Another RUSH ORDER Article

This is a continuation of my August 16, 2020, More 2020 Disclosure,  article. As has always been the case, the articles are like different chapters in a one-yearlong book. If you haven’t read the previous article and all the Comments under it, I would suggest you do so that this article makes more sense. Thanks. I’m going to repeat some things I’ve already said in comments under that article because they have to do with this article, plus a channelled article published today I believe by Tom Kenyon/the Hathors. I’ll add a link to it below my copyright notice.

As I mentioned before, my previous article was an energetic !!!RUSH ORDER!!! article which I’m very familiar with, having felt that extra intense push from higher levels to get specific information written and published as quickly as I’m physically able. Most every year of Phase 1 was that for me at TRANSITIONS, then less so at HighHeartLife, with less articles having that higher level important push behind them to get out asap. But my August 16, 2020 article had that massive higher push energy behind it so I worked on it fast for two days prior to its publish date. The whys of this will continue becoming increasingly obvious to most of us.

I got the previous !!!RUSH ORDER!!! article published as quickly as I could, then dealt with the hostile, angry, insulting and unaware comments by those that wrote them. The worse of them I didn’t even publish. And the grateful, thankful, higher awareness, higher consciousness comments came in too, each one I was and always am deeply grateful for. This one was as hot as it was because I was saying publicly what most haven’t and won’t but I’ve been doing this increasingly in each of my articles all of 2020. We’re in Phase 2 now and I’m so done with the extensive “enabling” of lower crap, negative human egos, lack of integrity, lack of higher awareness, old patriarchal habits used and perpetuated in the Ascension Process by certain teachers/writes etc. It’s time to call these things and people out and in case you haven’t noticed, this is a general theme globally in 2020 with everyone and everything that’s not of the NEW entirely.

Anyway… I published my previous article on Sunday, August 16, 2020 then that late afternoon and early evening dealt with the unhappy blow-back from some commenters over much of the material. I was not surprised but that doesn’t mean I enjoy verbally sparring with anyone who’s not yet embodied enough Light energies etc. to have lifted and shifted them to higher levels of consciousness, HighHeart and higher awareness. Plus negative egos and Team Dark in general benefit and want verbal sparring matches to happen because they temporarily derail the person with a higher awareness and fill the other person doing the baiting and/or outright attacking with blood-lust as they come in, oftentimes with well-written intellectual attack comments to kill the Light as they’re always so ready to do. Who gives a rats ass at this point? Seriously. You’re going to try to bait and hook me over masks? Over Qanon? Over the Orange Menace? It’s all beyond ridiculous but that’s the whole point with all of it.

Anyway… 🙄 I pushed fast and hard to write and publish my previous article quickly, then deal with the hostility over it, and the loving support and gratitude from the like others over it, then laid in my bed late that night and clearly felt that I had, that WE had accomplished another important life and shift through all that. It was easily energetically felt the night of August 16, 2020. I felt, as did some of you reading this did, that the energies lifted and shifted higher again that day and evening. It was good and positive but it took some Work as usual.

What I did not know was that August 16, 2020 around 10 PM  my daughter-in-law unexpectedly and very quickly died at her and my son’s home in another state. They’d been together, and much of the time also worked together, for 26 years. My son (48) is devastated, plus I believe he also has COVID-19 which is what I sense caused his wife’s rapid death. She’s had asthma for most of her adult life.

My son called Tuesday morning August 18, 2020, crying and coughing like I’ve never heard him cough before and blurted out that his wife had suddenly died Sunday night August 16th. He said I tried to help her by doing CPR on her and my heart sank for him. I said in my comment about this the other day that my son does not know how to live without her. I even told daughter-in-law that over a decade ago and we laughed over it at the time even though we both knew it was true. None of the males in her life know how to live without her. We’ll see if, hopefully, that has finally changed.

So my son’s wife of 26 years suddenly dies from, I believe COVID-19. My son and only child is broken and shattered now and will be for a long time — if he survives having COVID-19 himself which I’m certain he now has. I’m well aware that, knowing all I do about him and his life and choices and actions etc., that he may just not be here much longer. Or, he may get it together and lift and shift himself up and out of where he’s been into a NEW higher level, life and reality. It could go any number of ways at this time. And of course I’m doing my best to deal with all aspects of all this and more. I got momentarily wobbly for two days over all this but feel better, stronger again today.

I’ve learned as many of you have that it’s a flaming shitstorm of unpleasantness emotionally and physically when someone vibrating higher suddenly has old lower frequency emotions like grief, fear, sadness etc. The higher and lower energies cannot co-exist in my, in your, in our bodies so it’s seriously miserable and we quickly HAVE to get it together and get ourselves back up to higher normal levels of being, life and reality in these sorts of situations. You know this if you’ve stepped outside the ‘eye of the storm’ for whatever the reason(s). You feel unusually horrid because NEW higher and old lower cannot co-exist in your or my or our physical bodies without it causing instant energy problems and pains. Feel, deal, heal and get the hell out of there as quickly as you can and back up HOME in your HighHeart. Soon none of us will wobble like this at all but will be fully capable of remaining higher no matter what happens.

I share this with you because like so, so many who have, are and will be experiencing these escalating sudden unexpected deaths of loved ones, friends, family, spouses and partners and personal life and collective reality changes will only increase this year and next. I call it all a big necessary part of the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. Other people call it other things but we’re all talking about the same thing.

This morning I received a mass email notification from Tom Kenyon’s website that he’s got a new article available. Because it is EXACTLY what I’ve been talking about and why, and because it is EXACTLY what my son, myself, his wife’s family and hundreds of thousands of people in this country and five million and counting worldwide are going through this year and next, I want to pass along Tom Kenyon’s channeled Hathors article from 2011 for the obvious reasons. Everyone needs this reminder in 2020. Thank you Tom Kenyon and the Hathors for it and for pulling it back into our lives right now. ❤ 

‘Chaotic Nodes’, ‘Transition States of Consciousness’, ‘null zone’, ‘Perceptual Markers’, ‘Personal Transition States, ‘ Collective Transition States’, ‘Physical Death’, ‘Portals of Opportunity’ are some of the great terms the Hathors use to express what we’re all going through now no matter which, as I call them, energy stair-step each of us are currently on.  There’s more I’d like to say about all of this but my physical body is again in that state of casting off more personal old lower and embodying more NEW higher and I feel weak physically because of it. Both sides are very potent. The embodying of so much more NEW energies recently makes my body shake internally, vibrationally and normally I can handle this fairly easily. Not as much due to my occasional thoughts about my son. Late June 2019 my mom died. January 2017 my younger sister and only sibling died. November 2016 my cat and physical ascension partner and best-est feline ascension buddy died. Fucking harsh stair-steps of ascension Separation. Oh, that reminded me of this.

‘In the midst of the growing global carnage around the current pandemic as well as escalating social unrest, we have before us an unprecedented opportunity (actually I call them FGOs or Fucking Growth Opportunities) to spread our wings, metaphorically speaking, and fly upward even in the midst of chaos.’  — Tom Kenyon, Transition States into New Realities, August 20, 2020.

Sometimes plain old honest cuss words are necessary to get the fucking point across. Whatever works. We are after all in some serious evolutionary shit now and it’s all good, even the fucking shit parts.

Denise Le Fay

August 20, 2020

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2020. All Rights Reserved.

82 thoughts on “Another RUSH ORDER Article

  • Hi Denise,

    Since Sept 1, it seems like every cell in my body simultaneously want to jump out in all directions and jump back in.

    Heart palpitations? Check
    Dizziness? Check
    Hearing multi tones? Check
    Erratic sleep pattern? Check
    Crazy dreams? Check
    Random body aches that come and go? Check
    Can’t think clearly for a nanosecond? Check
    All above listed symptoms on overdrive? Check
    Situation Normal, All Fucked Up? Check

    Anyway, wishing everyone a safe trip and here we go (again).

    Love to you and all

    • Hahaha perfect Jain Lee 😂 … that’s it. And I can add crazy emotions, too … angry one minute about nothing … crying about nothing the next … and then a burst of joyful gratitude out of nowhere … then back around to fear or annoyance … ACK 🤤 Glad we are all in this together. ❤

      • Oh absolutely KathyF, the emotions are all over the place, how did I miss that? There’s that nanosecond memory thing again…

        • Yeah, teeth KathyF, so much so that I need to get myself to a dentist in the midst of this pandemic. Euw, bad timing.

          It’s 113 degrees where I live today and I just saw the weather forecast that it could reach 120 degrees Sunday. In all the decades I’ve lived in SoCal I’ve NEVER seen this. Just another day in the AP shifting. 🙄

  • So glad you are still with us. Marcy wrote (Aug. 28 posting) of looking back, wanting to get in touch with those we do not need in our lives. I, too, have been wanting to check in and, like Marcy, have resisted (although I have checked Facebook pages, etc. – found out two former friends are now widowed, etc.) I am letting go of the last physical friend I have. I am trying to flow with grace and ease (but it ain’t easy!). I, like many of your commenters, find sanity and comfort in this forum you, Denise, graciously provide. Thank You. FYI – I am an excellent and fast typist. This comment has taken seventeen minutes to write due to typos, etc.! Boy oh Boy!

    • “FYI – I am an excellent and fast typist. This comment has taken seventeen minutes to write due to typos, etc.! Boy oh Boy!”

      Oh thanks for the giggles Teresa, I can so relate!

      Remember the divine decreed Cease & Desist Order that started in January 2020? As we’re all discovering this year that it means everything and everyone! Let go of your ‘last physical friend’ because it’s time — NEW ones will replace our old physical friends. ❤

      • Thanks, Denise. I had forgotten about the Cease & Desist Order – thanks for the reminder. I found myself checking for self-sabotage, arrogance that somehow I was better than, etc. Again, so glad you are here to help bring direction, clarity, discernment and giggles!

  • Me too. Constant intense random pains all over especially at night. I feel also like I am in a constant state of deep meditation no matter what I am doing. I am having a hard time focusing on people I see or talk to like I am seeing a projection of them and nothing real. It is very hard to function so I am just doing the minimum to keep going and sleeping a lot. I was in bed 12 hours last night and that is getting to be the norm! Glad you are still with us (somewhat) Denise!

    • “I am having a hard time focusing on people I see or talk to like I am seeing a projection of them and nothing real.”

      Debbie & All,

      This is another common side effect of our ongoing evolutionary ascent out of the old lower frequencies, consciousness, energies, personal and Gaia grids, Earth world and reality. It all becomes increasingly ‘fake news!’ 😆 in that it is NOT real, meaningful, relatable or legitimate to or for those of us who are evolving, ascending.

      Many years ago I shared a very strange experience I had with this in a very physical way at a DMV office. I’m used to supernatural experiences but not as much out in public in physical reality but such was the case with this one. I walked into the DMV office and the entire inside of the building and all the employees and people were gone. It was all gone!!!, it was all black and silent and nothing and no one was there! The only thing that was there was one small overhead light bulb and the single line of people in front of me inching our ways to the one and only window and one and only DMV employee. This physical experience was one I’ll never forget because it showed me how easy and how quickly our common old “reality” can simply just disappear. 2020 is this like never before for everyone worldwide on all levels.

      So Debbie, I say don’t work too hard at all on focusing on people or things etc. You know when you need to and when you don’t so don’t expend your energies on things that you are literally vibrating well above energetically, physically and in all other ways too. And yes, sleep everyone sleep! Nighttime daytime nap time sleep as much as you need as it’s so important to not only quickly “reboot” our physical bodies when we embody a lot more NEW but we need more sleep (I’ve been preaching this for years now) to help all aspects of us through these continual shifts and separations. ❤

  • Hey Everyone ❤

    From my perspective it feels like I've been gone, literally GONE somewhere else for over a week, which is why it feels like I need to check in with everyone and let you all know I'm still here and okay. I'm physically in no shape at the moment to go into details about this but I hope to be able to include this latest strangeness in my next article.

    What I can easily say at the moment is that I've never felt like I have for the past ten days or so. I've felt terrible and sick physically, empowered and more crystalline physically due to more Embodiment, not here and not there but in a lot of different places at the same time which is so hard to express. There's so much to say and I don't have a clue how to express it.

    Anyway I just wanted to check in with you ALL and let you know I'm okay, just have been going through a lot again and it's all happening in ways I don't think I or any of us have experienced in exactly these ways before during the entire AP. Here comes the last months of 2020 and much more! Group High ❤ hug. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • While opening this page I was hoping to find a new comment, just one, to know you’re ok. Hugs

    • Hello, Denise and all,

      Well, Denise, it’s not only you–we’ve all been extraordinarily quiet this last week and a half. I’ve tried a couple of times to think about writing, but even the thought of it was too much with the fatigue and, yes, pain and the walking sleep I was feeling.

      But, after your last major post, we’ve been all thinking of you and how you’re doing. I’m glad you were able to come up for air and let us know.

      That’s it for now. Looking forward to your new article which will explain all this to us.


    • Like Stellina, I also came to check in and make sure you were okay after seeing your last comment(s) describing how hard things have hit you lately. I don’t have the same physical symptoms at this point, but the not here, not there I can relate to completely. It is beyond anything I have experienced so far. It’s pretty cool and weird too. I have been noticing my dreams are more “reality” based (whatever does that even mean anymore?) lately. I couldn’t tell you the last time I dreamed something that was literally relatable to anyone or anything in my “real” life, yet the last 2 nights they are so normal and mundane. I don’t mean this in a bad way. Just so unusual. I’m glad you are okay! And thanks for checking in. Big hugs!!

    • “Also experiencing some very random body pain with no discernible source, including one evening suddenly feeling like I swallowed glass!”

      Kara & All,

      I’m so glad you mentioned this Kara, as strange and scary as it sounds. I too have felt some physical level body pains I’ve never felt in the ways I have over the past about ten days now. The best way I can describe these new ways they’ve been manifesting is like a pinball game! You know how the pinball pings quickly all over the game board wildly? That’s exactly how the body pains have been happening. A sudden and intense pain in say my right shoulder for a few seconds, then sudden intense pain in left big toe, then in middle of my spine, then in one kidney, then left hip, then my bladder, then my eyes and so on. Just “pinging” pains bouncing all over my body like something was quickly and intensely being hit with much higher NEW energies/codes and all old lower past stuff, wounds, traumas or whatever were being quickly removed from my body. But good gawd it’s been a painful Process of removing deeper levels of old in this rapid-fire pinging sort of way. And yes, there were moments when I thought something might be “wrong” even though I knew better.

      The TRUST we’re HAVING to hold within us over everything now is amazing and yet it’s simultaneously so fast and needed as we release everything of a lower frequency. The Separation of Worlds is happening in our physical bodies too which feels so strange and yet makes perfect sense even though it’s getting very weird at times! ❤

      • That last paragraph makes me want to cry because it feels so resonant. If I wasn’t part of HHL with all the articles and comments here for context, I would have been completely freaking out about the glass shard feeling in my throat. These exchanges are so valuable in making the NEW feel real and how to not go into construction/defense mode. Much love to you, Denise, and all of you here.✨✨ ❤️✨✨

        *constriction! 😂

        • I had written in my journal this morning that reading Denise’s articles and comments and the comments of others is helpful to me because I’m not the only gone going through this. Getting emotional here. Thank you all for sharing! Showers of blessings upon you all, and especially Denise for being a wayshower in all this.

    • I’m new to commenting on this site although I’ve been reading the blog for the past year. I appreciate whats been created here by you Denise and all the commentors. I always feel a sense of support in reading what’s been shared. I was wondering if anyone has been finding it’s more difficult to sleep….this wish to sleep and tired/wired but not able to. I find that really challenging. Also, lots of noise in the form or tones, ringing and just high pitched wire sounds. They seem to also be accompanied by heightened feelings of nervousness or anxiety as if being tuned too high 🙂 Anyway, thank you Denise and all for the loving support shared here.

      • Hi Carol and I’m glad you’ve decided to join the comments. ❤

        In January 2020 I started hearing a new inner ear tone I'd not heard before. It's been almost constant all year and indicates that with the start of Phase 2 of the AP we're in much higher frequencies, hence our hearing new and different tones and sounds etc. Since January I've been hearing two tones, one higher and the other slightly lower, and they go back and forth in random (I think they're random) tone patterns fairly quickly. My first thought about this new two tone sounds is that it too has to do with the Separation of Worlds that's happening fully in the physical now. Once this separation shift is complete I would suspect these two (old Duality) tones will stop and probably be replaced with something else.

        I've also had the old familiar inner ear clicking or Morse Code-like clicking sounds start up again recently after not hearing them for a long time.

        Usually I can take a nap during the day to help me with "rebooting" the latest energies and codes being embodied. But, sometimes the incoming NEW energies are much higher and faster in frequency that they just wind us up and make us hyper and there's very little nighttime sleeping or daytime napping during those times. The Pisces Full Moon yesterday, September 1, 2020 did that to me. Good because I got a lot accomplished physically but have been really tired and achy today. A whole lot more crystalline liquid plasma Light arrived yesterday which many of us felt acutely and are adjusting to having embodied them. Never a dull moment for sure! ❤

      • “I’ve also had the old familiar inner ear clicking or Morse Code-like clicking sounds start up again recently after not hearing them for a long time.”

        I hear that all the time (off and on like you) and I can tell you what that is… I remember in a junior high health class, we watched a film where they played an amplified recording of an actual nerve firing. It’s a kind of rapid fire random clicking. I hear that same sound in my ears when it is quiet… I assume it’s a nerve that’s so close to the ear (or even a part of the ear) that one can hear it.

  • A big thank you too for putting that link on here! I just wrote something somewhere else about being in “no man’s land” – what it’s like to be between two worlds, Every aspect of old life is dead. The loneliness for the past few weeks has been super painful like getting injections every day LOL, but it’s not funny.. I’m not trying to wake it up. Little temptations arise to call individuals I don’t need and probably shouldn’t connect with, to alleviate loneliness, but I’m resisting. I’m not feeding any dogs under any table, not even petting them. I couldn’t believe what I read and it’s so helped, so helped!!! It was great advice, “be curious and expect miracles“ each day is like a magical water side if I don’t stay away from this void, as they put it. I had to swim the other day out in public lands, they literally look like the poster for “no man’s land” out there! I looked over all the land…and I liked it. I like being done. I like it empty. I like the past being over. And not knowing what’s next is really not so bad! Not bad at all 🙂 …. Amen amen and forever amen!🙏🌈✨🙌🏻

  • Hi Denise,

    Many thanks for your expansive reply to my expanded Buddha Belly (tee hee)! I’m sorry to read that you’ve experienced this latest iteration of it so ongoingly since January 2020 for, as you explained, it does feel (and has felt) like a real nuisance…and yet there is a clearing finally happening (for now?). What I’m feeling is that more Light has been integrated into the solar plexus area and with that, another perceptible increase in being able to claim my expanding inner Source-as-Self authority. But geez, if you’ve been having this since the beginning of 2020, I hope the after-effects have you feelin’ as light as a feather on the inside afterwards, and even more Source-as-Self expanded than ever!!

    As for the inner quiet and current refrain from conversation, the silence continues…Like the Nike commercial exhorts, “Just do it!” (the AP/EP, that is…)

    Ongoing love/Love/LOVE to you Denise and all here…Onward!

  • Thanks Denise, I had not thought about mask wearing effecting my eyes but that makes sense although I don’t wear them often…I don’t go anywhere much these days.

  • I feel rather void and “nowhere” (or everywhere) emotionally. My body is aching, especially in the area between waist and thighs, sometimes so hard I would cry, then it gets better for some hours, then pain comes back again. Purging I guess, cause dreams seem to go in the same direction (and toilet time too).

    Some words of one of my favourite poems are bouncing in my mind tonight, I felt like sharing it here (if it’s ok for you Denise), so I looked for an english translation

  • Thank you for your response to Raymond; it feels so useful.
    By the way, I just received “The Temple of Master Hotei” — So excited.

    • “By the way, I just received “The Temple of Master Hotei” — So excited.”

      Thank you for buying it Gerry. I hope you enjoy your time with Master Hotei and Ivory One/Jade One. He will certainly enjoy his time with you! 🙂 When you’re done, let us know okay? Thanks again. ❤

  • I am exhausted and in pain all over as well. Also having ascension flu. Luckily I don’t have to do anything right now. Does anyone else have sore eyes?

    • Debbie,

      In the midst of this latest energy blasting, I had to go to the grocery store. I hadn’t gone anywhere to shop in August (that’s how intense this month has been) so I was low on food. So while grocery shopping the other day with my mask on, every time I exhaled that exhalation would blow up into my eyes because of the mask and they were not coping well with that. My eyes were so sensitive to this that they instantly hurt and my vision got blurry. All I wanted to do was buy the groceries I needed very much at that point and get to my car and rip that freaking mask off so my eyes would stop hurting.

      It’s common to have our eyes (and the top of our heads, scalp, skull etc.) get unusually sore, dry, blurry and extra sensitive to basically everything including direct solar Light. Same with the tops of our heads. The top of my head and scalp often feels very sore and bruised and even bumpy sometimes when we’re embodying more higher and new to us NEW Light energies, codes etc. in through the top of our heads, down into and/or through our eyes, and further down into our HighHearts. The rest of 2020, now that we’re almost done with awful August, we will VERY quickly plow through continuous higher NEW Light energies, more NEW codes etc. that need us to embody them super fast. You all have felt 2020 frequencies running faster and faster and higher and higher in preparation for all the changes coming the end of 2020 and into January 2021. This is us doing all that and more. ❤

    • Debbie, this is related to eyes, about four or five days ago I was again overwhelmed by brightness of every single light outside at night and some at home. Beyond all other phases that happened before! I couldn’t look at any light, at all, on the street, and I’m way out in a rural area in the Eastern Sierra. Every single light was too much. Also sore and super duper blurry on and off for days.

  • Hi Denise,

    Just checking in to report that while I personally do not have physical pains, I am having some very weird dreams. Just last night I’m in a high rise building at the highest floor and its tilting over and collapsing. People freaking out, some jumping out of windows.

    I hope you’re feeling better, and everyone else also who are physically in pain as well, hang in there!

  • Thanks to Denise and all for your posts. Since Saturday it has been intense non stop day and night with tiredness emotions and feeling like I am being microwaved.I know it is all good but totally challenged if I have to do a little admin here and there with my work as my brain feels like it is shut down and can only follow my body for guidance to do anything at all.
    Feels like dying to the last bits of me that I didn’t know were even there hidden in the mist but is fully letting go now to my path and where it brings me.
    I love the connection here with this group as I crave the truth and that is sure hard to find to you Denise and to everyone.

    • Linda C. & All,

      Wanted to let everyone know that I’m okay emotionally and thank you all for your loving support, compassion and understanding. I’m very aware that we’re all going through many different difficult things this year and it’s certainly not over yet and it won’t be for a while. It just is what it is and it is the Ascension Process and the Separation of Worlds & Timelines.

      What I have been having some trouble with are the current extra intense energies I felt start Sunday, August 23, 2020. Every minute (not exaggerating) from early Sunday through all of Monday, August 24th was so severe and painful physically that I haven’t been able to do much for more than a few minutes. Based on how these latest and still present energies made/make my physical body feel, I’d say they’re solar and magnetic.

      Solar energy transmissions typically make my physical body feel like it’s suddenly gotten sick — “ascension flu” — and have those stabbing body pains down into bones and joints etc. A mild fever, chills, weakness and sometimes wired throughout it all. Usually I can fall asleep during these big potent incoming Light energies to more easily and quickly reboot my physical and energy bodies, but, that’s not always the case. Sunday was that all over the place and it was one of those extra special AP days where every minute is you doing your best to survive what’s happening energetically and how it’s impacting your physical body embodying it. Every minute all day and all night.

      Magnetic changes typically make me feel emotional and weepy over anything, or nothing. It’s another round of having my, your, our magnetic fields release more old patterns we’ve all held in our individual body grids and embody more NEW higher frequencies into our NEW higher individual body grids etc. For me this often feels both terrible and wonderful — painful and blissful — mournful and celebratory all at the same time.

      And when these two happen at the same time such as they’ve been doing since early Sunday August 23rd, it can get surreal at certain moments of your, my, our being ripped apart energetically and reassembled repeatedly at higher and higher levels.

      I still feel weak and sore physically this morning, Tuesday August 25, 2020, because these energies are still here doing what they do but so far it’s not as severe as Sunday and Monday were. I may eat those words in an hour or so however. :/ I just wanted everyone to know that I’m okay on one level and feeling terribly beat up on another but there’s nothing new about any of that! 🙂 So, how’s everyone doing at the moment? I know it’s been something else and that will continue but, how are you doing? Beat up, sick, in pain physically? Emotionally? Both and more? Yeah that’s about it. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I’m so glad you revealed how you’ve been feeling these last couple days. I too have been feeling the heavy downpour of higher energies like a continuous waterfall since this past weekend. Aches and pains really doing a number on my knees and hips. I’ve been wondering if others were experiencing this as well. I’m with you Denise, it has been brutal recently. The good news, hopefully, is we will all land on, yet, a higher stair step! Phew…thank you for the validation I asked Spirit for!!!!🙏🏼

      • Denise

        I am so glad that you posted this today. Ditto about the body pains, low fever, sweats and weakness. Here in NM we have had 95 degrees for several months now. Some days were hotter and only rarely cooler. So when my seasonal allergies kicked in in addition to smoke from Co and Az, you can guess how little gardening can get done. So when this past weekend came along doing its business on us, it was no wonder that I have also been getting that strange feeling of negativity surrounding me, trying to bring me down but I resist of course.

        One other odd thing to mention. On Sunday night I awoke to change position and when I opened my eyes, I saw an unknown man watching me. He was transparent as they talk of ghosts being. It only lasted a moment, but I immediately figured there was a tear in the veil and the two of us saw each other. Weird, huh?

        Thanks for all you do for us and my best to you about your sons loss.


        • “One other odd thing to mention. On Sunday night I awoke to change position and when I opened my eyes, I saw an unknown man watching me. He was transparent as they talk of ghosts being. It only lasted a moment, but I immediately figured there was a tear in the veil and the two of us saw each other. Weird, huh?”

          Euw Jerry! You sound like you handled that multidimensional meeting really well. I would have yelled at him to get out!!!

          It’s not so much that there’s a tear in the veil as you put it, but more a case of there not being any “veils” for many years due to the AP. We’ve been constantly moving through layer after layer of different dimensional frequency and space and because of this, and timelines ending and all sorts of AP related things, we’ve all been moving through levels that used to be separated from each other with their different dimensional frequency borders. Another aspect of this is our consciousness and all else has been/is/will continue to evolve to be able to easily consciously perceive, See, sense, know etc. that other dimensions and their inhabitants exist. We’re out of the baby’s playpen and into the much larger world where these types of inter-dimensional contacts and communications etc. will become our NEW normal. And much more.

          Thanks for sharing your experience with the nonphysical “guy” standing in your bedroom watching you sleep. The fact you woke up and saw him could have been him “talking” to you in some way so you would wake up and see/See him. ❤

        • Hey Jerry,
          Your Meeting remembered me , once I had an similar experience.
          How did you feel in that moment?
          I found out ,later, more into it, that it was another multidimensional part of me.My- self.
          Wishing you and all the others here in this community all the best in this special times.
          Great thanks to Denise for being here.


      • Feeling beat up quite literally. My gentle 12 yr old husky I recently adopted/rescued was savagely assaulted by an ex dog-fighting dog out walking yesterday. Off leash and totally out of control. My old dear is okay but I’m a mess. Tears and muscle ache from all the animal and human related trauma I’ve experienced these past few years. Terrible PTSD, and wanting to get off this planet right now.

        But … I’ve just heard that a wonderful woman I dance with, who was told many years ago she’d never have kids, is suddenly and miraculously pregnant. Tears of a different kind tonight. Perhaps it is safe for precious new life to come in.

        • Polly sure hope you’re feeling better and your pup. I experienced that once, my dogs skin was torn fully off on one side and I had to carry him a half mile… I feel you! And I was so inspired by your friends pregnancy so inspired ✨💛✌️ Thank you for sharing that.

      • Hi Denise and All Here,

        Always sending my support to you, Denise, and to all others here who are experiencing these strong aches and pains. Like Jain Lee, I’ve not been in physical pain, but yet also since Sunday, my solar plexus has felt like it is full of air or gas…it feels as if there is just empty space there and no organs and yet feeling “pressure.” and visible distention. Very uncomfortable. If this is what Buddha belly has felt for some, now I really understand! When these solar/magnetic waves arrive, I usually find myself on the toilet numerous times a day (sorry for the visuals), but this time it’s been the reverse…These recent plasma waves are a doozy!

        Beyond the physical, I’m being called to go inward into a very quiet, reverential and even “prayerful” state, with a deep focus on being and maintaining an inner state of peace and peaceful interactions and relations with those I encounter. Very little conversation required. I don’t recall being called towards this deep state of inner quiet in a very very long time…as if it’s a preparation for moving through the events that are in our near future.

        My love/Love/LOVE to you Denise and all here…and thank you!

        • “…but yet also since Sunday, my solar plexus has felt like it is full of air or gas…it feels as if there is just empty space there and no organs and yet feeling “pressure.” and visible distention. Very uncomfortable. If this is what Buddha belly has felt for some, now I really understand!”


          I’m so glad you mentioned this particular ascension embodiment side effect. I haven’t talked about this NEW higher Phase 2 2020 (and beyond) change I started experiencing in January 2020. Just when you think an old familiar Phase 1 ascension side effect — in this case it’s Buddha Belly — can’t get any worse it does!

          I’ve had Buddha Belly since the start of my physical, biological and energetic AP started in 1999. It would get far worse every time I left my property to go anywhere else. In other words, my home and property were of a higher frequency and Light so when I’d go out into the “normal” old lower world to shop etc., my Buddha Belly would bloat much more. Miserable side effect.

          But with the start of Phase 2 in January 2020, this old familiar side effect changed somewhat and it’s still with me and I know it will be for a good while. The higher, the brighter, the faster, the larger we each go (evolve, ascend energetically etc.), the more these old familiar AP side effects are changing too. Normally my Buddha Belly side effect would reduce overnight as I slept but all that abruptly changed in January 2020. Since then it’s most noticeable to me every night when I go to bed. My entire belly up under my diaphragm and rib cage now is like a dome of bloat and it’s hard. It’s not gas or anything else but this enlarged space in that area of my body. It’s like someone blew up a balloon in my entire belly area and it’s hard and does not reduce overnight. Lovely huh? 🙄

          So after some complaining to myself about this NEW side effect, I insisted on consciously knowing what it was and why it was. Thankfully I got a quick answer.

          This particular NEW Phase 2 change with the old Buddha Belly side effect is caused by us embodying more of these completely new to us NEW much higher frequencies, energies, Light, plasma Light, cosmic codes etc. As has always been the case with all of the AP symptom side effects, we feel them because we’re embodying them in our physical bodies so we can seed them, insert them, and anchor them into the ascending physical Earth and all else for humanity to use in the near and distant future and all other ascending Earth worlds & timelines. In other words everyone, we’ve been physically and energetically embodying all of the NEW evolutionary inducing Light energies and codes and more since around 1998-1999 in and through our own individual physical bodies. There were incarnate Volunteer “middlemen” needed to do this job of embodying NEW higher into physical human bodies to make them available physically for the rest of humanity to step into when it’s their time to do so.

          When Phase 2 started in January this year, some of our AP side effects also changed because we’ve been embodying SUCH higher NEW cosmic codes, galactic codes, higher and higher frequency plasma Light, higher and higher Solar Light and so on. We’ve been doing this in our Buddha Bellies, in our HighHearts, in our bones, in our DNA as it evolves and changes into greater, higher, more complex NEW for NEW Earth and NEW Humans. We are the First Everythingers and so much more.

          Now, don’t stare at my huge, rock-hard swollen gut anyone! 😆 In it is NEW Earth and NEW Humanity and much more. ❤

        • …”embodying SUCH higher NEW cosmic codes, galactic codes, higher and higher frequency plasma Light, higher and higher Solar Light and so on. We’ve been doing this in our Buddha Bellies, in our HighHearts, in our bones, in our DNA as it evolves and changes into greater, higher, more complex NEW for NEW Earth and NEW Humans. We are the First Everythingers and so much more.”

          I’ve noticed bladder issues along with a return of heartburn and Buddha belly bloat. I have sensations of having to “go” all the time yet not much is released when I do🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve had this symptom on and off for 15 years, been to Dr. to check for UTI and never have one. Ascension symptoms. Lotsa stuff going on in the lower Chakras. Anchoring. Integration. Transmutation. I woke up this morning tired beyond tired after a full nights sleep. Don’t know where I went but know I was busy busy busy. Something BIG is coming. My body won’t let me deny that.❤️
          Love to Denise and all workers here!

        • “I don’t recall being called towards this deep state of inner quiet in a very very long time…as if it’s a preparation for moving through the events that are in our near future.”

          EXACTLY Raymond and thank you for saying that as everyone needs to be, be in, and maintain the highest of HighHeart levels and frequencies that each of us can. The rest of this year and into next requires it of we who can do it for ourselves and for anyone else that’s all done with the old lower Earth world and reality etc. We embody the NEW higher Light, codes, energies etc. and then we hold that state, frequency, space and level etc. for any human that wants and is ready to themselves ascend up into it. Our Mastery as Volunteers is going to be discovered by more and more of us throughout the second half of 2020 and into 2021. Embody and Hold Higher Space and anchor it into ascending physical Earth and reality fellow co-Workers. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you Denise for this post to explain the painful symptoms that we are having again. I have had agonizing pain in my feet for over a week and they settled and now my lower back and hips are so bad I can hardly walk. Always good to know that it,s Ascension energies again. Crying for no reason and forever wondering why I,m still here as I fee I am no use to anyone and rarely have contact with family and friends anymore, I just don,t seem to “feel” anymore. I guess it,s all part of everything. I am sorry to here that you have such sadness at the moment and send loving thoughts to you. Strength and love to all

  • Dear Denise, I feel for you, for your son, such a grief for his wife.
    August 16 was a hard day for me too, not as much as yours, but I spent half of that day in fear and anxiety. I didn’t listen to my inner voice who was telling me to wait before going so worried, frenzy, and looking for outside help. Then I got good news, I was very glad about it, but still I was not feeling good about myself, started self blaming and wondering why I was still going round in old circles, if that was really me and so on.
    In the evening suddenly things got lighter, I realized I was smiling.
    Thanks for for sharing information about these times and for sharing honestly about how you feel. It’s rare and precious.
    I haven’t opened Kenyon’s article yet, I’m too tired now, but the title reminds me of an article I read years ago (I don’t remember exactly how I found it) that felt deep and meaningful. I’m curious to find out if it’s the same one and how it feels to the “now me”.
    Hugs 💖

  • After reading this article, I went back to get up-to-speed on the comments on your previous article. Whew! Wow! I’m feeling grateful for you and love for you–not the first time, but it is very strong today. Your presence “in my life” has me feeling less alone in this world. As a 75-years-young person, I ask the universe for your wellbeing and for showers of blessings upon you when I read your articles (whatever that means to you). Simple. Thank you for being here and thank you for being you.

  • Denise, thank you for the Tom Kenyon post. It was a good one to read. Also condolences about your daughter-in-law. I had a husband very very suddenly and it is devastating. The takeaway from the last two post for me has been to let me know how much of my power I am still getting away. I was letting all of the Qanon crap into my psyche and questioning myself. I realize now that I just cannot let that happen. It’s only a belief system and I have to follow my own deep instinct. Thank you again 4 being brave enough to talk about it

  • Glad that you called her your daughter-in-law in this article as I was feeling it a little awkward when you were addressing her as your son’s common law wife or his wife in your previous article. i think your son has been deprived of or denied maternal love throughout his life, that is why he was so close to his wife for he would have got all that love from her which he couldn’t get from you in his childhood and formative years. Well Denise, I strongly feel and think at this time you should be at your son’s side in his hour of need. I am so surprised how coldly and  indifferently you have said that he may or may not be alive because of his presumably Covid-19 symptoms? Whatever your circumstances have been in your life till now which kept you and yours son apart, but now when you feel or know that he may not survive longer, shouldn’t you be there near him to offer him a supporting shoulder to cry out his sorrow and grief (that too probably in his last days). Perhaps he called you to ease his burden of pain and sorrow.  If I were a high-end first waver/pathpaver/lightworker/everythinger and, somome as close as my son or anyone else was dying or injured in my sight, I would have immediately left my high-end ascension titles and tend to his need purely out of human compassion and not turn my back on him thinking I am too elevated spiritually to fall for this 3D drama. I never understood really, does being ascended mean being devoid of human compassion, love, kindness, care for and towards your loved ones and others? May be that’s why I am not any waver/pathpaver/lightworker/everythinger and if so, prefer not to be one. I am happier following our age-old eastern philosophy “Live in this world (do/perform all your worldly duties) but don’t let the world live in you (but don’t get attached to it) than the Ascension of the west.
    P.S.: I feel for your son for having no one around to cry his heart out. 

    • “I never understood really,…”

      And those are the ONLY correct words you said in your comment revital71. You do not understand anything about any aspect of this and to believe you do and tell me about my own life and my son and his life and our relationship is laughable. I feel for you.

      • Omg Denise, the Separation is clear as a bell! Another one who isn’t doing their work. If one did, one wouldn’t say such things.

        No one is the savior of another, only YOU are you’re own savior. As for comfort and soothing, as much as Denise could do, you can bet she has done without crossing the boundary into “enabler.”

        In the end, the “enabler” will be removed from one’s life so that one can go into his/herself to start their journey alone, with only their connection to Source/HighHeart as guidance.

        I can’t believe this nonsense, and so late in the game.

        • “Omg Denise, the Separation is clear as a bell!”

          Which is why Jain L. I’ve been publishing so many of these negative ego, judgemental, unaware and I-hate-Denise-comments the past week or so now. Everyone needs to see, read all of this now. To see, read and feel it in people clearly reinforces where everyone HONESTLY is and isn’t within the AP, Shift, Separation of Worlds.

          Thanks everyone for everything, truly. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • You are most welcome Denise. I am also thankful for the incredible posts here from TRULY AMAZING people. Thank you THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️

    • Here, dear readers, is another example of a human (likely male) using what looks like it could be caring to launch a vicious, un-called for attack on a woman who is ever so clearly at a higher level spiritually and emotionally than him. Confucianism is designed to keep people in tight little boxes of duties and obligations in a very hierarchical, male-dominated system.

      What is not said in your post is something that we understand well over here–that when someone goes into this much detail to attack someone they don’t know or even understand, they are either a Portal Person or TALKING ABOUT THEMSELVES. So, revital71, what did your mother do to you?

      With gratitude and respect,


    • What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Unbelievable! Mouth hanging open! Someone telling someone else what they “should” do (and “must” is also a word that can be found in such “recommendations”).

    • Dear revital69

      Given that you self-admittedly have taken the time here to break bread with us all, and generously shared all the very deeply wise gems that you now have by telling everyone that you are not an “any waver/pathpaver/lightworker/everythinger..”,Etc, etc etc…I just thought I would add:

      Thank you. You have truly enlightened us all, especially Denise—- as I am damned sure she has now stopped her right in her path paver tracks and you have preformed another miracle, you, in making her reconsider every last COMPASSIONATE thing you again took the time to type out and share.

      But you sadly also left us perhaps a bit confounded, and I’m guessing your propensity in being “all about the human compassion” has obviously blinded us, along with your added gift in both projection and one of the items you actually forgot to include here in your self described list— NON-JUDGEMENT. How very eastern philosophical of you!


  • Thank you, Denise, for another rush article and for the Tom Kenyon link. I enjoyed both very much and deeply resonated with the messages and timing. I’d never heard of him nor the Hathors before. What a treat to relax into receiving and not have my filter pinging all over the place, a bracing breath of cold air that enlivens me. Definitely integrating FGO into my vernacular!! Like many others, I’m also thinking of you and your son with love. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Be sure to listen to one or more of Tom Kenyon’s sound recordings of him, his voice expressing higher energies. They’re free on his website to download if you want.

      Also, it’s interesting that this particular channeled message by the Hathors through Tom Kenyon was originally published in April 2011. I’m so glad they re-posted it in 2020 because all of humanity is currently living in numerous and continual ‘Transition States’. ❤

      • Thank you! I find myself wary of listening to sound recordings after some unpleasant experiences that felt wrong and uncomfortable early on when I was newly exploring the ascension community. But I did feel a tug to try his and will do so. It’s reassuring to hear your endorsement.

        The April 2011 date REALLY struck me, too. I became pregnant with my oldest daughter in January 2011. For all three pregnancies, I experienced debilitating 24/7 nausea/vomiting/dehydration and significant weight loss. I couldn’t leave my house for months at a time— my personal early versions of shelter-in-place. Each one was a significant transition/void state for me and changed me for the better, even though I wanted to die at certain points (or feared I would). I was newly coming out of this first one in April 2011 and entering a new chapter of my life. What an interesting new hindsight perspective.

        Love you, Denise!

      • Denise, Thank you very much for the Tom Kenyon referral! Before I even read any of his articles, as I too like Kara had never heard of him, I downloaded as many sound healing recordings and listened to about 5 in a row as tears silently streamed down my face. So beautiful! I was momentarily catapulted home, I felt. He sure is divinely connected most assuradly and he has the grounded, down-to-earth higher clear energy you yourself possess. I can see why you follow him. I was so excited to hear his moving voice it felt like smooth milk chocolate at the same time opening a brand new box of crayons as I navigated his website.

        Again, THANK YOU 🙂

        • Stephanie N. & All,

          At some level I am familiar with the Hathors, like we’re kin, I have memory of Working with them in this life and in higher levels, so it was easy for me to relate and fully trust their words. ❤

  • Thank you for the link to Tom Kenyon, it is a great complementary reading to your articles.

    The great takeaway for me is from his article was, after you’ve reached zero point be very careful with your thoughts as you could create a new marker with old markers of your life. So instead of doing that, he/hathors suggest:

    be curious and expect miracles.

    This is my motto! I’ve lived my life with this approach, I’m triple Pisces all tight conjunction of sun, moon, merc, comes naturally to me. People confuse me for a naive pie-in-the-sky willy-nilly pollyanna. Of course they would, we’re not “seeing” anything at all the same way.

    There are no coincidences and I thank you for this synchronicity.

    Btw, is anyone feeling extra tired today and yesterday?

    HHHugs to all

    • “The great takeaway for me is from his article was, after you’ve reached zero point be very careful with your thoughts as you could create a new marker with old markers of your life.”

      Exactly Jain L., and this is why I’ve been pushing about 2020 and beyond being Phase 2 of the AP and that everything has changed and will continue to and we all need to be very aware. It’s also why this year I’ve been talking about the people, groups, ascension, conspiracy, spiritual and new age teachers/writers followers etc. because so many of them have been and continue doing exactly that. They can do and create their new realities but everyone needs to be fully aware that you may be “following” someone else’s personal beliefs and discover yourself in their world, not yours! The Hathors mentioned this in this 2011 channeling about “gurus” etc.

      Thanks for sharing some personal astro talk info Jain L., I always enjoy it. ❤

      Yes, extra tired and weak again for many days now. Lots coming in and going out simultaneously which is exhausting on our physical bodies.


      I couldn’t ignore the timing of Tom Kenyon’s latest re-post of the Hathors 2011 message and everything that’s just happened to my son, to me because he’s my son, to his wife, and to all of her family. One person suddenly dies and it instantly pushed all of us into what the Hathors call Personal Transitions States and ‘perceptual markers’ for each of our individual realities dramatically, instantly and permanently changed.

      Multiple that by the latest pandemic death numbers globally and it’s easy to see and feel that hundreds of millions, billions of people’s perceptual markers for their personal realities have been disappearing around them all every day. Add to this the global economic collapse, job loss, no incomes, losing homes and places to live because people can’t pay monthly rents and mortgages and ALL of it is removing people’s old lower patriarchal world reality perceptual markers and forcing them repeatedly into both ‘Personal Transition States of Consciousness’ and also ‘Collective Transition States of Consciousness’. The “end times”, the Separation of Worlds, our individual journeys to ascending NEW Earth.

  • Hi Denise,

    I’ve felt “into” every word of this post and your prior post “More 2020 Disclosure” and, as you intimate, it feels like you are speaking directly to me. Those of us who have been Living and Embodying higher frequencies for a while KNOW that at this point in the AP, anything is liable to “turn on a dime” instantly, at any moment…and the Uranus Retrograde in Taurus (which rules the physical and the material) of August 15/16 confirmed this with what occurred for you and your son and Theresa. As the NEW energies play out in my/our lives, things occur in our lives precisely BECAUSE we of higher frequencies tend to disrupt and “absorb” the lower frequencies when we are caused to enter into those spaces. We FirstEverythingers/Volunteers may actually be causing a great deal of the disruption! Vibrationally, it cannot be otherwise. As you say, higher and lower cannot exist in the same space…and when higher enters into the space of “lower,” shit happens!

    Your son’s heartfelt situation is a highly-instructive reminder for me as to how things with my caregiving situation here at home could (and probably may) develop in the near term. I have you to thank greatly for (unintendedly, perhaps!) alerting me to the possibilities.

    I’ve been an ardent reader of Tom Kenyon and The Hathors’ messages since their “chaotic nodes” conversations of 2011 and thereabouts, and I will read this new post now. Thank you for providing us the link.

    With love/Love/LOVE and HighHeart EVERYTHING to you, Denise…from The Big Apple!

  • I neither baited you or attacked you. In a short comment, I said you were not aware of the deeper layers, then agreed with you on the rest of your article. I was not siding with any 3D agenda. By your own admission you say you have not studied the phenomenon called the Alliance. I see I AM blocked from commenting and offering my condolences. I AM a Forerunner of Forerunners myself, following you since 2011. At this stage, phase, I AM truly surprised at your triggered, egoic behavior.

    Heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your daughter-in-law. I have also lost a husband this year, and my Son previously Knowing the Big Picture and able to cope. Praying your Son will overcome the pain.

    Once again, I AM not in the position to lose money, return my donation of $44.00 please.

    • phillypam,

      “it is telling how uninformed Denise is…..”

      I AM always truly amazed when a person makes an insulting comment in response to a writer’s blog post and then takes deep personal offence when the writer calls them on it. If you are going to sling mud, then don’t expect to be praised for it.

      Donations are supposed to be a gift that is given without any strings attached. You placed a condition on that gift by expecting Denise to willingly accept your criticism because you paid her to do so.

      If you aren’t in the position to lose money in the first place, then don’t make a donation as a way to gain favour.


    • PhillyPam, I’m SHOCKED at how you’ve de-evolved from just weeks ago. It’s disheartening to see you deliberately choose the descending earth.

      Money is a tool to do great things with or to fuck people up with. Your last resort to carrot dangle Denise is just SAD.

      Good luck on your Q/T/Alliance journey and WWG1WGA, and you‘ll come to find you don’t like where they take you.

      It’s all a delusion, just as you saying you’re a Forerunner of Forerunners. Maybe in the beginning you were and had been until you got stuck and pinned all your hopes on a false prophet. Don’t you see that YOU are the creator? You’ve lost your way.

    • There’s an old joke. The last time I heard it, was watching Rodney
      Dangerfield on Carson. He says, ‘I get no respect. Just last week, I told my
      psychiatrist, I said Doc, I can’t take it anymore, I starting to have suicidal
      thoughts. Then he tells me that now I’m going to have to pay in advance.

      Don’t dare give PP any money back. She got what she paid for the moment she
      chose to use it in an attempt to publicly shame you on this blog.

      Oh barf.

      The only thing positive from any of these posts is the simple joy that comes from not having the nightmare of finding myself to have been their author. Though I still do from time to time, I don’t have any sympathy for that aspect of me which yet remains, even this late in the game.

      Much love to all on all the stair steps. This is the best place to smash your
      ego into bits. I hope to have done my small part in that way.

  • Denise, I am so very sorry for all you are going through. So much loss, and grief, along with concern for your son. It’s a lot to bear. My heart goes out to you, and to your son. To experience such a loss at this time, when we can’t even physically be together and nurture one another through these major transitions, it’s painful to the extreme. No matter how evolved we may be in our consciousness, the human aspect of us suffers. I send you my love and compassion.

    • You absolutely “hit” Denise in your previous comment, PhillyPam. If that was not your TRUE intention, you could have worded your comment better, kinder, clearer or sent Denise a private message. Passive aggressive you… I’ll be extremely disrespectful to Denise, followed with… I agree with you, love and light bullshit. Being that your latest post is framed the same as the prior, this is YOUR WAY. You should find a good counselor or psychologist to help you with your issues and not project them onto Denise or this forum. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. As I said before, take yourself to the dark side/TEAM DARK where you belong. We know your husband passed. That’s what I was referring to when I stated many of us were there for your life shocks and genuinely cared about you then. How you recently showed your gratitude was clearly stated… you had/have none. Now this is happening in Denise’s life, you want involvement. Denise can have you here if she wants, it’s her palace/her place, it’s her choice. Why would you want to return? Why? If you have everything figured out, you should have your own website, educating ALL of us on what is what, who is who and how to do what is next.
      By the way, it’s not Denise and her ego being triggered. This is all you babe… all YOU.
      YOU are not what you claim to be… FOR CERTAIN.

  • Denise,

    I don’t know if you can feel my gratefulness for your work. But I’d like to say it in words, too. Thank you. Also, I hope my little support helped you withstand that past few days of shock that you went through. Am still sending you my love and appreciation.

    I originally decided not to write in the comments anymore after the past article, or read the comments. At this point Even a small nudge of negative energy feels like a bloody hurricane. But, heck, what a timely article. I’ve been feeling this for the past two weeks. Dealing with my own stuff and trying to understand what what was happening and why. Usually, I try not to overthink anything, over analyze. Cause, what to analyze. Everything is black and white. Just take it or leave it. And yet, here it is right in front of me. That old junk doesn’t matter. Another stepping stone to say I don’t want it anymore. I choose higher and better.

    The other day, my mom said. Oh by the way your dad has a fever 99… well my obvious thoughts were about ether it’s something small or big. Didn’t feel surprised or shattered. Just the fact and realization. The next day, I asked how was he feeling and she blurted that he said that he’s going to die in 2024. I was like o..kay. It’s his decision. And knowing my dad, he’s too stubborn to chose anything but. And that’s the theme these days.

    Today was another example of toxic energies and how they resonate. Holy smokes. After just reading a text message from my old friend, I felt sick physically and upset. Even felt like crying. What a bs! I won’t say exactly what she wrote to me. It’s not important. What’s important is active separation of the worlds. Literary the system goes and separates “rice from buckwheats”. And the heck you have to tolerate anything. Because, it feels like someone just dunk you in a horse p*op. I was done with that friend half a year ago, and only continued from time to time text her asking about the well-being of her family. Trying to be civil and not cut the cord too harshly physically only energetically. And today she tried to bam! Pull me down to her blame and gloat game. After such exposure, it’s done even physically for sure.

    Even so, I can’t help but feel love for humanity for this planet. Thanks, Denise, you were one of the “beings“ that helped me to take that step.


  • My sincerest condolences, Denise, to you and your beautiful son. I remember many of your writings about him when I first discovered your TRANSITIONS blog. ❤

  • Absolutely perfect. I laughed out loud when Tom wrote FGO. His description of ascending and descending brings is what you have been saying for some time. Like you and many others I too have lost the ones I love the most. My beautiful husband 2012, my beloved sister last April and my most precious dog last Christmas. It beggars belief sometimes that we withstood the pain. I’ve felt the imbalance within me the last couple days but today feel better, I’m glad you do too. I do resonate with Tom’s work, I downloaded his multiverse workshop earlier and again so recommend his IB heart portal extended version it makes me feel afterwards so connected to my higher being and physical pains greatly reduced. It is free and very generous of him. Also the older I get, I’ll be 60 in September, the less bullshit I am able to take, I’m so intolerant to it but have noticed not much of it seems to come my way these days. I just want you to know Denise I so value your posts and the courage you have in saying what needs to be said. I am forever grateful for finding your site and you being the shining light you are. Much love and appreciation and my very best wishes to your Son xxx

  • Denise, just thank you. THANK YOU💔 I hope you can actually HEAR me shouting over the airwaves and FEEL me sending you immeasurable peace, love and gratitude thru every frequency and dimension that I can reach 🙏🏽💜
    Your forthright honesty is like having your ‘tag team’ partner finally arrive to give you a break from this crazy fucked, bifurcating, ground zero point field we call 2020. I am so very sorry about your daughter in law and your son .. even with our level of ‘knowing’ it is still difficult to carry the torch thru our own dark places.. I am beaming my Highheart LIGHT straight to YOU.. I’ll hold a torch for you and yours, for as long as needed. WE ARE ONE 💞

    • You know I think Denise and Phillypam are big girls and can look after themselves. Marjorie and Ana defence of Denise not necessary and unkind. The last messages between them should have remained private. If my opinion offends also and I’m banned, so be it.

      • Everyone and I mean everyone please just relax and take a deep breath and trust me when I publish these types of comments by certain people. Keyword there was TRUST me. I’ve always had my reasons for publishing or not publishing and just hitting the delete button with all of these types of comments. Always.

        About this… 🙄 I’m going to publish a comment by revital71 in a minute, ONLY because it shows what I’m talking about with this business. Everything revital71 says in it to me is completely wrong. I mean 180 degrees wrong but I’m going to publish it nonetheless.

        So please everyone, deep breath and know that I’ve been dealing with these types of unaware people since I started writing online. I don’t like it or appreciate it but they’ve helped me master things in myself that they don’t even know exist yet. Negative ego isn’t capable of perceiving much of anything as it’s a VERY narrow band of consciousness and frequency and because of this people with only it as their only perceptual reality tool viciously lash out at those they totally misunderstand and don’t even know there’s any misunderstanding in the first place! How can you talk, communicate to anyone like that? You cannot as I tried to express to David W. the other day and so many before him since 2007 online.

        And on that note I’m now going to publish the next awaiting comment from revital71 for everyone’s edification.

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