Evolution From Duality To Triality

Since I first went online in 2003 I’ve been steadfastly purchasing online vector images of triangles. They’ve been so prominent and constant in my awareness and yet I didn’t immediately and fully consciously recognize what they were indicating during this Ascension Process. We’re often so preoccupied embodying and living the latest NEW higher frequency Light energies that we don’t always immediately recognize some of the colorful clues littering the ascension roadsides we’re so resolutely traveling.

As the ascension months and years unfolded I became increasingly consciously aware of what the triangles were signifying which is why I’ve been purchasing online vector triangles in all colors and patterns for so long. The triangle is a primary visual indicator and frequency of what we have been incrementally evolving into and embodying throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. Now in Phase 2, Trinity (the triangle) is the NEW normal energetic frequency and consciousness reality structure template code that mass humanity must now evolve or ascend into themselves.

When I was a young child, I used to draw people in only one way. I did this for years and my drawings looked ridiculous and infantile and I knew it at the time but that didn’t matter to me —that was the only way I drew people for a few years. Here’s an example of how I drew people when I was a kid.

From age six until about ten the only way I drew people was exactly like this. There was never any deviation, additions or adornments. In my world my people were triangular Trinity Triality people with hair that always looked like this. Weird I know but now take a look at this image of ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor.

Aah yes, there’s some of my ancient and much-loved triangular relatives, the Hathors. There are others besides the Hathors with triangular Trinity shapes to their heads and bodies. We Volunteers and Starseeds have huge galactic, multi-galactic, and multidimensional family from our numerous different higher frequency Homes.

                                                                                                                *   *   *

You know that heavenly sound and feeling of mountain wind blowing through the tops of pine trees at higher elevations? It’s a beautiful sound, feeling and vibration that goes right into your heart and often gives you a sense of homesickness, of deep longing for some place that feels more like your true HOME than what was pre-ascension physical Earth. If you’ve ever heard and been emotionally affected by the sound, feel and energy of the wind blowing through the tops of mountain pine trees, then hold that memory and emotional sensation as you read this next section.

I want you to view inside your brain and visualize the main three Trinity brain glands. The Pineal, what in the old lower frequency energies was connected to the Crown chakra, the Pituitary and what was the Brow or Third Eye chakra, and the Hypothalamus gland which works with the other two.

Instead of visualizing each of them as little fleshy endocrine glands, I want you to know that they’ve been completely Rewired throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process into tremendously more complex crystal points that are in Phase 2 an elevated, ascended functioning NEW trio of receiver transmitters of NEW Trinity Triality frequencies in your brain and head. I want you to perceive them as unified clear quartz crystal points somewhat like this photo.

Next I want you to hear, feel, See and perceive the continuous incoming cosmic, photonic, galactic center transmissions, energies being transmitted through the Sun, and from higher dimensions like higher elevation winds blowing constantly. Instead of these cosmic, galactic, photonic, solar winds, waves and pulsations blowing through pine treetops on mountains, I want you to know that they have been and continue to “blow” into the three Trinity, Triality-based crystal “trees” within your Rewired physical head, unified brain hemispheres and brain glands. These actions automatically causes them to vibrate higher and produce beautiful sounds, tones and frequencies much like the wind blowing through mountain pine treetops. We now have individual ‘Music of the Spheres type thing happening in our heads, brains and endocrine brain glands which further sings, vibrates into our HighHearts causing it to further expand and automatically transmit those frequencies. And that automatically causes everything around us including humanity to be affected and rapidly evolved by what we are now capable of individually receiving and transmitting from our heads, brains and HighHearts and more.

We have Phase 2 level cosmic, galactic, photonic, solar and more energies, winds, waves and pulsations “blowing” into our Phase 1 Rewired heads, brains and brain glands that’s now causing each of them individually but more importantly all three of them—Trinity—to “sing” together in NEW connected, unified ways that were literally not possible energetically or physically before. Cosmic, galactic, photonic and solar winds are blowing into and through Volunteers’ Rewired trio Trinity crystal brain glands which is causing radiant tones, vibrations, ringing, buzzing, humming, high pitched singing sounds that have never been able to be embodied then transmitted in physical human bodies and brains before. Very well-done Volunteers! I know it’s been physically painful getting to this point, but we’ve done it and we’re receiving and transmitting the NEW Triality energies constantly now in Phase 2.  September 2020 put more “finishing touches” on this lengthy Rewiring Process both in our heads and brains and in our whole bodies too. This is another reason why many of us—female and male—have been having some old ascension symptoms return this year such as hot flashes, sudden vertigo, sudden intense heart pounding with accompanying pains and pressures in the entire front and back HighHeart areas, stiffness and soreness in those front and back spine and shoulder HighHeart areas, hot bottoms of the feet, more eye pains, greater eye sensitivity to both man-made light and organic higher Light, and more vision changes and visual distortions and anomalies etc. due to the brain gland trio Trinity changes and greater Separation of Worlds & Timelines.

Our heads and NEW Trinity Triality-based crystalline brain trio glands are making beautiful sounds and vibrations because the cosmic winds are constantly blowing through them now and that causes further evolutionary changes inside our heads, brains, Rewired endocrine system, DNA, hearts, HighHearts, skeletal structure, eyes, organs, CNS and all else. And then we transmit what we’ve received and embodied ourselves outward which automatically causes greater and faster changes in external reality and humanity and so on.

  Over the past few years I’ve often Seen my HighHeart look like an open crystal lotus flower. I’ve also Seen and felt a Diamond Sun in the center of that crystal lotus flower. The Diamond Sun radiates purifying white Light which causes the crystal lotus HighHeart to vibrate higher, expand more, and produce and transmit more NEW Trinity sounds and vibrational transmissions.

What’s been happening increasingly during Phase 2 2020 so far was as I mentioned above, impressively stepped-up in September 2020, and obviously for three days before the September equinox and three days after it. It’s because of this that so many of us have felt like very NEW mack trucks were sent by Source to roll over us and quickly push us to the next higher level of our embodiment and/or Embodiment Processes. I’m still embodying and acclimating this latest round because it’s been rather physically painful in its intensity. The winds have been constantly blowing into and through my head and three Trinity crystal brain gland “trees” for months making beautiful Triality sounds, tones and vibrations that automatically travel into my Crystal Lotus Diamond Sun HighHeart where the Process continues producing more, greater and higher still NEW sounds, tones, vibrations, radiations and transmissions. We receive, we embody, then we transmit it all into NEW Earth for NEW humanity to step into. The more we do this the faster the dismantling and worldwide chaos grows in the dying old patriarchal world and people because higher and lower cannot co-exist in the same space. Never forget this natural and automatic embodiment fact Embodiers.

If you read the HighHeartLife comments you’ve recently read some readers sharing their dreams, visions and Higher Awareness’s of late. One of them mentioned she observed all lower vibrating things being quickly burned away in the higher Light. Another reader shared what she called a ‘mine sweeper’ sort of situation with these higher Light energies and what they’re doing to lower frequency things, beings, people and so on. I’ve often thought of this like it’s been depicted in classic vampire movies over the decades. The vampire(s) unintentionally comes into direct contact with organic Light which instantly causes their inorganic bodies to burn and turn to dust. Yes, higher and lower cannot co-exist in the same space and so there’s increasing burning away, leaving, dying and separating due to the Separation of Worlds. The Phase 2 2020 and beyond Divine Cease & Desist Order is for every single person alive now. And whatever it is that each of us must now Cease & Desist is and has been promptly unfolding all year. It will continue the rest of 2020 and all of 2021 so do it now or do it later but know that you will do it, whatever it is that you and I and all of us absolutely must do now to vibrationally match the Phase 2 Separation shifts.

Denise Le Fay

September 27, 2020

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66 thoughts on “Evolution From Duality To Triality

  • “What I’ve been perceiving about this topic all of 2020 is that those of us Volunteers that have THIS job as one of our first Phase 2 jobs, is that we have been and still are needed to stay-at-home meaning stay in/on this primary ascending Earth world and literally ride it, steer it, drive it all the way to HOME, meaning to NEW Earth-ness. We’re not really “bridging” the two Earth worlds but more accurately drawing the two together into the Unified finished version which is NEW Earth. Other Volunteers continue doing what they have which is fine for them but that is NOT what I am or many of you have been doing in Phase 2 2020 for the reasons mentioned.”

    Hi Denise,

    I’m late to the party, so to speak, and am just catching up on your last two blogs along with the comments sections. I didn’t get very far before I read your explanation about what it really means to “stay-at-home” in 2020 and I just had to reply immediately. Thank God for all of your wonderful insights!! You really hit the nail on the head!!

    The last 2 months have been absolutely surreal and it feels like I’ve been swallowed up into the belly of the beast itself. My 17 year old daughter and I found ourselves homeless in September and were forced to spend a month living in a Women’s Shelter. I had to apply for social assistance and was recently able to move into a small apartment. I’m not sure how social assistance works in the US, but in Canada (at least the province where I live) an able-bodied person is put on a benefit called Income Support. This means you will only get benefits for a very short time because you are expected to find immediate employment. So here I am, turning 59 in December and stuck in a position of looking for any kind of work while having to report every move I make to government caseworkers…….and simultaneously being pummelled by every ounce of energy that strikes this planet. Definitely not a position I ever expected to find myself in after 20+ intense years of anchoring light energy and raising my own vibrational frequency.

    When we were in the shelter, I told my daughter that it felt like we were actually on an undercover mission to spread the light in some of the darkest places. This really seemed to be the truth as we had some pretty strange things happen while we were there — like finding a partial braid of sweetgrass appearing out of nowhere in our room — that backed up that theory. We had many WTF moments at that place, as well as quite a few epiphanies, and our presence did have a noticeable effect on the staff, residents and the shelter building and grounds as well.

    Looks can definitely be deceiving! While it may first appear that my daughter and I landed on a rapidly descending timeline, we are still in the process of embodying/Embodying like other Volunteers. It just turns out that we both signed up for a life mission that many would deem as “less than desirable”.

    Thank you for validating my current reality!


    • Do your best Marjorie to make your current situation a stepping-stone one where you’re in and out of it as quickly as you possibly can. It’s too much to straddle the old lower world for government money and be so controlled while one is constantly embodying more NEW Light, energies, codes, templates etc. This year we’ve all been experiencing abrupt changes in our personal lives, bodies, living situations, physical locations etc. like it’s absolute last-minute moving/shifting/separating time. It’s all so very much like Cross the bridge now!!! time for those of us that can and are supposed to. The releasing of our personal pasts is epic this year and now that the Sun is in Scorpio we’ll all be Working on this even more. Use this time to get yourself where it’s more comfortable, private, safe, self-impowered and sovereign. ❤

  • Hello in there, Denise, and everyone,

    From my vantage point the separation of worlds includes vast multitudes of people telling lies, but lie telling as a way of life. In a Zoom hearing for court the monsters across the road lied under oath, and made up stories to support their lies. At a recent health screening a radiologist practiced cover your ass medicine, another form of lies, with no basis in reality, which is terrifying and frightening, but traditional AMA medicine is lawyered up to the extent that they never have to tell the truth. There is more, much more, but the reality that is sinking is really drowning.

    I once bought property because of the music the wind makes flowing through the trees.

    The fires in three states have charred and demolished a great deal, and now there are homeless people where I grew up due to the Glass Fire wiping them out. It is a brave soul who signs up to start over in the material world, and I thought of John Lennon on his birthday October 9th (…number 9….number 9…) with his Ballad of John and Yoko lyric,

    Last night the wife said
    Oh boy, when you’re dead
    You don’t take nothing with you but your soul

    The pandemic shut down isn’t bothering me at all. In fact, there are fewer irksome people to deal with because I don’t have to go anywhere and deal with any of them. I’m home in the center of my universe. Leaves are falling at a frantic pace. Groups of formation flying geese infiltrate the view above. The wretched humidity is gone at long last. 2020 is drawing to a long awaited close, something I am longing for.

    Love, as always, Cali Flower

  • Hi Jain Lee,

    I’m totally feeling your thoughtful and heartfelt and warm response to my Comment. Your description of how things are happening so fast internally was perfect…my inner dialogue has been “Oh, Raymond, you’re running just to catch up to standing still!” Thanks so much for taking a few moments of your day to share your reflections with me, and I value them very much.

    I want to expand on my Comment a bit further. At the day-to-day level where I still find myself “having” to interact with institutions/organizations/businesses that were created in “lower,” non-Ascension consciousness and frequencies, there is still some “bridging” going on between them and myself…who very clearly no longer resides (nor wants to) in non-Ascension-ness at any moment. But, when I do not have to interact with any institutions or individuals of that “ilk,” I am fully involved within my individuated AP/EP journey whereby my entire consciousness has shifted to birthing ONLY a world that works for everyone(eventually). I no longer find myself residing in lower energetic states, where people seem to exist only to withhold things from each other, or to advantage oneself against another or “strategize” one’s interactions, or continue to play out ancient TD programming of “owing” things to each other and the whole notion of indebtedness as an old program that we are continuing to play out culturally and societally. In my inner world, nobody “owes” anyone anything…people freely give and exchange because it is uplifting energetically and soul-fully. As Albert Einstein was purported to have said (and I paraphrase),
    “Issues cannot be solved at the level(s) of consciousness that created them.” Problems/issues can only be ameliorated and eventually moved through and beyond them by Being more expansive, inclusive and as compassionate as possible.

    Anyway, I did not intend to write a polemic here…but I thank you for giving me the opportunity to flesh out some of my Comment a bit further. Indeed , I’ve gotta do “me,” and I thank you once again for your warmth and outreach…with a big HighHeart hug to you…

  • Denise (and All!) thank you sooo much for these latest Comments. I felt the energy shift and knew I’d find good reading when I checked your site.

    As I was reading Comments, I kept thinking about your previous words:

    “We have really big intense Shine, we have very steamy Steam”

    “Those people don’t even exist in the same world…take your power Volunteer, walk away…be selfish with your hard-earned sovereign energies…and let those lower do their things. You are needed up here…”

    I only feel “right” when I’m just Being big steam, Being big Shine, staying – really really staying – in HighHeart – and Knowing that’s my only Job now.

    Thank you, Denise, for your patience and willingness to keep explaining!

    Love, LoVe, LOVE you 💜

  • Thanks for the communication. It’s very helpful to know that the new world is “there” somewhere; and, there’s a purpose to us staying in this reality. It does seem that everything is disintegrating around me. My garden and houseplants are not well (some are dying); carpets and furniture are becoming more shabby and worn. And, my husband is old (87) and more and more disabled. It’s depressing. Do I have permission to just lay around and read novels?

    • “Do I have permission to just lay around and read novels?”

      While you eat your favorite sweet food treats too Gerry. ❤ Rest and self-care is first and foremost for all of us this incredible year. ❤

    • Gerry, Give yourself the permissions you would give the person you loved most in the world. I decided a few years ago that self indulgence and self care are not naughty luxuries anymore but vital to our process. I did a channeled writing in 2006 when I was first starting to see the ascension happening and asked what I needed to do. The answer was basically to eat donuts, drink wine and dance if you want. It really doesn’t matter…just make yourself as happy and comfortable as possible.

  • Yep. Every time I go for a bike ride or play tennis go for a walk or swim etc the energies clear and shift at the macro level. I can see it and feel it. Amazing link. Like gears from the physiclal to nonphysical and vice versa. A very natural and effortless process possible because of the physical evolution integrated.

  • Omg Denise, boy am I glad we’re having this conversation!

    I was able to multidimensionally jump from an unpleasant dimension to a much more pleasant one whenever I needed to step out of my house to do some things. But not anymore. Everywhere I go, it is the same dimension, this timeline and there’s no getting away from it. There’s no relief from the ugliness of the people, places and things.

    At first I thought it was because I’ve lost my ability to travel multidimensionally or even that my frequency was lowered so much that I couldn’t access it. It is your response to Tyche1 and Diana really cleared some things up for linear me. While I (the linear Jain Lee) was reading all the past articles regarding Cease and Desist order, I didn’t quite understand what that meant exactly, so I’ve been asking my Higher Self and all I kept getting was “stay in the NOW moment.” My Higher Self knew better and prevented me from dimensional jumping!

    I’m not sure if my job right now is to bridge the existing New Earth World to this one but I keep seeing it in my mind’s eye whenever I’m in the NOW moment. So that’s what I’m focused on.

    Thank you for blowing your fuse to birth this precious message.

    • Jain Lee,

      And I need all of you now too to help me have direct interactions and conversations with instead of me doing it like I’ve always done which was my just writing at the computer talking to myself! I need the interaction with and questions and feedback etc. from all of you now too. ❤

      After I wrote those two Comments this morning, I had to take a shower and feed myself and take a short nap. A LOT of energy and instant change came through because of what I wrote about in them that I haven't been able to clearly describe about all this all of 2020! But when it all suddenly was able to come through and be written down in Comments this morning, THAT told me that much is about to shift some more (starting this morning when these conversations happened) because I finally got the "green light" to fully externalize these topics into the physical dimension. I am often intentionally held back from writing about certain things, events, happenings etc. because it is NOT the time yet to put them out into the physical world. Just because I or anyone else perceives certain things does NOT mean I or some others are supposed to or are allowed to share that particular information/Light at the time I first perceive it. And that is why I struggle and fumble and get frustrated over my inability to express certain information at certain times. Even I forget this higher “rule” sometimes! But this morning it was a full out green light GO about the Divine Cease & Desist Order for some, not even all of the Volunteers and this particular mission Work.

      What I’ve been perceiving about this topic all of 2020 is that those of us Volunteers that have THIS job as one of our first Phase 2 jobs, is that we have been and still are needed to stay-at-home meaning stay in/on this primary ascending Earth world and literally ride it, steer it, drive it all the way to HOME, meaning to NEW Earth-ness. We’re not really “bridging” the two Earth worlds but more accurately drawing the two together into the Unified finished version which is NEW Earth. Other Volunteers continue doing what they have which is fine for them but that is NOT what I am or many of you have been doing in Phase 2 2020 for the reasons mentioned.

      I’m trying to get an article put together about this as quickly as I can because as I said, the very fact that I was finally allowed to share this specific information in the ways I have today tells me that more and very big and important changes and shifts etc. will continue from this morning forward and all because I got the “green light” to finally express this information today, October 8, 2020. Thanks Jain L. ❤

      • Hi Denise and All Here,

        If I’ve understood your Comments and all others’ appropriately, I’m applying these understandings to my caregiving experiences within the Divine “Cease and Desist” orders of Phase 2 and the “timeline jumping” that I used to participate in more frequently and “willingly” prior to January 2020. What this means is that it has become almost impossible for me to “descend,” even for one moment, into the lower medical/pharmaceutical/administrative/procedural aspects and frequencies which are required for my partner’s day-to-day care (I’ve been doing this for nine years, the last four very intensively). It’s “almost” as if I’ve made a decision that, at some level, my non-participation in any of these will “cause” him to exit 3D because of my inner refusal to endorse his ongoing involvement in these “therapeutic” practices and directions. So, inwardly, I have made my “Stay-at-HOME” requirements THE ultimate, most important aspect of my day-to-day life, much more so than my partner’s physical/mental/emotional stability. This sounds very callous, I know…but I also know that, even if miracles can occur at any moment, I no longer spend any time attempting to have him “see things differently,” change his outlooks or to have him BE different in any way so that a miracle “could” arise. I’ve made MY ascension AP/EP more important than his day-to-day ongoingness and possible improvement…even though I’d very much enjoy seeing him have a more pain-free experience with LIFE.

        This is how I’m understanding the Phase 2 process playing out at the individual level. The ability to shift multidimensionally, into a lower frequency and then back into a “faster,” “cleaner” frequency is fading very rapidly…and only the “purest” possible timeline(s) where one gets to “be” the greatest version of the grandest vision one has ever had for oneself and their life in this incarnation, becomes desirable. Indeed, it’s very difficult to put these feelings into words…but one thing for sure, I’m feeling them very emphatically…

        As for all the accompanying symptoms in the lower chakras, they are a nuisance…but the opening of the brain glands and their assistance in releasing what no longer works at the mental/emotional level, is a great gift.

        Much more to say for sure, but as always, I’m grateful to you Denise and all the awakened/awakening Volunteer Commenters here and their incisive perspectives. I’ve been so busy embodying/Embodying that finding time to share my personal observations has been difficult linear-time-wise…but I know that virtually everyone here understands what that means. As always, much HighHeart Love to you Denise, and to Everyone Here…I always feel so grateful being able express myself in this forum…Many thanks again!

        • Hi Raymond,

          Thank you for commenting on your embodying/Embodying experience. I’d like to also add to your comment on being busy while embodying/Embodying, my feel is that time suddenly disappears, as does everything else, so much so that days have passed in this state that when you’re snapped out of it, it’s really hard to relate the experience into words because SO much has happened internally. It’s like trying to describe each drop of water escaping from cupped hands.

          You’re doing all that you can for your partner, please don’t feel callous. Having watched my father get sick and pass away, I’d often feel a grip of guilt like I didn’t do enough. But now I understand that everything played out the way it was supposed to according to our soul contract for all involved.

          You’ve gotta do “you.”

      • Dear Denise and All,
        My cease and desist, stay at home order from Source has taken me back to level 1 of the lockdown, with a few personal provisos: groceries, necessities particular to my personal ascension. I’m very sensitive to past vibes, so I’m changing out my wardrobe for natural fibers that accept and express frequencies more ‘smoothly’, one more time. Being around 3D right now is like skin rubbed against sandpaper and I find I have to ground in new Earth and cleanse and protect more often. I need more rest and less food, and my memory is nonexistent, so I have no choice but to stay in the Now.
        I see new Earth sometimes now and the feeling is so profound like distant thunder, but so wonderfully enveloping with so much expansive Love there; brings me to tears. The trees are really big and healthy!
        I feel like I’m on a crash PHD. Course right now, in 3 months time, with no professors, no info and no guidance, except from within, I’ll arrive then at some new place, at least within myself at the graduation.
        I hope you are managing as well as possible, which is about all we can do during this wild ride!
        Love and Light,

      • Thank you Denise for explaining everything especially about the merging of the two worlds, rather than “bridging.”

        I get that we’re suppose to stay in/on this primary ascending earth world and our job is now and has been since Jan 2020 to drive this mother home. Feels like the final stretch, the last mile.

        Can’t wait to read with what gusto you’ll write about this subject, as well as others, since you’ve received the green light to knock yourself (and us!) out, so exciting! Perhaps this last mile is why you’re finally allowed no-holds-barred-ness (yeah, it’s a word now).

        Much love and hugs 🤗 ❤️

        PS: also I understand exactly what you mean about all of us having a dialogue, rather than you speaking at your computer monitor, and I’ll apologize in advance when I post many more redundant and perhaps pity-sigh inducing msgs in the near future.

        • “Can’t wait to read with what gusto you’ll write about this subject,…”

          I hope the gusto shows up again real soon Jain L.! Monday, October 5th and Thursday the 8th both had really potent NEW higher energies coming in and smacking us right in our crystalline head/brain glands which caused fairly severe head pains, pressures, waves of vertigo, waves of nausea, pains down into the jaw and teeth (for some), deep exhaustion and need to nap throughout the day. In fact I slept during the day most of the 5th the energies were so intense. Same yesterday and still flowing today. The cosmic “winds” have been making our crystalline head/brain “treetops” ring, squeal and vibrate all the way down into our HighHearts yet again.

          And today the electric co. here is turning off the power in my local area to do repairs/upgrades etc. so in a few minutes the power goes out here for however long it takes them. Thank god it’s cool today which hasn’t happened since last year! Anyway, I’ll get back to writing more asap. And please, say anything you want and need to Jain L. ❤

      • “Triality” became a demonstration for me recently. Someone near and dear got a puppy, a breed she had raised years ago. Now widowed and with health issues, she wanted comfortable companionship. However, the puppy has spent these last few months growing up into an emphatic essence of his pedigree. At first she thought he was hyperactive or perhaps she was an emotionally inadequate owner or maybe too old to be fostering a young dog. But none of those explanations felt right and so she began keeping a close eye on what his behavior was expressing. He seemed at his best and happiest with the equivalent of running the moors with the Baskerville hounds. That quickly led to him taking field & retrieving training with a nearby breeder and his aptitude for all of that now has him moving into “study” with another good trainer who will shortly be preparing and entering him in various trials and competitions. Three women put their heads together and figured this one out, introducing owner and animal to a whole new world that neither knew a thing about. The three figured prominently in the transformation presently underway. Each a distinct contribution and critical to him becoming his best and highest. And it turned around very quickly in a matter of weeks.

  • Hi everyone..I feel like I just cant be in the old energies so if I have to be around people or out in the world a bit it is very challenging.My own space is silent and calm once I keep the TV and screens off as I cant watch any news now.More restrictions here now in Ireland and I feel the collective stress.Nature is so good and all of your comments help a lot.Deep breathing and patience needed.

  • WOW DENISE!!! Thank you so much for your reply to Diana. Awesome 💛 You are always amazing with your writings, clear explanations and insights. THANK YOU ❤️

    • Thank You Ana, that means a lot to me. I try. ❤

      In the article I'm going to write about this topic, I'll include why I am often intentionally prevented from writing and talking about certain things, events, topics etc. BEFORE it’s time for that to happen physically.

  • Diana, you expressed the feeling very well. I am so tired of this reality, the new seems like it is about to happen but, it doesn’t. Whenever things need to be repaired or otherwise dealt with, I just want to let it go. It’s just going away anyway, isn’t it? Even my lemon tree seems to be dying – the lemons have stoped ripening. This is the most frustrating time. I miss the communications from all of you. Be well everyone. This, too, shall pass?

    • Agree with you 100% Gerry. Thank you for writing what I didn’t have the energy to post last night when I commented. Love for you, Denise and everyone here today. Miss you too.

  • Hi Denise,

    I’ve been meaning to check in but these last few weeks had me so discombobulated. It’s just now that I feel like I’m coming out of some crazy hazy storm filled with flying crap and DT zingers.

    Also been feeling uncharacteristically in a bad mood as well. Idk what has happened etherically but it was huge and still not over with but feel has just turned a corner, really don’t know how to express that better, sorry.

    I don’t really give a shit what happens in the news, who’s gonna win or even the virus, I’m just busy sending light and love to everyone who mean something to me, like you. Feel better.

    • I am better. Broke out in a horrible itchy rash from nowhere for a few days. All of my other ascension symptoms as well. Finally feeling back to normal (almost). I am trying to make resting and self care top priority. Not my strong suit. I locked myself in my studio for several days and brought thru a very powerful painting of women marching in a line into the earth plane. Wore me out! It is all about the Divine Feminine. I would post it but don’t know how😊

      • Debbie & All,

        “Women marching in a line into the earth plane.”

        That is EXACTLY what’s been happening for the past few years but in Phase 2 it’s huge and “IT” is the return of Divine Mother/Feminine to ascending Earth, ascending humanity, human consciousness and external reality. The NEW codes are this too and more but with the return of Divine Mother/Feminine and of Divine Father/Masculine in these higher NEW ways the old duality and patriarchal Sausage Party 🙄 is squirming in all this Light and eating itself in front of everyone.

        Big positive surprises coming and soon with this and women, NEW higher frequency embodied women I mean, stepping in to make the needed course corrections for humanity and Earth now. And no, females won’t “rule the world” like the old male patriarchy did because we’ve evolved beyond old lower Duality and are now embodied with NEW Triality codes, Lights, energies etc. This is totally NEW and so much better for ALL. Would love to see your artwork of this Debbie, thanks for manifesting it physically. ❤

    • Hi Gerry, thanks for checking in. ❤

      I'm not in a very good mood today because, well, because. Doing my best, as I know so many of us are, to not lose focus because so many people are ______________ fill in the blank. It's to be expected considering where we are now but that doesn't mean any of this is easy.

      I'm just gonna say this — it's obvious to me that the ascension community has fractured in 2020 and all groups have gone off in very different directions which really means different ascending Earth worlds. The AP is a DIY process, as it should be however.

      I should shut up because I really am in a bad mood at the moment. It will pass, it always does. Thanks again Gerry for checking in here. I hope you are doing exceptionally well and embodying like crazy. 🙂 ❤

      • Feeling like there should be something to say but I have no idea what! Feeling like we’ve been put on hold – like back in 2008 or so – when we had to wait for everyone to choose or catch up. Feeling frustrated and irritated because the totally NEW is right there and I can’t – quite – grab it.

        Will you please say more about “the ascension community” being “fractured”? Is that what we’re feeling? Like my solid foundation got a little wobbly??

        Love y’all HighHeart family…..
        Really appreciate you Denise!!!! 💜

        • Diana,

          I’ve been feeling like I’m on ‘hold’ too. Don’t know why. I’m just trying to hold it together, but I found an article on Huffpost awhile back that was about how Nature bounces back when humans get out of the way. I don’t know if this would help anyone else, but just looking at the pics and the title of the article grounds me & charges me in a very powerful way. I know I don’t feel the ascension symptoms the way many here do, but I’ve been very tired lately and it has nothing to do with whether I sleep or not.

          Gerry, Thanks so much for asking. I shared your concerns.

          Denise, please hang in there. If you’re up for it, I’d also appreciate if you can share anything about the ascension community being fractured. I confess there are few sites I visit any more. This site is the only one I check each day. Only if you’re up to it, though. Self care must have priority.

        • “Denise, please hang in there. If you’re up for it, I’d also appreciate if you can share anything about the ascension community being fractured. I confess there are few sites I visit any more. This site is the only one I check each day. Only if you’re up to it, though. Self care must have priority.”

          Tyche1, Diana H. & All,

          I just wrote a Comment reply to Diana H. and All so please read it.

          The reasons for the Phase 2 2020 fracture in the ascension community is due to what I just wrote about in that Comment. Because this is so important, plus I never know when I’m going to slide into that place where I’m able to express and share something from higher levels of awareness and being etc., I just quickly poured out what I could about all this in that Comment. I think I will repeat myself and put it in an article so more people see, read it.

          Simply said, not all Volunteers are currently capable of doing what I talked about in that Comment. Not all Volunteers are, even in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, at the same levels, focus, ability and specific mission Work and that’s perfectly okay and normal. They never have been. But in Phase 2 2020 this year every Volunteer that WAS, IS currently capable of stopping themselves from repeatedly changing ascending Earth worlds and timelines and “staying at home” for however long it takes US to make this, make the connection between slightly lower frequency primary ascending Earth world (this one today) to the already existing and waiting on us back down here Volunteers, to bridge, to fully UNITE the lower ascending Earth world with the already in existence primary ascended NEW Earth world.

          Not all Volunteers are capable of doing this this year as has been and continues to be obvious. Those Volunteers that have been and continue doing THIS particular ascension related Work of literally and finally pulling, lifting, steering and lastly fully CONNECTING AND UNIFYING the highest of the lower ascending Earth world with the already completed and awaiting ascended NEW Earth world — that we’ve been repeatedly and intentionally jumping timelines AND dimensions AND linear time space into higher quantum nonlinear time space to Work on all along!!! But it’s been required of us in Phase 2 2020 this year to STOP doing this intentional moving upward vibrationally and forward in “time” to NEW Earth and back down again to slightly lower frequency ascending primary Earth and for most of us this needed STAY AT HOME AND STOP RUNNING AROUND THE COSMOS AND DIMENSIONS has been fucking, yes fucking hard and painful and profoundly difficult because we’re so, so, so great at being in multiple places and dimensions and timelines and repeatedly and intentionally shifting between them all.

          I feel like I’m giving birth finally after trying to do this — verbalize this information as best and as accurately as I could all year!

          The Volunteers that haven’t been and won’t be doing this particular Work this year have all fractured off on to the numerous different ascending Earth worlds they EACH are a current frequency match with. Those of us who’ve been able to do this bridging and unifying of the primary ascending Earth world with/to the already completed and awaiting us NEW Earth world are continuing doing exactly that, and more. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • “Feeling like we’ve been put on hold – like back in 2008 or so – when we had to wait for everyone to choose or catch up. Feeling frustrated and irritated because the totally NEW is right there and I can’t – quite – grab it.”

          You just perfectly described the 2020 Phase 2 Divine Cease & Desist Order Diana!


          I’ve tried repeatedly this year to express the many, many reasons for the Divine Cease & Desist Order and I’ve never felt fully satisfied with what I’ve written about it. One of the reasons for it was to make everyone, especially the Volunteers, STOP what they’d been doing throughout Phase 1 of the AP because Phase 2 just began in January 2020 and the NEW codes and Light energies etc. (of Phase 2) were and still are pouring it constantly and needed, need to be embodied and continue being embodied by the Volunteers.

          This next part is what I’ve felt I’ve NOT expressed or explained well so far this year. Deep breath because it’s quantum and about the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and about how we Volunteers are capable of repeatedly changing or “jumping” different timelines and ascending Earth worlds.

          You know how the unaware humans have rebelled against being forced to stop running around wherever and whenever they’ve wanted to in pandemic and economic collapse 2020? They’ve been frustrated, irritated, angry and rebellious about their old familiar “freedoms” having been taken away from them this year due to the pandemic and economic collapse etc. They don’t have the old usual money and/or incomes they’re used to having plus they’re not able to run around, drive around, fly around etc. and do all the things they’re used to doing and so on. Cease & Desist for them at those levels.

          Now consider the different ways the Volunteers have been affected by the 2020 Divine Cease & Desist Order. We too have been forced to STOP our old Phase 1 AP habits and routines but it’s the WHY of this that’s so important and needs to be consciously understood by us all.

          Most of us Volunteers are used to — even if you’re not acutely consciously aware of it — changing ascending Earth timelines, PLUS “jumping” or more accurately just moving forward/upward and then dropping back down in frequency and space time. Like the unaware humans are used to going anywhere they want whenever they want, so too have the Volunteers been used to going anywhere we wanted and needed to whenever it was required we did so.

          Sit still, relax, open more and let yourself catch up with this now in October 2020 because it’s obviously the time for all of us to have this more clear open discussion about this particular aspect of the 2020 Divine Cease & Desist Order and the mandatory human ‘stay-at-home’ PLUS what I’ve been calling the Volunteer Stay-at-HOME need this whole year. ❤ ❤ ❤

          What I first perceived about this in January into February 2020 was that it was terribly important for we Volunteers — the Ascension Volunteers, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Embodiers, Pathpavers etc. — to Cease & Desist changing ascending Earth timelines and worlds like we've been doing since the start of the Ascension Process (AP). That was a huge and unexpected change for most all of us because we've been Working the AP by repeatedly changing timelines — jumping forward and higher then intentionally dropping back down into lower slower frequencies and ascending Earth worlds and so on. In other words, the Volunteers have been constantly changing or "jumping" timelines throughout Phase 1 of the AP because we've been energetically WORKING them all. Cleaning some of them up, ending many of them, collecting and removing certain people from some of them and relocating them to safe ascending timelines that we knew were going to continue, stopping Team Dark from creating any more offshoot timelines and much more. We've been Working and embodying and clearing etc. etc. etc. not just here on this ascending Earth world we're in right now but many, many of them since 1998-1999.

          This should be an article! I may quote myself and make it one because this is that important I feel.

          So we all know why the unaware humans have been placed in the 2020 “lock-down” Cease & Desist Order, but have you figured out yet why you and all the rest of we Volunteers have been too this year? It’s clever as they always are!

          We Volunteers have been placed in the 2020 Phase 2 “lock-down” Divine Cease & Desist Order because we’ve been needed to “stay-at-home” meaning remain in THIS timeline, on THIS ascending Earth world and constantly Stay-at-HOME within ourselves and our HighHearts no matter how difficult and trying that has been at times this year. Why? Because who else is capable of embodying, anchoring, stabilizing and maintaining the primary ascending Forerunner of the Forerunner NEW Earth world/worlds than we Volunteers?

          For us to accomplish this much needed Phase 2 level task, the Volunteers were abruptly forced to STOP doing what they’d all been doing, some obsessively and had become almost unconscious, and make the shift into our Phase 2 level of energy Work which was to STOP changing timelines, STOP changing from one lower ascending Earth world to a slightly higher frequency one, STOP repeatedly moving from linear moments in linear time to higher quantum levels beyond linear time and back again REPEATEDLY as we’ve been doing throughout the entire AP. We’ve been needed to ‘stay-at-home’ and Stay-at-HOME within ourselves, our HighHeart and our physical bodies and this timeline because we’re needed this year to fully and completely remain in and on the main, let’s call it the primary Forerunner ascending Earth world and embody and Embody on and in it in ourselves and our bodies to anchor and stabilize it and literally bridge it from the higher frequency “future” to our current slightly lower frequency “now” PHYSICALLY AND ENERGETICALLY.

          Dear god did I express everything I’ve needed to about this aspect of all this finally? Please?! :\ It’s all perfect and understood in my Higher Awareness but translating it into linear words is vastly more difficult!

          Simply put, for we Volunteers the Divine Cease & Desist Order has been in 2020 about us doing something that none of us has done before in our personal AP Work and missions. We’ve been the only ones capable of remaining in place, staying at home and HOME on primary ascending Earth world and in our Embodied physical bodies and literally bridging that world to THE near future primary ascending Earth world.

          Yeah, that or continue running around like unaware Phase 1 fools doing old, no longer needed ascension stuff.

          I’ll end this here and hope to highest everything that I finally expressed this most important aspect the Volunteers that could and can do this have been and continue doing it and why. Please feel free to ask any questions any of you may have about this particular aspect. It very much needs to be better understood and consciously by far more Volunteers now. ❤

        • Yes, Diana!! Thank you!! I apologize, I didn’t see your comment when I replied to Gerry. Yes to you both and agree with anyone else posting here who says they feel like they are on hold again. I do too!! Thank you Diana ❤️

        • Denise,

          I know you are not keen on the ‘authority structure’ concept of which I have been a part for a long time as you equate it to the patriarchy, but it has it’s higher purpose. (think less control structure and more chain of rescue… people gripped arm in arm to reach over a cliff and save someone) But if I had to put the concept in a single term, I’d call it like a ‘planetary coast guard’… and I don’t mean outer space, I mean protecting the space between the dimensions that you speak of. (We started out when there was only TWO.) X^D

          “this needed STAY AT HOME AND STOP RUNNING AROUND THE COSMOS AND DIMENSIONS has been fucking, yes fucking hard and painful ”

          THIS! This started for me, even before this year’s Cease & Desist order. (By the time the pandemic lockdown hit, I was like, “Finally, I am no longer alone.”) Which makes sense for me, because I often find myself being ‘moved’ to new places or territories in advance of others. (Not that I am special, more like I get thrown to the wolves first… sent in where angels fear to tread, etc.) But since about last November, a personal loss in my world has left me stuck at the vibrational bottom of it all and I have been absolutely miserable. However this recent event of Saturn going direct seems to have heralded a breakthrough for me. That very night, something broke free in terms of physical housing and a series of ‘clearly planned by someone’ synchronicities have led to movement towards my wife and I finding a house. And I can only assume that once that is done, other ‘issues’ will break loose and start to ‘be better’. I am already seeing signs of it coming.

          My point in saying this… 1) Thank you, 2) I agree and 3) if the pattern holds true, maybe things will break free for everyone else soon. – Being the ‘advance man’ has it’s pains and it’s perks. But for me, the election of 2008 was a HUGE beacon of a drastic time change and I was informed at some point that it was a 12 year long ordeal… I would assume that means that this years election will return ‘us’ to some sense of ‘normalcy’ (whatever that is) with regards to the progress in social/cultural/world evolution that was taking place prior to November 2008, just slightly ‘moved over’. Think of it like this… remember the ‘Hot Wheels’ toys as kids? They would go down a track, whip through a loop and then shoot on forward, only slightly over to one side or another. That’s this last 12 years… we’ve been in a sort of time loop and now will make forward progress again, but in a slightly better position than we were when we entered it. (I believe Hillary was elected before instead of Obama and it did not end well.)

          If none of this makes sense, don’t post it… if it does, please comment. For all I know I was woken up too early today by a phone call and I am still dreaming. =^) And you know how weird dreams can be… only thing weirder is life itself. =^D

  • Trump and Ms Trump tested positive for covid.
    That seems significant in some strange indecipherable way.

    Thank you Denise for being my touchstone to higher heart life 💜❤️💚


  • Well Denise, you did say that Phase 2 was gonna get Real, and it just did. President Trump and the First Lady both have Covid-19. He got it from his advisor Hope Hicks. Yep, Phase 2 just kicked into high gear. Of course he defiantly didn’t wear a mask and bragged about it and his supporters followed his dangerous lead. Hopefully lessons will be learned here. Like this virus is real and not messin around and nobody’s immune (except maybe us lightworkers but I’ll still keep wearing a mask in public), and as we know neither is the ascension process.


    • Robert L. & Diana H.,

      I just saw this info online this morning. It was just a matter of time before he caught it. He’ll probably call it ‘a hoax!’ It will be interesting to see if the Old Dude (Biden) caught it from him during the insane first presidential debate. I’m giggling because it’s all just way too much.

      The Divine Cease & Desist Order at Work on global humanity, Earth, reality, realities everywhere. It’s the why of the Cease & Desist Order that’s important. Cease & Desist because we’re leaving the old lower now and shifting, separating from it and we’ve all GOT to be as free and clear in all ways within ourselves, our hearts, heads, bodies, cells, DNA and all else to make this ascension transition. It won’t happen in a split-second, it could but that’s not what I’ve been perceiving, but it is and will continue to unfold faster and faster and higher and higher. Let go, release, Cease & Desist so that you can shift transition out of the old lower everything completely and make this separation shift in these more potent and continuous mini-shifts or energetic stair-steps.

      We all can feel IT, we’ve been feeling IT all of 2020 Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. In Phase 2 you can feel IT building around us at a rate and intensity that’s never happened before during the entire Ascension Process. You can feel IT building in us and in Earth. She feels to me like she’s ready to pop soon and she, Earth, Gaia feels like there’s a strong possibility of increased earthquakes (which have been happening around the Ring of Fire for the past couple of months). IT is happening now and will continue and each of us needs to focus on self and body and opening ourselves to the NEW more greatly than we ever have to date. I’ll try to get something written about this asap but everyone remember, I’m living and Embodying this too constantly.

      Expect the unexpected everyone. Expect increased anomalies. Expect linear time to disappear for periods due to your shifting consciousness and frequency etc. Expect old reality to do things that NO ONE expected, predicted, perceived, wrote about etc. Source is at Work here, not humans, not Team Dark. Pay attention, open your HighHeart and trust The Process, and allow yourself and Earth to take this next higher level mega step separation shift. Everyone got 2012 wrong and most are getting this wrong too. Not all but most so I say again, expect the unexpected because the wider you and I can OPEN ourselves to MORE/HIGHER/GREATER/NEW NOW the more fun this will be. I can’t believe I just said “fun” about this! 😆 Let there be Light, LOVE and fun in this transition. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Hi Denise & all,

        Remember the remarks we made last week re Sept 29? Please bear with me here as I recount an experience I had on the 29th. Basically a coworker of mine started on a discussion on politics. Unfortunately he is a T fan, which I had suspected but…

        Anyway, I unfortunately engaged which was a mistake. He & I have worked together for many years and we’ve always got on well and I sincerely hope this didn’t damage our friendship/working relationship. At any rate, what really blew me away was how emotional and disconnected this person was. it actually helped me disengage somewhat as I tried to understand his point (points actually, there seemed to be several points somehow fused together). My ultimate take was how fearful he is and how overwhelming this is for him. I feel for my friend but I know I cannot intercede as this is his path to walk.

        When I came here on Sept 30 and read the posts, I was able to laugh and lighten up a bit (thanks Denise & Kara).

        And somehow, someway, I feel this morning’s news is connected to that experience last week.

        Sorry Denise if this doesn’t really sound coherent. Please don’t post if this doesn’t contribute to the current discussion. But let me state again how grateful I am for this community.

        • No it makes a lot of sense Tyche1. The unaware people are indeed unaware and all this is going to get increasingly painful for them in multiple ways.

          “I feel for my friend but I know I cannot intercede as this is his path to walk.”

          YES! Higher Awareness and HighHeart — let them live, feel and deal with whatever it all is that every person alive now needs to. Cease & Desist.


          I’ve been having to do this with my son since he told me his common-law wife suddenly, unexpectedly died mid-August. I HAD to leave him alone so he would live, feel and deal with all of that, which he still is and will for a long time. From the day he told me about her death I’ve sensed he could die from a broken heart, commit suicide, or possibly die from COVID-19 himself because his lungs are so bad plus he’s so compromised from this loss. I lived with those possibilities from mid-August through mid-September because I know what the Divine Cease & Desist Order means for us all in all ways. I especially knew what was playing out between me and my son and that it was the most important experiences and moments of his entire life. I knew that and so I gave him the time and privacy to go through it all and make his own decisions about everything.

          Once he’d lived through them during that first incomprehensibly difficult and shocking month, he called me and talked his heart and guts out, finally, and he confessed that he had considered committing suicide but that he wouldn’t. He also told me everything about the night she died and how it was only the two of them there until paramedics and police arrived. He also told me how they all automatically thought he was the cause of her death! If everyone remembers, I experienced something very similar when I had to call 911 the first few days of June 2019 for my mom who I knew was dying. One of the two paramedics that came instantly accused me of abusing her which brought the police and a Social Worker after me for a full month — the last month of my mom’s life. At least when the day arrived that she died it was only she and I at my home so I could help her to exit and transition. (I shared this info before.)

          If you are the Light, this is a common Portal People lower world reaction with many of those people in positions of power — they instantly blame it on you and come after you. I could not believe they did this to my son while he was showing them her many breathing meds, nebulizer etc. (COPD) and telling them that’s why she was on disability etc. He was in shock from his one and only love having just died while he tried doing CPR on her. Didn’t matter, they instantly suspected and accused him of causing her death until they confirmed her pre-existing medical conditions. Can you imagine going through something like this on top of going through what you were which was why you called 911 in the first place?

          And when I first shared about my son’s loss, some readers scolded, chided me in Comments for not using what they felt were the right and correct words such as daughter-in-law. I am so done.

          I needed to get this all out finally, thanks for reading feeling both situations. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Yeah, I wasn’t surprised Trump caught the virus. So far Biden and his wife tested negative. Now they’re not sure if there can be another debate, or at least not one in person. Maybe they’ll do it on skype. By the way, I like how you call Biden old patriarchal dude. It reminds me of Bill and Ted, and Trump looks like one of those royal ugly dudes *lol* They got a new movie out. It’s kinda strange to see them as middle aged men with grown daughters when you think of them as teenagers. Makes me feel old to think the first one is over 30 years old now.

        So yeah, this whole thing is serious business but you can have some fun and laughter through this too. Sometimes you gotta laugh a little to stay sane, right. So be excellent to each other and…………….

        Party on dudes!

  • Today is October 1, 2020 and I’ve noticed since I first got up this morning that it’s been absolutely silent outside so far today. I love/LOVE it when this happens, when external physical reality goes totally quiet outside because it’s an indicator that we have or are in another moment of shifting from one level, place, stage, frequency etc. to another higher one. Almost every time this happens it goes completely silent outside, like everyone out there isn’t there at the moment, however long this particular moment lasts. Much of this has to do with our shifting from the last day of September to the first day of October — or any other months for that matter — but I do so love the quiet silence and stillness in the external world when we make these smaller shifts. Just wanted to share this before humanity catches up and the noise returns again. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I’m living at top of a hill above the tree line now in Mammoth, in a house apart and above “locals.” The other day a large raven flew past me while I was on the deck, but now birds fly at my eye level, I’m so high up. I could hear the wind pass through its wings! I had no idea it made such a sound. You would’ve loved it, I bet. I sure did. Sending Love to you Denise! ❤️☄️

  • Dear Denise,

    I’m noticing some very strong anxiety and despair, some from the normies but mostly from the etheric field. Something on a huge scale has occurred since or leading up to the equinox.

    Every day the clearing of this miasma seems to be broader and bigger, the result being something like a breath of fresh air for longer periods of time before we’re submerged again to clear some more of it.

    Idk if I’m describing it correctly but this is my general feel for these last couple of weeks. This triality is just awesome, now I “know/feel/intuit” more, definitely not all but more.

    Thank you Denise for explaining everything and being there at the right time in my life, you are very much loved and appreciated for the Light that you are ❤️

    • ❤ Gratitude hug Jain L.

      “Something on a huge scale has occurred since or leading up to the equinox.”

      This is for All, (September 29, 2020)

      VERY true and I tried but don’t think I expressed this well enough in Evolution From Duality To Triality article. The main point I was trying to get across was how we, the Volunteers, the First Everythingers, the Forerunners, the Embodiers etc. have embodied enough at this point that now every time we embody the latest incoming cosmic, galactic, photonic, solar “winds”, waves, pulsations etc., those very energy “winds” blow into our physical bodies (meaning we embody them all) which cause us to vibrate, ring, buzz, shake internally etc. just like the wind blowing through the tops of mountain pine trees. The cosmos, galaxy, sun and more “blow” and we embody those energy winds/waves/pulsations which FURTHER causes each of us to vibrate higher, faster, brighter etc. and THAT in turn automatically causes external reality to match what we have embodied and are continuing to become. In other words, WE are manifesting NEW Earth because we have been embodying the energies and templates and codes etc. for it all along.

      That was my main point in this article — wanting the First Everythingers to understand that many of us have reached the frequency and vibrational elevation, aka ‘Light quotient’ as some have called it, in Phase 2 of the AP that we now are instantaneously causing the old lower everything to disappear because, as I said, higher and lower frequency energies cannot co-exist in the same space/place/location together. So… this now means that every time we get blasted by another incoming NEW higher Light energies, Solar transmissions, galactic transmissions, cosmic transmissions which is almost constant in Phase 2, those “winds” blow in, we embody them, vibrate even higher than we did hours before which automatically helps “ascend” and manifest external reality that’s a match to us and what we’ve embodied.

      Every time the cosmic/galactic/solar “winds” blow (and are embodied by us — Do you hear that constant inner ear ringing, humming, squealing in your head again? That’s those “winds” blowing into and through your Rewired head, brain glands and HighHeart “tree tops”!) through your, mine, our First Everythingers “tree tops”. And THAT is, in Phase 2, instantly causing external physical reality to more rapidly dismantle, disappear and simultaneously start manifesting matching frequency NEW Earth so we have a place to land on and live on as the NEW beings we are increasingly becoming. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thanks for explaining this again, Denise. I understood more from it. ❤️❤️

        I came to the comments tonight after realizing that, sure enough, today (9/29) was another from your list about the second half of 2020. I’ve been having wacky physical symptoms on and off the last few days that I thought were hormonal (and probably are in part)— hot flashes, nausea, purging, headaches, feeling suddenly and thoroughly walloped/dizzy when moments before I was more or less fine. Increasingly stranger feelings of here/not here. Tonight an intense feeling of anger and despondency/apathy, which I initially attributed to the fact my house is such a mess and it feels like no one else cleans up and trying to maintain any sense of order feels pointless. (None of this entirely true, of course, and it’s normal with small children.) Anyway, I escaped on a walk and realized that was just its expression in my personal circumstance in that moment. I’m no astrology expert, so I’m curious if anyone can share more about the Mars/Saturn square today.

        I’m hiding in the basement where I can’t hear the presidential debate and eating lots of chocolate. Feels like I’m on deck and in the waiting room for something MORE that’s coming. I want to DO all the things to make it happen! I’m reminding myself I AM right now just by existing and choosing and being willing. (Which you have helped me embrace over the years, Denise.) Grateful for this space as always and everyone here! ✨💛

        • “I’m hiding in the basement where I can’t hear the presidential debate and eating lots of chocolate.”

          😆 That sentence says it all Kara, please pass the chocolate!

          The September 29, 2020 exact Mars Saturn square — Mars 25 degrees ARIES, and Saturn 25 degrees CAPRICORN. Squares are 90 degree angles which cause tension between the two planet as they’re sort of at odds with each other and fight it out… much like what happened last night with the first presidential debate.

          Aries is ruled by Mars so there’s all that heat, fighting, hot-headed tempers and need to rule the day sort of lower egoic energies. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which has to do with holding the line, structures, discipline, governments in general, people and positions of power etc. Mars wants to burn the place down and go to war and Saturn wants to maintain the old structures, systems and realities. It was super easy to see these two lower side energies of both Mars and Saturn being manifested by the Orange Menace and Old patriarchal Dude.

          More generally and personally, Mars in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn (now) indicates how most people in the USA but everywhere else too are feeling the need to break free and start anew, build NEW higher things while the entire old lower patriarchal world disintegrates. The January 2020 Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction already removed and replace the old global negative patriarchy which had to happen so the NEW could enter and replace it all. What we’re all going through this year and next is the transition of all that and the ugly and fighting, resisting, demanding, protesting, holding the corrupt accountable, sending lawbreakers to prison and on and on.

          October 9, 2020 Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn and there will be more and probably worse of this and revelations of how corrupt and negative the whole damned thing has always been. Then Mars squares Jupiter on October 18th and more of same happens and on it goes until December 21, 2020 Solstice!!! when totally NEW lengthy astrological and energetic cycles start in the sign/energies of Aquarius and its ruling planet, Uranus BUT at this NEW higher ascending level.

          The dismantling of the worldwide patriarchy is being done in stair-steps too but it’s happening super fast now because we’re in Phase 2 of the AP. Even if Old patriarchal Dude becomes the president (he will), he is NOT the solution — he’s just a bit better than the Orange Menace and is a stair-step out of everything that people have been having to see and realize that’s utterly corrupted and does not work anymore for anyone. Stair-steps of the end and stair-steps into the NEW so everyone doesn’t explode into insanity and/or death and/or sheer madness! Evolution… ❤

        • OMG Denise & Kara!

          You SO described my day yesterday. What a relief it is to come here this morning & read both your entries (whew!)

          Thanks Denise for your insight. It really helps to see the astrological connections and how all this links with the AP. I need the reinforcement and the perspective right now.

          I’m also trying to hide and BRING ON the chocolate!!!!



        • Haha!! Same here Kara, Jain Lee and Tyche1!
          Yesterday was rough. I almost posted a comment about such but figured it was all my own shit. 😖. I m starting to connect the dots around my physical/emotional body pain and cosmic astrological alignments and movement, thanks to you Denise! You are helping so many people with your descriptions and knowledge of higher energies working! Thank you so much!! Just say YES to chocolate 😋
          Stephanie N.

        • Hilarious!!! I’m eating chocolate while reading the comments and I’m happy to share!!! HUGS 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Hello Denise and all my Cosmic family
        I am so looking forward to being able to put my foot down on New Earth. Even though it is in me too. Thank you for your article. I didn’t realise about the upgrade we have had. But it explains so much. I have not been “here” so much the last , well, maybe forever 😂 but The last few days I have such intense ideas come . New pictures that have yet to be drawn. But my point is they have taken me to deep space. I can’t put it better than that. I think it’s pure creative force. I just keep seeing the start of universes and stars. It’s so lovely. But the head pains and fatigue have not been so great.
        Many hugs
        Magda xxxx

  • Thank you for sharing celestial music through your beautiful words, Denise. You took me back to that eventful night of the March 2019 equinox and from my vantage point on the 20th++ floor of a condo building, i beheld below me rows and rows of shimmering, diamond-like triangular shapes, seemingly endless, extending in all directions! i would later know that what i saw was a preview of the triality that would be the reality for the many. 😚😚😚

  • Hi Denise, I have always resonated with being big cat, ancient Egyptian aesthetics ( thinking of the way pharaoh headdresses were triangular and angular along with their torso and shoulders and triangular linen clothes they were on the bottom depicted in drawings, figurines and the like. When I read what you wrote on the ancient lion beings and the ankh which is triangulated too to resemble balance between right left upper lower male female head heart it all made sense. That and I can’t make this up, didn’t consciously plan it but wrote my masters anthro thesis on just this: the ancient Hawaiian concept of unity and lokahi that is the triangulation and triality of pono that is balance, that is integration of mind body and spirit. I learned about Hawaii and wanted to go back ever since despite never having gone in this lifetime. I feel the same longing for and sorry for homogenizing but certain Native American cultures in the U.S. particularly around wooded or mountainous regions like Montana or Mississipi and Ohio…and watching Pocahontas I so so appreciated the feeling they tried to replicate in the wind and leaves and how grandmother willow was the wisest and looked like a waning embodiment of the divine feminine…coming full circle all in relation too the triple goddess symbol featured in paganism of the moon…I could go on but… 😦 🙂

    • Hi Pat,

      “I feel the same longing for ….certain Native American cultures in the US particularly around the wooded or mountainous regions like Montana or Mississipi and Ohio..”

      I was on a working trip to Washington state, this was around the mid90s I think, I forgot the name of the place but it was a small island where my colleague lived and I recalled the wooded areas where we would stroll and the tall bamboo trees that elegantly lined the pathways. Upon my arrival and throughout my stay in that place spirits of Native Americans were a constant presence; perhaps they sensed they could communicate with me; they told me they were murdered which explained why I felt their sadness but strangely not anger; those gentle souls. On an earlier trip to the US in late 80s I had the honor of meeting some strong Native American activist leaders in Montana. From them I learned about their communities and their cultures and how their rights were being violated. Yes, we do not homogenize…. but we know common threads are there of atrocities even genocide done against many indigenous peoples in the world including those in my country. I had always felt anger and sadness over news such as the ancestral domain of an indigenous community in my country being taken over or rather stolen by a multinational corporation for its mining business. So I felt happy to learn that Sept 17th of this year was to be some sort of a marker or a cut-off date when all such atrocities against the Originals (carriers of ancient knowledge) are finally over, done, and will be no more, as said by the Spirit of an indigenous elder of a tribe in Australia. The elder told this to an Australian psychic/visionary while showing her underground tunnels where experimentations were done on the youth of his peoples. I felt truth in what the elder declared. I had experiences on the 17-18th that I have to yet understand; also I had a synchronous dream in which “17” figured prominently but I did not know what it meant. Now, now. I wonder. Could there be a reason why I felt like sharing these with you?

      Cats and ancient lion beings…. Interesting you mentioned these. There was this recent episode when I was resting my eyes but was awake, and the face of a young lion (or maybe it was that of a huge cat) appeared before my mind’s eye, and I distinctly heard it roar, really roar, up close to the ear…One time, it was a lion being that visited; from its face it seemed ancient and regal and I could feel its quiet wisdom.

      Thanks for sharing Pat. As you can see, it triggered my remembering of things…and who knows what else. Love to you

      • Thank you so very much for replying me in that way eleanor! I can feel your love for the old ways if you will through the way you related those deep and wonderful experiences. Yes some of them sad and jarring in respect to how and why there could be such suffering and injustice permitted in our world and even from a grander vantage point of learning big lessons I try again and again to understand what is the higher greater good …discerning amidst the negativity the silver lining that enables all to finally grow and forgive in the long run…after a very long long run astray back down and back into the light again. What a world and universe it is where so many levels and realities and beings all seemingly coexist…

  • Great article! and I love your ART! When the dots start connecting, they look like the old Lite Brite toy on a shot of steroids, don’t they 🤷🏼‍♀️?? I also find it interesting that you mention the equinox.. I’ve just read an article about G class solar storms, which we are in the midst of, and that they have a pattern to them.. that is, they get stronger and more intense around the time of the equinox (I guess the same happens during the Spring equinox, but I haven’t fact checked this.. 🤓) ..but here’s what I see 👁👁 in my Lite Brite toy.. during the BIG cycle of the equinox, we are, more or less, blasted with higher vibrating energies from the Sun as it filters thru the magnetosphere around Earth. As we move farther away from the ‘equinox’ and into October, every system (and I mean EVERY system) in our physical body begins the process of ‘speeding up’ so as to match the vibration of that HUGE dose of Light. (and hopefully be more acclimated to it BEFORE it cycles through again. 🤞🏼🤞🏼) Every year this cycle happens. (thank gawd we haven’t been able to get in there and totally screw it up 🙄) .. Some years are stronger and more intense than others, but with each cycle of the equinox and accompanying G class storms we are gradually amping up our human systems to accommodate this higher frequency of LIGHT. Conscious of it or not, this astronomical cycle, IS happening and it’s ripple effects ARE happening THRU us.. like electricity running thru the lamp cord to the light bulb. It feels as tho this year (2020) in particular, my human’s lamp cord is being upgraded from a 110 watt cord to a 220 watt cord.. When that amount of wattage hits the bulb in the Lite Brite, the ‘astro steroids’ kick in and it looks like fireworks exploding and often {{feels}} like 220 in the bath tub ⚡️💦 YIKES! 😬
    Remarkably tho, here we are, (mostly?) still in our bodies, having this conversation..
    Meaning that,
    #1. We survived another round of a High powered Light injection. ⚡️✨✨⚡️🥳🥳
    #2. Our Lites Brite toys are off the charts COOL
    (🤷🏼‍♀️ Some days, my human just has to let her 7 year old write the story and draw the pictures, much like your Hathor Triangle woman .. oh! and play with her Lite Brite. 😄😂)

    Thank you for always having such insightful well illustrated posts, Denise. It’s so nice to share the quantum playground with you and all y’all other readers
    Have a great one!

  • I read your beautiful words, Denise, as I listen with wide open windows (rare Ohio occurrence;) to the giant Cottonwoods in my backyard sing to me with the wind blowing through their huge heart shaped leaves. Ahhhhh….love how you string a visual sentence together with your words!
    Thank you,

  • Thank you for this! I loved the descriptions you used and really felt it strongly and really enjoyed it as that sound – of wind blowing through trees is one of my favourite calming sounds. Also my shoulders were in agony all night and this morning, and so many hot flushes in my face for two days straight. Have also been experiencing ‘drops of light’ falling down very fast from the ceiling and into the floor – especially when I’m beaming out love. Have felt an increasing need to ‘flush’ my energies out daily too. Thanks so much 💗 xxxx

  • Another fantastic article, thank you so much Denise.

    The way you used to draw human figures is the way I used to as a toddler. Somehow I’ve convinced myself to draw more “realistically” over the years and that’s how the artistic urge was sucked outta me; in other words, I did it to myself.

    That great knowing and peace is growing inside me, the breeze dancing between trees is the best way to describe that inner feeling and funnily enough it’s so unbelievably magnified when I am in fact in the park/forest. It is an overwhelming feeling of beauty and universal love to vibrate within/without and be in perfect sync.

    So good to know that my pineal glands got an upgrade and triality, I know, my wordings aren’t great, yours were a lot better 😊 I understand it with my heart.

    Love you and all here ❤️

  • Hi Denise,
    Back on December 20, 2019 at about 7:00 am pt, I had a burst of light upgrade that I thought was going to be the end me. A flash of what I called aurora light burst into my vision and ricocheted a bit in my head and then while still visible in the far right corner of my field of vision, the energy also burst into my high heart. I was driving to work at the time and even though I was aware that I was experiencing an upgrade/download, I nonetheless thought that I was going to leave my body at that moment. I verbally instructed the energy to gentle my adjustment so I would not cause a wreck harming others if I left my body while driving.
    Long story short, this process of becoming crystalline rather than carbon, or what have you, has been grueling. Your articles and the comments from the community have transformed the way I interpret the physical process of Embodiment. I have a take-it-as-it-comes trust in the process that stems from reading HHL.
    Much love and gratitude,

  • Thank you Denise 💜 I’ve found great inner peace listening to and watching the wind in the trees the last couple of decades since I moved to the city, so your words are enlightening, as usual. This was one of the only ways I really felt peace in my 20+ years in L.A.

    During the last few years I have felt moved to dance now and then and in doing so really felt the feminine energy moving through me and it seemed to be stripping away my internal blocks relating to the suppression of women’s power and my own, strong suppressed feelings about it. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it is such a powerful release followed by a peace that stays with me for a short time, but it doesn’t last. I figure that’s just life really, everything ebbs and flows.

    It feels odd to have so much spiritual insight and know the truth of it in my heart when there are so few who can possibly understand where I’m coming from. I don’t want to ramble on here and have not really opened up in public before because this whole journey and learning is such an intensely private process, well for me anyway.

    Which brings me back to the wind in the trees…I can see it out my window now, over the sounds of the street traffic and again, I thank you for reminding me.

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