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Recently Courtland asked me why so many teachers and channels within the Spiritual Ascension Communities have said that the current president of the USA — the T creature as I refer to him — is so great, so positive, is “the one” whose causing so much positive change in this country. Here’s where I point out the top main image I chose for this article. It’s to remind everyone that each of us is standing on different energetic Stair-steps of development, consciousness, awareness, focus, abilities, growth, Ascension Process and so on. This has always been the case, but each year since the end of 2012, the gap between different people’s levels of awareness and consciousness has widened tremendously. Hence the Separation of Worlds or as it’s also called, the ‘Bifurcation’ of Worlds. And this great gap between the awake and aware and learning constantly, the awake and less aware, the awake and just starting to learn, the currently awakening, and the still asleep unaware people is NOT going to suddenly go from these many different Stair-step levels to everyone suddenly having the same awareness, development, focus, consciousness, Higher Awareness, and living the Ascension Process in the same way. It has not and still does not work this way even though the Ascension Process is evolving everyone at every different Stair-step level finally now that we’ve reached 2018.

There isn’t anything or anyone within the old lower 3D patriarchal world that was or is or will be “the one” that will magically fix everything or make things right or equal in this country or any other. That is old lower frequency Duality consciousness; disempowered consciousness that constantly projected outside of itself most everything. The T creature is unknowingly doing a very good job of forcing people worldwide to see how Duality functioned in our country’s government and consciousness, and how corrupt it all was and still is. Elephants and donkeys, donkeys and elephants, red and blue, Republicans and Democrats, it was all Duality but it was Duality within an illusion of vast differences and great choices for the people, the voters, but there never really was any. It was all an illusion of choice for the people of this country and was just Duality playing out at that old lower patriarchal level. This is the “end times” of all that, not the beginning of correcting those old systems at that lowly level but of evolving far beyond them all.

People who still believe in and are only capable of perceiving of power and answers, salvation and justice etc. as something outside of themselves and in someone else like a politician(s), ruler, religious leader(s), groups, set of beliefs or whatever are still functioning within the old and very low frequency of the global patriarchal Duality consciousness. Problem with this is that entire system has Expired and has no energies sustaining it or them any longer, and beating that dead horse won’t bring it back to life and power again. That energy, time, consciousness, life and reality has energetically ended and humanity is currently evolving beyond all of it now, hence all the chaos, insanity and high drama.

There’s about 7.5 billion people alive on Earth now which means there’s 7.5 billion individual belief systems and personal takes on “reality” all happening now. Since December 2012, the old global patriarchal frequency, codes and templates fully Expired even though there’s still billions of people worldwide that continue to live their daily lives from that old consciousness and beliefs. The big and really great news about this is that with the start of 2018, 7.5 billion people worldwide are, like it or not, know it consciously or not and most do not know about the Ascension Process at all, 7.5 billion people are now under the NEW energetic influences of the evolutionary Ascension Process and NEW Light, NEW energies, NEW codes, templates, blueprints, emotions and evolving global consciousness.

All 7.5 billion people on Earth now are living in the time of planetary, solar system, galactic and universal evolutionary Ascension whether they’re consciously aware of this fact or not. 2018 activated the NEW for 7.5 billion, so even though the majority of people around the world are still living and functioning in and from the past old lower frequency patriarchal consciousness and beliefs about everything, they are now ALL living the Ascension Process and subject to the ever-increasing NEW Light energies, Codes and rapidly evolving consciousness worldwide. They and their consciousness and physical bodies and all else are, as of 2018, living within the compressed evolutionary Ascension Process and are being positively changed because of it and the majority of them don’t even know this. It’s not mandatory that they do, but it is mandatory for ALL to be living it in 2018 and beyond. If that’s not something they want to do, then they will exit via physical death.

Many years ago I wondered how in the universe this Ascension Process was going to impact, change and evolve the unaware human masses globally. I wondered this and many other related things because 1) Free Will still exists and 2) humanity has always existed on 3D Earth from a wide range of different consciousness levels and development. The personal developmental, focus and awareness gaps have always existed on Earth but it’s been extreme for the past many thousands of years. Because of these two main things, I wondered how the Ascension Process would affect the unaware people without abusing their personal Divine Free Will. The primary answer to that question is that all 7.5 billion souls alive on Earth now during the Ascension Process, Age change, great Galactic Alignment, the “end times” of the global patriarchy, and exit out of the many years of Galactic Alignment and entrance into the NEW Ascending Earth world with its NEW Light and Codes are incarnate now because they wanted to be here for all this. They wanted to live it, witness it, help with it or resist it. These 7.5 billion souls are here now because they’ve earned a rare and special incarnation during these difficult, tumultuous, painful and chaotic times of powerful compressed Ascension Process evolution. Do they consciously remember this? Most do not but that doesn’t change anything for each of them. They’re here to individually live and take part in the universal Ascension Process knowingly and/or unknowingly.

With the start of 2018, the NEW evolutionary Ascension Process Light and NEW Codes and NEW energies and so forth are here on the physical fully finally. The NEW is here and it’s the new normal on secondary ascending Earth world with it’s 7.5 or thereabout inhabitants, all with their 7.5 billion different levels of consciousness, beliefs, expectations, fears, intentions and so on. They ALL now exist on the secondary ascending Earth world meaning they ALL are living under the NEW Codes, NEW Light energies, NEW rules and so forth even though they don’t consciously know any of this.

Since the 1970s I’ve been an etheric “Guide” to many people while I (and they) were asleep and out of our physical bodies. This isn’t something I decided I’d do in my twenties, but was another of my many Soul Contracts I’ve had in this Ascension Process lifetime. Many Forerunners/Starseeds/First Embodiers/Pathpavers have had this particular Soul Contract in these lives and have been “Guides” to certain other people during the sleep state that were ready for that type of one-on-one spiritual, energetic and consciousness educations from us. Stair-steps, even with this because most people in the early stages of their awakening couldn’t psychologically cope with say an ET showing up to teach them certain things. Others wouldn’t benefit from or feel comfortable around a Guide looking like say an Angel or Lightbeing, so many people need their Guides to look human so they can more easily focus on what they’re being taught and not fixate on or be shocked or frightened by nonhuman other-dimensional beings showing up in their lives as personal Guides.

From my early childhood until the start of my first Saturn Return at age 29, my primary etheric Guide was a male being who always appeared in a brown hooded monks robe, but where his face should have been was intentionally blacked-out for this very reason. By him deliberately not allowing himself to present a face to me, he prevented me from becoming fixated on him, possibly becoming infatuated with him, being sidetracked by his appearance, or making our temporary relationship emotionally dependent and so on and wasting our precious and limited years together.

There are numerous different levels to being an etheric Guide to certain people, just like the first image at the top of this article; all Guides—human and nonhuman—evolve and move on to new students over time, especially so during the Ascension Process because everyone constantly learns more, grows more and needs to change and move on to higher, more complex Stair-step levels. This directly ties into the two topics above; 2018 is entrance into the secondary ascending Earth world for about 7.5 billion people and that means they have entered a NEW-to-them phase of spiritual, energetic, consciousness and reality evolutionary growth. This also means that NEW Guides have been and will continue to be added, changing, changed, swapped out, leaving, entering and changing again for these people to help them learn about these evolutionary Ascension Process changes affecting consciousness and external reality and so forth from the sleep state. Why the sleep state? Because so much more can be accomplished very quickly and with less trauma and drama that way for all parties. Because of all this some Forerunners/First Embodiers/Starseeds will most likely experience more changes with this and related Mission Work in their lives now. Just a hearts up co-workers. ❤

Because of the 2018 activation’s of these many NEW changes to mass humanity, the Forerunners/First Embodiers/Wayshowers etc. are going to suddenly be finding ourselves in NEW territory too with NEW etheric jobs be that higher level “Guidance” to certain other humans or any number of other NEW-to-us Mission Work jobs. In other words First Embodiers/Forerunners etc., expect new etheric level clientele if you are to continue being a Guide and counsel certain living humans about the Ascension Process.

Disclosure Is Firstly Spiritual & Energetic

  Most people think of “disclosure” as UFOs, ETs and governments covering up their knowledge of and dealings with certain ET groups and nothing beyond that. However, over just the past couple of months a massive and incredibly important issue was seemingly suddenly revealed to the masses; it was disclosure concerning females and the worldwide inequality and sexual abuses etc. they’ve lived with throughout the thousands of years of global patriarchal rule and consciousness on old 3D Earth. This, like all other old patriarchal issues accepted as “normal” worldwide, have become so “normal”, so accepted and believed to be normal that for many males but many females too, this absolutely necessary first disclosure issue has, is and will continue to happen because in 2017 the return of Divine Mother/Feminine began energetically across the NEW secondary ascending Earth world.

Let’s be honest. If most global males and many females too unfortunately, cannot as yet even think of or honestly consider the possibility that human females are equal to human males and that females worldwide have been used and abused in just about every way imaginable throughout the patriarchal reign on old 3D Earth, then most males are nowhere near ready to be openly dealing with ETs. First things first however, and in the Ascension Process the first thing is the Return of Divine Mother/Feminine energies and consciousness globally on the secondary ascending Earth world. What has been kept suppressed, limited and profoundly reduced on Earth and in mass human consciousness, life, creativity and reality has been the Divine Mother/Feminine, and because of this the first thing that’s being reintroduced back into global human consciousness and external reality for everyone from here on out is the Divine Mother/Feminine energies and consciousness.

Disclosure is happening, just not the way most people, most male people expected it to because it’s spiritual and energetic disclosure. If you want to know about ETs and other dimensional beings and issues etc., then FIRST you must integrate the other half of the freaking human population—females—into mass human consciousness, life, reality and all else on ascending Earth! Profoundly imbalanced humans will never be able to directly meet or interact with higher dimensional ET beings or anybody else while they haven’t evolved into integrated human beings themselves yet regardless of which sex physical body they currently have. Unity begins on ascending Earth and within each and every individual human. Once that’s been energetically accomplished via the evolutionary Ascension Process and NEW Codes and Light energies, then individuals will naturally and automatically be safe and sane enough for most ETs and other off-world beings and higher dimensionals to start being perceived directly by individual humans. Needing, demanding and endlessly expecting the corrupt old patriarchal governments and people to finally reveal that they sold the souls of humanity to negative aliens long ago so they’d have superior weaponry to use on anyone, even their own people and country, won’t matter one bit to individuals who have gained the ability to directly perceive, discern, and telepathically and etherically (for starters) interact with certain other ET beings on their own. You want disclosure about ETs and related information? Then first you’ve got some major evolving to do yourself and first up is integrating what’s been deliberately removed from human consciousness, life and reality on Earth by negative aliens a very long time ago.

‘Information is Stored in Stone & Bone’

Twenty-some years ago I read something channeled by Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian group that said, ‘Information is stored in stone and bone.’ That sentence instantly made deep sense to me as how the Codes, templates, blueprints and DNA levels of the time were embodied by the Earth through the stones (and other elements too) and by humans through their bones. My being a Capricorn, stones and bones have always been prominent in my life and consciousness. I’ve always felt the energies imprinted in them holding those old codes and other energy structures.

In early 2017 when Saturn was hit with seven solar flares, I got very excited about those events because I knew the previous old Codes and negative distortions intentionally done to them by negative aliens and beings were being energetically obliterated and removed by very high evolutionary forces. The physical level global slate was being wiped clean energetically; the old Codes and distortions completely removed because the NEW Codes and energies where replacing them all throughout 2017. Now in 2018, they are the NEW everything for mass humanity which means there’s been and will continue to be some major evolutionary upgrade changes taking place in both physical Earth and stones, structures, physical reality etc., and in physical skeletal structures and bones of every human. Why? Because all the old information stored in them both—the old energetic Codes, templates, blueprints, level of DNA etc.—have been going through an intense and relatively fast process of dropping them while simultaneously Embodying more and more of the NEW higher frequency Codes, templates, blueprints, energies, higher DNA and so on. And right on higher frequency Ascension Process schedule, transiting Saturn crossed the Milky Way Galactic Center at 27° Sagittarius in late 2017 for the last time at that level of awareness, and in December entered its natural home of Capricorn where it will stay until December 2020.

This is another of many aspects of how the old Codes and energies are quickly disappearing and being replaced by NEW Codes and energies in both the physical structural systems on and in Earth and within humans and human bodies too. The Earth and your bones have been aching and hurting because of these tremendous evolutionary and DNA changes.

First Embodiers Learning Personal Energetic Sovereignty

  Over the past few years I’ve often used the term of, our small daily allotment of Source fuel, and how many of the First Embodiers have learned how this works and doesn’t work for each of us. I’ve compared this higher NEW non-parasitic 5D way of being, consciousness, life and reality as having only an 1/8 of a tank of gas fuel each morning when you wake up and you’ve got to learn to conserve it just to get through each day. By the end of each day you’re running your body and life on fumes and are super exhausted. The next morning you get up and start your day again with just that allotted 1/8 of a tank of gas fuel for the entire day. After running out of your daily allotment of Self-Sovereign fuel before the day is over, you quickly realize you HAVE to change how you use your precious energy fuel each day.

In the early stages of this evolutionary Ascension Process change from parasitic feeding off everyone constantly and vice versa, to, learning how to be individually energetically sovereign each day and conserve your small beginner amount of daily Self-Source generated energy fuel supply, some running out of fuel before the day is out happens to us all. I used to watch people older than myself and be amazed at how full of energy they were and how pain-free and how they ran around doing things like it was nothing for them. Most of the time it was all I could do to physically carry out a few normal daily tasks each day and I was dragging around exhausted and in physical pain much of the time. I didn’t understand this painful new discrepancy at first but I eventually realized they were and still are functioning in the old lower frequencies and consciousness of parasitism and taking other people’s energy fuel for themselves left and right and vise versa. I was exhausted and running out of energy fuel late each day because I was not being parasitic and hadn’t yet learned how important it was to conserved my beginner amounts of sovereign energies/fuel.

You quickly learn what you can and cannot do when your daily energy fuel is generated by only you and Source and not parasitically taken from other people constantly. Because of this you also discover that wasting your small beginner amounts of daily fuel on stupid crap, parasitic people, BS, lies, manipulations and all other such negativity is something you can no longer afford to do, put yourself through, or are willing to endure at all. You don’t have the fuel to waste on any of this type of lower stuff so you cut it off and out of your life and reality and slowly continue increasing your daily allotment of Self-Source generated energy. Many of you reading this have lived this way for many years already, but with the entry into 2018, this has become very important for all of us to be conscious of constantly. Being Sovereign means being your own fuel source and Mastering that process and constantly increasing it over time. Parasitism has also Expired and a lot of people are going to have a hard time learning this important evolutionary change.

There’s much more but this is a decent start with many of the huge 2018 changes taking place constantly and finally in all of humanity, not just the Forerunners and Indigos and Pathpavers etc. More to come when Uranus enters Taurus in May 2018, much more, but I’ll save that for its own article because it’s so very important and will be a huge reality and consciousness changing event. Welcome to 2018 and the Ascension Process world!


January 20, 2018

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46 thoughts on “Welcome To The Evolutionary Ascension Process World

  • Dear Denise: You wrapped everything up so beautifully and accurately as you have been doing for years. This was an exceptional weather report of the energetic climate for sure! I gain so much strength and yes courage when you put into words what we ALL are feeling and going through in these exhausted bodies…I mean really, for decades now. Then, you describe our “sacred daily supply” of Source energy. What a perfect reminder of how precious our Source energy is. How we must honor what we have and allow ourselves to be nourished by that allotment.
    Additionally, I just want to add that we get so little “reflection” from others in the physical world..we just don’t meet that many like us walking around…… So, what you share really is a life-line and provided so much confirmation and encouragement for us tired pioneers….Words like yours are what keeps me going, Thank you Julie

  • Hello Denise and all — I was extremely pleased to see your terrific and “spot on” article/blog — read it carefully twice.. And, to read the fantastic comments from others and your responses! Lots of stuff relates to what I’ve been experiencing and feeling. Thank you! … In particular I was interested in observations about managing within the current constraints of our “daily energy allotment:” of Source fuel. Recently this has been the focus of my own EP — managing my reserves/allotments day by day, hour to hour and minute to minute. I want to share with others how much I’ve appreciated the result / pay-off from making the effort to pay attention and work with this. Much thanks to you Denise for what you said in reply to Thelma: “All of this is us learning and eventually Mastering the 5D and higher state of being energetically sovereign.” This is exactly it — we are working toward “energetic sovereignty”. Thank you so much!! … About a week ago I was “tasked” by my Higher Self with moving out of my body an energetic “control” pattern set in place by TD. I think this is now possible because of the solar flares hitting Saturn last summer. In addition, I think this “work” is for the benefit of each and very one of us — setting a template — that can be adopted as we are ready to consciously accept sovereignty over our bodies as we move more and more into 5D existence. Very glad to report that performing this task is not particularly onerous — i.e. not adding more aches and pains and fatigue to the “usual.” … It’s so great to hear from so many others climbing their steps at their own pace and in their own way. Cheers!!! Kristin

  • Brightest Blessings ~ ~
    Firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH Denise for sharing my thoughts … and I have really enjoyed reading all the comments and experiencing “deja vu” … Karen Bishop, my soul sister, I miss her lots … I learned, I think more from her in becoming an Energy “expert” than anyone else when my Journey really blossomed … and trust me, I have had lots of teachers … LOL … I just read recently on Infinite Shift (whitehawk) a post from Karen she had shared I believe in the last year / year and a half, albeit, as spot on as ever! I used to share emails and messages with her frequently when she wrote on “whats up on planet earth” and can’t tell you how many times after reading one of her energy updates, tears would just flow and I would be “how does she know this” ;o) and she shared how she “tuned” … and I practiced, more importantly, TRUSTED, had Faith that what I was Feeling, Sensing .. BEing was authentic … removing my ego and the couldas, the shouldas and the wouldas only served to complicate and confuse! Removing the “schtuff” allowed the energies to come through purely.!
    and the Monk Guidance … WOW … it must have been the frequencies back then or first wavers soul contracts when one first opens to allowing. My Guide wore a dark brownish maroon robe, his face not clearly visible, the name Benito very prevalent, however, I called upon him and was shown “benny” , such a beautiful spirit and wonderful sense of humor (which I think helped in so many ways and truly opened the dialogue that much more deeper) … when in a quandary or seeking assistance, I would ask Benny for help … and I was NEVER EVER FAILED … and as I became more and more learned, his energy became less and less, altho, still today, if needed, I call upon him and he is ALWAYS here and there with me! I can’t tell you the blessings he showed and guided me to … precisely right down to the “rose falling open in my hand”, still get goose bumps!! ;o)
    fast forward 20 years and many teachers, readings, websites, etc later (book length) … I am very blessed to be a part of one of the earlier frontrunner websites of sharing spirituality. Now after going through transitions and transformations, it is in a beta mode … being updated and recreated.
    I still tune in to those that have been such a big part of my journey in learning … and in the last couple of years … well since 2012 really … have seen such an explosion of “spirituality” or as many call it “new age” … along with many of those that I tuned with, totally out of sync with where they are and what I am receiving … and as Denise so eloquently shares, the differences in frequencies … even tho they at one time resonated … I now see the BIG differences in PERCEPTION … that’s what “they” shared with me … as I am questioning “what are you talking about” with different happenings going on (and I do not watch TV … I only listen to music) … spending most of my time creating artwork, gardening, writing, loving on my critters (dogs and humans) ;oP … it’s hard to escape the discombobulation globally.
    Like so many here, I have felt the physical strains of ascension, the expansions within the body temple, the upgrades … I went 20+ years pristinely healthy … the last 3+ years have been no picnic, just saying … I had the “flu” which I strongly believe was a “forced epidemic” … actually guidance shared that! Five days of fever … I was reminded by guidance, releasing toxins ~ ~ ~ that I understand, moreso!
    Another story, another time. All good again! ;o)
    I shared on another comment, it is SO IMPORTANT for us to share what we are feeling, what we are experiencing … even when our perceptions are not aligned, does not mean we are wrong or bad, it is merely a difference of perceived frequency!
    Having Teachers like Denise … which I feel everyone is a Teacher in varying degrees … we SERVE one another, we SERVE our own Souls … when we express or extend our energies to others, opening dialogue of a higher nature, we are teaching! ;o) Dolores Cannon was another outstanding teacher … learning QHHT and hosting her here in San Diego in 2009 … she taught me about the “suicide aspects” which affected my family. I could go on and I’m sure many of mine are yours, too! ;o) We are Blessed to have these Souls in and upon our Journey! ❤
    as far as the "T" goes … I got that in the beginning "the change", the difference from "old" politics to "reality tv" politics, this is all SO 3D reality, the disparaging remarks, constant banter of nastiness, lack of compassion, kindness … the opposite, the polar opposite of ascension and what we are here to create ~ so that in itself, is serving us as a teaching TOOL … got it… don't care for it … but, got it!

    still today, the Divine feminine aspect whilst not in the white house, perse, the Divine Feminine is definitely Rising … the Women's Marches, the #metoo movement and #timesup group ~ and for how many years have we heard about "disclosure" … and whilst many might have thought about cosmic disclosures, could the Divine Feminine Rising … disclosing eons of time, not just the last two centuries … since the beginning, women have been used, abused, etc. I think "disclosure" is relative to what is made apparent in the right now … just like cosmic disclosure … we all "know" there is life beyond just us humans here on earth … and to think otherwise is truly and regrettably, arrogant. ;o) I guess what gets my goat, is the constant "insult of intelligence" we have all been played and dealt!
    LOL … sorry for the "book length" ~ I so enjoyed this article AND the comments! Thank you for sharing … I feel it's so important for each of us to share our 2 cents worth, always enlightening to see thru another's perspective … and am so grateful for this sacred space Denise ~ ~ Thank You, Thank You!! <3~*~

    Happiest HighHeartHugs!

  • I relate to every part of this post. I don’t know anything about ETs and that part. I am very selective about what I read. I really like the explanation of low energy and aches.
    I was very interested in the monks as well. I brought 3 in thru a channeled painting I did in 2012. The painting has imense spiritual energy so I hung it in my bedroom. Several strange things happend but the weirdest was three robed hooded figures that appeared in my room every night for two weeks. I didn’t have a clue what they were. I finally got so freaked out when one came and sat on the foot of my bed that I asked them to leave. They did leave and never came back. Now, reading this,I’m a little sorry that I didn’t try to interact with them.

    Denise, Thanks for your posting. I was a huge fan of Karen Bishop the whole time she posted and had a real “oh shit moment” when she signed off. I knew we were in for a ride and was right. You are giving me some hope that we are finally getting somewhere!

  • I simply wanted to send you my thanks for all your inspirational and uplifting words and your caring….Thank you Denise….I am sitting at my computer and I MADE myself get dressed today, because I have some stuff to do, but I haven’t gotten there yet (and it’s already lunchtime!)….I have not watched the news or read newspapers for years….and I try not to be too involved with trauma/drama (I pronounce it Trama – a good combo I think)….I loved your entire explanation of the 1/8th of fuel….I have been aware of not doing much (and the old me felt guilty a bit by this, but I quickly got over it Ha Ha!)….and NOW I have a wonderful explanation for my lack of participation….so Thanks Again…you enlighten us all….and I appreciate your sharing, Hugs and love, Barbara xxxxx

  • Hermiting, jammies and aching bones! Yes to all… Thank you Denise – and to all the other people who have commented here. Denise, you and your work came to my attention recently – in this new year – and I’m so glad, being a forerunner myself, and communicator about the energies and what we’re moving through. Since 2012 all that sharing really slowed down for me (since 2003 I’ve written a monthly newsletter but in the last few years I’ve written maybe twice a year). I felt like I was repeating the same thing over and over. Clear and release, clear and release… Since 2012, when I asked for guidance from within, all I would hear was “Do nothing.” So I slowed down (which was a struggle!) and began to attend to the simple things of day to day life. I also took up knitting, which helped me to disengage from the feeling of needing to DO something and continue to be a way-shower. However, I never totally disengaged from that feeling – because I’m on a mission – that’s my purpose in coming here. But for the last 5 years I’ve been focusing on my moment to moment life which also included a major move to a new home during the final quarter of 2012, and realizing that every waking moment is a meditation in awareness. I’ve been integrating the higher frequencies, which may sound kind of lofty, but as we know, this integration process can knock us flat! No energy and aching bones. As you wrote – I’m feeling the wind at my back once again and I’m ready to move forward and begin sharing again, but probably in some new way that isn’t clear yet. Anyway, all that you wrote really validates what I’ve been feeling – and so have the comments from the other people here . ❤

    Also in the last many years, I've been watching interviews and videos about theories on ancient cultures, and then more far out stuff about the secret space program, the "cabal" and underground bases and tunnels through out earth (is this what you mean by conspiracy theory?) and all that disclosure stuff and recently I have come to the realization that none of that matters! (Yay – freedom!) It doesn't matter… we are rising so far above all that stuff into a completely different place. I appreciate what you said about doing our own inner growth and expansion and eventually that process will one day open us (humanity) to – as I see it – participating in a conscious inter-galactic way with other beings. Thank you for that perspective as well.

    Lastly, you began the article with a question someone asked you, which I'd been wondering about, too – why so many clairvoyants, channels, "spiritual guides" have been talking about how the orange menace (my name for dt) is going to bring down the cabal – it seems he's a real hero to some of these people who I never would have thought would feel that way, especially considering his actions and words – I just found that astounding that these people have come out in support of him. But again, it doesn't really matter – we are witnessing the dismantling of energetic and physical structures of our society. Government can't be fixed – we need to create something totally different – which I see happening in the world. And there are some people who are still thinking that some one person or a few people are going to be our saviors. WE are our own saviors. I see part of my mission is to rise above it all – as someone commented, leaving threads of light and energy for others to find on their journeys. It's so nice to connect with you all here – perhaps we have met or will meet in dream time!

    • The ‘orange menace’! That’s so great! 😆

      It amazed me too about those people who see the T creature — aka the orange menace — as so much better than the cabal. He’s been corrupt and a thief and a predator all his adult life but because he wasn’t a politician, those people (voters) actually believed his BS and lies. But, as you said Leilah, none of it really matters. It’s all doing what it was supposed to at those levels and for the people that need to see all this global crap, corruption and lying . All this business is making the more aware people change and take back power and independence and just do things themselves for each other, which is the start of 5D HighHeart Consciousness. It’ll all expand and keep evolving from there. ❤

      • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for stating this so clearly about dt and the rest of the cabal! So many have stated that dt must be good since he is fighting the cabal, which doesn’t resonate with me at all. To me, it’s not good vs. bad, it’s bad vs. bad! Dt would only replace the current cabal with his own cabal, he is just not really trying to hide it. The only “good” thing about dt being potus is the possibility of exposing the cabal and their power over our government/military/corporations and how none of them have humanity’s interests in mind, which then would hopefully spur a recognition by the masses to turn away from those systems and structures and begin to create a new system with the help of these new energies to create our new earth, which is what you write about on this site. Your writing resonates with me better than all the others I have found, and I am grateful that you make the effort and sacrifice to do so. I appreciate the straight forwardness with which you write, even if others become offended. We need clarity as much as possible right now! Love to you Denise!

        This is the first time I have ever commented to anyone’s site before. I just felt moved to do so.

        • Troy,

          And I’m so very glad you decided to write your first comment here. I hope we hear from you some more. ❤

          There were so many people that voted for the T creature because they're of the Conspiracy community consciousness, and some of his group are too. He's mainly about $ and power with some females on the side. As if that's new! 🙄

          What those people and all the others don't realize yet (and many never will and that's okay) is that the ENTIRE planet has been patriarchal with patriarchal consciousness. That includes politicians, bankers, big pharma, medical, governments worldwide, mass humanity and on and on. There isn't anything or anyone that's been outside the global patriarchal consciousness, energies, distortions and such. Nothing. So for a small group of unaware people to honestly believe that the T creature & Co. were any different whatsoever from the negative patriarchal elite cabal is ludicrous and self-deluded. Some of those people will eventually realize that he's just more of the same but with such a huge ego that he's not as good at lying as the others always have been.

          No, the world is watching the patriarchal global rule and consciousness circling the drain while individuals with HighHeart consciousness of the NEW energies are just creating NEW ways to help each other. What a concept for the old consciousness huh? This type of energetic override will escalate this year and every year from here on out so Hearts up everyone. ❤

        • Denise, this is so well-stated. Everything about the orange menace is just as you say and I’ve been having trouble understanding how it is that some people think he’s a solution when he’s more of the same. You explained very well what I’d been feeling but could not put into words. Thank you.

  • Dear Denise, Thank you for this exquisite message! It the best explanation I have read about what is happening on the planet and the president’s role in that. Your writing is beautiful and your messages are inspiring. This article is one that I will print and read often. I am intrigued by your explanation about our bones. It is just what my body has been experiencing! I have a sense that I may be in your “dream time” classes…I am very grateful! From my heart to yours, Shelley Adler 💞

  • Thanks Denise…😊you just gave me a great aha! moment! Now I understand why all the “unconscious ” peeps have the energy to run around like madmen/women…they r being parasitic and I’m obviously not!!!😉

    • Exactly Kristen and this negativity WE must no longer allow to happen on or at we Forerunners/First Embodiers. This is one of many aspects of our ongoing EP, Embodiement Process, and learning to carefully guard and utilize our hard-earned daily Self-As-Source generated and circulated individual 5D and higher frequency personal fuel supply. This is what being Sovereign really means; not feeding off of anyone or anything ever again because one has Embodied just enough so far (this will increase in each of us as we Embody more and more and more) to have just enough (that daily 1/8 of a tank of gas fuel) personal Source fuel to exist off of and circulate within themselves and Source and Source and Self etc. ❤

  • Absolutely spot on Denise! Sorry this is long but im hoping you can help me make sense of a couple of things your post prompted…sigh.

    Back in about 2006 I began to notice an influx of, dare I say it, strident male energy into the Spiritual landscape. For years I had attended gatherings, classes, and groups where high frequency women (mostly) and men were predominant. We discussed ETs, channeling, multi dimensions, our Guides and dreams, NDE’s and our roles in the upcoming planetary changes. I knew we were in trouble when Karen Bishop opted out and I started to read conversations…endless words about Area 51, never ending red/blue debates, high tech war, weather & earthquake machines and new Currency.

    When I say I bless 💞👑 your Capricorn embodied soul every day it’s not an exaggeration.

    I felt like we’d been hijacked and I was confused and angry about the conversations I was reading. Although I learned a lot about our ancient past and the ET influences throughout our history I also became alarmed by how many people were willing to turn it all over to any sweet talking, higher being that came along. Politics Included! I was also confused by why, given the scope of the work so many of us were doing, it even Mattered (absolutely… pun intended). It appeared that to be heard, we’d have to enter into a shouting match where only the loudest, crudest, most mundane voices got a say about the direction we were all headed. Only a few teachers seemed to hold the vision I thought I was participating in.


    I’ve spent years, like many others, trying to navigate the frequencies and deal with the monsters in the subtle realms. I was dismayed as I learned about the secret ET/ government collaboration but not surprised. How all of that connects to the subtle realms is still something I’m trying to grasp but dark is dark is dark and it doesn’t change the way each of us is empowered by Love to Seek our Source.
    The dark certainly influences, and seeks to control and manipulate our reality but the teachings I’ve managed to find and be infused by (before we all became So ConnecteD) spoke of character, bravery, spiritual maturity, high consciousness/ frequency and our connection to Source as the Only way OUT.
    Our job as forerunners is ego management, sweeping the steps, and changing the lightbulbs. Compassion…Fierce Compassion, discernment and for me personally, a big violet flame thrower are my go to tools.

    My understanding was, as any NDE experiencer would say, that first we’d have to pass through the astral plane, the whole damn planet, and then we’d all find our own perfect version of New Earth and finally find Home. (thats the short version).
    When we’re in the astral level, we’ll encounter and clear monsters, many made of our own collective and individual trauma’s and pain…its the stuff of nightmares because as creator beings (small c) we’re really good at creating from our fears….and Lord knows we’ve had help encouraging those.
    I was taught by my Monk 😊 that during our planetary Ascension, as we actually “physically” entered into and through the astral level, we’d feel like we’re embodied because that’s our reference point and our current reality, but in truth, we’d be transitioning in and out of our light bodies, just as we were on our many rescue missions.
    I often think about the ancient maps that said…here be the monsters.🛡🏹🗡
    As I understood/understand it, and I’m grateful for any Insight or clarification Denise…
    Ascension, whether as an individual experience or as a planetary mass endeavour will still demand the same journey the Masters took.
    We’ll enter the Kingdom of Heaven/New Earth as Embodied light beings and the process of lifting our consciousness and our High Hearts will change us from material beings to light bodies. No death required…only a million small ego ones every single day! We’ll make this journey one painful stairstep at a time and our (the volunteers) light strands will act like climbing ropes and support for those that choose to follow their High Hearts through the Astral. Once we’ve accomplished that we will maintain our sense of physicality and heartlight forevermore. The forerunners are the ones that will spend our lives widening and illuminating each step with the hope that many will follow.

    I know this isnt about male/ female…its about a maladaptive representation of our Divine Feminine/Masculine.
    But I keep tripping on a step…help please!!

    I’m mad because the Stair Steps that have been cleared through our sacrifices is becoming filled with Spacemen, endless conspiracies, pointless politics (and by the way…yooo hooo… The Great Spirit, Cosmic Creator Being, Love Eternal Holds All That Is in Her/His hands) and Other Worldly affairs. Every step I’ve taken since 2012 is being overtaken with new entities that, in my estimation, are low level projections created by group consciousness or just plain cosmic BS artists.
    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? I don’t want to clean this too!!!! Whah😭
    I agreed to clean up monsters on our path… not poop!!! Its so frustrating because the actual monsters were bad enough!

    The instruction manuals (Astrology, the Divine Spark Within, Meditation, Prayer and the Still Small Voice) have been pushed aside by Space Commanders, Pseudo Saviors, and endless channeled words. I feel like I’ve missed a memo and have been fighting the instinct to push the whole lot of them down the stairs!! Team dark was always a part of our reality but now team dark has weapons of mass destruction and overlords and People are Giving Them Those Weapons Through The Misuse of Their creator (small c) Energies. The Angels I’ve met never say a word… they are known through their Love and their Presence…you simply know what you need to know when you’re with them…really. These expressions of the Great Spirit fill our stair steps, helping and guiding the collective along with us.

    This unevolved worldview still requires money, food, fuel, and a Savior being from on high to part the skies, reach down, and lift us up. Its like that old loop hasn’t already been worn to pieces. New faces in the same old roles with a costume change. Gone are the robes, now it’s bio-intelligent metallic suits!?! Wasn’t the point to lift up our souls and consciousness into a reality that doesn’t require any of that stuff. That’s what I’ve been working towards…is this the two worlds you’ve been talking about Denise?
    Thank you so much for your patience with this. I am so frustrated!!!

    As always I am sending you so much gratitude and ♡

    • “When I say I bless 💞👑 your Capricorn embodied soul every day it’s not an exaggeration.”


      Thank you so very much for that, it means a lot to me for many reasons. ❤ ❤ ❤

      I always knew I was part of a ‘tag team’ with Karen Bishop, and that if and when either of us would go through an extra difficult time in our own personal Ascension Processes, the other one would instantly pick up the slack and write about what was going on with the AP for the readers, which way back in the early years of all this were the Forerunners/First Wavers/Second Wavers/Wayshowers/Pathpavers etc. This went on with both of us way back then even though we’ve never met physically nor talked to each other in the physical. All aspects were well covered and carefully considered long before any Forerunner got close to incarnating in these AP lives.

      I’ve known for a very long time that once we reached the Expiration Date of 12-21-2012, the false AP teachers and channelers and like others would increasingly be seen by more and more people for what they actually were all along; unaware, unable to honestly discern what/who they were channeling, batting for Team Dark while claiming to be Team Light, or just clueless about it all and being used to spread disinformation among the Ascension Community mostly but some others as well like the Conspiracy Communities. And now that we’ve entered 2018, which is even bigger and more important than the 12-2012 date was at that old level, these discrepancies (see how polite I can be at times everyone? 😉 ) will become increasingly obvious to more people finally.

      The easiest way to describe all this at this point is that, with the start of 2018, EVERYONE that’s ascending (those who are not, I’m not discussing anymore) with all of their wildly different levels of awareness, unawareness, being still asleep, being jerks and idiots etc., still focused and obsessed with Conspiracy stuff and on and on and on… ALL of these people with their different levels of consciousness and beliefs etc. are ALL now existing on the secondary ascending Earth world.

      Now this would concern me a bit if there wasn’t any higher NEW Light energies and Codes etc. in this Earth world that’s going to be constantly evolving them finally. In other words, these people on the secondary ascending Earth world as of January 2018, are ALL now living the AP in highly compressed ways they’ve never experienced before, ever, so they and their consciousness and their physical bodies and all the rest of it are now fully within the AP and there’s no getting out of expanding consciousness, self-delusions, delusions created by others, fixating on old lower frequency and lower consciousness stuff that’s NOT going to ever manifest on this secondary ascending Earth world. Over time these false beliefs and false teachers and false channellers and everything else that’s incorrect to the evolutionary NEW Light energies and Codes of the NEW Great Cycle etc. will be dropping away with all the other density crap of old. These people cannot override Source generated evolution and NEW Codes of that evolution. It’s impossible and will not happen which means everyone is going to be going through tremendous evolutionary AP growth processes throughout 2018 in ways and degrees that could not happen before this year. 😀

      Because of this, and it’s a lot for sure, we Forerunners and First Embodiers and Wayshowers MUST not slow down for these old beliefs other people hold today. We’re needed, very much so, to continue doing what we and only we at this point are capable of doing for ourselves and everyone else too and that is continuing our own AP and EP processes and further building up the primary ascending Earth world. There’s more than this but good gawd it’s enough for the time being! So, never forget that the shoe is finally on the other foot for global humanity, and that other foot is the Ascension Process minus Team Dark. This is gonna be a walk in the park for them and the Forerunners/First Embodiers because we no longer have all that negativity to fight and protect ourselves and our AP Mission Work from. As some have recently said, we’re going to now be feeling the wind on our backs meaning all this has, as of 2018, gotten tons easier for us and faster and easier for everyone else in the secondary ascending Earth world.

      If I’ve forgotten anything from your Comment let me know and we’ll expand some more. ❤

    • Thank you Denise for helping me get to the next step! As I was reading your reply, I realized I was wasting my precious 1/8 looking back worrying about the steps we’ve already cleared, rather than keeping my High Heart 💗 focused on the view from this one. Happy Baby Dance! Crying😂over the 🍊 menace!!!
      Thanks Denise…and all!

  • Dear Denise,

    I too am chiming in about our “daily energy allotment”. I would also like to add into that “linear time slipping away being replaced with NOW MOMENT time”. Because of the feeling that I had “less time” per day, I naturally had to pick and choose how to “spend” my time. So by default, for me, both the daily energy allotment AND feeling my linear time slip away from me, I really had to “pick and choose” what was more important each day.

    I’ve gotten to the point (especially just before I was “sick” with the F.L.U. … and it’s still hanging on and causing changes and shifts within me) where I’m untying the knots that I had with people and giving others back their “stuff” (both physically and energetically) so that THEY can learn how to do it for themselves. I’m to the point of feeling quite comfortable letting others do it themselves, instead of doing it for them because I can do it easier/I’m more familiar with how to do it/I can do it faster. I’m done with that now and am giving others tools to learn how to do it for themselves. And there’s no guilt about any of it which is a huge thing, which says I’m definitely in a whole New space within myself. I had to do all this stuff myself, who am I to take this away from others learning how to do it for themselves.

    These days, unless I have to do laundry/go get the mail/or run errands, I will choose not to shower and stay in my pjs all day. I used to be able to shower everyday no big deal, walk everywhere, etc., yet these past 5 years all of those “no big deals” have become a big energy drain/sap for me. As you so eloquently wrote, we’re all starting with a “basic daily quota” of “Self-Sovereign Fuel”. I’m seeing/Seeing the reason for this. You don’t just build a shower first in the house just because you need to take one, before failing to put in the plumbing, connecting to a water source and building walls and a roof for privacy. A house gets built in a certain order and you need to be patient and not plug in the appliances before the wiring is grounded. We need to learn to build a solid foundation within each of ourselves of what/who we will tolerate and who/what we won’t, as well as maintaining those choices until it becomes a New habit. And I surmise, once we are comfortable with those New boundaries, the “Self-Sovereign Fuel” will increase. It’s not all about going back to the Old things that we liked to do before we were hit with the exhaustion and limited energy stores; it’s about choosing New things. It’s a bit of a challenge for me at the moment because I cannot quite see/See what those New things are for me.

    Much Love to you All,

    • In a nutshell, you got it Chrysalis! ⭐

      Our Embodiment Process has been happening (increasingly so over the past five years — December 2012 to December 2017 — and this will only continue and as it does we’ll automatically be able to increase our daily allotment of Source-Self Sovereign fuel slowly over time. These next five years will undoubtedly be amazing and much easier than what we’ve already been through. ❤

  • An excellent article that covers a lot of ground (and will be helpful to readers at different Stair Steps in the process)! I love the words “energetically sovereign” and realize I have been protecting my own energy by not participating in activities where I would be exposed or need to interact with those at lower levels of awareness. Being disrespected or “messed with” is not something I can tolerate in these energies.

    I have to wonder, though, if I am in “primary ascending earth” or “secondary ascending earth” as I still witness what’s going on in the world. Maybe my increasing detachment from what the masses are fixated on is an indication? Thanks, Denise!

    • Thelma,

      Most of us First Embodiers/Forerunners have been and are existing within the primary ascending Earth world. We do however go out there into what’s now the secondary ascending Earth world to do most of those things we still need to like grocery shopping, clothes, car, house, taxes and so on. And in those situations where we’re needing to interact with other people, family members, friends, jobs and co-workers at those places of employment etc., we’ve deliberately gone into the secondary ascending Earth world. And, this is yet another reason why we’re all having to pay close attention to our own daily allotment of 1/8 of a tank of gas! Interacting with the secondary world’s populations and those old systems takes it out of you/me/us very quickly. It will not always be like this but while it is, we’re careful and self-protective and don’t let anyone or anything drain our scant energy-fuel. All this is us learning and eventually Mastering the 5D and higher state of being energetically Sovereign. ❤

      • Denise, thanks for the explanation. I really feel the difference when I step into “the old reality” but if I limit my time there, can usually maintain my frequency. Things should get easier for us as we draw more of our energy from Source. I am aware of “a line having been drawn” that gives us immediate consequences now when we do NOT protect our energies as you mention.

  • 1/8 energy and energetically sovereign…thank you. That validates so much. I’ve been in this phase for over 4yrs. You have described it exactly. I’ve learned to pace myself and use my energies wisely, but that window is so small. Any idea as to when or how we can create more energies for ourselves? So I can do more through my day? Or are we just going to keep pacing ourselves, napping, isolating and recovering for a while still?

  • Yes, the return of the female/motherly energies, …. it is so overdue; and very very important. Gaia, our beautiful planet suffered under the same male ignorance, robbing, discrimination, killing, rapeing as females and animals too. Let’s bring it to an end!

  • Just an aside…the past few days, I’ve been thinking of 12/21/2012 as an end-of-shift buzzer, whereas before I always considered it a wake-up bell. It’s both of course. I’m fascinated how much my own understanding still continues to shift and expand every day.

    This article hit several ripened energies for me. Thank you!

    • “I’m fascinated how much my own understanding still continues to shift and expand every day.”

      Me too Jan and isn’t it just the best?! 🙂 ❤ Ongoing progress, expansion, growth and we're just getting started at this NEW higher level. Can you imagine…? 😉

      And yes, 12-21-2012 was the Expiration Date as I’ve called it of the past Cycle and all that went with it.

  • Such an excellent wrap-up of this momentous change, Denise. I so resonate with the part about self-sourcing our energetic fuel and learning how to manage our somewhat limited supply of fuel for the day. I trust that our self-sourcing abilities will increase as we practice, like building a muscle. I’m starting to set my timer for phone calls and interactions, after previously being available for as long as someone wanted to talk. I am having to adopt an entirely new approach to my daily life at the age of 78. Yesterday I was so “out of it” I figured we must have been receiving a huge download of new energies & codes. Thank you so much for using your energy to write this long intro to 2018!

    • Song,

      This year much more focus, explanations, discussions and sharing is going to take place between those Forerunners/First Embodiers etc. who’ve reached this level of being energetically Sovereign because there’s simply not enough info about it… so we’ll create more of it. ❤

      I also wanted to include the TREMENDOUS increase in AP related physical pains that have been happening for weeks and/or months now but this article already had many topics in it. I'll work on another one about this topic because it's related to the Aug. 2017 total Solar Eclipse up to this months Eclipse(s). Astrologically and energetically one Exclipse's energies hold unto the next one happens so many have felt last August's Eclipse all this time — especially if that Eclipse happened somewhere in your natal chart that's a hot spot already. Anywhoo… those of us who are learning about our own Sovereignty and are HAVING to make adjustments in our lives because of it, will continue tweaking our lives, work routines, interactions with other people of all levels of awareness and unawareness etc. etc. so we're not running on empty each day. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thank you, Denise, for this article. Your words regarding the current President helped me de-conflict what I was feeling vs what I was reading from the Conspiracy Circles. You put my focus and trust back on my own power – feelings and personal (non-parasitic) energy management! Beautiful! I also appreciate the sharing of physical symptoms as bone aches can be rather disconcerting. Looking forward to your next article. Godspeed in your work.

    • “Your words regarding the current President helped me de-conflict what I was feeling vs what I was reading from the Conspiracy Circles.”

      Heidi G Sloan,

      Yes, yes, YES! Always go with YOUR feelings first, not what other people are saying, claiming, preaching etc. Your life is your creation and not someone else’s at this point so always but always pay attention to and trust your own inner perceptions, feelings, sensations no matter how strange or small or loud and in your face they are. I can’t tell you how many times over the decades I’ve ignored that little Inner voice informing me of something coming and then getting hit by exactly what I’d decided I’d not pay attention to! This is how we learn and learn to trust our own other levels and ways of perception.

      Conspiracy Circles and the people who believe that information etc. etc., are NOT living at the same developmental level within the secondary ascending Earth world that you are. This was my reason for going on about the 7.5 billion people now on what’s (finally!) the secondary Ascending Earth world but that means there’s 7 plus billion different individual perceptions, beliefs, levels etc. WITHIN THE SECONDARY ASCENDING EARTH WORLD. Sorry for yelling that last sentence everyone but it’s super important to understand; everyone is now in 2018 on the secondary ascending Earth, but, the majority doesn’t know this (yet) and so they’re carrying on exactly like they used to in the old negative patriarchal Earth world that no longer exists. 2018 will do a lot to help further wake these people up, but until that happens Heidi and anyone else that needs to burn this into your awareness now, YOU are who you should be following, paying attention to, relying on, consciously creating from and so on. YOU now exist in the 5D on a NEW ascending Earth world and because of this we’re ALL having to make big and serious adjustments to our old habits, old ways of perceiving, old ways of relying on things/people/information etc.

      Bottom line is that YOU already knew from your own Higher Awareness what’s going on with the president and government etc. Pay attention to that fact and give yourself the credit due for it. ❤

  • Ohh I see …

    “You don’t have the fuel to waste on any of this type of lower stuff so you cut it off and out of your life and reality and slowly continue increasing your daily allotment of Self-Source generated energy.”

    For me this did not work at all … to “cut it off and out the lower stuff” … Only when I faced and processed and worked THROUGH it … Re-solving it in a way … allowed to process it and adapting a new higher vibrational understanding of it …. could I rise …

    … although … there is still work in progress

    Peace Love &

    “parasitic” … can be tricky to realize with my “neurotic/erotic/delusional ethusiastic”-egoic 🐒 conditioned mind

    Dankeschön for pointing it out!

    Peace Love & Harmony

    • “For me this did not work at all … to “cut it off and out the lower stuff” … Only when I faced and processed and worked THROUGH it …”

      That’s because you’re not yet fully where I’m talking about, but at the level and stage before it. Stair-steps. 🙂 Once a person processes everything they need to, and much of the time there’s been multiple layers to that, not just a once and done thing but layers to process through, then one begins this next higher step of being and learning about being Sovereign energetically.

  • “There isn’t anything or anyone within the old lower 3D patriarchal world that was or is or will be “the one” that will magically fix everything or make things right or equal in this country or any other. That is old lower frequency Duality consciousness; disempowered consciousness that constantly projected outside of itself most everything. The T creature is unknowingly doing a very good job of forcing people worldwide to see how Duality functioned in our country’s government and consciousness, and how corrupt it all was and still is. Elephants and donkeys, donkeys and elephants, red and blue, Republicans and Democrats, it was all Duality but it was Duality within an illusion of vast differences and great choices for the people, the voters, but there never really was any. It was all an illusion of choice for the people of this country and was just Duality playing out at that old lower patriarchal level. This is the “end times” of all that, not the beginning of correcting those old systems at that lowly level but of evolving far beyond them all.

    People who still believe in and are only capable of perceiving of power and answers, salvation and justice etc. as something outside of themselves and in someone else like a politician(s), ruler, religious leader(s), groups, set of beliefs or whatever are still functioning within the old and very low frequency of the global patriarchal Duality consciousness. Problem with this is that entire system has Expired and has no energies sustaining it or them any longer, and beating that dead horse won’t bring it back to life and power again. That energy, time, consciousness, life and reality has energetically ended and humanity is currently evolving beyond all of it now, hence all the chaos, insanity and high drama.”

    Hallelujah and thank you, thank you, thank you, Denise. This is the best explanation I have seen or heard about what’s going on. I haven’t read the entire post yet, but couldn’t wait to thank you for expressing in words what I have been feeling and trying to express to others who are so upset, frightened, angry … in one word, FEARFUL.

  • Oh, Denise – I feel it, I really do 🙂

    For the past 30 years or so that I’ve been ‘awake’, I’ve mostly felt like I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing and where I was going (although I’ve kept going nevertheless). My stair-step journey has always felt a bit more like the snakes and ladders game I used to play as a child – yes, you may get to land on a square that lets you zoom up a few pegs but in the next breath you’re back down, and below where you even started.

    BUT, over the new year I felt like I’d reached a major tipping point and that sense of a powerful internal shift has only increased over the past few weeks. So to have you confirm that this is the case for humanity as a whole and that it’s REALLY REAL is just wonderful.

    Thank you too for your insights into the dynamic that plays out regarding our daily allotment of Source fuel, and how we have to learn to manage that in relation to the parasites that we encounter – that’s another biggie for me. I’d already started to subconsciously work on it but now that you’ve articulated what is really going on, will do so much more consciously.

    With huge gratitude as always,

  • Hi Denise
    Really interesting take on very interesting topics. Your initial comment about how to awake the ones still ‘asleep’ made me wonder how many of the 7+ billion are young and one site says 46% of the worlds population are under 25! I have always presumed that the newer incarnated are more in harmony with the shifts and maybe the awakening is also a time and tide of age too. My own efforts within that 46% are truly switched in individuals.  and they give me much reassurance that things are trending in the right direction, even though I can’t sense it more tangibly.
    Thanks for your work and rest up!

    • Kate,

      Yes the NEW younger people incarnated with matching NEW energies, codes, consciousness and HighHeart in them from the get go. We Forerunners Pathpaved this for them and all the rest coming in behind them so that they are simply hitting the ground running so to speak. They don’t need to learn things, study things, teach things and so on because they are them internally already. What they’re needed for now is to cut through the old lower negative systems and structures and demand that the NEW higher ways replace them. You see, each Group of us all in the Ascension Process Mission Work have our incredibly important jobs to play with the talents and energies we have. Think of a huge construction crew with this. Each of the many different and highly specialized crews come in at the time they’re needed to do what they’re the best of the best at to do for All. Then the next crew comes in and does what they’re the best of the best at, then the next crew comes in and so on. The young/younger people are the latest group, the latest crew and they’re so needed to do what they can, while the rest of the AP groups/crews continue doing what we’re capable of now. Every group is profoundly important and needed for the entire NEW structure to continue unfolding as quickly as it now is. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thank you, Denise, so true. As my guides advised me today when I asked what I should be doing in these upgraded frequencies:
    1. Rest
    2. Sleep
    3. Eat lightly(a possible pun?)
    4. Repeat
    Quite a recipe!
    Love and Light,

  • So much to agree w/ —however, O M G! The monk dressed in brown.. me, too, except no hood, just a ‘blurry’ face! And WOWOW the simple statement by B Marciniak, “Information is stored in stone and bone’, is something I think about so often. And the ‘skulls’ ,esp..AND.. for decades, I’ve know / and been ‘told’ by channelers in the early 80s, that I;m a guide from the ‘other side when they/I’m asleep.. And the whole.. energy/ every day is ‘jammes’ and hermi mode, plus I can baely handle the newsfeed on my FB page.. I live in a small resort town high on the SW slope of the CO rockies, and am way sensutve to the ;elementary/ elementals,and well, all ofthat. .SO mnay people from all over the world,race, creed, age,blah blah blah.. This pas week, feels like I”ve really been’invaded’.. the building I lve in.. transmuting.. hahaha..but I also notice how manyARE awakening! Feeing the tourists, etc.. can’t describe, as in such a ‘culcha’rural, tiny place.. not like Telluride , Aspen, Vail..or Mt Shasta, Tahoe, or Sedona (I lived there in the late 80s, when it was really beginning to be overrun…AND..yes,, dem aching bones and skull lately, along with thick, gooping , blurry dripping eyeballs.. Health tip.. check out castor oil – been using it for years, then got away form it! Thanks, Denise, and allo who share here, as always.. I so appreciate you, Denise, for being our spokespeson/ corrrespondent, w0/man on the street/beat? HAHAHA

  • Dear Denise,
    I quickly read your article (I will re- read tomorrow) and I was stuck on the hooded sage in a brown robe robe with no face! I too saw one for awhile…it felt neither male nor female…Jinard was the guides name..much info came forward..it was almost 30 years ago now….so much change…

    Love to you

  • Omigosh, that fuel thing though!! Yes!! I’ve been experiencing it for years, but it’s really true of recent months as we enter these new zones and as I climb those stair steps. I stayed in my jammies all day today and didn’t even bother with thinking of getting anything done beyond basic needs. So spot on. Love you, Denise. ❤️

    • ❤ ❤ ❤ back at you. 🙂

      I slept most of the afternoon today, which happens much more now and it's perfectly okay and much needed by many of us First Embodiers.

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