November 2016: A Difficult Month Having Old Patterns Shattered

black diamondheart 6 November 2016 no doubt went down as a cosmic record-breaker for most everyone. I’m still partly shell-shocked over such a huge chunk of old lower patriarchal reality having been exploded in everyone’s faces and hearts like an unexpected Uranus transit that permanently changes things in a traumatic split second. As you well know there’s more to come so get enough rest and focus (and re-focus as often as needed) on the NEW higher and not the old negative rushing about with different faces and seemingly different game plans. There’s a lot more waking up coming for people (on all sides) and many of them won’t take the 2017 revelations well. Discovering that you’ve been played, again, won’t be easy for many but it’s part of the descending of the patriarchy so allow them to go through their growing realizations (or not) because it’s necessary and important. There’s only one way out and it’s not through another person, leader, savior, group, party or country.

heart icons 3I want to thank everyone again for your love/LOVE, Light and support during my utterly unreal Zero Zone, best friend cat passing period. The Zero Zone is not a time/place/space to spend extended timeless no time in while your heart is breaking and grieving! It lasted forever from my perspective, then it was over and I landed in a NEW space but that 9 energy transition through the 0 Zero Zone energies felt incredibly surreal the entire month of November 2016. I know many felt this transitional Stair-step shift this month and very little of it was easy or comfortable.

December won’t be much different I suspect as the 2016 9 energies of Completion complete and everyone continues traveling through the surreal Twilight Zone-like Zero Zone energies in preparation for entrance into 2017’s 1 energies of NEW Beginnings at a NEW level of being. From one perspective this is only mere moments long; from another it’s half an eternity spent in timeless Zero Zone no time so use it well, use it wisely because we’re (we meaning the Forerunners) going to hit the January 2017 NEW Higher Ground running so to speak.

300dpi goldblack From early childhood I’ve always known that “the system” in place here in the USA wouldn’t be available for me when I reached what’s been the traditional retirement age. That lifelong knowing has pissed me off, frustrated and worried me and I’m so tired of it all. December 2016, I turn 65 which means I’ve got more mandatory patriarchal hoop-jumping to do and apply for Medicare but still pay for medical services and drugs I don’t want (and won’t take) or have ever believed in. I don’t want to play this horrible game anymore which means I’ve got to Consciously Create a NEW higher, better “game” for myself. We all do no matter what our current age is in 2016 and 2017. Baby Boomer Hippies (many of which have been Forerunners all our lives), do you get the timing of all this now?

I share this only because I’ve experienced growing Spherical Consciousness since 2012. A couple of months ago Higher Awareness suggested I read through some of my articles here at HighHeartLife, but from the most recent article backward through previous ones in sequence. So I began reading some of my articles from 2016, starting from the most recent one backwards. I only made it through about seven articles when the reason why doing this was suggested became obvious to me. Doing this caused me to effortlessly exit linear time and enter Spherical Consciousness which happens in timeless no time. I could not believe how easily and quickly that little trick worked! I’ll confess however that I had some momentary difficulties stabilizing myself outside of linear time and linear, one-directional-only consciousness. While in that state and space of quantum no time and Spherical consciousness, things made much more sense to me when I viewed them backwards like this, which I soon realized was more normal to and for the Higher Me than it is for incarnate Denise. All that is changing rapidly now however and Spherical consciousness outside of linear time and space is very high on all Forerunners 2017 list of things to quickly relearn and Master. That was a heads up, you’re welcome. 🙂

Now if you re-read these last two paragraphs, things start making a bit more sense, more Higher sense that is. The first of these two paragraphs is very linear old lower world stuff, where the second paragraph is about our evolving beyond that and into our personal Mastery as incarnate Beings of Light in physicality. I’ll play the first paragraph “game” for a few more moments only, then I’m done and am “retiring” to the NEW Higher everything state of being, consciousness and reality. How about you? Don’t wait until you’re 65, lets just go now via the 1 energies of the NEW.

Another clever trick for loosening the old lower linear consciousness reality straps is a simple trick of lying on the floor of your home and looking up at everything from this different perspective. Do that for as long as you want then turn a quarter turn on the floor so you’re able to view another section of your house or apartment from a slightly different direction. Do this in all directions while you open yourself to perceive more than the daily grind reality we’re so used to. Just little tricks like these do a lot to help one look at reality from a slightly different perspective and that is causing even bigger internal evolutionary changes to happen more quickly than they are anyway.

photon rain straight There’s been more higher frequency Light Energies and Photonic Light hammering away at us for the past week now. They’re more potent than usual—what does that even mean anymore right?!—and have caused some intense energetic Ascension Flu aches and pains. They also caused some severe inner cold (think opposite of a hot flash) that nothing helps to warm you up. The severe inner cold sensations typically happen when we’re making another big move deeper into more NEW Higher space and being so don’t fear it but relax into it. You’ll warm up the NEW space as soon as you acclimate to it and make it yours energetically so to speak.

The always present inner ear ringing starts every time we encounter another wave of higher frequency Light Energies from anywhere; our local Sun, the Galactic Center (GC), other galaxies, Divine Source etc. It’s like an evolutionary ringer going off, letting us know that we and our DNA and consciousness is, once again, evolving into something NEW and vastly improved.

Another big symptom recently has been the sense that your DNA is evolving in NEW and different ways from previous years. This is connected to the third and final 9 energy cycle of 2016, and our bodies and DNA have been going through some very big evolutionary changes all year, but very much so just in November and even more throughout December 2016.

Throughout 2016 there’s been some seriously negative looking and feeling stuff, beings, old energy patterns, thoughts, emotions rolling through our spaces, homes, consciousness, emotions, old selves and NEW merging Selves. It’s okay, don’t judge just pay attention but do so from that magical higher 5D Neutral Observer perspective, not the old lower one of fears, guilt, shame, confusion etc. The bottom of the old 3D and 4D astral barrels have been up and flying about all year and many of us have Seen it, Felt it, Heard it, Tasted it and intimately Known it as should be expected from a 9 energy year of Completions, especially this one! Witness it all and release it all with zero judgement, doubts, self-doubts or attachments. It’s just time to clean up the old campground before we leave it altogether for NEW ones.

I know it’s been tough this month, believe me I know, but this is just what it is at this point within the evolutionary Ascension Process. The more willing we are to release the old everything and step into the NEW, even when we don’t see it yet, the easier and faster this process will be for everyone. This we excel at, it’s what we do and why we’re here now to do it for ourselves individually and for everyone else everywhere. Also, some of those Lightbeing Angels that have been helping you are other aspects of YOU existing at higher levels assisting and guiding the You down here incarnate in physical flesh, bone and expanding Light to do your part, here, now. We’ve so got this. ❤ ❤ ❤

Denise Le Fay

November 27, 2016 (11-9-9)

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12 thoughts on “November 2016: A Difficult Month Having Old Patterns Shattered

  • Sorry, but this has just been an absolute beating. I really don’t care to dissect what it is anymore.
    It’s relentless. Pain. Yes, I am growing and refining and transmutating, but always pain. Seems
    like thresholds I was surprised I could pass and endure just keep coming. Could use a giant
    break, like 10 years of no more bullshit and just peace for once. Not this idiot bizarro world
    where you fear for your life at every turn because the current American societal model is
    deception and extortion. Psychological bullying. It’s not even clever or well conceived. But
    it doesn’t have to be considering how everyone is spiritually retarded and has a grave diet.

    Just had enough already. Who cares? By definition, it’s not really a life anymore, because it’s
    such a monumental struggle to be creative and present in a place that is designed to knock
    you off center every single second of your so called life. I am strong, I am actually fine, so I
    am not being a downer. It’s just that my shiny new self never gets to come out and just “be”.
    Waiting for a finish line that never comes because some jackass poor sport 3d negative beings
    must be losing right now because they cheat and ply their stupid social engineering games
    on the dopey population and it still works. Last thing you should worry about is their crap
    and Medicare and SS. That’s the trap. Wean yourself off those crutches, they are designed
    to strip you of your authority authenticity etc. the biggest fraud of mankind are western doctors,
    we gave them God status and offered our necks to them and handed them our discernment.
    What did you expect them to do? Be honorable? Righteous? Duh, they aren’t even human!

    • Whatever,

      I hear you and have felt as you’ve clearly expressed in your Comment for probably more years than you’ve been alive. I came into this world as an infant feeling exactly the ways you do, and about everything including world religions etc. There are some who incarnate knowing exactly how dark, evil, corrupt and insane this world and it’s unaware population has been yet we still incarnate during times such as these to help shift/end/evolve all that for everyone.

      The last time I went to any doctor was in the mid 1980s and I have zero intent or desire to go to any now. I’ve NEVER given any patriarchal person or system ‘god status’, just the exact opposite because I am what I am and have been since birth and I’ve always known what’s going on down here. I’ve been ‘weaned’ all my life but corrupt society demands we jump through more patriarchal hoops or there’s legal consequences. You think I’m happy about having to go through this “mandatory” crap at the end of the patriarchal game as it’s all crashing down around everyone? This has been a big “test” for me at this time to not go into a rage at/on these people that work for insurance companies, pushing the patriarchal products that I want nothing to do with. As you said, some of these people aren’t even the same species as I am at this point so it’s miserable for everyone that’s got to endure the other idiot. This cannot continue because the gap is driving everyone crazy at this point, and everything that’s coming with 2017 will take care of all that and more.

      My point is that you’re preaching to the choir here and especially at me! Whatever… 😀

    • whatever. I would love to know how to wean myself off getting money I paid into the system for 50 years. give me a way to pay for housing food etc. without my ss income, which I plan on getting in about 15 months. even so I will still have to work at least part time. I will always have animals to care for so that is money needed as well. any suggestions would be welcome

  • Hi Denise,

    Thanks for sharing your insight and experiences.

    The energies were really intense and exhausting this month …but I press on.

    Thanks + Hugs,


  • “All that is changing rapidly now however and Spherical consciousness outside of linear time and space is very high on all Forerunners 2017 list of things to quickly relearn and Master. That was a heads up, you’re welcome.”

    When I read the part in your article about “linear time” a huge bell rang. It reminded me of the dream I had last night. I was in a class or sorts and the instructor was talking about linear time. She was asking everyone if they knew what it was and understood how it worked. She kept talking about it to make her point. I got it. Then here in your article you say we will be relearning and mastering linear time. It must be important!
    November has been difficult for me as I have been fighting headaches almost every day. Something told me to try warm lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I noticed my headaches stopped. I have been drinking the warm lemon water for the last five days and no headaches. Not sure why or how that has helped. Just wanted to share. Maybe it will help someone else.

    Thank you Denise. Your articles are always so well aligned with how and what I have been experiencing.
    Bug hugs and sympathy for the loss of your best friend.

  • Denise (huge hug) I am so totally with this. I have also been in the old ‘pension or not’ world, and so far (I’m 61 net year) I have no doubt that the Mother of All Creation (Universe) is watching my back. Things keep coming to me, and my Higher Heart friends – few but precious – are also supportive to a degree I’ve not felt before. All is Well, dearest lady. I know you know that, but we all need a little extra support (just like our granny did with her corsets in the old days!) now and then.

    Love love and more love, holding your heart and your hand

    Jay xoxoxo

  • Gosh Denise, I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your best friend and beloved Cat. A difficult time for you. Much Love ❤

    Thank you as always for all the selfless support that you provide us, cheers for that my friend!

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  • Thank you, Denise, can definitely relate. Just a note for All here, the freezing symptom can lead to severe dehydration, at least so far in my experience, lots of water intake and bathroom running necesarry. Must be an Aquarius thing!

    And please people, donate $ to Denise for her energy exchange. Reaching 65 after being on this path for so, so, so long is an accomplishment all by itself. Well and beautifully done, Denise. High Heart Love to you and thank you. B.

  • Truly, you are so right on concerning all you shared here Denise..a true letting go of old patterns…just one shift after another this past month, taking out these old archaic patterns that no longer serve us…much thanks for your insights and wisdom as we move into a 1 year in 2017….as much as this past month was ruthless on this phyical plane the month of is my hope to keep surrendering that pave s the way more deeply for the new energies to uplift and transform..this deepening. Regardless of appearance..yet ever present…now. Again thank you so much for your sharing in such clarity…I look forward to more of your sharing. Christine.

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