2017’s 24/7 Evolution


This is what the 1 energies of (April) 2017 feel like at this NEW higher level; constant, exhausting, usually painful in any number of ways, increasingly unusual but very educational from our expanding multidimensional levels of awareness that is. It’s okay, take a nap, take a good long nap any time you must. Getting out-of-body at any time of the day or night has become increasingly mandatory last year and this, so just do it because you need to get out-of-the-way so a bit more NEW can be physically and energetically Embodied, rewired, re-calibrated, adjusted to, rebooted and then come back online within you/me/each of us doing this now. Couch potatoes? Hell no, couch gods! Let The Process happen in these NEW ways and don’t worry about “life” and “reality” because what you are living through while passed-out almost every day on your Becoming a god couch, is what’s creating the NEW life and reality for yourself and like-others. If you build it they will come remember? 😉

It’s getting harder to continue keeping things, all things, disconnected and separate from one another internally and externally in those old lower dualized ways we’re used to from 3D habit and pattern. Stop trying, let the NEW lift you up into greater multidimensional and quantum consciousness and being more quickly and less painfully. The surrendering continues as does the resurrecting and both these steps should be easy for those of us who’ve been at this for two or more decades already.

Yes, it’s been intense lately and it’s going to continue being intense almost constantly now (2017) that we’re in this NEW higher level within the evolutionary Ascension Process (AP). There’s no more fooling around, no more second guessing, self-doubting, BS, playing dumb, playing games, guru addictions, and the biggie for so many which is waiting for anything or anyone external (besides themselves) to do all this for them. That’s old negative Piscean Age collective religious disempowerment BS whether it’s about a Master(s) or ET(s). This is about you doing it, and constantly now no matter which energetic Stair-step you’re currently on. And it’s grow-up time for global humanity as well; time for all to surrender more and more of their old lower beliefs, habits, expectations and consciousness to enter a tremendously higher frequency Earth world, life and reality.

So the side effects of all this have been intense again, so what. We do what we do and we keep doing it and we will continue doing so here, there, and elsewhere. The fun part about this is that it’s getting easier to be conscious of and maintain that Higher Awareness of our doing all this in multiple dimensions and timeless quantum being-ness simultaneously. The more you repeatedly surrender, release, and resurrect at increasingly higher levels each time, the more aware you become of the evolutionary AP as a quantum, all-inclusive event taking place everywhere simultaneously internally and externally.

Nothing takes you out of your profoundly physical aching bones and joints, rumbling bowels, waves of nausea, sudden inner chills/heat and other ample anomalies like getting brief perspectives of all this from WAY OUT THERE somewhere. It makes the physical level aspects of living all this much easier when you can step out physically and expand some to watch and witness The Process and you living The Process from up out there from your expanded non-physical Self. This isn’t either/or stuff, but simply changing perspectives in a split second intentionally. This is quickly getting easier and more common now for Forerunners and is due to our ongoing Embodiment; it expands and shifts one’s sense of self/Self/SELF and incorporates much more of what’s going on into the entire mix. Increasing Unity or HighHeart Consciousness in other words.

So there’s some more diarrhea, aches, pains and exhaustion involved to get there, big deal, right? No one ever said that hauling our physical body “meat suits” and old ego selves and consciousness up the great evolutionary ladder would be all fun and games, and it sure as hell hasn’t been, but who cares when such gains are to be had? You’ve been through these energy Stairsteps enough times now to know that what comes after every intense blast of compressed evolution is… evolution! Enjoy your current state of in-process couch godhood because eventually it’ll be 24/7 godhood, minus the nausea, aches, diarrhea and other unpleasant impediments and oh, won’t that be great and grand fun!

Denise Le Fay

April 4, 2017


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21 thoughts on “2017’s 24/7 Evolution

  • Amen. Right there with ya. What is amazing and promising to me is how we all experience things so similarly and at the same time on this journey. There will be a time, probably soon, that we have common light and joyful experiences. That’s why I am here – to amplify light.

  • Thank you so much for this post. I really needed to read it, right here, right now. Bless you! ❤❤ and couch godhood 😊

  • Thank you for this post, Denise, and for all the comments. And yes, it has been and is intense, and along with all the symptoms as mentioned in Denise’s post and in the comments, I’ve been noticing the burning wood smell again. When I first smelled it a few days ago, it felt like an ‘old friend’, because, of all the symptoms we’ve experienced in this process, that smoky/woodsy one I find most pleasant and comforting in a 5D campfire kind of way. Love, B.

  • Thanks for this. Been feeling pretty rotten. Kind of like an exhausted coiled spring. Skating on a thin line between bliss and depression. Wanting to run away… not sure where to or what from but I think mainly people. Just don’t want to be around people or to venture out into the world. Not had this for a while.

    • Jodie,

      All of 2016 was that between bliss and depression thing for me, with the emphasis on the depression end. It was an epic year and 2017 is epic too but in a slightly different way.

      When we’re going through another BIG phase of inner Work and evolutionary change, we need to be alone so we can do what we are so don’t ever feel bad or guilty for wanting and needing to be alone so you can continue the Ascension Process (AP). I’ve had no one in my physical life — friends etc. — since all this started for me decades ago. My friends and co-workers and Family are all of you people that I have a cyber relationship with through my blog sites, and I’m deeply grateful for that! ❤

      Nest and rest and take your needed “Cave Time” as Sandra Walter calls these phases, to do whatever you must now. This is normal for what we’re each going through and will continue going through. I have to go shopping tomorrow and I’ve been psyching myself up for it because I too just don’t want to even leave the house some days, especially when the energies are as intense as they’ve been since February. Wowza…

      • “… I’ve had no one in my physical life — friends etc. — since all this started for me decades ago.” Denise, that you are able to do so much, so valuable I am sure to many, many folks going thru turmoil, despite the challenges this solitude brings – esp when one is experiencing traumatic moments – is truly amazing! thanks for sharing and wish you the very best!

    • Jodie,
      The processes we are going thru have been recorded across ages / religions/ people / geographies as the Rites of Passage which presage a shift in consciousness, a virtual rebirth. It consists v briefly of 3 phases of Separation, Transformation and Reintegration. What was ritualized is now being experienced naturally and seclusion is a key characteristic ofthe process. But as Denise has pointed out the end-gains are quite unbelieveable! Although the ride can be wild, there is ALWAYS a (small) golden opening where solutions are available provided we give up our pre-conceived / ‘taught’ lessons…very best wishes on your extraordinary journey of self-disovery!

  • 🐱 thank you. It’s always nice to share with others going through the same. One thing that’s started is a low vibrating inside me. Feels like my iPad when I rest it on me. So guess something is happening! Bless u xxxx

  • Thank you🤓 So much. Felt so grim it’s hard to remember one is ascending. Love your graphics. Been really struggling to sleep at night or rest during the day. Love and rest to you and of course light light and more light

    • Magda,

      The past four nights have been mostly sleepless for me too, which thankfully doesn’t happen that much anymore. But, it’s back this very potent week so daytime naps have to help give some relief from laying awake most all night. Super high frequency energies coming in again now and they’re all to evolve us up a few more energy stair-steps so we can deal with the June 2017 Solstice energies…that will start in May. It all just flows from one period to the next and the next and the next with the old exact dates (of Equinoxes and Solstices etc.) activating weeks before the actual dates arrive!

  • In awe as usual, your ability to describe this is amazing. I would have to describe my couch as a carousel riding round too damn fast, throwing me onto my back and spinning my crazy mind off into all the experiences you describe, so I am still learning to remain “sane” – what’s that, love you Denise, and in gratitude, Linda xx

  • Omg thank you! Couch Goddess here…and was thinking I was totally cracking as I have zero desire to get off said couch! Thank you, you always nail exactly what I have been going through, validate all I’m experiencing and explain it better then I can. Thank you fellow couch Goddess.

  • Nice to know I am not the (l) only one! I think I thought I knew where my body was but then I am not sure what a body is, do I still have one or am I dreaming about one I used to have or maybe one I will have. Sometimes the dream is more real than the awake I read a post, that we are over 100 aspects living at the same time. Any wonder we need to Godcouch out 🙂 Peace and love dear Denise!

  • What a phenomenal post Denise!!! Very well said, and very well recieved!
    Woohoo….We Got This! 😑 ‘Couch potatoes…hell no, Couch Gods’ I SO LOVE IT!

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