Those That Glowed in the Old Dark & the Shine Hunters

Some of you may be wondering why in the world I’d be talking about this of all things in the 2020 Phase 2 Ascension Process and shift. I have my different reasons. Disclosure is consciously knowing more no matter what it is and humanity has finally collectively reached that point now which is another reason why there’s so much unattractive human squirming and thrashing about going on in the world this year.

Many Volunteers have energetically, vibrationally evolved beyond these old lowly negative beings, aliens, demons, entities and negative humans and their actions, agenda’s and frequency range. Certain other people haven’t yet, not far enough that is. This old negativity has been all of our past, our very near past, and for some of us our entire lives up until only the past few ascension years. It has no power over, in and around you if you have done enough required inner energy Work that naturally causes you to incrementally ascend vibrationally beyond that negative frequency and entire range where these negative aliens, entities, demons, beings and plentiful low frequency Portal People humans have existed.

Team Dark — my catch-all term for negative nonhuman, nonphysical aliens, entities, devils, demons and living humans that are easily utilized as Portal People by negative nonphysical, nonhuman aliens, beings and entities because those humans are themselves the same low frequency as the nonphysical, nonhuman beings.

Recently I watched a movie on TV, HBO. Personally I found it an unusually good movie because it had some accurate visual depictions and information about the dark side of old lower physical and astral Duality reality and some, only some of the Team Dark members and their habits depicted. The movie is Doctor Sleep (2019) and is the sequel to Stephen King’s classic The Shining (1980). Stephen King wrote Doctor Sleep in 2013, the movie of it was just released in November 2019. I hadn’t heard anything about either the book or the movie until I watched the movie a couple of weeks ago on TV. I’ve been busy, like most of you reading this, personally living these sorts of things and far worse and far better in profoundly amplified ways since the Ascension Process started in the physical in 1998–1999. Some of us have had our entire lives filled with negative Team Dark beings, attacks and a variety of experiences in the astral and physical because we’ve always had huge ‘shine’. 

In the 1980 movie The Shining, Jack Nicholson played the character Jack Torrence, father of the little boy Danny “Doc” Torrence. Little boy Danny had the shine which was briefly explained to him by the elder black head chef at the Overlook Hotel, Dick Hallorann. Dick had the shine all of his life as did his grandmother who taught him about it and in turn he helped educate little boy Danny about the shine. Dick Hallorann was murdered by Jack Torrence for telepathically helping his son Danny in the haunted Overlook Hotel.

There’s a great scene in the beginning of Doctor Sleep where child Danny Torrance and his mother now living in Florida trying to start their lives over minus alcoholic husband and father Jack Torrence who died at the Overlook. This early scene has little boy Danny sitting on a park bench alone. Abruptly dead Dick Hallorann is sitting on the bench beside traumatized Danny and a really great and important conversation with more psychic shine education tips for Danny is had. In this scene Dick gives Danny a small box to mentally replicate to use to lock the ghost entities in that have etherically attached to him from the Colorado Overlook Hotel to his new Florida house and life. In the next scene Danny’s panicked mom is calling him and Danny is alone and Dick Hallorann and the little box are gone. You have to pay close attention throughout the movie to catch the quick physical to nonphysical and vice versa nonphysical to physical visual change depictions. As a lifelong Volunteer psychic, clairvoyant etc., I found these rapid and usually seamless shifts between one dimension, body and consciousness to another some of the most accurate I’ve ever seen depicted in any movie.

There’s a lot of important dialogue and clever visual depictions of extrasensory perception, astral travel, intentional conscious Out-Of-Body, clairvoyance, intentional remote viewing, telepathy, psychometry, energy vampirism, energy parasitism, organic humans that become inorganic, intentional temporary transference of awareness into another person’s physical body and more in this movie. If you know how to read between the lines you’ll discover Doctor Sleep is saying much about negative and even Satanic things like intentionally causing certain emotions and hormones to flood a humans physical and etheric bodies for specific reasons. Reasons like the steam isn’t steamy enough, the shine isn’t bright enough, isn’t big enough, and in general there simply isn’t enough Light in the human population. Ouch, some disclosure pain!

Humans enjoy certain physical flavorings on the different physical foods they eat — Team Dark has also enjoyed certain flavorings on the human energy food they consume, and to get those different flavorings they use different methods to cause humans to produce certain emotions and hormones to flood their physical and etheric bodies and blood. As some of you reading this may be recoiling at this point, I can guarantee you that you’ve experienced something similar many times in your life and didn’t even know it was an intentional manipulation and/or attack done on you by some Team Dark being. In other words, you were intentionally manipulated and “seasoned” by some negative so you would produce specific energetic “flavorings” before they energetically parasited off of you.

If you’ve seen the X-Men: First Class movie, Kevin Bacon plays the “bad guy” and that character intentionally has child Magneto’s mother killed in front of him to force the young boy into displaying his particular psychic abilities, which are manipulating metal. The boy is horrifically forced into using his higher ability because someone intentionally caused him unthinkable pain and anger by murdering his mother in front of him. In this movie this business about children and adults having “shine” is about recruiting and using them, not about energetically eating them. Different levels of negativity. Human energy parasitism is however a theme in all of these types of stories, which is a direct reflection of the old lower negative patriarchal Earth world we’ve lived our lives in — up until now that is.

“Some things, dark things, the shining is like food. The Overlook it always was just pictures to me but I didn’t shine like you, nobody shines like you.”

“The world’s a hungry place and the darkest things are the hungriest and they’ll eat what shines, swarm it like mosquitoes or leeches. Can’t do nothing bout that…”  — dead Dick Hallorann says to alive child Danny “Doc” Torrence on a bench in Florida.

There were a few other scenes in Doctor Sleep that made me smile and I found interesting because I’ve lived them many times in many different ways under many different situations throughout my life. These particular scenes are the ones where Abra, Dan, and Rose The Hat intentionally shift their focus and consciousness which puts them in another frequency and usually their etheric bodies where physical rules do not apply. One of these scenes is when Abra stares out her bedroom window with the intention of locating and connecting with Rose. In one moment she’s physically in her bedroom staring out the window and in the next she’s coming in from another direction, another angle as her perception descends over/in/behind Rose’s physical body that’s in a physical grocery store pushing a shopping cart. The scene gets better as etheric blows are thrown and the physical repercussions of that do some physical damage.

In another scene Rose The Hat is in mediation on the roof of her motor-home with the intention of locating where Abra physically lives in the United States. Rose is physically seated on her roof and quickly and easily the shift is made and she’s now etherically hovering above the earth with the starry night sky behind her and the glittering city lights below her. If you’re good at etherically viewing and traveling — I do not like the military term ‘remote viewing’ for the singular reason that it is military — this is what Rose is intentionally doing. She’s etherically searching for Abra and is using the child’s energies to guide her to Abra’s physical house. The only thing that’s wrong with this great scene is that it’s slow, a slow search journey of Rose etherically flying across multiple states. Usually these things take a split second and the distance between point A and point B or C, D, E etc. happens like the speed of light or faster but that isn’t very showy in a move, so Rose’s etheric search is much slower so we could enjoy and participate in her OOB travel. How she lands in the street in front of Abra’s house is visually clever too as is how she rotates her etheric body to drop feet-first through Abra’s bedroom window. Rose changed directions with this entrance into the physical house move and she does it again to escape Abra’s etheric trap. But it’s Rose’s crash landing back into her physical body on the roof of her motor-home and then off it down to the ground that I especially enjoyed. It was such a frantic desperate escape that it uncontrollably pushes Rose physically off the roof.

If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s an accurate depiction of when one has to make a hasty astral etheric escape from a Team Dark alien astral abduction and/or other negative etheric entities and quickly crash-land yourself back in your physical body in the physical dimension. How many of you have ever been asleep dreaming and then suddenly jerked awake with an abrupt physical crash-landing jolt? When you’re suddenly in astral free-fall headed quickly back into the physical dimension and your physical body, you often re-enter in these types of less than graceful ways because you came in too hot! Who cares however when Team Dark is chasing you all the way back to your physical body, or, you are frantically escaping the scene of some astral crime attempt on you! Who cares about coming in too hot in moments like this?! 😉

There’s another scene when Dan Torrence needs to contact Abra but the Crow is blocking this so Dan intentionally shifts his focus and enters his etheric body to connect and communicate with Abra in the backseat of the van. To depict this change of focus and shift from the physical to the etheric, the scene shows Dan physically in his room with the blackboard wall suddenly tilt and he slides across the floor and hits the wall that’s now tilted 90 degrees from physical normal.

Here’s another couple of reasons why I personally enjoyed these particular visual depictions in the Doctor Sleep movie. It’s accurate in many cases, at least in the past it was. The Ascension Process and our evolution and separation from this old lower frequency Duality reality has and continues to change all of this however. Multiple times over the decades while awake during the daytime and nighttime I’ve personally physically, not clairvoyantly, watched and felt negative aliens intentionally enter the physical dimension and frequency by entering at 90° angles where two walls and often the ceiling connect in physical houses and/or buildings. Multiple times I’ve watched and felt negative aliens do this, and I’ve watched and felt demonic entities do this and many other things as well. But, it seems that in PRE-ascension times and frequencies this was a common way that certain negative aliens and other Team Dark beings and entities etc. would enter the physical world and its frequency — by coming in at a 90° angle like they were slipping right in through a narrow joint area where two physical walls and the ceiling are connected. There’s other ways in too but I want to keep this connected to this movie and how these dimensional changes, angles, directions and related body changes etc. were cleverly depicted visually.

Another aspect of this movie I found interesting was how this small band of modern-day inorganic parasitic gypsies went from being organic humans to inorganic humans. As I said earlier, I haven’t read Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep book and it may contain more backstory about this. But this business of being Source connected organic and then not is another of many important topics evolving, ascending humans should be conscious of but that’s another article. Thanks to all for this movie and getting many of the multidimensional and etheric details correct in many cases. There’s so much more however and we’re getting there as humanity and human consciousness is now rapidly evolving. No fear, just consciously knowing more and more and more. See you in Comments.

Denise Le Fay

August 2, 2020

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39 thoughts on “Those That Glowed in the Old Dark & the Shine Hunters

  • Is anyone else having intestinal/stomach issues during this high energy time? My inner wisdom says my 3rd chakra (solar plexis) is blocked by a huge glob of fear, worry, anxiety 🤤 which doesn’t surprise me considering 2020’s challenges so far for me personally and globally … plus my empathetic picking up of the fear out there. Inner wisom says breathe deeply more, drink more water and lay off the junky comfort food. 😁 Anyone else have stuff going on down there and what do you do about it?

    • My stomach, digestion, intestinal tract etc. always gets miserable when more big energy changes are happening.

      Yesterday, Aug. 11, 2020, I couldn’t believe how much the human generated energies and emotions changed just because Biden announced his pick for VP. I didn’t realize until yesterday how much human generated emotional tensions just this had created out there! As soon as it was announced yesterday, it instantly felt much more positive and like many people sighed a HUGE sigh of relief because he picked who he picked. I was surprised by how energetically intense this actually was. I shouldn’t have been but I was. God the rest of this year is going to be something else to get through as a Sensitive! 🙄 Hang on everyone. ❤

  • Denise, thank you for the Shine Hunters blog post, I had seen Doctor sleep before I read your post, and though it was just a strange movie, but after reading what you had to say, went back and watched it again. I could see all the things I missed the first time, plus all your valuable insights on what’s in that movie. I think all those involved in the AP NEED to see this movie, they really do! Thanks again for all you do!

    • Thanks JP ❤ and I'm glad you recognized the seemingly strange things in this movie (or any movie etc.) that are right there to be seen and known by all. It's time for everyone to consciously know much more and get beyond the duality and horror etc. and simply know more. Knowing more about everything gets people to a higher frequency and consciousness that exists above old lower duality frequency and reality and in that higher level Neutrality is the norm whereas old lower duality was a constant back and forth pull and battle with everything! Rise, ascend, evolve beyond that and you find yourself in a level and frequency etc. of greater knowing but it’s Neutral knowing. That old good/bad, dark/light etc. duality doesn’t exist which means you’re not battered by it constantly. Talk about bliss! ❤ ❤ ❤

  • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
    💗🌸💎💕❤️Jain Lee❤️💕💎🌸💗

    • This first is really for Jain Lee because although I am just now catching up on the comments, about an hour before you posted yours this morning, I had a vision of exactly what you wrote with me and some particularly favourite friends who live in other places. That we were all just radiating light where we were and it expanded out and out and out until we were all connected by a light grid. Of course I have heard of this concept before, but I never really was sure I was part of if. Until now! What a cool synchronicity and Denise’s explanation. I love the timing of it all.

      I was also a huge Stephen King fan! I’d get the latest one every Christmas, lol! And I had to stop reading him sometime after Needful Things because I caught myself doing what I attribute to him and refer to as ‘thinking in italics’. So negative!! Haha! I can’t even with the new production of IT…not even the trailers. So I am on day 3 of watching the tiniest bits of Dr. Sleep. I REALLY appreciate whomever said that about how they loled when the twins appeared to Danny in the Shining. (If only I could forget the sound of the chocolate pudding plopping in Salem’s Lot. Yikes!) But I appreciated what she was saying because I totally let that stuff have power over me. On the one hand, it’s cool to me to be able to give myself completely to a movie or a song or a moment like that, BUT to remember I have power over all that too….I forget that ALL the time.

      Thank you all for everything.x

  • Dear Denise,

    During a European multi month summer visit I desperately missed my parents, and once I saw my astral self return to my sleeping self, which happened so quickly that I cannot explain it with normally used words. I was sleeping under a feather bed (a down filled comforter), but I was also flying through the closed double windows at the same time. I saw my astral self come through the thick wall and window and unite with my asleep persona, while I felt it, too, because I was both at once. I was startled, and I figured that I was so homesick that I traveled home in my sleeping self to visit my folks. The best way that I can use words, here, to explain this experience is to say that I didn’t return to my body with a jolt, but that it occurred without any time associated with it, something Einstein explained as travelling beyond the speed of light. I wanted to go home that bad, I missed my parents that much, that my young self instantly departed, and returned, in such a way that I could observe it.

    During that same summer I was in St. Mark’s Square. It was terribly hot, I was getting faint, and all of a sudden the tourists and facade faded, but was replaced by a ceremony of medieval holy men walking in single file across the church, dressed in velveteen robes. Time as I knew it dissolved into an earlier time, in the same place. It didn’t bother me to be within two different historical zones in the same exact spot, and I have often thought that we must all do it, in some form or another, all the time.

    Stephen King is a widely read author, and even though I have no interest in reading what he writes I appreciate that millions of people worldwide do. There is tremendous value for many readers to discover what he offers, and I respect that. It is the same for me for just about every media driven ‘entertainment’; I ignore it all, but analyze what it is that others are deriving from it. I don’t understand what the appeal of so and so desperate housewives might be, just as scripted reality TV makes no sense, either. Why is being bored interesting, and how is being terrorized meaningful?

    The Norwegians have a cultural saying, ‘being in the right spirit’, which loosely translates into knowing the difference between doing good or choosing evil. What those living along the ancient Viking lands have figured out is that by maintaining a life lived in light (being in the right spirit) creating hormone food for darkness is impossible, which is a good standard, I think.

    Once I was on a date with a guy I didn’t know very well. He wanted to stop at a house on the way to where we were going, and I went in with him. Once inside the guy in the house ordered me out. “Get her out of here!” I remember thinking at the time that he couldn’t tolerate me because I unknowingly must have brought in a blazing spotlight that lit up his darkness so acutely that he felt threatened, instead of visa versa.

    Grateful, as always, to read everything you post, Love, as always, Cali

  • I am so glad you wrote this, Denise—- as it is helpful and insightful and really such a relevant although sometimes unsavory topic— which I feel deserves more consideration especially for the likes of us 🎵 shiney happy people 🎵🕶🌟.

    The refusal for most to even admit or go there (and bless you for going there all of these years regardless, Denise 💜)— has confounded me for a very long time for so many reasons. The primary question being if in part it’s because those who don’t “go there” in addressing this don’t have to deal with it in the first place—-or it’s just downright fear and avoidance with the fact that looking at it and talking about it is begging for possible targeting by magnetizing it. Maybe it’s both. Or something more.

    Is it possible that there is a smaller niche or specific group of us that are the lightworker/Wayshower/Starseed that get oh so distinctly and aggressively targeted—aside from the rest of the clan—and if so, why would that be??

    Is this about a certain uniqueness? Whether it’s a very inherent and specific energy signature, or other genetic specific something, which really magnetizes a higher rate of anguish and TD concern and therefore overt aggression—comparatively to other lightbearers—who have not and probably will never thankfully have these encounters or be forced to deal with the level of attacks and other tactics that do occur for some of us “shiners”??

    This is in no way an attempt in claiming some kind of higher echelon superiority in any way ie— look at all my battle scars from TD beating the piss out of me all because of my shine, lol—- it’s strictly that this has been ongoing almost my entire life beginning at around age 5, and although I have become moderately skilled in defensive measures, they aren’t foolproof, and I still struggle to get my head around it all, esp. when the proverbial TD ca ca gets going. And much as you have silently and definitely NOT so silently modeled— the only way to skillfully address these things is by admitting their existence in the first place, and speaking of them.

    Lastly— I get that we are all conscious creators, but for me this topic with TD aggression is where the slope gets very slippery —- I will in fact brazenly say that I am becoming more and more prone to the suspicion and actual belief that what has been bantered around now for quite some time re:“our thoughts create our reality” is not entirely 100% true, but something that TD has promoted for benefit by creating widespread ignorance and serious lack of question amongst the populace as a means of putting the blame on one’s own thinking and especially their “negative thinking” creating things solely— when in fact that is only half-truth. This, I know, is not a popular viewpoint, however, it’s still one worth saying because in essence I feel it brings into question what the actual playing field is —which some or many of us find ourselves on.


    P.S. totally agree re: wall/ceiling TD entry point as this was a very common isue in my earliest years!

    • Robin,

      Thank you so much for saying all you did about this topic. ❤ ❤ ❤ And thanks for the questions too as it's all part of the entire Ascension Process… like it or not people.

      I felt people pull away after I published this particular article about this movie and related negative things and personal experiences etc. which I knew would happen before I wrote it. This article is NOT the one I'd told everyone I was working on (am still working on it) but I kept getting pushed to write it immediately and share some more personal details about these dark things and how they've worked. I repeatedly ignored this pushing–and I know better than to do this!–and finally realized there was something about the timing of my publishing it now that was important and that the other article I've been working on will come after this one. Every year the articles are like chapters in a book, this one is our 2020 "book" of articles. I understand why this is happening now and the other article I'm still working on will cover some more of all this.

      “The primary question being if in part it’s because those who don’t “go there” in addressing this don’t have to deal with it in the first place—-or it’s just downright fear and avoidance with the fact that looking at it and talking about it is begging for possible targeting by magnetizing it. Maybe it’s both. Or something more.”

      In so very many cases the answer is yes. The majority of Volunteers do NOT experience extreme and ongoing Team Dark (TD) targeting. Some do from time to time but it’s nothing like what certain other Volunteers experience. You and I Robin are some of those Volunteers who do, who have, and since early childhood.

      Thirteen years ago or so I wrote an article at TRANSITIONS trying to get the point across that the Volunteers (Starseeds, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Gridworkers, Gatekeepers, Pathpavers, Wayshowers etc.) did NOT all have the same ascension jobs or mission Work. We all are Volunteers but with different specialties and Soul Contracts. I tried to express this by comparing the Volunteers to a large construction crew on Earth now and some of us were foundation workers and others of us were framers and others were electricians others plumbers and others roofers and on and on. All of us are AP “construction crews” but all of us with different areas we were supposed to Work in and with in Phase 1 of the Ascension Process (AP) for a bunch of collective and personal reasons.

      One example of this is (I’ve mentioned this before somewhere) how one of my personal Volunteer AP jobs was to not only transmute residual negative energies on Earth but also collect and record within my energy field many physical murders, tortures and rapes etc. done by negative humans/Portal People on other humans, and, TD nonhuman, nonphysical aliens and entities (the more advanced ones) actions against some humans. There is universal, cosmic LAW and some Volunteers were “commissioned” to collect physical and etheric evidence of TD’s crimes against humanity. To do that we needed to see, feel and experience both the victims and perpetrators experiences, feelings and emotions. Highly unpleasant but some of us were able to do this and not have it break us during the AP and our other Work on Earth.

      It’s often seriously pissed me off how some people in the ascension community have NOT understood any of this and because of that thought me and certain other Volunteers with the development and job to deal with TD up close and personal as flawed or dark or negative ourselves. I don’t care anymore about other people’s lack of higher awareness because I know they don’t understand the bigger, more complex and dangerous aspects to Earth and humanity having existed within fucking DUALITY for thousands of years. How can there be no negativity and only Light on Earth and elsewhere when DUALITY was the lesson of the last Great Cycle? It cannot and the truth is it’s been far darker than most realize, even now in Phase 2.

      There’s a lot of fancy and lofty talk by certain ascension teachers/writers and people in the ascension community about ‘Zero Point’ and about ‘Neutrality’. Many of these people are the same ones who don’t even believe that DUALITY, negativity and TD etc. has existed and was the frequency and focal point, the big lesson for humanity and everyone else elsewhere during the past Great Cycle. All things considered, why then would anyone need to ascend to and then master Zero Point frequency, being and reality/life and Neutrality then? 😉

      There are some of us Volunteers–it should be all but it isn’t yet–that can much more easily reach and then exist in and maintain Zero Point and Neutrality (same thing) than others. Most of them are those individuals who’ve been able to energetically, psychologically, emotionally, physically, mentally, psychically etc. SPAN a larger energy frequency range than others while incarnate in these current physical bodies and not have that kill us or drive us mad etc. Duality is Light and Dark or lack of Light. Zero Point and Neutrality exists vibrationally above the Light/Dark polarity of old lower frequency Duality. Some Volunteers have always been able to SPAN very high down to very low frequency and Light ranges down into inorganic, no Light areas in our physical bodies and because of this it’s been us who’ve been able to survive all we have all our lives and not end up dead, in prison or a mental hospital! We’ve always retained more Zero Point Neutral higher frequency in us so we could do the ascension Work both in the Light and in the Dark. Not all Volunteers can do this, nor was it necessary that all of us did it throughout Phase 1. Everyone isn’t a plumber or a roofer.

      Now that we’re in Phase 2, all this is going to get worse and better at the same time. I know, I know, but it’s been happening all of 2020 already. And it’s happening because we’re now in the “end game” of the AP with TD and all their old crap. Worse because it’s getting much better and soon worse will be. no. more. period.

      Interestingly I checked out Lisa Renee’s site this morning and found a new blog article by her that’s very much about all this. Lisa normally doesn’t talk much about the positive aspects of the AP but continues to focus mainly on TD and their latest stunts which I don’t benefit from anymore. Used to years ago but I don’t anymore. Stair-steps. Anyway, I’m going to include a link to it for anyone that’s interested in the topic of old Duality reality ending and our evolution up into Zero Point Neutrality well above it all. Thanks again Robin for everything.

      • “‘our thoughts create our reality’ is not entirely 100% true”

        Thank you Robin and Denise for this discussion!

        I was eagerly reading Denise’s reply, but alas! no comment on the “‘our thoughts create our reality’ is not 100% true” that Robin posited.
        In a previous article (“Crystallizing Shift”) Denise said “what I intentionally dictate, instruct, and charge is now finally manifesting quickly physically…….my events are all internal”

        What I am noticing personally is an ability to “manifest” a higher frequency mental/emotional/feeling state, but that is not (yet?) expressing into any tangible reality. Basically I just FEEL much better on the inside. While that is indeed a highly valued experience, I am beginning to agree with Robin on the “thoughts create reality” is not accurate theory.

        I’ve read – and tried – so much bullshit on how to manifest that I could puke — and still no Lamborghini in my driveway 😏 😜

        Can you talk about that a bit more Denise?

        Hugs! Appreciate you! Thank you, Denise!

        • “I’ve read – and tried – so much bullshit on how to manifest that I could puke — and still no Lamborghini in my driveway 😏

          Ditto on the Lamborghini Diana, none in my driveway either. 😆

          There were so many great things in Robin’s comment that I wanted to get into but it would have gotten very long so I stayed focused on just what I did. I’m glad you brought up what she said about ‘…our thoughts create our reality’ is not entirely 100% true’ Diana.

          For starters, and this is really important about this and most everything else now, we are in this universal Ascension Process which means all the old teachings, rules, energetic formats, grids, patterns, energetic blueprints etc. etc. have been in profound states of constant change from how it has been to what it’s becoming. Because of this alone all of the old belief systems–Eastern and Western–do not hold up or apply in our lives and lifetime of this incredible AP and shift process. This needs to be first on everyone’s mind and awareness about all ancient, past belief systems, esoteric, spiritual, religious etc.

          The situation has been, and will be in the higher NEW Earth and all else too, that despite Free Will we’re still always existing and functioning within some set of present energetic codes, patterns of ongoing learning and creating and so forth. These existed in the old lower frequency Earth world and universe of the past Great Cycle for that time, level and cycle, focus, education, creativity and expressions etc. Free Will existed BUT within that old lower level and cycle for everyone. The energy framework and matching codes and all else were present there, like a giant school curriculum and Free Will was available but within that Great Cycle’s curriculum. This same thing will be the case again BUT at this higher NEW level of this Great Cycle with its higher curriculum.

          In our present lives during the AP, no one was developed high enough to be able to physically manifest in the ways you’re talking about with the “our thoughts create our reality” business. Individuals weren’t evolved enough and neither was the external physical reality we’ve all lived in in these current lives. The big joke on humanity HAS been that they’ve, we’ve all lived on a quarantined Prison Planet that’s been incredibly frequency controlled by negative anti-human creatures. And some humans have taught that “our thoughts create our reality” in all that! Ridiculous if you honestly look at it all.

          Now, here’s the really good news about all this. As each individual continues evolving and embodying more and higher Light, energies, more and more NEW codes pouring in now constantly, more DNA gets activated in each of us and so on. We incrementally “ascend” energetically and physically, eventually high enough that we become truly and honestly capable of consciously and intentionally creating our reality BUT, 1) that will happen within the NEW higher level and Great Cycle’s NEW matching giant school curriculum and 2) we’ll finally be capable of manifesting BUT because we’ve gone through all we have and have evolved, ascended, embodied all we have etc., we won’t be interested in manifesting Lamborghini’s or any other such things. Because we’re higher beings filled with Light etc., what we want to Consciously Create won’t be anything like what we wanted to manifest in our old lives on lower pre-ascension Earth. Safeguards are always in place to prevent people, egos, aliens, beings, monsters or whatever from going insane with stuff like this, as are time limits or Expiration Dates as I’ve often called them.

          There has been so, so many “new age” type things like ‘our thoughts create our reality’ and ‘the law of attraction’ and so many others like this. They’re mostly crap that many people have made A LOT of money from selling to people for decades. It just doesn’t work like this and never has. Most aren’t aware of the Great Cycles, each with their different curriculum’s and different energy levels and so on.

          Phase 2 is forcing disclosure on everyone alive on Earth now and I’m not talking about “disclosure” as in governments and ETs and UFO etc. I’m talking about how “disclosure” is a natural side effect of the evolutionary AP and disclosure is and will cover EVERYTHING that has been that humans now have to be conscious of. No more denial, no more projections on others, no more lies, no more bullshit just consciously openly knowing much, much more about everything and how dark and negative it actually has been.

          If I’ve wandered off topic Diana, just hit me with another question because I do great when someone drops a quarter in the Ask Zolar coin slot! 😆 Gratitude hugs. ❤

        • Oh my gosh… rollin’! No Lamborghini in my driveway either, yet!! Lol Thank you for that!! 🎯
          Robin, Diana and Denise… thank you for posting. Awesome confirmation and information. 💛💎🚁😊❤️

        • I have noticed much the same, Diana—- It’s hit or (mostly) miss for me. Still buying those random Powerball tix and will never stop irregardless!

          Thank you for weighing in as again, I know my thoughts on this aren’t the standard, and am curious in how others might actually view the idea.

          Good luck with the car!

        • One of my favorite Lamborghini commercials
          begins at time stamp 7:24

          Imagine the recast…
          Denise in Orange; She arrives at the racetrack/life/ascension 1st/first
          I’m Red.
          Any claimers for Yellow and Blue?
          Marcy? Diana? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
          ALL GREEN LIGHTS! GO!! 😉

      • Thank you for taking the time with your reply, Denise, as it makes a lot of sense and helps in giving some clarity to some of the things I’ve been tossing around esp. of late, and some!

        I do recollect your article which you are referring to re: your ability to witness some particularly disturbing events as part of your agreement here— and it really lends credence as you’ve said to the magnitude of jobs and positions we sign ourselves up for and take on prior to incarnating here. So many moving parts all of us play in our roles- sometimes seemingly small and insignificant until it starts to come together and unify into such a whole different thing altogether. It’s really pretty staggering. And awesome. Thankfully we can finally actually see it and say it at last, regardless of how insane it all appears to be and is right now.

        The link to Lisa Renee’s latest article, was helpful, and I really enjoyed the content. But omg, I feel compelled to add here that I had not read nor was I aware of it’s posting prior to my previous comment here, and was pretty stunned and frankly a little weirded-out in that there are several direct correlations— including phrases and wording, that she wrote that I also wrote in my comment, and so definitely had a few WTF moments while reading through it! I was not plagiarizing, lol! Apparently this topic is a popular one bc I have no other means of knowing why Lisa and I would be conveying in such similar fashion as we did simultaneously at practically the same time! Anyway, the Universe is consistently keeping it interesting, if nothing else, I guess, with a little wry Synchro humor thrown in to the mix for good measure.

        Thank you again for lending your insight on things, as always very much appreciated, Denise!

        • Robin, Diana, and Denise, thank you! This was a really juicy and nourishing thread to read. I have also recoiled from the way the manifesting and law of attraction concepts are packaged and sold (literally). A huge part of my own personal journey has been learning how to love (unconditionally, neutrally) my “negative” thoughts/feelings and not be afraid of them. Still a process, but it’s gotten easier for sure. Integration is the word that comes to mind. And I can perceive what Denise is saying about zero point being higher vibrationally. Thanks again for letting us all benefit from this great discussion. ❤️❤️❤️

        • “So many moving parts all of us play in our roles- sometimes seemingly small and insignificant until it starts to come together and unify into such a whole different thing altogether. It’s really pretty staggering. And awesome.”

          Robin & All,

          Phase 2 and 2020 have amplified this in many Volunteers and it has to do with our Embodiment Process at this next level. The more we Embody (capital E), the more we’re understanding, feeling and knowing MUCH more about ourselves, our abilities, our ability to Consciously Create now at these higher Phase 2 levels, and many other things. “Disclosure” is a big thing this year for everyone on whatever energy stair-step we’re on now. For the Volunteers this Phase 2 2020 Disclosure is connected to our EP and like you so correctly have been perceiving, how much larger, complex, multidimensional, and powerful we actually are. It’s important we know more about ourselves in these larger Embodied sorts of ways and do, create things, worlds, realities with them.

          “The link to Lisa Renee’s latest article, was helpful, and I really enjoyed the content. But omg, I feel compelled to add here that I had not read nor was I aware of it’s posting prior to my previous comment here, and was pretty stunned and frankly a little weirded-out in that there are several direct correlations— including phrases and wording, that she wrote that I also wrote in my comment, and so definitely had a few WTF moments while reading through it!”

          I’ve experienced these types of things many, many times too. The higher each of us individually gets via Light embodiment etc., the more, and more easy it is for everyone that’s vibrating at or very close to this 5D and higher frequency range, the more these things will happen and eventually be understood by more Volunteers.

          Every time throughout the AP when Volunteers enter another higher energy Wave or Light pulsation etc. from wherever and embody that, it causes us all to move vibrationally up one or more of those energy stair-steps. The farther we all go with this, eventually we’ll all be capable of CONSCIOUSLY functioning and Working together as a NEW higher Group and Collective. We’re energetically there already but Phase 2 is pushing us farther and higher into this aspect of our individual evolution which causes the entire higher Group of us to be able to feel and be very aware of all the others in this higher Group Collective. In the past at much lower levels we typically did this when we were asleep and OOB and/or for those who were more able to hold a wider SPAN open while awake and in a “meditative” or altered state. We Volunteers would meet up in small groups etherically and do what Work was necessary way back then. Other times we’d all meet and receive other dimensional information from some or our HOME team co-Workers who didn’t incarnate physically. Now however the NEW Group Collective on and for NEW Earth is us, and we’re getting better at simply sensing and perceiving that whole Group energetically. This is going to get fun, interesting and very creative as we progress with our EP and Phase 2! We don’t need to get together physically, we’re together all the time now in this much higher way as the NEW Group and higher Collective for NEW Earth.

          When we enter another round of incoming energies, Light, higher plasma etc., we as a Group Collective can, at the same moment, pick up or perceive the same NEW information, aka Light, which we’re seeing happen now more and more with these types of things like what you’re talking about. My being nudged to go to Lisa’s site and find this particular blog article by her and linking to it here and on and on and on… We’re not existing or functioning within old dense linear time and space anymore so more and more of us are having increased “koinky dinks” 😉 like some of us saying the same things at or really close to the same “time”. I can feel, know, perceive when someone else (in the ascension community) has embodied the latest energies and because of this has some more NEW Light info and is going to or is writing about it. It’s often boiled down to who gets the latest higher Light information written and published first but you’ll see two or three others write about the same things within hours or a day or two. This is why. Other times it’s about certain people stealing certain other people’s published article information or words or terms etc.

          I’m lost in this response. O_o My next door neighbor has been hammering and I got distracted by that. Anyway, I know exactly what you’re talking about and why and that you didn’t even know Lisa Renee had written what she did. Neither did I. There was one sentence in it that, the second I read it I knew was not only true but I completely relate to it as I believe you can too. Quite a few of us here can.

          “We are the eternal diamond sun Krystic people that have returned to witness this final conflict and to really take the accounting.” — Lisa Renee

          See how close this is to what I’ve talked about a few times and my having to collect proof of crimes against humanity in my energy body to pass along to certain others who will deal with that and other retrieved information like it via cosmic LAW. Disclosure is for us too and it’s about ourselves. Thanks for the great conversation Robin, it’s great for us all. ❤ ⭐ ❤

        • Yes! To your whole discussion and comments from others.

          There are no koinky dinks, we’re all connecting and coming online together as higher frequencies!

          I’ve always imagined my lightbody hovering above and reaching out to other lightbodies holding hands, us making a light chain link across this earth plane, creating much needed changes together. Omg, I’m so excited!

          Thanks Denise, thank you everyone who hold the light! High Heart Hugs to all ❤️🤗💕😘

  • If I had my Pilot’s license and our island… I’d be there to pick any of you up, ASAP. OMG! This pinball machine is on permanent TILT. Thank you Finn, Catherine and Denise
    ☀️🌴🚁💕 Today has been brutal. I wondered what was/is going on with this intense and sometimes supremely negative energy. I’m still focused on FREEDOM. The contrast is extreme. 💛 Love to you all. I’ve been enjoying the uplift from Magda’s art announcement 🌸 I think I’ll view those beautiful pieces of life again now. Thank you Magda ❤️

      • Thank you, Kathy. I hope today is better for you. It was extremely intense energy. I’m glad it’s a new day.

    • Thank you , Denise in helping me gain more clarity here with several things. All of it makes perfect sense. I find that sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious, esp. when we are in the midst of what we are all in as it can get a bit murky as well as confusing, esp for those like myself who can get too caught up in overthinking and not seeing the proverbial Forrest!

      And gracias to everyone here as well!


      • Thank You Robin. ❤ And yes about the thinking. We're so used to being in our heads very intensely but that works less and less in these NEW higher energies and our EP. I've felt this amplify again this year and I suspect it's all part of the amplified chaos, collapse and negativity such as what donauld mentioned about TV programs. It's all the same stuff but it's been amplified this year in so many ways. HighHeart instead of head/mind/intellect. We're having to learn some NEW muscles and skills and let go of the old in-our-head ones. At least it’s fast and fairly easy to SHIFT out of our heads and back into our HighHearts to figure things out in this NEW higher way.

        Speaking of this, did anyone else experience really obvious increases in negativity and/or Portal People created negativity a few days (3 in my case) BEFORE the peak 8-8 Lion’s Gate day? It was ridiculous and so obvious that certain people were being intentionally manipulated to do certain things to cause problems and/or reactions in we of the Light. Talk about negativity all up and about! Wow! It got much better, as it always does, on 8-9, August 9th, but those few days leading up to August 8th were fairly nasty and heavily laden with negative landmines of all types including Portal People. Nothing new about any of this so onward we go, I just wanted to share that the shit did what it always does right BEFORE we make another big energetic move upward again.

        • Hi Denise,

          The Portal People were definitely out and about in full force last week! The stage was set for me on the evening of August 4th when the couple who just put in an offer to purchase my late mother’s mobile home (and lot) appeared on the scene. They walked back and forth along the property boundary for about 20 minutes marking their “territory” with a trail of dark energy that had the most nauseating and gut-wrenching smell. Ten minutes after they arrived, a man I’ve never seen before and who was totally stoned out of his mind walked through the mobile home court and stopped to talk to this couple. The druggie departed after a few minutes and took a bit of that nasty energy vibe with him. Finally, that couple finally left the scene and I hoped that would be the end of all the unwanted visitors, human and otherwise, for the day. Portal people, of course, had other plans and later that night I heard voices and people moving about inside the backyard. So at 11:30 pm, I found myself standing on the porch yelling/swearing at a pair of would-be thieves to get off the property NOW!

          After the thieves took off and I was left to think about the night’s events, I realized just how critical the timing of your latest article was! Thank you so much for putting your other blog entry aside so you could get “The Shine Hunters” posted in time for that August 3rd full moon!! Your timing, as always, is impeccable and thank you so much for that!


        • Marjorie,

          Thanks very much for sharing your experiences with this sort of lowly stuff from about August 2 thru 8-8. It helps us all to hear other’s experiences with these things and when they happen. ❤ ❤ ❤

          I too had a stranger guy poking around the mobile home and lot next door to me August 7th because it's empty and these tweeker types go through senior properties searching for anything to steal. There was other crap the day before and day after and it all was very lowly and unpleasant. Saturday night, Aug. 8-8, I heard children and teens running around outside being loud stupid kids. It went on until about 1:00 AM and also felt strange and deliberate. Euw…rough week for sure.

        • Yes. Predictably, and like clockwork.

          But I suspected as much given the article content plus my participation in discussing.

          As well as adding in gateway— which in general do NOT tend to make me all “bliss-y”. More like royally pissy.

  • Team Dark — my catch-all term for negative nonhuman, nonphysical aliens, entities, devils, demons and living humans that are easily utilized as Portal People by negative nonphysical, nonhuman aliens, beings and entities … …

    Alas; my entire life (just like you Denise and just like so many others) has been brimming with Team Dark at any-time-day-or-night-Sundays-and-Holidays-included … – Fortunately; due to my loving upbringing; I have felt safe enough to stare them straight back in the eye! – How sad however; that all of us have had to endure this Open-Air-Prison-Planet that we live upon. – Let us all as co-creators click the undo-button and manifest nothing but love and beauty! – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  • I am in an ‘energetic war’ with yet another new renter next door.
    This person is either bipolar or manic in someways or maybe on drugs.
    Last week in three different times. I was forced to listen to his raging phone conversations to his parents. This rager must be in his 20’s. He has no job so, the rage was trying to extort thru terrorizing his parents.. money. He does these calls in his blind rage outside by my fence the last call lasted an hour with him doing most of the yelling and many F you’s.
    I cannot imagine my son talking to me in this way or anyone’s child really .
    There is mental illness and clearly to have a week of these 3 conversations I heard (who knows how many until he got his way)
    He must have gotten his way .as this weekend he is whistling like nothing happened.No remorse I am sure .
    I have contacted the landlord and fortunately another renter heard as well so, I have some ‘back up’. The landlord has not responded.

    I was raised with a psycho brother and he did the same thing to my parents and relentlessly raged until they broke down…mostly out of fear as we all paid in the family if he did not get his way..he set the den curtains on fire one
    I am 71 and this is such a terrible flash back for me and I do not feel safe in the home I have lived in for 12 years . This kind of rage next door is not rational to maintain for so many days without some kind of mental illness involved.
    So, now I am in an energetic battle..and I believe in, I am smudging with intent and want to do a couple of other thangs. I am tryin’ to keep it clean ,but parts of me are so F ing tired of this kind of energy and I have to wonder why am in involved in it again!!!!
    I want this dude/punk gone he has no respect and does as he pleases thru fear and intimidation.
    I am not all kum bah ya..oh, love him into some kind of sanity ..BS on that I am done so done with this energy and yet, how do I make it go . I am not going to be submissive..I am relentless at this point I would love to go smack him across the face and tell him to apologize to his parents.
    I am not a violent person and Yet I feel like a warrior in this .
    Now I am saying in my request/demand to the universe…’you do not belong here..go where you belong’ that is about as clean as I can get it, but every time he is at the fence I am smudging on the other side. I want this energy out of my life and that entity next door gone.

    and it is the full moon and I am now angry /mirroring his rage…at him..when does the cycle end. I am so sick and tired of being on this earth at just seems like so much escalation of nasty everywhere…I would normally just go on my patio and enjoy my nature and beauty I have created and then there the F’er is on his damn phone…I see how people just snap.
    I am wearing earplugs now on that..why am I having to change because of some psycho renter…pisses me off.
    Peace and love and all that rot….

    • “Peace and love and all that rot….”

      catherine ellis,

      Oh lord your last line was just the absolute best, thanks for it and the giggles. 😆

      Yeah, Portal People. I am intimately familiar with them, how they’re used by Team Dark (TD) to get at we of Team Light. Deep fucking exhausted sigh…

      I am so very sorry that you are currently having this happen with this young male. And yes, young males are so, so very easy for TD to use to do all sorts of negative things. And yes again about how this young male is, as you said either bipolar or manic in someways or maybe on drugs. I’ve experienced this with my sister and my son and a boyfriend and all of their friends etc., starting with my sister in the 1970s, my son in the mid-1980s and 1990s. In so many cases it’s the drug use that opens them energetically to being either outright possessed or have some negative demon etherically attach to them, usually for the rest of their lives. And typically most street drug addictions cause people to become “mentally/emotionally ill”, extremely unbalanced so it’s a situation of one thing fueling the next thing and the next and so on until you don’t know exactly what caused what.

      Because I’ve lived this myself and worse for decades, I know how horrible it is to be attacked by a Portal Person/People who’ve been deliberately moved in right next door to you! Read my book! There’s things you can do about this raving probably possessed young male like call the police when he’s outside on the phone throwing his temper tantrums at mommy and daddy until they cave and enable him just to be rid of him. If you decide to go this route I would suggest that before hand you go visit some of your other neighbors that live close enough to have heard him do this multiple times. Talk with them about the situation to see if they’re bothered by him etc. If they are then ask them if they’d be willing to call the police about him the next time he does this. If you can get two, three or more people who all call the police on him because he is “disturbing the peace” all at the same time, the cop(s) that show up may be more willing to do something about him. You all might also mention that you think, based on his repeated actions, that he MAY be mentally/emotionally ill and/or on drugs. Including that information in all of your simultaneous phone calls to the police may get better results. Or, as I’ve experienced numerous times over three decades, you may get a Portal Person cop show up at your house who turns his focus on you instead.

      On another note today August 3, 2020, is a Full Moon (at 11 degrees Aquarius) meaning emotions are very high because everyone is feeling the pressures greatly amplified now. Added to that is that today’s Full Moon is in a very close Square aspect (harsh, difficult, tense, stressed, resistance, amplified anger etc.) with Uranus at 10 degrees Taurus. In other words, emotions are SUPER high now with plenty of volatility and all around instability in most people and situations etc. Emotions are all over the place now, tempers are hot, minds and heels are dug-in for a fight with anyone and so on with the lower side of this astrological transit. On the high side of it we’re all frying with more Light and our HighHearts are embodying a lot more NEW Lion’s Gate frequencies right now and all month. Oh, and included in all this, the planet MARS is perihelion now — closest to the Sun — in it’s orbit which only adds more fire to the Leo fire and tensions with the Uranus electricity and the Square etc. etc. Everyone be wise and careful the next few days and weeks. This is some hot, intense and wild energies and the less evolved folks won’t handle any of it well. Like I needed to tell you that part!

      I’d suggest you don’t do much of anything over the next few days with this unstable guy. Let things play out but stay out of it for now. Down the road if he continues, then you and your neighbors you trust should do what you can to get him permanently out and, here comes the really important aspect of all this, energetically clear and seal the entire apartment and surrounding complex so that NO ONE ELSE like him ever gets in there again. I’ve found in the past at least, that if we of Team Light don’t energetically clear out the crazy people’s negative energies when they finally do leave or go to jail or whatever, then that location, that apartment, that complex etc. will simply attract someone else that’s energetically just like him!

      Good luck with all this and be wise, safe, and KNOW that you didn’t do anything to attract this or cause this or any other such bullshit. It’s happening because you are the Light. End of story. And ‘peace and love and all that rot. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thanks Denise~yes, I am taking advantage of the full moon I am smudging and with intent..after growing up with my brother and being married for 26 years to a bi polar who self medicated…I am in no way going to risk my safety.
        Oh, and as a side note..I am an Aquarian (born at high noon) with a Leo moon and Taurus rising…mixed bag o shite and power..yes, I said I was ‘afraid’ in my other response,but the truth is everyday I feel more powerful in this situation as I am very clear to what I am ‘done’ with ..very clear..and he is such a low vibe..I feel like I can squash him.
        So, here I go…out to light my sage by my buddha pond.(what many do not know about my house next that this was a Buddhist center when I bought the house they were here for 7 years and I have been here alone for going on 13..I have lived alone here and maintained the energy as best I can..amazing how one can control their environment when they live, I have created an energy field here that basically says..I am spiritual ..but don’t F with me boy…I am blessed..I also have a 4 foot tall Hotei Buddha in my protection is from my own sovereignty ..)
        Thanks again..onward thru the …….

  • Hello, Denise,

    As usual, you bring us articles that are bang on for us. It wasn’t so much when I read it this afternoon, but now it’s firing on all cylinders for me.

    First of all, I never got horror films. I was usually bored or laughed at them. In fact, in the trailer, when the twins say, Stay with us forever and ever, I laughed out loud. So funny.

    Anyway, what happened to me since then? I have been attending two webinars, one by an Indian yogi and one by a Chinese Taoist, I believe. I like the yogi because he puts everything back on us, you created your story, your reality, and teaches us to undo the stories, to breathe in the mountains, stars, and oceans, to do mantras, and to hum the sound of the universe.

    The Taoist is teaching mantras and meditation and about chi. It all sounds good in principle, but it comes down to following his way and his teachings. Then my friend who is really into this guy and a disciple, says I must contact him for help. That I went to a country with shamans and I came back different and harsher (It was a bloody harsh county and even language), that I have an attachment, to never go into other dimensions, that things are not what they appear, that I should think about humility, that he can help me, but I should think about a donation.

    Odd thing is, that is exactly what a shaman in said country would say and do. It made me immediately mistrustful and even angry and I did not do the meditation tonight as a result.

    You always talk about discernment, and I mentioned that. Luckily, I can discern and what I was told was crap. I don’t trust a group (like the old self-help books) that end up making you feel worse about yourself and that you have to DO a bunch of crap to be just so-so. This man is putting himself above all his followers and telling them what to do. It is never about you finding your own way or your true self.

    Which is why I’ll stick with the guru and you, thank you very much.

    I am so angry. Just fuming!

    And I’m from fucking other dimensions!

    Hugs to all from my apparently miserable and unloveable self (never Self),


  • Hi Denise,
    Thanks for such a meaningful article, and I’m so glad that we are even partly beyond old creepy 3D reality. It’s what I came here to do, and now every day is a step away from it.
    I, too, won’t be able to watch this film because, I guess, I’m still kinda gun-shy. But I like to read about it because it connects some dots in my past.
    I remember consciously having ‘the shine’ and trying to hide it, having portal people stare at me like I was a tasty New York steak, and turning into destructive ‘monsters’ literally, putting my life in danger, bringing in my protective Light beings to save me in amazing ways, and at times causing me to make unnecessary detours to the ‘other side’ for repair and redoing my life plan, generally called a NDE. And that’s just my natal extended family.
    When I stood before a TD possessed portal person, I would consciously ‘shine’, knowing that I’m giving them an opportunity for what I call ‘a time of choosing’, very much a choice for them to choose the Light and leave TD behind, and a realization for them of what they were doing to their true being and own light.
    Well, I’m glad we’re here now, and thankful for your true articles that ‘tell it like it is’. Thank you again, Denise, for you being the Light that you are.

  • Woah! I was a huge Steven King fan. At some point, I felt the dark working through his works and stopped. Gratitude for the write-up. Won’t be watching it. Floaty between worlds right Now. Love you. 💜

    • I was also a huge Steven King fan and felt the same shift you speak of when I declared for the Light. Every King story is about some kind of fear and his entire body of work is about learning to face and overcome your fears. That is what he does, his mission if you will, and he has helped many lightworkers with these lessons. One day we just decide we don’t need any more fear lessons. I miss his novels because he’s the ultimate master of the fictive dream, but once you learn your fear lessons it’s no longer necessary to keep repeating them.

    • phillypam,

      I totally understand why you won’t watch this King story movie, or any others like it by other people. I get it.

      What I’ve found about this for myself is that there are now certain things I can no longer watch on TV. I’ve tested the energetic paranormal waters with this over the past few years and have been learning that the more embodied and empowered I become via the AP and EP, the easier and faster I’m able to connect with whatever it is I’m watching, viewing, listening to etc.

      Example: If I’m watching something on TV that gets a little too accurate and connected with real negativity in whatever form, a connection between myself and that energy in the TV show happens instantly and suddenly I’ll start clairvoyantly Seeing some of the junk I was watching on TV in my house! This has happened enough times over the past four years that I now know that my abilities, perception, energy etc. can bridge some of these lower things into where I am today. Now for the punchline about this. It is NOT about the negative crap or entities or monsters or movie or writer but about me and me learning about being a Conscious Creator and about how the NEW things and abilities etc. work in these NEW higher levels. This is another article I hope to get to this year because I know many more of us are experiencing these sorts of things now. I’ve experienced this in positive ways too, and in visual ways so all of our perceptions and abilities continue evolving into very NEW things that we’re needing to get familiar with.

      And now, back to our regularly scheduled Floaty in-between Worlds time. ❤ 🙂

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