December 2012 Solstice & December 2016 Solstice Points


Firstly, don’t let the image above fool you into thinking I mean the obvious because it’s a lot larger than just that. Secondly, this is another one of my articles where it will be helpful if you feel it, discern it, and when needed read between the lines in it, especially the ones that are political. I hate politics, always have, just like I’ve always hated everything patriarchal on this planet because it’s nonhuman Team Dark that’s running all of them and the systems etc. So, like the image above, you know what and who and why I’m referring to without my having to name names. Sometimes I try to share complex Ascension related information without spelling out certain names and/or words that I know and you know certain other people or groups would focus on with negative intent. None of us needs any of that so when needed I drop more breadcrumbs and hints and hope the readers sense with Higher Awareness the multiple layers I’m actually talking about without using certain names, words and so forth. 🙄

pinkzero1 Zero Zone that rare short and very powerful shift period of being in transition between the currently completing 9-yearlong cycle and preparing to evolve up to and enter the next higher evolutionary Stair-step that begins on January 1, 2017 or 1-1-1.

This completion year (2016) of the last 9-yearlong cycle is extremely different and much more potent than all preceding ones because it’s happening at the end of the Sun crossing the Galactic Equator or Galactic Alignment. Said another way, this Zero Zone will release us into the NEW of a much higher frequency cycle and place, space via the 1-1-1 energies of NEW beginnings on January 1, 2017. Over time more people will realize that something really huge and very positive has happened.

The end of 2016 is proving that things have already changed in big ways, and yes, I’m partly talking about the November 2016 presidential election and its outcome here in the USA. There’s more going on with all this of course so breath, relax and allow everyone that desperately needs to very clearly see and honestly know that the global patriarchal system is corrupt through-and-through, is dead-ended and literally devouring itself. “Disclosure” is happening, just not how most expected it would. Nope, “disclosure” is going to be much worse because so much more of the truth is currently tumbling out into the LIGHT for all to see, feel and know personally.

(I’d call Lisa Renee’s December 2016, Violating Laws of Nature’ article a great accurate read that should be considered “disclosure”. I strongly suggest you read the entire article despite it being difficult to get through some of the material. More about some of that in another article by me.)

I wrote about how my best physical friend and Ascension partner, my 11½ year-old cat, suddenly began dying on election day, November 8, 2016. While the TV was giving blow-by-blow updates on whose winning/won the presidential election, my best feline fur buddy began dying that morning Pacific time here in California. My cat had been okay up until election day, then he began dying while everything else played out on the global news. I knew he wasn’t just sick and would get better in a few days but that he was indeed dying. Before November 8, 2016 happened, I’d previously sensed that my cat would probably live for another year and a half approximately, so when he suddenly began dying on election day, I knew we’d changed timelines (probable realities) that day, and in that timeline my cat had died. In the other timeline, the one where someone else won the election, my cat would live for another year and a half or so.

Tomorrow is one month since he left his feline body and it’s taken me almost that long to emotionally work through the grief and changes of his sudden passing, and from what happened with the election due to the shift to another timeline. Like I said, I knew on November 8th, election day, that we’d shifted to another timeline because my cat suddenly began dying and the election turned out the way it has, and my body and heart felt so horrible. But, just because I knew this from Higher Awareness doesn’t mean I was emotionally unaffected by those unexpected sudden hard turns in another direction/timeline! Most of you reading this FELT this sudden timeline change rip through you, your body and HighHeart on November 8th or afterwards. Thirty days later it’s less intense, this positive timeline change that was made, even though the majority are terrified for a variety of reasons due to the incoming presidential three-ring circus. This is about “disclosure”, about seeing everything for oneself, not about a political group or person etc. This is how the masses are made to “wake up” (almost as suddenly as my cat dying) so they’ll see and know for themselves that something totally NEW and vastly better must be had by all now. And who better to reveal and prove that and much more than this three-ring circus? Trust the unfolding layers of the NEW 2017 process.

You Got an Innie or an Outie?

I used this term innie and outie in another article at TRANSITIONS awhile back to try to get people to be conscious of whether their mental and emotional focus is constantly aimed at the external (outie), or the internal (innie). Thanks to Team Dark (TD) tactics, humanity has been trained to constantly look outside of themselves for everything; help, information, guidance, power, protection, health, spiritual answers, safety etc. This has been a long process of intentional dis-empowerment by TD upon humanity, but now via the evolutionary Ascension Process/Galactic Alignment and shifts up into higher frequency, consciousness and reality, everyone is having to get familiar with and comfortable again constantly looking within oneself for everything.

Unity or HighHeart consciousness and fifth dimensional reality means that each individual has evolved through and beyond lower frequency Duality and Separation and is incrementally reuniting with, merging with their Higher Self and Divine Source in their current physical body and incarnate Lower Self. The popular keyword for this now is Sovereign or Sovereignty. You and YOU and the Divine YOU and Source are becoming One, again, but this time it’s happening while you’re alive in a physical body on a physical world. This is you becoming the ultimate innie. ⭐ Do you honestly believe that an evolved Sovereign human being filled with HighHeart Light LOVE needs any governing by external groups or people or person? Do you believe that they need others to provide things for them? Protect them? Spiritually guide them? Physically or in any other way heal them? Stair-steps and we’re evolving up them fast now. ❤

December 2012 Solstice & December 2016 Solstice

For a few months now I’ve felt the Higher Awareness nudges for me to remember and review what I went through and what humanity and earth went through during the Life Review that took place for every living human at some point from December 21, 22, 23, 2012. Usually when I feel these types of pulls from other time periods and big events, it’s because there are one or more highly important connections to and with it and this current time now. Such has been the case with the Three Days of December 21, 22, & 23, 2012 and THIS December 21, 2016 Solstice.

It’s often hard for me to adequately express these quantum, Spherical Consciousness, multiple events in this very linear written form. If we were physically together I could move around and flail my arms and make exaggerated gestures to help express multiple things at once. Writing about them is harder for me so this is, again, one of those areas where I need you to FEEL into this information. Some of you did already as soon as you saw these two important dates and shift points written out side by side.

300dpi goldblack In some ways this is as easy as turning one’s head in different directions. In one direction one sees, feels and knows what’s in that “space” and location. Turn your head in a different direction and suddenly one is seeing, feeling and knowing something different in that “space” and location. Is one correct and the other incorrect? Is one real and the other not? No, they both, they all are correct, viable, organic, legitimate and “real” and this is multidimensional reality, Spherical Consciousness and Divine Creativity. Spherical Consciousness is able to perceive numerous different points of reality in numerous different timelines and dimensions either by quickly shifting between two or more points, and/or being able to hold multiple points/realities simultaneously. When one does this, typically one is able to See and Know complex connections and interactions between two or more of these points/realities/timelines etc. That is what I’ve been sensing and feeling between December Solstice 2012 and all of December, and especially December 21, 2016 Solstice. There is a direct and important connection between these two (and probably more) Ascension related event points. What all they are I’m not completely aware of at this time but I FEEL them working together to evolve each one of us and everything else up into the NEW level that’s coming with 2017.

More Personal & Collective REVELATIONS

2016 has been a year of ongoing personal revelations and this has amplified and quickened like crazy during these last three months of the year. I’ve had a few more personal revelations that have enabled me to quickly release some remaining emotional and energetic connections and attachments I’ve had (in myself I mean) with family members, animals, other people etc. from the old Evolutionary Cycle that completing this year. That is very much an ongoing part of what we experienced during our Life Reviews during those three days of December 21, 22 & 23, 2012. We’re here now at this end and phase of some of that now from September through December 2016, releasing whatever and whoever it is that each of us needs to during this final month of completion within the old lower cycle/cycles. Don’t analyze it to death just do it and keep evolving.

Unusual NEW Dream Protections

Thought I’d mention this strange one too. During November and December I’ve had a couple of unusual things happen while asleep and in a dream. I’ve never experienced this before so that’s why I’m mentioning it.

While in the start of some dream that, to me based on multiple past lower experiences with this, I’d be aware that the dream had been redirected in a direction I’d never go on my own. In the past when this would happen it always indicated I’d been intentionally hijacked by nonhuman TD beings from the sleep state dream level and shoved into a controlled dream setting where they could do whatever it was they were intent on doing to me at the time and observe my reactions and emotions to their created horrors. I felt this start to happen once in November and again in December 2016, and both times something happened immediately that prevented it escalating into seriously evil, bloody, nightmarish events. In the past when this would happen I would deliberately wake myself up and escape TDs negative dream trap. In these recent cases, something else did this work for me and I find that a very interesting change to this type of TD Astral kidnapping and/or hijacking.

In both cases there was some unusual sound that didn’t fit in with the dream in any way and was so loud it caught my attention and instantly caused me to eject myself from what I knew was quickly going to turn into a horrible TD created nightmare. It was like a NEW built-in safeguard that prevented TD from hijacking any of us while we’re asleep and out of our physical bodies in other dimensions. To me, this was just one more obvious sign that we’re in a higher timeline where TD simply cannot attack and interfere with us like they always have before. That’s the reason I’m sharing this weird one because it’s another indicator of how greatly things have changed, improved so far.

Recent Increase in Nonphysical Visitors

blue pale people Before and after the election day timeline change took place, I noticed a big increase in etheric bleed-throughs inside my house. I kept clairvoyantly Seeing and hearing humanoid shaped beings moving around in my house, often making some noise like they wanted to make sure I knew they were there seeing me too. It all felt very positive and like it was a reaction to the positive timeline change that stirred up some things and beings. I felt or sensed nothing negative about any of this, only an excitement on their side about the next big shift humanity will make with the entrance into the 1 energies of 2017 but at a NEW higher level and timeline.

Nothing Else Matters Than Getting Humanity Freed From TD

Lastly, thanks to all these other events, levels and phases we’ve gone through this year, many more of us are feeling an even greater desire to lift humanity up and out of range from all Team Dark influences. By “us” I mean the Forerunners, Starseeds, Blue Rays, Lightwarriors, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Indigos etc.

Nothing else matters at this point other than lifting everything up out of the dank, filth and darkness and back into the Light and LOVE where true freedom exists. This desire, this unrelenting drive will amplify and spread out to more people around the world once we’re in the NEW higher energies of 2017. “Regular” people won’t stand for anymore abuse and atrocities against global humanity, animals, elemental beings, Gaia and all lifeforms. HighHeart consciousness makes it impossible; 5D life and reality makes it impossible; Sovereign individuals won’t endure it any longer, so we’re needed to help Consciously Create the NEW Earth world we want for ourselves. Trust the Process, trust yourself and you/You/YOU/Divine You. ❤

Denise Le Fay

December 15, 2016

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

17 thoughts on “December 2012 Solstice & December 2016 Solstice Points

  • Thank you Denise for this information, this is so helpful to me. Regarding the dream protection: two nights ago I had a dream, won’t bore you with all the details but after what felt like a long time in my dream state, I was looking for my husband, we were at a party and I hadn’t seen him for ‘hours’. I found myself at the back end of the house and I could hear him being ahem, intimate with my best friend! The part of the house seemed not quite right and I couldn’t see them, but I could hear them so distinctly, I searched but could not find them, obviously becoming more and more distraught (my Hubbie is extremely loyal in real life). It felt like something more was going on and then, I woke up physically and felt myself literally propelled out of bed to use the bathroom. I felt like the sounds, of him and her had been somehow placed together, like edited recordings. It was so, so vivid, but I was semi-aware in the dream that this was somehow staged. The feeling of the dream is still with me now, so I’m trying to remain neutral and detached from it. It’s all fascinating… So thank you for your beautiful post, as always, and I feel what you say, about a protective mechanism being built it during dream state. The force in which I woke up and was shoved into being awake was extremely dramatic 😂. Much love and blessings to you dear Denise 💖💖💖💖💖

  • Dear Denise
    Everytime Your mention different timelines, other dimensions and our mutidimensional self. I realize that you never wrote about these topics exclusively. I am keen to know many things about different timelines, other dimensions and our mutidimensional self like where do these timelines exist in our universe or they exist in a different universe? Are we the same, with same body, same face, same family and same conditions of living in those timelines? What are the laws of nature applicable to these timelines, dimensions etc? I have many such questions, intelligent or naive in my mind and keep looking for answers. Since you have practical knowledge of these things, request you ,could please write an article anytime exclusively on these topics to make people understand the subject better?
    Best Regards

    • Hansa,

      I watched a new (to me) movie just last night on HBO that was very much like something I personally experienced back in 2004 or 2005 (I’ll have to check my journal notes). I knew after watching it last night that I’d write something about this topic, which is that there are other layers of other dimensional worlds and beings/people that exist within them mere inches away from this world we’re in.

      That plus our current Ascension Process which is us evolving so we can shift out of the old lower frequency (layer with its timeline) 3D duality dimension and into much higher frequency 5D unity dimension with its timeline. Hansa, these things are what I’ve written about for the past ten years now online at TRANSITIONS and HighHeartLife!

      Anyway, I’ll work on this particular article because there’s been a few 5D coinky dinks — synchronicitys — recently about this topic and more, like Intellectual Property being used (that was polite for stolen) as creative ideas by some TV and movie (script) writers. All they have to do is read through websites and blog sites like mine where people like me share our personal other-dimensional experiences, ET interactions, Angelic encounters, multidimensional travels and Forerunner ascension works etc. More to come asap.

      • Thanks so much Denise, for your kind reply and consideration.
        Looking forward to your said enlightening article.

  • I got flashed three times while reading this post. stating not a secure site-yeah right saw through that attempt to keep me out of this info.
    So my newest thing in dreamtime. Visiting 1986 as my 2016 self and talking to an old “boyfriend” so young looking and he not knowing it was me. When I told him he said yeah we have our first date tonight. Really just when I think my dreamtime can’t get any (no word) then off I go. This was beyond awesome.

    Denise, have you ever wondered if those with dementia are just living another timeline? Or are in and out of ones that are different than ours? With all the family drama this year, I see my mother as a great teacher. She is recovering from a broken arm and is so brave and strong dealing with my unaware, sleeping sisters and brothers.

    Much love to you sister of my heart and to everyone who comments here as well, We are family!

  • Hi Denise, u shared something about a tone pulling u away from TD dreaming. Well, I used to have that happen often for years. My various illnesses made me sleep all the time. And out of the blue I’d hear a tone, I was almost always certain it was the door, but it never was. Sometimes I’d hear a loud buzz. If o ignored these and kept sleeping I became aware I’d have bad dreams. Back then td wasn’t all that real to my earthly self. Later on I learned I was being taken, but I didn’t understand. It would be years and years till I opened my mind to that td wasn’t a myth or white light and love would take care of me. Sigh. The past 7 years I descended into deep stuff. But this year I noticed the sleep interrupting tone has returned. Also sometimes other more physical interruptions like someone ringing my doorbell when most of the year no one does, and I’m always sleeping! So thanks for sharing! 💜

  • “Nothing Else Matters Than Getting Humanity Freed From TD”

    Hi Denise, what a powerful statement – I endorse it completely with all my divine heart 💖

    looking forward to the higher vibrations of 2017. ~ heart hugs

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  • I am so sorry your Ascension buddy died Denise: What a beautiful kitty, too. I had read that before, and sorry, I didn’t offer condolences sooner. When one of my cats died, I morned for months. I still miss them all.

    I had my computer sabotaged, and a full on physical attack by a reptilian end of October (desperation I think because I wouldn’t let him latch onto my energy field and I needed to let go of things myself), and it took me more than a month to get my computer back. I had no idea who had won the election because I don’t watch TV either. I could have gone to the library, but I didn’t care that much. C-est la vie. And, fire the whole lot of them because they are gone, gone, and gone.

    I had some nice relief on 12-12. I’ve been focused on retrieving my dream space also. Good to hear: “It was like a NEW built-in safeguard that prevented TD from hijacking any of us while we’re asleep and out of our physical bodies in other dimensions.” GSF. Thanks Denise.

    • Caroline,

      There’s no need for everyone to write their condolences about my kitter. I know that for some people just doing that is too emotionally painful for them because they’ve gone through it too, as most have. It just takes time to get over… ❤

      I was surprised by TD even trying to get at me a couple times this fall but it shows (all of us) that things have changed tremendously already.

      ‘And, fire the whole lot of them because they are gone, gone, and gone.’

      That was my point with that image. 🙂 All of “them” are fired! 😉

  • I’m a first-time commenter Denise. I have been experiencing similar events in my life all of this year…especially of late. My husband was on his deathbed (cancer) when I told him that Trump would be our next president. He made his transition on the same day as your kitty love. I have lost 8 friend and family members this year including my dad and husband. Suffice to say, it’s been a year of transformation. It has had to be or I would not still be here. It’s been hard as hell but I’m okay and it’s good to know that you are as well. Thank you for all the validation and confirmation along the way!

    • My husband passed in March of this year Anne. It has indeed been a year of transition. I am still trying to understand his leaving this year and am actually grateful that he got to go before the real difficulties started.

      Denise, High Heart Life and Transition have both helped me along this path. It has been (if I am remembering correctly!) since 2007 when I “discovered” your pages after feeling heavy pressure to “change” that year.

      Thank you for staying with us. So many of the Forerunners and Wayshowers have stopped showing the way. Much love to you.

      • Debora,

        Big HighHeart Hugs to you for all you’ve gone through this year too. We should all hug ourselves and everyone else whose gone through this incredible year of completions. ❤ ❤ ❤

        ‘Thank you for staying with us. So many of the Forerunners and Wayshowers have stopped showing the way.

        I knew that after December 2012, a lot of people that had written online about the Ascension Process would stop doing so over time. I’ve felt it so very needed however to continue writing during these difficult years of actually transitioning out of the old lower Evolutionary Cycles and enter a NEW higher level within the NEW Evolutionary Cycles. Everyone is exhausted at this point after so much Inner Work for the past two, three decades, but we’re on the verge of gaining some big evolutionary benefits from doing all that, like not feeling exhausted constantly!

        Thank you All for staying with me through all the Ascension highs and lows. What we’ve accomplished is profound, both personally and internally and for the collect and external realities today and into the future. ❤

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