Some 2018 Clarifications


  I sometimes make the mistake of assuming that most everyone understands exactly what I’m talking about, even when I deliberately do not go into lengthy details in certain articles. I point something out that’s an important Ascension related event or upcoming change but I don’t always go into all the complex, finer details and related side effects and other possibilities. I assume that most of my readers know me well enough by now and have learned to read between the lines with my writings which simply means FEEL them from your whole being and body. Like one reader said years ago, ‘Denise leaves breadcrumbs for readers to follow and figure out on their own.’

However, after receiving some emails from a couple of people recently it was made clear to me that some of my 2017 articles, specifically about Saturn being hit by seven Solar flares in April 2017 and what that would mean for us, did not have enough breadcrumbs’ in them. Because of this I’m going to add more details to some of these issues that are and will continue unfolding throughout 2018 like someone suddenly switched on an inner evolutionary switch in many more humans around the planet.

In 2017, I wrote multiple articles about the planet Saturn being hit by seven Solar flares in April 2017. I knew when I wrote each of them  that many didn’t understand why I was so excited about that happening and why I repeatedly talked about it. I was celebrating but without enough breadcrumbs and I’m sorry for that readers.

Saturn was deliberately hit by seven Solar flares in April 2017, because just like us, the entire Solar System and Milky Way galaxy and beyond are all going through this evolutionary Ascension Process (AP). It’s never been only the humans living the AP but everything and everyone everywhere living it. Take a deep breath and let that fact penetrate deeper into your HighHeart. It’s glorious, but it’s like trying to view infinite amounts of “three-ring circuses” at the same time so FEEL instead as it works better at this NEW level.

Saturn has had ruler-ship over 3D physical reality and holding 3D physicality in place so human life could exist physically on 3D Earth. Team Dark (TD) did all they did to Saturn (and other planets in our system such as the Moon) with the intention of distorting it and the energies it emanates naturally so Saturn would produce and hold in physical place their inorganic synthetic Satanic (Saturn inverted) agendas. Additionally, because TD has never been remotely fond of Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine because She Creates, they intentionally removed as much Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine from not only Saturn’s natural organic energies, but from all of physical existence on Earth and within humanity. They only allowed, because they had to, certain small aspects of Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine which they greatly distorted to better control humanity and human consciousness and therefore physical reality on Earth. So Saturn, the planet that holds physical reality in place physically for life to express physically on Earth, was intentionally turned into something rather Satanic-like energetically. (Gag, fart, puke, hurl; at this point I don’t like even needing to occasionally write about the old negativity so put the breadcrumb pieces together so the NEW makes better sense in our lives and reality now.)

It was because of all this TD interference with Saturn and its natural energies that Saturn required seven direct Solar flare hits last year to energetically remove and free it from all old TD influences and distortions and patriarchal human systems and timelines. Just like we humans get hammered repeatedly by NEW Light energies and NEW codes transmitted via Solar flares, winds, CME’s and storms, plus from the galactic center (GC) and other locations, so to do the planets within our Solar system. Add to this the Photonic Light energies and everything and everyone is guaranteed to be energetically freed from all the old lower Evolutionary Cycles codes including all TD distortions done to them. The August 2017 total Solar Eclipse across the USA was another of these Source directed energetic events to permanently remove all old distortions and literally erase, remove and completely clear them out. Nothing is removed unless it’s time for something of a much higher NEW frequency to replace it all. And in this and most cases, what is replacing all the old lower distortions is Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine. Read that sentence again if needed for it to fully sink in because this one alone is beyond most people’s current comprehension.

Along with the seven Solar flares aimed at Saturn in April, the August 2017 total Solar Eclipse from coast to coast across the USA were the big erasure and removal of all past TD and human patriarchal distortions in preparation of the Return and Embodiment of Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine. This is why the ‘Me Too’ and the ‘Time’s Up’ and numerous other coming related NEW awareness’ have so quickly ignited across this country, mostly in females but males too and more so in 2018 and beyond, after both energy events of last year. Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine has returned and is replacing all the old negative patriarchy and patriarchal consciousness and TD distortions.

Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine has been profoundly distorted and basically absent from human consciousness, life and reality for thousands of years so the evolutionary return of It/She/Her via the Ascension and Embodiment Processes back into human consciousness and physical Earth reality is going to be very unpleasant, repulsive, unfair, ridiculous, deeply irritating and insulting to many lower consciousness human males and females. Let’s face it, humanity doesn’t have conscious memory of un-distorted Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine so this return and integration phase is going to be a bit awkward and confusing for many for a while. And for those who do have memory of Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine on Earth, those memories are from thousands and/or hundreds of thousands of years ago within the previous Evolutionary Cycle and we have evolved far beyond that.

The Forerunners, Pathpavers, Wayshowers who’ve been resolving old lower duality and integrating Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine and Divine Daddy/Father/Masculine into themselves, their physical bodies and consciousness—NEW 5D and higher Unity frquencies—will continue Wayshowing these NEW energies, consciousness and emotions to and for humanity. Because we’ve entered 2018 with its tremendously amplified and accelerated NEW higher Light and 11/2 energies, the ongoing awakening process within growing numbers of people will activate almost instantly and escalate all year. Forerunners you Know, See and Feel why this is happening but the rest of humanity doesn’t, so to them it’s just about not putting up with or accepting the old patriarchal negativity anymore. Them consciously knowing about the Ascension Process (AP) is not mandatory, but them quickly evolving into the NEW higher ways and HighHeart and demanding an end to the old negativity is. We know this is simply the steps humanity and society is and will continue going through at those levels and that it’s happening because of the AP. This has already begun and will continue to unfold across the USA and the rest of the world faster than most would have believed possible. Why? Because the Forerunners have already Pathpaved all this. And because of ALL these things I’ve mentioned, and others I haven’t yet, life has suddenly gotten easier for Forerunners, Pathpavers, Wayshowers because we’re no longer the only ones at Work with the Ascension Process in the physical on Earth. There’s finally some energetic momentum behind us from those people waking up and demanding NEW ways and equality etc. for everyone.

Old 3D Global TD Patriarchal Consciousness & Reality
  • Use everyone to gain something for yourself
  • Lie to everyone constantly
  • Take everything from as many as possible for as long as possible
  • Parasite off of everyone and everything constantly
  • Steal from everyone and everything constantly
  • Completely focused on self, completely ego-centered
  • No respect
  • Power, money, control at all costs
NEW 5D Spiritual Unity Consciousness & Values
  • Individual 5D and higher frequency Sovereignty
  • Individual internal 5D and higher frequency Unity
  • Growing Embodiment of Higher Self/Selves by more humans
  • Global equality
  • Global sharing of all with all and eventually for free for all
  • Individual, global and collective peace
  • Self-governed via Higher Awareness and Unity consciousness
  • Global sanity and true freedom
  • Global integration of Divine Mother/Feminine and Divine Father/Masculine
  • Respect for every human, animal and every life-form on Earth and off

Those two lists could have been pages and pages long but you get the impact of how profound these evolutionary AP changes are going to be for everyone because they’re extreme opposites. Stair-steps but they’re very fast ones from here on out.

Multidimensional Life in Physical Bodies

Because I’ve had a certain level of conscious ability to move within and Work from multiple dimensions most of this life prior to the start of the Ascension Process, plus had easy and nearly immediate interactions with other higher dimensional ETs and other Beings above them, coupled with having been clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic and had past life memories all my life, my perspective of the AP has been a bit different from most people’s. Most but not all Starseeds and other ‘Volunteers’ is because of what I’m going to discuss next.

From my perspective PRIOR to the start of the AP in this lifetime, I would go out, go up, expand up into higher dimensional levels to perceive certain things. In other cases, again all PRIOR to the start of the AP, when some of my ET family and co-workers from 5D, 6D and 8D primarily, needed to communicate some information to me in 3D physicality on Earth, they would drop down vibrationally and I would sense, See, Hear or Smell them and immediately increase my frequency as much as I was capable of at that time to meet them in the middle so to speak. In other words, they’d decrease their frequency and I’d increase mine so we could both somewhat comfortably meet in a middle range to exchange information with each other directly and fully consciously. This was how this old pre-Ascension communication between myself and my ET kinsfolk and Ascension Process co-workers and higher others typically worked. All that has changed dramatically however due to the Ascension Process and for me personally since 1998–1999.

Part of becoming increasingly Unified and Sovereign individually for me has meant that my old ET buddies have moved on the NEW ground and NEW Mission Work too, just as I have and continue doing. Just as every Starseed, Forerunner, Volunteer etc. has. Our Guides change as we change; our multidimensional Ascension co-workers change as we change, as we evolve from living and Embodying and growing. That was not my point with this however. What is is that now after living the AP since the start of 1999, the mechanics of communication, exchanges, meetings and interactions with other Beings in other higher frequency dimensions is radically different for me personally from how it was from birth up to 1999. And to make sure I don’t leave any important breadcrumbs out with this topic, I know that this will only continue to change and evolve as I do. How things work for me today will not be how they work next month, next year, next decade if I’m here that long.

Because I’ve always been psychic, I was used to perceiving nonphysical things, locations, beings, entities, energies etc. in very specific ways PRE-Ascension Process. It was always obvious to me when I was clairvoyantly Seeing other dimensional things and/or beings. All that went out the window once the physical level of the AP started around 1998–1999. Suddenly I was clairvoyantly Seeing things and beings that I didn’t know I was Seeing clairvoyantly because they looked to me like they were completely and totally in and of the physical third dimension! I no longer was or needed to go out and up into higher dimensions above 3D because the old dimensional border Veils were gone and 4D Astral dimension and parts of 5D and 6D and even 7D were all flowing around together making things very strange and unfamiliar.

I can’t tell you how many times since 1999 I’ve seen, physically seen with my physical eyes, 4D Astral beings and entities right here in ascending 3D Earth physical reality. That was very common but so too was seeing certain 5D and higher beings both positive and negative. I’d see these things and often think they were physical and totally “real” physically only because I didn’t clairvoyantly See them in the old way(s) I was used to. Example: I very physically saw a huge spider the size of my wide open and extended hand—tip of thumb to tip of little finger—around 7 or 8 inches run up my curtains diagonally and disappear over the top of them. I about lost it because 1) I don’t like spiders and 2) I honestly thought the thing was physical, not Astral. It was Astral but I didn’t immediately realize that only because how I perceived it had changed so dramatically from my point of view, plus it was in this physical dimension! In other words, the old 3D and 4D Astral were so intermingled that much of the time it was very difficult to tell what was one or the other because they both were existing within the same space for many, many years during the Ascension Process.

This difference was, for me as a lifelong psychic Seer, something I had a hard time with for many years because the old reliable multidimensional border Veils were no more and it was a wild multidimensional free-for-all for a very long time. Ever wonder why over the past twenty-five, thirty-five years or so many unaware, asleep, hard-cord disbeliever type people have increasingly had hauntings and ghost encounters? And/or ET and UFO sightings and encounters both positive and negative? Demonic attacks, possessions and exorcisms? Increasing encounters with more strange cryptid creatures in the physical dimension? This is why; the evolutionary Ascension Process and us in 3D physicality moving into and through the 4D Astral dimension with all its many inhabitants of old and finally reaching 5D frequency range and space.

Now however I no longer need to go out, go up etc. to access higher dimensional information, unless I want to that is. Those other dimensional levels, frequencies and the beings that exist within each of them are now accessed by using NEW tools of perception gained from living the AP and EP (Embodiment Process). These will continue evolving too however as I do, as you do, as we all do so continue to perceive in NEW ways and don’t limit yourself by trying to hang on to old familiar tools of perception you may have had most of your life. Learn to See and Feel from your HighHeart, your increasingly Sovereign Inner Being and not old Third Eye Brow levels. Everything has, is, and will continue to evolve so remember to continue releasing anything that you discover you’ve outgrown, even those special tools of perception.

More to come as plenty of highly amplified NEW is coming throughout 2018 for us all. It will stretch each of us into greater NEW Beings of Light re-learning what LOVE really is. ❤


January 9, 2018

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24 thoughts on “Some 2018 Clarifications

  • Dear Denise,

    “It’s bad enough that I have to see and feel some of the unbelievable hate-filled Comments directed at me…”

    That’s not “hate”…..that’s unconditional LOVE.
    That is Source trying its damndest to get through to you, to move you onto a higher frequency path away from
    -Negative 5D, which is where you have been heading all this time.

    Whenever you ‘see’ “hate” in your individual bubble reality, it means that you yourself are emanating “hate” energy.
    For example, some issues you still have to resolve and clear:

    – Denise ‘hates’ on Team Dark
    – Denise ‘hates’ on men
    – Denise ‘hates’ on fellow Higher-Level Lightworkers
    – Denise ‘hates’ on total transparency & co-operation & FREEDOM of expression among unity conscious people
    – Denise ‘hates’ on her own acolytes when she can’t CONTROL them
    – Denise ‘hates’ on the lower frequency general public
    – Denise ‘hates’ on spiders
    – Denise ‘hates’ on seeking new knowledge with a truly open & child-like mind
    – Denise ‘hates’ on actually practising Unconditional Love

    Just for starters….

    Love, Tammy

    • I published this distortion from Tammy, “with Love”, — aka Krystal aka Jen aka Kiera — for everyone to see for themselves. I will not allow any further Comments about this either way, I simply wanted everyone to see for themselves the levels of not only distortion but of unawareness.

      And Tammy/Kiera/Jen/Krystal, it’s interesting that you read my articles and Comments when you feel this way about me. 🙂

      Don’t bother trying to lie to me or anyone here with your take on things. You believe what you believe and that’s perfectly fine but I won’t publish any of your or anyone else’s Comments that are filled with HATE while claiming it’s “love”. The negativity is very visible now. Just for starters…

      Denise Le Fay
      January 15, 2018

  • Hi Denise. I had a couple of discernment / awareness levels activated. One really sounds silly. A friend found the perfect. new car for her needs. I was aware of the entire process. I began to believe that I too desired a car like hers. I kept thinking, I want a CRV! I’d feel wanting /desire. Only thing was I dont want or need a car. I finally mentioned my quirky desire to her laughing and saying i must have tuned in to happy crv customers or something. Then one day this notion occurred to me that maybe this thought wasnt ME at all. And having studied Lisa Renees wrestling with demons and such I decided to experiment and what i learned was this was something attached to me! As soon as i called it out and rebuked it, i felt the detachment happen and no longer have that quirky thought / desire. This was a big new awareness. The 2nd lesson was harsher. I learned in a painful manner the cost for letting my physical health “go”. I wasnt eating enough. I wasnt consistent with meds I take. I sat all day during time off binge watching tv shows on my phone. No exercise. I became aware that life was harder. I was stressing. Problems seemed to be bearing down on me. Niw I was doing my spiritual mental part but it wasnt enough! So in hindsight i can tell u i know now i opened a door to be influenced and interfered with in a most negative manner. This came to a head when i was triggered and was overcome by a raging angry cruelness towards my dog….verbally… because of chronic digestion probs…..I couldnt stop myself! And at the same time i remembered feeling and acting like this 3 years ago when i was falling towards suicide and subsequently learned i had a dark entity anchored in the house. So i reached out again after first realizing my irresponsible behaviors opened this door, i reached out to a friend who helped me out then. Me and my dog are peaceful once more! But Now I Really KNOW. I SEE. I Totally see how I dropped the ball. The plus is im now more clear when its Not Me! A creepy yet valuable lesson! Balance is imortant. The physical basics! Sleep right. Eat right!!!! Water. Exercise. Sun. Supplements. Etc…. Thanks Denise! 💗😇

  • The gag, fart, puke and hurl comment was what I have been doing a lot of between 2013 and 2016. During 2017 it ceased, and now is a rare event. I only went to one doctor about it, who couldn’t figure it out because there was nothing wrong with me. After that, I decided to trust that I was transmuting and transforming, and throwing out the trash, which was perfectly OK, and enabled me to get on with it. I have seen your previous comments about “dumping” and I feel I have performed rather well in this area. But as you mention, things change, and that particular way of dealing with things has passed into history. I love Kristen’s comment of “chop wood, carry water”, because all this unfolding and processing and regeneration and welcoming in the Divine Feminine is happening while we do those mundane things. It’s all just syncing together and giving pause for wonder. I love your work, and your idiosyncratic ways of describing things, which generally hit the mark like a well-aimed hammer. It’s hard to imagine how many people’s hearts you’ve touched, and helped to pull up the stair-steps. But then, it is what you signed up for, and I am ever eternally grateful you did.

  • Hi Denise. I dont read mystery novels for the fun of following the clues because in that context I dont see whats unfolding in front of me!😀 I accept this about myself. Somehow I find I happen upon the info relevant to me or I feel I need to seek out info regarding certain topics. Like I have NO Idea what was to happen in December on those dates.

    On my stair step as I learn to trust the higher aspects within …..I had been buried alive in such deep fears /anxiety, crippled by it, That I was effectively cut off from myself as Source. Anyhow Im excited now as im opening up from my personality level to Trust the ALL MIGHTY POWER that is Source / Christ etc…. Im bringing it down, allowing it, allowing myself to realize that as a limited human mind I can’t cope and the stress is too great to carry. Let me say im also relearning redefining u might say the levels of responsibility between “me” and Higher Self Unity etc….I believe a deeper merging is in process, and its so much easier to disengage from the false triggers and fears because I dont need to understand in order to know and stand in truth bcuz I do know what’s false! This is a step. And at this stage im learning to ASK. ASK in every area of what i still think of as me separate from Source for my higher christed aspect to merge. It doesnt take long now after something triggers me to say wait a minute! This is false bullshit! There are signs indicating im no longer just my separate thinking mind.

    On another note I feel sadness regarding Trump. This guy has been so ATTACKED. And across the board people think its ok. One time I saw proclaimed witches stating they were casting spells on him! On the news! And now after attacks for the year he has been in office, people have Wanted him to be mentally impaired. And whats worse in my mind in this world of bullying and harassment, suicide and hate crimes; because people are afraid and feel threatened and powerless because of trump that they justify going after him In such a mean spirited nasty manner …… And my point is that if its ok to publically ridicule and question someones mental health…..b4 his symptoms got to this current stage…..that the people are saying its OKAY for anyone to go after anyone and question someones mental stability in any area of someone’s personal and professional life! And these same ignorant people are hurting people still climbing out from hiding in shame over their mental health challenges. All of this reminds me of mass stoning and hatred at someone. The villagers coming with torches to brutally destroy what scares them. There is nothing kind or loving or genuinely helpful being directed towards trump publically. Will this level of mass humanity stay with team dark in some other expression of experience elsewhere? Is this a mass sifting of the wheat from the chaff? I dont know why I feel so sad about it.

    So Denise I know or even recognize your breadcrumbs. Not consciously. And its ok. I take in whay im suppose to take in.

    Lastly a funky revelation. One time i dreamed i was fighting and killing big spiders. This was a long time ago. I assumed they were spiders because of their legs. The other day i saw a photograph of A Virus. The body structure and the legs, Omg! I just knew that those spiders were actually a virus!

    Lastly i dont know if im sick, or its what u all are saying. My symptoms are pretty much staying in my throat. Aching, sore. Moving around. Im tired. Its been about over a week. Im taking local honey and colloidal silver…..I dont know, but Im Asking! Just realized I need to ask!

    Blessings to all 😄💗

    • Edith, bravo to you for speaking up about Donald Trump – the man who financed his own campaign and does not accept payment for doing what is possibly the most difficult job in the world at this time. So many people who claim to be spiritually enlightened STILL refuse to give him credit for standing against a global cabal of immense evil, in which the Clintons play central roles. I too feel sadness that so many jump on the bandwagon of ridiculing him and now making rubbishy claims about mental incompetence, when they have zero real knowledge of the man and the spirit driving him, let alone the demonic forces against him.

      I’m very familiar with the throat symptoms you’re experiencing Edith, and in truth, we know why. I salute you for having the courage to speak your truth because spirit cannot be separated from politics or anything else in this world.

      Blessings to you and good people everywhere.

      • Okay everyone, I love you all but this is enough about the T creature here. There’s SO much more going on with him and everything surrounding him etc. etc. and it’s all about the “end times” of the global patriarchy. Thanks everyone.

        • My point wasnt about trump himself good or bad, my point was how people behave when they feel afraid and powerless and then feel justified to go after people thereby making it ok for justified attack towards themselves. THAT’S what makes me feel sad. I understand this is where people are per your article Denise.

        • Edith,

          I’m just not going to allow any further discussions about the T creature or any other political person or group(s) etc. There are certain topics that instantly open doors for lowly negativity to come in here and because of that I do my best to allow Commenters to express what they want but within the frequency range of what HighHeartLife and the Ascension Process is about. If I didn’t do that this place would quickly turn into a negative forum-like free-for-all and I won’t allow that. It’s bad enough that I have to see and feel some of the unbelievable hate-filled Comments directed at me that no one reading the Comments ever sees unless I publish them. The world and everyone in it/them are riled up to a degree I’ve never felt or seen before, so this year and for as long as all this lasts, it’s let’s be super aware, kind and gentle with each other.

        • Thank u Denise. Its scary to realize i was a door opener! Im so sorry. Thank u for explaining deeper than u had too. 💗

  • Denise, thank you for the loaves of bread you shared. This article isn’t bread crumbs — it’s the whole loaf. It is truly mind blowing to think the whole universe is in the AP process. Thank 💓

  • I hear ya, Denise, about Saturn. The Council of Elders exists there and they have been poxed up for many, many years. I do not agree totally that Saturn has completely banished TD from their environment, but I would agree that there IS progress being made. Our planet earth is currently being blocked from the AP, and this is weighing heavily on the pressure points of the earth. I expect that 2018 will allow us to see the release of these pressure points so that the planet itself can go through the AP without TD interference. It’s a very real struggle though and there will be many environmental upheavals before the dust settles.

    • “Our planet earth is currently being blocked from the AP,…”

      Different levels within the secondary ascending Earth world have always experienced severe interference from TD and those humans that don’t want the AP to happen. But, it is anyway because the secondary ascending Earth world is not running the show. Those old tactics and interference’s etc. have been overwritten energetically by those in the primary ascending Earth world and many, many Others in higher levels. The reasons why there continues to be interference and other negative actions and so on is because a whole lot of people in the secondary ascending Earth world still believe in and continue to focus on all those old low frequency TD and patriarchal people, situations, lack of higher awareness about what’s really going on, and insistence on perpetuating the old crap instead of releasing it and evolving with these Light energies. It’s only going to get harder and more painful for them to continue this.

      The main difficulty with discussing any of this at this point is that there are more people in the secondary ascending Earth with all their individual beliefs (reality) about everything than there are in the primary ascending Earth world. But… numbers aren’t the issue here, Embodied individuals is and we are and will continue to Pathpave and Wayshow for everyone coming up behind us. My Earth is not being blocked from the AP and never will be. Be mindful of your thoughts and beliefs because they manifest externally for each of us now faster than ever before. ❤

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  • Dear Denise,

    I will have to reread your article at a later time because I am not feeling well. I’m terribly sorry if this is completely off topic, and yet I feel like it’s important. Sat. I was reading one of Lisa Transcendence Brown’s latest articles. At the bottom she commented about the “pandemic of F.L.U. (Frequency Light Upgrades)”. I appreciated how she put that, and cosmic timing I read it at the right exact time. That night I was hit with cold that made my body jerk (not shiver but jerk). Having what Lisa wrote in mind, I allowed the energy to flow and do its thing. Sunday I was feeling horrid (Hot, and chilled). I’m still feeling miserable physically (and my cat continues to yell which makes my head worse and I can speak but it hurts because of a dry throat and the deep coughing… and I haven’t actually been “sick” in 9 years). I digress. The point is, I saw a map that was sort of tracking the intensity of cases across the USA. It was interesting because in looking at it I couldn’t help but think of your earlier article of the picture of the eraser wiping across the map (I know it was the chalkboard, but that was the idea you were conveying). Would you say that this “Frequency Light Upgrade” is part of this jumpstarting all of us to a whole New Level beyond… which again is what I’ve been sensing you’ve been trying to convey the latter part of 2017. Ohh, I had the sense of that this is the Big Deal about the 7 flares hitting Saturn to loosen the inverted tech, because it’s allowed This Light to come through to us all en mass (this is my sense, could be wrong). I just don’t buy into this “flu” and having to go to the hospital etc. And my sense is that the people that are fighting it with drugs (or vaccines) are dying or having the worst go of it… because it’s not a sickness, it’s Light and New and Codes. I guess I would like your feedback on that (if you feel it’s appropriate) for any other person that might have been wondering but hadn’t quite put it together as yet.

    As a side note, last Wednesday I looked out side and thought it was a fine rain happening. When I stepped outside, I realize what I was seeing was the photonic light you and others have been seeing for some time now… with my physical eyes no less!

    Much Love,

    • “And my sense is that the people that are fighting it with drugs (or vaccines) are dying or having the worst go of it… because it’s not a sickness, it’s Light and New and Codes.”


      You’re exactly right about this and everything else in your comment. I have been trying, repeatedly to convey to a wide variety of readers just how huge, how unprecedented, how NEW this all is now. We’ve never been here before; Worked our Forerunner selves half to death to get us and everyone else interested here, but the intensity of the vast changes and releasing of all the old lower “stuff” of the past Great Cycle while simultaneously Embodying more and more even higher frequency NEW Light, NEW Codes has been and continues to be painful and/or really painful physically and psychologically in some cases. This latest purge (last half of 2017 through January 2018) has been huge because the NEW coming in to replace it all throughout 2018 is much more huge! So yes, the amplified “flu-like” pains and “sickness” many people are having now are related to this evolutionary purging of the old (templates, energies, consciousness etc.) while being exposed to the highest yet Light frequencies and NEW codes etc.

      The intense inner cold is typically a sign that one is moving into higher energetic territory, again, and this side effect has been pretty constant throughout November and December 2017 into January 2018. You also mentioned a jerking sensation in your physical body. I’ve experienced this a few times over the past five years and it always happens in my Solar Plexus area. It’s like an unexpected spasm from deep within that area of my body and it physically causes me to jerk abruptly, like a muscle spasm. It’s a quick and painless side effect of Ascension but it’s another strange one for sure.

      That’s great you Saw the Photonic Light “raining” down. It’s pretty isn’t it? Potent but pretty. 😉

      • Dear Denise,

        Thank you for your response in letting me know that through fog of “being sick out of my mind” that I was indeed on the right track. I’m sorry it took so long to respond back. I was so out of it I couldn’t even just watch tv laying on the couch: rested for 2 days in 2-3 hour increments because that’s how long the cat would be quiet before yelling for something again. It’s still hanging on, where I’m twilight zone tired and trying to cough up one of my lungs even though there’s nothing to cough up.

        I wanted to share that my cycle started before this past weekend on top of feeling miserable. I was really upset/mad about it. I pointedly said to my uterus that under NO circumstances would there be ANY cramps at all, that I was already sick, that there would not be a delayed cramp day at all and that was that! I could hear/feel Divine Mother ANGRY/LIVID then… not at me. It was like this screeching, justifiable Anger about how dare the Feminine be put in these chains. I could feel/sense that there was some kind of etheric device (for females’ cycles, that was implanted into all of us) and it was being obliterated and removed from my body… that Pain (cramps) was never meant to be, the whole “every month” thing was never natural, and on and on. I then said kindly to my body how it’s free now, that there’s no more reason for that pain, to just breathe into being free. And then I waited. One day passed, most of yesterday did before I dared to move and shower… because I had to do some laundry as I was on my last pair of clean pjs, and the sheets were gross from all the sweating. I found that I indeed felt like I was “in charge” of my own body after all these years! No cramps at all, none of the usual side effects!

        I’ve also had a few experiences in the midst of being sick: one moment where I could feel me/Me/ME Expand and then come back to myself; some days ago it felt like a crater tore open up on top of my head that hurts and is tender (I’m surmising better access for the New Light Energies); and my head hurts… not in the traditional sense only: I get what you described a while back. My head feels lumpy/bumpy and tender like things are shifting inside my skull and the outside is expanding and shifting and contracting below my hair.

        And yes, the “jerking” sensation you described was exactly what I’ve experienced before (sometimes not during a Cold/New upgrade), like a muscle spasm that emanates from the solar plexus area, and yes it’s painless. Just an odd experience.

        And yes, the photonic Light is indeed pretty… and potent!!

        PS: As far as the comment from Tammy this morning: God loves you so much Unconditionally that he’s going to send haters your way so you can understand Unconditional Love? Yikes!! How indeed do you speak the Light Truth to someone who is so on the other end of the spectrum? Certainly can be exhausting and I bless you for protecting Your Creations (Transitions and HHL) all these years for those of us who have turned to you for help and/or guidance. I appreciate that you care more about your Truth and Integrity than allow any and all comments to come through here. I have much Gratitude and Love for you having done that all these years. Thank you!

        • “As far as the comment from Tammy this morning: God loves you so much Unconditionally that he’s going to send haters your way so you can understand Unconditional Love? Yikes!! How indeed do you speak the Light Truth to someone who is so on the other end of the spectrum?”

          You don’t because they’re not anywhere near ready to hear. I haven’t tried talking to them much over the past decade or so for this reason and other related TD Portal People type reasons. It’s impossible because the gap is very large so I don’t waste my energy trying. What I do do however is use them and their Comment words as teaching tools for the readers I know will benefit from these unpleasant interactions and outright attacks aimed at me. You see everyone, for me it’s always been about learning, remembering, growing and sharing Ascension Process information/Light with others so we all benefit and ascend/evolve more quickly and with as few battle scars as possible. Do the A & I’s (Assholes & Idiots) piss me off from time to time? Yes but nothing like they did years ago. Why? Because I use every one of them to continue evolving myself and to learn more, understand duality, negativity, ego, lower consciousness and other old 3D types things, traits and tactics. We gain and grow from the positive things but we gain and grow from the negative things much more intensely and quickly and for that I’m grateful to them. 😀

          I’m working on another article about these mega changes we’ve been Embodying lately via more NEW and much higher frequency Codes. Had to deal with the Ascension community “Time’s Up” BS negativity first however. It’s all connected as usual.

  • Bless you, Denise! Thanks for providing greater depth to discussion of the “meaning” of solar hits to Saturn. This discussion helped make more sense of my experiences during the first week of January — wrapping up (FINALLY!) an old family pattern that involved sexual abuse, mother defending perpetrator son (I was the one perpetrated upon), and suffering alienation because of family distortions and lies (making me a bad, evil witch who lied and only caused trouble). Once I felt the final sense of how this pattern had caused me to shut down my heart, I felt a free to move onward and upward. Then during the following several days (through my 68th birthday on Monday of this week and continuing…) I felt overwhelmed by a huge, heavy, dark energetic blanket even though simultaneously I KNEW I was receiving huge downloads of light. Three days ago I finally GOT it — this was a BIG AP/EP step involving the switch out at the “atomic” level from 3-D to 5-D. Today I feel very jittery, especially on the physical level. Since this process has progressed so quickly, I am beginning to feel excited — what will happen next? even though I suspect it will be quite subtle and more like “chop wood, carry water” before and after. Don’t expect that I’ll glow in the dark real soon, although that would be amusing as all get out! … Cruising into 2018 (2/11) and wondering what other “fun” stuff will emerge. I really appreciate SO MUCH the material you share while you, too, experience and CHANGE!! Hugs, Kristin

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