March 2017: I AM One

What an intense and very different time February and March 2017 have been. I’d said repeatedly in 2016 how NEW and different the energies would be once we completed that 9-yearlong cycle culminating throughout 2016, and entered a totally NEW and much higher level and cycle with NEW 1 energies of 2017. But like I’ve also said over these many Ascension Process years, it’s one thing knowing something intellectually and a very different thing actual living it all the way down into the physical. This we’ve been doing like crazy all of March 2017, with some people having serious heavy-duty prep Work throughout February also. I am literally not the same person I was two months ago or two weeks ago and that’s a very positive thing, and neither are some of you reading this, but mercy me this evolutionary energy upgrade was big, different and more intense than anything earlier. Welcome to the NEW in a vastly higher level of being, life, consciousness, responsibility and reality than anything anyone has experienced before in a physical human body.

Because I’ve always believed in teaching about the Ascension Process through sharing my personal experiences with it, I’m going to list some of the events, tests and Initiations I’ve gone through in February and March 2017, because it’s often easier to see, feel and understand complex evolutionary energy processes when one views them in personal, physical settings. This NEW 2017 and beyond Light information and reality is so different and more complex than what any of the different Ascension teachers have talked about before that we’ve all got a lot of NEW Work, NEW material and growing NEW awareness to learn and figure out how to communicate it in linear written form. The best way for all of us to look and feel about it from here on out is with the knowing that we’re on completely NEW higher ground now in 2017, and the ongoing spiritual educations we’re experiencing are matching that. So, open yourself more to all this NEW pouring in now in these NEW to us ways.

As many of you know my mom had a triple bypass related stroke in mid-2014, which translates quite simply into, life changed big-time for us both then because of that and none of it has been easy for either of us ever since. Talk about old lower frequency fears, beliefs, expectations, habits, confusions etc. all suddenly exploded up into your life and emotional self. But, this has been an ongoing Initiation for me and I’ve worked my way through each and every confusing, frustrating, fearful, cold hard issue since 2014. It’s the difficult, painful and scary unknown stuff that holds ones eventual freedom. I didn’t make up this rule, but I’ve certainly learned over the decades that this is how it’s been so just deal with things honestly and quickly so you can continue evolving with less pressures and tests.

I’ve had so many people in my life who had checked out in a variety of ways, such as through drug use/addiction, emotional illness, fracturing of the personality, and this latest one with my mom, dementia and then permanent brain damage via a stroke. I can see how these unaware people have forced me to do whatever Inner Work I needed to on myself throughout my lifetime, and do it clean and sober so every speck of the pains and frustrations, delusion and self-delusions about those people, various deceptions and general insanity was clearly felt by myself and learned from. It was and is, and it has repeatedly forced me into every nook and cranny of my personal basement (lower self, subconscious) where the remaining crumbs of fear, anger, disappointment, guilt, confusion etc. linger. It’s a fact that humans are lazy and that we’ll go way, way around whatever is still in our personal basements that has us chained to some ridiculous something, usually survival related. We don’t want to hurt or be in pain of any kind anymore, so we run from the very things, issues, events, tests and Initiations that are our personal paths to real freedom, real evolution, real spiritual growth and Higher Awareness. We run away lifetime after lifetime, decade after decade, year after year, until 2017 that is when the only way forward is inward.

I’ve always been consciously aware of what these remaining fear items in my basement have been that are connected to my mom. That may sound like a good thing and it is, but it also really adds to the pressure to get to the bottom of it all within myself and be done with it finally. I also knew that these NEW 1 energies of 2017 at this NEW higher level would unbelievably amplify this and any other issue(s) I and everyone else still has within ourselves. It doesn’t matter how small and seemingly insignificant that issue may be because at this point, it’s so profoundly highlighted and amplified by THE LIGHT that it’s unbearable to co-exist with for another minute. Evolution is mandatory if one wants to remain in this ever-growing LIGHT, so strip down to your bare Soul and release whatever it is that’s still tucked in there somewhere like energetic emotional contraband. No one can get away with anything in this NEW LIGHT so don’t cause yourself more pain by trying to smuggle in (knowingly or unknowingly) some low-frequency emotional stuff like fear over money, fear over health, fear over aging or whatever. Fear is old lower 3D school and THE LIGHT ain’t havin’ any of it whatsoever. No can do. This is how only physical Initiates gain evolutionary access to 5D and higher; they have to transmute all their own lower everything, plus a lot of collective stuff too because inner/outer, Self/Others doesn’t exist in this higher level of LIGHT, consciousness and being. It’s all you, individually, and you are all of It. It’s the only way in for everyone, and it’s the ultimate safeguard for All everywhere. No contraband of any type can survive this level of LIGHT so just do it once and for all and be done with it. March 2017 has your back, plus has you in its evolutionary cross-hairs so just do it and finally get yourself free.

Greater 2017 Embodiment Symptoms

Because I’ve lived with physical pains most of my life I’ve gotten used to them, which isn’t a good thing necessarily. I’m just saying I’m used to physical pain, and because of this, I can more easily adapt to more pain when it arrives. Again, not necessarily a positive attribute. But when I get hit long and hard by NEW to me physical pains, and especially when they’re rather strange and unknown to me at that time, then it becomes another test to not slide into fear, worry, self-doubt, confusion etc. over what is going on in my physical body. All of February was this, with March taking it up twenty more notches into the weirdness stratosphere. I mean, there’s been times last year and this where it’s been almost impossible to get up out of my computer chair and walk. It often feels like my bones aren’t there or like they’re too soft to support me and it all hurts, badly for a few unattractive moments as I hobble around painfully, trying to get mobile again.

Sudden sharp stabbing pains in bones and joints. Hip joints, shoulder joints, toe joints, knuckles, fingers and so on. Lower back and spine pains that are fairly severe. Leg swelling. Foot pains. Digestive pains, acid reflux, heartburn etc. Inability to eat anything, or eating something you thought was “safe” at that energetic moment but it still made you feel like you’ve ingested poison for hours. Sometimes needing to eat but nothing sounds good or feels good once you do eat it. And, forgive my crudeness, but lots of “dumping”, no I mean lots and lots of “dumping”, far beyond what you’ve physically eaten. A great and fast purging taking place again, physically and energetically.

In January and February I was waking up every morning with my eyes crusted and tearing and my vision very blurry again. My first thought was that due to all the glorious and much-needed rain we in SoCal got recently, the allergy season is going to be epic and it probably will be, but these eye symptoms were caused by the latest incoming NEW higher LIGHT energies upgrading my eyes, optic nerves and vision etc. even further.

I was also waking up every morning and coughing for a couple of hours from sudden congestion in my lungs. Normally I don’t have either of these eye and lung issues, other than when we’re going through another round of very intense higher level energetic changes. So the first set of side effects/symptoms were in the upper half of my body—eyes and lungs mostly this time but with a few HighHeart flutters and dancing about sensations and pressures also and some head pains and pressures—followed immediately by the other symptoms I mentioned happening in the lower half of my body. I’ve been through this same process dozens and dozens of times over these Ascension years, but in 2017, they’re slightly different, much more intense and with an incredibly fast turnaround time than ever experienced before. Good thing because what a messy mess all this NEW coming in from above and simultaneously pushing out more of the old lower is!

The other day I watched a three-minute long preview video clip by Lisa Transcendence Brown and in it she briefly talked about this upper half and lower half of the body embodying and purging business. It’s always great hearing someone else describe things you’ve gone through yourself for nearly two decades at this point, as it gives you more clarity and ease with living the Process.

Another strange amplification I’ve experienced recently, and I know some of you have too, has been having something small and not very important in the great scheme of things set you off into an EPIC mega freak out rage, to the degree that you surprise yourself with how ferocious and asinine you got over it. 😕 I had this happen a few weeks ago and I could not believe how I instantly exploded over this tiny little something that wasn’t worth all the precious energy I wasted on it. I stood there looking at myself after this explosion wondering WTF was that Denise and why did you do it over that nothingness? I embarrassed myself with this unexpected tantrum that was so extreme in comparison to what triggered it and I was grateful no one but me had to witness me exploding like that! So what was that anyway and how do I not do it again please? I’m going to continue with this because there’s more related material so keep reading and we’ll get to the why of this.

Another not so lovely NEW symptom/side effect I’ve had this year so far has been waking up in the middle of the night sometimes and/or in the morning with instant profoundly negative thoughts screaming in my head in combination to my reentry into my physical body. Some of them were easily recognizable as mine while many of these negative thoughts were other people’s. Great, so why are they in my head and awareness upon immediate reentry of my physical body when they’re not all mine? Keep reading and we’ll combine all these lovelies and explain why many of us are experiencing greater Self and Collective bleedthroughs now.

This next one was and still is a very serious big “issue” deal for me personally, but it’s also a species-wide biggie for humanity too and has to do with the past patriarchal planetary rule and suppression and expulsion of the Divine Feminine across earth and from within humanity for eons. Let me add that if you’re in a female body now during the “end times” of the patriarchal rule on earth, you’ve experienced up close and personal to what degree female humans are regarded, treated, thought of and dealt with by the global patriarchy consciousness. Guess whose had to feel, deal and heal those injustices first? Female Forerunners/Wayshowers/Embodiers/Transmuters.

Very briefly, I’ve had lifelong (65 years up to this recent important change) dreams of being the “victim” of some unknown male(s) “victimizer” chasing me endlessly through dream landscapes, trying to kill me, mutilate or harm me in any way he/they could. This one’s obvious to females so I won’t go into the details over this. It’s just been a long and difficult process for me personally dealing with my own fears and wounds over this constant fact of not being safe in a world run by the other sex, whose unaware that we’ve all been played by Team Dark for eons. Add to this the global Collective suffering, pain, injustice, ridicule and suppression over eons of time on earth and we’re talking about a substantial abundance of female pain and male imbalance and general pain and suffering all around by all.

On March 23, 2017 while waking up from another mandatory pass-out afternoon nap, I clairaudiently heard the words, “…epic defeat on the 29th…”. On January 8, 2017, one of my atomic clocks jumped time again and went into the future to March 29, 2017. For some reason this one feels important to me both personally and collectively; “time” will tell of course but this nap message I heard meant the 29th of March.

Only a few hours later in the early AM hours of March 24, 2017, I had what was for me the third most important dream message/insight because it showed me the progress I’ve made with this planetary male/female “victim/victimizer” negative program and consciousness. This was, this is, a really big deal for me which also means it’s a really big deal for the rest of humanity because it’s One and the same thing.

Take 65 years worth of dream-life running for one’s female life from demented, possessed, fragmented, used-to-be wonderful male humans that now only want to torture, mutilate and kill some female, any female. Take all that if you can and now know it’s been undone, been transmuted, been ended and fully neutralized into the 2017 LIGHT and it’s almost too much. It’s almost too wonderful. Can it really be? Yep it can because it’s just recently been done.

In my March 24th dream, all my lifelong dream-life experiences of trying to outrun, hide from and/or escape the negative male chasing me to harm me or worse was undone by me and it was so very wonderful at long, long last. In this dream I defeated, yes there’s that word again, two (yes this too is important and meaningful and further symbolizes old lower 3D Duality) male humans what were trying to harm two unknown to me females; one of them was East Indian, the second female was Asian. This represented global females and not specific ethnic groups.

My position within this lifelong setting and program or belief system suddenly shifted on March 24, 2017 after nearly two months of very difficult Inner Work and further preparations for greater Embodiment throughout March 2017, and beyond. In this dream I was the Neutral one, the one doing the intervening so that two male strangers couldn’t harm two female strangers. I was no longer—after 65 years of this stuff mind you—the one being attacked, being “victimized” by some demented patriarchal stranger. I AM now the Neutral One, the one whose Embodied enough at this point to no longer be existing within old lower frequency Duality programs, consciousness, energies, timelines etc. internally or externally whatsoever. They have recently been completely dead-ended by me, in the ways I was capable of this month within the Ascension Process that is. I have done this, on my own, but so have many of you reading this recently. ❤ ❤ ❤  This is one big reason why things have hurt so badly lately; we’ve been individually ending our own participation with and within old negative patriarchal world programs and systems fully and completely. The Divine Feminine has returned and this is what it looks and feels like at this moment within the, within OUR individual ongoing Ascension Process. 

The NEW is here now and we’re all acclimatizing as quickly as we can to this fact as we try to find our feet and the ground, if any, under them. This is beyond wonderful and it’s not looking or feeling like what most of us expected it to. Who cares! Divine Feminine has returned via each of us Embodying and further Ascending which means we’ve recently Embodied much more than we fully realize or understand yet.

The 2017 Theme So Far Is

Ongoing integration of all that had been separated while we existed within the old lower 3D Duality reality.

Wow…! While writing that sentence above, I had an intense incoming energy blast enter the upper right side of my head that instantly felt like it pushed me out of my physical body for a few moments. I’ve experienced this before but this time was more potent than others. This too is connected to our individually Embodying more of our Higher Selves in these physical bodies and Selves now, and, every time we do it a bit more, we’re also helping correct the old 23.5° planetary tilt of Earth. As we correct all of our old inner personal “tilt” stuff, whatever they were for each of us individually, our doing so helps Earth reach total vertical re-alignment too.  Massive physical earthquakes are no longer needed to do this, just human Light Beings further Embodying is doing it and so much more.

Okay, that was a nice addition to what I was going to write about anyway. There’s the theme again. 😉 What’s been super highlighted these past two months for me personally has been how much more I’ve evolved into greater Embodiment, meaning that what had been separated before in the old lower 3D life, reality and consciousness etc. is no longer that way for me. I’m now experiencing greater and greater personal inner Unity in ways I couldn’t perceive before. I could intellectually consider them but integrate them bodily and live from that level and frequency? No, but, this is what 2017 is doing to many Forerunners with their individual Embodiment process; greater conscious awareness of and participation with reality from the point of Inner/Outer, Masculine/Feminine, Light/Dark, Individual/Collective, Self/Higher Self, Individual/Universal being unified, integrated, rejoined back into a more natural state and higher frequency. “Home” is now each of us and not somewhere else. WE are HOME, individually, in our own bodies because we did the Inner Work, released the old lower separated, fragmented stuff and dared to Embody more and more to the point that it shifts everything into a higher level of existence, being and awareness. 

19 Hours Later

It’s now 19 hours later because, after I got hit with that incoming energy upgrade to my head and seemingly pushed right out the left side of my physical body, old Team Dark traumas in the left side of my head primarily but my left shoulder and neck area too, the pains became too much and I HAD to shut down and fall asleep quickly. I had intended to finish this article and publish it yesterday, but as we all know, we bend with the Ascension Process, not the other way around! And so, I had to fall asleep a few minutes after that latest incoming head energy hit yesterday and let it do all it needed to within me.

What I felt and perceived about this event was that it was simply another incoming higher Light Energy March 2017 upgrade that entered through my upper head/skull on the right side and traveled diagonally at the speed of LIGHT through my head and body and literally pushed me out-of-body on the left side for a few moments. It was like getting blindsided by another car and that unexpected impact propels you, your body, your car etc. in the same direction the impact came in from. I thought I could continue and finish this article after this head impact happened yesterday but I couldn’t. I had to sleep and recuperate.

After a few hours the pain was gone and I knew that another major old etheric energetic distortion caused by TD to the left side of my head back in 2010, had instantly been permanently removed and Rewired with NEW, higher frequency  energy “gridwork”. This is how fast and continual our individual Embodiment and ongoing evolutionary Ascension Process is now in 2017; every few hours and days something else transpires that evolves us dramatically.

Back to the theme of 2017 for Forerunners.

It’s all about even greater integration within each of ourselves. With the return of the Divine Feminine, most of us have and will continue to be dramatically changed, improved, enhanced by that alone. It feels glorious evolving from the old lower fractured separation of male/female etc. to greater and greater integration which automatically produces more Unity in each of us. And, this is just the start of all this so roll with the cosmic evolutionary punches as best you can and give yourself plenty of downtime, quiet, private time and naps to further integrate and acclimate to the Divine barrage of “upgrades” happening just in March of 2017! You know more is coming…

Because of all this, you are increasingly feeling, perceiving and consciously aware of everything and everyone from a greater and greater state of inner, internal integration and Unity Consciousness. Separating you from You and YOU is getting increasingly less easy to do because you are becoming YOU and rapidly now, and that instantly changes everything all aspects of you, You and YOU perceive and exist within not to mention are able to Create now.

Earlier I talked about suddenly exploding into a gigantic rage over some insignificant something that set you off like never before. That plus suddenly waking up hearing and feeling some of the most negative thoughts and/or emotions you’ve ever experienced in your life. Both of these things have to do with each of our ongoing Embodiment processes and how that causes us to much more easily and readily be able to perceive, hear, feel, see, sense etc. what’s in the human Collective at the moment. Higher dimensional Unity Consciousness and Higher Awareness means each of us are increasingly able to perceive other people, other lifeforms, other Beings, other energies, other Light frequencies, other realities, other dimensions and so on. With that, in the early stages such as what most Forerunners are in now, comes feeling and hearing and sensing much of the insanity and violence in other people on earth. Knowing that just because you/You/YOU can feel, hear and see other people and their emotional energies and emotions and thoughts etc. doesn’t make them “yours”. Just perceive whatever you perceive, discern, learn and keep moving forward. Also know that much of this happens as a result of further Embodying which automatically produces further purging of all the old lower energies, systems, gridworks, beliefs and so on. The one event automatically produces the other event so Embodying higher and purging and pushing out old lower is really ONE and the same continual Process. And, in 2017, this back-to-back Incoming and Outgoing business is nearly instantaneous which can make for some very confusing and dramatic living and reality for a while! Do your best to not be unseated or thrown out of your body over any of it for too long. Get back up, dust yourself off and climb right back into your Divine Embodiment process and keep going because it only gets increasingly excellent from here on out. ❤

Know that this is just the start of more like what February and March was but also know that it naturally gets easier and even faster every time we move up more energy Stair-steps into greater Embodiment, Unity consciousness, Creator-ship, and blessed, blessed Neutrality. Yes it felt like I was coming seriously undone (only because I was! 😉  ) throughout most of March 2017, but so what, that’s part of this whole process. Do your best to evolve and Embody and feel yourself as One because you are, I am, he is, she is each, individually ONE. This has to happen individually, and it is, because this is just how this works. Not everyone becomes “One” at once because everyone is not ready or able to do so at the same time. So each who is ready and able to Embody some more of their Higher Self into this physical body and Self does so and continues doing so over and over and over until you are something very different and greatly improved; ONE individually. Now just imagine what it’s going to be like with multiple individuals who’ve Embodied to the level of being greater ONE-ness in themselves all alive on earth at the same time. Feel into that because that’s what we’re doing now and isn’t that beyond wonderful and amazing. ❤


March 26, 2017

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21 thoughts on “March 2017: I AM One

  • Denise, you said:

    “Another strange amplification I’ve experienced recently, and I know some of you have too, has been having something small and not very important in the great scheme of things set you off into an EPIC mega freak out rage, to the degree that you surprise yourself with how ferocious and asinine you got over it.”


    “In this dream I defeated, yes there’s that word again, two (yes this too is important and meaningful and further symbolizes old lower 3D Duality) male humans what were trying to harm two unknown to me females; one of them was East Indian, the second female was Asian. This represented global females and not specific ethnic groups.”

    I have to comment here today, Denise, because the Divine Feminine is indeed back and SHE is in one “EPIC mega freak out rage”, and as April has unfolded, I’m beginning to realize the strength, power, wisdom and love behind a very old 3D expression, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Your dream, in my opinion, is a true indicator that the ‘rage’ will be expressed, though perhaps not ‘out there’, but ‘within’, because it’s necessary for the patriarchy to finally get it that their control days are over.

    I’m glad I re-read this article. Love, B.

  • Holy crap.This is confirmation of what i did this last not quite week. I have had time line merge go on for over 2 weeks prior. I will have to go through text to others & my profile feed on fb to align the dates. I believe i am unable mention here exactly what was done. As of yet. I do as instructed. However if you need or feel my energy in my words i can communicate through my email provided with comment.

    Mars sword activates triangle.Men in suits & wolf shape shifters no more.
    Namaste all Entities.

  • Denise,
    Last night I woke up 3 times with piercing, burning pain in my left hand joints. I have never experienced this particular symptom, so it was great to read that you have had similar pains lately. I appreciate the verification when I read your updates.
    Another odd, ongoing sensation is a weird “tingling” on the outside of my left upper thigh. It’s like someone is intensely tapping their fingers on my skin for 10 minutes straight. This has been almost everyday in February/March. It’s like “ok, who/what is tapping on my thigh again?!!” I had this happening on my head for years, but having it on my thigh seems like a weird location! Any insight on that area? Thanks! Juliana

    Sorry I forgot to mention in my last post that I also experienced the “fit of rage/hissy fit tantrum” out of nowhere this past Saturday, unfortunately in front of my boyfriend at 3AM…and my eyes are driving me crazy being red/swollen/bloodshot sagging and affecting my ability to put on eye makeup thus activating my aging/appearance issues…ugh!

    • juliana,

      Those sudden stabbing pains in joints and/or bones is seriously painful when they happen. They take your breath away they’re that intense but thankfully they’re short lived.

      You know how there’s all the talk about old grids and NEW grids and NEW energies and NEW blueprints/templates etc. in the NEW grids now and so on? Well, we have “grids” in our physical bodies, our Central Nervous System being one big one. What many of us are feeling with all these strange and painful stabbings, thuds, vibrations, swelling, heat, cold etc. in our bodies are the NEW higher frequency Light Energies running through our physical bodies now. Think of this like driving an old 4-cylinder car all of your life and then climbing into a 12-cylinder Ferrari and taking off! The changes take some getting used to and this is us doing exactly that, little weird pain by little weird pain. 😉

  • Thanks for the sharing, Denise.

    I can testify to the intensity of the last few weeks. It’s as if every bit of darkness still lurking in the recesses of my field of consciousness has come to the fore for me to deal with. I have been battling everything from AI prophets on Twitter to the Draco, psychic assassins and ELF mind control almost constantly. Just yesterday I arrived a place of completion (Thank you, Source and all my Archangel guides!), but I have felt a little like the spirit version of Jason Bourne, remembering and being responsible for my part in this cosmic drama while constantly looking over my shoulder and preparing myself for the next showdown.

    I read this morning that key lightworkers have been the object of many attacks in March. I’ve been wondering why I was on the list, and the only thing I can surmise is that, as a leadership coach new to the industry, I write a lot about leading oneself. I have publicly stated that I am about to launch a new leadership development programme, the whole point of the programme being to support leaders in business to develop self-mastery. People in the industry have told me that no one is doing what I’m doing and it’s just the disruption the industry needs. In my blog, I draw people’s attention to what does and doesn’t work about the leadership we, and they, are experiencing at the moment. Someone somewhere obviously deemed my insights, and me, as threatening.

    I believe Michael shared the link to Cosmic Disclosure, David Wilcock’s programme on Gaia where he interviews Corey Goode, a Secret Space Programme whistleblower along with lots of other experts in the field of exopolitics, the cabals and ET involvement in our world. I watched each episode from start to finish, and Goode’s disclosure unlocked HUGE knowings in my unconscious and helped me piece together experiences I have had over my lifetime for which I had no explanation. Back in 2001, three years after the crazy “awakening” experience I had in India that put me on this journey of opening and expansion, I felt so overwhelmed with psychic information that I asked things to be revealed to me on a need-to-know basis. I guess that time is now.

    I want to thank you for being a constant source of information and of comfort, to me and to all your readers. Sometimes, when I’m going through this stuff, I can feel a little crazy, and the truth of it is that what has been happening on our planet is truly insane. I have released something MASSIVE, and at the moment I am allowing myself the space to rest for a little while before the next phase starts. Your blog, which I’ve been reading for several years now, makes a huge difference to me in that it helps me feel I’m not alone and insane, that actually I’m one of the sane ones, and the work I am doing and will continue to do is vital.

    Thank you for your courage to be openly vulnerable and your dedication to humanity’s Ascension. It’s an inspiration.


  • Thanks Denise, I can identify completely with all of this and apart from ongoing surgical recovery and medical help, which confuses me in every sense, I feel the real me coming through loud and clear and being in the UK know the trigger of BREXIT on 29/3 is symbolic following the warrior work we’ve all done, to me anyway, love and gratitude as usual, Linda

  • Thanks denise for an excellent post that, I am sure, will be of great help to many! The Inner Duel, which mirrors the External Fight, has to be won…Congrats on your Victory! The Old Order Changeth yielding place to New… Best Wishes (btw, great logo! )

  • Denise,

    So grateful for your sharing!

    In last two days, 25 and 26 March I felt and experienced such a great energetic impact, that I never ever felt in my long journey.

    Although I am physical located on the other side of the globe, in Europe, I felt the same symptoms and energies at the same “time” like Denise.

    Sorry, if my English language is not so fluent as I would like to be, but it is not my mother tongue.

    In difference of Denise, my theme of energetic clearing was the theme of DEATH, or to be more precise, Fear of Death and some of its most popular derivations, as you said so well – fear about money, fear about health, fear about ageing and loneliness…

    I have the sense of dying many, many times in all these years, but it was never ever like this one.

    These two days and a night I didn’t stopped to cry, overwhelmed by great sadness and grief, like I am leaving life for ever.

    I was feeling really, really absolutely dead!!!

    In some moments of great desperation I just came to the computer to check out if Denise have had post something and if she have the same experiences in the same time like me.

    Ohhhh, It really was horrible!

    Now a day latter, I have some unclear, inner perceptions,that this experience was re-experience of another ‘me’s death, probably from another lifetime.

    Now, It all passed too, like every other experiences, but I am feeling a bit lighter, like a big burden have fall down from my shoulders.

    And also, like Denise said, now I am feeling very, very different person…

    I felt and suffered a lot from all physical simptoms like Denise.
    All of them!!!

    I also have had issues with the food too. I simply almost don’t know what to eat, when to eat or even if I should to eat. The perception is still in a process of changing and accommodation
    Denise, some time ago, I also have heard other thoughts and conversations in deep sleep from absolutely unknown people. I have had the sense, that my individual consciousness is getting connected to mass consciousness or merely subconsciousness. It was like I am hearing someone is talking to itself or is talking to someone else, and in the end I am hearing something like ‘snap’ of homeland’s phone. Not very pleasant, but it was happened by itself, I didn’t wanted nor I did something for it to happen, either.

    Thank you, Denise, you are such a treasure and solace for so many people in these intense times…keep going on…and be well.

  • For me the picking up of collective stuff comes through as a thought process around family issues, kind of like a preview of a negative conversation with a brother or sister. I let it to play out in my mind understanding by allowing I am recycling collective junk. I am past any of this with my family thankfully! but there still is a disconnect with a couple of siblings. I read/heard in some post, forgive them for they know not what they do. This wave, this ONE year is affecting everyone. I believe it was Magenta Pixie/spirit library channel that I heard: polarized dark/light will stay that. it is the in between ones that are shifting and those are the ones we clear the way for and show by our works/beingness the way to light. Hope this makes some kind of since to someone.
    ok now brain overload has taken over and whatever else and there was more, has left
    thanks for the ongoing connection Denise, you are so appreciated 🙂

  • Great to hear you are evolving rapidly Denise. things have been speeding up exponentially for me also. You know I’ve had past life links with you right?

    Anyway. I’ve been trying to think, what can I say, what can I not say. I’ve become a recluse due to the nature of my soul work.

    My soul work is big, and terrifying, but thrilling. I’ve been doing global work for some time now.

    I don’t dare say a word or a boast about it. Boasting gets people like me in big trouble.

    Anyway god’s doing everything.

    What I can say is that I’m getting really detached lately. Like I’m not connected to anyone and like I’m the only person alive.

    I feel more like an observer.

    No people stay with me, everyone leaves. No karmic sticking. No one bothers me either!

    I’ve been given maximum protection from dark forces since November 2016. Imagine flocks of light beings protecting you and dark attacks flying in only to get deflected. It’s like a war zone.

    I often witness huge astral battles between light and dark beings on the astral too. But each time the light guys win.

    I need this level of protection to function.

    You should know… If I can’t say a word about the nature of my work. Not a word in public or email. Then you. Know. It’s. Big…

    It’s ‘god? What the actual fuck I’m being made responsible for all this? Little old me?? Holy sweet Jesus! I’ll do my best!’

    Fun times, great times to remember for an eternity…

    Just gotta get on and get the job done whatever it is.

    🙂 Nobody knows…Nobody knows…Nobody knows sometimes you gotta take secrets to the grave.

    You should be able to read my energy from this text. It’s getting pretty big and higher in frequency. More ecstasy. I keep getting upgrades to widen my channel so I’m a wider God channel. The team want me big and fast. Lots of energy coming through.

    Best wishes to you.

    This is starlight,

    Over and out!!

  • Thank you, Denise, for this LIGHT-filled ‘know thyself’ post. You wrote:

    “Evolution is mandatory if one wants to remain in this ever-growing LIGHT, so strip down to your bare Soul and release whatever it is that’s still tucked in there somewhere like energetic emotional contraband. No one can get away with anything in this NEW LIGHT so don’t cause yourself more pain by trying to smuggle in (knowingly or unknowingly) some low-frequency emotional stuff like fear over money, fear over health, fear over aging or whatever. Fear is old lower 3D school and THE LIGHT ain’t havin’ any of it whatsoever. No can do. This is how only physical Initiates gain evolutionary access to 5D and higher; they have to transmute all their own lower everything, plus a lot of collective stuff too because inner/outer, Self/Others doesn’t exist in this higher level of LIGHT, consciousness and being. It’s all you, individually, and you are all of It.”

    I’d say that not only is “evolution mandatory”, it’s a happening thing and best we get with the program! From a layman’s physics point of view, we did indeed start out as ONE in a single wave pattern coming from Source. Then we as we went lower and lower through the dimensions and thus into denser and denser physical form (resulting in ever greater separation from the singular wave frequency of Source,) we picked up ‘time and space’ and fragmented into individual One particles experiencing other One particles, and so, it is just as you say, “It’s all you, individually, and you are all of it.” So here we are particle products of a wave in a Dual Slit Experiment. Got to love the metaphor with that one, or we could say, we’re one drop in ONE big ocean. Things is each drop has the potential to experience being the ocean, or collecting all those particles together and reforming back into a wave, and for me, the experience has been, when we give up our fear, we take a huge step to experiencing the non-separation of the Wave from Source, but even before getting back to that Original Wave, there’s a lot of Waves out there I want to surf, so ‘it’s time’, or is that, ‘it’s non-time’? Super article, Denise, thank you from my heart for your honesty and your humor. Love, B.

  • Hi Denise
    Thank you for your awesome post. I too have felt very “undone” by Feb and March. Everyday something new pops up. Some further test or pain. All the breathing issues and sinus issues are at an all time crazy level. And I can’t remember having to visit the bathroom so many times. Should have taken out shares in a toilet paper factory! But the weirdest thing is the isolation. It is like no one else in my everyday life is in my experience. People don’t hear me or see me at times it is very odd. I seem to have left everyone behind to go off on my own. The last few friendships or relationships that I was unsure about have ended completely. I don’t like it but at least I am not giving out to things that no longer serve. The weirdest thing is the ability to see clairvoyently. Upgraded again so that I can see more clearly energies with my waking eyes. Takes some adjustment especially when TD still having a go. Had some strange insect parasite thing in my room last week come for me. Reminded me of the article you wrote about the black thing left on your pillow. I had to ask for help as I was pretty freaked. Previously I would have just felt it, but this time I got to see it.

    Love and light to you

    • “And I can’t remember having to visit the bathroom so many times. Should have taken out shares in a toilet paper factory!


      😆 Isn’t that the truth! Too funny, thanks for the belly laugh. ❤

      The reason why people aren't seeing or hearing you is because you are, literally, evolving beyond the frequency, energy and consciousness level that they exist on now. To people still existing in lower levels of being, we're "disappearing", we're becoming invisible to them and so on and this is because we're literally — I cannot stress this fact enough — literally existing at a higher, faster vibrating frequency than they now are. This is another aspect of the Ascension Process that all of us have to go through — evolving faster than others and needing to continue on regardless. And so we do. ❤

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