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milk-white ET by Keshara    libra

          (Artwork by Artist – Keshara)

You know those times when you read or hear something for the very first time and within that first second you know it is absolute truth? That was how I was affected years ago when I read one sentence from one of Barbara Hand Clow’s books. She said that the sign Libra had to do with Extraterrestrials. I know that is true and in that first second of reading that I wondered how in the world I could have forgotten that tasty interdimensional  astrological tidbit?

Natally I have four planets in Libra in the 8th house—Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Moon. Saturn and Neptune are my “rulers”—I’m a Capricorn with Pisces Asc. I just flashed all that astrological info only to help make a couple points. We are evolving into a new higher level of astrology now only because we are evolving/ascending ourselves.

ARIES rules “self” or “me” and the opposite sign to Aries is LIBRA, which rules “all Others” or everyone other than “self” or “me”. In decades past these “all Others” meant to astrologers only other humans. However, there are a lot more “Others” out there than just our physical human neighbors on Earth! Because we’re evolving so quickly now, this very old and lower consciousness astrological concept about Libra ruling “all Others” beside the Aries “self” or “me”, means we’ve got to add some more nonphysical Beings to that “Others” list. Primarily we’ve got to add Beings like interdimensional ETs, but also all other nonphysical Beings and entities (Elemental beings, other dimensional beings, entities etc.) This is the astrological side to humanity evolving back into “Universal Society”. As our consciousness evolves and expands beyond simply our physical Earth and 3D, we’re naturally going to have to include numerous other of these higher dimensional “Others” that have always existed in their different frequencies and dimensions to our miniscule concept of “all Others”.

I’ve known that I am a Wanderer (came from another dimension into 3D Earth physicality to help) since age five. My first memory of seeing two beautiful male humanoid ETs float through a wall and talk with me was at age three. (All this and much more is in my new book.) I have had conscious clairvoyant and telepathic etheric meetings with some different nonphysical ET beings for the majority of my life. I feel my natal chart reflects all this, and much of it is my four planets in Libra in the 8th house. It’s been fairly easy for me, as a clairvoyant Wanderer/Lightworker, to communicate with a small group of higher dimensional ETs for decades. Most of us Lightworkers/Wanderers/Star people are clairvoyant and telepathic so that we could remain in some form of higher contact with our friends and family from Home, and they with us while living and working (our missions) on Earth in 3D.

But now as we move energetically up the ascension stair steps and our bodies, brains, nervous systems, evolve to exist at a higher, faster vibrating, and more Light filled level and dimension, we naturally are vibrating much, MUCH closer now to the same vast frequency range where many of these ET beings have existed. Like I’ve said for years now—the ETs are not coming down, but we are evolving energetically up to where many (but not all) of them have existed all along. See this old post I wrote on Sept. 7, 2007 called “Meeting Old Blue Friends”.

October 30, 2009 transiting Saturn leaves Virgo where it’s been traveling through since Sept. 2007, and enters LIBRA. Saturn will be transiting through the sign of Libra until October 6, 2012. This transit heralds the start of my second Saturn Return, but much more importantly I feel it energetically will be assisting many of us who have been living the ascension and dimensional shifting process for years already, to finally come into much more conscious contact with some different ETs and other dimensional beings. This is the beginning stage for many of us to re-adapt to more of the “Others” that exist all around us…”only inches away“.

Do not make the old lower 3D mistake of expecting to see UFOs flying around or strange lights in the night sky. Nope, these interactions will be more like my folding laundry experience in the link above. They will be more about you suddenly just seeing, feeling, sensing one or a small group of three or five or so nonphysical, higher dimensional beings or ETs. They could suddenly be etherically in your living room, or you could suddenly find yourself in their living room!  How cool is that finally?  This business is all about our ascending/evolving consciousness, not about past UFOs and linear 3D time-space. It’s about our becoming more quantum, more inter-dimensionally conscious (5D) because WE are finally vibrating fast enough and with enough higher light in our bodies that we can finally see many of the “Other” others. Expect some wonderfully unexpected etheric glimpses and flashes, clear  images and/or outright etheric ET manifestations and telepathic communications. Don’t worry because this process will start slow, to give us time to adapt and not act like complete fools! This simply goes along with our ascending/evolving back into a more unified state of being and dimension, so expect to begin bumping into some of Them a bit more from here on out.



October 1, 2009

15 thoughts on “Libra & ETs

  • Hi denise
    Thanks so much for your kind words. I have been feeling some very critical, crucial and significant transformations in my life lately. Their intensity may increase further in uranus saturn transition period as you mentioned. I think I have been given trailers of that by the universe.
    please keep me guided and help me walk straight on the path.
    Luv and regards

  • Hi denise
    Great to know that “Libra had to do with Extraterrestrials”. I am also a libran born on October 5th and on coming monday, I am completeing 38 years of my life, entering into 39th. Denise do you have any advice for me for my coming time as you mentioned couple of times about 39th year of one’s life? Any thing significant on a libran’s 39th year on planet earth especailly at this time coming from you is greatly welcome?
    luv and hugs

    • algen,

      Happy Birthday Libra! 🙂

      What you’re entering is your “Uranus Opposition” which begins for everyone at age 39 through 42 or 43. So this astrological transit is an important life transit that will last for at least four years. For me it was the real start of my “ascension process” back in 1991, but that was just me please understand. However, the Uranus Opposition is a life altering, person changing transit. Are you or have you already had any kundalini risings just connected with the ascension process? If so, then the kundalini risings/hot flashes that the Uranus Opposition usually triggers in some people won’t be that much of a shock to you! If you haven’t had any signs of kundalini risings yet, get ready because you may, may experience them at some point during this four year transit. Also weird dreams where you process some of your stuff, your inner emotional junk that just has to be transmuted and released now via this transit.

      With Uranus Opposition transit, expect big life changes in your life – both inner and outer. This is a transit of transformation within you and your life and world. Don’t fight it, just flow with the changes. On top of this transit, transiting Saturn will enter Libra on Oct. 30, 2009. This means Saturn will be transiting up to, and then across your Libra Sun (and any other planets there too if there are any) which might feel to you like some “restriction” or extra burden or responsibility (Saturn). On one level Uranus will be tearing away certain things in you for the better (even though it probably won’t feel like it at the time!), and at another level transiting Saturn in Libra could make you feel pressured, restricted, weakened, exhausted, extra responsibilities, or just having to make changes with the people and “Others” in your life.

      Don’t worry as this is really a time of becoming more free. Just roll with the changes because it is time. 😉

      Happy Birthday sweetie.

  • Teddy, my “son in law” that I adopted from,

    Glad to see you here!

    What an awesome dream experience & blessing!

    I totally feel, too that I am a blue ray, and also had an interesting dream like experience several years back, although nothing maybe as unique as what you described. I was in a house somewhere and heard visitors at the front door — So I went to greet them, and there were two beings there, who I did not recognize at first, although they seemed very familar and had an air of almost being of royalty, very humble, full of love. One was a beautiful female with ornate jewelry and long dark hair, the other a beautiful male. THey came in and the male got right to business with me and went over some “stuff” with me as far as what he wanted me to focus on with my learning/healing. There was this incredibly powerful connection between us — before they went to leave, the female very quietly pulled me aside and indicated that the male went by several names, but primarily I would know him as Krishna! I was pretty taken aback when she told me, esp. when I looked back and realized he was indeed blue! But I also felt pretty high on life for several days after that. Shortly thereafter, I picked up some beautiful wooden carvings from India, one of the Lord Krishna, the other, his consort Radha, who I believe was the woman who was talking with me..her behavior towards him when she was telling me who in fact he was — was to me the most revealing part b/c she was also in as much awe of him as I was, if not more!

    Just wanted to share 🙂

    Robin (Sea_Priestess)

    • Robin,

      How wonderful and thanks for sharing one of your many ET experiences. It made my heart sing. (In my reply comment to Tedd I mentioned Lord Krishna and his blue skin. Loves them higher dimensional coinky dinks! 😉

      Also I just love how like-frequency souls are reconnecting now that it really is time for this to begin openly. More heart singing for sure.


      • It is so cool, Denise…and like they said in the movie “build it and they will come”…well kudos for building this field for all of us likeminded souls to come to and exchange ideas with and bolster one another up! I can tell you that it has been a blessing for me to have found you and this wonderful place! Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂


        • Robin,

          I feel the same way believe me! It’s been sooo many years all by myself, so I too am profoundly grateful to be having higher dimensional Family connections happening at TRANSITIONS and through these higher vibrating cyber “Communities”. Next will come the external or physical new (ascended) Communities which will be so wonderful too.

          Hugs & Gratitude,

    • Hey, momma Robin! 🙂

      Am I the only ascending Tedd, huh!? 🙂
      So glad to see you again, the world is small! And thank you for sharing this wonderful story! I feel jealous, want some Krishna too!


      • Tedd

        Actually, I’ve seen ya over at Lauren’s, too…haven’t written b/c, well, the forum just isn’t the same over there like it is here! (Yayyy Denise!!)

        Well, if you make intention before you retire for the evening to get back in contact with Therybo, you can ask him if he can hook you up with Krishna! It’s probably alot easier than you might think — you might have to work though on being able to remember the context of your meeting(s) though the next day!

        Hugs and so glad to see your smiling self on here!


        • Lauren is a real treasure & I love her immensely. <33 But the forum doesn't seem to work for me lately so I moved my butt around here.

          Would you like to make me this place's talisman then? 😎 cause I guess I'm the youngest (20) .. which reminds me, Denise, I would love to hear your take on the different roles we, the different groups of the ascension parade, play.

          So glad I returned!


        • Ted,

          I will try to write a bit about what I know of our new “roles” in the higher new world reality.

          There is another young woman (Beth or Balsamicmoon) who is 20 or maybe she turned 21 last Aries? Anyway, the more young Indigo souls the better. 🙂


  • Denise,

    As you know me, 😉 it will be so wonderful and amazing for me to meet some of our ET friends 🙂 I feel like I’ve waited a very long time for this!
    During my UFO contact years I was always thinking about who was in the craft…..

    Love & gentle hugs,


  • I recently dreamed about a blue ET teaching me & my sister and some other people how to use our telepathic gift. We were still kids in the dream. The ET was really kind & loving and I remember while it was vanishing into the wall (so what’s with these walls, huh?), I said to my sister “Isn’t Therybo (apparently that was its name) just wonderful?”. I remember upon awakening I wondered why its skin was blue since I thought ETs were either green or grey (how narrow). It didn’t feel like a dream at all, but more like a lost memory.

    I read the “Meeting Old Blue Friends” post (btw, you should edit the link, I get “You are not allowed to edit this post.”) and it reminded me of all the blue ray stuff I read these days. Do you consider yourself a blue ray? I would definitely say you are!

    Much love,

    • Tedd,

      My bad with the crap link…sorry everyone. 😳 I got it fixed and thanks for letting me know about it Tedd.

      Yes I suspect I am of the Blue Ray group. That’s another reason why I always used “Lapis” as my user name at forums, plus a connection to ancient Egypt and 8D Orion friends. Some of them had milk-white skin with a very pale blue tint deep beneath.

      Remember seeing those beautiful drawings of “Lord Krishna” with his pale blue skin? Yep, higher dimensional ET lineage.


      • Hey, Denise, thank you for always replying!

        Two months ago I used to follow your blog, then stopped as I needed some time without reading anything “spiritual”. Recently, I came across it again and now I just can’t get enough! Your energy is so wonderful & addictive and I feel as if I found an old friend I didn’t initially recognize! So a big thank you for doing what you’re doing!

        So does Orion has something to do with the Blue rays? Recently, while trying to communicate with my guides, I asked them where is my soul origin and was given “Orion” and then “Zeta”, and after I googled it, it turned out there’s a star called Zeta Orionis and has smth to do with 8d. Is it really possible? I’m still skeptical as to what I am channeling. 🙂


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