The Cease & Desist Order & Internal NEW Earth

The dismantling. Do you feel it? Do you feel it in your body and every cell, your heart, head and being? Of course you do. That extraordinary knowing that everything is changing dramatically, rapidly and permanently every second now. That sense that all of us are not altogether where it currently looks and seems like we are. That undeniable feeling that far more has already changed than what it appears when you view, hear, feel and observe the world around you. The absolute certainty that the Phase 2 2020 (and 2021) global upheaval and growing insanity of many is something that absolutely has to run its course physically worldwide externally and collectively and internally and personally. The demolishing of a massive ancient and intentionally distorted grotesque planetary structure—the global patriarchy and its systems and consciousness—that is and always has been entirely unsound and ultrahazardous to humanity, especially females, Earth and more.

As we know, evolutionary ascension changes always start at the highest non-physical levels and then Work their ways outward and downward until lastly, they reach the physical dimension and physical world. That happened fully in the physical on January 12, 2020 due to the one exact Saturn Pluto conjunction at 22–23° Capricorn and the Ascension Process.

I’ve written repeatedly this year about what I’ve been calling the Divine Cease & Desist Order that arrived with Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in January 2020 for global humanity and Volunteers — Starseeds, Lightworkers, Pathpavers, Embodiers included. Because at first this Divine Cease & Desist Order seemed like it was entirely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many didn’t investigate much beyond that level in the early months of 2020. The utter shock of a global pandemic happening now, in our lifetimes, during the Ascension Process was unforeseen and caught us all off-guard. Some ascension teachers/writers will deny this and back-peddle as has been done before. Be aware but don’t slow down for anybody in Phase 2.

As the early months of 2020 unfolded and I adjusted to the fact that a pandemic was laying waste to so many people’s bodies, lives and realities, as well as to the many more extended people’s realities worldwide—loved ones, families, friends, husbands, wives, partners, children, employees, co-workers etc.—I started to perceive beyond the obvious surface level of the pandemic and related general economic and personal money loss and collapse affecting everyone in varying degrees. What I discovered was exceedingly interesting, not to mention clever and efficient but that’s how all things from higher Divine levels work.

I discovered that this unexpected January 2020 Phase 2 Divine Cease & Desist Order was doing multiple things on multiple levels to and for humanity globally, collectively, individually, personally and beyond. It became obvious to me in the early months of 2020, that global humanity had been put in an unanticipated but extremely important and necessary Divine time-out  physically. It felt and looked increasingly to me like mass humanity has been and still is in this Divine mandatory Cease & Desist time-out — what single focused unaware humans have been calling the stay-at-home or the shelter-in-place human orders because there’s a pandemic and it’s highly contagious, super nasty and deadly for many people worldwide. All true because the COVID-19 pandemic is real, is highly contagious, is deadly for many people, is extremely nasty for others, and is only somewhat inconvenient for certain other people. That’s one hell of a wide range of potential physical effects from a virus. From death to profoundly ill to only some body aches for a few days to no symptoms at all.


Old 3D patriarchal Earth.

An ascending stair-step Earth world that’s a lower beginner frequency world.

A slightly higher frequency ascending stair-step Earth world.

Another ascending stair-step Earth world that’s a bit higher still.

Another ascending stair-step Earth world that’s even higher in frequency.

Another ascending stair-step Earth world that’s higher still.

Another ascending stair-step Earth world that’s the highest of them all.

Ascended 5D Crystalline HighHeart NEW Earth.


As I already shared, in mid August 2020, my son called to inform me that his 26-yearlong female partner had suddenly died. She’d had her 51st birthday only a few days earlier so her abrupt death at home with my son profoundly shocked and traumatized everyone. It was caused by COVID-19 on that level. The number of people that her death has affected in ways they’re probably only starting to realize is numerous. I recently read someone saying that a lot of people are dying now so they can help the living go through the Ascension Process separation shift. That’s true, however, much more importantly is that the people dying in Phase 2, 2020 (and 2021), are instantly causing their living loved ones to CHANGE their ways dramatically, personally, individually and quickly so they are better internally energetically positioned, vibrating and energetically equipped to survive the mandatory shift separation to the next higher ascending stair-step Earth world. In other words, the millions of people worldwide that have died, are dying, and will be dying from the pandemic and/or everything else in 2020 and 2021 are profoundly helping push, force, cause and steer each of their living loved ones into higher frequency new lives, new consciousness and new external realities so they’re more energetically capable of making the current shifts and separation up and out of what has been and into the next higher ascending Earth world that they are currently a closest match with vibrationally.

Like I told my son recently, do not disrespect his wife’s death by not fully utilizing her gift of helping him (and every member of her family) change himself internally and his external life from what it has been at that level into what it now needs to become in a higher NEW one(s). The Divine Cease & Desist Order at work in multiple unexpected ways, including the death of millions of people worldwide who suddenly leave behind far, far more people, abruptly forcing them into personal change and growth ready, willing or not. The Shift Separation is here and everyone needs to Cease & Desist what each of us has been habitually doing, living, believing, expecting and unthinkingly perpetuating that is of and from the old lower patriarchal world and frequency.

Why would global humanity suddenly be put in a Divine time-out unless it’s to help them stop perpetuating what’s being rapidly dismantled now? Why would global humanity suddenly have a Divine Cease & Desist Order placed on them unless it’s to help them stop what they’ve been doing and being and shift from, separate from one state, level and focus to a higher NEW one? Why would millions of people, deeply loved people, suddenly die leaving their living family members, mates, partners, husbands, wives, children and friends to quickly have to change their lives, their routines, habits, consciousness and deepest selves? Because for many people it takes the sudden loss of a loved one or multiple loved ones and/or the sudden loss of their houses from fires, floods, storms, the loss of a job(s), their income(s), money, savings and on and on to finally get them to change internally and begin the Ascension Process of expanding their consciousness and hearts to higher and higher levels of being, awareness, life and reality. Things and people are being quickly removed in Phase 2, faster than ever before, because the living that remain now HAVE to make huge personal changes in themselves, their lives, their daily habits and routines and all else. If they don’t they may also find themselves suddenly exiting their physical bodies and lives because, for whatever their reasons, they didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t change themselves and their habits, beliefs and consciousness so they could evolve to the next closest ascending Earth world now.

I am not saying the highest NEW Earth world but the next higher frequency ascending Earth world. There are many of them and they all are ascending stair-step Earth worlds of different frequencies, levels and Light intensities for all the people that are ready to live higher, live better, live in the Light and be the Light themselves. Because no one—including every Volunteer—is capable of making only one single massive evolutionary leap from dark negative pre-ascension dense patriarchal Earth to the highest vibrating NEW Crystalline Earth, multiple ascending Earth worlds that are different in-between energy stair-step Earths are necessary for everyone on the ascending path.

That is one large aspect of what the 2020 Divine Cease & Desist Order, the Divine time-out is for global humanity — sudden and unexpected changes to their personal habitual lives, daily routines, families, loved ones and all other groups of people they’ve been dependent on, parasitic with, parasitic on, attached to in some way(s) for reasons they now must cease doing because of the evolutionary Separation of Worlds. They now have to make these basic beginner Ascension Process changes in themselves to come up to a vibrational match with the lowest frequency ascending Earth world. If they vibrate higher than that they’ll automatically go to a slightly higher frequency ascending stair-step Earth worlds that is a closest current match with them and vice versa.

Master This Volunteer

Another aspect of the Phase 2 2020 and beyond Divine Cease & Desist Order time-out is specifically for Volunteers. Those of us who Volunteered to drop a whole lot of Light, temporarily disconnect from our other higher aspects, consciousness, memory of our already unified higher identity and deliberately descend into severe negativity and physical, energetic and etheric density and Duality did so to Work the Ascension Process from the inside, the physical inside. Many of our other aspects remained at those higher HOME levels, frequencies and dimensions. We all Work together however and support One another no matter where we’re “located” or more correctly, “focused” on at the “moment”.

We did this because there HAD to be numerous incarnate receiver lightning rod Volunteers incarnate in physical human bodies to receive and embody every speck of higher incoming Light, energies, NEW codes etc. and seed and anchor them into physical Earth and the NEW higher physical human body forms, energy patterns, internal energy grids, DNA and consciousness etc. for future humans to eventually evolve into. Some sooner than others.

We have been and continue to be living physical incarnate containers of the NEW higher everything of and for NEW Earth and NEW Humanity. Read that sentence again if you need to Volunteer. I know it sounds high & mighty but that’s only because it is extremely high & mighty! I shouldn’t need to tell you and your aching, beat-up, painful, constantly shifting, expanding and changing embodying body that! It’s very high and it’s mighty mighty in what it actually is and it’s all within you and your physical body. So now in 2020 Phase 2, please Cease & Desist and sit quietly, stay-at-HOME within your HighHeart in your body and self and remember you are a Volunteer who has embodied the NEW high & mighty and have been carrying it internally all the way down the physical Earth playing field and are about to step into the end-zone with it all. (I can’t believe I’m using sports terms to express what Volunteers do when I’m not terribly familiar with sports. I hope I got it right.)

Still so many in the ascension community feel and believe that their Ascension Process Work is all or mostly external, hence how those people continue doing old lower frequency external rituals and practices. If needed take another look at my simplistic displays of different colored ascending stair-step Earth worlds above. For ease of communication about this, let’s say that there’s many people aware of the Ascension Process and they’ve been Working on it in different ways for years or many years now. Let’s say they’re currently on the blue colored ascending stair-step Earth world displayed above.

I am NOT saying the color blue, or any of the other colors I chose to use on those different Earth images, has anything to do with anything. I simply needed to use different colors to visually represent the many different ascending stair-step Earth worlds. In this particular example some in the ascension community are, say, currently existing on the blue colored ascending Earth world because they are a frequency match to it. Because of that, many in the ascension community that are aware but need to become much more aware at ever higher levels, continue Working primarily externally, not primarily internally within themselves. Other Volunteers are or have realized that the best, fastest and most effective way to get the ascension Work accomplished is done entirely internal within ourselves and our bodies. From that inner level and space of embodied HOME one can do it all and never leave physical home or energetic HOME. Stay-at-HOME  while staying-at-home and in the Divine time-out Volunteer and realize that it’s through you and your body that the NEW Earth exists and will become externally manifest once enough of us carry “it” into the symbolic physical end-zone.

As usual I’ve probably forgotten a good third of what I had planned on including in this article but that’s how it often goes. Good thing we’ve got Comments to continue this and expand on if we want or need to.


September 12, 2020

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41 thoughts on “The Cease & Desist Order & Internal NEW Earth

  • Dear Denise,

    Aside from ascension symptoms, do we lightworkers often get sick? As far as I can remember I don’t ever recall getting really sick, as a child, as a teenager nor as an adult. Very fleeting light symptoms that resolve themselves in a few days, maximum.

    In this vein, I guess we are the anti-virus software injected into this matrix.

    Aside from some musings and epiphanies, it’s been really quiet inside myself. Quiet inside, despite the low pitched rumblings and high pitched tones constantly, you did mention those tones Denise, in prior articles. Why did I assume that the dismantling of 3D was going to be quiet?😝 Yes, I know, you also said that it may get loud 😘, but it’s so so loud!

    There’s also inner freezing that comes and goes, then hot the next minute. Really don’t know how to dress for this 3D dismantling.

    Anyway just wanted to hop in and say hi.
    Hope all is well. ❤️

    • I LOVE you Jain Lee. 🙂 Thanks.

      Most Volunteers/Lightworkers etc. don’t get sick like most humans do. I got just about every typical illness when I was a kid but after that the ONLY reason I ever got sick was because I allowed something negative to get through my aura which then made me “sick”. It never was about my getting a physical virus (except for that time in late 2005 or early 2006 when I agreed to take an elder neighbor to the ER and caught an earlier strain of SARS covid which was fucking brutal and did a number on my lungs back then) but about my etheric protections/auric field etc. (which is a big thing for Pisceans) being breached by something nasty which caused me to get “sick” energetically but manifested very physically every time.

      Now that I’ve said that I’ll confess that I’ve got an infected tooth (again) which needed to be extracted. It’s been this way all year (probably longer) but during a pandemic going to a dentist is the last place I want to have to go. Oh well, soon now because it’s gotten that painful.

      The occasional inner freezing phases are side effects we feel very strongly when we’re shifting yet again to another NEW higher space/place/level internally and externally. Once we embody and adapt to the latest NEW higher level the inner freezing cold goes away. Thanks again Jain L. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hi Ana! Thanks belatedly for your (my!!) Bday greetings! Now…how could I ever possibly integrate and live out all of those celebratory emojis within a 24-hr, period, tee hee?!…I guess I’ll just have to absorb them all and run with ’em! Nice to connect with you here, Ana…and thank you kindly for your generous spirit!

  • Hi Jain Lee! My belated thank-you’s for your sweet birthday wishes and all the celebratory emojis and comment! I now begin my 68th walk around the Sun and, just like most everyone’s here relationship to the Light of Helios, we’re in for a doozy of a walkabout the next 12 months! Whenever your next Solar Return arrives, may you and your daughter walk in grace and assurance that you are “on the path!” Warm greetings to you from “across the bridge” (as I think you live in NJ…but if I’m mistaken, please forgive me…)…

    • Thank you for the well wishes Raymond, yes, you have perfect memory (how very Virgo of you😘), we’re neighbors.

      Speaking of solar return, the sun is suddenly a strange orange ball and the sky is cloud covered but a weird gray, like something I’ve never seen before. Makes me think we’re witnessing the pre-moments before the final separation.

      • Hi Jain Lee…”They” say that the winds which are contributing to the West Coast fires has carried a lot of the particulates as far as the East Coast here…so many people out west have been commenting on the visible orange-ball effect on the Sun…but I’m gravitating more towards your intuitive information re. preparatory moments before an acceleration of the separation. The sun has been such an instructor for me since the’90s and, as was begun to have been said back then by channelers of that period, “Light is information.” So the gray pall is indeed informative of the next step(s) towards more Separation of (the) Worlds, in my feeling sense…Thanks for sharing, Jain Lee…

    • OMG Denise! You are the bomb…again! Thank you for the B-day wishes! Jupiter is sitting directly on my Ascendant again today and Mars/Eris, as you know, is now retrograding to square my Saturn in Cap…so it’s been a day where I’m definitely feeling the embodiment/Embodiment process accelerating…Perhaps most importantly though, like you wrote in “Building to the Breaking Point,” the AP/EP is never about any one thing at any particular time…Everything is about everything all the time, occurring co-terminously and simultaneously with everything else in the cosmos, all moving congruently and in tandem with every other “thing.” I’m feelin’ it!

      BTW, the Mars/Eris – Pluto square at 23 degrees Capricorn on December 23 was not lost on me the moment I read it…so I’m keepin’ an eye out for that day and event! Both epic and pivotal…

      I love you, and thank you for helping me to get to where I currently find myself! My “meeting” you was written in the stars! I’ll actually be enjoying a birthday meal shortly…so love/Love/LOVE to you once again. This post and some great Comments from the HHL family have helped me to grow once again, and there aren’t enough thanks to you and All Others Here that would suffice…Much love again…

      • Happy B-Day my friend. You are loved/LOVED.

        Yep, that upcoming Mars/Eris Pluto square on December 23rd is my B-Day so it should be interesting as well. Never a dull moment for any of us.

        B-Day hugs and enjoy your evening. ❤

        • Aww, this is the sweetest most sincerely heartfelt exchange! Happy Birthday Raymond! 🎉🎂🎈💕

        • 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAYMOND❣️🎂🎊🎈😊🍀💕☀️🌻🌸🥂🎁💌🎐💖☀️❤️ We love you!! 💛💛💛💛

        • Denise, I’m LOVIN’ the Birthday PacMan blowing out his cupcake candle…what a hoot!…and your warm and colorful Happy Birthday graphic also! Profound everything to you once again…

          Your first paragraph here is unequivocal…the disentanglement/disengagement/dismantling/and subsequent and eventual transfiguration of everything everywhere, including our physical bodies of course and probably all galaxies wherever they may be located and everything in between, is so palpable. The internal cellular feelings remind me of when I first began to have Kundalini Rising experiences in 1995…back then, and because they were completely new to me, I felt so otherworldly that, for at least two years if not more, I felt that I was going to have to be put into a padded room on many occasions! Some people here at HHL may be going through some of this now (or will soon) so if you are, I totally understand…

          During those years, the vibrating, shaking, morphing of all of the body systems were so frightening. But with 25+ years now tucked somewhere under my belt, the current “ride” certainly feels very uncomfortable now and then, and thanks to you and your writings and assurances that “all is well” within our personal AP/EP journeys, I am able to declare “Onward!” because of your encouragement. That amount of time will no longer be required by a longshot…

          I had an enjoyable bday dinner indeed after a very wild day energetically…now, back to the mundane, tee hee!

          HH LOVE to you and All Here!

      • Happy birthday, Raymond B! ❤️❤️ I’ve enjoyed your wise and clear comments here over the years. Fierce yet gentle, like a sword that cuts cake! (It’s coming to mind and feels fitting for a birthday compliment. Ha!)

        • Thank you Kara! I hope you, your three young ones and spouse are weathering the disengagement from “All Things Yesterday” with devotion and quiet, strong resolve…BTW, I’ve always meant to ask you…Are you Kara who used to write a blog two/three years+ ago called “Soulstice Rising”? I apologize if I’m being too personal in inquiring…Perhaps today I’ll indulge in that referenced piece of cake, but today at least, only with a fork or spoon, tee hee! Thanks for taking time out to send me HB wishes…and sending you warm greetings in return…

        • Thanks, Raymond! Nope, not me. Your comment made me smile because my house is anything BUT quiet much of the time. 😂 Strong resolve in spades, though. We’re doing our best. Hope you enjoyed your cake. ❤️

        • Karina! How lovely to receive bday wishes from you! How are you being these days, really? I haven’t seen you comment for awhile, but perhaps I’ve missed it/them somehow. I’ve also missed our connection with music, and I think of that often as you come to mind. May you be well in every way and on every level, and it’s a delight to get your kind greetings! With love to you and Denise for make this all possible…Hi Denise!

        • Good morning Raymond! What a gift to receive such a lovely, personal response from you. I am doing well. You are correct, I have not commented here much. I read comments and stay in touch here frequently for it is my HighHeartLine. I don’t have the words for what I FEEL like many of you do, but when I read comments, I am nodding my head YES and saying it out loud too. 🙂 I’ve just been keeping my head down and focusing on ME/US/We. Letting more go, releasing and boy howdy has it been occurring this year. I feel like I am in a New land and time falls more to the wayside. Dream time is so active and I feel like I do a lot of work there. Music is my daily treat. I think of you often when I hear certain songs. Thank you again for such a kind and sweet response. Raymond, your comments and presence here at HHL is a gift to us All. Thank you Denise for HHL! I wouldn’t be where I am today in this NOW without you or All the commenters here. I love you ALL. ❤

        • Thank you, Magda…how sweet to receive your good warm birthday greetings! Truth be told, there was a bit of medical drama…not mine, thus not mine to own…but despite it, I was able to move through it and have an enjoyable day and evening despite it all…Ah, portal consciousness indeed!

          Now, have you been generating any more paintings of (what I called earlier) deep-sea anemones and other ocean life?

          Until next time, remain well and co-creative! Love and xx enroute…

        • Hello Raymond
          I am glad you had an enjoyable day despite the drama. And yes am creating. Water has been very much in my mind. But maybe it’s just more “feeling the flow”.
          Take care
          Hugs to you 🌸🌸

  • “We have been and continue to be living physical incarnate containers of the NEW higher everything of and for NEW Earth and NEW Humanity.”

    … and like you wrote in an earlier article : “My dearest fellow Starseeds/Forerunners/Wayshowers/Indigos, we naturally and automatically attract the negativity, insanity and imbalanced seen and unseen populations because we carry more Light here and the Dark instantly sees and recognizes us long before we ever recognize them!”

    This quote is from “Certain Starseed/Wanderer Contracts” dated July 10, 2012, – (yes, I am presently re-reading your older articles at TRANSITIONS under the heading ETS, Starbeings & Starseeds).

    Just like you Denise, I am in my sixties, and just like you, I have been a system buster during my entire life. Just cannot ever let an obvious unfairness or stupidity go away quietly; and have lost not only one but two prestigious jobs because of it. (No worries; I’m currently into my third career; finally doing what I love to do; working with the green living nature).

    However; my point is the tremendous negativity that lightwarriors must meet and endure; seemingly endlessly. It is just ridiculous. Did we really volunteer for this lifetime?; – and all for seemingly nothing but eternal pain? — I’m pretty sure that our extremely well deserved Ascension must indeed be very close now.

    Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  • Dear Denise
    I thought your response to Cat re High Heart/Christ frequency excellent.

    I had a dream on Easter Monday where I stood in a portal of light and the energies were swirling around me. I felt such exhilaration and joy and I have never felt so alive. The energy did not feel masculine but feminine. The words I got were cave of the heart/heart portal/Divine heart portal activation . So really resonated with your words. Maureen

  • Hi Denise and all fellow ascensioners. Been reading your articles from inception but have not posted until now. What peaked my interest is Sept 9th, as many have mentioned some sort of aggravation. I had to rush my 4 month puppy to the vet, only to find out that he had contracted the fatal parvovirus. Sadly, he passed on the 11th. I feel that this was a deliberate attack on me as the number 911 has always been a warning of a vicious attack on me. The energy has been very dense since the 9th and only seems to be lifting now. When are these attacks going to stop? I just don’t know what more to do. Thank you for guiding us and encouraging us to keep on keeping on. HighHeart ♥

    • I am so sorry about your puppy lovedup5. ❤

      “When are these attacks going to stop?”

      They end once you, me, each of us embodies enough higher Light energies etc. within ourselves and our bodies that we literally ascend up and out of those lower levels where all that negativity has existed. Those attacks stop when WE ascend beyond them. I know this because I’ve been living it and paying close conscious attention to when I would sense them, TD, slowly diminishing and becoming increasingly less and less powerful and so on. I first noticed this in 2010 and it’s been a constant slow but steady climb up and away from them and that old lower frequency and entire frequency range that old lower patriarchal Earth existed in. Today I rarely feel them which is beyond, BEYOND description. It is like being HOME again — just remove the “monsters” and clean out the filth and distortions and we’re back in organic HOME energies and reality!

      So to be rid of the “monsters” we each need to continuously embody every incoming Light energy, wave, pulsation, solar transmission, every NEW code and so on. TD cannot exist in the Light so the more we embody the faster TD is overwritten energetically by us and they “disappear”. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • I, too, had to transport an animal to an emergency equine hospital on Sept. 9th. Luckily, I had several hundred people praying for her and her impaction resolved. It does seem relentless, targeted, and as you said, “vicious.” I am so very sorry for your loss. I, too, have lost loved ones this year for various reasons. It is never easy.

      • Thank you so much Virginia. So glad your fur baby is well. I have finally stopped crying my eyes out – it’s been almost a week and last night was the worst. Something must have shifted. I’m feeling that calm inner peace again. Phew! What a roller-coaster ride. 20 yrs on….. High Heart ♥

  • Hi, Denise!

    The article you put together is very well on point with what’s been happening on my end. Thanks for summarizing it to see the bigger picture and be able to relate and follow the progress so to speak.

    About a month or so ago, during each meditation when doing “housekeeping” I started noticing that they started physically hurt. Usually, it would just push me through a high current of energy and rarely cause any side effects. Mentally I began taking notes on each meditation and every “Dreamtime” to see the pattern. What I noticed, was that I needed a longer time meditating. So I doubled the time. The progress was tremendous. I began getting rid of old ooooold ooooooooold programs and very Very “old” energies that’s been sitting in me ruling the “inside”.

    Simultaneously, my physical body began hurting during each meditation. Literally certain spots in my body would really hurt. Like someone is piercing a needle through that spot or pushing with a finger. Yesterday, on the second meditation I felt something exploding inside of me. When I woke up today my skin felt sore and I noticed some red bumps on my ribs from the heart side. And the soreness seems to spread out farther from my abdomen to my hip and farther down my leg.

    When things got interesting, I started suspecting that finally I got to the core problems that are harder to push out of yourself. It is hard. Prior to the 9th of September I was going through a sort of melt down. All over sudden, everything I thought was a subject of the past sprung on me without a notice. All the “goodies”. On some level it upset me and really annoyed. However, the bigger part of me was rather happy with a little trial. Made me realize what became a smoke in the air and what I need to go back to and say my final goodbyes.

    Yesterday, my husband threw up after a bike ride. Today my oldest daughter did while we were driving in the car. Plus my husband had a really unlucky day. And from my friend’s words her son also was suffering bad luck the whole day…

    Very interesting days!


  • Dear Denise and family,

    (That just feels so right to say.) 🙂

    I am so peaceful right now. I have had two separate low-level Portal People harassing me, yelling at me, threatening me, calling me names, and even chasing me up the stairs the last six months. One is gone, head hung in shame, if she could feel it. The other is trying to evict me. I have put up a defense (energetically, of course, but also by showing them a mirror up to themselves that may have some effect.)( Oddly enough, I found a mirror outside the house last week and brought it inside.) The owner, a woman who is trying to be a spiritual guru/life coach and is touting that old idea of “having it all”, is finding that her life is slowly unravelling. Her husband has a blood cot, her son has mysterious psychoses, and she has virtually no tenants right now. I see that this is that moment for her, if she can even see it. But that’s her business.

    I see it with my sister, too, who is a fine person for the most part, but her husband is not well and it could turn on a dime for her as well.

    It’s enlightening to see what you are talking about around me on a personal level.

    And, here’s the weird thing–I feel in my heart at this moment that I will not have to move. It’s not the correct time for that and I have nowhere to go that wouldn’t have the same problems.

    So, so peaceful.

    I have done light-fortifying work on my self, my room, and the house and property. My friends are supporting me wholeheartedly and are aware that things are going remarkably my way. (It’s not MY way–it’s a higher way.) I could feel this kind of certainty and clarity in your article, too, Denise.

    Much love (and virtual hugs),


    • Hello, Denise and my family,

      I thought I was leaving this version of earth last night.

      As I said yesterday, I was very peaceful. At one point I put my hands on my chest. I have healing hands, so they often vibrate strongly. Last night, I could feel energy that was much more intense than the energy in my hands coming from my chest. It was potent and swirling. And it was spreading throughout my body. By the time I went to sleep, it felt like wings across my back.

      I told a friend that I was vibrating so much that I thought I might split from this world very soon. I thought that was it, I was going.

      My friend said that I was the second person who had told her that yesterday.

      Listen up, when Denise is saying to be ready, be ready. This is so close that I started mourning my loved ones.

      Anyway, I’m still here. I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing.

      Love to all,

      • Cat,

        I’ve been waiting for your “other shoe to drop” Cat which is why I didn’t immediately respond to you yesterday. ❤

        Sweetie, you now have healing HighHeart! That means that anyone that's embodied a certain amount of NEW higher frequencies, Light, codes, Crystalline/Christ Frequency into their HighHearts, their physical presence alone is automatically "healing" and trans-mutative to everyone and everything in your, in OUR vicinity around the planet. This is the beginning of what's been called by some — Crystalline, Christ, Kryst, Krystic, or as I've called it Crystalline/Christ Frequency because that's what it is, a certain very high frequency. And you, me, we have been embodying IT for many years already but, we've embodied enough of IT within our bodies, selves, HighHearts and consciousness now that IT is finally starting to show in these external ways in Phase 2 which is why we are the Conscious Creators with, for and in the NEW and NEW Earth.

        And THIS is why I keep harping repeatedly in my articles and comments and emails (to certain people) that the true Work, the real Work, the highest most important Work is internal within you and your body. It is NOT external but internal and this is one of many reasons why. Embody enough Light, energies, NEW codes, Crystalline/Christ frequency within yourself and physical body — and continue doing so at higher and higher levels — and you eventually realize and clearly understand that NEW Earth is inside of you, is you, is what each of us are using to build and eventually externally manifest NEW Earth and much more. Not our hands, not our meditations, not our group meetings and rituals, not our old lower level tools but embodying layer after layer after higher layer of Crystalline/Christ frequency plus all the other higher NEW Light energies we’ve embodied over the past 22 years or so now. We are NEW Earth because WE have, are, and will continue to embody more and higher levels and amounts of Crystalline/Christ Frequency and other such very high Light energies etc. When WE reach the needed ‘Light quotient’ of embodying Crystalline/Christ Frequency into our bodies, selves and HighHeart, boom — NEW Earth is manifest externally. 😉

        Very well done Cat and keep it up because there’s more to be embodied, there always is. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Hi Denise and all, those words about the internal true work ring true. I remember Eckhart Tolle saying or writing that who you are is infinitely more important than what you do or could ever do. I get that now. It has bern do hard looking for work as so few places aare a frequency match …same way it is so hard making keeping any new friends relationships. But hey this is what is needed now to be planted and what will manifest later on…

  • Denise
    “ I shouldn’t need to tell you and your aching, beat-up, painful, constantly shifting, expanding and changing embodying body that!” Dear god yes!
    Divine timing with all of this post. I’ve been at one of the lowest points I have felt in years for the past 2 days. It feels so much like before my awakening and is just so repulsive. Thank you for reminding me what is happening on so many levels. I realized today, that though I am staying home, I have had crazy amounts of visitors coming into my space…polluting my vibrations and space and it has to “cease!”
    I love what you said to your son about his wife’s gift. I’ve thought that way for years about illnesses and death …to wake up so many family and friends. And your explanation of the various earth ascensions was brilliant.

  • Such a good piece. Thank you. Stay at home by staying at home says it all. Weeks ago I saw a dismantling that was quiet but quite thorough. Nothing violent or traumatic but methodical. Like a huge paper doll where first off come the fingernails and then the toenails, earrings, a few eyelashes here and there, a row of eyebrows, an ankle then a wrist bone. Again, nothing grisly or ugly but as if “the builder” was taking it apart piece by piece in a very thoughtful way. Perhaps for a better construct down the road. Much love!

  • Hi Denise
    All those worlds you have shown. I sketched something very similar a little while back. I didn’t understand it. But there they all were like pathways. Thank you for clarifying what they mean. I still don’t always trust what I see.Even now.

    I currently feel like I am in a twilight zone of virtually no physical people. It is surreal to say the least. And stuff just keeps rolling up to be got rid of. Waves and waves of it. I had hoped there wouldn’t still b so much. But no, like bad nausea there it all is.

    I am waiting for my feet to touch new land. I am still not sure where I am.

    Thank you for your article. For making sense of what is such an amazing time. I am watching Battle Star Galactica (mini series not the original) and that’s how it feels. All that space and seeking a new Earth. I am glad we have got you.

    Hugs to you 💜💜💜💜💜
    Magda xxxxx

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