Crystallizing Shift


This is another article that’s not a convenient One Size Fits All article for the honest reason that not everyone is at the same level of development, consciousness, focus and embodiment of the NEW Light and codes. For that reason this article will require the reader to be self-reflective and honest. Unfortunately not everyone is capable of doing this however. Discernment and honesty will get you far whereas self-delusion, wishful or magical thinking won’t. There is no end, no final completion point with any of this so just relax into your ongoing evolutionary ascension journey no matter which energy stair-step you or I or anyone else is currently on. Every step is important and needed because each one alters you a little more.

There are many people who still believe that The Shift is a singular instantaneous ‘Event’ that’s going to happen in a split second like a Hollywood movie special effect. That would be lovely but the entire Ascension Process has not happened like that throughout Phase 1 and won’t in Phase 2 for the same reasons mentioned in the first paragraph. Not every human alive on Earth is at the same level of individual development, awareness, consciousness and process of embodying the NEW evolutionary codes and Light etc. Again, that would be lovely if they were and god knows it would make the Ascension Process more spectacular and quick than it already is but, again, it is not going to happen that way because mass humanity is absolutely not capable of making such an enormous energetic physical Shift together at the same time. If mass humanity were much more spiritually energetically developed and embodied physically than they are, then this current Ascension Process might have aimed for a one & done singular Shift Event. Because mass humanity isn’t developed enough to do that, the many incremental energy stair-steps are the way we’ve gone and are available for each person to make their way up, one step at a time if needed.

In 2019 I wrote a couple of articles about how Phase 2 of the Ascension Process (January 2020) was the start point for certain “regular people” to begin the Ascension Process. This is and will continue happening in different Wave Groups of “regular people”. By regular people I mean people who don’t know about the evolutionary Ascension Process and everything that goes with it and why. There are people starting to have their hearts and minds opened and find they cannot stand living in the old lower frequency world anymore and are demanding reality change immediately. Those are the regular people of the First Wave Group in Phase 2 we’ve been seeing in 2020 so far who are ready for evolutionary changes in physical reality. There will be a Second Wave Group of “regular people” later and a Third Wave Group after them as more and more people are activated to evolve out of what has been and start their individual processes of moving up those ascension energy stair-steps.

The different incarnate Wave Groups of VOLUNTEER Pathpavers helped build and anchor the ascension energy stair-steps throughout Phase 1 (and some even a decade or two before that) for all of humanity to use now and in the near future. In Phase 2 (2020 and beyond) we’re seeing the First Wave Group of regular people start up them. Everything will unfold incredibly faster now that we’re in the higher frequency range of the NEW codes and energies and the First Wave Group of regular people have been activated to rapidly evolve.

I recapped the above because many of the Volunteers, the First Everythingers as I’ve called us — Starseeds, Transmuters, Embodiers, Conscious Creators, Pathpavers, Wayshowers etc. — have been experiencing increased not here and not there either accelerated periods of more releasing of our personal memories and emotional connections. Phase 2 stay-at-HOME  2020 time has been extra odd and for many of the First Everythingers there’s been a lot more offloading of our life memories.

In 2009 I perceived that soon I would be forgetting my life memories from this and past lives and because of this I should quickly write a book about some of my Volunteer multidimensional positive and negative Duality frequency and reality experiences before I evolved beyond that frequency range. So I quickly did just that and by January 2010, A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution went on the market. Here we are all these years later and many Volunteers have been experiencing increased personal final phase inner housecleaning. This hasn’t been intentional on our parts this year but we’re in the final phase of releasing more old lower frequencies, grids, patterns, templates etc. internally and externally and that includes many of our personal memories in them.

As the external old lower 3D patriarchal Earth world reality disintegrates and disappears, so too are many if not all of our personal memories of our lives lived in it. With every magnetic fluctuation and change, what magnetically held old lower frequency Earth reality and our memories of our lives and experiences in it—both the old external magnetic Earth Grids and our internal magnetic body Grids—are dying and disappearing. Just this alone is a strange and intense state of transitional being as the disassembling of the old world and simultaneous construction of the NEW pushes us to complete the releasing of any remaining unnecessary and misaligned sense of our old self and matching memory tidbits and willfully, deliberately reside in the NEW completely free from the past.

Because of this many have been having more unexpected mind’s eye visuals of personal past events, even some dream events, people, pets, beings, aliens, loved ones etc. in 2020 that meant something to the old us in the old Earth world flash quickly in higher vision as our final goodbyes to them all. Our old lower frequency lives have literally been ‘flashing before our eyes’ because we’ve been dying to them for years. These rapid Phase 2 2020 visuals are the final steps of our releasing our pasts. It’s a completion of the 2012 Three Days Life Review everyone went through at some point from December 21, 22, 23, 2012. These sorts of processes normally take place after we’ve physically died, but during this Ascension Process we’ve been doing them while very much alive, conscious and in our current ascending physical bodies. Needless to say they’ve been incredibly unusual experiences of incrementally dying over the years while alive and incrementally ascending to higher and higher levels of being and reality. In my previous article I asked, how naked can you get now?  This is another aspect of this deeper releasing of the old Earth world and our lives, experiences and memories in it. As the old lower frequency 3D patriarchal Earth world and reality has been disassembling throughout these ascension years, we have been too of course. We’ve been dying and disengaging from it for many years, many Volunteers for over two decades, and now in Phase 2 we’ve reached an important stair-step shift point.

One of many things the human ‘stay-at-home’ COVID-19 pandemic order is at higher levels was/is to abruptly force everyone worldwide to stop mindlessly, habitually doing and living what has been of the dying old lower Earth world, stop repeatedly running round and round on the old human hamster wheel and release the old past and shift focus and intent and stay-at-HOME in your HighHeart and start living on higher frequency NEW Earth, not dying and disappearing old lower Earth. Divine Source has put every human on Earth, including every Volunteer, in a loving but stern parental timeout period to help humanity physically start the shift now. That is what the 2020 Divine Cease & Desist Order is and will continue to be.

In February 2020 when I became aware of the COVID-19 pandemic I instantly knew there would be three global waves of it. It’s close to the end of July 2020 as I write this and we’re deep in the first wave of the pandemic. There’s two more pandemic waves to come and they’re for the people who need more linear time, and incentives, to make the Phase 2 ascension shift. Plus the rapid dismantling of old patriarchal Earth structures and systems etc. Many are fighting this evolutionary shift and like children are rebelling against it. They want their freedom to continue being selfish patriarchal assholes and idiots. Not a smart move on their parts during major evolutionary times and the return of Divine Mother/Mommy but to each his own. This is another reason why three pandemic waves — it gives the unaware human population fighting and resisting positive change, growth and evolution ascension a bit more linear time to get with the higher program and make the shift into the NEW higher everything internally and externally.

Remember what I mentioned above about the different Wave Groups of regular people being activated now and at different times and in different groups in the near future to shift and begin the Ascension Process? The three waves of the COVID-19 pandemic are also connected to that and will work as triggers for more and more people to start the evolutionary Ascension Process and shift to NEW Earth in these different regular people Wave Groups and the three different pandemic waves. Again, things look like they’re one thing when in fact they’re something very different and positive in multiple ways and levels for mass humanity. They’re energy stair-steps that humanity now must begin shifting up.

Just because I shared that information does NOT mean that you and I and others in the know are going to have to live through all three pandemic waves. We are and have been for many years up many more energy stair-steps than mass humanity. We First Everythingers, Pathpavers etc. have existed at higher frequency levels for years or decades already, it’s just that Phase 2 of the Ascension Process has activated the ascension for all of humanity in 2020 and beyond. Do NOT worry about the pandemic waves and ongoing collapses of the old lower frequency world and systems and just continue doing what we’ve been doing all along.

Normally I don’t share certain information like times or dates and such as I just did saying that there’s three pandemic waves to unfold. I usually don’t share that sort of information publicly because too many people misunderstand, misinterpret or fixate on the times, dates, amounts etc. instead of on what’s actually happening and why and what they individually should be doing within themselves. The only really important information is that it’s in you, not external, but internal within you. Always Work from HOME. 😉

I’ve experienced this numerous times over these ascension years but I want to share a recent energy stair-step change I made the other day. Friday, July 17, 2020, I experienced another round of incoming higher plasma Light wave intensity tango-ing that for me typically connects with the area above my physical head first, then enters my head and does all those fun and exciting NEW things in there for a while, then it travels further down and enters my HighHeart and does all those fun and exciting NEW things in there too. Head pains, pressures etc. then heart and entire upper chest into the back at the same level thumps, bumps, severe at times poundings, rattlings and intense internal shaking that’s become violent from one perspective after nineteen years of my living this ongoing progression of embodying more and higher. 

Thankfully when these types of extra intense ascension embodying periods get to be too much I’m usually released from my body which just means I fall asleep during embodying more NEW higher energies. It’s faster and easier for me to just get out of the way physically for a while by taking an energy nap break and fall asleep while my physical body embodies, takes on and is permanently changed by what’s happened to it. In this case I was asleep for almost three hours and when I woke up that afternoon, I did so in another timeline.

This is fairly simple and easy and it goes like this. More NEW higher energies arrive and need to be embodied. Those energies make contact with your physical body and the internal embodiment of them begins. This process typically causes some physical discomfort and/or outright pains, pressures, aches etc. After the energy or energies have been physically embodied you will either wake up or sense or instantly know that because you’ve just embodied more NEW higher energies you have changed energetically again which automatically causes you to evolve up one or more ascension energy stair-steps which automatically and naturally deposits you in another higher frequency which can also be called another “timeline”.  One, two, three and boom! you’re now in a higher frequency, place, world, timeline for the simple reason that you embodied some more incoming NEW higher energies and moved up one or more energy ascension stair-steps.

It Goes Without Saying

It goes without saying that our ascension lives have been weird and strange and that they’re getting even more so now in Phase 2. The more the energies change, the more we change, the more external reality changes. The more the old external Earth world disintegrates, the more our personal memories of lives spent in it as those selves are disintegrating within us. Our old lives on old lower frequency Earth have been flashing before our eyes as they disintegrate from our memories. The fluctuating magnetic energies have been helping us and Earth free ourselves of those final old reality-holding energy patterns (grids) and shift out of them and increasingly into the NEW and NEW Earth.

It goes without saying that all these ascension-related higher frequency energy changes will continue to cause us and our physical bodies and everything else to feel all sorts of highly unusual things. In so many ways we’ve been dying, we’ve been transitioning while alive and in our current physical bodies and I mean this literally. The Volunteers have been going through this since 1998–1999, but now in Phase 2, the first Wave Group of “regular people” have started doing it. It goes without saying that it has been and will continue to be colossally strange for the rest of our lives. It goes without saying… Ride this thing for all its worth because it’s rare and you’re notably fortunate to be incarnate now in physical-level evolutionary ground zero. We’ve often bitched and whined about how brutal, painful and difficult it all can be at times but it is very rare and there was an extremely long queue line of Souls wanting to get in here and live it physically.

Spiritual growing pains caused by natural evolution. In other words, the very ground under me, under you, under all of us just isn’t there right now because we’re that far into the Separation of Worlds Shift. We’re in-between. We’re in transition. We’re in evolutionary induced metamorphism. We’re not stable. We’re not solid. We’re not what has been but we aren’t yet fully what we’re becoming because we’re quantum and Working this thing from multiple points and levels simultaneously. And sometimes that makes it more than a little weird here in physical incarnate ground zero, but that goes without saying…

While all these bizarre things not only continue but grow and accelerate in Phase 2, many of the Embodiers are also experiencing more NEW abilities which also should go without saying. Phase 2 activated what all the “regular people” have been experiencing in 2020 so far, and the same is true for the Volunteers and first to Embody but at much higher and more complex levels. Stair-steps remember? The Volunteers and Embodiers have had our lives turned upside down too and we’ve been living and learning under the Divine mandatory Cease & Desist Order in 2020 as well. We’ve just been doing it at higher levels just as we have since Phase 1 started.

I’ll say this again — there are very important reasons why the Volunteers are under this Divine Cease & Desist Order and it is so we’ll move into, shift into the next higher NEW level and start more individual transformations.

Like everything else it continues getting more and more obvious as to who is Embodying and who is not and that’s okay, be aware, honest and don’t delude yourself about others. Personally, what I’ve been dealing with in much greater ways in Phase 2 so far this year is my becoming increasingly sovereign energetically. Everything is at this point wholly internal. I’ve been more conscious of my abilities to be a Conscious Creator and that what I intentionally dictate, instruct and charge is now finally manifesting quickly physically. As great as that is and sounds, it carries much personal responsibility, Higher Awareness and utter and constant personal honesty. My events are all internal in Phase 2 because that is the next level of Embodiment — individually becoming increasingly energetically sovereign, responsible for the reality I want to experience and live in now, living constantly from my HighHeart, Consciously Creating from there and giving my creations the focus needed to crystallize into physicality, and not look outside myself for much of anything. We’ll continue these topics in Comments if interested. 

Denise Le Fay

July 20, 2020

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49 thoughts on “Crystallizing Shift

  • Turn off the TV for 48 hrs and watch for the difference!
    We do not watch “live” tv only streaming but as soon as we turned it off at source, No headaches, migraines, negative emotions, I slept the whole night through bar going to the bathroom once, and woke up for the first time in months, feeling like “myself”.

    Some of the symptoms upon going to bed, non stop “chatter”, all negative which you hear as if trapped in a room and can’t get out.
    Nightmares and having to get up for the bathroom 6-7 times a night together with being woken up and chatter so loud you you can’t sleep.
    In the morning massive headaches, depression and even suicidal thoughts.
    Can’t tell you what that attitude first thing in the morning does for a marriage!
    Anyway, turned the monster off and immediate result, all that disappeared.
    Are we the only ones to experience this??

    • It’s been long known by some that all sorts of additional transmissions are intentionally sent through most TV channels. I wrote about some of my experiences with this years ago and how on some stations this unknown tactic is so much worse — like certain people that watch those particular channels/shows are targeted in these ways with really negative transmissions. I’m deliberately NOT saying which TV stations and specific shows etc. for the obvious reasons but certain shows have these EXTRA intentional negative and destructive transmissions embedded in the regular TV transmissions. I mean more so than all the others even!

      As I said, disclosure about all sorts of different things is a huge part of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process this year and beyond. And it’s disclosure about all sorts of things, not just ETs and UFOs.

      I suspect that as we all become more and more Light-filled, the more sensitive and consciously aware of all these sorts of things we’re becoming. That plus it’s just been getting worse too.

      Having a TV in one’s bedroom is really not a good idea for these reasons. When in doubt, unplug the device, whatever it is! Glad you’re feeling better donauld and that you figured out where the negativity was coming from.

  • Thank you for this space you have created… I look forward to your updates and feel very grateful to have them when and if I feel the need to have such confirmation ✨✨✨✨🙏

    May I ask you Denise or to any of the light workers / path maker souls here if you have experienced extreme migraines during your wave one / two process if Ascension

    For myself it stared thirty years ago, in my teens then cane the sensitivities and the fatigue etc

    I can cope with the later I have adopted my lifestyle my life being in such a way to allow it all to flow with Gaia earth ✨✨✨✨🌍

    However theShe migraines STOP me in my tracks quite literally

    They can last for weeks in end without ease

    I’d be so grateful to have a discussion here if anyone feels the flow too

    I hope I also would have much to share with my own findings from the Journey

    In love light and pain free bliss to all

    From Aberdeenshire scotland ✨✨✨✨✨🙏🌍

    • nicola garner,

      During my twenties and thirties (the 1970s & 1980s) I had migraines that put me in bed, in the dark and quiet and vomiting for hours. Twenty years of this off/on during that age. Then when perimenopause started in my forties they stopped and I haven’t had migraines since then. I’m sharing all this because, in my case, my migraines were related to hormones and stress. My going through perimenopause and menopause ended the migraines just in time for the ascension caused head pains, pressures, Rewiring Process, brain and brain endocrine gland evolutionary changes — Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus — and all else to start!

      I too am a Sensitive and feel in my body ‘Earth Changes’ which have been continuous and ascension related for well over twenty years now. As you know, if Earth/Gaia is evolving and going through the Ascension Process then so too are the Volunteers, embodiers, sensitives etc. Because of these and numerous other ascension related reasons it’s hard to pin-down any physical symptom or side effect now. [We had a few small earthquakes here in southern California yesterday (the entire Ring of Fire is ramping up again now) which made my body feel pretty crap but this has gotten easier for me over these ascension years.]

      My point in all this nicola is that if the migraines you’re having are anything like the ones I had when I was in my 20s and 30s, I do not know how you’ve lived like that for so long. It’s not “normal” (whatever that means at this point) to have migraines last for weeks so I would suggest you see a doctor (my gawd I NEVER say this!!!) about your physical hormonal levels etc. to see if that may be the cause of such extended migraines. Are you perimenopausal now?

      Another thing I’d suggest you consciously, intentionally Work on energetically is your top and bottom — the area above the top of your physical head and the area below your physical feet. If you’re embodying higher frequency Light energies and NEW codes, which you are, then the “top” needs to be wide open to receive and the “bottom” needs to be wide open to not only ground but recirculate these much higher frequency energies etc. And of course in the “middle” of all this is our HighHeart which has/is becoming the NEW higher seat of our evolved, ascended being, awareness and functioning while in our ascended/ascending physical bodies. The more conscious you become of these NEW much higher and faster frequency Light energies and higher, next level NEW codes inside your physical body and let them flow with less and less inner interference of any type (so easy to say!), the less pains you should have in your head such as these migraines. I get the sense it’s a combination of both hormonal changes and you embodying more and more higher Light energies etc. and we can add that the two things go together! 😆 See what I mean? It’s so hard to tell what exactly is causing what now due to our compressed evolution via the Ascension Process.

      Anyway, I hope you can quickly open up your personal top/middle/bottom energy flood gates so to speak and get used to embodying and circulating profoundly higher Light energies, and more and more of them too, with NO unpleasant side effects. Doing so takes all of us some linear time however as none of this is or has been fast and easy. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank You Denise 🙏 I cant tell you how Highheartlife it felt to read your message. Grateful to have your feedback, I’ll tell you it brought me to tears, just to have that connection. I am and have been putting the energy work into practice with “embodying and circulating the higher light energies “… I did have a bit of a job to search for the message and reply hence why there is a time lapse. 💛💛💛

        • Nicola G.,

          I changed your “user name” you’d written ONLY because it was your email address and I figured you do not want that made public! Everyone please make sure to check what “user name”
          you decide to use because it will be seen by everyone. ❤

  • Hi Denise and all, commenting here as I didn’t want to take away from the post about Magda and her lovely website! (Three cheers to you, Magda! So happy for you!)

    I don’t even know what I want to write, actually, but it’s all so crazy everywhere. I’ve been flying across gorgeous vistas with a new project and hitting down drafts and then finding the natural glide up again. It’s hard and invigorating and alive. But my human self feels the CRAZY, especially as I’ve been exploring any nudges that come along for avenues to share what I’m doing (largely social media which I love/hate). Anyway. I guess I wanted to come here and say hello and thank you and I’m so glad this community exists.

    It felt like something really shifted Monday, like a bubble that had been buffering on some level fully popped? I spent the weekend intentionally moving into the new galactic year as suggested in Celia Fenn‘s channeling, and it buoyed me up so much. Everything has felt particularly volatile since Monday though! Whew! But intermixed with really wonderful signs of validation and support. Can I say one more time how CRAZY it all feels?

    Love to all!

    • Kara,

      I think we all can relate so to what you’ve shared. Many times I’ve asked myself how I can feel so terrible and so great at the same time?! but that’s where we are now.

      I too felt something shift another few clicks a couple days ago. It felt very positive as they all do anymore even though the world around us is like a cartoon hellscape with people behaving in extremes. I hope to have something helpful and relatable written soon about things as I perceive them now everyone.

  • Every so often one of Celia Fenn’s channeled AA Michael’s messages are really excellent — this is one of them in my opinion which is why I’m quoting the entire thing. Plus her website has been glitchy for a couple days and I feel it’s important to share this particular message now. The Sun went into the sign Leo yesterday, July 22, 2020, but some of us have been feeling these incoming energies even before that. And some of us have been feeling the NEW return of Divine Mother/Mommy for the past few years so this message is exciting. Thank you Celia Fenn and AA Michael for it. ❤

    "The World Dancer is the Feminine power of Sophia in her form of Shakti, who dances and shapes reality in her steps."

    Dance Divine Mother/Mommy, we're ready and able.

    I'd include a live link to Celia Fenn's website but like I said, it's been glitchy and I haven't been able to access it yet. It's Starchild Global for those who may not know Celia Fenn.


    2020 Lions Gate: Message from Archangel Michael

    channeled by Celia Fenn

    July 19, 2020

    "Beloved Ones, once again it is the time of the Lions Gate and the Planetary New Year. Another Diamond Spiral of Time is being birthed through the Leo Gateway of the 8/8. The Royal Lion Guardians of “Yesterday” and “Tomorrow” stand posted at the Gateway, ready to admit those who are balanced in their hearts to the Sacred Spiral of Masterful Co-Creation on Planet Earth.

    This begins on the 22nd July when the Sun moves into the Constellation of Leo, and then gathers momentum through the “Day out of Time” on the 25th July and the Planetary New Year on the 26th July. This is when the Royal Lions of Regulus and Sirius assist in the birthing of a new time line, or more correctly, a new time spiral for the New Earth. Time is a Diamantine spiral of Creative Power that allows Beings of Light and Spirit to manifest and create in a material or physical setting. It is the creative energy of the original desire for knowledge and experience that initiated the dawn of creation, and which continues to power the ongoing Ascension/Creation process.

    In recent past years, the Lions Gate has been relatively powerful, with Full Moons and Eclipses falling within the Gateway period. This year, it is quiet, for you have already passed through the Triple Eclipse Portal between the 5th of June and the 5th of July, and this prepared you for the Lions Gate. So, this year, you begin the transit as in the Sun moves into Leo, and as the Sun rises conjunct with the Blue Star Sirius in the Dawn sky in the Northern Hemisphere. The 25th July, the Day out of Time, allows you to let go and release the past year’s time spiral and to make space to activate the New Time Spiral. Be mindful on the 25th and release what you do not want to take with you into the next Galactic cycle. Then, on the 26th, you will be ready to set intentions for the next cycle of life and evolution, both for yourself and for the Planet.

    We ask you to be aware that this will, nevertheless, be a powerful transit, not least because Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are gathering, in retrograde, in the 10th house of Capricorn, while on the 8/8 which is the apex of the Gate period, the Moon and Mars will be in Aries. This suggests, Beloved Ones, that the current collective energies of dis-ease and dissension will continue as old energies are released, and the emotions and responses of people continue to be aggressive and confrontational. Those who are wise will use this energy to stand in their power in a firm yet gentle way and to be creative even if the energy is unstable at times. You can be sure, dearest ones, that these difficult energies will continue at least until the end of the year. So, resolve to find your Inner Peace and Stability to support your path forward.
    Your Heart is the Center of Peace and Light

    Beloved Ones, it is only within your Sacred Heart that you will find a Space of Peace and Balance. There is so much in your outer reality that is chaotic and out of balance. This flow of “chaos” is the result of the collapse of the structures or “containers” that held the old ways in places for so long. As they collapse, the energy they contain is released into a powerful and turbulent flow of chaos.

    While chaos is always a creative energy, seeding new ideas and new ways of being, it can be exhausting to be continually swept up in the maelstrom of energy and emotion. Within this cauldron, many people are fixating on ideas and ways of thinking that seem to explain things for them. They have difficulty in letting go of the idea of narratives within narratives, and their busy minds keep “hopping” from one rabbit hole to the next. To be a Master of Energy right now is to be outside of the narratives, and simply within that place of infinite Quiet and Peace that is the Temple of the Heart.

    Beloved Masters, as you meditate and go into Silence, you access the Diamond Light Body and draw the Diamond Light particles and codes into your Heart. There, you can balance Heaven and Earth, Masculine an d Feminine, in the One Spiral off Crystalline Light that is the Consciousness of One.

    The more you can rest in this Consciousness of One, the more you will move into the Present, the NOW, and the more easily you will transit through this Lions Gate on the 8/8.

    The Search for Sacred Wisdom : Sophia and the Feminine Divine Light

    In this new Golden Age that is arising, you will be led forward by the power of the Divine Feminine energy of Sophia. In Gnostic tradition, she is the Hidden Wisdom of the Feminine Aspect of the Divine.

    Sophia is the veiled Divinity who is always hidden. She cannot be found in the outer reality, but only by going deep within and coming to know yourself. It is here that you will encounter your “hidden” Mastery and Power. It is here that you will confront chaos and learn how to be the wing of the butterfly that shapes destiny within the chaos.

    The deep instinctual wisdom of Sophia will aid you to become the rising archetype for the next cycle of experience, the World Dancer.

    The World Dancer is the Feminine power of Sophia in her form of Shakti, who dances and shapes reality in her steps.

    No matter how powerful the storms, She dances with absolute Grace and Skill. Her story arises not from words but from her Graceful Movement through Time and Space within Many Dimensions. You will feel her dance as she creates a path of Beauty and Love that is beyond words and exists in the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness and which is anchored in the 5th Dimensional New Earth by you as Master Dancers of the New Reality.
    ……and the Royal Lions are Here!

    Always present at the Lions Gate are the Powerful and Regal Beings who are the Guardians of the 8/8 Portal and Teachers of the High Wisdom of Sirius and Regulus (Alpha Leonis).

    As the Sun advances through Leo towards Virgo/Regulus, the very high frequency blue white light of Regulus accelerates the Diamantine Time Crystals and creates the conditions for each soul to accelerate their time line and begin a new cycle, at the other side of the Lions Gate, and at a Higher Frequency of Consciousness. This can only be achieved by a meditative focus on the Lions Gate transit, and by not being distracted into lower frequencies at this crucial time.

    The Royal Lions will walk with you and work with you to assist you to stay on purpose and achieve such Mastery. But, as we have said, you can only achieve this if you are balanced in your heart and your inner wisdom, and you have the skill to “dance” with the new frequencies in absolute mastery.

    This means that your time can not be taken up in duality and conflict, which will slow you down and cause you to lose your rhythm and flow. In this period you must be in clear intention and clear focus as to what you will create through your Dance of Diamond Light in the New Earth.

    Chaos there may be, Beloved Ones, but you are learning the inner wisdom to ride the waves and create Harmonic Patterns of Light, Love and Joy. Do not allow yourself to be distracted or to fall in frequency. Be mindful of those who are here to support you – your Soul Families and tribes in physical incarnation as well as your Angelic and Galactic Families of Light!

    They will not allow you to fall.

    They will hold you in their Love, Beloved Masters.

    We wish you Joy and Creation

    At this Lions Gate 2020."

    • Thank you so much for reposting this, Denise! I’d been unable to access Celia Fenn’s channeling on her site.

      I loved your article, too. You always have insights that help me understand my own journey in new ways. ❤️❤️

  • This article has helped me tremendously! Ever since March I have been experiencing massive body tingles., shakes and get the bizaare feeling of not feeling ‘right’, Deja Vue, I don’t know what to call it. It had me so freaked out cause it would come about so randomly. Since reading this I think I will be able to relax about now. Bless You for your timely message.

    • debbie french,

      We’ve entered Phase 2 of the AP and the Shift is a huge part of that. Because of that our bodies (and realities and everything else!) will nearly constantly be in some type of Light energy, plasma, NEW codes etc. embodying process. Days and dates just don’t hold much meaning for me anymore because the NEW energies, whatever they are at the time, just bleed continuously from one into another into another and so on. It’s all become “ONE” big constant process as I, as all of us spend more and more “time” NOT in linear time at all! This is us learning how to play, create, live and learn in a much larger NEW physical “playground” than what we’re used to.

      *** Random tidbit for the Earth Sensitives — I heard there was a 7.8 earthquake in Alaska today. This could be another energetic reason why my body has hurt so and my heart pounding and thumping and rolling around in there for the past four days now. Everybody is shifting.

      Expect your body to feel all sorts of strange and new NEW energies, Light, crystalline frequency, plasma energy, ongoing SHIFT weirdness plus have your perceptions fluctuating and changing too the entire time. It’s Phase 2 and this is our “normal” for a good while. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise

        And once again all of what you write is just awesome. I too am going through more tortures of the damned beyond the usual drive you silly crap.

        To blunt the pain for a few hours every day I take 4 packs of BC aspirin that I get at Walgreens. That stuff is very helpful because it’s in powder form and has extra caffeine which creates a bigger impact. They call it the ‘Truckers Asprin’. But I also have to add a hefty teaspoon of powdered psyllium fiber to protect my stomach.

        I also get acid reflux so I take a hefty teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a cup of water and that does the trick. Sometimes I have to do it twice a day – anything to take the edge off after so many years of this pain party.

        It’s still worth the journey when you think about all of the good that is coming from this massive Universe class transitioning that we are working with.

        We are so incredibly fortunate to be counted as worthy to participate in the epicenter of this mind boggling eon girdling event. How satisfying this is indeed.

        Curt Curley

      • Denise
        Thanks for this …earth sensitive and dear god it’s constant and painful and huge with occasional breaks….but dear god it is powerful and sucks! Is it possible to be less earth sensitive or is this just part of my calling and I’m gonna have to suck it up and deal?

  • I’m right there with ya, girl. Manifesting more quickly, phase 2. Yay, it’s been years of waiting for this.

  • Grateful SISTAR Denise. Sleeping the afternoons away and vibrating at night like someone keeps putting quarters in the bed, ha! Woke the other day thinking of all the various realities as Cartoons, a distinct feeling of separation. Strange days. Exhausted like most Forerunners of everything, but excited at the pace we’ve achieved. High Heart Hugs to ALL. 💜

  • 2 dreams I would like to share that I believe are relevant. Very recently I had a dream where I went “somewhere.” I won’t quantify it with a dimension, though I was told it was 4d. I was asking quite a few questions relevant to me and my situation. I also asked the general question of “will all human’s shift at the same time?” A very nice woman, who appeared to be a “human” just like me, not a fully higher density being, said “Oh no. It has to be in waves.”

    It made perfect sense in the moment. Not all were ready for a shift, so it must be in waves.

    The second relevant dream, I was at a gorgeous new house. My entire extended family was there, aunts, cousins, and immediate family. They seemed to all be prepping for something for me. A ceremony of some sorts. I found it a bit strange. I mentioned to one of my aunts that I wasn’t fully ready to move into the new house. I felt something was missing. It was beautiful and clearly much “nicer” than my existing house, but I still had some attachment to the old house. I said that I had fallen in love with the old one immediately and was still sort or paying for both houses.

    I found this one intriguing. I very much feel like I am in 2 worlds at once. The old and the new but I’m not quite 100% ready to step into the new. Not exactly sure what is holding me here (I have a few ideas), but I suppose I will get there when I do.

    I resonate as a second wave volunteer. Born in the late 70’s, very abrupt awakening at the age of 37. Still coming to grips with things. One day at a time.

    Thank you Denise for this blog. It’s the only one that resonates any more. I’ve been through the gamut and have had to come up to speed quite quickly as I was mostly asleep for most of my life. Had quite a rude awakening but doing the best I can 🙂

    I also cannot shed the extra weight that I want and am I am constantly and I mean constantly attacked by the dark. They have my number for sure. I often wonder why as in my 3d reality I am not “doing” much. I know there is much more going on but I struggle at times to accept it.

    • Hi Nicole,
      I’m a tweener waver, between 1st & 2nd wave morning in 1964. For the last near decade since my awakening I have felt the need to “do” something like a metaphysical practitioner or something else to help. It hasn’t been until the last year or so thst ive finally understood what my Guides have been saying all along to me yet I put no value in, “just be”. Our presence in the world as awake humans IS doing something. We are living as examples of higher vibrational beings thereby anchoring our light into the grid that can only be done fully from down in 3D having a physical form:) Hope that helps! You’re doing a great job!

      • “For the last near decade since my awakening I have felt the need to “do” something like a metaphysical practitioner or something else to help. It hasn’t been until the last year or so thst ive finally understood what my Guides have been saying all along to me yet I put no value in, “just be”.”

        I’m going to use what you said about this Stephanie N. to talk to everyone that needs some clarity about this issue.

        The main thing the Volunteers did throughout Phase 1 of the AP (1998-1999 thru end of 2019) was to embody the incoming higher NEW Light energies etc. first and seed them, anchor them, literally place them in physical space time reality for the rest of humanity to step up into in the future. The Volunteers HAD to embody first, HAD to go through the inner body Rewiring first, HAD to go through kundalini risings first, HAD to transmute their inner negative and dense junk and stuff first, and some of us also HAD to transmute a lot of other people’s residual negativity from across time on Earth too and much more, and on and on so that we were “clear” enough ourselves to embody the NEW Light and energies coming in then. We HAD to do that first because we Volunteered to do it because we were and still are capable of doing those things and more. This is what the term Pathpavers really means and who it’s really talking about.

        Because of all this and more the Volunteers of the three Wave Groups during the years mentioned above, were each energetically triggered, activated to begin their individual Ascension Process and start their inner clearing and transmuting etc. Work and embodying the higher Light energies too. Each Wave Group has amplified both the clearing of old negativity and density and the embodying, seeding, anchoring and making available the NEW higher Light energies in human bodies and consciousness and more. They all HAD to be embodied by the Volunteer three Wave Groups first to then become physically and energetically available for mass human bodies in earthly physicality. Most Volunteers were not and still are not Soul contracted to also be teachers, writers, healers, lecturers or anything else. Their main job has always been to clear their own negativity and density and embody the higher frequency Light energies to literally make them available on physical Earth for the rest of humanity when humanity was ready to start to embody them themselves. The very small beginnings of this has just started in Phase 2 2020.

        Point is that the energy Work was and is the job for Volunteers, not some external business or anything else. First things first. 😉 ❤

  • Hi Denise,

    In comments I’ve made previously in response to some of your earlier articles, I’ve referred to the fact that my day-to-day life since the early to late ’90s had been haunted by the gruesome and grisly and heartbreaking transitions of my four most beloved family members…with my stepmother and adoptive father dying in two unrelated events two days apart in one of the instances, and the others, two years prior…For me, at that time, it was awful and I never thought I would survive the emotional pain of such concentrated, and – for many many years – the unresolved grief.

    Since June of 2019, however, after holding high the proverbial torch for these individuals for more than 25 years, I began making the shift “out of” holding on to the memories of their passing and the roles and importance that they’d held in my life (after all, who else would remember them were it not for me?)…it became clear that clinging mightily to the memorial baggage of this pain was no longer “useful” or “beneficial” if I was to participate in a sincere way with my AP/EP journey as it began to accelerate. Everything that you’ve expressed here with respect to the disintegration of “memory files” from my prior 3D existence is indubitably 100% spot-on for me.

    Now, whatever fumes remain as trails to every other aspect of my pre-pandemic life are also vacating and, surprisingly (or perhaps not) I’ve been feeling more alive than ever before…as if I’m jumping out of my skin with creative possibility. This is having its ripple effects on anyone/everyone and anything/everything in my orbit that has not yet taken the stair-steps that I’ve had the great opportunity of scaling throughout these past 20+ years along with all of my First-Everythinger colleagues here, and all of the tears and sweat that has accompanied climbing those initial stair-steps. To say that I am experiencing great gratitude for all of it is the most profound understatement.

    Anyway, so much more to say but I didn’t want to let this opportunity pass to thank you for validating this aspect of the Embodiment process, and to thank the many Commenters who have written about their “neither here nor there” states of being and what it has meant for me to reside in this “Zero Point” of neutrality for these first few months of Phase 2. I’m not sure if I’ve expressed myself well here, but it felt imperative for me to write this. Many thanks, Denise and All here…

    • As always you expressed your profound experiences most clearly and honestly Raymond B., which is another reason why I and many others love/LOVE you so. ❤

      Someone I knew and loved a long time ago said this sentence that I've never forgot. “To get to the next rung on the ladder you’ve got to let go of the one you’re holding on to now!” So true and during the AP and EP it has to be done over and over and over again as we climb those many flights of ascension stair-steps.

      I too have felt extreme exhaustion for most of 2020 so far but there’s also moments of near hyper-ness that crave large-scale Creative Time which is present now and will continue to be and very good too for those of us who can Consciously Create now as it’s needed. We need to be careful and honest with this however, plus HOW we “work to create things” has changed dramatically because we have. More talks about this one this year too.

      Thank you Raymond B. for your ongoing Service Work to Self and All. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Someone I knew and loved a long time ago said this sentence that I’ve never forgot. “To get to the next rung on the ladder you’ve got to let go of the one you’re holding on to now!”

        This sentence triggered a memory I had of a similar concept I had written down on 11-5-17: “I can’t be given the driver while tightly holding on to my favorite putter”

        Very cool you shared that!

      • Good Morning Denise and thank you…and I hear you when you ask us to observe “HOW” we “work to create things” now and throughout Phase 2 and beyond. For me personally, even “intending” at this point feels too “slow,” for me another relic of the collapsed/collapsing 3D everything where intention as an energetic construct still held merit. Although I don’t have the vocabulary right now to speak to the HOW of creative manifestation in our new futures, I’m certain you and our First Everythinger Pathpaver Volunteer co-workers will alight me and share their wisdom in Comments. I found great solace from your exchange with Stephanie N. of July 21 on the whole notion of “work.” God knows I have enough on my plate as it is…and yet I’m very excited at what is to arise at some near future point, and even AS I continue to function in the ways I currently am. HighHeart greetings to you and All Here, Denise…

        • I loved everything in your above posts. Intending seems to reside in the High Heart, which repeating certain affirmations has helped me focus and keep safely there. Then, the conscious co-creating seems to be in the amount of inner trust I can hold that my responses to situations through intuition will hold the key, and become the manifested solution to the need in that very moment. For instance, lately I have had a lot of lower back pain, muscle spasms probably from holding onto old patterns, and although unemployed, I found the money needed flowed to me, and I had to make a choice: physio, chiro or masseur to attend to the muscles holding onto issues. I found a masseur three blocks away from where I live, who, over a series of deep bodywork is having the desired effect, although losing the muscle spasms is not instantaneous, but it is going in the right direction. Being able to choose the right health practitioner for me and my specific problems, I consider conscious co-creating. The co-creating part is allowing the Universe to put in front of me in fractal hologram the essence that my intuition will then pick up and trust in. I have found this way of doing things to be increasing over the last few years.

        • Hi MaPantha! It sounds like you’ve developed your intuition to such a degree so that synchronicities show up for you as “invisible” acts of personal power. Conscious co-creating, indeed! I know this is happening for me also, and I’m learning to listen and act more clearly upon my first feelings about things, which at this point, are usually HighHeart “impressions.” May you continue to feel better, and it is a pleasure to greet you!

  • Hi, Denise!

    I’ve had the downloads 3 times this week. The flow of molted gold is truly beautiful. And those gifts you mentioned are also manifesting at a speed of light.

    Just the other night while sleeping found myself at a different universe/parallel world/past life projection? Fully realizing that I’ve travelled someplace and while looking around my mind for some reason started demanding the shift. ( I was like…shift? Where are you?) and of course it followed immediately.

    Or my favorite, when in a dream state I sometimes see myself from the consciousness of higher self. It’s actually rather peculiar to see yourself from two/three different perspectives: As myself and then as your higher self and have a dialogue at that.

    Or the other favorite, with predictions. This I must say I’m still curious about. Whether it’s me who builds the nearest future And projects it into the reality or I just read it.

    Thanks, Denise, for your article. It’s a brain food.



  • Denise, you’re ability to articulate what’s going on in the world is extremely helpful at this time. Great article. I once channeled this whole process was going to take a generation and a half or about 150 years. How’s that for depression? lol
    You are the perfect embodiment of soul purpose as you emanate the reason you are here (to help others) so succinctly in your writings.
    Speaking of your book A Lightworker’s Mission, I just purchased it and read it in 2 days. It’s fantastic! Your experiences and life timeline lines up neatly with mine, not everything but a lot, and explains so much of the behind the scenes why of it all. You’re so strong 💪🏼 spiritually and emotionally.
    I have a question that probably borders on vanity but you never really answered it in your book and that is regarding sudden weight gain. You said it happened to you and honestly admitted you weren’t happy about it either. I too have experienced that along with many other women I know. I have assumed for awhile it was for protection but I’m feeling more like it’s for anchoring the new light codes into the physical through our bodies and we can’t be “light in the ass” so to speak while successfully grounding the higher energies in? Haha…But I’m unsure.
    I highly recommend Denise’s book to all who want to read about what’s happening to you during this fantastical time on Earth and the entire Universe! Thank you Denise, for chronicling your experiences for all who come behind you and were maybe with you at the same time but had no idea until they read your book.
    ps I bought the Master Hotei book as well…Can’t wait! I love the way you write😊❤️

    • “I have a question that probably borders on vanity but you never really answered it in your book and that is regarding sudden weight gain. You said it happened to you and honestly admitted you weren’t happy about it either. I too have experienced that along with many other women I know. I have assumed for awhile it was for protection but I’m feeling more like it’s for anchoring the new light codes into the physical through our bodies and we can’t be “light in the ass” so to speak while successfully grounding the higher energies in? Haha…”

      Stephanie N.,

      Thank you so very much for buying both my books. ❤ ❤ ❤ I can't wait for you to read The Temple of Master Hotei because it’s a very special little book that packs a big Master Hotei punch! It, he is very quantum and very present in it.

      About the ‘light in the ass’ business. Loved that as it’s totally correct and why many of us HAD to pack on the pounds to keep us here and help us do The Great Work physically.

      Before the AP started I could get away with what had been my normal 106 pound body weight since high school, but the minute I began prepping etherically (1991 at age 39) for the coming physical biological AP in 1999, my body automatically started gaining weight. I couldn’t stop it and it was very hard for me to let go of my petite and agile dancer body and get fat, fatter, big and bulky but increasingly powerful. The fat was both armor and anchoring for me throughout Phase 1. Now in 2020 Phase 2 I want to clean up after the Phase 1 storm but I’m so tired all the time that it’s all I can do to get the few daily basics done let alone get my elder aching fatness on the treadmill! I’ll keep trying however because I no longer need the extra padding because Team Dark isn’t an issue anymore. I may however still need it to hold all the Light and my Embodiment.

      I’m telling you Stephanie, I could not have physically survived all the Team Dark attacks, constant density transmuting, energy Work and Team Dark surveillance data collection I was Soul contracted to do without a lot of extra physical body weight to pad, anchor, ground and protect me through every minute of Phase 1. Now in Phase 2 I’m getting the sense that many of us need larger bodies to help us embody/Embody greater and higher Light and amounts than most other people. Thanks for your great question and enjoy Master Hotei when he shows up. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Yes, Lapis, you will be needing it throughout. Maybe there’s an aspect of the lesson of self-love in here for us? After all you/we/us all have done in the name of the Light I’d say it’s time to accept ourselves just as we are and humbly state “job well done” internally! Much love to you 🙂

      • Stephanie N ~ I must admit my envy that you’re about to read “Master Hotei” for the first time!.I read it last year and absolutely LOVED it. It was something I was MEANT to read. I found that it affected me so much that I could only read a few pages at a time before I had to go to sleep and integrate it. Enjoy! (And thank you again for that glorious experience, Denise.)

        To both Stephanie and Denise, I’m another who gained that blasted ascension weight over the years. In total I gained 30 pounds and on my slight frame it was very, VERY uncomfortable. Like both of you I knew the purpose and protection behind it. And yes, I definitely had some self-love work to do around it (a HUGE amount). In 2018, though, right before my birthday, I was desperate for it come off and KNEW that it was time that It actually COULD. So I prayed (no, begged) to my inner GodSelf, saying “I will do WHATEVER you tell me to get this weight off.” On my birthday, someone emailed me the information I needed to follow to precipitate the weight loss. And in 28 days I lost 20 pounds. In the following weeks I lost 20 more for a total loss of 40 pounds. I’m now 10 pounds lower than I was before the ascension weight and weigh my high school weight (like Denise) of 105 pounds. I share this because it is something I desperately would have loved to hear when still lugging the Forerunner Fat around. It came off VERY fast and I daresay easily (relatively speaking). Although everyone’s path will be different, I did a 28 day raw fruit and veggie cleanse and then started eating whatever I wanted while doing some intermittent fasting. I don’t like to tell people how I “did it” for fear they will treat the cleanse or fasting as dogma and worship it ~ but since most here on Denise’s site all know it’s ALL an inside job I don’t have that fear. I was simply following the inner guidance of my GodSelf, and that will be different for everyone. AND while I was doing this cleanse (and fasting) I also released some long held inner turmoil that started in my teens with an eating disorder (my TRUE loss of innocence). AND my biology (in the words of my GodSelf) “switched over to the mainframe,” meaning I was starting to get most of my sustenance from my sovereign self (prana, chi, love, whatever). AND my whole relationship with food changed, as well as my taste buds. I’ve found without the NEED for food I’m actually able to enjoy it in whole new ways. Some days I still really need to depend on food for nourishment (this new moon phase right now being one of those times) but most of the time I eat only at 2pm and 6pm. I LOVE to eat but (most of the time) don’t NEED to. As perhaps you can tell, this is a topic I’m passionate about. And again, I say it not so anyone follows what I did/do but to show what is possible now with our Self-Sustainable Selves.

        As an added bonus, in the last year or so, I’ve also noticed planes, angles, and muscles showing up on my bod that I certainly didn’t “earn”….in any 3D sense anyway, ’cause God KNOWS we’ve earned this!

        Just so it’s clear, I did NO physical exercise whatsoever! AMEN!

        Now…to get the COLLAGEN I had back in high school…that would be GREAT too!! 😉

        P.S. Thank you Denise for all your wonderful articles! I LOVED the false bio from your previous post, had me rolling in the aisles.

      • I really appreciate these comments about weight. I have found it more difficult these past few years to lose weight and I just began attributing it to getting older. However, this year I was drawn to much more exercise (not to lose weight but I have to admit I did hope that would be a welcome side effect) and also made a big change in my eating habits to include mainly food from our extensive garden. During these months this year I noticed that no matter what changes I made, be they “good” or “not so good,” my weight had stayed the same. It’s as though my body has found a weight that it likes and has decided to stay there no matter what. Only during this recent time have I assumed and sort of accepted this for what it was and also likely part of the ascension process, despite it being slightly more weight than my ego would prefer.
        Then, I recently read an article from aligningwithearth (whose website seems to be on the outs at the moment) that included great detail about the role fat plays in the crystallization process of our bodies and how, during the process anyway, we likely won’t have the sleek slim bodies many seemed to have imagined a crystalline body to have, for women in particular as they seem to play more of a role in the anchoring. I forget the role men are more likely to play but it was complementary. Anyway, I am just appreciating these recent comments about weight I have heard for my own personal experience (I know this is certainly not everyone’s experience). I know there is a place for personal shifting in this sort of acceptance and flow with the process on each’s individual level, but still appreciate these comments from others.
        I had heard that weight fluctuation is a common symptom of shifting, but I didn’t expect it to be a long lasting one. Thus far, it already has been for me and I am grateful of others’ comments playing a role in my own acceptance of this.

      • I finished The Temple of Master Hotei and wanted to share the experiences I had with this incredible book. First, as I read I felt a constant buzz within me that I normally am not able to physically feel, yet I did. There was so much going on energetically that at one point I had to go take a nap because I was literally losing consciousness as I read. I heard inside “integrate, integrate, you MUST integrate now”. The book is so powerful I’m unable to articulate with words what it did to/for me. I hate when people say that. I always think…TRY! So, I will…
        Master Hotei has such a compelling presence and as you read Denise’s account from the perspective of Ivory One then Jade One it’s as if you are going through the initiations yourself. Magnificently done! I cried at poignant points and laughed with the Master at knowing his style was spot on for teaching in an effective way. The biggest thing that happened to me was at the point in the book where Master Hotei was teaching Jade One mental telepathy I practiced it on the spot in the way Master Hotei taught Jade One, by focusing intently on the message and recipient while simultaneously underscoring it with deep emotion, and sent a message of love to my grown son who lives several states away. He called me a couple hours later to “check in”. That doesn’t happen very often so it meant he actually received my message. I also don’t use mental telepathy consciously very often as well but now feel like I will as I know now I’m able to successfully do it.
        The following day (today) my son sent a snapchat picture of him wearing a watch I got him years ago that contains a paragraph inscription of love! WHOA!!!! Guess he received it. I know in my heart that Master Hotei assisted me with his energy to send that message. I can hear him laughing right now!!!!
        Denise, thank you for all you do and who you are and sharing this magnificent account of your experience.

        • Stephanie,

          Your Comment / Book Review made me cry! ❤ ❤ ❤ I am so deeply happy that you experienced all you did while reading The Temple Of Master Hotei. It packs a 5D HighHeart punch that’s very unexpected by readers.

          “There was so much going on energetically that at one point I had to go take a nap because I was literally losing consciousness as I read.”

          That’s a common physical reaction when we come into close contact with a positive being, ascended Master, certain positive aliens and higher frequency Light energies in general. The frequency differences between us and he/she/it/them are too great for us at that time that we quickly start to pass out, fall asleep, leave our physical body to more easily and comfortably (for us) interact and communicate with the higher frequency he/she/it/them that’s showed up in our “space”. I’ve experienced this many times in the past so I know exactly what you were experiencing and why with Master Hotei at that time. I’m stressing that point because you will quickly do as you were told then and ‘integrate now!’ which will increase your inner frequency rate, vibration, so these types of meetings, contacts and conversations etc. won’t cause you to leave your physical body or suddenly fall asleep. You’ll be able to remain in it and be fully conscious and have these and like-other types of face to face interactions with more and different higher frequency, higher dimensional beings.

          Congratulations also with your intentional telepathic HighHeart message you sent to your son, and him picking it up and physically responding back to you. Pay attention to how this and other such things feel and work and how much faster higher consciousness functions. Very well done you! ❤

          Thank you for your wonderful Book Review Stephanie. People do not think it is what it actually is and bypass it believing it's just some bland past-life book. 😉 That is how great Master Hotei still is! ⭐ Gratitude hug. ❤

        • Oh Stephanie, I LOVED reading your experience of Denise’s Master Hotei! You articulated it SO well and I can absolutely relate as I also gushed profusely my love for this book after I read it. ! I felt him also with me and was COMPELLED to buy some Laughing Buddha statues after finishing the book so I would have his laughter with me all the time. LOVE the mental telepathy with your son. Well done, Master!

          I’m feeling VERY tempted to reread it this summer after being in the energy again here! Especially as I’ve been in my garden so much and a lot of the teachings happen in the garden.

          This Denise: “People do not think it is what it actually is and bypass it believing it’s just some bland past-life book.” You’re right! Forgive me, but this was also my snap judgment! You recommended it to me last year after I was talking about some other-worldly laughing experiences I was having and I’m SO glad you did, because THIS: “It packs a 5D HighHeart punch that’s very unexpected by readers.” VERY unexpected and dearly, dearly LOVED.

          I also think it was TIME for me to read it last year and NOT time before that. I think it’s a perfect time for ANY Forerunner to read it now ~ just for the JOY of it. It WILL seep into you too! (And no, I was not paid for this endorsement. lol).

        • Bless your HighHeart Kate Street. ❤ ❤ ❤ I and Master Hotei thank you. It's a special little book that should be read by far more people to help them better understand the current AP, 5D and HighHeart Conscious Creating and more. Thank you Kate and Stephanie. ❤ ❤

  • Thank you so much for this brilliant update Denise; you’re truly admired for your tireless and fantastic work and efforts and insight !! Please, Please, Please continue for Ever and Ever !! — On another note; yet another sign of “the Separation of the Worlds” came up recently; when an acquaintance died abruptly from pancreas cancer spreading throughout his body. Allthough he surely was a dear Soul; his entire life had been contaminated by a severely cruel father who was a typically patriarchal psychopath; and so his son became too. What a shame! Such can not pass ever again! – However and anyway; I sincerely look forward to a much expected and predicted forthcoming time of bliss and joy for all of us; within this year of 2020; which will indeed be highly deserved. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  • Thank you Denise. This all makes so much sense. I love your description of us as ‘in-betweeners’ – what Divine synchronicity, as I was watching a kids’ TV programme with my daughter this very afternoon called ‘Millie In-Between’ and I pondered on the title for a while, without realising why it held such significance, until I read this! As always, your articles always trigger these synchronicities in my external life. I love that. This latest phase has had myself and all my loved ones completely wiped out physically, we are just so dog tired. And it is so interesting what you said about processing all the memories! A loud, resounding yes to that! Especially with all the lunar eclipses and today’s new moon. It’s been intense and difficult, but feel like today I’ve turned another corner on this crazy journey, thank you and lots of love to you and everyone xxxx

  • Thank you Denise.
    I have been really practicing holding my soverign energy in my own space and it does make it easier to be around people when I have to be and cant avoid it.I also as you say have to be honest with myself and not avoid changing deep habits that have to to you and to all.

  • Thank you. ❤ I have been experiencing these strange spontaneous visuals of myself performing a task, yet in my visual I was experiencing it in a past time frame, old relationship and (what would have been) sort of thing.

    For example, I'm organizing something in another home, still in an old relationship and just a sense of a completely other (old) life and what I would have been doing, yet it was a similar task that I was performing now. Actually, it's a bit difficult to describe, but if this description resonates with anyone, any insight would be appreciated.

    It has happened several times now and has stopped me dead in my tracks when it does, along with having a tough time with my memory in other ways. Also, I will be moving about and I will think things like, "it's too soon" (regarding reopening) or "it hasn't been long enough", as we are not out of phase 1 (as the vast majority are/were thinking). Now, of course I don't share these thoughts with anyone or I might be burned at the stake, but just a tad bit of what I've been dealing with.

    • “For example, I’m organizing something in another home, still in an old relationship and just a sense of a completely other (old) life and what I would have been doing, yet it was a similar task that I was performing now. Actually, it’s a bit difficult to describe, but if this description resonates with anyone, any insight would be appreciated.”

      I know exactly what you’re talking about Pocahontas and have experienced it a few times while awake and in lucid dreams. I’ve written about this in past articles a bit and if I could remember their titles I’d add links here but I don’t remember. O_o Very simply, they are other Pocahontas timeline lives that are different than this one. Same for everyone because why only have one Denise life or one Pocahontas life when we can have multiple ones so that we get to experience a MUCH wider variety of creative choices and experiences?

      Just this morning I took a look at Spirit Library and decided to read Steve Rother’s latest channeling. I wondered why I did this this morning but now I know — it was to share it with you. ❤

      • Denise,

        Thank you for your response. After some thought, the best way I can describe it is, I’m standing there in this physical body and performing some mundane task, but I sense a different time (a past atmosphere, scent, lighting, people from my past) surrounding me and I’m alone performing the same task, just like the present. I wasn’t outwardly viewing myself, it was myself. Like you mentioned, a different timeline, yes, but like I teleported myself there for a moment. Good stuff. Of course, this all occurs within a blink of an eye, so this makes it a bit more difficult to describe. Oh, and those lucid dreams . . . I had a doozy a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t had one in quite some time. This dream involved one of the only people that I’m intensely connected to and I found myself pondering this dream for several days after.

        I had assumed I was experiencing this as a sort of a sloughing off of some more drose per se’. The questioning, second guessing, what if sort of drose that rears it’s ugly head from time to time. Those moments when this path gets rough and this human here has these thoughts, yet knows and has known for many years, that there was no other choice and there is no return. Had I taken that left instead of that right, I would not be where I am as far as growth and for obvious reasons, but . . . I’m not certain I would have ever begun had it not been for for certain events that were massive catalysts and continuing to follow the bread crumbs that I had been since my youth.

        Wow, I’m just now reading through the Steve Rother’s channeling. Thank you!!! This was just what I needed and I cannot remember the last time I visited the Spirit Library site. I’m very guarded when it comes to channeling’s/channeler’s and there are very few that I resonate with at this point, yet I always liked this site.

        Over the last several months, I have been feeling strange, detached and it has been just plane different from the normal “void” periods I have experienced over the years. Oh, and angry, very angry. I was going through this for several months prior to the virus and had/have zero tolerance with the overall shit show. Guides are MIA and have been for a long time now and I put it out there a few days ago that I am feeling troubled, detached and would appreciate some insight. Well, a’ll be damned, here ya have it. My clock skipped ahead a couple hours a few nights ago as well. 😉

        Ya know, in passing over the last several years, I shared with a few that I felt there was an economic downturn headin’ our way and that it was going to be different. It was going to be very different and not in a good way different (depending on whom you talk to), but I wasn’t able to put my finger on how and this was as far back as 2013 or so? Pandemic? Who’d a thought? Can’t you feel something coming, I would say? Now, mind you and spiritually speaking, these are a few that I do not share any commonalities with and would generally look at me like I was nuts. I peaked a couple peoples curiosity, but had nothing but my sense behind it and you know how this goes over.

        Although I somewhat expected this, I am having a tough time navigating all of the associated BS. I apologize ahead of time if this post is too long winded and choppy. This is somewhat out of character for me, but due to not having anyone in my very small circle that I can talk to about such topics, I’m finding some solace in writing this now.

        Denise, as always, thank you so much for the time and effort you give of yourself in support of those of us that are otherwise enduring this tough and often times lonely venture.

        Thank You!!!

  • Blessings to you Denise. I had dream about you the other night. You were leaving with me for France. Paris. Everything was on fire. We were at the port waiting to cross. With nothing except a backpack each. Nothing was left behind us. In front was not clear. I have never dreamt about u before. So it Was strange. I don’t mind if u don’t want to share my comment.
    But the being between two worlds is so true. My feet can’t get purchase. Nothing is certain anymore. Even people I have known for years look and sound different.
    I started drawing a picture for you. To say thank you. It’s not an earth scene. And that has not happened before either. It’s a planet not in our galaxy. One with red earth and I want to say two skies. The light is completely different and the colours too, to the blue and green of here (earth). There are reds and jewel colours. I have messed the execution of it up, so will be redoing it. But it is a beautiful place.
    Love and hugs to you.
    Magda xxxxx💜💜💜💜

  • You are a stunner. Yes on the three waves and the reason for them.
    Last few days of energy were as if a loaded dump truck had been dropped. And it had. “Always work from HOME”. Home such a deep meaning as you use it here. Thank You!

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