Does Not Look Like XYZ

The sentence below was written by Kara in a Comment a couple of months ago and is extremely important to me personally. Thank you very much Kara. ❤

“I really appreciate how I’ve learned from you over the years that “being spiritual” doesn’t look like XYZ.” — Kara

From the very beginning of my writing about the Ascension Process and related issues online in 2003, I have never fit the stereotypical patriarchal spiritual and/or new age molds. I just said a mouthful there which is worth more deeply considering for a lot of different reasons. As many of you who’ve read me for years know, I’ve never had a current photo of myself displayed on either of my websites. I’m talking about those posed photos, you know the type, the doing your best spiritual or holier-than-thou, angelic, not-of-this-world, new age type glamor shot photo(s).

You also know that I never created an elaborate, outlandish, puffed up, triple-dipped in holier than thou type bullshit About/ Bio page about myself either. My god have you read some of them that other people have written about themselves and actually use on their websites?! They’re astonishing and very accurately do reveal exactly who and what those people are.

Let me give you my invented fantastical version of what I’m talking about. It is ego-based, self-promoting, market-based, full of crap hustle type online About / Bio page.  Over the years I’ve seen many much like this on some peoples websites.


Denise awoke two years ago and was instantly downloaded all of the information about the entire Universe. She can speak in ET tongues multiple Light Languages and can write, sing and meditate in them as well. Before her complete awakening two years ago, Denise worked for sixteen years in and for Corporate America. She uses those patriarchal tools to professionally market and promote herself and her spiritual and energy products online and at events around the world.

Denise trained under renowned Swammy Whatshisname and has a Diploma of Spiritual Excellence from his school which cost her a couple thousand dollars. She also has other expensive credentials she purchased from a variety of different spiritual and energy schools to add behind her name to give her greater patriarchal credibility, selling power, influence over unaware people, plus charge them a lot of money for her expensive memorized educations.

She has ET beings tell her what’s going on although she cannot discern if any of the information they give her is actually true, accurate and has no distortions or ulterior motives in it or if the ETs are actually who and what they claim to be.

Denise can access the swirling quantum multiverse plasma shimmering translucent infinite Encyclopedia Galactica to gain highly complex and mostly useless unnecessary intellectual information about different energies, endless quantum levels and different phases in the ascension process.

Denise has eaten nothing but organic broccoli since her awakening two years ago. After eating her strict diet of energetically infused organic broccoli she attaches and plugs into a sacred site and stares at the sun.


I’ve never in my 68 years lived or played by the patriarchal ego-based level and consciousness, including any of the New Age or other spiritual camps and groups either for the honest reason that I’ve never been any of those things in this life. The closest I’ve gotten to an elaborate About page is at TRANSITIONS where I shared some information about the start of my Ascension Process in early 1999. No ego puff, no spiritual fluff, no expensive patriarchal letters behind my name, no speaking in ET “light language” tongues, not one day of my entire life spent at a job working for corporate American, no expensive present life spiritual or energy schooling or trainings to add to my patriarchal spiritual New Age resume — only personal firsthand experiences that are often anything but attractive, elegant or fluffy blissy.

Most people with a little or a lot of lingering residual patriarchal religious consciousness still believed that to be “spiritual” one must look, sound, speak, move, posture, act and behave in very specific ways. Many believe that true spiritual people don’t cuss, get angry or animated much at all. Some believe that spiritual people should and should not wear certain colored clothes such as white to show one’s pure and elevated nature, or black or dark colors which they believe represents density and/or negativity which is old patriarchal Duality consciousness. Many believe that they should only wear certain types of clothing and fabrics. Some believe in wearing no jewelry while others believe they must wear certain quartz crystal jewelry–the brighter the better–and other gemstones and specific things to visually reinforce and clue their followers that they are indeed very spiritual, elevated and wise. Some go for the holier than thou look and routine, body posturing, gestures, vocal tones and speech because they still have negative residual Piscean Age religious distortions in their consciousness. Others are more drawn to old Eastern religious beliefs and guru types. Others attempt to come across as not of this Earth, which, newsflash, most of us aren’t anyway. Many believe that to be energetically elevated and more receptive to interactions with higher levels of consciousness, reality and beings they must eat and drink only certain pure foods and water plus fast regularly and on and on these lingering old lower consciousness beliefs from the global patriarchy and past Piscean Age energies go in so many people still today.

To me any and all of those sorts of things and behaviors are very repulsive and instant proof that those people are very much not what they’re trying so hard to convince others of. If you honestly are spiritual you don’t need any props, staging, lighting, any spiritual glam shot photos of yourself trying to do your best impersonation of what you currently believe Divine to look like in physical human form.

Oh how quickly they forget some of their own teachings, such as how every person naturally gives off an Energy Signature. Obviously they believe that no one can really See and read Energy Signatures of other people including every ascension teacher, writer, lecturer and person in front of video cameras. We See you, we read you, we know because we’re capable of honestly perceiving Energy Signatures of people and ascension teachers and other beings as well. There is no hiding, no lying or hustling in this Light at this level in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. Egos think and believe that. The unaware think and believe that.

You know how most humans look, sound, act and move rather unattractively during puberty? We all went through it and the majority of us were an oily hot mess which is normal for what’s going on during puberty. In many ways humanity—including all the ascension teachers/writers—are currently in this Phase 2 level of the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds and we’re all looking, sounding, acting, moving and behaving like we’re deep in the transformational throws of puberty, of evolutionary spiritual energetic puberty. We won’t always look, sound and act this way but for now we do and it’s not very attractive but it’s freaking compressed evolution we’re talking about here!

For starters everyone and I mean everyone is having to castoff the old Piscean Age and its opposite sign Virgo energies and consciousness and all else. Some people can do this faster, easier and more completely than other people. No judgement with this. Some people made it through puberty faster, easier and more completely than other people too. While all this rapid casting-off of the exiting Piscean Age energies, beliefs, reality habits and consciousness is taking place, we’re all having to step into and embody the new astrological Age energies of Aquarius and Uranus and its opposite sign Leo and its ruler the Sun. Waves of HighHeart higher awareness answers right there.

The point I’m wanting to make is that what has been seen, felt, believed—old patriarchal and Piscean Age XYZ spirituality etc.—to be all the things they were no longer apply to where we are today in Phase 2. We all, ascension teachers and mass humanity, are in a state of change the likes we’ve not experienced ever before while incarnate in this or any other life and body on Earth. I’m not talking about the future or near future but right now today. We’re all in awful and awkward “puberty” states of profound evolutionary transformation both internally and externally, both individually and collectively across the physical world. We’re anything but hot n’ sexy right now. We’re anything but wise and all-knowing right now. We’re anything but all together, slick and clever right now, and you know what else, it’s all normal and needed for what we’re going through right now. Personally and collectively so get over your old shit whatever it has been and just mature, just evolve, just let go of and dare to become all NEW and shiny… soon and in ways you did not and could not perceive last year or last decade. Put down your old beloved props, costumes, gadgets and tools and honestly, with your whole HighHeart step up into an unperceived as yet NEW and shiny you now. You want physicalization? It’s here and not what most were expecting but how exciting is that!

Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, and these final levels of the Embodiment Process if you’re doing that now too, are so different from Phase 1 and what everyone thought and expected them to be like. We’ve all perceived what we were each capable of perceiving at the time, at the time, but we continue evolving and changing which means we continue being able to perceive greater, higher and larger every day now. Don’t pretend you’re not in this current Phase 2 level of evolutionary “puberty” and awkwardness while hiding in your “bedroom” away from others. This is part of The Process we’re all in now, this physicalization, shifting, casting-off and separating from what has been. This part MUST be lived day by day by each of us in our own ways so that each of us becomes not only all NEW and shiny but energetically sovereign and empowered in all NEW and shiny ways too. So important this. Give yourselves this profound freedom now instead of clinging to the old lower past things. Trust that this current Phase 2 Process is doing exactly what it’s designed to do for every single human alive now. Trust it, let go of the past in all ways. Dare to become something entirely different and stop thinking you know everything about everything because you don’t and neither do I. I do know we’re becoming now and that we’ll become even more the more we release of the, of our pasts. 

Spirituality no longer looks like XYZ, especially now in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. How naked can you allow yourself to get to become more of Source as yourself physicalized on Earth now? That was an unfair question because you don’t know yet, not really, but I very much hope you soon find out. I very much hope we all do. Use this strange time in NEW ways to do entirely NEW things within yourself and your life and reality. This is a big way we’re currently bridging from what has been to NEW Earth, NEW Humans. 

Denise Le Fay

July 7, 2020

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77 thoughts on “Does Not Look Like XYZ

  • So, here I am on August 2nd catching up on my High Heart reading because life, the universe, and everything always intervenes… and here’s this article!

    I have to say this: I love you Denise and have since I read the first article at TRANSITION. My life blew up in 2008 and my awareness of Ascension finally percolated to the surface and I started researching these ideas that seemed to be snapping into my consciousness full blown like snapshots that I couldn’t really make heads or tails of. Words like ascension and transition rumbled around in my head and during that research, I found a bunch of “gurus” “advisors” and “guides”. One person was of interest to me because she made these great weekly videos and was nearby in a neighboring city and I figured I could take some of her classes and blah blah blah… I was broke-ass poor at the time because I had lost my job and at 55 years old had less chance of going to work for someone else than I had getting struck by lightning. I exchanged several emails with her and finally asked if there was some kind of work I could do for her in exchange for taking some of her classes. Well, no of course there wasn’t and her answer was “If you are supposed to work with me then Universe will find a way.” Okeyfine.

    What Universe (by way of The Google Machine) found very soon after that was Denise Le Fay and TRANSITION. Thanks Universe.

    I remember the first response I sent to you had a question “So what about those of us who are “late” coming to this… is there still a place at the table for us or are we like the kid who missed dinner because we were having too much fun playing and now all that’s left is a few scraps?” You reassured me that no one was late to the table and that we were all arriving at our appointed times.

    Of all those many people that I read in those early days, you are the only one I still read. So many of the “others” wrote in a language I could identify as English… I am well educated after all… but simply couldn’t make meaning of their jargon. You never speak in jargon. You are always direct and say what you need to say in plain understandable words.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… thanks for sticking with this… with us.

    Much deeply heartfelt love!

    • Deb, thank you so for all of that, it means so much to me. Thank you for sticking with me all these years! ❤ ❤ ❤

      “So many of the “others” wrote in a language I could identify as English… I am well educated after all… but simply couldn’t make meaning of their jargon. You never speak in jargon.”

      Speaking of this… 🙄

      I’m going to say something about this, about someone in particular who will remain unnamed but who most everyone in the ascension community reads/watches/listens to. It took me a couple of years to finally work my way through her highly specific written word terms and the reasons why she words things the ways she has and still does. Once I reached this awareness about said individual, it’s easily recognizable to me now. She deliberately does NOT use specific words in her articles because she’s all about making everything sound like, seem like it’s all her, like it’s all coming from her. To perpetuate this she is very careful and deliberate with what words she uses and does NOT use in her written work. Boil all this sort of bullshit down and you’ll always find one main thing — ego.

      Me! Hell, I’ll use terms like Butt-crack Codes (I dunno know, I just made that up on the spur of the butt-crack!) to throw some shade at those who play ascension games with their words to control, collect, and feed their egos. Disclosure is escalating like crazy this year and more and more people are going to be shocked by what they discover about all sorts of things and people including ascension teachers/writers.

      Much deep heartfelt love LOVE back at you Deb. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hello, Denise and everyone,

    A weak, sleepy hug to you all. I have been sleeping so much lately–sleeps of the dead, heavy and hardly moving, and waking up dazed and not here 12, 13, 14, even 16 hours later.

    I loved this post, too, Denise, and especially your bio. You’ve got a fabulous bullshit meter as do I. Years ago, I would listen to podcasts and, within ten minutes, they would be asking for high amounts of money for some fabulous program. Every time I heard them peddling their wares, it made my heart sink. They were running a business. So different from what Denise does and what I do (healing animals in the streets for the love of it). Of course we need money to live, but these people are trying to become rich. I’ve always seen the interaction at the cash register as the transaction, not the money– and I sometimes almost forget to pay.

    I’ve been dragging around, too, not wanting to leave my house, even to work, work I love. And I know I am transmitting something else while I teach– I can feel it. I’ve told a friend of mine that I’m fine if I don’t do anything. And every time I do, I have been beyond exhausted.

    I have felt neutral about things for almost 10 years now, tired of the day to day routine, just watching and listening to what is going on in the world, not feeling very much about it.

    I look forward to your next article, Denise, and heart-felt heart hugs to all.


  • Dear Denise 💜,
    Thank you for this article and the last one too where your title completely summed up exactly what I’m feeling too (of just not caring). Had been feeling that build up over the years but very strongly the moment we entered into phase 2 just as you shared and felt yourself. And that is the best bio I’ve come across 😂.
    And thanks Jain Lee for expressing your feeling of “boring”, I’m experiencing that as well. Denise you shared how you’re having an increased amount of exhaustion, aches and pains for a week now in a comment below. I can relate to that as I have been experiencing that too. I’ve also been having an intense amount of top of head/skull pain non-stop for this past week too. Previously this symptom would last usually 1-2 days (as it also makes me feel dizzy) but it’s still going! I have experienced a prolonged period of this symptom though that lasted months, but that was back in 2017. I also wanted to share that I am feeling a very strong build up of energy that will be a massive timeline shift this summer/end of summer/fall similar to the one I experienced back in fall of 2015 on a personal level (feels almost like I’m in a pressure cooker). 2020 has already been huge changes but I can feel it collectively too. Denise are you (or anyone else) feeling/experiencing this upcoming shift/change?

    • Hi Denise and all,

      I have been feeling the same sort of internal pressure buildup of energy these last few days that mirrors what Prabhi has described. It has been so intense at times that it’s even felt like I could physically die if something doesn’t shift very soon! The neutral feeling of being a detached observer to life, in general, is also increasing day by day. I guess this sensation shouldn’t be entirely unexpected in 2020 as we have all been unplugging from this matrix in an even more painful/stressful manner.

      Denise — hope you are feeling much improved after integrating that wild energy blast from the last lunar eclipse!

    • Thanks Marjorie and Ana! I just wanted to add that this personal upcoming shift that I mentioned has already started occurring for me. It reminds me of the challenging time Denise went through last summer. Sort of like the final piece/person/situation/place/whatever of the “split”.

      Denise I wanted to share something that occurred last night (3am). I went to bed very late (2:30am) and was trying to fall asleep. Shortly afterwards I thought someone turned on the bedroom lights as it went fully bright. I laid there for quite some time with my eyes closed thinking eventually someone would turn them off till I realized no one was there. I opened my eyes jumped out of bed and realized the lights were off as the room was all dark. Funny thing is I even opened the door and inspected the hallway, all dark. I have experienced the flickering lights and flashes you shared about many times before but because I was so tired I didn’t figure out it was internal till i leaped out. It was the longest duration that I have experienced so far that I am consciously aware of where I actually thought the lights were on. 😂

      • Prabhi,

        I’m so glad you shared this particular recent experience, thanks. ❤

        A few weeks ago I experienced almost the same thing about a half hour or so after I went to bed late at night. I was laying there in the dark with my eyes closed when it suddenly went very bright inside the house. I thought the same thing you did — that a light must have turned on somehow somewhere in another room in the house. (I've experienced so many paranormal other-dimensional things that this isn't as weird to me as it may sound.) I sat up in bed and looked down the hallway for the light that turned on but it was dark, there were no external physical light/lights turned on inside my house. It was me. It was you. It is us. 🙂

        I've been working on an article over the past week but because the energies have been so intense in general, and far more so on certain days for me, I've not been able to write because I've been living it and have had to rest more than usual. Feeling a bit better at the moment so I'll try to get it finished soon. This increased light business is an aspect of what I've been writing about in it.

        • Thank you for sharing your experience Denise. Yes, it is us. 💜😊 Rest as much as you need and I look forward to your next article. And you’re right, this past week has been EXTRA intense in all aspects.

        • Prahbi and Denise,
          On 11 July here in Australia in the early hours I was aware of flashing lights even tho my eyes were closed. I assumed it was lightning as some weather was forecast. But it wasn’t as my dog always scrambles to get under my bed if there’s lightning or thunder about. He stayed in his basket! I checked the Schumann resonance later for the matching UTC time as I’d calculated it was 20:30 utc 10 July and sure enough there was a massive spike of energy at that time. It might be worth checking if your experiences match the timing of measured influxes. I don’t have clair anything so I really took note of all the flashes and was pleased to see some validation that I noticed it .
          Stay healthy everyone,

  • Again thank you Denise you explained beautifully all that kind of frustrates me if I dare tune in for a moment. When I first saw mother Amma in 2003 only two years after I had awoken. I remember seeing some devotees dressed in white spiritual robe type clothing thinking wow they must be advanced 😂. Then one of the men in the fancy spiritual clothing I caught pushing into the food line which was huge so many to see Amma. He tried to squirm out of being caught to me, I just smiled, and I realised those clothes meant nothing 🤣.

  • Denise,
    I had an experience last night that I’d love your thoughts on if you’re so inclined. (I do totally understand the neutral tiredness you & Jain Lee mentioned.)
    About 3:00 am I woke up to See/Feel an ovoid shaped light show of geometric patterns and moving interconnected shapes. I felt very Sure this was Me somehow. I also felt like I wanted to “merge” with Me but could not yet quite fit. I was very disappointed by that almost but not quite merge, but part of me knew that Me had always been there and would always be there.
    Is this my version of what you have called “becoming one” inside/with myself?

    I hope you’re feeling better. Exhaustion has been palpable this week.

    Love, LoVe, LOVE you 💜

  • Hi, how are you doing Denise?

    How are you able to even put thoughts to words, especially now when everything is so instantaneous and fleeting? For me, the spherical consciousness is indescribable, I couldn’t attach a word to it if I tried.

    Have you been feeling so neutral that it becomes boring? I’m not sure boring is the right word, but the closest to what I feel, the been-there, done-that feel as if all I’m seeing is a repeat and a loop of a timeline that I’ve experienced before. Watching all the dualities play out outside of myself is so mind numbing, and I’m not even watching. Nothing is left inside my emotional plane, even laughter and joy as I read your article passes so quickly back to neutrality.

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this as my process may differ from others so I let it brew inside me for a week and came to the conclusion I do want to share.

    Outside is insanity. Inside is neutrality.

    Love and light to all of us.

    • Jain Lee & All,

      Yes to everything you said and are and have been feeling Jain Lee. Thanks for being honest and sharing about this feeling, this NEW state of being. Many of us are feeling it amplified greatly this year. Remember months ago I said, a few times, that bliss was overrated? This is why I said that. Even “bliss” or “joy” etc. is meaningless and unimportant at points during our Embodiment Process. You just ARE, more, and that’s more than enough!

      And in case anyone is wondering, feeling Neutral in these ways is a higher state and level and has nothing to do with emotions and feeling or not feeling things. It’s normal, natural when the final Separation of Worlds is happening and you have evolved/ascended beyond the old lower everything. You are freed from what has been and feel total Neutrality about its demise and disappearance. You are a creature of the NEW.

      I’ve felt SO weak and exhausted and having pains all over the place for over a week now which is why I’ve been quite lately. I just haven’t even been able to think, talk, write, walk or do much of anything without becoming more physically weak and exhausted. I’ll try to get more written tomorrow everyone. oldsoul2017 I very much want to respond to what you said. Tomorrow I hope I’ll have it in me to do so. ❤

      I've been feeling you all too. ❤

      • Denise and Jain Lee, thank you for sharing these feelings it helps so much to know others are feeling the same .I thought it was me becoming so de sensitised to everything and becoming odd because of the lockdown situation. I,m in the UK and have been shielding for months and thought I had just become indifferent to everything. I can see from your explanation that feeling neutral is a kind of protection from all of the madness that,s going on around the world.I am happy to be in lockdown to be away from it. Thank you and love to all

    • Hi Jain Lee, Good that you’ve shared that with us because I feel just the same as you do and I feel like I’m waiting. Waiting is a big issue for me right now. So bored witrh all of it too.

  • Hey Denise,
    I’ve been reading from the sidelines over the past year. As always, I deeply resonate with and appreciate all that you are and do for our ragged little community.
    I warned my husband in December I was about to go through an “awkward stage”, felt it in my old bones like stormy weather and low pressure systems. Decided to go gray (my outward and visible sign of huge change) to simplify everything, and focus on forgiveness and self reflection. Like most of us I knew something was coming, time was loosening but had No Clue how much time and Life would unhinge. I was feeling it and you were saying hold on in January but Holy🐄!!!
    This feels as big and Life altering as anything I’ve ever experienced and the constant commentary from all of the gurus feels like I’m watching children’s balloons drifting away after the clowns have left the party.
    I tried to gather others insight and perspectives but eventually found myself avoiding it all except for you.
    It’s felt to me as if we are being forced into a complete re-evaluation of Everything. Our 3D ego lives, our 5D perceptions, our willingness to relinquish our power and a reworking of our understanding of our Divine Sovereignty. I really feel the pressure of being forced to up my game as we become part of the Universal Community. It’s an invitation we’re starting to acknowledge but we aren’t prepared for yet. Our next major stair step, although it’s the beginning of everything we’ve been hoping and working towards, is completely indescribable and like every teenager I’m sure I’m going to face plant as I quake in my ridiculous shoes. How much ego do we require to continue to feed and care for ourselves? My mind won’t bend that far and neither can my body these days!
    Most days I feel like I’m at the base of a small tornado spinning in and out of my reality, trying to stay in the center, letting the howling winds rip everything except the necessities away and then figuring out what new “essentials” will go next. I’ve been holding onto the furniture to keep me bearings when I walk, stubbing my toes, self conscious and ill fitting in my new/ old body. It’s like being in a car accident, you know, where everything slows down and realities movie reel threatens to fly off the projector only slower, weirder, and the car hasn’t come to its sudden, inevitable screeching stop yet.
    Thank you for holding Your Ground and Laughing in the face of all of it. It made me laugh and it strangely gives me an extra dose of badly needed courage. Mostly, I’ve been pretty fearless this lifetime but Wow…just WOW!!!
    Always, i just want you to know you make life a little more bearable. Thank you ✨💖✨sz

    • “It’s felt to me as if we are being forced into a complete re-evaluation of Everything. Our 3D ego lives, our 5D perceptions, our willingness to relinquish our power and a reworking of our understanding of our Divine Sovereignty.”

      Sorry it’s taken me this long to reply to you oldsoul2017, these energies have forced me to not do much at all physically, plus it’s been even more difficult to mentally focus and hold it long enough to write anything!

      Yes, Phase 2 and the Divine 2020 Cease & Desist Order as I’ve been calling it, was and is to force everyone out of where they’ve been physically, mentally, emotionally and into this shifting phase of exiting the disintegrating old lower frequency and consciousness of the past patriarchal Earth world and reality and shift into a higher frequency, consciousness and eventual external Earth world and reality. Now however is the Shift, but because it doesn’t look like what people expected they’re not realizing that underneath the COVID-19 pandemic, supply-chain collapses, financial explosions etc. The Shift is playing out in the physical dimension on Earth and in humanity. Greedy, stubborn, unaware humans will prolong all this for longer than it needs to be but that won’t directly affect us. (I’m working on an article about this and other related things.)

      I just loved your sentence —

      “How much ego do we require to continue to feed and care for ourselves?”

      — because it so clearly shows this specific confusion, and exhaustion, we First Everythingers have been having about the physicalization of the full Shift out 3D consciousness into 5D and higher consciousness and therefore external reality. I will do my best to get this next very important article written quickly, but more importantly as accurately as I’m currently capable of expressing this tremendous Shift we Embodiers and First Everythingers are going through now. It’s so easy in my Knowingness but much more difficult to get into linear words but that’s not stopped my from trying yet! 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤


      Everyone, yesterday I felt a big influx of some NEW Divine Father/Daddy energies for NEW Earth, NEW Humanity. Every time I’ve felt some more NEW Divine Father energies come in they’re almost heavy feeling because they’re so strong but it’s all very positive and another big sign that the Shift is happening and NEW Earth is having some more NEW frameworks physicalized now. Just wanted to share this before it’s gone because ten other things have arrived! o_O

      • Denise,
        No need Ever to Apologize to me for Anything!!! I appreciate your caring enough to spend the time and energy to explain and encourage! The irony is I thought my post was swallowed up into thin air and just happened to check back yesterday to catch up on comments! So Really!!! No worries!!! I so look forward to your thoughts about how to continue to manage The Shift!!! All my gears are grinding, and the sparks that’s creating would be my only guiding light, we’re it not for your steady, illuminating insights!!
        Much love to you Denise, love to all. 💖sz

  • Thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤

    "If he is truly spiritual, awakened, enlightened and/or has achieved enlightenment of any form (whichever label one prefers), then he would "likely" not feel the need to advertise this in the way that he is".

    This was a comment I made to a friend a couple months ago when she was being treated poorly by someone she was dating that claimed he had recently "woke". I believe this is a new term being thrown around, yet seems to mean something different to different people. I could sense that he was making her feel insecure about herself due to his new found state of consciousness and talk of supportive spiritual habits (mindfulness, meditation, etc.).

    Your post brought this conversation to mind and I believe that without words or judgement for this matter, one just knows how to process (or shelve) this kind of XYZ spiritual business. And, as the old story goes . . . there is that keen ole energy signature. 🙂

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with some healthy collaboration among co-workers per se'; providing some insight, guidance and assurance here and there for this alone, yet not lonely and isolated one has assisted in maintaining sanity from time to time. Now, I can really only speak for myself, but I can tell by the comments that there are plenty of others that may agree and there is that nifty little "following" (click to un-follow) button for those that don't.

    You are appreciated and again, thank you.

  • This post really hit home. I am a covert reader and deep resonator with this blog and have often wanted to comment, share appreciation and show camaraderie with you and the commenters. But being an invisible light cohort who is doing this anonymously in my corner of the world – – India – – I usually resonated and joined in thought.

    Although I am not the same chronological age as you (I am 40), I feel very closely connected to you and your path/journey. It seems like I am on a very, very similar one – – the same bare bones, pure, source based one. Since it all ‘switched on’ for me consciously at the age 35, I have not been able to ‘group’ with anyone or anything, online or offline. (Piscean Age learning, plus Aquarius South Node boredom with groups, maybe). A natural abhorrence of spiritual woo woo, clothes, props and control kept me far away from spiritual communities. I felt discomfort at their talk of bliss and their beatific shiny photos and baffling bios and pretty language. So I thought I was the odd one out as usual and I resolved that my journey was a solo one. I figured that I was wired to do this alone, as this seemed intuitively to be a personal and individual journey. I doubted myself a little then. But in the last one or two years, it has become a knowing – – everyone is at different stages and only some of us are here to do the ‘real’, gritty, away from the spotlight, no props version. Some will continue to play in the ‘enlightenment game’. The few people I read have fallen away since last year. And it seems natural. Different levels and paths, different strokes. I have hugely resonated with your last few posts, so much so that I am compelled to write and become visible here for the first time. It felt like no one was saying it and you did with amazing humour, insight and directness (which I have always loved about your writing and words) . Your posts validate and affirm what I feel and know. At other times, they give me an a-ha (for instance, the toilet/washroom cleaning dreams kept me baffled and annoyed for years, but your explaining that put it at rest for me.) So a big thank you and gratitude for you and your writing.

    Love from the other side of the world and apologies for the long comment

    • R,

      I am SO glad you finally feel it’s time for you to reveal yourself here at HHL. Thank you for doing so. ❤ ❤ ❤ I need this, you need this, we all need this meaning it's time for US to come forward and be open and honest about how the Ascension Process has been and continues to be for US. Why? Because we are different and always have been.

      “So I thought I was the odd one out as usual and I resolved that my journey was a solo one. I figured that I was wired to do this alone, as this seemed intuitively to be a personal and individual journey. I doubted myself a little then.”

      EXACTLY! I’ve talked about this before in other articles and comments here but now that we’re in Phase 2 of the AP, this entire topic very much needs to be out in the open and honestly talked about by those of us who’ve always felt as you have in these lives and why. As I said recently, we individually are Groups unto ourselves. This sense of “not fitting in with” any of the other spiritual/New Age/Ascension groups and teachers/writers etc. is because we’re on a Path or Mission where we are energetically sovereign unto ourselves and don’t need any others to cluster with like in the old lower 3D frequency and consciousness of pre-ascension. Think about this R and everyone, if you’ve been in an ongoing Process of integrating the physical male and female/female and male energies, Divine Mother and Divine Father, Heaven and Earth/Earth and Heaven physical and Divine/Divine and physical then why would you need to join any group? You are a NEW group yourself, individually.

      The whole point with all this AP business has and is about each of us individually becoming integrated within ourselves — becoming “ONE” individually — because THAT is how an ascended NEW Earth will function — with honestly integrated individuals, not individuals who are still internally separated within themselves and still want someone other than themselves to fill in their gaps for them. Those old negative dis-empowered days are over but it’s going to take those people who still are addicted to being spoon-fed reality and spiritual etc. “how to” information from people happy to do it for them a while to evolve beyond that level in BOTH groups.

      See what happens when one of you opens a door for me in comments? It gives me a space to spew about these really important issues. If Kara hadn’t said that one sentence in a comment of hers from weeks ago, Thank You very much Kara ❤ , then it would have been harder for me to write this particular article. You coming forth now R and sharing what you have has done the same thing for me and for everyone whose reading these comments. It's time for us who've always felt like AP outsiders to come clean now plus fully and honestly understand the whys for us always having felt like we're "alone" in these ascension incarnations. We are First Everythingers Pathpavers Wayshowers in all ways, including this.

      “It felt like no one was saying it and you did with amazing humour, insight and directness (which I have always loved about your writing and words). Your posts validate and affirm what I feel and know.”

      There’s another hugely important point I want to stress. Thank you for it R. ❤ I've often said that I don't want "followers" but ascension co-Workers. Validating things that you each already know in yourselves is why I write now. And us all being honest now helps others still hiding themselves because “they don’t fit in either” to understand that there are very important reasons for why they feel like they’re not “fitting in”. Thank god you don’t because it means you are far, far beyond all that.

      Again, thank you very much R for coming forward and being honest about these things and feelings. All of my articles so far in 2020 — Phase 2 — have this rebellious theme to them because that’s where WE’RE at now within the AP and EP. Most of us kept our mouths shut and our heads down throughout Phase 1 of the AP and did what we were supposed to while not relating to most of the ascension teachers/writers/lecturers etc. the entire time. Like many of you have said, you automatically thought that YOU must be “doing something wrong” when the truth is exactly the opposite. A whole lot more about this one in coming articles and comments in 2020. And please R, talk all you want here at HHL. ❤

      • Thanks Denise and R for this topic.
        I’d assumed these later years that maybe I was a bit on the Asberger spectrum or something because I think about things at a level that I’d assumed most other ppl did but it’s clear that most other ppl don’t. My early experience with church types was not good. At six years I realised that church going was just used as a cover for some very bad ppl. After that the next thing to turn me off was having to pay lots of money up front to get spiritual knowledge from those gurus who came down on a solstice moonbeam. That has always been a red flag to me. Fortunately my father guided me with some early gems of understanding that let me go digging on my own. And to be confident about what bread crumb path you may be on.
        As a culture we have been conditioned to be told what to do, what to think, what the ‘answers’ might be. No critical thinking or questioning allowed. No wonder other ppl don’t think deeply, it’s not in their skill set or their mindset. We don’t appreciate the lack of consciousness of the many ppl around us but that just makes our example of not drinking the prevailing koolade (in whatever form it is in our regions) a valuable contrast to their worldview. We have been in danger from ppl seeing that contrast many times as it’s un fathomable to the un thinkers or really uncomfortable for them to recognise, but in my view that is a large part of why we are here for these times. I do my life quietly like most of us but we don’t need noise to build our light.
        Thankyou for all your shared wisdom I know it can’t be easy writing such deep examinations of these threads.
        ❤ ❤ ❤

        • “As a culture we have been conditioned to be told what to do, what to think, what the ‘answers’ might be. No critical thinking or questioning allowed. No wonder other ppl don’t think deeply, it’s not in their skill set or their mindset.”

          That’s absolutely correct Kate and long ago Team Dark caused this in humanity for the obvious reasons — easier to control, direct, limit and prevent natural evolution. However the AP and all the NEW codes, Lights and energies are correcting these ancient inorganic interference and distortions and putting everything/everyone back in Source organic fields and states. ❤

      • Dear Denise,
        Thank you so very much for responding so warmly and so meaningfully to me. It feels now like I did need to show up and let myself be seen here. Writing in/coming clean and hearing back from you has made my heart space feel expansive and lit up.  Your response/comment is brilliantly expressed and full of visceral truths — everything inside me nods vigorously as I read it, and the words also feel like a soft balm. Your rebellious posts have reinforced and cemented my knowingness around some majorly unaddressed and unwritten topics. So a huge, resounding thank you — for you, your writing and this space. 
        Ana — from one outsider to another, thank you for your heartwarming comment. 

    • Thank you R and Denise. Each of you well spoken and so accurate; at least for me and what I’ve experienced the past 20+ years. Thank you both so much… your words together… like a clean, cool stream. And Denise, the articles you’ve been writing are common sense to me… they don’t seem rebellious. But hey, if they look rebellious to others… O-HAPPY-DAY!! 💕💖🎉🎊💞🍾

  • Over the innumerable ascension years, skoop came up under the watchful tutelage of Pisschitz Fitzsimmons, spending countless hours on the majestic throne studying roll after roll of the invisible texts…..
    Doesnt need to be published, just thought Id join in 😉
    Have a good one!

  • Poor broccoli…
    Merely judging by it I am in a seventh circle of hell.
    Thanks for a good laugh from a bottom of my Buddha belly.

  • Denise,

    Love this down-and-dirty-bright-and-shiny-authentic-tell-it-like-it-is post. So timely and a wonderful reminder of the REAL:

    R – rapidly
    E – evolving
    A – ascension
    L – levels

    Buckets full of thanks to you and all of the commenters here. ♥️♥️♥️

  • Haha. Love your fictional puffed up bio. I think you forgot “I can fly on magic carpets and manufacture my own disk craft.” My sister doesn’t really charge for reiki, that says a lot right there.

  • Thank you from my heart.I have been feeling what you write about for years with many well known and other healers and challenging people and had to pull back from it all so easy now as cup of coffee check your posts to start my day and occasionally one or two others I trust.
    Is a feeling of aloneness but in a nice way too.
    Thank you for all you do as through your work and my helping my path I can help many others I deal with everyday in my training healthcare staff to help people with dementia and the dying.Light sharing in a great way.💕

  • Hi Denise and All Here!

    Always grateful to find myself at HHL along with all the other Commenters…Not only with this post, but since the end of 2019 and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12, you Denise have emphasized that a primary purpose of Phase 2 for all First Everythingers (and those that follow) would be to embody/Embody the inner-standing that we each individually are OUR OWN authority beyond virtually everything external to us…and that integrating this awareness will propel our individual acceptance in (co-)CREATING everything in our lives…RIGHT ON!! (for those 60-somethings and then some, tee hee!)…

    I’m on this same journey and every day holds surprises for me as I dis-allow more of anyone or anything outside of me to determine where and what I need to do and think about anyone and anything…For me personally, I’ve had to learn to hold no particular belief about anything in particular, and to allow how I FEEL in any particular moment, what course to take and what choice to make. FEELING EVERYTHING and living intuitively to my fullest ability has been the key. Thank you for helping me, through your writings, to ground this inner authority for myself…

    On a final note, your hilarious take on “spiritual authority” helps me call to mind a current ascension writer/teacher (whom I’m certain has “inspired” part of this great post). Every time I’ve seen the bio pic of this individual, looking beatifically into the camera with ‘their’ right hand and fingers extended over their hightheart as if validating their commitment to the Divine, causes me to chuckle! So ethereal…and appropriate for some, perhaps…but I’ve ALWAYS gravitated to have in my life a guide on Ascension evolution who has lived out every excruciating step of their growth with “boots on the ground” and with no penchant to escape from ANY of it!!…and thus, you are in my life!!

    Be well Denise…and thanks to all of the other Commenters here with whom I feel great solidarity and from whose comments I continue to grow in my compassion for ALL. Big HighHeart hug to you, dear friend…

  • HA HA HA! 😂 Truth! No One knew WWWHW in Phase 1 and Phase 2 is a rocket to… the couch and more naps. Yup, never aligned with Ascension rules and guidelines. I did it my way. 🎶 Gratitude for the humor, my favorite lens. ❤

  • “Denise trained under renowned Swammy Whatshisname…”

    I love it!!! Over the years I have often been tasked by folks I worked with/for to expose fake channelers, attention seekers, etc. that were mucking things up and giving them a bad name/rep. (usually I didn’t know I was doing it until it was done… kept me humble that way) You reminded me of a name I made up once to get the point across. “Why yes, it’s Commander Whosyourdaddy, Grand Poobah of the Royal Order of Byantium Shazbots!” X^D

    Thanks, Denise!

  • WOW and boy, I needed that…!! Laughing out loud!! At least you were humble enough to only pay two grand for your schooling with said swami. Maybe you they offered you the VIP tent Paul McCartney slept in one night in the 70s for like 10 extra grand, but you said no cuz you’re above that 😝 Kanye was probably going to be there, they need it for him. Personally, I’m so sorry to the whole world for all the BS out there especially now. I also notice some emotional shakiness behind the façade of people that don’t know what they claim to know. I’m noticing, getting irritated and speaking up. New for me, to comment so much on YouTube. I do now. I plainly state simple info, calmly encourage people to deal with their stuff and trust themselves. I hope it consoles their scared hearts. You are always strong and tough, but over and over again you soothe many hearts, gently, even very gently. That is greater encouragement for moving forward than many other things, I find. I’m not sure how far I could’ve gone without encouragement ❤️💗❤️❤️❤️ I want to quote like three things you said, but I can’t find them!!! Brain is a little tired. All of them pertaining to stepping into the whole new us. In that process now, daily, weekly, discovering I can handle higher and higher levels of personal responsibility, which used to scare the living crap out of me in old world. Simultaneously, there are new beings with me now letting me know it this past week, an actual psychic conversation in half sleep, half wake occurred days ago. One offered to help me further cease my “thinking habits,” biggest deconstruction zone for me at the moment… Energy signature is everything, as you said. They are such soft new plasma like things, the way they feel and vaguely appear, so quantum like, for lack of better description! Their way is a higher kind of “kindness” – yet their kindness is palpable. So odd. So…new. And yet the help offered is practical. I am continually reminded to quit remaining old habits…geez, thank God

    I don’t wanna run and I don’t wanna hide now, at all, but I don’t know the space I’m in either. It’s big, giant open and empty and without authority figures, like being in new wilderness. I’ll be honest, it’s not comforting at all, not a “feel good” place, not yet – like you said. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but freedom, real FREEDOM, feels and looks different than I thought it would – life without obstacles. It’s strange… a strange brave new world that has such people in it!!! I’m doing the play “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare right now in Mammoth, where that quote comes from. I play the king (queen) who has lost everything, stripped of her power in this new land, new space, this New World, completely shattered and lost by the CHANGE. It’s wonderful and cathartic to be playing this character now and heartbreaking. She is heartbroken at her loss, but what an opportunity… Shakespeare is brilliant. The characters actually have a discussion while lost in this new place about creating a New World and what that would be like…

    Being in a land without obstacles or enemies is feels like final frontier, for sure. With all the heavy “work” done and stepping into worldly purpose (was cutely reminded of it this morning by one of the new ones, really cool and fun imagery of where I’m headed) it still doesn’t make the new space comfy!! I’m busy saying NO full-stop to assholes seeking control or use. I’m speaking up, not backing down, with unusual strength, confidence, enthusiasm and vitality, that’s surprises even me. I’m still having funny standoffs with black SUVs and their drivers and that’s OK cause it’s nice to meet a bull when you’re a matador.😜 I’m forgiving those that hurt me and sending light to hearts, which I used to pretend I couldn’t do. I’m forgiving everyone daily and sending light rather, no more heavy lifting. I’m loving people better, basically. For a few weeks, I wondered when the patriarchal police would show up or when the asshole committee would surround me, stare me down and scream, but nobody is showing up to fuck with me, not successfully! 😄💥 😜😂

    Yep, it’s like adolescence. No more blankies or bottles. It’s taking me a few weeks to realize I don’t miss them. I thought I would, even with all I know now, I still thought I would. That’s with a hardheaded that’s with a hardheaded idiot I can be. I don’t want them now. This brave New World though, this new strange land with no sign of comfort, but fully FREE, that’s for me.

  • Denise, I love who you are and what you say. Your words keep me sane in this insane world. I give all credit to you for helping me exist in this strange world. I’m so glad I found you…divine intervention. Love, love, love you beautiful woman! Linda C

  • Man what a breath of pure, fresh, clean air this post is Denise! And all the comments in solidarity and alignment with this ideal of real talk. Now I know why it took me 5 years to find you Denise, I had to immerse myself in the guru bullshit in order to provide the opposite reflection of what I know in my heart and soul to be truth 🙂 …this post in particular and your site in general. I dropped a spiritual group I was in March of 2019 and stopped following EVERYONE and then I found Denise at the beginning of Phase 2! Oh the paradox of life, we must weed through the minutia of mud to find the diamond don’t we?! Thank you Denise and all who comment on her forum. It helps me and so many people.

    • “Now I know why it took me 5 years to find you Denise, I had to immerse myself in the guru bullshit in order to provide the opposite reflection of what I know in my heart and soul to be truth” 🙂

      Oh Stephanie N., your words about this made my HighHeart expand in celebration. This is a continuation of what I said to Tracy. 🙂 ❤ Love it when these conversations unfold quickly like dominoes triggering the next one and the next one and…

      All the teachers and masters etc. in the world, online, in books, in other dimensions cannot do it for us like our own PERSONAL FIRSTHAND experiences do! Because you Worked your way through those 5 years and numerous continuously spewing "guru bullshit" teachers/writers etc., now YOU KNOW for yourself based on your ability to read energies, read energy signatures, discern energies that all people naturally emanate. If someone can discern for themselves, can read energies and energies coming from people, then they KNOW from a personal energetic level whose who and what’s what and who isn’t but is trying to convince other people they’re something they’re not and on and on and on. You just KNOW energetically, not intellectually through the mind/head but from much higher frequency Knowing. Very well done you! ❤ ❤ ❤
      Thank you for your honest sharing about this because YOU just helped a whole lot of people that are ready and able to hear and feel what you said. 🙂

  • “Denise has eaten nothing but organic broccoli since her awakening two years ago.”

    HA-HA-HA; – I so love it each time you’re showing your exquisitely liberating humor; it’s just what the doctor ordered! – And in fact; just two days ago I finally unsubscribed from the newsletter coming from Shammie Whatshername down there in Sedona; – could’t take it any more … – Now then; what will this particular summer bring us; I sense with my entire being that it’s going to be big! – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  • I got a very similar message just today…a sort of confirmation about this being an “awkward” (exact word used) period of shifting this year, as more of me realizes that the truth is being CREATED from my center, and to not look outside of it or to listen to any gurus, etc. to find even the slightest spark of truth. I am literally CREATING the truth from my center, not just finding it there. A new way of relating to truth and also to my center. The awkwardness came from that new 180′ way of relating to the center/void

  • Denise, I still appreciate this about you very much! I got a real kick out of your fake bio, too. Ha! I’ve fallen into less second-guessing and over-thinking lately, or at least that’s the best way I can think of to describe it since it wasn’t exactly conscious. I’ve been thinking of what you said in another comment a while back about moving into heart knowing over mind. It doesn’t look or even feel how I thought it would be, more proof of what you’ve been saying. But I definitely feel easier and lighter for it. Thank you for continuing to share with us! This is all helping me connect more dots in something I’m working on. Love to all!

  • Oh I LOVE this, all of it, and all the comments! I laughed so much, enjoyed this article in particular so much. I’ve journeyed in this life for almost as many years as you Denise, and yes, I read and followed and learnt “others’ opinions and experiences. Thankfully I researched and tried to be discerning, but it is hard when you enter “puberty” the first time with, as someone commented, all the bullshit out there. But that’s also part of the journey, and it is unique for each individual.
    In the unfolding we do find our inner-tuition and can sense, from our heart, what is for us, or not for us, and act accordingly. It’s so refreshing!!! HOORAY, WHEW, just like your wonderful NO BULLSHIT perspective and posts.
    Thank you 💗 and please keep us laughing.

  • “Knowing everything about everything” touches home in a way that I can only just laugh about now, since my twin and I both had that seemingly cemented into our personalities, although we don’t try and compete with each other since we appear to live on different planets. Because I’ve had him for my mirror, I’ve been working on recognition of it when it raises its head within myself, for many years now. Your reference to “hiding in your bedroom” is so on point, right down to cocooning myself in a comfy place while everything else seems to collapse quantumly around me. Thanks very much for your insights, and for letting us know how precisely your crap-o-meter is tuned.

  • Denise…thank you again. As always addressing the elephant in the room…spiritual ego and all the “buy ur way into ascension” crap that has rubbed me wrong since I started this in 99. Thank you for the validation of my rejection of it all.
    A side vent….I am finding myself enraged and annoyed and shocked at myself by phase 2… I have longed for this phase, knew it was coming…yet now that it’s here…watching all the sheepple waking up..I’m so annoyed and intolerant of it! I’m being pulling off my center and shocked by how easy I have been. I knew ppl were not seeing the dark. But that they finally are..I am annoyed that they are so shocked by it all. Yet it is what I have waited for all these years. Ugh ….I find myself saying I want OUT OF THIS SHIT SHOW more the I ever expected I’m frustrated with myself that I’m annoyed bc this is what I’ve wanted for years, yet here it is and I’m enraged that ppl have been so clueless about it all . It’s such a weird place to be bc I’ve been at such a higher level for yrs and now I feel like I’ve fallen into their low level crap. WTH?? I’m feeling disappointed in myself for my reaction to their awakening. It’s a fucking finally …now go do ur shit show somewhere else…I want my peace back
    Would love ur words of wisdom about this

    • “I am finding myself enraged and annoyed and shocked at myself by phase 2… I have longed for this phase, knew it was coming…yet now that it’s here…watching all the sheepple waking up..I’m so annoyed and intolerant of it!”

      Tracy & All,

      Thank you for your honesty about this one Tracy. ❤ This too needs to be openly and honestly talked about by those who've been feeling this way for a while now.

      I've found myself many times over the past many years silently asking some of those who've gone before us with these spiritual and energetic tests and educations — “How did you do this?! How did you not want to kill the rest of us unaware idiots down here?!” Some of the answers I got were just a small and gentle smile. Yeah, tons of info exchanged when an ascended Master or Angelic etc. answers your question about such things with just a smile! It melts your heart and fills you with patience, understanding and the energetic and emotional neutrality you/me/we each need to give the unaware ego-based infantile idiots the room they need to grow and evolve. WE are very much in this space, this position, this level of our own development as First Everythingers Embodiers etc. in Phase 2. Stair-steps remember everyone? 🙂

      If you have children then this whole business is easier because you’ve already HAD to learn it and learn to not loose your mind over any of the stuff they’ve done. This sort of “parenting” can be thought of with this situation too. We’re like the parents to the infantile human masses acting like raging idiots over things they’re just discovering today that we’ve suffered all our lives. We’re all on different developmental stair-steps and in Phase 2 we Volunteers, First Everythingers, Embodiers etc. are and will continue to become the adults on the planet. Read that one sentence again anyone who needs to at the moment. ❤

      Don't feel bad for feeling pissed off at the unaware making a lot of noise about things you and I have consciously suffered and fought against all our lives. We Phase 2 ascension "adults" have to give them the time and place to go through these very first steps of awakening, of revolting against the negativity, of refusing to accept ANY of it any more. Know too that with every continuous energy Light Wave and the NEW codes that those people will wake up and change far more quickly than what we went through throughout all of Phase 1 to get us all to Phase 2 and this happening now!

      As I've been shown in their higher wonderful ways, we Phase 2 "adults" need to see and know but give the "children" of ascending Earth the time and space they need now to go through all their awkward puberty-like growing pains of consciously discovering that they've always lived in profound negativity and darkness. This is a rough phase for us all on the different stair-steps but it will unfold fast, sometimes too fast but that's what's going on now. ❤

      • Denise
        I knew were going to be able to sum this up and level me out. I can so do this thinking as an adult in this phase and them as teens…been there and endured that before and survived it. So thank you ♥️

  • Oh man, Denise! Your faux bio was the best birthday gift I’ve received today! 🤣 And the analogy of hiding away in the bedroom is on point! This stage has been feeling almost like starting the whole thing over again, but not. Because I know what I know, you know? But it’s been a slough, back in the tears, the free-floating heartbreak, emotional paranoia, intermittent nausea, appetite adjustments, sleep disturbances…the list is loooong. I cannot thank you enough for your writings. Helps keep the compass pointing true north. Appreciating you.💕

    • Happy Birthday Moriah, I’m so glad I was able to make you smile today. ❤

      Keeping ‘the compass pointing true north’ is a big part of Phase 2 which is why I’ve been compelled to write about these things repeatedly this year. ❤

  • Denise – You slay me…and in the best possible way. That bio!? Priceless. Thank you, thank you, thank you for speaking this beautifully honest truth. Sadly, the false posturing and self-delusion is rampant in the community, and about time someone called it out. You’re a treasure of treasures. Keep doin’ you!!! We love it. We love you.

  • God, I love you Denise! So many times I’ve read those ‘perfect’ types and think I do not feel that way. I get angry, very sweary, wouldn’t know how to speak light language if I tried and am prone to bouts of martyrdom and self-pity at times. So messy. Reading those ‘perfect‘, but energetically off people made me feel shit, like I’m doing it all wrong. And sometimes, their words are so out there, I can’t even understand what they mean, like they are part of some elite spiritual class, that i could never belong. And yes, those photos! It’s all so weird and a bit creepy. Thank you for your total honestly, it’s so refreshing xxxx

    • I love/LOVE you too Charzi. Thank you for your honest sharing about this long overdue topic. ❤

      It's far too common for many of us to automatically assume that it's something WE'RE doing wrong when it isn't that at all. Phase 2 is about each of us realizing that we, individually, are all we individually need now because we've individually become sovereign enough within ourselves. The old reality/frequency/consciousness of always going outside of ourselves for help, assistance, support, guidance, information, love/LOVE etc. is over due to the AP and EP. This fact is being laid on heavily now that we're in Phase 2 of the AP so it's going to continue pushing us all, and unaware humanity at those levels, into changing their, our old ways.

      Evolution is messy, difficult, unattractive much of the time and at other times is the most beautiful thing ever. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thanks so much for your always supportive and relatable articles, Denise. I could really appreciate the analogy of being in puberty because I feel so raw and I had a dream about riding half naked on my bike through our local college campus and then today it was impressed upon me that I am now like I was when I first got to college, clueless and alone. I definitely didn’t feel like I fit in (and ended up dropping out). It’s a whole new ballgame, starting over. At 67 😃 Cheers and here’s to us! 🥂

  • All your articles just seem to get better and better, Denise…

    But this one was especially enjoyable to read alongside the now empty bag of Ruffles I just finished consuming.

    I’m Now officially on day 21 of a nasty case of shingles and sciatic nerve pain shooting down my leg…100% hot mess all the way!

    No ginger beer and baked potato diet with daily prayer infused mango coffee enemas for this old girl, thank you very much!


  • Oh Denise I was laughing so hard when I read this I could hardly catch my breath 🙂 For some time now I have been wondering why no one seems to be addressing this elephant in the room. 🙂 Personally, I have often felt that if I read one more biography of one more person trying to sell or “give” me something, who is trying to establish “legitimacy” & spiritual gravitas with the backstory of all the old 3d corporate experience & degrees they acquired, before some higher power(s) only they can access, speak for, & patch me through to came just for them, I would just vomit:). You are so right…we are where “no one has gone before” (whether we are doing it bravely or not seems rather fluid from moment to moment) & we can no longer rely on anything but our own heart, spirit & whatever else is uniquely ours to provide much more than some general support, occasional clarity & a sense that it isn’t “just me in this maelstrom alone”. Which does not mean there aren’t wonderful people out there now & emerging that don’t have great beneficial offerings to speed or ease our path…there are…& our brand new heart & intuition skills will make them crystal clear.

    We can’t have it both ways…if it really is a whole new game never played before, it means everyone’s “sacred cows”, not just the “other guy’s” are gone, & none of this stuff has any relevance any longer, if it ever did.

    • Hi Denise,

      I have to agree with Ariane — I am still chuckling over your latest article! This was perfectly written and perfectly timed!! ‘Teachings’ by self-appointed Ascension gurus outlining how one should be completely serene and blissful at all times, especially during phase 2, generally have an ‘energetic smell’ equivalent to the guru having walked through a huge pile of their own holier-than-thou bullshit. You just can’t help but be a hot mess while surviving the Ascension Process!

    • “For some time now I have been wondering why no one seems to be addressing this elephant in the room.”

      Honestly ariane, I think a lot of us were just Working our hearts and backsides off throughout Phase 1 of the AP and were so exhausted from all that to call anyone out on this sort of thing. Plus many of us — many Volunteers/Starseeds etc. — are famous for not recognizing negativity (think about the whys of this everyone and it makes tons of sense), Team Dark, lies, egos, greed, people being cruel to other people etc. and we typically assume that WE must be misunderstanding someone, what they’re saying, writing, doing, teaching, preaching and so on. This one’s been on a lot of us and we’ve been learning the hard ugly ways of old lower 3D human consciousness and reality, negativity, egos, greed and all the rest of it throughout Phase 1. But, all that’s changed in Phase 2 and it now very much needs to be drug out into the LIGHT along with everything and everyone else and openly and honestly talked about and understood.

      “We can’t have it both ways…if it really is a whole new game never played before, it means everyone’s “sacred cows”, not just the “other guy’s” are gone, & none of this stuff has any relevance any longer, if it ever did.”

      Exactly and perfectly said ariane, thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Denise I love what you write about the New Age Spiritual Ego have seen it so many times. One is reading an article and may be thinking gosh this is interesting hmm and then there you go again , an if you sign up and pay xyz and you do my course … at the end of the day what we are reading is experience and opinion , and the reality of that person, does that person have the whole picture? Maybe it resonates as reality and truth for them, don’t get me wrong there are some superb and genuine people of the light, and they do a great service, I would include you in this, no I am not trying to polish your ego, and you seem grounded and humble and genuine to me 🙂 I notice two things about the whole movement, many people do not ask questions they just believe everything , and the great suffering of animals seems to rarely be mentioned by those who channel and even within the whole movement….of course there are many people who do care deeply, but that is a continuing conundrum to me…. thank you for your continued contact with the public on these topics.

    • “the great suffering of animals seem to be rarely mentioned” – it was my boyfriends birthday the other day and he suggested we go to the aquarium and i mentioned how we’d probably be sad seeing the animals but we could go anyway. we both were a lot more horrified than we thought we’d be, and felt dirty for even paying to go to the establishment. i said to him “it’s 2020, how is this still legal?” i know i probably look like a big hypocrite for going! but i sent loving vibrations to every animal trapped in those horribly tiny tanks (with far too many roommates in there), and can only learn from the experience now.

      • Blacks, females, animals, earth… humanity has just gotten started with their waking up and finally ending all of it starlight. This will unfold very fast now however. ❤

        Also I think there's so many of us sensitives that just cannot even talk about the suffering the animals have gone through at the hands of humans. It hurts the soul.

        • this message filled me with so much hope. at last our planet is transitioning out of such a painful time.

  • Hi Denise
    I love the words about “hiding in your bedroom“. I’ve hardly left mine. For the previous four months I have been working from home. Literally in my bedroom. The WiFi router is in there. So including the short six hours I almost sleep it has been a surreal time. I have finally made it to a small spare room , the joys of an ethernet cable 😅😅. But that’s how I have felt. Like I am going through puberty. I can’t even describe how I feel in decent language because I am just a “hot mess”. And I know I’ve a ways to go yet.
    Old patterns are really beginning to break down in my “reality”. Work has had such a shake up with colleagues relationships and how work is done. New technology has evened things up. And for the first time in seven years I had support whilst being the only team member in yesterday and today. That has never happened. Locally In Leicester the garment industry has had light shed on it. Shamefully allegations of trafficking and slave labour still underpinning well known brands. Change is coming…….
    Thank you for your words. I am with you about the gurus. My dad set himself up as one. Or rather thought he was one. It really put me off of “spirituality”. The thing I like about true spirituality is that you don’t need to read a lot of books to understand it. The knowledge is inside if you let it come through. Once I realised that I learnt a lot more. And I realised I had found what I was looking for. Hasn’t made it any easier. But at least I don’t have to donate any white robes (just yet😉)
    Love and light to you and everyone here
    Magda xxxxx

    • “The thing I like about true spirituality is that you don’t need to read a lot of books to understand it. The knowledge is inside if you let it come through.”

      Magda, in my sleepy buzz through the comments, I didn’t notice it was YOU writing this comment at first, and when I read this part, I was really like, wow, I want to know this person! And then I saw your name. Of course! Energy signatures! xoxo

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