Accelerated Ascending & Descending

alarm Warning: I’m still raw from the sudden illness and death of my cat and haven’t fully stabilized yet, not that most of us are doing so great at stabilizing ourselves from everything that’s happened and will continue to happen. Because of all this and more, this article may contain some serious cursing, heartbreak sobbing from one sentence to the next, general frustrations and sadness shifting suddenly into abrupt joy and excitement caused by Higher Awareness Knowings, all of which will hopefully be explained clearly enough by myself below. Hopefully, but maybe not. I need more sleep, rest and releasing. Thanks for understanding.


I don’t need to say how unbelievably miserable, shocking, painful, unnerving, frightful and downright traumatic life and reality has been since November 8, 2016, election day here in the USA. If you’re a Sensitive/Empath, you FELT (yes, in caps!) massive waves of repeated emotional shock, disbelief, pain, fear, anger, confusion and sheer panic from the human masses in the USA and around the world, and it continues and will increase as this American Brexit-like change becomes increasingly conscious in more people around the globe. Problem is that the masses aren’t consciously aware that all this chaos, negativity, blatant hustle, ugly revelations of what’s always been hidden in darkness and silence until now and wild changes have a positive causation behind them — that being highly compressed evolution. Many times the “monsters” are used to get The Higher Job Done, which in this case is to force humanity to wake up very quickly, and the “monsters” aren’t consciously aware of it due to their monumental egos, narcissism, limited awareness, delusions of grandeur and other low imbalances, illnesses, weaknesses and consciousness.

There’s “disclosure”, which many have demanded from governments for decades, and then there’s real full-blown, ugly and suddenly in-everyone’s-face type disclosure and that’s what humanity suddenly has now. You can’t demand or expect that only the specific bits and pieces be “disclosed” that you want in exactly the ways you expect them (UFOs, ETs and other related things), not during the Ascension Process. No, this is all-inclusive, high low, throw in the kitchen sink spiritual disclosure and it’s not what most were hoping for or expecting but is light-years beyond and is utterly necessary for mass humanity. They need to consciously know so they’ll redirect themselves towards evolving now. Things are so much easier to do and change when you honestly know how profoundly horrible, dark and evil they’ve actually been all along.

One of the main things I’ve been concerned about for myself over these evolutionary Ascension years is if I’d be able to not be affected by other people’s emotional energies when major things like what we’re fully in now happen. Most Forerunners/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Indigos were born Sensitive/Empathic (and much more) and have—like it or not—always felt humanity and their emotional energies. For the sake of our sanity and health we’ve had to learn how to not be run-over, derailed or broken by other people’s lower frequency emotional energies just because we can feel them.

Decades ago I could barely stand the period from Friday evening through Sunday evening because of beliefs the masses held (and many still do) about those hours and days and the almost mandatory “partying” — getting drunk, high, laid or whatever that people were hellbent on achieving every weekend because… because… because it was what everyone did! Repulsive herd mentality. Same with Summer here in the USA and “vacation” time and beliefs that goes with that. Next were the primary “holidays” here, all of which are war and/or religion related. It has not been easy or pleasant living amidst this constant stream of lower consciousness and reality that the unaware and unthinking masses endlessly produce.

What we’re in now is 1,000 times more intense and many have been flattened, shell-shocked, emotionally traumatized by the onslaught of other people’s emotional energies in November 2016. You realize there’s much more to come right? This means the Forerunners have to get ourselves up out of the muck yet again and get back to Higher Work shining the NEW Light that is us while the patriarchy devours itself for all to finally see in this global reality show. Often being a Lightwarrior is far easier than maintaining 5D HighHeart centered life while the old world and consciousness around you descends even farther into negativity and darkness. This is the Separation of Worlds and it’s very visible physically now. Much of it now has to do with those same human masses I was complaining about earlier, very quickly waking up and evolving into something they’ve never even known was possible before November 2016. That is some major evolution happening very quickly and the Forerunner Sensitives and Empaths are and will continue to feel humans and what they’re going through so get back to your HighHeart center and stay there as best you can. Easier said than done sometimes I certainly understand but it’s what we’ve got to do for ourselves, for them, for Gaia, for everything and everyone everywhere. We are the Living Embodied Light and we help stabilize and anchor during profoundly extreme times and shifts like what we’re in now and will be throughout 2017.

emotional wounds

Having said all that great sounding stuff, I want to share with you how my 11½ year-old Ascension buddy and best physical friend cat began his physical death process on November 8, 2016, election day, and died on November 16th. Like humanity freaking out that day over the presidential win wasn’t enough. So much for maintaining HighHeart in the eye of the storm for me. Good god almighty this has been the longest 9 days (yes, 9 energies of Completion lasting 9 days) from November 8–16th out of time Zero Zone experience with nearly every fucking minute lasting half an eternity and being emotionally and physically, heart and body painful to the extreme. I’ve worked to stay conscious through all this plus not steer it one way or another but let it unfold while I discerned, as honestly as I could under these highly emotional conditions, what was best for my cat and myself now. This was a 9-energy test/transition for me in so many ways.

My cat was dying because it was time for him to do so, but how I dealt with it and what I learned from it all was/is as valuable as our 11½ years together were. This little feline guy has literally been at my side since Spring 2005, and he’s been attacked by Team Dark multiple times right along with me. He’s been my physical Ascension buddy and partner and I’m glad he exited at the end of these 9 energies of 2016, to have a good long and much-deserved rest and play elsewhere. Our relationship was appropriate from early 2005 through 2014, but I’ve known that after his two strokes in early 2015 (5–6 months after my Mom had her stroke in September 2014), that I could Care-give them both for only so long before it took a toll on me and/or interfered with or diminished my Forerunner work. I knew the cat would exit before my Mom, but he and I still had to live and die through all that. What a time it’s been since the start of 2014…

The point I’m trying to make is that because we’re at the threshold of the last 9-year long cycle at the end of 2016, and the start of a totally NEW higher evolutionary spiral in January 2017, a lot more people, pets and everything else like companies, systems etc. will suddenly be dying/exiting and no more. Do your best with their sudden leaving and get back in the Ascension saddle as quickly as you can Forerunner because you and your abilities are needed now so very much. The crying continues and will for a while because our fur friends are so, so special, especially these Ascension companions. What Lightwarriors of Love and loyalty they have been for Forerunners and those awakening during such difficult and dangerous times.

cat-smiley Wait, crying again, can’t see the computer screen. sobbing

Physical sounds have been very Zero Zone-ish recently meaning what I’ve heard sounds to me to be highly amplified and slightly distorted in some unusual ways. Space, distance, travel speed etc. has sounded (and been) unnatural again, indicating we’re moving into another NEW area physically and energetically. Also I’ve been clairvoyantly Seeing flashes of human and nonhuman faces and bodies and other strange beings from across time and space. Some very weird-looking beings and many of them really pissed off! We’re most definitely transitioning between the last 9 at a lower level and the NEW 1 at a higher level and it’s drawn in some very strange beings and creatures, both positive and negative into this unusual space we’re traveling through. I’m too exhausted at the moment to give much of a shit one way or the other however. I suspect that’s a positive thing considering how emotionally beat-up I’ve been since November 8th over my cat exiting in super slow motion—in addition to the political patriarchal shit-show insanity and most of humanity reacting to it.

What did everyone think or expect the downfall of the patriarchy was going to look like and be and how did you think the unaware folks would react to it all? Some people want big change but much bigger change is what they’re going to get and not for the reasons or through the people they believed would bring it. Sometimes some people’s “heroes” or “leaders” etc. are just the physical vehicles to collapse what needs to disappear altogether because its time and structures have Expired. The trump chump crew needs to do exactly what they are to shock people into their HighHearts and consciousness so they take personal responsibility and stop endlessly handing over their hopes, dreams, expectations, thinking and power to other people. 5D life and reality requires people to be Self-Empowered, Self-Source-contained and connected or individually Sovereign in other words. Sometimes seeming “monsters” are needed to push people into growing and changing when they don’t know how to or want to. Things are not what they seem at the surface level but so much more, and all very positive because they’re causing people to wake up fast. 2017 will be much more of this as old systems disintegrate under the Light and individuals and smaller Groups everywhere starting to do and build for themselves in 5D HighHeart ways and exit completely from the old ways and beliefs.

ice1-3 icezero-3 icezero-3 ice1-3

Weird, amplified sounds. Intrusive never-before-seen other dimensional beings popping in suddenly to have a look-see and feel at me/us here. My body and heart/chest/spine at the heart area hurting terribly due to periods of intense kitty mourning and it letting me know that living with an expanse of high and low is not good because the energetic gap is way too much. Severe physical and emotional exhaustion causing need to sleep/nap/rest and be motionless because we’re in profound transition now. Feeling, Seeing, Hearing multiple dimensions, realities and beings all crammed up next to each other and humanity as the old world and reality enters accelerated Descension and the rest enter accelerated Ascension. Just that’s bound to feel, look, sound and be rather weird and unusual at times. Have you noticed the great increase in Angelic activity recently too? The higher levels and dimensions are as busy, chaotic and yet perfect in all this too but occasionally it feels rather unnerving down here to See Angelic Beings hustling to keep up with so much change everywhere.

I’ve seen the number combination of 1 0 0 1 constantly this month. It’s not 10:01 as in time, but in 0 representing the Zero Zone space after the 9 energies of Completion and before the start of the 1 energies of New Beginnings (January 2017) on a higher evolutionary spiral of existence. Combine all this and it’s no wonder we’re exhausted, excited, dazed and amazed, achy both physically and emotionally, perceiving NEW stuff and beings and much more.

As painful and exhausting as it can be when something or someone in your personal life dies and is physically gone, understand that this too is part of the ongoing changes we’re all going through. If they need to exit, let them and love them for the gift they were in your life. None of us can live in the past now in any way and this can and usually does take some sudden and unexpected manifestations in all of our lives so be prepared to let go of even more. This transition is huge and not all will remain in-body to go through it and that’s perfect. There’s been times when I’ve wondered if I was going to be able to remain in this Denise body and ride this thing to the other side. I think we’ve all had moments when we’ve thought this about ourselves and that’s perfect too.

What a ramble this has been and I’m sorry but I’m not here nor there but in the in-between, the Zero Zone, participating in the release of the old in preparation for NEW fires and connections to be fully lit in our HighHearts and Souls. What does it look like and feel like when your Higher Self and your Lower Self merge in a physical body? We’re finding out as I write this so don’t throw the towel in at this point!

Denise Le Fay

November 17, 2016

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37 thoughts on “Accelerated Ascending & Descending

  • I am so grateful for all of us on the planet at this time who agreed to be here and anchor the light for the planet. It’s extremely powerful to know that we consciously incarnated here for THIS EXACT time on our planet. And reading your work, Denise, and the comments helps support me for sure. Denise, thank you for your commitment to service even as you process the loss of your baby cat. Our animal companions are pure light and remind us how to love unconditionally. I’m also happy to know that not everyone is being sucked in by the illusion of the election. The power that holds the veil of illusion is one that will never have one face or one name. But our power as “the Living Embodied Light” is far greater. Thank you Denise for these words! And for sharing what many of us inherently know as our mission: “we help stabilize and anchor during profoundly extreme times and shifts like what we’re in now and will be throughout 2017.” Bless you. Bless all of us. Love to all. Kim Macy.

  • I want to Thank everyone who has Commented and emailed me with your love/LOVE, support, compassion and personal knowing about how profoundly difficult it actually is to have a much beloved pet and Ascension “co-pilot” die. It causes pains like absolutely nothing else can.

    I respect our animal partners more than I do most humans because they just ARE and they just LOVE no matter what. The animals have always been HighHeart fifth dimensional beings down here in old 3D, and then in evolving, Ascending 3D through horrible 4D and finally into 5D.

    I know 2016 has taken it out of many of us but that’s only because we’re about to enter something so NEW and better that it’s hard to comprehend, especially after what we’ve all been through as Forerunners. I want you all to know that each of you is my Light Family down here and that you’ve often helped me to continue pushing forward during those times when I’ve wanted to crawl into bed and call it a day. Thank you so Light Family, now let’s finish this thing already. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • inifnite love to you and your kitty. the animal companion stuff has been extremely painful throughout. i do hope we get to see them again.

      i’d been wondering about this nine-year idea. but this stage of my journey, the most excruciating part, began on Dec 27, 2007. that’s nine years ago. it has been, quite literally, HELL. underworlds. dark christian ghosts. including deceased relatives. offworld archons and draconians determined to use christianity to control those of us who are Real. so anyway, i had a death on that date and woke up in hell. but also freeing trapped souls from the underworlds. millions of them. with others, and some helping these poor tortured souls on the other side of this underworld realm to heal them. there is so much going on in all these realms.

      so now it’s nine years …

      thank you denise and all of you here.

      Infinite Love,

      wow, they work we do!

    • Hugs to you Denise. Your site has kept me going. I can’t really express how much. But it has been a sane point in an insane world. Thank you and to all of those who share their innermost thoughts it’s a comfort knowing others are out there having a wild ride too.

      Bless you


  • I love you so much Denise. I know how hard it is to lose the fur partner. Today is the 1st anniversary of the death of our beloved Nine and I have been dealing with the death of my beloved Joe for nine months now. How is that for synchronicity? You have explained so much of what has happened to me over the last year in this one blog entry.

    I was absolutely ill, physically, on election day. I do realize that the Patriarchy would have won either way, but this was so much more grief than “my person lost”. I know so many aware people feeling that way, but was surprised at the number of “unaware” people who came through afterward and expressed physical illness. I was reminded of a part of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in which one character explained the emotional impact of the destruction of one’s homeworld … even if one were across the galaxy.

    It is good to know why this feeling persists. “Comfort food” has been about all I can choke down this week… it has been like an emotional flu. I keep coming back to my Great Loss this year of Joe (my spouse for those who don’t know me) and think how smart he was to take the opportunity to leave when he had it.

    This has been a hard year and it would appear that things are just going to get harder.

    Sending you waves of love.

    • I love you too Deb. ❤

      Deb & All,

      I watched a TV show the other day– Last Week Tonight — I think it’s called, and at the end of that episode they were on the street talking to people about how they felt about 2016. They had dozens of people on the street look into their camera and say, or yell, “FUCK YOU 2016!!!” Not only was it funny but cathartic as well seeing so many people give voice to their pains and frustrations over how brutal 2016 ( 9 energies ) have actually been.

      Yes there was a literal, tangible, energetic shift — like a reality punch — that literally reverberated throughout this physical world and reality on November 8, 2016, and what we Sensitives and Empaths etc. felt was a whole lot of humanity around the planet be impacted by this one change to patriarchal reality as it’s been for so long. There will be Stair-steps to this dismantling of the old lower everything for the people, the human masses (and us who do know what’s happening and why too actually) to give everyone some “time” to adjust and adjust and adjust over and over again so as to get used to living in massive change worldwide. And then I sense something really big and wonderful will arrive energetically to change the game entirely in a split second. When that happens exactly shifts slightly from moment to moment now but it could, could happen in 2017, possibly even early 2017. I think back over the past few years and how ass-kickingly potent every April has been and I wonder if… Time and Forerunner HighHearts will tell. 😉

      • “And then I sense something really big and wonderful will arrive energetically to change the game entirely in a split second. When that happens exactly shifts slightly from moment to moment now but it could, could happen in 2017, possibly even early 2017. I think back over the past few years and how ass-kickingly potent every April has been and I wonder if… Time and Forerunner HighHearts will tell.😉

        Thank you so Light Family, now let’s finish this thing already.❤❤❤”


        Love, B.

  • Good day fellow light warriors!
    Thank you Denise for mentioning the holiday thing….Yuck… but not so strong this year?
    Most difficult for me in being witness to my mother’s dementia decline. She told me once she knew she had been “gone” and not understanding why.
    My dog and I both have heart murmur and one kitty has skin issues as do I. The other one is just fat and doesn’t like strangers. I guess my point here is we match (no other earth word) I was reborn in my Indian heart in 1999 and have been gifted many emotional experiences from a dying deer hit by a car, a calf from poison to my long line of furry four legged family that are on the other side of the rainbow bridge waiting for me. Tears here for all who understand this and from my side of the US to yours Denise a BIG HEART HUG

    • ‘…The other one is just fat and doesn’t like strangers.’

      Oh god sunny that line made me laugh and I haven’t even smiled in so very long so thanks for it. I can totally relate and feel the same way myself as your cat does — fat and don’t like strangers!!! 😆 Hugs back sunny.

      ‘Most difficult for me in being witness to my mother’s dementia decline.’

      Indeed, it’s a horrible thing caring for someone whose not the person you used to know. So cruel for those involved.

  • Denise 😓

    Sending you huge high heart hugs and comfort.

    It’s difficult enough being in the throes of what we all are in now, but to lose your furry co-pilot in the midst of it all is truly heart wrenching.

    Your dedication as always much appreciated and admirable. And boy, if there was ever a time to not have it, I would imagine it would be right about now. So hats off to you.

    Wishing you strength and divine assistance in helping you and your mom through this sad time.


  • Just wanting to send some love to you and your feline friend. My furry angel passed on about 4 years ago and was trying to teach me deep and needed lesson right to the end bless him…so I feel with you.
    Thanks for all you do on here, for your info and honesty. We keep on keeping on.
    Katy xx

  • Hello, Denise,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. It’s so hard to lose our companion animals. I still think about my dog from years ago frequently and miss her.

    Since May, I have been very much out in the world and working. In September and October, it was particularly intense and I managed to get through it by staying in a state of balance. I only got knocked out of it twice during that time. I guess I am staying in my heart center most of the time now. I wasn’t as surprised by the election results in the States (I’m in Canada) as much as other people were, because I didn’t have a distinct feeling about who would win. It was still hard and it still is not to get caught up in people’s shock and emotions about it. I am doing my best to stay centered through it all. And thank you so much, Denise, for showing us that it’s simply the separation of worlds becoming manifest. That makes so much sense and I so do not want to live in that world.

    I gave you a big hug yesterday. And here’s another hug today.


  • My heart is with you.

    “We’re finding out as I write this so don’t throw the towel in at this point!❤”

    Shit, the towel I have is threadbare, frazzled, a towel I no longer recognize, a mere scrap of a towel, a wisp of a towel tried and tired, one that barely can be laundered….. but, no, I will never hang it out to dry!

    Denise, your ramble was absolutely THE most high-heart spirited one I’ve read absolutely to date, one sorely needed and so much appreciated. Ramble on, my friend, and here’s to our beloved Four-Footed who are, from my perspective, the Forerunners of the Forerunners. Love, B.

  • -big hugs- 🙂

    Everything will be fine!!

    It has to. I can’t step forward unless I believe that.

    Sorry about the loss of your kitty. Hope a virtual hug cheers you up maybe 1% 😉

    You’re not totally alone!


  • Hi Denise. Sending you a massive hug. I am so sorry about your cat. They reach places in your heart that no human can.
    I nearly threw the towel in. I have to say. After the last light influx and releasing I did, I sustained a four week intense attack by TD. Every time I did my 12d shield everything seemed to come at me. There was no peace. It was shadow stuff, demonic interference all in one unending stream. My thoughts were not my own. Last weekend I was so tired I didn’t know where to turn to sort it. In the end I asked for angelic help. Good ol Michael he saved my bacon as he has done times before. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to ask for his help before. But I think that was part of the attack. Anyhow, I am back to being me again with some inner peace. I opened my back door this morning ,just before dawn and the last of the stars were shining along with the waning moon. And I thought I am so lucky to live here on planet earth. She is just so beautiful.

    Love and light to you. Xx You’re a star

  • Hi Denise,

    So sorry to hear about your beloved cat…the strength you show gives hope to us all! May your cat be full of joy in his new life, and may you find some level of peace at his passing xx

    Before I switched on my tv the morning after the election, I suddenly remembered the morning after the Brexit vote, when I was full of shock and fear. Whatever the result, I told myself, this time I would smile and embrace it. What does it matter anyway, what is happening with the doomed patriarchy? It is in its death-throes, and will crumble – one way or another. The sheer CRAZINESS that DT could be elected president – well, that oughta’ wake a few people up…right?

    This thing is happening…regardless of what politicians do or say!

    I heard Delores Cannon (recently discovered this lady) say in 2006, that when the new earth separates, it will not be an obvious fact (to most people). She likened it to the blades on a fan, which seem to disappear when they go very fast. This makes complete sense with regard to what I am feeling, right now. The earth is vibrating higher & higher. Soon, it will be vibrating at such a high frequency, that it will no longer be visible to those at a 3d vibration. The old, 3d earth will remain, vibrating at a much lower rate…hence, two earths. This is what I understand by the separation of the earth. (Does this make sense…or have I got it wrong?)

    Since 11/11/16, I have felt this process dramatically increase. I let go of a LOAD of ‘crap’ on the lead-up to this date, and now I am feeling much better in myself, and the vibration I can hear/feel/see is greatly speeding up.

    Most notably, has anyone noticed their ‘ear ringing’ change frequency? I used to liken it to the sound of the rainforest…or crickets. Now, however, it is far higher – more like a high-pitched whistle.

    When I am in bed, at night, the room is aglow with zillions of tiny, white sparkles, and I can sense the great VOID of space, all around me.

    I can SEE everything around me (when I focus) gently vibrating.

    I can hear, almost constant singing – angelic voices – and I can feel the presence of angelic beings. I often feel a cool breeze on my face.

    The fear has greatly reduced…fear keeps our vibration low. I try to just embrace everything.

    I see the numbers 9 (my life-path) & 22 EVERYWHERE.

    I keep waking up at meaningful times. The other night, a white butterfly ornament fell off the wall at exactly 3.33.

    I keep adding up numbers that have been with me for ages (ie phone number) and getting the #9…again and again, too much to be coincidence.

    My conscious, logical mind has given up questioning all this…well, almost! It is REAL. That fills me with joy.

    I think that we should ALL be filled with joy (NOT that that’s always easy). To realise that we are not alone, that we are loved beyond measure…it is like one’s wildest dreams coming true! We are truly blessed.

    Much love, to all,

    • Just wanted to post a tool that has been super helpful when dealing with attacks from the dark side…I imagine a pyramid going up around me and a pyramid pointing down. I’m in the middle. I call in the archangels and ask them to take their positions then put the whole thing in a ball of white light. I call on my Higher Self and the Higher Self of any earthbound spirits (ghosts) or entities (demons) and ask the angels to help lift them into the light, going back to Source. If the entity (or entities) are resistant, I appeal to their desire for personal power. If they will cross over into the light, they no longer have to be used as a puppet for the dark. We have had so much success with this. This is based on the work of Barbara Stone, Soul Detective. Hope that helps!

  • Oh Denise… how devastating to experience the – albeit temporary – loss of our fur babies… I lost my beloved soulmate, Jack Sparrow (a big ginger Tom who was only 11 months old) and Elvis – my other soulmate, who resembled a black panther and who found me and stayed for just 6 months before disappearing… my heart broke into more pieces than ever it did when a human passed…

    Holding you in my heart light and love, with all the Mother Love I can send.

    Otherwise, all the other stuff you ‘rambled on about’ !!! hahahaha… girl after my own heart. Without doubt we are being challenged beyond forever to stay in the Zero Zone and High Heart Centre. It’s a FUCKER!!! My language has become that of a fishwife and I swing between being Lady Penelope and Joan Rivers on Acid! hahaha

    Never mind… the heart is fully switched on. Epic dreams, strange noises, amplified clarity of vision, and KNOWING-NESS like you wouldn’t believe. I know I’m strong and have been through all of this for a damn good reason. As have we all.

    Standing together, like in the old McCartney song, The Frog Chorus, our Unified sound and frequency is MEGA!

    You are so loved… so very loved…

    From my heart, Jay (UK) xoxoxox

  • Big High Heart hugs and thank you for your post, Denise. It certainly gives voice to what a lot of people are feeling right now.

  • Your kitty’s timing was in tune with his Lion Heart and I love you for staying in the saddle when being tested so thoroughly. The good, strong reminders on your blog are like oars on my boat, and I know I’ve got my hand on the tiller. The way you’ve expressed everything, especially ascension and descension happening at the same time, gives down-to-earth meaning to the concept of bifurcating worlds, which is one of the big concepts to embrace and understand on this journey. Thank you.

  • The difficulties of being a ‘sensitive’ and empathic and picking up daily on the rubbish being pushed up from humanity in the ethers…..I concur with the suffering that many experience, including the health issues and we also sadly had to have our dear cat put too sleep on the 7th November and he came to us in 2007, as a stray. So I would just say that there are ways to clear on a daily basis and I do not believe we have to now be victims of this process of Ascension, even if we are acting like lighting rods or clearing rods, I believe we can minimise this process and would recommend the HEALING NOW process by ELMA for its simplicity, things do not have to be so dam complicated. God Speed to us all to our freedom from suffering and this dam awful duality experience which aint all its cooked up to be!!

  • I’m sorry to hear about your loss, Denise! Our “fur family” members mean so much, don’t they?

    Just remember we’re all here, riding out this storm with you…shining our brilliant Lights through the wind and rain. There’s no towel throwing here…although I do reserve the right to take a celebratory towel snap or two in the locker room when this is all over though! LOL!

    Hang in there and just keep shining that Light. We got this!

    With Love,


  • I am so sorry about your sweet cat. I lost my dog Teddy the day before, Monday Nov. 7th, and he was a rescue dog who has been at my side for 8 years. He had been sick with an untreatable cancer for months, but was dong pretty well with different medicines until that day, which was awful for him, and when he was really struggling,I knew he was ready, and the vet came to my house. I cried so hard all day Monday and Tuesday and felt so much grief and sadness that when the election results came out–although my initial reaction was definitely WTF!! I was able to shift pretty quickly into a strange peacefulness, knowing that this must be needed to awaken people in a big if painful way. Everyone at my work was falling apart, and it was though I watched myself move through the day, spreading some peace and telling people about the shifting earth, and helping them feel better. I couldn’t believe how open I was being about this to everyone, but I figured it wanted to be spoken through me. Maybe the passing of my dog helped me be in a place to be of service to others.

  • Thanks for sharing at this time great transition and acceleration. We love our kitty too and feel your loss and working with acceptance. Blessings to you.

  • My heart aches for you, Denise; I know that pain deeply.
    Blessings, and much love to you, and to your mom.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss Denise :((( I had to thank you for the article, it really helped me to hear I wasn’t the only one hearing/seeing strange things, time shifting/jumping ahead then back to the point of actually seeing a lamp or plant shift when I return to relive the same moment again but, somehow different?! I needed to hear every word of what you said, cussing included so thank you!!! I can’t imagine having written anything after going through the loss of my cat. I sobbed, cried and screamed at the top of my lungs when I finally found her outside. I think the whole neighborhood heard me but I didn’t give a crap. She was my best friend and she was gone! I had to be sedated, and to this day, actually this very moment, I still cry thinking of her. She comes to visit sometimes which is so wonderful 🙂 Hugs, big big giant HUGS to you!

  • Oh Denise, my heart breaks for your loss. I am also profoundly thankful for your presence on the internet; and that you reach out to us authentically at all times, whether joyous or raw with pain. My husband is one of the zealous Trump supporters and with Trumps “win” it seems to give him permission to unleash the most vile of comments. He is retired and I am home as well so it has been intense to hear him rant and have Fox news blaring from the TV or commentators on the radio. This election knocked me for a loop so much that I accidentally bent the metal on my car hood. Not a wreck, just something that made me think my mind went blank for a moment. I was overwhelmed with having to hear Rush Limbaugh or Hannity all day after the election and it was a crazy, silly, stupid thing to do. Having previously practiced acts to help redirect my thoughts, after several days I’ve finally been able to focus my thoughts in a loving, positive way. Thank you so much Denise for this post.

  • Much High Heart Love to you Denise! I kept coming to your website daily during this time and “felt” you gone. I am so sorry to know you are going through this heartbreak. I keep waiting myself for my own 16 1/2 year old cat to pass “soon”, tell her all the time I love her, pay special attention to her every moment I can, even do my best to love her when she yells at me in the morning before I’ve fully awakened.

    On another note, the morning after when the election results were “final”, I was relieved. First that it was over. Yet the main reason was, for me, here was someone that laid it all out there for everyone to see. If the other person had been elected it would’ve been the same old smoke and mirrors trick: “I’ll do this for you if you elect me” but then they don’t and even push things in the other direction. Those around me were depressed and devastated and angry. I calmly explained why I was not which helped open their eyes to looking at this a different way, helped uplift their hearts so to speak. I really feel this “in your face” over the top vile, gross, inhumane attitude that so many of the masses have felt they just “had to deal with” or not rock the boat are now being confronted with it. I believe it will force them to not take it in their own lives anymore, which in turn will help everyone realize that injustice isn’t reserved for this minority or that… it’s about all of us, period. So, for me, I’ve been heartened by the results because it screams change coming fast, and isn’t this what we’ve been waiting for? This is also part of Being co-creators (just realizing as I type this)… we want change, can taste it, yet we need to allow for the best way for it to manifest to come through, not try to control the way it comes about. This is a perfect example to me.

    Yesterday I was hit with exhaustion and sinus for half a day, on my busy errand day no less. The exhaustion has been much longer than that, almost 2 weeks as far as I can remember. Even without it, I cannot get myself to do the bare minimum each day which really is barely anything. Can hardly get through pulling myself out of bed to put down wet food for the cat, make my tea… just want to go back in bed. Dreams are intense as well; people I know, not great situations playing out in them; endings, etc. So even in sleep I’m working.

    One last thing to share: Monday when I was running other errands, I was at the last place. The woman ahead of me in line had a cart full of stuff, I only had 3 things. I didn’t have a chance to finish my thought of “I wish I could just go ahead of her so I could go home and rest” when she turned around and looked at me with a smile. She said, “Why don’t you go on ahead of me since you have only a few things. I was a bit shocked inside. I asked if she was certain, to which she reassured me. I touched her arm and said that I truly appreciated it. Yesterday when I was in the middle of my errands at the checkout, there was a man behind that had only 1 thing. It was a no-brainer. I turned and said that he could go ahead of me since he just had the one thing. At first he didn’t want to, and something shifted. He thanked me, then after a moment said how usually when he comes to that particular store, it’s so hard for him to get out quickly, so this was a real nice thing for him. This whole situation, for me, helped me to really begin to understand our connection with one another on a whole other level. I hope that this helps another as well.

    Much Love,

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