank you, Denise, for the wonderful opportunity for gathering in discussion and comraderie.
        Love and Light to you and everyone,

  • Hello there, lovepeace1111!

    Thanks for your kind words…and enjoy Sedona and the Crystal Convergence for all of us! From 1997-2001, I spent part of every summer in Sedona, studying with a number of Hopi Elders and Wisdom Teachers, as well as with Barbara Hand Clow and Barbara Marciniak when they were still teaching there at certain times. Sedona is also the location where I experienced my first ET “flyover”/sighting of what has become known as The Phoenix Lights Event of March 1997, along with seeing the Hale-Bopp comet and its famously-visible tail, also in 1997. Sedona remains dear to my heart energetically and visually-speaking, and I would certainly have enjoyed attending the upcoming CC!

    May you bathe in the transformative energies of Sedona and the upcoming conference, and we’ll all be looking forward to the pics! Thank you again for your warm greetings, Nancy! Much LOVE to you!

  • Hi Denise!

    Many thanks for your observations on the “me” I referenced in my Comment. As you correctly highlight, who is this “me” that there is nothing left of, anymore? It is the “me” that USED to equate my reason for being on Earth, according to the function I was performing, and role I was identifying with, at any given moment of my past. No longer, for example, do I identify with my function and role as a “caregiver,” as I did in the earlier years of my caregiving responsibilities (in fact, honestly speaking, I find the residue of it all almost “distasteful.” so “beyond it” am I with it all).The me of today, as you suggest, is WAY larger and more expansive in every way and on every level than any action-based function or role I could ever have been performing, back “then” and certainly now in these Ascension times. I’m finding all labels and self-identifying categorizations for myself, inherently limiting.Thank you, Denise, for allowing me to “flesh this out” in this response.

    BTW I also wrote a response to Karina’s kind message, but like it sometimes happens here, my Comment to her may have gotten lost in the shuffle as I did not see the message “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Please let me know so I can re-write/re-send my response to her if necessary…and I certainly hope this response to you arrives!

    Thanks, Denise…you have my LOVE, deep respect and admiration for all that you EMBODY for all of us here, and I include my sincerest gratitude for all that I have learned from you and all others here! LOVE again to you…

    • Raymond B. & Everyone,

      I’m going to use this space to say that sometimes WordPress makes upgrades to their system and usually when they do things don’t always work correctly for a bit. I don’t know what’s happened with the Comment notification thing not showing up when someone writes a Comment but I’ve gotten a few emails from people experiencing this same problem. I don’t have access to that so I have to wait for WordPress to make their latest improvements and then work the kinks out and there’s typically some kinks with every upgrade.

      Also I try to check in here multiple times a day and again before I go to bed each evening. With my being on the west coast, some Comments wait for 12 hours or so before I get to them the next morning.

      Also, since I’m talking about this, if someone writes a Comment and I don’t publish it, emailing me wanting to know why I didn’t publish it isn’t going to get it published. If I didn’t publish it, I had my reasons. I’m sorry but this is just the way I’ve had to deal with Comments in general to keep things on track and more importantly, keep the energies as elevated as possible. A good rant n’ rave about something is positive but some people latch on to a negative and run wild with it. I hope everyone gets what I’m saying about the responsibilities of having Comments. They’re the best and absolutely so important and helpful to us all but there is a fine line with them which I oversee and discern as best as I’m able. Thanks everyone. ❤

  • Hi Karina! Thanks for your warm greetings! Your comments have an upbeat energy to them and a palpable friendliness, and I enjoy them. The purity and impeccability (and every other thing) that has become part of my Embodiment Process certainly feels like a 24/7 undertaking (even when attempting to sleep these days!), yet my focus on Embodying has rapidly become just a “required” part of the daily flow of living…it’s like there’s no other way to be and live at this point! All the prior ways of projecting my ego now feel very “yesterday.” As for the silence, for me, it also is fast morphing into a way of being as opposed to any kind of formal “practice”…most everything can now be observed and witnessed with little emotional charge to it (I say “most,” not ALL, tee hee!). Perhaps you and many of our Ascending family here at this site are experiencing these things in a similar way. In any event, I send warm hellos and much love/Love/LOVE to you and all here, today and every day. Hi, Denise!

    • Hi Raymond! I did indeed receive your first response and the second one. Thank you so much for YOUR kind and loving words back. I can totally identify with your response to Denise regarding labels. “(in fact, honestly speaking, I find the residue of it all almost “distasteful.” so “beyond it” am I with it all). The me of today, as you suggest, is WAY larger and more expansive in every way and on every level than any action-based function or role I could ever have been performing, back “then” and certainly now in these Ascension times. I’m finding all labels and self-identifying categorizations for myself, inherently limiting.” Wow! and YES! I’ve been fine tuning aspects of myself too – body image, social acceptance, job expectations, etc. It has been eye opening and so FREEING. I also wonder if some of these programs aren’t from TD to “keep us in check and feed off of”. All at the same time EMBODYING more Light, Love, New DNA codes, and so on. It has been physically painful at times but so well worth it. I love myself even more now.

      We hold so much within us that we can’t even comprehend. I had a dream a few nights ago, where I was helping to construct 4 to 5 NEW tents made from a NEW material (crystalline/diamond) – light but so strong and durable. I went inside one of them and said WOW! It is so much bigger on the inside (similar to a Tardis). The ceiling was a beautiful scene/image of Nature – like a looking pool – all I had to do was SEE it, reach towards it and I went through it -Like another portal or dimension. Everything I could ever want or need was there. It was paradise. SO, You, Me, We/ All of US are so much more – We are the higher portals and dimensions as we Ascend and Embody more. “Flesh it out” – like you said. Thank you Denise, Raymond and All for sharing your Heart and Soul – we are family. LOVE!!!

  • Hi Denise. Within a few weeks I have been tested and or tormented by a synopsis of fear triggers that began with the threatening letter from the city. Im holding up tho I still go thru the physical initial ptsd response and this has exhausted me. I even had lame dreams about vampires and zombie creatures… a cheap movie, and more that seemed geared to freak me out. Didn’t. The one thing Im focused upon is not giving my power away, all of my attention and focus and emotions beyond what is necessary. In the past I’d become completely sucked under. I’ve also seen where I’m holding deep grudges. Im seeing areas in me that are quite critical, judgemental, and legalistic (interpret as controlling) along with my personal lie or lifelong false belief, I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH. And I rise to observe and realize to let it go. Holding onto anything is like creating a damn within my energy flow. And daring to believe I don’t have to be afraid and intimidated! Daring to enjoy my life in the face of these things is a huge step. 5 years ago At This Same Time of Year I wanted to kill myself over this kind of stuff! And remember, Im not having reuinion dreams, I don’t remember why Im here, Im not in conscious contact with higher self or dimensions or ETs. I don’t particularly “see” anything. I dont recall other lifetimes. Nor do I experience any of the issues several of u share regularly in your blessed realities. But do feel energies and emotions overwhelmingly so from those around me. I therefore must consciousy go after freeing myself, or realizing I am free. Oh I must share that a couple weeks back after I had texted someone and I was just sitting but still holding this phone when my finger jerked. I looked down and saw 2 words! Please Protect. I took steps! And felt Much Better.

  • This has been one of the weirdest weeks for me. A feeling of sadness and even depression that came out of nowhere. I was just wanting to escape from all the negativity around me. One moment during the week I even felt a weird moment where I just clicked somewhere different. The negativity and depression just left me…just like a finger snap. And then a moment of feeling bliss and clearness. I feel motivation and love once again increasing. It was an audible loud click! Totally hoping I passed somehow. Don’t quite even know what I mean by that except I hope I “made it”.

    Also I felt the heaviness of 911

  • When people around my neighborhood (very nice people but clearly not spiritually awake) complain to me about how horrible everything is and “I guess we have to fight harder”, I say that what you fight you make stronger and suggest that they focus their attention and energy on creating the kind of world they would want to live in. The reaction from many of them is a stunned confusion followed by joyful excitement. They seem thankful to find something positive to do and be able to ignore the many awful things going on.

  • Never before have I felt such heavy energy as what is being experienced today. I remember well the 10th anniversary of the Twin Towers of 9/11 and how hard that day was to understand the feelings and the confusion. This day today takes the proverbial cake for the energy of those who have decided to go on and those who have decided to stay. The Separation of the Energy of the Worlds is happening and what is interesting to me is that I sense no fear from either… B.

    • Barbara & all,

      I think Easter/Passover weekend IS carrying especially heavy energies this year, probably intensified by world events including ND burning and all the turmoil in the world.

      Am definitely feeling more of a GAP between energy currents (ascending/descending). It feels to me that people are more firmly entrenched in whatever timeline they’ve chosen through resonance. And I am being inwardly guided to withdraw from energetic fields that are not a match for me.

      Peace & love to all.

      • “It feels to me that people are more firmly entrenched in whatever timeline they’ve chosen through resonance.”

        So true Thelma, you can feel the people who’ve sunk their teeth into whichever Earth world is a current match to their personal beliefs and desires etc. and happily going that way with great gusto, pride and determination. For many of us blossoming Embodiers, the Separation of Worlds process is educating us about being and remaining energetically and emotionally Neutral over it all and allow everyone the room and time to do whatever each of them is and will.

        Throughout the AP years I’ve many, many times thought of and felt profound gratitude and respect for those that have done this before us; those Angelics, those Lightbeings, those advanced ETs etc. who’ve allowed humans across time to struggle and grow, learn and become more. Every time I feel this I close my eyes and thank them all. Now many of us are evolving into that level and education in physical bodies and lives here now. The Higher and Lower Embodiment Process at Work today, now, in many of us. It’s nearly impossible for me to accurately express this latest 3rd Trinity Embodiment Wave and the conscious awareness and impacts being experienced on BOTH sides as they continue unifying in my body and self.

        I’m rambling because I’m happy the unpleasant lower aspects of this week have been traversed and superseded by greater Embodiment, even though it was rough going there for a few days! Thanks Thelma. ❤

      • Yes Thelma
        This Ester Sunday had eight massive devastating blasts at three famous Churches in Sri Lanka at the time of morning Easter prayer and at three five star hotels at the same morning time, killing 290 people and injuring more than 500 people. Feeling sad to read and see pictures of blasts on internet. Entire world is shocked. My heart and prayers for the affected. Don’t why terrorist s and suicide bombers are targeting places of worship? First New Zealand mosque shooting and now Sri Lanka’s churches……

    • Barbara,

      This past week — April 14-20th — was pretty horrible for Sensitives and Empaths everywhere. As the release of the redacted ‘Mueller Report’ loomed, the energies coming from people in this country, but also around the world, was incredibly amplified. Early morning Thursday April 18th, the day it was released, I woke up and could feel a tsunami of energy coming from the east coast of the USA and pushing westward like nothing I’ve ever felt before. This entire country, and much else, was permanently changed that day. The Separation of Worlds is happening…

      It was about a month before what happened on 9/11 that I clairaudiently heard and clairvoyantly saw something ancient, alien and nonhuman so evil and hate-filled say something. I will never repeat what it said and I believe this is the first time I’ve even publicly shared this much about it, but it was made clear by what it said, what it intentionally transmitted, that something very negative was coming for humanity on physical Earth. This was of course carried out and manifested physically by living humans. I’m being careful with my words here but this intentional creation of another timeline by Team Dark alien beings AND their human puppets was carried out. This same sort of thing is happening now via the evolutionary Ascension Processes Separation of Worlds. Again, I’m being careful with my words like I always have with touchy subjects like these. All of this crap has always been a case of us and them, not us OR them. Negativity is negativity, greed is greed, power-hungry patriarchy is power-hungry patriarchy etc.

      Back to this past week’s Third Triality Wave energies and the release of the long awaited report. It’s amazing to me to watch some people be shocked by the fact that their old familiar reality is NOT happening but this insane hot mess and rapid collapse of everything is. Most of humanity doesn’t understand what’s happening and why so to watch them and hear them talk about everything is unreal to me. They are clueless that the entire thing is circling the drain. This year and next is going to be increasingly difficult for all of us that do know what’s happening and why — the Separation of Worlds — and for the unaware who are and will struggle trying to support a huge system that’s Expired and has NO energy supporting it anymore.

      Because I’ve always felt what energies and emotions etc. mass humanity produces, I’ve known that all this was going to get hard for me at times. This whole week has been that in spades, so much so that I HAD to disconnect myself energetically from HHL for the past two days because I was in a seriously unpleasant mood, which I know all of the other Sensitives and Empaths here can feel and I do not ever want to subject any of you with anymore than you’ve, we’ve already got to deal with! Because everything is so accelerated now, the way High NEW and the way low old energies and happenings are happening simultaneously which further pushes one’s central nervous system to sheer overwhelm levels. And, no matter how good, great or exceptional anyone is at elevating themselves above the collapsing lower world(s), if you are sensitive and/or empathic at all, you FEEL humanity losing their minds, hearts, and in some cases their souls now too. None of this is easy for anyone but it simply is what it is and there’s a whole bunch more of this coming everyone. Solution? Embody, Embody, Embody more, more and more right here, right now. It’s happening anyway and has been like crazy this week (and will continue) but that has been and will at times again be momentarily overshadowed by the Separation of Worlds.

      LOVE to you all and deep Gratitude for what you all have done and continue doing via the AP and EP for All. ❤ ❤ ❤ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

      • Thank you for sharing all this Denise! I don’t follow news or media so I don’t know about this “report” but all week I have FELT so much. Physical, emotional reactions galore. I thought to share a dream I had this morning in the wee hours. “I was at my local bank, going through the “drive through” area. It appeared empty, closed but the president of the bank (which I have known for many years) was the only employee there (it is a small bank anyways with only 6 employees). I had gotten out my car and was talking with her outside in the lane and sharing my appreciation for her over the years, her kindness, her dedication. I then walked over to the ATM lane, stood in front of it, looked down and there was a gutter right under the machine. Laying on the edge of the gutter were 5 one hundred dollar bills covered in black dirt/mud/gunk. I picked them up and looked up at Ruth. I said to her, “I’m going to be honest with you, I just found this stack of bills laying on the ground – I don’t want/need them – I think you should have them/return to bank/whatever you want to do with it.” She took them and said “I may return to collections with the bank or keep it myself.” Whatever!! I then got back in my car – Blizzard Pearl (which my soul has shown me time and again as my physical vessel)- and transported away. Prior to this dream and going to bed last night, I had asked my Soul/Higher selves to communicate what is going on this week?? Separation of worlds!

        Thank you again Denise and ALL that comment here. I visit here everyday. I resonate with so many of you and your comments/sharings/stories/Heartfelt thoughts. I love you all! I really do!! Here’s to more EMBODYING. ~ Karina

      • “And, no matter how good, great or exceptional anyone is at elevating themselves above the collapsing lower world(s), if you are sensitive and/or empathic at all, you FEEL humanity losing their minds, hearts, and in some cases their souls now too. None of this is easy for anyone but it simply is what it is…”

        THANK YOU for saying this, Sister. It is SO intense to FEEL the collective. And as you said, even if we know it’s not “our” madness, we still FEEL the madness. Sometimes so much so that we (I) FORGET it’s not ours…for a little while anyway. Happy to read the major intensity has passed for you. This HAS been a crazy, chaotic week.

        Also, I HAVE to tell how much I am LOVING your book “The Temple of Master Hotei.” It’s such a beautiful, sensual, visual and (of course!) WISE read. The laughter of Master Hotei is so infectious that I find myself laughing myself! I’m at the chapter now where Ivory One advanced to Jade One. It’s one of those books where I can’t wait for bedtime and everyone is asleep so I can just immerse myself in it. You write BEAUTIFULLY, Sister. I’m shocked at myself that I’ve been following you for a decade and am only just reading it now. THANK YOU for encouraging me to do so!!!

        • Kate S.,

          You’re so right about FEELING the human collective and even though we consciously know it’s not coming from each of us, it is filtered through each of us. The main thing that’s helped me with this is that I was born a clairvoyant, sensitive, empath etc. so I had over 4 decades to master the fine art of discerning what’s mine and what’s someone else’s stuff before the Ascension Process even started.

          Thanks so much for your news about you and Master Hotei and Ivory/Jade One and the Inner and Outer Temples. I cannot even think of that life, that book of that life and not have my HighHeart just go off like fireworks and tears come to my eyes. Master Hotei — the Laughing Buddha — was beyond description. Keep reading as the best is yet to come. When you’ve finished it, please let us know how you feel about it. ❤ ❤ ❤

          [It took decades for that book to finally be published physically — intentionally during the AP — so don't feel bad for reading it now. There are important reasons for this too. ❤ ]

      • Thank you once again, Denise, for a-ha’s and clarity!!!

        I’ve been feeling so many waves of anger and despair the last couple days and having a hard time staying in my high heart, even once I get there. Yesterday a whole bunch of stuff exploded for someone close to me and created a huge emotional chaos/release of fear. Ultimately it was all for the good, and the person came to that conclusion on their own, thankfully! While it played out, I was doing my best to have compassion and hold space, but I also had a VERY distinct feeling of how important it was for me to hold my own boundary— to not take it on or try to solve it or heal it. I even said at one point something to the effect that as much as I love this person, I was not taking on their shit. I was a bit shocked those words came out of my mouth unbidden. I’ve had moments of feeling like I should have been more loving/supportive, etc. and even a jeering accusation came into my thoughts of “and yet you think you’re a healer? How would you ever be able to help anyone, just look at how you failed.” I’m grateful that I could see through that illusion somewhat, but your comments to both Barbara and Thelma are giving me missing puzzle pieces.

        I wonder if a lot of us here, when we volunteered for our various missions, did so with an insistence that we’d have access to this community and YOU to help us during this time. Thank you thank you thank you. ❤️

        • You did the highest for this person Kara and you did it because you DIDN’T “help” in any of the old lower ways. You helped by staying as neutral as you could and holding the space for him/her to explode and feel and then evolve to the next level. THAT is real Ascension related help — not doing anything for someone else but let them become more empowered and conscious from going through something on their own.

          You did exactly what you should have with this person and because of that you both gained a lot from this event. You both should be proud of yourselves. ❤ ⭐ ❤

        • I SO appreciate that, Denise!! 😘😘😘

          Also, Kate S., now I need to order that book, too. I read the sample before and absolutely loved it. Feels like TIME.

      • Hi Denise, Thur. the 18th was a doozy energy wise, I was a restless dizzy sleepless mess with watery painful burning ears. I didn’t put it together with the ‘report’ till you mentioned it. I also thought on Th that it was Wed, and as a result brought my garbage cans down to the street on the wrong day, Fri, thinking it was Th. Geez that sentence made me dizzy lol. So I had to bring my full garbage cans back up into the garage again. Yikes, hope that’s not a metaphor for holding on to garbage.

        A question for you: I have such varied dreams about getting on the ‘train’ – a symbol for the ascension, being on the right train, the right track. In some dreams I am successfully on the train, these dreams are quite reassuring, but in other dreams I get on the wrong train, or I’m lost, or asking for directions, or I am on the right train then get off to look for someone who is “lost.” In others, I can’t make a train connection because I have too much baggage and have left some of it on the ‘old’ train and am wondering if I should go back and get it, if I’ll have time before the ‘new’ train leaves. And on and on. So many variations of this dream, as if the dreams are hitting on every single dizzying “possibility.” (And yes I am dizzy most of the time these days.) You could say these dreams are all self-explanatory in and of themselves, but when you put them all together they’re like a big soup of contradictions. What do you make of this? Do you think these are varying timeline possibilities that are merging? When I asked my HS I heard ‘timeline polarity’ but not sure as of yet what this means…
        Hugs and TY, Debbie

        • “A question for you: I have such varied dreams about getting on the ‘train’ – a symbol for the ascension, being on the right train, the right track. In some dreams I am successfully on the train, these dreams are quite reassuring, but in other dreams I get on the wrong train, or I’m lost, or asking for directions, or I am on the right train then get off to look for someone who is “lost.” In others, I can’t make a train connection because I have too much baggage and have left some of it on the ‘old’ train and am wondering if I should go back and get it, if I’ll have time before the ‘new’ train leaves. And on and on. So many variations of this dream, as if the dreams are hitting on every single dizzying “possibility.”


          It sounds like you’ve been Working (capital W) on multiple timelines. It could also be you dealing with some of your different levels of doubt, self-doubt, confusion, worry etc. about if you’re doing enough with your personal AP and if you’re going to “make it” and so on. I know I’m living the AP and EP and yet I sometimes feel I’m not “doing enough” because I’ve got so many other things I’ve been dealing with. I feel I could be doing so much more if… But, if’s don’t count, only HighHeart and dedication do which means we’re both doing very well with our AP and/or EP processes. We’re more than enough when we’re Being the Light and Being the NEW and radiating all that all the time no matter what else we’re doing or not doing. ❤

        • “We’re more than enough when we’re Being the Light and Being the NEW and radiating all that all the time no matter what else we’re doing or not doing.”

          I like that, Denise, thank you.

          “It sounds like you’ve been Working (capital W) on multiple timelines.”

          This was really helpful. The capital W bit, as if I’m guiding other selves to get on track so we’ll all be on track. Exhausting, but also kind of cool. There are so many of me, lol. You’re awesome and I really appreciate your input.

      • Hi Denise and All Here,

        Since late March I’ve been completely obsessed with “Embody, Embody, Embody,” and as I do so, the prevailing external world “circles the drain” and goes down the tubes, descending ever faster and faster here in NYC. It’s been exhausting…I’ve never required so much sleep and rest…not as an escape, but as an acknowledgement that I’ve moved totally beyond the old and exhausted paradigms of glamour, fame, financial accumulation, “survival” and self-absorption that have defined NYC life for a great long time. As I embody more of the purity, neutrality, authenticity and humility that the AP/EP journey is requiring of me, I am being called into a deepening silence whereby I have virtually nothing to say to anyone, and yet can allow things and people to be where they are, letting the chips fall where they may. None of this, though, has been at all easy…I often say to myself, “there’s nothing left of me.”

        Recently, I’ve been recalling a phrase Neale Donald Walsch used to say in his “Conversations With God” trilogy from the mid-’90s…to live “the highest version of the grandest vision” you have for yourself as you move through this incarnation…and to live delusionally, as if I was “out of my mind.” Indeed so! Although I’ve moved beyond his work since then, I don’t think I would’ve been able to arrive at my current point of growth were it not for you, Denise, and the many astute, embodying Commenters here, each going through their unique process. I send HighHeart LOVE to all of us and thank you again for all I’m learning from all of you. Thank you, Denise, for creating this forum for us.

        • Good morning Raymond! You crossed my mind/heart upon waking. Several others here did too. I so relate to your aware words and Revelations. I have also been in deep EMBODY and all else falls out of sight. I don’t care to talk/interact with people too. I prefer to be with/communicate with my cat Daphne, nature and play in the kitchen. So, it is great to hear from you Raymond. Love to you and all else here.

        • Thanks Raymond,
          You so summed up the last few weeks for me when you said that you have nothing to say to people. I actually told two of my friends that I was going into silence and would not be available to interact. It has been such freedom. For me, this is also prep for going to Sedona for the Crystal Convergence (a returning home for me as I spent the Harmonic Convergence there in 1987). So glorious how HS orchestrates everything.
          Thanks again to you and Denise and All here!
          Love Love Love

        • “For me, this is also prep for going to Sedona for the Crystal Convergence (a returning home for me as I spent the Harmonic Convergence there in 1987).”

          These two Ascension events — 1987 Harmonic and 2019 Crystal Convergences — are connected (as all of this has been) but it’s so great that you’re able to physically be back in that same location for this anchoring and activation Nancy. Those of us who can’t be there physically will be there nonetheless. 🙂 Somebody take some photos of the sky above and around that area during this Convergence please. Thanks. We’ll talk about this afterwards if needed. ❤

        • Before I forget again Raymond B., I wanted to mention that Salvatore also lives in NYC I believe. Just sharing because it felt right to do.

          Increasingly over these ascension years I’ve not wanted to talk to most people out there. It’s not honest talk for us anyway plus it takes too much precious energy on our parts so like many of you, I’ve been increasingly silent for many, many years now.

          I am not kidding everyone but Chapter 11 of The Temple of Master Hotei is entitled The Sounds Of Balance. 😀 Just sayin’ about not sayin’! 😆

          As the old familiar ego aspect of us all is incrementally dismantled and transformed, and as the Embodiment Process not only continues but is now tremendously accelerated, many of us are naturally feeling this common side effect of “there’s nothing left of me” you mentioned Raymond. The big question is what’s “me” at this point? 😉 Those living the Embodiment Process are deep into this now because the more we Embody, the more “we” are changed into something NEW — aka “resurrected” — and vastly larger than what “we” were before this process started. This too is done incrementally so we and our bodies can adapt to the ever increasing amounts of our greater, Higher Self that we reconnect with in our physical bodies and lives.

          LOVE hugs to you too Raymond B. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Hello Denise and All,
          Thanks for the insights and I will take photos of the sky on that day in Sedona.
          Love Love Love

    • Barbara

      Isn’t it so wonderful to know through it all what is happening! Before I truly got it was mass consciousness I couldn’t understand what/why it was affecting me so much, however it made all the difference in the world, so to speak, didn’t stop the pain however it made it easier to get through it as I knew it was not mine…My ‘root’ chakra went wonko on Monday and didn’t stop until Thursday after the report was given, started back up today so gonna be a dozzy of a hit as today my HS gave me physical confirmation of a message that i got last week on Wednesday April 11, that the Financial Crisis is imminent so another hit to go along with the ‘report’ of Thursday… So it is a ‘hold your horses’ time as the Titanic is sinking fast!

      Love to All!

  • Hi Denise,
    Greetings from Australia!
    I have a question/comment not related to this post specifically but something you mentioned a few weeks ago – the wheeling noise waking you up in the early hours of the morning.
    I too had the same experience a few times however now I’m being woken up to the most delicious smell of bread being baked but when fully awaken it isn’t there anymore. Hence this is not coming from my neighbours or any bakery near by because of my location and it has happened several times just like with the wheeling noise. So, I was wondering if you or any of the readers had experienced something similar?

    • That’s lovely. It’s like you’re getting your “daily bread” from your higher self. It made me think of the prayer I muttered a million times when I was a kid, give us this day our daily bread.(I grew up Catholic, but left the church in my twenties.) I think it’s lovely symbolism. Don’t know if that has any resonance for you, but thought it was interesting.

      • Yes, it does, thank you 😀 I also grew up catholic so it makes sense and the smell is the most exquisite smell of bread I ever came across! Although it quickly disappears as soon as I’m fully awake (it’s been happening at the same time as the wheeling a trolley sound used to) I’m still able to have a ‘memory’ of it. It’s a lovely feeling of a new dawn if you will. I’m not psychic so this experiences are new to me. Thanks again and Happy Easter!

    • Hi gabriela1111,
      I’ve also experienced this smell you shared about multiple times. I called it “the bakery smell” lol. Only difference is that I did not experience this in the early morning hours waking up while sleeping but while fully awake during the day, usually evening. And you’re right, it’s not coming from anywhere externally such as neighbor’s etc nor was anyone baking as I was alone!

      • Oh wow Prabhi K thank you 😀 At least now I know I’m not the only one and that I’m not going crazy, lol.

    • gabriela1111,

      I’m sorry I missed your question.

      Aah yes, the smelling NON-physical smells that you’re positive are very physical! I’ve had this ascension side effect with different scents off and on for over a decade. The most common and longest lasting smell I’ve had was what very strongly smelled like burning incense and/or a strong smokey smell right in your face. It was so strong it used to choke me and make my eyes tear. Not bad for something that’s not even physical! This was so strong and lasted for weeks and months at a time that at first I really thought it was someone’s chimney smoke affecting me. Eventually I discovered that it was NON-physical and had to do with my brain being Rewired (this was a decade ago) and the brain glands being expanded too etc.

      Besides the common smokey smells and/or burning incense under your chin smells, I’ve also experienced years of being hyper sensitive to actual physical smells. I went through years of hating to cook anything because the smell of whatever I cooked would be with me for weeks until I thought it would drive me mad. During those lovely Ascension Proces years I had to stop using products with scent and go unscented. It’s like that whole part of ones brain was misfiring due to the Ascension Process and all the changes taking place in our bodies and brains, CNS and hearts etc.

      I’ve smelled really strong smells I was positive were physical and searched the entire house inside and out because I was smelling strong burning smells and thought something in my house like wiring etc. was burning. Never found anything because it’s always been NON-physical. It’s wonderful that you’ve smelled NON-physical baking bread smells. I’ve often smelled beautiful NON-physical scents like mixed flowers and other scents I didn’t recognize.

      • Hi Denise

        No worries, I got lost between the so many replies from this post myself so I understand.

        Yes! I now remember reading about the smells in your book “A Lightworker’s Mission”. I just would never guessed that a non-physical smell could be so, so physical! However, in my case as soon as I’m fully awake, the smell has almost faded away…

        It’s fascinating what you said about the brain being rewired. I love learning about neuroscience and have especial interest in the ascension process and how our brains respond to it.

        Thank so much for your reply and everything you do, Denise. Your book has left a lasting impression on me and your blog has been a huge help in this uncharted times!

        • “Your book has left a lasting impression on me and your blog has been a huge help in this uncharted times!”

          Thank you Gabriela and I’m glad A Lightworker’s Mission has helped you in some way. ❤

          Yes the brain Rewiring process has been happening right along with the body and everything else being Rewired to be able to embody and run such profoundly higher and faster frequency Light energies and DNA etc. As you know the pre-ascension human brain was a match to old lower Duality reality and consciousness and was literally separated into two halves. The ascending human brain (in the head I mean and not the HighHeart which is our NEW center and focal point) has been going through a constant state of being Rewired — new neural networks connecting the old right and left halves — so that the ascended NEW multidimensional Crystalline Light Human has a UNIFIED brain instead of the old two halves. So much has been going on over the past 20 years and continues to and will for the rest of our lives and well beyond.

        • Fascinating! Having a unified brain makes so much sense – from duality (two halves) to unified brain/consciousness! Thank you Denise ❤

  • “Plus there’s an old religious holiday happening now too that’s adding to the overall chaos, anger, distrust, BS and corruption. So… everyone be aware of what’s going on now and also be aware of how it is effecting you and what you write/say, think, feel emotionally and so on.” I’m so with you Denise as you state this.

    Every January roman catholics in the philippines commemorate the feast day of a greatly revered roman catholic icon known as the “black nazarene.” Media would herald this event days prior and on the day itself regale the populace with riveting visuals and stories about miracles associated with the icon and of devotees — how thousands troop to the metropolis from nearby or distant provinces and how they brave the rain or the sweltering heat to take part in the traditionally big-event procession that will take the image to its resting place in a historic cathedral in manila. Last year I chose to not ignore this event and to act as I felt nudged to do. Millions throughout the country like in years past had their focus on the spectacle with many engulfed by cries of despair and wails for succor while others immersed in quiet contemplation. I remembered how acutely I felt peoples’ energies of fear, disempowerment, and helplessness and how the event entrenched the force of peoples’ fervor over and supplication to the without-god, and these made me think of how team dark(td) must be having a heyday certain of its vast energetic harvest from those people.

    Your reference to an old religious tradition reminds me that today (19/04) is supposed to be “good” friday,’ the fifth day of the “holy” week that is a big thing in this predominantly catholic country (thanks to 300 years of spanish colonization!). There will be the usual processions, masses, throngs of people visiting churches (‘visita iglesia’), families reading together the “pasyon” or the book of jesus’ passion — as practicing roman catholics are exhorted from the pulpits (with the media’s eager support) to yet remember jesus’ crucifixion his great sacrifice to save humankind, as the constructed saga goes. This time, perhaps because one understands/remembers more, one withheld any energetic action from her end, not even in terms of witnessing, a departure from last year when I chose a course of action (similar to the idea of sending light in the wake of the notre dame cathedral’s burning) aimed to neutralize that of td’s.

    These are such pivotal, critical times that i sense we need to be extremely vigilant over how we expend our powerful energies and where we direct them. I feel that even my witnessing of this year’s un-whole-y (“un-holy”) week even sans any accompanying overt act as ‘sending light” to counter td’s parasitic effort, could be tantamount to a focus, ergo, an energetic contribution. So I totally concur with your wise counsel Denise that we “Ignore Rome burning and Atlantis going down for the last time.” Let the dying embers of the old and the last dying gasps of the old world dancers go completely unaided and ignored by us. They are not of and in our manifest (ing) NEW.

    • Yes, we either live these current Ascension and Embodiment related energies and do it ourselves here and now within ourselves and bodies or one remains disempowered, disconnected and focused on the past with it’s intentional distortions to keep humanity from evolving. Don’t celebrate ancient distortions, live the real thing that’s presenting now for each of us to do it and more. ❤

  • Thank you, Thelma, for your kind words. I’ve adjusted to it now, but it took me 2 years of effort! 🙂
    You know, almost all people who have children, do so because of karma. When you don’t have any in this life, it’s often because you don’t have any pressing karma to get done.
    (On a related note, I used to feel SO envious of people who had a vocation, you know, who said things like: “I knew from the age of 5 that I wanted to be a doctor.” I thought that must be great.
    Not so. I later learned that when we have a burning drive to do something in this life, it’s usually because we messed up there in a past life, and are desperate to make amends. So, someone who mistreated animals for instance, will have to be a veterinarian in the next life, to make good the suffering he caused. Whereas the less karma we brought with us, the more free we are in life).

  • dear Denise
    Now that a couple of members are sharing a little of their personal information herein comments, I realized that most of them are females in their late 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. I am also 47, female. It’s pleasing to know that Denise you and all others, those only ones you mention here like Lisa, Celia, Barbara, Sandra, Aluna, Karen,Inelia are all females of late age group. So it occured to me to ponder over and ask you “Is AP & EP essentially and necessarily an all women affair?” Isn’t it surprising that may be 90-95% of all your readers and followers of this site are women?” For me it’s a pleasant surprise. But for the reason of it, I look up to you. Is there a reason that all women troop was chosen for AP-EP work?

    • I’ve written about this over a decade ago at TRANSITIONS revital71.

      Has the old Earth world been ruled by a global Matriarchy or a global Patriarchy? The majority of ascension teachers/writers etc. and the First Everythingers incarnated in female bodies now because it’s been a global patriarchy for thousands and thousands of years. It’s called bring back what was intentionally removed by Team Dark. Our ages are part of this too.

    • “Isn’t it surprising that may be 90-95% of all your readers and followers of this site are women?”

      I would not draw such a conclusion by those you see comments on the website. While I believe what Denise says concerning global patriarchy and that perhaps 90% of comments on this site are women that does not mean that 90% of followers are women. Men have also been oppressed in this society although in a different way. You see men have been taught not to share their feelings and have a harder time expressing them. There are probably many men who follow this website and many who are first everythingers. We express ourselves differently so often our comments are either ignored or forgotten while we envy you ladies who are able to fluently express your deepest thoughts.

      • “Men have also been oppressed in this society although in a different way.”

        1000% correct Richard. ❤ All of humanity has been and each sex for different reasons but it's been all of humanity.

        And I know that I have many males readers, as do all of the female Ascension teachers/writers etc. These imbalances are now RAPIDLY being corrected via the NEW codes, templates, Light, energies etc. that are replacing all of the negativity and distortions done to all of humanity (and Earth and more) by negative alien beings long ago.

        ♦♦♦ I'm going to add something here for everyone. None of this is directed at you Richard, I’m just taking advantage of this space to add this.

        It has been and is going to continue getting increasingly imbalanced, overly emotional, violent even because of what all is currently going on with and in our government here in the USA. As the unaware become increasingly undone by all these NEW super high evolutionary energy Light codes, energies, the removal of Team Dark’s old distortions etc., the majority of humanity is deeply effected by all of this. Plus there’s an old religious holiday happening now too that’s adding to the overall chaos, anger, distrust, BS and corruption. So… everyone be aware of what’s going on now and also be aware of how it is effecting you and what you write/say, think, feel emotionally and so on. Every time humanity goes nuts over whatever, I empathically feel it, feel them which means I have to watch myself and not slide into depression, anger, frustration etc. All of you need to also. Some of it’s showing up here already which is why I’m writing this now. Be aware people, be aware of everything including you and your actions, emotions, words, thoughts and feelings etc.

        • ❤ Kara. It's been bad and it's exploding again now due to "the report" and all the same old BS from everyone that will come after it. Brexit, ND burning down and money being thrown at it to quickly replace it, pres. Agent Orange here being himself, and so much more worldwide. Many of us Sensitives and Empathic folks have been and will continue to Work hard on what's really important and not get sucked down into the old negativity doing its best to collect as many as it can. Humans are either Ascending, Descending or playing the middle believing they've got more time to continue doing this. They do not. Hold the higher everyone and do your best to ignore Rome burning and Atlantis going down for the last time.

        • Thank you for pointing out about the old religious holidays (Easters, and Ramadan (May-June)) adding to the chaos mix. I personally avoid reading about the politics particularly now because for some reason I feel getting sucked into the political drama is also another ploy to keep me away from rising above the old. I am really really sick and tired of the old world, and getting sick and tired of being sick and tired 🙂

        • Denise, thanks again from my heart. Your words opened a portal for me to clear what I needed to this morning to reclaim my I AM. I felt love and tears flowing, so much compassion for all the people hurting and not understanding why. I’ve mentioned before that my role feels different than others here, and I’m still navigating how it will play out and how I show up.

          In case it resonates with anyone else, here’s what came to mind as I meditated with a beautiful chevron amethyst.

          I AM the fruit of the tree I planted long ago and yesterday.

          I AM the the highs and the lows and the horizon where they kiss.

          I AM the joy and the sorrow, the full spectrum promise of sunshine through rain.

          I AM the the perfection of the rose and the thorn.

  • Hi Avian
    I turned 70 in February and I resonate with your comment. Some days it feels like joy and relief to be closer to a physical end here … other days I am lost in anxiety about it, not wanting the extreme suffering I have seen in others’ deaths. So I try to live a day at a time and surrender the rest to a/my higher power.. Thanks everyone for this wonderful community. ❤

  • Re, the earlier comments, I agree, it *is* a biggie, to not just accept that most all of the people we used to know have separated from us, but to come to the realization that the vibrational mismatch is now so serious – as Thelma says, we’re embodying more of our Higher Self all the time – that you wouldn’t WANT to be struggling daily with that frequency-dissonance!

    I think letting go of friends and siblings is fairly easy. We know that people do change. Who here is still true-blue, best friends with those they knew in kindergarten? No, me neither! 😀
    But I think a complete estrangement from your offspring is much harder. I’m sure every mother here will agree that however old your children are, your maternal link with them never really goes away. You were so close to them, and you knew them for so long. For decades, they were in every photo, your every memory contains them. It’s literally like erasing about thirty years of your life, and I found that very very hard to do. (Visit a place, and you’ll remember going there with them a few years ago. Walk into a bookstore, and you’ll see books you and they once read. Go shopping, and you see something they’d love, then you remember they’re not in your life anymore to give it to).
    And not all of us have Muggle kids! Some of us, including Denise (I vividly remember the photo of your son, and his beautiful face) had offspring who were starseeds, awake, and fully aware of the spiritual side of life, which makes it even sadder.

    For me, I may as well have lost my whole family in a fire! I don’t even get birthday or Mothers Day cards. I not only understand why the estrangement, but I was explicitly told, shown & warned over a year before, by my ‘spirit team’, that we would have to separate, permanently. And I still found it hard! It’s taken me a little over 2 years to adjust; they now feel like people I used to know, long ago, in some distant past incarnation.
    Friends, in comparison, were easy, took me about a month to process and move on! But I do think there is much more heartache when it’s your children.

    • Right Podvig, My team has been preparing me for this too, for years, and they still are, separation from children. Not now for me, but at the time of the bifurcation. As in, they will be on a different path. Same eventual destination, different path and timeline. They will be okay. I will be okay. I hear you, it hurts like a sonofabitch. I think my heart is permanently broken, but when I visually look inside, my heart is shining like a sun. That’s my love for them. I think in the way our higher selves watch out for us now, we’ll always be watching out for them, wherever they may be. Even though we are on different paths, we’ll always hold them in our hearts. We are all part of the ONE. We came together in one or more lives because we had something to teach each other, and were helping each other. I think it was brave of you to bring this up. I think it’s important that we say these things aloud somehow, as if speaking our truth out loud and unafraid is part of this process. Especially when all of our lives we’ve been taught that what we say doesn’t matter. This has been some party. Are we having fun yet? LOL Maybe some day I’ll be able to stop crying about all of this.

      I’ll add that I don’t think this is the case at all for many moms and dads reading here tho. I think in many cases children will be on the same path as the parents. I believe that those that are going to go through this or already have will have been prepared well ahead of time.

      • Thank you, Debbie. Yes, there’s a saying, ‘the fruit never falls far from the tree’, and our children are generally in our frequency range. (Tho my vibrations in my early 20s were a lot lower than they are now!) But they can still fall away/get attacked by Team Dark. I’ve found the starseeds and spiritually awake people I’ve lost, sadder than the ‘Muggles’, because with the latter you could see from the get go that one day your paths would diverge, if you see what I mean.

        • Yes I do see what you mean. 🤗❤️ As an aside on this topic, not referencing us, but do you ever wonder about the legions of women (it’s mostly women) who have chronic fatigue syndrome? It’s a rel new diagnosis and I’ve often wondered if it’s related in some cases to children. I’ve wondered if to put it bluntly many of them are mothers who are being fed on. I don’t know, but it’s an interesting theory I think. Because mothers leave their energy fields wide open to their kids. Or to their husbands for that matter. Bcs when you love someone that way you’d never suspect they could be, knowingly or not, draining off your energy in a TD way. Love, the tie that binds. I also found it interesting to learn that knots don’t stay tied on 4d. There’s a kind of symbolic freedom to that. Especially when you think of the saying “tie the knot.” It’s crazy but love can trap people here.

    • Podvig,

      You’re so right – becoming estranged from your own children has got to be the HARDEST thing, even if you understand the Higher reason. That’s probably why I didn’t have any progeny in this lifetime. All you can do is send them LOVE, wherever they are. And be extra kind to YOURSELF because of how difficult this is for you emotionally. xo

    • Podvig, I went through separation (voluntary) from my children and grandchildren a few years back, at a particularly painful and stressful time for me ( thanks to td). I realised that the ‘roll I was playing’ ie ‘mother’ held expectations and obligations that I was unable to meet, and therefore there were ‘consequences’ as a result. I couldn’t BE the ‘roll model’ I was expected to be, for many reasons including health challenges, and so I withdrew from ‘the roll’ completely as it became too painful.

      I spent most of my life either rescuing or attempting to heal others, failing to see that the only person NOT rescued or healed was me.

      As a divine sovereign being I chose to Be the version of me that is authentic, vesus the artificial, roll playing, door mat I was expected to be.

      I found myself in a situation that required ‘me to rescue me’, everyone else had ‘abandoned ship’, so I boarded the only lifeboat available to me ………. sink or swim time.

      Everything in Lisa Renee’s article is a portrait of my former life, some of it still applies now, I can’t have a ‘normal’ conversation with most people, I still don’t ‘fit in’ anywhere, my views are way bigger and broader than the average person I meet, I don’t feel part of most of it, and never have ……… oddball, black sheep, etc., etc.,

      I am part of the earth volunteer group that arrived post WW2, ( now pensioners) and it has been an epic task hauling myself through the constant challenging dramas that have presented on my journey, I am still here, determined to see this AP through, and will be at the celebration victory party ……. one way or another 😉

  • Hello Denise & All!
    Wow! I just got this Super Joyful feeling a few moments ago and so odd because it related to my physical death. I will be 70 this year and it has been a long fight as far as I am concerned. I know death is not the end of the soul/life so no big deal if I am leaving the physical, just thought that since I am still here by some wonder that I would witness the 2019-2020 major shift Changes and would meet up with(many here on this site) my spiritual family here in the physical… I just wondered if anyone else has felt this or has any resonating with it?..

    • Hi Avian,

      I got this super joyful feeling just driving into work this morning. Hey, what’s a day more or less – right?

      Personally, I’m in my 60s and totally agree leaving the physical is really no big deal. BUT, I really really want to stick around to witness the major shift changes (dang-it-all)! And it would be great to meet in the physical with many here on this site. What a lifeline this is for me 😉

      Cheers everyone!

      Forgot to mention that I was home all day yesterday and by late afternoon I had this unmistakeable feeling that a burden had been lifted from me. Seriously, I felt lighter & brighter and my home did too. Wow!

    • Avian, Janice & All – I’m in my 60s and my biggest priority is to witness and embody this Shift. I get the feeling that I’m moving on, though not sure what that means. Physical death would not bother me either but I’m grateful to participate in this transformation. Hopefully we will all meet up somewhere, somehow!

  • Dear Denise, as per usual my experience during this time is different! I think it’s a matter of my perception of my circumstances and inner faith. In practicality I lack a lot of life skills growing up under attack and surviving THAT. These past 5 years I have been growing up, but doing so under limited physical conditions. And so last week I came home for lunch and grabbed my mail. Oh! I had a “letter” from the city telling me it had been anonymously informed that I have a dead tree and it has to be removed IN 7 DAYS or all these threats, fines, and fees, will happen. And if you dont have this tree, sorry. ……. This kind information set off my PTSD by the sheer unexpected shock. The letters are brutally cold and attacking, intended to be threatening. And even tho I now realize that the ptsd is simply old automatic reaction and not the truth, Im still living thru a portion of it. And like most of us here, I’m alone, low income. And I have had to fight to maintain the high inner TRUTH and not bow down to fear. As of today I don’t know what to do but I know there is a way. And also other old emotional beliefs were triggered. (And because I have a part time job with fluctuating hours makes seeking a loan difficult.) But I feel the inner truth and spirit filling me up. There IS A WAY. There is a solution. (A coworker shocked me by creating a go fund me! ….not counting on THAT but am awed by his heart and intention. My boss also makes strong supportive statements that there IS A Way! I used to be afraid of this man! Wow 💙) Life is wonderful and beautiful. Now for patience and wisdom. May I receive inspiration and sound ideas! Amen!

  • Thanks for this one. I was just thinking today…
    “Its been so long since any Postive ET things happened… maybe i just made it up??? I was younger!”
    But your comment gives me confidence 🙂

    Also, had something working on me left foot/leg (problems for years) the other week. I could feel unusual vibrations coming through which reminded me of being on the ship. I then figured someone was assisting me and surrendered into it. It was a nice change vs team dark trying to kill me… haha.

  • Dearest Denise, I am grateful if you decide to publish this but will understand if you don’t. Your site and this community are an oasis in a vast arid land of unknowingness and slumber. Like you and your many commenters I feel safe and sense here a loving hearing for one’s witnessing and tentative glimmers of understanding. This NOW-here feels surreal yet so Real and True it unsettles. Perhaps this Beingness is (also) triggered by the intense DNA activations, Embodiment and separations that we talk about?. I don’t know. Hugs and love to you and all, Eleanor.
    So this is the Stillpoint in Nothingness, the Zero point? With a glass of cabernet I look out to the iconic mango tree outside of my small window, feeling into its pride in standing tall. The sun outside blasts this space of no space with its resplendent wisdom. We buried our 92-mother eight days ago. She left quietly, joyful in her serenity. There is no sadness, one feels only the missing. Freed of her physical vessel she must be in a happier place of no-pain, rest and Light now, how can one grieve? Chatters about reunions, who divorced who, and other themes that do not interest and are deemed of no import abound in this family-land where I presently am – they are tolerable until no longer and one runs back to her cave of silence. This must be the Beingness one acutely felt four years earlier (articulated in the below scribbling) but is one that I only now is coming to feel into and understand:

    “ Thank you for this time of no time.
    I AM. Naked. Faceless.
    No-one shaking hands with nothing-hand of nothing-one.
    There is no one.

    It is a strange place. This, this no-place.

    But I think this. I write this.
    Therefore I am?
    Am I?

    Zero is a thing. So named it must be a thing.

    I AM zero.
    Zero. Circle. Sphere.
    Half it midway = Heaven, Earth.
    Half it midway, divide it by the whole = sacred Phi, stretching into infinity.

    I AM Zero.
    I AM All. I AM Heaven and Earth.
    I AM Infinity.

    My new ID.”

    • Eleanor,

      Sorry for the loss of your mother and thanks for sharing your experience of Beingness. Maybe your “scribbling” (which is lovely) was a taste, four years ago, of what you’re now feeling. xo

      • Thanks so much, Thelma. I guess it will take a while for the lump in the throat to disappear each time one remembers small things or talks about our mother. But the missing is a peaceful feeling.,,,, Perhaps it was a ‘taste’ four years ago as you say. There’s still lots of inner work and steadying to do until now. Constancy in Beingness remains elusive. Love and hugs to you! Eleanor.


  • Hello Denise. Thank you yet again for your much needed post. I was especially taken with Podvig’s last comment regarding not wanting to see lost friends and relatives. I have felt for a very long time that I no longer needed or wanted certain people in my life as the only things we had in common were the past and have been irritated so much when they try to meet up with me. I almost feel violent towards them when they contact me, although I am far from being a violent person. I also feel that I have not been myself but I can no longer pretend just to suit others. Recently my partner and I had been invited to three events that neither of us wanted to attend but couldn’t refuse, so I sat and purposefully said that I wanted to be released from these events but didn’t wish to hurt anyone’s feelings. Amazingly we have not attended any of them as situations had arisen and we didn’t have to go and no one was hurt. I know I should just say “no” but still find it difficult to hurt people. However, if manifesting worked this time then maybe I’ll try it again. I am also suffering more joint pain, as someone mentioned, and find it unbelievable that my body can take this punishment much longer. I try to think I must be doing some good so I can cope with it as you all are. Many thanks again Denise and everyone here for sharing, it really helps. xxx

    • Linda P.,

      Conscious Creating is a good thing and what all of us are having and needing to re-learn now. That’s what you did, you Consciously Created yourself out of those old situations with people that no longer fit you and your energies and consciousness and all the rest of it. This is another big part of the Separation of Worlds, all of us intentionally no longer participating with the old lower frequency/consciousness Earth worlds and its inhabitants that we’ve energetically outgrown and makes us feel miserable going back down to. YOU have the power to intentionally change your reality by Consciously Creating what you want and no longer want etc. in your life. Don’t feel guilty for separating yourself from a world and people that you no longer fit with and vice versa. ❤

  • This is great, isn’t it, as Thelma said, it feels like we are all a family! 😀
    You all seem to be having such interesting dreams & visions, but I am getting nothing at the moment (which is unusual and depressing for me), just some vague recollection of meetings and discussions at night.
    Penny, your poem is *beautiful*.

    Denise, your remark about Sandra Walter’s soul/star family stuff. I had an interesting realization the other day. You know all those people we’ve lost? The friends and close relatives who turned away from us, or with whom we have no connection anymore, or who became Team Dark assets, or who for a myriad of heartbreaking reasons, are just Gone, no longer linked with us? So many of us were left alone, and how painful it was, even though we could understand the reasons why. (‘Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less-traveled by … ‘)

    Well I realized the other day that I don’t WANT these people in my life now! I really, really don’t, and it was startling and fascinating to realize that.
    If any of them turned up right now on my doorstep, I wouldn’t think, ‘Oh great, they came back!’ I’d feel, ‘Oh no. Now I have to make small talk, chitchat about boring things like cars and the neighbors and the latest gadget, and never dare mention anything spiritual unless I preface it with, ‘Don’t think I’m crazy, but ….’, and have them smirk at me …. no thanks.’
    This was a huge surprise to me. I suddenly saw with great clarity how a lot of my missing these people was just sentimental attachment. We really and truly are NOT on the same page or the same path. Yes, I know I sound like Captain Obvious here, 😀 but I’ve often had a wistful ‘poor me’ pity party, and this is the first time I realized that in fact I don’t even miss these people, I genuinely do not WANT them back in my life. What an eye-opener that was! (Took me a long time, but hey, I got it now. 😀 )

    • Podvig,

      I spent most of the 1990s and all of the 2000s dealing with MY issues with two of my blood family members. This was done within myself I mean, not anything done physically with either of them. It would have been impossible anyway. It was MY “stuff” that I Worked on layer after layer within myself for many years. About halfway through this deeply personal inner Work I came to the same realization you have which was that I honestly no longer wanted those people in my life because I had grown beyond where they were at. There was no more “common ground” for any of us and just because we were blood relatives didn’t change any of that fact. Since then I have no problem letting go of what I’m not a match with and vice versa. Why make everyone miserable pretending to be interested when we really aren’t in playing old BS games and roles etc. with people who honestly don’t know who we are and what we’re doing and why we’re doing it now.

      I got an email from a reader yesterday and there was one sentence in it that was so great that I just have to share it with you and everyone reading this. Someone very special to her had passed away recently and she emailed me about it. We talked openly about it, like we all do here about most everything, and she said this —

      “…AND, being able to tell someone and not having to call it a dream is priceless…”

      That statement is so, so huge and important to me as I know it is to all of you reading this. I’ve lived my 67 years not telling 99% of people who I really am, what I really do, what I really know etc. etc. etc. I’ve lived my life reducing myself, covering up what I really am, not being honest about my real Work and so on. I don’t even tell people I’ve written two books because their first question always is, “What are they about?”, and I already know that they are not ready to hear about what my books and me are really about. So when she said this about being able to talk openly, honestly, fully and not having to reduce or hide ANYTHING about herself, her life and experiences and that being “priceless”, well, I totally understand it. At this point in my life and phase of Embodiment, I no longer want to hide or reduce or pad what I am and what I do just to not freak out someone who doesn’t know about any of these things. And that includes relatives, friends and everyone else. Cannot wait to complete this Separation of Worlds!

      Congratulations Podvig, this one is a biggie! ❤

      • Yes, Podvig, congratulations! When I read your words, I could absolutely relate. I said “That a girl!” With a smile. So freeing. Thank you, Denise, for sharing the words from your email conversation. Absolutely priceless!! Oh how that struck home with me.
        Yesterday, the winds were intense in our area. I had no fear. Just listened to it, felt it. Saw the beauty in it. As I watched the trees disco dancing, I thought this is how I feel. Even though the energies are intense, I am the Willow tree flowing with it, allowing it to flow through me. In the process, some weak/dead limbs are shaken loose to the ground. I feel like the eye in the storm. Still holding space from my HighHeart and LOVE. Thank you again and much gratitude for you/us all. 💕

      • I would like to share an experience I had recently….I was attending an event to which one of these people from my life had also been invited. At first it was quite awkward for me, because I wasn’t expecting it, but everything shifted into this completely neutral space. There was no hurt, blame, judgement, nothing. If ever I run into this person again, it will be fine as there is no longer a charge for me and I’m guessing either of us. In reflecting, I can also share, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. I have quite a track record of running into people and being delighted to see the sweet face of an old acquaintance only to scare the sh*t out of them with my (inappropriate) happiness because the last interaction I had with them was so horrid, but I had completely forgotten!

      • I can so relate to everything Podvig conveyed in his comment about those old connections we can no longer connect with for a variety of reasons. I spent so many years feeling completely isolated/alienated/uncomfortable wishing I could re-connect with these people, missing what I used to share with them, wondering what was wrong with me and why I couldn’t be “normal” anymore. And like you said, Denise, I too have spent so much energy trying to reduce and hide myself in front of these people. It has been painful. I finally had to accept how much I simply don’t want to be around them anymore and I had to be okay with that. We’re no longer on the same page, the same book, or the same shelf. It takes up too much of my life force, and has become almost torturous to be around them. Like Karina stated, I too have had that “deep longing to be Home again” and I think I spent a lot of time trying to find it through those old connections, and then feeling “wrong” for not being able to do so. Thank you Denise and Podvig for your comments and further heart-opening validation regarding this.
        Oh, and Penny, your poem is beautiful. Thank you.
        Much love to everyone here… xoxo

      • OMG Denise, Podvig, Thelma & everyone else!

        All the years that I thought I was the only one dealing with these experiences, thinking I was the ‘weird’ one and blaming myself for people turning away/cutting me out of their lives.

        Thanks for saying things far better than I ever could. Whew! Love/hugs to all!

        • Janice & All,

          Is everyone better understanding how the Volunteer Forerunners, Pathpavers etc. have been living the Separation of Worlds for many years and decades even already? It’s one of many natural side effects of a person living the Ascension Process, and certainly the Embodiment Process. We HAVE to separate from those who haven’t begun this evolutionary process yet because it’s painful for them and for us to all be in the same space with each other when both sides have such profoundly different levels of Light (or dark) and frequencies etc. in them. We have been living and creating the Separation of Worlds for as long as we’ve been living the AP and EP and this has finally gotten big enough that the entire population is experiencing us going Home now. We’ve Pathpaved the way for any of them to come too if they want but we HAVE to go now and continue our own individual evolution and Embodiment Processes. This is important to understand and view from this perspective everyone. ❤

      • I agree with Denise: Podvig’s realization IS a biggie! Because most of us have Embodied a lot more of our HIgher Self by now, there’s a MUCH greater gap between our frequency and that of family members or former friends. In my own life, I constantly see people stream in and out and no longer question it. It’s helpful to ask ourselves after spending time with someone: how did it make us FEEL? drained and frustrated or energized and uplifted?

        I’m sure we can ALL relate to this from Denise: “I’ve lived my life reducing myself, covering up what I really am, not being honest about my real Work and so on…” There’s no point in trying to explain to others who we know just won’t GET it because they’re in a very different energetic space!

        I often journal out my thoughts about different life situations to more clearly hear my Higher guidance because there’s really NO ONE around me who can make sense of it. As Forerunners/First Embodiers, we’re pretty well spread over the globe.

        Thanks to Denise and all the dear Souls here for your courage and perseverance in seeing things through and for sharing at such a profound level. LOVE LOVE LOVE to you!

      • Denise, double yes to your experien of being incognito. It is mine too in a different way. Family have raised eyebrows at even mentioning the validity of thibgs as innocuous as face reading and diagnosis. No one truly knows what I’ve throught all my life or jus in the last ten years. I mean how can I make dying like a baked onion long overcooked for years and years then deciding I didn’t want to be never was that anyway, alone tearful forgotten… when ok I’ll end that annalogy, when everyone was getting on just fine with their lives, makng money, getting married, now having kids and the world as their oyster. I’ve come to see the part of the world a large that does not recognize anything but success – that I’ve had to die to in myself too many pipeline dreams and am better off for it. The truest companion has been the physical presence of family who may never see me as who I am and my dog, who is old now and gets it but troughs along right with me no complaints as a really good sport and friend. Thanks, I’m amazed that I haven’t died yet physically and will go along as far as I’m needed or can. Does anyone else get information through pictures formed by ordinary things in a particular assortment especially words formed in text your eyes filter out the rest, join certain ones together, to make out? I’ve wanted to learn embody a more internal of knowing which is coming gradually than having to read cereal boxes or open a randon book and see what the message of the moment. Al this is an immense work in progress I guess.

      • Everyone,

        I just discovered this great blog April 16, 2019 post by Lisa Renee this morning. Because it is what it is and honestly talks about what are to me basic incarnate Starseed side effects from Earth humanity, I wanted to include it here. It needs to be read and better understood by more Starseeds young and old. We all can relate to it deeply. Like Lisa Renee, I’ve always been the “strange one”, the “outsider”, the “weirdo”, the “maverick”, the “System Buster”, the “hippy”, the “loner” etc. The Patriarchy has hated me since I arrived here. Anyway, here’s Lisa Renee’s blog post. Thanks for it Lisa Renee. ❤ [Lisa Renee uses NAA which stands for ‘Negative Alien Agenda’.]

        Ode to Starseeds

        “Many of us that are on the Ascension path, or have awakened to remember ourselves as a Starseed, have come to the earth during the Ascension Cycle to actualize our unique blueprint and mission, attempting to embody the highest template of Christos Consciousness possible, and to help support the mass planetary awakening. Most Starseeds chose very challenging earth bloodlines to incarnate into during this cycle, as well as co-created very aspiring spiritual missions in pre-birth agreements, to stretch themselves into the outer limits in order to reach their heroic probability. We knew what was at stake in this specific incarnation. Thus, many of us have front loaded intense consciousness lessons and karmic clearings in this lifetime, in order to master the polarities and entities, and to gain mastery over the technological mind control and learn about the anti-human culture impacting this planet. As a result of the front loaded 3D earth lessons, many of us have suffered through intensely disturbing and difficult childhoods, trying to make sense of the world around us, as well as cope with the dysfunctions and abusive situations arising between our own biological family members.

        Most Starseed people suffer from extra levels of memory wipe and are harassed more directly by the NAA, starting in childhood, in order to discourage them from discovering their true mission and spiritual purpose. As a result of this specialized dark harassment, many of us may develop an unconscious complex and pain body thinking that something is deeply wrong with us, or that we are a bad person, because we cannot understand how we found ourselves in this strange predicament. Was I a mass murderer in my previous lifetime, that this ill treatment is actually justified? You have a right to be baffled and confused by this ill treatment, as nothing is as simple as it seems, and the narrative we have been told is false. We have to awaken and remember why we came to the earth during the Ascension cycle.

        Before we incarnated into 3D earth, we understood our responsibility to heal the family of origin bloodline, and that the spiritual support we would have to complete ancestral healing would be made available to us. We just did not remember or know how much hard work that would actually turn out to be! Additionally, after some years of slogging through the miasma, at the master number age of 33, we generally reach another threshold of completed genetic pathcutting and kundalini activation. Our holographic re-patterning expertise is now applied to the collective consciousness grids of the earth, making us a gridworker by default, an acupuncture point to run rainbow frequencies into the grid, sharing our unique DNA pattern with the earth. We find ourselves with streams of light and kundalini current blasting out of random body parts, sparks coming out of our hands and fingers with an increasing sensation of an open and widening heart and crown used for spontaneous transiting and soul retrievals. Sleep no more Christos Starseed, because now your body is an organic God technology in which during sleep and awake hours there is no difference, you travel to the ends of the Universe to answer the clarion call, and work with other spiritual family members on what needs to be done.

        In this stage of development our personal world explodes, all personal interest and preference in 3D is washed away into non-existence, and all that is left is the truth spirit and Service. As a result of this Starseed mission, many of us not only suffer from an Orphan Complex, during various stages of our ancestral clearing and healing process, but may also experience ourselves as being singled out as the “black sheep”, the oddball, the outcast, the weirdo. Many conventional 3D earth people around us seem to sense that we are energetically different, like they know we are different but cannot put a finger on what is different about us. They do not feel comfortable about those differences, and begin to develop clever ways to verbally attack, emotionally manipulate or cope with the fear that is surfacing by blame shifting. Gaslighting 101, straight from the NAA dark press. Many times a Starseed person can feel singled out for isolation, ridicule, ostracism, and being accused of things that they did not do, acting in the archetypal role of scapegoat. Oh my scapegoating, let me count the ways, how many times were others emotional burdens thrust upon me as if it was my fault? Standing there like a wallflower trying to go unnoticed, only to be subjected to another’s emotional theatrics, a boatload of dark spit balls and etheric weapons only to be told it was my fault. This repeated pattern does not exactly help our confidence levels, as when you are considered the odd person out in a group of people, where you don’t feel to be fitting in anywhere, it’s a lonely and bewildering proposition.

        However, the most important piece in this Starseed experience is that although it is not pleasant to have people easily feel they can use you as an scapegoat or whipping post, it is a great learning opportunity to master the world of forces, and the 3D negative ego. To understand that if you do not completely love and accept yourself and reclaim your own spiritual power, someone or something will try to rip this light out from inside you by making you feel small. On this planet the default setting is to use ridicule and character defamation by the local schoolyard bullies to make you feel bad about yourself. We must come to the level of recognizing ourselves for who and what we are as Starseed people, unapologetically but harmlessly, knowing it is our job to take our power back, and to love ourselves unconditionally for all we have been through, knowing it all has purpose. We cannot keep acting as the doormat for parasitic exchanges, being sucked dry from idiot compassion, allowing our light, our heart and spirit to be eroded by those who are run by fear and intimidation.

        This is my public confession as a Starseed, that I have always been considered to be the oddball, the black sheep, the weirdo. The one that people around me cannot understand, and to be constantly criticized and put down by those around me that seek to gain control over what they cannot understand. As a youngster, I had thought of myself as the red head step child, the beat up kid that the Universe didn’t want. God knows it took me most of my life to understand and fully accept my Starseed-ness, in so that I could reclaim my personal power and stop caring what others thought about me. In order to fully reclaim my authentic Christ Self, I had to choose expressing my personal truth over all things, and learn to ignore the stream of dark accusations leveled towards my service mission. The dark is the darkness, and it lives in the shadow of ignorance and confusion in people’s minds, it just is the way it is. As a spiritual catalyst, as a person that loves truth over discomfort, I have never been popular or well liked, instead my mere presence makes some people deeply uncomfortable. All of my life was a struggle to conform to others expectations of me, struggling to make ends meet, struggling to make it through the day, living as someone else that was unrecognizable to me. Even now in my own direct field of experience, I tend to be labeled as things I’m not. I live my life on earth as generally feeling very misunderstood by the majority of people, the fish in the wrong pond, an oddity here on planet earth.

        I share this experience with the Starseeds of this world so that you know you are not alone in feeling this way, the earth is a strange and beautiful place, but the judgmental nature of the mind control here is set up on turbo. And this takes some getting used to, that you will be labeled or looked at to be the black sheep, or an oddball, for just being yourself. And this is the made up persona used by others unconscious pain in so that you are made to be the whipping post for that unresolved emotional content which is not understood, and remains unreconciled in the shadow selves. Some of the most baffling things I’ve learned about being on the earth, is that in general, 3D people do not understand the value system of ‘live and let live’. Instead, they tend to immediately act threatened if you do not want to conform to their lifestyle and agree with everything they say. Somehow 3D people take this personal, which is really strange to me. How is it that just being myself, as authentic as I know my inner self, to be threatening to another? This is earth, and its surreal down here.

        Recently, we had a Starseed community member share that she felt she walked around the earth with a big “F-You” on her forehead. This blog is dedicated to you, and all of us that have felt this same way over the years. She shared that people seemed to react to her in excessively negative ways to put her down, and wondering why this parade of people seemed to want and even enjoy sending an stream of emotional garbage while excluding her. I laughed out loud, having recognized this pattern throughout my life also, as in the hardest times of my spiritual nomad phase, I was convinced that I was marked with a message in my etheric layers that said “kick my butt”. Later I learned that my butt was getting kicked really hard because:

        I had to learn my lessons, see my influence and not abuse my power.
        I had to totally love and accept myself, the real part of me that is unique and seems weird to others.
        I had to take full responsibility for my mission, my life, as it is now.
        I had to toughen myself up and stop with the idiot compassion.
        I had to listen to my inner spirit always, no matter what.
        I had to trust God and no one else, fearlessly.
        I had to see where the darkness was blocking me from achieving my mission.
        I had to motivate myself to keep going, never give up, even when the dark was royally kicking my butt.

        Starseed people, you have been blessed with unique and sometimes otherworldly gifts that make you appear to be different to others. So many of us struggle to find common interests with the 3D lifestyle, and yet this is not who we are and what we came to offer this world. In many ways, you are a person from the future, and are some of the brightest and biggest lights in this world. You have much value to offer the people in this world. Sometimes the brightest lights threaten to outshine others around them, and sadly, this tends to make others feel insecure about themselves. So next time someone says an off-color remark, remember this person feels insecure about themselves. I know you don’t think you are powerful and so bright, but you really are! Muster the courage to reply and say something kind, bless them to find inner peace, and go on your merry way. Insecure and fear based people are a plenty in this world, and a simple act of kindness in the face of insults can actually restore faith in humanity.

        Starseed people, do not make yourself small and cringe when you are ill-treated in this way, called the black sheep or weirdo, a person that is excluded from the mainstream acceptance. We are here to resist the mind control programming, we do not conform to the slave mentality, you are here to show the way for others around you. Being unique and different means that you are making an original contribution to the earth culture and impacting the world by fearlessly shining your light, and speaking and acting in your personal truth and from personal integrity. Personal Integrity is the quality of being truthful and honest with yourself and others, it means living as you are right now, aligned with your own personal value system. From this day forward, may your personal prayer include that you commit to serve your heart and that you will always be true to you. Honor your entire being and honor your life force, inquire and put forth the effort to know the real contents of your heart’s desires and look for that higher purpose to keep spiritually growing. And only really give to others what feels joyful and aligned for your person. Do not bargain yourself away or sacrifice your truth, be bright, be light, be harmless, but stay strong and steady on the course! We are in this together.”

        With Love and GSF,


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        • “We must come to the level of recognizing ourselves for who we are and reclaim our own spiritual power.”

          This was an extremely important article from Lisa Renee…It felt like it was to me about me! For the last 20-25 years I have kept myself to my self…It felt much safer. But now, loving ones self and unconditional love will be my goals
          Clouds may part, but I have my weapons of discernment, love of gaia and myself…..on my journey home…
          Can you imagine what it would be like to have 2 starseeds together in relationship…wow…stuff daydreams are made of…
          Thank you Denise for sharing.

        • I had a dream in the 90’s in which my Grandmother told me that I was here to break the ancestral lineage. It was quite vivid and stuck with me. Thanks for reposting this. “Idiot Compassion”, haha, love it.

  • Sitting here reading all your comments, my heart bursting with love for you all and listening to Aphex Twin’s ‘Heliosphan’ and ‘Tha’ from his Selcted Ambient Works 85-92, which seem to encapsulate all the feels of your comments and Denise’s article (for me) in musical form. Music seems to describe such complex multidimensional concepts. Makes me feel so much better. So reassuring to know others cry “over everything and nothing” like Kara beautifully said, and Penny’s poem is wonderful. *sob*
    Sleeps seem to be very challenging, so much going on, never restful, always exhausting, I like the comments on the previous article about the dream meetings! I looked in my journal and Thursday night, 11 April, UK time I had a good dream (this is so very rare for me) I was at an event, like a bar; we’d been up all night, everyone was hanging (UK slang for that morning after feeling) and there was some kind of breakfast event (like someone mentioned about the banquet) but it was so joyous and comfortable (usually I am socially awkward the morning after)… It was definitely a celebration.

    So comforting to read about others’ experIences!
    Also, Wednesday 10 April, I went to a gong bath, it is always a beautiful and quite physical experience for me, and this time we had a Peruvian cacao ceremony… Towards the end of the sound bath, I felt like I was physically spinning in a vortex, it was not unpleasant, but very intense. I didn’t know how long I could remain calm for! It reminded me of times I have had out of body (sucked through my crown chakra like a Hoover) experiences where I have experienced meetings on higher dimensions. The spinning stopped after a while and turned into gentle rocking, like I was sitting in the palm of someone’s hand, being utterly supported… Someone else in the class had the same experience, and interesting, it was the same night that the images of the black hole came out. I feel like I tapped into vortex energy and it is interesting what you all say about the meetings/celebrations on higher planes and the timing of these black hole pictures.
    Thank you for listening and thanks so much for making me feel part of something. It is such a comfort to read everyone’s comments, to know we’re not alone in this. Cosmic waves of gratitude and love to everyone 🌈⭐️💖🦄🎆. Xxxxx

    • Charzi,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with music and spinning in a vortex after your gong bath. Made me want to find a gong bath somewhere near me!

      We’re NOT alone, we’re in this energetic space together, each of us helping to create a new world with our frequency. I find appreciating beauty and harmony in ALL forms (for me, often visual) resonates with my spirit, LOVE to you!

      • Ah, thank you Thelma 😘 If you get a chance to visit a sound bath near you, i can highly recommend it for clearing and rebalancing your energies. Gongs, crystal singing bowls and shanti chimes… Bliss. It’s my medicine at the moment in these intense times. Lots of love to you too. 💓⭐️⭐️ XXXX

  • Awesome, Denise, could feel you rushing to get this out! Glad you mentioned Galactic Federation because I was distinctly told in a dream a while back that I was a member! I even saw that Higher aspect of myself – very tall and slender, wearing a flowing garment of some kind, with a small wing sprouting from the left shoulder.

    The point you make about our needing to release all expectations of what’s coming feels HUGE to me. We must indeed LIVE this experience first and will only understand it later, if that’s even possible. Though maybe it will be from a Higher perspective.

    Sandra Walter’s comment about needing to be with Star & Soul family at this time explains why some of us can already see ourselves sharing stories at that higher dimensional bar … and WHY the sharing on THIS site has become so warm and real. We recognize ourselves as Family and we sense we’re almost Home.

    Thanks, Denise, for sharing your insights and “knowing.” I know our DNA activations and the “gateways” appearing in April are related to each other, probably happening at the same time. Will be interesting to see what this looks like from the human level.

    penny – your poem is LOVELY! Thanks for sharing.

    Podvig – I too sense there’s a kind of pressure building this month and part of me is on high alert, watching and waiting in the Stillness for “something.”

    Love to you & all here.

  • I had the most amazing “dream” last night. I was lying in bed between what I thought was asleep and awake and suddenly in this spinning vortex that caused me to black out momentarily. When I came to I was in my small apartment but knew I had “ascended” to another reality and was glad. My only concern was that my cat may have gotten outside during the transport. I began looking for her and was having trouble because my eyes couldn’t see well as if I had on dark sunglasses. Anyway i soon realized my apartment was now inside a huge mansion with elaborate paintings and furnishings. I passed several large rooms and remembered Denise had written that she would take her house with her but this wasn’t what I expected This was the most elaborate mansion I had ever seen. Finally I wandered through the huge garage filled with several luury automobiles and into the lush gardens with surrounding fountains and pools
    Still having trouble seeing I thought I found my cat but it was a little rabbit. As I wandering down the path my eyes began to see better and I noticed several people. I ran up to an attractive young dark haired lady and asked her where am i. And she started to explain I was outside on the far end of the property and my house was in the direction behind me. I said you don’t understand I just now woke up here. As she started to response that reality began to fade and I was back in my bed. But my head was spinning and ears ringing. I looked at clock and it had been about 30 minutes since I went to bed. Amazing.

  • Yes Denise, as per usual, your post is such a wonderful confirmation, and an encouragement that all is well… just keep keeping on… yes, I had a whole day last week, that I was aware of being in some sort of meeting. It seemed that the whole week was dealing with things, on an energetic level… then after the meeting, I was aware of connecting to the dragon energy, that has been helping me through for quite some time now!! I was also conscious of holding onto the ‘job’ of Temple Builder, and staying with that ‘thought’ no matter what… I even felt sad that I was no longer choosing to ‘stay’ and help others… so yes, thankyou, once again for the wonderful confirmations that you give, it is much appreciated, and yes, I wonder what the next couple of weeks will produce for all of us involved in this process. Kindest regards Lyndal

  • Jesus 🥺 goodness. The body can handle this? Right now I’m feeling like I’ve been in the ring for two weeks with a really friendly flowery Michael Tyson who keeps knocking the shit out of me in so many different ways…hard, it is hard. Stuff releasing at night, odd pain, origins unknown, energy in my belly formed into ball, a physical shape, and moved up and out. Never experienced that. I feel like an event hall inside cleared and cleaned out completely for a wedding, empty, there’s just last bits of dirt dust wood that feel real obvious being brushed out of an empty space. I woke up two mornings ago to a large group of new beings, as well. So many delicate creatures standing around that I might have said “excuse me” as I rolled to the bathroom, but every morning has been some exhaustion, heavy energy, joint pain and delusion from dreams, so I had little focus for being polite! I could see them parting to let me walk to the bathroom though! The number of them surprised me too made me wonder So much dreaming this week, are we supposed to make sense of any of it yet? Constantly told not to think. Sexual energy is odd. Anger and hostility with no clear origin. Fear up in the air all week, seemingly impossible to predict how it will attach to situations, people. I’ll skip the details. New possibilities and physical direction for change arriving right on cue, mind blowingly on cue. But my mind is already “blown” so seems normal!! I’m so mad and I’m so freaking happy all the time it pisses me off. Parts of me are showing up I don’t even know what to do with. Punching some people would be really great, though. I don’t know how our bodies are going to be able to handle higher and higher levels, though, specially after reading your report and thinking about reality. I mean how can these bodies do this?!?? I thought I was a Toyota Celica, am I a Ferrari?! How can we do this? And then some being yells a word at me this AM right at my forehead head, little prick (cuz why not since it’s an open house smorgasbord multi-dimensional zone now!) ugh! how dare he yell at my head!! I feel like a big brat I just want to workout and be in good condition, function through this and not fail. I really wish I had friends that understood this I’m lonely for them. I wish I could hug them, is that weird? I don’t have people yet but I feel them coming. I also feel someone’s here I’m going to be in love with. It’s like feeling computer files in your body, The future is with you as it arrives, which is before it manifests. It’s hard not to want to open that file! 🙃😛 And yet…even with the future already here, right now is perfect and nothing is needed…part of the mystery of multi-dimensions. It’s been a rough glorious golden six weeks (exhale) love and peace to you and all readers💛

    • Yep, yep, yep and yep to it all Marcy. And don’t think about any of it much because a lot of it all is human collective Dark Night stuff up and on its way out. Like I said, it’s a shit-show out there now and it’s pretty wild on the Inner Planes too.

      Punching some people would be really great, though.

      😆 Yep to that too sometimes!

      I mean how can these bodies do this?!?? I thought I was a Toyota Celica, am I a Ferrari?! How can we do this?

      We’ve been doing it for the past 20-plus years, it’s just that we’ve finally reached the really big and impressive level with all this — Embodiment, capital E! Much, much more to come so deep breath, more faith, less thinking, big HighHeart for yourself constantly, and try to not get blown away by these constant escalations happening this year, next and beyond. Big ❤ hugs.

      • Marcy, your honest and lively report really resonated with me. Thank you! I’m currently sitting in the locker room at the gym while my kids are at the child center, sobbing because of everything and nothing all at the same time. Lots of love to all. ❤️

        • …sobbing because of everything and nothing all at the same time.

          Big ❤ hug Kara. When the solar energies are hitting hard they often cause the HighHeart to expand more so it can Embody more. During times like this I too often weep over nothing and everything, like a purging of sorts every time our HighHearts expand and Embody. You are LOVED and loved. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Kara, big 💖 hugs to you too. I feel you. Friday, the 12th, was my birthday. I woke up feeling soooo sad. When my husband woke up, he wished me a happy birthday and I broke out in tears, deep sobbing. Part of me felt a deep longing to be home again. That I have done my part and ready to move on back to wherever. It was a rough day, but eased up by evening. Been feeling, dreaming so much. You are loved and never alone beautiful!

        • Kara, I so understand your crying!! I’ve been doing that too for maybe 2-3 days, I think. I can’t place the reason, there is a longing for home, without a consciousness of “home.” Just crying for something/someones/somewhere I don’t know but feel and for joy for this incredible, incredible, incredible Victory. Also, I think Denise mentioned (or maybe it was her excerpt of Sandra’s report) self-care is super important/recommended right now. I just went to a natural mineral spring today. Tomorrow, Korean spa. Both inexpensive the way I do it. It sure helped!! I feel your tears, I’m giving you a hug.:)) I’m glad my uncensored craziness/report helped!

        • Hugging you right back, Marcy!! 💓💓 I’ve never been a big fitness person, but right now intense physical movement is the most effective self-care. I appreciated all the love here and went back for a run and it felt so good. Would love a good mineral soak, too!

      • Thank you, Denise. Your kindness set me off again. 😭 So many deep feelings of unworthiness, failure, disappointment, resignation are surfacing to be witnessed and released. A strong desire to beam myself out of here and HOME. A couple of times since Friday, I felt it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if I just spontaneously combusted.

        I was thinking earlier about how during birth, once the baby’s head is in the birth canal, the mother’s body will naturally push it forward and then the head will come back in a little (two steps forward, one step back). It’s a repeated process to gradually stretch and minimize tearing. The teacher in my first birth class taught us this so we wouldn’t get discouraged during that very last part. (Of course, during all of my labors I was too impatient for that, ha!) I felt this type of rhythmic energy during a meditation last week in peeling off a shadow layer. And it really struck me today that this analogy fits for the Separation of Worlds birth. THE HEAD IS IN THE BIRTH CANAL. So that’s a really exciting and great thing. But it’s also the most intense, painful, and unpredictable. Anyway, typing this up helped me reframe what I’m experiencing, and I’m grateful for a place to process where people understand and have empathy. Thanks again, Denise. 💗💗💗

        • Karina, thank you! xoxo I’m glad your birthday eased up by the end. That day is usually super charged for me, too. I know I’m dreaming a lot, but I don’t remember most of it. Sending love.

      • Okay I will! We are going far beyond where we already are I just don’t know how the body can handle this, like we need a new suit for new levels now. Oh, that’s what’s happening. We are getting a new suit! So we can handle it physically?!! I was watching two films this past week about rockets taking off, all the effort was made to change the make-up of the metal, so it could handle heat/explosion/speed/altitude. Hmm. Okay! My holy cow. I think I am shocked I didn’t know ALL OF THIS would happen in high school or at some younger age, I cannot believe I didn’t know..this. Speaking of past/memories, they are slipping away like papers on water. So odd to have my life loosen and float away, huge understatement. Bless you, thank you 🙂

        • “Oh, that’s what’s happening. We are getting a new suit! So we can handle it physically?!! I was watching two films this past week about rockets taking off, all the effort was made to change the make-up of the metal, so it could handle heat/explosion/speed/altitude. Hmm. Okay! My holy cow.”

          Marcy, current compressed evolution is exactly the same; humanities “metal makeup” is being “upgraded”, rapidly evolved, to survive entering higher and higher Light levels and frequencies and live their lives in them. ❤ Mini revelations are just the best aren’t they? Keep going girl, you’re on a roll. ❤ ⭐

      • Denise, i found yr comment, we have pathpaved the way for others to follow. Such a consolation, as it seems, we have never been heard, and disconnected from all. Is it just because we have downloaded light, done our best, in thought, word and deed????
        I had a thought!!!! We are opening up, in the space denise, created for us to share. It so wonderful, to be in contact with others, and know er not alone, in this world.. thought was… make a book, of it. When we pass, all our experiences, pass from this world. It would be a record, when we gone. Maybe we still wouldnt be heard.

        The next bit i think is on comment, if not could you seperate 2 bits. I live in glastonbury, sacred heart center. We have lots ley lines, crisscrossing. They get muddied, some by human dark activity, so we have lightworkers, who keep eye open, n keep cleared. The abbey holds the spot of first that christianity set up. Dedicated to mary magdalena. There also a magdalena ley. My dentist on it, notice it muddied, by old male, patriachal mysoginist energy.. kept download light. Mon had go it had felt like dark entitys, were laughing at me. It beyond me, so asked help. Felt all the inner suport. A beautiful tiger came, cos she could teach me camoflage. Txt freind help. After went to abby ,point where the original mary church. Downloaded light. A strong cold wind blew in the budding trees. It was dissapating the darkness, being lifted. Got home, all felt good, strong download day…(dont know which of 4 waves, it is) knocked me out….then, on tv, the notre dame in flames. Another magdalena, site. Weird, syncronicity. Attacks on the sacred feminine.. magdalena, christs twin flame, was ment to lead new church, but got userped by patriachal. Her symbol is the blue rose. So penny, yr poem, moved me. The opening of the rose, in our heart, as the divine femine, comes back to earth, loving the balanced male. In unity… we are doing this in ourself. Was it syncronetic, you published, if for us when you did…..???? Can i ask you all to send light, to these sites, if you feel to do. My star familly, all love the divine feminine. I have all my life, working for her return, so we can get balance back, and the sacred marriage. The male freed, and functional

        • “Can i ask you all to send light, to these sites, if you feel to do.”

          Linda H. & All,

          No you cannot, not here at or through HighHeartLife Linda H. Why do you think it burned down now?

          The NEW levels of Divine Mother/Feminine and Divine Father/Masculine have absolutely nothing to do with the past patriarchal Age(s) restricted and distorted beliefs about them and Source God All That Is and they certainly don’t need churches or buildings etc. to contain, express or remind humans about them. NEW Earth and NEW Humanity is about them being embodied and/or Embodied by every individual human. All is within instead of the old negative inverted all is without each of us. So no, no sending light to the old lower world’s places of religious distortions to perpetuate any of them.

          Daconian Vat city and the big black cube next.

        • Dear Linda and all,
          I don ‘t know if sharing the poem was synchronistic, but I did feel a very strong pull to send it. I am beginning to trust my feelings more and I am humbled by comments that it was enjoyed. It came from “another place” ..a place that has always guided me.
          I am glad that you and other lightworkers are there helping to clear the energy in Glastonbury. I was there about 5 years ago and my visit was short..because of strong energies. I did, however pick up some crystals that are stunning.
          Yesterday, another church roof in St. Louis burned……….Notre dame was on an ancient Goddess site like Glastonbury.
          AND the blue rose stain glass windows in Notre Dame were not damaged! food for thought I am thinking…
          and Denise you are so right about much more coming…last night was heavy, but I have a deeper understanding and for that I thank you and all that come here.
          Much Love

        • What you said Denise, was exactly how I felt about ND burning. And guess who is donating tons of money to restore it? Some of the world’s super evil 1%ers.

        • Exactly Jain Lee, the elite TD human puppets doing anything they can to have the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds not cause their end. Rebuild the past no matter what, keep humanity fixated on what they’ve been habituated to and controlled by.

          There are certain words I try to not use online and this next part I’m going to mention deliberately won’t have names and dates etc. included for these reasons.

          The old big black cube I mentioned in another Comment has its TWIN in NY and that one is inverted into the ground like a big black hole with water pouring down around the four sides of that cube continuously. Water amplifies energies and this black cube built in NY a few years ago is there to ALSO constantly suck emotional energies out from humans just like the big original religious one in another country.

          Flip side of all these things and structures etc. is Harmonic Convergence which took place August 1987, and Crystalline Convergence taking place this month, April 2019. These two Ascension related energy events are very much connected and in timeless quantum time could be considered different energy octaves of the ongoing Ascension event. Put all these things together now and these different world events make more sense as the Separation of Worlds greatly expands right here, right now. From Harmonic to Crystalline…

        • Dear denise it going to take a while for me to absorb yr comment. As i understand it it was earth, herself, setting fire to nd, to clear it from all the patriachal crap, energy that had buikt up there. Needing a priest to connect with god. Utter blasphemy. Christ says, the kingdom of heaven, is within you. I was joyed, that holy fire, burnt out the old energys… That what i ment, by send light. ( is it earth grid work) to sites, to support clearing our the old. Maybe it dont matter, as old construct over… i hope it is part of 5d as work for new earth. Often, i dont ‘get your reply comment, to me’ .some times i need 3d time, to understand. Thanks for reply. It was part of heavy download… other lightworkers have aided the souls, of many monks, stuck in abby grounds, because, they were to frightened, to move on, for fear of going to hell.

  • I appreciate your articles Denise, this one really shone a ray of hope onto the tiny bud I have in my heart’s garden. I have been just getting by and surviving in a void. I was beginning to wonder if the act of surviving is the sole purpose of life. I look forward to any update you all have!!

  • That was interesting reading as always, and thank you very much, Denise. I came here minutes ago hoping you’d posted something.
    Yes, I cannot switch off the awareness of that Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and I find myself thinking constantly about the separation of worlds, because it’s so inwardly tangible!

    As you say, Aprils are always ‘get ready for …’ months, but the vibes this April are something else, never known anything like it. It feels weirdly like I’m breathing and preparing myself for an important battle; but it’s a battle I know I can win. (I’m not saying that is it, just the best equivalent I can come up with to try and nail the weird ‘watchful, yet confident’ feeling.
    It’s going to be fascinating to reach May, I wonder what the rest of this month will feel like!

  • Dear Denise
    There is a softness happening for me that wasn’t here before…a gentleness. I relate to you…. that all the information isn’t always there for me, I felt compelled to review all my journals I have kept for the last 10 plus years…with my experiences and visions I have had…if I may a poem I wrote in the nineties ..(delete it if you like)

    Hidden in the centre
    the pattern is a rose
    unfurling latent petals
    power that unfolds

    Our never ending dance of life
    so pure and simply defined
    of geometric vibrations
    winding,undulating through time

    as we begin our walk in balance
    the final seal is placed
    activating central structures
    a commitment that was made

    tetrahedrons now rotating
    our breathing resonates with one
    aligning with the primal beam
    in unison…. we journey to our home.
    Cetara (one source)

    Today I saw a round donut shape with spear or crystal shape running through and a vibrant pink reddish heart on the wall…….
    love to all

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