Massive December 2016 Solstice Energy Wave

cropped-heart-atom2-800x800.jpg A friend emailed me this video today showing a massive, larger than usual and different sort of energy wave hitting earth and all of us now. Thanks for it Barbara. <3

I’m not familiar with the man who created this video—but thank you for it kind sir—and I thought it should be shared for anyone that’s been feeling extra terrible over the past four or five days. It might be time to re-read my earlier article about the energetic connection between December Solstice 2012 and December Solstice 2016.

I’ve been getting zapped (static electricity) constantly since December 17th. I’ve also been crying for no reason whatsoever off and on since about then too. Stomach/gut area bloated again and feeling half sick from eating much of anything. My hair has been looking and feeling like it’s lacking vital life-force again. Also I’ve had the old Ascension Flu aches, pains and chills again, constant inner ear ringing, HighHeart chest and back/spine pains, severe inner cold, super sensitivity to just about everything and everyone, feeling a strange emotional sensation of ‘Life on earth is ending now!’ type thing that I sense is literally pulsing around the entire earth repeatedly and many, many people are feeling this in varying degrees and not understanding it or why they’re feeling like they are. Also have felt ‘wired and tired’ over the past few days with daytime naps or decent night sleep practically nonexistent for the past five days or so.

That ‘Life on earth is ending now!’ sensation is due to our having reached the end of 2016s 9 energies of completion at the December Solstice period (days before 12-21 and days after it) while we’re sailing through the Zero Zone of no time in between what’s ending and what’s starting to begin (2017 1 energies of NEW beginnings) at a much higher level. We knew all this and more was coming and, here it is!

Relax, self-care and release, release, release and hold open your HighHeart to receive, receive, receive more greater NEW. To hell with the old traditions/holidays, this is planetary and species-wide compressed evolution and further shifting into more of the NEW right here, right now. Trust it and release the old lower and hold open to receive, to embody the NEW higher and let your body move through the evolutionary DNA advances it’s experiencing now.

No fear, just more highly compressed evolution during this last December Solstice and Galactic Alignment completion that we will never experience again.

Denise Le Fay

December 20, 2016


31 thoughts on “Massive December 2016 Solstice Energy Wave

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  • I don’t know where or how this circumstance fits, but its so deliberate and I knew what the outcome would be. I don’t understand it on my earthly level. I was taken to small claims court on the 5th. The way I was served was a sickening experience. And today on the solstice I learned I must pay! And yet I knew it. I heard it internally and flipped open books with paragraphs that underscored it. And yet my human mind and emotions feel ill. Because those that enacted this were so bullying and controlling. I’m grateful this is over. I Hope its over! There is something I need to know, learn or understand. Is this TD ir karma? Denise, please read. This probably does not belong here.

    • edith,

      If memory serves me… is this the fence thing? No need to respond publicly.

      Pay it as quickly as you can afford to, and install an energy fence around your entire property daily and nightly until you’ve actually BUILT a potent solid etheric fence (really big, tall and deep). If the neighbor negativity continues in any way, I’d consider moving if you can afford that. If not, learn what you need to from all this about yourself and start creating them moving or leaving soon. Don’t hope for it to be over, make it over yourself.

      • Ok! Writing u privately opened my eyes here. I am copying your reply and I see clearly the area I’ve been avoiding which is working on building with etheric energies, whether cutting cords, sticking with shielding,whatever. THIS is my new focus, intent and purpose! Thank u! And I’ve often desired to move as this property needs more than I can give, but they can move too! Thank u for helping me see I need to work with these weak areas diligently and learn more about Who I Am! Damn it!💜💓💙💗💖💚🌈

  • very timely reminder Denise, thank you 💞 – I tend to think it’s just me having a relapse of sorts, the last five days or so has been like walking through treacle, with heat surges, burning feet, awful debilitating tiredness and a return of electric like waves spreading from the heart into the chest. No appetite for anything nutritious, just lazy snacking (no energy to cook or shop), thank gawd for christmas cake at least !

    I had to put visitors off as I just couldn’t cope with anyone being around, although my mattress and me have been seeing rather more of each other than usual 👀

    Today I managed to do my Solstice meditation, and I felt very grateful that my poor battered old body is still here to take part in this important event. I don’t take part in ‘silly season’ so will get plenty of opportunity to rest, rest and rest again 💤

    I wish everyone a wonderful, joyful Solstice day and a 5D New Year ✨

  • Hi Denise. About 2 weeks back I had one of those dreams showing me I’m releasing something. I had a close up of my nose and somehow began extracting an enormous something from my left sinus. By the time it was complete IT was big enough to carry in my arms about the size of a cat. I’m certain I cleared huge childhood fear and sorrow. The next day I “came down’ with a sinus cold. Fortunately its a light experience and its lasted longer than one would wish 😄 I noticed that because my body, especially my head feels “off” I can’t particularly focus and so my mind and emotions run the gamut. I also feel extremely “bored, done, and finished”. So I’m in-between. Not comfortable. I also feel so lonely.

    Its interesting to read everything that’s shared about ascension, but there is no point in being concerned when one is being as responsible as one can, keeping an open mind, and a balanced one depending upon one’s stair step.

    And our animal companions are the most dear💜

  • Thankyou for your article Denise, and everyone’s comments too, it was much needed 😊 Whoa, what a ride, I too have been experiencing various symptoms, since Thursday 15th December, headaches, throat and sinus infection, chest infection, coughing, body aches, feverish, bug eyed snot monster (yikes!) stomachs pains, bloating after eating most food, and my hair too looking lacklustre Denise, on top of insomnia, and waking at 2-3a.m and not being able to go back to sleep and literally bed ridden since Friday 16th December, in bed now, though symptoms are lifting today after I said to myself last night to sleep with my head at the foot end of the bed in a diagonal position, when I did this, I fell asleep and slept much better and awoke soaking wet with sweat, but went back to sleep and awoke periodically coughing and sweating. Feels like a deep purging, but coupled with dreams of a timeline nature, as talking with people about timelines in the dreams…Ive been crying lots too, sometimes it feels like I’m crying for everyone on the planet, what’s going on with that? Empathic mass consciousness feeling? I think so. Am also clearing entities (Team Dark) that are ‘messing’ still, I do this everyday…And I will keep on keeping on! 😉 Not sure about this ‘wave’ event really, videos can be faked easily, but I can and do choose to stay focused on clearing myself and others and places, bringing in golden source light and visualising it around the Earth and a positive outcome for our beautiful earth and her beautiful people, in harmony…And most of all staying in my heart ❤️️ I’ve been consciously releasing old fears too, as I’ve met a new Love, he has experienced the same symptoms in his ‘cave’ too, though, he’s not so aware of higher dimensional aspects of this, well not consciously, as I see there’s much more to him for us both to discover…Wishing all here much Love and steadfastness as we navigate through it all..I’m so very grateful for the time and Love you put into writing your articles Denise xx

  • Denise
    Thank you. Really made me smile. Guess a sense of humour “balances” one out. You don’t need to publish my comment as it’s just a response to yours. Between the bathroom trips, sinus washing and blowing my nose there must be room to just go with it. Lol xxx wish I could kick it in to touch.

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  • Many thanks for your article. I am at the point physical symptoms have been overwhelming and I am not sure what I am releasing any more. My poor stomach is not coping with any sort of food or beverage and the asthma and sinusitis that has plagued the last 20 years or so has kicked off with avengence. I am a wreck. I have had a lot of times over the last few days where I cannot breathe. It’s as if my body is constantly reacting to the environment it is in. Happy solstice to you. May 2017 bring us all some relief. Love and light

    • Magda & All,

      I just read something in a link Mary shared by a woman who said, in no uncertain terms, that those people experiencing Ascension symptom pains are because they aren’t ‘balanced’, and that if one is ‘balanced’ and ‘used to being balanced’ then Ascension symptoms are basically nothing.

      I don’t appreciate — as I’m sure no one else does either — being shamed, insulted, disrespected or talked down to by anyone for living through the difficult and painful Alchemical Ascension Process of myself and my energy and physical bodies. None of us do.

      Based on what I know from being a 65-year-old Forerunner ‘Volunteer’ with the particular Ascension Mission Work I’ve had and continue to have today, nothing could be farther from the truth. I’m now forcing myself to shut up about this and move on, like I always do, when I encounter an outstanding lack of higher awareness and respect for others. Discernment people! Now, all you balanced beautiful Pathpavers, enjoy the current amplified evolutionary December 2016 Solstice energies even if they do cause you some physical discomfort. 🙂

      • Oh, Denise, I am so sorry! I shared that article because of her interpretation of the wave of energy caught on the Dutchsinse video, I wasn’t even thinking about the part about the ascension symptoms at the end. (I am not sure why that was even in that article, it didn’t seem to be related to the other information.) I forgot about that even being in there since I didn’t agree with that part, I just skipped over it. I did not mean to have you read something that was disrespectful to you. ❤

        • Mary,

          Everything is fine but thanks for your Higher Awareness and HighHeart concern. ❤

          Sometimes certain info needs to be seen and known by more people is all, plus learning to discern what everyone writes no matter who they are. 🙂

  • Hi Denise,

    I found this article from Rising Frequencies helpful. (Actually, the two articles she links to at the bottom are more helpful, The White Horse Prophecy, and the DNA Article. This article is a quick summary of the information she published in those previous articles.) These articles have a lot of background information about the energy wave, which she refers to as Azoth, and says it is forming the Mu Cord for the earth. I just wanted to pass this along in case it is helpful for others. (Please only publish my comment if you think it would be helpful for others.)

    Also, I wanted to express my condolences at the passing of your ascension buddy. I was “owned” by a Siamese for many years. She has been gone for almost five years, and I still mourn her when I think of her.

    I am hoping you and your mom are doing well. ❤


    • Mary,

      I decided to publish your comment with the link in it before I read any of it myself. I’m not familiar with any of the people or information you mentioned but I will read it as soon as I can and respond to any of it if I feel it’s necessary. Hopefully not. 🙂

      Many years ago I too was “owned” by a few Siamese over the years and what amazing felines they are! Yep, I’m fine until I think of any of my now gone cat partners, they hold more importance to me in many ways than relationships I’ve had with other humans. What a gift they are to us during our lifetimes in physicality. ❤

      I read some of her articles and some info is correct in my opinion but some isn’t in my opinion. I’m sure people feel the same way about the things I write about. 😀

  • Whoa , may be have experienced these high energies for a reason { teleported } or time lined not sure. A few days ago I was standing in line 1 in a grocery store looking for my visa card when I looked up and realized I was in the lane 4 standing behind some man in line without my cart, I looked up and saw my cart was 3 lanes back and was in line with out me .. I have always heard about in a blink of an eye, yes I did experience a blink of an eye moment. it took me a few seconds to realize what had happened and was feeling a bit stupid to excuse my self from line 4 and cutting in front of people to get my cart in line 1. When I got back into line I {realized} that I was not aware of any thing that had just happened !!!! I then heard my guides pipe up, saying in a blink of an { eye } everything can change and no one would even notice .. for the past 20 yrs my guides have been telling me get your vibration higher to match these high frequencies coming in so we may travel also like The masters, and who ever else in the universe travel like this so why not us…!!!! This experience really has changed the way I view being on this planet…

    • Patricia,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with nonlinear reality.

      These types of half here and half not here sorts of things is what I was talking about in a recent article about feeling bliss and having to drive the car at the same time. It’s requiring more energy than it’s worth to go to the store to shop and stand in lines and pay and drive the car etc., especially when/while we’re literally vibrating back and forth between two worlds and realities. This isn’t timeline jumping but something else. It’s us rapidly shifting back and forth between different levels of reality and it’s taking more effort to get into and remain in the old (shopping) one.

      Remember everyone how it used to take some real work and effort on our parts to get ourselves up and into a higher or altered state? We’ve evolved to such a degree that this situation is completely opposite now. Now it’s taking some real work and effort on our parts to get into and remain in the lower, linear level and state to shop, drive, pay bills etc. Wild isn’t it?

      The other night while I wasn’t sleeping in the middle of the night, 🙄 , I was laying there in bed and felt my entire body was vibrating from the outside, NOT that internal vibration from the Rewiring Process, this was something else, something NEW. As I laid there analyzing it I realized it was an external energy (cosmic, galactic, evolutionary etc.) ramping up to such a degree that it feels like we’re soon to be catapulted up into the NEW instantly which will greatly reduce this back and forth business we’ve been experiencing. It’s like the rubber band is stretched out as far as it can go and soon (I suspect 1-1-1) it’s going to release and we’re going to get flung up into the NEW in a NEW-to-us sort of way. I think these nonlinear anomalies many of us (and soon many more) have been experiencing like your shopping line event Patricia, will increase dramatically as we “shift” again but in this NEW and much higher way.

  • re the on going energy ramp ups. are we to hope that this means our release from the dark control as soon as the beginning of the new year? I do not like it when I read some sources suggesting another 5 years for the positive changes to happen, don’t reckon any of us can or want to wait a minute longer, us sensitive ones have undergone way too much in the way of suffering through what we have picked up from the mass consciousness. much of it very toxic to us….wishing all a very profoundly relaxing and hope filled Christmas, at this very very unique time in our history, please may we never ever again be imprisoned by anyone again.

    • jane,

      Your question is about being empowered, sovereign, consciously creating (internal) vs. blindly following or waiting for what someone else (external) is saying and/or predicting. The first is the NEW 5D and the second is the old lower 3D way.

      I feel the same way whenever I read someone stating that such and such won’t happen for another 5 years, 25 years, 100 years. My first thought however is always that I create my own world/reality via MY thoughts and intentions and to hell with waiting or giving my power and time (life) over to anyone or anything other than me and Me and ME and Source in this Now Moment. That is the difference.

      I read something recently by Kryon, who I enjoy for the most part, and yet even Kryon said that such and such was going to continue for a very long time before it gets better here on earth. I instantly informed Kryon telepathically that most of us Forerunners have a different plan in play thankyouverymuch. ❤ Higher dimensional beings hear us when we communicate with them like this, in seemly, "just our heads". 😉

      are we to hope that this means our release from the dark control as soon as the beginning of the new year?

      Team Dark’s — human and nonhuman, physical and nonphysical — reign of terror basically ended on December 21, 2012 when the old Evolutionary Cycle completed. In addition with that their ability to see into the future and take advantage of that to insert and/or outright change 3D human earth timelines for their benefit has also ended on 12-21-12. With the start of 2017 (the NEW beginning but on a totally NEW higher level of being and reality), Team Dark can no longer see into the future like they’ve always been able to do so this one thing is a huge situation for them and for us. Their ability to intentionally interfere with humanity to benefit themselves is over, and this is a big part of why there’s such chaos, disrespect of old 3D laws by more humans on earth, rebellions, protests and so on. Everything is changing because the old cycle(s) are over but from the physical perspective we’re in this “cusp-like” transitional period where we’re not solidly in the past but we’re also not yet solidly in the NEW. We will be soon however and Team Dark has no power there at all.

      Important point is that the more we Forerunners do what we’ve been doing all along, the more quickly now the NEW is manifesting across the planet. The first thing creates the second thing so YOU take your power and consciously create, intend, visualize and FEEL what YOU want and forget about what other people and/or channeled beings say that you’d rather not experience here in the physical. 🙂

      • Denise, please expound on FEEL. And I’m adding your above commentary as a part of my next steps. I’m scared and excited. I am beginning fresh with some cleared ground plowed over the last 2 years. Ready to go deeper.

  • Yes Denise… the same here feel like a car wreck… woke this morning at 123… 1.23am (ascending numbers) then my core (base Chakra) just cramped up … I were rolling around … my poor dog vomiting and she wanted to be cuddled while I’m rolling around the bed in total pain.. Ive been so moody and tired and lacking sleep .. then today was at the traffic lights and a car went past with Black and Gold plates.. yep you got it 1111 rego… Did some huge releasing 2 days ago cleared up some things I have kept hidden to myself for 10 years… .. so its all happening thank you

  • Thank you Denise… I just watched this vid at 3am (UK) – yep, the Wide Awake Club again! All of the above and more. But it excites me. I don’t mind the symptoms. I am safe in the knowledge and comforted by the knowing that we are going through this phenomenal time together. We are NOT alone…

    Big Love, Jay xxx

  • Duthsince is a lightworker and has been around since we all started out around 1999. I figured all of us knew about him. he has been reporting for us everything from harp to galactic waves since day one. I’m glad you all found him who hasn’t been following him yet. Hes the only one who has been reporting energy signatures whether harp made or galactic made or from the Sun. hes my go to man for solar flairs. The dark cabal has been pounding on him for years send him your support and love.

  • Yep all of the above you said…no sleep, up 10 times a night with alternating heat/cold, up at 3am the other nite and started crying my eyes out, inner vibrating electric feeling all over, nausea, sounds like bombs dropping in my ears with thunder and the usual jet plane sounds, lucid dreams, and so on…I was looking at the space weather site last night to check and see if we were getting solar storms and my guidance inside said “they are far under predicting the impact of what is going on” so I did a search and came up with this exact same video having no idea of an “energy wave”. I showed it to my boyfriend and he proceeded to debunk it completely…my inner guidance said it’s not about what can be shown by the latest technology really, as there is no technology available to really depict what is happening now. I found your writings last year and found you again only recently. Thank you for sharing all of what you are experiencing.

    Actually this was the video I saw: (same guy 🙂 )

  • Whoa, it’s coming in three’s…….this kind of info! Denise you covered the gamut! Whoa!
    Much Love, Light, and MOVING EVER FORWARD!

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