First Half, Second Half Of 2020

The first-half of 2020 arrived and abruptly picked everybody up by the scruff of their unsuspecting necks, plunked us down and sternly let us know it was time for a very different Phase 2 physical level ‘timeout’. The Divine Cease and Desist Order was delivered to all and for very important reasons. It’s taken much of the first-half of 2020 for most Volunteers to grasp that a significant shift change happened in the first twelve days January 2020. Much of unaware humanity however continues to fight this global shift, this physical level change, and insists on living life as they always have even with the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic globally pulverizing people, lives, lifestyles, habits and routines, economies, systems, structures, governments and overall reality.

The second-half of 2020 has numerous other intense, difficult, dramatic and permanent reality-changing events coming, which will push many people to the near breaking point. Deep breath and hold higher steady because there are a lot of people that need a good Phase 2 breaking. These Phase 2 physical level shifts and changes are physical, emotional, mental, psychological, energetic and spiritual. Let what has to play out play out and don’t take the chaos, insanity and violence personally or think you have to “fix” it or any other such incorrect thing. For many people the worldwide chaos and violence is what’s going to prove to them that real change is finally here. What they don’t realize yet however is that all this external change will force each of them to have to internally change themselves. Remember that mass humanity does not know that the Ascension Process has been happening for the past twenty-two plus years, so for many of them it will be these chaotic and destructive times and rapid changes that will prove to them that something’s changed big time! Phase 2 of the Ascension Process is where and when it all gets physicalized for everyone to see, feel and realize. This is simply a volatile time of compressed evolutionary shift changes physically in the physical Earth world and there will be one after another after another after another for the rest of 2020 and all of 2021. Relax into it as best you can and know it’s happening because old patriarchal reality is over and NEW Earth and NEW Humanity is shifting from one into the other. The January 2020 Divine Cease and Desist Order should be making a lot more sense now in the second-half of 2020.

A few weeks ago I Saw this mind’s eye image I’ve tried to recreate. The living version was naturally so much more impressive and complex but this is the closest I can get to share the sense of what I Saw with you. In the vision the two images were not separate. Tiny Earth with all the chaotic energy and emotional colored lines and knots on it was in the massive field of NEW Radiant Diamond Light and other things, beings, codes and energies. I repeat, physical Earth is IN this massive Light field, frequency, space, level and more now. Because of this everything and everyone on Earth is now—in Phase 2 of the evolutionary Ascension Shift Process—having to let go of everything that has been, what was of the old lower frequency insane patriarchal Earth like it or not. The NEW is finally being entirely physicalized throughout 2020, which is why it looks, sounds and feels like most everything and many more people are about to have colossal meltdowns. Humanity is in that difficult zone where the old negative familiar is physically disintegrating simultaneously to very high NEW manifesting constantly. It’s simply a tumultuous time and shift zone we’re in this year and next. If you’re normally fond of demolition and getting rid of old stuff that doesn’t work, fit or isn’t appropriate anymore, then you’re probably enjoying the old lower everything being obliterated and disappeared because you know the NEW is finally replacing it all physically.

Phase 2 of the Ascension Process is when a certain energy frequency and level is reached and the Ascension Process becomes fully physical in the physical dimension and global humanity partakes of it or physically leaves. This is no longer just the Volunteers doing all the unseen energy Work etherically while humanity goes along not aware that anything out of the ordinary has even been happening. Phase 2 abruptly involved all of humanity in the Ascension Process, in compressed evolution on the physical level. There isn’t one big “Shift”, there are many smaller shifts and 2020 has numerous shifts happening every few days, weeks and months.

Throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process the Volunteers energetically Worked both internally and externally within themselves as they continuously embodied more and more higher and higher frequency Light energies while simultaneously transmuting enough old patriarchal density filth across Earth over thousands of years and more. Like the drawing shows, Phase 1 was about the Volunteers incrementally but continuously increasing the Light and frequency in ourselves and our physical bodies and seeding, anchoring it all into Earth—what’s becoming NEW Earth—for ourselves and mass humanity to evolve or ascend to in the near future.

Phase 2 of the Ascension Process started on January 1, 2020 and was energetically muscled into physical manifestation levels by the powerful, reality-changing Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction that was exact on January 12, 2020. The Saturn Pluto conjunction is still in effect energetically and will be all of 2020 and 2021. There were innumerable other energy events and energy stair-steps that the Volunteers had to live, embody and energetically seed into Earth throughout Phase 1, but it was the January 2020 Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction that caused and continues to cause physical Earth reality to shift out of the old lower frequencies and into the NEW higher ones. Once this was physicalized for Earth, the Volunteers and mass humanity, there is nowhere else to go but into Phase 2 of the Ascension Process because Earth and humanity has energetically shifted from the Phase 1 stage, level and energies of the evolutionary ascension to the NEW higher stage, level and energies of it with the start of 2020. To help with this monumental shift from Phase 1 to Phase 2 levels, frequencies and energies, this energetic ascension transfer SHIFT of January 2020 had to happen to make everyone consciously aware that things had changed dramatically and will continue to for the rest of our lives and beyond.

The old everything of lower frequency Earth is currently being pushed out of existence because it’s time to shift into the NEW higher frequency and Light range in the physical. We’re not in the old lower past patriarchal Earth world reality anymore, nor are we entirely in the NEW that’s in this process of becoming NEW Earth for NEW Humanity either. An incredibly important transfer was finally reached energetically and physically in January 2020. That transfer was that everything had finally reached a high enough energetic frequency overall that it Shifted the Earth and humanity from the Phase 1 frequency up into the higher NEW Phase 2 frequency. In other words everything and everyone—not just the Volunteers—is now within this much higher Light energy, NEW codes and frequency range and must shift into it all. That means tremendous releasing and constant change is happening and will continue every minute of this year and next. And it won’t all be neat, clean, gentle or calm, but it will be okay. This is Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn doing precisely what they do to altogether corrupt man-made dead-ended physical reality systems and structures — they permanently remove them physically. Like I said, if you like large scale demolition, throwing out the trash, and Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn doing what they do so very well during the Ascension Process doesn’t scare the poo outta you, then most likely you find all this exciting and fulfilling. I mean, remember what it took us Volunteers going through in Phase 1 to get everything to this point and level! To other people however Phase 2  looks and feels like the “end times”, which it is — it’s the end times of what has been.

We’re no longer trying to get out of the old lower energies and frequency range, we’re now IN the NEW higher energies, frequencies and range and must physically shift and adapt to them. Throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process the Volunteers were on the other side of this, constantly energetically pushing, pulling, dragging, lifting, hauling, transmuting, clearing and embodying until we’d embodied, seeded and energetically anchored enough Light, higher frequencies, NEW codes, NEW grids etc. to have the entire collective transfer shift be capable of happen in the physical. It has with the start of Phase 2 which is why everything in 2020 is as crazy as it’s been. It’ll get worse for a while as the last dredges of the global patriarchy and matching consciousness and external reality dies-off, some of it/them fighting to the bitter end to never change but change everything will regardless.

We are so much further into this evolutionary Ascension Shift Process than most people are aware of. As the second-half of 2020 unfolds, it will rapidly become increasingly clear to everyone that rapid and permanent sweeping change is upon us all. This will continue into and throughout 2021, but will take on different tones starting in January 2021. For now we’ve got to get through the second-half of tumultuous, OMG 2020, and at times it’s going to look, sound and try very hard to feel like all is lost but it isn’t. Let this extreme ascension related shift play itself out and do not take your HighHeart off the NEW Earth, NEW Humanity end result no matter what’s happening with the unaware people or anything else. Remain in your HighHeart center where it’s always calm and crystal clear and everything always makes perfect sense, even the seemingly crazy stuff. Enjoy the demolition as you continue embodying more and higher NEW which is building the NEW for us all. We’re very good at multidimensional multitasking, always have been, so use your Spherical Consciousness and Work it all from multiple angles just like you’ve/we’ve always done.

New Year’s Day of January 2020 through January 12, 2020, I was continuously energetically blasted and shifted into Phase 2 during those days. For me there is no hindsight, no looking back at this as it was a huge and powerful energetic shift that started January 1st through the 12th, the day the one and only Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction happened. For the first 12 days of Phase 2, it was at times close to unbearable to live in such massive and severe instant and total energetic restructuring and not scream about it from the rooftops. I did do some screaming earlier this year and at certain people in the ascension community.

As is always the case with the Ascension Process, we will continue to make our ways up more and more evolutionary energy stair-steps in 2020 but at this higher, faster NEW level and phase. As the second-half of 2020 unfolds, we’re all going to encounter and embody one after another and another of some extraordinary astrological transits that will rapidly and rather severely do their intended energetic and physical work of permanently ripping apart and removing old patriarchal structures, systems and external lower world reality and its matching consciousness. These upcoming astrological transits are themselves energy stair-steps just as all other energy events are such as Solstices, Equinoxes, eclipses, gateways, NEW codes and other energetic and cosmic thresholds are. These astrological transits are clustered close together and will unfold so fast and intensely that many people won’t know what hit them, repeatedly! That could actually be a blessing in disguise at this point however.

Example: Tuesday August 4, 2020, there was a potent Mars in Aries square Jupiter in Capricorn transit. August 4, 2020 was the day two huge explosions happened in Beirut, Lebanon.

It’s not just a pandemic we’re living in and through but repeated demolishing of everything that now must be totally revealed and quickly permanently removed. There will continue to be all sorts of things that will happen to quickly push humanity through this volatile demolition and shift phase. Things like increased severe and unexpected weather and weather changes this year. Governmental and political warfare between old USA red and blue duality of those who are anti-human and those that are learning to be for humanity all the time. Jobs, incomes, money in general, old life routines, how to live when you can’t pay your rent or mortgage every month and on and on it goes. The entire patriarchal system and all of its structures are so corrupt they’ve died and now everything has to be replaced with pro-human systems and structures based entirely on HighHeart. It’s going to get uglier for a while but it will shift over to the NEW higher.

Remember when it was an effort to get beyond old lower linear awareness? Now it’s sometimes really difficult to get into it! Such is sometimes the case for me with astrology and needing to go through it linearly. Thankfully I was able to get this much typed out and triple checked but I probably still overlooked some important second-half of 2020 astrological transits. As you read through this list of them, keep in heart/mind that all of them are happening from August through December of 2020. FIVE months of continual very potent, hot, fiery, volatile physical level reality-changing astrological transits one after another after another the rest of this year into 2021. This is some Phase 2 rapid-fire evolutionary shift changes that will rock humanities physical reality repeatedly for the rest of this year. Aries is a FIRE sign and Capricorn is a EARTH sign and squares are tense, difficult, pressurized 90° angle positions of two or more planets energetically connected to and interacting upon each other. Squares are anything but comfortable and relaxed which means we’re all going to feel these repeated pressures and tensions between the planets in square aspects the rest of this year. Obviously some more energetic and physical level exertion will be happening to completely break apart all remaining stuff that needs cracking open and permanent changing into a NEW higher state and frequency. There’s no way around it, all this transformation in the physical is going to get intense and heavy-duty.

  • August 13, 2020 Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. 
  • August 15th Uranus in Taurus goes retrograde
  • August 24th Mars in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn 
  • September 9th Mars in Aries goes retrograde
  • September 12th Jupiter in Capricorn goes direct
  • September 28th Saturn in Capricorn goes direct
  • September 29th Mars in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn 
  • October 4th Pluto in Capricorn goes direct
  • October 9th, Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn 
  • October 13th Mercury goes retrograde until USA Election Day, November 3, 2020
  • October 18th Mars in Aries squares Jupiter in Capricorn  
  • November 12th the third and final Jupiter and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn happens. The 1st one was April 4, 2020, second one was June 29, 2020. 
  • November 13th Mars goes direct
  • November 28th Neptune goes direct
  • November 30th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 8° Gemini 38′
  • December 14th New Moon Solar Eclipse at 23° Sagittarius 8′
  • December 16th Saturn enters Aquarius      AIR returns and everyone will be breathing just fine.
  • December 19th Jupiter enters Aquarius  
  • December 21, 2020 Solstice
  • December 21st the first (250 yearlong cycle in AIR) Jupiter in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius and trines the Pleiades. Welcome to the physicalized Age of Aquarius!  
  • December 23, 2020 Mars 23° Aries and Eris 23° Aries squares Pluto 23° Capricorn. Welcome back Divine Mother/Mommy and Female Co.!

There’s so much more as always but we’ll continue this conversation and more in Comments.

Denise Le Fay

August 12, 2020

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53 thoughts on “First Half, Second Half Of 2020

  • The 13th, wow…an astrological moment, a showdown for me. Abusive authority figure, lying, attempting to steal. I stood up to him. I stood up and spoke truth to lies. I won. Though my guides had to tell me so, that’s how unfamiliar winning had been for years!! He resorted to giving me a three day eviction notice. For my victory. How dare I. Never received one before, and I still said no. Beautifully, like so many things now, it’s ineffective in California. (How many more ways can I be helped, so constant is the help I receive now, so constant the assistance moving me forward, good God, how dare I even doubt!) These types are my kryptonite, abusive manipulative gas lighting narcs. And he was my training ground too, so I’m grateful, though I’d like to kick him. The second half of life, in this light, is a different game and a different role. I’m fighting to get used to power. It doesn’t automatically feel good to someone who hasn’t held it for so long. Feels like I’m doing sit ups all day while walking around, lol, exhausting frightening at the same time. I get stronger… I just wanted to share a victory, in this new energy, in this new (beautifully depicted in your photo) crystal diamond white enveloped world we now live in!!!!

    I gave notice a month ago to move, I would not stay. He’s throwing every piece of seemingly legal paper he can at me but I don’t think I’m supposed to worry. I don’t even feel I’m supposed to respond. It’s scary, like I already know it’s not necessary to be afraid. I continue doing my sit ups, scared and all. My faith is so full in terms of my future, I’m not worried, though impractical. The job I is done.

    It’s amazing how, more than ever, and it was already significant before, those in this way, this dark old way, cannot take happiness and light around them, at all. They can’t. The man even tore up my garden, he was so upset! It’s kind of funny, if you think about it. It wasn’t but it kind of is. He tore all the beautiful things I had for the birds out! I hope that’s making someone laugh, it’s kind of funny!! I would give details but I always write so many words. I didn’t think it necessary. I physically and emotionally divorced myself starting 2 months ago, gave him no access. Do that to a narc, they’re gonna come up with something to hit you with! But it’s done, scorched earth, an ugly military strategy, one I had to commit to, to stop helping the abusive – and never to “help” them again.

    So, there’s some astrology! Lol. Been weeping for days for no reason, a happy kind of crying. So sweet. Right now a giant storm is brewing over Bishop in California. I’m going to a drive-in movie because that seems like it would be a really good idea in a storm! 😛 This brave New World, that has such people in it… Like us!!! Ha! ❤️🙌🏻💥🤟

  • Denise, thank you for talking about the political situation in the US. I lived through the 60s and recognize that chaos can create good changes. To see so many of my fellow Americans and especially see so many in the so-called spiritual community treating Trump like some kind of a savior and Hero has been extremely distressing. He is exactly as you described him and how people don’t see that I’m not sure. My guides have been repeatedly assuring me that I am not missing something around him. His energy is pure evil. The only good to come out of this is, exactly as you say, he is tearing down what needed to be destroyed for years and hopefully, will be rebuilt into something truly magnificent. Thank you for speaking so clearly!

    • “To see so many of my fellow Americans and especially see so many in the so-called spiritual community treating Trump like some kind of a savior and Hero has been extremely distressing. He is exactly as you described him and how people don’t see that I’m not sure. My guides have been repeatedly assuring me that I am not missing something around him. His energy is pure evil.”

      Hi Debbie and thanks for saying what you did. We all need to be talking about this now in Phase 2 and what’s coming with the Pres election and all that will after it. I’ve not wanted to get into all this here at HHL but Phase 2 is directing me to Disclose what all absolutely needs to be this year. No 20/20 hindsight here just honesty in the now. 🙂

      The promised next article I’ve started about this will go into the long overdue details about why so many people in general, and more importantly so many people in the ascension and conspiracy and new age communities, don’t see the Orange Menace and he/it/they/republicans for what they really are and why all this is happening. I’m going to get into why these people have drunk the Orange Kool-Aid and are so proud and happy about having done so.

      • I look forward to reading it. You always go to the tough places in this continually unfolding experience which is why I love your work.

    • Debbie, so glad you said it. I was going to write Denise and ASK, I’m so …confused by folks, Lorie L report, etc. baffled why AP folks are looking at him suddenly differently, Trump. The list of shit is so long, he’s criminal. I don’t hate him. I wouldn’t of course. Maybe, he is some sort of messed up Schindler, that will “accidentally” do good or the necessary stuff needed, like Denise mentioned – wreck, knock things down, tear things up… he’s perfectly INSENSITIVE and oblivious for it. I won’t hate, ESPECIALLY now, but how on earth ..geez, can anyone see him NOT as he is..? Heartbreaking, baffling. I look forward to Denise’s report.

      • “…I’m so …confused by folks, Lorie L report, etc. baffled why AP folks are looking at him suddenly differently, Trump…

        …but how on earth ..geez, can anyone see him NOT as he is..? Heartbreaking, baffling. I look forward to Denise’s report.”

        I’m about halfway done with it Marcy and All and am working and Working to get it finished asap. And everyone, we will sink our aware and strong Volunteer teeth deep down into this and all the other related insanity in the upcoming article’s Comment section. I look forward to it. 🙂

        Does everyone see and feel how Phase 2 (that started in January 2020) is so different from Phase 1? And, more importantly, how vital it now is for each of us to fully, consciously, honestly, individually KNOW who we are and what we are individually and never EVER let the unaware — who can fucking say and claim anything — confuse you, slow you down, derail you or cause you to second guess yourself? There are so, so many exactly like Lori L. out there. Wake up people, wake up, the Separation of Worlds is happening and you can easily see and feel whose who and whose not etc.

        Back to writing work now for me today. ❤

        • Thanks, Denise, and Yay!… I WOKE in the morning 2 months ago, maybe more. OUT OF NOWHERE a helper clearly launches into “Conspiracy theories…no conspiracy theories!..a fear tactics…(something) ” They said their being used to for FEAR. They repeated themselves. The one that quickly spoke to me, as I woke, made it clear that it is STRATEGIC like. She was adamant though not harsh, just kind of “loud and clear” about it, like a big FYI, ya know? They know how I am, I needed to be told. I watched one video 1-2 weeks prior, dark, glaringly manipulative, devoid of argumentation or facts, I mentioned it here. There point to me was to chill to any of that. Yet many bought in. :(( I posted on another spiritual website this week, as more bought in. I was concerned they were “sipping,” as you put it. I was compassionately clear about NEVER forgetting facts and mentioned the generosity of higher help: the encouragement, not to drink the “water” 🙂 ….and your fingers must be sooo tired from typing this year!!! I bet you could use a voice dictation thingy for your computer!

        • Hi Denise,

          I can’t wait for your next article and installment on Agent Orange and (almost) all things pertaining to his unconscious role in we First-Everythingers’/Volunteers’ awakening to knowing that WE ARE EACH OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL AUTHORITY ABOUT EVERYTHING, EVERY MOMENT! I didn’t mean to yell! GSF, indeed so!

          To Kara: I want to join Denise and all others here in this group’s HighHeart hugs to you! To be immersed in your own conscious AP/EP journey while simultaneously participating in the evolutionary process of three young tykes (and a husband too?!) is true cause for applause, and I along with many others so respect your devotion and resilience and commitment to those young ones and to yourself also. I’d not known how much of a toll the damage from the derecho had taken in Iowa and the Midwest, and I hope you’re not struggling…

          …and to Jain Lee: I agree with the words you’ve chosen to describe the political scene, “disgust” and “repulsive”…and to use a Charlottesville meme, “on BOTH sides!” Both the reds and blues are doing their best to corral individuals and groups into their agendas, but at this point we First-Everythingers are BEYOND any narratives or any agendas whatsoever that pit people against each other and do not address any contemporary issue from the perspective of “for the total and complete benefit of all everywhere on Earth” (my words). Thank you, Jain Lee…

          …and thank you as always, Denise, for allowing me to express myself within this forum. Sending you warm greetings from The Big Apple!

        • Raymondlboeri, I felt the warmth of your words as a true heart hug. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement! And yes, a husband, too. 😂 We are OK from the derecho and grateful for it. I have enjoyed your comments over the years and appreciate sharing this space with you and the other HHLifers. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Having just returned from the Sixties … (our leisure cottage was actually built during the Sixties and nothing has been changed in- or outside the cottage since then …) I am a late commenter to this article. By the way; the frequencies out there at the rugged coastline this entire week was litterary like being in the Eye of a Thunderstorm! — And yes; the Mars-squares this Autumn will definitely be a long and challenging transit. However; I very much look forward to December 21st Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 0 Aquarius; as I understand this will be the beginning of a new era where all the rules on how society works will be re-written. And the best part is that it’s totally up to us on how this new world will look like. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  • Oh thank you for saying it. I’ve been thinking it and pondering 7-8 days, should I tell people on Facebook? Should I shout it somewhere, somehow? What’s coming next uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-ohhh! And not out of paranoia, out of real awareness and a whole change in my own energy, too, in terms of codes and light. Change that wasn’t even registrable, no assessment, no way! Too fast, too massive, such high light, so high upon high…

    My phones about to die I have more to share. Thank you again. I’ve never followed astrology, especially not closely, but as of January I sure did. I have no idea what that list means, but I know it’s a shit load.

  • Hi everyone, I feel like there’s about three comments I’m going to roll into one. Denise, you’ve mentioned before about more Mother Nature destruction and food shortages. I don’t know if you guys have heard about what happened in the Midwest on Monday 8/10, as it’s not getting much national attention.

    A derecho (inland hurricane) roared across Iowa and surrounding states. 100mph winds, huge destruction, hundreds of thousands without power, TEN MILLION acres of crops affected. I live in central Iowa, in a suburb. We missed the worst of it and miraculously didn’t lose power or have any property damage, but an enormous limb from one of our trees is currently taking up most of the backyard, as well as many smaller branches. The metro took a pretty big hit. About two hours NE of me in Cedar Rapids, they’re calling it the worst catastrophe in the state’s history— and you likely saw photos of the historic flooding that happened there in 2008. It affected virtually everything, power outages expected to continue. There’s talk of school not starting there until October. Where I am, one of the local grocery store chains improperly disposed of bad milk, polluting the river and killing fish. So much food gone bad.

    Sunday night before all this, I was up late working since I’m with my little girls all day. Just before midnight, the doorbell rang. Freaked me out! My neighborhood is very quiet. I had an overwhelming panic/fear flood my body— out of my physical control. It took about ten minutes to reassure and consciously calm myself in order to check things out and wake up my husband, who slept through it all. The more I reflected, the more convinced I became it was otherworldly. There’s just no other logical explanation. While I feel/perceive from the spiritual realm, I can only think of one other time it was with physical senses— which it sounds like is more common for some others of you? I’m still pondering the meaning. My mom pointed out it could have been connected to the derecho on its way, like maybe I was clearing some of the fear ahead of time. That resonated. It also feels like an invitation to me to “open the door” to something new that I’ve felt building. I hear the word “receive.” I’ve felt stretched to the breaking point more than ever before lately. I am so grateful to Denise and HHL and all the commenters.

    One thing that really struck me in this article, Denise, was the repeated emphasis that we are IN the new energies, physically. This crystallized a shift I’ve noticed in how I discern whether what I’m offering/creating is aligned with my higher self. I used to feel a hyper attentiveness to each little part, fine tuning until I finally felt a green light. The shift is that now I feel like I’m IN a green light, and that the question is more about conscious creation and taking responsibility for it. I think the shift started around the beginning of this year, with the start of Phase 2.

    Right before writing this tonight, I just completely lost my shit and screamed at my children, who I dearly love, of course, but OMG parenting small children is hard enough without the pandemic sheltering-at-home. I’ve been sobbing in the basement. The spectrum of feelings I’m holding all at the same time in any moment is overwhelming. Really appreciating all the helpful reminders here and a place to reflect. Love to all of you. ❤️❤️❤️

    • “I’ve been sobbing in the basement. The spectrum of feelings I’m holding all at the same time in any moment is overwhelming. Really appreciating all the helpful reminders here and a place to reflect. Love to all of you.”

      Sobbing in the basement. Now there’s something we all can relate to Kara. I don’t know how all of you with young children have been coping with EVERYTHING while having your kids with you for every minute of every day. There are some apartment complexes directly across the street from me. They’re not the best of places, anyway for the past few nights some of the elementary school aged children have been let out late in the evenings by their parents to run and yell and play outside. Problem is that they’re being let out around 11 PM to 1 AM to run and scream outside. So that’s what I and all the other seniors that live in senior only sections surrounding these apartments have had to listen to the past few nights. Pissed me off but I also understand that it may just be a late night tactic moms and dads are doing to not sob in the basement.

      I heard about that derecho and how violent and destructive it was and I wondered about you Kara. I’ve been sensing the weather everywhere is going to continue getting more strange, unexpected and destructive this year. I’m so glad you and yours are okay. But 10 million acres of crops destroyed by it! Like the food thing wasn’t precarious before this. All aspects of our lives will be affected by all of these things unfolding now.

      The doorbell ringing that late at night would have freaked me out too Kara. And then to discover that it was something non-physical, wow. It does sound/feel like it was a clear “pay attention” event with the derecho happening only hours later. And yes, open the door to something NEW also feels correct. You did good. 🙂

      Did everyone notice that the first astrological transit in the long list of them in this article was a really potent one that was “exact” today, August 13, 2020? It’s Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. All day there’s been this undercurrent of growing negativity, fear and concern as more and more people realize that things are escalating and out of control with so much. Don’t mind me, it’s just been a rough month. No basement so I’m just pouring out stuff here. And it’s 110 degrees here for a week and California’s on fire again. But like you so correctly said Kara, we’re all having to constantly deal with so much and so many different extreme emotions and feelings and it is exhausting and there’s nowhere to go to “escape” all this. (Except for our HighHearts.) I’ve known since January 2020 that we all have to stay at home / stay at HOME and walk through all this, live it, feel it, not be broken by it all but there are those gotta go to the basement and sob moments for us all. Nothing wrong with that! Think of it like letting the kids outside at midnight to run around and yelling for a while. 😆

      Group HighHeart Hugs. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you, Denise, for your compassion and non-judgment. It helps to remember there are others sobbing in the basement and ALSO not being broken by it all. Group HighHeart Hugs, indeed!! Ah, today was so intense! The never-ending dishes feel like a personal attack, and I picked today to start potty training with my 3 year old. Should have read that list of dates more carefully. 😂😂😂

        I hope you and all those parents near you can have peace and sleep tonight. Love and LOVE.❤️❤️❤️

        • Ooo, potty training. Good luck and much maternal patience with this on top of everything else Kara. Intend it goes quickly and easily for you both and it will.

          You’re doing great, better than great, even when it doesn’t seem like it to you. We all feel this from time to time and there are times when I need to remind myself of this because it’s so easy, sometimes, to get overwhelmed by everything that’s happening this year. I have my favorites that I saw out-loud three times (trinity, triality) when I need a quick reality check on myself.

          I AM the I AM that I AM.

          The other fave of mine is from Lisa Renee –

          “I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free”

          Use whatever helps you Kara and everyone else reading this to aid you through the all to common rough moments of Phase 2 2020. If spoken out-loud and with focus and intent, we can instantly feel the energies shift back up to your/our personal higher HighHeart normal. Sometimes when I speak out-loud things like this — and I do it everyday and have for years — I’ll suddenly smell nonphysical burning incense and/or strong smokey smells so severely I’ll start to choke and cough! I push through it and continue raising the, raising my energies back up to higher normal. We are not victims, we are Conscious Creators and much more. Say it out-loud people whenever you need reminding and to get yourselves back UP to normal. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • YES! I love Lisa Renee’s GSF. Just reading your “I AM” statement brought tears, so I can tell that will be powerful to add in. Thank you, Denise, for your honesty in ALL of the things! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

          Been meaning to say a big huge AMEN to the political thread, too.

        • “Been meaning to say a big huge AMEN to the political thread, too.”

          Thanks Kara. Like I said I’ve avoided that topic, and some others, only because I don’t want to battle with anyone anymore over anything. However it was clear by what many said in their comments about this that it’s needed now. Because of that and some other issues and things that need to be said openly now in Phase 2, and thanks to another reader that emailed me recently about this and related things, I’m considering writing an article about this that’s needed but will also be difficult for a lot of people to honestly face.

          2020 Disclosure! 🙄

          It will take me some time to create it because this is a huge and complex topic that’s not a One Size Fits All sort of thing, which is the main problem! 😆 Aah, the current Separation of Worlds.

  • Hi Denise
    Thanks for your writing. From this multidimensional integrated vantage point there’s great momentum behind multilevel preparations. Transition mechanisms are being finetuned. Feels like a great turnabout in many senses is imminent. We diverse pieces of the Whole are doing it! Spirit bows to Spirit.

  • Thank You, Denise. I was beginning to wonder if I had drunk the purple kool-aid and all I had been clearing and living since 1990 was for nought. I remember the 1950s and 1960s – watching “Bull” Connor (police chief for Birmingham, AL) use fire hoses on and ordering vicious dogs to attack civil rights demonstrators. I remember seeing the Freedom Riders being attacked by white males and females (yes, I am Caucasian) while the police did nothing, of 3 young men being murdered and buried in an earthen damn just because they wanted what our Constitution supposedly guarantees – equal rights for all, the MLK, Jr. I Have A Dream Speech, the attempted walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and the second successful walk across the bridge being led by MLK, Jr., John Lewis, Rabbis, Catholic priests, etc. I remember all (almost all – after all I was a child of the 60s and 70s 🙂 ) and I believe the viciousness, anger, hatred, condescension, condemnation, etc. is worse now than then. When someone says it is my 1st Amendment right to call you a N****R, a CH**K, etc., to call the police on a person because that person is asking you to act responsibly, to be a decent human being has been difficult for me to observe. Thank you for reminding me you often have to knock the scab off wounds so the wounds totally and completely heal from the inside out. Thank you for confirming we may not be able to look to governmental leaders for guidance (unless you want a magnificent guide for ugliness, viciousness, nastiness, etc.) because each individual is the “leader” – with the clearing we have done, growing, raising of our vibrations, trying not to allow that which tries to negate our advancement too close to us (which can mean the letting go of family, friends, finding new work, etc.), setting examples of how we want the New Earth to be, not lashing out at the ugliness/viciousness/nastiness even if we may want to (I don’t think slapping the s**t out of someone to knock some sense into him/her is going to work), and so much more.

    I thank you for stepping into “politics”. Everyone around me with whom I have minimal contact LOVE Trump and Pence. Many truly believe Covid 19 is a hoax, their civil rights are being violated by asking them to wear a mask, they cannot wait until things get back to “normal”, and on and on. They believe humans are not sovereign and autonomous and so do not have the right to have their choices, beliefs, perspectives respected and honored unless, of course, those beliefs are in alignment with their beliefs. Since January 2020 I have been reading and re-reading Rudyard Kipling’s poem “IF”.

    “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you . . . If you can wait and not be tired by waiting . . . Or being hated, don’t give way to hating . . . If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools . . . And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them ‘Hold on!’ . . . If you can walk with crowds and keep your virtue, . . . Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it . . . .”

    This was written over 100 years ago but, perhaps, appropriate for this day and time. This has helped when I didn’t think I could go on one more minute and then, you, Denise, post a new article and I can go on and on and on. Thank You.

    Denise: this is so long. Please edit and/or do not post at all. You are one of the few people of whom I am aware that would understand what I am feeling and what I have written. (I was born and reared in Texas – moved out of state a couple of times but each time got “sent” back to Texas.) I wish you and yours all the best and most especially, I wish you peace.

    • Teresa,

      Thank you for posting that poem. It speaks so directly to the situation I am in right now. My situation is different from the ones you mention, but, as always, the same– discrimination, hatred, manipulation, and careful watching and waiting to see if I slip. I feel like I’m being guarded, that all my conversations are being listened to. Yet still I am.

      I am under attack and it’s absurd and, at times, hilarious with the awkward attempts to be rid of me. Yet still I am.

      I feel powerful and exponential and that the whole situation is going to end in a dismantling of all they stand for–everything I never would.

      I feel that this house in a western city in Canada is a micrcosm of all that is happening in the world right now.

      And I will prevail and they will be dumbfounded by how it happened–“It was three against one, we planned it so well.”

      They will be left with their weak hate and immorality and blame.

      And I will continue as Me, more free than they can ever be.

      So, thank you, Teresa, thank you.


    • Teresa, you’re amazing…and so is that poem, and so helpful. Bless you for posting! And your share gives me courage. 🙂 thank you!!

  • Dear Denise ~ Thank you for this update and for all the assistance and guidance you have given us over the long years. Re.distorted Patriarchal dying and Divine Mother energies coming in, please could you say something about the growing movement in support of Pres-T in spiritual groups? I’ve looked at it in so many ways, but all I get is a patriarchal vibe. Could you please help me understand this situation, thank you.

    • Cheng,

      Normally I’ve tried to NOT talk much at all about anything political because in general it’s a touchy subject for most people. Especially since Agent Orange (pres-T) was placed where he is.

      Recently I heard someone I used to mildly enjoy, Barbara Hand Clow, say something on an interview she did this year I believe it was. I forced myself to listen to the whole terrible thing only because I wanted to see/hear her talk. (I don’t know what happened to BHClow a few years back, but I suspect she had a mild stroke or something because she’s been very different for the past few years even though she’s been trying to hide whatever happened to her big Aquarian brain/head/intellect has been damaged by something.) In this recent interview she said, “Trump is a genius,” and that “he’s bored”. She said this recently and after she and her husband moved from the USA to Canada because she knew intuitively that some really bad things were coming for the USA and she didn’t want to be living here when it arrived. She was born in the USA so for her and hubby to permanently move to another country and then say what she did about Trump clearly shows something is very wrong with her mind/brain.

      Okay, here I go with this hot topic.

      Trump is a narcissist psychopath, his father a psychopath. The ONLY reason he’s pres now is because he’s supposed to tear the wholly corrupt patriarchal political system and old Duality red republicans and blue democrats to shreds. He is not a genius he’s a wanna be dictator whose brain/head is also broken. He is not a savior who’s fixing anything, he’s exposing what’s always been there–the corrupt patriarchy–and he’s not even doing that because he’s conscious of any of this. He’s tearing apart what needs to be torn apart and exposed now. He’s not doing this because it was his conscious plan or intention but because it was all set up at higher non-physical and probably Soul levels. He’s as corrupt as they come and was born into it, but because he’s tearing apart what needs to now does NOT make him “good” or positive or a genius or anything else. He was supposed to tear apart and expose ‘the greatest nation in the world’ for everyone to see the deeper negativity and evil truths and he’s done that but NOT because he’s smart or aware or trying to help. He’s done all he has because he’s from “the swamp” himself and just wants to make life easier and wealthier and more powerful for the elite few and he craves total power over everyone. He is NOT a positive force of change but just another corrupt idiot that wants to rule the world.

      “…please could you say something about the growing movement in support of Pres-T in spiritual groups?”

      For starters they are NOT “spiritual” at all or they would be easily able of reading overall energies and personal energy signatures but very obviously they cannot.

      A lot of people in the ascension and conspiracy communities have drunk the orange Kool-Aid lies that because pres T is ripping the shit out of USA and “we the people” that he’s freeing everyone from the negative patriarchy etc. My main response to this is, how fucking stupid and blind can you be?!?

      Changing this conversation slightly here and totally away from crazy captain Orange Menace. The old political structure was, like everything else, of and for old lower frequency, consciousness and reality DUALITY. That’s why there’s been a two party system of red republicans and blue democrates — Duality all over the entire place! That is and has been in the process of dying and disappearing even though the reds are fighting to make everything a dictatorship that they control, not the idiot pres. The reds/republicans have for decades been working things to where they are today and for decades the blues/democrats have been enablers to them and what they’ve been doing. All that negativity is right now at a boiling breaking point due to the AP, Phase 2, the current Shift and Separation of Worlds and everything else. I tried in this article to point out the numerous astrological transits (energies) unfolding now through December 2020 and into 2021 that will, like dominoes rapidly falling, finish off the old global patriarchy. It’s going to get worse before it gets better in our Ascending Earth world reality, but it will get better.

      Why do you think there’s been a huge uptick in hungry-hungry worldwide dictators and wanna be dictators everyone? Because the Descending Earth world (don’t worry about it or think much about it because it’s not for you and me plus it won’t be allowed to exist for very long at all) is ONLY Team Dark dictators and more negativity and density than what has been on old Earth! That world and reality is going the way it is, descending into greater negativity for a short while until it’s totally ended by the Divine. Let them go and keep focused on Ascending Earth which is simultaneous to all this Descending insanity and greed.

      What I’ve been perceiving trying to be birthed out of this old corrupt patriarchal USA shit-storm is the complete end and removal of the red/republicans. The blue/democrats evolving into a NEW heart-centered Group that already is (unknowingly) working towards real, honest, open equality on ALL levels for everyone in this country. Baby steps with all this, unless the constant incoming NEW Phase 2 Light energies and codes etc. push humanity into very fast conscious and reality evolution which will make these dramatic NEW changes much more easy and safe for all. Anyway, DUALITY reality is gone on ascending Earth, on NEW Earth. Higher frequency, consciousness, being and reality Triality, trinity or unity is and that means there will be only ONE unified system for this country which is truly for all the people and not anyone or anything else. This is one mother of a shift and we’re in it right now and it’s going to get volatile, heated, angry, hateful, violent and severe and it’s all going to make what happened in the 1960s pale in comparison! If you lived through the 1960s and were old enough to be scared by the police and political violence, abuse and murder etc. then you know what I’m saying here.

      See, this is why I don’t usually talk about certain hot topics like this. 🙄 The only reason I am now is 1) someone asked me and 2) we’re all deep in the AP Phase 2 shift change of all this and much more RIGHT NOW with a presidential election looming over everything and everyone in November 2020. It will be November in about 28 minutes with as fast as things go now! Transformation and revolution in and to USA and all of us is what’s here and going to get much more severe. Don’t anyone forget that we’re going somewhere with all this please. ❤ We're going to NEW Earth and this final push, pull, battle, shift, release and final separation is going to, at times, get rough and unattractive. It will be okay. We're running this show not them. 😉 Thanks Cheng for your question. ❤

      Gads… P.S.
      I forgot to go one more step with this and say that the evolution of the blue/dems into a NEW ONE system etc. is only another of many probable baby steps for this country, and for others watching all this. I am NOT saying that the reds/republicans will be permanently gone and then there will only be blue/democrats running the country. That’s not what I’ve been perceiving — it’s one of many of the NEW steps into NEW Earth is all. I’ve also perceived that there will be more of these intermediate baby steps and phases in what’s becoming our NEW Earth of lots and lots of different Centers, Groups within the country that attract like others to those physical locations (they won’t be or be called “cities”) that are a match to them. Example: People that honestly love and enjoy say growing food will be attracted to those Centers in the country. People that honestly love and enjoy building NEW things etc. will be attracted to those Centers in the country and on and on. Every Center will naturally attract the people that are best suited to live and create in the Center energy and focus etc. that they want to work, create, build anew in and so forth. Baby steps into NEW Earth but it will continue evolving as all of its inhabitants do. ❤

      • Cheng thank you so much for that question!
        And Denise, thank you so much for that straightforward answer!

        I’ve been thinking about all you discussed and it’s great to hear your insights.

        I’m hoping for the “light energies…push humanity into very fast conscious…evolution” option.
        I’d really like to see New Earth and New Humanity in full glory without duality entrails dirtying Her skirts.

        • Yes, thank you Cheng for your question and THANK YOU Denise for a thorough and detailed answer/explanation. Helps immensely. Love you immensely. 🙂

        • Amen, Diana … I have the same response. Thank you Denise … you explained it all so clearly. ❤

      • Thank you for this reply, Denise, and for the time and effort! I just feel so confused. Everyone seems to be jumping on that ship and I keep asking myself what I’m not seeing, what is it that I’m missing, is my antennae not functioning? Your answer is how I see things too so you can imagine my huge sigh of relief. At least I know I’m not the only one! I know, this is a hot topic so all the more I appreciate you taking the time to explain ❤ ❤

        It is a real lonely path on an already lonely journey, what with so many getting onboard that ship. But as you say, we’re all going somewhere with this. I also didn’t know about Barbara HC, I am surprised she said that. See, that’s what I mean. We are in the very tiny minority!

        Thank you, Denise ❤ Can’t wait for all this craziness to end.

      • I’ve said since the beginning that what has happened is that someone gave the court jester the scepter to the kingdom and allowed him to rule over the royal court. It’s either great wisdom or complete lunacy, but either way it will likely reveal all in time.

      • I have eagerly waited for someone to poke You with this question so that I can have the time of my life reading Your answer. Thank You!

        “My main response to this is, how fucking stupid and blind can you be?!?“
        Mine as well in the same words.

        “For starters they are NOT “spiritual” at all or they would be easily able of reading overall energies and personal energy signatures but very obviously they cannot.“

        Cheng demonstrated to us how an evolved perception can not be hijacked with any amount of left-brain thinking.
        “I’ve looked at it in so many ways, but all I get is a patriarchal vibe.“
        Thanks, Cheng!

        The USA is the main and the heaviest spiritual battleground. Lightworkers from all over the world who perceive what is happening globally always have a portion of their higher awareness directed to the US. So, we got your back!

        I have personal life experience with heavy political and economical crisis, the police state, and civil war. All of this was instilled in my corner of the world by the same ground and etheric forces that are creating chaos in the USA. The patterns are the same. You will probably experience some heavy situations in the nearest future but it will all be very short-lived for certain and definitely the last time they are putting such a stunt. Most important thing is that this time it all leads to an extremely positive change and outcome instead of a long term crisis and instability. We do not know how are things exactly going to play out but we know for sure who wins at the end!

        Stay well, everyone!

        PS. Just hours after reading Your comment I discovered that a certain book about The Big Daddy was published a month ago. It is written by his niece who happens to be a clinical psychologist. Personally, I do not relly on that kind of sources for information. But whoever struggles with Your answer may find here an explanation why You called him a narcissist psychopath and why is he a prime patriarchal specimen with all the worst traits exaggerated ad nauseam.

      • Thank you Denise, I agree wholeheartedly this is not a conspiracy. I’ve looked and looked at trump thinking what am I missing here you answered my question. Keep up your amazing work.

      • Your writing this year has been far more than a breath of fresh air, more like a gale force wind coded with “lets get real” messages.” I love that you “went there” with your political analysis. It’s all totally spot on and needs to be not only quietly said but shouted from the rooftops.

        I’ve stopped following many ascension writers, left a forum I’d been on for well over a decade, and have developed a zero tolerance for those who spout nonsense about Trump being our savior in disguise (btw this belief largely comes from QAnon and his growing horde of “I drank the kool aid followers”.)

        I occasionally see someone in the ascension community gently pushing back on all this nonsense, but I LOVE that you didn’t mince your words and gave the whole pile of sh*t a big heave ho.

        Thank you Denise for speaking your truth.

        • Linda L.! it’s so wonderful to see your name here again. ⭐ ❤

          “Your writing this year has been far more than a breath of fresh air, more like a gale force wind coded with “lets get real” messages.”

          THANK YOU. ❤ ❤ ❤

          After the NEW everything happened January 1 thru 12th, 2020, which felt like it was personally directed at me, (it wasn't but sure felt like it!) I know it’s time for me to say many things that most us have felt for years in Phase 1 but kept quiet. Phase 2 demands Disclosure in 2020 about all sorts of issues and people and I’m going there, repeatedly if needed.

          The article I mentioned earlier today to Kara will cover much of this and why there’s so many in the ascension, conspiracy, and new age communities that already have and more that have gotten reeled in by those such as QAnon and other such distorted and unaware people. I’m going to give the whole pile of shit as you put it, an even more detailed big heave ho in upcoming article(s). Enough already. All of you here need to KNOW who and what YOU are and that it’s why we’re STILL leading the Way. Thanks again Linda L. for commenting and saying all you did. Gratitude hug. ❤

        • Thanks Denise for your warm welcome back! I will have my popcorn ready for enjoying your future articles on this topic and others.

        • Omg, something kept nudging me too and I localized it to a singular feeling: disgust. When I look at him I feel disgust. There’s no ifs or buts about it.

          Thank you for your definitive answer Denise, and thank you Cheng for asking outright this topic no one wanted to broach. Good on you for having the balls! Both of you, Cheng and Denise! Thank you!

          I feel absolutely the same for Hill/Biden too. The whole red/blue parties, govt, politics, the whole lot. It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve last paid attention to any of it, mostly because it’s all so repulsive.

      • Well, damn, I feel better. Yeah, NPD king, poster boy for the disorder. So, I remember being in New York 8/10 years ago and seeing Trump buildings lining the west side of Manhattan, blocking view of water to a whole portion of the city, and wondered how he ever got permission for that?!? How!!!?? I remember my brother graduating from Wharton, telling me how classmates, who worked with his daughter, knew about Trump marching into office manipulating firm to promote her to the one job all the young MBAs worked their asses off for all year, on grounds she would quit the next day. She had spent the year partying, notoriously fond of cocaine, and hardly showed up for work. It was a joke. I was horrified. Again, I wondered how he did it….got “permission.” What happened in that negotiation that they said yes? How many have given into him overtime? How many have allowed this person to do so many awful things? What had we become that we’ve allowed it? We brought Trump on ourselves. Many, many, many people gave into him and much, much permission was given… to do so many things he should’ve been denied, long before he got close to vainly, selfishly, sickly seeking the ultimate form of fame – running for the Office of President of the United States.

        What you share was and is my hope. I hoped, because he was so awful, he would rudely cruelly accidentally do things that were needed, out total insensitivity zero empathy. And I hoped he would be stopped right when he should be, before he went to far. He won’t be reelected, I believe, I dreamt it a few months ago. Biden will win. He lost circa 13-20% of vote back then. He knows it, too. Trust me, a narcissist knows when they’re going to lose better than anyone. He doesn’t need information or statistics. Winning is a desperate daily thing, their tactics switch very fast. Winning is life and death for them. As I watch him, oddly, he gives away the truth of that. But I grew up with people that desperately needed to win, I know them. Thanks for being so candid, Denise, I thank God you can see it. I may have said too much, you don’t have to keep this post if it’s too opinionated/political or inappropriate. Thank you for all of this and all the reports throughout this year, especially. I am grateful. 💛💛✨

        • “…I may have said too much…”

          What Phase 2 (2020 and beyond) has been hammering me personally all year with is that my, your, our (the Volunteers) NOT saying enough about these people and the abundant unaware people and so-called “teachers/writers” in the ascension, spiritual, conspiracy, new age etc. communities now HAS to stop. I’ve been energetically pushed all year to continue talking/writing and commenting on this in greater and more intense ways each month, and about everyone. The bullshit and con jobs and letting the unaware say anything and no one calling them on it must end now. Not for them, for us. Yeah, HighHeart that everyone please and we’ll get much more into all this in the next article. ❤ ❤ ❤ Light of the Light.

      • Denise,

        Omg, I could have written that paragraph describing the Orange Menace and everything that he really is myself! I was beginning to think I am the only one who sees it. I agree with EVERYTHING you’ve said about him, and I’ve been jaw-dropped seeing the bullshit many in the spiritual communities are pushing about him. It is SO OBVIOUS that he is NONE of what they want him to be, or of what they CLAIM he is! Many of them are swallowing all the “Qanonsense” by the heaping spoonful and it just completely astonishes me that they cannot see or feel the obvious bullshit.

        I’ve been following your blog for a decade or so. I read, but don’t usually comment. This topic has really had me shaking my head though. Recently, I clicked on a youtube “round table discussion” by a group of women, all of them billing themselves as ascension guides in one form or another, and ALL of them were saturated up to their eyeballs in conspiracy theories and assorted bullshit, totally in the tank for agent orange, and thus steering all of their followers down that same path. Heavy doses of Qanon all around. I watched for a while, and and it was just so ridiculous that I had to hit the pause button on the video so I could literally throw my head back and laugh out loud at what I was hearing.

        Oh. My. God. How it is possible to be this stupid?! You don’t even have to be psychic or sensitive or skilled at reading energies to SEE WHAT IS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU!

        And yet they don’t see it. Why?

        What bothered me about it too was that the woman who has the YouTube channel has over 100,000 subscribers, and by reading through some of the comments on her video I could see there are probably thousands of supposedly awake people out there who are eating up this shit and apparently are not capable of discerning what is true or real.

        I’m really looking forward to your article about all this! And all the great comments from the folks here as well!


        • Thanks Carolyn ❤ and I'm so very glad you Commented. You're gonna enjoy my next article about these things and people and I hope you'll comment under it too.

          I'm about 75% done with it and hope to complete it tomorrow. Does everyone FEEL how we Volunteers are supposed to be openly discussing all this and how we each feel about it, about them, about all of them? It's Disclosure Time! ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thank you for sharing your insight. That list of transits is incredibly helpful. What an amazing line-up. That Mars, Eris square Pluto to end the year says it all really!

  • As a friend always says: “Shit’s gettin’ real, ya’ll.” Man is it ever. For me the best part of what you said is:

    “Let what has to play out play out and don’t take the chaos, insanity and violence personally or think you have to “fix” it or any other such incorrect thing.”

    Over the last few weeks, this has been my policy. I quit watching news, I quit reading the news. And what has filtered in, my reaction has been “Well of course it is.” Even so, the feeling that I need to fix something still lingers. What I am most worried over though is whatever the “chaos, insanity and violence” is, that it not splash up on me. I want to live through this period and come out on the other side of it. I don’t want to be “collateral damage” in this epic battle that Team Dark is staging as “theater” to incite fear in the masses.

    Staying out of “it” is difficult when “it” used to be where you wanted to be. (Old hippy protester here, ya know.)

    Anyway, love you lots. Keep writing!


  • Oh goody 🤤 one day at a time, stay in the now, breathe deeply (even with those nasty masks), drink lots of water, and limit the junky comfort food. Good to have you all here, especially you Denise. Stay strong everyone. ❤

  • My car was sideswiped on the night of August 7th. He did not see me beside him! The rearview mirror is still on the highway somewhere, meaning No Rear View, Don’t Look Back. So Grateful for the powerfilled Source energy and many BEings assisting in purifying us of ALL limiting debris. Grateful you have the words Denise. High Heart Quantum Love and Respect to ALL Forerunners. ❤

  • This was SO helpful. I don’t know why, but restored my courage, strength, and steadfastness. I had a nighttime visit from a giant white whale who was speaking to those and delivering energetic encouragement, too. Much gratitude.

  • Wow…. just WOW. And here I thought that a lot of all the astrological imposed intensities we are going through were going to subside in October. (Maybe they will just shift for some of us.) I got a message a few months back to just ‘hang in there until October’. Someone else I know has been given the message/impression that everything was going to ‘do a 180’ and drastically improve in October. Maybe the energies will be destroying obstacles in the way for some of us and THAT will seem like a big improvement. Here’s hoping!!

    OH! I just remembered… the ‘vote’ that took place in 2007 that you spoke of in a past post to give humanity 12 years to try and figure it out and improve themselves: (One I believe you voted against… I would have too, had I a vote. I’m more of a soldier, I just follow orders) We moved across the country in July 2007, something we were directed to do… literally with about 3 months warning: ‘Get ready to move, we’ll tell you were when it’s time.’ And then yes, they told us where with 3 months to find an income, housing, etc. and be there. It was literally like being given military transfer orders. (If you knew what my ‘real job’ is, it would make complete sense.) Then for me, a ‘silent period’ of 12 years started in late October/early November 2008, right around the time of the presidential election. (I also suffered a great personal loss on that very day.) I got little to no ‘contact’ from those who communicate with me and we just sat around waiting pretty much the entire time we were there, I assume in case something happened or to be available for someone trying to ‘change worlds’ needed help. Otherwise we had very little affect on the world around us or it on us. It was like being a living ghost.

    Anyway, we moved back to our ‘home state’ in July 2019, again because of ‘orders’ that basically said, ‘We need you to move back now’ with no explanation as to why. (And after getting here, again suffering significant personal loss.) But if I do the math… twelve years from the ‘start date’ of what affected us, means that THIS October/November the ‘time shift excursion’ period is up. If you understand the pattern, it’s like I said… I was transferred to another location prior to the ‘waiting period’ and then transferred back anticipating it’s end. I guess for whatever they need me to do… presumably a new job for me is about to start.

    Just to be clear, Denise… I don’t consider myself a direct embodier of the Ascension Process… I am more like someone helping to guard the borders of the various timelines and ‘Earth realities’ that have been existing during the ‘separation of worlds’. The separation of worlds was something to which I was first told about and began training for around 1987 (Harmonic Convergence). Although back then we only expected it to be a nice simple TWO world deal! I admire what you and the other Wayshowers, Pathpavers and all do… I feel privileged to get to read your blog and the comments to keep up with all that is going on. I appreciate it very much!

    Thanks for the update, Denise… VERY informative and helpful!

    (P.S. Looking at what I wrote, I can’t believe a simple ‘wow’ comment turned into all that. I have the distinct feeling I was meant to communicate something here today. Hope it made it through. – a lot of my past work was ‘communication’, maybe it will be again)

    • Hi Kevin M

      ‘I have the distinct feeling I was meant to communicate something here today’

      Yes…the ‘do a 180’. Confirmed a feeling. I experienced the ‘about face’ last year and it was ‘360’ months back, and a few days ago spinning sensations counterclockwise. Parallel visuals and sensations i have had of same motions by what appear as circular mechanical platforms, large, crumbling. Weeks back it was a smaller one also in a state of destruction spinning, very fast…counterclockwise.
      Also your reference to Oct is helpful.
      Thank you for this Kevin. Namaste

    • Kevin, loved reading your post. I was in a holding tank, too. Embodying and mission work at specific “locations” holding light and alleviating places and hearts (teenagers, specifically) during same period, 12 years. Circa 2007, I bought a beautiful painting of a giant blue man, holding lilies, with an expression of such love, gratitude. One day a someone said to me, “there’s 12!” I never counted them. I look at the painting as a thank you and a blessing, for the 12 years – waiting. I thank Christ for it. I am also thankful to hear your report, that you showed up and waited, too, like many. It makes my heart so glad! And grateful. I received “orders” too, though I’ve freaked out and fretted over them ’til now! There were big losses for me, too. But I seem to come out ahead. I admire your resolve and strength a lot!. :)) Peace to you.

    • Kevin M… well I’m sure glad you communicated this! I just about fell over reading your comment because my spouse and I have also been “ordered” to move to different places several times since 2003. Last July, just like you, we were “ordered” to move from Montana back to our home state (Florida) and stay put until 11/11 TF portal. I don’t know how you receive these “orders” but mine come directly from the Arcturian Council. They guide us in the sale of our houses, the buying of another where I am to set up a new grid. The synchronicities line up perfectly so long as we follow orders and don’t try to deviate to another place, in which case the doors slam. I tried to deviate to another location last time. If I had I would not be here writing this now. They really have our backs. LOL… Every time Qanon writes: Trust the Plan I laugh.

      So you are guarding the border realms? Excellent! I’m being guided to hold specific vibrational space at the border worlds too, as well as update the Akash on the ascension of all local organic beings and elementals. I don’t know “The Plan” but I know my part in it and I have many jobs. It becomes incredibly interesting once we stop resisting the process and it sounds like you have done this well. I am very much getting the same message you are: “The time shift excursion is up.”

      Recently Gaia advised me she has moved fully into her fourth dimensional astral aspect, meaning everyone and every thing living in her and upon her now exists in the dreamtime reality. That is why the 3d world seems so surreal and illogical. We are holding down the Twilight Zone!

      Thanks so much for your comments. It’s always wonderful to be reminded we are not alone out here in the Netherworlds.

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