The Weirdness of it All: Changing Timelines Again

Personally, the past thirty days (around February 12th or so) have been extra difficult, exhausting, frustrating, educational, bloody, trying, and did I mention difficult? I was aware of the brutality of it all while it was happening of course but didn’t completely understand exactly what was going on and why. It just felt horrible and difficult, and at this late date and age, I really don’t want horrible and difficult anymore. Or at least, I want to have Higher Multidimensional Awareness of what’s happening because I can deal with everything so much better and more easily then, but, that’s part of the educational aspect of these Ascension related events. So, do the latest Work, pay attention to what you’re learning about yourself and your old 3D habits, beliefs, expectations etc. so the whole thing isn’t as difficult and horrible the next time.

Does This Timeline Make Me Look Fat?

I’ve always hated when we have to move the clocks forward an hour. Turning them back an hour is great because I like it when it gets darker sooner, but losing an hour when we ‘Spring forward’ I’ve never liked and last night was no exception. It was a long, rough, strange night and I’m sure many also felt this because a lot got jockeyed around, realigned and energetically matched up with NEW and different timelines/realities. And you thought you were just tossing and turning all night!

The moment I woke up this morning (March 12, 2017) I instantly knew I’d jumped timelines again and that this jump was an important and big one for me. As I laid in bed this morning feeling this latest timeline change, I knew it was due to my having done some more of The Work throughout the past difficult and horrible thirty days. Yep this is a Process, and like all the others it too has sequenced steps we all go through, repeatedly, and the moment we do we automatically jump/change timelines again and again and again. It goes something like this: 1) Some remaining personal stuff gets dealt with like it or not, difficult and horrible or not while 2) you emotionally feel and consciously see and know more about yourself and your old 3D world beliefs, expectations etc. which automatically leads to 3) energetic course correcting, evolving to, jumping to another timeline that’s a better current energy match to you/me/each of us because you/me/we lived and Worked through steps #1 and 2.

People have a tendency to think and believe that these Ascension related Processes are a one-time-only, one-level-only deal when they’re anything but. We do The Work at one phase and level of being, then things progress and we continue doing The Work at another level of being, awareness, consciousness and energy and on and on. This never stops but simply continues expanding and getting much more complex as we expand and become more complex. We are after all going from existing within a world, dimension, reality, consciousness and physical body system that was strictly linear, dualized and profoundly dense and narrow in its level of frequency to, Spherical Consciousness in non-linear time space quantumness that’s aware of our being multidimensional Beings functioning in all of them simultaneously. We’re in the phase now of adjusting and readjusting to being increasingly conscious of being multidimensional and existing in multiple places and dimensions simultaneously while we continue casting-off whatever it is that each of us still needs to that’s from the old lower 3D patriarchal linear earth world. I doubt I need to tell you this but that’s a whole lot to have on ones plate at once.

I rarely ever have some human say anything to me about myself that’s from their current level of awareness and development. I’ve had them say all sorts of idiotic things to me, and vice versa to be honest, but rarely are humans honest enough to say something to you about yourself based solely on what they see and feel about you in that moment. I was fortunate enough to have some male stranger do this to me, for me, last week. He didn’t know what he’d done for me by sharing his impressions about me but I was very grateful he did as it was a unique insight into how we Embodying Forerunners going increasingly multidimensional consciously, appear to regular, linear only consciousness humans. Long story short, he perceived me as being intensely focused, overly mental, jumpy, confused and all over the place but all while being highly focused. Sounds like a lot of contradictions doesn’t it? Well, when one is Working and functioning from multiple levels, multiple dimensions, multiple points of perspective, being and awareness simultaneously one would have, I suspect, a very strong appearance of being “all over the place” while being highly efficient at the same time to unaware humans. Glowing light radiating off of me would have been nice, or faint etheric wings would be cool, or the scent of beautiful flowers emanating from me would be soothing to the wild beasts but no, I get intensely focused and all over the place. So much for my super hero identifiers! 😆  😉

What I’ve had some difficulties with occasionally with all this is my physical body—central nervous system mostly—becoming over stimulated by all the super high-frequency Light Energies coming in from everywhere now. I’m the first to confess that I do sometimes feel a bit more twitchy and angular than usual, like multi-colored sparks are shooting out of every physical orifice (they probably are and isn’t that wonderful and hilarious, especially for the Higher Levels of Beings watching us do all this?!) because I haven’t fully acclimated to the latest Embodiment phase and total Light scrubbing taking place on a cellular and DNA level. Eventually I adapt however, which is the clue that it’s all about to start-up again at an even higher level with even more potent Light energies coming in and momentarily unnerving my central nervous system again.

This is our lives and reality now Forerunners; continuously taking on greater higher frequency Light energies while lower merges with all that and we further expand into greater conscious Multidimensional awareness and being while existing less and less in linear time space reality.

The main point I want to get across now is that we have been, still are, and will be for a good while longer in such profound and constant evolutionary change in every way imaginable and many we can’t imagine, that we cannot fully comprehend exactly all we’re actually living now. I’m oftentimes glad I’m not fully aware of everything I and my body/bodies are going through because that might just be too much at this point. Higher Selves knows when to withhold certain information/awareness until all aspects of me/Me/ME can safely and correctly cope with the latest expansions and additions etc. Trust, stay in your HighHeart, let go of whatever needs to be released now, see and feel whatever needs to be seen and felt now by you about yourself and/or whatever, keep going forward into the NEW, and ignore the current extinction process of the old lower global 3D patriarchal dinosaurs as they are not your concern whatsoever. There are 3D deconstruction crews, and there are 5D and higher construction crews creating and building the NEW and each group needs to do what they are so stay in your lane and do what you’re great at doing.

So yeah, here comes the rest of March 2017 with its NEW 1-energies and our first Equinox with its matching NEW Light Codes/Blueprints/Templates at this NEW level of being, reality and Separation of Worlds & Timelines. We’ve not been here before so expect the unexpected and roll with the cosmic punches and ongoing sudden timeline changes because they’re going to be abundant from here on out. What I have to keep reminding myself during those difficult and horrible phases is that, This too shall pass, so just do the latest Work and keep evolving into more NEW higher and better while you continue learning how to go multidimensional in your current tight-fitting physical body gear. How does one get so much Light into such a small physical body system anyway? Slowly and carefully, step-by-step, level-by-level and phase-by-phase is how. You’re doing really great, now do more great for Self and All everywhere this month and beyond and thanks so very much. ❤


March 12, 2017

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20 thoughts on “The Weirdness of it All: Changing Timelines Again

  • I can feel these energies, and am dealing with them fairly okay, but have been SEVERELY under attack via portal people this last week, in a way that I haven’t witnessed this bad since 11/2011! 😦
    So tired of Team Dark. Just so weary of it all. It gets old!

    • Teleile,

      I also have been attacked by the portal people some time ago and in the last week again.

      The first time I was not sure in my perceptions, although I felt something is wrong, but it was so subtle that I didn’t paid much attention and got a wrong decision with bad consequences for me.

      The second time, it was happening absolutely the same. Again a wrong decision with very unpleasant consequences.

      What I am trying to say, is when these portal people was communicating with me, I felt like I have had wrapped within a cloud of very negative energy, who made me feeling absolutely hypnotised, mesmerised, even mentally blocked, unable to react or make any decision, just under their control of these people and on their subjugate.

      After the communication finished and they went, the “cloud” disappeared and I felt so unhappy, with the feeling of gilt, because of the wrong decision and I was wondering how I could get such a wrong decision, like I was completely out of my mind.

      I was wondering how could we avoid such unpleasant people, nobody knows in advance with whom to talk to. My two meetings were with unknown for me people, workers and advertisers, but some friends, and known people, neighbours, even close family members, could be use for the same purpose.

      Probably this is the risk of opening and expanding of consciousness, but may be we should be always aware and be well grounded and energetically shielded.

      • “I was wondering how could we avoid such unpleasant people, nobody knows in advance with whom to talk to. My two meetings were with unknown for me people, workers and advertisers, but some friends, and known people, neighbours, even close family members, could be use for the same purpose. Probably this is the risk of opening and expanding of consciousness, but may be we should be always aware and be well grounded and energetically shielded.”

        Anna & teleile,

        This is one of many reasons why it’s mandatory to be able to discern energies on your own. Unfortunately, it usually takes us getting attacked a few times by nonphysical Team Dark beings and physical human Portal People (any and all living humans that are functioning at low levels of consciousness and being etc.) before we even have a clear conscious awareness of how radically different the negative energies feel to us from how the higher frequency Light energies feel. This is how we learn however; firsthand direct personal experiences enough times that we eventually know because we’ve lived it, got beat up by it, got drained or weakened by it, got sick because of it, got unbalanced and thrown off by it, got used and lied to because of it and on and on. There’s NOTHING better than firsthand experiences like this because they change you, permanently, and they give you Higher Awareness about Duality, about Team Dark, about Team Light, about how different energies feel and function and how different beings use them.

        Now that you’ve gotten recently attacked twice Anna by human Portal People who are direct channels for nonphysical, nonhuman Team Dark beings/entities/demons, you are now starting to know for yourself how that energy feels to you, how it works and functions, how it affects your consciousness and awareness, and how it affects other people. That knowledge and wisdom is invaluable because now you can FEEL negative energies and beings before they’re beating the hell out of you. You have a conscious awareness now of the energetic difference between how Light feels, functions and affects you, and how the negative feels, functions and affects you. Do not ever forget this valuable lesson — aka attacks — because you’ll now be able to quickly discern negative energy and Team Dark in its many forms and have enough time to put up a good fight at least. Eventually you won’t have to fight off TD attacks like this because you will have evolved even more but until then, we all need to be able to instantly read or discern negative TD beings and Portal People being used by TD beings and energies etc. Protecting ourselves isn’t enough, evolution is what’s important and that requires of us all constant and ongoing development.

        Because we’ve reached the NEW and 1 energies of 2017, TD has changed the ways they attack humans and what they go after now is different because evolving humans are different now. Lisa Renee’s latest blog article, plus her March 2017 article both talk about these latest changes, both the positive ones and those TD has done.

        • Anna,
          It sounds as if the negative beings in those people got to you, and temporarily paralysed your will, hence you wondering afterwards why you agreed to this or that.
          Oh, I can discern these types half a block away! In fact even when not physically there. And in close proximity, they have a black, sticky energy field extending out for 3 feet around them.
          ID-ing them isn’t a problem for me, and the nastiness they spray over me just bounces off. But it’s still not one of life’s fulfilling moments, and when they are co-workers, family members, etc, just avoiding them isn’t possible.
          What I get tired of isn’t so much the toxic stuff per se, but the way they take over what was once a mild, pleasant person.

  • As all of you, I also am feeling the same horrible way in the Process in a more and more accelerated way.

    Sometimes I am wondering how many people from all the Humanity will able endure the whole horrible transformation.:(

    In the moments of getting too exhausted, I am repeating and seeking solace and calmness in the famous Zen proverb:

    “Sitting quietly,
    doing nothing,
    spring comes,
    and the grass
    grows by itself”

    It works…in most cases…
    Hope it will help…:)

    • Anna,

      It sounds like you’d both enjoy and benefit from reading my past life book, The Temple of Master Hotei. I hope you’ll consider buying it and thoroughly enjoy the magic that it is. ❤

  • Denise,
    On Jan. 1 2017 I received a huge light download/upgrade upon awakening that morning. A day later I came down with a damn cold which lasted 2 weeks. I got better and February came along with another upgrade at the first of the month. Again, came down with a cold within a day or two. Last week, I was enjoying the sunshine outside for the first time since last Oct. Its been a long, hard winter here. It felt amazing and later during that night was had another download/upgrade. A couple of days later, yesterday, I came down with a cold again! There is this upgrade and I feel terrific for a day or so then I crash. This is not normal for me as I hardly ever get sick.

    “First, it won’t ever stop or reduce, we adapt to and embody these NEW higher frequencies which makes them a non-issue to us. They no longer cause pain or pressures etc. because we’ve been Alchemicalized by them and the very Process of living and embodying them.” your response to Jane.

    I can’t help but think it has something to do with it all. I also have had to go to the chiropractor twice already this year because my neck, back and hips were out bad. So my question is, is all this because of the new energies or timeline jumps or am I just falling apart. LOL.

    Julie xoxo

    • ” So my question is, is all this because of the new energies or timeline jumps or am I just falling apart. LOL.”


      All of the above. 😀 😉

      We’re all “falling apart” and we’re all being deeply affected by the NEW energies and we’re all jumping timelines repeatedly. Any one of those things is profound and profoundly exhausting but all of them together, and more even, well it’s why so many have been feeling horrible / blissful and back to horrible again etc. for the past two years or so.

      Now in 2017, the NEW energies are affecting the Forerunners and others that have been living the Ascension Process for many years and/or decades already, in really different ways that we’re learning about as we go through them. This will only increase from here on out so everyone needs to be prepared for their Ascension symptoms to change somewhat, along with greater consciousness changes, increased linear reality and linear time realities to greatly reduce (not held in place anymore), constant NEW learning curve with ongoing Embodiment and on and on and on.

      We’re all in a totally NEW place with this evolutionary Ascension Process now that we’ve reached 2017, so everyone needs to discern what they need to do or not do with their own individual self-care now. Things that used to work before 2017 may no longer, because we’ve changed that much, so we’re all having to learn this NEW higher phase of the Process at an individual level. ❤

  • Thank you Denise, your warmth, courage, and humor are a needed tonic this day as the sun goes down…it’s a new operating system these days. Gone is the memory of the flow ‘out there’ mandating the program, now it’s our own internal GPS and grid system to boot, carrying around in our very own human suit (or not, some days it’s a horizontal integration only!)

    I’m fully getting that it’s entirely up to me to step up, or not…no one to carry the load ‘out there’…we are now our own spiritual sherpas🦁xx ((hugs)) Daphné/Kachina Bluestar

  • What I thought I was going to say was I have no problems with changing the clocks, but some how it came to my mind as changing of the guards? I like having more daylight/sun. Or the perception of.

    In dreamtime last night I was pulling energy through my third eye, very strong and went on for some time. Have no idea where or to what I was using that energy to or for. It was flowing out my hands.

    Thanks for the post, always smile when I find you in my inbox 🙂

  • “Does This Timeline Make Me Look Fat?”

    No, it makes You Look Beautiful. And even that doesn’t express my appreciation for you, especially as I have no idea what you ‘look like’, but I do know how YOU LOOK. And neither do I know what I look like…. I am an aging Human getting the knack of Timeline Jumping, and though the Timelines of 3D have almost worn me out, I will not give up that the Timeline I’m seeking is there. It may not be anyone else’ Timeline and that’s good, because I so want to create… dare I say that without the ‘co’…. my Own. Over seven billion humans creating Timelines…. for me, the Spring Forward of the Clock at this time of year is such a relief…. but then perhaps it can be appreciated that I’m a Canuck and have once again experienced the long, long months of the great frozen north. Bring on the heat and the SUN! Love, B.

  • Denise loved this post. I find myself worrying that things are so good lately for me & many, including yourself, are still going thru much.

    The physical stuff simmered down a while ago & it feels as if I’m in a different world. Is this a timeline jump? How do we know that? I assume rightly or wrongly, when we go with our flow, whatever that is & lately it appears to be facing fears & I have been doing that magnificently if I do say so myself that we jump to the next place, timeline. Almost like a game, we “advance to the next level” if we’ve “passed out test”.

    Now that sounds simplistic but for me it feels this way. It feels like the higher I go the easier, well at least lately, it gets.

    I’d love your thoughts on this because I know most of us want it easier & more effortless, & whilst for me the world looks the same I know it is most definitely not.

    Thank you for all your wonderful work Denise xxxx

  • please advise as of the current week or so , are the energies getting stronger, very very sluggish, old health issues worse, endocrine, uuurrggg when will it stop!

    • jane,

      First, it won’t ever stop or reduce, we adapt to and embody these NEW higher frequencies which makes them a non-issue to us. They no longer cause pain or pressures etc. because we’ve been Alchemicalized by them and the very Process of living and embodying them.

      Secondly this is March of 2017 — 1 energies at a NEW higher level than any of us have ever experienced before — so the rest of this Equinox month and 2017 year and beyond are only going to be increasingly intense in all ways. This is evolution, not just blah, blah, blah words on a computer screen, but REAL, actual, individual evolution and it often hurts. It helps accepting that fact and giving yourself and your current life to this Ascension Process wholly. Dedicate yourself, your body and life to it and it becomes easier, faster and less painful because you just no longer care in those old lower ways. ❤

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