Channeled Insults & Disrespect

Phase 2 of the Ascension Process abruptly thrust us into the next higher level of The Process. I felt this tremendous shift at the start of January 2020, and it has not and will not diminish or ease up. Because of that huge energetic shift and physical level implementation of more NEW codes, Light and energies at the start of this hellacious year, I’ve written multiple articles in 2020 finally voicing some of my longstanding frustrations and disappointments about much and many within the ascension community. This is yet another I’m adding to my growing list of 2020 articles about certain ascension related situations, ascension teachers/writers, deluded ascension community people, physical and energetic conscious creational activities by some, the very different levels of individual development and focus, and non-physical channeled beings and their physical human channels that I won’t continue silently, politely suffering in Phase 2. None of us should at this point.

Yes, certain channeled non-physical beings is the focus of my disdain in this article. This is another topic I’ve kept my mouth shut about since I first got online in 2003 but no more. 2020 is difficult enough — we certainly don’t need or deserve non-physical beings criticizing us over much of anything at this point of the Ascension Process.

I won’t be talked down to by any non-physical being that sounds like a lowly egoic human treating those of us who Volunteered to physically incarnate on Earth now to Work the Ascension Process from the inside like we’re children. How dare any non-physical channeled being and its physical “talking head” human lecture Volunteers like an etheric parental figure.

I completely understand the occasional need for a channeled message from non-physical whoever through physical human whoever that’s intended to uplift the incarnate Volunteers when they’re going through an extra difficult period, such as what all of 2020 has been for the majority. However, over these ascension years I’ve often read different channeled messages that were anything but uplifting, accurate, inspiring, comforting, respectful and honoring of the incarnate Volunteers. Like I already said, often some of these channeled messages intended for the incarnate Volunteers sound way too much like an unaware human ego throwing its egoic and insensitive weight around at us. Personally I don’t need or want to be soothed, placated, adored or appreciated by them, nor do I need or want to be insulted, reprimanded, dressed down, lectured or criticized by any of them either.

Personally I find it way too much that any non-physical being not living the Ascension Process front and center physically like we incarnate Volunteers have feels it needs to lecture or scold us over anything. I’ve met a few low-level, not very developed, unaware and often downright heartless, insensitive ETs exactly like this. Beings both channeled and ET that too often feel they have some right to now and then demean we incarnate ascension Volunteers simply because we are physical and they are not. Stupidity, arrogance, ego, lack of development, lack of higher awareness, lack of heart, empathy, relateability to others human and otherwise is not something found only on physical Earth in physical humans, it’s galactic, it’s universal.

The developmental hierarchies of non-physical beings and aliens is very real, just as it is on physical Earth in physical humans. Just because it’s a non-physical being that’s being channeled by some physical human does NOT mean it is the highest, wisest, most honest, most developed, advanced and compassionate Being around. Same is true of ETs. Just because they’re ETs and have more advanced technologies and modes of physical and energetic travel than humanity does NOT automatically mean they are more advanced, more spiritually elevated, more wise, honest, sensitive, compassionate and aware. To often it’s just the opposite, which is another big part of your incarnate Volunteer self’s need to discover or more accurately remember and consciously know while you’re an incarnate Volunteer.

The more your HighHeart embodies vastly higher Light energies, the less these old lower level left brained channeled beings, ETs, ET technologies etc. will impress you, fool you, intimidate or cause you to second-guess yourself. Eventually you will discover that those beings and/or ETs that channel messages through human “talking heads” are vastly less advanced, developed and aware than you currently are incarnate Volunteer. Many of these channeled beings and ETs bosses, bosses boss is another aspect of you at much higher dimensions and energetic levels which is hilarious if you think about it. Some of these channeled beings and ETs are talking down to you because they are not capable of higher awareness and perceptions to recognize who and what you really are at this and multiple other levels, dimensions and timelines. And you thought all the egoic jerks were human!

Now that that’s out of the way let’s get to the higher purpose of this seemingly pissy and rebellious article.

The September 22, 2020 Libra Equinox is only days away. Typically Libra has to do with balance, equality, equilibrium, harmony, internal and external beauty and such. You shouldn’t need me or anyone else to tell you that all those lovely Libra traits probably won’t be very obvious this year. The world is on fire, flooding and worse, so much humanity continues dying, so many more people are currently mentally and emotionally unstable, and politics and governments worldwide are so utterly corrupt and repulsive we’re not going to discus it or any of them. “This is the end, my only friend the end…” the old Doors song goes. And thank god it is.

At this point my deepest hope is that you and you alone are finally discovering how powerful, wise and developed you actually are. Not the being channeling whatever in someone’s latest channeled message. Not the ET in some etheric Light ship. Not some ET with an ego, superior attitude, zero heart and too much technology but you.

You who are an incarnate Volunteer that in Phase 2 is being pushed to quickly and repeatedly come to conscious terms with the fact, the FACT that you already know far more than any channeled information by any non-physical being, ET or other Other, and most of the ascension teachers/writers. This September 2020 Phase 2 Libra equinox is going to push every real Volunteer to become more embodied, more Embodied, more consciously aware of your own personal integrated Higher and Lower self, Selves and aspects as ALL of YOU, You and you right here, right now. Not in the future near or far but right now. YOU are all of them and more and it’s time for you as a baseline 5D integrated, unified ascending crystalline being of Light in a human body form to be, live, express and Consciously Create from your own personal individual integrated Higher “heaven” Selves and your incarnate physical Volunteer “earth” Self. That’s what 2020 Libra equinox holds for the Volunteers. I don’t suspect it will be much different from how this year has been so far but that’s just fine and perfect all things considered. 😉

I AM the I AM that I AM. So are you, and it’s time we lived that FACT every minute of every day of the rest of our ascension lives. You should have discovered already in 2020 that the time of looking externally to others for guidance, reality interpretations, support, predictions, nurturing, sanity, honesty and so forth is over. It is crazy everywhere and the only thing that’s a comfort, a support, a guiding crystalline Light for me personally is ME, Me, and me, my HighHeart, and what I know for myself to date. Everything and everyone other than those things I am not interested in or attracted to in Phase 2. Neither should you be either IF you have embodied and/or Embodied enough at this point to know for yourself from your HighHeart. Expect the unexpected with this September 2020 Libra equinox, and for that matter the rest of this year up to and through the December 2020 Capricorn solstice and more. Dare to trust YOU, You, and you as Source embodied and aligned in new-to-you ways to be and live anew in the higher NEW.


September 18, 2020

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98 thoughts on “Channeled Insults & Disrespect

  • I have been having strong symptoms as well. Horrible dreams and very sleepy all the time. Joint pain and vision issues as well-i can barely see. I keep hearing the words “mine sweeper”! It is very funny Denise but I can’t find the link to the girl singing everyone is writing about. I have looked several times. Maybe for the best however!

    • 🙂 Must be divine intervention Debbie.

      ‘mine sweeper’ is another perfect term for what we’ve been going through all year — the Divine Cease & Desist Order — and much more intensely in September 2020 due to the equinox. Hope to have that article done asap. ❤

  • Dear Denise,

    The veil must be getting thinner. My dream world lasts as long as this one (I’m sleeping so much!), and each is as bizarre as the other.

    Neither one is pleasant but I’m noticing that there isn’t an emotional pull from me to attach to anything that seem to be happening around me. I’m just an observer.

    Couple nights ago I dreamt that I was watching a grid come over earth plane, in our atmosphere. This grid swept the lower plane and would burn all that didn’t vibrate high enough. I saw a bunch of octopus looking creatures with many spiky arms burning up and screaming.

    We’re not in Kansas anymore.

    I hope you’re doing well.

    • “Couple nights ago I dreamt that I was watching a grid come over earth plane, in our atmosphere. This grid swept the lower plane and would burn all that didn’t vibrate high enough. I saw a bunch of octopus looking creatures with many spiky arms burning up and screaming.

      We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

      Ooh, perfect and absolutely correct Jain Lee. ❤ ⭐ I've been working on an article about these things today despite my head and heart doing all they are.

      I want to apologize to everyone for my not immediately and intentionally moving us all quickly beyond the ugly singing woman video. That had been my intention in sharing it — point these things and people out (some of your Team Dark octopus looking creatures Jain Lee), share an actual video of negative orbs moving into that low consciousness young woman singing her horrible song, and promptly move us all to the next level, leaving them/it all behind. What happened was I got energetically waylaid by some of the intense PRE and POST September 22, 2020 equinox energies. I’ve felt bad leaving us sort of hanging here with ugly singing woman video in our minds needing to be incinerated like your dream Jain Lee. I’m working on it via this next article. Sorry everyone and my next article will, hopefully, better explain these phases.

      As always, thank you Jain Lee. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I refrained from commenting on that, but since you bring it up… 🙂

        I don’t know if this happened to anyone else, but I found the jingly part of the tune lingering. I had anticipated such a thing happening and had prepared to just ‘will’ it away, but still it persisted. Then I did a Weird Al thing and that worked. I substituted the for the main chorus, “I smell more like vinegar than you.” and what do you know, it stopped right away.

        Dream scape is really strange for me too. For most of my life I have had bad dreams or no dreams. Recently its been a different thing altogether. I’ve seen some people show up that I have never imagined would. Some of them being friendly in ways that they would never be in this world. And, although I’m male, I’ve been getting hot flashes for the past three or four days.

        • Great trick with the negative lingering mind loop business from that negative video/singer/song Mark. Override, override, override!

          I too had the old ascension hot flashes return before the Equinox, plus very hot bottoms of my feet too, both of which I haven’t had for years. What’s happening in our bodies, heads and HighHearts etc. energetically in September 2020 Phase 2 is so amplified. And the dreaming multiple strange dreams every night and even when I nap during the daytime too have increased this entire year for me.

        • Hey, all,

          I think I’ll join in this conversation.

          I’ve been having fewer dreams lately and I have been too busy looking for a new place to live to sleep much, which means I’m running on fumes.

          I did, however, have a waking vision two nights ago where my vision became distorted like I was looking through swirling water. It was very cool and felt significant. I was wondering, Is this the moment when I cross the veil?

          (My post did not seem to go through, so I’m reposting it and it looked kind of like the swirling metal in Denise’s background, only I could see things through it, more like water.)

          ************************************** Removed by Denise

          Ugly singing woman is just citing a list of low level “achievements” (in her mind). I couldn’t even comprehend that she wasn’t taking a piss the first time round. What, she’s serious? And this is her “proof”? I thought she was making fun of people like that. So Crazy.

          Love and big hugs to all,

        • “My post did not seem to go through, so I’m reposting it…”


          I didn’t publish it Cat, that’s why it didn’t show up. It’s why that’s important. Cease & Fucking Desist. What I deleted from your Comment is what you seriously need to stop doing in and to your life. Not the other people but you Cat.

  • Thank you for the video of the girl singing Denise.
    That being said, ugggh! And blargh! Patooie!

    As a sensitive, that was unpleasant. Thanks for the warning beforehand, that was necessary.

    • “…ugggh! And blargh! Patooie!”

      Oh please cuss more Jain L., that was great and I love “blargh”. So descriptive. 😆

      And yeah, that’s why I laid it out like I did so no one would get etherically sucker punched by the young fruit-loop woman. I’m goin’ somewhere with all this everyone so please trust me and hang in there with me and I’ll string these different unpleasant blargh turds together because they’re showing us all important things. God bless the patooie folks. 😆 ❤

    • 🙂 I love your words and I agree Jain Lee! I watched it last night and as a sensitive also, I was saying WTF and shitballs! Seriously ookie vibes! Yes, Denise, Thanks for the warning upfront. I didn’t make the entire video. So negative.

  • Great article Denise, and thanks for sharing that video of the girl singing. I did notice the white orbs around her. Of course anyone who sings about being more spiritual than anyone is ego-driven. I loved the video Debbie shared too it was really funny. If you’re interested in finding a textbook example of a “spiritual teacher” who is blatantly ego-driven look up Teal Swan on Youtube. I saw a few of her videos a few months ago and they were cringeworthy at best. Yes, there’s a lot of pretenders out there. I also saw lots of videos several years ago by David Wilcox and he was one of those who has some truth but some distortions mixed in. What did you think of Dolores Cannon? She had a lot of good stuff compared to most. Like the stuff about the different waves of volunteers resonated with me.


    • Thanks Robert L., I was mildly concerned that I may have scared everyone off with what I said in my Comment about this young woman singing video.

      Someone also emailed me a few links about Teal Swan who I’d also not heard anything about. And I agree, she is a classic narcissist psychopath that is in my opinion totally owned and operated by Team Dark lowly entities and thoroughly enjoying her life as it is. Thank gawd for the Separation of Worlds & Timelines happening now! 😆

      The tricky part are those people that DO have some correct information in their works yet also believe other things, beings, aliens, systems and such that don’t feel right or correct for each of us. Discernment. Read, feel, glean what you can that’s helpful to you at the time but also be consciously aware that there are other things that look and/or feel like red flags or distortions etc. in that persons, any persons teachings, writings and personal belief system that you do NOT agree with or feels “wrong” deep within you, again, at that time.

      I discovered Dolores Cannon late and have only bought and read one of her many books — The Three Waves of Volunteers And The New Earth. I did so because I wanted to see if it contained the information I hoped it did, and it did. 🙂 (I’ve had conscious memory of the moment I first volunteered to incarnate on Earth to help with the Ascension Process since the mid-1980s so her book wasn’t new information to me but I enjoyed it because of the other Volunteers shared information and experiences.) I’ve also watched parts of a couple of videos of her giving lectures. Based on this, Dolores’ “job” in her life was to be a “middleman” between those people who are Volunteers in their current lives (our now) and record the information she discovered by putting them under. It was an important way to get a lot of information out to people about the Ascension Process and about Volunteers and what/where/why they’re here now in our lifetimes and so on. Dolores was not a Volunteer but she had a Soul Contract to help the Volunteers that did NOT have conscious memory or awareness that they are Volunteers etc. by doing what she was led to do — hypnotize, record, document, lecture and write a book/books about what all she learned from these people, these Volunteers this way.

      Changing direction slightly here everyone, today is September 2020 Equinox, and I can feel we’ve entered the next phase and it has — for me — a slight re-direct, a slight tiny course change that I will write about soon. As is true with all things ascension, it’s ongoing and unfolding in stranger ways every week which has been very obvious in Phase 2, 2020 so far. More to come soon about this and these less than pleasant but much needed public discussions and complaints etc. about certain others in the ascension and conspiracy communities that have been so needed in 2020, like it or not. Thanks everyone, best ever September Equinox insights. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hi Denise and all.Thank you for being here.Is my lock on to my centre place to go as I drink my morning coffee.
    I am getting some lessons about boundaries as so many people are so so stressed now they will latch on to any opening or weakness I have so I am being extra vigalent every day now.
    When I am in the flow and in my own space it is peaceful with some old DNA debris stories leaving but easy to let them go.
    Love to you all.Rosaleen

  • I so relate to this, Laura. After the latest tornado ripped through my life I also retreated to my basement, metaphorically. And begged to know why, why am I still here? The answer, you are here to stabilize the energy. And you have to live small.

    As part of living small I found myself watching a youtube channel obsessively. Two young Australian-Taiwanese violinists who mix belly laughs with classical music. Along with some profoundly energizing laughter and music I realized I was being beamed a message from Universe via the channel. Practice. Practice. Practice. Which I took to mean, practice the small things.

    So in my basement I write haikus and learn new linedance steps and play the piano and knit. Those arts and crafts things you lost and I lost too, but have come back in the form of practice. To stabilize the energy, through very small acts of creativity and play.

    Oh, and I walk my dogs in nature a lot too. And lately the woods have been full of elves and faerie folk, and sparkling light. Or perhaps lately, living small, I’ve finally been able to see it.

    Sending you much love and fortitude

  • Someone sent me this the same say I read Denise’s article. Don’t know if anyone else will like it but I laughed like crazy

    • Thanks for that one Debbie, it was LOL good and accurate and so very funny.

      Oh lord those Pluto in Virgo generation folks that are messed up in so many of the Virgo/Pisces areas. Of course the same can be said about the previous Pluto in Leo generation folks that never grew beyond being their “inner child” for life! 🙄 Sorry everyone but these things need to be said finally too. Namasta. 😆 😀

      • The funniest part for me is them sitting with a wooden Buddha in one side and a big as crystal on the other. I an watching and laughing with my wooden Buddha on one side and my big amethyst crystal on the other….universe holding a mirror- although I don’t like kale!😉

    • I laughed like crazy too!!! Thanks Debbie!

      But that also reminded me of some things that have turned me off from some of the ascension stuff. It’s the obscure language that’s used. Any more when I read some gobbledygook that makes my head want to explode, that’s about the time I stop reading.

      Denise, keep on doing what you’re doing. For the life of me, I cannot recall when/where/how I found you, but SO glad I did!

      Cheers everyone!

      • Full disclosure: I usually post as Tyche1. It wasn’t my intention to post under different names. I’m technologically challenged!

        My apologies to Denise and all in this community.


  • ” … it’s gone freaking batshit crazy out there …”

    😂 I love that Denise. So true in more ways than one. Challenging times, to say the least.

  • I’ve probably seen too many episodes of Cobra Kai on Netflix, but I’m thinking, while reading everyone’s posts, and I’m really into reading everyone after this post from Denise…that more ACTION is needed. Maybe not Karate, haha (spin off series from Karate Kid) but maybe something?!⚡️💡 Perhaps folks could share their stories on YouTube? Be vocal somehow? Spew truth into the false perfume? Denise is being super polite about all this, too, I might add. Like super polite. The distortion is insane. It inspires fear from behind. I have been wondering for about a week, what else can I do? Embodiment is number one…

    • “Denise is being super polite about all this, too, I might add. Like super polite. The distortion is insane.”

      Thanks for that Marcy and yes, I am and have tried to be polite about all of this for soooo long now. I am telling you and everyone that I am more than capable of regurgitating absolute undiluted raw and nasty truth about the majority of these ascension community *&$%#@& because I have always known, felt and seen etc. them and why they do what they do and so on, and it ain’t pretty or good or nice or elevated or…

      But I’ve tried, very hard at times, to not just spew it all out there and name names and call the BS, egos, distortions, liars and parasites out for what all they are. In Phase 1 I was furious over it/them but over time and my own ongoing embodiment I’ve increasingly become more neutral emotionally about it/them. That doesn’t mean I’m keeping quiet about it/them anymore though as you’ve all seen this year! It’s time we openly acknowledge that we know who’s who and what’s what in the ascension community. Not that that will cause the majority of them to change anything they’re doing.

      Anyway Marcy, cool your heels I say and know that it’s enough at this point in Phase 2 that we’re openly talking about these people, groups, teachers/writers, channels etc. You know how there’s tremendous “whistle blowing” going on now in the USA and other countries? Well the same is happening with the ascension community. So we’ll blow those whistles on this and them but we do not need to add to the fighting in the streets type consciousness that’s growing now anyway. Know and continue embodying and ascending and don’t look back. ❤

      • … we do not need to add to the fighting in the streets type consciousness that’s growing now anyway. Know and continue embodying and ascending and don’t look back.

        Yes! Thank you!!! ♥️♥️♥️

      • Hey Denise, I recall you and I have Brenda Hoffman in common and thought of you when I read her post today (you and she are the only ones I still read regularly.) She relates what you have been doing and what’s happening in the world outside the ascension community to the Wizard of Oz and my favourite line since childhood: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! Lol, the exposure continues. Thanks for all you do. xo

  • I will tell you all a little secret, all channeling is a form of light level possession no high level spirit based in love would ever participate in this activity . Possession even at the most minute level is against cosmic law. Most channeled messages are the work of the archdemon Michael. If you are reading a message and it speaks of the archangel Michael or the word beloved stop reading and don’t be duped if it says it is channeled stop reading. The only truth you need is your own, your love knows the way, it won’t lead you astray. If you like to compare notes with a love genius like DD the Great, aka Denise as I do go for it she speaks her perfect truth, not some lying aliens poisoned half truths. Yay to love, yay to truth, and yay and thanks to you DD the Great. Wink wink. Lots of love to you all, Andrew.

    • Andrew, I love that you said that! In my early days early 2000‘s, I felt the presence of archangel Michael. Don’t know if it was the case, just saw and felt some things. It gave support to me when I was super scared, as I got started, spiritually. Circa 2014, a high angel was placed with me for a time and made itself known. I was allowed to see it, just his arm, in a completely lucid dream once. Blew my mind. These magnificent beings energetically interfered with absolutely zero. They assisted, but I could not say how – there was absolutely no energetic contact or connection that steered me in any way. I felt entirely independent and autonomous in their great presence, amazingly. I was in aw yet fully independent. I felt empowered continuously. The boundaries were strong. I wasn’t sure how they helped, though I know they absolutely did their job. No line was ever crossed. I’ve often been baffled when people say they channel angels. What you said made so much sense, finally! I have always been tempted to listen when I hear someone say it’s from a higher angel…Yet I personally learned tha it’s not how they work. Possibly it’s divine light working through them, when they are with a soul. I don’t think they give messages to people. I think they deliver messages or light or both or something from on High, to people. I’m speaking of the highest angels, closest to the Godhead, that I know of.

      • Well said Marcy! I would liken their company to one of the great whales in the ocean. You know when you’re in their presence because you can’t help but feel a sense of humility, love, and awe. I have often had the feeling of being moved through life’s turbulence by their wake, as if their Pure presence is enough to shift my frequency up. That said, the “ humaness” of channeled messages from the Angels is like trying to hold a great whale in a fishbowl. It’s no wonder I have read so many people expressing opinions about angels that feel so counter intuitive to my experiences with them throughout the years.
        Denise, you’re making me smile! Thank you!! I have noted that many of your “usual” followers with blog sites of their own haven’t been reposting some of your latest writings. Shame, shame, shame. I am disappointed that the very group that would scream censorship were some of the most strident voices ignored, are by omission, doing exactly that.
        Love you Denise and all the stair steppers✨💖✨sz

        • Let me clarify my last thought Denise.
          I’m disappointed that the very group that would scream Censorship, were the most strident and nonsensical voices ignored, are by omission ignoring and cherry-picking YOU. These same folks are the ones that always say, “ if it doesn’t resonate with you” ignore it, yet by leaving out your most forthright posts, they don’t give people that option. They’ve decided which posts have value and which ones their readers shouldn’t see. So Very Disrespectful Fellow Lightworkers!! It creates more division and less dialogue and introspection.

        • I’ve been aware of this too oldsoul2017 and why they’re doing it. They don’t want to risk the possibility of losing some of their followers/readers due to something they quoted someone else writing. Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone with a website / blogsite did their own writing instead of what they’ve been doing for years?

          The general parasitism is easily seen now and every person is being forced to be honest with themselves about pretty much everything. Again, welcome to Phase 2 of the Ascension Process folks like it or not. The time has arrived where each of us now HAS to embody and live these ascension changes and not as you so accurately said, ‘cherry-pick their ways through things, teachers, beliefs, issues and so on. It’s about different frequencies of energy, consciousness, being and reality and there is no ‘cherry-picking’ our ways through any of that. It just is what it just is and each of us do what we do with it every minute of every day. And this is why there’s numerous different frequency stair-step ascending Earth worlds. ❤

        • Oldsoul2017,
          I am powerfully reminded of a time I saw an energetic “form” I took to be an angel on the left side of the hood of my car that seemed to be cutting a path through the a dangerous rain storm keeping my car from hydroplaning.
          Denise, your Phase 2 articles are helping me focus on my Embodiment so I can create that path paving wake for myself as I navigate through this space of separating worlds.
          Love to you Denise and the whole HH community.

        • OldSoul, that was so beautiful and so well said, too. I can imagine what you said, the analogy of the wave of a whale assisting, remarkable. I’ve learned over decades there is such diversity amongst angels and guides, too. I remember seeing German movie “City of Angels” that inspired the American movie. Made in the 60s in Berlin, while it was rebuilding. The analogy of the wave and the whale is similar to how the film director depicted angels, respectful, very hands off and amazingly loving. I read your other message, too, and I get this feeling you should never apologize for a darn thing! So maybe now I’m translating/channeling you, lol! I appreciate all your kind remarks! Most especially it was valuable to hear you say “pure presence” was the gift of an angel. Their instruction. That really hit. Just their being alone, that simple, won’t forget that one. ❤️🤞thank you! 💗

      • Hi Marcy, what if the magnificent being that you felt was you at a higher level. What if you are the great whale. What if you at that point you were not ready to accept that you could be that perfect, so you gave the credit to an angel.

        • Andrew,
          It seems I am being lightly possessed by a higher level version of myself known as Marcy! It’s a good merging and I’m happy to be in Oneness with this becoming Angel!! Giggle
          Honestly Andrew, I’ve been blessed to encounter Angels, whales, and muses I would be grateful to be at one with. Just as there are many dark beings, there are also many bright ones that bring love. I know them by their works. Someday perhaps I’ll encounter these “aspects of myself” As “myself” but for now, I know that my Humanity is exactly what I signed up for in this wild, weird lifetime. I appreciate your council and concern!
          Marcy, I hope I didn’t overstep in speaking for Us! Although Andrew addressed the comment to you, he referenced my experience with the whale analogy and frankly I was confused!!!lol
          Thank you Delia for sharing and love to the angel that protected you through the rain.

        • Thanks, Andrew! There have been many issues surrounding me “not knowing” my own greatness. A guide (or angel) actually said to me, long while back, same! I complained about some problems etc and he just simply said, “you’re ONLY problem is you don’t know how great you are.” HE was pretty glib about it! It was funny back then and heartbreaking. I’m pretty sure I signed up to be in a dark for some time too though. It is easier to stay under cover that way, too. ;). The second Angel was a visitation for a set time – very physical and real. Others informed me he was there, to make sure I knew, etc. I was supposed to know. It was a big step for me in evolution. Angel of Om, I was told. His arm was as bright as the sun. I remember thinking how could it be that four square blocks we’re not on fire, just from that arm, no different than descriptions in ancient writings and holy books. That was intentional help, but I like the idea of being a whale! 🐳😊 I won’t forget that and I’m so glad OldSoul said that, too!!

        • Hi Oldsoul, I did not intend to offend or negate your experience, I apologize if I did. I have never understood the concept of angels. The word angel comes from the Greek word angelos meaning a messenger. If Source has a direct connection to each beings heart, why would there be a need for a messenger. Of course there are vast amounts of loving beings of every description in creation. Keeping in mind that Source sends the brightest lights down the darkest holes, I just suggest that we not underestimate our loveliness and power to help ourselves. We are humans but we are also so much more, these bodies serve a containers for our spirits and our spirits are not human, they are vast and profound and multifaceted. We are working to embody that vastness into these human suits if you will. As this takes place we aquire the ability to connect our human consciousness to that vastness,the wholeness that is us. Sometimes I feel like choir and it is my job to get all the voices to sing in harmony. I can only speak from my own experience. I respect you and your experience even if it is different from my own. As Regina Spektor once said, “You cannot make a mistake, the universe is too big.” I love you and wish you all the best perfect being that you are.

        • “If Source has a direct connection to each beings heart, why would there be a need for a messenger.”

          Energetic “middle men” stair-steps and beings Andrew M.

          “We are working to embody that vastness into these human suits if you will.”

          Yes, I call that the Embodiment Process and many Volunteers have been living, doing and becoming it for years now, myself included.

        • Yes Denise, I was thinking the same thing (stair steps) as I read Andrews comments. I agree with you Andrew yet I too used to believe I needed a “middle man” to receive messages and I believe they do in fact exist. All things exist within and without the a Universe. I even channeled myself an Entity that called herself Lily (Short for Lilith???) don’t know. What I do know is she (they) told me when I was approached via a different channeler that if I accepted this offer they could not underscore the amount of personal growth I would gain. I Know in my heart and Soul she was of an extremely high vibration and could feel the messages become staccato at times when my vibration could not keep up or maintain a high enough frequency to receive accurately or entirely.
          Wanna guess what the personal growth was? …that I or anyone does not need a middleman for IT is all inside. How’s that for a circuitous route to personal empowerment?! Lol. ❤️🙏🏼

        • Sweet Andrew,
          I am not upset or offended💖 and I love you too!
          I am happy when I hear people say they were aware as children and I believe the numbers are increasing all the time. I am grateful there are thoughtful, awake souls, Source Shards✨or Sparks coming into their own at such young ages.
          Angels are a stair step as Denise so aptly pointed out. So are we!
          Eventually, we recognize ourselves in their stream, or not, depending on our Self assigned task here. Embodying Light in our physical form, to this point has required a lifetime commitment to test, learn, grow and discern.
          Many of us have pushed through untold levels of darkness and density to find our place here, in our High Hearts. No two journeys are the same and there are few roadmaps and road warriors like Denise, to share their experiences, the good, bad, and ugly.
          It Has been an internal journey of self discovery.

          My point in my follow up Marcy/OldSoul merge was around demonizing the part of me (rhetorical me, not personal…Personal me has mostly been burned away in the continuing onslaught of the ascension process🙃)that you were rather insisting that I embrace AS myself.
          How can I accept the Pure Presence as myself without considering the darkness you ascribe to many angel Michael communications as well. This is a rabbit hole that can turn light to dark and visa versa.
          You may be right, in my experience, angels aren’t terribly chatty!
          If however, I encounter a great light being, who is also myself, must I by default also consider it’s counterpart to be a part of me as well?
          I will politely ask that If you believe that this presence is Often the darkness, is this the darkness of our own souls? Or something else, something separate and unconscionable? Do you see? You can’t insist this Role (Angel)on me😉 without opening me to the other.
          You are not alone in this belief. I have read and heard this many times over the years.
          It simply Wasn’t My Experience, and you can trust that I’ve had experience with the dark.
          I think it’s important to offer both perspectives when discussing this important stair step.
          Many of us, having been brought to our knees, felt a Messenger of Light draw close. Some of us asked Michael for protection as we learned how to negotiate the many shades of darkness along this path and felt this Great Being, (higher me or not) draw close and shift our frequency. Can his name be used to trick the unsuspecting, of course, but there exists a Pure Presence of Light, that provides support, regardless of what it’s called, on the stair steps to All a That Is.
          It would be sad for those trying to move up their stair steps, to arbitrarily sweep away a Pure Presence offering comfort, because an Angel isn’t The Great Presence itself.
          Thank you all for this wonderful, measured conversation about an important topic. Angels, guides, et’s and demons are part of this marathon. Learning how to discern for ourselves is so important and I hope this exchange helps someone to be able to jump up a few steps more easily!!
          💫Bless you Denise✨💖✨

        • “My point in my follow up Marcy/OldSoul merge…”

          Okay, oldsoul2017 and/or Marcy, I need you to explain to me about this because I am confused. Not confused about a merge, a ‘Soul Braiding’, a ‘Walk-in’ etc. but about my having what’s looked to me like two different people are or have been writing comments here??? I’m asking this not because I’m confused over the concept but that I’m confused about which “Marcy” is which “Marcy” and so on. I’ve checked the email addresses and IP numbers for you, for Marcy, for oldsoul2017 and so on and they’re all different. Forgive me but it’s hard enough trying to keep people’s user names and IP numbers and emails etc. straight to weed out any people that are pretending to be multiple other people to direct a conversation where he/she wants it to go. If I’ve misunderstood all this I apologize. If you’ve been writing comments as two different people which doesn’t feel correct (???), I need to know so my head won’t explode. 😉 Thanks for you help with this. ❤

        • So sorry Denise😁 it is a comment Andrew directed to Marcy that referenced an analogy I made. I wrote that I must have been channeling Marcy, or visa versa or that she had become my oversoul! The conversation was around whether we are our own angels or not!!!At least that’s what I think happened!!!
          So sorry for the confusion!!! And thank you for allowing such an in depth conversation take place in your house.
          Deepest regards Denise✨💖✨

        • It’s the first day of LIBRA, the “balance” oldsoul2017 and I’m anything but at the moment! (Speaking of that did anyone else have vertigo suddenly return yesterday or the past three days before today’s Equinox?) I very much appreciate that you included a LOL emojie in your comment about this.

          “At least that’s what I think happened!!!”

          Oh good, there’s two of us confused over all this. 😆 Thanks dearest, much appreciated. ❤

        • You’re welcome Marcy. From my vantage point sunglasses are needed to even glance at you. Wink wink.

        • Thanks Denise, I have read your delightful writing for many years. I generally don’t leave the house but once a month I walked to the library to read your notes. I just got the internet at my house and now can read them at home. In someways it is like you are my only friend even though we have never met in person. I love you so much. I have had 2 dreams where we seemed to be interacting they meant a lot to me. In my heart I call you DD the Great. Thanks for all that you are.

        • I’m so happy for you getting internet in your home Andrew M. Now you can be more comfy and surf the internet from the privacy of your own home.

          Thanks for clarifying what you meant by your term ‘DD the Great’. I was slightly worried at first but if it’s just you’re personal name for me then that’s fun and funny. 🙂 ❤

        • Denise, I find it so interesting how for others the stair steps have involved beings outside of themselves. I began this wacky process in 1989, i was 11 years old, it has basically been my whole life. I think of it like a set of encyclopedia, each time I go up another stair step I am given another volume in the encyclopedia of me. Each volume comes with new insights, abilities, and knowing. One day I hope to have the whole set. For me the complete isolation of phase two began in 2018 my dog died, my boyfriend of 16 years and I separated and my mother stopped talking to me because I questioned some of her behavior. Since then I have left the house 2 times each month once for supplies and food , and once for food and to read your notes on the computer at the library. I have no contact with other humans so i am out of practice communicating with them, sorry if I seemed unpleasant that was not my intent. That is why I said you are like my only friend. I thank you every day in my heart. I have silently walked beside you for many years. I appreciate you beyond measure. Your notes have been a great comfort to me in this weary world, they have helped me to feel not so alone. Atleast I knew that somewhere in a house in socal was this amazing women who cared enough to share her truth with me even though we had never met. A truth that mirrored my own experiences so closely at many times that it got a bit spooky. You are truly an amazing person and once again I love you very much. I am so happy that I was finally given the internet at my house so that I can read your words from my couch, instead of once a month at the library. Thank You Denise with all of my being, but especially with my heart.

  • What am I supposed to be doing all day to keep my vibration high in order to be more of my creator/god self? I lost interest in everything I was . a good cook, I hate food now. I used to sew and craft . lost interest in that also. I don’t have money I’m on SSI. no classes no gatherings no TV , no social media.. no friends and a abusive family life where I hide in the basement all the time with my 4 cats……. Someone please tell me what IM supposed to be doing all day? what do you people do all day, every day? I’m 60 yrs old.

    • “What am I supposed to be doing all day to keep my vibration high in order to be more of my creator/god self?”

      Laura P.,

      I too like most here have lost all of those old pre-ascension lower 3D world things I, we each enjoyed, found fun or fulfilling, tasty, pleasing, entertaining etc. etc. etc. There is nothing in the world for me at this time other than wildlife and Nature that I relate to and enjoy. In other words, my pleasures are and have been since the start of the AP, extremely small and continue to grow smaller constantly. That is the evolutionary AP. Nothing else really needs to be said about that — let go of what has been, even those things, foods, activities etc. that each of us enjoyed before the AP started.

      There was a great old term Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians used many years ago and it is ‘Keeper of the Frequency’. And that is what you are supposed to do, and what I am supposed to do, and what each of us is supposed to do — KEEP the higher frequencies that we’ve embodied and/or Embodied within ourselves and our physical bodies because THAT and THAT alone is how the whole damned Ascension Process is really happening in this physical dimension. We are the Keepers of the NEW higher, the Keepers of what we’ve embodied and what we continue every day to further embody, we are the Keepers of NEW Earth, NEW Humanity within our physical bodies and selves because WE have embodied and maintain them in ourselves as the NEW codes and templates for NEW Earth, NEW Humanity.

      And to continue doing that we each are having to learn to Master the bullshit, the lies, distractions, negativity, insanity, and lack of quote unquote “fun” that’s been surrounding us constantly for over two decades now. In other words, WE are the “Eye of the Storm”, literally. And because we have embodied and held the NEW higher and maintained our being the Keepers of the Frequency the tides have finally shifted this year, 2020, Phase 2. I know it doesn’t completely feel or look like it yet but I’ve been feeling it in my own body all year just like I know growing numbers of you reading this have.

      Don’t worry about fun and good times Laura P., the really great NEW higher stuff that’s unfolding as we speak will more than make up for all the brutality and miseries the true Volunteers have endured since 1998-1999. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Hi again Denise … I found it confusing that you mentioned Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians following your article that basically discounted or downplayed channeled messages. Are there some that are reliable and others that aren’t? I apologize for being so dense today. Thanks for your insights.

        • “I found it confusing that you mentioned Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians following your article that basically discounted or downplayed channeled messages. Are there some that are reliable and others that aren’t?”


          I’ve said many times about different ascension teachers/writers and channeled messages that there can be 85% BS and/or distortions in the material and only say, one or two sentences that are accurate and of a true higher frequency. You have to discern, be honest with yourself and be aware of what you’re reading or watching. I’ve never said that ALL channels are wrong and not to be trusted. I’ve said that many of them are incorrect, have distortions in them, and are only as high as the human channeler is capable of receiving etc. The same is true with ascension teachers/writers. It’s up to the article reader and video viewer to pay attention and discern for themselves.

          To take this one more step, what I or you or anyone found helpful and informative a year ago or ten years ago are often levels of information we’ve grown beyond over the years. So what was helpful in the past to each of us most likely isn’t today. You know all this KathyF.

      • Thank you, Laura P., for sharing. I feel it, too.

        And, Denise, I am so grateful for your reminder of Barbara Marciniak’s Keeper of the Frequency Pleiadian channelings and how it applies to these times. September 12 marked my 75th year on this planet, but it wasn’t until October of 1999 that my life changed dramatically and I became a true Volunteer—though it did take awhile before I understood, little by little, what had happened.

        “WE are the “Eye of the Storm”, literally. And because we have embodied and held the NEW higher and maintained our being the Keepers of the Frequency the tides have finally shifted this year, 2020, Phase 2. I know it doesn’t completely feel or look like it yet … the really great NEW higher stuff that’s unfolding as we speak will more than make up for all the brutality and miseries the true Volunteers have endured since 1998-1999.”

        Deepest gratitude to you, dear Denise, for enabling a deeper understanding of why I am still here. As I’ve said many times before, words don’t come easy these days and that’s why I seldom post, but I appreciate all who do. ♥️♥️♥️

  • Hi Denise and All Here,

    This article, for me, is the culmination of many of your writings and Comments here at HHL since the January 12, 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction. The theme for me in virtually all of these has been to integrate the following: “to honor and learn to become my own authority with regards to my relationship with everyone and everything in day-to-day life.” Daily living has become almost totally intuitive for me, and anything that requires too much cerebralization I now discard almost reflexively. “Thinking” and acting and behaving strategically – as if somehow I could obtain “advantages” by positioning myself in such a way as to seek “benefits” from the day-to-day world, is absolutely OVER. I have you Denise and all the astute Commenters to thank, and for helping me to cement this way of BE-ing within myself ever more each day.

    As for the ascension teachers/channelers that have been specifically mentioned here (some of whom I’ve never heard), the fact that I’ve never been able to finish reading/listening to one of their write-ups or watching their videos without falling asleep or becoming bored by all of the apocalyptic predicting (I’m not exaggerating) taught me a lot. All of these discarnated, disembodied entities and Federations and Councils and Masters and what-not and all of their “information” has never felt boots-on-the-ground enough for me…and if I come across one more conspiracy theory and deep-State plan to depopulate the planet, I don’t know what I’ll do!!

    There’s so much else to say, but you’ve put the period at the end of the sentence, Denise! What a conclusory breath of clean air to see that it’s been about me/Me/ME and you/You/YOU…and we/We/WE all along!! There’s no longer any need to fight for any of our (perceived) limitations…we now live and exist to get beyond ALL of them!

    Onward…and much love/Love/LOVE to all here…

  • Wow! First – it’s been a long time since I’ve heard/read anyone use the term “pissy” It is one of my favorite words/terms so, thank you very much! The discussions of ascension/channelers – the only one I had heard of was David Wilcox – thankfully, I have never listened to or read what he dumps. The one that angered the bejeebers out of me is The Yellow Rose for Texas. Thankfully she used “for” instead of “of” because she is not a Yellow Rose! Dagnabit! Early this morning (9/19) during meditation I KNEW most, if not all, the ascension teachers/channelers, etc. will not be moving to the New Higher Space with us. They will come later (not sure what “later” means!) but not any time soon in Earth linear time. I am not one among everyone-finally accepting that has been very important for me and may be for those on the AP path, Phase 2. For a time I thought it was arrogance (family and so-called friends and so-called enlightened/advanced/evolved people tried to keep me convinced I was less than and arrogant) but accepting it was not has truly helped.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death led to some insights this A.M. Months ago I knew her impending death would trigger tsunamis of glee and fear (depending on your perspective). Last night and this morning I kept hearing and feeling things such as “Yeah, the b___h is Dead! Good Riddance! Now we can really – sorry, I couldn’t continue touching that as I write but I know you will get the idea. I had to remind myself that is not who and what I AM and I could not help with or mitigate what is going to transpire. I did ask for what is for the best and highest good and let it go. I know I can do no more. With this I KNEW I AM finally out of the 3D Earth and am on my way in the 5D Crystalline higher vibrational knowing powerful beautiful loving compassionate joyful certain discerning strong elegant Being I AM. I may occasionally still have to remind myself of this and you, Denise, help each of us remember/know this. Thank You for making the choices you have made, the remembering you have done, the clearing you have done, and the commitment you have made to help each of us with your thoughts and knowing. Thank You for choosing (because you did not have to make this choice) to not be one of the pack, to not be one among everyone. Thank You for being the 5D Crystalline higher vibrational knowing powerful beautiful loving compassionate joyful certain discerning strong elegant Being you are. Thank You for writing TRUTH. I am so glad we, you, fellow readers/commenters are in this together. Thank you all.

  • Thanks for this, spot on! Some warning signs that I’ve found (in addition to a condescending or scolding tone) include:

    1) repetitiveness. Same information repeated, month after month or year after year. If we’re evolving, then we should have already “integrated” the old information and be ready for the “next step”. If they keep repeating the “same old stuff”, then perhaps that being/channel hasn’t or can’t evolve further, can’t/won’t open to the next level. Or, maybe, they have an underlying agenda for repeating the same message: Indoctrination/control thru repetition?, placating us?……

    2) Direct us to an external Savior (rather than ascension thru inner progress) – Jesus, ETs, Q, etc. New Age versions are a reworking of millennia-old religious beliefs, involving a Good/Evil polarity/war, with Reptilians or “the cabal” as the new Satan and “good ET”s or Q as the new angels/Redeemer who will deliver us from evil with little effort/transformation required on our part. That whole paradigm (polarized and disempowering to the individual) belongs to old 3D earth…not an ascension paradigm.

    3) Caught up in MAGA, “Trump is a 5D master” narrative. This includes the “seeking a Savior” mindset, but also includes lots of other polarity thinking: Us vs Them; Woke vs Sheeple; Everyone not like us is bad and must be fought against. Claim to be fighting against old, patriarchal “dominance over” institutions, but deny personal/species responsibility by blaming these on overpowering external forces (Reptilian overlords) and thus avoid the inner work needed to move away from this paradigm; idolize a “King of the Patriarchy” as chief warrior against the patriarchy, but don’t see the irony here.

    4) Distract us by keeping us in fear/paranoia, directing our attention to fighting all the evils occurring “out there” and thus using an external enemy to distract us away from the inner journey. For ex., the “fight masks because they are a symbol of slavery and a sign that the all-powerful They want to deny us our voice and turn us into obedient clones” outcry.

    5) Beings who introduce themselves with titles that elicit deference: “I am Lord X”, “I am X” followed by resume of the important work that X has done in the “higher planes”. Recurring mention of X’s lofty, much higher than us, dimensional plane of consciousness. Somehow, I don’t think evolved beings care about status or impressing us with their spiritual credentials….so “I am Lord, Master”, “I am X of the 12th dimension” ring alarms

    6) Channelers who use fake names (like stage names) meant to convince us (and themselves) that they have the elevated consciousness of a mythological goddess, an Ascended Master, an Archangel, a fairy emissary, etc. Sometimes they come with stage props to reinforce the exalted identity – flowing white gowns/robes (always white because….that’s the color of light!), multiple pendants with huge New Age crystals, etc. Changing the name implies a desire to deny/bypass the human identity, but an “embodied” ascension means staying with/in the human identity as it grows/transforms. Some of these people may have taken on a lofty name years ago (when this was a trend), then evolved past the need but kept the name for continuity…..but still, a “red flag”

    7) Other “Spiritual status symbols” thrown around by the channeler – emphasis, thru repeated mentions while talking or thru insertion in their name, that they are a Starseed, Indigo, Crystal, Spokesperson for an ET group/star system, etc… Truth is truth; hearing that someone is an Indigo doesn’t make their transmission more valid…..and besides, they could be lying or self-deluded for ego reasons.

    8) Echo chambers: Some bring in other “light workers” for group discussions, but everyone in the group has the same views as and reinforces the leader/organizer (I’m thinking of a certain pink/purple fairy here). As individuals, we’re nowhere close to knowing “the whole truth”; at best, we get glimmerings of awareness from different perspectives, and that awareness would grow, become increasingly nuanced and change form over time. So, wouldn’t a teacher whose prime interest is in expanding consciousness want to pull in pieces from diverse sources – learn from dialogue with people who are different from herself?

    9) Arrogance: “I am the teacher/leader, thus am better and more knowing than you”, vs a discussion among equals (who all may potentially contribute useful bits to the whole, and thus expand everyone’s awareness). Arrogance puts a cap on how much the “teacher” can grow, and also a cap of the “student’s” growth if they remain in the subservient, “give my inner authority away” mode. / credentials can be used.

    • Charmaine. Great list! You might also add that those doing the channeling usually make their living selling energy healing sessions, or their self-published “books” about the “matrix” and sometimes supplements, crystals or other energy gear, and they promote their “brand” through a website or youtube channel (which apparently these days is perceived as some verification of qualification).

  • YES. Yes and yes!!!!!! You speak my language Lady Denise! It’s so empowering to read these beautiful words of Higher Truth. Your courage and strength to speak your truth, what I consider to be THE TRUTH is admirable and sooooooo needed at this point in time/space reality.
    Thank you for being here and your tireless assistance!
    Much love & gratitude 🙏🏼

    • Stephanie N. & All,

      Thank you for your support, I appreciate it very much. ❤

      It's not been enjoyable for me publicly calling out those ascension teachers/writers and channels and so many ascension parasitic people trying to make money off of all this that are… not what we’d hoped they were. That was me being very polite about this. But good-gawd-amighty it’s gone freaking batshit crazy out there and the ascension community by no means is safe or exempt from this either just as we’ve been increasingly seeing, reading and hearing in videos by so many over the past few years. In fact, the ascension community has in my opinion gotten MUCH worse over the past few years but that’s due to the Separation of Worlds that’s been unfolding the entire time. In Phase 2 it’s just gotten painfully obvious and many of us have HAD to walk away from others in the ascension community because they made different choices than I did, than you did, than we did and we each have to let the others go their own ways in Phase 2 2020 and beyond. Stair-steps for all of us.

      My point is that I appreciate everyone’s support over my repeated frustrated and disappointed but honest articles this year about those in the ascension community that I personally can no longer endure, relate to, gain anything from other than disappointment or shock but that’s me, or respect because our personal paths and choices have become intolerably different from each other to such an extreme that a Separation has happened in 2020 and will only continue and become larger this year and next. Thanks everyone for understanding why I’ve been doing this in Phase 2 this year. Your support has made my doing so much easier. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hey Denise and everyone, love to all! I want to share that for me this new autonomy is so new and fortunately, blessedly divine. When my spiritual life began to involve embodying light and awareness of participation in a collective experience, I was actually devastated I would have to step into the New Age community. I trusted so few in religious community, as it was. I read Denise‘s first post standing in the kitchen. I knew I could trust her because she was physically and spiritually going through the same stuff. My past life was riddled with trust issues. I would barely risk listening to anyone. I was easily influenced. I gave my power away. Extensive history of abuse, but it did the job, got me to where I needed to be. The reason I say this is because the past few months has been fascinating! I am able to say no, shut things off, shut people off or out, even speak up and clearly state what I know and feel. I’ve never in my life, from preteen years on, been able to do this. So I smile to myself when Denise shares these things now. I am thankful for the support I really thank God! However, it is pretty neat and amazing to not really need the support anymore! LOL it’s like a wonderful inside joke that I get to share with the support that I don’t need now, but truly enjoy! I’m not afraid of disagreeing with things that are false; my courage grows immensely with every download. I feel like a walking talking powerhouse! And I don’t feel the need to apologize for that statement now! I’m laughing out loud! I do feel internally that it’s important we call out false information or lies now. I also feel were very much supported or empowered to do so. It’s probably a component of the light coming in now even. It’s time everyone utilizes their voice, no matter what. It feels almost like air bubbles that have to come to the surface of water, there’s no way to keep them down.

    I also want to share the past five days of light embodiment were intense. I was relocated further up mountain, energetically near a very significant place, and light is incredible where I’m located geographically and it was already incredible… I am now physically above the entire village where I live and I can’t say that I’m not enjoying that! Especially right now when the heads are really going to pop along with lots of other things. Light wise, I can’t keep up or track or trace light coming into my body this week, talk about accelerated!!! It’s moving so fast, comes in, frazzles, exhausts, resolves, goes again, I’m dizzy, high, wiped out or wake up like someone shoveled cement into me. I don’t know what’s coming, what started first, what’s happening next, like it’s a record on a spin table! I’m a record on a spin table this week! Lol! The accelerated speed is truly noticeable. My old timeline is done. The hard stuff from past is over. I’m now living in a house that makes me feel more happy than anywhere I’ve lived possibly since childhood. I feel so happy!! I knock fear back when it arises. I’m told my new timeline starts now. Whole new level of dreams that feels awkward like somebody put a new set of clothes in my wardrobe when I wasn’t looking…cannot ascertain meaning from them yet. It’s definitely fasten your seatbelt time and I cease to be AMAZED by how well I’m taken care of by every Force unseen.Feels like I’m on a pink and gold super highway, in the real fast lane!! Headed at light-speed straight forward to my future! 🙂 Just wanted to share, I hope it inspires! Much love, Denise, I’m grateful to God for every word above! The simplicity of just being honest! And the wonderful inside joke of no longer needing support 😉 ;P yet loving every minute of it!!

  • True, Denise. It was a minuscule breakthrough. But so rewarding. In full honesty, can’t believe It was so spectacular. Won’t lie and say that I didn’t Want to stay in that form. When a white platinum light approached me, while I was floating around in the space as transparent as air, it felt more aggressive. Later I realized that it was just lower in density. The light told me that we need to “marry” to what I replied that I didn’t want LoL. After some persuasion and reasoning, we did indeed twisted into a Union. After that I came back and said 😭 I want to go back and be what I am. When I look how far to climb I do want to cry. However, it’s fun as we go up. Looking forward to the next big development…

  • I like your rants. They are right on. And inspiring. I haven’t met anyone who knows more than me, and I just seem to be making choices for the higher light in every moment. My own action connected to source as much as I Am. And that’s what I get. I no longer feel the need to try and bring truth to others, but Rather to live my truth.
    It’s not that I don’t see around me the fear, paranoia, strange controlled behaviors etc. but they are not affecting me. I’m amazed how I seem to be flying above the Frey. My actions are my Embodiment.

    I’m happy to know if you have anything to say to that. Not that I give you authority. More that I am curious.

  • Hi, Denise and the community!

    I would say, every message has its own purpose. Not that what you said isn’t right. I do agree. It was actually a theme for me a week or so ago. But every time I read something that my insides feel uncomfortable about, I know that it’s rather an advantage. In a way to push myself forward and be what I am – love Love lOve.
    June first, I got to experience myself in full aspects of my true self. It was something that was a beautiful miracle. Please, my beloved family, believe! You are so beautiful. So so beautiful. Please never doubt your real gorgeous selves. You/ Me are the purest beings. A real frequency of love. So pure, So absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous crystal clear beings. Can’t find more words to describe what a rear human soul is. If only majority of humans, not to mention Volunteers could feel themselves… we are absolute god frequency and the 5D earth is only a beginning of a mountain. It’s very much bottom.
    After that day, it took me a while to absorb the experience and understand a lot of things. I try to look at everything with the eyes of god so to speak. But of course, absolutely you don’t have to agree with bullying and some nonsense that I do sometimes read. What promotes fear, separation and hate, is not always easy to detect. It’s mostly vailed under some big slogans that are rather playing on people’s egos or fear factors. As you Denise put it, just because you are not in a physical body, doesn’t mean you are automatically better and more Spiritually advanced.

    Sorry for rambling 😳


    • “After that day, it took me a while to absorb the experience and understand a lot of things.”

      Absolutely know this Elina, what you experienced, as magnificent as it was, was only one tiny beginner step back into real embodiment while in your physical body and current level of consciousness. There are countless more steps ahead of you, ahead of me, ahead of all of us that are embodying and Embodying. This is not a one and done thing but like everything else with the AP it’s ongoing and we each continue embodying more and higher and changing and growing.

  • Oh Denise….AMEN as they say….it is so good to see this, all of it, in print….we are at the point where everything you say here is true, & probably many more of us than we realize have felt or intuited it but(!)…no one out there is or has said it until now…I think you have probably saved many people much angst they don’t need piled on top of all the other things in this star circus we are currently playing in….(!)

  • Hi Denise & everyone in this community!

    Spot on Denise, as usual. Early on in my journey I depended heavily on teachers. When I saw their ego aspect, I tended to explain it away until at long last I had to walk away. Same with the online peeps (talking of some of the ones on your list Jain Lee – ha!). I would consistently excuse their behavior or whatever. It meant I was entangled with these people/websites waaaay too long! I saw the ego (sure sign of low level stuff) but I wouldn’t listen to my instincts or HH.

    I can honestly say that this is how I’ve made the biggest mistakes in my life. Not listening to my inner/higher self. And I’m talking about my personal relationships here too.

    NOW, I have to continuously focus on consciously creating the Gaia that I came here to do!

    Don’t intend to be sappy here, but I cannot adequately express the deep deep appreciation I have for Denise & this community! Thanks everyone!



    • Tyche1/Jan & Debbie,

      Honestly, I wanted all of those people (ascension people and teachers/writers etc.) to be 100% the highest and best “real deal” just as I’m sure many of us wanted. But as more and more of us have discovered, disappointingly, that that was not and still is not the case with so many of them. Phase 2 of the AP has been like having cold water thrown on us with the Divine Cease & Desist Order echoing in the background. Cease & Desist… with everything and everyone and BECOME your highest and best self now and stop looking outside of yourself. Once you reach that certain level of Embodiment, the need to continue looking outside of yourself, your HighHeart, you Higher Awareness, your Self as incarnate physicalized Source in human form ends and the entire focus instantly is placed on YOU, on ME, on EACH of us individually. Welcome to Phase 2. 🙂

      In years past I used to read a very small handful of certain ascension teachers/writers even though every one of them didn’t have all the answers and had lingering lower ego traits etc. that I didn’t like. I did too to a certain extent so I made myself read their articles while ignoring those lower traits and/or distortions and other things I disagreed with. In other words, in Phase 1 of the AP I was willing to tolerate their egoic traits and other lower human “flaws”, including some of their personal belief systems I disagreed with, to gain any amount of truthful higher information no matter how small. In Phase 2 I absolutely am NOT willing to do any such thing anymore when I know I’m capable of directly gaining any information/Light that I want or need at any time myself. Every one of us needs to reach that point within ourselves now in Phase 2 and we are. ❤

      I could say much more but I think most at this point know that so many of these particular ascension teachers/writers and channelers are not what they claim themselves to be and more. Cease & Desist. BE. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thank you so much for this. I have been feeling an overwhelming dread for the last 6 weeks or so and have been searching for any information as to what may be coming. In doing so I’ve come across several sources that just made me feel disappointed and downright icky reading or listening to them. I appreciate you bringing this matter up, it is so helpful to know that I’m not the only one thinking they are just “off the mark” and wrong for me.

    Big hugs,


  • Oh my goodness! I just hung up the phone with a friend having this exact conversation and then your email dropped… Thank you for the confirmation not that I needed it 😉😄.
    You’re amazeballs!

      • That’s fantastic!! I used the word AMAZEBALLS in my personal writings I created last year. I thought the word to be AWESOME! It really says it all!! I hadn’t heard or seen the word before I wrote it down/typed it out. AMAZEBALLS showing itself here today… I LOVE IT!!! Thanks again for the great writing and truthfulness, Denise AND the validating, uplifting comments from the whole family here at High Heart Life. I appreciate each of you very much!
        Everyone have a great weekend! 🙂 XOXO

  • Omg! I was just thinking along the lines of if “As above, so below. As within, so without”, then doesn’t that mean that above is a matrix just as this matrix? If so, how accurate are these “channeled” messages, hm, not very.

    I wrote a comment in your last article about how I was musing and having epiphanies! Really coming fast now, these “knowings.” You’re absolutely right Denise, when I come across some of these “teachers” with the “channeled” messages, I just do an eye roll and walk/scroll on by.

    And there’s a long list:
    Magenta Pixie
    Jordan Sather
    David Icke
    David whatshisblondename(very laughably egotistical)
    Blossom Goodchild
    Sandra Walter
    And sooo many others.

    I understand if you don’t want to post this, no worries!

    Love you too 😘

    • I would add to this list Lori Ladd. I just had this same conversation with myself earlier today. Why do I keep going outside looking for a higher level awareness and understanding when I have great inner guidance and really trust it? Habit maybe. Thanks Denise. This is spot on.

      • Oh yes, for the life of me couldn’t remember her name to add to this list, so thank you Debbie. It always struck me as ironic how her distorted messages seem to reflect back on her face as she seems to frown a lot.

        And if I may add another one that just came to me (Denise I hope that’s ok)—yellowrosefortexas, I feel she’s very dangerous as she’s telling people they’re saved whether they work on themselves or not, whether they discern or not, as long as they accept Jesus (and instructs specifically to say Jesus, not Christ), in their hearts and is firmly (loudly) touting Orange Menace as the savior of us all. Her followers on Twitter grow larger daily.

        • I hadn’t heard of her Jain L. or that David whatshisblondename guy you mentioned.

          The whole ‘Make America Great Again’ thing and people is really about — resist evolution and keep the global patriarchy and its religious belief in control.

          It’s what I’ve been calling the Descending Earth world.

        • Oh I’m sorry Denise, it’s David Wilcox. As for yrft, I discovered her in phase 1 of my ascension journey.

          The road had lots of twists and turns with moggy paths, however even then my spider senses were tingling with the list I mentioned, except for you. You were like a bright clear lit path and I have to confess, some articles were over my head at the time, left me scratching my head but that inner gut feeling of “wrong, this is wrong!” was never present with you.

          So thank you for guiding/redirecting me from the muck all these years 🙏

          P.S: reading your past articles helped tremendously, it helps to read them backwards all the way to Transitions blog, now I’m like “so that’s what THAT was!” Thank you so so much!

        • Jain L.,

          Thank you so for that. It means a lot to me. ❤

          I too was "impulsed" a couple of years ago to go back and read all the articles I'd written in one year from the start of that year to the end of it. I was amazed in that it became so much easier to see that a yearlong ascension theme had played itself out and that each month of that year, of every year actually, are like different chapters in a yearlong book of our ascension lives, experiences, ongoing embodiment and expanding consciousness and abilities.

          Yeah… David Wilcox. I tried really hard in the early years of Phase 1 of the AP to like him but for me there was a constant underlying sense of he is not one of us type feeling. And over the years whenever I would go to his website to see what he was obsessed with at the moment, my sense of him only grew stronger. For personal reasons to finally confirm everything I’d always sensed about him anyway, I bought his book The Ascension Mysteries in 2016 (the only book of his I’ve ever bought or ever will buy) and everything I’d sensed for years about him was in that book and that, coupled with his excessive, obsessive need to have his book reach the NY best seller list confirmed everything for me and I stopped hoping he was more.

          Phase 2 is each of us having to stop hoping anyone else in the ascension community is more than they actually are and focus on our individual selves and Phase 2 level Work.

    • I also wanna add phil good to this list. Like you said there are too many of them and this year is all about letting go all of them and learning to trust my inner knowledge.

    • It’s David Wilcock with a net worth of $15 million. He thinks aliens are going to come in ships and save us!🙄

      • Wow Stefanie, Your post made me laugh! Oh my god, 🙄 Alien ships… 🙃!
        My use of the word AMAZEBALLS is about Total Individual FREEDOM… not aliens or anyone/anything else coming to save us. Save yourself; free yourself, TRUST YOURSELF.

        • Absolutely Ana!!!
          You are right on! No one is coming to save us. It’s about saving yourself. Besides…we don’t need saving, we are already perfect. The journey is in remembering so. Each one does it in their own time and in their own way😊❤️

          LHW is the ascension group from Crestone, Colorado led by Amy Carlson (“mother of all creation” and self proclaimed daughter of Donald Trump during Lemurian times).

          Within the last year I have also read an entry in Lisa Renee’s Ascension
          Glossary ( that sounds as if she is advocating in favor of “Q” (although I know other people contribute to that. And Cameron Day (, who’s guided visualizations I have been listening to for years) has also come out against the corona virus “hoax” as a (reluctant?) “Q” believer.

          The very strange turn in the “”teachings” among these and so many, many others has left me feeling like I am in a zombie movie. There are so few non-crazies left! Thank God for Denise and this space, because I was starting to think I was to kook. (Btw, I have not posted here frequently, but have a couple weeks ago under another account under the name “Karin”)

        • “(Btw, I have not posted here frequently, but have a couple weeks ago under another account under the name “Karin”)”

          Thanks for being honest with me about this Karin / ewigeblumenkraft because normally when people write comments under different user names and/or email addresses and/or IP numbers it’s for negative reasons. So, I appreciate you being honest with me about this, thank you. ❤

        • Ascension group/website led by Amy Carlson (who is the self-proclaimed “mother of all creation” and daughter of Donald Trump during Lemurian times)

          Also noticed a favorable entry re: “Q” in Lisa Renee’s Ascension Glossary (
          I was starting to feel like the last survivor in a zombie movie. Thank God you have made this space for those of us who see through the kookiness, Denise. Thank you!

        • Wow… thanks ewigeblumenkraft and Jain Lee for the info about this/them. I’m frowning as I write this, struggling to as you so perfectly put it, not feel like I’m the last survivor in a zombie movie! Funny and pathetic, sad and infuriating. Are some people really this stupid? Sadly yes.

          My frustration with Lisa Renee — who I’ve benefited from somewhat over the years — is that you have to read through excessive amounts of unnecessary (my opinion) info and details and terms etc. to finally come across one, two or three sentences that ARE real, true and accurate yet even that is only for a very small number of Volunteers. The rest is Encyclopedia Galactica stuff that again, in my opinion, is not needed for the most part by the Volunteers.

          And yes, she let slip a couple years ago some carefully hidden personal feelings she and her husband have about certain other people in the conspiracy community. It’s all such a “hot mess” as they say and continues to show the Volunteers that’s it’s up to us. And we have and continue doing what we volunteered to come here to do extremely well despite all of these types of people, groups, consciousness and beliefs etc. Thanks again everyone for your true higher Service. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • If I may answer for ewigeblumenkraft… basically is a group touting a living woman as the embodiment of earth/Gaia/mother and she is responsible for a lot of cleanups regarding this 3D. Also they promote etheric surgery that only they can perform to remove unwanted entities/implants for a “donation.”

          They recently moved their cult, er I mean group, to Hawaii and apparently they’re being kicked out of the place they rented the complex from.

          Read some separate articles about concerned parents whose children went off to join them and couldn’t get in touch with them. Of course the law wouldn’t do much about this as their kids are above 18 and isn’t considered kidnapping.

          You can’t make this stuff up.

        • I’m going to add this important bit of OMG and WTF and are you serious?! here. But before I share this video that someone (B.J.) emailed me yesterday, I need to say a few things first so PLEASE don’t just jump to the video without reading this first. It’s the only reason I’m sharing this video — to point out things for everyone to see and then put 2 & 2 together for a higher level of understanding.

          The other day Debbie shared with us here in Comments a hysterical video enacted of two actors playing “New Age” type guys getting into a verbal fight with each other and the fluffy ridiculous language they used and what they both said and why. It was really funny to the point of being cringe-worthy in how true it sadly is — in-between laughing out loud over some of the things they both say. That video was clever and intentional — this one with the young woman singing is not.

          She wholeheartedly believes what she’s saying and singing. That is sad in itself but it is NOT the reason why I’ve chosen to share this video here at HHL in Comments. I’m doing so to try to show more people how easy and common it is for negative non-physical entities etc. to unknowingly affect and influence people that don’t have a clue but plenty of negative ego in themselves.

          I want the Sensitives here to know that if you watch/listen/feel this young woman singing video, you will most likely FEEL her negative ego (it’s nearly impossible to not feel it!) and FEEL the negative non-physical entities flying around her and going into her physical body. That is the only reason I’m sharing this video of her. I want you all to see for yourselves these multiple orbs that look like small to tiny white colored “orbs” flying around her and going into her physical body. I’m used to physically seeing and clairvoyantly Seeing this and far worse so it doesn’t rattle me much at this point. I don’t enjoy FEELING the negativity however which is why I’m giving you Sensitives a heart’s up about it BEFORE you watch it. It’s not dark and scary, it’s sad and icky, but I felt the Sensitives deserved a mild warning about her and them first.

          To me this video of this young woman singing with orbs going into her body was the perfect followup and comparison to Debbie’s video of the two actors playing the roles they did. One video is funny and entertaining, the other video is sad and pathetic and clearly shows how easy it is for “things” to get in and influence humans.

          As soon as this video starts you’ll see multiple white colored orbs flying around her, mostly on the viewers right side. I noticed one orb on the viewers left side fly through the burning incense smoke, but the majority of the orb action is near her and multiple orbs go into her physical body — all before she even starts singing. So pay close attention from the very start of the video and you’ll see them. I counted 6 or 7 orbs from the start of the video until she started signing but there may be more than that. I didn’t pay much attention to them once she began singing. I was reading her energetically and it wasn’t good. Also take notice of her eyes and how flat, lifeless and dull they are, which is typical of people like her that have negative etheric ‘attachments’.

          Now I can already hear some of you thinking that the orbs around her are because she is what she’s claiming and singing about. You believe whatever you want to believe but I know what I know and I’m trying to help educate some of you about these common happenings and what they look like, what they do, how it all makes you FEEL, and the human negative ego behaviors. To me this is educational and nothing more. Watch it and learn and then forget it, walk away and continue embodying more and higher. ❤ ❤ ❤ Thanks B.J.

        • “My frustration with Lisa Renee — who I’ve benefited from somewhat over the years — is that you have to read through excessive amounts of unnecessary (my opinion) info and details and terms etc. to finally come across one, two or three sentences that ARE real, true and accurate yet even that is only for a very small number of Volunteers. The rest is Encyclopedia Galactica stuff that again, in my opinion, is not needed for the most part by the Volunteers.”

          Reading this makes me even happier to be here, because yes! 100 times yes. All that info mess while have some truth, is just unnecessary and can make one go crazy easily if they try to read the whole thing in a short amount of time. Ashayana or whatever her name is and one of her loyal followers is having a beef with one of Lisa’s loyal followers and what was said here is so true, whole thing feels like a zombie movie.

  • Denise,
    I just read The Temple of Master Hotei. I’ve wanted to read it for a long time but, for some reason (I don’t know why) I kept delaying. However, the timing was perfect. Your book is utterly beautiful; I loved it. Thank you. And, thank you for this article. Things are happening to me so quickly.


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