And During a Mercury Retrograde!

  In an August article I’d listed some of the incredibly potent astrological transits unfolding like energetic reality-altering dominoes in the second half of 2020. One of them is Mercury retrograde. Mercury turned retrograde on October 13, 2020 at 11° Scorpio. It’s in retrograde motion until November 3, 2020 at 25° Libra. Mercury turns direct motion on November 3, 2020, which happens to be Election Day here in the USA.


Pause for reaction… Pause for jaw dropping, head shaking dismay… Pause for slow recovery… Pause for belly laughs and eye rolling Who gives a damn at this point! reactions.

I was surprised—absolutely should not have been considering how 2020 has been from day one—when I first realized that Mercury would be retrograde during our 2020 presidential election process, mailing of our mail-in ballots and in-person pandemic voting here in the USA. It’s looked and felt like the deck has been and continues to be stacked against us but that’s just more of Phase 2, the Divine Cease & Desist Order, the COVID-19 pandemic, the old lower Duality red Republican / blue Democrat two-party system becoming something NEW, singular and very different for a while. Humanity is and will continue to evolve beyond all of the old patriarchal systems and structures but at first these incremental positive changes need to and will happen. Stair-steps remember?

 Red Republican is done, Blue Democrat is becoming NEW. Red is descending, Blue is ascending. There’s much more but that’s enough for the sensitive moment.

With Mercury retrograde through this presidential 2020 election voting period, it should be clear that we won’t know whose won the presidency on November 3rd or 4th or for a good while after that. Remember that all retrogrades are about each of us needing to go back and re-do, re-think, re-evaluate, re-view, reconsider whatever it is that each of us needs to. In this case it’s the entire USA primarily but we all know the rest of the world is watching and preparing closely for whichever way it goes here. You and I already know which way it’s going to go and why but it’s still got to play itself out physically with all the corruption, law breaking, lying, lowly orange chakra sausage party insanity, and the anti we the people red party blatant everything.

Things look and feel really bad because they have been, for a very, very long time but that’s over finally. Not so however for those who still love the smell of napalm in the morning and the taste of blood in their mouths. See why the Separation has to happen?

It’s going to take longer than it usually does to go through all the ballots for all the reasons you already know about, including the pandemic. It’s just going to take longer than usual which means a lot of other negativity etc. will be doing its damnedest to do more of what it’s done for the past fifty+ years. It looks and feels like all is lost but what’s really going on is that what no longer belongs is being energetically forced out. Ascending or Descending but remain in the same place and space and do both is no longer tolerable in any way to any of us.

Give them the time needed to collect and count the ballots and work their ways through the many obstacles that red created. It will come out eventually and each of us are needed to continue holding the higher while all this lowly negativity plays itself out physically and each go their own radically different ways. Literally. It’s just the last of three Mercury retrograde periods of 2020. Hold higher like you, like we’ve always done and this too will soon be no more.

Denise Le Fay

October 24, 2020

92 thoughts on “And During a Mercury Retrograde!

  • Hi Denise and everyone,
    First I apologise for not remembering the name I used here previously, which is why I am using my actual name this time, easier to remember 🙂 But one thing I remember how I was feeling around early January, especially around 12th. It was months before I got here but those days felt enormously important and now being here, among the like minded people making me feel very grounded and -I don’t know if it’s the right word but- confident. I was 6 when I first “knew”. For years I looked for the answers on the outside. You said very well, social media is really not an ideal place to be in. This year it was very enlightening though. Seeing the truth behind all these ascending masters, teachers was another a-ha moment. Thank you for providing this place for us.
    I hope you are feeling better today. Sending you the best wishes!

  • Hi Denise,

    They’re trying real hard to distract us from crossing the Golden Bridge of Light (as per Celia Fenn via Denise’s link), aren’t they, the f*^kers. So sick of them. They can try (boy! are they!) but not gonna work.

    I hope you’re feeling better Denise, and resting as much as you need to before cranking out another awesome article.

    Love to you and all who can’t be distracted ❤️

    • Jain Lee,

      Feeling much better and celebrating being able to drink water and not have bad tooth nerve lightning bolts go off every time! Been dealing with that for months and living on over-the-counter Tylenol just to get through each day/night but no more finally. Feeling much better Jain and, amazingly or maybe not, the two extraction holes closed in three days!!! It always took a month in the past so this was really great. Oral surgeon gave me antibiotics — and Marcy, NO pain meds because I refused them all because they make me vomit for hours — antibiotics which make me feel terrible but will finish them all tomorrow night. So feeling much better tooth-wise.

      Other than that it’s been repeated dodging old familiar TD dream nightmare “classics” over the past week, and far too many similar sorts of people. I’m trying to remember to include a bit of info about this in the article I’m currently working on, mostly to just reassure those who’ve experienced negative attacks over the past 7-10 days or so.

      Yes, get ourselves across that “Golden Bridge of Light” Celia Fenn mentioned and forget all the other lowly crap. Thanks Jain. ❤

      • So glad you’re feeling better Denise. I’ve been thinking about you a lot over the week. Sending you much love! Also, thanks for the heads up about negative attacks from TD. Every night/morning for the past week during dream time and sometimes during the waking hours. I’m saying, “mother fuckers still trying!”. I just hunker down even more and Embody, integrate and stay in HighHeart. I, also, look forward to your next article as always. I love you and fellow volunteers. 💓💓💓

  • Hi Denise! I hope you’re feeling better.

    I have a question that doesn’t have anything to do with the election. I know these are chaotic times and I’m probably not alone when I say I’ve been experiencing things up close & personal.

    For many years my sister was my best friend. Our paths diverged several years ago now. I understand and accept that. But for most of my life I have felt that we had a soul contract or connection. I have honestly felt that we’ve had several lifetimes together but now I feel that any contract is no longer in effect. I only have memories of a couple of lives, mainly my death in the most recent one. So am I imagining things or do some soul contracts have expiration dates?

    I would appreciate your input.

    Btw, a few days ago Mark Hamill stated on Twitter that things have been so chaotic that he was looking forward to his oral surgery (lol)!

  • Doesn’t this seem like the perfect time for the separation to happen? People, at least in this country, are totally polarized. Let them separate into their own separate worlds and let us rise above it all into our individual worlds. It would feel so natural.

    • That’s exactly what’s been happening Gerry. It’s just finally become blatantly obvious that there are SO many people, and SO many people who’ve been hiding in plain sight all along in both the ascension and conspiracy communities. Part of me wants to write an article about this and lay it all out there why this has, is happening in the ascension community. It’s obvious in the conspiracy community but it’s so frustrating and heartbreaking to have SO many so-called ascension teachers/writers/channelers and their followers, readers etc. that do not honestly know for themselves what’s going on and how it’s happened/happening and why they’ve gotten suckered due to not having done any inner Work on themselves which automatically gives them increasing higher awareness and the ability to read energies, writings and everything and everyone including so-called ascension and/or spiritual and/or energy etc. teachers/writers.

      Just yesterday I stumbled upon a recent video done by LL and it was all right there for anyone to see and SEE and feel and FEEL if they’re capable. Most aren’t which is the whole problem. She hasn’t even begun the AP. She’s energetically filthy. She’s encrusted in density. She’s clueless and yet she does and says what she does, like so many of them. SO many people absolutely cannot discern or SEE or FEEL and know where she (and anyone else) actually, truly, honestly is energetically now.

      I’ll say it yet again for those who haven’t figured this out yet and sadly most won’t in their current lifetimes despite these extreme evolutionary energies doing everything to help them get there.

      The real war is over humanities consciousness. That is the dark side of the Aquarian Age and energies. Throughout the past Piscean Age and energies (WATER-emotions) the real war was over humanities Emotional Bodies and the negative hooked into them and controlled primarily via distorted religions. Now in the Aquarian Age (AIR-thoughts, consciousness) the negative have hooked into the Mental Bodies of many humans via distorted consciousness, thinking, thoughts, awareness etc. Same old negativity but now using the current Age energies to continue controlling as much of unaware humanity that it/they can.

      Sorry Gerry, NONE of that was directed at you whatsoever. Your accurate and honest comment gave me the space to say this. ❤

      • Gerry: “Doesn’t this seem like the perfect time for the separation to happen?”

        Denise: “That’s exactly what’s been happening Gerry.”

        I can confirm that as of yesterday morning, for me at least, something has drastically changed. I believe the ‘Keelhauling’ (as you called it, Denise) that I have been subjected to for the last year or so may be finally over. I am no longer being bombarded with the intense negative emotions coming from all around me… (to be transmuted?) I no longer feel like I am ‘stuck behind enemy lines’ and in a constant state of near panic and readiness alert. (Having been clinically diagnosed with chronic PTSD in ’97 from an ambulance career in the 80’s, a feeling I am INTIMATELY familiar with.)

        As someone who has been a ‘time guardian’ (as I was called by a Tibetan monk many years ago) and has guarded the ‘space between the worlds’ for many years, I got the image last night of being someone who had just forged a deep, wide stream and was finally on the other side… ready to climb up the embankment, look over the rise above and see what new world lay out in front of me. And just as I was describing that image to a friend over the telephone, the screensaver on my TV popped up with a beautiful image of rocky hills and a stream below with a rising sun in the distance. (The first actual ‘picture’ it has EVER displayed, before it only displayed drawings.) The timing was so amazing, so unexpected, I gasped out loud. It was clearly a confirming message for me.

        So yeah… bring it on. I’m ready for a new world. Things feel SO much different for me. There is still a lingering sense of sadness, but my deep grief seems to be over. I sense new (perhaps very old) friends coming into my life. (I think I am merely sad that they are not physically with me yet.) My wife and I will be moving into a new home soon; I suppose both figuratively & energetically as well as literally. Thank you so much Denise for holding this space for encouragement and especially for specifically saying, ‘hold on just a little longer’. There may still be or will be some obstacles to overcome, I don’t know… (I am just enjoying the moment) But I feel deep down that the majority of the mental & emotional suffering that I have endured for so long has at least peaked and may soon be completely over.

        Again… thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU, Denise! And all here at HHL!

        • Kevin M,

          Yes it’s a NEW day, the election results clearly reveal that. The Separation continues — it continues VERY intensely and quickly between the October 31st Blue Full Moon through the 11-11 portal of November 11, 2020. A Separation from what has been for each of us individually, plus the entire human collective, is one of many ascension changes that have happened during these 11 days of Separation and Shifting out of what has been and we’re not anywhere near done yet.

          I know it’s exhausting right now, more so if you’re a Sensitive and can feel all of it — the excited blues and the angry reds and much more — but everyone, do not sit down in the middle of this 11-day Separation/Shifting/Crossing period believing you’ve made it fully to and through the November 11-11 2020 portal. Everyone, reach this particular 11-11-2020 Phase 2 “finish line”, cross it completely which means keep your HighHeart focus on where YOU want to be, live, exist now and on November 12th maybe each of us can sit down and recuperate for a few minutes before the next thing for each of us arrives! But I doubt it. 😆

          Yes you’re old job/mission is finished Kevin M. and it’s finally time for you to Cease & Desist with it. It’s finally time for us all who are making this Separation Shift journey to NEW at the moment to Cease & Desist all of our old ascension related jobs/missions and be open to what’s next for each of us individually. This is a big part of this Separation from what has been and all the people that are still in it at lower levels of consciousness etc. and for each of us to be prepared for more NEW and different in our lives now.

          The original Cease & Desist Order arrived January 1st through January 12th 2020 for the Volunteers and, 11 MONTHS later — everything is so perfectly orchestrated energetically ❤ — here we are in this 11-day Separation Shift passage period into the NEW at this current level and stage of the Process. There’s much more coming in December 2020, then January 2021 but for our right now’s, let go of the past, cross this mega Phase 2 2020 Separation bridge and then figure out what each of us wants to do, wants to Consciously Create personally next. I’m lost in this comment Kevin M. Congrats and keep moving higher.

      • I woke up this morning feeling angry and frustrated. People are acting like the last four or five years were just an anomaly and now that it’s over, we can just go back to being comfortably unconscious. The stuff I see on social media is outrageous — people are desperate to just go back to the status quo. The statements completely ignore the centuries of repression for people of color and women, which were a problem long before the current administration was voted into office.

        I’m rather surprised this morning at these feelings. I guess I thought there were more of us on the same page, but it doesn’t look like it. I’m disappointed. I am sure I’m processing something and this will eventually lift but I am wondering what’s on the other side of the 11/11 milestone for us all.

        • “I’m rather surprised this morning at these feelings. I guess I thought there were more of us on the same page, but it doesn’t look like it.”

          I hoped there were more of us cespringer, but as it’s been painfully and increasingly obvious here in comments at HHL over the past 2 years, not to mention the entire ascension community always, there are a lot of people that believe they are but are not. I’ve always known there were less of us Volunteers than what it’s seemed like since everyone got online and have been claiming all sorts of untruths. This is another reason why I sometimes have published certain people’s horrid and incorrect comments here — for the rest of you to see and feel for yourselves.

          I’ve never done social media and never will because it’s so negative, so incorrect, so distorted, so egoic and worse in so many ways. One HAS to be a Master of energetic discernment and personal protection to even venture into those places packed with the unaware, the mind controlled, the descending goners who aren’t even aware they’ve been carefully and intentionally fed high-tech delivered consciousness control distortions for years and years and have been turned to the dark side instead of doing the hard Work on themselves. Many in the ascension community have had this negative stunt done to them and don’t realize it but honestly believe they’re “ascending” and “right” and so on while the entire time they’ve been steered into dark, not ascending Earth worlds and timelines.

          Yeah, I’ve been disappointed since January 1, 2020 which is why I wrote many of those early articles this year, most of which were directed at certain other ascension teachers/writers/channelers/lectures/video addicts etc. It’s hard “waking up” to the fact that there are fewer of us than we would have liked but I’ve been dealing with this since forever and that is part of my, of your, of our personal Volunteer and Embodiment Process discoveries. 😉 Wear it like you freakin’ mean it my friend and ascension co-Worker. There’s enough of us to do The Job and much more. ❤ New article about these things soon.

        • I agree that they’re obviously fewer ascended then we would like and that this is a small beginning. What I noticed personally, however, is that the people that I know are responding so strongly now to my higher energy which is now coming totally naturally. So many people in my life has thanked me for it. They have told me that it helps them. I think that’s partially what we’re here to do!

      • So right. I can usually dodge these people easily but LL pulled me in for a bit. It is the saccharine sweetness that mirrors true love and the way a lot of what she says feels partly true. My body kept reacting to her however and I saw thru her soon enough. Reminded me (again) not to give away my power!

        • Debbie & All,

          Yep, that ‘saccharine sweetness’ as you so correctly put it, PLUS those who know how to intentionally manipulate people through their words and tones and body postures etc. they use. They intentionally act and speak and write like they’re holier than thou but, BUT everyone, if, IF you read their words very carefully and with total Neutrality you perceive through their ego, BS and carefully crafted and staged façade and discover someone who excels at saying a lot of nothing repeatedly. It’s a common tactic but in the ascension community it’s hard for most people to recognize, then hard to have to face that this crap continues with many.

          And to make all of this vastly more difficult is the FACT that some of these people and so-called teachers/writers/channelers etc. do have some correct information. Here’s why.

          What’s behind them that they’re aware of as in channeling, or unaware of give them certain CORRECT information only to hook the people reading them, listening to them, watching them in videos and so on. TD is not stupid. Some truths ARE in these people’s words but the majority of what they say is false “light”, false information because the negatives feeding them the info know that most people cannot discern energies and other people etc. It’s been SO easy for them to hook into and derail so many in the ascension community for these reasons.

          Now there’s throngs of much younger people wanting to learn about the Ascension Process and all these related topics so it’s been up to the Volunteers to embody as much and as quickly as we can to help the new people coming into all this to have the NEW codes/Lights/energies etc. already in place on physical Earth so they can just step into them in themselves and their physical bodies and bypass all this other old negativity, TD traps, cons, BS, ‘Smash & Grab’ attempts done through certain other people/so-called “teachers” who believe themselves to much more than they are. So much to say about this entire topic but I’ve always had to tread carefully with it. Soon no more of this crap either because there’s no hiding in real Light. 😉 ❤

          Our physical body KNOW so much instantly and all we have to do is pay attention to our Body Consciousness and trust it. My body has always instantly given me clues that some person is not to be trusted etc. etc. and while that was happening and I was aware of it, the old lower 3D mental intellectual part of me would be doing its best to override my natural Body Consciousness. We all go through this as many times as it takes us to learn this is very real and to trust it when it happens.

  • Hi Denise..thinking of you and hope you are recovering quickly
    Also thank you Jain Lee for your comment on the noise in your head.Very interesting as happened around the same time.Love to you all.

  • Cannot wait for announcement of Biden as winner when it comes. Felt it was a 13% plus margin of win back in May, had a vision of his celebration, but it will be smaller margin. I just got this, that it’s hard for him to get out of his own way. He didn’t raise his heart high enough. More would have voted for him. Whatever that means. It’s amazing the difference in energy today versus yesterday and day before. Curious if anyone feels that? Striking change in the “weather” iridescence of clouds, golden ring around the sun, and I am around people swimming. Super big change in their energy, easy to be around them today, sure wasn’t past couple days. In the desert this week. Glad I’m here for the election week! The desert is so grounding. 🙂 🙏🌈✌️

    • Yes, Marcy! I’m feeling joyous jubilation in the collective!!! It’s a HUGE sigh of relief for humanity. We’ve been white knuckling it for years now. I feel a reprieve and it’s sooooo welcomed and wonderous!

      Denise, keep healing yourself as we know you are!❤️❤️❤️ We are all out here in loving support of you!!! Stay well everyone🙏🏼

      • Stephanie, It was a feeling of relief filled with joy!!! The collective did get lighter! Weird for me to notice. I know the future to be is different yet I hope Biden is a dinosaur that’s been knocked down so hard by life that he might do the right thing… let freedom ring, concede.

        • “…yet I hope Biden is a dinosaur that’s been knocked down so hard by life that he might do the right thing… let freedom ring, concede.”


          1) That comment just got you banned and 2) if you cannot honestly tell the difference between old patriarchal dinosaurs and levels of corruption, ego and lies etc., then you like SO very many are in worse personal trouble than any of you realize.

          I deleted the rest of the BS in your comment. Congratulations, this was your last comment at HHL Marcy.

        • Uhmmm … Denise, I sense that judging by Marcy’s previous post, she typed Biden here but meant Trump. Of course, I don’t know what the rest of her comment contained so I may be wrong. But why would Biden concede a race he has won? Just wondering …

        • KathyF,

          I don’t know if what Marcy wrote was indeed a typo or not. What I do know is what she said to me after I banned her, which I did not publish so none of you saw it. That alone more than justified my banning her. It’s Separation time.

    • “Cannot wait for announcement of Biden as winner when it comes. Felt it was a 13% plus margin of win back in May, had a vision of his celebration, but it will be smaller margin. I just got this, that it’s hard for him to get out of his own way. He didn’t raise his heart high enough. More would have voted for him. Whatever that means.”

      Everyone please realize that this upcoming “win” is just another transitional layer of the Ascension Process and separation UP and out of all the old lower patriarchal global energies, consciousness and reality. Biden/Harris are NOT the end-all answers or solutions etc. to this countries problems — they are simply another layer of the old past patriarchy ending and much higher NEW manifesting in its place in very NEW ways.

      Eventually there won’t be governments and such but in the interim the unaware people need these incremental stair-step changes to make an easier transition from what has been to what’s replacing it all. And they don’t even know they’re all living the AP anyway! 😆 Over the past 40+ years the reds have done their jobs. The orange menace has done his job. Those two groups together have helped force the rest of the unaware humans into HAVING to dramatically change and grow beyond the old familiar Duality patriarchal reality. They (those two groups) think something else has been happening all these decades but the final joke is on them. They got played — played by Source to end the patriarchal rule in this country and the egoic control its had over the rest of the world.

      Okay, don’t want to think about or talk about this political stuff because so much more exciting things are happening which I’m doing my best at the moment to write about in upcoming article. Tooth extraction pains and trauma is lessening despite it still feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck. I’ve had many teeth extracted in the past but these two on Wednesday were extremely painful. Plus I pay dearly every time I stress over anything so I’m cleaning that up now too. Whatever, just more stuff going on in my head than there’s been VERY intensely since the start of October 2020! Thanks everyone for your support, it means a lot to me. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you for your further details on upcoming transitions in Humanity. Please know my jubilation is in no way for Joe Biden becoming the next President, rather, the long awaited EXIT of the Orange Menace! And yes he has played his “role” with perfection…to be our collective MIRROR. Did you like what you see? No? Then change it. And change we are. I would like to see a woman president though!!!
        Denise take the pain meds they gave you. You deserve to be pain free in this moment. We all do!!
        (I’d put a heart here but I haven’t figured out how to do that on my laptop, only my phone) ❤

      • Awww, Denise!!! I hope you round the corner soon and look forward to your article. Thanks for this reminder again about collective stair steps and how it all works together. I’m not thinking of my state as red or blue, but PURPLE!! And after years of wondering why I kept on living here, I am today seeing just why. xo HUGS!!

      • Hi Denise,
        It’s so YOU to reduce to AP brass tacks what appears otherwise to be a chaotic mess. A breath of fresh air! Thanks for ever steadfastly standing for, sharing truths that strongly resonate. A Beacon of the effervescent New Light – yes, you are Beloved HH lady.
        Thanks once again. And to that pesky tooth pain- begone Now!

      • Thank you Thank you Thank you on the transitional reminder. It is so central to all of what is dead ahead for all of us. Magnificent and Mystifying Manifestations.

    • Oh, Denise, your shout-out warms my heart THANK YOU! You’ve sent a lovely number of our High Heart family to me. For those visiting me from Denise’s shout-out, leave a comment somewhere on my blog telling me you’re from my High Heart family and I’ll gift you full access to Chapter One of my Diary ~ the exciting and despairing days leading to my Enlightenment. Denise, I’m sending you full access right now to show my appreciation. THANK YOU!

  • Hi everyone..hope you are all doing ok.I had an hour of the loud noise from the earth last night with no noise outside.Very interesting as seems to be coming from outside but nothing outside and then also seems to be inside my head.Is anyone else experiencing this?like a very loud buzzing in my head.I also see and feel very clearly the people I want to be around as really seeing the one sided conversations and mismatching vibrations.Love to you all.Rosaleen

    • Rosaleen,

      What Earth is going through, you, me, we are going through energetically internally. We feel, hear and sense this in each other. What the Sun is going through, you, me, we are going through energetically internally. We also feel, hear and sense this in each other. What used to be “separated” is no longer and we know this because everything that’s happening to Earth, the Sun, the Milky Way etc. is also happening IN each of us and our physical and energy bodies.


      Tomorrow is the last day of October 2020, of my head and trio brain glands tremendous accelerated evolution October! What a month October 2020 has been, and it’s all prep for November, then December, then January 2021. The last few days of each month changing to the next month are usually more intense but this time changing from OMG October to November 2020 is much more than usual as will be the remaining month changes this year.

      It feels like we’re all in ballerina point shoes on point on a really high tightrope with feeding frenzied sharks below us in turbulent red waters as we start this particular energy journey from the Blue Full Moon on Halloween (one of the 4 yearly Fixed sign mid-point power days between the previous equinox and the upcoming solstice) through to November 11-11-2020. It’s looked and felt like we may not make it across this Separation Shift “tightrope” walk we’re starting right now but we’ve completely got this. We’ve always had this. The increased screaming and attacks, pains and escalating insanity is proof that we’ve always completely had this.

      These minutes, hours, days and nights from October 31st through November 11, 2020 (11-11) are vastly more important and powerful than earlier Phase 1 October into November and 11-11 transitions and portal crossings. Phase 2 is the Ascension Process at a MUCH higher and faster level than what we’ve experienced before. Translated that just means that you, me, we are more powerful, more wise, even more capable and more HighHeart centered and functioning than we have been and, as always, we are the First Everythingers doing this now too. Pay attention to where your attention is. Don’t forget where you are and what you’re doing and why you, me, we are doing it now. Remember what Celia Fenn said about this recently? “Stay in your lane and choose your off ramp.”

      Our very October to November 11 portal 2020 journey — albeit wearing ballerina point shoes while on a tightrope in a global hurricane with a feeding frenzy of sharks beneath us now — is just another phase of what we’ve done since the very beginning of the AP. The Earth and Sun and ALL else is with us as we are with them ALL during this Shift across and through these intense times to greater NEW. Each of us chose our “off ramps” many years ago and this is us living it finally physically. Hold higher. Hold HOME. Hold your HighHeart focus on this crossing we’re starting now and ignore the chaos and negativity below. They chose long ago too. ❤

      • So I just got back from the post office where I actually had to stand on my tip toes to be able to read what was on the transaction screen and while reading this noticed I’m in that same on pointe foot position right now too as the coffee table height is just a bit off for me to rest my elbows on my knees and type. Lol! I always did want to be a ballerina and couldn’t wait to use “toe shoes” but sadly (or a blessing for my feet) they put it off enough times that my bff and I quit the year before it happened. I cannot thank you enough for saying we chose our off ramps long ago. While I maintain as much consciousness and awareness as possible, I didn’t want to start worrying about making some kind of small mistake that took me on a detour now.

        • Yeah! We called them toe shoes, but I wasn’t sure if anyone else did. Haha. Needless to say, I have been thinking of you all and this article a LOT during these last 12 hours or so especially. And happy to say that in my world, today feels goooooood. Hugs to all!

        • Oral surgery this morning so needing to self-care even more than what 2020 has required anyway. Will feel better in a few days.

          Everyone hang in there and let the crazy go their ways. Don’t take any of it personal and continue holding the HIGHER everything within yourselves and your HighHeart and HighHeartLives. This is the time of us crossing big time even though it doesn’t look or feel like it much in the external world now. We are, more so than most are aware of at this point. ❤

      • I have had high pitched noise in my head for 12 years now, I am a member of the groups known as targetted individuals. Inclucding scientist. Please look at this.

        • “I have had high pitched noise in my head for 12 years now, I am a member of the groups known as targetted individuals. Inclucding scientist. Please look at this.”

          You haven’t been reading me for long have you christine? 🙂

          For starters, everyone that’s a Volunteer — aka Starseeds, Embodier, Lightworker, Pathpaver etc. — have been targeted by negative non-humans and negative humans (Portal People) since minute-one of the Ascension Process (AP). Some of us from birth, more commonly however from the point when we started doing the ascension related energy Work we volunteered to incarnate to do here on Earth now. I’ve written about this multiple times in the decade of the 2000’s at TRANSITIONS.

          The high-pitched sounds and tones and clicking and such that we’ve been hearing are caused by ascension related incoming cosmic, galactic and solar higher frequencies, higher Light energies and more NEW evolutionary codes arriving.

          When under a negative etheric attack, being targeted as you put it, very different side effects are experienced. I’ve been aware of when I was attacked by Team Dark since the 1970s while awake in the physical, when asleep and in the astral, when I’m being targeted by living humans and so on. My entire adult life has been this and much more so I know what I’m talking about. And very importantly I’ve experienced the entire thing slowly change throughout my personal AP due to the Work the Volunteers have done and will continue doing all our lives. So I hope you understand that I don’t need to “look at this” christine because I’ve personally LIVED IT as a elder First Wave Volunteer for the past 50 years. Yes, 50 years.

    • Omg, yes Rosaleen, me too! Exactly as you’ve described, last night, kinda sounded like earth humming/shaking/drilling(?) inside my head. It was completely different from the usual tones I hear, much much louder. Thanks for sharing this.

      And thank you Denise for that absolute bombshell of a response, it’s so perfectly put. I was never much of a dancer so that analogy was much more omg, how am I gonna do this? But then was like oh wait a min, I got this!

      Love you all so much ❤️

    • tried to get onto denise’s siite, blocked, saying no such address that was from google, went onto firefox and was able to get onto at last. Hope you can make it available again, thank you for all you give to seekers.

      • christine,

        Mercury’s been retrograde since October 13, 2020 making these types of things more prominent for everyone. Mercury turns direct/forward motion on November 3, 2020 so some things will finally stabilize somewhat. Others not so much but that’s to be expected all things considered. 🙂

  • Denise,

    “A lot of people in the ascension community have been surprised and confused by the sudden shift or falling of numerous so-called ascension teachers/writers over the past two or three years to negative energies such as QAnon, Trump and such. This is one reason why — they cannot tell the Dark from the true Light and because of this they’ve been tricked into a false ascension world that’s not going to be easy for them to get out of IF they even discover what happened to them and why.”


    This strange turn in the AP has surprised me as well: I have found that a distressing amount of my ascension friends and colleagues have been throughly fooled by Q and T. I only had to listen to DT once to understand where he was coming from. He has the emotional makeup of a spoiled brat and bully. I have met 8-year olds that were emotional adults compared to him….

    It’s as if the AP process has been hijacked by turning otherwise good people into supporters of the most base actions…

    The problem is that they are basing all their ideas on the same flawed “news” sources, which they never question. Does anyone know who Q is? Or where “he” is? Doesn’t it seem a little weird to place so much trust in “news” from someone who can’t be found?

    • The Wave,

      I’m sorry that I deleted some of your paragraphs in your comment but I did so ONLY because trying to talk to certain people about certain things is pointless and only fuels them to attack me, you, us further which I will not allow on my site.

      I’ve tried many, many times over the past twenty years online and it’s always the same with people that aren’t anywhere near capable of perceiving higher levels of consciousness for the simple fact that they have not done any Inner Work on themselves. They can take the next 250 million yearlong cycle to do so, I don’t care, but I will NOT allow them to attack or derail me or any of my readers who write comments at HHL.

      Trying to honestly communicate with them is pointless and is actually an intentional derailment tactic on their parts. They still exist in old lower Duality frequency and consciousness so the verbal and written fighting, “debating” as they like to think of it, is an endless, pointless back and forth looping that they so enjoy and want only pulls OTHER individuals back DOWN into that frequency trap with them. That’s what negativity wants — more humans not living the Ascension Process (AP). Us trying to communicate with them becomes a Portal People created ‘Smash & Grab’ tactic on you, on me, on anyone whose evolved beyond that lower frequency range. All the words are BS really because it’s really about getting people who are evolving/ascending to “fall” back down vibrationally into lowly Duality frequency range where this endless back and forth fighting continues FEEDING them and Team Dark that the majority of them aren’t even aware of. It’s a trap and the humans that do this are part of that trap that are used by what’s got them trapped.

      The other important thing about this is that it’s not a surprise to me at all. I’ve known for most of Phase 1 that, because so many people including many who claimed/claim to be ascension teachers/writers/channelers etc. have always believed that the only evil there is is in you, would NOT be able to survive the numerous traps they’d encounter at some point within their personal AP. The dangers of being “fluffies” is very real and more people have been seeing this happen to many in the ascension community that have been duped, derailed, tricked right off the real ascension path into NUMEROUS other Earth worlds, some of which are not ascending at all but are made to look like they are.

      To be really safe in all this ascension and shifting etc., being able to honestly discern negativity, evilness, Team Dark and Portal People and their many tactics is invaluable. To function well in higher and higher Light, it’s good to know the Dark so you cannot be tricked or manipulated or used or abused etc. by it, by any of them. Duality reality requires humans to honestly know both the Dark and the Light. Ascension requires humans to transcend that lower duality frequency and consciousness and “ascend”, evolve beyond it. Some of us are doing that while many are not and won’t be during this time of evolutionary ascension.

      Again The Wave, I’m sorry I deleted some of your comment but I know that if I’d left it in it would only trigger more of the same negativity that comes in certain people’s comments that I don’t publish so none of you even see them.

  • Waking up and evolving now isn’t easy Michael.

    Other same type of profoundly unaware comments from some different people and some using other tactics to get back in here again arrived because I published Michael’s comment. Because of this I deleted Michael’s comment and banned the like others and I will continue doing this.

    • Bravo Denise 👏❤ there is so much crap blowing around right now… this place is my spiritual inspiration to keep going, hang in there 🤗 so thank you, beautiful lady for blocking out the crap here. Love you and everyone here.

  • Cory my man… I get why your comment banned because this shit is so tired and old… it really is. Here’s the problem, my guy. Your focus is wrapped up in the external system. You still believe that people in the external reality will save you from yourself or ourselves, but there’s one of your problems right there. This is a journey inwards…. it’s all you, baby! You’re a co creator, remember? Maybe you don’t, but that’s what you signed up for. You create the change inside yourself my man. When you get past all this bullshit, you will vibrate right out of existence In that realm. Poof! You’re gone, like magic. Its like you’re listening to 107.6 all of the sudden and ‘they’re’ on 91.2. Different stations man, different vibes and miles apart on the frequency range. You can still tune into that station and go back there if you want, but soon some of these stations are going off the air for good. It’s time to let go of the way this world has forced you to live and start guiding your life with your own compass with the limited time you have. Fuck all the bullshit out there. Stop regurgitating shit you read online word for word and start being your own voice for creation. That’s it my man… nothing out there is gonna save your from the bad guys but yourself.

    • “…but soon some of these stations are going off the air for good.”

      Exactly Wizards Potion, which is why I’ve often included for a while when I’ve talked about the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and the other temporary locations and worlds etc. There’s a lot of ‘stations’ that have already gone ‘off the air for good’ and I’ve written about some of them because I participated (etherically) in ending certain negative timelines in recent years as have certain other Volunteers/Starseeds.

      • I appreciate that service to humanity, Denise. Thank you. 🙏🏻 Tuning out some of the feedback from these other stations has been one hell of a mission and I’m about ready for the after party. 🎉

  • “because we’re embodying and shifting higher and higher this fast now which automatically alters EVERYTHING ELSE simultaneously..the Embodiers embodying automatically cause the AP to unfold much faster.”

    Denise’s above statement made in the comments is what I’ve been looking for since I found this blog!!! It’s why we are here. It couldn’t happen at all if We Volunteers hadn’t come. It’s precisely WHAT we Volunteered for. We have to carry (embody) the new codes and thus frequency within our physical vessels in order for them to be anchored within the Earth in order to make them physically available to all who choose to pick them up and begin their own individual ascension process. It’s still a choice to do so, thus the chaos we are currently witnessing all over the globe. It’s ppl’s various levels of choice in whether they want to begin the AP now or not thereby landing them on one of those different colored Earths Denise talks so eloquently about.

    If we hadn’t Volunteered to Embody the new higher codes for New Earth AS WE WALK THE 3D EARTH the codes would simply remain in the Etheric energetic fields where most physical humans aren’t capable of capturing/retrieving them thereby disallowing the earth to physically make her ascension into the higher dimensions.

    I like to think of it like a needle and syringe. The needle goes into the physical flesh (codes) and as the plunger of the syringe is pulled UP (us Embodying) the liquid goes too into the barrel (bringing the Earth and her inhabitants with her). So you see We are actually the path paver, first everythingers that are making this Earth’s ascension possible by our Embodying first. And it’s extremely physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally painful as we who are doing the boots on the ground work can attest to. We are constantly, intermittently being energetically bombarded with higher frequency light in our lower frequency physical and emotional bodies and it pushes on us in all kinds of ways and it hurts! Sometimes really hurts. And our joints get pushed to their limits and sometimes bust or rupture and our teeth get negatively impacted due to our emotions being pushed to their limits. Teeth are tied to our emotions. When I went through my divorce I had 4 crowns in a 2 year period. It’s a thing. Pathpavers have teeth issues. And adrenal issues. And weight issues. We are anchorers. It doesn’t happen without some literal “fall out”. 😆

    Anyway… that above sentence triggered the words I’ve had stored inside for the appropriate moment to express. Thank you, again, Denise!

    Really really really looking forward to your words and energy on this topic when you choose to write about it. 🙂
    HHHug to you and all here 🙂

    • I wanted to add that the teeth are more specifically tied to stress not just emotions. Living as a Volunteer is stressful so naturally the teeth can be affected during this lifetime.

  • Dear Denise,

    I can’t remember how many, many times you have advised us to be aware of aiming high, because that’s where we’ll end up, but I want to thank you again for reminding us. The physical pain (s) hitting in October are harder than any other previous time, and the pure noise / buzzing / ringing / pulsations are so, so difficult to endure. Thank you for letting it rip, and please do more of it. We love you, Love, as always, Cali

  • Besides pointing out that ‘red’ is lower on the chakra scale than ‘blue’ when it comes to the political landscape, another interesting tidbit I thought of is that the left side of our body is feminine, while the right is masculine. We need to move more towards the Left, the Feminine, and away from the overly masculine system we’ve had. Lines up with the need for the political left to lead the way, as they continue to awaken. Yes, both ‘sides’ have corruption and mostly are operating in the old, lower system. But the message of the right continues to be so divisive, and they proudly brags about their outdated policies. This is way bigger than any one person, bigger than either candidate.

  • Denise, once again thank you for saying what needed to be said. I don’t consider myself a political person but I always vote because otherwise I am voting for the person that lines up the least with my vision. No one has ever lined up perfectly but Biden’s and Trump’s energetic imprints are, to me, so diametrically opposed as to be unmistakable. If you ask which one will move us, even slightly , in the direction of higher consciousness the answer (Biden) is unmistakable. I you think sexism, racism, poverty, ignorance, hatred and lack of healthcare are what the world needs more of then Trump is your man. We own a corporation and after Trump’s “tax breaks” our taxes dropped by 20%. I called our accountant because I thought she had made a mistake. No it was all from the tax breaks. The people that work for us got little or nothing. Where is that money coming from? Deficit increases, which they have been trying to drop with decreases in social programs. Thanks again

  • Denise I read your articles and I am so grateful for your work. I can go on with how appreciative I am of your work but I want to make the point about your teeth part. I know the teeth can have lot of symptoms and I want to let you know you can cure them if they are not too bad instead of pulling them out.
    If it is hurting without any visible symptoms , use biomin toothpaste to paste on your tooth but you have to do it with your fillings removed on the tooth if you have them. It usually hurts on the ones you had fillings on them. It wouldn’t work if you just brush it with fillings on it. If sections of the tooth is decayed, you can ask your dentist to scrape off the part and paste that toothpaste after when you are visiting the dentist again. That’s because you have to give your decayed tooth time to heal on its own much as it can before you use the medicine. This cure will act like disinfection to your tooth just like the ones you use to your skin when you get cuts and bruises. The sore feeling inside your tooth will greatly heal. Your other teeth will heal also if you cure the problematic ones. It will also greatly reduce your headache and eye soreness as well believe me. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO YOUR HEALTH. You will need to ask your dentist to do this for you because you cannot do it by yourself as it involves removing and placing fillings on your tooth.
    Do not hastely make decisions on whether you should pull your teeth out. It is only necessary when they are decayed deeply into the root. Please ask me more on mail if you would need so.

    • Thanks for the tooth information Nick and know that nothing concerning doctors/dentists and my body is ever done in haste! My beyond saving tooth is a testament to that. I’ve known this was coming since 2012 but life and dealing with my very sick mom and her dying last year, along with what I was living with myself due to the AP and EP, I couldn’t go through this dental stuff back then. Now I have to because the tooth and pain is that bad and the second tooth they want to do a root canal on. But because I had 7 root canals back in the 1990s, then 7 abscesses’ and 7 extractions I won’t have another.

      Thanks again Nick. ❤

  • Thank you Denise, for the sanity and courage to say what needs to be said. I am not someone who comments often here but always appreciate your honesty and ability to explain your perceptions which help me understand I am not alone even though it often feels that way. Ha, fuck has become my new favorite word about so much happening now in Phase 2 so to see it in your comments lightened the load a lot! I intend for my New Earth to be where the Divine is honored and respected in all things, where no one knows better than me what I need, where I am the power and the expert to lead myself and create my life of as high a frequency as possible. It’s not been fun but I am so glad that physically alone doesn’t mean there are not many of us Volunteers widening the opening of the doorway to get there! I am so done with anyone telling me what to do, what to think, what to believe, what to be, or that this leader or group or expert is better than me and my own personal knowing from my Soul and High Heart. I choose high frequency, HighHeart New Earth!

  • Denise I assumed we lightworkers were all on the same page about who is going to take care of unaware people, our friends and family and the earth. Even though I never voted and probably wont this time either , would you consider putting up a poll just to see if people are voting and or who they will vote for.? Just add no further discussion is needed, Im just curious to where we all stand? How dumb of me to think we was all on the same stair step.

    • “I assumed we lightworkers were all on the same page about who is going to take care of unaware people, our friends and family and the earth.”

      That was your first mistake Laura P. — assuming that everyone living the AP and those in the ascension community etc. have ever been on the same page about most everything!

      I’ve written about this repeatedly over the years, the last time was in my September 12, 2020 article The Cease & Desist Order & Internal NEW Earth. I created all those images of different colored Earths to provide a visual of this very thing. A blue Earth, a green one, a tan one, a pink one and so on all to show the ascension community folk that all of them are ascending Earth worlds BUT each of them are slightly different frequencies and consciousness etc. etc. Example: let’s say the tan colored ascending Earth world is one that has all the people who still believe in politics, governments, religions and so on yet those inhabitants are living the AP. Now let’s say that the blue colored ascending Earth world is one that has all the people who feel they still want some external person, people, group etc. to define reality for them and tell them exactly what to do and when to do and so on. The blue Earth is ascending but the inhabitants of it, those people with that particular level of frequency and consciousness today, are not yet close to being ready to become fully responsible for themselves (Sovereign) and their lives and external reality and so on. And on and on this goes with all the different colored ascending Earth worlds that currently exist. Every one of them is a big energy stair-step ascending Earth world for the people that are currently at THAT level of ascension, awareness, consciousness and so on.

      No I won’t put up a poll about voting because it will mess up and derail, sidetrack and confuse certain people that do NOT need anything to pull their ascending focus right now! Another so-called ascension teacher/writer recently told her readers to not vote because doing so only perpetuates the old lower world. I get what she means but why make things worse for those people on the different lower ascending Earth worlds — the blue, the green, pink, tan, lavender etc. ascending Earth worlds — by not voting now? I’m 68 about to turn 69 and the first time in my life that I voted was when it was the only time to vote finally which was the mid-term elections in 2018 and now in 2020. I voted for the people on all of those ascending Earth worlds behind those of us on higher or the highest ascending Earth worlds. I voted to help them have an easier time while they continue evolving from lower to higher and higher and higher ascending Earth worlds.

      Energetic stair-steps have always existed because humanity has never all been on the same level of awareness, development, consciousness etc. The same is and always has been the case with the Ascension Process. Deep breath, more awareness, patience, allowance, space, time etc. while YOU continue your AP.

  • I love you Denise. This article, your response to Cory, all perfection.
    Especially this, “It looks and feels like all is lost but what’s really going on is that what no longer belongs is being energetically forced out. Ascending or Descending but remain in the same place and space and do both is no longer tolerable in any way to any of us.”

    I can’t wait!

    • Yeah, things look like they are about to go off a very scary cliff on a personal level right now, mostly because of all the foot dragging going on “out there.” I work with the I Ching and Yi consistently says to wait. I’ve been getting my own guidance lately and it just keeps telling to stay home, avoid entanglements and lay low, because as someone else said on here, I don’t want to miss my exit ramp 🙂

      • 🙂 ❤ cespringer. Yep, the Cease & Desist Order was to help us for many Phase 2 reasons, plus be very aware of and ready to make our personal "off ramp" now.

  • Thanks for this Denise! I’ve been hoping/expecting something new and you never disappoint. As it happens, the news has been so discouraging that I’m consciously trying to limit my exposure.

    I need the perspective this gives and as always, your timing is impeccable.


  • I am an astrologer also, & started playing with following the politics in 2016…:) One thing I would add about this ongoing & approaching election sh_t show is that, mercury was also stationing retrograde motion in Libra when the whole “hanging chad”, deal went down with Al Gore. The difference is, when the Democrats had the election “stolen”, mercury was turning retrograde….this time, it is turning direct from retrograde…same players, same play, different dynamic…in my opinion it’s very possible, given the nature of these mercury things, that the Republicans could now find themselves, even if it’s only an illusion or one created, on the opposite side of the story…..& I’m guessing that Denise already knows what I’m going to say next :): When I look at the charts of the 2 main players, Trump & Biden, on the presidential election board at the moment….I find it difficult to see either one as president, or president long term…& not necessarily because they die….:):)

      • Hi everyone, it occurred to me that when red and blue mix and become one you get purple or violet. It just feels better.

        Love and regards to all


        • Yes H but we’re going so much higher than even that. It started years ago but because it’s Phase 2 and the NEW codes have been embodied (more of them currently are in every minute of October) our moving up more of these higher frequency energy stair-steps is and will continue to happen faster than EVER before.

          I wanted to add this to what I’d said to Cory because not only he needs to be aware of this but everyone does. It is that if you’ve been embodying these latest incoming energies, Light, more NEW ascension codes in just the month of October 2020, then you know because our heads and trio of brain glands — Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus — have been embodying more Crystalline and now more Diamond Light codes/energies which have and still cause your head to hurt like crazy! The inner ear ringing, tones plus all of the head and eye pains caused by our embodying JUST these October energies have been unlike anything previously… and that’s saying a lot!

          Next up, November and all that that month will bring energetically, after that December 2020 which will bring more NEW energies and profound changes than anything that’s been during our lifetimes. My point is that October, November and December of every ascension year are always EXTRA intense because the whole year is finalizing and preparing us all to make another shift up higher when we enter New Year’s Day of the next year. This however is so far beyond that in 2020 that there is no comparisons to what’s happening right now and what will happen from today through to New Year’s Day January 2021 and beyond.

          Every day that we embody more NEW and higher frequency Light energies and codes etc., the faster we individually evolve, change, ascend further, but now in Phase 2, so does everything else because it’s finally and fully happening in this physical dimension and Earth. So the discussions, fears, worries, confusions, insanity and all else we’re discussing today won’t matter in the next hour, in the next day, in the next month because we’re embodying and shifting higher and higher this fast now which automatically alters EVERYTHING ELSE simultaneously. I can’t remember when I wrote about this in an article — this year or last — about how the Embodiers embodying automatically cause the AP to unfold much faster. This whole process is tremendously escalated in Phase 2 for both the Embodiers and external reality and that is a really good thing! I’ll get into this one more soon.

    • Hi Ariane, this sounds really interesting and something a lot of people haven’t considered that maybe neither Trump or Biden gets in somehow. Like maybe Biden wins but sometime early next year has to resign and then Kamala Harris steps in to become the first female president. Because this is the return of the divine feminine so maybe the world is ready for a woman to lead for people who still need a leader. I mean, I know ultimately we’re stepping into our own power and don’t need leaders anymore but some people still do and for them this would be a welcome change, but I’m just speculating here. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

      On a side note, I just want to say to Denise that I’ve had dental problems too over the last several years. I have acid erosion damage that had to be repaired a couple times plus I’ve been wearing a mouth guard at night because I’ve been grinding (bruxism) the last couple years. Also, I have a space between 2 of my teeth that keeps opening up and constantly getting food stuck in it. I had that fixed too a few years ago but it’s opening up again. Also, 2 years ago I had to have a gum grafting operation. That actually wasn’t as bad as it sounded. They gave so much Novocain I couldn’t feel my mouth until the next day. Anyway, hang in there and I hope you get all your dental problems fixed.


      • “Like maybe Biden wins but sometime early next year has to resign and then Kamala Harris steps in to become the first female president. Because this is the return of the divine feminine so maybe the world is ready for a woman to lead for people who still need a leader.”

        This is a strong probability I’ve sensed too Robert L. Not the B has to resign but the H taking his place I mean.

        I’ve been able to See certain very strong probabilities for 2020, 2021 and into early 2022 but not much beyond that point so far. What I’ve been strongly sensing about 2022 is that Divine Mother/Feminine is completely returned in humanity and therefore in reality by then but at these ascended/ascending NEW Triality ways which is super important for everyone to remember. Divine Mother/Feminine will be very different because we and all else are not Duality frequency, consciousness, being and reality anymore. And, once Divine Mother/Feminine is FULLY “returned” within us, then Divine Father/Masculine will manifest in these NEW Triality ways too which will also be very different from the old lower frequency and highly distorted past ages. Stair-steps still but we’re literally bounding up them at the speed of HighHeart now. ❤

        Yeah, the Capricorn teeth and bones business. Unless you've had TMJ it's hard for people to understand all the other pains and damage it does to one's teeth, jaw, jaw joint and facial nerves. Little goats chewing, chewing, chewing on life day and night! 🙄 Little goats learning how to let go of crap. Little goats having to go to dentists and oral surgeon’s to repair decades old damages done during this life’s Dark times. “Information is stored in stone and bone.”

        This brief but potent period between the Saturday October 31st Full Blue Moon through the November 11-11 2020 portal is, as Celia Fenn already mentioned which I quoted here, a VERY potent period of intense releasing of what’s left of our personal old stuff and ancestral DNA because we’re going through the 11-11 portal to higher NEW and need to embody more higher NEW in ourselves and bodies. The remaining old 3D pre-ascension information that’s been stored in earth’s stones and our physical bones now HAS to be released so more NEW “information”– aka codes, Light and NEW DNA — can be embodied by us First Everythingers. And while we’re doing all that and because we’re doing all that, the old lower patriarchal world will get even worse for a while. Lower and higher cannot co-exist in the same space so while we’re embodying more NEW higher during this 11-daylong portal period from October 31st through November 11th the old negative world will get more crazy and unpleasant for a while. See why our ongoing embodying of more and higher NEW energies etc. instantly further causes the old lower stuff to go nuts and more quickly disintegrate?

  • Denise-THANK YOU!!! You are literally the only person in the ascension community, that I know of, who sees what I see, and many of my friends see as well. Your answer to Cory above ^^^^ was spot on 🙌🏼 🙌🏼. How can anyone of the Light think DT is ‘ok’? Of course there is so much more to the story than we know, and it’s all coming out very quickly, and thank Goddess for that! We got this! 💜💜

  • Actually very comforting to me. Each time I look out there….it can be deeply troubling for the pure vitriol/hate/shit show out there.
    Always good to remind oneself that we are grinding through the old patterns and forward.

  • Are you actually stating that blue(democrats) are on the ascending time line? Do you think they are actually good for us? What about the utter corruption and treason activities of Joe Biden and the (mostly) dem. congress? What about trying to impeach a president for the crimes of Biden and Obama? What about Biden’s plans to continue and worsen the lockdowns…which they hope till lead to the NWO and forced vaccinations for a not so bad virus that they paid for? And how is Trump so bad? Yes, he’s not the greatest person in the world, but he’s working with Q and the alliance to take down the cabal. Can you explain this to us?

    • Yes I can Cory but I already know based on what you’ve said that anything I say about any of this you won’t be able to discern. My turn now. What are you doing reading anything I write when you believe what you do? OMFG!

      It’s unbelievable how gullible and unaware so many people still are. You’ve obviously drank the Orange Kool-Aid with a big Q chaser which means nothing I or anyone else with Higher Awareness says will make any difference whatsoever. It’s because of people that believe what you do that I haven’t talked much about this topic for these very reasons.

      We Volunteers built the ascension Exit Door, held the heavy fucker open for the past 22 years for the likes of you, but no more kiddo. Now it’s time for each person to do for themselves. If your god king dictator is the Orange Menace and Q and whatever or whoever else, then that’s the frequency world you will find yourself physically on. I’m going elsewhere but elsewhere requires a lot of personal inner Work, not sitting around waiting for the latest psychopath to lead you to where they want you to go.

      Fuck fuck fuckity fucking fuckers. I’m so tired of not being able to fully, openly, honestly share what I know with all of you. Seriously. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to but this is why I haven’t. YOU WON’T LET ME. When I do try to squeak out a bit more Light truth about some extra touchy hot subject, I do so with a lot of humor to try and ease certain readers into a higher, larger perspective. Sometimes that works and other times like this not at all.

      • I agree he’s(Trump) is not perfect, but I hope you’re not suggesting the answer is Biden???? Is that what you mean by blue? I’d very much appreciate a world not needing such leaders. They are all low vibration and of the old guard. We do need true leaders who are on the ascension path, but I don’t see them on the horizon yet, do you?

        • Thank you for toning the crazy shit down Cory with this topic because if anyone goes full tilt orange or Q or anything else on me I just hit the delete button and continue doing what I always have.

          I’ve said it hundreds of times since I’ve been writing online about the Ascension Process — stair-steps. Have we EVER gone from lowest of the lowest instantly to the highest of the high? No we have not because it HAS to unfold incrementally so we’ll all physically survive this incredibly compressed evolution and this includes Earth, the Sun, the solar system, the Milky Way and everything else. Energetic stair-steps so everything does NOT explode Cory.

          For starters some of the clues are in the colors themselves of the old patriarchal Duality two parties in the USA. Red and blue. Red is the lowest frequency color where blue is a much higher frequency.

          You are right Cory in that I am NOT suggesting that Biden or anyone else is “the answer”. Ascension is about evolving so far beyond this old external and disempowered negativity. And you are right in what you said —

          “I’d very much appreciate a world not needing such leaders.”

          THAT is what’s happening and each person is, has and will continue to automatically find themselves on one of many different ascending Earth worlds that’s a close vibrational match with them currently. They can change from one of them to another one as many times as they need but the hope of we Volunteers has always been that as many humans as possible are desirous of the very high or highest of the ascending Earth worlds and/or NEW Earth.

          Those on the descending Earth I do not care about as they are not my responsibility in any way. I’ve done what I Volunteered to do and they’ve made their choices, consciously and unconsciously, and want to descend into greater chaos, bloodshed, violence, power over others and so on.

          “We do need true leaders who are on the ascension path, but I don’t see them on the horizon yet, do you?”

          Firstly I don’t believe any of us needs true leaders. The AP is about every individual no longer needing to be disempowered, told what to think, believe, do, not do etc. The AP is about humanity taking back their individual power internally, evolving and existing on a matching frequency ascending Earth world. The time of elites or religions, kings or countries etc. having power over humanity is over. The patriarchy is over. Team Dark is over. Disempowerment is over. Parasitism is over. YOU Cory are your “true leader” when you’ve done the Inner Work on yourself. The entire Universe and Source have been heaving everything at you, me, all of us to in all ways extricate ourselves from the evil horrors that have been and to evolve into NEW humans of Light on a matching NEW Earth.

          At this time we’re still in a state where these now very rapid evolutionary energy stair-steps are being traversed by us to quickly move humanity through these TRANSITIONS from what has been to what is becoming. Phase 2 is and will unfold this 1000 times faster than Phase 1. The NEW codes for humanity are already here and have been fully in effect since January 2020. You don’t see them or feel them Cory because you’re focused on the descending Earth world and its population. That’s your choice, always has been for each of us, but the time is here now where each of us will automatically be drawn to what we’re a vibrational match with from moment to moment… so be aware of what you’re focused on and perpetuating because THAT is where you will automatically find yourself. Screw politics and all else and remember that fact because it’s the most important. The negativity wants people to get all down in the old second chakra ORANGE energies and miss the Ascension Process altogether. The real war is over humanities consciousness.

          More NEW and higher frequency Light energies, more NEW codes for humanity etc. are constantly coming in and being embodied by the Volunteers and Earth during these last months of 2020. October through December is going to be energetically profoundly potent and reality and consciousness changing — “the Great Awakening”. Incomprehensible amounts of Divine Mother are about to return to humanity, human consciousness and being and ascending Earth(s) in ways that could not happen before because that alone would have caused extreme energies that would have destroyed most life here. Stair-steps. More higher frequency NEW Diamond codes just started arriving the other day which, like everything else, will further evolve the Volunteers first because they embody everything NEW and make available physically for the rest of humanity to step into when they’re able. So while the old world’s hair is on fire vast amounts of MORE NEW and much higher frequencies, Light energies, NEW codes, and Divine Mother are smothering us all which is, as we speak, rapidly evolving us up a whole lot more of those energy stair-steps.

          So choose Cory and anyone else reading this that’s open enough to perceive these present changes. Choose the descending red Earth and those people, or choose something that’s so far above the old patriarchy. These TRANSITIONS are happening now in Phase 2 which means they are unfolding super fast and the NEW is running the whole show, not the descending orange people or the ascension aware people who cannot discern, read energies to tell that they’ve been tricked on to an “…alternate Earth 5th dimensional Shadow realm of illusion and manipulation controlled by AI and Corporations and their technology” as Celia Fenn recently put it.

          A lot of people in the ascension community have been surprised and confused by the sudden shift or falling of numerous so-called ascension teachers/writers over the past two or three years to negative energies such as QAnon, Trump and such. This is one reason why — they cannot tell the Dark from the true Light and because of this they’ve been tricked into a false ascension world that’s not going to be easy for them to get out of IF they even discover what happened to them and why.

          Now Cory, I haven’t given you the linear lower answers you may prefer, but I have given you far better. It’s up to you to right now choose where you want to exist. I hope you make wise choices.

        • I still have a few questions for you. Do you see these ascending worlds as just vibrational or leading to physical separation eventually? Just because the parties have different colors doesn’t mean ones higher vibration than the other. In this case blue is much worse. Biden and his family are among the most corrupt and dangerous people on earth. They’re blackmailed by the ccp as well as much of Congress, the media, ceos, police, etc. the real red (ccp, China) is the biggest threat on earth… as well as the rest of the nwo… I hope you’re not suggesting that the highest path is going through Biden/Harris nwo socialism. Lockdowns, mandatory vaccines and genoicide??? At least under trump. They have a chance to remove the nwo politicians once and for all. We are in the great awakening and all that was corrupt is being exposed for the work to see. We can’t make our decisions in this world is we’re being lied to..the msm is 99% controlled by those who are trying to control the world. Thus they are the least trustworthy of all news sources. They won’t even cover the Biden computer stories which should put Biden in jail for many years. We can’t evolve as people unless we know the truth. I’ve been on this journey for many years. I follow my truth, I don’t need a leader, but so very many need to be shown the truth. Truth is in short supply these days.

        • See? I told you Cory. This conversation is over. I tried for your sake, plus I wanted everyone else to observe and feel all of it, but you are where you are and only you can change that for yourself. I won’t publish any more of your comments Cory.

        • I know why you’ve put these comments with Cory here and I thank you. It’s a bittersweet/heartbreaking/fantastic reminder of just how far we’ve come and will continue on without so many others, including loved ones.
          And that’s ok.

      • I’ve got my back jammed against that door and it will remain open and protected as you scream, not squeak, your light truth in full narrative and top volume. Carry on we’ve got you covered.

        • Denise,

          “… the time is here now where each of us will automatically be drawn to what we’re a vibrational match with from moment to moment… so be aware of what you’re focused on and perpetuating because THAT is where you will automatically find yourself. Screw politics and all else and remember that fact because it’s the most important. The negativity wants people to get all down in the old second chakra ORANGE energies and miss the Ascension Process altogether. The real war is over humanities consciousness.”

          Diamond Brilliance sprinkled with Gold Dust! 🙏🏻 ♥️

          And thank you, Cory, for triggering her profound and “like-nobody-does-it-better-than-Denise” response.

      • Fuck fuck fuckity fucking fuckers indeed! Your energies are wasted on them, but I love you for still trying.

        As always, thank you for this timely, on-the-nose message. I am so grateful for your work and this little community you’ve gathered here.

  • Thanks for this Denise. A lot of my neighbors who live close put Trump signs up today. It so depressed me. I want so much more for humanity!

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