October & November 2020 Living, Dying & Separating

 We’ve been so beaten about the head and shoulders this year that at times it’s been difficult to tell what all was causing what in our heads, and hearts, to hurt so severely. Has it been the media? The pandemic? Politics? Systems collapse? The unaware mentally manipulated human populations? After all, the real war really is over human consciousness. At lower levels this is the negative Aquarian Age method of controlling unaware humans. Is it lastminute Team Dark leftovers doing their best to harm we of the Light before we fully Separate and become vibrationally unreachable by negative beings, humans, energies and influences? It’s all that and much more as usual.

During the decade of the 2000s I wrote multiple articles about the Volunteers living the Phase 1 levels of the Body Rewiring and Brain Rewiring. The Volunteers began these first as we have all the Ascension Processes. We embody them in ourselves first thereby making them physically and energetically available within the physical dimension for the rest of humanity. As I’ve said a few times — Source throws out the “balls” (the NEW evolutionary codes, Lights, energies, waves, pulsations, DNA etc.) but there has to be a certain number of Volunteers physically incarnate and positioned in “outfield” (physical Earth) to “catch” (embody) all of the “balls” (NEW energies, energetic templates, codes, Light) and seed, set, anchor and manifest them into physical level frequencies, Earth, reality and our human bodies for future humanity. The Volunteers are those rare few “specialists” now incarnate in the physical dimension Earth “outfield” positions catching every evolutionary “ball” that Source, the cosmos, the Milky Way Galactic Center, and Galactic Others throw out to assist the entire Ascension Process here, there, everywhere. We are and always have been the physical level ascension energetic overwriters overriding everything on and in Earth and the old pre-ascension human species energy templates that became very distorted long ago. The Body and Brain Rewiring Processes were a huge aspect of that throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process.

With the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process January 1, 2020, the Volunteers have continued the Body & Brain Rewiring Process but at these incredibly higher, faster, more intense and complex Phase 2 levels and frequencies. This is why some Volunteers began hearing different inner ear ringing, screeching, single tones, multiple tones, high, higher, and then even higher pitched inner ear head sounds and other NEW sounds since January 2020. This has grown all year and now, 11 months into 2020, more Volunteers are hearing more NEW higher frequency inner ear, inner head, inner perceptual cosmic sounds, sound waves, sound pulsations, different tones, 7D celestial music, crystalline tinkling bell sounds, beautiful nonphysical 7D birdsong night and day, higher cosmic, galactic, photonic and solar waves and pulsations, single tones and now bi-tones and tri-tones. Earth, the Sun and solar system has orbited much deeper into the 7D Photon Band of cosmic Light and Sound since the start of Phase 2 in January 2020 and we’re hearing, feeling and seeing it.

Earth’s full and continuous orbit within a 7D Photon band of cosmic Light and Sound was reached in 2013, right after the final end of the Mayan calendar and Living Life Review of December 21, 22, 23, 2012. It started years before but by the start of 2013, Earth has been within 7D Photon band of Light and Sound continuously and orbiting deeper and deeper into it the entire time.

The Sun entered the Photon band in 1999. I believe this is why the first of the First Wave of Volunteers were Soul Contracted and energetically pre-coded to physically and biologically begin their individual Ascension Processes in 1998–1999 along with the Sun’s entrance into the cosmic 7D Photon band of Light and Sound at the same time. These two events are intimately and directly connected and literally Work on, in and through each other and have done so physically since 1999. This is another reason why the First Wave Volunteers especially have always had such a direct connection with the Sun and what it’s been going through since it physically entered the Photon Band.

“The Sun’s entry is halfway between March 22, 1987 and December 31, 2013: 1999–2000. Therefore, because the Sun’s corona extends out so far, the maximum impact on the Sun will be 1998–2001…”  

“…It looks like the solar system will be fully inside the Band when Earth enters the Age of Aquarius around 2160 A.D.”

Barbara Hand Clow, appendix B, The Pleiadian Agenda  (1995).

From New Year’s Day 2020, I abruptly began hearing a different inner ear sound of random bi-tones. One tone is slightly higher, the other slightly lower and they constantly and randomly play in my inner hearing in no set pattern that I can discern. Over the first few months of 2020 I realized that these particular NEW higher frequency bi-tones are more NEW higher Light Sound vibrational codes transmitted to us from 7D, the seventh dimension which is Photonic and one of many 7D frequency Photon bands of Light and Sound.

With the start of October 2020, there were many more NEW higher frequency codes coming in that were unusually intense and extremely painful for some Volunteers and their heads, brain and trio brain glands the whole month. I wrote about this in a previous article so won’t get into it again here. I will say that throughout October and into November 2020, there have been substantial evolutionary changes and expansions that have taken place in many Volunteers’ heads, brains and the trio Pineal, Pituitary and Hypothalamus brain glands.

During Phase 1 of the Ascension Process I heard only one inner ear(s) and head sound at a time. First it was that high-pitched electronic-like sound sort of like Morse Code clicking. If you’ve ever heard hummingbirds make those very fast clicking sounds they and dolphins make, it was very much like that. The other common inner ear and head sound I heard often in Phase 1 was that high-pitched ringing, screeching, squealing sound that, over the years were heard in one ear, then the other, then both then throughout it and extending well above and all around your entire physical head. Also, the last few years of Phase 1—January 1999–December 2019—that high-pitched ringing continually went higher and higher.

With the entrance into Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in January 2020, I started hearing these cosmic bi-tones nearly all year. Whenever the Sun transmits I hear the very high-pitched ringing, squealing solar sounds along with the cosmic bi-tones sounds. In Phase 2 it’s multiple different higher frequency solar, comic, stellar, and Photonic Light and Sound tones, waves, pulsations sounds more of us are hearing.

It’s become obvious this year that the more the Volunteers inner brain trio gland “antenna” are upgraded, the more and higher sounds and tones we’re hearing. This is why I mentioned the 7D Photon band of cosmic Light and Sound and how we and Earth, the Sun and our entire solar system has been physically orbiting deeper and deeper into it for many years.

In October 2020 while experiencing severe monthlong head, brain and trio brain gland compressed evolution, I clairvoyantly Saw a microscopic image of what the Pineal, Pituitary and Hypothalamus glands themselves, their chemical and energetic compositions, and some of our DNA have been rapidly evolving into. The photo here is of physical pyrite crystals and I chose it because it’s the closest to what I Saw. It’s not exact of course just the closest please understand. Photos of what I Saw and what I continue Seeing and perceiving do not exist.

What I Saw was microscopic and showed how many Volunteers trio brain glands have been evolved into glands of Light that now contain NEW Triality Crystalline and Diamond Light codes, energy patterns, matching frequency chemicals, physical and etheric energy tissues and more NEW DNA. I also perceived that many of these 2020 ascension evolutionary DNA changes and embodied codes etc. are what some people would call extraterrestrial. I call them more of our original Divine organic being, DNA, nature, consciousness and abilities returning first to, in and through the Volunteers in Phase 2 and then made available for humans capable of evolving into them.

Throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process the Volunteers trio brain glands have been evolving in energetic stair-step fashion from dense physical carbon-based glands with the energy codes, templates, blueprints etc. that were normal for that old lower level and cycle of being, consciousness and reality. Incrementally however they’ve been embodying via the Body and Brain Rewiring processes, higher and higher Light energies until they could safely embody NEW Light-based Triality Crystalline and Diamond and other higher NEW codes into their trio brain glands. (I’m focusing here on the trio of brain glands but this process has been happening throughout our heads and bodies too of course.)

The start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process January 1, 2020 in tandem with the physical level global altering shift the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction of 1-12-2020 produced that day, has dramatically evolved and shifted many Volunteers and external reality. And as I continue writing this article today, November 12, 2020, some Volunteers have been living the intense personal process of crossing the ‘Golden Bridge of Light’ because they long ago chose to ‘undergo the Flight of the Phoenix’ to use Celia Fenn’s channeled terms, during the October 31st through November 11, 2020 greater living/dying/leaving/entering period.

If you’ve been living this as I have then you know what all and who all you’ve released all year but even more so over the past few weeks. It has not been easy and each Volunteer who has been living the ‘Flight of the Phoenix’ is acutely aware of what’s been required to make this particular Shift and Embodiment Process change. It is profoundly personal and only you, You and YOU and Source, Divine Mother and Divine Father have been involved in this particular process. Honestly, it feels to me at this moment (I may perceive it differently later) like the next immediate step after the profound December 21, 22, 23 2012 Living Life Review. It feels like I, like we went through the three daylong December Solstice 2012 Living Life Review then had to live these really difficult eight years to finally reach this October, November and December 2020 Volunteer ‘Flight of the Phoenix’ Living Dying Separation Shift Process. Again, if you’ve been living it too then you know how intensely personal it has been and continues to be. There are no words. There is only Higher Knowing and higher HighHeartLife.

Denise Le Fay

November 12, 2020

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62 thoughts on “October & November 2020 Living, Dying & Separating

  • For those of you who aren’t students of astrology, this past week, Venus squared Saturn. However, she was in the superior position in the square because she was in Libra, the sign of harmony (among other things). Astrologer Adam Elenbaas has a couple of videos on YouTube about how Venus would overcome a “calcified” Saturn as she moved through the squares to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn from Libra to Capricorn this past week. I had a day of extremes on the 18th with a miracle breakthrough when I most needed it, but a lot of conflict otherwise. We have also had Mercury opposite Uranus which could be unexpected communication, and I also feel like Mars going direct made me feel volcanic in terms of demanding that my boundaries be respected. I formally cut ties with a family member this week.

    My throat chakra is feeling worn out! I feel like I need to just be silent for awhile. This has been a tough week of talking about some difficult truths to people in my life.

    By the way — if you haven’t heard of FLFE, which is Focused Life Force Energy, please check it out. I’ve been using it on and off for extra support. It is a service directs energy to a specific object, your phone or a location. There are some really great features available such as EMF mitigation, digestive/gut support and more. There are free trials available if you would like to try the service. I’m not an affiliate and I don’t get anything from mentioning this, but I just turned it back on because I felt like I needed some help keeping the frequency high after a tough week. I hope this helps anyone who feels like they could use a boost right now. xo

  • Hi Denise and Jain Lee..thank you for what you wrote.I feel exactly like that with one day so so heavy sad worn out and then the next more light comes in.Very physical feeling.Last night in the middle of the night I felt more earth vibrations and it felt like an earthquake shaking feeling.Very mild but very real.Interesting.Love to you all.

  • Hi Denise,

    I recently noted that the themes of what I call “big picture or macro” visions/sensations I had in early 2020 have changed from those of deconstruction, destruction and dismantling to themes of manifestation and physicalization. In the most recent one (11AM, 11/11) I saw and felt physically the descent from “above” of contours of a grayish-looking structure or architecture, huge and the entirety of it I could not see. Simultaneously I saw/felt the ascent of energy that was more of an energetic/plasmic plane. Then I saw/felt the two merge. [A side note: Funny that it’s only now after I copied from my journal the time/date of this vision/sensation did the impact and the added significance of the six “1s” hit me. I missed this before.] There’s also this vision (16/10) seen with/through the inner eye – in front was this vertical massive structure similar to a huge wall or panel in brilliantly vivid, rich and deep tones of what I intuited to be magenta (which turned out to be correct when I checked later on the internet). In front of this image was a small sphere enveloped in golden webbing (or netting like earth’s gridlines and leylines ). From their colors, both images seemed living. This morning (21/11) I felt a nudge to reread your latest article and when I got to the end of it my attention was riveted to the related article that you posted titled ” First Half, Second Half of 2020 and the image accompanying it (published 16 August 2020.). To my great fascination I found that in this article you shared the following vision: “Tiny earth with all the chaotic energy and emotional colored lines and knots on it was in the massive field of NEW Radiant Diamond Light and other things, beings, codes and energies.” I got this strong sense that the image I saw in the Oct16 vision was related to that which you saw last August or July and it might be in fact an indication that the manifestation of the NEW is progressing. Interestingly information I have re: diamond and gold as allomorphs of carbon and their properties and what I found on the internet on the spiritual meanings of the magenta color support this idea. I am also beginning to sense that the gap between the linear time space and the no space time seems to be closing in, possibly because of this increasing physicalization (into solid, visible forms) of the New which includes moi. On another note, you stressed in the article I refer to that the ‘physical earth” that you saw was IN the “field” so I imagine that your vantage point must have been from “above” perpendicular to the ‘field” and the ‘physical earth” that you were seeing whereas from my line of vision which was parallel to the two images I could only see that the golden-netted sphere was in front of the ‘field.’ Anyways more lessons for me on frames of reference and vantage points 🙂

    Recent energetic purgings and releases (collective/individual; individual/collective) have been extra intense and awful as were the migraine and nausea around Nov 11-14. Thankfully all seems quiet at the moment.

    Thanks Denise. Love and best wishes always

  • Hi Denise and everyone,

    Despite the chaos out there, does anyone else feel the divine mother’s love increasing every day within themselves? Like a huge sweep of love blanketing earth.

    Or am I on crazy pills?

    • It’s interesting Jain L. that yesterday, November 19th felt like a terrible wave of brokenness, depression, exhaustion and that just can’t take anymore negativity from anyone feeling. To me it felt like many people felt that way yesterday. Today all I feel is more NEW incoming energies, which is great, but my head and body are feeling all of this. The highs and lows, the breaking away, the increasing changes and pains so many people are living every day.

      No, no crazy pills, it’s real and will increase continually as more and more Divine Mother/Feminine returns at these NEW higher levels which are becoming NEW Earth and NEW Humanity. ❤

      • Denise & Jain L

        Yes, yesterday (19th) was crushing. I’ve experienced terrible depression for the last 2 weeks & I haven’t experienced depression in many years. I had thought all that got cleaned out after I began my AP process. Guess not! I think maybe some of what I felt was not mine, but I honestly couldn’t be sure what was mine & what wasn’t. Maybe I’m out of practice on that score.

        But Jain L, today things got lighter as the day progressed. Like glimpsing a light at the end of the tunnel?

        Many thanks to you Denise and this community. This is my lifeline in these crazy times.

      • I always check the comments when Denise posts new articles but this time I didn’t. It was as if I was in a cocoon for the past week and the 19th felt especially heavy. That night in my sleep state I went to my childhood and spent the night with my little self -even now I have tears in my eyes. This wasn’t the first time it happened but it was different.- and in the morning it all felt so new? Renewed? Like I spent the night sleeping on a loving chest of a mom. -that wasn’t the type of mother I had growing up-

  • Dear Denise,

    Since October 31st I have been in a kind of whirlwind of terror coming from the people who live across the road from me; I have mentioned them from time to time, and the verbal attacks turned to death threats one week ago, filmed on a Zoom call with other property owners on the road, which, advised by my attorney, I contacted the police about. This is the second time the same man has gone completely insane, violently out of control, and the first time (February 1, 2019) I also involved the police, who did nothing. For the second time the police did not arrest the man, but my attorney has communicated that we’re about to charge him with horrible things in court. The death threats are filmed on the Zoom call, and even after a week of transcribing the words, and memorizing them as a by-product of doing it, I am still stunned, in shock, and thinking, “Here we go again! I’m getting attacked because I am a powerful woman and this bully thinks I’m afraid of him!” The ranting and raving on the Zoom call from the man are so ridiculous who ever is inside puppeteering him must be completely low level.

    Since July I have worked to stop an illegal business going on in one of the other properties on the road, and I have had to stand up to everyone you can think of to stop it, but I have not succeeded, yet. My calls aren’t returned. My emails aren’t read. I have had to bring my attorney in to get these duds to remember to do their jobs, on top of telling the attorney what I want, plus what to do.

    Everything is a fight. I have had to practice assertiveness to the tenth degree. I couldn’t get my ballot, and tracking it down took several weeks. After telling me I was fine a medical person started phoning, then sending letters, proclaiming I was not fine, which is tremendously frightening – it was typical cover – your – ass – medical hype to avoid a lawsuit.

    I have always thought that I was making a way where there was no way, but just in the last sixteen days I am moving at warp speed, because I have to, keeping ten steps ahead of death threats, cops not doing their jobs, an illegal business, shady local people in office, but, I come in here seeking solace, and solace is what I find.

    Thank you for being available, for allowing me to cry if I need to and I often do, while I’m hanging on in the wind tunnel of the brain chimes, in the current upside down white hot truth reality,

    Love, as always, Cali

  • Hi Denise! I was reading comments a moment ago and noticed the icon/symbol next to your name. I’ve been a bit slow lately so it may have been there for some time. 🙂 I saw THIS in a dream a week ago. It was more yellowish but the same. In the dream, it appeared for an instance and then disappeared. I turned around and said “Did y’all see that!” One guy did and the others in the room didn’t. It was so vivid. I have thought about it and SEEN it in my mind’s eye every day since then. Seemed poignant.

    A few nights later, during dream time, I was in a basement that had many connecting rooms (darkly lit) that were full and stacked with OLD books. I walked around each room, looked at them. Didn’t open them. Just noticed and observed them. A woman ( I believe she was a part of me) appeared and said “These are all yours. I’ve been caring and protecting them for you.” I said “Thank you! so much! but I don’t want or need them anymore. They no longer serve my/our purpose. So, you/YOU are FREE.” She smiled at me and vanished into thin air. I looked at the books and sent them much love and gratitude – they in turn vanished. The rooms were now clear, with clean, white walls. Very spacious and bright. Another poignant moment of releasing and letting go of ALL (especially OLD) that is no longer mine.

    The past few days I’ve had an old ascension symptom appear again – bottom of feet burning. They ache, burn, itch – yowza! It is an absolutely beautiful day outside right now and when I stepped outside for a few minutes, I felt nauseous, drained and sleepy. I would love to be outside in the sun but it looks like I’m going back to bed/rest/sleep, whatever it takes. I FEEL like I am to go integrate and Embody more with what’s coming in (I know, it’s non-stop always). I’m grateful for it though. Inner ear rings/tones/tunes since beginning of January. I love hearing them!

    Anyways, I’m babbling. Just wanted to share and say I am grateful for YOU Denise. So, SO much Love!

  • Hi Denise and All Here,

    Since October 31 or a little before, I’ve been “living” out the title of this last article. SO much of my old self has been “dying off” to almost everything that I’ve ever known myself to be, or to what my life has/had been up to writing this. The apathy and sense of boredom and detachment I’ve felt when “having to” participate in linear time and its demands has been excruciating. I’m so over the caregiving thing and all the things that (you know) go with this, but I don’t yet know how to extricate myself from it all due to how “the system” currently permits/provides for in our unique situation.I feel stymied and angry. Admitting this doesn’t make me feel very loving or charitable…particularly since I’m speaking about someone whom I’ve loved and cared about deeply for 20 years. The Covid situation and all of the illnesses/medications cause him to become available for TD attacks from time to time, so he is a Portal Person…unbeknownst to him that his energy bodies have been “violated.” Just like you and Marta, I immediately know when he’s “under the influence” because his eyes and face and demeanor change so abruptly like Jekyll and Hyde…If I were to walk out, he’d rot in our apartment because even negotiating linear 3D life has become much too difficult without my assistance/presence. Another not pretty thing to say. So I continue with what I obviously signed up to experience at this time without the ability to change any of it…

    Despite this and every other thing(s) we’re all going through personally and individually, I’m still there/here with you and all others here diligently stepping into everything that is NEW and indicative of moving totally out of a decaying and dying world and all of its details, and into a NEW and ascended Embodiment where literally nothing from my past can come with me…thank gawd I’ve been able to release into this truth, for if I hadn’t, my AP/EP journey would have ended long ago. My partner is my last impediment into a “unified” neutrality…I can sincerely say that I’ve learned to embody neutrality in every other sphere of my life save for my caregiving situation…and that’s because I WANT it to be over or morph into something different…and that’s not neutral.

    You may choose not to publish this because I don’t know how this comment could ever be helpful, so whatever you decide, you know I will honor. Of course, I’ve been reading all of your recent articles and everyone’s comments and learning so much from all of it/them. I’m so glad you are incarnate in this world and sharing your knowings with all of us.

    With my love and best wishes to you and all the insightful Commenters here…a HighHeart hug to you!

    • Raymond, you have been in my Heart lately and I’ve been thinking of you. I am grateful for your honesty. I can totally relate to your words: “The apathy and sense of boredom and detachment I’ve felt when “having to” participate in linear time and its demands has been excruciating.” SO THERE too! As I’m sure many of us are. I also am grateful for Denise/ her site/ her EVERYTHING – as I have been reading all recent articles and comments daily for grounding/sanity and learning so much, even in just a few words that take me another step. Just know that you are SO LOVED and supported Raymond by your fellow warriors and keep on keeping on.

      I walked down to the mailbox just a little while ago (it is an absolutely beautiful sunny day outside) and I felt/feel so drained, nauseous and “poopy” so I’m heading back to lay down for awhile till this passes. Love to you all and Denise! 🙂

      • Hi Karina…Thanks so much for your caring and LOVE and concern for my well-being. We’re all in this together…at least this First Everything AP/EP Volunteer Family that Denise has brought together and fostered…and I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed our interaction this past year or so. This will sound crazy, but every time you write a comment in response to something I’ve shared, the image of effervescent bubbling champagne comes to mind…I swear! I’m taking this to be your “true” energy signature…a celebratory-of-life one! – despite the destabilizing comings-‘n-goings that you and we are all going through these days. It pleases me to no end to share this image with you, and why not??? Until our next contact, much much LOVE to you, dear lady…Hi Denise!

        • Raymond, I just came back from an hour long walk in nature with the sun bright and strong the whole way. At one point during the walk, I thought of you and invited you come along (for at least 5 minutes) to enjoy the serenity and peace of Nature/Mother Earth that I was. As we were walking together, the song by Billy Thorpe – Children of the Sun (one of my favs) came on my headphones and I sending you lots of Love and Sunshine. After completing walk, I get into the car and check emails to see yours and Denise’s response to you and Wow! So, seeing your words : ” I would walk literally for hours under the Sun’s rays in meditation, and the Sun would talk with me and share its cosmic wisdom with me/for me. Just like you, the Sun is my deep friend and lives within me and me within It each and every day, in the deepest reverence.” I, too, talk to the Sun everyday and share its/our reverence. Thank you for sharing those beautiful words!
          Also, thank you deeply for sharing your image of effervescent bubbly champagne when you read my comments. That made me effervescent even MORE! I love you Raymond! I always have the image of the Sun – rays shining bright and radiating such Love, strength and power – when I read your comments. Your energy signature to me.
          Denise, your response to Raymond was so tender, loving and strong. It made my Heart do leaps and bounds. I love you too! So much I want to say, but can’t put it into words. It’s a FEELING. I hope you feel it. Till next time friends! 🙂

      • Thank you Magda…I’m sending a massive hug right back to you. Your revealing comment(s) about your encouraged me to come forth and share some of the personal details of my story, and I’m deeply grateful to you

        • Something weird happened, Magda…I must’ve posted inadvertently without finishing. Anyway, it was your comments about your father and your Portal Person nan who exited in 2018 that moved me to share the details I did. Again, I’m deeply grateful to you and I send you Love and xoxo…Thanks again for your caring and compassion.

        • Raymond
          Bless you. I wanted to say so much more to you. But couldn’t find the words. Thank you for the hug and the encouragement. It is good to share it allows so much light to come in and love from other people. I was glad I had shared here too. Even though I had a wobble for a moment. Thank you for your kindness and your courage.
          Love Magda xx

    • Raymond B.,

      It’s breathtakingly beautiful, heartbreaking, difficult, and such a privilege to witness someone else’s spiritual transition processes. I feel so for you Raymond, as I know many of us here do, and yet we all know in our deepest HighHearts that we have to let you live this. Everyone has had to let me live mine and so on with each of us. All we can do for each other is love and LOVE each other for what we’re doing, living, becoming and give each other the space and time to live every single speck of whatever it is that each of us needs to go through minute by minute, day by day. It’s so much harder to not interfere with someone you respect and admire when they’re deep within certain extra severe phases of their personal AP/EP, and in this case, the transition of what Celia Fenn calls ‘the Flight of the Phoenix.’ It’s easy to rush in and try to help — it’s harder to let it unfold and let the person, the people suffer, learn, release and finally transcend it all. Know I, know we love and LOVE and respect you Raymond for all you’ve been going through. I can relate so because of what I went through with my mother and everything that was part of all that.

      I feel the need to quote this here for all of us. I just found it in Celia Fenn’s Message of the Day.

      Message of the Day: 16th November 2020

      “The Sun is changing and activating…and as we open and activate our Solar Chakra portal we are connecting with deeper levels of creative power for the 7th dimensional Nova Terra Elysium.
      Next we will align with the Great Central Sun on the 21st December which is our 9D Galactic alignment.
      So much is happening that it is important to remember to stay grounded and deeply connected to New Earth Gaia.. our beautiful 5D Planetary home.
      Walk in nature…work in your garden….feed and water your plants….take care of your animals…feed the birds…enjoy all that is given to us in this natural world.
      These are the creations of Spirit, delivered to us via the “Solar Logos” or the “Word” made manifest. The Creator “spoke” and so it was and is.
      And we are also learning to speak truth and manifest in clarity and transparency.
      Wearing the Solar Crown of Creative Power and Love.
      Have a wonderful week everyone!” – Celia Fenn


      I went out this morning to grocery shop and get a haircut and felt the Sun had changed again and was transmitting more NEW and much higher frequencies. These energies made me weepy, made my body shake, made my head hurt along with other body parts, joints etc. Said simply, today has been so energetically severe that once I got home I had to go to bed. More to come everyone so take it easy and self-care yourselves like you never have before. ❤

      • My Dear Denise…What you’ve expressed so eloquently are the elements that define the truest compassion and unified neutrality that you’ve wanted for all of us to move towards at this time…and I feel great LOVE from you and your guiding and caring words. Thanks also for Celia Fenn’s “daily” from yesterday…I attribute so much of my entry into my personal AP/EP journey due to my prolonged exposure to unfiltered Sunlight from 1994-2003, during which time I would walk literally for hours under the Sun’s rays in meditation, and the Sun would talk with me and share its cosmic wisdom with me/for me. Just like you, the Sun is my deep friend and lives within me and me within It each and every day, in the deepest reverence.

        May you always know how much love and LOVE I hold for you and the fortitude that you Embody for yourself and all of us at this time on this planet. You have my deep admiration and respect and, of course, my profoundest HighHeart everything for you and your life. From your friend here in The Big Apple who’s doing the self-care journey as I’ve never done before! Love again to you xoxo

  • Hi again Denise and all, I’ve SO appreciated the discussion re: energy being all us vs. being targeted by negative forces. Denise, I’ve said this SO many times, but I credit YOU with showing me the light re: targeted attacks instead of thinking it’s all me. It was SO empowering to finally understand that and I’ll never stop thanking you for it.

    I think this topic is SO important and I’ve had some personal insights re: this discussion that prompted my latest blog post. Of course, Denise, it’s up to you whether you want to post it or not and I’m happy with whatever decision you make. If you think it’s of value to your readers or not, I’m in your hands. Thank you ALWAYS and I LOVE YOU!

    • Katinka,

      Your enthusiasm makes my heart smile and glow warm, proud and grateful all over. Thank you for it and for everything else as well. ❤

      I hope more and more of us are, in Phase 2, finally better understanding what "Unity" is really all about. 🙂

      I’m going to use this space to respond to some who asked me about my mentioning that I’d recently experienced an old “classic” negative nightmare tactic. I’d forgotten to respond to those specific questions by some of you and Katinka, what you said about this reminded me of it.

      November 1, 2020 I awoke at 1:15ish AM from another old familiar lifelong nightmare classic. I’ve talked about it before and briefly it’s been one or more male serial killers running amok trying to catch and kill me. It’s that nightmare where you’re running away from the serial killer or killers through the entire nightmare until you get your shit together and realize you’ve been, yet again, placed in this fake astral dream con job and wake yourself up from it and reenter your physical body.

      I’ve been through these types of crafted bogus nightmare “classics” so many times over the decades it’s ridiculous. I cleared this crap for the last time IN MYSELF I mean a few years ago, which is why I was pissed when I woke myself up from this November 1st classic slasher dream. I sat up in my bed and was angry that they had tried this on me again.

      On November 7, 2020 I woke myself up from a slightly different version of this old Team Dark classic serial killer chasing me nightmare at 1:15 AM. Bastards! Pre-recorded Team Dark nightmare classics! After this second nightmare in the same week I looked back at the week for perspective and then understood why they happened during that time. November 1st was Sunday, Tuesday was election day in the USA, Wednesday I had the two sick teeth extracted, and Saturday November 7th it was announced on TV that Biden/Harris had won the election.

      Like Katinka said in her video share, this crap is still happening BUT, what’s important is that you are not being fed on by them anymore because you have embodied enough, ascended enough, UNIFIED within yourself enough at this point (there’s more of course and we’re still Working on all that and more) so that you are not existing and functioning from the old separation “wound” as Katinka calls it but from well above it because you have UNIFIED enough via having Embodied enough personally so far.

      Real Neutrality is not being emotionally played, manipulated, derailed etc. by TD or Portal People back down into old lower frequencies where they can feed off of your energies and emotions etc. You are Neutral because you are no longer existing, functioning, reacting, feeling and perceiving from that old lower level and state of separation from Source (which is ridiculous because we all very much wanted to separate from Source and go out and personally experience external realities!). More and more of us have embodied enough at this point that we no longer are existing in the old lower separation frequency but from the 5D+ NEW higher individually UNIFIED state of ascension.

      I’m lost in this comment. Thanks again Katinka and well done you! ❤ ⭐

      • I want to send highheart big ole hugs to everyone here, everyone is going through so much and kicking ass too (though it may not seem like it at the time). Your comments are very much appreciated and Im right there with you

        Thanks Denise for sharing your dream, I wanted to tell mine as it happened just yesterday. I’m also running from something coming for me. I feel it’s grip on my shoulder, to my and it’s great surprise, I bite its hand. Hard. Slow-mo too, the angry pounds per pressure I let loose and the satisfying crunch as my teeth and jaws clamp down; the shock of the beast at my audacity. Immediately I’m let loose, in a black puff it’s gone and am thrown into a much better dream, a happy one.

        On an unrelated note, has anyone been uncontrollably sneezing? Admittedly I have the usual mild seasonal allergies but this is ridiculous and going on for over a month. My higher self tells me I’m becoming allergic to this reality, ha!

        Sending you and everyone here so so much love, a tsunami of ❤️

        • “…the shock of the beast at my audacity.”

          Yeah, bullies of this world and others get real angry when we protect ourselves from their negative actions. You bit the monster! Gawd you’re my hero Jain L.! 😆

          “On an unrelated note, has anyone been uncontrollably sneezing?”

          I’m so glad you mentioned this one. A few years ago I began having sudden sneezing spells, sneezing 4, 5, 10 times in a row. I swear I maybe sneezed 10 times in my entire life before this strangeness started. It doesn’t happen often thank god because my bladder often gets involved (the old sneezepee thing). 😡 I don’t know why this one happens but sense it may have something to do with our Body & Brain Rewiring Process.

          Another one that someone mentioned recently was the also ascension related business of turning your head a bit and the whole room/house/world keeps turning in that direction. Often when I just move my eyes a bit to the right or left to look at something this continued spinning movement happens. I don’t have to move my head at all, just my eyes and it happens. It’s not physically painful but it can tip you over if you’re standing or walking so be careful everyone. So much change happening in each of us it’s amazing, and really weird sometimes too!

          She bit the damned monster! 😆 Love it, hope it left a scar.

        • Allergic to reality 🤣 I love that! Yes to the sneezing but also loaded sinuses every morning. After a few good blows, feel lighter … dispelling reality. Yay 🤗
          Love back ❤

        • Aww, thanks Denise, you are MY hero! I’ve never had the whole room turn with my line of vision before, can’t imagine how sick that would make me.

          Not gonna lie, I’ve been riding the high of that bite chomp since, felt GOOOOOD!

  • Thank you Denise for always being a warrior of light, I appreciate that I can express myself here even though I don’t that often. Energetically you have steel bars on your site and I know why and totally understand why. There’s also that apprehension within me though that stops from commenting because I know you fortress your site..meaning I feel I have to watch what I say as to not get the ban as so many do on your site..I always agree with you so I know I’m not a problem 🙂 I have to be true to me though on this one link you shared..the vimeo video about gang stalking..I listened fully with discernment and by the end honestly it started sounding like we are giving our power away to these dark entities..it felt no different than giving it away to a person, politics, religion, president, parents etc..their experiences were real yes and we’ve all got stories, I just can’t blame anything on anyone, entity or not anymore..it feels powerless..subconsciously when we talk about dark entities for circumstances in our life ..we are blaming..at least it feels that way for me. I am in control and response-able of my own thoughts, beliefs …consciousness..of what I create. To the young blonde in the video I would ask her “why not question or contemplate more why your own mother would tell you at a young impressionable age that a demon could take you?” Maybe she was gaslighting. Such a frightening thought for a young girl to believe growing up creating other demon experiences in her life.

    • “..I always agree with you so I know I’m not a problem 🙂 “

      I appreciate your honesty Michelle even though it was mildly insulting. I disagree with what you said and personally believe about this particular topic but as you see, I published your comment anyway. 🙂

      Yes I have worked very hard since 2007 to keep the comments and energies on my blogs from degenerating into a free-for-all shit pit of raging negativity and continual attacks, which is exactly how Team Dark works through low vibe Portal People towards people like me. Why should be obvious but you don’t believe in any of that. 🙂 They are my blogs and I pay financially for them every year and I pay for them energetically daily due to the negative comments that arrive but I don’t publish so none of you have to see or be affected by them.

      You realize that I don’t know those women in the video right? You realize that I had nothing to do with its creation right? I also am not a member of Lisa Renee’s website community. Someone shared this link with me and after I made myself watch, listen and FEEL every minute of it and them I decided to risk it and share it here in comments at HHL. Yes I knew it would get some backlash from certain people but I also knew that it will help certain other people who’ve lived this and continue to live it.

      It’s obvious to me that you have not experienced these negative attacks, or if you have, you didn’t recognize them as having come from outside of yourself. I know it’s popular and easier for many to believe that everything comes from within themselves, including any and all negativity, except that’s just not been the case. It will be however thanks to the current Ascension Process and a whole lot of Work by certain individuals.

      There’s a thousand other things I’d like to say in this space you created for me Michelle but I won’t. 🙂

      • Three cheers for you, Denise. Thanks for letting your LIGHT and the site’s LIGHT shine brilliantly through. Those aren’t bars – You and the site are enclosed in DIVINE LIGHT! Yes, I know. It is easy to mistake Great Spirit’s DIVINE LIGHT (that is the DIVINE MASCULINE and DIVINE FEMININE LIGHT and sooooo much more!) as bars! Keep on keeping on – you are greatly honored and respected and LOVED. Thank You.

      • Thank you Denise for sharing the Lisa Renee link. I wasn’t able to get it to play. Like you and many here I have had some pretty intense TD moments. They always fill me with dread and fear when it’s happening. With the feeling of “here we go again”. But then in between there’s almost an amnesia because it’s gone and been dealt with. Till the next time round. I have had encounters with beings outside of me that have threatened my very existence as a soul. And I have had encounters that have seemed to come from within me. But I had to learn to discern what was from me and what was from them. And then there have been dream state attacks. In my teens And early twenties it was a daily assault. From family members and outside the family. It didn’t seem to matter where or what I did. It was pretty relentless. One of the hardest things was walking away from my father. Who seems to have been a voice for the dark. For me anyway. That was the reason I did walk because I knew he would never let me be. It has been warfare between us. Yet he has caused my biggest growth. He tried to get me roped into The Golden Dawn. A magic order. Fortunately I realised you don’t have to study and learn to reach God/ Spirit. You just have to open your heart and believe. I never attended any of their meetings and realise I had a very lucky escape.

        I hope it is ok to share this. And thank you for your article. Keep shining and sharing. You give us the chance to be heard ourselves. Especially around a topic that by its nature has meant so many of us have suffered in silence.
        Love and light and hugs to you and everyone here
        Magda Xxxx

        • Magda,

          It may have been that you didn’t need to see/feel/hear that particular video for whatever the reasons. You know what I mean.

          “I have had encounters with beings outside of me that have threatened my very existence as a soul. And I have had encounters that have seemed to come from within me. But I had to learn to discern what was from me and what was from them.”

          Exactly. I know that the main reason why that was easier and faster for me was because I’ve been “psychic” from birth. Life forced me to quickly learn to discern what are my thoughts and emotions and what are other people’s thoughts and emotions that I was picking up. That forced life lesson taught me about myself and how my thoughts work inside me, about how I emotionally respond to things and so on. It all was very valuable prep Work for me personally before I reached adulthood and Team Dark showed up fully and openly etherically and physically. Because of my being a Sensitive and Seer etc. from birth, I was already familiar with myself mentally, emotionally and honestly knew how my mind worked which helped me tremendously with having to learn about and protect myself from these outside negative interdimensional beings.

          “And then there have been dream state attacks. In my teens And early twenties it was a daily assault. From family members and outside the family.”

          Yep. I experienced the same things, attacks and tactics too which started when I was a child. Thank god the dream attacks weren’t nightly as you experienced but they were monthly ordeals. When I was in my early twenties I had another of these classic Team Dark dream nightmares I’ll never forget. In it I was with my younger sister and a male friend. This dream was “normal” for awhile at first, as they usually are, then my sister and my male friend started acting different, not like themselves at all. I watched them both in this dream carefully because their behaviors (and their eyes) were increasingly becoming NOT like them at all. When their behaviors became totally not like them, what had looked like my sister and a male friend turned into two low-level demon creatures right in front of me in this dream. That was the dream lesson where I learned that they can take whatever image they want to trick us, manipulate us, control us, induce specific emotions and a thousand other things. And this business goes on into vastly more negative and elaborate dream situations that were intentional and inorganic dream creations by Team Dark aliens that abducted certain people from their sleep states and placed in these different fake dream situations to produce specific emotions in the human dreamer.

          “One of the hardest things was walking away from my father. Who seems to have been a voice for the dark. For me anyway.”

          Yes again. Many of us have experienced continual attacks that increased over the years and decades. It’s often gone from dream time etheric astral events like I mentioned to happening in the physical dimension through other living people, oftentimes our loved ones, family members, children, mates, neighbors, co-workers etc. I’ve experienced this too with multiple family members many times over the decades in the wide awake physical. Portal People. Portal People can be anyone at any time anywhere under any situation. They simply get “jumped” or “over taken” by a more advanced Team Dark being/alien/demon etc. for a few minutes or hours or days or whatever each case may be. After experiencing this horrible phenomena over my lifetime in loved ones and strangers I’ve gotten very familiar with it and can FEEL when the energies suddenly change from “normal” to as you put it Magda, ‘here we go again!’

          Thank you for sharing some of you personal unpleasant experiences and valuable Light lessons here Magda. I know we risk ridiculous reactions and being totally misunderstood from unaware people even when we try to help each other and educate others. Thanks for sharing nonetheless. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Denise thank you for your heartfelt reply to my comment. I have struggled all my life with knowing My boundaries. Hence thinking evil came from within. I honestly thought for a long time what I “felt” defined who I was. Even if that feeling was part of an unpleasant energetic experience. Fortunately I have always believed in God/Goddess from before I could speak. And that is the only reason I think I am sane. Your description of the faces and eyes changing is spot on. I have seen family members’ eyes change and realised it is no longer them in charge. It has only been since the death of my nan in 2018 – a definate portal person -And walking away from my father that I have truly begun to heal. Getting away from those energies that try to bind.

          Thank you so much for hearing all of us here at comments. And allowing us to voice sometimes painful things. Things that most people do not want to acknowledge or try to understand

          Love and light to you xxxxx

      • Hmmm … interesting …🤔 I agree with you Michelle but I also agree with your response, Denise. I must be somewhere in between, flailing around much of the time. And I also agree that I am so done with it all, looking for a convenient, painless off-ramp (is there such a thing?). Thank you all for keeping me mostly sane in the interim ❤❤

        • KathyF,

          I get it, I really honestly do, I always have.

          You know those (mostly) young guys that have their own TV shows that are “ghost hunters”, those so-called “paranormal experts”? I have very much wanted to say in person to some of them, one in particular named Zac, that if he really, honestly wants to experience intense personal encounters with demons, devils and negative aliens and such, all he or any of them need do is to start embodying Light.


          If any of them started embodying some Light, they wouldn’t have to leave their houses because all those scary negative dark entities and beings will quickly be right there all over them for the simple reason that they’ve started to evolve by embodying increasing amounts of Light. No ghost hunting physical gadgets or recorders needed — just embodying Light is all it takes to have the Dark come rushing in to try and squelch someone’s personal evolutionary Ascension Process.

          Imagine you’re a Volunteer whose incarnate here to help humanity embody Light and evolve now. Who do you think the Dark instantly targets much more severely because of that? 🙂

      • “I know it’s popular and easier for many to believe that everything comes from within themselves, including any and all negativity, except that’s just not been the case.”

        In my years as a ‘time guardian’ I have literally had a voice in my head tell me to be somewhere at a certain time or to just get in the car and drive a certain direction. I have shown up to fatal accidents seconds after happening, shown up to put out a fire threatening a house and saved someone’s life (it was arson, intended to kill), etc. These people did not have this negativity come from within themselves… they were TARGETED by TD. Did ‘I’ have negativity within me that told me to go towards these problem? I hardly think so… But yes, TD has thrown whatever they can at me to stop me.

        Popular & easier? I laugh at the idea that people just dream up this negativity within themselves, Denise, just as I am sure you do. Like I used to tell folks (especially nurses) that thought the ambulance job was easy (back in the 80s)… I’d say come ride a shift with us. Some would… and they never criticized us again when we rolled into the ER and all as not perfect. In like kind… hang out with people battling TD for a while and you will change your tune.

        You are a warrior, Denise. You know it… and I’m saying it. You are also a diplomat. Thank you for both.

        • Hi Kevin, I read your comments before when you described yourself as a time guardian and now again. That’s very interesting to me. What exactly do you mean by time guardian? Is this something you did in past lives too? I’ve always been fascinated by time travel and love any movie on the subject. Also, I find myself overwhelmed by the passage of time in this world. It just seems to go too fast for me. Like I can’t believe it’s almost 2021 already. I think this to myself every year too. I’ve also been interested in learning the true history of Earth and the cosmos and read several books and read different theories on the internet. Like how the asteroid belt was once a planet thousands of years ago, how the sphinx in Egypt is much older than we are told, or who really made the statues on Easter Island. But I gave up years ago because there’s different contradictory histories and theories nobody really knows which one is right. I know now all the answers will come within. Someone told me once I’m interested in history because I’m a record keeper. Maybe that’s my function as a spirit too, just like you being a time guardian. I have had dreams where I’m in a giant library.

          Anyway, sorry if I’m getting off topic here. I agree about the whole negative energies coming from TD attacks and not from within you. I also think we have the power to vibrate beyond them as we ascend higher. That’s what this ascension process has been about, right? Gradually freeing ourselves from these attacks until we’re eventually out of their frequency range.


  • I was hoping someone was going to say this is over, LOL. Are we done? I’m just done personally. I keep getting I Ching readings telling me I’m pushing too hard and that I should allow myself to be led, but my circumstances are such that I cannot afford to sit here and wait around for anything else to happen — I feel like I have to get started on the new normal or I am going to wind up stuck here, in a physical location (displaces) where I don’t want to be. I didn’t want to be here in January but here I am.

    I have been having physical symptoms but it’s all burning off. It sounds like I’m younger than some here — I just finished the last of my mid-life crisis transits in astrology and am feeling juiced up and ready to roll.

    Are we done with this phase? When will we get the go ahead? I mean, I think this is internal but the external isn’t shifting fast enough and it feels like it needs a push.

    • “I was hoping someone was going to say this is over, LOL. Are we done? I’m just done personally.”

      Many of us are sooo done with it Christine, myself included. It’s been brutal for so very long and I don’t want to do brutal anymore for any reason.

      “Are we done with this phase? When will we get the go ahead? I mean, I think this is internal but the external isn’t shifting fast enough and it feels like it needs a push.”

      There were and still are so many, many things to talk about because so many things are all happening at the same time this year. I kept deleting paragraph after paragraph in this article because it’s so easy to get pulled off on to any number of other related things and it felt important that I didn’t let myself do that so I deleted anything I wrote that veered too far off the main points in this article.

      Because linear time and occasionally needing to locate myself in it has only become harder the more I Embody, whenever I talk about astrological transits I have to look and count and quadruple check the dates and degrees etc. before I commit to saying anything about transits! It used to be so easy but no more thanks to going increasingly quantum consciously.

      Having said all that, I just quadruple checked the dates and degrees between transiting Saturn and Pluto and when exactly will they be completely OUT OF ORB with each other and the reality altering once and done conjunction that took place on January 12, 2020 at 22-23 degrees Capricorn. I used a 7-8 degree orb between Saturn and Pluto and, I didn’t realize this, but not only does Saturn move into Aquarius on December 16, 2020, but it will also be out of orb with Pluto so the conjunction is completed then too. For some reason this is just unbelievable to me at this moment!!! However, with Phase 2 being what it is and how it’s been all of 2020, I shouldn’t be surprised that the great Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction will end around the December Solstice 2020 AND simultaneously Saturn enters Aquarius (as does Jupiter on December 19, 2020). And Saturn does NOT retrograde in 2021 far enough to be within orb of conjuncting Pluto again. Like the conjunction itself, this is a once and done thing and we’ll be immediately within a whole NEW higher cycle with Saturn and Jupiter entering Aquarius in December 2020.

      Mars in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn again on December 23, 2020 which indicates things will continue to be volatile and hot-tempered for awhile longer but that’s to be expected in some people and situations. Many people will continue to be in heavy dismantling experiences and consciousness while others will be in NEW creating and building experiences and consciousness. But… change, huge and permanent positive change will be activated when Saturn and then Jupiter complete their trips through Capricorn and conjuncting Pluto there and enter entirely NEW and higher level cycles with NEW codes themselves in Aquarius in December 2020 — only a few weeks from today! Stupefying.

      I’ve hesitated saying this next bit of info publicly so far only because the possibility for us to go much farther and higher is a strong possibility. Anyway, I’ve been perceiving that the shift into January 2021 will be with these NEW and higher (that’s so important in all this) astrological cycles which is going to quickly alter much that’s going to be happening anyway because of the election. People will be expecting this n’ that with the president elect and Co. but they all will also be surprised by these NEW higher energies and won’t be allowed to carry on in the old lower ways if everyone gets what I’m saying about this. Coupled with that is the ongoing incremental increase of Divine Mother/Feminine back into human consciousness and human hearts and therefore external reality throughout 2021. And, with the start of 2022 Divine Mother/Feminine will be, I now perceive, fully “returned” to humanity and Earth reality. Divine Father/Masculine will immediately back this NEW with ITS arrival at these NEW higher levels in this NEW higher Great Cycle. There are no comparisons to this so we’re all just very ready for the NEW of our NEW Earth and NEW Humans. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise, seems every answer/response of yours NEEDS a separate article of its own, especially this one, it’s such a huge topic.

        “I’ve hesitated saying this next bit of info publicly so far only because the possibility for us to go much farther and higher is a strong possibility.”

        Omg, please don’t hesitate Denise!

        Thank you for your response to my other comment btw, and I aim to raise my vibration to such a high frequency they can’t see me. Your words are always taken to my high heart and appreciated deeply. The air is lighter now, the changes seem to happen at a breakneck speed, I feel like I wrote you last a month ago when it’s only been a few days.

        P.S: the comments reveal so much about everyone’s energy signature/awareness level. Most are high, some not so much but I’m glad you include them (for higher reasons) 😉

        • Jain Lee,

          At the moment I’m considering writing an article I’ve wanted to write since about 2008 or so. Contemplating the title of it — something along the lines of People Storming the Temple and busting their ways in when they’re not ready for what’s inside. It finally feels like the time to say certain 5D-based truths I’ve not said all these ascension years and have taken repeated criticisms from those readers that honestly don’t understand 5D at all.

          Because it’s been OMG 2020 and Phase 2 started this year, we’re all pretty raw in one way or another not to mention beyond exhausted with it all. I cannot take another minute of political anyfuckingthing from just about anyfuckingone after what we’ve all had to live through. Dismantling of the old corrupt patriarchy? It’s been a nationwide gang rape of the country and its population that’s reverberated out around the world. I understand that it had to happen but good gawd let’s get this thing over. Security, grab the Swamp King by his pussy and escort him and ALL of them out of our ascending reality.

          Does everyone know that January 20th — inauguration day — is the day the Sun enters the sign of Aquarius? This time however (January 2021) it’s NEW higher Aquarius which none of them realizes. I wasn’t joking when I said red is done and blue is becoming NEW. I may get brave and go into some more about this TEMPORARY transition ascension related shift but I’ve got to shake off the attacks from comments from the red orange Q people that attacked me and another commentor recently that I didn’t publish.

          I’m positive that because 2020 is nearly over–all 100 horrid years of it–and there’s been a steady stream of incoming NEW codes from different systems this year, and Divine Mother/Feminine is going to “magically” seem to suddenly be IN more and more of the unaware people, and Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius after the long and difficult journey through Capricorn conjuncting Pluto, “lord of the underworld” there, it’s going to quickly go in NEW higher ways that the incoming blue crew are not aware of whatsoever. That’s a good thing believe it or not. This is all part of it too, just with the other side of the old patriarchal red/blue duality. Epic surprises of NEW coming for them in other words. We of the Light will sit back, watch and smile as the old further passes away and the much higher NEW takes over. We’re feeling so exhausted and beat down now because we are, we have shifted recently in a way that wasn’t able to happen before. It is now and will continue to be so rest, recuperate, heal, castoff the battle crap and prepare for a lot of long, hard Work to finally manifest physically. ❤

      • Thanks, Denise! Much love to you, and thanks for your patience with me. I was worried that my comment was insensitive.

        I too have been staring at the astrology and drumming my fingers and wondering why reality hasn’t shifted yet. I am at the end of a huge cycle that started in 2008 with Pluto transiting my 10th house, opposiing a stellium across my third and fourth houses and squaring my other placements in Cardinal signs. I’ve had ten or eleven Pluto squares or oppositions to my Aries Asc, Venus at 26 Gem, IC/Moon/Mercury at 6 Cancer, MC at 6 Cap, Saturn at 10 Cancer, Sun at 25 Cancer, Pluto at 4 Libra, Uranus at 23 LIbra…and OMG, I’ve just had enough of the constant pressure to evolve while it seems like everyone (namely my dysfunctional family) just gets to skate through all this stuff without having to take responsibility for anything in their lives or for the damage they caused to others. I still have a full on Pluto opposition in 2021 but Saturn and Jupiter and everything else will be at beneficial angles to my Aries ascendant, and it will just be Pluto in Cap, which I expect will be more about cleaning up after this cycle.

        I have been pushed to the edge so many times since 2008. This year has been a new level of releasing more fear. Everything has worked out beautifully and I’m just impatient right now, especially since Mars went direct. I’m looking for the exit door, LOL 🙂

        I don’t feel like there’s any reason to be afraid of what’s happening right now. It has to end based on the cycles. The collective is having a big problem with fear right now. I have been feeling the same thing about these energies.

        This is all going to take a major shift very soon, as Saturn moves away from Pluto. He was stuck at 25 Cap (grrr) for two months and has only moved two degrees in the last two and a half months. I personally believe that’s why we’re having all this foot dragging in government right now.

        Also, Saturn and Jupiter will be in Aquarius for the runoff election in Georgia which is pretty exciting for putting an end to what’s been going on. (I don’t want to hijack your discussion here with politics, but thought it bears mentioning with respect to the incoming energies). Aquarius is a humanitarian sign and that’s very good for flipping the Senate so that we can make changes at the government level that benefit everyone.

        Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023-2024…we are really on the cusp of some amazing things.

        But the current time period is still pretty intense.

  • Denise, Thanks so much for this article. I’ve been experiencing lots of different ear tones this year as well. Thank you also for the added conversation right here in the comments. It is SO valuable and validating! I’m also someone who felt a “disturbance in the force” the first week of November. It took me by surprise, as I thought I had vibrated out of that shit already. Thankfully though, these were all such OLD triggers ~ doozies that would have sent me reeling awhile ago ~ and I was able to recognize them for what they were and stand my ground in LOVE. (HUGE deal for me and I celebrated it!)

    Re: what you’ve mentioned about rising above the frequency of Team Dark so they can’t even see us, I’d like to share a past dream that feels especially relevant now to all of us forerunners. Back in 2014 I had a very vivid dream experience, showing me humanity in quarantine. Though, instead of being locked down in our homes, we were all being held in a large facility where they could control us, feed us poison, brainwash us, and program us…and ultimately destroy us. I’ve thought of this dream many times this year, as I know this dream 6 years ago was foretelling of what we’ve been facing in 2020.

    Throughout this very long dream I was shown that some of us, even though we are also being held, were impervious to the tactics they were using. I would go so far as to provoke them and while others thought me crazy, I knew they couldn’t touch me. I irritated them and I was definitely a nuisance, but they couldn’t DO anything to me.

    I used this time in quarantine to radiate my self-LOVE throughout the facility. I shined it on the food they had poisoned, rendering it benign. I shined it on the children who had sores and blisters, and it healed them. Near the end of the dream, we are all sequestered in a large room where the plan was to kill us all. I talked to the crowd, telling them to fill themselves up with self-LOVE, to love themselves, love the walls and carpet in the room, and then to look at each other and radiate that love. As everyone looked each other in the eyes and radiated LOVE, the energy got immensely powerful. We braced ourselves in this LOVE, as Team Dark entered into the room armed with guns, and just as we were prepared to do battle, the Dark Ones took one look at us and….dissolved. They couldn’t withstand the LOVE we were radiating and just disappeared.
    With this LOVE there was no battle to fight.

    At the end of the dream I was told “the top was just taken off the sky,” meaning there were no limits anymore and it was time to go beyond anything we’d dreamed or imagined before, because even those dreams and imaginings were limited. Now at this point, ANYTHING was possible, ESPECIALLY the impossible.

    (In hindsight I also think “the top taken off the sky” possibly means the quarantine Earth has been under from the rest of the Universe(s) is now coming to an end.)

    Felt compelled to share and to cheer on my Fellow Forerunners. There may not be as many of us as we thought, but as you’ve said, Denise, there’s still been enough to get the job DONE. Filled with Love and gratitude for ALL of us.

    Thanks again, Denise. I trust you are feeling lighter and brighter with your healthy mouth. SO much LOVE to you!!

  • Thank you Denise, for all that you do, and for bravely putting into words what so many of us experience. I so often cannot find expression for AP, as it happens so quickly and intensely, being here through it is so often all I can manage.

    You mentioned in your last article that there have been sustained attacks over the last couple of weeks, coinciding with the 11:11 gateway, Phoenix Rising, and other dates you have also identified. Are you please able to share your wisdom about this?

    I ask because my partner and I have been experiencing some doozies. Our home was polluted inside with hydrochloric acid spray used by builders on the outside of our apartment building, which in turn burned our eyes, noses, throats and skin, literally driving us out of our home for several days. Then the most odious lies, negligence, written attacks, accusations, and denial of responsibility have followed. Then, nightmares and attacks during sleep, too.

    We very consciously have let go of any fight, using the experience to rise higher and to let go, over and over, feeling our way through this nightmarish experience so that we continue to embody light. We have been deeply moved and inspired by your advice that the endless fight is exactly what these negative energies want, and we are not feeding that cycle in any way. I was outside last week, and saw 1111, an angelic form and a phoenix in the clouds of a brilliant blue sky. It was so deeply moving to me, healing, blaming and reassuring. I would love to share the photo with you.

    The arc from 2012 – 2020 you describe so resonates with us, and it helps put the firewalk of those years into a deeply purposeful perspective. Feeling our way through this, feeling our way home.

    Thank you again, so deeply from my heart.

    • Katrina Moriarty & Jain Lee & All,

      First of all, thank you both for being brave enough and honest in sharing some of your recent Team Dark/Portal People attacks at HHL. It’s beyond important that this topic is openly, honestly and with as much emotional and energetic Neutrality as each person can muster within themselves, discussed. We all benefit and learn much more about this whole exhausting and confusing business of extracting ourselves as Team Light, individually I mean, from the lowly frequency range and therefore direct influences of Team Dark/Portal People when we openly share personal experiences… as unpleasant and utterly weird as every one of them are.

      The other day a reader, L. B., emailed me to let me know there was an interesting blog article up at Lisa Renee’s site. It includes a Vimeo podcast (spoken like I know what that is! 🙄 ) of four young women talking about what I call Team Dark and Portal People and some of the attacks and tactics etc. that they’ve personally experienced. I’ve experienced everything that they talked about except for the blond woman whose very young mother had been tricked by a demon to give her over to it when she was pregnant with her. I have NOT experienced that but I HAVE every other thing that they discussed, multiple times over my lifetime.

      Now… this video will be helpful to some people and dark, slow and scary to others. It will be totally relatable to some and an absolute mystery to most others and that is perfectly okay. I’m sharing it at HHL because this crap is at levels now like never before and that’s because those living what Lisa Renee and these woman call the ‘Krysted path’ are leaving, are Separating, ascending etc. and this last tired old “battle” is playing out and many Team Light — aka Volunteers, Starseeds, Lightworkers, First Everythingers, Embodiers, Pathpavers etc. — have been experiencing an increase in these old familiar Team Dark and Portal People attacks since about 2019. The insanity that’s been happening increasingly since 2016 and the whole Trump and Qanon red vs. blue ascending vs. descending business got going in this country thanks to certain well-known people pushing it out into humanities consciousness.

      One of the things I want to point out in this video podcast is how beat to hell the 4 women are. It’s like looking at, feeling, hearing and sensing PTSD in war veterans, which is exactly what Team Light is! This video is not fast and light, fluffy and glittery or uplifting. It is honest and educational, slow and steady, but the multidimensional traumas these women have endured are easily felt IF you yourself have lived numerous unimaginable Team Dark and Portal People attacks and tactics etc. for years and/or decades, which I have and is why I instantly recognized this in them, mostly three of them.

      My point with this is that I want to forewarn those of you who will watch this 2 hourlong video podcast because it’s not all light n’ fluff n’ fun but is a group of Light warriors sharing honestly about the repercussions many Volunteers experience being the Light in what’s been a totally Dark planet, bringing in more Light, and evolving further themselves. There’s nothing “evil” about the video or the women in it, it’s just a rough topic and reality period. They use a term I hadn’t heard before, ‘gang stalking’ but man oh man is that exactly what it is! Being stalked by Team Dark. Breath, relax, know more, and pay very close attention to when they talk about Neutrality because that is the whole deal with this business. Raise your frequency to the point where you are emotionally and energetically Neutral and Team Dark and Portal People disappear because you have vibrated up and out and beyond their lowly frequency range and influence.


      Katrina M., I may quote your comment and use it in an article about this specific topic because these things need to be pointed out in Phase 2 2020 and the Separation and shifts. As I’ve said many times, wherever the NEW higher incoming Light energies, codes, waves etc. are on their way, Team Dark typically lashes out at Volunteers because we’re the ones that embody the incoming NEW Light energies and codes etc. which further lifts and alters external reality which they don’t want to happen blah, blah, blah. 😉

      Thanks everyone for sharing about your experiences with this business and as always it’s the WHY of it all that’s so important. ❤

      • 🙏💛🌈 thank you Denise x will definitely watch that video. PTSD has been in my spectrum of experience, and for a while now, I’ve known I’ve come home from the war.
        🤣 typo in the 3rd last para of my 1st comment – should be balming, not blaming!
        I was born into a kabal of Masonic, violent, colonising psycho-spiritual terrorists on the fatherline, and a purist (sometimes puritanical!) lineage of high heart, earth magician, light embodied warriors on the motherline, so just like you and many of us, I have experienced the gamut of TD’s banal BS over all my 50 years in this embodiment + prenatal time too. Most important, is all the while, the crescendo of all the beauty, love and light and miracles of being that we all embody and know continues to grow.
        So tired, so hopeful, so astonished by all the power, beauty and grace.
        So much gratitude, so much love 🌟

  • Hi Denise..thank you again for explaining what is happening.On 11th I had such a pain in my head and really bad nausea which is not usual and felt like so much leaving my energy like flashbacks back to parts of my life that were not pleasant.It felt like dying but when it lifted there was a clarity and a lightness there and also a sense of being looked after even if it is challenging.I love this space and am so so grateful for Denise and all of you.It is my north star feeling to stay on track.

  • Dear Denise,

    As usual you are spot on. I am a Scorpion and was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of weeks ago, right before my 62nd birthday. I do feel like I am on The Golden Bridge of Light. Interestingly, this has not been a hellish few weeks for me, in fact quite the opposite as I’ve given myself permission to slow right down and take this time to mostly be alone and go deep within, which is a huge gift… and as you say, intensely personal. I don’t plan on this taking me out, but do realize this could be an exit point. Whatever the outcome, I am ready to take this on.

    I hope it’s okay to mention this… I’ve been listening to an audiobook over and over again (at 1.5 x speed) by Barbara Marciniak, called Bringers of the Dawn which is enormously enlightening. If I remember correctly, I think it was you who pointed me in her direction a few years ago? If so, many thanks for that.

    With much gratitude for everything you do Denise. xo

    PS I also suffered a terrible and extremely painful toothache during our Covid lockdown (antibiotics prescribed over the phone) and had a root canal in September. Thank goodness it was one of the easiest dental procedures I’ve ever had, thanks to my wonderful dentist.

    • “I don’t plan on this taking me out, but do realize this could be an exit point. Whatever the outcome, I am ready to take this on.”

      Spoken like a true Master Diane. That attitude, higher awareness and Conscious Creating will aid you greatly in this. We are with you. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Belated Happy Birthday Scorpio. 🙂 ❤

      Yes it was probably me that mentioned Barbara Marciniak and her group of channeled Pleiadians. I discovered her first book Bringers Of The Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians (1992) in 1994 and bought every book after it. They were so helpful during those early ascension years and are as valuable today as they were nearly 30 years ago.

  • Well now, first of all I turned 50 in 1999 , even then in the ‘before’ of much awareness..I felt a shift. In the last few weeks..I ‘released’ a 40 yr friendship thru some clarity of my own and a ‘self respect’ point of few.
    Today..well, Today was a huge and yet extremely gentle..step/shift/exfoliating energy..I was making an intention to release any held emotional blocks or energetic blocks in my physical being..and then my body started to vibrate from side to side..but in a way such as when you can see what sound vibration does to water..that kind of movement..and clearly it was side to side..and I kept the intent of unblocking..and what came into my vision was…
    Do you remember those slide projectors..where you had this round metal thing that you could put your photo slides in..the kind with the card board frame around the film of the image/photo..
    So, the intention was not only to release emotional and energetic blocks in my physical body, but for this life time and past life times as well..and then the ‘slide holder ‘ vision…
    All of those blocks left my body and the image of the situation where the blocks occurred..left my body, were put on a ‘slide’ and were put in this circle holder with all the others..
    They are there as my soul’s adventures thru my avatar/body….I do not need to ‘hold’ them in my body to block from light coming …or to repeat..I feel a detachment..and a knowing that all was what I needed/wanted to grow and go..onward in my soul’s evolve..
    I am in a 13th year of a cycle that began in 2007..and I feel much courage as I approach 72..
    My hope for one and all ..is that you know you are love..and don’t be scared..you are sacred…you da boss of you! just BE your fine self..Integrity needs no approval…and most off all Exhale………………………..

  • Yes, dear Denise, there are no words, but you have used them as tools beautifully, succinctly, and with truthful passion, once again. Thank you for your guidance, I for one would be lost without. I’m hoping my brain glands have make the journey intact, and might look somewhat like the image you chose to illustrate what you know.

    Love, as always, Cali Flower

  • Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more you go on and reveal this masterpiece of an article! Bless you Denise, you are a marvel and a wonder.

    These last 2 weeks were hell, there’s no point in sugar coating, felt as if I was walking, living, breathing, sleeping, every moment was hellish; a constant reminder that I was in hell and that the only way out was this tiny light far away with millions of debris/demons/dirtbags in the way, there was just no end to their “getting in the way.”

    But here we are still, still at it, still standing. Thank you for everything Denise, you’re a true gift and balm for the weary soul. And for being right there with us, lighting the way.

  • “the October 31st through November 11, 2020 greater living/dying/leaving/entering period”.

    Yes; alas, my beloved mother fell ill with pneumonia on Saturday October 31st, got worse on Sunday November 1st, and sadly died during the night on Monday November 2nd. – Although she (quite miraculously) managed to stay alive until the age of 94; still, it’s a huge loss. — I guess her death was just sort of “timely”. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  • Thanks Denise,

    For some weeks I have been hearing tinkling sounds. I have searched my house and garden for the origin. Is it a bird, branches scratching the windows, something stuck in the central heating system, is the sound coming from the refrigerator…etc. Finally I decided that it must come from from another dimension, although I don’t hear the sounds when I walk my dog.

    Thanks for the confirmation. I can see it now as something positive.



  • Denise I will read this many times as usual but I had to stop and come here to say you did it again 🙂 just yesterday I was saying to myself how this year I wasn’t hearing noises anymore but it was like a symphony now! This year colors are stronger too. Feels like witnessing the world as an art form.

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