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The morning of Thursday October 8, 2020, we were having discussions in the Comments area under the previous article and I mentioned the full fracturing that happened in the ascension community with the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in January 2020. That however is not the focus of this article. I’m going to quote myself and include some of what I said in those two Comments here.

First however it needs mentioning that some Volunteers are capable of emboding and Emboding more higher frequencies, more NEW, more and higher Light energies, NEW codes etc. than other Volunteers and before them as well. There is zero better than, less than to any of this, only simple facts. Every Volunteer is different and has their unique individual abilities, talents, focus, ascension mission Work and so on. Like I’ve said many times over the years, not all Volunteers, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Pathpavers, Embodiers etc. are all plumbers or roofers! All are needed with their individual specific abilities and focuses.

Another thing I need to mention is that I’m not always able to express and write about everything I’ve perceived about certain Ascension Process events and changes. Just because I’ve perceived something does not mean I’m allowed to instantly share every aspect about what I’ve perceived at that time. In many cases I am able to write about some of them immediately, then a little more a few months down the road, then some more even further into the year but always only when it is energetically appropriate to do so. This is a higher Law and necessary safeguard and how it’s always been, but sometimes even I forget this, and in my enthusiasm and desire to share information in my articles I’m given a strong red light STOP! awareness about sharing certain information before it’s time for me to do so. The physical external must be ready and able to have certain information expressed on the physical level first, and the moment it is I’m given a green light GO! awareness letting me know it’s energetically appropriate for me to now share whatever it was I may have perceived days, weeks, months or years earlier.

The times I’ve forgotten this higher safeguard and tried to write about certain information before it was energetically appropriate to do so, I’m painfully aware that I didn’t express what I wanted to in an article the way I’d intended but am unable to correct the situation and express the information fully no matter how hard I try. In other words, I am prevented from fully expressing something I’ve perceived, known, deeply felt and understood yet I fumble around getting frustrated with myself until I realize (again) that I’m being prevented from adequately expressing some specific information. What I’m going to discuss has been exactly this for me since January 2020, but the green light GO!  arrived for me concerning this particular information early morning October 8, 2020.

  • Most Volunteers repeatedly changing different timelines throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process
  • Most Volunteers repeatedly changing different ascending Earth worlds which are themselves slightly different timelines
  • Most Volunteers repeatedly exiting lower frequency “past” linear time to Work from higher frequency quantum “future” levels then intentionally go back down and reenter linear time physical reality on ascending Earth

Most Volunteers have repeatedly throughout Phase 1 changed or “jumped” from one to another and another and another timeline. That automatically also means that they have been changing or jumping or shifting repeatedly from one ascending Earth world to another and another and another for many different personal and overall collective ascension reasons throughout Phase 1. Lastly and most importantly really is that most Volunteers have also been intentionally and repeatedly leaving linear time to Work from higher quantum levels. Some would call this intentionally moving into the future and/or near future and then intentionally back down again into what we call our present time, lives and awareness here now on what I’m calling primary ascending Earth world.

“This next part is what I’ve felt I’ve NOT expressed or explained well so far this year. Deep breath because it’s quantum and about the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and about how we Volunteers are capable of repeatedly changing or “jumping” different timelines and ascending Earth worlds.

You know how the the unaware humans have rebelled against being forced to stop running around wherever and whenever they’ve wanted to in pandemic and economic collapse 2020?  They’ve been frustrated, irritated, angry and rebellious about their old familiar “freedoms” having been taken away from them this year due to the pandemic and economic collapse etc. They don’t have the old usual money and/or incomes they’re used to having plus they’re not able to run around, drive around, fly around and do all the things they’re used to doing and so on. Cease & Desist for them at those levels.

Now consider the different was the Volunteers have been affected by the 2020 Divine Cease & Desist Order. We too have been forced to STOP our old Phase 1 AP habits and routines but it’s the why of this that’s so important and needs to be consciously understood by us all.

Most of us Volunteers are used to — even if you’re not acutely consciously aware of it — changing ascending Earth worlds and timelines, PLUS jumping or more accurately just moving forward/upward and then dropping back down in frequency and time.  Like the unaware humans are used to going anywhere they want whenever they want, so too have the Volunteers been used to going anywhere we wanted and needed to whenever it was required we did so. ”  —  by Denise from October 8, 2020 Comments.

From the start of Phase 2 in January 2020, and even more so with the one and only Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction of January 12, 2020, I’ve felt a tremendous need to stop doing all the old and familiar ascension related multidimensional hopping, linear time exiting to intentionally enter higher quantum levels to Work the Ascension Process from quantum levels, and then reentering lower frequency physical linearity and slightly existing in the “past” which is our current time, life and reality. The Phase 2 2020 Divine Cease & Desist Order was felt like an incredibly important red light STOP! message from On High to all Volunteers to abruptly force us all to stop doing what we’d been doing in Phase 1 and pay attention because we’d just entered a very NEW and different level of the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process. I cannot express how strong and important a sense this Divine Order was and I’ve felt it inside my being and body since January 1, 2020. Despite all that, I haven’t been fully able to perceive all of the why’s to this, and I’m not saying I now am because I know there’s much more to come.

Because the Cease & Desist Order was a potent as it was for not only humanity but also for every Volunteer, I’ve felt a tremendous need to fulfill this NEW change and, as the Volunteer that I am, stay-at-home physically and stay-at-HOME internally in my HighHeart as much as I’m able and Work this primary ascending Earth world from it and not from other locations, other dimensions, other timelines, or from the quantum “future” and/or “near future” levels. This NEW Phase 2 demand for me and any other Volunteers that are capable of doing this in 2020, was so strong that I knew it was seriously important, plus that not everyone could do this particular ascension job in this way. It was the whole WHY of this that’s taken me all year to more completely understand and finally be able to write about finally in October 2020. When it’s time it’s time and not a minute before!

“So we all know why the unaware humans have been placed in the 2020 “lock-down” Cease & Desist Order, but have you figured out yet why you and all the rest of we Volunteers have been too this year? It’s clever as they always are!

We Volunteers have been placed in the 2020 Phase 2 “lock-down” Divine Cease & Desist Order because we’ve been needed to “stay-at-home” meaning remain in THIS timeline, on THIS ascending Earth world and constantly Stay-at-HOME within ourselves and our HighHearts no matter how difficult and trying that has been at times this year. Why? Because who else is capable of embodying, anchoring, stabilizing and maintaining the primary ascending Forerunner of the Forerunner NEW Earth world than we Volunteers?”

Throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process many of the Volunteers have been repeatedly needed to energetically Work and go into different timelines, many ascending and many not, and to repeatedly and intentionally exit linear time and enter higher and “future” and “near future” quantum levels and states and Work from there, and to repeatedly Work from multiple different dimensions on the overall Ascension Process. In other words, we Volunteers have lived our lives and done the Work from linear time, quantum levels, other dimensions, from the future, from the near future, from the past, from the current now moment that we call our current lives and so on. To go from all that which is perfectly normal to us, even if you don’t have conscious memory or awareness of all your different jobs in different locations, to suddenly needing to stay-at-home in 2020 and NOT freely run around the galaxy, the cosmos, multiple dimensions, change timelines repeatedly, shift into quantum levels and frequencies well above linear time space repeatedly to Work the Ascension Process from there for “a while” then reenter lower “past” our current ascension linear time space now is one hell of a change. One hell of a job change. One hell of a freedom restriction.

Like probably all of you reading this, I too have long wondered, pondered and considered how in the universe is the final big deal shift from old Earth, even if it’s ascending, to NEW Earth going to happen? Will it be like so many believe, something that happens in a flash and a boom and then ta da!, we’re there! ? Will Jesus show up and ta da!, it happens somehow that way? I could go on and on with this but I’ll spare us all these incorrect speculations about how this is most likely really going to happen. And please know that I’m well-aware that what I’m going to say about it may be wrong fully or partially and/or that it may change the closer we get to it, and/or will change the more the Embodiers Embody in themselves individually and so on. But nonetheless I’ve got to share what I’ve perceived, finally, about this particular aspect of all this.

A small group of close to completion Embodied Volunteers have been needed in Phase 2 2020 and 2021 to physically remain with and live on this primary ascending Earth to aid and hand deliver, HighHeart deliver, Embodied deliver, Earth Currier, walk, ride, steer, fully participate and HOME deliver this current primary ascending Earth world to already existing and awaiting us NEW Earth where the current one becomes NEW Earth.

A small group of Volunteers have been needed to abruptly change their personal ascension mission jobs from what they were throughout Phase 1 to what’s needed now in Phase 2, which is for some of us to stay-at-home on THIS ascending Earth world and not bounce around, shift, jump, change timelines, dimensions or exit linear time and this ascending Earth world and hand deliver it and ourselves on it to that level where our “past” ascending Earth world instantly becomes the “future” NEW Earth. This process is very much intertwined with our individual Embodiment Processes which you can feel into for yourselves. It’s all there in your HighHeart knowing.

Just like every Volunteer did NOT have the same exact ascension mission jobs or energy Work when Phase 1 of the Ascension Process began over two decades ago, the same is true when Phase 2 began January 2020. Every Volunteer is not needed to remain on only this ascending Earth and timeline this year into next to physically hand deliver, transport and merge with and become the NEW Earth. Those of you who’ve left like this year has hobbled you in place, kept you in an abnormal lock-down on this particular ascending Earth world and timeline, this is most likely the reason. You are one of the small group of Volunteers who are capable of staying-at-home and NOT changing timelines, NOT changing ascending Earth worlds, NOT exiting linear time for far more fabulous quantum levels and stay physically with this amazing process of primary ascending Earth becoming NEW Earth. As many of you have discovered this year, it’s easier and a lot more fun being the multidimensional, timeline jumping, quantum and Spherical Consciousness and reality gypsies we naturally are instead of hunkering down this year into next on primary ascending physical Earth world to, like professional armed guards delivering something profoundly rare and extremely valuable, stay very close with it every minute all the way to its final destination. And we’re close now. We’ll continue this topic in Comments under this article if interested in further discussions about this.

Denise Le Fay

October 10, 2020

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118 thoughts on “HighHeart Hand Delivered

  • Thank you for your eye opening clarity, Denise. I have been aware of my personal timeline jumping but this article made me conscious of how quickly it has happened – it has been far more faster I previously understood. I also figured out some functions for being made staying at home and keeping the frequency of home. I have been kept literally in solitude for more than six months now, and I love it! Meanwhile, I’ve been able to solidify my processing method and I’ve been able to release and reconciliate enormous amounts of emotional and mental stuff.

    Since a few days I have become conscious of firewalls that we are working on at the moment. By firewall I mean the protective energetic constructs that made it possible for the humanity for instance to enjoy luxuries without being aware and disturbed of the price (like slavery, animal abuse and ecological destruction, and so on). These firewalls were also useful for volunteers to be able to keep sane and live our lives relatively open hearted until these days and be somewhat protected (=unaware) from the atrocities of the patriarchal 3D. I saw lately that we have been and are able to keep steady and high enough frequency of home (as you call it) so that we can start releasing some of the major firewalls now.

    This will cause more turmoil and chaos because people will see the truth as it is and not all take it well. It will be necessary, though, for the collective to start making much needed big changes. We volunteers can keep the frequecy of the home steady enough though, so this can happen now.

    I hope this makes sense. I felt this information might be useful and hopefully support resilience for some in this beautiful community who are involved.

    Btw. Have you noticed Matthew McConaughey is all over the YouTube promoting his book Greenlights? It seems to be a grounded version of conscious living from a healthy masculine perspective. I found it a very amusing synchronicity when I read your article just today.

    • Hi Aya,

      I too have appreciated the solitude! I wasn’t aware of the “firewalls”, but it makes sense and I appreciate the insight.

  • Great post. I’m right there with you and honor all that you do. Tapping into the universal TRUST is a full time j o b at this time. Makes perfect sense to me. Thank you. ❤️

  • As others have mentioned – and Thank You All for sharing, it really helps me feel like I’m not totally bonkers – the physical symptoms are off the charts today (Saturday 24th). I woke up several times during the night with a raging headache that is still here this afternoon. One of those headaches that makes me nauseous and makes my eyes hurt. And yes, nothing helps.

    On the positive side I am always entertained by the buzzing, clicking, roaring, and occasional disembodied music in my ears.

    I sure hope this is my triality glands expanding and embodying more Phase 2.

    Thanx Denise and everyone for your encouragement.
    I truly appreciate y’all 💜💚❤️

    • “One of those headaches that makes me nauseous and makes my eyes hurt. And yes, nothing helps.”

      Yep, me too Diana yesterday. It was all I could do to come into HHL and check for any awaiting Comments and then rush back to the horizontal position before I barfed all over everything! It was that intense yesterday, October 23rd. It may continue today or tonight too.

      Yes it is your trio head/brain glands embodying more Triality Light and codes all of October 2020. They changed ever so slightly on October 22, the day the Sun went into Scorpio. Looks more Radiant Diamond sort of energies and codes for the moment. ❤

  • I agree that Tylenol, etc. doesn’t help any more. I do, however, find that ice helps. I wrap a bag of frozen peas in a towel and put i5 on the back of my neck, my shoulder or the top of my head. I look like a fool but it helps.

  • I can always feel when you all leave just as you all feel when I leave so it’s comforting when we check in and share with each other through these extra intense times.

    I relate well to this statement you made, Denise! I just dropped in for infusion of hope as I knew I would find that I am not alone. Always feeling alone in this. Then I get reminded that you all understand what we are all going through and I’m infused again with solidarity, hope and love.

    The New Galactic Code comment you made, Denise, in the comment section spoke to me as well. I can feel new codes and downloads that feel and sound differently. Like 2.0 ‘ish. I’m dealing with a lot ph physical pain in my body like never before. Nothing helps, just maybe lessens before the next wave. The encouraging words of hold on where at the HOME stretch are exactly what I need to hear. I feel like I’m running a marathon and I can see the finish line and I’m drenched in sweat, wobbly legged with dogged determination like you won’t beat me attitude to keep me keeping on and I just want to lay down and rest yet I know that time is coming. I just don’t know when and that fucks with me a bit. You say 2021 so I hold onto that fearing it may actually be the rest of my life. Hope I’m wrong.

    In the meantime I want to sincerely thank each one who comments in real talk form as it is the life sustaining food I need and crave. Fluff talk exasperates me. I do love hope just not fluff, if you know what I mean. Nice to check in.
    Love to all!!!

    • “I can feel new codes and downloads that feel and sound differently. Like 2.0 ‘ish. I’m dealing with a lot ph physical pain in my body like never before. Nothing helps, just maybe lessens before the next wave.”

      Stephanie N.,

      Very much like 2.0 ‘ish, like Phase 2 ‘ish. 😉

      On January 1, 2020 I started hearing those inner ear sounds we’ve been hearing for most of Phase 1 — ringing, squealing, zzzzzzing, buzzing, humming etc. –but they’d changed from that day and they’ve been constant all year. Occasionally for a couple of days these inner ear sounds and tones changes back to the old familiar Phase 1 sounds but then promptly back to this NEW sound of higher and lower tones fluctuating back and forth quickly but always in random patterns. And it’s primarily in my left ear — right ear hears different sounds, clicks, thumb sounds and tones etc.

      Before I forget, I too have had these Phase 2 2020 (Phase 2 will last well beyond just 2020) NEW higher frequency body aches and pains and usually over the counter Tylenol helps but I’ve noticed this hasn’t always been the case in 2020. So, “nothing helps” is something I’ve noticed this year too Stephanie. The embodiment of these HIGHER frequencies and NEW codes hurts in slightly different ways than what we’d gotten used to in lower levels of Phase 1. But we’ll do what we’ve always done which is embody, adjust, acclimate and be open to the next and the next and the next levels of this Embodiment Process.

      “In the meantime I want to sincerely thank each one who comments in real talk form as it is the life sustaining food I need and crave. Fluff talk exasperates me. I do love hope just not fluff, if you know what I mean.”

      I do know what you mean Stephaine N. and thank you for that ❤ it means a lot to me. I've Worked for years to have that be the case at HHL. Real talk as you put it, not fluff n’ puff and BS and holier than thou sort of egoic crap but just truth about what we’re experiencing at the moment. If one understands about ascension related Neutrality, then one gets that we can talk and share yet NOT be wallowing or stuck in our pains, misery, exhaustion, Team Dark or Portal People attacks etc. It’s positive for us to share about what we’re experiencing personally because we’re evolved and mature enough to know that we will, it will all be okay and that it’s all part of The Process. Emotional and energetic Neutrality with these things too. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Yes, yes, yes!!! I admire your ability to communicate accurately what I’m feeling, you always say things I wish I would’ve said. Especially the part about us speaking of the gritty truth yet NOT wallowing in it! That’s it! That’s what I like. Say the truth knowing I, We will get through it and bring this thing Home but admitting during the process that it’s hard af (😂) and not staying in that space. So. Well. Said. Friend.
        Thank you 🙏🏼

  • Hi Denise Gabriela and everyone.Thank you for your comments.Really helps so much.I feel a calmness when I am in my own space and is getting easier to stay out of others stories.Some very interesting things happening in a positive way too because I have surrendered to the path and my brain is not trying to fix or solve most of the time.love to you all and feels like such a lovely family energy here.

  • Hey Denise,

    Thanks so much for your wise observations…For me to comment on them would be redundant, as they encompass exactly everything that is (still) currently happening with me astrologically, as you point out. Your TRANSITIONS article on Pluto in Capricorn put the nail in the coffin, so to speak…The article captured the gist of the life review, and I’m grateful for it…especially this line:

    “That’s what goats do. They eat trash and transmute it into life-sustaining food.”

    It’s clear that this was what the life review was intended to do…Now that the detritus of the past has been digested and converted into fuel for the ongoing Phase 2 and beyond, I can “Spot Clean” any little thing(s) that bubbles up” or watch out for the few crumbs that I’ve left unswept.

    So many thanks to you Denise and my greetings also and thanks to all of the other astute Commenters here at the frontiers of The Great Awakening…Much Love to ALL OF US!

  • Hi everyone..after a very restless night of processing so much..i feel mostly collective as we now have 6 weeks 5km lockdown where I live in Ireland. The collective fear is up so good practice to stay in high heart energy.
    Have had 2 dreams now like I am being shown images of new world with happy animals and flowers and trees but is in a mozaic diamond shape images with not very clear visuals and twice I have woken in the night to hear music that is not real but i can hear it for a short time. Has anyone else experienced this?
    love to you all. Rosaleen

    • Rosaleen,

      The different looking and sounding energy patterns and shapes — the mozaic diamond shape images you mentioned — are the tremendously higher frequency NEW codes and internal and external templates or blueprints etc. of NEW Earth and NEW humanity. And you’re so right about the happy animals and flowers and trees of NEW Earth and NEW Humans. This change has already been manifesting slowly on ascending Earth and in them and us. The entire relationship between ascended NEW Humans and NEW Earth will be vastly more evolved than what it was at it’s highest points in Earth’s ancient past such as Lumeria. We’ve already evolved beyond those past highest levels and we’re still evolving. The interactions and relationships with Nature, Earth, all animals, all life on Earth and elsewhere will be so different and improved.

      Do you remember some of the images I’ve used in some of my articles in 2019 and 2020 of pastel colored triangles and different iridescent wave patterns of triangles in diamond-like clusters and such? Those are the early NEW energy codes and templates etc. of NEW Earth and NEW Humans. They’re triangular because we’ve evolved/ascended from old lower less complex Duality frequency to higher, much more complex Triality frequency, consciousness and realities. More and more of us Volunteers are Seeing, Hearing and Feeling these NEW Triality codes, templates, energy waves and pulsations of further NEW ones being delivered from the GC (Milky Way galactic center) and other cosmic systems, realms and very high levels this year and forward.

      Phase 2 of the AP means we’ve entered a much higher and much faster level of the AP and EP. Because of this and the first base core NEW Triality codes and templates etc. now in place, we’re now able to receive and embody even higher NEW codes, Light energies and templates from even higher levels which is also what more of us are currently perceiving and certainly Feeling and Hearing in our bodies and selves this year. Much more coming. ❤

      • Thanks Denise for your explaination.Totally floored today and my body buzzing but know it is part of the process..Rosaleen

    • Hi Rosaleen, I believe I commented in Denise’s blog before that not long ago I used to wake up during the night to a wonderful smell of fresh bread that would quickly disappear as soon as I was completely awake. Now, for the past few weeks I started to wake up to the most luxurious sound of birds signing, like I’m in a rainforest of some sort. Of course, as soon as I’m up, the signing disappears 😦 Sending much love to you, Denise and all here. Gabriela

      • I’ve occasionally and briefly heard the non-physical birdsong too Gabriela. It’s amazing and so beautiful. I’ve never experienced smelling fresh bread upon waking however.

        Something I have been experiencing for the past couple of years now concerning smelling non-physical scents — Clairalience — is every time I do my daily/nightly very focused set of directives, decrees, commands or Conscious Creating for my body, self, life, I start smelling very strong smoke and/or burning incense smoke in my face. It’s so strong that it often causes me to choke and not be able to speak out loud and makes my eyes tear. I have to clear my throat (speaking out loud, possibly NEW higher creation through voice abilities and/or NEW throat chakra abilities) and swallow repeatedly to sooth my throat so I can continue speaking my commands out loud physically. It happens nearly every time I do this and just seems like one of the many NEW higher energies and abilities we’ve embodied that we’re also getting used to using. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yes back in October 15 2017 I flew back from Europe to the States and while in flight all over sudden I started to hear some heavenly music. At first I didn’t believe what i heard but it continued through my entire trip back home west. Then for the last three years I have been doing music therapy 528 mhz. And lately I hear without the music on this other worldly most beautiful music in my sphere around. I believe it is to encourage and strengthen us to keep going. Love to you all, Tonida

      • tonida, Rosaleen, Gabriela & All,

        I wanted to mention something I read years ago in Barbara Hand Clow’s book Alchemy of Nine Dimensions (2004, revised edition 2010) about the seventh dimension, 7D. I’ll quote some (random) from this book about 7D being the dimension of Light and Sound and the many Photon Bands of 7D Light.

        “The seventh dimension is a realm of cosmic sound that generates the 6D geometric forms by vibration resonance. In the Milky Way, cosmic sound travels within the great 7D photon bands that structure the Galaxy itself. Within the photon bands, 8D “thought waves of light” step down by octaves into lower frequency 7D sound waves. These waves circulate galactic energy into the spheric field of the Milky Way. Since sound waves are lower frequency than light waves, these waves sing the Divine Mind. The great photon bands spin out of the Galactic Center, circle within the galactic sphere, and then return through the center torqued by the galactic plane’s powerful axial spin. This classic torus (doughnut) dynamic is generated by the great vertical axis that rises out of the Galactic Center at right angles to the galactic plane. Fountains of light rush through it and circulate, and these galactic highways of light carry 8D thought waves as high-frequency light…”

        “…The Keeper of 7D is Andromeda, which is now converging with the Milky Way while all other galaxies are moving away…”

        Barbara Hand Clow also mentions that birdsong comes from 7D which is why I wanted to share this particular info about the Photon Light which is itself 7D. Between the inner ear sounds, single tones, two tones, multiple tones, clicks, ringing and buzzing etc. that we’ve been hearing for two decades or so now, plus more and more of us hearing bird song at any time of the day or night, it’s increasingly obvious that we’re DEEP in the Photon Band of 7D Light now. I and my bladder woke up at 1:30 AM this morning and the second I was awake I heard faint beautiful birds singing and it was NOT coming from this dimension but from the seventh. We are THAT deep into the 7D Photon Light band that Earth, the Sun which is why it’s a different color now, and entire solar system have orbited into that more and more of us are hearing these gorgeous bird songs and/or other “music” sounds emanating from the Divine Mind. We’re seeing more and more NEW 7D Light, Lights, Light patters, NEW coded Light, Diamond Light and codes etc. AND we’re increasingly hearing more and different inner ear sounds and tones which are these very sound waves she talks about, as is the higher dimensional bird song and other “music of the spheres” type of sounds many of us are hearing. More to come so expect the unexpected the deeper into the higher NEW and Light and codes etc. we go. ❤

  • Diana,
    I, too, have a never-ending appetite. However, I do not eat sugar or white bread as it causes a bad case of candida. As a result, I do not gain weight.

    • Thanx Gerry!💜
      I try to eat healthy and stick to real food.
      My body is super weird sometimes with this embodiment 😃

  • Is anyone feeling the need to fast right now?
    I had been so busy clearing out emotional and mental crap that I never got any sign to do anything physically before, other than just take it easy, take a stroll, rest, sleep.

    But now there’s a strong pull towards fasting.

    • And I can’t seem to stop eating…..!!!
      I am sooo tired of literally expanding whenever embodying accelerates – and yes, I can tell I’m clearing for “a lot of humanities stuff” as Denise said.

      Jain Lee please send some of that “strong pull towards fasting” to me! 😃😜💜💚

    • Jain L. & Diana,

      I recognize the now familiar digestive side effects letting me know that we’ve just changed yet again to another phase — the one where eating/digesting/eliminating becomes super touchy for a week or so, at least for me it does.

      There are times when I need to eat a lot of dense high protein foods because my body is energetically Working so hard 24/7 that it needs the extra food fuel. Other times it can’t handle drinking water, or my having one tiny little bad thought, or much of anything! 😆 This is cycling in/out so fast now that it’s nearly a blur in my daily life. I just eat and don’t eat when I FEEL I should and shouldn’t and don’t overthink any of it.

      • Hi Denise,

        Thanks for checking in on us all…I’m in one of those lots-of-eating phases with the embodying transmutations that are going on…I normally don’t snack, but this month my go-to’s have primarily been lots of hummus with some gluten-free crackers/bread and some olives…and then I eat a meal at some point, usually 12-16 hours apart…

        On Monday, October 19 I distinctly experienced a life review…of all my regrets, what if’s, lost opportunities and the sadnesses of “what could have been…”…and it was clear that although I went through this initially for myself, I was also doing “it” for the collective. A good analogy (perhaps I read it somewhere, maybe even here at HHL – or did I dream it?) was the vision of having a bunch of suitcases stacked against the front door from the inside, and if one wanted to walk out of the house, one had to move the suitcases aside. The Great Awakening is perhaps in great part the removal of the suitcases (metaphor for the past) either one by one or all at once, so one can go out of the house and BREATHE.

        Anyway, that’s where I’ve been…My love to ALL HERE!

        • “On Monday, October 19 I distinctly experienced a life review…of all my regrets, what if’s, lost opportunities and the sadnesses of “what could have been…”…and it was clear that although I went through this initially for myself, I was also doing “it” for the collective.”

          Raymond B.,

          Thanks for sharing this with us Raymond as it’s not only important for you personally (all the Pluto in Capricorn transit stuff near/on/close to your ASC. plus the squares etc.) but it’s also true of what so many of us who are capable of doing, have been and still are energetically for the human collective. You continue doing the Great Work for self and ALL. ❤ ❤ ❤

          Your comment reminded me of an old article I wrote at TRANSITIONS in 2008 when transiting Pluto entered Capricorn. Of all people I figured you'd appreciate it. Pluto — up close and personal for some of us. 😉


          I also remember writing another old article there and using a photo of suitcases with global travel stickers all over them to represent our personal lifelong collected stuff–good, bad and everything in between–that we've HAD to consciously discover, emotionally and energetically deal with, transmute and lastly transcend and fully release throughout the entire AP. Mandatory ascension related spiritual energetic offloading so we'd 1) be free of it all and 2) make the needed inner space to embody Light like crazy. Old stuff and embodying NEW Light etc. cannot co-exist within us so, here came Pluto transiting through Capricorn to help/force/drive each of us to purge our old lower stuff because we needed to embody so much Light, and then so much more than that!

          I too have had small lingering personal stuff come up all year like bubbles bubbling up from deep within somewhere to be fully released from myself. After three decades of this so far I've learned as you have to be as emotionally neutral about it all and just let the stuff come up and be released. No guilt, no sadness, no regrets, nothing but live and learn and then release it all. Once we've done the initial big deal Deep Cleaning on ourselves, it’s fast and easy to Spot Clean any little thing(s) that bubbles up.

  • Thank you for checking in. For me, things are happening very quickly. Things I “knew” and “understood”, I am now feeling on a much deeper and dynamic level. It’s changing me completely. I have been waiting for the shift waiting for the splitting of the world. I had been watching my life and the world disintegrate around me without doing much to create the new. I now understand on a very deep level that I am in charge of the change. No one will do anything for me. The immediate feeling of empowerment is amaziang. Am I making any sense? This is why I haven’t posted about this change — it’s difficult to communicate in words.

    • “Am I making any sense?”

      Perfectly Gerry and thanks for responding. ❤

      I completely understand this evolutionary embodying change. It's beyond wonderful to go from old 3D linear left brain and ego-based to HighHeart which doesn't understand but KNOWS absolutely and does so with totally different “tools”. Everything shifts to entirely internal and more and more Volunteers are increasingly discovering this “shift” from old lower 3D consciousness, perceptual tools and external focus etc. to ascended/ascending 5D+ higher internal consciousness and perceptual tools which work and Work very differently. The more we embody and/or Embody and energetically have HOME exist within each of our physical bodies and HighHearts, the more these profound–and they are profound–changes happen in and to each of us and therefore external reality/realities.

      “This is why I haven’t posted about this change — it’s difficult to communicate in words.”

      Don’t I know it! 😆 😉 It’s often nearly impossible to write in these restricted and linear ways about things that are NOT restricted or linear!

      This Gerry is us starting to re-learn, in these incarnate physical bodies, how to be Conscious Creators of our own individual realities and lives etc. etc. etc. Very well done you, here comes a whole lot more for us all! ❤

      • Thank You, Denise, for the clarity and perspective you bring. Thank You for caring enough to, through your writing and own pains, to help us who may be “in the wilderness”. For an injection of humor – yesterday I opened a kitchen cabinet and the door came off in my hand (and this wasn’t a tiny door)! The door separated from the hinged rail. Last evening I told a friend about what happened – we had a good laugh. This morning she called and told me her medicine cabinet door came off in her hand! I turn off the ceiling fan before retiring for the night and it is on when I awaken. More and more that sort of thing is happening. Yes, I feel like I am coming apart at the seams and the Universes appear to confirm that! Thanks to all of you for helping me KNOW I am not alone in all this craziness!

        • “Yes, I feel like I am coming apart at the seams and the Universes appear to confirm that!”

          Teresa & All,

          I mentioned a while back that I’ve had one upper tooth that decided to start hurting once everyone learned about the COVID-19 pandemic. Perfect timing right? 🙄 Well I put off going to the dentist because of the pandemic but finally got in today, trying to squeak in between COVID-19 spikes. Good news/bad news and not all that much of a surprise really. Like your cabinet door unexpectedly coming off in your hand Teresa, this same sort of thing happened to me today at the dentists office about my plan with my tooth.

          I thought it was only one bad tooth but turns out it’s the one next to it too and they need an oral surgeon to remove them and not the dentist. Euw. So I need to make an appointment with dentist Serious guy to get this painful problem solved finally. Again, how about this timing?! After I heal this and get the infection out of my body I’ll then go back for the removal of few remaining good upper teeth and go for a full upper denture and be done with this decades old teeth and TMJ torture business. So my cabinet doors fell off today too, big time but I’ve known this was coming since 2011. Just didn’t think it would happen now.

          Speaking of these sudden Cease & Desist type of things, did anyone else see Shanta Gabriel’s blog post about her being told her rental was no longer available? I think it was late September or early October I was energetically nudged to check out her blog, which I’ve never done before so that alone told me there was something I needed to immediately see there. She too abruptly had her past life living in Mt. Shasta, CA. unexpectedly ended and had to quickly get out. Evidently she drove from Mt. Shasta, CA all the way across the country to Martha’s Vineyard where a friend had offered her a place to live. Can you imagine being in your 60s and alone and suddenly having to move and drive across the country in a pandemic and everything else to relocate on the other side of the country? I’ll take loosing the rest of my remaining upper Capricorn teeth now. :/

          And thank you Teresa for your kind words and support, they mean a lot to me. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • How’s everyone doing? I felt many leave over a week ago and want to check in with everyone.

    I know how emotionally hard and physically painful nearly every minute of October 2020 has been for many, and continues to be. It just is what it is at this point of the Separation, further shifting, more NEW incoming energies from different galactic locations for us to also embody, and greater ongoing Embodying and embodying in general also.

    We’ve all known for a long time that this time–Phase 2 of the Ascension Process–would arrive some day and it finally has. Do you all remember how hard, strange and debilitating everything was when you first started Phase 1 of the AP many years ago? Same type of thing began at the start of 2020 but at a much, much higher level because this really is Phase 2! 😉 ❤

    • Phase 2 SUCKS…..and is also glorious and what I’ve longer for and hoped for….the suck part is shocking. Such physical pains…emotional pains that I thought I had gotten thur and cleared. I had expected joyous feeling for this phase but it’s just endurance, new deaths of relationships and trust….thank u for explaining this trapped in anchoring it all. But it’s almost impossible to find the level joy I felt before. I so very much MISS my reality Gypsy energies. Do I even want to be here anymore? I’ve never felt such desire to abandon my mission of all this.

      • “Such physical pains…emotional pains that I thought I had gotten thur and cleared. I had expected joyous feeling for this phase but it’s just endurance, new deaths of relationships and trust…”

        Tracy & All,

        Phase 2 is for now that excruciating place BETWEEN the old and the NEW, the lower and the higher as they pull so far apart from each other that it all finally breaks and Separates from each other. That’s where we’ve been all year, in that constant tension of lower and higher in too close of a space with each other but not for much longer.

        Also in Phase 2 we’ve been and will continue to be experiencing constant NEW even higher frequency Light energies, more NEW codes, more DNA evolution etc. which means more embodying it all. And all of them are NEW to us and energetically higher than what we’ve encountered and embodied so far. Since October 5, 2020 I’ve been in such physical pain like never before. Just when you think you can’t embody any higher that’s exactly what we do! Then we do it some more the next day and the next and the next… and all this has just been October 2020, with much more coming the rest of this year into 2021.

        Think of this, when needed, like a very long “road trip” we Volunteers have been on for decades. Now in the last months of 2020 we’re almost HOME but we’re exhausted, dirty and bruised from the long trip and grueling drive all the way back HOME and want nothing else but to finally get ourselves HOME. There’s like only 25 miles left now so don’t give up at this point anyone! Drive everyone, drive cause we’re almost there. ❤

        • As usual I forgot to include that many of us who can do this in/through our own physical bodies have been energetically clearing A LOT of humanity’s stuff. Much of what we’re feeling within us is NOT our stuff at all. We cleared the majority of our own stuff years ago but we’ve been automatically transmuting/clearing/neutralizing/releasing etc. A LOT of mass humanities current “stuff”.

          It’s like an additional ascension related energy curtesy we’ve been doing for them to more quickly and easily make the Separation shift. We do this with and for ascending Earth too and for the same reasons. (The earthquake and weather intensities build from BOTH of these things too — higher and lower — so we’ve been at Work energetically to deal with all of these other issues too.) So, take that and add in the constant NEW higher Light energies and everything else I mentioned we’re constantly embodying now and it’s made for a seriously intense and extreme business of, again, so much NEW higher coupled with our ability to simultaneously transmute/clear/release/neutralize etc. much of the very low and negative energies that unaware humanity has been, is and will continue to be transmitting. The fear, frustrations, anger and all else out there produced by unaware humanity is epic at this point and many of us that are capable of doing this Work too now have been clearing/cleaning/releasing etc. most of it in and through our bodies to make the entire Separation and shift less severe than it could have been.

          Rest and nap and recover because you have been and will continue to be doing far more energy Work than you may have realized you’ve been doing all year. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Hi Denise, I’m a long-time follower and wanted to pop in to thank you for helping to enlighten so many of us. You are an amazing wealth of knowledge! Like the little blurb you had on the right side of your website last week, “What a f*cking year this week has been” I can attest that last week and the week before were most definitely that and more. Unbelievably painful and emotionally overwhelming after feeling like I had been majorly punched in the gut by a now former friend and business associate. So…. red light STOP, **cease and desist** that chapter of my life is now over!!! What a ride it’s been. Not easy at all and at the worst moments I would check in here to see how everyone else was handling this energetically intense time. (Thanks for sharing everyone!) I’m fortunate to live on my own and work for myself, so can happily shut myself off from the world when this crazy roller coaster ride gets too overwhelming, which has pretty much been all year. My motto right now is: “Stink bugs are temporary, love is forever.” From A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo. With much gratitude to you all. xoxo

    • My physical body feels “not there.” More than ever, I have to consciously remain extremely grounded in my body. This is a new experience/symptom, unlike anything I’ve “felt” since 1999. Your words help to clarify the necessary groundedness needed at this time. EMBODY. EMBODY. EMBODY.

      • Thanks for the check in, Denise! Yesterday was one of those magical dream like days and I didn’t check into anything online. This feeling of being physically not there, as “healyourslf” described is the same for me. When I saw the date of this article, I couldn’t believe 10 days had passed. I wake up every day saying to myself: embody, embody, embody. xo

        • Thanks Ruth and everyone else for responding. I can always feel when you all leave just as you all feel when I leave so it’s comforting when we check in and share with each other through these extra intense times. ❤

      • healyourself,

        The more you, we embody, the more your, our old personal sense of self expands. The more we embody the bigger we become internally, Light-wise, energy-wise etc. and that alters our sense of personal “self”, of our location, identity and so on. The playground continues getting bigger the more we embody which automatically alters all of our old smaller reality landmarks, including our sense of self and where we are. We are everywhere and we’re becoming much more consciously aware of this fact now and we’re having to learn to be (live, perceive, express, create etc.) in these new-to-us ways while in a physical body that continues to rapidly evolve into something very different and more complex. ❤

    • Hi Denise,

      There’s so much transmuting/anchoring/Embodying happening all at once and 3D time is running out. This is it, the 25th hour, do it do it do it, is all I’m getting right now.

      Outwardly I’m not doing much, but inside it’s busy busy busy! Last weekend my brother-in-law was pestering us to come visit for pumpkin picking and hayrides, I told him I couldn’t give a f*#k about doing any of that. Distractions seem deliberately placed in my path but I’m plowing right through, there isn’t time to negotiate.

      Thanks for checking on us Denise, hope you’re holding up well.

      Forgot to add that I can’t focus on anything other than the task of transmuting/anchoring/Embodying. It’s as if the logical side of my brain has been disabled, wait that’s not the right word, more like upgraded to something else and that old function is no longer relevant.

      • “Last weekend my brother-in-law was pestering us to come visit for pumpkin picking and hayrides, I told him I couldn’t give a f*#k about doing any of that. Distractions seem deliberately placed in my path but I’m plowing right through, there isn’t time to negotiate.”

        Distractions indeed Jain L., intentional derailment tactics to get the likes of us to stop doing what we are. This sort of crap always increases every time we’re in another big Separation shift point, which we are now through about the end of February 2021 as best as I’m perceiving so far.

        And yes, the 2020 Cease & Desist includes our old ways of logical, left brain linear thinking and perception. We’ll get “brain fog” like crazy which forces us to use higher parts of ourselves like our HighHeart instead of our heads to perceive and continue the AP and EP etc. ❤

  • I can completely relate to the course correction (Saturday) and real quickly having to tell someone who would have loved to cling to me like i was the way out of their misery(which was designed perfectly for them), to leave me the F alone, this is my time, mine alone, you arent welcome, Im not here for you….
    days of getting their filth off me, and feeling soo glad I made the changes, saw their bullshit 4 year old child tactics, and then read this comment section and had about 20 perfect innerself belly laugh aha moments
    this hit the spot
    right on in soo many ways
    really covered a lot of ground for me here
    Thank you All

  • I just had a very helpful insight that I thought I’d share with my HHL family since you’re the only ones I can really COMMUNicate with.

    My seemingly only problem with the whole ascension and embodying process (other than the physical torture😖) is dealing with those I love who are not entrained with my frequency. Many of you have made similar comments.

    While crying through yet another “crisis” with my family, I felt the word/need for compassion. So I scream to the universe “what the hell IS compassion?” and I got the answer – COMPASS.
    Compassion is the DIRECTION of my energy. Compassion is looking UP for someone – not looking OUT for someone.

    My Heart felt better after that insight.

    Love and compassion to all of you my HHL friends 💜

    • Well done Diana H. ❤

      We all have to fully and honestly discover, remember that we Volunteers are here to be First Everythingers and literally energetically Pathpave for humanity. We are NOT here to drop Light in ourselves and ignore what we are just to participate with, to perpetuate, to focus on, to become emotionally and energetically entangled or re-entangled, emotionally manipulated or riled up with ego-based, fear-based, less aware humans over anything. I repeat, anything.

      I’ve been forced to deal with and learn more about this since August concerning my (only child) adult son whose wife partner suddenly died mid-August from COVID-19. The mother in me wanted to instantly automatically help him but the Volunteer that I am knew better and so stood back in Higher Awareness and HighHeart are learned more about myself while giving him the space and time to do or not do whatever he might do because of his profound loss. His profound loss is his way out of that lower timeline and all else… if he so chooses. It has not been easy but this is another lesson in my personal ongoing Embodiment Process, Neutrality, Sovereignty, Free Will and true LOVE (not ego-based love) to allow others their pain and suffering which is ONLY happening to help them, push them into personal change and growth within themselves. I will never interfere with that for any person for exactly the same reasons my old beloved ET family would not and did not interfere whatsoever with me and my personal Ascension Process when it began long ago.

      LOVE allows whereas love is ego-based and always interferes for that reason. Compassion is LOVE allowing whatever to unfold for the greatest, highest good of All concerned. It’s often harder to seemingly “do nothing” from a higher level than it was/is to participate in emotional body high dramas with unaware people, especially family members. This is NO time for any of us Volunteers to allow ourselves to be pulled, manipulated, drawn off (derailed) of our true Path and missions of creating NEW locations for these people to end up on! There’s going to continue being a lot of these sorts of “tests” for many Volunteers because the Separation of Worlds & Timelines is happening now and we all have loved ones in lower frequency ascending Earth worlds, and sadly some in descending Earth world too.

      I’m going to quote what Celia Fenn wrote on October 15, 2020 in her ‘Message of the Day’ section on her site. It’s about these very issues. Anything in bold was done by me to draw attention to it. Celia also mentions in it about some who are “…heading to an “alternate” Earth, a lower 5D Shadow realm of illusion and manipulation controlled by AI and Corporations and their technology…” I could list the names of many well-know people AND many well-known ascension teachers/writers who are there already and have been for many years but are completely unaware of how they’ve been suckered into it and remain trapped there.

      “Message of the Day: 15th October, 2020

      “As we move into and through the last quarter of this epic year of 2020, we can feel the energy rising as we move towards the Halloween Full Moon/Blue Moon and the 11 day Bridge from 1st November to 11th November. I woke up this morning with my body aching and pain in my back, usually a sign of deep pain being activated or moved in the collective. So yes, we are aware that we are moving into some difficult times. But, the best advice I can give is: Stay in your lane and choose your off ramp. We know by now that what counts is what happens inside us and not outside. Outside is an illusion. Inside is truth.
      To stay in your lane means to stay focussed on your inner truth and on the Peace and Love in your Heart.
      This is real.
      Choose your off ramp means that we are not all going to the same destination at this time. We are all on the highway out of the old Earth but we choose our off ramp depending on our frequency and destination.
      I am headed for the New Earth of the higher Fifth Dimension and Higher Dimensions. Like you, I am working to keep my frequency at that level so that I don’t miss the off ramp.
      Others have different destinations and choices. Some are recycling around in the illusion of the 3rd dimension as it cracks and collapses. This is not a comfortable place to be, it is a place of apocalyptic dead ends and fear. Some are heading to what I call “alternate” Earth, a lower 5th dimensional Shadow realm of illusion and manipulation controlled by AI and Corporations and their technology. This is also a place of anxiety and fear.
      To me, New Earth is the only destination that makes sense to me, and I keep choosing for that reality. A life close to and in harmony with nature and a pristine Earth. A life of Peace and Joy and Creativity.
      As I choose it within….so I manifest it on the outside.
      All these “versions” of Earth exist at the same time and in the same space, for now. The purpose of the chaos is for us to be able to see and to choose which level/dimension of Earth we want to live in. And take the right off ramp! We are almost there! Love to everyone!” – Celia Fenn

      • Thank you ThanK YoU THANK YOU Denise!!!
        Your words (and the Heart within those words) were exactly what I needed to hear.
        And thank you Celia Finn too!

  • Dear Denise.

    This year I had many dreams where I showed up at a school where I used to work as a counselor. Every time I found out that my workplace had been taken over by somebody else and I am more or less shoved out of the door and told that I no longer work there. Apparently it is hard to stop doing something I really felt was needed.

    After reading all your comments I realize that my only job at this time is to be what I am. I am free! I am retired!

    It is still weird. I am still standing alone.

    I already noticed that holding my light is not easy because of the misery and betrayal all around us, but help comes when I ask for it.

    After listening to the news (illness and financial misery) I meditated and saw myself like a little girl standing on my fathers (God) shoes. He was holding me and we were walking together this way. I felt better!

    Love to all of you,


    • “After reading all your comments I realize that my only job at this time is to be what I am. I am free! I am retired!”

      And that Maria is why at the start of Phase 2 in January 2020 the Divine Cease & Desist Order was put in place for every human alive on Earth now including every Volunteer. We HAVE to stop doing what we have been for so long, both as Volunteers and as incarantes in human bodies. We’ve entered a NEW higher level of the Ascension Process in 2020, and here during the last few months of this year we’re taking very big steps upward into the full manifestation of the NEW Light, codes, energies, consciousness and eventual external physical Earth world reality. In other words, we’re SHIFTING now and to help us do this faster and much easier with less drag and hassles we all have had to Cease & Desist all the old stuff.

      Wear those NEW shoes well everyone and “stay in your lane and choose your off ramp” with eyes and HighHeart wide open! ❤

  • Once again, perfect timing- nail on the head. Struggling with doubt/restlessness, bazaar combination of less spiritual activity plus sorrow of empty, unlaunched physical life. My heart, highheart and emotional, sunk past 3 days… Months ago, when “quitting” was the new game, I was suddenly in bed with a shoulder injury for months AFTER “nesting” from October to February! I was thanked for it but feelings were, “ I don’t want to nest! I need to do something or be part of something!” I was grateful for magnificent relocation, happy to be done with drudgery and treachery, but to suddenly become a patient on an operating table, i.e. my bed?? Then summer came with grounded 3-D world divorce lessons – more “ Stopping“ – all forms of relationship I’ve known, ended. I’m grateful, yet petulant… I should be astoundingly grateful. Is there a better position to be in on earth than ours?! Never mind a few other locations, I would guess. Yet holy fucking shit this is exhausting, doing nothing! I guess I miss it and I wasn’t conscious of probably 80-90% of it. A lot went on when I was asleep, never mind the stuff I knew that went on. I feel purposeless right now, yet I’m aware I’m the walking, talking, antidote, food, solution, and answer for many. Just being me, I fear failure. No clear active role yet. And that’s my petulance, loud and proud. And my loneliness, loud and clear. And my sorrow and fear, that I’ve missed out on a real life. And my shame, that I would even say that. Falling down past three days in DOUBT, I took one step down the stairs this morning and slipped… crushed my elbow, dislocated and broke it. There is absolutely no room, no room, zero room for faltering, ON THE GROUND. Corralling and couriering energy, there can be no faltering in FAITH. No losing HEART. I learned that painfully today. My doubts, my worst old habit, are truly bullshit. And, though I’ve waited for this moment my whole life, to participate in the world too, like a racehorse belonging on a track, I am sad, sad, sad … for now, stopped in all my tracks. Thanks for the report, Denise, thanks for sharing in such a timely manner, this whole year.

    • I know what you mean and are feeling Marcy and I suggest you reread my latest and Celia Fenn’s latest (below) to help you with what you’re feeling now.

      Also, when I have to do something physical that could be dangerous, I force myself to focus, to pull in and focus and empower myself with whatever it is that I’m going to be doing, like getting my old self up a ladder to clean the rain gutter, cut tree branches, pick up a knife to chop veggies, whatever! If the action is physical and important and possibly dangerous, pull your giant multidimensional awareness in for that time to empower yourself with what you’re about to do physically and “ground” or anchor into it. We’re all over the galaxy and more with our awareness so when you’ve got to walk down physical stairs or up a physical ladder or chop veggies… pay attention! When you’re done with that endeavor you can expand back out and relax a bit more. This is us all learning how to be multidimensional while physical and not cut a finger off because we were multi-tasking energetically and consciously because we can! I’ve learned this the hard way too, plus I’ve gotten old (don’t know how that happened! 😉 ) so when needed I focus in more and slow down to be sure I’m “there” and paying attention to what I’m about to do/am doing.

      Heal yourself and your arm and know that we’re all feeling both exhausted and hyper at the same time this month and more is coming in November, December and January and February of 2021. Right now is super important for every Volunteer because were “there” finally. So let’s do IT step by aware and steady step as we personally deliver what all we are. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thanks, Denise, that was so generous, made me feel better. I only have a little support at the moment, but lovely support, so unlike past, being taken advantage of and denied.

        Funny, I was on a ladder last week, paying super careful attention! I realized yesterday, be more present, physically. I was sorry it happened, same arm and nearly recovered 😦 I’m not quitting, I want to get in shape; I get to have physical strength again. I will need it and I get to. I read Celia report last night. Your last report is a good thing to reread actually.

        I want to validate current TD stuff, too! It’s like a dark bandanna around my head like, trying to blindfold me. Then inserted words, ugly images, weak and tedious and mean, all in this dark malaise mask, hard see the “light” – I see various beings that aren’t nice, don’t know how to describe, mean, lean, dark, alien-like, plus other things, animal-like, cannot remember. Good messages are jam packed in dreams so totally brand new they’re hard to discern, still. In background, song will be playing, important I remember lyrics. The counter balances to negativity, as I wake. This week something also growled loudly in my ear, as I fell asleep. Anything to disturb my sleep/peace. I sometimes question if any guides are with me, but I think there is one, some visit, not sure. Need to pray and invite them in.

        AP energies past week…never had this much neck pain, ever, past three days. Flattened by fatigue, back and neck pain. Today is intense too, don’t think I’ll be out of bed much – body heavy, achy, tired and sad, profusely.

    • Marcy,
      You’re words deeply touched my soul. I will remember to not be too “petulant” moving forward… Thank you Marcy, and thank you Ms. Denise!

  • Hi Denise, I’ve been forced to slow down and stay at.home.much more since Jan 2020 because I have felt so unwell. And it wasn’t like I was full speed ahead before that either… might this be what you are referring to when you mention this smaller group of volunteers needing to stay at home this year? Sarah x

    • Sarah M. & All,

      In a word, yes. Phase 2 of the Ascension Process started very intensely on January 1, 2020 and was fully set into physicality with the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction on January 12, 2020. That one conjunction literally removed the previous eons old patriarchy, negativity, negative aliens and their distortions to everything that was the old lowly “template”. That day the NEW codes and energy templates etc. were physically set into place on Earth and for all of humanity and more. So, the very start of 2020 was far more reality altering than most even realize and we’re nearly halfway through October as I write this!

      I’ve tried since January 2020 to write about these tremendous changes, shifts, bridging Work many of the Volunteers have/are/will be needed to continue embodying and doing. I too have physically felt half sick since January 2020, and I’ve had one tooth that’s needed to be extracted all year but I’ve put it off only because of the pandemic. I do have an appointment a week from today but we’ll see how that goes. Point is that I’ve felt crappy just from the infected tooth all year anyway, but on top of that has been a sense of rapidly and far more intensely embodying more NEW energies constantly. Add to this what’s going on in the world and societies everywhere and it’s been a year like none anyone has ever lived through before. And there’s more coming as I’ve also been writing about all year in articles and Comments.

      The last three months of every ascension year are always extra potent, even faster, highly compressed and more intense because they’re the last three months of the whole year rapidly pushing us all to make another big energetic Stair-step UP from December of one year to January of the next year. Except… 2020 is different from all previous ascension years as should be obvious to everyone at this point. This year we’re shifting, we’re leaving, we’re Separating, we’re hand delivering THIS primary ascending Earth world we’re on now talking to each other across an invisible crossroads, an invisible energy divide, a very important ascension threshold that’s felt, not seen, but will be seen and known eventually by more and more Volunteers and people too. This invisible threshold I’m talking about is WHY the Divine Cease & Desist Order was dispensed January 1, 2020, why the “lock-down” has been in place all year etc. etc. etc. It’s all been to force and aid those Volunteers who are capable of remaining at home and at HOME physically and in their HighHearts to intentionally assist the Earth in this final phase of transmuting from the highest frequency primary ascending Earth world into NEW Earth. A small group of Volunteers were, are needed to ‘stay-at-home’ and do ALL OF THE, ALL OF OUR INDIVIDUAL ASCENSION WORK FROM THIS PHYSICAL EARTH WORLD THIS YEAR and hand deliver it, HighHeart deliver it, drive it HOME to where it automatically transforms fully into NEW Earth.

      This is how I’ve perceived this particular Process and my personal, your, our ascension Work in 2020 Phase 2 and why. And I repeat, not all Volunteers have been or will participate in this particular aspect of the Separation and Shift of hand delivering Earth by staying fully on it the entire year. Like I said in this article, it’s so much easier and more fun for we Volunteers to be the natural multidimensional, repeated timeline changing, repeated linear to quantum shifting changers we are than to stop all that and “stay at home” all year to hand deliver this Earth to when and where it becomes NEW Earth.

      This morning, Tuesday October 13, 2020, I discovered the latest channeled AA Michael message by/through Celia Fenn, The Flight of the Phoenix, The Golden Bridge and the 11/11 Portal. See the link to it at the bottom please. I’m quoting it here because it’s what I’ve been talking about in my ways and in my terms. It also explains what we’d been talking about here in Comments about how EXTRA severe the head (mostly) and body pains, aches and pressures have been for many of us starting October 5, 2020, then more on the 7th, even more severe on the 10th, and continuing into this week of October 11th and 12th. Everything is building rapidly in us (our ongoing embodying) and in this unfolding huge shift Process in general and what I’ve talked about with Earth and our hand deliver mission Work. Here’s Celia Fenn’s AA Michael latest message that should further help connect these many 2020 Phase 2 ascension pieces. ❤ ❤ ❤


      “Beloved Souls of Light, we know this has been a difficult year for you and for the Planet. It has seemed like a year of shock, surprise, conflict and division that is ongoing. It has left many people stressed, fatigued and confused. But, we want you to know that this is because the process of Ascension is accelerating and you are moving into higher frequencies at a rapid pace.

      Really, Beloveds, you are living through lifetimes of experience in a single year. This is because you are completing a major cycle of experience and beginning a new one.

      The old cycle was third dimensional, and the new cycle is fifth dimensional. At this point, these two dimensional time frequencies are existing together, creating a chaos vortex that is necessary to collapse the old matrix and grids and seed new possibilities.

      In this fluid “in between” period, it is often difficult to see the process or to know which quantum seeds will germinate and manifest the New Earth that is birthing. At this time, it is important to always be aware of what is important and to always be aware of what is happening around you and what frequencies are taking your attention. Strive to stay in the higher frequencies of Peace and Love. We say this because in the coming months of October and November you will need to be Balanced and Centered and to deal with the powerful energies that will arise in the days of 31st October to 11th November: the Full Moon to the 11/11 Scorpio Gate.

      The Phoenix as Symbol of the 11/11 Gateway

      The 11/11 Gateway is a powerful portal that allows you, and the Earth, to adjust your timeline and to create new and higher experiences as you evolve and manifest. In this 11 day portal period between the Full Moon in October and the 11/11 Portal, the Earth has transitioned from the constellation of Libra to the constellation of Scorpio, relative to the Sun. The bright star Antares dominates the night sky, and the interstellar frequencies are deep and powerful.

      The symbol for Scorpio is the Scorpion, but less well known symbols are also the Eagle and the Phoenix. The Scorpion represents the lower or shadow aspects of Scorpio, those of basic instinct and aggression. You can expect to see many people coming from animal instinct and aggression in this time if they are triggered and unaware. But, the second symbol, that of the Eagle, represents those who are soul aware and have the Wisdom to see the bigger picture. Like the Eagle, they can soar above the chaos and act with discernment.

      But, Beloved Ones, those of you who are shifting, transforming and ascending with the Earth will follow the Flight of the Phoenix. This represents the complete transmutation of the old and the past, and the birthing and ongoing manifestation of the New!

      The Phoenix was the symbol that the Sirian Star Teachers used to describe the process of Creation out of Chaos, and they called it the “Bennu Bird”. In their Wisdom Stories, the Bennu Bird would live for a certain time and then would burst into flame and annihilate itself. But, from the ashes would arise a new Bennu Bird. This story represented the cyclic processes of life and creation of material reality.

      Those of you who are undergoing the “Flight of the Phoenix” will feel as though everything you knew has been taken away. You may feel confused and sad or angry. Or, you may feel a deep peace if you allow yourself to move through this process in a place of acceptance and surrender. You will know that you are following the Laws of Creation and allowing yourself to birth into a New Cycle of Self and of experience.

      This will be intense – and it will reach a climax point at the 11/11 Portal on the 11th of November!

      The Golden Bridge: Full Moon to 11/11

      The period of 11 days after the October Blue Moon/Full Moon will be a Bridge between the old and the new. Those of you who are “conscious” and “awakened” will seek to cross this bridge with Inner Peace and Tranquility. Stay Calm and Stay Balanced.

      The Bridge opens with the Full Moon on October 31st. This is the time known as “Halloween” or “All Saints Eve”, or Samhain in the Celtic Festival cycle. It is also the time of the Dias de Los Muertos” in the Hispanic culture. It is a time when the veils between the dimensions are very thin, and there is a celebration of our ancestors and those within the Spirit Realms. This is aligned with a very powerful Blue Moon/Full Moon; the Blue Moon being the second Full Moon in October.

      This is the opening of the Golden Multi-dimensional Bridge – and it is a powerful time for Ancestral and deep DNA healing and cleansing of old beliefs and “programs”. Beloveds, just “Let Go” and release all past fears and stories that are encoded in your Ancestral DNA. Allow yourself to feel close to the Angelic Families and call on them to assist in your healing and balancing as you prepare to manifest the New Earth. The Full Moon energy will magnify energies as they come up, so it is so important to remain within your Sacred Heart Temple of Love and to not allow yourself to be triggered into anger and division.

      There will be many opportunities to fall into anger and enmity as emotions run high around the elections in the USA. We ask that you do not get drawn into the energy of division and conflict and duality, for this will ensure that you are pulled down into the old and crumbling third-dimensional reality. Rather, focus on making your way across the Golden Bridge of Light towards the 11/11 Portal. The Angelic and Galactic families will support you, and the Antares Council of Light will be sending Light Codes of supportive energy as Earth passes into the energy zone of the Antares system.

      The energy will continue to build as you head towards the 11/11 Portal on the 11th November. The 11/11 Portal itself is a powerful Consciousness Doorway or Time/Space portal that is held by the Antareans and the Pleiadians, and it is also the closest portal to the Galactic Center/Central Sun of the Galaxy. For this reason the Galactic Council also has an interest in the energies of the 11/11 Portal, and you will receive waves of Diamond Light Code transmissions to assist the process. And the final Power energy of this Portal will be the energy of the Great Mother/Divine Feminine or Shekinah, whose loving presence will be available as Divine Love and Compassion for All.

      These powerful energy transmissions will intensify the chaos on the lower dimensions, as the Phoenix takes flight shrouded in Angelic Fire. But, we ask you, Beloved Ones, to keep your inner eye focused on the Golden Bridge of Light and move gracefully through the 11/11 Wisdom Portal.

      The more intense the chaos, the more intense the Flowering and Birthing of the New as the Bennu Bird/Phoenix begins to manifest its new form and shape.

      We wish you Grace and Love in these powerful Times.

      Remember always that you never alone and that you are Loved and Supported.

      You need only ask and the Angels are with you!”


      • Thank you for this link Denise, if this is a testament to what is to come in terms of energies building and intensified chaos, then it’ll be epic because it’s a serious struggle to stop vacillating between irritation and peaceful NOW moments.

        That’s nothing new but it feels bigger now, way bigger, it feels so huge that I feel I wouldn’t understand the scope of it. Thankfully however the NOW moments of calm and peace are bigger as well, like my auric field is joining the auric fields of like-others and it’s just growing and growing and blanketing this plane.

        The downloads have been intense and frequent, resulting in headaches which I’ve luckily never been prone to, as well as backaches, muscle aches and strange nerve tinglings/itches that come and go everywhere. I pray you’ll have the most pleasant tooth extraction experience ever in the history of dental appointments, and that once it’s done, it’s fixed for good and you’ll never need to go there again.

        Oh, also I’m 2018, NASA launched and landed a spacecraft OSIRIS-REx on asteroid Bennu, for what, Idk, because the reasons for what they do and what they state on their presses, as we all know, are lies.

        Sending big HHhugs and ❤️

  • I think I experienced a timeline jump when I was 7. We were living in Wyoming, I was home alone, playing with an 8 ball a vendor gave to my dad. I wanted to know how it worked so I broke it open. Ink went all over the wall, the desk the chair the carpet– I panicked and ran out into the desert to my hiding place. When I returned, I remember vividly walking stoically to face my fate, placing my hand on the door knob and pausing before opening the door to find my mother and father sitting calming in their chairs reading the newspaper. I looked around to find the room pristine: no ink anywhere, no broken 8 ball; no one ever mentioned the 8 ball. I walked into another room, placing my hands on my head wondering WHAT Was THAT? Learning about time lines: aha.

  • I am in tears connecting to a depth of this that I may not talk or write about, and yet You already know this depth. I have felt you would be one of the small group…… can’t say more. Thank you! Exciting time ahead and worth all the muck and sludge… Time to shine High Heart!!!

  • I had to read this a few times to fully realize what you were saying but I understand now. I actually started feeling this change last fall. It felt like access I had had to other dimensions was being slowly cut off like a closing faucet. It was very frustrating and a bit scary to feel like I was being relegated to just 3D. I guess I was just being given a little extra time to prepare! I started focusing on relying more on myself rather than constantly reaching for other dimensions. Thank you Denise, for this information. It really helps!

  • I was gonna ask the same question Gerry asked and I don’t think it was a stupid question at all. I think ultimately you gotta follow your own inner guidance. I do resonate with what Denise says about different volunteers having different missions here. I have another question for Denise. What exactly do you mean when you talk about jumping timelines? How do you know if you’re doing this? Is this a conscious thing some volunteers do, or is it in the dream state and some don’t remember doing it? I don’t think I do this then but I’m not sure if maybe I’m doing it in the dream state. As far as my ascension mission, I’ve been isolated from the world for the last 11 years. I’ve always been very introverted my whole life, but even more since around 2009. So my life hasn’t changed much since the start of Covid-19. The only thing different is I wear a mask to go grocery shopping. The way it seems to play out for me is I’m aware that my ego is slowly surrendering to my high heart, but it’s a matter of getting “closure” with things I’ve been attached to in my 3D life. I have been in a “high heart” state several times and have started noticing around 2013 that there are literally 2 worlds, one that my ego experiences and one that I experience when I’m in my high heart state of no mind. Everything is calm and peaceful and everyone around me reflects my inner peace in the high heart state, but when I go back to ego mode everyone goes back to their own different ego states. It’s also completely different how people react to me. When I transcend the ego people around me (unaware family members) react to me like I’m a lightworker, but in ego mode everyone is fearful for my future here in duality. Sometimes I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, but instead of clicking my heels to return home I bring my mind into the present moment, but it doesn’t always work if I still have things I’m attached to here. Some things I’m still not ready to give up but I’m working on it. So it’s all about getting ego closure for me. So this brings me back to my question. Is this what you mean by jumping timelines? Am I doing it?


    • “What exactly do you mean when you talk about jumping timelines? How do you know if you’re doing this? Is this a conscious thing some volunteers do, or is it in the dream state and some don’t remember doing it?”

      Thanks for the questions Robert L., this is a perfect time to go into more detail about this because most of us have been doing it all last week — October 4th through October 11th — and we may still be today.

      I’ve mentioned this before but it needs repeating here. Monday October 5, 2020 there was a very intense NEW energy that arrived which most of us felt, SEVERELY felt in our heads mainly, so much so that we had to lay down and embody it and weren’t able of doing anything else. Then on Wednesday October 7th I experienced another layer of this and had the same severe head, skull, brain, brain glands (Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus), and jaw pains I did on Monday. Then on Saturday October 10, 2020 there was a third energetic layer in this latest energy embodying process which for me was the most SEVERE of them all and that’s saying something because each one was very intense and caused tremendous head pains. Saturday was very long, filled with constant physical pain, hyper energized from what was happening but in too much pain to physically do anything but embody and survive it. And then Sunday October 11th I repeatedly clairvoyantly Saw different etheric faces of negative insectoid aliens and certain parts of insects being “transmitted”. I knew that I had, many of us Volunteers had throughout all of last week, gone through another big round of embodying more NEW which in turn caused some of us to also get slightly readjusted or realigned or made slight ascending course corrections because of these latest energies we had/are embodying. The one thing usually automatically triggers the other thing to happen which is either a timeline change or a slight course correction with each of us individually. The energy Stair-steps are so real and so obvious. And, my Seeing the Team Dark etheric transmissions of some of their faces and body parts was sort of parting shot at me, at us because we’re literally moving beyond them all now.

      [A reader emailed me that Celia Fenn had written a little something about this on the 5th in a section of her site on the main page near the bottom called ‘Message of the Day’. I’d never seen this before but was glad to discover that someone else had mentioned this very intense October 5th energy blast. She’s since written about the October 10th — 10-10 2020– energy and event as well.]

      I shared all that to help show how we all change timelines for a number of different reasons Robert. We do when we’re asleep, we do when we’re awake, we often do automatically when we’re embodying the latest incoming NEW energy/energies, plus we can change timelines just from feeling intense emotions over almost anything. Different timelines each have varying different frequencies, some only a little while some are very different in frequency from the one you or I are in today. And remember, these different ascending Earth worlds, each with their matching frequency timelines are populated by living people and Volunteers that currently match or vibrate the same as the world and timeline they’re currently on. They can change anytime but that requires THEM individually to embody more, expand their consciousness more, release more, be willing to expand and change, grow and evolve more etc.

      “I have been in a “high heart” state several times and have started noticing around 2013 that there are literally 2 worlds, one that my ego experiences and one that I experience when I’m in my high heart state of no mind. Everything is calm and peaceful and everyone around me reflects my inner peace in the high heart state, but when I go back to ego mode everyone goes back to their own different ego states. It’s also completely different how people react to me. When I transcend the ego people around me (unaware family members) react to me like I’m a lightworker, but in ego mode everyone is fearful for my future here in duality.”

      There ya go Robert and perfectly described. ❤ Think and FEEL about all this as different layers and levels of different frequencies because that’s exactly what they are. When we internally vibrate and match one of them, we’re there in that ascending Earth world in that particular timeline frequency. When we drop or change our inner vibrations, our frequency, we automatically and instantly find ourselves in a slightly different ascending Earth world with people who are also emitting, vibrating, being the same frequencies as the world and timeline they’re on then. You said this so perfectly about how when you transcend ego the people around you react to you differently, and when you’re in egoic levels and matching frequencies you’re down there with everyone else’s egos too! We’ve all experienced this huge ascension lesson repeatedly over the years and it’s a powerful way for each of us to have important firsthand personal and direct living experiences with changing ourselves and our consciousness and emotions etc. and how that instantly changes the “reality” we find ourselves in at that time.

      So Robert that’s a big YES that you are and have been repeatedly changing timelines for many years now. Expect more, much more and faster and easier and just follow your HighHeart. 😉 ❤

      • Thanks for all your insight Denise. One thing I should add too is that sometimes when things get uncomfortable enough for me in duality it pushes me to let go of ego things I’ve been hanging onto that I’m ready to let go of. Sometimes there’s things you keep doing just out of habit and other things you’re still not ready to let go of. The universe lets me get closure with the things I’m not ready to give up yet, but once I’m done I need to be done and I always get a reminder. Sometimes it’s not always a pleasant one but that’s how this ascension journey works. It’s stripping away the ego bit by bit. Thanks again Denise


  • This idea definitely resonates with me. I would say traveling between timelines and such during Phase 1 looked like my healing: visiting old mes, becoming future mes, and essentially bringing my fractured self/selves back together.
    On January 12, 2020 I was “hit” with the knowing I was soon going to be having a child. A month or two later I realized it was a metaphorical, new reality child. Seemingly coincidentally, I was called into an inner retreat the week our local quarantine began, where I have been ever since. I’ve had little to no contact with anyone other than my family and grocery store clerks.
    It has definitely felt like a birth: going inward, staying essentially in a solitary and focused spot, focusing on my body and my breathing.
    This year I no longer felt the need to go “visit” many times or memories from my 3D experience. As feelings come up, I allow them, usually without awareness of what they could be attached to (meaning, they have no memories or triggers I’m aware of).
    This spring and summer 2020 (in the US) were basically about focusing on my center. In August a tree grew from that seed center. Ever since, I have been focused intently on Being Peace, feeling how All is becoming Peace that is manifested from this body that I, God, designed specifically from which to create a world of Peace. I am birthing Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Peace Consciousness.
    I remember back in January when I thought I would be having a human child, feeling like I was one of many Mother Marys who would be birthing the return of Christ Consciousness.

    • “Ever since, I have been focused intently on Being Peace, feeling how All is becoming Peace that is manifested from this body that I, God, designed specifically from which to create a world of Peace. I am birthing Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Peace Consciousness.
      I remember back in January when I thought I would be having a human child, feeling like I was one of many Mother Marys who would be birthing the return of Christ Consciousness.”

      And that Emily nicely describes how some of us that are the first to Embody, those living the Embodiment Process now, are increasingly Embodying, aligning and connecting fully with Crystalline Christ frequency in ourselves and physical bodies. That in turn quickens the drawing together and merging transformation of this primary ascending Earth with NEW Earth that already exists in our near “future”. These two Processes are intimately connected and Working together. ❤

  • Dear Denise, in my excitement over this article I completely forgot to thank you! I’m so grateful for this and the green light go approval you’ve received to share this very important and timely information with us.

    Thank you so so much for all you do.

    Love and High Heart Hugs to you ❤️❤️❤️🙏

  • Thank you so much Denise and everyone who comments also as helps me so much.
    Getting easier to stay in my own space and not get pulled into others energies and stories.
    I got an image of being seperate from everyone and everything in a new way but able to connect without having to use energy or help in the old way.
    The 9th and 10th I experienced very strange vertigo and nausea which never happens so I know it was energy leaving like a huge download of new light and the old leaving.Feels easier now..love to you all.

    • “The 9th and 10th I experienced very strange vertigo and nausea which never happens so I know it was energy leaving like a huge download of new light and the old leaving.”


      October 5th, 7th, and 10th were, so far, super extra heavy duty severe head pains and pressure days for me and I can feel today that it’s still unfolding, these energies changing the landscape of my brain glands, brain, head, eyes, HighHeart, spine, shoulders and so on. It’s been next-level severe and intense all week and like I said, there’s more coming. Rest, self-care, sleep whenever you need to help you embody and “reboot” these mega Phase 2 level ascension changes. ❤

      • Thank you for that feedback.
        It felt at one point like was I dying but knew I wasnt.😀💕 and I keep getting a message that it will still be very intense until Dec 21st.

        • How beautiful annelovellblog! I absolutely relate to your words. Thank you for sharing. 💜💜💜

  • Hi Denise, thank you so much for all you do. I usually have amazing dreams. Last week or two I can’t even recall hardly anything when I wake up. I feel I am hardly dreaming except I remember a moment or something short or a short vision of it to reassure me that I have been doing something in Dreamtime. Last night it was a white illuminating beam of light I slightly remember. I have been calling off work, in fact the last whole week. I feel it is toxic if I go. Only have 5 more months in this world to retire but am feeling like I should do it now. Many changes. Trying to stay calm and not feel panic. Love, Linda

    • Linda C.,

      Follow your heart about when you should retire. ❤ The next five months — October 2020 through February 2021 — and beyond I suspect, are going to be epic in their unpleasantness, changes, potential violence, chaos, escalating money/financial collapse and changes etc. If the amount of your monthly retirement isn't a huge deal for you then I'd suggest you do it now and get that going with S.S. Everything is and will be in a state of collapse and huge change (not all bad or unpleasant) globally for a while.

      • Thank you Denise. Everything you said to me rings at my knowingness. It feels at this moment the right time to do it. Anything else feels like complete chaos inside me. I feel I can take a deep breath now. ❤️❤️❤️ Much more I wish I could convey but now it doesn’t seem important. I just needed to trust myself and surrender to the knowingness.

  • I am noticing the “Age of Aquarius” aspect with all of this new stay at HOME mission.
    Aquarius is about groups – but a group is not a mob (one big messy blob circle); nor is a group a follow the leader (linear straight line) concept. Also not a duality, opposition, them/us, vampire/parasite relationship.
    A new age Aquarius Group is like Denise’s triangle, triality – a group is a collection of individuals, each self-embodied, working together towards a common goal.
    We can’t have an enlightened society by force, laws, rules, forced government quarantine. An enlightened society must be a group of enlightened individuals!
    An enlightened society could easily “defund the police” because an enlightened society would not murder each other, and would share equitably, and would work individually within the group creatively for freedom of self-expression.
    I’m sure y’all all know that already but it’s just becoming truly real for me. Now I understand why I must be embodied here and now – enlighten and ascend myself – to provide Space for this Earth to ascend.

    Thank you for listening to my rambling 😃
    I am so happy to be with this HighHeart GROUP 💜

    • “A new age Aquarius Group is like Denise’s triangle, triality – a group is a collection of individuals, each self-embodied, working together towards a common goal.
      We can’t have an enlightened society by force, laws, rules, forced government quarantine. An enlightened society must be a group of enlightened individuals!”

      Exactly Diana H.! The absolute most important aspect of all this is that every INDIVIDUAL is energetically sovereign, embodied, personally unified, has true Higher Awareness, has transmuted, transformed and transcended themselves and reached higher Triality frequency, consciousness and being. With INDIVIDUALS like that, just imagine what our NEW Earth and much else is going to be! 🙂 Conscious (evolved Aquarius) Creators (evolved Leo).

      An enlightened society will not ever need police. Or governments. Taxes. Money. An enlightened society and world such as NEW Earth will not ever have any of these old lower negative patriarchal systems or even consciousness. It’s all over but the sweeping out the negative trash, which is happening right now. You’re on spiritual fire Diana H., keep going you! ❤

      • Agreed! The ‘stay at home’ order has been, in many ways, a dream come true for me. I call it my personal book of Revelation time. And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.. early Spring 2020, in the northern hemisphere .. days & days chock full of uninterrupted (thank you COVID 19) gardening time, with each day getting longer than the one before as we crept toward the Spring Equinox (if you’re a gardener, this is bliss) . It was during one of those days out there in ‘the garden’ that this thought burst thru .. ‘In this world, the ability to Self govern alleviates the need to BE governed’ .. it was so intoxicatingly accurate that I felt HIGHER than I’ve ever, EVER felt during my traveling forays into other dimensions, timelines, what have yous. And for the first time (in maybe EVER) I felt completely ANCHORED in the New World, right there in a patch of peas and zinnias. It was nothing less than EUPHORIC. On the heels of this thought, came another one, ‘There are many ‘worlds‘ simultaneously existing on Planet Earth right now, (as there always have been) some have a stronger, more VIBRANT vibration than others, and some are slowly fading away.. but there is still, only ONE Planet Earth.’
        A feeling of Peace softly erupted inside of me that was so great, that I wept tears of joy and utter relief. And poof, just like that, I no longer felt the crushing NEED to ‘save’ the Planet Earth or any of its inhabitants.. that’s a ‘savior world‘ vibration that it is quickly fading and losing its ‘vibrancy’ .. like an old black & white movie (pun intended) .. NOW, I fully reside in the ‘new world’ where as a Self governing human, I COEXIST withIN the natural flow of the planet Earth and all of Her inhabitants.. same Planet Earth but a completely different vibrational ‘world’ .. My ‘job’ is to simply maintain MY PERSONAL vibration in this VIBRANT world. There’s no ‘need’ to convince anyone to join me here, or try to ‘sell’ it as the ‘next best thing’ .. nope, not even a little bit..even if I wanted to I cannot because it is a VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY that must be MATCHED on an individual basis. All I have to DO is LIVE it and those with eyes that see and hearts that feel organically appear .. much like those peas & zinnia seeds ..

        • This was beautifully articulated. Thank you. You have verbalized many experiences and moments I have had these past few years. Crystal clear revelations doing our ordinary everyday life.
          Gratitude is the marker for a High Heart ❤️ life, and your gratitude came through with your reply.
          Thank you Anne and Denise for all you do,
          Many blessings, Barbara

  • Hi Denise,

    This article has inspired a big healing within me, as well as a deep sigh of relief…thinking I’d been doing something wrong these past months as I kept wondering “Is that all there is?” to my day-to-day life, like the title of the old Peggy Lee song.

    With caregiving as (as you know) isolating as it often is…and when combined with the Covid shutdown…I’d often think of how the NEW ascending Earth (and myself) was ever going to experience my contributions to it by staying indoors and not sharing myself with the external world.

    Now, due to your article, I’ve allowed myself to believe that all along I’ve been creating an inner vortex of more refined and distilled personal AP/EP energies that could only have been constructed while being isolated in our apartment within the “stay-at-home/stay-at-HOME” imperative that only an event such as this epidemic could have made possible. Of course, I continue to be/become a work-in-progress as I develop this inner vortex of “refinement” ever further.

    The Comments by each respondent have been full of self-compassion, and the responses to Gerry’s query are especially so…and I want to applaud and give to All Here a big and warm HighHeart hug for continuing to help me access more compassion for myself amidst the “chaos” that inner growth creates. Thank you for you, Denise…and my love/Love/LOVE to All for these growth opportunities…

    • “Now, due to your article, I’ve allowed myself to believe that all along I’ve been creating an inner vortex of more refined and distilled personal AP/EP energies that could only have been constructed while being isolated in our apartment within the “stay-at-home/stay-at-HOME” imperative that only an event such as this epidemic could have made possible.”

      Raymond & All,

      YES!!! This is what the Divine Cease & Desist Order is all about and why it happened in Phase 2 of the AP and the only Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction of January 12, 2020. We all (I’m talking specifically here about we Volunteers) HAD to stop doing all those Phase 1 things and step up a whole lotta energy stair-steps into Phase 2 and Work from there instead. I sincerely hope that everyone is or has realized that I am the only ascension teacher/writer that’s been writing about all of these things all year. The Divine Cease & Desist Order, that there even is a Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, stay-at-home while you Stay-at-HOME on primary ascending Earth in your Embodying body, and finally with this October 2020 article the deeper reasons why so many of us have felt in Phase 2 like something was sort of off or slightly wrong or as some have confessed, felt like THEY were doing something wrong because so much has changed so quickly with them and their ascension Work etc.

      Like I said in this article, it’s normal, easy and natural for we Volunteers to go anywhere we want and need etherically, dimensionally, vibrationally, in linear time, in higher quantum space where we’ve already completed NEW Earth and much more, and then back down again into our current physicality, linear time, primary ascending timeline, space and all else. Humans have been frustrated that the Cease & Desist Order — the COVID-19 pandemic and global financial stuff for them — has limited their movements in the physical world. Some Volunteers have been frustrated this year that their multidimensional movements, their movement in and out and back in and back out again with linear time and quantum reality has been to varying degrees greatly reduced this year. Confused over why they’ve been in multi-D and time and timelines lock-down since January 2020.

      We Volunteers have been used to being able to while awake and while asleep go anywhere and do our ascension Work in multiple locations, timelines, worlds, dimensions, quantum levels etc. that all this and more has been our normal for over two decades! Then with the start of Phase 2 in January 2020, many of the Volunteers, not all of us but many were instantly redirected to our NEW Phase 2 level of ascension Work, and what many of us have been discovering all year is that it’s been like we’ve been in jail, in lock-down, deeply isolated, trapped in this timeline on this ascending Earth world unable to access or leave or come and go like we’re so used to energetically and etherically and in all other ways too. We’ve been experiencing, for us, tremendous multi-D lock-down all year and it has not been pleasant for the most part. I too have felt and pondered many years ago actually, is this my life this time? Is this all it’s going to be this incarnation? and so on, which if we’re honest with ourselves is utterly ridiculous! 😆 Is this all there is to my life this time around? Are you kidding me, us, everyone everywhere?! This is a life we’ve Worked towards for before there was dirt and now some of us doubt our actions, mourn our earthly losses and inabilities to “party hardy” with the humans! I repeat 😆

      But I totally get it because I’ve done it too, many times over these ascension years and I’ve discovered that for many of us the big answer is yes, this is it this time around. It’s all Work and not much fun party times this time around but never ever forget that not everyone can even do what we do, cannot embody as much Light and NEW as we have and continue doing, cannot survive being what we are, cannot survive doing what we have done, are doing right now, and will be doing beyond that. Think of all this as your entire Volunteer life is the big, difficult, get no thanks, no respect, no acknowledgement from unaware humanity for the profound sacrifices you have done and still are. Think of your entire life as Sacred because it is even though it feels like hell on earth most of the time. Creating Heaven on Earth is what we’re doing. We’ll “party” after our Work is done.

      Don’t leave the punch line out like you often do Denise just because you fatigue. So yeah, punch line is we’ve been under the Divine Cease & Desist Order all year and in physical and time and multi-D lock-down because it’s up to this small group of Volunteers who’ve been able to shift into Phase 2 and make huge personal changes in their, in our movements, activities and habits and STOP running all over the universe and jumping timelines and leaving and reentering linear time and Working on NEW Earth and other things from the quantum level and much more and STOP all that and just sit it out on this primary ascending Earth world and personally hand and HighHeart deliver it, lift and support and protect it to its destination which is where IT becomes NEW Earth. All things considered, our temporary lock-down this year into next isn’t much when you know what it is really doing. And on that note, I thank each of you who’ve chosen this as your mission Work in 2020 and 2021 to personally and directly deliver this ascending Earth to that level where it automatically becomes NEW Earth. Thank you for your Service and sacrifice to complete this aspect of the Ascension Process for All. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you Denise
        For all you have done. For all your clarity and honesty. For telling it like it is. For not dressing it up. For helping us understand better, so we can be better. For helping us to get there to new earth and to be new earth
        Magda xxx

      • Dear Denise,

        My Central Nervous System is vibrating full-throttle as it allows itself to say “YES” to the affirming, validating observations and statements that you’ve articulated for us All in your response. Your Comment contains the healing information I’ve been seeking to have answered for years now to some of my remaining incarnational irresolutions that are imprinted in my natal astrological chart. For the benefit of all here, please allow me to share this personal information so that others (many of our generation, I suspect) may benefit.

        Especially since the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 2020, I’ve been obsessed with resolving the primal wound that is represented by my natal Chiron (in Capricorn!) at exactly the 15+-degrees midpoint and…guess what…conjunct my Cap Ascendant at 17!…in addition to, as you already know, what Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter have been doing in criss-crossing my Ascendant repeatedly for the last three years now.

        What does Chiron in Capricorn in the 12th House (the House of Incarceration and of things happening “behind the scenes” and in the shadows) say about one’s primal wound (Chiron is the astrological/mythological Wounded Healer)? In my understanding, and for those of us to whom this applies, the primal wound here is the need for structure and achievement that manifests when one feels and has felt unrecognized, unacknowledged, unheard, unnoticed and unappreciated, perhaps throughout their entire adult life. Along with this, there is also the feeling that you can’t find your vocation or function within society, despite seeking validation and respect and recognition for one’s “work” in this world.

        “Think of all this as your entire Volunteer life is the big, difficult, get no thanks, no respect, no acknowledgement from unaware humanity for the profound sacrifices you have done and still are. Think of your entire life as Sacred because it is even though it feels like hell on earth most of the time. Creating Heaven on Earth is what we’re doing. We’ll “party” after our Work is done.” Denise, these are your profound words (along with the rest of them), and they could not ring any truer than they are doing now.

        One “final” (ha, ha) note here, and this dovetails with Emily’s and Diana H.’s beautiful healing Comments and your Comments in return…I apologize for continuing to make this so personal (but truthfully, at the core level, probably very little really is)…The coming Saturn/Jupiter conjunction that will occur on December 21, 2020 (the Winter Solstice) will occur at 0 degrees+ Aquarius…and in my natal chart, my lunar North Node (that is to say, the feeling for life that is meant for one to experience throughout this incarnation) is exactly at 1 degree Aquarius…How convenient! What a teaching/learning this all is…we Volunteers are All Here at the precise time, working out LIFE exactly as each of us were intended to do individually and for the sake of the collective! No virtue or morality or better-than or less-than judgments here…we Volunteers are just “answering the call” more intuitively than ever before!

        I apologize for being so verbose, Denise…I hope that whatever I have shared about my personal journey here will find its way to whomever needs to receive this information most. Please remove whatever you find to be too redundant or inapplicable…My thanks to you and for you are never enough…Much love/Love/LOVE to you and All Here…

      • TWICE in ONE day I am commenting on your article.. THANK YOU, Denise & ALL ..!!.. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
        I am grateful AF to each and everyone of you, HERE in this conversation.. (yes, even the Wendy chick, for her ‘commercial’ interruption.. 🐥🙉 .. btw, loved how you handled that Denise .. 💪🏼☮️💚 .. 🗣🐥! .. ‘If your vibration does not meet, match or EXCEED that of those residing here, then you are escorted OUT. Simple as that… PEACE ✌🏼. Be elsewhere. and enjoy your ride in a more ‘matched’ vibration.) .. sooo easy.. 💚 💚💚
        Now! Moving right along … this whole conversation {{feels}} like a little ‘behind the scenes, after party’ .. (and I believe it is ! 🥳🥳!! ) We are FINALLY able to remain and PEACEFULLY be here 👉🏼 🌎 for extended periods of ‘time’ WITHOUT the pressures (well, except for the one tiny 🐥 blip .. 🤷🏼‍♀️) of the old carbon world trying to snuff our Lights out.. And to that, I say “ HALLEfuckingLUJAH” !! ..Bitches, I have been WAITING for THIS party, to get PEOPLED. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING UP.. !!” In all your different costumes! .. 👩🏽‍🔧👨🏻‍⚖️🧑🏼‍🚀🦹🏻🧞‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️🦄👩🏻‍🎨👩🏼‍💻🧕🏽👩🏻‍🌾 (and SHARING your 💗💡 .. we reached some sort of ‘critical mass’ recently and I am one GRATEFUL human. 🙆🏼‍♀️💚

  • Wow thanks Denise 🙏🏼 As always such a synchronicity for me and reading your posts ✨ I was just trying to figure out what was going on! Dream land is so different – I would say boring to what I am used to and I have never felt so ‘grounded’ as I do now! I wondered had i done something wrong and I’ve lost certain access or something else (self doubting) along those lines, I just could not grasp why it had all changed?!! And also interesting that this year I’ve been a stay at home mom (which my human aspect has sometimes slightly resented when I see others ‘out there’ having a life and creating this and that and I’m staying home! Also this is the first time in my life as a stay at home anything) so thank you so much for these comforting confirmations – as always Denise!!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼💗💗✨✨

  • Hello Denise,

    After reading this article it is the first time I realy feel I am understood. 🙂 Not even myself understood clearly where my Soul has taken me this year and why but now I realy do and I am so grateful for the Clarity and Light you have brought.

    I am also so grateful for all of you, for the work that you do and for your Love and Light.

    I feel joyous times are coming soon 🙂

  • Thank you as always Denise sincerely. ❤ After reading your article today I had to go to Dollar General for things and didn't do the usual setting myself in a higher vibration as I usually do to block out lower vibrations and frequencies of yes people..so damn peoply out there..Lol..and the energies were beyond chaotic in the store..several people standing in line with a slow as molasses cashier, I wanted to guard up but didn't..lol..I instead focused on shopping and being in the New Earth..and just like that..all was calm..within me no doubt cause where attention flows energy goes and grows..I had such a great experience with just that lil bit of envisioning New Earth that when I went to the next store..I made the intention I am in and on New Earth..the cashier was humming the nutcracker song and talking about plays and being so chipper and complimentary to all the customers..it was delightful honestly 🙂

  • Thanks, Denise! The fracturing you’ve described is something I’ve noticed, too. I’ve recently been reading all of your articles and it has explained a lot of questions I had about my own symptoms and the “whys” of things in the ascension process. Also, it’s interesting that I’ve found you at the same time saying the same things I’d received in my own downloads and at the same time as I no longer resonated with the teachers I used to follow.

    I got a big download a couple of days ago, right before the Mars squares to Saturn and Pluto, about how, if I can just look ahead I will see the finish line! (My guides showed me how it used to be when I was in the Army taking PT tests (I hated running!!) and how I’d look ahead and see the finish line and kick it into a higher gear because I could see the end.) Now that I read this I wonder if that wasn’t for others besides myself.

    I started studying astrology years ago to learn about timing, because I was much younger and very impatient. Now that I’m older I am so glad I learned about astrology, because it has always helped me to be able to look at an ephemeris and know when a particular transit would end. Then, I would watch in anticipation for the old reality to dissolve and a new one ushered in.

    Has anyone else wondered about the people “out there”? I am displaced this year and I’ve noticed that it seems like people are just getting on with their lives. There is a neighborhood bar around the corner and it has been packed, no social distancing and no masks, and I sometimes feel like my being told to STAY HOME is unfair considering that it looks like everyone else is moving on.

    I’ve been told that reality cannot shift while I’m still participating in it, so this current reality I’m in is apparently about to dissolve and return me to my chosen home, I hope!

    I wonder if “reality” is just an AI program (I’ve seen those run in my own life in situations that were so obviously staged that it had to be orchestrated from outside my reality — kind of like an attack, but I was paying attention and had sense enough to leave instead of getting entangled) and if that’s true, is the program running in my reality to attempt pull me back into that old paradigm and remain entangled in the old one? Anyone else noticed this?

    Related to that program running — why isn’t the Schumann Resonance off the charts given that things are so chaotic out there? I asked about it and was told that I am no longer dependent on the resonances to get zapped and upgraded. This seems to tie in with your last post about the triangles.

    I am pretty sure that I have been zapped in rapid fire succession these past three or four weeks, and my Mom is even (finally) rapidly healing, transforming and ascending in response to my being here with her this year.

    Thanks for any insights anyone is willing to share!

    • Dear Christine,

      I too have moments where I see people just carrying on having fun and think to myself, “this isn’t fair.”

      But to carry on with our heads in the sand is probably not why you nor people like “us” are here.

      As for this being an A.I. Matrix, most definitely and it’s interactive so please be very mindful of where your head and heart is, as it seems it’s ALWAYS trying to “entangle” us into the timeline of ITS choice, not yours or where we’re going.😊

  • Dear Denyse,
    OMG!!! I absolutely resonate with this message. Thank you for helping me consciously understand what I have been experiencing since February.
    My root and sacral chakras has been buzzing and vibrating in increasing frequencies. Now I understand!

    I have had to remain HERE to ground the incoming energies that have been relentless. It also explains
    the intense loneliness that I have been feeling. I am bereft of HOME and much of my soul family.

    Bless you for offering me this epiphany.
    From my heart to yours in love and light,
    Sarai ♥️

  • well…makes sense..I was grounded with a stroke September 5th…have been in “rehab/recovery” ever since. Was totally aware of what happened and am observing myself affecting others throughout this experience…just figured it was part of my mission…

  • Omg Denise
    I could not find the words for any of what you have expressed. I have spent months trying to work out why it has been as it has. I had a moment a few weeks ago where I was so angry and so lonely. All this residual rubbish came up. I thought I physically could not stand it. Afterwards I sat there and realised that if I had had people in my space physically I would not have been able to have allowed that or any other clearing. It was as if phase 1 prepared me to withstand for phase 2. And I have needed all the space to let go and embody more new.
    What an amazing job we have had and do have to do. And how awesome to be part of new earth. Thank you. And thank you to everyone here. For us having a place . Even if we are thousands of miles apart.
    Highheart hugs to you Denise and to everyone. Your graphics with the coloured stars and energies, it’s all I see every day in my mind. Space. It’s beautiful. I know that sounds weird.
    Magda 💜💜

  • Denise you have a long convoluted way of going on about things that are not new. Like this latest ‘fact’. News flash. Not new. We have been operating like this to assist the evolution of all for years. You have only become aware of levels of perception to it now.

    • Who exactly do you mean by “we” Wendy Andrews? Also, do you have a website or blog where you write about your personal experiences and related ascension information? I’d bet money you don’t, you just enjoy being what you are. If you don’t like me and my ‘convoluted ways of going on about things that are not new’ then what the fuck are you doing here reading them? Don’t bother responding Wendy Andrews because I already know the answer to this too.

      • This msg from this Wendy “person” reminded me of my dream last night.

        I was just walking around a crowded place and noticed that amongst the humans were also demons; they were dressed in their human suits and “acting” like they were one of us. When I looked at the crowd, only the demons stared back at me, the humans were oblivious to me.
        I remember saying “I see you.”

        • Hi Jain Lee
          Your dream reminded me of one I had in my teens. It’s message has stayed with me. It was evil showing itself in human form throughout a huge span of centuries. This male “person” stood in front of me in the dream and kept ripping their face off (like a rubber mask). They were dressed for different eras. The last one was a modern suit wearing business man who said, as he ripped his face off to show what he really was, “whoever I am I am, whatever I am I am always the same, evil.” It was vile. For years I never understood it fully. Why I had even “dreamt” it. But the central truth of it has always remained. Evil is always the same. However it manifests.

        • Magda,

          Your dream was so incredible, so true, you were fortunate to have had it reveal itself to you in such an honest way. Thanks for sharing this with us. ❤

          I perceived something similar well before 9/11 but it was the same business as your dream — Team Dark changing "costumes" to blend in with the times, beliefs, astrological Age energies, different countries etc.

        • Jain Lee I have dreams like that too ……. and recently it’s been happening in real life. I can “See” the inside of non-humans (with non-physical Vision) somehow – and IRL the non-humans stare at me while the humans can’t seem to see me at all.

          Denise your comments would be appreciated. Is this a new/old repurposed skill to help us while we are in Stay @ HOME ❤️ quarantine?

        • :…recently it’s been happening in real life. I can “See” the inside of non-humans (with non-physical Vision) somehow –”

          Thank You everyone for your great Comments. They make it easier for me to connects them and questions or confusions to much of what I’ve been writing about all year in Phase 2 of the AP. ❤ ❤ ❤

          Diana H., what you're Seeing clairvoyantly are energy signatures, and you’re then reading them which means you’re perceiving, sensing and instantly interpreting them. You are Clairvoyantly Seeing them both in the etheric and physical levels then naturally reading, sensing and interpreting them. This is a really big and very important tool in your ascension toolbox / tool belt so congratulations! Very well done! Do not forget how all this FEELS in you, your awareness and of course your body because all of that is part of this ability. Our entire bodies and beings are very capable of perceiving physically, non-physically and multidimensionally and both linearlly and quantumly (non-linear). This is all part of us, and eventually the rest of humanity, evolving and expanding our senses, perceptual abilities, Higher Awareness etc. etc. from the old lower density of 3D pre-ascension to vastly higher levels of NEW normal that’s got a baseline of 5D, fifth dimensional frequency energies and so on.

          I so very much appreciate the Comment shares by those of you about your personal Team Dark experiences, interactions, visions, communications, threats on your lives etc. 🙄 because that helps everyone reading Comments to get a better understanding about not only Team Dark but how we Volunteers have always been under their surveillance because we are Team Light and a direct threat to them all.

          All of this has to do with the AP and the Volunteers, and eventually humanity, discovering that “Disclosure” involves so much more than just good/bad ETs and UFOs! Disclosure will include ALL of the many different beings that are (or where) Team Dark, not just negative ETs but demons, devils and countless negative entities and abnormalities that they’ve created and/or have manifested out of eons of negativity. Know more, See more, Perceive more but don’t empower any of it/them but remain Neutral emotionally and most importantly energetically and keep evolving/ascending beyond it/them all. Stair-steps. ❤

          “…and IRL the non-humans stare at me while the humans can’t seem to see me at all.”

          Sorry Diana but I couldn’t figure out what IRL means. 😕 But YES, the non-humans stare because they’ve always Seen you Lightworker/Volunteer/Embodier/Starseed/Pathpaver! And the unaware humans typically never see us or even feel us because they’re so entrenched in density, BS, electronic devices and general lack of any awareness about anything of any real importance. And here we Volunteers have been all our lives, stuck in the middle of all of them while Working our guts out to get rid of Team Dark to help LIGHTEN Earth so humanity can, finally, see and feel us and more importantly themselves as now free and evolving humans of Light. 😉 ❤

        • I’ve done this too in the past Jain L. Let them know that I See and feel them and am ready.

          This AP has been more of a battle than most of us have fully realized or admitted to ourselves in these lives, I think mainly because it’s been so profoundly horrid. This has already improved dramatically however and continues becoming less and less of any threat to us whatsoever finally. ❤

    • Funny..anybody else laughing? 😀 Wendy is so beyond and higher up than anybody apparently and so high horse on herself..yee haw..don’t buck your ass off Wendy ..and surely don’t giddy up..you’ve done that enough..haha

    • Really Wendy? I only had enough energy today to show appreciation toward Denise’s effort, time, energy and life. I read your comment and thought… why did you bother? Anyone can be negative. If this place is not for you, don’t be here. If it is for you, be here. SIMPLE. In philosophy, praxeology or praxiology is the theory of human action, based on the notion that humans engage in purposeful behavior, as opposed to reflexive behavior and other unintentional behavior. Just a little nugget to ponder.

      • *********************************************** deleted by Denise.

        Hi woody aka Wendy Andrews. I won’t publish anything you write no matter which fake names and fake email addresses you create. Go enjoy whatever flavor Kool-Aid you drank elsewhere cause it won’t work here Portal Person.

  • Thank you Denise. Do you have the visual of me saying, Oh hooray with tons of confetti flying forth? Good, because I’m not doing that!! Lol Ugh is what I’m actually saying. Thank you for all you do Denise. That’s really all I have left is gratitude toward you and your massive contribution and commitment. Love and understanding to all here.

  • I’ve been feeling something similar. For me, it’s like punching holes through a chitinous membrane which is this reality. It’s very brittle now and can be broken. The thing that makes us feel the most inspired (our mission/whatever brings us into that high-vibe state) is the action to accomplish this. For me, it is writing high vibrational fiction stories, which are really memories of other dimensional places/times. The action of bringing this information in, then restructuring it into a particular form (which is another process) anchors that vibration here. It’s always been that way for me but this year the process seems to be having a different effect, it’s not about my upliftment (and perhaps that of my readers) but for this reality. This must be done surgically, the light held for extended periods, and at the right times. Normally, I don’t mind being in a solitary state to do this but I must admit to being weary now. But there is a greater and greater feeling of detachment so I know that something is happening.

    • Hi Gerry,

      If I may I’d like to share my experience as to your question. I’ve also asked “what should I be doing” because I’ve felt so unnaturally bound, tied down and locked into this timeline even before this lockdown started. When asking my Higher Self for opportunities and direction for which way I should go, I got nothing, zip, silence; nothing presented itself to me, there were no signs, nothing inspired me to “do” something about it and honestly it felt like I was “cut off” from Higher Self. To say I was frustrated is an understatement, as I was used to “doing” and being a “doer”, I’m sure like many other people.

      I gave up, struggled with feelings of being a “loser” for I wasn’t bringing money in but went on as best as I could, just staying in this timeline, not inspired to do anything but simply exist and Be. Honestly this year so far has been the most “boring” time of my life.

      Growing more desperate and feeling like I couldn’t go on, one day it occurred to me that I wasn’t asking the right question to my Higher Self so I simply stated to Source that I was willing to do what Source wants me to do, whatever that is, I volunteer.

      Since then, my mind would wander to what the New Earth World looks like, what it’s filled with and what it isn’t. I was fleshing out the details of this world whenever I was “dazed”, “drifting off” or “daydreaming.” I would fall asleep filled with these thoughts, when awake and not engaged in daily things that keeps my family running, then back at it again. I’m still at it as I type these words, I’m not sure if what I’m doing is lifting, pulling or merging this primary ascending timeline to the New Earth timeline, but I feel like it’s part of it.

      I’m not sure if your experience is similar to mine, but if so then maybe you, as well as I, are volunteering for this particular job.

      At least that’s my feel, hope this helps you at least a little.

      • I completely relate to the first two paragraphs!!
        Zilch from upstairs… and absoluteness nothing of interest this entire year…

    • Gerry,
      I know you’re asking Denise and not I, but this is one of those things that
      has constantly dogged me throughout the past 8 years. Denise’s article on
      Channeled Insults and Disrespect shook lose something for me. I’ve been much
      more acutely aware of that than I had realized and I’d abandoned many of
      those named and few that weren’t many years earlier. I know my first big
      delete was in 2009, but the second one was in 2017 and it was much more
      permanent. I’d had it w/ being guilted and I haven’t gone back. Since then
      I’ve slowly developed my own comfort from my own inner knowing.

      So, what’s all this got to do w/ your question? Everything. The group you’re in
      and the easily inferred questions of ‘what am I supposed to be doing’ and ‘am
      I doing it right’ are a consequence of actually caring. You are caring and
      concerned in the face of a raw and ruthless unknowable truth that is
      descending upon us all. None of us can ever answer such a thing w/ permanent
      certainty. Yet all of us have the same access to the only thing that can serve
      which is your own current inner knowing.

      I don’t know about you precisely, but w/ me there are a few things which are
      rather certain and seldom change. A few more that flit around. Once in a great
      while I see some of the really rare birds, but that’s been a long time now.

      Its often easier for a stranger to see these things than yourself or those
      closest to you. There’s a story, the Velveteen Rabbit. You might look it up if
      you don’t know it. Its what I feel each time I’ve read your posts. To a
      stranger who is also on this path, that is what you sound like.

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