The Parasite Haters

  Like many who write about the Ascension Process (AP) and related topics, I’ve had to deal with certain readers over the years who have very different perspectives about what “Love” is, what Light is, what negativity is, which spiritual and Ascension related information is correct, which is not, and which people who teach and write about the Ascension Process are correct and which are not.

Many of these readers have always believed they have the right to write public Comments on my sites with links to other AP teachers, writers, channels and/or channeled material etc. that they believe wholeheartedly and have benefited from. They want to share that information with other readers, which I completely understand. I’ve quoted and linked to a very small few other AP teachers/writers myself in some of my articles for the same reasons; I want to share correct, high frequency information with people. Problem is that these people want to spread certain information they believe by parasitically using me, my sites and my decade-plus online AP writing Works to do that, and, if I don’t give them what they want they attack me in a response Comment(s) and they typically call their attacks “Love”.

What does the owner of an online site(s) who is an Ascension teacher/writer do when a person or people writes a Comment(s) under your article(s) with a link or links in it to another site or sites with information that you know to be incorrect and/or distorted? What do you do in such a situation? On the one hand you could just publish these people’s Comment(s) — which by the way are for readers to write a Comment about the article or post that you have written on your site, not try to promote other people and their writings — even though you know the information is slightly or greatly distorted intentionally or unintentionally. Does one not only compromise themselves and their personal AP Work and website(s) in such a situation, but does one also pass along that link/information to their readers knowing it has certain distortions, disinformation or plain incorrect information in it? How is doing that staying true to oneself and one’s personal lengthy and difficult First Waver, Forerunner, First Embodier, Pathpaver Ascension Process Work and knowledge? Do you publish certain people’s Comments on your site under your article(s) that contain links to other writers works when that information has discrepancies and/or distortions great or small in it, in them just to placate that reader/Commentor? Or do you live what you teach, what you write about, what you live yourself and risk vicious hate-filled response Comment attacks and etheric drive-by shootings from them aimed squarely at yourself? What does one do? Is it even a question really? Not for me it isn’t and never has been.

How do you deal with people with parasitic consciousness who only see other people as their ways and means to get what they want? How does one honestly communicate online with people like that? How does one bridge the growing glaring gap between integrity, Higher Awareness, HighHeart and lack of greater awareness, ego and complete parasitic consciousness and being? How does one deal with online Ascension Process bullies, haters, parasites, Portal People, disinformation spreaders both knowingly and unknowingly, the “consciousness police” people, selfish tantrum throwers, and attackers doing their best to bludgeon you to death with their written words?

I received one of the most hate-filled Comments earlier this month (January 2018) that I’ve ever received, and believe me when I tell you that that’s saying something because I’ve dealt with Comments and emails since 2003 that would shock and amaze in their sheer negativity and hatred of me. This person used my use of forward slash / in another article too much as their reason and excuse to rip me to shreds with their profound written viciousness and hatred. A few years ago another person emailed me with an explosion of hatred about my constantly confusing the difference between the words effect and affect in my articles. Other people have written me Comments and emails about how negativity does not exist but is all inside of me. Other people have written me that you’re probably familiar with from having read their websites, that wanted to know how I know what I do when I don’t channel. The fact that someone could directly access Higher Awareness, higher Light, and higher dimensions etc. was too much for them evidently during the past decade and because of their level of awareness I have been suspect in many AP people’s eye’s over the years. If you’re a Walk-In then that’s instantly accepted and okay; produce endless reams of information like a tireless energizer bunny even if it’s scattered and hard for most readers to relate to. If you’re a channel for another being or beings in another dimension then that’s instantly accepted and okay, even if you don’t have the ability to discern and energetically read those beings to know on your own that they indeed are or are not who and what they claim to be.

In the past people used to be burned at the stake for not strictly following the church and state rules and regulations. In our time it’s about being repeatedly attacked online by anyone that is unhappy with you, what you’re writing about, how you’re saying it, how you’re not saying it, and anything else they can come up with to cover the fact that they’re viciously attacking you because they hate you. Too many repeated misspelled words for someone? Too many /// in an article for someone else? Not allowing yourself and your website(s) to be parasitically used to advertise and promote someone else’s site and writings via some persons Comment with links in it under one of my articles? Plus being attacked, disrespected, hated and generally abused because you didn’t instantly give that parasitic person exactly what they wanted and them believing and/or claiming that what they said and did was in the sacred high name of “Love”. Welcome to 2018 everyone; the time and place where the Light really hits the road and all the bullshit, negativity, ego, imbalances, prejudice, hatred, parasitism, manipulations, con jobs, distortions, control tactics, lack of higher awareness, physical, verbal, written and etheric attacks and ever-flowing lies and deceptions are out in the open Light for those with eyes, heart and balls enough to honestly see, feel and openly call a spade a spade when it really is a spade promoting itself as something else. The unaware have always believed that everyone else has been as unaware as they are. We are not and never have been.

  I shouldn’t need to tell those of you with Higher Awareness and development from having lived the AP and EP processes longer, deeper and further than most that all of 2017, and these first 15 days of January 2018, have been pretty physically painful and sometimes psychologically trying at certain levels. (No doubt more to come beyond today so heads and hearts up First Embodiers/Forerunners/Pathpavers.) Fifteen days into 2018, and some are quickly becoming even more unhinged than they were before. Big clue there. Guess what things will look and feel like with the massive energetic changes coming throughout 2018? If ever there was a time to constantly fly above the fray as best you can it’s now HighHearts.

The many reasons why you’ve been in amplified physical pain, emotional pain, mental disarray and experiencing increased interference physically, mentally, etherically and increased tech interference lately is because we’ve Embodied more of the latest NEW much higher frequency Light energies and Codes over the past few months and days even. In a few months these ongoing Embodiment energetic actions and events we’ve done within our selves and physical bodies will manifest in the outer world as more dramatic physical changes for the human masses worldwide. The increase in recent global earthquakes, volcanoes, weather extremes, fires, floods, mudslides, record-breaking freezing storms and such is another manifestation of the latest Embodiments and NEW Codes being anchored in by and through the First Embodiers. When Uranus enters Taurus in May 2018, reality/realities will be tweaked again and in very important ways that will lead humanity out of the past patriarchal controlled global monetary systems and matching consciousness. What humanity finds of worth, value, of importance, and of real beauty (all these are Taurus energies) is and will continue to dramatically change into something so different that most people cannot even imagine it today. They will over time however, and every Solar wind that blows further pushes them into compressed evolution farther and farther away from everything of the old lower frequency consciousness and world views and beliefs. Some will handle this and everything else that’s coming far better than some other people are and will. It’s to be expected as the Separation of Worlds becomes increasingly visible to just about everyone on all sides.

As many of you know already, when the negativity increases for a while it’s always because another BIG energetic improvement change is coming or has just arrived. It just is what it is and nothing more at this point. Let them scream and attack and complain about you not allowing them to use, disrespect and take advantage of you and your online places of Work. “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” means everyone everywhere with everything. Not just females and males and patriarchal consciousness of old over sex, power and control. “Time’s Up” with anyone abusing, using, attacking, parasiting off of another person, group, place and system. At higher levels this has nothing to do with sex or sexual abuse and males and females etc., but about humans and humanity and how NONE of ANY lower traits and tactics will be allowed to continue harming another person or people. The sexual abuse etc. aspects of “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” are just the very tip of the evolutionary iceberg people. This will continue and expand until ALL aspects worldwide are included in the NEW ascended/ascending human consciousness and HighHearts of humanity. Why do you think some are lashing out and attacking certain people now so much worse than ever before? Because mass global humanity has reached “Time’s Up” across the board and they’re not happy about this, are frightened by it, don’t know what to do about it other than lash out at those helping to manifest “Time’s Up” old lower everything and everyone.


January 15, 2018

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45 thoughts on “The Parasite Haters

  • I m not understand what’s is that mean that Uranus come in to Taurus 2018 on 15 may
    It’s good for Taurus it it’s that ok or bad for Taurus ?

  • hi denise as u commented on jan 15 2018. i felt so hurt for u from what u shared. reading your book has given me another look at not just what u shared but who u are. i have always had a hard time with capricorn energy. it’s the hardest time of the year. heavy dark and almost like that masculine energy and somewhat controlling. what i feel for u denise is that u are so soft in your heart (so much light) and u always exhibit the outer strength in order to share your wisdom. i know what the heart feels and all those parasite/ narcissustic energies can create minutia . i send u my love and gratitude for all that u do share and do for others, with love cindy

    There is only one way to deal with low frequency energies. Don’t allow them in your life… unless it is through conscious choice. They simply pull the whole shebang down into the mire and attract similar energies.
    I was interested in what you said about the first 15 days of 2018. Day 1 I received a call for help. Not giving that help was not an option, but involved me immediately, within a couple of hours, packing up my home, closing down my business and moving to a different town. Day 8, angry, upset and worried I went to the ocean to meditate, seeking Balance. I fell. I broke my leg, smashed my ankle and spent the next 10 days in and out of hospital.
    I am now balanced….just not as expected LOL and have discovered, in the process, some amazing people.

    There are some people who believe they have the right to attack any public figure. They are “energy vampires,” sub-humans, who thrive on causing pain. I, for one, always remove them from every aspect of my life. But, there are many, many more, who quietly work for good. Usually in the background – the unsung heroes. Going through the trauma of these first few weeks of 2018, I find that I am greatly uplifted by the knowledge that there are more Heroes than sub-humans.

    In Lac’ech Ala K’in

    • Sue,

      Hope you and the leg (and everything else) are doing much better. ❤ There's been so many of us that have been suddenly, and in many cases such as yours, rather dramatically re-directed to change locations and/or life directions and/or jobs and so on. Think back to December 201, and how some of the Light Tribe folks suddenly got hit by something out of the blue. Very Uranian like energies suddenly pushing people into NEW areas, focus, creativity/expressions and so one at the end of 2017 and start of 2018. I've felt big changes too this month but more internally at this point, thank goodness. Rest and recuperate as it sounds like you’ve been intentionally moved and then immobilized for a while for important reasons.

  • I’ve noticed it too Denise. Since the start of 2018 – literally since New Year’s Day – people have been reacting to me in a wholly different way, and I have done NOTHING to warrant it, I’m my normal smiling peacable self. In fact I have seen people remarking on this on various other, non-spiritual sites; that the number of unhinged people seems to be increasing. (Even though, not knowing anything about the AP, they don’t know why).

  • Brightest Blessings Denise!
    We are currently in the highest frequencies that any of us have ever, ever traveled here on Earth Mother. As the frequencies rise so to do the dark filled fears which is what we are witnessing now. I return to “Ascension 101” … when someone spews nasties at another, be it in the name of “love” or whatever, they are projecting their own fears and insecurities onto others for they have not transmuted that within themselves.
    There is SO MUCH ANGER being tossed around out there … and it is now becoming prevalent in many ways, as so many lightworkers, starseeds, wayshowers ~ awakened souls are experiencing within their Body Temples. I had not been sick in over 21 years … just got over this “flu” that has run rampant across the nation ~ ~ ~ of course, I have my own thoughts and theories about that and will save that for another comment sharing! ;o) This flu kicked my butt unlike I have felt in eons of time ~ a fever for over 5 days … I kept telling myself the toxins were “burning off” ~ so much has changed physically, mentally … spiritually!
    Prominent ascended “teachers” I have watched and followed for so long … I am now questioning ~ “did I miss the memo” on this? My inner guidance tells me something completely different and has never ever failed me! Did they leave without me? Is this a test? LOL … seriously, it all seems so discombobulated presently!!
    There are some that completely are spot on … (You being one) … after reading or listening to podcasts I many times shake my head and ask “where in the world did that come from” and they (my inner guidance) immediately show me the clarity ~ Thank Goddess!
    What I have been shown and shared for a quite a while … this is it … this is what we came for ~ this is what we have all awakened for … now more than ever instead of “seeing” what is in front of us … it is more important than ever to SEE THROUGH OUR SOUL EYES … to use our HIGH HEART projections … not always easy, albeit, this WE KNOW within our Soul is the ONLY WAY to Shine our Lights … to extend Love … which has many, many facets … and when we follow that Inner Guidance … we should never waiver what we are shown to do, be or share! Remembering that “Love” is relative to one’s perception ~ which can vastly change and or be quite different from another … this is why “seeing with our soul” is so important ~ we understand from that other perspective.
    I am, as I am sure most of us here are, aware of how we each walked through darkness, through turmoil … some still doing so … without that darkness or those shadows, we, you and me would not be where we are … so it is with Grace and Gratitude … HIGH HEART offerings … we are now in spaces none of us have ever travelled, New School … and I have to share, sometimes pretty darn scary … but, I am OH SO GRATEFUL for my inner self … LOL … which so many have shared this process and what we are here to do and be … the messages, the lessons, the channelings ~ those that came here to do what they did or are doing … THANK YOU!
    The most important space to BE … is the space between … where we can SEE through our Soul Eyes … the truth and be able to extend the vibration, frequency that it garners! The shift has happened and is expeditiously ramping ~ and the conductor is shouting “All Aboard” … the train is leaving the station and YES it is filled with such AWEMAZING gifts, so many points of light … so many beautiful Souls!
    Keep doing what you do best … SHINE!
    and Thank You Denise and All of you that are here Now … SHINING your Light ~
    High Heart Hugs

    • Hi Court, I too feel these very very high frequencies-energies. It’s absolutely amazing. My dreams feel more like hanging out in other realities versus dreams now, and I’ve been waking up with very strong, crystalline energy in my heart-chest area. It’s so hard to put the crystalline sensation into words. It feels very light, powerful, hugely expanded but as if my heart is made up of actual crystal-diamond like material. So hard to explain it with words. Very powerful, clear, improved communication that feels like it’s effortlessly downloading a lot of the time now and noticing continued upgrades with my cognition and overall clarity. This seems to be ongoing. Last week was absolutely exhausting and difficult clearing stuff for several days, and I’ve now had several nights of long deep, rejuvenating sleep. Hoping to get a break for a bit longer to just enjoy the upgrades that have resulted from last week! Really it’s been quite intense on and off since late November. The pattern roughly seems to be one week intense clearing with very disrupted sleep, and then 3 weeks integrating the new energy with lots of good, deep sleep. So hopefully I’ve got a couple of weeks ahead of me to rest up before the next big clearing hits again.

      • Ps…Denise, I also have recently experienced and cleared the kind of anger you expressed here in your post just recently. In the last week, I too have called out unconscious, abusive behaviors from unawake sleepwalkers in my own life who are still up to their necks in unbalanced, unhealed, old energies. With receiving greater levels of Divine Universal Wisdom and clarity as a natural outcome of AP, and having dissolved loads of fear especially in the last year, I am able to speak a higher truth more powerfully now than ever before. Like you did in your post with your abusive, unconscious readers, I spent last Saturday very powerfully, clearly, truthfully, and fearlessly calling out my ex on BOTH his and his mother’s narcissistic personality disorder, and how both of their foul, despicable behaviors have affected me over the years. My arms had been burning icky energy off for a few days, and then sure enough this huge anger energy came up surrounding my ex. We have two kids together and so we must interact from time to time. He crossed a line with me last week, and tried some crazy making, denying, blaming, gaslighting antics, and I was absolutely done with tolerating his abuse. I’m loving this new powerful, truth speaking voice that calls out the unconsciousness and abusive, old patterns as needed rather than my old fear based patterns of playing nice or putting up with it. I’m glad you called your unconscious, abusive readers out on it as well! #timesup Is right!

        Right after I wrote to my ex on Saturday detailing all of his abuse, my husband out of the blue and not even knowing that I did this, recommended the movie ‘Girl on the Train’ for us to watch later that night. That movie depicted very similar dynamics of what happened in my marriage. I’ve never had a drinking problem like the main female character, but I was severely crazy maked and emotionally abused for many years by an ‘alpha male’ aka imbalanced male narcissist exactly like she had been in the movie. My ex even looks VERY much like the narcissistic male main character played by Justin Theroux. Interestingly, the marriage fell apart the very year I began to awaken with the AP, but I’ve had to deal with him since then with having the kids.

        So Source was giving me a big thumbs up with that synchronicity driving home the point of the disgusting, revolting dynamics going on in my first marriage, and a big ‘well done’ for finally powerfully and truthfully calling him out on it!

        • Well done Colleen. Nothing gets better if the aware don’t stop being “enablers” with the unaware, manipulative, parasitic etc. people still carrying on in duality consciousness. “Time’s Up” with ALL of it for everyone which means it’s going to be a wild year for many more reasons than just this!

          Again, well done. Strong boundaries in place constantly First Embodiers. ❤

      • Hi Colleen … thank you for responding … and like you the “feelings” in these energies is what I notice most and pay attention to! I find myself many times, like being quickly spun around and I do a “double take” but then something happens right within moments of this “rushing” / “dizziness” (hard to put into words) that is meant for me to become aware of or partake in.
        The biggie for me is how IMPORTANT and now to the point of CRITICAL to stay in the Present Moment … when we step outside of that space, we feel senses of discombobulation … but when we move back (almost like dimensionally) we feel safe, we feel protected. It’s so magnified right now … and the best thing I find that helps me, don’t get pulled or sucked in to drama … and approach every encounter as if “how can I serve this space” … and our inner guidance will make that known quickly or if we are merely an observer.
        These are incredible times … and many shadows are at play … we have to be lighter and brighter than shadows and should we get caught in that space ~ strive to SEE what is really at play! We always have the power within us to engage or disengage! ;o)
        It so helps to share with others!

        • Wonderful reminder, Court. Thank you. I have felt myself pulled out of the NOW dwelling on the past in victim energy in the last week with memories of my ex’s abuse coming up. I’m trying to stay in the Now and just observe this anger to alchemize and dissolve it. I can feel it burning off through my arms with this itchy, irritating, icky heat. Easy to get pulled into its energy field and feed it with more negativity. Yes, I like what you said about how it feels safe, sane, and protected in the Now versus disoriented and discombobulated living in the ego-mind made reality. Very true and the ONLY way forward! These are incredible times, indeed! ❤️

      • Hi Colleen … thank you for responding … and like you the “feelings” in these energies is what I notice most and pay attention to! I find myself many times, like being quickly spun around and I do a “double take” but then something happens right within moments of this “rushing” / “dizziness” (hard to put into words).
        The biggie for me is how IMPORTANT and now to the point of CRITICAL to stay in the Present Moment … when we step outside of that space, we feel senses of discombobulation … but when we move back (almost like dimensionally) we feel safe, we feel protected. It’s so magnified right now … and the best thing I find that helps me, don’t get pulled or sucked in to drama … and approach every encounter as if “how can I serve this space” … and our inner guidance will make that known quickly or if we are merely an observer.
        These are incredible times … and many shadows are at play … we have to be lighter and brighter than shadows and should we get caught in that space ~ strive to SEE what is really at play! We always have the power within us to engage or disengage! ;o)
        It so helps to share with others!

  • Beautiful post, Denise. Just for you. From Teddy Roosevelt, a patriarch who would have loved you.

    delivered at the Sorbonne, Paris, France, 23 April, 1910

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    God bless us, the workers in the field and the catchers in the rye!! 😉 And God bless everyone!

  • Loud and clear and on target, Denise! I had a young woman (not the video poster) comment nastily on a long and thoughtful YouTube comment I had posted in recent months. She told me to “Shut the F up, you talk too much.” After I stopped laughing, which took a while, i pointed out to her that she wasn’t being forced to read it. Um, duh?
    What a very strange world we are in at this point!

  • Denise, I don’t mean to just “share” on your response page. Forgive me. I’m scared from last week. Kicked my ass 2014 style. Like thunder. Morning January 8, walloped. Whole body. Whole week. Dreams….what the heck!?! As if they weren’t 2017-weird enough. And those whatever-they-are-little-shits that harass, had a PARTY that day! I had to push back. I’m so bold now I could just FIGHT them, if I could fight them. I’m not kidding. Since 5D, what a racket!! (all of which is a huge leap for me). EVERYTHING has been looking at me! I WANT to think it’s not real AND I want to know which ones I do not need to be afraid of/ ignore. I cannot make out anything! – my dreams, negative beings, some helpers, discerning what is coming next now….I am lost (and I already was, but now I’m TOTALLY CLUELESS!!) And suddenly simultaneously, I am ALL faith now. I am ALL believing now. HOWDIDTHATHAPPEN? (And with those awful critters!!) How is it SO glorious now?!
    I get scared when i can barely function and still don’t know what when if my future will be….arrive. Thanks for hearing. I’m now (after the fact) about to read your post…just needed to shout. Been hurting everyday.

    • Marcy & All,

      I’ve been laid out flat January 15 & 16th with super amplified collective clearings… just as so many of you all have been too lately. As soon as I can I’ll write a bit about this because I know that many have been going through incredibly amplified and rather different clearings in and through our physical bodies. I could barely get vertical these past two days and hope tomorrow is easier. Hang in there everyone. ❤

      • Denise thank you so much, I am awed at how you are able to live the physical process and still keep this site going!
        Sandra Walter had written about the 7 weeks ending on the new moon this tues and I had high hopes that my extreme symptoms would be better, NOT. Sometimes I wonder how my body can go on. I have been feeling the angry monster coming out of me but there is nothing in my life to be a cause direct to me so I guess it is just clearing. My furry kids help as well my dream space is mostly wonderful. (as Coleen commented) Sometimes it’s almost like having a vacation in another world
        Oh I read somewhere that if I get mad I should look at myself to find out why, I want to write and say WTF some of us are cleaning up your crap that ‘s why! but this site has no place to comment , perhaps I will not read them again. Lovelight, lightlove to all here and a big hug to you Denise and thanks again 🙂

  • Hi Denise. I find its difficult for me to not post my opinion when I read the type of teachings that mislead me for most of my life. However i direct my comment towards the readers. I also …..I’ve since stopped doing this……I’d point out fear based incomplete “teaching”. I’d write how such a teaching plays out in the lives of some people who are desperately needing help and how those teachings dont go there and trap u deeper.

    Ive also noticed certain teachers have groupies. U question what this “teacher” shares on FB and the groupies ATTACK while the “teacher” ignores.

    And then there are genuine good hearted “teachers” that cant handle being questioned. Again when some of us point out an area that is seriously misleading unless ALL readers have the same level of understanding. Again these are self help subjects that are extremely incomplete and or misleading. The teacher, a world wide teacher, book writer, seminar leader about rebirthing, Babaji and much more ….I found she did not understand. Could not relate at all. Could not even consider the possibility that her approach via a public forum was not the most helpful to frightened people who have yet to know about “giving their power away” and being in awe of these teachers and desperate for help to change their lives.

    I suppose its a road us seeker types must travel. On the other hand after these years since the 80s and web and so much information at hand I’ve come to the opinion that certain teachers should be aware and responsible 30 years down the road. And be open to certain feedback.

    Of course none of this applies to your kind of teaching in any way shape or form
    You dont lead people, or shame people, or promise people or scare people. You dont NEED people. And of course u share your truth and that makes me demand my own inner truth! I have an intense inner NEED for the truth from within.

    So I let go of thinking that maybe I can help or protect fellow seekers by maybe making them aware and asking them to think. But maybe its a right of passage or something to walk every wrong turn in the maze till u begin to recognize genuine balanced truth. Love.

    Because of u Denise, and the few others that inspire me, I AM demanding my own Knowing. Christed knowing. No channeling. But I wonder because of being taught channeling in the 80s for the purpose of connecting to the Higher Self….back then it was the first i had ever heard of such a thing and was floored when informed “I” wasnt my higher self. And poor incomplete teaching about the personality/ ego vs the True Self caused me to misunderstand for the nxt 30 years and rely on the channel / teacher. And no teaching about interference. The “problem” was always the ego. But not until Lisa Renee and Joyce Meyer did I finally get it about the house of ego and its connection to all the interference! And im not sure id have understood or been open minded about the Truth being within because no one explained or taught how. I was DESPERATE. And it looked like the channel was privileged and special.

    Thank u for strong powerful clarity I desire inside myself.

    • “Because of u Denise, and the few others that inspire me, I AM demanding my own Knowing.”

      Then I’ve been successful with my Ascension Mission Work at that level. ❤

      And yes, I've never wanted "groupies" or "followers" but empowered, Light-filled, strong Co-Workers working along side each other in our unique and individual ways but ALL working towards the same AP goal.

  • I feel you dear Denise. Use to blog on 14 sites since 2010, now my postings are only on Facebook and I rarely use words. I get into trance and impart the transmitted data via pictures and colors and symbols. It has made it much easier for me, those who get it, get it, those who don’t well ..better luck next time. Thanks and gratitude for all you’ve done. Have read your work for several year.

  • Denise thank you, for your honesty and for not putting up with the crap. Thank you for always being brave enough to stay true to what you believe and teach.
    The last month has been bloody awful. I love the comment about “feeling slimed”, that phrase captures it exactly. I have been physically poorly since early December.chest infection and asthma. The asthma has been ongoing for many years and I feel on some level TD have done their best to literally squeeze the breath out of me. It is a war in my body for my body. I have cleared so much but can’t clear this. Every so often it brings me to my knees and all that can be done is let more light in. I am through the worst now. But got to that horrible point where you wonder if you have dreamt ascension and got it wrong.
    Thank you and bless you.

  • Dear Denise,

    I’m sorry about all the attacks on you and your site – I guess that’s what happens when we call a spade a spade in this distorted, parasitic reality. I admire your courage, strength and integrity in standing up to these commentators, and not allowing them to lower the vibration of your site.

    I agree that there will likely be more shit flying around as the lower timelines continue to collapse. As Light Bearers, we are often targets for the vitriol and hatred from others that comes from a parasitic energetic field that is increasingly losing its foothold and fuel source.

    I could not be happier that “TIME’S UP.” Thanks for all that you do and are!

  • ♡ hang in there Denise.
    I constantly feel as if I’ve been “slimed” lately. Family members moving through these enormous light waves kicking and screaming. It’s like being the parent of 13 year olds…endlessly. I’m worn out in ways I can’t describe but I know that eventually Everyone grows up or they die….and come back to grow up again or die again. I didn’t make the rules.
    Those of us that get it are sending you waves of love and gratitude each and every day. ♡♡♡

  • Dear Denise,
    Thanks for sticking with it despite these aggressive parasites. One of the reasons I read your site and feel connected is BECAUSE you don’t channel. And when you don’t publish these attacks you are protecting us, your readers, from the energy being spewed out, so thank you for that too.
    It is prolific at all levels now……I’ve just been aggressively attacked for withdrawing some ongoing support after the support was used to achieve the exact opposite of its intention (a typical parasitic tactic!) It is a state of panic in the parasites. Ollie is right, we can expect people to be going haywire as a standard response now.
    I also had an extreme clearing last night of ‘mistrust’, or lack of trust……as usual not my own, but moving through me. And we thought the heavy-duty clearing was over!! But recovery is quicker now than it used to be, thankfully.
    Your site is your site and you have every right to publish and not publish whatever you feel to do. Thanks Denise, many would have given up, backed off, caved in, but not you!
    with Love and hugs, Gail xxx

  • I’m so sorry. People like to make sure everyone “sees” them, unknowingly holding on to their ego even as they profess to be holding enlightened information. Be well. Thank you for all you do.

  • I have recently had an interesting experience…a well known group has touted weekly gridwork, so I decided to pitch up and work I’m a solitary, so I go up with full intention…only to find the “leader”…is a hybrid…and using the energy donated to subvert to another source entirely! I agree completely that we should be very aware of WHAT, WHO and WHERE we give and flow energy.
    For in naivety we may be aiding parasites unknowingly! Never mind haters, they will implode, be responsible for your own integrity and energy fields! Namaste Carole.

  • Denise, I hear you… It has happened to me, too, so many times. Only the other day, I was sickened to my stomach by someone spreading garbage on a Facebook forum, supposedly for ‘women supporting other women’… and I immediately left, with the intention of deleting the account altogether (again!).

    I didn’t sleep for two nights, and felt ill and drained by the continuous bombardment of negative stuff that was trying to disturb my peace and only after vigilant attention to my Source and Higher connections, did I emerge unscathed.

    I have had people I would not have believed capable of this, plagiarise my words and my own channeled messages, and they have used them as if they were their own. I have always believed that information is available to any and everyone, OF THE FREQUENCY OF LOVE, and boy, have their true colours shown up.

    A message encoded with divinity and purity will ring like a clarion call in your heart and soul. Any less will vibrate distortedly, and you will know it as Fake Truth. You cannot fake purity… not if you are really and truly dedicated to your own AP with the intention of eliminating all that is not Love. And I absolutely know that those people – worst cases in some scenarios being ‘spiritual lightworker-types’ – would not know Love if it stood up in their soup!!!

    Anyone of higher resonance who is truly attuned to their own energies, and therefore their own vulnerabilities at times, will not be offended by what you say. Not ever. You are honoured for your truth and for the courage to stand up and say what you feel.

    Unfortunately some will see an open forum as a way of offering their own ‘truth’, unfiltered and in a way, like untreated sewage! Discernment is not present in such people.

    Big, big love to you, Jay xxxxxxx

  • Thank you! This clarified things for me on many levels about my own path and how I’m seeing the world change. I’m really happy there has started / is starting to be a nice momentum to build the new world, in a concrete physical sense. I feel it and I’m ready to get to work! But in a completely new, flowing and natural way, letting the path unfold in its right time/place/way 💖🌍 And the changes within me/us! Amazing!! These are the things and time I/we have waited for some 10000 earth lives and 100xxxxx years! 😄 Lots of love Denise!! 💖

  • Thank you for all you do. I appreciate you. Haters are going to hate. Let them wallow in their negativity.

  • Dear Denise,

    I really feel for you as I understand being the target of vitriol by armchair critics, cultists, and conspiracy parrots who do little to create original material themselves plus being incapable of offering support when others are in dire straights.

    As a strong, self-sufficient woman I’m used to being the catalyst for many others to criticise and on whom to spit their venom. I recently blogged about this very thing and reassessed and reduced my online presence to focus more on my own expansive freedom than keeping on informing and supporting others.

    True colours are being revealed and I’ve instigated a one strike and you’re out strict policy to anyone who dumps on me. Time is of the essence and I really only want those of similar vibration on my Ark. All people are making their choices, conscious or unconscious, about which Earth they’ll dwell upon in the near future.

    High Hearts lead the way – and I appreciate all you create. Thank you.


  • Dear Denise, I usually don’t comment anywhere, but will do now to support what you’ve said.

    I have my own blog, and this is what I just wrote just a couple of hours ago:
    The great thing about having my own blog is that I can express my own opinion if I want, without feeling that I’m muddying or disrespecting someone else’s post or site, and all readers can ignore it if they don’t agree 🙂

    And yes, I hear you about the links to other sites.

    Thanks for all that you do. Blessings

  • Denise,
    Thanks again for your continued completely FREE sharing of insights on ascension, especially on the tech interference issue that has be going on in my area since the summer of 2017 and has kicked up annoyingly since December 2017, continuing to the present.

    Your mention of the negativity and your experience would be funny if delivered by a comedian. Comedy has been brought to my awareness and enjoyment the last couple of years to help keep my frequency as high as possible. The negativity being freely expressed by so many is funny in that what we expose ourselves to is OUR responsibility and if WE do not AGREE with what is being presented, as mature, evolved adults, we can change the channel and go elsewhere. The need to express useless lower frequency comments is just that, useless, exposing the rest of us who are trying to deal, cope, get through, survive, reach thriving mode and live our best possible expression, to more unnecessary shit that the collective consciousness is desperately attempting to clear.

    I speak this week for the 6th or 7th time to a group of about 80. Being a sensitive, empath, medium, channel, blah, blah blah, I can often feel some of the lower frequencies in a crowd. The last time I spoke to this group summer 2017, I addressed the negativity issue and the need to hold negative thoughts or send out negative emotions or language to those someone feels this way about. I said clearly, “If I say anything that pushes your buttons too far, you do not like what I am sharing, you do not like me, there is the door. You are not being forced to sit here and I do not wish to feel that energy at my lecture. No hard feelings on my part. Enjoy your journey elsewhere.” Being the comedic person I am, the delivery sounded funny and those that love me laughed, which was most. Those that don’t were silent. I have reached a point, not that I wanted to, that if confrontation is needed to clear the air, clear the room, clarify miss-perceptions or simply release the energy from my field and literally push it somewhere else, I am completely willing to do so. I like to live from the heart, love everyone, however, if they don’t like my brand of love, pearls before swine applies and I reel it back in to conserve energy. I hope you find my comment humorous, clearly stated, non-offensive and lovingly supportive of all you have shared so generously to anyone who would like to receive it, FREELY. Always a blessing to read your posts.

  • Dear Denise
    Yes, I’m afraid this will keep on coming so long as you and others that are serious publish articles about the AP. The Internet is a worldwide web and opens for everyone. From High Intelligence and very stupid mindreaders and everything in between.If one is very sensitive one can feel and have to deal with all that energy coming from them good or bad. That’s the reason for me not to start a weblog or website. This AP transfiguration process is for me more than enough to deal with.
    So you have my salute for your caring and writings. I. do not always have the same vision of the experiences as you write but that’s from a personal perception. We all are unique!
    Thanks and do what you feel is the best for you!
    with Love Diviana

  • Denise,

    I so feel what you are talking about concerning hatred and attacks, I’m usually spared having my own blog writing about these things but .. there are other means by getting attacked, one is via fb and another via text messages.

    I do some guiding via my website that I usually don’t charge for I work a lot with questions rather then answers so the individual can find their own answers. I merely just point in some directions for my ‘clients’. Now within two weeks I was attacked on fb in a group by a so called light worker, in the individuals opinion I was a Trump supporter and was totally on my own concerning a comment I made in the individuals fb group. The individual was so hateful against Trump and said he was all reptilian. My general point of view was not to lump everyone into the same basket. Saying all Reptilians are bad is like saying all Humans are! Right?

    The individual attacked me personally although I was polite. I had to post this conversation on my blog (redacted her name though) so people could see what was hiding behind the ‘false’ pretext of light worker. I know I triggered something a lot but I was so surprized by this attack that had to sit down and process this. I later got a message request on Instagram from this individual saying something like .. take down that blog post or… (I just read the first line and deleted the message). This person channels Pleiadians and the individuals Pleaidan contacts they new the “truth” about Trump so I had no say!

    About a week later I was contacted through my blog via another individual that requested some guidance. This was never about guidance it was only about this individual spilling their beans about their belief system that did not resonated with me at all. I suggested some links to some information that resonated with me but got back that I was with a cult! Huh???

    So out of the blue when you don’t agree with another individual they have a free pass to attack you?! I stood my ground and said good luck to both individuals. I know other persons who also have been attacked without ‘warning’ for literally no reasons..

    … it seems like people truly are going haywire .. and unfortunately I think we have just seen the tip of the iceberg yet. As we proceed along… people will get more or less mad..

    Denise keep up the good work and hang in there.. thank you for addressing this issue I think it is vital to see through the veils of ‘new age’ also these days.. it’s the newest kid on the block when it comes to worship …

    Hugs Ollie

    • Loved reading your comment Ollie, especially people going haywire. I received a message last year that we would witness people “losing their minds.” Other information I received spoke about protecting my nervous system as well as being connected to the “collective nervous system.” The biggest challenge I have be facing is keeping neutral and out of anything that is none of my business. Boosting any calming practices has helped, to a point, however, I still experience waves of anxiety, out of nowhere and for no reason. I hope they are just waves of collective consciousness reminding me of what many are feeling.

  • You are amazing
    I love you!
    I have been feeling all
    Of this deep
    Inside of me and I thank you for sharing and clarifying!

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