Everything Will Go Back To Normal Now!

Dream on deluded, self-deluded, unaware and misinformed people. Nothing will ‘go back to normal’ now or in 2021 or in March 2021 or in 2022 or ever. Of course, many will continue trying to keep things exactly as they’ve been, but it won’t work because “old normal” has expired. The Great Cycles turn to the next higher rung on the evolutionary spiral and NEW template codes and energies replace everything that went with the previous lower frequency rung.

A new president isn’t the end-all solution to the current problems, nor are the coming numerous patriarchal Big Pharma COVID-19 vaccinations. Many people believe that one or the other or both of these things will return life in this country and elsewhere back to old familiar “patriarchal normal” but they won’t. It didn’t work with the reds (Republicans) and it won’t work with the blues (Democrats) because that is old lower level Duality consciousness and reality and we are not there anymore people. You can pretend, lie, self-delude and cling to the patriarchal past all you want but nothing will “go back to normal”. This is not a time of old familiar “normal” but of profound and continual compressed evolution for the rest of our lives and well beyond them.

I’ve written about this multiple times in 2020 and used different visual images to help with that information but it needs repeating in December of this intense, reality-altering year of constant internal energy embodying and external old “patriarchal normal” world demolition.

Too many people in the ascension community still think, view, perceive, believe and project into the near future with old Duality consciousness. Many of them still think in either/or, black/white/ up/down, left/right Duality consciousness. To them it’s still all this or it’s all that on the lower pre-ascension flat horizontal reality playing field. You can think, believe and do whatever you want but it isn’t and won’t be done on the same Earth world(s) that other people are on.

These are some of the images I’ve used in previous articles to help people understand that there are multiple ascending Earth worlds currently available because every person that’s ascending now is not the same and does not have the same beliefs, consciousness, expectations, level of development, focus, intent, awareness and so on. That is normal, and to accommodate the large variances in people’s individual consciousness and development, there are MULTIPLE ascending Earth worlds currently available to all of them. This won’t always be the case however because the lowest frequency ascending Earth worlds will eventually disappear, but for now, they all exist to help humanity make these transitions out of the old lower and into higher NEW everything.

Stair-steps of people, Ascension Process embodiment, consciousness expansion and numerous different ascending Earth worlds for all to exist on and use as transitional energy stair-step worlds to higher and higher still ascending Earth worlds. Some individuals will go further and higher than others and that’s normal too but they all will exist within the 5D+ frequency range and will have embodied the matching NEW codes.

For Some 2020 Has Been the Completion Phase of Their Embodiment Process

This has been unfolding all along but with the start of Phase 2 in 2020, for many Volunteers living the Embodiment Process it’s been a growing daily process of absolutely HAVING to go our own ways now. I’ve also written about this more than once this year.

More of us in the ascension community have HAD to release, let go of, physically, emotionally and energetically completely and fully disengage from everyone, from family members, loved ones, our adult children, friends and others who teach and write about the Ascension Process. This hasn’t been a conscious decision on my part or those of you going through this too. The reason this is happening is because once a certain level of individual Embodiment (capital “E” I mean) is reached it automatically happens. It’s a normal byproduct of your personal Embodiment Process and activates when you reach a close enough frequency range with your Higher Self/Selves and Soul.

After slowly and incrementally Working your way up innumerable energy stair-steps over decades, you finally become physically and energetically capable of not only withstanding but embodying the frequencies your higher aspects are, and you become Embodied in the physical. Said another way, “Earth you” gradually comes within frequency range of “Heaven Higher Self/Selves, Soul YOU” in the incarnate aspect known as this physical you. That grand Event changes you, your consciousness, your entire energetic and physical structures, your reality and more considerably.

Non-physical Higher and physical lower aspects of you/You/YOU are finally vibrationally aligned and unified in the physical through tremendous and lengthy personal Inner Ascension Work. Physical incarnate you finally becomes a high enough frequency that it becomes a conscious energetic coequal with your non-physical Higher Self/Selves and Soul. What had been separated and distanced from each other due to radically higher and lower frequencies and Light levels etc. is, through effort and dedication, eventually brought into alignment and direct connection because all aspects are now within the same frequency range and vibratory rate of each other. This produces unity individually. This produces unity consciousness individually. This produces a physically incarnate Conscious Creator on ascending Earth(s).

Once this level has been reached, you no longer search outside yourself or follow anyone because you do not need to. This is what the Embodiment Process does to each person that has chosen it in this ascension life and time — it makes you sovereign individually. There’s no spinning this, no BSing this, no lying about it, no distorting it, no faking it, and no fooling those who have about whether you have achieved this level of personal integration unity or not yourself.

There is you not being Embodied. There is you inching your energetic way towards Embodiment for years. Then when you’ve done enough energetically to be capable of safely co-existing in the higher frequency range of your higher selves and Soul, physical you becomes Embodied, aligned with, re-unified with, re-connected with the higher parts of you. When you reach that point in your Embodiment Process, the natural and automatic byproduct is you become energetically sovereign, self-contained and you know what you know and you know who has not reached this level of personal integration, unity, transcendence and individual Embodiment. You rely on and utilize integrated conscious you/You/YOU and Source and you as Source and no one else. The most advanced ascension teacher, writer, lecturer, channel or group will never come close to what you/You/YOU aligned and unified and functioning as One is. Hence the need to go your own way and continue the Ascension Process from this NEW level of being. I AM the I AM that I AM.

“Every twenty years when Saturn conjoins Jupiter in the sky, a new twenty-year political cycle begins. The Roman Empire ran their systems by this cycle for 900 years. The previous conjunction was in May 2000 when George W. Bush got into power and lit the Middle Eastern fuse. Miraculously, at the exact moment of the Winter Solstice December 21, 2020, Jupiter conjoins Saturn in zero degrees Aquarius trine the Pleiades, the dawning of the Aquarian Age.” — Barbara Hand Clow 

We however are evolving much higher than just a new and improved political system. We already have transcended the need for any and all political systems and governments whatsoever. However, give this the time and space it needs to unfold physically, even at the greatly accelerated speed it finally is now. Everything is in transition from how it’s been to what it’s becoming. The unaware have and will continue to embody the NEW codes even though they don’t know any of this. You can see glimmers of ascension change in some people already — tiny bits of HighHeart, the return of more of Divine Mother Feminine, and the desire for better for ALL is showing energetically in some individuals already. Trust the Ascension Process is and will continue doing to the unaware what it’s been doing to you reading this for many years or decades. At this point it still looks and sounds like the same old Duality patriarchal crap but it is not. Know this, trust it and watch them and everything else change right before your eyes and HighHeart.

There’s a lot happening energetically via certain astrological transits in December 2020. One of them is the annual transit of the Sun in Sagittarius up to and then conjuncting the Milky Way Galactic Center—GC—aka the Great Central Sun, which from our perspective on Earth is located at 27° Sagittarius 08 in December 2020. Because it’s the GC we’re talking about, an astrological orb of only 1° is used meaning, from 26° to 28° Sagittarius, the Sun will be conjunct the GC, the Great Central Sun. The dates of this annual conjunction are December 18–20, 2020. Again, this is an annual event just as every Equinox and Solstice is, however this year the Sun transiting and conjuncting the GC will be different just like everything else has been this year. Some, not all but some of the energetic differences that will be transmitted through this December 2020 Sun and GC conjunction are due to the individuals that reached Embodiment this year. Everything is connected and interactive. I’ve written about this also many times over the years but we’re finally there now and I sense it’s going to be another powerful instantaneous shift point for everyone throughout the entire month of December 2020. And then January 2021 begins at a NEW, higher level.

Because often certain ascension symptoms typically make it hard for me to hold really large astrological transit cycles in my awareness when brain fog is affecting me, I don’t do lengthy astrological transit cycles. Certain other people are far better at that than I am. Barbara Hand Clow recently talked about the 250-yearlong astrological cycle of Jupiter and Saturn and how those particular transits all happened only in EARTH signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) for those past 250 years. The big deal about the December 21, 2020 Solstice and same-day Jupiter Saturn conjunction is that they change signs after 250 years and enter the AIR signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) for the next 250 years. That is a huge and very important energetic change and will profoundly further shift ascending humanity and human consciousness and external reality.

Another important transit completes on December 23, 2020, the third and final Mars and Eris in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn happens. On the one hand this may look, sound and feel like the Underworld has been turned inside out, spilling all its long hidden angry and frustrated contents out into the NEW Light in front of everyone. Personally I think that is very positive even though it may get rather volatile, ugly and uncomfortable at times for most of humanity. Massive rapid evolution, growth and change is rarely attractive. Personally I don’t care but that’s because I have energetically prominent natal Eris and Pluto. 😉

On the other hand, this final transit will do much to further return another aspect of Divine Mother/Feminine to ascending humans and Earth. Sarah Varcas wrote an excellent article about Eris, ‘The Radical Feminine Rises’ which I suggest everyone read. Patriarchal planetary rule, consciousness and reality is permanently over and the imbalances of that, plus the distortions and outright rejection of the majority of Divine Mother/Feminine and all of ITS/HER many different aspects by the patriarchy will be hard for those who believe that was “normal”. Divine Mother/Feminine has been incrementally returning over the past few years but with the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in January of 2020, IT/SHE has been returning in much larger energetic chunks and very quickly. This is profoundly positive, but as we’ve all been seeing very clearly for many years, there are those who are rebelling against this aspect of the evolution of humanity, Earth and all else. It won’t of course matter one bit how pissed off the Old Boys Club is over this.

One more astrological tidbit as we Work our way through these incredible December 2020 ascension changes. Ascended, higher rung on the evolutionary spiral, 5D+ Aquarius (AIR) is Higher Triality Consciousness and AWARENESS. The opposite sign to Aquarius is Leo (FIRE), and at these ascended NEW levels is HighHeart and Crystalline-based Triality CREATIVITY. Here comes NEW Earth with more and more matching frequency NEW Humans.

Denise Le Fay

December 4, 2020

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47 thoughts on “Everything Will Go Back To Normal Now!

    • Diana H.,

      December 2020 is packed full with numerous very large and NEW higher frequency Light energies, more NEW codes, full Earth and humanity energetic resets and so on so I suggest we all expect anything, repeatedly! This morning, December 14th was the New Moon Solar eclipse at 23 Sagittarius which transmitted more NEW codes worldwide. Then from December 18-20th the Sun will be conjuncting the GC, Galactic Center or the Great Central Sun and that will do MUCH to further transmit (download) all sorts of completely NEW energy codes or templates or blueprints to Earth, the Sun, our entire solar system and of course incarnate humanity on Earth now. And then there’s more and more and more after these energy events in December so yeah, I expect we’ll be feeling some aches and pains and pressures etc. for most of December 2020.

      Rest and LOTS of self-care everyone because much more is happening every minute of every day and night now than what most people are aware of. We are shifting, we are transcending, we are evolving in very condensed and rapid ways now and that requires us to do whatever it is that each of us needs to from moment to moment to embody what all is happening right now. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Anyone else notice an energy change today?
    I felt a subtle but definite energy upgrade today – 12/12.
    Even my dreams were much more pleasant.
    Nice to have a night of dreams without TD intruding.

  • Dear Denise,

    Last night I leveled up. It was a profoundly personal moment of appreciating the return of Divine Mother, envisioning all the seeds of freedom, love, peace etc we’ve planted growing strong, anchoring roots in New Earth and being grateful for being here to do the job.

    Aaaaand just like clockwork I woke up to a nightmare. This pattern of leveling up and nightmare that very night is getting real tired.
    They’ve tailored the attacks too; they can’t use portal people because I’ve gone neutral, can’t use emf frequency because I’ll override it, can’t use news because I’ve tuned it out, money? none but its ok, etc…,so they hijack my dream time, their only way in.

    I know we’ll all eventually reach a frequency where they can’t touch us and yet until the event/harvest/separation happens I realized they can always try to get to us. Because the 3D and 5D hasn’t completely separated yet.

    Sorry just wanted to vent share.

    • Jain L.,

      I’m glad you shared this often common happening for some of us. Please, vent share whenever you want or need because we all benefit from our being open and honest about these less than pleasant happenings.

      Because of everything that is and will happen energetically and physically in just December 2020, I’m not surprised that TD (Team Dark) is and probably will do their best to lash out at those TL (Team Light) individuals that have Worked so long and hard to remove them and much more. I’ve often said that just BEFORE some more NEW higher energies arrive here, TD often attacks, lashes out at some of us because of what we’ve done to them and to the realities and worlds they stole and distorted. This same business is happening with the USA political “red and blue” two-party people and groups — steal it, distort it, attack hard and do not stop, use it and the unaware people in both or any aspects of any groups, parties etc. Classic Team Dark ‘Smash & Grab’ tactic and this one is absolutely frantic because it’s their–the Service to Self humans and TD nonhumans–last attempt to continue existing. This is the Separation of Worlds playing out on the global stage for all to see, hear, feel and deal with finally.

      TD gets all worked up and tries to hurt us in any way they still can, which as you so wonderfully shared is finally almost nothing. And with another very large aspect of Divine Mother/Feminine coming in to be embodied through the December 2020 12-12 portal, it makes sense TD would and possibly will repeatedly try to hurt us yet one more time this month especially. There is nothing they HATE more than Divine Mother/Feminine. 🙂

      • Jain Lee and Denise, I can absolutely relate to this discussion! I spent a quiet, blissful Thanksgiving at home with my family of five ~ positively perfect and high-vibing ~ only to have the return of a recurrent nightmare later on that night. I’ve had this dream for years but this time it was SO convincing that I had to calm myself down for a couple of hours before I could fall back asleep. And THEN it was only to have a Part 2 continuation of that nightmare that was even MORE convincing! I couldn’t BELIEVE it. Even though I’ve been largely unaffected by nightmares for months (meaning I still have them but they tend to roll off my back) this one left me shattered and even momentarily concerned it was real. I was subdued the whole next day. Even though I knew all was well, it was a process of emotional upheaval I had to allow myself to feel.

        Re what you said here Denise: “I’ve often said that just BEFORE some more NEW higher energies arrive here, TD often attacks, lashes out at some of us because of what we’ve done to them and to the realities and worlds they stole and distorted.” The next day after I’d recovered from those nightmares I received a HUGE influx of Divine Creative Energies. I’ve been painting ever since…and I’ve never painted in my LIFE before this. I knew right away the two were related ~ the nightmares right before the creative energies. I’ve never had nightmares like that before and I’ve never created like I am right now. And I am having a BALL! So Jain Lee, I can’t WAIT to see what’s up for you next!

        Thanks as always, Denise, for your wisdom, candor and a place to talk all this shit out! Love to all here.

        • Also have had nightmares 2 of the last 3 nights. The second one stuck with me the next day in an emotional way. (Wish I could unsee that one.) I read Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book Women Who Run With the Wolves years ago and she said in there somewhere that nightmares can be creativity stalking you. This idea always made me feel better when I’d had one, depending on the content of it. So thanks for reminding me of this now. I didn’t recall any dreams last night. Sometimes better that way. Best to all here. x

        • “And THEN it was only to have a Part 2 continuation of that nightmare that was even MORE convincing! I couldn’t BELIEVE it.”


          Yeah… sometimes TD lingers in the etheric waiting for us to either fall back to sleep naturally, or hijack us a second time, but from the physical by causing us to pass out unnaturally. When they try this tactic it is extremely hard to stay awake, remain conscious and not just pass out and find yourself right back in their artificial dream construction attack designed just for each of us. I’ve experienced this numerous times over the decades and sometimes would fight their energetic pull on me to drag me back out of body for one or two hours. It’s unbelievable.

          We can be attacked in the physical and etheric and both are “real”, both are actual attacks and they do affect you for a few days, just as any physical attack would. No matter which dimension these types of attacks take place in, they are very real and take some time to recover from. Another aspect of all this is that these types of attacks do what they do to us at the time they happen, but they’re also often intended by TD to mess us up enough so we’re not as capable of embodying, utilizing, Working with, creating with etc. whatever incoming NEW energies are about to arrive in the physical the day or next few days AFTER their nightmare dream attack(s) which is what I think is happening now with some of you. December 2020 12-12 is going to be really big and important this year, and then there’s the New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 14th and on and on every few days this month.

          I know this was hard and unpleasant Katinka but look how you blew through that negativity and barrier to “ascend” to what was waiting for you at higher levels. Very well done you! Thanks for sharing. ⭐ ❤

      • “Classic Team Dark ‘Smash & Grab’ tactic and this one is absolutely frantic because it’s their–the Service to Self humans and TD nonhumans–last attempt to continue existing.”

        Aah music to my ears. Thank you Denise, for this- “their last attempt to continue existing.” The fact that they’ll be stuck with each other in the 3D descending world with nothing but dust to feed on as there are none left with “steamy shine” is beyond satisfying.
        I hope it isn’t petty of me to gloat.

        @katinka: thank you for the good vibes! I did in fact make a DIY cat cave that very day. All it took was 2 wire hangers, a wooden basket, thick towels and duct tape, ha! The cat is highly suspect of it thus far, but in time she’ll fold, I mean who doesn’t want a cozy cave of their own??

  • Dear Denise,

    During the few days left counting down to the Age of Aquarius on the Winter solstice 2020, something that was supposed to be dawning for at least the last fifty years, the additional beginning of a meshing of Matriarchy and Patriarchy into an elevated Triadarchy will also be welcomed. The Divine Feminine has to include destruction (think of Kali), darkness, blackness, and all the other aspects that lead to regeneration; I hope the touchy – feely, pink ribbony, goo goo little girl high pitched helplessness blared out at us will at last shut up, shut down, and cease to exist. For breast cancer alone, it is going to take a lot more than ugly pink sweat shirts to rid ourselves of the dreaded killer, such as Bad Ass Cancer Warrior, if She must be given a name. Aquarius, destroyer, revolutionary, evolutionary power house of change has already started to rip reality forward, which I thought of several days ago when I was as nauseated as a pregnant woman wanting saltine crackers, or a new sailor growing sea legs, also pushing down the nauseating sea sickness with something stabilizing such as ginger.

    Anyone who wants ‘life’ to go backwards, returning to what it once was, should be ready for a rude awakening, because life as we once knew it no longer exists.

    It is wrenching to see images of ICU wards exploding with sick people and over run with corpses, but it is much worse to watch Arctic ice caps collapsing, cars backed up for miles waiting in what are essentially bread lines, rain forests burning, while the stock market soars for the few wealthy among us. I forget what year it was, maybe 2007, you were imploring your readers to prepare for the worst case scenario, get the hell out of Dodge, trying to prepare us in advance for the empty shelves of Walmart. Here we are, and we can only move forward, one stair step at a time, kicking and screaming, while many off us are literally falling off the rails. When Bob Dylan sells off his entire 60 year catalog to Universal Music Publishing Group for an undisclosed amount you know something is up on the beach with one hand waving free.

    Love, as always, Cali

    • “When Bob Dylan sells off his entire 60 year catalog to Universal Music Publishing Group for an undisclosed amount you know something is up on the beach with one hand waving free.”

      That was my first thought too Cali when I heard about it on TV the other day.

      “I forget what year it was, maybe 2007, you were imploring your readers to prepare for the worst case scenario, get the hell out of Dodge, trying to prepare us in advance for the empty shelves of Walmart.”

      The first time I became aware that what’s happening now was going to even happen on Earth was in the late 1970s. I had a series of dreams then that clearly let me know that in my lifetime everything that was “normal” and familiar to everyone in this country, and around the world, would end and be in a state of chaos for a while. Back then I didn’t clairvoyantly See or dream of what came after the breakdown chaos period in the late ’70s, just the unpleasant stuff! My mom and I had numerous discussions about those particular dreams back then and she absolutely refused to live through what she, after the 1979 movie came out, always referred to as the Mad Max time on Earth. And she didn’t. She died the end of June 2019 and six short and very fast months later it was January 2020 and IT ALL started on Earth like never before.

      After I wrote that timeline I had to go check my calendars because I was certain that there was a year between when she died and the start of 2020! Amazing how much life, living, dying and permanent change is being packed into our personal minutes, hours, days and nights! No wonder we’re all so exhausted.

      I don’t think I’ve allowed myself to publicly say this before because 2020 was so extraordinarily difficult and traumatic. However, and please everyone do NOT freak-out, panic, get angry or fearful over what I’m going to say but, 2021 is going to be worse than 2020 was. However, at the same time as it’s looking, sounding, feeling and acting like everything is dropping out from under our very feet in 2021, KNOW that it’s happening because the NEW has arrived and replaced it all which is why all the chaos, increased deaths, and increased insanity in more and more people that cannot cope with these Phase 2 level NEW Light energies and codes etc.

      We’ve been witnessing this for many years already in many people and it became horrendously obvious in 2020 that these NEW higher Phase 2 energy levels/frequencies are making the people that haven’t done any Inner Work on themselves throughout Phase 1 of the AP literally unable to correctly interpret reality, what you or any of us says and/or writes etc., and what’s happening in this country and globally. Every time another powerful and potent layer of more NEW higher frequency Light energies and higher NEW codes arrive — as they are now — more people get more unbalanced and more unable to correctly interpret external reality. This will continue and get worse in 2021 so prepare yourselves for more ‘Mad Max’ type people reacting to the latest higher Light in these impossible ways. Sorry everyone, just being honest about what’s already been happening. No fear, just greater awareness and steady HighHeart as we further witness and neutrally allow everything to go its and their separate ways now. Maintain your course for NEW Earth within yourself and let the rest fall away to where is appropriate for them now. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Gads, I’m replying to myself! 😆

        “…literally unable to correctly interpret reality, what you or any of us says and/or writes etc., and what’s happening in this country and globally.”

        Seconds after I wrote that sentence I perceived a bit more about the big change of Jupiter and Saturn’s transiting interactions with each other from EARTH signs (physical reality, material life, very earthy consciousness etc.) to AIR signs (mental, consciousness, higher awareness, thinking, thought etc.) for the next 250 years starting on December 21, 2020 Solstice. The more into the AIR sign energies we go now — Age of Aquarius from a fifth dimensional level, not an old lower 3D patriarchal one — the more mentally unstable, unsound, imbalanced and unable to correctly interpret reality or anyone or anything else many people are going to become.

        Another aspect of all this is the Separation of people that are currently energetically Service to Self from those that are and have been Service to Others energetically. These are old channeled RA Law Of One terms if anyone isn’t familiar with them. This is the reason for the Separation of Worlds — those who are still currently energetically oriented to Service to Self absolutely cannot co-exist any longer with the people that currently are orientated to Service to Others. There’s a lot in this comment so please everyone, FEEL into it because it will make that other chaotic stuff a little easier to go through. ❤

        • I’ve felt that 2021 was going to get worse but here you’ve confirmed it, I mean how can it not? With the polarization at its peak, the result is the worst wobbling between the two before it snaps off, each end flying off into different directions.
          I knew it and yet…, oy vey.

          Love you Denise, for telling us all without filter.

        • Thanks Jain Lee. ❤ It's not always easy or safe to say the hard truths that need to be said. And you're right, the tensions and pressures etc. between these two main energy groups of people I mentioned — Service to Self and the Service to Others — is going to become clearly obvious to more people in 2021. Neither group wants to have to endure the other group anymore. It was a different story when the entire planet was Service to Self oriented but since the AP started that group wants us gone now that they realize they can't stop us or what's happened, and we want us gone even more than they do. It is happening and it will be okay.

          However, the toilet paper isle at the grocery store is empty, again as of the other day because we're back in lockdown here in CA. When the little inner voice of god says grab two more packs of toilet paper, more food or fill your car with gas or whatever, do it everyone! Pay attention to your Higher Awareness senses and messages in 2021, not out of fear but common sense and less work for yourself.

          Also wanted to says thanks Jain L. for the great exchange about Divine Mother/Feminine and Divine Father/Masculine and how they are often perceived. ❤

        • Yeah just like Jain Lee says I was already expecting 2021 to be worse. Just like the old saying “things have to get worse before they get better.” Things have only begun to change in 2020 and this year is almost over. So next year will be intense I’m sure. I have a question. I know service to self oriented people are energetically separating from service to others, but what if you’re in between? Like maybe you’re mostly service to others, but still have some service to self aspects? Or maybe you’ve already answered this when you discussed about how there’s many different ascension timelines. Also, becoming more service to others and letting go of the service to self aspects would be part of ascension. So the service to self people would be the ones that are stuck and not letting go of those aspects, right.


        • Oh, earlier I forgot to add that I went to Costco the other day and finally got a nice 6 month supply of toilet paper, but the last 3 times I went it was sold out. So keep trying Denise and go to Costco to get it if you’re a member so it’ll last a while. I got a year supply of paper towels too the last time I was there. I always pump gas there too while I’m at it and it’s the cheapest gas in my area.


        • “After I wrote that timeline I had to go check my calendars because I was certain that there was a year between when she died and the start of 2020!”

          Egads! I had the exact same thought! When you said your mother passed in late 2019, I thought to myself, ‘Wasn’t it a year earlier that that happened???”

          “This is the reason for the Separation of Worlds — those who are still currently energetically oriented to Service to Self absolutely cannot co-exist any longer with the people that currently are orientated to Service to Others.”

          When you said in the first post (not your own reply to yourself) that 2021 was going to be worse, I immediately thought to myself something like, ‘Yeah, but with a noticeable exception.’ For my wife and myself, we have finally found a house and are preparing to move in, like we are getting ready to finally ‘sequester’. (My wife is a school teacher, on the ‘front lines’ and there has also been loss in our life during the last year, not to mention HAD COVID, so we feel like we’ve been in the thick of it.) It isn’t until the quote just above that the ‘math’ of it all dawned on me… if Service to Self can no longer exist with Service to Others, then who becomes the ‘others’ that Service to Others people now serve??? Answer: ONLY EACH OTHER. I was told YEARS ago to stop trying to ‘save’ Service to Self people… meaning differing from their chosen ‘philosophical’ path. More simply put, I was told to stop trying to convince them to change their ways and choose anything above the ‘lower timeline’ as you call it. Now, I suppose it is ramping up to a greater point, to stop trying to save them from themselves! In all ways… physically, emotionally, etc. (Case & Desist) If they are hell bent on destroying themselves, then let them! Just don’t decide to stand around and watch. If you want to NOT be a part of the explosions and misery, then go be with yourself, or other like minded ‘Service to Other’ folks. Allow them to exist in their world and you go exist in yours…

          Simply put, it’s like the line from the second Karate Kid movie, “Remember, best block, no be there.”

        • “Answer: ONLY EACH OTHER.”

          Yep Kevin M, old Duality reality is over so this back and forth business between these two levels and groups is over. We have to go our way now and learn what all we now will and same with them but at that level. Service to Self amongst only Service to Self “others” will get really ugly really fast for all of them! Nothin’ like a mirror reflection to deal with all the time. 😉

          Congrats on your current physical relocate move, the timing is perfect. And thanks for the old movie quote, I love ‘no be there’!

        • Dear Denise,

          Tonight is the eve of what happened to me one year ago tomorrow at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

          I think you might remember the physical assault because I disclosed it here, battered, sick, suffering, and searching for answers.

          Earlier tonight I stood my ground in a Zoom call with the local Board of Supervisors who have refused to curtail one of the Team Dark puppets who lives across the road, and all six of them, plus several others on the call, are all a part of the outgoing Team Dark reality, one that will separate from me at some point. My God did they metaphorically hiss at me! They’d rehearsed in advance attacking me and ignoring the evidence that I presented. I bring this up because I HAVE to fight them, in my very assertive, double Aquarius bad ass woman way, and I refuse to be intimidated, frightened, silenced or insulted. It is actually pretty funny because I used words they didn’t understand. Words, it is said, are mightier than a sword. Not that I would cut a person, or hurt them with a sword unless I was defending myself, but Team Dark is like a monster with many heads. When one tactic fails, like attacking in a dream, they grow a new head and attack in a different way. When one man would lie tonight, I would present facts / truth back at him, and this happened like a tennis match, with me smashing back at them forcefully every single time, until they couldn’t stand me anymore, cut me off, meaning I won the match when they hit the Zoom mute button.

          Why is this important for me to do? You wrote once that battles have to be chosen, and not all can be fought. To me, Team Dark is all the same force. If it is attacking hard in a frenzy prior to a title wave of light pouring in on 12 / 12 / 2020 at 12:00 o’clock, then I am reporting that I just made it through the eye of the storm, a three year battle, and one that temporarily took me down last year with a life threatening illness.

          But here I am, one year later, feeling very alone and the most separated I have ever felt from other people, except when I am ‘in’ here, the safe room of your creation. There is so much Team Dark evilness attacking me right now that I feel drained, not defeated, just exhausted, and unable to remain asleep because the attack dreams, which make no sense, are so vivid that for a split second or two I can’t determine if I’m awake, or still dreaming.

          For a long time, years, as I have done things that embarrass other people because I am the opposite of selfish, and I have wondered why I am (still) here with The Service to Self people. When you write about service to others I am reminded of a motto I made up once, ‘Nervous Service’, to explain me running around, paying it forward, giving endlessly, blah, blah, and I really love doing it. It might be the only time I am truly happy. Being in a state with other Service to Others people would be bliss for me, and never having to defend my joy in giving ever again would be tremendous.

          I was asked to teach in the Los Angeles School District, via Zoom, and I ended up deciding I couldn’t do it because I had to create Zoom seminars, to do the work, but that’s a story for another day. There is no money to pay me, but it is never about the money, and I don’t need to be paid in order to be of service to others. Service isn’t work, it is a joy, at least for me, and it is made all the more joyful counter balanced while fighting Team Dark.

          Love, as always, Cali

        • Denise,
          From what I’ve read about the coming chaos from channeled material. The more the outside world goes crazy, the more our inner abilities are going to come out. The timing of this will be amazing and probably very confusing to some extent, BUT we’ll need these inner/psychic abilities to navigate the chaos. What do you think about this?

        • JP,

          I’ve been writing about this and numerous related things for many years and it sounds like you’ve not read my articles much, if at all. If you’re really interested in what I think about this, then I suggest you read through many of my articles. Much, much more is needed and happening than just psychic abilities to help us make these TRANSITIONS.

        • “Congrats on your current physical relocate move, the timing is perfect.”

          Turns out more perfect than you know… Our official move date is Dec 21st. 🙂

          “Yep Kevin M, old Duality reality is over so this back and forth business between these two levels and groups is over. We have to go our way now and learn what all we now will and same with them but at that level.”

          I have been encountering this already… In dealing with several issues, if I follow internal guidance everything works out. Even with things like skipping the plumber… I stood there in the plumbing store looking at stuff and it was like someone just showed me what parts to get. Even to the point of following a picture in my head of going to a particular plumbing supply place where the fellow not only had a hard to find part, he GAVE it to me. (It was off of a defective item they could not sell.) Then it fit exactly with the little rubber thingy I just HAPPENED to stumble upon at another store.

          But I got a little intimated by a plumber I ran into who told me I was ‘not doing it right’ and offered to come do it ‘for less’ A week or so later he had never showed. I finally remembered to ‘trust’ and did it myself. We have water again. I thanked the universe, myself and whoever was there ‘unseen’ that may have helped. Not that my life has never run this way before… but it’s been YEARS since anything worked so smoothly and even then I’m not sure it ever seemed as clear as now. I’m ready for more… bring it on! 😀

        • “…I got a little intimated by a plumber I ran into who told me I was ‘not doing it right’…”

          The people ever ready to tell us that you, me, we aren’t doing it right is a pandemic in itself. This too is part of the Separation happening now. There are those who “trust” that they themselves can accomplish whatever it is that’s suddenly become a problem or issue in their life, and there’s those people who continue to empower all things external and outside of themselves.

          “…but it’s been YEARS since anything worked so smoothly…”

          That is more of 5D and higher revealing itself to you, me, each of us who’ve embodied enough ourselves to be existing in and working with those NEW higher frequencies where WE are discovering that WE finally are able to manifest in these NEW ways. The planetary NEW template code complex that was embodied by Earth the first week of December 2020, will make these sorts of things even more easy for we first Conscious Creators learning to work from this NEW higher frequency from within ourselves, for ourselves, by ourselves. Greater sovereignty in each of us and that is so exciting. ❤ Very well done you!

  • Thanks for another inspiring piece, Denise. Here’s something I would like your opinion about. I just read an article about “COVID long-haulers” who have lingering problems, long-term symptoms after their initial infection has passed. The health “experts” are trying to figure out how to diagnose and treat to relieve the suffering. I read the list of symptoms and thought hmmmm … sounds a lot like ascension stuff that we have been having for years: fatigue, exhaustion, heart palpitations, brain fog, insomnia, depression. What a weird time this is. 🤔

  • Thank you for this🙏❤️i do wonder though how it will effect on a personal level since my sunsign is Aquarius, my moonsign is Libra and my ascendent is Leo😂😂

  • Hi Denise and all.Thanks for the clarity in your article.Ready for the next few weeks and also explains how even some close friends have disappeared.love to all.Rosaleen

    • Hey Robert in reply to your toilet paper stash, if things get too weird across 2021, get the scissors and an old T-shirt. 8″ squares and a hot wash cycle 😉
      All the best anyway! To Everyone! Go Denise , these articles are pure gold. 🙂

  • Hi Denise,

    I love that you’ve stressed “another aspect” of Divine Mother; that is that the patriarchal old boys are gonna get their asses kicked brutally.

    Thanks for this article, was much needed. How are you doing lately?

    Love to you, love to all

    • Thanks Jain L., it needs to be clearly understood that Divine Mother/Feminine is ALL aspects of IT/SHE and not just the handpicked and intentionally watered-down and greatly distorted aspects that the patriarchy pushed to further their agendas. Divine Mother/Feminine is so badass it’s hard to comprehend. When I perceive Divine Mother/Feminine with Higher Awareness, I See in my mind’s eye nothing but blackness, void, everything-ness. It’s incomprehensible in its vastness and potential.

      Then I See Divine Father/Masculine enter this mind’s eye visual, IT/HE does so as a rapidly moving single stream of brilliant white Light against all that Divine Mother/Feminine expanse of seeming black void everythingness. This vision is energetically x-rated 😆 😉 but I’ve always enjoyed the sheer power of it and all that eternal potential and creativity just hanging out there constantly! Anyway, it’s time for humanity to embody a whole lot more of Divine Mother/Feminine into themselves, their physical bodies and consciousness and in all of our external world reality. Long, long ago humanity did global Matriarchy, then we did global Patriarchy, now however we’ve finally entered — via this Ascension Process — a higher level and state of integration and unity which I’ve been calling Triality to indicate that THIRD higher point above the earlier stages of the Matriarchy and then the Patriarchy. This THIRD integrated and SO much higher level will be fun compared to what we all went through in both phases before it could be reached physically by humanity.

      The AP and EP symptoms of those lovely sudden waves of nausea, and the occasional vertigo were strong in October and more so in November and were difficult at times. Every time I’ve left my house to grocery shop etc. in November and so far in December 2020, I feel super amplified inner shaking, inner vibrating inside my physical body that it’s actually been visible to some strangers. I only know this because some of them have said they see me shaking and wanted to know if I was okay. That’s never happened before to me so it’s been a little strange feeling to be shaking with such strong energies internally and vibrating through me externally causing my body to shake and actually be seen by some people. Welcome to Phase 2! 🙄 More to come everyone so be prepared to experience anything at any time and do your best to NOT freak out, especially in public, you’ll scare the unaware folks! 😆 Happy individual Holy Days everyone. ❤ Thanks Jain Lee. ❤

      • Thank you for sharing your shaking experience, omg I can’t imagine what those people who saw you were thinking, probably along the lines of ‘does she need an ambulance?’ No shaking for me but heart pitter-patters, endless sneezing and extreme inner cold.

        Also thank you for mentioning the blackness being the color of Divine Mother. I’ve been perceiving a vast inky dark blackness just blanketing everything. At first I panicked because of Hollywood conditioning tells me everything black is evil but then I felt an overwhelming calm neutrality mixed with moments of extreme love, but mainly neutral. At first I dismissed it as a one-off incident but it kept coming; the inky dark blackness, the calm and then the single beam of light in the middle of this blackness. I mean, wasn’t Divine Mother’s energy supposed to be warm and cuddly? This was anything but, not exactly warm, in fact I’m gonna even say cool. Cool as in cool, calm and collected kind of way. Never would I have guessed that it was Divine Mother. But I guess that would make sense, a stern but loving mother would never hesitate to punish her children who’ve been misbehaving and set things to rights.

        Thank you again for clarifying what those are, I just thought ‘wow, that’s cool, I wonder if I’ll ever know what that is’ because so far everything has been fast, furious and fleeting to even ask for clarification, much less remember in a few seconds!

        PS: one time I was petting my cat when the blackness came from my peripheral vision to my left and started spreading. My cat instantly got wide-eyed, perked up and followed the vision with me. That was cool. She was purring.

      • I just love the synchronicity of reading ‘Divine Mother/Feminine is so badass…..’ as just this morning 4.44am to be exact I was woken up by my electric toothbrush going off (on its own) and I was then unable to switch it off, so I had to get up (also this woke my baby, so she was up with me, and try and find a way to get it to stop, I managed to open it with a knife and get it to stop and i told my daughter Mommy is badass haha (and I don’t normally say these things, it just came out) ❤️

  • Denise,

    Thank you for explaining what I’ve been experiencing but didn’t know how to articulate.

    Really looking forward to the Solstice.

    Thanks again for your great work.


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