Put Your Stretchy Pants On & Embody More

I know it’s been extra rough emotionally, psychologically and painful physically throughout October and November 2020 because we continue to embody more and more of the NEW higher energy codes coming in. Coupled with that has been a nearly constant state of having personal life memories suddenly pop up into our consciousness for the last time I believe. Phase 2 of the Ascension Process has made a lot of things obvious this year, one of them is this continual personal last review look and emotional feel over many of our life experiences, relationships, memories and such. I’ve been doing this for the past 29 years so I was slightly surprised when it started up again in 2020 and has continued all year.

You know how you go through your physical stuff, your personal belongings before you’re going to move to another house or apartment? You do your best to reduce the packing work and entire moving load by going through your physical belongings before you start packing the things you intend keeping. Well, we’ve been doing this same thing all of 2020 physically, emotionally and mentally. We’ve had to go through our life stuff to have one last look and feel over it all before we release it all to move into the NEW minus our old stuff, memories, attachments, belongings, relationships, focus and so on. All of humanity has had to do this repeatedly all year in their different personal ways. For some it’s been more about releasing remaining life memories and attachments that were emotional. For a lot of other people it’s been physical in that they’ve had loved ones suddenly die which forced them into this process and radical life change shift. In our own ways, we’ve all been living this this year because it’s a big and important aspect of the current Separation of Worlds and Shift.

Awhile ago I wrote about how the First Wave of regular humans would start the Ascension Process when Phase 2 began in 2020. Some of you have one of those people in your lives. They may be a family member, a friend, a neighbor and you’ve been hearing about how much pain they’ve been experiencing this year. They go to doctors and/or the ER because of severe physical pains they’re suddenly having and as is usually the case, nothing is found “wrong” with them by unaware medical professionals. Welcome to the compressed evolutionary Ascension Process newbie humans. You want to know what’s going on in your body, head, heart and being? Go to and question those who’ve been living and embodying (lower case “e”) and/or Embodying (capital “E”) it themselves for decades to get the truth about this incredible process.

It’s not easy witnessing anyone suffer, be they seasoned Ascension Process Volunteers Embodying first, or unaware regular people, or unaware regular people who’ve just started embodying some of the NEW energies, Light, codes, DNA into their physical bodies, hearts and consciousness in Phase 2. It’s not easy witnessing others suffering while personally living greater embodiment and Embodiment in 2020 yourself. It’s not easy witnessing anyone suffer from Phase 2, directly or indirectly suffering from COVID-19, suffering from the death of a loved one(s) from this pandemic, suffering abrupt 2020 financial loses and the security jobs and paychecks gave people. It’s not easy for any of us to witness, feel, empathically feel and minute-by-minute live and journey through this ascension caused deconstruction of old familiar patriarchal physical reality, as corrupt and deadened as it is. It has not been easy for those Volunteers who’ve been living the Embodiment Process (capital “E”) for many years already but in 2020, at these much higher, faster and direct Phase 2 levels. None of this has been easy for any of us no matter which ascension stair-step we’re each currently functioning on. All year there’s been tremendous NEW higher still Light energies and more NEW codes coming in and being embodied at the same time as tremendous amounts of old lower patriarchal negativity have been constantly revealed and permanently removed. That is a lot for all of us to go through constantly all year. Don’t feel bad for occasionally feeling bad, sad, depressed, overwhelmed, beatdown and/or freed because of all this.

I hope the January 1, 2020 global Divine Cease & Desist Order is making more sense now that we’re near the end of this very difficult year. All of humanity, including every Volunteer, needed to be abruptly yanked out of their personal familiar daily patriarchal lives and reality because everything had entered Phase 2 of the Ascension Process and the old lower would be rapidly dismantled and permanently removed this year. It’s all looked, sounded, felt and seemed like 2020 has been about the global pandemic and all the things, actions, supplies and systems that were everyone’s old normal daily patriarchy based reality. That’s what it’s looked and felt like but it is so much more than that. We all HAD to be put in a timeout space of greater isolation from other people, and our own habitual daily actions, while this bottom of the patriarchy barrel reality has been ripped apart and revealed globally in the Light as what it has been — entirely corrupt and anti-human.

There are so many things to say about where we’re at right now, however, the main thing I want to impart is that the “Shift”, the “Event”, the “Separation” etc. is and has been happening every minute of every day and night all year. There are so many people that still believe that things will go from one state to another state in some spectacular Hollywood-like movie special effect. It will not. I’d like it to because, like everyone else, I enjoy a good show too, however I know that what many are waiting for and expecting and believing to look one way has, is and continues to happen right here, right now every minute of every day and night in ways they’re not even aware of.

We’re here, now we’re here, now we’re here, and now we’re here…

Said another way, the “Shift”, the “Event”, the “Separation” etc. has been and continues to be an ongoing process of those who are Embodying and everyone that’s embodying more of the NEW higher Light energies and codes while simultaneously continuing to release our personal pasts in all ways and the collective old lower past in all this chaos, constant change, greater dismantling and deconstructing, shocking delusions and escalating self-delusion in more people, patriarchal death-grip greed, and ascending and descending people.

Eventually we’ll become aware that while we were doing the we’re here now, now we’re here, now we’re here… stair-step Ascension Process we’ll realize that WE ARE HERE NOW! if you get what I’m saying. 😉 No special effects other than the old lower negativity, crap, BS, corruption etc. doesn’t exist in our HERE NOW space of ascended NEW Earth and NEW Humans.

And, this astonishing Ascension Process and Shift etc. has been going on outside of us and our physical bodies AND within ourselves and our physical bodies. The more we embody, and the more we Embody, the more the “Event”, the “Shift”, “Separation” happens right here, right now in, through and all around each of us. You and The Way are one and the same thing. ❤

Hey, this is interesting. 🙂 The next presidential election takes place in 2024. Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024.

  • I began Seeing Solar flashing and flickering within my personal energy field in June 2018.
  • I began Seeing the Crystalline Triality iridescent pastel and darker gemstone colored triangle shaped codes Δ in December 2018.
  • I began Seeing the Radiant Diamond codes in December 2019. These look like millions of beautiful faceted diamonds up very close and connected.
  • I began Seeing brilliant white-Light flat diamond shaped codes ◊ in November 2020.
  • I began perceiving brilliant white-Light circle shaped codes o in November 2020.
  • I expect to See more NEW energy Light codes which are typically geometric templates for ascending humanity in December 2020.

For those of you Embodying (capital “E”), this final ‘Phoenix’ phase of it has been wonderful, hard at times, deeply isolating in both wonderful and less than pleasant ways at times too, physically painful and profoundly freeing at the same time. Everything I just said about this is colossally inadequate.

When we Volunteered to leave our HOME, whatever lofty place that was for each of us then, and incarnate on physical Earth to help with the Ascension Process, we had to drop a lot of the Light we had in us to be able to incarnate into physical human bodies on very dark physical Earth. I repeat, we needed to drop a lot of our personal Light and all that naturally went with it at those higher HOME levels, dimensions and states of being just to be able to cram our huge Light selves into little dense physical human bodies and incarnate on what was a negative Earth world.

Throughout the Ascension Process we Volunteers have been incrementally embodying more and more of our own Light that we deliberately left behind at our HOMES because we couldn’t carry all of it within us into such profound density, negativity and darkness that was Earth. In other words, we’ve been embodying more and more of our own Light into our current incarnate physical bodies and consciousness all these ascension years. Just that alone is a really big deal and reason to keep the stretchy pants on! 😉

And as if that weren’t enough, many of the Volunteers have also been living the Embodiment Process throughout the Ascension Process. The Embodiment Process is those Volunteers that want to do this too, embodying more and higher Light into their incarnate physical human bodies so eventually they and their physical bodies are within the same frequency range as their Higher Self/Selves, Soul and highest HOME frequencies are. They’re doing this so that the incarnate self, consciousness and physical body is capable of direct constant contact, communications and interactions with their own higher non-physical selves, Soul, Divine aspects etc. This is the real ‘we are all One’ thing — individual integration, unity and sovereignty with all aspects of yourself existing in different levels, layers, dimensions and realms etc.

The more of your own Light you embody into your physical body, and, the more higher ascension Light and NEW codes you embody into your physical body the more you vibrate at higher HOME frequency levels in your current physical body on ascending Earth that’s becoming NEW Earth. What was separated and left here and there has been being Embodied by those Volunteers that want to live this process now too. Eventually we embody enough—increase our Light quotient within our physical bodies—that we become fully Embodied, meaning we exist in and vibrate at the same frequency range in our physical bodies and selves as we are and do in our Soul and Higher Self/Selves. When this reaches that point where the fully direct and constant conscious connections are finally made between higher and lower selves, we become Embodied or Christed Crystalline frequency in the physical in our physical bodies. We are here and we are HOME at the same time because we are HOME. Some of the Volunteers that are the first to Embody are going through these final stages of this Embodiment Process now. Phoenix on Volunteers. ❤


November 21, 2020

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53 thoughts on “Put Your Stretchy Pants On & Embody More

  • Thanks, Denise and Robert! Sorry it took a few days to reply, but I was having a bit or a lot of of root chakra dismantling and was going through some rough patches.

    Thanks for your support and guidance as I got both from both of you.

    The topic of young kids is always tricky because despite that they are their own people with heritage ( past life experience as you call it. Higher vibrational beings, etc.) they still depend on adults. I was a very independent, willful to the point of being called stubborn like a mule and a bit wild growing up. The same as you Robert, I always felt very protected. There were a few incidents that happened to me that I can definitely say that I was saved by the angels. When I was 19 months,3 years, 4 years, 5 years. But even having such a strong support team, you still come across “big world” issues that you have to face and cut your independence short and try to adjust… Like those vaccinations and crap that being offered to people to eat. As a parent and co parent that have to share opinion about kids welfare with my napping hubby, is tough. As in you have to systematically fight and prove your point. My little 10 years old daughter is about to wake up and and I can’t wait to welcome her. I know she’s a wise old soul. A few weeks ago I had a dream where I saw her in a pool with other people sleeping and pulled her out from under water saying “oh look, it’s my little girl” . And hopefully my husband follows. He did tell me that he had a dream where he was spitting out caviar out of his mouth and it was coming and coming and coming. Which tells me that he’s finally starting his mental clean up.

    As to your point about giving power to “subjects” thanks for reminding about it Denise. I’ve come up to similar solution after the turmoil I’ve went through with those vaccinations. I was thinking about it that no matter what, my kids light and determination ( that my son definitely has when he yells at the top of his lungs “I object, I disagree”) would burn through all the junk.

    Lol I was painting the base of my stairs white yesterday… what a lovely thing to do. ( our entire first floor is under construction and have been for a few months) About to end. Can’t be more timely than that…Stair steps…

    Much love,


  • I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving today. Thanks for your support Raymond and Thanks Kathy F for letting me know I’m not alone in my attachments. Elina, thanks and I hope you work things out with your husband about the vaccines. Just like Denise said if you vibrate higher and believe and feel you are more powerful than the vaccines then they won’t harm your kids. Just keep trusting the ascension process and your individual journey and your kid’s journeys as well. I’ve always felt like there’s a higher force protecting me throughout my journey from things “going too far.” Maybe it’s my own higher self. I might have challenges and I get scared sometimes that I bit off more than I can chew but things always work out in the end. I’m lucky that even though my mother isn’t a lightworker and is asleep she is skeptical about these vaccines and wouldn’t take them until they’re 100% proven effective and we all know that’s not gonna happen. She has commented to me that she thinks this could be the end of the world but she’s half joking. I can’t tell her what’s really going on, at least not yet. Maybe soon the unaware masses who start waking up will start asking questions, and will seek our guidance. Anyway Denise, I look forward to your next article. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


    • “She has commented to me that she thinks this could be the end of the world but she’s half joking.”

      But it is the end of the world. It is the “end times”. It is the end of how it HAS been in and for humanity, human consciousness, Earth and reality and that is a very good thing. It’s just that change at these levels scares the living #$%@* out of most everyone. 😉 But such is what every person alive on Earth now signed up for.

      • I was gonna ask you a couple technical questions, but I think I figured out a couple myself.
        I was wondering how you get the emojis 👍 but I figured that out. Then how you post video clips from youtube but I think I got it. I’m not sure if this is just the link though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsxavPANO8s

        But it is the end of the world. It is the “end times”. Then I was wondering how you take parts of our comments and put them in a square like that. I just highlighted yours and copied and pasted, but I’m not sure it’s gonna show up in a square.

        • Robert L,

          When I write comments from my HHL “admin” page there’s a row of options above the writing area like in our emails. The bold, italics, add an image, and block quote buttons. When I quote someone in comments I use the block quote and italic buttons to make it easier (visually) for everyone. Unfortunately all these writing options don’t exist in the comments area for everyone, only in the “admin” page for the site owner.

          You’ve got the youtube link thing and the emojis figured out — just always add one space before an emoji and one space after it or else it doesn’t work and looks like :))) instead of 🙂

  • Just wanted to stop by again and say my thanks to you Denise and Robert. I greatly benefited from your conversation. Like everyone here I’ve been dismantling layers and layers of whatever it was. From seeing something that looks like soil/dirt rolling off me to seeing my past life “being” pilling it’s shell off revealing white base underneath.

    October was tough month physically. It reminded me of the beginning of the year when I was throwing up/having headaches/ sitting on a “potty” and basically having my body being pulled inside out like an old sack that needs dusting. It got better physically. But those ego issues have been on a rise. Which is great. Frustrations and at times fear. Fear mostly for my kids. Trying to let go of it…and of course vaccinations and money.

    My main point with vaccinations was not actually about myself. But about my kids. I have three young kids. And unfortunately as much as my husband is a great person and a very obvious light worker. He’s still asleep and in denial. And I can not interfere with his waking. He’s been on and on about vaccines. And as much as I’m against it, he’s for it. And wants all of our three kids vaccinated. It’s already no way around it. Because otherwise they are not accepted to school. Constant harassment with flu vaccine and now they are about to open a hunt with COVID.

    Somewhere in me I know that it’s going to work it’s way with ease and grace and I do not need to invest into worrying myself about the subject. But it gets tricky when the kids are involved. As a mother how can I not worry. At the same time I do know that it’s going to be alright.

    Thanks again Denise and Robert. This subject was on a rise within me and in many ways you helped me to move past it.

    Lots of love 💗


    • “My main point with vaccinations was not actually about myself. But about my kids. I have three young kids.”

      Elina & All Volunteer mommies & daddies,

      If you and your husbands/wives are of the 3 Waves of Volunteers, the chances are that your child/children are also of a higher vibration, higher frequency. It’s easier for other higher frequency beings like Indigos and Crystals and the others to incarnate through higher frequency physical parent/parents.

      What I’m getting at is that it’s most likely your higher vibrational child/children have been vibrating with a Light quotient that’s well above the old lower “normal” of unaware people since birth. Again, think Indigos, Crystals etc. Stair-steps that have gotten higher and higher in frequencies with each group of incarnating souls since the AP started.

      I believe in situations such as what you’ve described Elina, where young parents now have to vaccinate their kids just to get them into school, that if forced to have your child/children vaccinated against COVID-19, that they will be able to energetically override it in much the same ways that we elder Volunteers do with the foods we eat and water we drink and all the rest of the toxic crap we ingest and live in. We transmute it from within our physical bodies because we’re vibrating so much faster and higher than the toxic foods, drinks, water, air, chemtrails etc. and in this case the Big Pharma drugs and vaccines. Like I said earlier, vaccines are of the old lower pre-ascension patriarchy and those energies are null and void in all this NEW higher frequency Light and NEW codes. However, and this is important, IF one believes that the vaccinations are more powerful than they are, than you or I am, then that person runs the risk of having negative side effects from any vaccination they take. Same can be said about foods, actions, thoughts, emotions and so on. If you empower it with your beliefs then it becomes much more potent to you and your children. If however you KNOW that you are more powerful than the vaccinations, foods, water, chemtrials etc. then they have zero effect on you in any way. See the responsibility of higher consciousness everyone? And this is just one of endless examples of this for each of us. Bottom line is — what is more powerful to you personally? You or drugs? You or other people?

      What I suggest to all young ascension mommies and daddies with NEW children vibrating much higher than the rest of the population, is to consciously, intentionally KNOW that you parents have the ability and right to protect your children from the unaware and from any negativity. Set that intention that your child/children that society demands have vaccinations for school etc., be entirely safe from and any and all such mandatory vaccinations. The kids themselves are most likely already vibrating well above all old lower levels of Big Pharma toxicity, consciousness and beliefs and if you mommy and daddy don’t have any fears about it but KNOW that you and yours vibrate above all that stuff, then you the parent(s) energetically override the lower stuff. Override, override, override all the old lower frequency and consciousness stuff, junk, crap and belief systems and keep moving upward. 😉 ❤

      • Hi Denise

        First time commenter. I have been following you since 2011. I am one of those wall flower kinds (for lack of better words). Just always watching, BUT, today, especially today, this reply from you was not an aha moment, but a OMFG thank you thank you thank you. Just for the record, there have been quite a few, but this reply……..

        “If however you KNOW that you are more powerful than the vaccinations, foods, water, chemtrials etc. then they have zero effect on you in any way. See the responsibility of higher consciousness everyone?”

        This excerpt right here in a nutshell has been something my whole 63 years of life I have been trying to express in different words, ways, and expressions for people to get it!! Perhaps not all of your mentioned issues but the blank filled in during whatever decade it was and what nonsense was being shoved down our throats at the time.

        Work was a shit show today, and again I searched for some kind of expression for others to get it, and knock off their BS ego PP control crap. All I could come up with was a huge sigh and let go. So done with the nonsense.. I’m not in high school anymore, and I am just so damn tired of them. Now,,,,,, how to get above the damn money train? Learned real quick to shut up about this too, because even now most people still don’t get it.

        Anyways, just wanted to say thank you for that comprehensive reply of which I could not find words to express to the sleepers.

        All the best to you……….


      • I have posted many thanks here for the guidance and inspirations I’ve received because of your articles and the conversations that happen in the comments, but I don’t think I’ve ever been as grateful as I am lately for these “stretchy pants of enlightenment”. From the dialogue you have all created, I have become aware of a facet of one of my ongoing issues that I had never really tuned into before and finally feel I’m at a point of flipping an internal dialogue to a position of empowerment. I could see what you meant about vaccines and money, but hadn’t stretched enough to apply that to my regular mind chatter. In yoga and meditation, we were taught to detach and observe the thoughts in order to let them go, requiring (in my case) constant vigilance that wasn’t going to happen for me. From all of your words, I have learned to start a new conversation within and it begins by asking myself, who is the power here? The money, the food, the fragrance, the neighbor, the annoyance or ME?

        Thank you all so much.x

        • “I could see what you meant about vaccines and money, but hadn’t stretched enough to apply that to my regular mind chatter. In yoga and meditation, we were taught to detach and observe the thoughts in order to let them go, requiring (in my case) constant vigilance that wasn’t going to happen for me.”

          Excellent Ruth as this is a huge leap into higher awareness and self-empowerment, self-responsibility and so on.

          I too, like most of us, struggled long and hard to quiet my mental monkey mind chatter but it’s impossible in my opinion. There isn’t time to try to solve this one in old-school Eastern ways during our lives of ascension. There’s transcend it, not beat it into submission, not try to herd the mental monkeys into a mind holding pen or any other such thing.

          As I’ve said many times and will continue to for as long as it’s needed, it’s all about different frequencies. We’re so far into the AP now in Phase 2 of it and we’ve been seeing how important individual empowerment, responsibility, conscious awareness, intention etc. is the more each of us embodies.

          “The real war is over consciousness.”

          I’ve been trying these past few days (while being assailed by solar flare/CME energies) to outline a December 2020 article that would best assist the most people at this time. There’s so much going on all at the same time that it’s easy to get distracted by a dozen things and people and what they’ve recently written that’s just wrong. As you so correctly put it Ruth, who is the power here?, and do I or any of us want to aim our potent and valuable consciousness at what someone else is saying, claiming, predicting etc. and feed them and it? Here comes the NEW 250-yearlong cycle in astrological AIR — mind, mental, thinking, consciousness, higher awareness etc. — signs of Aquarius, Geminin and Libra. I’ll try to briefly cover some of just this in my upcoming article everyone.

          2020 has pushed all of us like never before, which is a huge positive even though it’s not felt like it much this year. 2021 will continue this with greater and higher frequency NEW energies and more NEW codes etc. We’re going to be learning much more about our own consciousness and our individual abilities to be Conscious Creators which goes along with becoming Embodied. The bullshit, lies, distortions and profound lack of higher awareness will continue in lots of people and in many so-called ascension teachers in 2021. The way around all that everyone is the same way that Ruth has discovered with these other things — override them all and intentionally, consciously continuously chose what and who you’re willing to let your precious and very powerful consciousness focus on and what and who you’re NOT willing to give any of it to. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius AIR individual higher consciousness and the opposite sign Leo HighHeart individuality and sovereignty. Who is the power here? You, me, each of us and our HighHearts and Higher Consciousness. Very well done you! ❤

        • Denise, your comment means the world to me! I am having one of those kind of non verbal days, but wanted to say thank you. I am excited to read your next article and you have inspired me to create something that says “OVERRIDE” to put in a place I can see it often. THANK YOU!! xo

        • Thank you 10tinbluebirds and Denise for this conversation. Both of you have inspired me even further. “Override” and “who has the power?”.

  • Congratulations on the inner work, Robert…and thanks, Robert and Denise for this no-nonsense discussion on becoming ever more Conscious Creators and individually, energetically sovereign in the midst of the current societal discombobulation regarding vaccines and the tyranny of money. I’m right there with both of you and others here of like energy…enlightened society and world, here we come! To the entire devoted HighHeart family here on this forum, and to you Denise, much love/Love always!

  • I hope this won’t come across too negative but something’s on my mind lately. First, I’m with Denise about the issue of money. I want to evolve into a world without money, jobs, or school. Egos created all those things and they all must be let go of. The thing that concerns me now is these vaccines that are coming out. They’re really rushing this and they might be available very soon. Maybe in the next few months. If that happens I’m afraid everything will go back to “normal 3d life” again. Sure, I’m glad people won’t suffer and die, but most people still can’t wait to go back to work or go out and party again. People are bored out of their minds. I thought this pandemic would go on much longer until people started waking up as they’re forced to stay at home, but I don’t see that happening yet, and now these vaccines are gonna end this pandemic soon, unless it turns out they’re not as effective as they’re saying.

    Tell me I’m wrong about this, or that the old patriarchal systems will end another way we don’t know yet. Am I missing something here?

    On a positive side note, something happened recently that I’ve been waiting for several years now to get “ego closure” with. It’s something I’ve been attached to for 30 years and it’s finally over and I can move on. If I say what it is it’ll sound silly and childish, but that’s how the ego is, at least mine. But for me this is very powerful closure I needed for very long.

    Bottom line is, I want to be free of everything in the old 3d world. The need for money and jobs and everything that egos created.


    • “On a positive side note, something happened recently that I’ve been waiting for several years now to get “ego closure” with. It’s something I’ve been attached to for 30 years and it’s finally over and I can move on.”

      HUGE congratulations on this in your old lower self Robert. I think I remember what it was, not certain however, but congratulations on outgrowing, transcending it. This has been a huge thing for everyone no matter which energetic, developmental evolving stair-step they’re on now and has to do with the Divine Cease & Desist Order that went into effect January 2020 for all of humanity. Very well done you! ❤

      “Tell me I’m wrong about this, or that the old patriarchal systems will end another way we don’t know yet.”

      Your whole comment is great Robert and I thank you for it. It opens up greater info Light exchanges all of us can have. I may write about some of these things in an article about 2021.

      First, vaccines in general and Volunteers. Most of us can’t even eat food without our bodies reacting so we sure as hell won’t allow strangers to inject us with unknown anything for any reason!

      When I was a child in the 1950s, my dad was against vaccines due to his lifelong Theosophical beliefs. Because I’ve always been a Volunteer and sensitive I learned early on that I cannot let just anything energetically or physically into my body because I pay for it immediately in ways other people don’t. For these reasons I don’t believe in having foreign chemicals, substances etc. injected into my body. I won’t allow anyone to give me any COVID-19 vaccine. Period. Here’s why. I can, as most of you reading this can, protect yourselves from these sorts of things. We are aware, empowered, becoming increasingly energetically sovereign, responsible for ourselves, our thoughts, emotions, energies and bodies. WE are responsible for them, not anyone else. We are increasingly becoming Conscious Creators and do not need anyone else to do anything to our bodies or consciousness etc. for any reason. WE are responsible for ourselves and our bodies which is what the whole Ascension Process is forcing all of humanity into realizing about themselves individually and humanity collectively. Vaccines are old patriarchal, Piscean Age, Big Pharma, externalized 3D crap. Ascending us and Earth are the opposite of all that.

      Secondly, the COVID-19 vaccines (I mean all of them) will NOT work on all of the unaware people. They’ll have their vaccinations and then they’ll get COVID-19 and get sick and many will die from the pandemic anyway. You think doctors and Big Pharma and governments etc. aren’t under the Divine Cease & Desist Order everyone? Not hardly which will be discovered in early 2021. They’ll think they got the vaccine wrong and need to continue making new vaccines but the same thing will happen with all of the vaccines they create in 2020 and 2021 — they will NOT work on all people that take them. This pandemic is much more than just a pandemic. It is Phase 2 of the AP and evolutionary DNA changes and much more than that too. There are so many people that need to die and quickly because, as I’ve said years earlier, they do not want to remain in their current physical bodies and embody the NEW Light, energies and codes etc. They want out of their bodies, they do NOT want to stay in them and go through what we’ve been going through for years and decades. The COVID-19 pandemic is a ways and means for a LOT of different things to quickly happen that are all connected to the AP and Separation of Worlds.

      The old ‘thank god, now everything can go back to normal!’ people and consciousness. This is one I will definitely write an article about!

      Now that the Orange Menace wannbe dictator & Co. are out, and the old-school patriarchal “reds” have and will continue unto their individual physical deaths literally evil themselves out of old Duality 2-PARTY political reality, many people think and believe that ‘everything can and will now go back to normal.’ Those people are the unaware human masses and boy are they all in for repeated big surprises all of 2021 and beyond. Nothing will go back to normal because old normal no longer exists, no longer has any energetic support because all NEW Light energies and codes etc. have been coming in for years to replace them all in humanity, in human consciousness, and in humanities external physical reality.

      There’s been a term that Bidden has been using lately that revealed he’s embodied some NEW and is and will continue working towards more higher NEW during his time. It is his highlighting the word UNITED States… That’s a big clue if you know what 5D frequencies are about. I’m not saying Bidden is consciously aware of any of this, but I am saying that he’s been saying and meaning UNITED in this NEW higher 5D and HighHeart way.

      Old lower patriarchal everything no longer exists so there’s nothing of the “old normal” for anyone to “go back to”. Some people will get pissed over this when they discover it’s NOT going to happen, but if they embody these 2020 and 2021 Phase 2 codes and energies etc., they’ll soon adapt to the ever increasing NEW everything manifesting. If not they will physically die and/or find themselves (and very many already have) on a much lower level ascending Earth world.

      More to say but these latest Solar flare and wind energies have been really intense the past few days. I’ve needed even more sleep time and do nothing time but just being open to embody more and more and more and more…

      Thanks for this great discussion Robert L. ❤

      • Thanks Robert and Denise for this terrific discussion …. exactly what I needed to hear today. Onward and upward, a stair, a day at a time. ❤❤

      • Thanks for letting all of us benefit from this exchange, Robert and Denise. I’m hitting up against my own ego and financial relationships lately and opening into expansion and release as much as I can. I also look forward to participating in a society where money does not exist and everyone has everything they need. ❤️

      • Yes, thank you Robert for this comment and Denise for your response. Yes, please. Would love to see you write about these topics. Robert, congratulations on your ego closure. I’ve had one too. So exciting – so freeing! I also wanted to say how Grateful and Thankful I am for you Denise and all beautiful volunteers here. You all are my REAL family and friends. Much love to you all. ❤

      • Wow, I’m glad I asked about this and thanks so much Denise for all your insight. Also, thanks Kathy F, Kara, and Karina for your supportive comments. Yeah, about the vaccines, that’s what I was thinking too Denise but I wasn’t sure. It feels rushed, like a desperate attempt to save people as soon as possible from this pandemic. Nothing will stop this ascension process. We all have to just trust that it’ll play out the way it’s meant to.

        Okay, why don’t I let the cat out of the bag. I feel like talking about what I got closure with a little. I hope it’s the same thing you’re thinking Denise because yes, I did write to you about this after my father passed away and expressed my frustration that this was holding me back. By the way, on a side note, today is my father’s birthday and he would’ve been 86.

        First I just want to say we all are born with egos and agreed to have attachments to things to eventually transmute them. For me it’s always been entertainment, especially wrestling. I’ve been a fan since 1985 when I was 10. Of course in 2008 when I started waking up I realized this was part of my ego. Then it was July 2013 when I realized everything had to go. I had to give up watching it and following it eventually to completely leave duality, but there was 1 character that I just wasn’t ready to give up, and this kept pulling me back to duality. He wrestled as other characters before 1990, but on November 22 of that year Mark Callaway debuted as The Undertaker. Then this past Sunday on November 22, exactly 30 years to the day, The Undertaker finally retired.

        I realize to some of you that might sound childish but this has been my identity in duality, being a wrestling fan. The Undertaker character resonates with a lot of people because he’s dark but a “good guy” at the same time. His character was evil at first but eventually turned good and became the “dark hero” who always beat the bad guy in the end. Part of me always resonated with the symbolism of his character. He represents death, endings and new beginnings. Almost like the ascension process itself. The end of an era. That’s what happened this past Sunday. If you’re a wrestling fan he had one of the best careers ever. It’s just something I had to get closure with. He’d been teasing his retirement since 2014 but kept coming back. Of course the promoter Vince McMahon kept talking him into having 1 match every year because Undertaker was still one of his biggest attractions despite being way past his prime. He turned 55 this year and has had several injuries over the years. Most fans wanted him to retire because he could barely walk to the ring anymore after all his knee surgeries. Then after Wrestlemania this year they did a docu-series on The Undertaker similar to the Micheal Jordan one where he revealed he was ready to retire now. Then this past month they revealed that his Final farewell would be at the Survivor Series and he did more out of character interviews on youtube talking about his decision to retire. So I’ve known he was gonna retire for a few months but I wasn’t sure because he teased it before. That’s what frustrated me. But this time I feel he’s really done for good. He was one wrestler who never broke character and kept “kayfabe” in an era when kayfabe is dead. Most people know everything about every wrestler now thanks to the internet and social media. But this year he’s lifted the veil on his character several times doing all these interviews as Mark Callaway. Then this past Sunday a lot of fans thought the Final Farewell would just set up another angle where he’d end up having another match down the road, but it didn’t. He just came to the ring and said it’s time to let his character “rest in peace” and walked away and retired. As he said in one of his out of character interviews, the old gunslinger finally rode off into the sunset this time. Then I read that Vince McMahon has accepted his retirement this time and won’t try to talk him into another match.

        Sorry if I’m rambling on here but I’m getting to a point. The bottom line is trusting the ascension process that it will play out exactly the way it’s meant to for everyone. We all have our own individual journey and only need to let go and trust that it works out in the end the way it’s meant to. We all get our closure in the way it’s meant, and when it’s meant to happen. Sometimes it’s hard to trust and deal with uncertainty, but that’s all we got here.

        Anyway, bottom line is for me I’m ready to give up watching wrestling now soon, although now I’m wondering how long wrestling and sports will still be around. They have virtual fans now but it’s not the same. Wrestlers are adrenaline junkies and feed off the energy of the crowd and they can’t do that anymore. So maybe I’ll stick around to witness the end of wrestling and all other patriarchal systems. Maybe we all need closure with duality itself and everything associated with it.

        Oh, and one more thing I forgot to add. I realized years ago that as you leave duality the things you enjoy the most are the very things holding you back the most when you’re trying to leave duality. But like I learned this past Sunday, all attachments will have a conclusion. Thanks again Denise and all.


        • Thanks Robert for sharing so much of yourself. My adult son has that same ego attachment, has for decades. My personal ego has been hooked into NFL football for years (go ‘Hawks 😁) … I feel it fading quite a bit this year, mostly don’t care. But like you, not entirely … I still yell at the games on TV.

          And then there are my addictive ego pacifiers … stuff that calms me down when anxiety kicks in (catacatastrophic thinking, the horrible what-ifs). Working on it … stay in the now, let go and let god/source,, and breathe … and coming here to read comments from you all. I am thankful for you … happy thanksgiving. ❤❤

  • Hi everyone..The last few days have been really physically uncomfortable and my stomach so bloated and uncomfortable.I saw some deep ancestral stories I was carrying and released them.I had a dream last night of lots of people with laser light beams shining light into very dark spaces and places and energies in the world and some run from the light as it is so bright.Felt like a good dream and very powerful but what I saw in the dark was not pleasant.More and more seperation from people happening in my life and feels like a relief in one way and sad in another but is part of the journey.Love to you all.

  • Thank you Denise and all for the discussion about money and how that transition will happen. It is a very interesting topic to me because money seems to get in the way of spiritual progress.

    I have long held the belief that the quickest, most direct path to full ascension would be to give everyone everything they (think) they want. Personally I believe if everyone got what they wanted, they would figure out very quickly that no “thing” is what they really want.

    HighHeart living is definitely “of completely different frequency” than money.

    Thank you Denise and HighHeart family for your wisdom 💜

  • Thank you Denise, Stephanie and Kara for your replies. It helps to know you all understand how difficult and beautiful this process is. The support is appreciated!💗

  • Hi Denise,

    Thank you for another synchronous article. It’s timely that you wrote this article regarding the embodying/merging with our Higher Self.

    I’ve been getting that message from my higher self/selves that we/I/us are indeed merging, becoming one, for many months now.

    Those of us on the Phoenix phase are indeed feeling the separation, it feels to me (or rather, I’m seeing with my third eye) like there is a layer just beneath me/us that I’ve/we’ve shed and is pulling away from me/us. We’re still connected as the shedding is attached but pulled away from the torso and is mainly just attached to the limbs. Just a bit more to go til we’re freed entirely.

    I love you Denise. I love you all starseed and light family.

  • Thanks Denise, perfect on point as I found myself looking at sweat pants at the dollar store 2 days ago thinking I really need a pair of those yet not realizing why! Your article hits right on for me because it seems I’m going through everything you mentioned all at once. My husband who doesn’t believe in anything I say about why I’ve been experiencing all the things I have over the years is starting to go through activations and I support him but it’s so frustrating that he can’t hear me and just settle into it. It’s so clear to me and he’s been with me the last 20 years while I’ve gone through it but he just won’t let his mind go there. More to the point was a dream I had in October where my entire earth family showed up and they didn’t see me and I kept looking, waiting for someone to notice I was sitting right next to them. I thought for sure my star-seeded twin (my older brother) would notice me and say hi but when I looked back over they were all gone. I found myself walking alone across a gravel field stumbling a bit. When I woke up I knew it was a real separation yet not fully complete. I haven’t had any contact with any of them since 2017 but have been releasing all the layers of trauma since then. I finally got my completion when I received news of my step-fathers passing on Friday. I always wondered what I would do when faced with this situation and I’d like to say I saw through it right away but I fell into old thinking at first, telling myself I could handle it all I could stand up and hold my presence with them, imagining myself walking in standing tall but then something strange happened and I felt this huge heavy energy hit me, rise up from me etc., and I started throwing up uncontrollably. I know most of you have gone through this type of purging throughout the years but I held mine in. I spent the last 10 years in constant nauseousness but never let myself puke. Finally I did it and in the midst of it all I realized there is nothing more to do with them. It’s finally over!! So thank you Denise for this and all your articles that keep us all moving forward. Freedom feels good!

    • Deana, you have shared a beautiful story of your personal journey to sovereignty! Something inside wants to cheer for you and tell you how proud I am of you for your bravery!!! I get the feeling you don’t hear that very much. You tell the story as if it’s not that big of deal what you had the strength to face …your past demons, so you speak. You’ve done something so many cannot do, that is to choose you over all others for self empowerment. All else from here on out is truly smooth sailing. Nothing can hold you back now❤️🙏🏼❤️

    • Deana,

      Thank you for your honesty and sharing that deep, deep, inner personal Work you’ve done on yourself. I can so relate as I know many here can too. ❤

      I hope that your finally puking up and out what you've not let yourself release during much of Phase 1 will make everything, including your husband's AP, embody all the constant incoming NEW higher and higher energies/codes/Light much easier.

      “I found myself walking alone across a gravel field stumbling a bit.”

      Family… sigh… I’ve been going through some more of it myself with my son, which I knew would happen when he called in mid-August 2020 to inform me of his wife’s covid-19 caused death. Her death instantly altered all the rest of us–as all deaths do–so I knew in August that I had some new stuff, issues within myself and him to deal with due to her death.

      Your October dream about these ascension Forerunner/Pathpaver and Separation things was wonderful and difficult and exactly as it really is in our physical lives. We continue walking on alone and yes, we stumble some but we keep going because there’s nothing else for us to do but that.

      So barf when needed, cry when needed, sleep when needed, become one with the toilet when needed, burn within when needed, surrender and embody more of You/YOU and Source repeatedly and soon the "gravel" won't be there anymore. Thanks again and very well done you. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Deana, your story is amazing. Nausea/puking have played a huge role at times during my own journey, and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this. Wishing you all the best. ❤️❤️

  • I have an update for everyone. I’m just repeating what I heard but it is from light workers (IMO). It seems the global banking system has been taking over by good guys, so the globalists no longer have their positions of power, but they still have their savings and investments. This update is only in relation to the banking system. The globalists are still having meetings in Davos and are still trying to push a global “Fedcoin” electronic currency, which to me sounds like a digital currency.

    Plans are now in motion to bring the power back to the people, away from the dark forces. But this type of thing takes time. IMO it will take 2+ years before we hear about it publicly.

    • “I have an update for everyone. I’m just repeating what I heard but it is from light workers (IMO). It seems the global banking system has been taking over by good guys, so the globalists no longer have their positions of power, but they still have their savings and investments. This update is only in relation to the banking system. The globalists are still having meetings in Davos and are still trying to push a global “Fedcoin” electronic currency, which to me sounds like a digital currency.

      Plans are now in motion to bring the power back to the people, away from the dark forces. But this type of thing takes time. IMO it will take 2+ years before we hear about it publicly.”


      I almost deleted your comment. I decided against it because ‘I have an update for you.’ And I am not repeating anything anyone else has said about any of this.

      What you and those people you believe are “light workers” need to understand is that there is not one ascending Earth world but many. Some of them will have things that others won’t because the people that currently exist on them now don’t believe or desire, expect or want certain things in their world. Other people do which is why there’s this need for multiple ascending Earth worlds at this time to accommodate all these different levels of human awareness and development or lack of it.

      Example: In the ascending Earth world I currently exist on (but I can change at any time and repeatedly if I want or need to) the old duality patriarchal “blues” are unknowingly going to become the temporary NEW, meaning individuals who’ve embodied enough NEW Light and codes now have the very beginning of 5D frequency HighHeart consciousness in them and therefore insist upon the world reflecting that. Some old-school “blues” will fight this because they don’t even know the Ascension Process is happening and the Shift is unfolding as we speak, but they will be overridden energetically by the NEW and the people who’ve embodied the NEW in themselves so far. If they persist, block, delay or try any of the old pre-ascension, pre-separation patriarchal crap they will either suddenly get sick and die or be energetically overridden by individuals who’ve embodied enough NEW codes so far. What I’m saying is that some of these jerks will try to continue doing things the ways they always have because they’re unaware of what’s happened and continues happening — compressed evolution.

      For a while now there’s some back and forth reality considering possibilities being considered and viewed from now and the near future by some incarnate Volunteers plus some non-physical beings. I am involved with this and have always been. There’s a lot involved in these sort of reality creating sessions and things are considered that are beyond belief. Anyway, at this time on the ascending Earth world that I’m currently existing on there’s a plan in place for massive amounts of money to be freely given to ‘we the people’ to help them get through everything that’s happened so far in 2020. Much more dramatic changes are coming throughout 2021 however, plus the pandemic deaths will not only continue in 2021 but increase more than 2020.

      Because so much ascension change is finally physically upon global humanity, different TEMPORARY reality possibilities are thoroughly considered by certain higher dimensional beings and certain Volunteers. This particular one I’m talking about has to do with giving the great stockpiled wealth to we the people as an energetic stair-step to the eventual hard near future reality that money to live no longer exists for anyone in this country and all other counties. Giving massive amounts of old money to everyone is only a temporary quick-fix to the pandemic caused economic collapse etc. etc. It is NOT the end-all solution but merely one of many carefully considered transitional reality possibilities for the time between we still need money to live, buy food, pay rent, mortgage, car payment etc. and we as a global people no longer have any money in any form whatsoever because we have evolved into a fifth dimensional level of consciousness and being and would NEVER force anyone to pay for anything.

      There’s much more but if this sounds too outlandish to you bacca, then go hang out with those “light workers” you mentioned. 🙂

      • Denise,
        It’s my understanding that what I read in Unveiled Mysteries or The Magic Presence by Godfre Ray King, that Ascended Master St. Germain who is one of many who is instrumental in the oversight of the ascension into the Age of Aquarius has a huge treasure trove of money he’s been guarding in the higher realms for Humanity for millennia, is true.
        What is your position on this point? I know in my heart and soul a new money system is coming that is more equitable for all and that it does not come from any conspiracy theory!!!❤️❤️❤️

        • “…that Ascended Master St. Germain who is one of many who is instrumental in the oversight of the ascension into the Age of Aquarius has a huge treasure trove of money he’s been guarding in the higher realms for Humanity for millennia, is true.”

          “I know in my heart and soul a new money system is coming…”

          Stephanie N. & Anyone else that needs to, please re-read my comment to bacca about this.

          I am sorry Stephanie but to me it’s utterly ludicrous that any ascended Master would stockpile 3D money in a higher realm/dimension for any reason whatsoever. It’s pointless, foolish, and something that higher beings would not do for the simple reason they don’t need to!

          I know because I’m one of those “good guys” bacca mentioned in her comment but doesn’t recognize when interacting with one directly — that many of the ascended 5D NEW Earth worlds will never have any money whatsoever for the simple reason that those people have evolved well beyond the need for money in any form.

          Said another way, HighHeart and money do not and will not co-exist in the same ascended NEW Earth world because they are of completely different frequencies, no matter how much good is intended with that money. HighHeart does NOT have money in it, it has HighHeart and that is more than enough to manifest anything anyone needs. Sorry people, the AP has evolved way, way, way beyond what lower consciousness people have long believed about most everything.

        • Thank you for your response, Denise! I too know eventually money will no longer be needed. I was thinking the bulk of money you said was coming, in the interim, may have been from that location you refer to below…

          …”Anyway, at this time on the ascending Earth world that I’m currently existing on there’s a plan in place for massive amounts of money to be freely given to ‘we the people’ to help them get through everything that’s happened so far in 2020.”

          I do realize Ascended Masters have no need for money but was curious if they saved it for us (not for their use) in knowing of this impending interim period of transition. It was / is a pie in the sky hope I suppose I’d like to believe in☺️ As It’s hard for me to conceptualize from where that kind of money will come.

          A cool thing I like to think of coming in the future is instead of money we all engage in a sort of energy exchange using our smart phones. For example, if you see someone doing a STO (Service to Others) act, you send them some digital information in the form of coins or whatever that they can use to purchase items. And if you gain anything positive from someone else’s actions, knowledge or just Being they too will receive purchasable energy exchange fir that.
          Like yourself, for example, each one who reads your articles would drop an energy exchange that doesn’t ‘take away’ from the giver this eventually compensating you for your true contribution to society. This would also go for under appreciated artists, teachers etc… in other words the more Highhearted the energy one puts into the world the more comfortable their physical life will be.
          Thusly, STS (Service To Self) ppl will slowly cut themselves off of any deposits to their energy back by their constant selfish and/or cruel behavior.

          I don’t know lol. Just musing out loud! I’m keen to hear some of the ways we will be transferring from a monetary system of currency to a more energy exchange or what kinds of systems you’ve seen. If you can share some of the stuff you’re seeing I’m sure many of us would really appreciate it!!!
          Much love,

        • Denise, may I pipe in with along with your comment regarding money? My higher self tells me money will be used only up until we’ve transcended the need for it.

          So they’ll release it to the public in huge quantities and flood it so much that the immediate fear of ‘Omg how will I pay for rent, food, bills, etc,’ is eventually replaced with a sense of calm as money seems to be given freely like a constant running faucet.

          Gradually the society loses its fear associated with money and we evolve to actually using our time to focus on solving long-held issues; like free energy that doesn’t harm Mother Earth or any of her inhabitants, building eco friendly housings and vehicles, making plastics biodegradable, changing the educational system so that all schools include topics such as mentioned above and more, making and distributing med beds to households everywhere, replicators for food and necessities, amongst other highly responsible deeds. Which all pave the way for a self-governing/responsible society.

          So basically we’ll be the stewards of the New Earth. I think the key words here are ‘responsible’ and ‘responsibility.’ Anyone who doesn’t think/feel/can’t imagine along these lines are going to the many levels of descending Earths.

          Forgive me if I’m off the mark.

      • Thank you, Denise. Just THANK YOU for this and everything you say and do to make it all make sense when sensibility seems to have flown the coop. So many times you put words to what I’m feeling but can’t express in understandable language.

        I love and appreciate you beyond measure,

      • “Said another way, HighHeart and money do not and will not co-exist in the same ascended NEW Earth world because they are of completely different frequencies, no matter how much good is intended with that money”.

        I get it, Denise! I really really do. You’re saying don’t focus on money at all because we are all conscious creators and must set our sights as high as possible in order to manifest as quickly as possible:). Thank you for indulging my musings. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I had already bought new larger stretchy pants due to my new enormous belly! I also bought a zero gravity bed that will be here next week. Upon its arrival I intend to climb in and go into suspended animation for as long as it takes to complete this crazy transition. Thank Denise!

  • Dear Denise, Ancient Warrior and Bearer of Light,

    To validate your article, for the longest while I have suddenly gone abruptly back into my memory, never of my own choosing, and it has happened so often – sometimes segueing from one unrelated memory into another – that I just quit questioning the ‘why’ of the strings of memories. Often times I am remembering something that I have never thought of since the event itself happened in the first place, such as something my mother said in my childhood, or how I felt sitting by myself under one of my favorite trees, trees I would go to in my early childhood when I just could not understand what was happening around me, such as shouting adults, angry people, or hateful children. Now, I’ll be doing a mundane chore, and the smell of the memory will hit me, then I’ll hear the memory of a person’s voice, long physically dead in this reality, starting to repeat exactly what was said previously, long ago. These sequences have happened so frequently that now I no longer react to them. As you wrote, weeding out old possessions that are no longer desired prior to moving makes perfect sense in an analogy of not taking unnecessary memories with me. I have asked myself for months, “Why am I thinking about this now?”, and I have naturally allowed myself to reexperience what was unfolding, without judgement. It is a tremendous relief to read your matter – of – fact description of what is taking place, and I am deeply grateful to you for writing it.

    Some months back you wrote that as individuals chose to end their lives, via the Covid – 19 virus or otherwise, there would be a shift in the balance of life as we know it. Reading it at the time reminded me that I have no control over anyone else’s life, and that I’d better brace myself for sudden losses without good-byes, especially with regard to those loved ones who reside in retirement facilities and nursing homes where no one is allowed in except medical personnel. In this current surreal situation with the total disregard for the pandemic by some people, who are dying as they say they do not have Covid – 19 when it is killing them, I am continually thinking about the massive amount of writing you have offered about attaining our state of sovereignty. For me, surrounded by exceedingly disturbed men who bully and threaten, I am continually searching for my center of autonomy, which I have hoped would carry me through the constant harassment(s) I cope with on a daily basis. I am looking forward to the bottom falling out for the two men behind the threats, with their pompous reality no longer touching mine. Both of them are flailing, as they dig themselves into deeper holes, and are cornered by their own bizarre behavior. Again, I am reminded of your cautioning that as their power fades bullies and hate mongers will try even harder to aggressively hurt others. After three years of managing the two of them – three solid years of it – I am so ready for them to fry in hell, and to be free of them both. I don’t know how much more of either one of them I can tolerate. It feels like I’m being surrounded by evil.

    The firebird, or the phoenix, makes a frequent appearance in literature and music, art and dance, which is such a powerful metaphor for where we are, now. Out of the ashes springs not only new life, but beauty, wisdom, and triumph over adversity. Thank you for the enduring inspiration. I would choose the dance of the Firebird every chance I get.

    Thank you, Love, as always, Cali Flower, snapping the stretchy pants to the 10th power, and beyond!

    • “After three years of managing the two of them – three solid years of it – I am so ready for them to fry in hell, and to be free of them both. I don’t know how much more of either one of them I can tolerate. It feels like I’m being surrounded by evil.”

      Cali Flower,

      It’s taken me this long to respond to your last two comments because I have lived, too many times in this ascension life, the same negativity you are with the police, these neighbors etc. etc. etc. A Lightworker’s Mission had some of my battles with this type of “evil” you’re experiencing. Yes, it is evil and it uses whatever Portal Person/People (PP) it can to get at you directly, physically. That’s how this Team Dark / Team Light duality business has gone in the AP.

      There’s a dozen things I could suggest you do/don’t do Cali but I’m just going to give you the short version that I finally discovered from having been under these types of Team Dark PP physical attacks for decades. Yes, decades. Those are a lot of the memories I’ve been releasing because I want them out and gone from me in all ways.

      You personally have to discern when to fight and when not to. When to walk away. When to blast Light at the dark. When to sell your house and leave. When to force the PP into selling their houses and leaving.

      Because we’re in Phase 2, I believe all this now is about you moving up and them moving away (the Separation — physically or via their dying or sinking into greater mental/emotional illness) and you releasing every drop of all of it/them from within you and your memories etc. And that can sometimes be very difficult to do and often needs repeated clearings to Work through all the layers of pain, anger, wounds, negativity etc. People that say ‘just forgive and send them love’ are people who’ve never experienced these types of things, let alone repeatedly for years or decades by numerous different strangers. Chew on those bones but when you’re finally done with it, be DONE with it and let it all go so that you are free. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Dear Denise,

        I have written several responses to you, but failed to send them. The first was an angry outburst of four letter words that I didn’t want to subject you to, because you’ve been through it all, for decades! Next, I wrote how the layers of wounds and outrage cloud everything else, but I discarded that, too, because I felt I wasn’t adding anything new to your comments section. Finally, no matter if it is Thanksgiving Day or not Thanksgiving Day I wanted to thank you for laying your answers bare, for me and for everyone else, because the process of living through this alone is overwhelming. You managed to pull the daggers out of the torture by offering unemotional alternatives to living in a constant state of crisis. I like the challenge of forcing them both out, I really, really do!

        Thank you, and Love, as always, Cali

        • “Finally, no matter if it is Thanksgiving Day or not Thanksgiving Day I wanted to thank you for laying your answers bare, for me and for everyone else, because the process of living through this alone is overwhelming.”

          Cali F.,

          You remember the famous Elizabeth Kubler-Ross five ‘Stages of Grief’?

          1) Denial
          2) Anger
          3) Bargaining
          4) Depression
          5) Acceptance

          I honestly believe that Volunteers–all 3 Waves of us–have individually been going through these five Stages of Grief for years and years. Not because someone we loved died, but because OUR old selves, our original incarnate versions of our selves have been in a continuous Process of dying off due to our embodying/Embodying greater and higher aspects of our NEW selves. Like everything else in these lifetimes, this too is ascension related.

          Personally I noticed with the start of January 2020 and Phase 2 of the AP and the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction, that this whole year has been about all of us completing these 5 stages of grief as Volunteers, and especially those of us who’ve endured nearly incomprehensible etheric and physical negativity and attacks throughout all of Phase 1 of the AP, and for some of us, all of our lives BEFORE that too. This is still fairly raw in myself because like Robert, Raymond, you, Kara and I suspect all of us, 2020 has been a continuous onslaught of old personal life memories flooding up to the conscious level to be viewed, felt, grieved over, cried over, and finally fully released for the last time I believe. When Celia Fenn wrote about those of us now living what she called ‘The Flight of the Phoenix’ last month, I knew this whole Process has been and currently is coming to a head within each of us individually, but within all of humanity too in slightly different ways and it’s all due to the Separation of Worlds.

          Over the past few months while having a stream of old memories bubble up for one last review and emotional feel, I finally HAD to admit that my entire life was lived in Team Dark Earth world and every family member, every romantic relationship I had and those people were each used at different times and in different ways by nonhuman TD entities to cause me more pain and/or to continue my pain and/or to keep me in more pain in any way they could through any living human they could use. My god, coming to full honest realization and acceptance with that as a living fact was harder than I through it would be for me because I was already very conscious of most of this. But this year… this year it’s been bring it all up and out into the Light and feel, heal, deal, learn, transmute, release and lastly transcend. We Volunteers have more steps and stages than Kubler-Ross’ five! That’s what happens when you’re dealing with and living under the influences of multiple dimensions and beings during a time of universal ascension! More “stages” and more “steps” meaning more Inner Work for each of us. 😉

          I’ve experienced things, horrible negative things through people like family members, strangers, neighbors, police, code enforcement and animal control people, paramedics, nurses, doctors, lawyers, judges, dentists and on because they were easily used by nonphysical nonhuman TD beings to do their best to try to kill me off, cause me to fracture, drive me mad, wear me down, exhaust me to the point where I finally give up my dedication to the Ascension Process as a First Wave Volunteer. The actual physical and etheric TD attacks, abuses and traumas are bad enough but after it all, I then have to, you have to, each of us has HAD to deal with those leftover inner traumas, wounds, physical and etheric scars, heartbreak, disappointments etc. to finally be completely free of it all. 2020 has been this to a degree none of us have ever experienced before which has only made this year even more difficult and personally painful. But… all this is a big clue as to how close we are this minute to Shifting vibrationally over into the NEW which is why none of us can take any of our old lower stuff with us. ❤

          We're going somewhere with all this Cali which I know you know but that doesn't make living it minute-by-minute, day-by-day any easier for Volunteers with abundant AP battle wounds. Finish up my co-Worker friend because this dark, difficult and dangerous phase and level is done for us. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Hi Denise

          Thank you for your words. Not just in your article but in your reply to Cali. I can relate to the realisation that you have lived your whole life within TD earth. It has been for me one of the things I have found so hard and lonely. I have lived on high alert for so long. I am looking forward to one day truly knowing I am home and it is completely safe and ok to relax. Although I have spent a lifetime fighting off TD and suffering much attention from them it took my mind many attempts before it would begin to grasp exactly what “reality” was like. I almost could not compute it because it was so awful. And there was no one to speak to. It is enough to nearly send a person crazy. I have revisited the truth about how we have lived many times. It has bought me great despair. But I have always wanted to know the truth. At least that way it can be dealt with. And you know what you are up against.

          Love and light to you, as always. And again thank you for letting us “speak”
          Magda 💜💜💜

  • Denise! I was just going about my day after reading this article and kept thinking about 2024 Pluto in Aquarius when an old song circa 1974 popped into my mind, B-b-b-baby you just ain’t seen nothing yet! It made me laugh and feel so happy I had to thank you and Bachman Turner Overdrive for making this connection. I hope I am reminded whenever/if ever I get too low going forward. We continue, as my friend in Argentina says. x

  • Yep, stretchy pants are needed since I put on 4 kg even though I did nothing different 😂 it’s like my body has its own thing and telling me to shut up so it can exist and do what it needs to do without me making comments on the wobbly bits.
    You said it nicely dear Denise, WE ARE HOME.
    Love to you all 💓

  • Hi, Denise and friends!

    Thanks, Denise yet, again! You’ve summed it up quite well. I was wondering this past month/months if we were actually living the “event” already? It felt to me like I’ve past through not one, not two but countless portals of light. Through lucid dreams or multidimensional travels at night.

    There were two big overwhelming things that happened to me. They most stood out from the chain of the events that happened and are still happening. It’s all amazing, but those two were just OMG worth.
    The first one was after 10/31. I was dreaming that I was at a party birthday or marriage party. I couldn’t tell. The singers came, the dancers. Then someone approached me and said that it’s finished and I can leave. I left the building and was walking on the road when saw a sun that tripled, one of suns “looked” at me and the next thing i feel it sends me a rush of energy. Just before it went through me I thought, “this is it” and in many ways it was. I woke up gasping for air, realizing that something has drastically changed in me.

    The nest one was when I was lucid dreaming about being in the dark forest. I approached a tree and the trunk of it sparked with a white brilliant white light and opened for me to enter. And I did. Submerging myself into a beautiful earthy energy.

    And last night it came to me that I’m not only an energy dispenser so to speak, but also a satellite. Makes sense. As I’m being immobile, unable to leave my current place of residence for more than 10 years. As in saying that I need to be exactly where I am right now. Because of this and that I was unable to work/ travel abroad and plainly go anywhere I wanted for more than a few weeks. At first it was like / what in the world is happening/ then I gave up and decided to just being in the flow. What I mean is: when I came to US as a student, I didn’t have plans to stay. But I did meet my husband. I guess it was pri-set before. So I had no room to hesitate in making a decision to stay. He was a green card holder at the time and once we got married, he filed a petition to add me to his green card and a long 5 years of paperwork and a wait started. During which I was not able to work. Restricted much? Talk about COVID-19 restrictions but without COVID. Then finally came a letter saying yippee yay you are going to go to an interview, but in your country of birth. To what my husband said no, and backed by a lawyer’s advice I’ve remained immobile for the next 2 years. Until my husband became citizen and able to do more with his status. And here’s the thing. Once we got to the interview (8 years later) guess what! They lost our original petition and we had to go through it all over again. 9 years later I finally got my green card, but guess what… COVID happened.

    It was frustrating in the beginning to unable to do things that I wanted to, and It clearly speaks volumes thinking about current situation with forced stay at home life. I can only say- prep work of light in its finest.

    Thanks for reading my rambling. Wanted to share these few things with you guys.

    Thanks, Denise! Love you.


  • I remain grateful to you, fellow Wayshower, for speaking the Word and Way for so many over time. I began the long process of embodying in 1999, and have helped speak the word in my own way on Facebook. It is good to Know our work in the world, and that it is coming to a fruitful climax in some ways, but in others merely changes form. Blessings on your life, sister.

  • Last nite I had a lucid dream. A very large bird was perched on a man’s arm and was covered in pieces of shell and was still wet from it’s hatching process. Suddenly the bird started growing exponentially and then suddenly took off straight up. I realized it was the Phoenix. It was a very powerful energetic experience that went on for some time. I have no personal knowledge of the meaning of the Phoenix, except as a rebirth out of ashes, so I was wondering why this came to me. Then I got your post today…….

  • Wow Denise! The title of this great article is so ironic as I had just said I wanted to put my stretch pants on to be more comfortable due to gaining 6 more pounds in November minus any real physical justification in the form of increased eating etc…So I sat down and picked up my phone, opened my email and laughed out loud so hard at the irony of the title of this article. So naturally I put my phone down and went and changed into my sweat pants! Ahhhhhhh…feels so much better. 🙂

    …”the main thing I want to impart is that the “Shift”, the “Event”, the “Separation” etc. is and has been happening every minute of every day and night all year. There are so many people that still believe that things will go from one state to another state in some spectacular Hollywood-like movie special effect”.

    This comment made me smile as it is a comment I’ve been making on many forums and videos for the past few years…Yes, we are and have been living through THE EVENT! As far as SRA and trafficking …the unveiling of these atrocities have been happening all over the world for the last 5 years in ever increasing numbers…think Epstein, Maxwell and NXIVM with his branding et. al…etc…the discoveries are everywhere just google it.
    Everything is a process or stair-steps as you say. It cannot happen in the blink of an eye or in a moment in time. Can you imagine the psychological, physical, emotional and mental pain we would endure going from where we were to where we are now and where we are going in a matter of 24 hours based on the pain each of us has had over the past several YEARS???? We simply would not be able to handle the difference in vibrational frequency. I’m always shocked at how many ascension teachers overlook that concept!!
    So, once again my hat goes off to you for saying aloud what all others can’t or won’t for fear of losing followers, I suppose. Thanks again for another great article, you are appreciated very much!! ❤

  • Dear Denise,
    Thank you for this brilliant piece of writing!!! It reverberated through my entire being, stretchy pants and all 😉
    I have recognized in the past several years that my sense of loneliness and isolation has roots in my yearning for “ HOME.” Now I am aware that I Am Home.

    Thank you for shining your signature light on my path to my Self.

    From my high heart to yours in love, light and joy.

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