The Price of Going Back Down Vibrationally

Since the beginning of 1999 when my physical/biological Ascension Process started, I’ve crossed many invisible energy thresholds. Some have been blatantly obvious to me the second I crossed them and I knew my reality and I had just changed again is very dramatic ways. Of course there have been countless smaller invisible energy thresholds I’ve crossed just as you have, but the majority of these aren’t as distinctly or energetically obvious and potent as those other major transitions.

You feel the numerous smaller shifts, adjustments, the aches and pains, the dark clouds and then the bright ones that they cause too. But, it’s these big immediate and permanent shifts or transitions that change you on the spot and you’re fully aware of it when it’s happening. I remember experiencing one of these big major ascension shifts in 2005, another one in early 2006, and a huge releasing shift at the end of 2008. The triple 9’s of September 9, 2009 was another one of these permanent major invisible energy thresholds or shifts for me and many of you too. I felt it happen on Sept. 8th into the 9th and knew, because I could feel it, that total and absolute separation with the lower frequency 3D world had happened for me. It felt wonderful and was a profound relief to finally have this happen after so long. If that sounds selfish or horrible to any of you now, know that going back down energetically is excruciatingly painful physically and emotionally and a 100-fold worse than the normal ascension aches and pains! It’s like having become an air-breathing creature, but suddenly you turn around and are going back down into the ocean where you can no longer breathe, plus the pressure of the water nearly crushes your body.

As is always the case, I’ll have something happen shortly after my latest energy threshold crossing (in this case it was the 09-09-09 Sept. 9, 2009 absolute separation from lower 3D) to teach me about it, exactly how it feels and so on. I’m positive that the screaming, outrageous, severe energetic contrast between the new higher frequency location I’ve just arrived within was clarified for me by my going way back down again—or allowing myself to be pulled back down again! And this is exactly what happened to me recently. I once again allowed an old friend to pull me back down into her much lower vibrating insanity that is her normal life. I didn’t want to answer the phone while it was ringing because I could feel the Shit Storm raging at the other end of the line!

I eventually answered the phone knowing what was coming. (I have endlessly counseled this young woman for 18 years and she simply will not do anything to extricate herself from her emotional addictions and the crazy lower energies that she’s immersed within.) I allowed her to do what she does to me, which is pull me down into her unending energetic cluster-fuck. But this time, thanks to the recent 09-09-09 separation energies, I really couldn’t and didn’t want to “enable” her or take part in any way with her lower energies and negative personal stories. I listened for a few minutes to the same endless negativity I’ve heard from her for so many years, then I informed her I had nothing else to say to help her than what I have already said to her a thousand and ten times. Her cell phone immediately got weird and we got disconnected. How was that for an energy disconnect?

And so, here are the repercussions for letting myself get pulled back down into lower 3D again—after the triple 9 separation. I had THE worst dream of my life a few hours later that same night and woke up the next day feeling depression, anger, frustration and more depression. It was horrific because I haven’t felt those emotions or lower energies for many, many years. They lasted most of that day, but by late afternoon, I suddenly realized why I felt this way and why I’d had that horrific dream. It was because I had allowed myself to go back down energetically for about 20 minutes while talking to her on the phone. As soon as I realized this the dark cloud of depression, anger, and frustration evaporated and within a half-hour I was almost all the way back up vibrationally to where I had been prior to her phone call.

“Okay, okay Universe, I get it, I felt it, I understand that there are now things I simply cannot do or allow to happen with myself unless I want to go through the painful energetic process of climbing my way back up through the lower vibrating density ONE… MORE… TIME!”

I most certainly do not so this type of  lower “enabling” behavior will not happen again, for anyone. If you’re a parent, this spiritual lesson is much easier to understand. It’s the one about learning when we—as the responsible elder parental figures—absolutely must let go and step back and let our child (person, friend, mate, child/children, relative, lover, co-worker, neighbor, etc.) go through whatever it is that they absolutely MUST on their own. Ascending Starseed/Lightworker/Wayshower Lesson 101.

Think of all the times as a parent you and I have had to step back and allow our child/children to crash n’ burn ONLY so that they would personally and directly be transformed by the higher frequency Fires of actual personal experience. This is the Sacred Alchemical Key to how we are literally changed energetically by having  lived through difficult experiences/Lessons on our own. This is the current Lesson for those of us newly separated (09-09-09) ascending people leading the Way.

Denise Le Fay

September 29, 2009

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8 thoughts on “The Price of Going Back Down Vibrationally

  • I was contemplating this scenario when I received a great mental image–a scene in the movie Titanic, in which the captain orders to close the flood gates in the lowest deck to delay the sinking of the ship. It is a difficult decision, for some workers cannot evacuate the deck; they inevitably drown. Yet the captain knows he must confine the water to a single area to maintain the integrity of the ship.

    I envision myself as the worker in that scene who dives beneath the lowering gate. I’m not certain if I make through, for my emotions threaten to drown me…

    • Don’t you dare let them! You’ve done that for far too long already.

      Over the past twenty years my Mom and I have had many conversations about “Earth Changes” – the hundreds of thousands of people dying type of “Earth Changes” I mean. I just kept sensing that I was not, would not, die in any type of disaster like this. Why? Because I already have in a past life. There’s absolutely NO NEED for me to experience that again, especially in this life (and this holds true with the majority of people who have been living the ascension process) when we’re here to live/transmute/ascend vibrationally etc. etc. We are NOT supposed to go down with the ship in these particular lives. We’re supposed to ascend with the ship and create a new, higher world. (I know you already know all this…this is just me reminding any who may be wondering about this issue as I did years ago.)

      Think about it – why in the Universe would we reincarnate now as Lightworkers/Wanderers/Star people to do all we’ve been doing for self and All and then die? It’s not The Plan.

      End of mini lecture. 😀

      Hugs and Love,

  • Hi Denise,

    I feel I had my first angel lesson yesterday.

    I wanted to try and inform my sister in-law about the dangers of the coming swine flu vaccine as she has 2 small girls, and that they are starting to test this vaccine on UK children as we speak.
    She told me her husband thought it would be safe. I was shocked and a bit shaken by this, but then thought they have to work this one out for themselves. It is up to them now, they know my perspective. If they want help, all they have to do is ask.

    I will fly high from now on.

    Love and gentle hugs,


  • I really like you, Denise! Your energy is wonderful & easy and reminds me of Lauren & Karen a little bit. That automatically makes you one of my favorites! 😉

    I can totally relate to your message. I’m really happy that I’m finally & completely disconnected from the old. It feels as if another soul entered my body and was desperately trying to get rid of all those unfamiliar & unbearable people that claim to be my friends (it may sound harsh, but this is how it feels). So I’m glad that 999 removed the last batch of them (even people I actually didn’t think would stop trying to contact me). Yipeee!

    P.S. Gosh, if someone not familiar with the process read this would definitely think we’re mean! LOL

    • voxbulgaro,

      Hi and thanks so much for your kind words. I’m very proud to be another of your “favorites”. Them is some great favorites too! 8)

      I’ve know for the past seven years I’ve been online writing, that more people did not understand me and what I was saying (in my way) than those few who did. I knew many people thought I was just horrible and mean, and many of them took the time to tell me that, which is normal if one is still functioning only within their lower ego self and polarized lens on “reality”. Anyone who has evolved a little or a lot beyond their own ego selves will simply sound like flaming, deranged fools to them. Years ago that used to really piss me off. Now I find it mildly amusing. See – less functioning ego! :mrgreen:


      • It’s funny that while reading your reply what you’re actually talking about played out in my reality.

        My sister is in the other room now, pissed off at me because I didn’t want to do what she was trying to make me do. She believes I “owe” her & was desperately trying to make me feel guilty (which is no longer possible). And now she maybe thinks I’m selfish and mean since she hasn’t yet evolved beyond her ego to understand that no-one is responsible for our feelings/emotions but ourselves.

        So now I’m letting her learn her lessons & not rushing to apologize as I would do in the past. And meanwhile I can enjoy some time alone. Just perfect! 🙂


        • Tedd,

          Well done you! 🙂 Don’t take your eyes/heart off of the higher truth no matter what temper tantrums anyone throws! 😉

          Yep, all of us now have to learn to be, what Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadian’s called “Keepers of the frequency”. In other words, we’ve got to get real familiar with, and then learn to maintain the energetic level we’ve each worked so hard to reach. We’ve got to learn to keep that higher frequency and get pulled, sucked, manipulated etc., into going back down energetically for anyone – unless we want to do so that is.


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