More 2020 Disclosure

As I mentioned in Comments under the previous article, I’ve intentionally not talked much publicly about politics and/or conspiracies, nor have I named names of well-known people and so-called teachers/writers in the ascension, spiritual, conspiracy and “new age” communities either. I’ve certainly wanted to name names since 2003 when I first got online and discovered endless websites and blogs spreading negative interference and distortions, lies and lack of higher awareness in their writings and channelings. Not out of malice but to warn the readers, the followers. Nonetheless, it was not my job to do that in Phase 1 of the Ascension Process because people needed to figure out for themselves who is energetically the real deal and who is not. Unfortunately this has grown substantially since 2003, because more and more people have gotten websites and blog platforms to say and claim whatever they want whether true or not and hopefully make money doing so. Many readers and followers in these communities have needed to (dear god please make it so!) learn for themselves that so many of the ascension and conspiracy people who write, lecture, create videos and/or channel about the Ascension Process and related topics are not entirely accurate, as elevated as may first seem, distortion-free or free of negativity and deceptions from Team Dark. A little truth here and there feathered in with a lot of lies and distortions is nearly impossible for people to figure out and that is exactly why Team Dark aliens and entities and so many humans have done it and continue doing it to this day.

[Team Dark is my term for all negative non-physical, non-human, inorganic aliens, entities, demons, devils and living humans, referred to as Portal People, because they’re easily used and worked through by the negative non-physicals to harm, attack, interfere with and try to derail Volunteers, other spiritual and spiritually focused people, and unaware people who are “waking up” to the larger realities.]

Since the start of 2020, Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, I’ve received some emails from different readers all asking me the same questions, all voicing the exact same concerns, disappointments and confusions. This year it’s become increasingly obvious to we Volunteers who have NOT fallen prey to any Team Dark attempts to hijack us, crush us, trick us, sidetrack us, derail us, exhaust us, beat the life-Light out of us or rip us from our unfaltering Volunteer energy mission Work, that we finally come clean publicly about these things and people. Phase 2 is, among many other things, Disclosure time and that includes far more disclosure about things and people than most are expecting. Tough cookies say I — knowing more is rarely easy or pain-free but evolution demands it of us all.

Normally when I quote something someone said to me in an email, I get their permission to quote them if I want to share something they said. I did not do this with these 2020 emails I’ve received and am quoting below. It’s for this reason I’m not including these people’s names or initials but will instead use numbers to indicate different people. No time to waste in 2020 as we’re on a very tight and fast timeline this year. Thank you each for saying what you did because it helps everyone. ❤

“To see so many of my fellow Americans and especially see so many in the so-called spiritual community treating Trump like some kind of savior and hero has been extremely distressing. He is exactly as you described him and how people don’t see that I’m not sure. My guides have been repeatedly assuring me that I am not missing something around him.”  — Comment  from #4

“Personally, I have had some nasty interactions with ****** and that’s probably about all I should say. She is not who she pretends to be…”

“…I made the mistake of thinking I could connect with her but all that occurred was a reveal on what’s beneath the surface of her program, which isn’t positive at all nor does it have anyone’s best interest in mind, it’s a trap.”  — email from #2

“…About the OrangeFuckHead. It’s what I’ve been saying, that all these bloggers and spiritual teachers (or “were” spiritual teachers) have all gone done the rabbit hole!”

“I told you about *******. Well, a lot more have gone insane since then. Do you think they are being messed with psychically?  …But if they are being “manipulated”, it was an evil genius plan since they all had credibility before and influence huge numbers of followers. Who, by the way, are not using discernment and are not for some reason picking up the energies! Why aren’t they? And why does this upset me so much?…”

“…Why are there so little of us that are not falling for this crap about Trump?”  — email from #5

“I see massive religious programming in the people who support him, Q and all of those sick divisive religious holier-than-thou entities. Almost always people that fall into this mind control are religious in some way. Even the un-Light Lightworker communities ~ they may claim to be this and that, but underneath, there’s a strong religious current running, despite their insistence they are not religious…”

“It also occurred to me that their behavior reminds me of Jehovah’s witnesses. I have been harassed by people who insist I watch this video or read this article that fangirls him. His is god incarnate in their eyes.”

“So I see religious programming, on top of all the mind-control going on. Q has done so much to swipe people’s minds clean of reasoning, replacing them with self-righteous and patriotic conditioning.”   — email from #7

This should give you a good honest sense of how many Volunteers who have NOT drunk the Orange Kool-Aid, feel about Trump & Co. including the entire red party and the current negative borderline dictatorship coup situation. You can see it, feel it, hear it and smell the Descending Earth world reality flexing its darkness and brutality over the globally unaware. The Separation of Worlds is so in our faces, hearts and lives this year. I know it’s painful in every way to be so physically close to the Descending Earth world and its inhabitants but this phase won’t last much longer. Hold and continue being the higher and this insane negativity will go its way without us and we will go our ways without any of them. But, the big burning question remains about why so-called spiritual, ascension-aware people, and many ascension teachers/writers/bloggers are pro Trump & Co., pro QAnon and pro so many other similar things and people? WTF in other words! We’ll get to this in a moment.

Throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process—1998–1999 until end of December 2019—I and many of you who’ve read my articles and comments for many years basically kept our mouths shut about A LOT of things and people like certain channelings and channelers, certain ascension related books, videos, certain ascension teachers/writers, the ascension and conspiracy, spiritual and new age communities and their members etc. Many Volunteers First Everythingers have known since the start whose who and what’s what with all of these groups, communities, individual ascension teachers/writers, channelers, other people and groups of people, some who’ve remained anonymous (QAnon and like others) but have put tremendous amounts of intentional and unintentional lies, distortions, misunderstandings, negative religious residue, and flat-out incorrect and negative information about the ascension and related topics across the Internet for close to two decades now.

This from Wikipedia about “QAnon” & Co.

The conspiracy theory, disseminated mainly by supporters of Trump as The Storm and The Great Awakening—QAnon’s precepts and vocabulary are closely related to the religious concepts of millenarianism and apocalypticism,[26] leading it to be sometimes construed as an emerging religious movement[27][28][29]—has been widely characterized as “baseless”,[30][31][32] “unhinged”,[33] and “evidence-free”.[34] Its proponents have been called “a deranged conspiracy cult”[35] and “some of the Internet’s most outré  Trump fans”.[36]

According to Travis View, who has studied the QAnon phenomenon and written about it extensively for The Washington Post, the essence of the conspiracy theory is that:

“there is a worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who rule the world, essentially, and they control everything. They control politicians, and they control the media. They control Hollywood, and they cover up their existence, essentially. And they would have continued ruling the world, were it not for the election of President Donald Trump. Now, Donald Trump in this conspiracy theory knows all about this evil cabal’s wrongdoing. But one of the reasons that Donald Trump was elected was to put an end to them, basically. And now we would be ignorant of this behind-the-scenes battle of Donald Trump and the U.S. military—that everyone backs him and the evil cabal—were it not for ‘Q.’ And what ‘Q’ is—is basically a poster on 4chan, who later moved to 8chan, who reveals details about this secret behind-the-scenes battle, and also secrets about what the cabal is doing and also the mass sort of upcoming arrest events through these posts.”[26]

Followers of QAnon also believe that there is an imminent event known as “The Storm” in which thousands of people, members of the cabal, will be arrested, possibly sent to Guantanamo Bay prison or face military tribunals, and the U.S. military will brutally take over the country.[26] The result of “The Storm” will be salvation and a utopia on earth.[37] 

It’s also how many Volunteers feel and have in some cases for many years felt about certain ascension, conspiracy and spiritual teachers/writers/lecturers shockingly corrupted information, selves and consciousness. Just below the phony surface negativity. Outright lies. Half-truths mixed with Team Dark distorted information. Negative egos that they haven’t dealt with in themselves yet if they ever will in these lifetimes. Lingering religious beliefs and appetite for religious type theatrical displays that have replaced traditional church and alter paraphernalia with “new age” quartz crystals, burning sage, patterns of flowers on the ground and other such current and still external paraphernalia. Lack of pure clear Higher Awareness. Dangerous inability to discern energies, beings, people, so-called teachers/writers, ETs, the Light from the Dark / the Dark from the Light and so on.

Some didn’t think Disclosure included this and I know it’s not what you were expecting but it’s here in the Phase 2 level Light and reality. It’s hard “waking up” and it’s heartbreaking at times too and plenty disappointing. Wake up people and clearly and honesty see, feel and know how and where and why you’ve been duped, hijacked and held captive energetically by Team Dark. By Portal People. By too many ascension and conspiracy teachers/writers/lectures who haven’t been and still aren’t aware enough, experienced enough or personally knowledgeable enough themselves to quickly recognize Team Dark and resist them. Some well-known authors, teachers, lecturers who’ve repeatedly been on certain TV programs having to do with conspiracies, ETs/UFOs, and the paranormal but who couldn’t and still to this day cannot honestly discern energies, people, beings, Team Dark, events or information are on TV interpreting realities as they believe them for the unaware masses and getting paid and famous for it. And by those who repeatedly claimed, preached and taught that all negativity is only inside you and nowhere else’, which conveniently gave non-physical Team Dark carte blanche to continue doing what they have to humanity.

Disclosure means you’re going to abruptly have to learn more about things, beings, aliens, people, groups, realities, consciousness, evolution, agendas, the Light, the Dark and old lower frequency Duality in general.

Do you remember Barbara Marciniak’s twenty-year-old channeled Pleiadian line “The real war is over consciousness” ?

You stupid, foolish, dangerous unaware people. Fuck those who preach, teach and spread distorted information which is Light. Fuck the fluffies. Fuck the conspiracies. Fuck everyone who constantly and instantly credits the elite and governments and military and Team Dark for every goddamned thing that happens on Earth. There’s an earthquake somewhere, these people who claim to be of the Light and love Jesus are the people who always claim it was the “cabal” that caused it. There’s a heatwave somewhere, these idiots credit Team Dark cabal elite with creating and causing it. There’s an explosion somewhere, these are the people who, on their websites and blogs instantly and continuously give all the credit to the “bad guys” for it. I ask you, why would they repeatedly do this while out the other side of their mouths say they love Jesus and are of the Light? You can’t claim yourself and your group or readers or followers to be of the Light when you continuously give credit to the Dark for every single thing that happens around the world. Hell, fuck um all. Said with love, namasta, peace, light and love be with you and all that empty thoughtless crap that effortlessly spills like pre-recorded messages from the unaware lips of so many.

Global warming is Gaia having hot flashes because she’s going through The Change. Ever had hot flashes due to your going through ascension induced Kundalini risings? You think all that evolutionary pressure doesn’t create some natural heat to both Earth, the planets, humans and all else? No, no you’re right, it’s all caused by the cabal/elite/government/military because they are so all-powerful. Pick a side and get with the highly pressurized natural friction and heat causing Ascension Process.

I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again here. I’ve never wanted followers, I want steadfast self-empowered, intimately Duality wise and experienced ascension Volunteer Co-Workers.

I want individuals that are Lightwarriors who are personally conscious of Team Dark as Team Dark and never get confused, conned or doubtful about Team Dark and what’s what and whose who and what the Dark negative feels like and how it works, inverts and distorts everything. I want you to freaking know for yourself what BOTH the Light feels like and what the Dark feels like because when you personally know for yourself based on firsthand experiences with them BOTH—as in Duality reality and life—you instantly and easily can discern which is which. It is so easy to feel and so obvious IF you are honestly familiar with BOTH energy frequencies. Which is why the fluffies and all those people who haven’t been aware enough, conscious enough, discerning enough, wise enough, honest enough and willing to even question if Team Dark was a possibility have been so easy for Team Dark aliens, entities and demons to use and manipulate and spread disinformation which is intentionally distorted Light. You want to sacrifice your rare current life during this ascension on the Team Dark alter of stupidity and close-mindedness that’s your choice and your problem.

Newsflash, Team Dark wants you to believe they do not and have not existed. They’ve always wanted this. They don’t want you to “wake up” and discover that they exist and have run Earth, those elite and mass humanity plus much of the astral for eons. They don’t want you to discover that they exist, you supply their food and fuel, and they’ve used you to keep themselves inorganically alive and their agendas and inorganic timelines alive and going. Keep claiming that these negative aliens and beings and entire hierarchy of wholly negative inorganic Dark creatures don’t exist and that ‘all the darkness is only inside of you —and you’re doing their work for them. But that’s what Team Dark does to humanity so very well — they get you to do their work for them.

Something else I want to include before I forget has to do with what’s being pushed now by some so-called ascension teachers/writers. It is the business about how we no longer need to be alone and should now get together, band together, tribe together physically. I have an important question for you. Why would individuals that are Embodying, that are Embodied and energetically sovereign enough in 2020 Phase 2, need to physically get together with other ascension people? Short answer is they do not. Longer answer is why they don’t. Again, discernment people!

Briefly, those who’ve also been living the Embodiment Process besides the Ascension Process, have internally reached a high enough level and Light amount and frequency in themselves individually in 2020 that they can accomplish just about anything all by themselves. There is no need for us, for those who are Embodied to join with other ascension people and groups because Embodiment means you, individually, have a constant working conscious energetic connection with your Soul, your Higher Self/Selves, with the Source field and this incarnate you self and physical body. In other words, you, You and YOU and more are all vibrating within a high enough frequency range plus are free enough from your old lower frequency ego that this continuous living energy alignment connection can happen and not have it kill your physical body or fry your mind or anything else. You are your own group and because you are energetically sovereign you don’t need to be with anyone else to fulfill you or to fill in any gaps in you etc. You are your own integrated, unified, transcended individual group and there’s very little that can top that. Yes, being with some like others for a while physically would be fun and a very NEW experience for us all but none of us needs this or them for the reasons mentioned.

So, question why anyone, especially a so-called spiritual ascension teacher/writer/guru/wanna be pack leader, would tell you that you need to stop being alone and should join in with like others. BTW, one of many natural benefits of reaching a high enough Embodiment level is that you are always in contact energetically, vibrationally, psychically, empathically and so forth with like others. We communicate with each other etherically, we feel each other etherically, we sense each other from higher levels of our being, consciousness and HighHeart and do not need to physically, externally be with like others. What the heck do these so-called teachers/writers think 5D and higher dimensional consciousness and life would be?! FYI, many readers are far more evolved and knowledgeable than some of the teachers/writers they read in Phase 1.

What’s The Solution To All This?

Glad you asked. Now that I’ve outed, blasted, insulted, cursed at and called out the people and groups I have, I’m now going to turn the focus directly on us, the Volunteers, because it is not about them but about us and you need to never forget that.

It was in the late 2000’s that I finally understood what I’m about to share. Some of you have already figured this out on your own and very well done you, but some Volunteers haven’t yet and need to immediately in Phase 2.

At lower frequency levels of what’s been Duality reality and consciousness, everyone had to deal with that duality which oh so easily keeps one in an endless state and frequency of back and forth with the “other side”. Team Dark beings and some humans know this and do everything they can to KEEP humans, humanity in that lower frequency of Duality which is like a dog chasing its tail. It does nothing but produce battles, fighting, back and forth arguing, projecting, violence and so on. Guess who benefits from all that? Correct, the low frequency Team Dark beings and humans.

The only way out of that level, frequency, consciousness and reality is to willingly and deliberately walk away from it yourself. Forget about everyone else and continue Working on yourself Volunteer. Keep embodying, keep Embodying, keep ascending and ignore what you’ve walked away from. It’s a planetary ghost town at this point. When you and I as Volunteers do this we literally energetically OVERRIDE everything and everyone in those lower frequencies hoping to high hell that you never figure this out and “ascend” out of that frequency range.

Team Dark beings and humans get something energetically from humanity. They get far, far more from one Volunteer when they can trick you or derail you or cause you self-doubt because you are, I am, we (sorry I’ve just got to use these terms here 😉 ) have really big intense Shine, we have very steamy Steam which means we’re really big energy game prizes for Team Dark beings and negative humans which is another reason why we’ve always been in their etheric and physical cross-hairs. (If you’re wondering what I mean by big Shine and steamy Steam please read or re-read my August 2, 2020, article Those That Glowed in the Old Dark and the Shine Hunters.)

When you’re focused on fighting Team Dark, the elite, the government(s) etc. you are energetically trapped in that frequency with them which they want and benefit from because you help energetically feed and perpetuate it and them. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

When you’re focused on cleaning up, removing, clearing etc. the old lower frequency patriarchal world stuff in Phase 2, you’re energetically trapped in that frequency. When you’re focused on these old lower things, beings, aliens, people, systems etc. you are NOT living the Phase 2 level Ascension Process and Embodiment Process if doing that too, which is exactly what they want. You are NOT doing what you’re now supposed to but are lingering in lower frequencies trying to “do good” when what’s really going on is you’ve gotten derailed and are being used by those lower beings and people. Without you and your misplaced focus, energies, emotions, remaining Team Dark beings and humans will quickly starve to death. Get your Light-filled Volunteer mega ‘shine’ and ‘steam’ self and energies outta there and up where you need to be all the time now Volunteer! The Volunteers are all done with the old lower patriarchal world and everyone in it. It and they are NOT our job, responsibility, focus or energy Work anymore. We are. I repeat, you are what’s important and needs to be 100% your focus now in Phase 2. Not them but you and you alone. The rest will naturally and automatically become increasingly obvious to you as you do this in yourself for yourself.

Conscious Creators are needed in Phase 2 for continued NEW Earth creating. Let the old lower frequency beings and people do their thing. You and I as Volunteers no longer need participate whatsoever in any of it. Walk away with a pure clear heart and exist and Work from HOME now constantly.

In Phase 2 we know that Team Dark exists, we know that the elite humans exist, we know aliens exist, we know about them and their agendas and do not need to remain there going over and over and over that same information like some in the conspiracy and ascension communities continue doing in Phase 2. You are where you’re focused people. The “war” really is over human consciousness. Do you know where your consciousness is at all times? Only you should be running your consciousness and focus, not anyone or anything else.

Know these negatives exist and that they do what they do and why but keep moving away from them and what all they do and don’t look back. If you linger down there you risk more than you should be willing to risk in Phase 2 and the current Separation of Worlds & Timelines Volunteer!

What’s another way that certain ascension and conspiracy teachers/writers, bloggers etc. can affect and influence you Volunteer? Because they exist much further back down a whole lot of energy stair-steps, their words, their writings and videos can cause some Volunteers to self-doubt themselves and which stair-step level they’re currently on. Like I said earlier, this is no longer about them but you and I as Volunteers. You see, many ascension and conspiracy teachers/writers are not even Volunteers so for you to doubt yourself because of something they said in a video, wrote in a book or article is just crazy and dangerous. Read their materials if you want but be honest with yourself, energetically discern every word and action for yourself and then make your decision about whether you want to focus on what they’re saying, selling, preaching, teaching. Not all ascension and/or conspiracy teachers/writers/lectures are what they claim to be. You know it and I know it and you and I have evolved beyond them and need to focus on what we’re supposed to now in Phase 2 at these much higher levels. Those people don’t even exist in the same world as you do now, some of which aren’t ascending but descending. Take your power Volunteer, walk away, be super aware, be selfish with your hard-earned sovereign energies and let those on lower stair-steps, lower earth worlds, lower frequencies and realities do their things. You are needed up here to do what only you can do for self and All.

This has gotten long so I’ll end it here even though there’s more to say about all these things. I don’t even want to go into detail about the QAnon things and the Trump things and all the other insane distortions. It’s not important or worthy of our time, energies and focus. We know what it/they are and we continue to OVERRIDE and Consciously Create far above them, above it all, that it just doesn’t matter what distortions they continue pushing. I hope to see you in comments and thanks for wading through this one. Sorry for the heavier than usual cursing. Not really.

Denise Le Fay

August 16, 2020

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122 thoughts on “More 2020 Disclosure

  • I think about the heartache that this particular article must’ve cost you and the issue there in… just rereading. I don’t think I’ve ever been more mad. My religious background was full of many who would only take a few steps their entire life, spiritually. The same is the case everywhere else. New Agers are NO DIFFERENT THAN THE RELIGIOUS, if Denise permits me to say that… Changing vernacular doesn’t change YOU. Few do the real job.

    If you don’t do prayer, meditation or genuine practice to GO inward and clear, you do not transform. IT is NOT established in you, in SPIRIT. We don’t do it often because it’s scary terrifying painful and uncomfortable. Like any workout. Just sitting still for 5 minutes is enough to make you scream. Beginning is a nightmare. And that’s if you don’t have any neurological issues, neurosis, difficult past or trauma. Good luck with that. I started and stuck with it because it was my plan and I NEEDED IT. I committed for 6 weeks straight to prayer, my form. The habit of meditation (and writing) was established.

    The religious overlook guide posts, lessons, metaphors all the time in holy writing. Non-seekers often do. Humanity has been avoiding transformation excessively fervently 450 years. I believe psychology was born as result of so much spiritual dysfunction in the 1800s and thank God for Carl Jung (incredible that what burned down in Notre Dame was all things 450 years old). The ancients did more real work and those coming out of the ancient world. But TD came back with a hideous hold. I’m giving a history lesson to point out that many from EVERY background don’t the work, but think they do…religious and non-religious. Yeah, I want that to bother everyone. All great ones and light workers are called to transformation.

    I do not blame anyone for avoiding work. I don’t blame anyone for sticking to books, discussing feelings, seeing psychics, teachers, going to bible studies, getting an astrologer, enjoying blogs or mega churches, videos, YouTube, lectures, fairs, retreats, etc. I don’t blame for keeping it at level of MIND and emotions. I would have loved to pursue my dreams, step out into the world and impress everybody. It would have been super nice not to look like a loser idiot while doing this WORK, alone I might add. It’s not everyone’s job to embody, but everyone pursuing spiritual growth and freedom needs a true practice or it is not achieved. Like hanging out at the gym, drinking smoothies discussing health issues, stretching now and then, does not make you physically fit.

    I am grateful for doing the work. I am grateful I had need. Nothing can describe the BOUNTY and fraud and fraudulence become obvious. I no longer need to process figure out bullshit and I’m saying that as a person who lived riddled with self-doubt and fear most of my life. It’s a relief… amongst a million x a trillion forms of relief, and counting. Someone may pull your angel card and tell you about communicating with angels, but they don’t have any coming to talk to them. Angels communicate directly to assist “workers in the field.” Demonic beings show up for same reasons, but are out to stop the work. All is scary but SO amazing to conquer fear, control and no longer be held down.

    Most of my life, I never understood why Jesus said that many would come to him and say Lord, Lord, and he would say…I don’t know you. The real recognize each other. So many poets teachers and saints have told us so. All the rest is deception.

    Pardon me, Denise, just had to say it.

  • Just sending LOVE Denise…I’m sorry… So, so sorry. ❤️🙏🌻🌼🌻✌️💛🙏 I feel for your son and I pray this is a time for you to be there with each other. 💥Change is cataclysmic now, hard to know exactly what it’s cause is. I am vigilant to discern TD tactics. I am aware that I am “done,” as you mentioned, guides have REPEATED it for days due to a recent last exercise dealing with messed up 3D person. Still, the motion of New Earth change and growth is daunting by itself… I want to post on Facebook “please fasten your seatbelt, please!..” I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but your heart is in my heart today, last night. You’re being held by a few, I feel. We’re holding you… you’re in my prayers 🌼🤟Bless you

  • Thank you for the sanity of your comments about Agent Orange. Even when we’re bombarded and mentally overwhelmed by lots of contradictory so-called “information, we can use our heart to discern. How does the overall gestalt of his presidency feel at the heart level?; what does the heart say about this man’s essence and motivations?

    Trump has accelerated the deconstruction of cruel archaic patriarchal systems, in part by showing us a caricature of them in their most dramatic, (often) horrific form. At times, his always-on-display “negative ego” has provided a mirror for the American shadow – deep-seated, partially repressed emotions and beliefs present in a large enough number of people, which need to be healed/released. In that sense, he may have been a useful catalyst…..but, in myths and comic books, villains (TD) often unintentionally become catalysts for the hero’s (team light) growth/ascension.

    The Q theories remind me of what I learned about complex paranoid delusion in an abnormal psych class. A complex web of interconnected “dots”, bound together by internally consistent logic, holds the delusion stably in place; this, plus the emotional rewards it brings to the person, make it impervious to external challenges. Meanwhile the outsider (potential challenger) sees gaping holes of “missing evidence”, and distortions in how “evidence” is interpreted and extrapolated from. For the Q “religion”, what emotional rewards come to true believers?

    1)Savior, promised salvation: The template is identical to that of many fundamentalist, “end times” religions. There’s a great battle between good and evil (the cabal), led by a Redeemer (Trump) and his minions of helper angels (QAnons); good will always win, and followers will be rewarded with a paradise of relief from all worries (NESARA) and enlightenment (the Great Awakening). To gain paradise, one must only believe (“trust the plan”) and spread the word with a crusader’s zeal; the Q “Reptilians” look remarkably like the Luciferian snake, which gives the details of this 21st century “religious re-write” a comforting familiarity. Salvation depends only on the presence of a willing Redeemer; one’s spared the inner and outer efforts of “shadow work”, incrementally raising and stabilizing higher vibrational fields, or even taking concrete action to “change things”. Easy, peasy….ascension to order, on a silver platter.

    2)Ego aggrandizement, means to feel intellectually/spiritually superior: Note frequent use of descriptions such as “woke” and “sheeple” – which separate the “red pilled” into an elite group, pitted against the sleeping masses (whom they see as hindering The Great Awakening, and thus as enemies). This is another example of extreme polarization, in a time where “us vs them” divisive polarization is rampant…..despite the superficial calls to Unity Consciousness in the slogan “wwg1wga”.

    3)Bypassing uncomfortable emotions (fear, overwhelm, despair…) by imposing artificial order, in a time of extreme chaos. Covid-19 could be a metaphor for what gamers call “chaotic evil” (“evil” in our psyches, even if not so to the universe): an invisible, novel (thus not initially understood within the organizing templates of science) attacker that can unpredictably go anywhere; with Covid (and the associated socioeconomic breakdowns), we’re asked to face actual and symbolic mortality – death of self/others, death of dreams, death of physical vitality, etc. We’re asked to face what we most fear, ask to examine what we most value (we fear and grieve most the loss of something we value)

    Chaos brings emotional/mental/spiritual overwhelm in its wake. To cope with chaos, we sometimes try to deny its presence – by finding/creating a system of artificial order that offers the illusion of predictability, control and thus immunity. The Q theory offers a more tangible “bad guy” that, being human or a group of humans (group of elites), is predictable; that which is humanly predictable can be vanquished with human strategy and courage. The “enemy” is easily labeled, tracked….ordered; thus, we feel less afraid.

  • What the heck just happened?!?! I came home from yoga and was reading Tom Kenyon’s latest and got DROPPED big time. Mandatory coma nap! When I woke up it felt like a new world – even though everything looked the same. Even the dog was weirded out. Felt like a timeline jump maybe??? Not sure what that’s supposed to feel like.
    My body is having strange stretching, and itching too. But I feel wonderful on the inside.

    Anyone else feel anything??

    We are going through a lot, each in our own way. I feel like giving you all a big HUG!

    My condolences to you Denise with your family and lots of Love ❤️

    • Diana,

      Yes we’ve been in another BIG lift and shift since about (wait, I’m having to look at the calendar because I don’t know what day it is today) the first week of August 2020. We’re far enough into Phase 2 of the AP in 2020 that a whole lot of new NEW energies, codes, NEW energy structures and energy systems are being put into place etherically by so many in higher dimensions and WE continue embodying everything in our physical bodies so they’re all seeded, anchored, inserted and functioning in the physical dimension and ascending NEW Earth world and timeline(s).

      Because of all this and more we all seriously need to take care of ourselves, our physical bodies, our personal spaces/homes/living quarters etc. because it US that embody all of the incoming NEW energies and codes all the rest of it. It’s been so intense the past week or so that I can barely write sentences that make sense and am very weak in my physical body again.

      Thanks Diana, ❤ and be sure to read my just published article about all this with Tom Kenyons/the Hathors channeled message you're talking about.

    • OMG, I had the same thing happen! Read Tom’s article, recalled it all deeply from 2011 when they first spoke about the Chaotic Nodes and how much it struck me as deep truth back then. I listened to the Ib meditation and fell deep asleep right afterward. HUGE activation/download, both my dogs went down too. The Hathors have been right on all along and Tom is an incredible sound wizard. Huge gratitude for their messages and healings.

  • Oh Denise, such anguish for those we’ve held in our arms and in our hearts, and wept over and tried to carry with us for so long. The silence of this ghost town 5D is the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. Everyone I loved is suddenly gone. Everything I believed I was working towards suddenly seems to be in vain. I used to be invincible. Now the smallest injury brings me to my knees. I keep hearing, the only way forward is with a broken heart.

    • Your words really hit home Polly, I feel the exact same, so much lose and pain and longing to be reunited. I’ve been thinking of you so much since you posted Denise. I hope you are one of the lucky ones and it turns out differently. This period seems to be somehow out of time, like you said Polly, a ghost town. It’s more than not being in this world, I don’t know how to describe it, but I know it feels tremendously lonely at times yet there’s nothing to fill it with. I too live alone Denise and think I know how you feel when you said you had nobody you could talk to, I melted when you said that because I feel the same way. Much love and I will continue to hold you in my heart.

  • So far, I have come in contact with three different Jesuses incarnated on earth now. A huge shitstorm of meaningless words and phrases are going around in the name of ascension, while I have met with few among the so-called spiritual teachers and gurus who have had firsthand experience of Kundalini activation, how to go about it and the way beyond. Thank you, madam, for this timely exposure of these imposters.

  • Hello Denise,
    I have followed your former blog Transitions..and now, your current one.
    I haven’t commented before, but I was relieved to see there are others like me, who haven’t fallen under the
    spell of D.Trump and other leaders, ( spiritual , etc), who claim to be something they’re not.
    2020 is also 20/20.

  • Dearest Denise, thank you for your sharing on both your thoughts on Trump and your distress over your sons partner and his own ill health. We all feel so alone on this journey but are all energetically connected. From one Capricorn to another my heart is your heart and if mine can beat stronger to sustain you then it is so. Things are moving on and that’s a fact. Much love to you and all who share, onward and upwards, and everywhere in between.

  • Hi Denise.You are in my thoughts and I know what you say about many changes on the way is so correct..💕💕💕💕

  • Denise,

    I could feel my stomach churning as I read you’re words knowing what was to come in comments!!
    It needed to be said but wow, just wow!!!⚡️

    Hopefully some of your “former”🙄readers will truly awaken before the gap grows too large to take the real leap of faith that’s required.
    It’s the one where you have to trust your own internal guidance system and Source Light embodiment. The one where you have to use your very own BullShit detector.
    Every one of us is Born with it…Ask Any 4 Year Old!!!

    Dot connectors…always the same phrase. Isn’t that where the projection space is left for the un(in)formed to fill in their gaping holes?!?!?
    Everyone wants to feel like they have the “inside info” but please oh please
    don’t accept that the inside info has to actually originate from Inside of You!!!!!

    I’m Awake and I want answers right now!!!!!!!!!!

    Your words have created a very clear image in my mind.
    Remembering the movie The Matrix.
    Imagining everyone waking up and disconnecting from the machine only to have a more insidious, shinier seeming version ready and waiting. It’s painful and I have to disassociate my being from it because I’m sure some very good hearts have chosen a very hard path.
    What Better time to take over the Unaware?

    The only Q I’ve Ever indulged in is the Trickster in Star Trek. He’s a quite a character!!! The irony that People are following a “group” that chose the same name as the Trickster Overlord Alien Being from Star Trek Next…leaves me breathless. 😢 Lesson 101…People Always Tell You Who They Are If You’re Truly Paying Attention!

    Bless you my friend. I know who You truly are and why you do what you do and I Am Grateful.
    You are and will Always Be my ascension hero✨💖✨sz

  • Okay, okay. Wow. Sorry everyone but I need to share what just happened. I’m fine and will be no matter what happens but I do need to share this with you, my Light family of co-Workers. Like I’ve been saying, shit’s about to get much more real, well it just did. To be expected all things considered.

    My son (48) and I don’t talk much, long story you don’t need to carry. I live in California, he lives in Arizona. He just called me, crying and sounding very strange to let me known that his common law “wife”, the only woman and love he’s ever had, died Sunday August 16, 2020. She’d just turned 51 a week before. He said she’d been complaining about it being hard for her to breath for about a week. She’s had asthma for decades. But she suddenly died Sunday at their home.

    During this phone call I’m listening to my son, whose a Gemini (rules the lungs) and has smoked for decades and always coughed anyway, coughing like I’ve never heard him cough before. He’s crying and trying not to then coughing his guts out, then crying again. My god…

    A month ago or so when I started hearing in the news how Arizona had become the latest COVID-19 “hot spot”, of course I thought many times about my son and his wife as neither of them have been very “healthy”. Honestly, I thought my son would go before she did. But by the way he was coughing over the phone just now, I would be VERY surprised if he doesn’t have COVID-19 now.

    People, I’m just needing to talk about this at the moment, I’m not needing any of you to do ANYTHING other than just hear what I’m saying. I have no one physically to talk to and haven’t for so long it’s crazy. You are and have been my Light family and that’s why I’m sharing this with you. I already know that there’s a strong possibility that my son is sick with COVID-19 now and that that’s what killed his just turned 51-year-old wife.

    I feel so for him for so many reasons. In my case with my mom who died June of 2019, she’d been sick for so long physically and mentally (dementia and probably had Parkinson’s), I knew she was dying, slowly since 2014, and was long prepared for her death. My son didn’t have that blessing of emotional preparation with his wife suddenly dying at home Sunday night.

    And yeah, I haven’t come right out and said it but you all know just as I do what could happen with my son. At the moment it all feels touch n’ go because he’s emotionally devastated. He doesn’t know how to live without her. I’ve always known this but it’s here now and it could go any number of ways.

    Again, everyone please know I’m just needing to share this bomb that just went off with you. I do NOT want any of you to feel like you HAVE to say anything about this. It just is what it is. Friends and family simply share stuff. People have been dying unexpectedly all year due to the pandemic, and other things, and this will continue this year and next. Wow, this feels like another, ANOTHER big clue that we’re farther into the Separation of Worlds than even we realized.

    • Thank you for sharing something so close to you with us, Denise. My heart is with you and your son. No words, just deep sincere loving stillness with you in this time. You will be blessed x

    • Thank you for sharing Denise. Strange because my mother is about to board a plane to South Korea for a prestigious contest, in pursuit of her lifelong dream of becoming a recognized traditional folk dancer.

      If she wins, she intends to live there and only come back to US twice a year, apparently winning comes with guaranteed public performances she’s obligated to fulfill throughout the year. And I’ve no doubt she’ll win.

      Growing up my mom worked hard to make money to provide for me, my sister and brother, and to an extent, my father who was never too keen to work. This unrelenting attitude of money money money has driven her for decades, and it was only the near death of my father that forced her to retire to tend to his final years.

      It seems now she’s turned her attention and laser beam focus to become famous/renowned for the other love of her life, dance.

      My mother finds me puzzling for I’ve all the finest credentials on paper stating that I should be successful in whatever field I’ve chosen, but I am not in them, nor do I want to be. She’s always looked at me as a wasted potential and probably as someone who’s “failed to thrive” and yet always come running to me for advice because of repeating patterns of me saying somethings and things coming to pass exactly as I have said.

      So I know it ain’t much or anyway near but this is how the Separation is happening in my corner of the world.

      Much love to you.

        • YES Jain Lee… you see and know what’s real and what isn’t. Thank you for your comments and support. I appreciate you too, very much. 🙂

        • Ana, thank you right back and I appreciate you🙏❤️

          Here’s to a great big High Heart Lightbody group hug to all with Denise smack in the center!🌟✨💫

    • Denise…Thank you for letting us all know. I and all your co-workers here are at your side. I send you love Love and a big shoulder to lean on should you ever feel the need. I will hold both your son and you in the silence…in my HighHeart. We are with you…xoxo

    • Hi Denise,

      You’ve had a shocking start to your day and there really are no words that can be offered as a soothing balm. I just wanted to let you know that I feel you as well as feel for both you and your son.

      Things are shifting quickly. This is just one more sign that all Volunteers need to hold steady no matter what circumstances they may suddenly face. Prepare to expect the unexpected….


      • “This is just one more sign that all Volunteers need to hold steady no matter what circumstances they may suddenly face.”

        Exactly Marjorie and thank you. ❤

        Every minute of today has been so strange, even before my son called. My grown up words are lousy today everyone. This was a big bomb and it's changed so much. I can see the why of it for so many people but… wow.

        • You are not alone Denise and we all love you, and thank the gods and goddesses that you are here so we don’t all go mad. Peace and love to you and all. BarbK

    • I’m so sorry Denise. I know you said we don’t need to reply but I feel compelled to. Your blog has really been a shining beacon for me for a long time. I may not comment alot but I read everything. It’s helped me countless times when I thought I was going crazy. It’s help me not to feel alone. I’m holding the best wishes in my heart for you and your son.

    • Sister, I can feel the HUGENESS of this. Honestly, (and for the first time speaking it out loud) I feel like I’ve been preparing on other levels to allow the passing of dearly loved ones sometime in the near future. It feels SO BIG that I don’t try to consciously “go there” but I know there is subconscious work being done nonetheless.
      This is BIG for you and I know you don’t need us to say anything, as you’ll navigate it courageously as you always do ~’cause there is really no other choice for us now. But please accept this HUGE virtual hug that I’m sending you. You are loved and supported here by your Light Co-workers. Always.
      So much LOVE to you. And please do keep us posted.
      ~ Kate

      • MY ‘reality dials’ just got clicked today… I could deny it better yesterday and technically still can until probably next Monday… but some news today sunk in the reality that my wife and I most likely have acquired the Covid-19 virus. Yikes.

        She is a school teacher and spent the last few weeks at school doing prep work. Classes don’t actually begin until next Monday. Saturday night she started running a fever. Both of us have had a bit of a cough and experiencing dryness, but until today I was chalking it up to breathing air conditioned air. I assumed the fever was just a bit of infection setting in. But out of an abundance of caution, we went to the local health department Monday for PCR tests. I still told myself, it’s just sinuses. Then today I woke up a bit achy and tired, despite sleeping like ten hours. I also felt a bit warm… I took my temperature and found I was also running a very low grade fever. All this was still categorized under ‘able to deny’ until my wife got a text from a co-worker… One who had also gone in for a test, but due to an immunocompromised condition she was given a ‘rapid’ test. She is positive for CoVid-19. My wife spend time with her daily for a total of 8 days. School was the only place that my wife had been without me… she had showed symptoms first. It all made sense… I have Covid-19. Reality had set in.

        I immediately got out credit card receipts, made a day by day check list back to two days prior to symptoms first showing up. I texted two friends we had seen… called stores and eateries with dates, times and names even if we only went through the drive through. To my surprise, everyone seemed very grateful to be informed. (I thought a few might be angry or just indifferent.) I did all this because if the tables were turned, I would want to know. And with test results delayed about a week, it would be even longer before a contact tracer called them. Then I called what few friends/family I/we have to let them know of our situation. And then… I was left with just myself… and my thoughts. What does this all mean? Is there some significance? Or is it just, ‘What it is’?

        I have many ponderings on those questions, both good and bad, positive and negative… but what I want to share is, the IMPACT of the QUESTION. ‘What does this mean?’ It’s causing me to take stock in a way I have not. And that’s saying something considering I have had someone extremely close to me, walk out of my life, never to speak to me again just 9 months ago. I was devastated. It was something that pushed me to suicidal thoughts and great grief. And in the end, I am more intrigued, not by my thoughts, but rather by an image… more a feeling. That while I have spent a great deal of time over the years going back and forth between ‘the worlds’ that are now in the process of separating… I feel like I have been shoved back down into the lower world just one last time like someone getting their head pushed under water and told to swim… Swim under some large object like a floating dock, one that does not allow you to come up for air or breathe part way through. Swim as hard as you can to get under it and come out the other side. Emerge back out of the water on the other side…. and finally… once and for all… be free. Free to emerge into the higher reality without all the bullshit of those lower worlds constantly restraining and confusing me.

        And then a more practical thought came to me as if a parallel realization. The most recent studies suggest that while antigens may disappear after forty some odd days… T cell memory of how to react to this virus may be much longer lasting, if not even permanent. So… surviving the virus means… being no longer susceptible. No longer needing to be afraid. Feeling free to be there to help others, if you want. Wow. Simply put, after so much BS… just feeling free.

        For several days last week, I was praying to a particular archangel that answered me by bringing great comfort and healing. It all ramped up to just before my wife got her first symptoms when it all just seemed to just fade away. I thought at the time that this feeling must be preparing me from something. It was… it was preparing me to swim for my life. You’ll have to excuse me now, I have to take a deep breath and get going. I hope I see you on the other side.

        My condolences, Denise. This is my way of sharing: ‘Nah, you aren’t alone.’ And I see now, I’m not either. Take care.

        • “And in the end, I am more intrigued, not by my thoughts, but rather by an image… more a feeling. That while I have spent a great deal of time over the years going back and forth between ‘the worlds’ that are now in the process of separating… I feel like I have been shoved back down into the lower world just one last time like someone getting their head pushed under water and told to swim… Swim under some large object like a floating dock, one that does not allow you to come up for air or breathe part way through. Swim as hard as you can to get under it and come out the other side. Emerge back out of the water on the other side…. and finally… once and for all… be free. Free to emerge into the higher reality without all the bullshit of those lower worlds constantly restraining and confusing me.”

          Kevin M.,

          Thank you for sharing every word you did in your comment. ❤ Thank you. ❤

          My HighHeart was nodding in full agreement while reading your deep inner sense about this COVID-19 but from the perspective of we Volunteers, we in the know about the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds etc. While I was reading the section of your comment I quoted–and this is weird for sure–the word keelhauled popped into my mind. Now, I tell you all, who in the hell thinks about that out of the blue?!?! I’m the first to admit I’m not in the best of shape emotionally at the moment — crying, excessive heat and lack of sleep gets me quickly every time — but keelhauled?! Really? Euw.

          And then, like you’ve been doing with this and more too Kevin M., it’s starting to make more sense to me in those higher awareness ways. Can you all feel this right now? Wow, despite everything and I mean everything we’re so in the HIGH zone/space/place/wave now. Very good sign and clue for us all. 🙂 ❤

          Like you said it's been feeling off/on in 2020 like many of us have been and are again now swimming under something like your dock (where no one can "breath") to get to the OTHER SIDE and quickly come up for air. Spiritual, energetic, evolutionary keelhauled. Oh god I hope I'm expressing this well enough that everyone isn't thinking I've lost it!

          The past Age of Pisces — ocean, water, emotions, Emotional Body etc. Many of us Volunteers/Starseeds etc. are in 2020 having to take one last dive and swim under the water and swim our hardest to get out from under and up to the OTHER SIDE and breath in the NEW higher Air (Age of Aquarius, an AIR sign) of NEW Earth.

          I’ve been Seeing some new NEW higher awareness images over the past ten days to two weeks now that I haven’t shared because they’re so different and I needed some time with them. Here’s one I saw the other day that says it all however.

          I Saw from out in space two large spinning spheres. (Earths) One was on top and spinning rapidly counterclockwise, the other one was below it spinning at the same rapid speed but clockwise. They were slightly different colors, the higher one was lighter colored and the lower one was darker. No confusion there!

          As I observed this I understood that both of them are spinning (vibrating) faster and higher AND faster and lower and when they’ve reached a certain speed (frequency, vibration etc.) they split apart and rapidly spun off away from each other. The higher Earth went higher and the old lower Earth went much lower until I couldn’t See it anymore. It was a visual and energetic representation of the final stage of the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. And Kevin M. and All, it’s connected to what Kevin described and what we’re all going through in 2020. Thanks Kevin M., and we’ll all be just fine, no matter what. ❤

    • WOW!!! It’s ALWAYS shocking to the mind when things/events you know to be happening energetically play out in the physical. It’s something one cannot really get used to while having a human experience. I’m feeling exactly how/what you’re feeling. Been there too. Holding space of love for you and your son, Denise.

    • Not compelled to respond but want to…Holding loving space for you and your son! I’m glad we all have one another 🙂

    • I so feel for you right now, Denise! – The unfortunate death of your son’s wife on Sunday August 16, 2020; coincided with your best ever article; namely this one right here: “More 2020 Disclosure”, and it also coincided with Uranus going retrograde. This is all very powerful; and It is said that every time Uranus changes direction; the world may seem to turn upside down. And the usual advice is to expect the unexpected; because Uranus disrupts the status quo; changing the unchangeable, moving the unmovable. — In addition on Sunday August 16, 2020; the Moon joined the ongoing Martian turmoil; as it squared Mars and opposed Pluto; (being just as dreadful as it sounds). — Please forgive me for being the typical male who just cannot listen without having to give some sort of advice. — Along with so many others here; I too am very close to you during this time. Much love to you as always.

      • Yes, THANK YOU Finn for the astrological explanation. I felt something shift yesterday and the last person I saw in the evening was a cashier named Denise. Of course I thought of you Denise and thank you for your kind reply back to my email earlier today. I also thought the same thing about this passing happening as Denise released her amazing target energy in the More 2020 Disclosure article. BIG TNT! HUGE!

    • Dang, Woman! I’ve read “More 2020 Disclosure” and most of the replies/comments for same. THANK YOU!!! I am grateful for what you wrote and helped me see I had almost completely separated from supposed teachers, guides, etc. before Covid 19 hit since I did not really know to whom you were referring! I used to read each new book issued by certain teachers/informers but no more. Last November I joined a group for a monthly meditation that would continue for 1 year. In January (hee, hee) I was told to stop “live” participation in the meditations and to not listen to the recordings. That ended my “formal” alignment with any current teachers/informers. I thank you for confirming this was not arrogance on my part but what my SOUL needed to do. Any info they could provide was not in alignment with where I was and where I am going.

      Why oh Why do some people believe they have the right, authority, intelligence, wisdom, and advancement that would be needed to rip you apart or condemn what you write and believe? Perhaps one day clarity, understanding, and acceptance will come to them. Your advancement, wit, courage, strength, and love are greatly valued. When you wrote about your son – we are now your family – is true for me. When the Covid 19 lock-down occurred in March 2020 I was very okay because I was very okay with being with myself. Others looked at me and were concerned that I was a hermit, isolationist, etc. You confirmed that is what is needed now and it has now completely cleared any self-doubt I still had about Me, Myself, and I. That said I am writing and reaching out to you, Denise, and the other readers/supporters/commentors of HighHeartLife because I do need to be able to connect with others. So, again, thank you for providing a safe forum for us. BTW – just saw where Trump said the only way he would lose this election if it was rigged. He just can’t seem to accept the ONLY way he got elected was due to a rigged election. Denise, cuss all you want – those who have a problem with cursing and what you write have two choices: 1) they can get over it, or 2) they can choose to not get over it. I hope my attitude is similar to yours – I don’t give a bloody damn which choice they make! :))) Keep speaking truth! With Love


    • Dear Denise, my friend of the Light,

      I’m sitting on a stair step tonight, with tears in my eyes, trying to make crazy logic out of the tragic realities that the covid – 19 pandemic brought you, and subsequently to all of us. I don’t have a choice about how sensitive I am to the suffering of others; it is something I try to accept and cope with. I cannot will it away, or ignore it. There is nothing I can write that can change anything, but I will tell you that I have worried about you going through a mega – Walmart breathing all that recycled air, and ever since you wrote several years ago about your son I have worried about him, too, because at the time it seemed you were fiercely protecting him, just as you might be, right now. Such is the knitting threads of the human heart, and the love that binds us.

      In my high heart I know that we’re all, every single one of us, living in the middle of a constant storm. What I see is a shredded masthead, churning waves overtaking a deck, and the hanging on, one life breath at a time. I am sorry that an unexpected death pierced you Sunday, as only a dart of that kind can. I know well the numbness, the disbelief, the stark silence that arrives with shock.

      If I could make a kind of virtual group hug for you, you know I would, just as I stew and worry, mentally pace while seeking calm and solace for you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, and I’m sad, and I just hate this for you, and for your son.

      Love, Cali Flower

    • I’m very sorry to hear this Denise. It’ll be 5 years since my father passed away September 10th. Remember I wrote to you shortly after, and I appreciate the helpful words you gave me. It was very shocking to us all for a while and hard but we got through it. What helped me most is the knowledge that we are more than our physical bodies. I thought about the time I meditated in the mirror and saw my own soul. So I know my dad is still around but just not in a body anymore. I hope you and your son can get through this like me and my mom with my dad. I also hold out faith that when we all ascend more and more eventually we’ll be able to see and communicate with loved ones who passed away. Maybe some of you already can.

    • Denise! I am at a total loss for words, I know it is and isn’t a surprise all at once. I hope and yet at once know you are at peace. Wow. I am nodding to all the responses…feel confirmation and comfort in respect to your down to earth humanness of acknowledging this platform and us in extension as soul family…something I regard too…and feeling that same sadness as you and everyone else who have literally physically had no one much less to talk to and the unhappiness of having the credentials yet no energetic support and recognition to route that into what most consider “success”/security… despite the knowingness alongside that that is what is needed and nothing is as it seems. This hermit mode…has really been an abode hasn’t it…sorry brain not working but at least that rhymes.

    • Keeping you and your son within the space of my high heart, Denise.

      May this bend in the road be a manageable one that ultimately brings with it optimal outcomes and healing for you both in the days ahead.

      Much love and peace to you both

    • Thank you for sharing Denise … I feel your turmoil. My big girl words aren’t working well either at this news… just need to say I/we love you so much. ❤

    • Hello, Denise,

      I understand now why I was feeling so uneasy when I was writing you on Aug. 18 and couldn’t shake it. I was writing while you were absorbing this shocking information. I couldn’t read comments until much later because it has been very hot here and my computer was ready to implode whenever I tried to load anything.

      My family and I have always been able to give virtual hugs and sometimes feel each other’s emotions from afar, so I’m not surprised I picked up on this so strongly. It’s another indication of how close we’re all becoming.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your shocking news and understand you may not be around as much while you’re dealing with all the many layers of what this means.

      I sent you a virtual hug this morning. I hope you got it.

      Big Hugs,


      • Thanks Cat ❤ but no, I'm a Volunteer Lightwarrior First Everythinger Conscious Creator and there's SO much more Work to be done right now.

        I got wobbly Tuesday, August 18, 2020 after my son called to let me know about his wife's sudden death (they'd been together for 26 years everyone!) because I knew, know what that instantly did to him, to her, to her family, and to me. One person died suddenly and unexpectedly and it instantly threw all of us into ‘Personal Transition States’ to borrow a Hathor / Tom Kenyon term. COVID-19, and all else at work doing what they are to mass humanity.

        (Marjorie I’m going to wait to publish your comment because after just reading what you linked (I get email notifications from Tom Kenyon website when he writes something new), I intended to use my son’s and my experiences that, this is important everyone, on the day and night of August 16, 2020. That was the day I published this !!!RUSH ORDER!!! article then dealt with the hostile comments about it as quickly as I could. It was also that same night that I felt a huge lift and shift higher because of what I did through this article and what all of you did through your comments about these topics. In other words, August 16, 2020 was another big life and shift within this long ‘Chaotic Node’ and what I’d call Separations of Worlds.)

        I continued being wobbly Wednesday August 19 for the same reasons — my son is in emotional no-man’s land of profound pain and grief, plus he may also have COVID-19 but he’s in such a state now that I know he won’t do anything about it, because he can’t. Deep breath and keep going. But today I’m back and even when I get wobbly again over whatever, I’ll ALWAYS lift and shift myself and as much else as I can back UP to vastly higher levels and states etc. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • You said it well Denise: “Walk away with a pure clear heart and exist and Work from HOME now constantly.”
    My life is a celebration of that Light. No matter how many clearings I have to do – that Light is where I choose to live
    Irene E.

  • Denise,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your authentic from-the-heart full disclosure ‘rant.’ I won’t go into all the ways it touched me so deeply and spoke so loudly and bone-deep, because it’s already been expressed by so many of the commenters. What came to me, though, as I read some of the comments, is a quote—by Unknown—that I hadn’t thought of in years:

    “Let the howlers howl, let the growlers growl, let the scowlers scowl … You keep in the light, be brave in your fight, you’ll win alright and I know it.”

    I love you, Denise, I admire your courage, and I appreciate you beyond words!

  • Hi Denise and all, love this article. This will be long. I’ve come to realize within myself the last several years that sometimes the darkness pushes me further into the light. I also realize this is not their conscious intention. They do intent to attack, derail, and manipulate us all in various ways, but when we choose to move on and not be tricked by them into playing their game we free ourselves more and more. Maybe this confusion some people feel about Donald Trump being “of the light” is like if I said the darkness is really good because it pushes me further into the light as if that’s it’s conscious intention. No, of course Trump is a team dark pawn and being used to screw up this country but if better systems arise out of the ashes then it’s because we decide we want better, not because he’s really a lightworker.

    Like here’s something about me that team dark uses to try to keep me down here: When I was in high school I dealt with a lot of rude and nasty people, but there were 2 bullies in particular who really scared me because I could tell they had no compassion or empathy and really wanted to hurt me. A couple times when one of them got me alone in gym class in the locker room he’d kick me in the groin which some young people think is funny but it’s incredibly painful and sadistic. Sometimes I still get angry if I think about it and I know team dark used this guy to hurt me enough to potentially sabotage my ascension years later by manipulating my emotions so maybe I’d be stuck in duality and want justice or revenge, but I don’t want that. The truth about forgiveness is that it has nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with YOU moving on. This bully I knew years ago will have his own karma to deal with and that’s his journey. If he feels guilty and becomes the victim in the next life or something then I won’t be around for it. That’s why some people have a hard time forgiving people. They feel it’s like saying it’s okay that this person hurt you. It’s better to realize this person was a team dark pawn trying to trap you in the karmic cycle.

    That brings me to another thing I want to talk about in regards to spiritual teachers who aren’t totally vibrating 100% integrity. When I first started learning about ascension in 2003 maybe until around 2009 I soaked up tons of information. Maybe this is natural for people first waking up. I did fall into a couple traps too. I made the mistake in September 2006 of joining Operation Terra and the leader claimed to channel the Hosts of Heaven and the aliens were gonna come rescue us and all that, but some of her articles had some truth to it. That’s how they trick you. They throw in some truth mixed with lies and manipulation. Anyway, I ended up getting kicked out of this group for speaking my mind about the whole “working class system” being corrupt and slavery. That’s how I felt at the time and I’ll admit I was still in the early stages of awakening and had more ego driving me than I do now. I also read many articles by this guy starting in 2003 and most of them resonated and had a lot of ascension truth. So I would write to him and ask thousands of questions because I still needed validation back then. He was cool about it and I considered him my spiritual teacher for a while but I realize now the only true teacher is within you, and he would probably say that himself. I haven’t followed him in years now but the last I seen him he only writes about using the law of attraction to manifest money. So if that’s his journey that’s fine for him, but I’m moving away from money.

    One more thing about spiritual teachers. I’m not sure how many will agree with this, but a lot of them insist that everyone comes down here and has to play every part, including my old spiritual teacher. They all say we’ve all been it all and done it all, including rape and murder. That doesn’t resonate with me at all. Also, some insist that we all have had a lifetime where we were really bad, like on the level of Adoph Hitler. Some even say this is necessary. Isn’t that a team dark tactic to try to trick people into living lots of lifetimes and being stuck in the muck of dense karma to keep feeding off us. I feel like I’m an old soul, but at the same time I have no past life memories yet and don’t get the sense that I’ve ever been in duality before. I couldn’t imagine going through what most people do in this world. I feel like an innocent soul, and I’m not saying that to sound like that makes me better than anyone else. It’s just who I am. So it’s always bothered me when some of these teachers act like everyone has to experience everything here. We all have free will to say no, I don’t want that. I want to experience love and true freedom.

    Thanks again Denise

  • Thanks Denise for validating what came to me very strongly this past week. Being very discerning of what I am energetically spending my time on. Running around, trying to plant seeds, coaxing other people up the stair steps with me is not a fruitful use of my time. Tending to my own garden is. Was very aware this week of my non attachment to TDs blatantly bullshit and laughable last ditch attack in one certain arena.

    On the rest of this, I have been observing some rising stars in the ascension community, the most recent one on board the DT lightworker bandwagon is one I have been observing, I had noticed a few months ago the marketing model changed, she had fallen into the marketing funnel – and the spinning starts – I think this ties in really well with what you spoke to about doing the inner work – ego – etc. Their agendas are hidden even from themselves. The rise to internet stardom takes its toll on a fragile ego – susceptibility to the dis-ease of needing more, more more. I am also observing this in the Kundalini community as well where it is actually scarier because they are exceptionally skilled marketers, creating loyal followers, pledging allegiance to ???? I have been watching another who within 6 months had gone from a novice to having his own school. Yes absolutely went into the marketing funnel. Who is the groomer? Never mind, I do not give two poops. Thank you for cursing like a sailer! My Aries moon needs that fiest, my Scorpio rising loves the zing and my cancer moon wants to give you a hug. 🔥🦂 🤗

  • I have followed your blog for many years from back when it was still Transitions, tho I never commented before. Thank you so much for elaborating on this issue. I can recall you putting it out there in 2017, but making clear that it would not be a focus, so I have waited patiently, checked back frequently.

    Like others, I have been very disturbed by the many spiritual “teachers” and their even more numerous followers that seem to see light where there is none. I do believe that the recently “awakened” usually have to stumble quite a bit before they land firmly in the new. I was very young when I began seeking and it involved going to psychics looking (fruitlessly) for answers. When I was 16 a gypsy palm reader told me I had been cursed, but she was prepared to help me lift that “curse” (for a donation). I was so distressed, I went to my (then) guru, Rama Krishna Anandaji (some old white dude that had spent a year at an ashram in India and now ran a yoga class) and told him—and he just laughed at me! I wanted so much to be rescued by someone, anyone. More recently (more than 3 decades later, when I should have known better) I fell headfirst into the twin flame fairytale—again looking for belonging, for something outside myself to give my life meaning.

    What these “woke” individuals need is a little time to experience the great disappointment that comes from putting faith in a savior. The patriarchal paradigm is ancient and it will die hard, only after the fear, ego and pain that is it’s foundation is exposed. Until then these people will continue to see power and genius in this frightened man that never grew up. It’s disturbing, but I’ve given up on the idea that people will see reason, see him for what he is. The delusion seems to be a lot like an addiction. Sorry for the wordy post 😼

    • “What these “woke” individuals need is a little time to experience the great disappointment that comes from putting faith in a savior. “

      Thank you for that statement Karin! That really hit the spot for me, put into words something I’ve known subconsciously but not yet realized consciously. I think you hit the nail on the head Truth for so many. And it helps emphasize what Denise keeps saying about all the change being internal now. My spiritual teacher says “Transformation is an inside job.” And that is becoming so obvious now in this Phase 2 separation of worlds.

      Thank you for sharing!

  • Yahoo Denise! What a perfect masterpiece of an article! I loved every word.
    I knew you’d get blasted and I sent you a HighHeart flame retardant spirit love hug suit😃❤️
    (And inside I was saying “fuck ‘em if they can’t take a poke in the ole ego up another stair step”
    I agree with Finn (and others) that it feels like a breath of fresh clean air.
    Love, LoVe, LOVE you. Thank you so much for your courage.

  • Hey Denise,
    WOW !! bout time you let loose, could feel you for a long time holding that one in.
    Most have NOT advanced themselves (me/Myself/I) to the point of understanding that it is always just US that has to be in the hot seat, none of these others matter at all, they are part of the sideshow that tries to distract you from the real goal.
    Or in the proverbial words of Dwane “The Rock” Johnson – “It doesn’t matter what your name is”
    The Real focus of this life is not others, is not helping, is not doing for others, is not – not. IT IS to become source in the new light body flesh here on the newly created planet Sophia. Source as in SOURCE yes the full person in one (really multiD) body with the complete understanding of the complete plan and the power to work towards the main goals of SOURCE.
    But, Alas one must LEARN their way out of this matrix and that means personal responsibility and work. Which means that the statement “A person convinced against their will, is of the same opinion still” is correct and also that the scripture (christian bible) that states “you are your brothers keeper” is a lie to keep you focused on others and NOT yourself.
    We are now on the last lap, sprint it out and don’t look back (there’s no one there anyway)

  • Hello everyONE!
    Thank you so much all of you for the article and the comments.
    Yeah! Right on time for positioning “prior” to the Separation!
    Everyone now is able to get the benefits of the clarification. Left-brained or “Heart-centered”.

  • Thank you for this Denise. I really needed to hear this today. I’ve never been interested in the political game, I’ve always seen it as that – a game. Sometimes I try too hard to try to help others that are now in situations I have been in the past. If I can share my knowledge and experience maybe it will help them. Maybe it will or maybe it won’t. But really I need to be 100% focused on me and my embodiment. I had to learn things the hard way. Most of my experiences with Team Dark have been a mystery to my “peers”. They had no answers for me and weren’t having the same experiences. I am seeing a lot more people now having these Team Dark encounters, but really all they can do is learn discernment and it’s not a skill you can teach. It comes from experience alone. I just need to keep on shining and continue to embody my higher energies and let the rest be.

  • Wise words Denise… it has been so disheartening to see previously trusted ascension guides hitch to the orange man’s runaway train. The fervor of the Q folk is so cultlike to be eerie, as you have mentioned there is much crossover in the ascension/trump as savior community and it was one of the primary reasons for turning within more. Between social media and the mainstream media, the overwhelming torrent of negativity aimed at us all never ceases and it’s as plain as day that T is telegraphing his fascistic inclinations more and more every day. From an outside observer’s perspective, we have been terrified of what has been happening down there. Disconnecting from media and socials especially has been liberating/freeing and allowed sovereignty to reign again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these words, truly like salve to the soul to see there are more who are calling this out for what it is.

  • Thanks, Denise. Once again, you have elucidated my own thoughts and experience. Back before Easter, I was kicked out of one of the largest UK-based Facebook ‘Ascension’ communities for laughing at those who gave credence to Q Anon and I was immediately grateful because I had strong reservations about the administrator of that page (who operates out of Glastonbury, the supposed ‘heart chakra’ of the world, which attracts many genuine mystics, but a lot more fakes) so to be summarily expelled was all the confirmation I needed. Since then, I have sharply reprimanded a couple of friends for wasting my time with Q nonsense. One of them has apologised and snapped out of it, but I suppose the other is still burrowing down that rabbit hole. I am surprised at the push back you’ve received here, but from what I can tell without diving in there myself, the Q Anon phenom. has become quite complex, with various people posting anonymously to 8Chan under that rubric. No doubt there are elements of truthiness to it, as you say, but mostly it is wishful thinking and I don’t have the inclination or energy to try to discern fact from fantasy.

    • “I am surprised at the push back you’ve received here,…”

      I’m not Russell C. because I’ve always felt readers that don’t like me and don’t agree with me and/or all of what I say but they read me anyway to learn things they’re incapable of perceiving themselves.

      Everyone, short and simple about all of this, and I mean all of it, is that it is the Separation of Worlds & Timelines happening physically. It’s been in the works for many years but once we entered 2020 Phase 2 it became fully physicalized. It’s no longer just “crazy woo woo” fantasy talk like many have believed. It’s real and it’s happening and it’s happening now, physically. The rest of 2020 and probably much if not all of 2021 will be this Separation shift unfolding physically.

      There’s so much more but to be honest everyone, I’m momentarily exhausted from doing my Phase 2 2020 “job” and taking the heat. There were other comments I deleted last night. Maybe I shouldn’t have because they made my cursing look like child’s play and some of you need to see these things, these energies and people for yourself. As always I’ll move through and beyond it all. It’s not in my Volunteer wiring to do anything other than that. I knew people would attack me for this and other articles I’ve written this year but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or pleasant having (censor, censor, censoring myself here) certain individuals do the same old attack kill routine attempts on me or anyone who’s embodied more Light and/or is Embodied, Embodying now.

      “…the Q Anon phenom. has become quite complex,…”

      Yes and that’s a common Team Dark tactic, always has been with everything. A little truth intentionally mixed in with heaping piles of lies, distortions, perversions etc. and throw it out to the unaware masses and let them energetically feed it and turn it into an even larger more powerful perversion trap for as many people as possible. It’s a tactic that’s both physical and etheric and it’s all about energy and entrapment and parasitism. Team Dark through and through same as the attacks to anyone who threatens, resists or points out these sorts of things. So predictable. So gone soon however.

      • Denise,

        Well, it looks like the “anons” arrived right on schedule, defensive, craving an argument, and spouting their BS at you. I knew this would happen. And I was thinking last night how you were going to get hit with it, wishing there were some way to stop the ensuing onslaught, but as you yourself knew, there wasn’t. What you’ve posted here is important and needs to be said. Thanks for doing it and sorry that you also have to deal with the crazies who are triggered by it.

        For some time now, I’ve been hearing the phrase: “what I do now I do for myself,” and I noticed that I no longer cared what happened to descending earth or those on it. Not my problem. No more waiting, babysitting, coddling, wiping noses and tying shoes for others. I am DONE. No guilt. No sense of responsibility for others anymore, all of that simply left my consciousness all on its own. I guess because it was just time for it to go. Dovetails nicely with what you wrote about it being time for us to put ourselves first now. Box checked on that one!

        The separation of worlds really is becoming more and more obvious. There have been so many twists and turns, postponements and what have you, that I remained cautious about it for a while, even after I began seeing actual physical evidence that it was happening. Too many hard decades and disappointments that had jaded me somewhat, I guess. But yeah, it’s here now.


  • Wow thank you Denise 🙏🏽✨ I’ve been away from reading or engaging with anything for a while (my own inner processes required it) and wow this feels like just the confirmation I needed right now! Thank you 💗✨

  • – Having just concluded reading this most brilliant article; – all I want to say is …. Ahhhhhhh …. can you feel it, good people?; the air … ; so pure; like after a thunderstorm; like after an ordeal, like all of us finally landing on a much deserved higher energy stair–step. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

    • “…can you feel it, good people?; the air … ; so pure; like after a thunderstorm; like after an ordeal, like all of us finally landing on a much deserved higher energy stair–step.”

      Thank you Finn for saying this. ❤ ❤ ❤ I felt it last night and knew in that moment that my latest job Work was successful and took hold and did what IT was supposed to. These ascension and Embodiment and Separation of Worlds things are meticulously energetically timed, much like surfers padding very fast and hard to catch a wave and ride it. I'm very, very familiar with this from living and doing my best to write about it throughout Phase 1. The awareness suddenly is there in me and it's got a potent and huge !!!Rush Order!!! attached to it which I very much felt. This is another reason why I didn’t have the time to email everyone I quoted in this article to get their permissions first. There wasn’t a day to waste so I did what I did and used numbers instead of names and hoped that my actions wouldn’t offend or betray anyone who’d emailed me privately.

      And as you said and felt correctly Finn, all the hard and fast paddling was successful — I wrote this particular article as quickly as I could so everyone that wanted to could catch this energy Wave and ride it a little higher to NEW Earth. Separation of Worlds & Timeline people here and now. Do what you will, where you will.

      Thanks again Finn. ❤

      • I felt much lighter this morning! Woke up naturally much earlier than normal and with more joie de vivre. And the hallway outside my bedroom was lit with a visible sun ray like I’d never seen before. Thank you for this exchange, Finn and Denise!

        • I’m glad you shared this Kara, thanks. ❤

          After the attack dust settles we usually get a sense and feel that things got visually lighter and energetically Lighter literally. This time in Phase 2 levels this was way more obvious, visible, almost instantaneous and clearly known that me/we/us lifted and shifted A LOT late yesterday, August 16, 2020. You know why. All of you should know why.

          This is why I’ve been getting nudged since January 2020 that this year I/we/us do NOT keep quiet or enable anyone or anything any longer that is/who is not energetically capable yet or possibly even in these current lifetimes, of existing in the NEW Earth me/we/us are going to now. There’s more of this Conscious Creating and literal Pathpaving to NEW Earth coming during 2020 real Volunteers. Some of it will look and feel like what this one was — a minor uprising by those who aren’t going where we are. Others will be, look and feel different but the whole point is that more is coming so be ready for anything. And thank you All for your HighHeart energy support and participation in yesterday’s lifting and shifting we all did. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hi Denise –

    I agree with just about all you’ve said. This is not an easy topic to broach at all. I agree that rising out of duality is the key now. Duality creates dense matter. Rising out of duality is ascension.

    I also always remind myself, this is a school, we are where we are, it is all about learning. You call the levels of learning we go through stairsteps, I think of them as grades. Many of these teachers that are under team dark control or influence are not operating out of free will or choice. Some of them have been heavily trauma programmed and they are running programs. And portal people, they don’t even know they are being used, or jumped in to. Why all the cursing at people? I can’t understand this. It is painful. Why curse at people who are in 5th grade because you are about to graduate? That seems like duality. We are all one soul unit fractured into pieces.

    I don’t mean to be critical. You are in my heart. I just don’t get it, this cursing. I know you have compassion for all people. That is why you do what you do. It seems discordant. Maybe I am misunderstanding your intent, because then a couple of paragraphs later you promote neutrality. I am not of the send love to the dark side camp. That’s not what I am getting at here. I know they’ll just gobble it up. But I am not of the send them hate camp either. They’ll just gobble that up too. When you throw a curse out at someone, aren’t you in effect cursing yourself?

    • “When you throw a curse out at someone, aren’t you in effect cursing yourself?”

      😆 Sorry, no. You’ll understand more as the Separation of Worlds continues and more Divine Mother is felt and you better get and feel true Neutrality.

      I do however appreciate that you did your best to not rip me to shreds debbic c. and were honest. Thank you for that.

      • Hello Denise and Caroline. I sooo resonate with everything you wrote, Denise, regarding Q, T, et al.
        I am a newbie or an oldie, depending on the perspective, bu am at a point in my journey where external guidance on some inner processes/insights feels needed. I know it is part of an egoic programming and am in the process of dismantling it, but since it feels like this is a “rush job,” I was looking to get some tools from people that I “perceive” as further along in the AP. In that sense, I was considering taking Sandra’s classes as she stayed away from all this T as a lightworker nonsense. So with a humble heart and out of a desire to avoid falling into a trap, I ask you to please clarify this for me. Much love to both of you.

        • “In that sense, I was considering taking Sandra’s classes as she stayed away from all this T as a lightworker nonsense. So with a humble heart and out of a desire to avoid falling into a trap, I ask you to please clarify this for me.”


          I’d like to “help” you with this Paula but I won’t because you, like all the rest of us, need to learn to discern energies, people, teachers, gurus, beings, entities, information, belief systems and all the rest of it. As hard as that is for most people, it’s also how they gain personal, firsthand experience and incredibly valuable knowledge which is what helps them to evolve energetically and consciously.

          I too have as you put it, ‘stayed away from all this T as a lightworker nonsense’ and most all of the rest of it/them. That is until 2020 however. Instead I’ve written since 2007 about my own firsthand experiences with Team Dark and the knowledge I’ve gained from that as horrid as it was, it’s given me the ability to instantly know different energy frequencies in most all things, beings and humans. Money can’t buy anyone that, it needs to be lived and embodied so it alchemically evolves you, me, each of us.

          So no Paula, I won’t do what you’re asking of me, so very nicely. 🙂 Do what you will and learn from it ALL. ❤

        • Denise, I hear you loud and clear. Thank you for everything you do. You embody a higher truth that is inspiring me to turn inwards to find these answers…if it makes sense, even though my ego was expecting to be “saved.” Big hug.

  • Thanks, Denise! I hadn’t heard of the AP until summer 2017 when I found you and a couple other writers. You’re the only one whose posts I regularly read anymore, so I don’t really know who all these other teachers are, although I’ve seen bits of what you’re referring to. It’s funny, because I was speed reading looking for that big light bulb moment, and just kept nodding my head yep, yep, yep. That’s not to say there aren’t helpful understandings and dot-connecting, per usual! On my second more careful read, this part really stood out:

    “The Volunteers are all done with the old lower patriarchal world and everyone in it. It and they are NOT our job, responsibility, focus or energy Work anymore. We are. I repeat, you are what’s important and needs to be 100% your focus now in Phase 2. Not them but you and you alone. The rest will naturally and automatically become increasingly obvious to you as you do this in yourself for yourself.

    “Conscious Creators are needed in Phase 2 for continued NEW Earth creating. Let the old lower frequency beings and people do their thing. You and I as Volunteers no longer need participate whatsoever in any of it. Walk away with a pure clear heart and exist and Work from HOME now constantly.”

    I needed the deep breath and RELEASE of these words. I have a strong desire to help (Celia Fenn’s description once about those who would go back and forth comes to mind) but I have to stay in MY HOME to do it.

    I’ve been ignoring the Q stuff, didn’t feel like something I needed to go figure out. I always appreciate that you are fully, fiercely yourself and that you do it in this visible way. I know that takes guts. ❤️❤️❤️ We love you for it.

    • Thanks, Denise, for these (two of many declaratory) statements…and thank you, Kara, for highlighting them and their importance for We First-Everythingers/Volunteers. I am living these exhortations to the best of my ability as I allow my caregiving attentions for my disabled companion to deeply morph and transmute into true Raymond self-care and self-attention. I am surprised, yet not really, at my “non-caring” for whether or not he will experience any kind of health reversal, or if he will have any kind of an aha moment of awareness. I have become singularly focused on advancing higher and higher in my energetic stair-steps and reaching another platform in my climb to actualize Freedom from all limiting thoughtforms and Duality constructs…and I will not allow myself to be deterred. There may be a detour or two, but I am on the road to inner victory over anyone/anything that wishes my path to be otherwise. Thank you Denise for this extraordinary expose and to all the Commenters who also have not been duped by the obfuscations and detritus being left in the wake of TD/Agent Orange/”Q” as their minions continue to cannibalize each other…but I assure you that I will provide them no food to feed off of….You are the bomb, Denise!…and so are many others here whom I’ve not mentioned. I honor all of our courage and commitment!

  • Hi Denise,

    You really got down to the brass tacks with this post! It is an excellent reminder for all of us to keep moving past the shit storm that Team Dark has left in its wake as the gulf between worlds continues to grow.

    I have noticed that a few of the Ascension writers/teachers you were indirectly referring to proudly proclaim to have a background in drama. While these individuals may not have been able to successfully make a living as actors in stage plays, they do seem to be profiting from putting these skills to use in YouTube videos and webinars. It’s also interesting to note that one of the more popular Ascension teachers is known by the name of a colourful pixie. Pixies are supposed to be mischievous creatures who like to pull pranks on unsuspecting humans…….a very strange choice of name for one who wants to enlighten and uplift humanity.


    • “I have noticed that a few of the Ascension writers/teachers you were indirectly referring to proudly proclaim to have a background in drama. While these individuals may not have been able to successfully make a living as actors in stage plays, they do seem to be profiting from putting these skills to use in YouTube videos and webinars.”

      So very true Marjorie and many of us know who you’re talking about. It’s Disclosure time and as we’re clearly seeing, many don’t like it at all.

      Thanks for your higher awareness and support. ❤

    • “It’s also interesting to note that one of the more popular Ascension teachers is known by the name of a colourful pixie. Pixies are supposed to be mischievous creatures who like to pull pranks on unsuspecting humans…….a very strange choice of name for one who wants to enlighten and uplift humanity.”

      Omg, yes! Such an astute and amusing observation about her! Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂 It’s right there in the name, if one just takes a moment to look at it. lol

      Pixie has a background in theater, and her booming authoritative voice combined with the moving kaleidoscopic of images in her videos may have an almost hypnotic effect on some viewers. Weird. Also is a Trump cultist and apologist, blind to what should be obvious to anyone willing to actually LOOK. Maybe she started out OK some years ago, but then got stuck in the TD fly paper somewhere along the way? Hard to say.


  • Bingo! Thank God you said this out loud and as succinctly as you did, Denise. I’ve wondered since I came on board around January 2020 where you stood on Q even though in my heart I believed you thought it was BS. That crap is fear mongering and vibration lowering at its finest. It sickens and quite frankly scares the shit out me how it seems the ENTIRE spiritual community believes Trump is a major lightworker here to save the world. I don’t get it???

    Team Dark is so cunning how they get ppl to speak about their atrocities and tricks all the while under the guise that they’re light workers helping to clear the planet of darkness. They essentially get these teachers to spread the darkness and then feast on the buffet of emotions of fear, anger and repulsion.
    DISCERNMENT, people! Run everything you read and hear through the body. Truth resonates at a very discernible frequency and the body doesn’t lie. It can’t. If you feel yourself reflexively recoil from information it probably isn’t truth. Light is truth. Darkness is lies. Truth draws you in, lies make you recoil and retreat. It’s subtle but listen..

    Sorry for the rant but I’m just so happy and grateful for this much needed article. Divine Timing!

  • 🎯 AF. 🙌🏼👊🏼👍🏼 . THANK YOU, Denise.
    Y’all once you’re out of the lower frequencies long enough, it ALL becomes so much clearer .. 20/20 ..
    Denise is right … WE are needed to FOCUS FORWARD.. only use the rear view mirror for a point of reference. STAY AWAKE. YOU/WE got this! (just stay awake)

  • Hi Denise, I rarely comment on anything anywhere but just had to when I saw what you wrote. I have suspected this as well for a very long time, and it was made known this spring when so many were continuing to write/speak about how Trump is a lightworker and all that goes along with that. No need to elaborate here. So much goes against what they say if that seems so clear and obvious. For instance the majority of these Ascension teachers are against Vaccines. And that’s fine if that’s your belief but Trump is working towards one. They say Trump is saving the children, while he’s one of the ones in the pictures with some of the same ones who are supposed to be arrested and tried soon and sent to Guantanomo. He literally does the opposite of what anyone who’s energy is based in Love would do. I am psychic and an Ascension teacher and Astrologer myself. Years ago I asked why I never received information on any of this and I was shown that this is a “sticky” trap that spends at the top of 4d that lightworkers/people can get trapped in and just spin and spin. Some of these well known teachers talk of Ascension being “hijacked” and I can’t help thinking that it’s them that appear to be “hijacked”. And perpetuating this frequency of information just keeps them and their followers trapped in the lower dimensions and they don’t even see it. One thing I like remind others is that the north node is in Gemini and we might want lean towards using logic, facts, and be discerning with information. Rather than follow the south node in Sagittarius in some distorted fanatical religious way. I have to say I have noticed at least one other teacher who I won’t name but is very popular begin to write and speak about this too. Maybe it’s a trend! Bravo to you Denise for speaking out!!

    • “Some of these well known teachers talk of Ascension being “hijacked” and I can’t help thinking that it’s them that appear to be “hijacked”.”

      That’s it exactly highvibeliving. Thank you for saying it. ❤ I didn't get into this much in this article because it was so long and I knew we'd continue this here in comments.

      As I was trying to get across to David W., if someone, even someone who's an ascension teacher/writer hasn't done enough personal Inner Work on their negative ego, or their old religious attachments which are directly connected to negative ego, or any number of other dense lower issues etc., then she/he/they are still vibrating at lower frequency rates where these 4D and extradimensional negatives exist. Said another way, the ascension or conspiracy teacher/writer or anyone else who still has some of these lower things/frequencies/consciousness etc. in themselves is directly open to Team Dark who also exists in those same frequency levels. And that is how we can have some ascension and/or conspiracy teacher/writer etc. that's got some correct information but is very distorted in other areas which means some of what they say and write is true and other parts is incorrect and has heavy negativity in it.

      “And perpetuating this frequency of information just keeps them and their followers trapped in the lower dimensions and they don’t even see it.”

      Exactly! This is why I used the term trapped in this article — they are literally trapped energetically in that frequency at that level UNTIL they individually figure this out and do the mandatory Inner Work on themselves to energetically, vibrationally “ascend” to a higher level where the whole process continues for us all.

      Thanks too for the reminder about the recent Node sign change. ❤

      • Thank you Denise and highvibeliving for this exchange, to know that this is a 4d trap that is “sticky” and makes lightworkers/people “spin and spin,” like in a spiderweb.

        That image really hit home for me, as I sensed that going forward from January of this year there’ll be tests and traps and wondered in what form they could be.

        Then this q movement blew up and immediately my antenna was tingling as I saw how polarizing it was. They love to say trust the plan, as if to tell you it’s ok, you don’t need to work on yourself or anything because it’ll all be done for you.

        It’s as if it’s tailor made for the lazies whose motto seems to be “can’t someone else do it?”

        I’ve been waiting and waiting for this article, again thank you Denise!

        • Thank you Jain L. ❤ for the support as it's never pleasant being attacked by anyone for any reason but I knew that this Disclosure would seriously piss off a lot of people but that's nothing new. So many still doing their best to instantly crucify Christ frequency in anyone while honestly believing it's something else.

          And this is why there's energy stair-steps and different ascending earth worlds, so all the people at all these different levels can make their way up the higher frequencies and embody them while doing so, or not. Thanks again. ❤

        • My god woman, you are the ONLY one who spouts truth, so Thank YOU! For guidance, for realness, for being the Light in this dark place.

          FYI, some “teacher” just put out a video saying her higher guidance/the galactic federation of light told her that trump is a massive lightworker, how is that for synchronicity? Never vibed with her (and pixie gal and sooo many others) from the get go.

        • “FYI, some “teacher” just put out a video saying her higher guidance/the galactic federation of light told her that trump is a massive lightworker, how is that for synchronicity?”

          Like you said Jain L., you sensed that this year going forward there was going to be tests etc. — this Disclosure business I’ve been doing increasingly this year is part of it. Things need to be said now before the Separation completes.

          Thanks again for what you’re doing. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • I saw that video of that teacher and wow…I started to respond to her but realized she had been drinking the koolaid and yet everyone in the comments was agreeing with her. There has been something about her that bothered me for awhile about her. I noticed it when Saturn was in Sadge (my 9th house) and it started with Doreen Virtue’s departure. I saw a lot of teachers give up their own teachings during that time and go back to being religious in the traditional way, and others were just exposed during that time. It seems like their exposure as fake is continuing. It seems to me that most of the spiritual YouTubers are not in integrity. There are just a few who feel to me like they are authentic.

          I agree with the poster above about the “pixie,” who said something that was ridiculous during my 9th house Saturn transit, that made it very clear that she is fake.

          I’m really glad that someone else is writing about what I’ve experienced recently, which is that otherwise good meaning people are unable to discern that 45 is not a lightworker here to save us…he may be here to show us what we don’t want by destroying everything so we rebuild it anew in the new energies. I don’t know if it matters what or why he is doing what he does. He is triggering a lot of people to reevaluate many things.

  • Bam! I needed this. You have picked a theme that has been rattling around in my head for weeks now. I recently unfollowed certain people because I noticed it felt so off to listen to them and I found myself swearing at both them and the stupid the things they were saying. I am relatively new to all this (couple years?) But have certainly learned to rely on what resonates as there is so much crap out there. I am wholly grateful to have found your blog where sensible talk reigns and I feel somewhat at ‘home’ with your philosophy. I often wondered why with my ‘work’ it was so focused on ‘me’ and felt uncomfortable with that when I felt I should be doing more for others, but it all makes much more sense to me now. Thank you for your straight talk.

  • Thank you, Denise, for speaking about these topics from your heart. Your opinions and observations are much appreciated by this Volunteer.

    Trump operates mainly as the fulcrum point on the duality seesaw, the most divisive character Americans could have possibly found to lord over the Separation of Worlds timeline. Want to be left alone to your embodiment process? Just tell someone you are completely neutral about Trump and watch them run away screaming. The solo journey of embodiment has been a joyous, liberating experience and a welcome departure from the confines of human societal norms and expectations. Co-creators ascending with Gaia are much more effective alone without distractions and the constant requirements to disclose, debate, and/or compromise a hard-earned zero point balance and perspective.

    This ascension timeline has been a wild ride. I have no doubt the rest of it will be just as interesting, enlightening and amusing.

  • This releasing – or whatever it was – is ugly and self-indulgent. It tells me nothing I did not already know. It is an assault. That it should be followed by the clarity and self-responsibility I come here for does not erase what preceds it. I am sorry you decided to go there.

  • The radical left is team dark. Let’s agree to disagree.
    My guides have told me not to worry about those people who have invented this scamdemic. The US is being manipulated with masks. I usually agree with you. Not this time.

  • Hi, Denise!

    What a timely article. Just had a little discussion about similar things with my mom. I’ve been telling her for a while to stop read and listen to those video light preachers and focus more on herself. It was just about a week ago. After listening to some ricksha shiva blah blah blah… she saw a whole bunch of bugs attacking her energy fields. It took her probably two or three days of cleaning 🧹 her whole “body” to get rid of the damage. Now, she is more cautious with that after witnessing for herself.
    I usually rely on my inner guidance. And as a few years ago my inner guide was to the moon when I found the articles written by you, Denise. Don’t know how to explain it. It just felt right. I usually get tired of people that preach false light and feel little waves of irritation.

    Haha, just this morning was thinking when will you post a new article? And here it is. Such a wonderful timely theme.

    I guess, it’s a big project to work on yourself and learn not to fall into the trap of false light and being energetically tide to crumbling low matrix/energy/ inorganic timeframes. As for myself I’m happy with my own path and looking foreword to the future with excitement. Every day brings something new and interesting. Literally.

    Have anyone else experienced something like seeing a car driving onto your driveway and when you look again there’s no car… or seeing shadows jumping off your shoulders or something like that and physically feeling tugs, or like electric current would suddenly shove something off you and you very much feel it?similar to high voltage blast, but without pain? Just curious…Maybe a similar experience?



  • It’s interesting to hear your take on Q-Anon specifically. One of the contentions with understanding that crew is how often people call it out….without really investigating it. Tom Montalk talked about this recently. Here, you have a wikipedia article describing Q-Anon. If you believe that a wikipedia article is going to accurately describe what’s happening at that level of the playing field, you haven’t even opened the real first page. And this is the problem. Without really diving into the conversation, it really does look like a psy-op or some such. But hey, to each their own. Maybe you’re right, but I don’t think you are, given what’s at stake and how it even got to this point that Q-Anon exists and what’s being discussed there. Am pretty sure Q-Anon is an angle of exposure of Team Dark, and not just another facet of it. Could be wrong, but at this point, discerning different sources and their investigate abilities as well as my own, I don’t think that’s the truth. Time will tell, either way. But I think you’re going to have to do better than pull up a wikipedia article to give the picture of what’s going on there.

    • First of all David W., I didn’t talk specifically about QAnon in this article, I even said so at the bottom of it and why which you conveniently ignored. I quoted what Wikipedia had to say about him/it/them only because I wasn’t going to discuss him/it/them. You’ve already made up your mind about me, about him/it/them just as you said in your comment so there’s no reason for you to read anything I have to say and vice versa. Enjoy your journey.

      • You’re not willing to talk about it yourself but you’re willing to post a wikipedia article to it, which I’m guessing you agree with. So, I mean, I think the point stands that if you’re going to hold an idea of Q-Anon at that level as wikipedia describes, you haven’t gotten far enough into what it’s really about. I’m not saying that because I myself have dived into hours of analyzing their “Q drops”, but I’ve listened to enough commentary on both sides to consider what may be really going on there.

        One thing Q-Anon has clearly done is open the conversation on what Team Dark is all about. If you go back several years to when it really got going, the conversations that were once taken as conspiracy theory fringe insanity have become far more common. Many have woken up to Team Dark because of that, and I think that says a lot about this phenomenon. My personal field of conversation has expanded on this front because people checked in on what Q-Anon was saying. I think that’s worth considering. Again, to each their own, but from one to another in spirit, there may be more to this.

        Here’s a thing too – you may be totally right. I don’t have enough to directly verify whether Q-Anon is the real deal or not. I’m simply dot-connecting, and when I see certain perspectives on Q-Anon and stack them beside each other, sometimes I have to say something about it, like I have here. There are many, many very smart people who have a lot to say in the positive about it, and they’re hard to all just lump together as having been fooled in the way that I think you’re suggesting in your article here. They could be all fooled that way, but again, I don’t think so, and it takes some digging in deeper to see why that may be true.

        • You know David W., I really, honestly would like to talk with you about these things, all of them, but I already know it’s not going to happen in the honest and open ways I insist on here at HHL.

          Here’s a Denise truth for you to ponder, honestly. There have been CERTAIN things the horrid Orange Menace has said that are in my personal opinion and Higher Awareness and lifelong personal experiences true. That does NOT however mean I like or trust or believe Trump about everything he says because I certainly do not for the simple reason that I use other higher tools of perception than only left brain intellect to perceive realities and people and most all else. I’m not being clever here I’m being honest. Trump, like so many, have a little bit of correct information about these negative things, YET they’re not evolved enough themselves, they’ve not done much if any personal Inner Work on himself, on themselves and because of that he, they and anyone else who hasn’t done Inner Work on their own negative egos, distorted belief systems, religious addictions and crutches, negative etheric attachments and dozens of other things to accurately tell what all has and is going on with all this. Like I said in this article, a little bit of truth here and there feathered in with a lot of distortions and outright lies in many cases. All of this is so, so much more complex than I went into in this article which is why I like comments.

          I’m going to give you gold here instead of fighting you off for my not getting in the left-brained ring with you and have a verbal sparring match. That in itself is a TD tactic. The more you, I, everyone personally clears their own inner dense low stuff and junk, then all the other stuff and junk that’s been added to them by others openly and covertly, the more you KNOW because you can perceive them with less and less distortions because you’ve cleared them in yourself. In other words you’re vibrating higher and higher which means your ability to perceive, sense, feel and know other things keeps getting better and better the more you/me/each of us transmutes in ourselves. It’s that simple and that difficult for each of us. This has nothing to do with being “smart”, it’s about getting to wise and that requires very different tools.

          BTW, Team Dark is my term and I’ve been writing online about TD since 2003, more from 2007 at TRANSITIONS.

        • Denise – In response to your response “You know David W., I really, honestly would like to talk with you about these things…”

          What you’re saying there makes a lot of sense to me. Especially the bit about clearing our “inner dense low stuff” to be able to perceive what’s going on more outwardly.

          Here’s the main point that I see about this subject and it has a repeating theme to it and I feel compelled to make the point because it relates. This ultimately isn’t about Donald Trump. He’s the front man. Those people that I’ve labeled “smart” (smart, wise, I think that’s a semantic here, I know what you mean, I think you know what I mean) are having this conversation and explaining a broader picture of what is happening there.

          Donald Trump is the spokesman on a very large team of people. He as the one guy has a front line role in this that is being backed by a huge swath of his team members which comprise what appears to be a multi-faceted body of people from many different institutions. This team is what it’s really all about, because of who they are, their history, and what they’ve discussed so far…through Q-Anon.

          If you zero in your focus on the “orange menace” Donald Trump and you don’t recognize that team that is behind him and where they are coming from, this is precisely what I’m talking about with regards to digging deeper into the subject that is Q-Anon. There is so much more going on there, but it’s not an easy arena to navigate. I myself do not directly engage in what is happening there. I am relying on listening to both sides with regards Q-Anon. Have been for some time.

          All I can say at this point is that, by MY discernment (could be crap, could be way off the mark – again, I don’t think so), is that the people explaining the situation in favor of Q’Anon are, themselves, better at discerning what is going on in that arena than those who are saying Q’Anon is a psy-op. It’s come down to a matter of careful dot-connecting.

          If it all shows to be crap, then that’s not going to be much of a surprise. But if it doesn’t, and I’m pretty sure before this year is up that will be revealed much more clearly, there will be some serious discerning to figure out going forward.

          I appreciate that we were able to go back and forth like this. It’s not an easy area to discuss, as we can see here.

        • Like I correctly said David W., you’ve already made up your mind about all this and there isn’t anything I can say to expand your awareness. That is not my job but yours. Anyway I’m done with this tactic that I called you out about already.

          You know my other much used term energy stair-steps? This is proof of that and more. We’re too far out of range with each other to have an honest conversation now. Enjoy your journey.

      • I’ve been a reader of yours for many years and this is the first time I’ve really disagreed a lot with you. It seems you’re of the belief that if you ignore the darkness it will go away from your experience. While I’m a firm believer in karma and that the more negativity you create the more you will experience, I believe the evil in this world can only go away if it’s exposed. Qanon is a major proponent of this. You seem to ignore it like it’s part of the cabal. They are of the alliance that’s been fighting them for years. I believe what Q says. Where we go one we go all. We are all going together…we might get off at different floors but we’re all going through ascension. I believe Trump is the catalyst for change. He’s the bringer of armageddon (which is the awakening). We are more divided than ever, which is about separating the wheat from the chaff. I just feel you are a little naive sometimes. What are we “supposed” to be doing at this time. Hiding in the sand? I think it’s best to use our discenment and integrate our darkness with our light, not trying to avoid our darkness. If I’ve misunderstood your message I’m glad to know otherwise.

        • “It seems you’re of the belief that if you ignore the darkness it will go away from your experience.”

          That is absolutely NOT what I said or hinted or insinuated Cory P. I’m not of the “belief that”, I’m in the know that about this. I understand that this doesn’t make much sense to you now but I honestly hope that YOU will gain this knowledge yourself soon. You do not as yet understand what I mean by OVERRIDE lower energies and systems. And based on everything else you said in your comment, you haven’t read anything I’ve been saying repeatedly online since 2007.

          “I just feel you are a little naive sometimes.”

          Spoken EXACTLY like the young male you are.

          There is no reason for you to be at HHL or writing any more comments Cory P. You’ve said what you wanted to me. Enjoy your journey.

    • Or The Washington Post. I agree, it is telling how uninformed Denise is with respect to these deeper layers of manipulation. However, agree entirely with ‘don’t look back’. WE Know Freedom for humanity is a direct result of our work on higher planes and our ability to maintain Zero Point, thus activating more of our Creator abilities. Which are so obvious Now. Much Love,

      • How disrespectful PhillyPam. When you had sudden shocks in your life, many of us posted to support and send you love. You are actually the one who is uniformed; not Denise. Perfect example is your behavior right here. Good to know your true colors. Ungrateful. Take your rightful place with Team Dark now because if you think you are of goodness and freedom; you are absolutely mistaken.

        • Right on Ana, the Separation is happening right before our eyes. Frankly I’m shocked at some of the responses only because they’re from people I thought were coming with us!

          Like highvibeliving has said in exchange with Denise, so many are caught up in the trap and “spinning and spinning”, only time will tell if they’re able to untangle from the web of lies and decide to resume their stair steps.

  • Thanks Denise,
    When I realised the kids animated movie Monsters Inc was a creepy expose of the use of human energy to power the world of TD I was aghast. But then I could see it all around me. So it served my purposes. I am content to stay away from crowds especially engineered things like sports games. The loosh or human emotional energy harvested from those set ups and just about any ‘energised’ gathering like rallies, protests, controlled religious gatherings etc are feeding frenzies for TD IMO.
    Stick to your own quiet path like Denise says, then we can avoid that sensation of being ‘sucked in’ in more ways than you realise.
    Stay safe and healthy

  • Bravo, Denise👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    To Team Dark and ALL their minions, as Cartman always says, “screw you guys, I’m going HOME!!”
    I’m going to Ascend out of this shit show to higher frequencies, as you suggest, and Create!!
    It’s time ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Let’s all Shine BRIGHTER than ever before!!!!

  • Oh forgot to mention, the slogan Where We Go One, We Go All, has always struck me as highly suspect; where exactly are they going?

    Don’t need to answer that, as it’s rhetorical.

  • Excellent! Thank you for writing about this troubling situation. It’s painful to watch so many newbies get sucked into this manufactured web of darkness. Newbies, as they must be to be so easily caught up in the lies. I hope some of them find the power to disentangle from the noxious confusion soon! Anyway, good article! I agree 100%! ~ dhyana

  • “Take your power Volunteer, walk away, be super aware, be selfish with your hard-earned sovereign energies and let those on lower stair-steps, lower earth worlds, lower frequencies and realities do their things. You are needed up here to do what only you can do for self and All.”

    This is the most perfectly rational and heart based sentence anyone in the ascension community has ever said, in the history of ever.

    I’ve long stopped tuning into all the ascension yappers cuz they’ve fallen so hard for the q-anon/trump-as-Jesus bs (even if he’s the revelation’s antichrist, I couldn’t be bothered to pay attention) and if they’re not spouting that crap they’re all so blissed out on the new celestial codes bombarding earth right now or channeling every “archangels and ascension masters.” How convenient that every joe, dick and harry have easy access to these “higher beings.”

    Yeah, so on my way, walking away from the lower frequencies and doing for self and All. Couldn’t have said it better Denise, thank you.

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