Dream Messages of My Death

Since the triple 9’s of September 9, 2009 (09-09-09) I’ve had almost nightly dream messages about my “death”. These dreams are not about me physically dying but are about an important transitional death via the 09-09-09 separation from the old lower frequency Earth world, reality and collective.

Each of these dreams seems to be informing me that I have indeed made a complete separation from the world, life and reality that I incarnated into in this life decades ago. I’ve sensed this already but obviously some higher aspect of ME wants Denise to thoroughly and consciously understand this so, the many recent dreams about my having “died”.

Even though I’ve died in these dreams, I’m still alive in them doing things and going places and so on so these messages are clearly about a separation from one world, dimension and state of being and not my actual physical death. The only reason I’m even mentioning these many recent death dreams I’ve been having since 09-09-09 is because I suspect many other people have been having them too or soon may be. I’m positive these dreams are due to the 09-09-09 separation from the old lower 3D world we Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers incarnated into. Evidently, I am needing to really get this message now and felt it important I share this in case you are too.

Denise Le Fay

October 5, 2009


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3 thoughts on “Dream Messages of My Death

  • My guess would be that you have at least a passing knowledge of the occult.
    Being a skeptic, I would suggest that your mind perhaps ‘kick-started’ your
    dreams on a date that your subconscious deemed to be significant, …primarily
    because of an association of its numbers. Of course, it’s only a guess and
    my suggestion isn’t based upon any real knowledge on my part, to speak of.

    I only found this page about an hour ago while searching for possible meanings
    in a dream that I had myself only this morning. It was profound enough to me that
    I actually signed up to have a blog, just to be able post here.

    Apparently I was lucid-dreaming, because my wife stated she was upset after she
    attempted to wake me and I had responded in my sleep that I didn’t want to return
    to the real-world.

    The dream went as follows:
    (I’ll try to remember it as clearly as I can and omit the ‘hazier’ parts)

    I was in a stuffy room with two other people. One of them was a catatonic woman
    laying on her back and breathing heavily through some sort of strange convulsions
    or possibly a mild, epileptic fit. I tried talking to her, but she didn’t
    even recognize that I was there. The other individual was a hefty man that
    looked to be in his 40’s. The hefty guy was plodding around the room, gibbering
    on incessantly about some topic or other that i wasn’t listening to and
    thus, caught very little of.

    The room itself had tan-colored walls with no doors or windows. Instead
    of a ceiling, various dark, wooden beams crisscrossed and intersected above the
    room. In between the beams were very thin panes of glass. I could see a brilliant
    cerulean sky above me, but very far to one side was a sunrise/sunset and
    a good distance on the other side was stars and night-sky.
    The ‘ceiling’ itself was almost like a giant window. There were three
    large, flat stones lined up in the room. The woman was lying on hers,
    I was sitting on the edge of mine and the hefty-man was strolling around the
    sides of his.

    Of course everything I’m going to say about YOUR dream is just my (Denise) interpretation of YOUR dream.

    The emphasis on three (3) is symbolic of you integrating polarized aspects within you etc., to evolve/perceive/function beyond them within a higher state of consciousness.

    The ceiling with the heavy dark wooden beams represented the dimensional border between 3D physicality, while the transparent “glass” in between them, the transition point into another less dense dimension beyond the physical.

    The woman started to frighten me because she seemed to ‘phase’ around herself
    and become blurry while she laid there. The hefty guy lifted his stone slab by
    the end and leaned it up against the wall. He then proceeded along an attempt to
    crucify himself against it. It was pretty gruesome, but I watched him the entire
    time. After he failed, he fell forward on the floor. Smeared blood was everywhere.

    Collective and/or personal fears, religious beliefs etc. about death/dying within physicality. To most people dying is scary high drama. You’ve discovered that it’s a far easier and very “normal” transition and that we’re far, far more than just our 3D physical bodies and ego-based sense of self and limited consciousness. Well done. 🙂

    After that, i watched the hefty-man get up. He had wings then. They were a dingy
    off-white color and looked grimy and extremely tattered. All the feathers
    seemed ruffled and misaligned. The hefty-man rose upwards through the room and
    passed right though the glass between the beams and continued upward into the sky
    outside. When he got pretty high-up he started talking again. He ranted on and
    on about how the light from the sunrise/sunset was irritating him. He asked
    me if it was gods’ light, because if it was, he could tolerate it. I told him no,
    it’s light from the sun. He responded that it was ridiculous that he had to
    tolerate the oppressive sunlight that was surrounding him and he could hardly see
    anything at all because of how bright it was.

    I enjoyed this part. The “Light” is from “God” AND it is being transmitted to humanity currently through the Sun. That’s what the Sun does for humanity; it transmits higher dimensional energies to assist us in this current species and planetary evolution/ascension process. Interesting he found this Light “oppressive” and that he had to “tolerate” it. Higher frequency energies do indeed bother lower frequency people carrying lower frequency energies/beliefs/emotions etc in them. It literally hurts when higher comes into contact with lower frequencies, which is what we’re all living through now.

    At that point in my dream I noticed that the woman wasn’t in the room anymore.
    After I was alone in the room I started to feel strange. This was the part of my
    dream where i died. I barely remember my death. It only lasted a brief moment
    in my dream and then it was over. It was more of a footnote or a formality really,
    in the context of my dream. It was over with before I had a chance to feel
    bad about it, whatsoever. The next part was the most enjoyable for me.

    Dying is easy compared to living in physicality! We – as spiritual beings – return to a more “natural” state when we exit our physical bodies within 3D and it feels GREAT after the incredible restrictions and heaviness that is life in physicality. You might enjoy my book The Temple of Master Hotei.

    I didn’t physically exist. I had no real senses like sight or smell etc.
    All I had was a strange feeling that I was communicating and interacting with
    some kind of immense and benevolent version of myself. I then got the feeling
    in my dream that for the first time I experienced true peace because I had
    a complete and accurate understanding of all things on an almost instinctive
    level. For a person like myself who struggles for understanding in his waking life,
    it was like a huge burden had been lifted and all the turmoil and confusion was
    finally done and over.

    You were more of the “real YOU” which is simply consciousness…minus the dense “meat suit”. Feels grand doesn’t it? The other aspect that you perceived you were “communicating with” was your Higher Self. You experienced – and more importantly consciously remembered this state of being and awareness – having a conscious interaction and knowing-ness with your Higher Self. You were literally changed because the waking you has retained the memory of your so-called “dream”, which was much more than just stuff coming up from your subconscious mind. Don’t forget all you learned/remembered about other levels/dimensions of reality and consciousness, as THAT was what your Higher Self was gifting you with via this “dream” I sense.

    At any rate, …this massive being told me to go back to where I was and do
    what I thought best, now that i knew how everything worked. ‘I’ ended up floating
    above a sidewalk near a busy street in the city. It was extremely vivid. No
    people could see or hear me and I didn’t have a body anymore, but I could see
    and hear everything around me and had the sense that I could do just
    about anything I thought about. It was very empowering and felt like complete
    and total freedom.

    This is a common other-dimensional level and state of being and awareness that’s not only “Astral traveling” but higher than that. You were playing with your new found ability to be conscious within the dream state or “lucid” as it’s often called. This is probably just the beginning of many more lucid dream state travels for you so once again, well done. Know that there is so much more beyond this level however. 🙂

    For some reason or other, I listened to a few people’s thoughts and then
    decided to dive into a passing car on the road. I went into the engine of the
    car as it sped down the road. I could see through the metal and watch everything
    outside. The car approached a turn and as it veered down another road I dove into
    the engine of a truck nearby. I know it makes no sense, but it was an amazing
    dream for me. I got the feeling that I was traveling somewhere, but the wife
    woke me from sleep before I got to discover where I was heading…

    Anyway, that’s my dream about being dead. I doubt it holds any significance or
    interest for anyone reading this. I needed an outlet to express this particular
    dream however, and the post here was asking.

    I hope you don’t mind me writing within your Comment like this oldscience, but it was so complex that I felt this was the easiest way for me to respond. It holds a tremendous “significance” for all who ready it as many, many people are suddenly becoming more conscious of the numerous other aspects of themselves that are indeed multidimensional. This is one large aspect and result or side effect of the ongoing Ascension Process; people becoming more aware of their actually being multidimensional Beings. Thank you for sharing your important breakthrough dream…which wasn’t a “dream” at all.

    • oldscience & Jackie,


      You said something that made me wonder about which Settings I’d set for people to write Comments here. After reading up on this I discovered that I had indeed chosen a setting for Comments that required the person had to have a WordPress blog and be logged in!!! Gads, I had no idea that that’s what that one setting meant, and so, I’ve changed it so now anyone can write a Comment. Hopefully that change should make life a tad bit easier for anyone who wants to write a Comment now. Sorry about that…I didn’t realize.

      And Jackie, this should make it much easier for you to now write Comments too.


  • Whoa, talk about dying!

    I’ve had numerous dreams about happily killing myself! Also a wonderful death dream I would like to share.

    It started with me bumping into my mom and grandma, they dissolved in tears, explaining me that my grandpa had died. At the same time it was very confusing because throughout the first part of the dream I wasn’t really sure if grandma or grandpa had actually died. I remember I was pretty strong and overcame the sorrow immediately. The dream continued with the news that grandma had given birth to a child in the same day/ same morning. The baby actually didn’t look newly born, but as if it was 1-year-old. It looked somewhat pretty wise and mature. It was so so cute and I really enjoyed its presence.

    The message is pretty clear, isn’t it? 🙂

    The only dream about death I had after 999 was about me walking among buildings and seeing dead bodies being brought out of them, as if garbage.

    I just love dreaming about death ’cause it always lead to some great change & progress.

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