Intense Structural Changes

I’m sure many of you felt the energies increase and expand to a higher level, not only from our entrance into 2018 (11 energies), but through a second intense sudden shift mid January that instantly redirected and further altered many of us in a number of ways. More of our personal attitudes and focus with certain things, situations and people etc. instantly changed deep within us around mid month, propelling many into greater NEW inner changes individually. Some of these ongoing Embodiment Processes (EP) are instantaneous, from our perspectives, while others are months long and physically painful, oftentimes in very NEW-to-us ways.

With our entrance into January 2018, the inner ear ringing has not only gotten louder for me, but is now a higher frequency tone as well. And for most of January I’ve not been able to tolerate most physical noises. I feared my washing machine running two weeks ago would break my spirit, and listening to anything on the TV was intolerable due to the amplified irritation and pains it caused. I went through periods of this during the early years of the physical level, biological AP over a decade ago. It got so bad back then that I often wore ear plugs when shopping because the typical physical noises, people chattering constantly coupled with endless noises and music coming from store speakers were way too much for me during intense energetic upgrades phases. My central nervous system would quickly start to overload, so to help reduce some of these invasive human sounds I’d wear ear plugs to block out the constant and pain inducing physical noises and voices. What I didn’t expect was that I’d experience this same symptom again over a decade later at much higher levels but that’s exactly what I’ve dealt with—among other things—during this first month of 2018 with its wide range redistribution-like energies

Another side effect of having moved into higher frequency energies this month is needing to sleep much more day and night when able. During the more intense phases (which is basically constant now) when we’re experiencing further energetic ascending and Embodiment, including casting off deeper layers of the old, much more can and is accomplished while we’re physically still and quiet but awake and/or while we’re asleep day and night. Even more time spent in physical silence and stillness has been needed while all this has been going on.

And speaking of sleep, our dreams continue to be something NEW and different too. For months I’m having numerous dreams every night, all of them very busy and active with a lot of other people I don’t know and in locations I’m not familiar with. After weeks of this I realized that, as with everything else in the Ascension Process (AP), we’re not dreaming in old familiar ways and in old lower levels like we’re used to. We seem to be dealing with not only our own but a lot of other people’s ongoing AP dimensional shifting, other-dimensional travels, latest re-directions and ongoing new ascension related discoveries as we all travel through these new and energetically NEW levels and layers. I had a dream recently where I was with a group of strangers (I suspect some of them where you reading this) and we were comparing personal experiences about changing dimensions and how amazingly fluid things are and how we’re about to begin another totally NEW level of all this very soon that will create even greater changes for everyone. There was much excitement and anticipation among all of us because we know that these AP and EP (Embodiment Process) shifts are quickening and expanding tremendously.

I’ve been feeling tremendous energetic all-level changes taking place within my physical body, myself, my consciousness and multiple structures (ongoing Embodiment Process) this month like I’m being cracked open to free myself (ascend further) from old energetic casing structures. These remaining old lower energetic structures have become extremely restrictive in the NEW higher levels and energies so we’ve been living through an intense removal of them while simultaneously Embodying more of the NEW codes and complex higher energetic structures. And it goes without saying at this point, or it should, that this like most all AP and EP processes have periods of fairly intense to downright severe physical pains due to so much structural change taking place on multiple levels within each of us.

Since the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse that happened at 28° Leo 53′ — which by the way was within orb of conjuncting many Baby Boomers natal Pluto in the late degrees of Leo and early degrees of Virgo — I’ve dealt with severe physical pains and mobility restrictions in my shoulder joints, one elbow joint, arm, neck and spine from the neck around the shoulders level down behind the HighHeart and lower physical heart areas. This has been so severe for the majority of these past six months, that I started thinking something might be “wrong” in those areas because these EP related upgrades usually happen quicker, usually. Not so with this particular one for me however. Also, First Embodiers with natal planets, angles and other sensitive natal spots in those signs and degrees, or within orb of them on either side, have most likely been dealing with these NEW energies in typical Forerunner fashion, meaning it’s been physically painful off and on since the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse for many of us. The Total Lunar Eclipse Supermoon of January 31, 2018, takes place at 11° Leo 37′, completing this particular removal of more old energy structures and protections etc. combined with deeper integration unification of the NEW Solar and Lunar energies within Leo, the Lion and the NEW HighHeart consciousness and creativity. HighHearts have been expanding and evolving further lately into NEW territories and this will continue throughout this year.

Shortly after the August 2017 Solar Eclipse (that conjunct my natal Pluto), my body seemingly went haywire in this vertical and horizontal physical area so I investigated what was causing these specific pains and seeming Saturn-like restrictions and eventual cracking apart and release. What I perceived was that I was indeed, like many others reading this, being cracked open energetically and freed from specific old energy structures in certain body locations and further evolved, expanded and pushed through yet another energy keyhole so to speak so we can Embody more.

After I perceived this about the highly amplified physical pains, mostly in my joints and bones in the areas mentioned (Saturn and Capricorn), I connected my living this with how Saturn (holds structures in place within physicality) was freed from old negative energy distortions and structures in April 2017. Saturn has become, as all the planets have, transmitters of the NEW higher level energies and NEW codes and how they’re evolving because we are and vise versa. Instead of Saturn transmitting old limitations, restrictions, negative interference distortions and blocks to expansion within the structure of physicality externally and internally, it’s now pushing everything into the NEW with its NEW higher frequency energetic structures. I am very aware however that not everyone has been or will be experiencing this deeper and expanded shattering of old lower energetic structures within themselves and their physical bodies in the same ways and body areas that I have. Just be aware of what and where any old energetic structures have been in and around your body as old energy and etheric protections, structures and old patterns that are currently being cracked open and replaced with more expansions into higher levels of energetic being, consciousness and reality.

Just like the Earth/Gaia has been going through another amplification of ascension expansion and Embodiment of the NEW energies and experiencing more earthquakes and volcanic activity, so too have our physical bodies and selves been experiencing inner quakes and eruptions etc. There is no difference or separation between Earth/Gaia and First Embodiers (and the rest of humanity at their different levels) all going through these latest ascension structural changes.

Hold these issues and processes in your HighHeartmind about Saturn (in Capricorn, an Earth sign, since December 19, 2017) and structural changes taking place now internally and externally, because when Uranus enters Taurus (also an Earth sign) on May 15, 2018, the same day of the New Moon in Taurus, these types of dramatic changes will begin with Uranus and Taurus, and how they’ll be transmitting the NEW energies and codes and not the old ones. Very briefly because I intend to write about just this topic soon, Uranus transmitting NEW energies will suddenly trigger increasing Higher Awareness and NEW higher level HighHeart creativity in more and more people. Taurus transmitting NEW energies and consciousness will activate global humanity to perceive what they personally and individually value, what is of value to humans worldwide, what is attractive, beautiful, peaceful, individually and collectively valuable and worthy of focus and protection. And, it won’t be money. Money and making money and collecting money etc. and it being valuable and valued by global humanity will be changing soon and greatly and only expanding from there on out. Can you imagine Heart being the primary NEW “currency” on 5D ascended Earth? ❤ 🙂 ❤

Like I said many years ago at TRANSITIONS, I’ve never seen any ETs, any Lightbeings, any Ascended Masters or any Angelic beings that carried wallets or purses. Ever. 😉 Who needs money in a 5D ascended/ascending world anyway? They do not. Expect big positive freeing changes coming this year and beyond due to Uranus entering Taurus during the AP and EP. Couple this with both Saturn and Pluto transiting Capricorn, and on April 23, 2018 Chiron enters Aries, we have a full-blown physical Earth world and human consciousness ascension makeover happening! You think the global Old Boys Club is freaking out now over being outed over their sexual misconducts and global male elitism? Just watch when their #1 god—money and power—becomes impotent and disappears like the dinosaurs. Just stay clear of the coming freak outs, tantrums, panic, and lies over all the money stuff. Like everything else it too will be evolved into something completely NEW and improved, but this money issue is a biggie for humanity so continue Embodying the Higher NEW Way First Embodiers.

Someone asked me recently about why Source would only give us an 1/8 of a tank of gas fuel to live off of each day. The fast answer is exactly the same as why the AP and EP processes (which the AP turns into the EP after certain energetic levels have been reached by each individual), have taken so long. Any aspect of any of this would destroy our physical bodies, our psyches’, our central nervous system, our very selves if we tried to do too much too quickly. This is why there’s always been energetic Stair-steps we’re all having to methodically traverse. It’s protection so we don’t try to Embody more than we and our physical bodies are ready or capable of safely doing yet. When I can, when you can safely cope with expanding up to a 1/4 tank of energy gas fuel each day then you/me/we will. Then a 1/2 tank a day and on and on from there as we incrementally Embody more and more of our Higher Self/Selves and have greater direct and conscious connection with Divine Source.

There’s more I wanted to cover in this article but it’s taken me too long to get it done already so I’ll save the other topics for another article. Hang in there everyone and be physically still and wide openhearted for the January 31, 2018, Total Lunar Eclipse Supermoon Full Moon in a couple of days. I expect it to be equally impressive as last August’s Total Solar Eclipse was but in very different energetic ways. A lot of ancient Atlantian and ancient Egyptian stuff is being completed on multiple levels through these two Eclipses by those of us who were at one or both of those ancient locations about 12,600 years ago give or take. There’s more beyond this even but just do your part in all this in the body and life you have now in this timeline of Ascension and Embodiment. We’ve come full-circle and more, and because of this, have been doing a tremendous amount of energy Work in ways we’re not all even fully aware of yet. We’ll celebrate in a bit over what we’re accomplishing right now within the AP and EP process.

Denise Le Fay

January 29, 2018


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25 thoughts on “Intense Structural Changes

  • I can’t say I’m noticing any change at all in the secondary ascending lot. They seem as egoistic as ever; and totally oblivious to it. :/

    • teleile,

      There’s more of them, the unaware, than Forerunners/First Embodiers/Pathpavers but this has always been the case. What has changed entirely are the Codes, energetic blueprints, templates etc. that all of humanity exists in now. The unaware don’t have any choice to remain asleep, they HAVE to evolve if they want to remain in their current physical bodies on the secondary ascending Earth. Here’s the deal — many of the unaware will automatically evolve over time via all the NEW Codes at this NEW higher level etc. while many of them will simply die-off over time because 1) they refuse to currently evolve and 2) they’re old and ready to exit their physical bodies instead of go through compressed evolution.

      I know the external world isn’t showing all the great NEW improvements yet but is showing the increasing collapse of the old lower consciousness, systems, beliefs and so on. This will take some linear time to unfold but believe it or not it’s happening very quickly all things considered. Also remember that the secondary ascending group of humans ALL exist within slightly different levels of awareness, awakening, not awakening and so on. It’s not a level playing field in other words and never has been meaning some people will show signs of improvement, signs of evolving before others. Stair-steps for all.

      • Hi Denise…
        I read your reply with great interest.
        I traveled to visit my 86 yr old mother back at the end of November. She’d made the decision to put her name on the list for an assisted living facility in her area. She is surrounded by loving family members and I try to get there for extended periods of time as often as I can. From the moment I got on the plane things were even weirder than normal. I came down with the “astral” flu 3 days after arriving for my 3 week stay, my husband’s dad died back at home, and my mom unraveled completely. In 8 short weeks we’ve gone from Her thoughtful, initial plan to having to consider nursing home care. So much is coming up for her to purge and release and with all the time anomalies and body symptoms we are experiencing, I know that the current waves have completely changed the mostly gentle trajectory she’s experienced over the past 5 years.
        Like your mom, mine was open to many of the experiences I’ve had throughout the years. For a few years in the beginning, as I woke up, her health was negatively impacted.
        I feel relieved she won’t have to endure too much more and sad that the final months/weeks??? of her life are being filled with intense processing and symptoms the drs can’t help her with. She’s old, frail, confused, struggling with dementia days and tired.
        Thanks for mentioning our parents, grandparents Denise. Most folks aren’t aware of the impact our work had on our families. I appreciate knowing this will be the worst of it for her and her continued journey is just a moment away.

      • Denise,
        Yes, I agree – and given that for some time now, no dark souls have been able to incarnate, and the fact that the average lifespan is 80 years or so, in another 70 years the really dark souls will no longer be here.
        Like you, I have been living the physical AP for two decades, but had spent 14 years before that doing a lot of spiritual work on myself, and focused on it since childhood. So I sometimes whine, because it’s felt like one long, gruelling work shift! 😀
        Worth it – I can detect some changes in the world, and as for myself, I look back and grin at 1998 me, who seems as aware as celery! So I am glad we did it, but just so tired by now. 🙂

  • Hi Denise, after two months in hospital trying to raise my weight from 40k I’m now at home but being told i still need surgery for carcinoid causing obstruction, I’m on an intense feeding program (intravenous) but I’m so confused about it all, any words you may have would be so welcome, I know somehow I can self heal but must have done something so wrong I’ve just turned into a sick and self doubting old woman. I love the writings you share with us but they don’t seem to apply to me any more. If you have any words of advice l would be very grateful, love you 💗

    • Linda,

      I’m not a doctor as you know so discernment with what I’m going to say and suggest. This is your body and your issues and only you know what’s going on and why at higher and deeper levels within yourself. I had to Google carcinoid obstruction to even have an idea about what you’re going through and I’m still not certain that information is exactly what you have.

      The first thing I’d suggest for you to do is to honestly look at what you supposedly have and which body organs and/or areas of your physical body those health issues are affecting. I’m guessing it’s primarily bowel, eliminating, and food intake?

      While I was reading your comment, your mother from your childhood instantly popped into my awareness as a possible reason for these current health issues. Look, honestly, to see if there are any old emotional issues you’ve had with your mother from childhood that you’ve not dealt with in yourself or deeply enough etc. Look to see what you may have buried long ago in your “guts” that needs to be feel, deal and healed. Anything in there needs to be “eliminated” by you from the emotional level and literally shit out. Also tell yourself that you deserve to ingest, process and eliminate physical life-sustaining foods. Mother and food/eating etc. sounds like the astrological sign Cancer. Just throwing out some info here. If it doesn’t resonate, please ignore.

      Also keep in heartmind awareness that how doctors look at things is totally different from how people like us look at them, meaning that just because a doctor(s) are claiming that you have such and such physical disease/issue/problem, that does NOT mean that’s what it really is 100%. It also does NOT mean that it cannot be dealt with by you from your own inner self and heart and completely cleared (“healed” and released) by you and you alone. The energies are here now to help you do exactly this if that’s what you want to do. Doctors are claiming there’s a “blockage” in a certain area of your body. What does that area of your body represent to you? What does it do? Why is it not doing it now do you think/believe? Total honesty with yourself about everything is the only way to go, along with the knowledge that YOU can fix this, YOU can “heal” this, YOU can make this go away permanently and immediately. YOU are that powerful. Get mad and tired over all this if that helps you to not self-doubt so much and get some personal power back for yourself to deal with all this. It’s YOUR body, YOUR life, YOUR future, not the doctors.

      Know too that a lot of us have been dealing with super amplified issues of all sorts — physical body stuff, emotional stuff, uncertainty over personal and worldwide stuff and so on — and that the NEW Light energies only highlight every crumb of lower frequency “stuff” each of us still has. That doesn’t mean we’re doing anything “wrong”, it just means that it, our stuff whatever it may still be at this date, cannot co-exist with this super high Light energy. We and our physical bodies are literally evolving minute by minute, day by day, week by week on top of everything else that’s happening! LOVE yourself and your body Temple and cast out whatever needs to be “eliminated” now and know that you can turn this around so fast it will amaze the doctors. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Dear Denise,

        There is so much love embodied in your response to Linda Paskins’s current healing situation that I almost “can’t stand it,” as they say…What you declare is “what is up” for those of us who are evolving and moving to access the entirety of our magnificence, one (or sometimes two?) stair-steps at a time. Your words are a reminder of the abilities and energies that are becoming more and more rapidly available on Earth at this time…and the lunar eclipse of January 31 feels like it has accelerated these possibilities. I salute you and all here who have walked a mile and more to assist those who want to break through the current healing paradigms into self-healing in every way and on every level, in every situation. Thank you, Denise.

      • Thank you Denise I am more grateful than I can say and not shy of delving deep, I will certainly reflect on your reply and let you know the outcome, love you Linda

        • Thanks Denise, you were right about the mother issues, which came up like coconuts on a shy, but after that it all came to a head last weekend again when I collapsed and got rushed into surgery to bypass the obstruction. So I’ve just got to work through the carcinoid issues and i should find that i can go home and recover the best i can be.
          Denise i was deeply grateful for your time and attention, it put you on the spot, so although i really have to work on my bad tempers, I can feel the light around me again, with love ❤Linda

      • Denise, again, thank you for this AMAZING reply… This is the EXACT kind of reply I (my human) am always looking for… the untangible one… I have always somehow known deep in my heart that WE are our own creators and WE get to choose our beliefs, outcomes… even after basically losing ALL of my family to illness (and my human having severe health anxiety programs running because of it)… It’s a matter of breaking down that old earth programming and bringing up all that stuckness… and releasing.. SO HARD and feels stuck at times but I truly believe this is it… sounds crazy to the human but thats the point, I guess!

  • For about 10 days I was so out of 3D. Nothing seemed real. We had a family meeting and it felt like a dream and had a hazy disconnect quality. Yesterday I came back some and now feeling a bit more energy. Thinking I may like to start doing some things. Get it-thinking-not really doing anything more than have to.
    The neck and shoulder pain continues/. I had the vision of a butterfly pushing its way out.
    I think what I noticed for myself since August is what I call bi-polar energy shifts. I would get a burst for a while and then feel like had to crash. This could happen up to 3-4 times in a day. As my mommy used to say ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS” So I just go with the flow.
    Won’t it be exciting if we can start to recognize each other in dream time. I believe anything is possible going forward. I will be the one wearing a glowing golden sun pendant on a necklace. Lovelight & Lightlove to everyone 🙂

  • Thank you Denise💓. I very much appreciate the remarks of being cracked open and popped, here and there, body wise!!! Out of this suit! Still clueless, ALL my systems are all part love. All operating is like a bird. My soldier/fool/former victim settings are like…wait what?!? It’s now normal to say “it’s so weird” now. I’m still in place of mission work, but I’m completely dislodged from it, while in it. “So weird.” My old responses to people/events are gone/changed. Someone tried to shame me the other day, for something that used to kill me. I do not feel it!!! I felt…like a bird, a little bird full of love, only good for singing. Right AFTER being “scolded.” What?!? WHO am I?!? Who is “SHE?!!!!”
    I watched a show on Netflix. The character victim/clown dies first episode and a “future” person lands inside her. She was being hit by bullies. “Future” self revives, takes over, no bravado, skill and power, handles the bullies. The character’s name…is mine! Marcy! Lol! It is like this now! New body settings!! And Magic abounds!! I’m wondering HOW MUCH?!!?!

    And I JUST want a hug for ALL of this letting go and saying goodbye stuff. Other than the above, I’ve watched nothing for a month except one single show. Over and over. It is helping me hope and let go. I wish someone knew what I went/am going through. OR I just wish I could have a Hug. 😣✌️💛

    Thanks again for helping it make sense. It’s okay to loose body parts 😉 . Don’t need any of them anyway.

  • Thanks Denise, I love this: “You think the global Old Boys Club is freaking out now over being outed over their sexual misconducts and global male elitism? Just watch when their #1 god—money and power—becomes impotent and disappears like the dinosaurs.”

    I too had a big breakthrough in mid-January. As a result of it I have released my old fear-based 3D way of accessing resources. Are lot of things are dying in my life right now but I know that soon I will be connecting to resources in the 5D world in a loving, reciprocal exchange that honours everyone and everything. I’ve also had a very painful left elbow for the past six months. There too a shift has happened and the pain is subsiding… onwards we go…

    Love to all,


  • Hello
    Usually I have to lie in the bed for one week totally exhausted. Calibrated the energy. Last time I got fever without any other symptoms. Now I felt very high energy in the body. Usually i felt very hot energy in both ears. Somtimes sounds in one ear and sometimes in both ears. I got light green colour in the night as I interpretate that all process is working out as planned. I am sure we have our team working at ours energy in the night time.
    Good luck to all of you

  • I got hit with heavy pains in the middle of my back on the 11th January, over the course of a couple of hours they moved down to my lower back which immobilised me for a while. It has eased gradually until this Sunday, when I had a repeat performance, though this time it has eased a lot more quickly.

    My dreams have been non-existent for 5 to 10 years now, I go to sleep then wake up, that’s it. Before then I used to have a very rich dream life. My energy took a downturn over the course of a few months a couple of years ago now, though it doesn’t seem to have affected the intensity of my symptoms.

    I also get migraine light shows with a slight muzziness afterwards but without the intense headaches that are usually associated with them. They always seem to come in pairs, a left hand one followed by a right hand one, sometimes close together, sometimes a few days apart. Though last November I had one that came on instantaneously and made me almost blind for about a minute until it cleared just as quickly.

    The eclipse in Leo last August, as well as Pluto, I have my mid-heaven and south node in Leo as well. so I suppose that would explain my symptoms, becoming increasingly more intense.

    Thank You

  • Dear Denise
    On my earplugs, I do some Lavendelolie!!.This is a very intense and rare period!!As you describe “normally” the EP upgrades are “fast” but now from Augustus 2017 the higher centra’s go true a deep process. The body( head, heart region) became sick to clean up old issues and still is busy to balance with the energies. I”m very fast irritated by noises and peoples talk about nothing. Yes, Denise, I understand you well. The nervous system is a bit overloaded!! Softness is a healing and all other, most human, things,3 D, is a burden.

    The eclipse in 2017 in the Lionsgate was very close to the King Star Regulus.Personal I have Mars and Pluto in conjunction there so I was wondering what will come up. Well, I know now……This cycles for all will end 11/8/2018.
    Anyway, I will leave this subject to you Denise for your coming articles.
    From the esoteric point, about astrology, in August 2017 Vulcanus, a planet behind the central Sun, enter Lion. was going retro back in Cancer around October and will come back this year in Lion again. So the Heart centra and region will be affected.

    Vulcanus will only work with those who are conscious on their path and belong to the first ray, It is a bit too much for this comment to go deeper in this subject. But the planets are also connected with the 7 rays of evolution. Not all 7 work at the same time.
    And of course, it will affect all the levels of where we are conscious and opens new insides.
    But from my human side, I must say not an easy time!!

    Thanks Denise for sharing your experience!!
    With Love Diviana

  • Thank you Denise, for sharing your experiences with us! It saved me a few doctor bills 🙂 I have the same shoulder-neck problems (among others) for more than a year now, and they’ve seriously increased lately, so much so that I, too, thought something was really wrong. Reading about Atlantean and Egyptian stuff being cleared put my mind at rest again!
    Thanks again!

  • Brilliant post as always Denise… I got the Saturn intel exactly same time you wrote about it first earlier this year… and Uranus intel in the last few days… love it… and I’m a Leo/Taurus rising.. with South node and Mars there in Taurus..and Aries in Chiron… SO to say I am looking forward to these new upgraded planetary adjustments is an understatement!!! Feeling it!!! 😄 So much love to you! … oh and non stop cracking of my layers here too.. thank you for confirmations as always ❤️✨

  • Dreams have been intense this past week. Speaking of “stair steps,” I dreamt I was climbing up huge gray, concrete steps and going higher and higher. My sister was just ahead of me – she passed about 5 years ago. My ex-husband was leading the way and my daughter was behind me. Sad, that I never dream of my son with us though, although he is here on the earth plane.

    Another strange thing that sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night: I hear a quick, digital-type beep or sequence and then wake up, but I have everything electronic turned off in my bedroom at night. Has anyone else ever heard these sounds?

    Thanks much!

  • Dear Denise and All,

    Yes, my dreams too have been very busy and more like going into other dimensions at night. For weeks and weeks now, I keep revisiting past situations and doing what I’m pretty sure is healing with an assortment of mostly males from my past. I keep waking up at 4 am and then will recall the dream as if it’s something important that I’m supposed to take note of. For weeks now every morning when I wake up, I feel an achiness in my heart area like something is healing (almost like energetic surgery has been performed during the night) while also simultaneously feeling this light, new, soft, floaty energy in my heart as well. It seems like that might be the 1/4 tank you are referring to which feels very pronounced in the morning, but does fade off a bit by the end of the day.

    Thank you Denise for sharing your insights with us.❤️

  • Wow, thanks again for sharing Denise.. I always find it more than amusing when I am feeling certain energies, having certain dreams and pains etc, only to read about so much in common around the same timeframes.. this is always my subtle queue that YES, this is most definitely AP/EP related….

    I have been noticing and mentioning my crazy weird dreams in the last month or so. So fast paced, busy and oddly FULL of dialogue… I still lucid dream so i tend to change the dialogue when it doesn’t suit me.. so strange.
    As for the ears, wow, the tones are so frequent and higher pitched and last longer too… both ears for me… last year I had the crazy crazy ear stuff. It started at 10 minutes at a time November 2016 and by May 2017, the ear stuff would last me 2 weeks straight at a time… I felt like I was living in an airport, with turbo engines..and when people spoke they sounded like robots… it scared the crap out of me but since then i have become accustomed to this new encodements… I haven’t heard that stuff in a while now but the tones are much more frequent and higher pitched… I believe that what happened last year was an upgrade to me ears in order to accommodate and allow these new frequencies to come through….. I look forward the eclipse this week as August’s had a profound affect on me. I have been feeling, clearing super heavy stuff… ancient stuff that I presumed was long ago dealt with…

  • Thank you Denise…well said and communicated…I too am feeling it….and I send you Blessings for sharing and caring….and showing us that…hey…’s all ‘normal’ and its good….Hugs, Barb xxxxxx

  • Dear Denise,

    Thank you for talking about the different dreaming. I’ve had a LOT of busy dreaming lately. Seems to be about shedding, dis-robing, changing (clothes mainly, but variations on that theme). Also a couple nights ago, there were a LOT of “2”s in one particular dream. Not just one 2, but like 7 or 8 twos strung together (like 2222222) which made me think/feel about Higher Levels/Dimensions. And yes, many people in the dreams. I wanted to comment on that too: that perhaps it’s not so much that it’s strangers in your dream(s), that it’s more you/we/I’m seeing people that we know at a higher level so we’re having to reacquaint ourselves with them at these new levels.

    A couple days ago I had a whining pitch in my left ear that was almost unbearable for about 30 seconds. I have noticed a slight noise in both ears recently, the kind of sound that you get when you’re in absolute silence. Been having a lot of pain in both hips which makes sleeping a challenge (even though I’m tired all the time). My body seems to creak around like a 70-year old sometimes (I’m 44). Neck/shoulders/blades are stiff and creaky and tight as well. My Mom has been having shoulder/arm issues for quite some time but seemed to reach new pain levels these past months (she’s 60-ish 😀 ). I’ve been helping guide her through her own processes especially lately as she seems much more ready and open to moving forward and upwards. Not in an ego “I need to help you get better”, more of an “I see you’re ready and you’re flailing and I can offer you a next step from what I can see over here, yet something else may work better for you”. Such freedom to now Be-ing able to allow and let people do their own stuff instead of getting in there trying to fix others.

    I really believed the house I put a bid in on was mine for sure. Someone else’s bid was accepted the next day… and then a few days later I got slammed with being sick as a dog. Timing is everything I truly believe. I have to keep knocking my mind down when it goes on about “what if I get a house and then the money goes away and I lose it after all that?”. My brain needs a time out 😀 I keep looking and waiting and doing my best not to control and figure out how it may all come together. Still working at this! And I can’t wait to Be and Live without money on this planet. I Know it works and how from connecting to a couple other lives in different systems and it’s peaceful and beautiful. I keep holding onto that for when the transition occurs here.

    Much HighHeart Love to you!

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