Building To The Breaking Point

I mentioned last month that I’d had a vision of two large spheres, Earths, from a position out in space. One sphere was a much higher frequency, was positioned on top and was rapidly spinning counterclockwise, with the Milk Way galaxy . The second sphere was a lower frequency, was positioned below and not in perfect alignment with the higher sphere and was rapidly spinning clockwise. They were not physically touching each other but were still extremely close together. They were slightly different colors and didn’t have any of the usual recognizable landmasses and oceans visible but I knew they both were Earth worlds. They were two slightly different colored large spheres spinning faster and faster in opposite directions very close to each other. The tremendous energetic and physical irritation, pressure, discomfort and anxiety that both Earth spheres spinning increasingly faster in opposite directions is causing each other is at this point pretty much unbearable. It was easy to see and feel that a breaking point, a Separation breaking point is at long-last close at hand.

The higher positioned, counterclockwise spinning sphere is ascending Earth. The lower positioned, clockwise spinning sphere is descending Earth. If you are a strong frequency match with or even just barely within frequency range of ascending Earth, descending Earth is absolutely not your concern, responsibility, your job to fix, save, rescue, redirect or rehabilitate. It does not concern you whatsoever so don’t waste your precious energy, consciousness and time focusing on it and the people that are a frequency match with it. Do adults with important jobs to do, responsibilities and different lives fixate on the children in second grade elementary school? Of course not so don’t you do it. Those individuals are not ready to ascend now so understandingly and with higher frequency LOVE and emotional and energetic neutrality give them the freedom, time and other location(s) they still need to learn whatever each of them needs.

Most of you feel it, some acutely, some not much at all but most do feel it. What is it? It is the rapidly approaching final physical level  mandatory, essential, absolutely necessary complete separation from the old dying patriarchal Earth world and reality. It is the full and complete physical level Separation of Worlds & Timelines between the ascending Earth and descending Earth.

Every time the Volunteers embody more higher cosmic energies and codes, higher frequency plasma Light and solar transmissions etc., the greater this increasingly unbearable frequency and consciousness extremes between the old lower and the NEW higher becomes, and in 2020, we’ve reached the near breaking separation point finally. Like I needed to tell you that nine months deep into unbelievable 2020! September, nine months and it’s very close now for the manifestation of NEW Earth permanently free from and of all old patriarchal everything. (Forgive me for that very linear sentence as this is and always has been much more than only linear.) That’s why the last quarter—September through December—of every Ascension Process year, and certainly epic 2020, is always so important, powerful, intense and unfolds extremely fast.

Most of you are aware of the back-to-back astrological transits, some so rare because they take hundreds of years to cycle through, that have happened, that currently are, and that will happen throughout the last months of 2020. I wrote most of them out in an earlier article if it helps you to see them listed. Every one of them, including all the astrological transits prior, plus every higher Light energy and level we’ve reached up to this minute have all been Ascension Process energy stair-steps, ALL of them including every time a Volunteer embodied/embodies some more higher Light and NEW codes into their physical bodies have gone towards what’s coming. It is not any one single astrological transit that’s going to be the one and only event that causes the Separation shift. It’s NOT any one single cosmic, galactic, solar, human, Master, Volunteer, ET, Angelic or any other such unaware nonsense that’s going to be the one and only thing that causes the Separation shift. It is ALL of it and more.

The coming incredibly rare December sign changes of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius only days apart and then conjuncting each other at 0° Aquarius on the December 21, 2020 Solstice is also not the one and only end-all event that’s going to cause the physical level Separation of Worlds or anything else. It’s ALL of this and more.

Only two days later on December 23, 2020 the last Mars (and Eris) in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn happens at 23° Aries  23° Capricorn which means the final Separation is entirely in-play physically. It is NOT any one single event, astrological transit, solar transmission, NEW cosmic code, or Volunteers embodying more and Embodying more, but ALL of them and more that’s causing the physical level Separation of Worlds & Timelines. Pull back, pull way back and open your heart and awareness to the much larger and more complex situations, happenings and multidimensional participants at evolutionary Work here.

Back to the vision of two large Earth spheres very close to each other spinning increasingly faster in opposite directions.

The colossal escalating energetic tensions and pressures I felt viewing this was disturbing and uncomfortable and surprisingly reminded me of something I experienced around 2003. I talked about this in A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010) but will repeat it here because of this particular vision of the two Earth spheres.

Without going into all the gory details, I came under intentional demonic attack from 2000 through 2004—and before and after but those are different stories—at my mother’s house. My physical level First Everythinger Ascension Process began the first of February 1999, and by April 2000, two Portal People brothers were deliberately maneuvered into physical place to rent the house next door to mom’s house where she and I lived at that time. These two brothers had one demon attached to one brother in particular but it controlled them both and all of their actions including all their same low frequency friends, family members and dogs. No big mystery with this — my Volunteer First Wave Ascension Process began on the physical level and Team Dark took prompt physical and etheric actions to counter that meaning horrendous continuous demonic attacks ensued.

Long unpleasant story short (read the book if interested in the Team Dark gore, tactics, attacks, use and manipulation of Portal People and animals), after years of constant demonic attack both directly from it and indirectly through its human Portal People puppets, I was able to etherically protect myself, mom and the house and property, for the most part. But it’s what happened both physically and etherically when I finally put in place energetic etheric protections that’s the point of my bringing up this related old Duality reality unpleasantness.

Once I finally realized what had actually been going on with this 2000 through 2004 situation and that a demon was in fact involved, and when physically needed working through its physical Portal Person and People, I etherically energetically constructed as potent Light protections as I was capable of at that time and condition I was in and the repercussions to my actions were immediate, obvious and dramatic.  Within only hours of my putting up etheric Light protections around the house and property the demon discovered I’d done this and intentionally revealed itself to me clairvoyantly and then all hell broke lose energetically.

After constructing the Light protections etherically for only two nights and one day, and the demon discovering I’d done this, shortly after I’d gone to bed I was suddenly awakened by the very loud sounds of what sounded like rapid gunshots going off directly above our house and property and the nearby surrounding area. It sounded completely physical and I believed it was at that time and laid frozen in bed in the dark, scared that bullets might come flying through our house at any moment. I laid there listening to these extremely loud physical sounds that I thought were gunshots directly over our house and the large trees that lined the street. Every dog in the neighborhood started barking, howling and crying but there wasn’t any humans outside, any cars running, and no police or ambulance sirens came. Only the very loud sounds of multiple cracking gunshots overhead and every dog in the area howling and barking. There was nothing else because it was not physical gunshots, it was etheric energetic repercussions caused from the separation of the demon from me and our house and property.

When an etheric energetic break and separation happens between lower and higher, between higher and lower energies, frequencies, beings, spaces and worlds there is, or typically has been, extremely loud and very strong etheric and physical level breakage separation repercussions that are clearly heard and felt by those that are sensitive and aware enough to perceive them. Those people that are not sensitive and aware enough don’t hear, feel, sense or perceive anything. For them nothing happened but to the others that are aware it sounds and feels like heaven and earth just got rattled and shaken to its very core!

What I’m getting with all this is that old ‘As above so below’ universal law business. As above so below. As without so within. What happens collectively is what happens individually, vice versa and so on. Think about the etheric and physical levels being rattled and shaken very loudly and obviously because the energetic connections on the physical and etheric levels between that demon and me and our house and property in 2003 were finally broken by me. There were powerful repercussions because of that separation break on the physical and etheric levels and the demon and I both knew it.

Now think of the August 2020 vision I had of the two Earth spheres spinning faster and faster in opposite directions so close to each other. Think of and feel the unbearable building 2020 friction, pressures, tensions, anxiety, inorganic hostility and greed, the Divine organic evolutionary need for complete physical and etheric freedom from the old lower descending Earth sphere and people that still want or need it. Think of what’s probably going to happen when these two Earth spheres reach that energetic point where they finally break apart and separate fully from each other and go their own ways, free of the other. Think of the potential etheric and physical level repercussions of that separation, of the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. Think of my demon experience and hearing what sounded like really loud gunshots overhead up in the air all around me when that etheric energetic disconnection and separation finally happened. Now think of that but on a planetary scale.

What I’m suggesting is that most of us who are aware and sensitive to these sorts of ascension related energetic changes—the Volunteers—may, may hear, see, or See, feel, sense or in some way or ways perceive any number of completely NEW to us repercussions caused by the actual final and full physical level separation from what has been the old patriarchal Earth world and reality. If this happens when a Team Dark demon and/or alien or any other such being gets energetically evicted and removed from your or my energy field and personal life and reality it goes that the same just may hold true when planet Earth makes her final disconnect and separation from the lower old patriarchal Earth world.

I did NOT share these things, this latest vision, the potential upcoming repercussion happenings, my personal demon and Portal People experiences to scare anyone or make anyone feel unsafe or vulnerable. I shared them all to aid you if, if there are any type of etheric and physical level repercussions from our upcoming separation from the old lower Earth world and its lingering negative energies and consciousness etc. etc. I am NOT saying that this is absolutely going to happen some time soon. I am saying that it’s a strong possibility that we’re going to experience some form and level of energetic and physical level repercussions when the Separation of Worlds last break finally happens physically.

Here’s the good news about this. We’ve been going through this in those incremental energetic stair-steps continuously anyway since the Ascension Process started in the physical level. We’ve been going through this personally and internally and we’ve been going through it collectively and externally since the Ascension Process started physically. The only difference to all this is that we’re now really close to that final actual, physical breaking point, which I prefer to call freedom from what has been to go our own ways into what’s becoming which is NEW Earth with its NEW inhabitants.

Let me add here in case anyone has gone weak in the knees over this information that I’ve been aware of so many new to me higher dimensional and galactic and cosmic ascension participants since January 2020. It’s like they couldn’t come in so to speak until we’d reached Phase 2 levels and had embodied the 2018 Crystalline triangle Trinity codes, then the 2019 Radiant Diamond codes. The moment we’d embodied them and entered Phase 2 in January 2020, all sorts of additional ascension assistants from higher levels and Light realms and other systems have been very close by and intently Working in so many different ways to help we Volunteers do our jobs, plus ready us and ready Earth for this coming final phase of separating from the old lower patriarchal world. This also makes me think that there just might be some type of energetic etheric and physical level repercussions when this final separation happens. No fear everyone, just more Light info about some potential side effects on a planetary and galactic (and more???) scale that may be close at hand.

There’s plenty more to talk about but I want to keep this article focused on these possible upcoming planetary and larger side effects from the final separation. One other thing that’s very much related to this is what I’ve been calling the 2020 Divine Cease & Desist Order. As the months of 2020 have unfolded we’ve all been HAVING to make adjustment after adjustment after adjustment and I’m not talking about the pandemic but about it and everything else too.

The Cease & Desist Order at first seemed and felt really big, global and mostly due to the pandemic but over time it’s proved itself to be so much more than that. It’s a Divine Order to stop doing anything and everything that’s related to, connected to, attached to the old lower Earth world we all were born into. When looked at, felt and considered from that level and scope, the Cease & Desist Order suddenly reveals itself to be a huge LOVING safeguard and heads-up notification for all of humanity to get ourselves where we each want and/or need to be because the last phase of the Separation of Worlds & Timelines is very close now. The Cease & Desist Order is not a great pain in the ass restriction as it may have felt to most at the start of 2020, but a Divine notice that things are now close to changing permanently physically and because of this every human alive needs to be super aware of their thoughts, emotions, focus, desires, beliefs etc. And for the Volunteers this is vastly more potent, needed and must be conscious from the HighHeart, not the old lower self or ego etc. every minute of every day and night. For the Volunteers the Cease & Desist Order is a constant reminder that we are no longer what we were and that there’s no going back for us without big and immediate less than pleasant consequences. This will only get much more so the closer the Separation gets and the more we embody and certainly the more we Embody. We are not what we used to be and trying to deviate from that will make it instantly known to you, to me, to each of us that we’ve strayed out of our energy lane and that there are instant consequences to our doing that.

More to share and discuss and we’ll continue it in Comments under this article. Thanks and see you there.

Denise Le Fay

September 3, 2020

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51 thoughts on “Building To The Breaking Point

  • Hi Denise and all,

    These last few days I feel I’ve been completely living in Spherical Consciousness, which allowed me to finally understand some things.

    Today my daughter shared a vision she had when she was 4 or 5, which would be around 2012-13. She woke up early morning to see a vision of me kneeling by her window towards the light. She said that I was in a position of someone when they’re about to get knighted.

    I know that I was pledging myself to the Mankind in the Tree of Life, to do what I came here to do, that is to transmute as much as I can with my fellow light workers. I know that I’ve removed disembodied body parts of SRA children in DUMBS (on earth? off-world?) to safely transport them back to Source, in my dreams. I know I’ve gone on many astral missions of such kinds and they are the reason why I’d wake with tears streaming down my face. I know I attended meetings in my dreams with others and we are briefed on a course of actions, but upon waking I don’t recall anything.

    I’m only allowed to remember bits and pieces so that the plan isn’t accessible to TD, and only long after it has been successful. I was never to know the next phase of the plan.

    It all has been such a trickle of information for so long that I thought I’ll never be able to piece any of it together, and it really wasn’t until very recently (at 46!) to even get this little morsel.

    The memories are coming faster now. But I think I’m innerstanding that it does not matter if I know intellectually, and for me to know explicitly was not part of my contract.

    There’s a beautiful peace with this spherical consciousness, words are laughably lacking and to say it is limiting is an understatement. Because how can one describe truth as it filters through past present and future like water through a sieve that connects us all?

    • Jain Lee,

      Thank you for sharing that with me, with us all. ❤ It was not only beautiful and horrendous but every word, vision, experience and multidimensional Mission is truth that only personal firsthand experience has access to.

      I’ve seen the old Astral nets created and placed by Team Dark in certain areas there to catch and hold etheric human bodies but mostly only parts of bodies. They’re seemingly endless in those levels and locations of the old lower 4D Astral. But that too, like everything else, has been in the process of being corrected and removed energetically.

      “The memories are coming faster now. But I think I’m innerstanding that it does not matter if I know intellectually, and for me to know explicitly was not part of my contract.”

      Loved your ‘innerstanding’ term.

      Yes, and this one is really strange when one starts experiencing it personally in a human physical body as many of us First Embodiers have been.

      The more each person embodies, and certainly the more each person Embodies, the more automatic higher knowing they have in this non-linear way — Spherical Consciousness. And as you’ve so correctly and accurately said, the greater, larger, more expansive and higher etc. your Higher Awareness becomes, the LESS need or desire you/me/anyone who’s attained the “beginner” levels of this has to talk about it or any of the things you continue to realize! This runs absolutely opposite to how things are at lower levels of being, consciousness, life and reality. Knowing more translates into BEING more and typically without any needs to do anything with that Higher Awareness, that quantum Spherical Consciousness. That is unless one is also Contracted to share information from and about that level for others. The more one Embodies, the less one wants or even thinks to create infomercials about it! 😉 The fact it’s happened is more than enough. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Today was explosive in my house between me and one of my kids. The force of it really surprised me. As I’m reflecting tonight, it occurred to me that maybe this date was on Denise’s list of dates for the second half of 2020. Yep. 😳

    The imagery that came to mind is how one of my daughters and I are uniquely positioned to find each orher’s barricades for old hurts and FORCE the walls to come down so we can deal with what we’ve hidden. A really good thing but no fun to live through.
    Curious if anyone else experienced intensity today, too!

    • Kara,
      Yes, yesterday, 9th, was off the hook intense for me. Old old wounds, beliefs, self deprecating perspectives in full force with the help of the universe by blocking calls on my phone in order to drudge up old reactions and pain and what I now perceive as faulty, negative thoughts about myself that do not serve me in any way. Man it was a doozy of a day. My eyes are swollen today from all the hard, deep crying from my soul in Ernest of wanting/needing to release and let go of my old patterns and wounds. I do feel I ended up a wee bit higher on the stair steps of that which I am very grateful something positive came from the FORCE (in your words) and pain of old hurts due to my own negatively skewed perspective about myself.
      Thanks for sharing. Synchronicity brought me to the page and check in and low and behold your comment was at the top and the first one I read. Take care and hang in there as I know you are 🙂

      p.s. Hi Denise!!! 🙂

      • Stephanie N. & Kara,

        Yesterday, September 9, 2020 Mars went retrograde and will be until November 13, 2020 so we’re all doing the go back and dig deeper and rework hot, angry, Mars type issues, feelings, plus that from other people too. Going to be a hot, volatile and aggressive few months with Mars retrograde and during all the escalating other stuff too.

        I just received two — update, make that four — 😆 nasty unaware comments from some guy attacking me over stuff he’s clueless about. It was classic negative male Mars patriarchal elitist behavior which got him banished from horrible me. 😆

        • LOL Denise, “horrible You” Yeah right. Thanks for the Mars retrograde info. I knew yesterday was me circling back to pick up some left overs to transmute some more. I thought: Gawd, not THIS again and laughed at myself today (definitely not yesterday though). Interestingly I have so much Mars energy in my Vedic Astrological Chart it’s frightening. Fire, Fire, Fire!!!

        • The 9th was the worst. I almost came here to ask wth was going on/if something was going on, but never made it. It was nice to check in last night and see I was not alone. Yesterday was up and down and today is more like the 9th. I guess I better figure out how to work with this vibe if it”s here to stay till mid November. Not feeling very successful so far, but hanging in there. Thanks to all for everything.

        • 10tinbluebirds & All,

          It’s hard at this point to say that any of everything that’s happening every minute of every day and night is caused by just one thing. It’s everything, and as is always the case each year ascension life/reality/existence SPEEDS UP LIKE CRAZY the day we enter September to rapidly drive us all through the last quarter of the year and to and through the December Solstice energies and whatever else is happening in December — which is epic this December 2020.

          I’ve been working on an article about how severe life and reality feels, which is even more than it has since January 2020! So much has been, is and will continue to be happening to each of us/All of us the rest of 2020 and we all really need to do our very best at maintaining the higher frequencies internally in each of us while the final “battle” of old world Duality reality and consciousness escalates itself right into complete physical Separation of Worlds. I started feeling “sick” a few hours ago but hopefully I’ll feel good to write more tomorrow morning.

          Hold steady Team Light through all this and whenever needed remind yourselves that this is already a “done deal” and this phase is us embodying it physically and walking it to higher Home level. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Omigosh, did Mars catch up with me today… twice I had cuss words coming out of my mouth! (And in between were despondent, bordering on suicidal, thoughts.) Fortunately, they were not aimed at anyone in front of me and not about anyone from the present. AND in the end, it was therapeutic. I had a huge revelation about someone from my past about an unresolved situation. If felt a bit like someone suggested the revelation to me, so I apologized out loud to ‘whomever’ might have given me the idea for all the harshness I had been spewing. My wife and I both immediately got the thought/feeling back from this whoever, ‘Forget it! with all that you’ve been through and put up with…’ 😂

          And not in any way to nit pick, rather to inform, technically September begins the last THIRD of the year, Denise… the last quarter begins October 1st. (Unless of course you are talking solar year and referring to Sep 21/22 and Dec 21/22.) Anyway, I’ve seen you mention it before, so I thought I would bring that fact to your attention it. 😊

        • “And not in any way to nit pick, rather to inform, technically September begins the last THIRD of the year, Denise… the last quarter begins October 1st. (Unless of course you are talking solar year and referring to Sep 21/22 and Dec 21/22.) Anyway, I’ve seen you mention it before, so I thought I would bring that fact to your attention it.”

          Uh-huh. Nit pick, very Virgonian. Typically I have always talked in astrological terms throughout the year Kevin M. and not in any others. Just bringing that fact to your attention. 🙂

  • Thank you for the link to your past article, whatever doubt I had previously of being a blue ray is removed and answered the more important question of why.

    My chart lacks fire but my north node is 26 degrees Sagittarius. Almost conjunct the galactic center.
    South node conjunct natal Saturn, seems Source isn’t lacking a sense of humor.

    “it’s interesting to look back like this after how far we’ve come.” Yes, and still standing. Much firmer, much steadier, much surer, much much much all else.

    Love you all ❤️

  • I am very intrigued by the exchange between Denise, Kevin M, bodhimoss and Guarima. Although your experiences aren’t like mine, I felt a recognition in my soul. Perhaps it’s because you are all First Wavers and I am (as I perceive it) a Second Waver.

    I want to thank you all for path-paving and being first responders. You’re not forgotten and are greatly soul appreciated by like-hearted others, I honor you.

    • Jain L., Kevin M., bodhimoss, Gaurima & ALL,

      Since Kevin M. commented about what he has and the others joined in and wanted and needed to connect with him and these ET, Starseed experiences related to the AP, I’ve felt I should add a link to all my old articles at TRANSITIONS under the heading ETS, Starbeings & Starseeds. It just feels correct to do this now because something will further help someone that’s needing more information and knowledge and personal experiences. It’s just a FEELING but I never ignore them. Happy reading or re-reading as it’s interesting to look back like this after how far we’ve come. ❤

  • Thank you Denise, Thank you Kevin for sharing your email through Denise. A lot, really a lot has happened in my life from 2007-2008 uptil now. So it’s nice to know more from you Kevin, when you specifically mentioned this time period. Denise also started blogging on Transitions in 2007, if I am correct. I think year 2007 had something which caused upheavals in many lives, the ripples of which extended far and wide till 2020. I hope to see the very challenging phase to end sooner and the positive outcome finally. Am just hoping.
    Thanks again Denise and Kevin.

    • You are very welcome Gaurima, Kevin and bodhimoss. I hope you all have the needed Starseed discussions and connections that will greatly benefit each of you. Phase 2 and 2020 is time for these types of open connections with like-others, and even if they’re in other groups of like-others. We’re all doing the Work we’re needed to do and at the levels we are to help everyone. ❤ ❤ ❤

      You're right Gaurima, I started TRANSITIONS in 2007. I would have done so years earlier if I'd known what the hell blogs were! 😆 Seriously, I knew nothing about them back then and I'd only discovered online forums, which was like playing Russian Roulette because people like me were heavily targeted and attacked by so many horrid unaware people. It was brutal and what led me to the discovery of blogs (I didn’t want a website because I didn’t have the knowledge or desire to mess with tech stuff) where I could write and share ascension related info and experiences with somewhat less attacks from people. It's been a hard road on every level for Volunteers, Starseeds, Pathpavers etc. but we're Source strong through and through. 😉

  • The counter clockwise earth spin explains why I have been unable to do any energy work that isn’t counter clockwise. I have occasionally attempted to do clockwise and it was such a big fat no of revulsion I just couldn’t continue without going in the “correct” direction. And all the middle of the nite bangs ,light flashes and explosions that startled me awake…great verification of what I thought it was! Thank god the new earth is about here…bring it and I’m so DONE with the old earth. Thank you so much for all ur insights and knowledge…..your such a blessing to us all

    • Tracy,

      This may sound really strange but long ago when I danced I could spin in both directions but counterclockwise was so much easier and felt aligned and natural whereas spinning clockwise always was an effort and felt awkward and clumsy to me. It took me years to figure this out, that spinning counterclockwise was spinning with the Milky Way galaxy which was why it felt so correct and natural to me. ❤

      • ♥️ Ur story reminded me …. as a child and teen…any watch I wore spun counter clock wise! Ppl wouldn’t believe me til I showed them. Or understand it I had to stop wearing a watch, it was just pointless😆

        • Wow Tracy, all the way counterclockwise is something! As a kid I just made watches stop working for no reason that anyone could figure out back then. After three tries with three different watches (childhood Christmas gifts) my mom gave up and stopped buying me them.

          Did you ever fry car alternators too, or anything else? 🙄

  • Denise,

    When you wrote about having volunteered, you used to pronoun “we”. Does this mean that your (perhaps our) other selves are all light workers? Sorry I’m so confused. It would be so nice to be able to just remember everything.

  • In the mid to late 80s I was shown an image of separating worlds, but not so much focused on the physical worlds, rather on the ‘consciousness stream’. A consciousness stream being a ‘reality’ that humans on earth experience and one that we co-create together. Meaning, yes, we each create our own reality, but when we share that reality with others, it is jointly created and more or less ‘the majority wins’. It’s my belief that at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987, it was like a ‘bell was rung’ and the once single consciousness stream was allowed to separate into (at least) two. No longer were we all 100 percent tied to the ‘wishes’ of all the others. Divisions and duality kind of took over and these two streams started to separate slowly over time. I was shown it as like two staircases or escalators, one going up in frequency and one going down and that it would take quite a number of years before the two were completely separate. (Later, I saw that for a time, ‘sub streams’ were evolving, but I believe they have since merged back to two primary ones.)

    For me, in the 80’s I was working with ETs and the earth’s hierarchy to train humans, both in the physical and the dream time to be prepared for several contingencies. The primary one that I was asked to focus on was if things went awry and there was a need for a planetary evacuation. (Some may dismiss or even scoff at this today, but trust me, the possibility was VERY real.) To work with younger 20 something humans like myself without being too obvious, I ended up creating a role playing game that was named ‘Alpha Terran Service’… because I referred to the two realities as ‘Alpha Terra’ (ascending) and ‘Beta Terra’ (descending). I met some other folks shortly afterwards that referred to them as ‘Earth One’ and ‘Earth Two’, so I knew even then, I had not dreamed it all up. 😉 Anyway, the idea was to train people to work together in an authority structure hierarchy (like the military) to protect inhabitants of ‘Alpha Terra’ from those of the darker sort, especially inhabitants of ‘Beta Terra’. It was during this time that I also realized that a great number of people all over Earth were being trained in ‘the Dreamtime’ to perform these functions, but were only barely conscious of it going on, if at all. The idea being if the need to ‘activate them’ arose, they would just ‘suddenly remember’. It appears what I was doing was training a select few who would act with some previous conscious knowledge, although I was never sure the exact reason why.

    Fast forward to the mid 2000’s and a number of folks were told to stop trying to ‘recruit’ people to be part of the ‘ascending staircase’. This was hard for many lightworkers and others to accept, but the explanation I was given was that, ‘If they haven’t made it across the divide by now, it’s too late’. Then in 2008, it seemed like everything in the world changed. I used to have a ‘future timeline map’ that I could always refer to (like road signs warning ‘curve ahead’) and that was completely gone… My other dimensional self went into stasis on a ship and the regular telepathic communication I was used to getting from ‘my superiors & others’ was gone. This all happened in the Fall about the time of the election. I suffered a personal loss at that exact time and was oblivious to a lot going on in the world. (I am fairly sure Hillary was elected and not Obama in the previous timeline that I was aware of… and as best I remember, it did not end well for the lower consciousness stream.) Later, I gleaned the information that a ‘period of time’ had been set aside to allow some folks who were ‘almost there’ a chance to get themselves from the lower to the upper ‘consciousness stream’. BUT they had to do the work on their own. We could give advice IF ASKED, but they had to do their own work.

    It was a few years later that I found Denise’s original blog and some info I found through it synced up with what I believe was later referred to as ‘the vote in 2007’ that was a chance to help humanity, but it was later determined that not many took advantage of it. (I am with you Denise, if I had had a vote, I would have voted ‘no’… ) As a result, in 2007, I was asked to almost immediately move cross country and did so with only a few months notice. We stayed there for 12 years, and lived an almost completely ‘separate life’. It was like being a living ghost. We made no real friends, had little to no impact on anything and in 2019, the ‘reverse order’ came and we were asked to move back. Here is where I get to the point of where this is going…

    I was shown that this ‘diversion’ that was voted on in 2007, and was planned to take actual effect in late 2008 and would last TWELVE YEARS. (do the math; it ends in the next couple months) During that time, we would be dimensionally taking ‘a side road’ that would venture out to the side and then come back to the point where we had left compared to our original path AND other realties around us. This latter fact is why I believe I suddenly ‘lost touch’ with people I am used to communicating with. (I know this may be confusing, and not the best explanation… trust me, it messes with my head, too.) My understanding is that during the twelve years, the two primary consciousness streams (and the sub ones created temporarily) would be kept artificially close together, but once the twelve years was over, they would start to separate again… possibly at a much more accelerated rate. Me… I am MORE than ready to get back in touch with ‘my friends’ again and be able to put some distance between myself and the lower reality.

    My point is… what was voted on in 2007, didn’t actually end last year; it originally took time to plan and implement it (over a year) and this ‘last chance’ period actually will end VERY SOON. Personally, I cannot wait. I am ready for my entire life to change. I do not suffer most of the ascension symptoms like many of the readers of this blog do, but I deal with my own painful issues that are the result of ‘my job’ (requiring going back and forth between the realities) that I have done since the 80s. To be blunt, I am in a lot of pain and I am ready for it to end. 😢

    • “Anyway, the idea was to train people to work together in an authority structure hierarchy (like the military) to protect inhabitants of ‘Alpha Terra’ from those of the darker sort, especially inhabitants of ‘Beta Terra’. It was during this time that I also realized that a great number of people all over Earth were being trained in ‘the Dreamtime’ to perform these functions, but were only barely conscious of it going on, if at all. The idea being if the need to ‘activate them’ arose, they would just ‘suddenly remember’. It appears what I was doing was training a select few who would act with some previous conscious knowledge, although I was never sure the exact reason why.”

      Hi Kevin. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I believe I may be one of your dreamtime trainees. It is my innerstanding the reason we are trained to operate in a military fashion is because that is how galactic fleets operate. Terrans learned this form of hierarchy/organization from ET eons ago, it is very like what exists on naval ships today, except that most starseeds did not enter the military in this life and must relearn these procedures. Our veil is incredibly dense but it keeps the DFs from reading our minds telepathically until we relearn and engage blocking techniques. That’s another reason why our memories are wiped upon waking and no one individual was given all of the puzzle pieces. Fortunately they cannot detect us when we learn to vibrate above their capabilities.

      It’s not just the organizational aspect but also the need to develop a command hierarchy based on experience, merit and creative problem solving, all under a dreamstate veil and separated from each other logistically – think “insertion teams” scattered throughout the quantum field. In perfect timing for the so-called “lockdown,” one of my current assignments is to read all 12 Horatio Hornblower novels to trigger the memories of these command and orders/mission concepts. This has triggered past life memories as a ship-of-the-line commander and currently as a captain of a starship. I’m finishing up the last novel now and recall the entire system. Like your other aspect, some are on motherships and others are captains of our own support ships that have monitored and supported us from birth or walk-in. My ship is specifically tasked with recording Gaia’s life forms as they move up and down the ascension timeline. We are free agents but must still operate as a unified fleet under a centralized command structure. Mass transfer to Alpha Terra via ship has always been Plan B but it’s not off the table yet. I was instructed to remain in regular contact with my ship until 11/11/2020 and know what our mission will be in case this plan is implemented, however my role is to moderate specific weather patterns and transfer/assist as many human and non-human beings as possible to Alpha Terra via vibrational coherence despite dark and intense current world events. The stakes are high but I feel the outcome is secure.

      You might have missed a reply I made to one of your comments in one of Denise’s earlier essays where I speak of being “ordered” to change locations in the same time periods you did. I jumped a major timeline on the Harmonic Convergence that triggered my “call to duty” at that time, spent 12 years in virtual isolation as well, but now we are moving rapidly to closure of the 4th dimensional “squishy” window of opportunity. Gaia and all her elemental realms and beings are fully 4th dimensional now (this is temporary) which is why world events appear so incredibly bizarre and Twilight Zone surreal. VERY SOON indeed.

      • “You might have missed a reply I made to one of your comments in one of Denise’s earlier essays”

        Not only did I miss your reply and one other, I had apparently forgotten I ever wrote that reply. My apologies for any redundancies in my most recent comment above… not sure if it is organic or having ‘fixed’ so many timeline errors, but my memory is not what it used to be. 😉

        Yes, I was being a bit vague about the ‘why’ of the military structure as I find not everyone takes to it. But in fact, I have been made aware many, many times over how I died in my last lifetime and it is completely relevant. I lived in such a military structure. I was first officer on a large mother ship, a communications engineer and the commander of the squadron of smaller ships we had on board. How did I get here? Basically, I crashed in a small ship off the coast of Brazil in January 1963. (I was born into this lifetime in May 1963.) There are many more details to the story I am aware of, but the relevant part is that I crashed in the 3D physical during the daytime and the whole thing was visible from shore. As I was going down, I gave orders to the crew on the mothership to NOT come and rescue me if it in any way violated the ‘non-interference directive’. (like the Prime Directive in Star Trek) The only one who could have countermanded my orders was the captain he would not as it was lawful and correct. The obvious hope was to wait it out until dark and then maybe they could slip in undetected… however, not only was I injured, but some humans came out in a boat and brought me back to shore. Long story short, I died there on the shore trying to escape and was afterward told I would have to incarnate as a 3D human before I could ‘return home’. (Yikes!) Clearly, to me this was all an accident and not in my life plans… but as we all know, there are no ‘accidents’ in the grander scheme of things.

        The reality was, it was all a test. Someone here on earth wanted to recruit a ‘military trained officer’ from the space forces who could come to earth and help out with a specific mission, BUT it needed to be ensured that this person would NEVER violate the rules, like so many before had. You see, many people have come from other worlds to Earth with the best of intentions, but once they incarnate here and are exposed to all the myriad intense sensations and experiences AND in a FREE WILL environment, they lose their way. The ingenious beauty of this ‘test’ is… the only reason I am here is because I ‘obeyed the rules’; if I had violated them, I would have been rescued and would not even BE HERE to be dealt with. Talk about ‘making sure’ they got it right the first time.

        There is so much more I could type here about my story, but this is Denise’ blog not mine. 😊 Perhaps she will be kind enough to forward you my e-mail address and we can speak more about this privately, since we appear to have a lot in common (and hopefully the ‘superiors’ will allow it). At the very least, I will try to pay more attention to replies in the future. Thanks for reaching out! Oh, one other comment… you said, “like what exists on naval ships today”. The role playing game I created was based on naval aviation themes as ‘Top Gun’ had only recently been released and was all the rage… a perfect fit. 😁

        • “There is so much more I could type here about my story, but this is Denise’ blog not mine. 😊 Perhaps she will be kind enough to forward you my e-mail address and we can speak more about this privately, since we appear to have a lot in common (and hopefully the ‘superiors’ will allow it).”

          Thank you Kevin M. for your higher awareness, HighHeart and respect for me and my Work and online workplace. It is very much appreciated. ❤

          I will pass along your email address to bodhimoss because it feels like you two have things that need to be said to each other now. bodhimoss, please watch for my email so I can connect you two a bit more privately. ❤

        • Kevin M, is this okay with you? If so then I’ll email you Kevin M’s email address Gaurima.

          Kevin M, you may need a blog my Starseed friend! 😉

        • Uhhh, sure. If I get many more requests, it may take me a bit to get around to replying though… 😉 And yes, I may either need a blog or a more comfortable chair to sit at the computer longer. 😁

    • Those timeframes first exactly with me( I won’t say “perfectly” because it’s been anything but for me. But total loss( in my world) of absolutely everyone in my life 1 way or another, now including my husband, who “should” have stayed onboard according to info I’ve always gotten from beginning, along with others I used to communicate with. And the move/ moves- many, many for us, no friendships to be made, and now back just to within 1/4 mile of where I lived from 92-2012. So everything fits- and I am soooooo beyond ready. And ready( for me) to be done with horrendous ascension symptoms that have restricted my life to no- see-um size…

      • 1/4 mile… wow. We are not living where we were immediately before, but rather in my original hometown where it all started for me. We frequent some of the same places I did when I was first learning ‘who I really was’. I am sorry to hear about your husband, that is a shame… I had the only other person in my life besides my wife (someone just as close) leave within the last year and it was devastating. – And you said ‘no-see-um size’… now there is a southern expression. (and elsewhere I suppose) You wouldn’t be in Arkansas would you?

    • Kevin M.,

      Honestly, I can’t remember if I’ve shared this particular link and old article — My Lightworker Strike — with you or if I only thought about doing it. 😐 Anyway, here it is and if you have already read it please just ignore.

      Much more to say about all of this, and what you’ve shared and what bodhimoss has shared from both of your personal perspectives and experiences but I’m blurry and exhausted at the moment. ❤

      • I read that old blog article when you first posted this, but just re-read it going over some things. I also looked up Karen Bishop’s blog post you referenced there where she talks about ‘being sequestered’. I look at the dates and am amazed… That post was from July 2009 and talking about being sequestered in the recent past tense. In June 2009 we had moved from a problematic house that we had rented for two years (after the ordered cross country move) into an apartment that felt exactly like that… being sequestered while ‘they’ figured out what was going to happen next. And we didn’t know… everything seemed up in the air. Didn’t know if we would move next cross town, cross state, cross country, new jobs or what.

        It wasn’t until the following spring Mar 2010 that I was shown one night while sitting up late watching TV where we would move within the same area, buy a house and settle in to ‘hide out’ for a while. (As is the case, only about 3 months from being told to all carried out.) I also remember this being a time when many volunteers either ‘checked out’ or experienced a vivid death dream with a life review. For me, obviously, it was the latter. Not going to lie though… during the last 9 months there have been days I wished it were the former! And if the help I’ve been expecting doesn’t come soon (as in the next month or so) I may go on some sort of strike like you did. 😂 But I’m not sure what job I even have at the moment to go on strike from… guess it would be a ‘future job’.

        Thanks for caring enough to post this Denise… nice to share the feeling that we are not in this all alone. ❤

  • Very exciting Denise! I went hiking yesterday and felt several times like I was shifting in and out of timelines. Everything would technically look just the same but there was a feeling that the air was cleaner and everything was sparkling and more beautiful then usual. It was subtle but strong at the same time. I did a painting a few years ago (I do channeled painting) and painted the splitting into 2 earths. It freaked me out at the time!

    • “I went hiking yesterday and felt several times like I was shifting in and out of timelines. Everything would technically look just the same but there was a feeling that the air was cleaner and everything was sparkling and more beautiful then usual. It was subtle but strong at the same time.”

      Debbie & All,

      Sometimes the changes are subtle and other times there’s no doubt whatsoever that you are not on the same Earth world as you were the day before! I’ve been experiencing this in varying degrees with different visual clues and feelings since the mid-1990s. They were different way back then of course but you could visually tell and certainly feel that a shift upward had taken place. Go to bed one night in one Earth world and wake up the next morning only hours later in a different Earth world. These ongoing energy AP stair-steps have been constant since the late 1980s, more so in the decade of the 1990s, and more so in the decade of the 2000s and so on as we inch our way into higher and higher frequencies, Light, energies, photon Light and more and more NEW codes for these higher levels of our NEW being etc.

      Then there are those amazing days when you glance out a window and can instantly see that the Light has gotten much brighter, much more crystalline, much more photonic, much more liquid silvery-white-diamond-like. There’s no question about these increases as you can see them everywhere — the sunlight, the Sun, the air, the planets and trees reflecting the brighter Light and so on. It’s beautiful beyond words to be alive, incarnate physically and old enough to remember what the Sun and sunlight looked like and how it felt BEFORE the AP started, and how it looks and feels today. They’re not even comparable and to have lived long enough to watch this and other evolutionary changes is so great and so painful and so wonderful and so difficult and and and… 😉 ❤

      • I have also been experiencing this, it feels like everywhere is brand new! Intense new colors (which I know I experience each time I further awaken/embody etc etc) and there is another strange thing that I have been experiencing and that is that the stars (most of them) are no longer static, when I’m watching the night sky they are jumping around! This is new to me….. I also feel in this intense run up that everything and everyone is falling away! I sometimes wonder if I’m doing something wrong, there is an intense loneliness appeared! But also in the same moment a sense of excitement and awe like never before! Interesting times 🙏🏽❤️✨

  • I’ve been having this vision for several years, only the two earths are horizontal instead of vertical. Not physically touching either but connected by an etheric/energetic cord. I have always interpreted this as the rainbow bridge that is still available for any living being to cross… until it isn’t.

    • “I’ve been having this vision for several years, only the two earths are horizontal instead of vertical.”


      Many people have been clairvoyantly Seeing this same vision and/or similar others with multiple in between Earth worlds lined up side by side like stepping stone worlds. I’d call them the many, and there are many of them, different ascending Earth worlds, each with a bit more higher and intense Light energies etc. stair-steps.

      The vision I had and talked about in this article was and is different from what you’re talking about in that it was showing only the one main ascending Earth world and the only descending Earth world, NOT any of the in between stair-step frequency ascending Earth worlds for those who need them to cross what you’re calling the ‘rainbow bridge’.

      The fact that I Saw this vision in early August 2020, tells me that the full and final physical level separation from the descending Earth world is very close to happening now. All of those numerous different leveled ascending ‘rainbow bridge’ Earth worlds will continue to be available for a long time for all the people that are ascending but that are at slightly different stages, levels and capabilities etc. and not yet able of embodying as much Light and NEW codes to the degree the Volunteers have so far and who’ve been at the head of this business for decades.

  • This is so great! Thanks so much for your article, Denise! And such synchonicities, it’s incredible… A recent visual was that of a portion of this huge mechanical something I have been Seeing in past months in a state of destruction, but this time its remnants barely hanging by a ‘thread’. Waiting in the wings (behind this scene) is the New, brilliantly lit with inscriptions on it, brightly colored similar to the dark pink hues in the image above…. So ready for the Divine Reset 2021….Thank YOU Denise. For being there, for being who YOU are. 😙😚😙

  • Your image reminded me of ‘stuff’ bein’ flushed….merrily merrily merrily gently down the drain.(or maybe not on the gentle part)..oh, what a relief it is..sighhhhhhhhhh~~I feel so much lighter…ahhhhh.
    Now let’s get on with it…carry on my friends…we got this!

  • Are you familiar with Dolores Cannon? This sounds alot like what she’s talking about in The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth. Someone did a painting of old and New Earth separating. Like Tesla said, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. We are so ready!

    • “Are you familiar with Dolores Cannon? This sounds alot like what she’s talking about in The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth.”

      Mary A.,

      I’m going to share this particular experience and information to give you, and the other new HHL readers that aren’t familiar with me and my writings, some perspective.

      In the mid-1980s I had a daytime, fully conscious memory suddenly surface in me and my physical body. Mind you, this was waaaay back in the pre-ascension Dark Ages — 1980s — long before the higher Light energies of the Ascension Process began arriving on Earth and in the First Wave Volunteer’s incarnate physical bodies.

      I had been talking with my mom and sister and suddenly I had this memory vision knowing blast into me. And, because this happened long before the Light began arriving, which meant the entire Earth was a very dense, dark and negative place, it was one hell of a huge gap for me at that time to consciously connect with this memory and the energies connected to it. Said bluntly but completely honestly, I was NOT regressed, NOT under, NOT hypnotized etc. by someone such as Dolores Cannon. I was wide awake and fully conscious and this memory and connection was made by ME/Me/me in this Denise life and body all on our own. It happened because I was, even way back in the density and negativity of pre-ascension years and decades able to consciously bridge that mammoth gap between 1980s pre-ascension physicality and life on Earth and what I was, what I AM in Light Realms.

      The memory vision knowing I had then was of ME as a Being of Light along with a small group of other aspects of ME being informed, as everyone everywhere was at the same “time”, that The Great Call had gone out for help with the upcoming (these words are all linear whereas what happened was not) Universal Ascension Process. The moment I (and I don’t mean Denise me but I AM ME) heard this I raised my hand and said, “We’ll go.” I didn’t say “I’ll go”, I said “We’ll go”, which is telling if you understand what that means exactly.

      When this memory vision knowing finished, my physical Denise body was dripping in sweat and shaking from consciously experiencing, remembering, seeing and feeling this. I’ve spanned or bridged energy and dimensional gaps before (this mid-1980s experience) but nothing as big, as HIGH/low as this was and it was difficult to do physically and fully consciously and on my/My/MY own.

      As many Volunteers (whenever I use this blanket term I mean Starseeds, those of us from Light Realms, from Angelic Realms, from other galaxies etc.) do I’ve remembered that I was here incarnate on Earth now from birth with a Mission, a Soul Contract to do specific things for self, Self, Soul, the galaxy, the universe, humanity, Earth, the Sun and so on. Many Volunteers have either consciously known or partially remembered that they’re incarnate on Earth now for very specific reasons as “Volunteers” to live and Work and seed the AP and much more.

      Someone had mentioned Dolores Cannon in comments years ago so out of curiosity I bought her book The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth in October 2011. It’s a great and helpful book, but for me it was simply a confirmation of many things I’ve known directly and consciously since this particular mid-1980s memory and since early childhood. Confirmation is always great, validation is always great, but absolutely nothing beats direct knowing for yourself. 🙂 ❤

      • Dear Denise,
        Your articles and the community here have improved my quality of life. I am so grateful to you and to the community. I resonate with your comments here about the value of direct knowing. I have had that gift essentially my whole life and reading your articles has enhanced my ability to connect more fully to that inner strength. I got sober from drugs and alcohol in 1987 as the result of a actually being touched by source light. It was the weekend of the first harmonic convergence, I later learned, and I was crying out in anguish at my wretched state when a ray of pure white light beamed in through the ceiling and covered me like a spot light. I instantly knew how to begin my journey of recovery and was filled with the unrelenting resolve to take the actions that were downloaded to me. There’s much more to say about this experience but I felt that you and the community will connect the dots without the need for all the words.
        With much heart heart love,

        • Delia,

          I was going to say that August 1987 was ‘Harmonic Convergence’ and the start of the Ascension Process at one level.

          Connect the dots indeed. ❤ Very well done you. ❤ ⭐

  • Building to the breaking point is so true. Feeling it in every senses. The need to leave this planet and travel to another one is indeed greatly warranted during this global shifting event. My body mind emotion and spirit is about to erupt shatter explode, pick your expression most fitting. Looking forward to the phoenix rising out of the ashes after this internal firery combustion has completed its course.

  • As much as the stair steps have been a painstaking pain in the ass, it is certainly exciting that the separation is so close. Oops must not focus on pain in the ass aspect so much, gotta keep on keeping on, thanks for reminding us.

    Grateful for yet another fantastic (and much needed) article Denise, lovelovelove you so much ❤️

  • “Building To The Breaking Point”

    Very tempting to call it a JAILBREAK out of this open-air-prison-planet that we live upon. – Really can’t wait too much longer for that to happen. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

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