It’s Bridge Crossing Time


“I hope this isn’t a silly question. But how does one know which train they are getting on so to speak? The thought of staying behind to continue carrying others forward is almost unbearable to me. I feel like I’ve been doing this unknowingly and knowingly in one form or another since I was very young and I simply can’t/don’t want to do it anymore. It has taken nearly everything out of me. I feel like I need to move forward for my own survival at this point. I have spent a lot of time wondering if I was being selfish feeling this way. I can’t help but want to cling to what you said, Denise- “It is NOT our jobs from this point forward…”
xoxo” — Francesca — March 21, 2019

Because Francesca’s Comment feelings and question is important I’m quoting it here so it’s seen by people who may not read Comments under every article at HighHeartLife. Thank You for it Francesca. ❤

Many females have lived many years trying to be Super Mommy and eventually experience severe mommy burnout. It’s young mothers working themselves half to death, or craziness, certainly exhaustion, trying to do too many things every day and night for everyone else while she ignores herself, her body and physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual well-being. Typically doing this for years has a crash n’ burn finale because no one, female or male, can sustain that level of daily output and expect to come out of it unscathed. When mommy doesn’t take care of herself for extended periods while living like a Mega Super Hero 24/7/365 for everyone else, not only does she suffer in multiple ways but so too does her children and husband/mate/partner and important others in her life.

I’m mentioning this because most Volunteers have done this same thing for the past twenty years and are beyond exhausted and deeply have what Francesca is feeling, lets call it, Pathpaver burnout. As she herself mentions she doesn’t want to do that level of ascension Work anymore because she knows from a higher level that phase is indeed very much done. It’s just that most of us find that after twenty years or so of unwavering laborious head down workhorse plowing the Earth fields so the NEW can be planted in the near future—which is what’s now happening—it’s sometimes hard to put down those old cleaning and clearing tools and give ourselves permission to move into the next phase. We all become habituated to the, to our personal previous ascension Mission Work jobs and levels and have to be aware of when each phase is done and we’re needed to move on to the next. Trust yourselves when you find you’re having a guilt-tinged debate with yourself about not wanting to continue doing the old ascension jobs when every cell in your body is impulsing you to immediately shift into the next phase and level of the, of your personal Ascension and Embodiment Processes.  If you’ve misjudged your current feelings and desire to move on when your not ready to, then you’ll know that quickly! But, if your desires are not ego-based but coming from higher knowing that it’s time for you to make further personal changes and evolve to the next level and phase, then do so and don’t second guess yourself.

The first phase Pathpaving is done, done and all done, as is the main cleaning and clearing out the old lower 3D patriarchal stuff and junk. Others can continue doing that at the levels they’re currently at now if that’s what they want to do, but for those of you who know in your HighHeart and soul that it’s time for you to move on to the next level because you’ve been Embodying the NEW codes in 2018, and much more so in 2019, and understand how important it is that you/me/we do exactly that now.

Have You Seen the NEW Triangles & Other NEW Energies Yet?!





This is a hot topic, as it very well should be, because it’s such a rare and profound event and you’re here now and the first to physically Embody the NEW Earth core energies, the NEW Crystalline DNA, all of the NEW templates, blueprints and energies for Earth, humans and all life on NEW Earth. You first Embody them so that the rest of humanity that’s willing to evolve can back to full Source intended Divine original design. No more old negative alien distortions, no more disconnected human DNA, no more vile control and lock-down devices, no more constant vital energy thefts by parasitic aliens and other energetically ravenous monsters, and no more old lower Earth world. This is why you don’t want to and are no longer needed to Pathpave by clearing and cleaning and trying to gingerly persuade other people to step out of the old negative darkness and insanity and up into the evolutionary Light and true freedom.

These NEW crystalline triangle Trinity DNA codes (not old Expired lower dual Duality), plus all the other NEW energies and waves of energies are all delivering the NEW templates and NEW DNA for NEW humans on NEW Earth and everywhere else. This started in 2018, slowly at first as is always the case, and those of us that were aligned with the Sun and had been and continue Embodying the NEW solar energy transmissions repeatedly saw with open eyes the Sun solar flashing and flickering Light. I’ve seen them with my physical open eyes every day for much of 2018 and I’m still seeing it today. I see the solar flickering Light most easily when I physically, not clairvoyantly, look at my white ceilings inside my house. When I started seeing this last year I first thought it was a light-bulb in a lamp that was flickering but when I look directly at the lamp or lamps they never flicker. This flashing and flickering Light I and many of you have been physically seeing and clairvoyantly Seeing is you completely aligned with the Sun and solar Light energies and you have Embodied them. In other words, you are a human on Earth whose Embodied—carries and transmits—the same energies that the Sun does. This whole thing about the Solar Flash “event” is yet another very misunderstood aspect of the Ascension and Embodiment Processes. Heck, I thought what I was seeing inside my house were bad light-bulbs in my lamps when in fact it’s been me producing this Light flickering and flashing inside all along.

Now, lets be very clear and honest about this next part because it’s important. There cannot be a growing number of incarnate humans (Volunteers, First Everythingers, Starseeds etc.) on Earth Embodying NEW Divine DNA, be energetically aligned with the Sun and all it’s transmitting, be fully connected to the NEW Crystalline Earth core, Embodying the NEW codes/templates/blueprints etc. and not have that fact automatically in turn alter external physical reality. The more you/me/we Embody these things, the bigger and faster the Separation of Worlds is happening. We are the “event” because we’re Embodying everything that needs to be so that the “event” can and will happen externally.

As highfalutin as that may sound everyone needs to know that it now feels and is far more strange, weird and seriously peculiar than any of us would have imagined! I’m experiencing moments that are very nice, smooth, private, calm, empowered and beautiful beyond words. I’m also experiencing the total opposite and having moments and longer periods where it feels like my house, with me in it, are free-falling through space and that is perfectly “normal” for what’s happening now. I’ve also been experiencing periods where I feel like I’m disintegrating, dispersing throughout space, remaining more together and falling through space, losing all touch with the old world and reality (Separation of Worlds) which is absolutely wonderful, hearing the strangest of sounds, feeling like I’ve never felt before and having a knowing that all this and much more is normal for where we’re at within this process now.

For your entertainment. For the past two nights in a row I’ve been awakened around 1:00–1:30AM or so, and then again around 4:00–5:00AM, by a very loud sound that to me sounds completely physical. I’m asleep in my bed when suddenly I’m wakened by the loud sounds of a big plastic trash bin (ours here have two wheels on the back of it to push or pull it around) being rolled down the sidewalk right behind my house. I wake up all pissed off at the bleeding idiot whose rolling a big trash bin down the freaking sidewalk at 1–1:30AM. I lay there in my bed in the dark listening for any sound at all and I hear nothing other than the sounds of the moving trash bin. Then a few minutes later I physically hear—all this sounds 100% physical to me—the sounds of a bull/cow moving around and knocking the trash bin around. WTF?! A cow or bull at 1:30AM in the city either in my next door neighbors backyard banging around trash bins or on the sidewalk directly behind my house doing so? I was awakened again by what sounded like hooves trotting down the sidewalk right behind me at 5:00AM this morning followed by more moving trash bin sounds. Seriously? OMG how much more weird can it get? Where the hell am I actually? I sense I shouldn’t even ask at this point but hang on tight and ride this NEW transitional business out and do my best to not get weird myself about how deeply strange it occasionally gets.

We’re not back there in old negative land, nor are we fully yet in NEW Earth land either but in some truly inconceivable in-between transitional place, space and state of being. Much or all of 2019 may be this and more so everyone be ready for a very NEW and different ascension Embodiment adventure as we transition through these Divine evolutionary changes. More to talk about but will do so in Comments under this article. I need a nap because some damned cow kept playing with trash bins all night again and woke me up repeatedly. 😡


March 24, 2019

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198 thoughts on “It’s Bridge Crossing Time

  • Denise and ALL,

    Thank you for the timing comments.

    It is all valid for me too!

    My comment will be very short, no energy even for writing.

    Only to sleep and rest!

    Today have stumbled across an article, when a woman have the same experiences like many of us, and yet she reported she have had installed 5D-12D templates and now she is in process of acclimation.


    I believe her, just wonder how is it possible so fast, within a 1 year to went to the whole process?

    I am almost 25+ years in this Process, doing every day and night inner work and things are getting worse and worse and even don’t see the end of this Process?

    Also, I always am wonder when see or read Sandra Walter or Lisa Transcendence Brown, ( I respect their work) they both are full of energy and joy, like they both are finished the Process of Embodiment and Solar flares and Solar storms didn’t affect them, no pain, no struggles, no low energy, like their bodies aren’t shutting down never?

    Just was contemplating from what come this great difference?

    The light signature, the mission and the personal path of the Soul…who knows?

    • Anna,

      I removed the link in your Comment because after reading that entire article by that woman, then going to her website to see for myself, and seeing a photo of her, none of that will be put here on HighHeartLife.

      I’ll respond to some of what you said in this Comment in a bit.

      • Denise,

        My apologies for that I didn’t took in consideration your request to don’t include in our comments any links.
        Also, I forgot to checked out in advance the web site of this woman, a good reminder from you!
        Thank you!

        • Also, I forgot to checked out in advance the web site of this woman, a good reminder from you!

          Absolutely Anna, you MUST, everyone MUST honestly, carefully and thoroughly check out every website AND its owner/author(s)/teacher(s)/products and discern as best as you can if that person (or group etc.) and what they’re saying, writing about, selling etc. is indeed undistorted and if they themselves have personally LIVED what they’re writing about and are not just repeating things certain ascension teachers have been writing about since the Internet became available! And if there is a photo or video of the author then view it with Higher Awareness and you’ll instantly know if the information is true or not and you’ll also know if the person has just started the Ascension Process or has been at it for a couple of decades. No one and I mean no one can forge their unique individual energy signature — the energies they give off. People can lie and say all sorts of things and even insert ridiculous additions to their names but, for those people who can easily and instantly “read energies”, who can tell what a person is all about by being able to perceive the energies they give off, there is no lying or fooling those people. There is no more ability to hide darkness in all this Light and not have those who can See and Know, See and Know. 🙂

          Discernment with everyone and I mean everyone including myself. ❤

      • Hello Denise

        Like Anna, I also wonder and feel many a times like asking you that the first everythingers like Celia Fenn, Sandra Walter, Lisa Rene, Barbara Macinik, Aluna Joy, Lee Karol (Kryon) Inelia Benz etc. – do they also feel so awful while going through this AP/EP and for so long like you, me and so many who comment in this forum? I have read a couple of their posts but it doesn’t seem so. Especially those who channel some entities while all of us are going through so much in our lives in the name of AP/EP for nearly 20 years now. So what is the reason for our prolonged agony of AP/EP and theirs not? Do you have some insightfulness from your higher perspective? Please share. Thank you.

        • I’ve often wondered this myself and have thought a lot about it. I haven’t arrived at any definitive answer, but wonder if it has to do with mission profile, meaning some of us have chosen to go deeper into hell than others, holding our lanterns up in the pitch dark and making a big difference while getting pummeled. As Denise said somewhere recently, we can’t help but change our environments positively just by being in them. There are likely so many levels of things we warriors of the light have come to do in the pitch black darkness, down at the bottom of the barrel. Like transmuting. Holding/anchoring light. Some of us have come, I think, to try to help some of the dark ones themselves, who are after all fractured soul units. Yeah, that deep into the darkness. We take it on the jaw (etc etc) more- way way more- than those who have come to operate at a higher energy level. As in, all service to others jobs have great value, those at the upper levels who shine for all of us are valuable teachers, and those who’ve dived into the toilet are valuable too. I think we’re (this group) very old (ancient) and highly trained to be able to dive into that dangerous deep and then get out again, battered but triumphant.

          And as Denise and others have said, when it comes to online teachers etc, all that glitters is not gold; and I am forever developing my discernment and learning- a work in progress. I couldn’t agree more with Denise that discernment is so important. I also take solace in the fact that at this point in my quest for knowledge, at my (our) vibratory rate, untruths, even if I read an article or listen to music or watch a video, will not stick to me. I think our discernment will continue to increase as we vibrate even higher. There is a certain someone with millions of followers on youtube who has the best-ever voice and I’ve listened often to his help falling asleep meditations. Last time (and yes the last time for me) I listened, half asleep and floaty and high with restless jangly energy (the end of March energies), I heard his voice turn low and demon growly, just for a couple of seconds. It was like his shield slipped, or his illusory mask. Just very briefly. So I think discernment will become easier as we continue on, and the dark more readily apparent. What a wild ride it’s been and is. Thank you to everyone here. We are empowering each other by gathering here. Thanks to Denise. I know it is not easy doing all you do and having this forum to manage, carry on being strong. Love to all here.

        • debbie c,

          I don’t know who you’re talking about (the YouTube video guy) but hot damn I’m so proud of you for perceiving below his fancy, enticing wrapping etc. Very well done you! ⭐

          Also want to say that you hit on some very important, wise and correct points in your Comment debbie c.

          When I feel a bit better — March continued for me today, April 2nd O_o — I intend to answer revital71’s question about this. It’s time for this discussion finally and you correctly mentioned a couple of them.

          “We are empowering each other by gathering here.”

          It was time for me to help all of us out of the old format — Ascension teacher writes articles and readers read them — into this more connected and interactive, personal and fifth dimensional-like energy of me writing articles and then all of us connecting and sharing, asking questions and feeling more like the actual functioning 5D NEW Group Collective that we are. All this should go into an article and I’ll do that asap.

          Thanks for your wise and insightful Comment debbie c. ❤ ❤ ❤ We'll all get into this topic more soon.

        • revital71 & Anna,

          debbie c. just wrote a Comment with some accurate points in it about this. I plan on writing (probably an article) about your question, but because there isn’t one or two reasons why things are the way they have been and still are with this but many, and some of them will probably be unexpected to some people, it’s going to take me a while. Anyhoo… because this is an important topic and because it feels like it’s time to finally dig into it, I’m going to have to write some notes for myself so I don’t forget some of the things I want to make sure get included in this discussion. So because of that, and the fact that today was a pain-filled and nearly crippling for me as some days in March were, this is going to take me some time to put together. I just wanted you to know that I’m working on answering your great question. 🙂

        • Dear Denise
          Thank you so much of your response. It requires tremendous effort and strength to write such long answers and articles in response to so many of readers comments. We all are so grateful to you for that will remain so forever as you are only genuine and unconventional source of information on Ap/ep in this tough time. Reference to my earlier question, I also wonder and become sad to realize that the prime time of our life, our youth when we had strength to accomplish something, has been consumed by Ap/EP in transmuting the darkness, fighting our and TDs demons and many other battles facing several losses at personal level, do we have something to rejoice for even if this AP/EP ends in January 2020?I know I have been longing to be free from shackles of ap/EP for a long time but it has given us so many wounds and bruises and cost us the prime time of our life, 10 or 20 years for many. Are we going to get back that time? Are we being compensated or rewarded with equal amount of joy, youthfulness, disease free, healthy bodies, no worries for money or are we going to leave with the scars of Ap/EP on our aged, old, worn-out bodies with noone to take care of us as ap/EP has alienated us from our biological and extended families?If the latter is the outcome of end of ap/EP, then certainly not to look forward to. This is not to spread any negativity or to dampen the spirit of my tired fellow ascension community members but just to be fully assure of a positive outcome of the end of ap/EP which I request you to Denise please elaborate more what it’s exactly going to be like? Thank so much again

        • I don’t really care what most of these teachers say nor do i need their validation. I suppose in a sense there are different missions but anyone would still need to integrate their light body and this would cause physical distress and time as we well know not to mention cleaning bathrooms for others and why do the have a different mission? No need for additional bathroom cleaners just some more to tell about the nice clean ones. What I would really like is a health practioner be it naturopath, accupunturist etc who I could relate to and not hide anything. And I am not talking about those who only want to remove entity attachments remotely.They already have their mind made up. But I suppose a practioner of this sort would be too exhausted from the process themselves to practice.

  • March has been so challenging. So little energy and the pressures on the heart have not been fun. Have barely been able to use technology as it makes me so ill. Have only been able to glance at comments that you all have made but the last 2 days there has been a shift. I will once again be able to read your much treasured articles and the many comments. Lots has been coming at me in this weakened state but I have had to push back as I cannot help and have finally accepted that these issues are not my stuff and leave others to get on with their own growth. That has been a real surrender and growth for me. It’s taken this weakened state to achieve though.

    I am waiting for my hammock to arrive and I am going to sway along with the new energies and nature to continue embodying and heal. Total rest and recovery in a fun way.

    Great work everyone as March has been so challenging.


    • Lyn, your hammock comment made me smile. We put ours up yesterday when it was sunny but only 40s because it is my absolute happiest spot to do exactly what you said. Glad yours is coming! 💗🌸

  • All I can say is THANK YOU, Denise for your replies to those who comment. Like YOU, You and you, I had absolutely no idea that this process would get so complex and so exhausting. Everything that you have mentioned from grid chem trailing to taking a shower is true. Not only are we the Event, as far as I can tell we are also Divine Mommy, Divine Daddy, and everything in between, including the Michelin Man. If there is anything I can do to speed this whole thing up, other than knowing what you say is true and resonates, I so hope you’ll let ME, Me and me know. One more month like March and it’s doubtful I’ll make it to December… which I’d love to do as it’s a Capricorn time and as little as I understand astrology, methinks it might be important. What I’m noticing today, other than the dragging my butt around, is that yes, the Sun is huge and silver-white, yet it doesn’t seem to be lighting up my environs as usual. It’s like the mountains, rivers and parks, etc. where I live are fading. It’s very difficult to get excited about anything out there while it’s all disappearing. I do appreciate so much those who are… dare I say it… picking up the torch as from failing hands… not heart… I throw it. Love, B.

  • This is such an interesting point because i feel the same.. im exhausted of this work and feeling the need to be completely still. I feel there is nothing left to give.. im empty.. at first i was asking what is happenig to me.. i can barely talk. Ive barley to the energy left for my son and mother… ive asked the univerese that i need good change.. im in quiet limbo.. but i can see its time for me to step back.. thank you Denise for this article.. it would be nice if you could bring a deeper meaning to this information.. love and light to you

    • Very briefly Sonia because I’m in all this too and all of March was beyond anything anyone has experienced prior.

      As yet we (I mean the Forerunners, First Everythingers etc.) haven’t gotten enough NEW Source generated life-force flowing through us and our physical bodies to feel strong and capable of taking a shower without needing to recuperate afterwards! This goes completely opposite to what most all of us thought or believed we’d feel and be as we continued Embodying all we are. I thought, we’ve all thought that we would be increasingly getting and feeling more and more powerful on a physical bodily level when it’s felt just the opposite. It’s confusing I know and it took me a few years to start to honestly understand this aspect.

      (1) We are in the midst of the biggest, most powerful, most physically body and DNA evolution that we’ve EVER experienced. We are literally changing over, switching, dropping away the old and Embodying the NEW Light energies and completely NEW template DNA and much more and JUST THAT is exhausting and painful. (2) Add to this the first thing I said about us not yet having enough Source life-force energy in ourselves to — and this is super important — exist as energetically sovereign NEW human Light beings with NEW template crystalline trinity DNA in our physical bodies/DNA. That’s coming and soon I sense but this is us pulling ourselves up this phase of tremendous evolution while we castoff more internal old negative distortions AND simultaneously Embody more NEW internal crystalline trinity/triangular DNA codes and other NEW templates for NEW Earth etc. etc.

      Because of all this we HAVE to take extra care of ourselves, be deeply protective of our scant daily amounts of Source-as-each-of-us so we remain energetically sovereign (no more energetically parasiting off other people for anything), don’t let anyone or anything bleed our wee bit of daily life-force from us for any reason, and all so we can continue Embodying more and more NEW DNA, NEW codes, NEW templates for the NEW Great Cycle and so on. It’s won’t always be like this but while it is, we all need plenty of self-care, rest, down-time, silence, quiet and being still so more Source God can be Embodied by us but at these NEW higher and more complex levels.

      • Thank you, validating exactly what I’m feeling, out with the old, in with the new, crawling and incorporating, then it changes again, moments of recognition, then change, change again, so grateful to have you to put this into words….. Cheers Denise, here’s looking forwards to strength, hugs everyone, onwards and upwards, you are so brave….. 🍀🦉🎶🐿️🌿🐝🌹

      • Thanks Denise! You reply is super duper helpful as I was wondering why I still am not able to get anything more than the bare minimum done in my life and that I was so happy not to be social at all this weekend…silence seems super nurturing now and downtime is essential.
        Thanks again! Nancy

        • Nancy & All,

          As I mentioned it’s taken me a few years to finally realize why I wasn’t feeling increased strength each year after 2012 but increased physical exhaustion. I’ve always known why I can’t relate to the old Earth and its inhabitants, but this increasing fatigue, pains and debilitation EACH YEAR was not what I was expecting from embodying and Embodying! For me it was the start of 2017 when I hit an invisible ascension related brick wall so to speak and I simply did not want to do much of anything anymore. I wanted to sit or lay still in silence and connect — I don’t “meditate” in the old school ways, never have, but I’ve HAD to increasingly each year since 2017, spend at least two hours or more every day being still in silence and Working from that state. (If I need to nap during the day for a bit I do that too but these are two very different things.) I Consciously Create, I intend, I visualize, I perceive, I consciously connect with my higher self/selves and my ascension angels, other dimensions and locations etc. I WORK very intensely from a state of complete openness and stillness. I look like I’m doing absolutely nothing but I am intentionally Working, building, creating and intending all sorts of things. It is the only thing that makes any sense to me at this point within the Embodiment Process and all the evolutionary bodily DNA changes and NEW codes, energies, Light, plasma that we’re Embodying now. I cannot relate to anything else and haven’t for a very long time.

          I think we’ve been doing so much more than we’ve understood in and through our physical bodies as Barbara correctly said, and because of that we’re exhausted, lethargic, in pain much of the time (March it was every minute!), totally disconnected from the old world and increasingly not wanting to have anything to do with any part of it. Every year since 2017, maybe since 2013, we’ve all been incrementally Embodying more and more of our Higher Selves, becoming Self-as-Source/Source-as-Self, becoming increasingly self-sovereign energetically, and conscious Crystalline/Christ Embodied beings literally bridging The Way again energetically to NEW Earth and all else in and through our bodies and selves. It makes sense that each year (post December 2012) we’d be feeling more weak and tattered while we make this incomprehensible evolution from being third dimensional parasitic human beings that were ourselves being parasited off of by others constantly to fifth dimensional and higher Self-Sovereign, Self-as-Source, Embodied Crystalline beings of Light individually and not needing to parasite off of anyone or anything else to support ourselves.

          As long as each of us intentionally gives ourselves and our bodies the time, silence, privacy and physical stillness they need now every day and/or night to deal with all these intense evolutionary changes, we’ll eventually get to where the exhaustion reduces bit by bit while our life-force energies increases bit by bit. Soon we’ll be on the other side of this phase and it won’t be so debilitating. ❤

      • Denise says

        ‘…not yet having enough Source life-force energy in ourselves…be deeply protective of our scant daily amounts of Source-as-each-of-us so we remain energetically sovereign…’

        Please listen – listen and try – try to understand this simple, simple truth – we always have an unlimited access to what you call ‘Source life-force energy’

        We have UNLIMITED – Unlimited access to the divine and higher-than-divine frequencies of unconditional love – the clear, diamond light of The Highest of Love, which is the Limitless Love of the realm of the One. These are the highest frequencies one can imagine and access. This is what maintains your energy boundaries and ability to remain energetically sovereign.

        This is not something you have to wait for – you do not have to wait for it to be downloaded. It is here, now, and has been for years and years and years.

        Where? How? – by entering into the Smallest Molecule of Divine Light in our core in the heart area, and expanding this divine white light exponentially, and going into the portal of soft pink light, then higher and higher in frequency until the light becomes pure and clear, and expanding this INSIDE OF US, from the smallest sub-atomic level of ourselves – from one atom, to molecule, to once cell, to cells, organs, systems, the body, beyond the body ad infinitum – expanding to ‘saturation’ – and then going even further – if you can imagine it.

        Unless you can get your head out of this obsolete belief, it is going to remain a much more arduous evolution than it needs to be.

        If you do not have enough of the Source Life-force energy – which IS the Highest of Love, then take charge of your being, and fill yourself with it. That is my recommendation, and it is also the recommendation of The Highest of All That Is, and The Source of Life and Love.

        And . . . by breathing with an infinity symbol of light, you will enliven your Life-force that is the expression as energy, Life-force expression as light, and Life-force expression and essence. Within us all is an infinity symbol composed of light, and energy, and essence. It is a wave that is a part of us. Contained within this symbol are all things, including the creation and recreation of light itself. It represents perfect balance and harmony, in giving and receiving. The breath itself is the resonance we create to attune with the infinity symbol, to attune with All That Is that is life.

        • And this everyone, is just some of the three years worth of crap that Judith Fudge insists on writing in every one of her comments that I normally just delete. The only difference in this one from her is that it didn’t contain lengthy quoted materials from two people she’s obsessed with.

          Jesus, all I’ve needed to do these past twenty years was ‘breath with an infinity symbol of light’ and everything would have been just perfect and easy!

          Anyone who wants to reply to Judith Fudge — with the knowledge that she has been writing comments like this and worse at me personally for the past three years — please do so because I’ve tried everything with her and absolutely nothing has worked, nothing.

      • Dear Denise & All,

        LOVED reading comments about the need for SILENCE and being STILL as we integrate the incoming Codes. Am finding it more and more difficult to deal with “normal” 3D attitudes and behaviors as that way of thinking and behaving is so foreign to me now. I feel myself getting more impatient for more glimpses of a NEW world and that may be because it’s VERY VERY CLOSE.

        Please honor your feelings, everyone, whether it be for more REST and QUIET or just removing yourself from certain environments and/or people that are draining you (as Denise just pointed out). Your Inner Knowing will always say what’s best for you.

        • Dear Ms. Fudge,

          Your infinity symbol is slightly askew, needs balancing as I see it leans more to the side of holier-than-thou, power over side. There is a balance to ALL THAT IS, and that is what those who experience ascension symptoms are attempting to accomplish (for this Planet and all its inhabitants) by cleaning toilets, building grids, picking up garbage, accepting and integrating the Central Sun’s incoming photons and blasts, etc., all the while doing the best that we can to function in a disintegrating 3D, and put what little energy we have left into a TOTAL LOVE for the process. You are judgmental, Ms. Fudge. Try the Dark Night of the Soul, maybe you’ll come to understand what it means to let go of an askew affinity symbol. If you have any sense of humor at all, which I doubt, you will understand that a more impolite way of saying “Go Away” is readily available. Unfortunately, you remind me of a JW on steroids. B.

  • Hi Denise, new here but I’m gonna stick around! Everything that is being discussed really resonates with me ❤️ I do have a request: is a video by a Blue Koolaid in which he talks about sky anomalies and he’s one of at least 3 youtubers who are seeing and reporting on the same shadows and diamond- shaped grid patterns. I was led to your site and immediately saw the images you included here in this post and no doubt, more puzzle pieces are coming together. Could you be so kind as to take a look at the video and perhaps offer your perspective on how the grid pattern and the separation of worlds may be connected? You say the poles of the sun have flipped – I believe I saw this in an older post, forgive me if I have that incorrect – any insight you can offer that might help connect the dots would be greatly appreciated!

    • merrittmrutledge,

      Normally I don’t publish links because I work hard to keep HighHeartLife and its Comments on article topic and at a higher level of frequency otherwise things energetically fall into all sorts of crap, disinformation, negativity, unrelated subjects and general lower frequency discussions and consciousness etc. To prevent that most links are not published by me.

      I watched the first two minutes of this video because that’s all I needed really to sense what it’s about and his level of awareness. What makes this difficult for many people to understand is that what’s happening is basically two-fold, lower and higher, so please keep that in heartmind as you read this.

      At the old lower levels of consciousness and beliefs people like the video guy AND people who work for the government and any other old patriarchal system, corporations etc. have been doing their best (most don’t know the more complex reasons for why they’re told to spray the sky with chemtrails and other things) to physically and energetically install there own negative preventative “grids” in the sky and elsewhere to prevent everything the Sun has been, is and will continue to be doing which is to naturally EVOLVE humanity and Earth and all life on and in Earth. The human patriarchy believes that if they blast humanity with different types of intentional interference like chemtrail grids and other unseen electronic negative grids interference’s, that that will prevent or at least seriously interfere with what is happening via the natural evolutionary Ascension Process. It will not work but they’ve been at this for decades nonetheless.

      I usually don’t talk a lot about them, about what I call Team Dark — human and nonhuman, physical and nonphysical — because just doing so causes certain people who cannot, as yet, intentionally hold their consciousness at a higher frequency rate at all or for short periods to energetically “fall” down into the old negativity and bullshit consciousness range which is exactly what the patriarchy wants and exactly what I Work very hard to NOT have happen for them and all of us.

      Back to this video. Team Dark (my umbrella term for negative aliens and their human puppets and a lot more) has for decades been installing all sorts of grids themselves, chemtrail grids, cell phone tower interference producing grids and much more because many of them have known for decades that the natural evolutionary Ascension Process was coming and that one of the big things that it naturally produces is the Sun evolves too. The Sun transmits all sorts of different Light energies that are embedded with NEW, much higher frequency evolutionary Codes, templates, blueprints for NEW humanity and NEW Earth and all else. Side note: I’m 67 and have been consciously aware of and monitoring the Sun since I was about five! By monitoring the Sun I do not mean in a patriarchal way but in a Higher Awareness, higher consciousness way. The main reason for this was so that when the Sun started to change energetically, enough so that anyone could physically see it with their own eyes, would know that this evolutionary Process had begun on the physical dimension and level. The Sun was a warm yellow-gold color BEFORE the Ascension Process (AP) began at the physical level around 1998-1999 and it was a much lower frequency then and it had and transmitted those old codes and templates etc. But, once the AP got activated at 1998-1999, the Sun began to evolve and change physically too which has caused it to go from that 3D warm soft yellow-gold color and energy and codes etc. to what it is today which is MUCH higher in frequency and energies and is brilliant 5D and higher white-silver colored. And… there’s more changes coming and very soon now with/in/through the Sun via the AP and Embodiment Process (EP) that people like myself and the majority of my readers have been and still are doing within their physical bodies.

      So, the human and nonhuman inorganic patriarchy has done their best to counter the effects of the natural, organic, Source generated evolutionary AP on Earth and within humanity for decades which is those distortions in the sky in this video. The color of the Sun and all of the anomalies it has been doing, besides changing colors and going Lighter, is caused by the AP and EP including the Sun flashing, flickering, changing shape, color, size and more. Again, everything the patriarchy/Team Dark has done and continues to do to try to prevent, distort, interfere with and derail the natural evolutionary Ascension Process is not and will not work.

      If interested in this more complex NEW higher vs. old lower events makes sense to you in that inner heart way then please read my older articles both here and at my first (2007) site TRANSITIONS. ❤


      Damn, I always forget something really important when I write! 🙄 Team Dark has been building their inorganic grids to interfere with the AP and EP but the entire time Team Light has been building internally and externally the organic, Source generated NEW higher organic grids in the Volunteer Forerunners/First Everythingers, on and around Earth, in the Sun, in the planets in this solar system and so much more. Who do you think is going to win this? Source God All That Is or some egoic negative aliens and their human puppets? 😉

      • Hi Denise,

        What an awesome reply, thanks! I understand 100% what you are saying about links. Im just entering year two of my awakening and so appreciate what you and other Lightworkers and Starseeds have done and are doing. My role in this most exciting time is to remember and to hold space for others; I’ll be here when they are ready. Im grateful to my Ascention Guides for leading me here. And I do plan to stick around, can’t wait to dive into your archive!

        P.S. No Doubt Team Light Wins.

  • On the 28th also Denise I saw a private plane flying in the air on a clear sky day…you know how loud those little private planes are …I was just observing while I was doing affirmations to self…and within say 5 seconds half the plane disappeared..then vanished..and I couldn’t hear the motor of the airplane either..on a non clouded sky..had me baffled …we are not in kansas Dorothy are we? 😄😇😍 I’ve seen alien ships in broad day light before..and got shut down as crazy but I know I can share here ..thank you 💓🙏

    Thank you for mentioning about the 28th being intense energies Denise and everyone else..that day I seriously let out a few “phews” and “whoah” outloud breathing and even said to myself this feels intense ..never felt the energies so intense like that day..I’m a sensitive..yet second waver 💜

  • Hi Denise, a few articles back we exchanged about pushing through the unpleasant psychic images of what TD has done, etc. that can first appear in Seeing in order to get to the “good stuff.” Is there a parallel to this in connecting/opening to consciousness exchanges with others?

    I ask because I’ve long held a huge hesitation around this outside of connecting with my own higher team/self/guides and elementals. I’ve often chalked it up to self-preservation/protection and discernment, fueled in part by life experiences with religious organizations and doctrines. But a couple of things have shifted. First, I genuinely feel more and more inately protected and untouchable— like that I can trust nothing will stick if it’s not aligned with my frequency. Second, I felt drawn to listen to a recap of someone’s QHHT session on YouTube tonight, yet felt my hackles go up at the start. As I sat with my discomfort and checked with my higher guidance about whether to continue (felt a foggy yes), it occurred to me that maybe OLD stuff was surfacing about the incredibly intense violation of trust that occurred on some very ancient level with everything TD has done. Like that part of me was ringing too-sensitive alarm bells and shutting down anytime anything “outside” presented from fear it was dangerous. I chose to trust I was protected and keep listening, and I ultimately took away some helpful information that resonated a lot.

    It got me thinking about unity consciousness and how a lot of the self-preservation mechanisms we needed in the past might actually be a hindrance if we hold onto them, Do I have that right? How does one make that shift to total trust and openness while there’s still a lot of junk floating around out in the ethers? I mean, I’m assuming I should just keep checking in with my higher team, anchoring the highest vibration I can and practicing discernment, but I’d love to hear if you or anyone else has wisdom on this. Thank you!! 💗💗💗

  • Ooh, I got HAMMERED on the 26th to 28th, I was wondering why!
    Denise, I’m so interested in what you said about the last week in April. For several weeks now, late April has been coming into my head, and I’ve been mystified and, I admit, apprehensive. (I’m in my late 50s, amazed I’ve held on for 20 years of this, and will be so happy when my ‘work shift’ is over).
    It’s as if there’s some invisible diary I have, in which the period April 23 – 27 has a big red ring circled round it – but I don’t know why! I’ve found myself thinking: ‘Well, after that thing in late April …. ‘ Then I think, ‘Wait, what? What thing in late April?? Where’d that come from?’
    So I’m very interested in what you mentioned there, about a powerful energy wave coming in.

    • March 24th thru March 31st (tomorrow) has been extremely intense. Much of this week my HighHeart has been pounding and hurting more strongly than it ever has. If I didn’t know better I would have thought I was having a heart attack March 27-29th! I know that all of March has been/is still preparing us for what’s coming in the last week to ten days of April 2019.

      It’s as if there’s some invisible diary I have, in which the period April 23 – 27 has a big red ring circled round it – but I don’t know why! I’ve found myself thinking: ‘Well, after that thing in late April …. ‘ Then I think, ‘Wait, what? What thing in late April?? Where’d that come from?’

      It’s you knowing from a higher level of being and awareness. Many of us have this and we know things that we don’t know how we know but we do. It’s that awareness I was trying to convey in another comment about HighHeart knowing instead of linear left brain intellect thinking.

      There are big things I’ve been sensing lining up to unfold on the physical level with/in/through the First Embodiers this year that are obviously leading us and humanity towards something totally NEW. When I know it’s time for me personally to say something, or more about this, I certainly will. For now this is about the First Embodiers getting to the tipping point where (1) there’s enough of us now and (2) there’s enough of us far enough along within our individual Embodiment Processes to automatically energetically active huge shifts into the NEW because of this new physical First Embodier Collective.

      Does everyone remember Inelia Benz’s November 2018 blog article I quoted? In it she mentions August 2019 being a high probability time for the Separation of Worlds. Remember her 28% ascending and 72% not in this same blog article?

      Also —

      The April wave is focused on Embodiment of 5D consciousness, which is radically different than the feeling-good connected level of the past. A strong activation of Gaia’s core, the next level of the crystalline grid, and the ancient Inner Earth structures are set to unlock end of April. Our April 27 Sedona gathering is Divinely timed to synch with this activation. You know what happens when High Vibe Reps come together.” — Sandra Walter March 30, 2019

  • Denise, I wanted to thank you for mentioning some time ago about your feet and legs swelling. Remember Buddha Belly? Well, I’ve now got Buddha Body. With the losing of lots of short-term memory, along with this swelling everywhere, I figure I’ll be an elephant by the time we get into 5D. The ascension symptoms have been, as so many who comment here, can confirm, beyond belief. I see 90-year-old folks out and about who are getting around more gracefully than I am. Thank heavens for sanctuary and I so appreciate more than I can express your anticipation that this will be a done deal by the end of the year/January 2020. Enough already. I have no intention of Embodying, every intention of Ascending. If my body is any indication, it Embodied all by itself. Welcome Buddha… thankfully, the Laughing One like in your wonderful “The Temple of Master Hotei.” Love, B.

    • Barbara & All,

      I too have had this next-level swelling sort of classic “water retention” type thing since the start of 2019. It just continues getting more so each month so I’m doing everything I sense I should to keep the energies flowing and moving in my physical body. However… we’re simultaneously casting off a lot of old negative toxic crap while we continue Embodying NEW DNA and all the rest of it. This has been causing many of us to not only puff up, bloat, swell etc. but also have “rashes” and/or those dry red dots all over our bodies. I’ve had this for the past few years but it’s gotten worse in March.

      We all can feel that this AP and EP, that everything everywhere is rapidly escalating to a breaking point, a Separating point because the tensions and extremes are just way too great to maintain for much longer. It’s like that stress one feels knowing that an explosion is going to happen any second. It’s exhausting and nerve wracking and none of us can live like this for much longer… and so we won’t. Push on fellow Embodiers to NEW Earth and beyond. ❤

      Gratitude ❤ hug from Master Hotei. ❤

      • Thank you for this response Denise. I have had the full body swelling since the beginning of the year also. I sometimes feel like I’m walking around in a gelled water suit. 😔. You and everyone else here keep me going. I am so ready for NEW Earth, so done with this old world and everything/everyone in it. I have experienced bliss/joy/peace and then quite the opposite lately. I asked Myself if I had the choice at that moment , could I separate and BE on NEW Earth. YES! Hell yes! Each time. In my HighHeart LOVE and go. Just sharing for I have no one else to do so with. Thank you again. 💕

      • Dear Denise,
        I agree…That its “nerve racking and none of us can live like this much longer.”
        I experienced extreme levels of anxiety, along with other symptoms especially those rashes. Even my cat was down for the count. One hot ear and one cold. She just slept for days.
        I almost called the ask for drugs .A wee part of me wondered if someone is playing with us. I intuitively know that we are embodying more light…but there are times.! Everything in 3d is backwards, we have been misled for so long.
        My vibrational rate has increased and that is good, but how much more can the body tolerate. With rent increases and dental bills etc…I need to find work, but the body is not on that page!
        again thank you Denise..
        Penny xo

        • Dear Denise
          That wee part of me that doubted was kicked to the curb this morning…to the tds…”wrong Person”….The red marks…whatever …on the face have cat is perky again and my don’t mess with me attitude is back!
          I went to the village this morning and bought some cbd organic hemp oil…all legal in Canada…AND 20% discount for seniors on Sunday. A couple of people I know asked if I could still tint eyelashes and brows and I said of course….so some business towards the bills. All good… I always seemed to be pulled by my nervous system, so I am prepared for the next time! Love to you Denise and to all

  • Hi. I’m feeling a welcome relief and change. All that driving insane intensity has abated. I’m not thrilled that I was swept up in it. I noticed many others were as well, in that it brought out the angry frustrated intolerance many of us share. (Not those here on this site. Me on other sites). The anger was over the top.I also learned that I must let go of thinking that reason will wake up insanity…. And embrace violence and applaude goverment intrusion….. Ok! New Earth for Me! Let the old decaying and insane detach and erode. I only wish I didn’t have to see it. This is a life long pattern of me wanting and needing the insane to respond to reason. To be fair, MY idea of reasonable. Growing up my inner was always screaming Hear Me! My views Matter! My heart Matters! But my heart made no impact unless u count scorn😃 My formerly ignorant self grew up thinking and believing if I explained and reasoned well, people will change or see my point of view. I lost years hoping over that one, and here it is rising up fresh and strong for one more useless go round waste of energy! I now know what I CAN do. But oh that old childhood reaction to the unfair and insane! Here’s to deep appreciation for this peaceful calm interlude. 🎆

    Correction. Where I wrote “And embrace” I meant to put “people embracing violence and applauding….”

    • Hi Edith,

      I can really relate your comment and hav/am working on this as well. Thank you for putting it out there. You are not alone.

  • Dear Denise
    I am very much looking forward to Jan 2020 in the hope of end of my ascension related 19- year long agony starting in 2001 which intensified since the end of 2007 and reached at the peak since Feb 2012 when my husband left me for another woman, leaving me alone with the life long responsibility of raising the two kids and many of other unfulfilled jobs. Well I am able to manage so far by the backing of my spiritual resources one of which is your site which I am following daily since Feb 2009. but my only fear is what if this AP, EP distress does not end in 2020 and stretches further because I think all of us have stretched us beyond limits and might be on the verge of breaking apart if it doesn’t end now. Well I wish someone gives me in writing that my agony is going to end in Jan 2020 and I paste it on my desk to keep on moving throughout 2019.😉😊

  • I can certainly sympathise with several of the latest comments. Mimi, raising a teenager at the start of awakening can be tricky, but having done so myself all I can advise is to love your kid no matter what they act out about (its usually something deep in our own psyche that needs to be acknowledged) – dealing with our personal immature aspects helps us to grow with them and with lots of love and respect (from the parent) we become the best of friends, just keep yourself ‘grounded’ as much as possible.

    Regarding Edith and Karas comments. Im getting energised by anger and fear around the same times as commenters say on here, it is apparently always the way, whether it bothers us or not… anger appears and disappears, fear appears and disappears, with so many different levels all crashing in, taking turns or being chaotic, its churning over and over old ghostly issues. Im certain that pretty soon we will simply not be bothered by any of it at all. Thanks Denise x Love to all x

  • I am in the UK and yesterday 28th. March was a weird day. I am in a lot of pain but escalated yesterday with more joint pain and feet are dreadful as have been for last 10 yrs. Doctors cannot find what’s wrong! Trying to cope I put washing on line and immediately was covered in tiny black beetle like flies. I was covered also so went to see if my neighbour’s garden was the same only to find there were no flies anywhere else. Can anyone explain this to me please? They stayed all day but when I fetched washing in they had all gone. I did send my energy to try and remove them but I have never experienced this before. I was also very emotional and then so angry but didn’t know why, all over the place for a while. My pain had become even worse as the day progressed and I felt absolutely done in and then a friend rang and needed me to help with her emotional problems and I thought it was the last thing I needed, but as usual I couldn’t refuse so did what I could. Got more angry with myself as I know I should leave people to sort their own problems but this has always been my life. Screamed at myself and decided that this had been a test and I’ve failed and lost the plot. I am 70 yrs. old now and don’t know why I’m still here. Feeling very little interest in much of anything and wondering if anyone else feels this. All I want to do is be on my own as I find people seem to only want me if I can help them and listen to THEM! I have a family and a lovely grandson but I don’t have the energy for them much either. I hope I have done something for the world but it has depleted me. Is there any hope left Denise? I do thank you so very much for your posts as they have kept me sane. Love to you and everyone here. x

    • Linda P.,

      I found your experience of being swarmed by those tiny black beetle-like flies interesting. It could be a lot of different things, but what was loud and clear to me about everything you said in your Comment was that you were “bugged” by the bugs before your “friend” called you in need of more of your precious life-force energies to feed and fuel herself off of. Things — including parasitic humans — were “bugging” you in multiple ways to get that one main point across to you consciously; learn to say NO to those people who bug you and bit you and parasite off of you because you continue allowing them to do so. For many of us mastering being able to honestly protect ourselves and tell other energy parasitic vampires NO!!! is a very difficult thing to learn and eventually master within ourselves.

      We elders are still here because we’re very important within the overall Ascension Process (and Embodiment Process too if one is doing that also). You’re just needing to get a firm grip on the whole boundaries thing and NOT allow anyone else to feed off of your scant energy fuel/life support as we learn and eventually master being energetically Sovereign ourselves. You want and NEED to be alone now so do it and to hell with all the other people that use you so they don’t have to evolve themselves.

      You are so valuable Linda P. because you are an aspect of Source God All That Is rediscovering that fact as Linda P. here on physical ascending Earth. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Linda, I have been in a lot of discomfort too. Burning rashes in small patches all over, headaches, muscle pain, exhaustion, very hungry. I just want to be on my own most of the time as well. Don’t want to go anywhere or do anything either. I find every day life boring, every day the same, get up, go to work, come home, eat and sit down, go to bed, get up, go to work again…………….groundhog day, every day the same. This world is a waking nightmare. I do the basics but don’t care about doing anything else. We are not the only ones who feel like this, a lot of people seem to be going through this disengagement process.

      • Perfectly said Megan and I’ve felt exactly the same since 2006. It’s been a long, hard, lonely road out of dense dark negative shit-town for sure! But, we’ve done it even though it doesn’t show externally yet. Everyone hang in there and continue Working on yourselves, on embodying and Embodying, because that is what gets us all to NEW Earth sooner rather than later. ❤

    • Thank you Denise for your reply as it verifies what I know I should do.We all need to look after ourselves 1st. now although hard to do. Thank you Megan for your reply also. You sound like you’re going through the same as me, every day the same with not much interest so we have to hang in there as we have come so far.
      Denise you are great and help us all so much. Love and strength to you as your life is not easy either and you give us your energy in your posts, so grateful. xxx

  • Hi Denise. Seeing my comment and the others with mine, I think I see a pattern. First I am and do feel great amounts of energy. Sometimes its hard to think. Well you have said it time after time that when light floods in, td has a fit. The other pattern right on que is horrific animal abuse in my fb feed. And like the dog issues I brought up last blog, we are feeling the deep anger. ” I also feel great fear for speaking out. Guilt. Its not spiritual. Im in danger or will be targeted.” Every doubt I have is magnified. I think Lisa Renee describes something also in one of her recent blogs. So its put up or shut up time.

    Ps. Please address the coming retrogrades…saturn, pluto, etc…. I feel fear about it for no reason. And like others have stated, retrogrades typically come and go for me, but NOT this last one!

    • Ps. Please address the coming retrogrades…saturn, pluto, etc…. I feel fear about it for no reason. And like others have stated, retrogrades typically come and go for me, but NOT this last one!

      Edith & All,

      I’ve had an article in the works about the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction happening all of 2019, and reaching exact degree on January 12, 2020, for months and I just can’t seem to get it done because of everything else that’s happening… that’s part of that conjunction! O_o

      Too many people have this fear over retrograde planets, especially Mercury, but all of them really. Retrogrades are good, positive things that give us all some more much needed time to figure stuff out in ourselves, in our lives, consciousness, in the world etc. Retrogrades are gentle pauses where we all get to go back and look and feel things in a different light so that when that planet goes direct motion again in a few weeks or months, we’re actually ready and able to integrate the whole transit during the final direct motion phase.

      I just checked and Saturn and Pluto both go retrograde near the end of April 2019 which is interesting to me because the last week or so of April is when the Third Energy Wave of early 2019 arrives and I sense it’s going to be VERY different from Wave 1 and Wave 2 of 2019. April has always been potent but this year it’s going to change many of us in very profound and positive (greater Embodiment) sorts of ways. Why? Because we did the Work and the prep Work of Wave 1 and Wave 2 so Wave 3 (triality, trinity etc.) will be extraordinary I suspect, expect. ❤

      NO FEAR over anything Edith and anyone else. NO FEAR at all. We are becoming living Source Selves and that's all good, very good indeed. 😀 ❤

  • How do I do this ascension thing with a new teen child in tow? I’m a lone parent. She was living with her grandfather when it all kicked off in earnest back in 2016. I found 2016 – 2017 very surreal but still manageable because G-d was walking with me. I started embodying in spring 2017. As in Higher power entering my body and shrinking into my vessel while I was lying down. My heart felt replaced by a ball of fire. My voice started echoing when I spoke. So many surreal/spirit things happening. We moved in fall 2017 and I had to leave her alone a lot. She started acting out while things were intensifying even more. I’m finding rearing a teen while going through this almost impossible. I now feel like G-d has deserted me but still surreal things happening. I’m feeling angry a lot recently because it’s all too much. There are no other responsible adults bar her grandfather who is in a different country that can help. Advice please, Denise. Grateful for any input. I’ve just hit 37.

  • Oh my gosh, I’m feeling walloped today— being triggered left and right about things I really thought I’d dealt with (marriage issues, financial stuff, authority figure issues, health fears, etc.) Yesterday I felt a huge activation and influx of light, so I guess it’s showing everywhere I still hold any darkness. Hooray but also 😱 I keep resetting and then something new. I’ll carry on, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing these bursts of anger/worry. I saw some of the threads below about the last few days being intense!

    • I’ve been having anger issues about injustices long ago. For me, I think it’s just clearing more stuff. I just need to be aware of that so I don’t get caught up in the anger. Or, after reading other’s experiences, it might be a TD effect trying to drag me down to a lower frequency. Either way, I remain aware so I don’t get mired in the negativity. Have to keep reminding myself, though 😉

      It isn’t easy Kara, but I hope this helps.

      • ‘Anger gets shit done.’

        That was a line from American Gods TV show which I loved! 😀 It’s true too, anger gets us motivated to do or no longer do certain things and that is very much what the Ascension Process does to us all.

        • Hi Denise. Its still confusing becuz I see Im in my solar plexus and reacting emotionally but responding mentally. I become trapped there when I forget to stay heart centered and in observer mode. I just read a legitimate report that a doc in chandler az reported parents to some specially created unit to forcibly break into their home and remove a child because they decided they did not need to take him to the hospital as advised. Its god damn sxary and upsetting….. Forcing people. Forcing vaccines filled with neuro toxins, forcing people to buy insurance (thankfully stopped).

        • Thanks, Tyche1! That was definitely true of my experience (maintaining the awareness of clearing more stuff while it surfaces). Today felt clearer, hope that was the case all around. ❤️❤️

    • Yes. A major blast of anger/worry here for me this week as well, Kara. I can really sympathize with your feeling of “I keep resetting and then something new…” xoxo

  • Hi. I’m not experiencing any of that. I find I keep engaging anger now that I finally see for myself the level of manipulation, force, and control by td via so many many avenues! And then I catch myself and ask myself what am I embracing. And to Stop It! (I desire to give my opinion and do so when I think I’m seeing tunnel vision and blind following/obeying, etc…)

    I either can’t sleep well or feel like a tired sloth all day. My mental body IS over stimulated. My body is still out of alignment and still have heel pain.

    I feel just adrift… I need and want to get things done but it takes such an effort just now. I am confronted with the inner life I created to survive and now don’t know another way to live and express my life. But I also know that I know Great change, inner change has indeed taken hold and is Expressing thru me and manifesting step by step in my life. Its like, OK! Now what? I’m done. I’m empty. Why am I here? (Not sad or down or depressed).

    To answer my own concern, its got to be to drop the mental engagement with what’s happening in the world (and its been addictive and emotional, maybe I’ve also been food). I need to focus on what I want. Joy. Higher energy. Knowing as my higher self. I see, and I have been seeing my choice to keep engaging in lower energies when I’m home. I’m most tempted here alone to take the bait and engage. Engage and regret.

    There is so much to be grateful for! Life itself, that which we are in truth!

    Denise, it’s amazing to me that this has been a battle for me. But you remind me of the truth versus the illusion and glamour happening. I imagine for sensitives that so much miasm and thoughtforms of a lower order are floating around seeking a home! And the bait is thinking I need to be an active mental opinion giving participant to create change!

    • Edith, I read your post after I posted a response to Kara (above) but you said it so much better! Thank you!

  • Denise,

    I know this topic has been touched upon not long ago and I was wondering if you’d ever go into it further: false lightworkers. There is a specific one that has many followers and HE emphasizes the importance of the sacredness of sexual energy, in fact he makes it sound like it is THE most powerful sacred energy.

    He also states that there will be “bubbles of heaven” which are literal physical locations on earth that will withstand global catastrophes during/after the event. And that it will require money to build, so come with money, don’t expect to freeload.

    He is also adamantly anonymous, to this day.

    There are many others, but to me, he stands out as one of the most misleading.

    I apologize if this isn’t a topic you care to comment on, if so please ignore this.

    Love you 😘

  • Hi everyone and Denise! Just wanted to share that the song by John Lennon, Strange Days Indeed, has been flowing through my awareness the past few days. “Nobody told me there’d be days like these/ strange days indeed/ most peculiar, mama”. Of course, I think Divine mama. It is the most cool, peculiar, HighHeart kind of “strange”. Love you all.

  • I too am hearing noises in the hallway outside my bedroom. We lock our door and alarm our home every night, so logically I know that no one is there. However it still bothers me as I can’t imagine what I am hearing.
    What is even worse than that is I wake up at 2:30 am and look straight into the eyes of a person sitting next to my bed. This is happening frequently sometimes it is a man sometimes it is a woman. They do not disappear right away, so I think this is our 5th dimensinal senses coming on line now and so we can hear and see into the 5th because it is our intention to ascend and place our consciousness there. What a ride!

  • Thank you SO MUCH, Denise, for this article. The first part is exactly my experience. The Divine Mama has been doing her best to get me to “retire” from my current level of service since August 2018. I think many (if not most) of us forerunners have been running our spiritual work/service from the “unhealed healer” aspect, and of course, how could it have been any other way? I know as I did my work, healing and teaching others, I was also healing myself. As of last summer, though, I’ve been told it’s time to move on ~ and that to continue my current work would be to DENY that I’ve been healed, as well as perpetuating the cycle of “needing to heal” in others.

    I was told that I’d been let out of prison and to stay behind telling other inmates how to get out of prison is NOT part of my mission now. I’d not only be denying that I’ve been healed, but I’d also be denying my own FREEDOM.

    I admit it’s been a big leap, as SO MUCH of my identity has been wrapped up not only in my own pain, but also in having the answers for others and helping to “fix” them. My identity, my worth, my purpose, my money, etc…all wrapped up in the “needing to heal” paradigm. It’s been a full seven months of deprogramming and rewiring this certain aspect of myself. And FINALLY I’m getting that others will free themselves WITHOUT my input! hahaha! What a revelation! The same Divine Voice that speaks through me CAN and IS speaking through THEM! To think they need ME, is to deny their OWN Divinity! Oh the FREEDOM that comes through this! It truly does feel like the END of an EONS-LONG contract. I KNOW I’ve healed probably in ALL my lifetimes…and now I don’t have to anymore. Holy Shit, what will I DO with all my free time now that I’m healed and don’t have to heal anyone else??!!! The answer: ANYTHING I FUCKING WANT! (The revelation is so big it deserves a swear or two.)

    Your article coming on the tail-end of this retrograde journey feels like I’m finally able to PUT THIS DOWN FOR GOOD.
    I’m walking out of that prison fully healed and into a FREEDOM that I’ve never known before and can’t even imagine. AMEN!


    • “Holy Shit, what will I DO with all my free time now that I’m healed and don’t have to heal anyone else??!!! The answer: ANYTHING I FUCKING WANT! (The revelation is so big it deserves a swear or two.)”

      Kate S.,

      😀 Absolutely correct, anything you/me/we want!

      What’s next up for us is re-learning how to become Conscious Creators. Intentionally and with full responsibility and from our HighHearts Consciously Creating the NEW Earth world and many of the things we want it in. That’s just for starters, what each of us does once we’ve re-familiarized ourselves being intentional and Conscious Creators is another story. But for now it’s focusing on building our NEW Earth world(s) with all we want in it/them and all we won’t ever allow in it/them.

      Very well done you, ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hi Denise and everyone! The last three days have been so chaotic! Communication at work very offish. I’m 63 and have been trying to go to 3-10’s instead of the 4-10’s that I do now. I told my manager I was wearing down and very tired. She said no to the cut in hours and that it has nothing to do with age. That maybe I should see a doctor. If I get to the bathroom more than once in the 11 hours that I’m there, I am lucky. If I drink 16 ounces of water I am lucky. I get a half hour lunch and no breaks. Just the regular nurse story. I also have had mood swings out of this world. I’m trying to maintain some balance. Today feels like a maybe a better day. Of course I’m off work today. lol Last night the constant noise that I’ve had for years seemed to run through my whole body. It seemed as if my body was ringing with an energy that I found welcome even though it woke me up. It sounded as if it was raining and thundering loudly outside but when I looked outside…everything was quiet. Just the regular ringing in my ears and head. Anyway, hoping for a better day. Love Linda

    • Linda C.,

      You must have kidneys of steel to get away with drinking so little water every day! As one whose passed kidney stones and years later had a UTI go up into one kidney, I drink a lot of water every day and not much else.

      Are you planning on retiring soon, I hope, to get away from such an abusive job/manager? You know that “no breaks” is illegal in all work places.

      I’ve heard the sounds of rain when there is none here physically too, along with all sorts of other weird and impossible sounds that I thought at the time were physical. When we embody more higher frequency Light energies/codes etc. our vibratory rate increases (every time), which some other people have called our ‘Light quotient’ being increased. All the same thing, but yes, it can be felt as that Inner Body Vibrating I’ve written about for over a decade now. We embody more and higher and higher Light which makes us vibrate faster and higher which eventually “ascends” us right up and out of old 3D Earth and into the NEW Earth which is a vibrational match to us — us to it.

      Here’s to hoping you retire soon, or get another job! 🙂 ❤

    • Where I live in SoCal, all of the heavy rains have caused the hills here to bloom with massive amounts of orange colored poppy flowers. They’re beautiful but they are drawing so many people to come see them — and take selfies of themselves with the flowers — that there are traffic jams, police, shuttle vehicles in and out of areas, and of course most of the people are trampling all over the hills and flowers and basically being disrespectful idiots. Something so beautiful and natural and humans are so starved for IT but they don’t know how to behave in Nature at all. It’s so sad and embarrassing.

      People sleeping/passing out and/or just being still and laying with Nature and the animals (cows in this case) in IT is a great way for humanity to re-learn how to exist, respectfully with Nature and everything besides their damned smartphones.

      • I live on the CA coast. Was guided here in the late 90’s and the universe has quite literally conspired to keep me here, for the time being anyway. I knew I was brought here for some serious healing and I know a blessing when I experience it 🙂 I understand what you’re saying Denise and I totally agree. I hope everyone here enjoys a peaceful day.

      • Wow. That’s gotta be hard to witness. Can I understand it? I guess…. in that they are starved because they continue to look to the outside of themselves for their ‘fill’.

  • Ditto the noisy times and the quiet times. Being a rural gal, I confess the cows threw me off there for a bit! I thought at night I was hearing street sweepers, a whole convoy of them. Got up, nope, nothing happening out there. Heard them a few times afterwards, and then a couple of weeks ago I was woken up by quiet. Apparently, it’s possible to wake up because of quiet! That was one of the nicest ‘times’ I’ve ever experienced. It was so quiet, I was sure the world had ended… maybe it did for a while… thought at the very least, the power had gone out… no, street lights shining, but so quiet it was like floating in space. Smiling here… maybe the horse manure was left by Pegasus. Thanks, Denise, for this post and Everyone for their comments. Love, B.

    • Hearing bull/cow hooves and bellowing in the middle of the night two nights ago threw me too Barbara!

      I’m going to add this information here for everyone.

      Tuesday March 26, 2019 (only yesterday as I write this even though it feels much longer), all day and all night into March 27th, felt extremely outside of linear time. The energies all day and all night were EXTREMELY hyper and intense and made it impossible for me to even sit still all day. I tried sitting still and tried to nap yesterday but no matter what I did I was so “wired” and hyper that I just kept getting up and doing things that needed to be done in the house. I got so much accomplished yesterday while linear time was non-existent. The day just went on and on and on from my perspective so I just kept doing another project, then another and another and didn’t nap once and hardly sat down to rest all day which is highly unusual for me.

      After the sun went down yesterday, March 26th, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep much that night either because the energies were still the highest hyper-like out-of-linear-time I’ve EVER felt. I did my best to sleep last night but really just tossed and turned all night. Only heard a few bumps and bangs throughout the night but I did have, and still do have today, the sense that something every substantial has changed, shifted, moved since March 26, 2019. I also sense some very large positive Beings watching us (by us I mean we Volunteers/Starseeds/Forerunners/Pathpavers/First Embodiers etc) because of this latest energy change. They seem to be curious about us and this recent big change of external and internal locations we’ve just made thanks to some big NEW energies and codes being transmitted by the Sun.

      I just wanted to get this information out before the next blast of whatever happens and I forget about how big and important March 26, 2019 was in that I was, and I believe we all were, NOT in linear time space at all for over 24 hours individually and as a Group collective. That is a very big deal and in my opinion another strong indicator that we are deep in the Separation of Worlds now. Since March 25, 2019 it’s been extremely intense energetically with all sorts of NEW codes, plasma, Light, energies etc. saturating us, our bodies and consciousness and more. Because this latest shift that took us out-of-time as a Group, it may take each of us some “time” to adjust and acclimate our physical bodies and Central Nervous Systems to wherever we are now, today. More to come no doubt so rest plenty when you can because our bodies have NEVER gone through what they are now. ❤

      • Hi everyone,

        I am in agreement with yesterdays intensity, being wired and feeling “out of linear time”. It actually still feels that way it’s just a bit calmer. Maybe it’s part of adjusting to it. Anyway I just want to say thankyou to all who participate in sharing their experiences it really helps to know that others are having similar weird things happening to and around them.

        Am not hearing cows/bulls but I am having a fair share of weird stuff going on.

        Thanks again and a toast to all to co create a beautiful world.

      • So that is what THAT was. I was flowing from project to project and had all this energy too. Thank you for sharing this information. Much HighHeart LOVE to you. 🌞

      • Hi Denise, How about you doing a short “daily experience” journal, open to comments whereby we can all
        get “real time” info and see how many are experiencing similar, at that time.

        Don’t know about anyone else, but for me, under the daily day/night deluge of stuff coming through on
        Every level in Every which way, hard to remember exactly what happened 30 minutes ago, and when I
        have to remember something from before yesterday??,

        Big event, happened somewhere in the last 3-4 days have a feeling it may have been Monday or Tuesday. When things get to “heavy”, I lie down for 30 mins to an hour to get myself functional again, I had been asleep for around 30 mins with alarm set for 1 hour, when my Left Temple, inside and out and with a boom sound got hit so hard it knocked my head facing the other way, yes, I was fully awake then but so tired it only took me a moment to try and analyze what had happened (which tired me out) and fall asleep again before I could get it on paper, there is absolutely no record of this happening in the Journal yet I can still almost feel the impact to my head. We remember the traumatic stuff but so much other info fades very quickly but a lot of the time talking about the experience will fire up the stuff lying just below the surface.

        There is a lot in my journal about “Them” using different guises to prey on my weaknesses for the purpose of misdirection, misleading, confusing and taking your energy or getting more information about you or your whereabouts. I am not saying be afraid, I mean be aware that not everything is what it seems and don’t give out any sensitive or personal information without being very sure of who or what you are communicating with.

        Just realized that that is Very good advice for everyone to apply to everything in our lives, nothing says that they do not have physical ways of getting at us too! Sorry for the bad writing, grammar etc., hope you can make some sense of this..
        Love to all

      • Wow, the energies are intense. Heart thumping, head pressures, wooziness, wiredness, spaciness and inability to be still. Feels like energies are coming at us at breakneck speed. Just reporting in.

        • “GEOMAGNETIC UNREST TODAY: Earth is entering a stream of high-speed solar wind. The gaseous material is flowing from a minor hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Full-fledged geomagnetic storms are unlikely, but geomagnetic unrest and Arctic auroras are likely on March 28th as Earth moves deeper into the stream. Aurora alerts: SMS text, email.

          CAN HUMANS SENSE MAGNETIC STORMS? Close your eyes and relax. Daydream about something pleasant. In this state your brain is filled with “alpha waves,” a type of electrical brainwave associated with wakeful relaxation.

          Now try it during a geomagnetic storm. It may not be so easy. A new study just published in the journal eNeuro by researchers at Caltech offers convincing evidence that changes in Earth’s magnetic field can suppress alpha waves in the human brain.

          The human magnetoreception test chamber at Caltech. [full caption]

          Researchers have long known that living creatures can sense magnetic fields. For instance, honeybees, salmon, turtles, birds, whales, and bats use the geomagnetic field to help them navigate, and dogs can be trained to locate buried magnets.

          “Many animals can do it, so why not us?” asks Connie Wang, Caltech graduate student and lead author of the eNeuro study.

          To find out if humans can indeed sense magnetic fields, the researchers built an isolated radiofrequency-shielded chamber where participants sat in utter darkness for an hour. As magnetic fields shifted silently around the chamber, participants’ brain waves were measured using electrodes positioned at 64 locations on their heads.

          In some of the 34 participants, alpha brainwaves decreased in power by as much as 60 percent in response to the shifting fields. Additional runs of the experiment showed that the effect was reproducible.

          Changes in alpha brainwave amplitude following rotations of an Earth-strength magnetic field. The darker the blue color, the more dramatic the drop.

          Study co-authors Joseph Kirschvink and Shin Shimojo say this is the first concrete evidence of a new human sense: magnetoreception.

          Remarkably, participants who experienced the changes reported no awareness of them. It appears to be a completely unconscious effect, never rising to the level of a conscious interruption. This led the researchers to suggest it may be vestigial, some remnant of an ancient ability to navigate using local magnetic cues.

          “It is perhaps not surprising that we might retain at least some functioning neural components [of magnetoreception], especially given the nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle of our not-too-distant ancestors,” says Kirschvink.

          “As a next step, we ought to try bringing this into conscious awareness,” adds Shimojo.

          Does this mean people may be able to sense geomagnetic storms? It’s unclear.

          When solar storms hit Earth, they cause our planet’s magnetic field to shake, moving back and forth. Compass needles at mid-latitudes can move by as much as 4 or 5 degrees (ref). The Caltech study did not look at changes of that size, however. Magnetic fields inside their test chamber shifted by +/- 90 degrees–much, much larger than a typical geomagnetic storm. As a result, we do not yet know if human magnetorecepton is sensitive enough to detect the relatively subtle changes associated with space weather.

          Says Kirschvink, “the full extent of [human magnetoreception] remains to be discovered.” Stay tuned.

          A sharable version of this story may be found here.”

          They’re slowly figuring it out! 😉

      • Thanks, Denise for the heads-up about a substantial change and “jump” to a new energetic space on March 26th. Have been feeling “weird,” like I’m here and NOT here at the same time.

  • What is the meaning of the sound of horse hooves? This is something I experienced nightly as a young child, I would run to the window to catch a view of the horses, but never did! Yes, to the early morning loud crashes.

    • cj,

      It could be any number of things such as you were clairaudient when you were a child and were hearing residual sounds, and/or you were hearing something from one of your “past” lives etc.

  • I think this is article related. Could i ask you about the merkeba, i dont understand it much. I think we have to build it, as part of the bridge to 5d. Part of our light body. Just since the equinox, (as it settles), i too, feel that blissy, love state, that helps make as aches n pains worthwhile……… Last few days, i have felt wonderful love and light pouring from the earth. As well as a chain of support, coming from creator, all the higher dimensions. 12. 11 10.9 8 7 6 5 coming through, as each level grows by service, to the lower. (Bit like on earth, plants, all life supports our 3d bodys… and we support all life…. i just intuit, all this love and light flowing both ways held in our hearts, may be building. This merkeba at last, as part of seperation of worlds. Diagrams show it as 2 interlocking ?????? Geometric forms that spin. …. I would love to hear yr views, on this…. i awoke yesterday, knowing you had a new post, always a lovely start to my day. And note your/our community of comments, are growing. So valuable…… feels like the equinox wammy lightflows, are beginning to intigrate. Many thanks

    • Linda H.,

      All the aches and pains, pressures and vertigo, nausea and head pains and all the rest of the ascension side effects are you and your Physical body slowly aligning and merging with your Light body and vice versa which means you are “ascending” to a higher frequency level of being and external reality and more. You don’t need to intellectually know about the Merkaba, you do need to live the Ascension Process and embody these NEW higher Light energies and codes and DNA etc. which includes the physical body and Light body alignment and merge or union. All the Inner Body vibrations we’ve been feeling inside our physical bodies (since about 2000ish or so) continually growing and increasing in speed and strength has been the Light body and Physical bodies slowly and incrementally being embodied physically and continually increasing vibrationally.

      • Yes the spinning wheel within a wheel talked about in so many ancient writings. “All the aches and pains, pressures and vertigo, nausea and head pains and all the rest of the ascension side effects are you and your Physical body slowly aligning and merging with your Light body and vice versa which means you are “ascending” to a higher frequency level of being and external reality and more”. Thank you Denise never get tired of hearing this. I know its true in my heart why does my mind still doubt when I am overcome with “all the rest”.

        The answer came to me as soon as I posted my comment. Why does my mind doubt. Its as simple as one word. WORTHY. Must believe we are worthy

  • Yes to the banging/ wheel rolling at night and the very quiet days. Also feeling like the only person on the planet a lot of times. Does anyone else have very tender breasts and ribs around the heart-and not caused by hormones.

    • “Does anyone else have very tender breasts and ribs around the heart-and not caused by hormones.”


      I have this off and on and have for over a decade now. The aches and feeling bruised and sore in either or the front or back of the body at and near the HighHeart area — the Thymus gland sits high up above the physical heart. My spine in-between my shoulder blades often gets so sore I can’t sit for long and it feels like vertebra in that area are out of place. Also the muscles around my shoulder blades and back in that same area get so sore they feel like I’ve fallen or been in some sort of “accident”. In the front of my body it also feels extra sensitive much of the time. This gets so severe at times that drinking water or swallowing food causes my esophagus to spasm closed on the bite of food, which is really painful.

      All that lovely info is cased by our HighHearts activating, expanding over and over again, and Embodying more Light. The HighHeart (Thymus gland) is the NEW core platform and seat of focus etc. for evolved, ascended humanity. Before the Ascension Process started, the old level was the gut area, the Solar Plexus chakra (ego and egoic consciousness) and the bottom two chakras below it. We have ascended that old lower bottom three chakras and the energies and consciousness that went with them from that past cycle and level etc. Now it’s all about the focus and center in the HighHeart, the unified self, integrated self, Triality, Unity consciousness etc. from the HighHeart and not the old lower mind. Because of this HUGE shift many of us have been having all sorts of pains, pressures and sensitivities in and around this HighHeart area both front and back.

      • Dear Denise,
        Thank you for answering Debbies post I have in the past and recently felt bruised in the rib area and chest.
        I also want to mention that the cube vision is repeating ie..the crystal cube came towards to me again, this time with a x across the front…and also the face of a lion…I am getting some info..perhaps the seals are opening? not sure..and I wonder if anyone else is seeing this?
        xo Penny

        • Penny,

          Yes the ribs, lungs and shoulders even all often feel the HighHeart expansions of Embodying increasing amounts of Light and NEW codes etc. My upper back area has been really sore and bruised feeling again for a week or so.

          Don’t forget that because we’re now in the Aquarian Age with its energies, that the opposite sign with its energies and ruler etc. are just as much a part of it all. Aquarius ruled by Uranus and is an AIR sign has Leo the Lion, a FIRE sign ruled by the Sun and rules the heart, but now it’s the HighHeart because of the Ascension Process so everything is functioning at a much higher level… because we are! 😉 Just think/feel into evolved Uranus and Sun energies and how that’s going to be at on a fifth dimensional NEW ascended Earth with NEW ascended humans of Light. ❤ ⭐ ❤

          The crystal cube sounds very positive and representative of the NEW, like the crystal triangles –aka Crystalline Trinity DNA. We should all be prepared to see, feel, hear, know and understand A LOT MORE from this point on.

    • Hi Denise and everyone, Me too, major upper back soreness/pain, and minor rib pain too. I have been working the back pain with sound and a theracane, it is a magical massage tool, since I can’t afford to pay for bodywork. For me anyway, the pain has been a kind of knocking of information/light that wants to come out. When I apply very deep pressure and sound vibration, light is released. I had the most amazing experience with this the other night. I had so much pain it felt like I had a broken shoulder, and after 2 hrs of massage with the theracane (yes it took that long to get any relief) I was sparkling with light all around outside my body out to about 12 inches. Major sparkliness is the best way I can describe the very soft yet strong vibrational energy. It’s the first time I’ve felt the energy outside my body instead of inside it. I am rereading now Bringers of the Dawn, and she talks about information stored in our bones that can be released by sound and body work. Love to all, finally Spring is here!

  • Denise and Linda H and all that come here….
    It is exciting times we live in…
    Linda, I am 73 also, was a single parent and like many others worn out and done!
    This blog has helped me in so many ways and most importantly…to find like minded souls.
    I had a different vision while meditating today. I saw a crystal cross and a large crystal cube grew from the centre ..popped forward in a dimensional way. My first thought was a poet from the early sixties Ferligetti… something about christ climbed down from the cross. I am not sure what this means perhaps other that its time to lay down our burdens! My work is done!
    I was talking with my cat of 19 years and telling her it was time to go to another place with me and her head turned towards me and it was her eyes …she knew…
    Love to all

  • Loved reading about the “cows pushing trash bins” sound! Now I won’t freak out if I hear it (or similar) too. For a few weeks, I heard smaller “crashing” sounds in my apartment that didn’t have any logical explanation. Sounded like something falling. Yes, indeed to “Pathpaver burnout.” Captures it perfectly!

    Love to you, Denise & all here.

    p.s. to everyone who commented about “banging” noises: THANKS. For some reason, I have been hearing them late at night, and the noise seems to come from my hallway, but there’s nothing there. Wonder what it means?

  • I don’t know if this is matching at all what you described about the sounds in your environment Denise, but I’ll mention this. This may be different, but connected?? In 2017 and 2018, it felt like the past was like sunlight on my windowsill. No longer removed from the present, it was right there entering the room, very gently. Then overtime it felt like it was floating in the room, quietly in the present. Now this past week, it’s like 1980 something is alive and kicking right in with 2019!!! I’m baffled by it, but I’m baffled by much now as are many and I’m OK with baffled!! I can say that this phenomena is a secret joy for me, this magic of past with the present. The future is here too! But that has no shape to notice it by only feeling. There is so much magic now that it’s just like, where do we begin!?!!?! I pray more and more comes I’m happy to celebrate it! I watched a couple early 80s films past seven days, recently watched “Heaven Can Wait” with Warren Beatty. I saw this as a kid couple years after it’s release in a really wonderful place outside running around with a bunch of other kids and loved it. I could feel all that light and energy of the past while I watched. I could feel 1981 in the air, in me even, in the same space and time now!! It’s incredible, what on earth is that about! It’s so quantum so petrifying so perfect and so awesome all at once! And ALL that’s OK! I love it!!! Like hearing horse shoes clapping the ground outside and carts or wagon wheels which routinely delivered everything once upon a time, all outside your own window right NOW!!! And it is OK it’s all ok I am guessing! Not that I understand any bit of it! LOVE to you for all your honest sharing💓

  • Wonderful Denise, we love you. I have been hearing “banging noises” also. And, in perfect synchronicity with many of you, have come to the realization that I have to let go of energies that are, simply put, no longer serving me. I don’t remember where I heard it, but we are no longer light “workers” but light “bearers.” As you made very clear: it’s done. I am beginning to see my need to “rescue or save” is really perpetuating the existence of lower energies. Enough! I am telling the energies to just “go away” and I find “friends” slowly showing up less and less and all this without my having to engage in 3-d. Just tell them to go. Get out! This was a wonderful post; thank you.

    • “…I am beginning to see my need to “rescue or save” is really perpetuating the existence of lower energies. Enough! “

      Thank you for your honesty Mary P. Chin and your insight into this issue. Far more need to have this higher awareness about this “saving, rescuing” others. As long as someone is enabling and/or co-dependent with this or any other old lower belief systems, the longer they last. This is about everyone walking away from the old because it’s time to evolve into the NEW. Just stop focusing on and participating with all of the old lower 3D things and instead focus on the NEW higher. ❤

  • Hello Denise and everyone here! Just wanted to comment on the flip side of nightly ruckus, does anyone notice that during the daytime it’s eerily quiet?

    I live in Fort Lee, NJ where everyone with kids from Manhattan (and other surrounding boroughs) want to move into cuz of desirable school zone so there are new constructions happening all around me and yet it’s QUIET. The constructions are going on but inside my house it’s oh so quiet. And it is deafening, I only hear a high pitch ear ringing constantly.

    And yes, I’m done with 3D earth. My soul decided for me that I’m moving onto 5D Earth, and it feels more and more like I’m already there. No matter where I go I’m met with smiling faces, friendliness and clean environment, even in Manhattan! I gotta tell ya how much I hated going into the city for its low vibes but not lately! Occasionally I see a grumpy face and I notice how much it irrates them to see all the high vibes in people around them. Haha! It’s just as you’ve said Denise.

    These last few months I have felt more and more ecstatic, blissful and completely worry free. If a troublesome thought arrives, it goes away just as quickly as it came. The Self-As-Source feels activated in me and now I feel like I KNOW things. Its as if I’ve stepped into my Higher Self, all my thoughts, decisions and actions are dictated by my HS. It’s hard to explain.

    It feels to me that the trash bins rolling around by bulls is exactly that; Uranus in Taurus arrived to take the trash out. The nightly howls seem like TD dying, starving and in pain. It’s all seriously freaking awesome!

    Final note, waking up in the mornings feels sooo strange; I’m woozy, wooly headed and for a few minutes I have to try hard to adjust to the frequencies and materialize in this meat suit, at least that’s what it feels like to me.

    I love you all, all the fabulous readers of Denise’ blog and thank you Denise for guiding us this far. 🙏❤️

    • Oh my …yes!! It is strangely quiet! I live in Sacramento and just a few hours ago I mentioned how QUIET it was! The noise at night and the quiet during the day. So much going on. Hugs to all.

      • Lavender Dreams, it’s quite nice isn’t it? Well, at least the quiet day part. I haven’t experienced too much noise at night, just some shrieking or howling but that’s been going on for awhile that I learned to ignore them.

        Haven’t heard banging, clanging or bins doing the tumbleweed rolling down the streets and I’m glad I haven’t cuz THAT would keep me up and I loves me my sleep. Poor you, Denise and everyone else who do hear that!

        Only comforting words I can offer is: this too shall pass! And soon I hope 🤞

        • Yes, the quiet seems like I’m in an “old place”…hard to describe. Like the past and future are meeting RIGHT NOW…here. I am so happy to be alive during this fascinating time!!

    • “Just wanted to comment on the flip side of nightly ruckus, does anyone notice that during the daytime it’s eerily quiet?”

      YES Jain Lee! I LOVE it when it goes silent everywhere because over these ascension years it’s always indicated that we’re once again moving deeper into the NEW, farther across the “Bridge to NEW Earth” and so on. When it goes silent it’s indicating that you/me/we are not in linear time space and we’re not in the old lower 3D patriarchal Earth world but sort of sailing through space into a NEW and much higher level of being. I’ve experienced this one since around 2005, or at least that was the year I first noticed this ascension related side effect.

      You described the ongoing Embodiment merging with our Higher Self/Selves really well Jain, it’s a slow increase of more and more inner peace, knowing, empowerment, and general sovereignty with yourself as Source in your physical body and self. There’s a lot more of this coming for everyone whose made the choice to Embody (capital E!) ❤ ❤ ❤

      • “sailing through space into a NEW and much higher level of being.”

        I love the sound of that! And that is exactly what it feels like, it’s kinda like Dali’s painting of melting clocks but happier and trippier against a backdrop of a rainbow bridge. Hey, someone should actually redo that painting with blissed out people floating on the bridge, sums up the experience quite well.

        Thank you again Denise!

      • Yes! So quiet! I was really feeling that March 26 and especially March 27…A quiet that penetrated all levels of consciousness. It feels so restful not just physically but beyond…
        Thanks for mentioning it! Love to All and Blessings, Nancy

  • Thanks Denise, I got injured doing my work, intense travel, big groups, filthy earth energy clearing…. one of my groups is called the MOOS, my family are called Bull, the last member of which just transitioned and I knew it marked a massive turning point. I went to the dieticians two weeks ago and they admitted me immediately as my weight was dangerously low. I’ve been a human recycling depot for 26 years on the planet, absolutely desperate…… Kicked and punched by anything that wanted to throw itself at me and blind as a bat… I chose it of course.

    I’m going home tomorrow thank heavens.. They’ve done a complete overhaul and apart from a knackered pelvis all of which is repairable in time, most importantly they took me off ALL the drugs I have HAD to take to continue to “play” this game. I have pleaded to get to this stage for years and although I am going to take time to recover and I couldn’t care less what I do next.

    I love you all, you are all superstars, you all helped to sustain me through this final mission, thank you Denise, I hope you sleep tonight, I’ll be with you in my un-sedated state of wakefulness…..
    Spirit is singing Golden Slumber and Little Bo Peep right now.

  • Thank you Denise for addressing this and providing the much needed clarification. For the longest time, none of what I was experiencing made any sense whatsoever. I had no idea why my life was one relentless challenge after another, while those around me seemed to thrive. When I was in my early 30s, I began having a sense that my life was somehow a “sacrifice” for the benefit of others. And that aspect of me feels utterly and completely expired now. I will turn 57 this year and long to just BE. I look forward to getting on that train leading to my new Home. Much Love to you and everyone here. xoxo

    • Francesca, Thank you! for asking that original question. I couldn’t have said it better. I just turned 58, I’m tired and uninvested in the goings on in this life right now. I feel like I’m ready to go “home”. It is so helpful to hear others feeling similar. I’m so glad to have this forum. Things are definitely going wonky. I wonder if it’s my imagination sometimes. Just recently the floors in my treatment room have appeared to vibrate/shimmer as if dissolving. I blink over and over to try to correct my sight but it continues. I wonder is anyone else experiencing this. Anyway, I just wanted to say “thank you” to both you and Denise. Love, Light, Blessings and fortitude. 🙏🏻

      • Renae,

        I’ve Seen this too at different times since 1999. I used to compare the look of it to a heat mirage, shimmering and undulating in certain areas.

        • That’s exactly what it looks like. It appears in puddles, not the entire floor. I’m a massage therapist so I wondered if it had something to do w/energy moving or “pooling” in areas. I’m weirdly fascinated by it. As far as the noises and being woken up at night, I’m having trouble sleeping too. Sometimes I wake up because of the banging or a loud popping sound and it’s usually in the 3 o’clock hour. I really do miss a good night’s sleep. Beam me up! 😉

  • I’d like to add that there are also dads going through this as well. I had all but given up until a realization regarding self-worth just over a year ago. It wasn’t until that moment that anything really made sense. I truly empathize with Francesca, and anyone else going through that.

  • i see the triangular- crystalline dna, since this was `activated` in me jan 21… the energy of this was quite tough, caused vertigo and eye issues – all of which i have / am adjusting too.
    the pastel colors are beautiful, mostly blue green, sometimes fushia.
    and i see light codes – dark letters that are moving, looks like kanji but are not (not reiki either). apparently these eneregies are radiated out, causing activation in those in my environment that are ready.
    oh and yes to the unexplainable loud noises at night!

  • Hi Denise, I totally get everything you are talking about. Not hearing cows, but I am hearing loud noises, like shrieks, or cries, and yes loud bangs inside my home. I go to look at what’s going on and nothing there. The noises don’t last long, a few seconds. Sometimes hear loud noises like these when I am asleep. Not sure what they are. I am used to them now, so I don’t get alarmed. Also been seeing flashing geometric triangle trails. Look like dazzling flashing complex kite tails, from a little pin point of sparkling light, that grows and take up my field of vision, but I have normal periphery vision while it is going on. Usually lasts about 20 mins and had it maybe three times over the year. This weekend I was knocked out, and flattened by what feels like a pick axe through the left side of my head. Have had this before in varying degrees of pain, but this weekend, was debilitating, lasting all day Sunday and still feel it today. Could it be Old programming being removed with a pick axe!! An upgrade? Also BIG YES to the exhaustion from it ALL. And I have been seeing various females I know, who are literally crawling on their knees, driven to get things done, health failing and falling apart. Your explanation is great. But I also feel that is the dynamic of the female, I think that the female is manipulated with programming to do this stuff, a distortion and manipulation of ‘cleaning and clearing’, it is the way to keep the divine feminine within and without, totally unbalanced, overworked and in a state of YANG, so that she not able to find her internal yin/yang balance. This also is true for males but in a different way, both are LOCKED out from their internal balance. This is one method that has been used to keep distortion in both the feminine and masculine parts of ourselves. I look after my mother who has MS and is 86, my own family, and run two homes, financially not much income so its a huge effort to just keep things running, not even to make physical improvements. The physical and energetic systems on earth are set up to fail us, and WE, on both levels i.e. normals and lightworkers, are working our butts off trying to compensate for the dire energy situation. So As Normal humans, we are working our butts off in a ‘ human response trying to jump through the hoops. to work through the systems that are set up to fail us’, and as lightworkers, we are working our butts off to redress the energy imbalance, and clear, transmute etc, to try to change the whole bloody experience, we do this by embodying all these light energies and ‘cleaning and clearing’ our own stuff, and upgrading to become bubbles of embodied light. As you say, we are not only doing for it ourselves, we have been doing it for the collective. I am not sure if we can separate ourselves from the collective right now. How would we do that?
    Thanks Michaela.

  • My closest friend I called my brother n both fans felt same died. Before that, years before that, we experienced seeing the clear triangles, but their where O n squares as well, I’m talking bout 11 years ago. We where both pointing at them… I can see y the “o” now n square. We saw then. I prayed n focused came too, my brother we called ambulance for. He was revived by the ambulance. Yes I remember having to pull (physically as well as mental energy) myself to embodiment again. I really like your descriptions, they accurately reflect mine n I know it means a whole lot for someone to relate. Love to all!

  • Thank you for sharing, it helps a lot. I’ve been seeing these triangles for while. Very much in that same silver structure in one of the pics above. I thought I’d also add something to the cow/hooves/rubbish bin tossing. It’s been building for a while personally, but today came the peak for me. Very strong energy via cows. The cruelty, mistreatment of them, the alternatives, and the overall acknowledgement that they are creatures whom feel pain, sadness, have instincts etc. Being Uranus in Taurus, is very symbolic obviously. I am also a Taurus. Thanks again 🙂

  • Hi Denise,
    I’ve been hearing the banging noises outside my house also, but here’s the weirdest thing—-
    a couple days ago when I went to get the mail, there was horse shit in the road‼️💩🤣
    There are no horses in my neighborhood, or anywhere near here!! And it seems like whenever I try to find where the noises are coming from, they just stop when I stick my head out the door. Also been hearing music and singing again, and the buzzing in my ears and head is the absolute loudest it’s ever been (which is really saying something for me!)
    It’s a strange and wonderful trip, eh🤪😜
    Much love to you and everyone💜💜💜💜
    Tammy R.

    • Tammy R.,

      Thanks for sharing about the horse poop in the road but no horses around your area. It’s like my hearing hoof sounds, not of a horse but a cow or bull in the middle of the night and I actually heard it bellow — is that the term for bulls yelling? 😆 At any rate it shocked the heck out of me because it sounded like it was only a few feet away in my next door neighbors backyard. An absolute physical impossibility but that’s what it sounded like to me two nights ago. No cows or bulls anywhere near where I live.

      Almost every time we have another BIG increase of NEW Light, energies, codes etc. we’ll typically hear even higher pitched inner ear ringing. It has gotten much louder and higher pitched a few times since 2018. Stair-steps. ❤

  • My sister and I have been hearing crashing type noises (whilst in bed) for quite some time, described as loud bangs or similar, we joke about how we are hearing the builders getting our new homes prepared in 5D, we laugh at the thought – ‘they are dropping the scaffolding’ – and yes, it is darned annoying to be woken by sudden loud noises. The bins 😠, omg those too, but I didn’t connect the dots there, because I hear them whilst sitting watching tv late evening mostly, and yes it’s like someone is dragging a wheelie bin down the path at the side of my living room, or knocking it over and it crashes to the floor with a whallop. Next morning my bins are stood upright, never been moved !

    I too have wondered about the significance of astrological energies connected to these sounds – firstly the like ‘scaffolding dropping’ sound = Saturn dismantling old structures (just my take on it folks).

    Wheelie bins being moved around = Pluto transforming the crap maybe ?’

    and the hooves (which I have not heard) … of course the Taurean Bull suddenly kicking the can down the street, or Uranus doing it’s thing ‘out of the blue’ in Taurus (first degree Earth).

    I recently had a computer and a digital clock reset the time and date, the computer turned back time to 2017 and the digital clock showed the 11 th day on two consecutive days, hence it changed the year – interesting ‘times’ we live in 😄

    • Hope & All,

      Thank you all for sharing about these really strange sounds so many have been hearing. The trash bin ones totally confused me but after reading so many of your experiences hearing the SAME trash bin-like sounds, I realized that I too have been hearing them occasionally during the day and always coming from another direction than what I’ve heard of them at night. For the longest time (all of 2018 and into 2019) I thought some neighbor across the street and down a couple of houses was obsessed with playing with his trash bins during the day! But every time I’ve gotten up to look who was making all that racket I’ve NEVER seen anyone or anything anywhere.

      Ya know what this is like? It’s like the early days of smelling burning incense and/or smoke when they’re NEVER was any physically. I remember when I first started smelling it and couldn’t believe it was so strong and in my face all the time and who in the neighborhood had their chimney burning all the damned time?! Over time I realized that there wasn’t any physical smoke or incense burning that was literally choking me, for years.

      That’s really interesting about your hearing sounds of ‘scaffolding dropping’ and it maybe being a representative of Saturn in Capricorn dismantling the old patriarchal structures. Makes a lotta sense to me! All these anomalies we’re hearing and seeing are from the Separation of Worlds. What a thing to experience in body!

      Thanks again everyone for helping me connect the seemingly “real” physical trash bin noises to NON-physical events. It’s so helpful to us all to be able to share these ultra-weird experiences that are the norm for what’s happening now. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I Sure Do Not want to f’ing stay here on prison planet any longer than NOW. I want need going to go to highest vibration LOVE Golden Age Frequency!!!!!



  • Thanks so much for this article Denise! It was an answer to what I was thinking about the last post by Celia Fenn and wanting to move into New Earth as I am so extremely done and exhausted. When I think about moving to New Earth, I get happy and energized! Also I have heard crashing noises in the middle of the night and tried to find the cause with out success. Thanks for the info there too! Big Love to You and All! Nancy

    • Denise, Your article reminded me of being in a airplane. The cabin crew inform you in case of emergency to fasten your sea belt Only after you look after yourself, do you look after your child. Is this not true of life?

  • Denise,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with the trash bins. I can completely relate, as I have had the same experience many times the past months….I just thought it was a homeless person walking down the street with his/her cart (or something like that). But whenever I would get up and look out the window I would not see anyone.
    I have also heard sounds like cows/hooves, but just thought I was being over sensitive (or a bit nutty…lol)!
    Thanks so much for sharing this, as now I don’t feel so confused about these sounds anymore❣️

    • Really Mia? You’ve heard trash bins and hooves at night too? That’s just too weird. It makes me feel better however knowing that someone else has heard these two particular strange sounds at night. And Mia, when I’ve gotten up to physically look there’s nothing there either so what we’re hearing is not physical or not what we’re interpreting it as — trash bins rolling down the street and hooved animals pushing them around or whatever it all is! Thanks for sharing Mia. ❤

      • Me too! So weird to read this being something we have in common, I’d never have thought for one minute this would be something others were experiencing too…

    • Denise,
      The trash bins sounds in the middle of the night (when I wake up) has been driving me nuts, because I can’t figure out what it is! I’ve jumped out of bed rather quickly and looked outside, only to see no one & nothing unusual. My apartment is on the second floor, so I have a good view of what is outside on the street.
      As for the cows/hooves, I’m not so sure about my interpretation of that…I mean I’m wondering if it is some kind of overlap of a past timeline…because it kind of also sounds like the sounds horses make when they are pulling a carriage (before cars were invented timline). I can’t think of the word/what the horses “shoes” are called…but that sound. Sorry for being so ambiguous, it’s just that it’s hard to explain this, with the limited language here in 3D! 🧚‍♀️💜🌠

      • No not at all Mia and I too thought what I’ve been hearing may be something from an old dying timeline where the horse and cart “rag man” was going through the town. This one has been so strange to me and the sounds loud enough to wake me up at night. Thanks again for sharing. ❤

  • Denise, thank you for yet another helpful article. I’m wondering if you can address the flip side of Francesca’s comment. I’m confident I’m not a First Waver, so to speak. I’m 38, and although I can look back and see a particular wake-up life event that happened 20 years ago and affected me deeply, my path has not mirrored many of yours in terms of the excruciating physical AP/EP since then. I’ve definitely experienced the physical/emotional/mental/spiritual aspects, but more so since 2012. When I read the last article, I felt intuitively that I am part of the volunteer group that will continue to be a teacher/healer/guide. I’ve felt intuitively called to do more publicly since 2017 (creating tools and doing workshops and sharing messages I receive on social media). When I get still and quiet inside, I don’t feel like I’m supposed to GO and separate in the same way many of you have referenced. Reading this new article was emotional for me because it’s bringing up fear that it’s because I’m “behind,” not ready, not measuring up, etc. Also a fear that I will be missing out somehow or stuck in the old. On the one hand, I can feel that all these doubts/fears are not true yet part of me is having a hard time believing it. If you have any insights or clarity, I would be very grateful. I will continue to ask my higher guidance for help, too. 💗

    • Kara,

      When’s your birthday? When do you turn 39? I ask because when everyone turns 39 their once in a lifetime Uranus Opposition starts. It runs from age 39-42 or 43 for everyone and is completely life changing. Society calls it a ‘mid-life crisis’ and it is for many people.

      I find it interesting that your Uranus Opposition transit — Uranus reaching the exact opposite point, sign and degree to where it was when you were born — begins either in 2019 or 2020. Because of this and what you said you sense about yourself, I too believe that you will come to the forefront as a NEW person and a teacher of NEW Earth via your 39th birthday once all the conjunction Work is done by transiting Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn this year into next (it’s exact on January 12, 2020). These two things make perfect sense to me about you and about all the rest of us on our different Stair-steps yet ALL Working on the Ascension Process individually and collectively. The masses that don’t know anything about the AP and EP yet are living the AP themselves need people like you to educate them about it and all of the NEW higher ways, consciousness, life, reality, creativity and so on. Trust me that when your Uranus Opposition activates on your 39th birthday, your live will change dramatically and it will all be very good. ❤ (That's when my actual Ascension Process started etherically in 1991.)

      • Thank you, Denise!! That’s fascinating and resonates for sure. My birthday is 10/21/1980. And my natal Uranus is in Scorpio 24 degrees in the 1st house. I’m a rising Scorpio. I’ve been feeling for years now that my current career (attorney)—while it has served me and given me valuable experience—is not my lifelong calling. In 2017, I finally admitted to myself out loud what I’d always known/deeply desired, that I am a healer. This was part of a catalyst that led me to do the more active/public spiritual offerings I described before AND it lead me to your site and an understanding of the AP/EP in August 2017, just weeks before the eclipse. Every time I’ve asked my higher guidance if I can/should quit my job, I get the sense of yes but not yet. So, everything you said makes a lot of sense. Also, my life path number is a 4, and I will turn 40 in 2020, which feels significant to me. Anyway, thanks for all your insights and help!!! 🌸🌿☀️

        • Perfect Kara and you’re right on top of things as usual. It’s always so fun to discover that someone is familiar with Astrology and Natal and transits etc. so the Saturn Pluto in Capricorn conjunction happening all year this year, and the recent shift of Uranus into Taurus working its way toward that exact opposition with your natal Uranus is all making sense to your higher awareness. And I agree about ‘not yet’ but very soon. 🙂 ❤

        • Well, I know how to look up my natal chart and find stuff, but I wish I understood all the rest better. 😉 Thank you for helping me, Denise! 💙💙💙

    • Kara, please dont worry, about your calling. We each have a path of service for our, and others highest good. Yours is being shown to you…
      I am 73, longing to move to permanent 5d earth. I was part of the free love , hippy lot, that didnt like the world we saw, and started to change it. The free love, “thing” ment lots of women, were single mums, as the men melted away. So in 3d, i was a worn out mother, working, fighting for womens rights, being mum and dad. Exhausted, rested. Called back, by 2nd wind. (Breath of life) to work on ascension path, which is culmination of 3d effort.
      I met a younger lady, same age as my daughter, outside my front door, drawn to see a rainbow cloud, on a sunny day, debating, if it a ship. She was a bit confused, but in absolute trust, had been called to go to egypt, to go to the temples. All i could say, was they awaken something in you.. we can trust absolutely, divine guidance.the awakening may be later on the timeline, for her..
      My daughter is 39 so i sent her Denise info on the planetry stuff.
      She is not conciously on ascension path, but has all the ascension symptoms. She has put my as talk, into a box, named, ” mum has a good imaginations” she is a joyholder, just brings joy, light and love, wherever she is, but doent resonate to the ascension path. She just being it. Means we can be together, with love. .she takes in all i say, about my guides, but knows she has one, and wont make contact. We each have own path
      I wish you well on yr journey. We cant see whole pic. Maybe you to still be in 5d, and the old running down earth. Still putting holding light, for stragglers
      Just lot of us, are, so done with it, . All our freinds, familly left as our light, just shows them, their shadows, n they blame us, for feeling uncomfy, or td gets to them. A lot taken out our body as we rewire everything…
      Walking betweeen the worlds, we can relate, to their 3d probs, as we remember them, they cannot relate to us,in 5d. We are releasing those memorys, and have cleared them. So 3d will disapear, for us.
      Creators, and yr inate inner joy, be with you.

      • Linda H., thank you for your kindness in replying to my post and encouraging me. It’s so cool that Denise has created this community where we can hear about each other’s individual journeys. I’m grateful for everything you’ve done in your lifetime to pave the way. Thank you! I wish you and your daughter and the other woman every good thing. I, too, know people who radiate love and joy without a conscious interest in the AP/EP (they’re doing the work and path anyway). With love to you! 💗

  • Oh my gosh!! Yes, I’ve been hearing odd loud noises in the night, too. Alot of crashing about “out there” but I can’t pin point exactly what the noises are! Lots going on OUT THERE is all I know. I am staying as balanced as I can. Thanks for the confirmation, Denise. HUGS!

  • .. 🤔I’m thinking 🗯 that those trash cans you’re hearing👂🏽?? .. might just be THESE! .. I mean, come on! You already nailed this crazy place (vibrational space, weird ass radio station, frequency thing) in your ‘Out with old, IN with the New’ article.. right??.. perhaps your Team just added the sound track to the picture for you 🤷🏽‍♀️? .. 😂😂 .. sorry! I’m just so grateful whenever the comedy teams show up during this very curious journey of becoming a Light Embodied Human..

    … I love getting your emails, btw.. you & I are on so many parallel/similar home life situations/timelines (?) that reading your stories/intel etc.. of crossing from carbon to crystal is quite comforting and greatly appreciated 👊🏼🙌🏾💞

    Love & Gratitude Anne

    • Anne,

      I even thought about the cow/bull hoof sounds and moving trash bin noises as symbolic Uranus in Taurus signs $$$. Bulls pushing trash bins around… almost funny except that I wanna sleep! 😀

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