It’s Bridge Crossing Time


“I hope this isn’t a silly question. But how does one know which train they are getting on so to speak? The thought of staying behind to continue carrying others forward is almost unbearable to me. I feel like I’ve been doing this unknowingly and knowingly in one form or another since I was very young and I simply can’t/don’t want to do it anymore. It has taken nearly everything out of me. I feel like I need to move forward for my own survival at this point. I have spent a lot of time wondering if I was being selfish feeling this way. I can’t help but want to cling to what you said, Denise- “It is NOT our jobs from this point forward…”
xoxo” — Francesca — March 21, 2019

Because Francesca’s Comment feelings and question is important I’m quoting it here so it’s seen by people who may not read Comments under every article at HighHeartLife. Thank You for it Francesca. ❤

Many females have lived many years trying to be Super Mommy and eventually experience severe mommy burnout. It’s young mothers working themselves half to death, or craziness, certainly exhaustion, trying to do too many things every day and night for everyone else while she ignores herself, her body and physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual well-being. Typically doing this for years has a crash n’ burn finale because no one, female or male, can sustain that level of daily output and expect to come out of it unscathed. When mommy doesn’t take care of herself for extended periods while living like a Mega Super Hero 24/7/365 for everyone else, not only does she suffer in multiple ways but so too does her children and husband/mate/partner and important others in her life.

I’m mentioning this because most Volunteers have done this same thing for the past twenty years and are beyond exhausted and deeply have what Francesca is feeling, lets call it, Pathpaver burnout. As she herself mentions she doesn’t want to do that level of ascension Work anymore because she knows from a higher level that phase is indeed very much done. It’s just that most of us find that after twenty years or so of unwavering laborious head down workhorse plowing the Earth fields so the NEW can be planted in the near future—which is what’s now happening—it’s sometimes hard to put down those old cleaning and clearing tools and give ourselves permission to move into the next phase. We all become habituated to the, to our personal previous ascension Mission Work jobs and levels and have to be aware of when each phase is done and we’re needed to move on to the next. Trust yourselves when you find you’re having a guilt-tinged debate with yourself about not wanting to continue doing the old ascension jobs when every cell in your body is impulsing you to immediately shift into the next phase and level of the, of your personal Ascension and Embodiment Processes.  If you’ve misjudged your current feelings and desire to move on when your not ready to, then you’ll know that quickly! But, if your desires are not ego-based but coming from higher knowing that it’s time for you to make further personal changes and evolve to the next level and phase, then do so and don’t second guess yourself.

The first phase Pathpaving is done, done and all done, as is the main cleaning and clearing out the old lower 3D patriarchal stuff and junk. Others can continue doing that at the levels they’re currently at now if that’s what they want to do, but for those of you who know in your HighHeart and soul that it’s time for you to move on to the next level because you’ve been Embodying the NEW codes in 2018, and much more so in 2019, and understand how important it is that you/me/we do exactly that now.

Have You Seen the NEW Triangles & Other NEW Energies Yet?!





This is a hot topic, as it very well should be, because it’s such a rare and profound event and you’re here now and the first to physically Embody the NEW Earth core energies, the NEW Crystalline DNA, all of the NEW templates, blueprints and energies for Earth, humans and all life on NEW Earth. You first Embody them so that the rest of humanity that’s willing to evolve can back to full Source intended Divine original design. No more old negative alien distortions, no more disconnected human DNA, no more vile control and lock-down devices, no more constant vital energy thefts by parasitic aliens and other energetically ravenous monsters, and no more old lower Earth world. This is why you don’t want to and are no longer needed to Pathpave by clearing and cleaning and trying to gingerly persuade other people to step out of the old negative darkness and insanity and up into the evolutionary Light and true freedom.

These NEW crystalline triangle Trinity DNA codes (not old Expired lower dual Duality), plus all the other NEW energies and waves of energies are all delivering the NEW templates and NEW DNA for NEW humans on NEW Earth and everywhere else. This started in 2018, slowly at first as is always the case, and those of us that were aligned with the Sun and had been and continue Embodying the NEW solar energy transmissions repeatedly saw with open eyes the Sun solar flashing and flickering Light. I’ve seen them with my physical open eyes every day for much of 2018 and I’m still seeing it today. I see the solar flickering Light most easily when I physically, not clairvoyantly, look at my white ceilings inside my house. When I started seeing this last year I first thought it was a light-bulb in a lamp that was flickering but when I look directly at the lamp or lamps they never flicker. This flashing and flickering Light I and many of you have been physically seeing and clairvoyantly Seeing is you completely aligned with the Sun and solar Light energies and you have Embodied them. In other words, you are a human on Earth whose Embodied—carries and transmits—the same energies that the Sun does. This whole thing about the Solar Flash “event” is yet another very misunderstood aspect of the Ascension and Embodiment Processes. Heck, I thought what I was seeing inside my house were bad light-bulbs in my lamps when in fact it’s been me producing this Light flickering and flashing inside all along.

Now, lets be very clear and honest about this next part because it’s important. There cannot be a growing number of incarnate humans (Volunteers, First Everythingers, Starseeds etc.) on Earth Embodying NEW Divine DNA, be energetically aligned with the Sun and all it’s transmitting, be fully connected to the NEW Crystalline Earth core, Embodying the NEW codes/templates/blueprints etc. and not have that fact automatically in turn alter external physical reality. The more you/me/we Embody these things, the bigger and faster the Separation of Worlds is happening. We are the “event” because we’re Embodying everything that needs to be so that the “event” can and will happen externally.

As highfalutin as that may sound everyone needs to know that it now feels and is far more strange, weird and seriously peculiar than any of us would have imagined! I’m experiencing moments that are very nice, smooth, private, calm, empowered and beautiful beyond words. I’m also experiencing the total opposite and having moments and longer periods where it feels like my house, with me in it, are free-falling through space and that is perfectly “normal” for what’s happening now. I’ve also been experiencing periods where I feel like I’m disintegrating, dispersing throughout space, remaining more together and falling through space, losing all touch with the old world and reality (Separation of Worlds) which is absolutely wonderful, hearing the strangest of sounds, feeling like I’ve never felt before and having a knowing that all this and much more is normal for where we’re at within this process now.

For your entertainment. For the past two nights in a row I’ve been awakened around 1:00–1:30AM or so, and then again around 4:00–5:00AM, by a very loud sound that to me sounds completely physical. I’m asleep in my bed when suddenly I’m wakened by the loud sounds of a big plastic trash bin (ours here have two wheels on the back of it to push or pull it around) being rolled down the sidewalk right behind my house. I wake up all pissed off at the bleeding idiot whose rolling a big trash bin down the freaking sidewalk at 1–1:30AM. I lay there in my bed in the dark listening for any sound at all and I hear nothing other than the sounds of the moving trash bin. Then a few minutes later I physically hear—all this sounds 100% physical to me—the sounds of a bull/cow moving around and knocking the trash bin around. WTF?! A cow or bull at 1:30AM in the city either in my next door neighbors backyard banging around trash bins or on the sidewalk directly behind my house doing so? I was awakened again by what sounded like hooves trotting down the sidewalk right behind me at 5:00AM this morning followed by more moving trash bin sounds. Seriously? OMG how much more weird can it get? Where the hell am I actually? I sense I shouldn’t even ask at this point but hang on tight and ride this NEW transitional business out and do my best to not get weird myself about how deeply strange it occasionally gets.

We’re not back there in old negative land, nor are we fully yet in NEW Earth land either but in some truly inconceivable in-between transitional place, space and state of being. Much or all of 2019 may be this and more so everyone be ready for a very NEW and different ascension Embodiment adventure as we transition through these Divine evolutionary changes. More to talk about but will do so in Comments under this article. I need a nap because some damned cow kept playing with trash bins all night again and woke me up repeatedly. 😡


March 24, 2019

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198 thoughts on “It’s Bridge Crossing Time

  • Dear Denise and all,
    yes, yesterday was a zoo! I am in our craft market on Saturdays mainly because I need to make some money…There is one other Senior in this mess of people. …that helps me stay stable (more or less)..Yesterday was traumatic on many levels. Some of the young ones seem to feel entitled…me first energy…I spent most of the day avoiding glares, holding ground and sorting. I know it is not my job anymore, but without this holding energy I would be trampled.
    I am home now, got the groceries early and the energy is a bit softer again…WOW..I wonder why I just can’t win the lottery and avoid all this. At least there is no anger. It is not my circus, but this is where I can make a little xtra cash.
    Warm wishes to all

    • Hi Penny. Yes, it was a doozy yesterday. I woke up feeling “something” but it got more intense as the minutes went on. I was super sensitive to everything and everyone around me. When I got home, I went out in the yard and spent hours (yet in 5D time/flow) and it helped. I moved super slow but accomplished a lot. Weird yet insightful. Better today. Love to you all!

  • Denise, I just came outside I needed to share, I’ve been smiling ear to ear all day up until the energy knocked me out flat, cold!! Now feeling it in my head! The sky is just it’s like…like I’m in a children’s book or animated film. And I know I’ve related it to that before, but it just keeps increasing I can’t help but to say it again! So unreal, so super natural! Bulging at the seams with little blocks darker colorful shapes just sticking out like Tutti Frutti in the sky! And then bright, bright light that keeps flashing in blotches, but the feeling, the FEELING of being outside!!! I just imagined no walls and no roof in my room because… why be inside?!? It’s too FanTastic! So much other dimensional stuff it just pokes out!! I can’t see all of what is around us, just in moments little bits and particles, but I feel it tremendously!⚡️! Quite simply, there’s so much stuff in the Air that it’s like a giant candy bowl in the sky! And again everything is brighter! How can it just keep getting brighter and brighter!! And clearer!!! And really, there’s absolutely no understandable excuse that everybody is not noticing this! How were they not just looking around and going wait a minute aren’t her atmosphere has changed there’s no question now! Btw…a new news station started in Los Angeles, spectrum news, almost completely focused on positive change happening in LA! Energies are rolling through the body quick and intense now. They hit fast. Knocked me out today, many others too! I’ve woken several days this week being told such wonderful things, such wonderful songs, such beautiful, kind, incredible statements about my future and my bath, as they call it. So inspiring. I feel about to springboard, like I’m in a giant rubber band walking backwards. Go time. Maybe within just days. Also, I woke today my brain was busy doing something it’s done most of my life, fearfully scrutinizing people I’ve felt hurt by. But this time I saw and felt sunshine, so much light just underneath all that thinking…I knew I could lose that now and man that is such a gift, a relief! It’s light and sunshine now and so much of it! I don’t need anything else. No enemies anymore! I wish you and everyone getting “wonked” by the new Willy Wonka candy in the sky, a very peaceful restful weekend as we embody more new juju fruits and tutti fruti together amen, love to you!❤️💜🍡🍬🍭🍦💚

    • Marcy, i think, it only people in touch with 5d, whose clair senses have activated that see, the beauty joy, and order, we are moving too, and, are in… Wonderful, a life pattern cleared 4 you.

    • Thanks Marcy! Your post gave me joy and felt really encouraging to me as I am in pain at the moment! Thanks!

  • Denise and all

    The symptoms are changing with this process. When I re-read articles re Kundalini process and relate to round one of my activation they very much match up but not now. For me the deeper into this the more alone I seem with the current symptoms. Far more debilitating and painful and after 16 months of being bedridden there seems to be no progress but no doubt there is. I get a little relief and think okay I am improving I am going forward then wham back to the pits again.

    Many are getting more Lime illness type symptoms because we are in new territory with the process. I do hope Jan 2020 gives at least some level of relief.


    Should by lymes disease – oh my fogging morning EP head.

    • Hi Lyn, Wanted to send a hug your way, and also wondering if you are having any interesting dreams lately? Have you tried asking your higher-self team for input on your situation? I am finding that answers are spilling forth in dreams these days. Sometimes in nightmares too.

  • Wow, what a great read. Thank you for writing it, Denise, and for sharing the link, Barbara. The 2011 me wasn’t ready for that article but it’s such a helpful overview!!

    I’ve been weighed down by so many old things surfacing, like many have mentioned. Tonight I felt inspired to energetically pull some crap out of my body with my hand and then gently blow through my fist. I had a sudden image of the crap being transmuted into vivid blue butterflies that flew off happily. It made me laugh like a kid, to connect with my imagination and Remember that being a creator is FUN. I needed that lightness tonight! 🦋 🦋 🦋

      • Hi all,

        I have felt one of my teeth on my lower jaw vibrate on and off this last week or so,it’s not painful just a bit strange


      • Thank u for the heads up. I guess I recall when u related. May I ask what changed? If not publically then privately? I usually just skim along and that one caught my eye. I appreciate your perspective either way. Hugs!💙💗💜

        • I never “related” Edith, I was only momentarily entertained as I usually am by hyper mercurial Air type people. Other than that, not at all. Enough said.

        • Thanks Denise. I truly appreciate the clarification. 💙💜💚 and it means a lot u didn’t ignore me altogether! My head is STILL feeling like I have to think while my brain feels engulfed in a marshmallow! Maybe this means to act from the heart while performing daily demands instead of thinking.

  • Hi Denise and all, So looking forward to your next article Denise which you mentioned, thank you, and hope you are finally getting a break from the intense March into April energies. As this journey goes on, I am seeing finally that there is so much good in this world, this 3-d world, good that we souled ones created. And there are messages of encouragement for us everywhere hidden in plain site, hidden amidst all the trash. I have experienced like many of us here so much trauma that it influenced the way I saw the world, with not much trust, maybe with too much focus on what is ruined here. When I was little I came to believe that there wasn’t a single person anywhere who could be trusted, not parent, doctor, priest, teacher, etc etc. But as I travel this ascension road, experience this divine love energy, my heart is opening to trust again. I had the urge to listen to Kermit’s lovely Rainbow Connection song and was just bawling. I realize it is a song about the rainbow bridge, one of those gifts hidden in plain site, that is childlike and simple and faith-filled and soothing. In the midst of all the difficulty here, in hops silly Kermit with his ukulele, with a message for my child self. I’ve never felt so thankful for a little green frog.

    Rainbow Connection

    Why are there so many
    Songs about rainbows
    And what’s on the other side
    Rainbows are visions
    They’re only illusions
    And rainbows have nothing to hide
    So we’ve been told and some chose to
    Believe it
    But I know they’re wrong wait and see
    Someday we’ll find it
    The Rainbow Connection
    The lovers, the dreamers and me

    Who said that every wish
    Would be heard and answered
    When wished on the morning star
    Somebody thought of that
    And someone believed it
    And look what it’s done so far

    What’s so amazing
    That keeps us star gazing
    What do we think we might see

    Someday we’ll find it
    That Rainbow Connection
    The lovers the dreamers and me

    Have you been fast asleep
    And have you heard voices,
    I’ve heard them calling my name,
    Is this the sweet sound that calls
    The young sailors,
    The voice might be one and the same.
    I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it
    It’s something that i’m supposed to be.

    Someday we’ll find it
    The rainbow connection…
    The lovers, the dreamers and me
    La lala la lala la la la lala la la la

    • Thanks debbie. I use to sing to my wife when she was so ill and the last song I sang to her the night before she passed was Rainbow Connection. So powerful and I still believe I will find it. The lovers the dreamers and me.

    • Oh wow … so beautiful, thanks for sharing those lyrics. It made me a bit teary myself and I had to go find Kermit singing it. So nice to have such uplifting reminders. 🤗❤

    • Debbie c, thank you for sharing this! I love Kermit and this song. It’s hard to see beauty in this 3d world but I do so in nature. It is where I spend most of my genuine time and space (day or night). TD has been going at it again through dreams for me the past few mornings/night. I have caught it pretty quick, knowing “this doesn’t feel right/real”. When I wake up, I have said out loud “Really! Still trying those old scenarios! Doesn’t work on me anymore. You know now that it empowers me to EMBODY more (which I do).”. It has been challenging but like Denise says Embody, Embody, and Embody some more. Thank you again. 💓

      • Karina,

        I’ve been experiencing this almost constantly since January 2019 too. I haven’t wanted to discuss it because it’s so disheartening and trivial at this point within the AP/EP and yet, there it still is at times.

        The entire first week of April has been pretty unpleasant physically, psychologically, emotionally and energetically. That was the short, polite version! Been a struggle for me at times which is why I’ve been quiet lately. Anyway, back in the ascension saddle again, readjust rear-view mirror, shake off wounds, old negative tactics and crap and re-empower self.

        Yesterday (April 4th) there were 4 wild car chases in the L.A. area. Four different people stole four different vehicles and drove like maniacs throughout the county hitting numerous other cars and finally smashing into other drivers. Four of these just yesterday in the Los Angles area. These NEW Light, energies, codes etc. are having their effects on all of humanity.

        • Dearest Denise, I concur! On all levels. I sense that when you are quiet a lot is going on with you and I think of you often with HighHeart LOVE. This community is my and many others saving grace and sanctuary. Look forward to your upcoming article when you feel like it. YOU and this community are the only true, honest and real spirits that resonate with my soul/higher selves. Thank you ALL for that! 💕💕💕.

        • “Anyway, back in the ascension saddle again…”

          Yes! As you said below, you knew it was time to turn this forum into a gathering place, a place for discussion and the exchange of information (light/love/knowledge/information). A ”sanctuary” as Karina said. That’s a big deal. I would expect that would come with some TD “challenges.” I think we should all hold hands (so to speak) as a group and shield up, for ourselves and Denise too as she does this important work. I like your horse metaphor because I just had a dream with horses symbolizing this wave of energy: big powerful white stallions, TD cannot rein them in, cannot harness them for their purposes (although they think they can), but those of us that are true in heart and striving to serve can ride them (can ride the wave of divine energy); so yes, back in the saddle. It came to me, that we are all so tired, and that as we “gather” we will begin to strengthen each other BY gathering. We are meant to come together, in the house Denise built. Thank you for building this house! Stay strong and carry on. I love it when I have a happy day. Whoot!

    • What a sweet song! I have, like other, been having a very intense 2019 so far. Bringing up some deeply buried fears and old traumas that I thought I had cleaned up. I have been facing and dealing with them and finally am finding some high vibrations that feel great! Power thru everyone. Thank you Denise for this forum.

    • Oh! Rainbow Connection has always made me cry!! I thought, don’t even read the lyrics and get started, but I’m singing it in my head while writing and don’t feel sad! So, today’s a good (neutral) day energetically for me, I guess.

      I thought of all of you yesterday at the post office when, after I handed my lovingly packed package over to the substitute clerk, she THREW IT with moderate force at the WALL behind her which it ricocheted off of into the waiting bins below. I was appalled! I said, what did you just do?! She said, oh, that’s why we ask you if it’s fragile. Didn’t even bat an apologetic lash. Ugh! While I won’t go back to that office again, I left fuming. At a stoplight on my way home, a heron flew over my car!! I love them SO MUCH and was SO delighted by it that it literally neutralized all the negative feelings I was carrying. It was amazing to instantly feel some objectivity and detachment.

      • Yeah, the increase in heartless, unaware idiots who don’t care about anything other than their paychecks are the 72% that are not currently ascending. I don’t want to have to interact with any of those types of people anymore. When I encounter people that treat me like this I never buy anything from that place again.

        The bird was the ascending 28%. ❤

        • I put my hands on the windshield and said with glee, oh my god I love you, beautiful!! And in that moment the thrown package was an amusement or a curiosity and nothing more. Super, super cool.

        • WEll!!! I had go my new, dentist, i need dentures, cos of tmj.the new owner arrived, like a spiv, moved in from a city. Lying, his main “thing”. His employes roped into his game.I asked, a lightworker freind, who helps keep our village clean. Sent loads of light, to them. When i arrive for my yearly inspection, was given, a load of bullshit, how i didnt need, the appointment. We know now, as we go into 3d confusion, to keep our guard up, and our bullshit spotter on. I held ground. Got truth, they had overrun, on a new patient. Why lie, if they told me truth, i would have accepted situation…TOOK THE TIME, TO BE THERE, AND ANCHOR, MORE LIGHT!!!!!.to me it just more proof, of 3d falling apart. I doing what i can, just, bring more light…….. HELP, from our community. Please. Last year and this, i have been reacting to sunlight. It causing me pain, and other symptoms. It fis a rare illness. I love, the sun, bless it daily, absorb its life given light codes. I wonder if it just the light, making as symptoms stronger. It has been ‘too much’, to cope with. HAS ANYONE else had this sypmtom.. typical our 3d fall8ng apart, last autumn, dr, took a test, but didnt do it right, so it contaminated test. I got good news too. Wonderful light flows, pouring over the land. I strong, to stand up to 3d bullshit. I wouldnt choose to go out, into it. After, dentist, (many loving helpfull shoppers, spoke me, on my mobility scooter. Made me day, after plowing through, bullshit. We are all so longing, to move 5d, permanent.MORE LIGHT, MORE LIGHT , ouch, ouch. Thanks for this space

        • I wonder if it just the light, making as symptoms stronger. It has been ‘too much’, to cope with. HAS ANYONE else had this sypmtom..

          Yes Linda H., it’s the constant higher and higher frequency increase of the Light and all of the NEW codes, NEW DNA, NEW templates for the NEW cycle etc. You can physically see each time the Light is a bit higher and stronger energetically because it gets a bit brighter and more Crystalline looking everywhere. That is exactly what’s happening; this NEW higher frequency Light energies are Crystalline and that is causing all sorts of ascension related side effects in all of us. It’s what’s causing many to have rashes and/or a slightly lesser version like I have which is dry red dots all over my body and many other side effects.

          Did everyone have an unusually strange and timeless day yesterday, Saturday April 6th? It was the strongest I’ve ever felt so far and was strange, horrible in certain ways because of my mom, incredibly long and yet very educational too. I noticed that the Light has been increased yet again yesterday which is visible just looking outside. It’s also causing greater anomalies and new-to-us types of phenomena and as usual it makes people who aren’t capable of handling it well go a bit more unstable.

        • Thanks Linda ❤ , it was extremely surreal, all day long nonlinear, very lengthy, and certain things and people literally broke and/or blew a fuse yesterday. Expect the unexpected and totally different to happen anytime anywhere everyone. I couldn’t be more serious about this everyone.

    • Debbie what a phenomenal share. Thank you 💛💛🌈❤️ thank you for acknowledging your suffering. It helped me to hear it, I know it well.💙

  • Ok, so I’m getting hammered by a low energy individual that I absolutely must interact with! It must be a symptom of the these intense energies as I was totally blindsided, but I’m about ready to drown my sorrows in chocolate!!!! Embody Embody Embody (must hold that in my HighHeart)…and I’m saying this while taking a deeeep breath. Thanks to everyone here. This is my reality check & I do check here several times a day 😉

  • Hi Denise. May I bitch? The energies are digging deep into old perception. And again deep rage attached to the old belief system. At least I see it….., but not before I come unglued! At the same time as my sensitivity increases, AND I become triggered, I actually feel physically buffeted by other people’s energies. I feel knocked around or maybe bobbing like a buoy on choppy seas striving to be ME but shoved around. Its difficult to concentrate. What little ability I had at being my version of organized has disintegrated and EFFORT is needed to perform, as someone else put it, like walking thru molasses. The other issue, and this one confuses me somewhat and is my trigger is what now passes for “customer service”. And its either a deeply innocent ignorance I observe or an indifferent attitude altogether. I need to let go of the former concept of expecting a certain level of service ie like simple respect and courtesy, never mind addressing the actual complaint. Also Denise, I believe u underscored taking care of ourselves and I have not been eating right or enough and this opens the door for less stabilty. I mean even eating sensibly has become a challenge far more than ever! Well I had ballons for the five minutes. Back to work!

  • Dear Denise and All,
    I know this is a bit off topic, but what a dream I had last night!
    I was in a beautiful wood paneled hall, which I recognized from previous dreams. There was a gathering of people I knew, and more coming as the party atmosphere increased, some I ‘felt’ I knew, but didn’t quite recognize. They were there, I learned, to partake of a poison drink that would lead to their demise, and they did so with a party-like but determined abandon., “You don’t have to do this; there is another way, and I will show it to you!”, I pleaded to them, individually and to the group. They looked at me incredulously, as if I was a party pooper and responded that,”This must be done, spit-spot, let us get to it!” At one point I fell to the floor in an emotional tantrum, screaming, “Do you have any idea how it feels to loose all your friends and family?” Again, they just stared at me as if I was quite unhinged and continued with the ‘party’ atmosphere. I will spare you the grisly details as my dream moved desperately along. Eventually I left for the night, downcast and resigned.
    The next morning I returned to the hall. Six or seven people who I didn’t recognize were there, cleaning up and standing behind a line of wooden foldout tables. “Did anyone make it; are there any survivors?” I asked. They looked around and glanced at each other: “It doesn’t look like it, no.”
    I awoke to the words, ‘and there shall be no more death, nor dying.’
    All day I have been wibbly-wobbly, like walking on a sailing boat on rough seas;..the energies are so strong, emotional, but understanding why.

    I understand if you don’t want to publish this online, Denise, but It’s OK by me if you do. And so much thanks for all you do and mostly, who you are.

    Love and Light to you and All,

    • Georgia,

      Thanks so much for sharing your powerful dream. If I may comment, I get the sense you were dreaming about those people in your life (or just “out there” in the world) who are sticking with the 3D culture and norms, oblivious to what’s going on with the Shift and not wanting to know.

      The “poison” may refer to all the ways TD uses for entrapment, including the messages spawned by TV and the entertainment industry, recreational drugs, etc. In your dream, you were aware what was going to happen with them, and you were right. They carry on with their partying and then they’re just GONE.

      It seems like you shift into a new reality where they no longer exist. I like the message you received, “no more death, nor dying.”

      • Thanks Thelma for your insightful perceptions, they seem very true to me. Each days’ energies now seem independently different to me, each bringing new revelations.
        Love 💗,

    • What an incredible and heart wrenching dream, Georgia. Peace to you. Dreams are nothing less than mind blowing now, all new color, multi/interdimensional, so vivid, so powerfully informative. I cannot believe it sometimes, more real than a movie, nothing short of “wow.” I am sorry for the pain of yours and glad for you, as I know I have actually been able to seriously process stuff just in the dreams I’m having now! Like growth therapy revelations while I sleep!

      • Thanks Marcy, yes, after the pain and sadness have passed, so much is gained from dreams, and in a very concise and loving way.
        Love ❤️,

  • Hi Denise and all,

    I’m picking up anxiety and fear from the collective, it’s overwhelming. The war has amped up. I feel as if it’s on our doorsteps, above us, around us and there’s a desperate need for more loosh. Vastly more. So much so that they’re daring to attack light workers who have been out of their frequency for some time, anyone, everyone. The desperation is palpable and hard to ignore, it makes my nerves tingle in high sensitivity all the time now.

    I wish everyone here protection and shield of Source from TD. Love and light to all.

    • Yep Jain Lee, it’s getting worse and worse out there and this is only going to escalate throughout the Separation of Worlds process. It’s up to us to hold the higher internally and radiate that when we have to go out there no matter what’s going on.

      I’ve been seeing the local TV News each night have more and more negative happenings to report on EACH DAY. It used to be like one a week, then one a day and now it’s up to multiple horrific events every day. It’s too much having to be any part of this “end times” of the old Expired Earth world with its inhabitants. I’ve consciously known that this time was coming since the mid-1970s but having it here now and escalating every day is so much more difficult — in every way — than I ever thought it would be.

      Embody, Embody, Embody everyone. ❤

      • Yes, the craziness has certainly ramped up. There are more senseless, violent behavior and anyone with an overdeveloped ego and/or possessed by TD is acting out and throwing tantrums. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be around groups of people and I find myself walking away from different situations. Silence is indeed GOLDEN! Love to all.

    • Jain Lee, I feel you. I came online today to read more posts of Denise and others for support, as energies are beyond my remotest ability to understand or make intelligible and they are definitely shaking me up and have me concerned, too. I am way out of the ballpark knowing what is what, what to do, or what is next, though Denise said it, (and I know some) embody embody embody!!! This is what is new for me – I feel like I’m wearing a space suit and helmet (also not watching the news), but I feel buffered from this present escalated movement now. I am protected, somewhat removed, though hammered by energies, not hammered by world in 3d. I’m hearing about things and they feel like they are happening at some crazy resort park somewhere else and someone is telling me about their trip. I feel separate from the world now where drama or lower energy is concerned, and simultaneously very close to a very new earth at the same time!! But not in a checked-out, dysfunctional way. It’s really beautiful. I’m feeling really, really responsible more than ever for it on my part! I’m SO grateful! (while totally freaking to unknown, unknown, unknowable energies & what’s next!!! aH!) . Sending love to you Denise!!:*))

      • Dear Denise and all,

        These last couple of days have been a doozy. I was wondering if it was just me feeling like I am being tossed about on the ocean, going under sometimes and not really knowing how to deal with this as my understanding of what this is has not yet landed. The comments above indicate that this is where we are for now and it is not just me. It feels that as I start to get the hang of how to roll with a shift the next wave comes and rolls me over, am not too sure which way is up anymore. I have however learned that going with it is the easiest way to deal with it, not always comfortable but I can then stay as sane as possible. I hav had immense anger and resentment coming up for me again yesterday.

        I would like to truly express my gratitude for all who participate and comment on Denise’s writing, a true lifeline. Thank you Denise for making the sharing possible and for creating this nexus for us.


        This just popped up for me. Toto we are not in Kansas any more. Where are we then. I don’t know, the old maps don’t work.

  • Thanks reply, you right, i was try understand intelect, the merkeba. Not higher mind, pure knowing. Like all, intensifying as symptoms. A lot of sites, say, we have to, “create 5d earth”, again i try intelect, understand……. bit hard create, when we all being felled, by these strong 24/7 light waves. When me body could do things, i loved to dance, for earth, all beings, life. Had forgot. Guides took me to beach, and we danced. Fab, so i going dance in 5d earth, even if me body cant move….. i check comments everyday.. up to 140 2day. Amazing.

  • Hi Denise,

    I so appreciate your lengthy and insightful responses to many of the Comments herein. After having spent nine days of being surrounded by family members who are totally unaware of the Embodiment process and the obvious Separation of Worlds, I simply do not know how anyone who is not consciously participating in their own AP/EP will make it through the next year or so. Just like so many of us here, I’ve needed the sanctuary of my own home more than ever upon returning. Moreover, I am unable/unwilling to engage the current external world and all of its imposing hoop-jumping any longer in any prolonged way. Adjusting to all of this has required an extraordinary amount of time being silent and not expending any precious energy on vacuous conversations. Since returning last week, sleeping for any comforting length of time has been in short supply…my nervous system feels like it is wired on high 24/7 and because of this, it’s felt like I’ve been running on fumes. This, as well as a months-long itchy and intransigent skin rash on my trunk as well as ongoing caregiving responsibilities that are still part of my day-to-days, doesn’t leave much time or room for frivolities…

    What keeps me going is the deep feeling that what I, personally, am here to do at this time is to connect to all the love/Love/LOVE that I am. I’ve come to learn that I have a very very big heart, and I do not say this flippantly or glibly. I’m having to go deep in understanding all the loveless-ness and lack of self-appreciation that I’ve held within myself since my AP/EP began in earnest in the late ’90s/early 2000s (when I was “innocent,” lol!!). I’ll be “damned” if I don’t connect to the LOVE for all that is (and, perhaps, is not). What I’m wanting to express is not Pollyanna, I assure all readers here. For anyone/everyone here making a similar journey, please know that I’m right there with everyone excoriating all the shit and feeling better for having let it go. Denise, thank you for all that you ARE…I only make comments here at your site because, as far as I know, you are the only public person willing to let all the dirty laundry hang out to dry, without sanitizing any of your observations. To all of us here, I salute ourselves for our courage and the willingness to live out our convictions to the best of our abilities. My LOVE to all of us…

    • Raymondlboeri, I am also being driven to distraction by a very persistent very itchy rash all over my body which has lasted for about 5 months. It comes and goes but if you scratch it becomes very red and painful and leaves small scabby lesions. I have never ever been prone to any skin problems before. I also feel very overheated at times like I’m on fire and then very cold. So I understand your discomfort and frustration. I need isolation too, when I finish work I can’t wait to get home to be by myself. I have resorted to watching happy movies or nature videos to help me “escape” all the madness going on in the world. I just long for this all to end and hope we don’t have to wait too much longer! Hugs to everyone, from Megan x 🙂

      • Hang in there, Megan! So many of us here are just “itchin'” to get on and beyond all the AP/EP-related conditions and situations, but feel so stymied in so many ways. I heard a joke not too long ago that I’ve taken to heart: “Even instant gratification isn’t happening fast enough!”…I’m holdin’ on to that one, as it feels so very very true! Much love to you and all here…Hi Denise!

        • Raymondlboeri,” Itchin” to get on and past all the crazies just about sums it up! Liked the “instant gratification isn’t instant anymore” joke LOL! So true! 🙂

  • Hi Denise, thank you for your (always) honest and direct approach to the ascension/enlightenment & embodiment processes. Honesty about what the reality of things are, I think, is now more important than ever before. No more sugar coating, no more pussy footing, no more stroking ego’s. I thank you. On the same matter though, I have found as well that attacks from negative/lower vibrational beings and humans have amped up DRASTICALLY, especially since end of January 2019. March was one hectic month. I am in a position where I still have to ‘work in the world’, no disrespect intended, to survive and live. It brings me in contact with all sorts of people and their entity attachments. I have to basically apply protective protocols every day, clear and divert attacks basically on an hourly basis at work. It has become almost routine now for the last 2 or 3 months. I agree full-heartedly, our roles are changing. We are here to BE, and by BEing, we change, transmute, alchamize the old and ground and anchor the new. However, we are Light Warriors and Light Beings, no longer victims and no longer need to agree to any negative imposition imposed on us. Now that we have become aware, we can change those agreements. I still find though that there are beings and humans that are not stopping their attacks, even when I have said no. In such a case, I take my protective protocols to the next level and remove them from my field. If they still don’t leave, I enrobe them with a light cube, something I learned from Lucia René. Sometimes this is the only thing that works to remove them. Obviously I do the processing on my side regarding any triggers they may have set off, and thank them for their service. I was wondering, what are your thoughts regarding protective protocols?

    • “Honesty about what the reality of things are, I think, is now more important than ever before. No more sugar coating, no more pussy footing, no more stroking ego’s. I thank you.”

      I could not agree more Rentia. We are so, so far beyond the point of stroking other’s egos, being enablers of any and all lower past stuff, and no more treading carefully so as to not hurt egos for whatever the reasons. There simply is no more linear time to play old lower games like this. One is either dedicated to their personal ongoing Ascension Process and Embodiment Process if doing that as well, or one is fooling themselves in any number of ways. That’s fine with me as it’s their choice but I won’t be enticed off The Path for anyone or anything.

      I received an email three days ago from someone I wasn’t familiar with who wrote a fairly long email asking me for help and guidance with certain aspects of the AP, in this case the rising of Kundalini. I replied to her email with multiple links to old articles I’d written years ago at TRANSITIONS about the AP and Kundalini activation plus other info. In other words, I spent some time and energy to honestly help this young woman, who I learned later when she replied to what I’d sent her, was really only about her baiting me so she could insult me about how wrong I am about things and how I needed to educate myself by reading very old teachings from the East. A lot of people don’t really want to understand these NEW things but only preach about old belief systems that had/have nothing to do with the Ascension Process happening now.

      “Obviously I do the processing on my side regarding any triggers they may have set off, and thank them for their service. I was wondering, what are your thoughts regarding protective protocols?”

      I’ve always done so too. Personally I’ve always resented having to protect myself from humans and nonhumans and the negativity they often direct at anyone with Light. I’ve learned the hard, painful way that during this life during this Ascension, I HAVE to protect myself and my space constantly because everyone is not and never has been existing on the same level of development, consciousness, focus and so on. So I protect myself energetically even though it makes me sad to have to do so, still, in 2019, and yet as you said the negativity has exploded right along with the Light. Just watch the local and world news to see how severe this has become at this point within the Separation of Worlds! More to come too. Thanks for sharing the “light cube” as that makes a lot of sense. ❤

  • Hi Denise! I must of done something right! B4 I tell u this dream I just woke from, many years ago during the deepest darkness I would sometimes dream I’d see a lone “flying saucer” zipping thru the sky until out of sight. Well this time I lost my way home here on earth and was exploring different streets and directions. I was in a small town. …well let me skip to the end….I took a new path that led alongside a river aa I ended up climbing a white structure, can’t call it steps or ladder. I tried to get a half dozen kids to go on ahead of me bcuz Im so slow! They wouldn’t! So I continued. Next thing is Im climbing stairs in a palace. Didn’t look like a palace but it was The Palace. Had a king and queen, but when I crept passed them they appeared as animals walking down the hallway conversing together. I swear one was a mini goat. I kept on going up bcuz I wanted to see outside. I got to the top balcony and a bunch of chickens! came towards me. I “heard” The Queen likes to keep chickens. !! Anyhow I looked out into a beautiful blue sky landscape and this marvelously detailed flying saucer glided into view. I wondered if ships really look like that! And I wished that “they” had humorous personalities like some characters I had liked in a book. And then it happened! All kinds of ballons, beautiful big extremely colorful decorated balloons burst from the ship yet remained attached around the edges. And That’s it. Made me wish I could remember more. I know the ballons were for me.

  • Yes it’s been brutal. The only time comparable is late 2012 early 2013 when the energies became such that my wife and soulmate transitioned through the death process. She visited me later and was happy to eork from other side all giggles and smiles. This isn’t the path the ones remaining have chosen. Our bodies are doing a good job of supporting us although it may seem otherwise. We have become master’s at diverting energy where it’s needed most and that is why other parts of our body seem depleted.

    I am also puzzled by those who post meaningful messages but seem unaffected by these energies but anyone can read a autobiographical book and report on it. That’s no where near the same as living it. These people may have a good message but they often do harm with their airy fairy demeanor. I live less than 100 miles from Sedona and this area is not lacking in love and light. I’ll take my spirituality straight up with brutal truth and honesty through having lived this process. There are really so few of us even fewer than the urine teachers. What does the word warrior really mean. Thanks Denise and all of you others. True warriors because you’ve lived it not just read it.

    • Hi Richard, my partner transitioned in the energies of 2013 also, and I saw him radiantly happy while I was under anaesthetic in 2015. I remember saying, it doesn’t get any better than this and he replied, well it does actually because you’ve agreed to go back and I imagine like you, I’ve been soldiering on trying to cope ever since then, lost mostly without any one to share this difficult process with. He used to say he didn’t understand me but he let me speak and that’s what I miss, thank heavens for this site and all who sail on her.
      Yes it’s difficult but experience is truth and unless we live it, it just ain’t real.. One day this will be done and my head will make sense of it and until then I’ll have to live in this freaky muddled world of mine trusting in the process and thanking God, Denise and the rest of us for being able to share it, thank you for your message, it went deep 🌿🌹🐿️🏡🎶

    • Dear Denise!
      I have read different comments here about the onslaught of energies during the month of March. I have to say that I have had my share albeit it was/is more emotional than physical pain, anger at top of the list and not much energy to boot.
      I know you don’t want links in comments so I ask please read this article which has letter of man who wrote to this site and his description of energies so fit ones comments here… I have read from this site for a number of years and the vast amount of what is written I resonate with. I read the commenter letter and the site host comments and they both spoke on the energies that hit them over the past month and past week, noted by the names they are both males…Hmn! I thought perhaps this could confirm what you have already spoke on even further!

      • Wow, it’s just been raining bullshit lately…again.

        Avian G.,

        You have no idea how honestly and carefully I weighed whether or not to include this particular link! (Barbara knows of what I speak and why.) Anyway, because there’s been an influx of incorrect, distorted, ego-based information links over the past few days, I’m going to share some unpleasant information with you and everyone reading this who aren’t aware of, never read it, didn’t know me years ago or whatever the case may be, when Georgi Stankov felt he needed to insult me on his website. Someone shared what he’d written about me with me which was the only reason I even knew about it. (I had read a couple of his reports a decade earlier and immediately knew I never needed to read anything else by him. That was me being polite and not going into any details about why. Discernment people!) I responded in an article of my own about what a misogynist he was and how clueless he was about anything outside of himself. Classic patriarchal behavior and view of the world and females in general.

        Long story short, someone wrote him and said something about how it often takes me a long time to respond to emails and that’s when Stankov felt the need to insult me about multiple things at his website. To put this in honest perspective, IF I was a male and had a wife who did all the work, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, house cleaning etc. etc., plus did not have an elderly parent that he was the sole caregiver for, then I too would have tons more time and energy to answer all the emails I’ve received over the years. But, I’m not a male and all the things I listed are things I and I alone have had to do by myself while living the AP and EP as a First Everythinger while taking care of everything including being the only caregiver for my mom with dementia, a stroke and many other physical disabilities. Like I said, this guy’s a first-class patriarchal misogynist jerk who couldn’t keep up with most females on his best days. Ooo, the Sun sure is in Aries now isn’t it!? Down Mars down and back to your happy place at once! 👿 😆

        Males indeed they are Avian Gray and not the higher Embodied ones. Again, discernment please because I won’t be publishing any more links to people such as this ^%*@$ especially when he’s said what he did about me.

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