Presently I Just. Don’t. Care.

Throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process—1998–1999 thru end of December 2019—we had to leave behind most if not all of our family members, adult children, friends, husband/wife/mate in many cases, basically everyone and everything to live and embody the Phase 1 Ascension Process as Volunteer First Everythingers. With the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in January 2020, many Volunteers have been discovering we’re now having to do the same thing again but with most if not all ascension teachers/writers/lectures and people in the ascension and conspiracy communities and more.

So far in 2020 next to nothing and no one has interested me whatsoever and ascension teachers/writers are at the top of that list.

In case some of you are thinking how disrespectful that comment sounds, I was momentarily disappointed when Phase 2 started in January 2020 and the majority in the ascension community continued on like nothing had changed at all. From my January 1, 2020 perspective everything changed dramatically and completely and I was surprised that certain others weren’t registering that stupendous shift into what I’ve been calling Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. I got over it just as you have. I also know many of you reading this have felt this way for a good while before Phase 2 started about them plus most of your, our old favorite authors too. At first it’s hard to realize that you’ve grown beyond them because you benefited from them in years and decades past, however, forge ahead alone and in your own way you must. You can blame these 2020 feelings and growing self-dependence on Phase 2 and your greater Embodiment Process. First Everythingers in this too. Do not misinterpret your expanding sovereignty. Own, trust, use and rely on your growing, expanding NEW you and Higher Awareness. Ascension guru surfing is over. Be your own everything because you and Source got this, you just need to realize that in Phase 2 and act on it.

This Phase 2 Embodier shift level was so concentrated and abrupt in me starting January 1, 2020 that it surprised me. Before this I had some teeny sense of belonging to a very small Phase 1 Ascension Process group of incarnate Volunteers. Not many but at least some back then. With the start of 2020 that ended and I again found myself alone in NEW territory having to figure it out while living and embodying and Embodying during these first six months in a 2020 ‘world in crisis’, patriarchal collapse, the global pandemic and all the rest. I know there’s a few of you reading this that have felt this tremendous personal inner shift from what your Volunteer life and energetic Work and Mission was throughout Phase 1, to what it abruptly revised into with our physical entrance into Phase 2 in January 2020. I also know many of you haven’t experienced this shift yet, and that many never will, and that is perfect and perfectly okay.

First Everythingers, continue walking forward on your ascension pathpaver Path. Do not stop. Don’t look back at Sodom and Gomorrah Part II tearing itself apart. Don’t watch Rome burning Part II. Don’t linger amidst the current global patriarchal Downfall of Atlantis Part II. Do not wait for anyone or anything because real First Everythinger, humanity needs you, me, we to do what only you, me, we can now so they have a NEW Earth world to enter when they’re able. Let go of your old Phase 1 ascension habits, focus, ascension teachers/writers, friends, forums and communities IF you have honestly grown beyond them. If you have then you already feel and know that your personal ascension path and Work shifted due to Phase 2. Don’t be afraid of or doubtful over your personal mandatory NEW shifts and changes. Don’t be afraid to rely on and trust your own internal HighHeart Higher Awareness to gain insights, answers and higher perceptions about what’s going on personally, collectively and far beyond that.

Everyone eventually HAS to make this evolutionary shift out of old lower addictive, habitual, disempowered total reliance on external sources, ascension teachers, spiritual gurus, religious leaders, governments, all old systems and other people in general. Old lower parasitic reality and behaviors by anyone is over. Old lower reliance on everything and everyone other than yourself is over. This is where everyone is in 2020 Phase 2 — mandatory change from what has been into what is becoming internally in individuals and in external world reality. When people’s consciousness evolves, external physical reality automatically rapidly follows. From Volunteers to the unaware human masses, everyone entered Phase 2 in January 2020 and everyone has had to make many changes in multiple ways since then. This will continue so get used to it. Get used to being a reality gypsy while more and more of humanity finally rather quickly moves from old lower to NEW higher levels and frequencies repeatedly throughout this shift. They’re now climbing the evolutionary ascension energy stair-steps which frees the Volunteers and first to Embody up to do the NEW higher things we’re now supposed to. 

Old everything was external, NEW everything is internal and the First Everythingers Embodying have been living this and increasingly discovering this is fact. Reaching a certain level within the Embodiment Process means one increasingly finds that they individually are now responsible for their own daily energy supply, their own energetic sovereignty, and increasingly their own personal reality. When that level is reached you quickly understand why Angelics and very advanced ETs and other highly evolved Others never waste energies on silly crap of any sort for any reason. When it’s your own personal divine Source life-force food and fuel that you are entirely responsible for and with, you don’t get stupid with it, you don’t get wasteful with it, you don’t get careless with it and you don’t give it away to anyone for any reason. This is another aspect of becoming increasingly individually sovereign energetically. Think of this as adult spirituality on an energetic level. It instantly changes your focus and knowing about a lot of things, especially on the physical level in Phase 2.

During Phase 1 of the Ascension Process groups of like-others were important, helpful and needed. During Phase 2 this has very much not been the case. Just the opposite in fact and this huge distinction and shift is extremely important on multiple levels for multiple reasons. In Phase 2, INDIVIDUALS are NEW “groups” unto themselves. This isn’t as mystical, confusing or lonely as it may seem at first. At lower levels of energy, consciousness, ability and development the incarnate ascension Volunteers benefited in different ways from being in these ascension groups online and/or physically during Phase 1, but that changed in January 2020 for many of them. Not all of them but many Embodying first in Phase 2. 

As I said in multiple articles in the first-half of 2020, Source presented an unexpected mandatory Cease & Desist Order in January 2020 and it was not just for or about the COVID-19 pandemic and mass humanity. It was also directed at every ascension Volunteer and every ascension teacher/writer/lecturer. The ascension Volunteers have not been exempt from that divine Cease & Desist Order because we were and are needed to make big personal, individual physical-level changes in ourselves and our Volunteer lives in Phase 2. Humans are creatures of habit and that includes Volunteers in human bodies. Know when to shift your personal individual ascension gears, focus, Work and abilities fellow Volunteers, First Everythingers, Starseeds, Pathpavers, Wayshowers.

Humans—this includes Volunteers—have been and will continue to be purposely physically separated from other people for very positive reasons in 2020, and probably into 2021 as well. Trust this because it’s much more than what’s currently known by most and is necessary at this time of ascension shift. Co-mingling has great and immediate consequences in Phase 2 2020 and I’m not talking about just COVID-19! Not everyone is capable of being physically near everyone else at this powerful point in this shift.

Because my body started somewhat acting like it was “sick” in late January 2020, I didn’t leave my house much. No big change here because I haven’t since 1999 for the simple reason that it physically hurt even more every time I left my home, property and higher frequency space to do anything in the lower frequency world. Most Volunteers have lived this way for these reasons. But, by late January 2020 my body was experiencing different symptoms such as occasionally running a low-grade fever and just feeling more “sick” and achy more often. By late February 2020 the pandemic was becoming known worldwide. For me it was a bit confusing in the early months of Phase 2 2020 as to what was ascension energy “sickness” feelings in my body, what were symptoms from the NEW 2018 and 2019 ascension codes being fully physicalized in 2020, and what if anything might be from COVOID-19, and how much was I as a sensitive and empath picking up from global humanity? And, was there any difference with any or all of these? 

I know there are lots of people that believe all sorts of things about what this pandemic is and isn’t and who or what caused it and why and so on. Personally I don’t care what other people believe about it. I trust what I personally know and feel internally based on my own Higher Awareness and perceptions and not on anyone or anything else externally. 

Due to the first mandatory ‘stay-at-home’  period I, like most of you, went out as little as possible and only for groceries and such. Because of this additional need to remain at home physically, it’s taken me longer to figure some of these strange new things out. Example: Every time since January 2020 that I’ve left my house and/or had close physical contact with anyone (such as the man I hired to remove my old PC and connect and setup my new one in my house), I’ve gotten “sick” for a day or two afterwards. Not pandemic sick but “sick” with a low-grade fever and increased body aches and pains and exhaustion. Every time! At first I blamed this on having to wear a #&^%*@% ‘I can’t breath’  face mask and no doubt some of my feeling more sick, head-achy and dizzy after a face mask wearing trip to the grocery store had/has something to do with mild oxygen deprivation symptoms.

But over these first six months of 2020 and all it’s produced so far (oh yes, there’s much more to come), it’s taken me a bit longer than usual to discern these new Phase 2 things. I’ve perceived many different things about them but this next situation I really wasn’t expecting. I perceived that where the Embodiers currently are within their individual Embodiment Process in Phase 2 is not altogether compatible with or physically and energetically comfortable for most unaware humans. In other words, we who are Embodying first now at these Phase 2 levels are often too much energetically for every lower frequency person, and vice versa, which is why I’ve gotten more “sick” feeling every time after I’ve been around lower vibrating “normal” people.

Clarification — I’m not talking about Team Dark or Portal People with this, although Portal People are still in play at this point in the shift but not for much longer. I’m talking specifically about how some of the first to Embody Volunteers are not yet supposed to be in close and extended physical proximity with other humans and vice versa. Evidently at this point within the Separation of Worlds shift, this current Phase 2 2020 overlapping of lower frequency people with certain first Volunteer Embodiers who’ve Embodied enough individually to directly affect physical reality, is causing some symptoms and side effects of its own. The old lower and the NEW higher are now close enough in some situations that there’s some mixing of, some overlapping of energies between the two, much like a highly contagious physical virus. 😉  I’m affecting people that come into my personal space—which is much larger than six feet—and they are affecting me. They always have because I’m a sensitive and empath but I sure as heck don’t want to feel what the unaware people are experiencing themselves and/or are worried about experiencing due to the pandemic or anything else. None of us who are natural sensitives and empaths want to feel what COVID-19 feels like even as varied as it is in people. After 22 years of severe ascension symptoms and continual intense energy side effects, I don’t want to feel a drop of anything else that’s not mine in Phase 2. Just being honest about this at this point within my individual, personal Embodiment Process.

I’m certain that the final phase of the Embodiment Process will teach me, will teach every Embodier about all of this and more but for now it’s feeling like there’s energetic overlapping happening around the Separation of Worlds edges that’s normal for what’s currently happening in the physical dimension. It just doesn’t always feel so great in one’s physical body, be they Volunteer or regular human.

For the unaware global human masses Source’s January 2020 mandatory Cease & Desist Order was to FORCE all humans out of what they have been habitually doing and with no conscious awareness at all, thinking, believing, focused on, used to and expecting. What better and faster way than a pandemic to abruptly force mass humanity out of old lower frequency life, consciousness and external physical reality as it has been into this temporary but necessary period of separation from the old and shift into the NEW? For the Volunteers this mandatory Cease & Desist Order was to FORCE all of them out of what they have been habitually doing, Working on, thinking, believing, focused on, used to and expecting throughout Phase 1 into higher frequency Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, and Embodiment Process if they were doing that as well. There are no mistakes here with this pandemic and everything that’s happening and will happen because of it. There had to be something, some major global thing that would force everyone out of the old lower ways, habits and so on into this next higher phase. The profound diversity in global humanity and their radically different levels of current personal individual development and consciousness required an external something that would FORCE a sudden and complete planetary-wide change, and sadly for most humans, the threat of death was the only thing that would slow them down and hopefully shock them out of their continued mindless, unthinking repetitions, actions and very lives lived in the old lowly dying patriarchal reality.


The shift into Phase 2 has in very intense ways brought the Aquarian Age energies into play more physically than ever before. Because every astrological sign and Age has its opposite sign and energies functioning simultaneously, it’s important to think of Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus in direct connection with the sign Leo and its ruling planet the Sun. The two images above are attempts at visually representing the ascended high qualities and energies of Aquarius Galactic Center sourced Diamond frequency Waves in this image, and the three triple Trinity Triality (not old lower frequency Duality) crystalline (Christ, Christic frequency, NOT a person) Diamond Hearts that is Leo and the Sun energies at ascended levels and frequencies.

Two other common qualities of Aquarius and its opposite sign Leo are, Aquarius groups and Leo individuals. At old 3D pre-ascension frequency levels and consciousness Aquarius were groups of people who had similar beliefs, intellectual development, consciousness, focus, intent etc. while old lower Leo energies were very much about human egos, total self focus, lower heart if there was something to be gained by it and so on.  In other words, at old pre-ascension levels Aquarian energies were either displayed as groups that all thought the same about whatever (old patriarchal group-think), or the occasional rebellious, often colorful eccentric outsider who lived how they wanted and enjoy being as non-conformist as they could be.

Another aspect I want to focus on again now that we’re halfway through 2020 is transiting Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) being in Taurus (an EARTH sign). Uranus first entered Taurus in May 2018 for a few months but retrograded back into Aries. It re-entered Taurus for the full seven-yearlong transit of that sign in March 2019. Uranus will enter Gemini (an AIR sign) in April 2026.

Briefly, Taurus has had to do with what humans value such as money, property, ability to buy what one wants etc. Taurus has to do with what humans believe holds great monetary value in the current world, what powers, abilities and freedoms money and wealth gives them and so on. These are common old pre-ascension level traits and consciousness connected to Taurus, they are not representative of higher level ascended consciousness humans and humanity. During this Phase 2 Separation of Worlds shift it’s getting increasingly easily seen in more people that what they now find “valuable” and of “value” is shifting, is ascending because they and their consciousness is, and this is only the very first signs of this in some people. This will continue spreading like the energetic, evolutionary wildfire it actually is and we Volunteers will finally breath a great sigh of relief as we increasingly see the “fruits of our labors” on ascending, shifting Earth and in ascending, shifting humans.

The very crude, but again absolutely necessary first steps of this Uranus in Taurus transit at Phase 2 levels is being seen in growing numbers of people as shifting values about other people, other groups (Aquarius) of people. The first ascended NEW Earth Aquarian Age signs of HighHeart consciousness and subsequent external reality manifesting in some unaware people. Let it unfold even though it’s rather crude and infantile at this point. It’s HUGE all things considered.

Another major thing humanity is having to deal with is caused by the pandemic. What do humans value in a pandemic? What do humans now find “valuable”, of “value” during this pandemic? (I can’t help myself so I’ll say it for us all — toilet paper! 😀  )  Yeah, true but what else? How about how many humans are deciding whether or not to wear face masks. How about how some are throwing childish adult tantrums in public over wearing or not wearing face masks? A lot of people are not coping well at all with everything that’s happened so far in these first six months of 2020. This will only increase as more things, issues and changes happen due to the shift out of the old and into the NEW. It’s going to get worse for a while because it’s been very, very dark for a very long time. So long in fact that humanity has forgotten what Light is, what freedom is, what peace is, what living safe, equal and respected is and on and on.

About how humans are having to decide or learn or with the very low frequency self-absorbed people be FORCED to comply so as to not make sick or possibly kill other people? People having to decide if life, possible sickness or death of self and others over-weighs their lowly hedonistic physical desires and addictions. If they want to go outside and play and party because that’s what’s still “valuable” to them then they’re doing it. BTW, lowly hedonistic wants and desires, addictions, lusts, obsessions etc. have always come under the old lowest negative traits of Taurus. Coincidence? Not hardly but evolution time is pushing many people into the present NEW higher frequencies and they are fighting it, resisting it, loudly bitching and complaining about it for all they’re worth. I recommend that people be very mindful of what they want and fight for during this shift Separation of Worlds because it, whatever it is, will carry them right to a world that has it.

How about how old lowly patriarchal monetary greed (more old lowly Taurus traits) is now increasingly seen in all of the lowest people? They don’t care about anyone other than themselves. If people want to hold on to old patriarchal power, wealth, fame etc. they value then they’re doing that even if it puts other people and groups of people at risk of getting sick or dying. The Phase 2 pandemic continues to flush out the very lowest traits like ego, monetary greed, selfishness, continued power over other people and groups of people, intentionally hurting humanity to remain in power, get what they want and so on. 

On the other hand, Phase 2 and the pandemic continues to flush out the old lowest negativity, which those who’ve been living the Ascension Process for many years or two or three decades knows means that you HAVE to let go of and fully release that negativity in yourself, whatever it was and how habitual it became for you and yours. For many people this is going to be far more difficult than they currently understand for the simple reason that they’ve never experienced it before. We can want something very much, and it is entirely deserved, but when it finally starts arriving it means that not only did you get what you wanted and needed to be freed from, but now you HAVE to let go of what’s been your only reality and life for decades, for hundreds of years for your ancestors. Getting freed from something means you’ve got a lot of Inner Work to do to release as many times as is necessary for you personally, everything that was your life and reality. It means you’ve GOT to grow up in ways you didn’t even know existed, repeatedly change and take on many new personal responsibilities and more. Welcome to our current compressed evolution. It’s worth the effort and periods of confusion however.

Humanity, and many Volunteers too, are going to be fumbling and stumbling around for a while as they all individually learn how to be free, how to no longer care about, want, lust after or need most of the old “valuables” that were everything to them before. The Uranus in Taurus transit hasn’t even hit full force in the money, financial, monetary areas yet but it is coming and fast now. When that arrives it’s going to FORCE everyone out of where we all have been all of our lives into a nationwide and worldwide period of chaotic transition much more intense than what’s already happened in the first-half of 2020. No fear as this is when we all get freed from the old negative patriarchal need to work for money so we can eat, shower and sleep somewhere and be taxed into carefully maintained poverty. As this chaotic shift plays out keep this in your HighHeart awareness, not that there’s no money or that it’s not coming in as it always did before and in the ways it did. Trust through these ascension shifts out of all the old negativity.

As always there’s much more to say and share but that will continue in Comments.

Thank you all for not losing your shit or your individual higher Way during these last six months. Everyone deserves gold stars and big gratitude hugs for hanging in there and trusting this wild shift process.

Denise Le Fay

June 29, 2020

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48 thoughts on “Presently I Just. Don’t. Care.

  • Since around July 17, 2020, I noticed that things seem to have rounded a corner, and more positive is on the way. That does not mean there will be no more riots, quite the opposite IMO. The dark forces know they have lost and riots will continue to get worse in certain cities. All stops will be removed. But more and more people are seeing the light, I’m seeing more and more videos about that popping up in my Recommended video feed, oddly enough. Well, that’s not odd at all, someone wants me to see these changes for a reason, so I pay attention.

  • Hi Denise,

    This latest eclipse energy was out-of-this-world! A wild electrical storm seemingly appeared out of nowhere within minutes of this lunar eclipse coming to an end……and it only struck directly overhead the neighbourhood where I live. No other parts of the city appear to have been affected! My teenage daughter and I were supercharged with energy during this storm and that seemed to trigger all sorts of psychic phenomena to occur, including seeing a peculiar looking circular-shaped lightning bolt. At one point, my daughter even watched my face morph into a much younger version of myself as though I had gone back in time by 30 years. That’s one vision I would love to see permanently come to pass!

    I’m sure you, and many others, had some very strange experiences over the 4th/5th as well. You were bang on with your clue that this would be the eclipse to watch!!

    Thanks for sharing your own strange experiences with us. It makes life feel a little bit more normal and less like an episode of “The Twilight Zone”!

  • Denise

    Thank you for another great article. Your like the Energizer Bunny – you’re such a hardworking dedicated gift!

    Also, I just read your two great books. I have been doing our transition thing on the ‘amnesia plan’ so finding you a few months back has not only been a fantastic validation/clarity boon for me but also a surprise connect the dots bonanza learning of your life story via A Lightworker’s Mission. At 67 I could relate to so much. The hard part was and still is the terrible pain and fatigue and the evil attacks. I lost my health and absolutely everyone and everything through this transition and there was a lot to loose. I ended up on the park bench that terrifies most people. It was Hell on wheels. I know how to sleep with one eye open, if you will – lol. Job ain’t got nuthin on me.

    But I’m still here and I figure that my main contribution is that I’ll die before I’ll back away from our truths. My heals are dug in deep and secure, as I can also see that you and all of the wonderful ‘commenters’ are.

    I found (!!!!!) you a few months back while checking up on Karen Bishop as I so missed her validations. It isn’t easy doing the amnesia thing so I need that little extra. And now I have you, I go to your sight probably a dozen times a day.

    A little history; I spent my youth prepping for what was about to unfold for me. I started with Kryon in about the early nineties, then Crimson Circle, Solara and half a dozen others to a lesser degree, but about 20 years ago I too felt like I had enough lectures and channeling and books, so I stopped.

    Today I still need validation, clarity and whatever else I can get that I now think that I need and going to you (or a short while back – Karen Bishop) in no way leaves me feeling less than completely my own being. I can and do take only what feels right for me – which is usually just about all of it because it almost always feels so darn right through and through …lol. The important point is I decide. I still work with and connect with Solara because she is on the same track. I go back 25 years with her and she has been right every step of the way on the big important stuff.

    By the way, if I could afford more I would send you a bigger monthly donation but I do what I can. I really do appreciate your extra effort.

    Thanks again

    Curt Curley

    • “A little history; I spent my youth prepping for what was about to unfold for me. I started with Kryon in about the early nineties, then Crimson Circle, Solara and half a dozen others to a lesser degree, but about 20 years ago I too felt like I had enough lectures and channeling and books, so I stopped.”


      Let me start by saying Thank You for buying both my books. I hope each of them do exactly what they’re supposed to for you personally. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Next, the Volunteers have, for the most part needed what I call very fast and short refresher courses in either the etheric and/or physical dimensions or both to quickly help them — the ones with amnesia safeguards in place within them — consciously remember who they really are underneath the physical human meat suit! We’ve all been trained like crazy in multiple other incarnations, all of which were carefully handpicked to aid us the absolute best in THESE current lives of ascension as the ‘Standard Bearers of our Souls’ as Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians called us many years ago. In other words, we came pre-loaded for the AP but most of us needed a little or a lot of fast refresher courses to help us remember why we’re incarnate now and that we’ve got the goods to get the Job done. We haven’t needed training in these lives because we already have it but most of us (Volunteers, Starseeds, Embodiers, Transmutors, Pathpavers etc.) did need early in our current lives (usually our 20s and 30s) to read certain books that would trigger our deeper awareness about who and what we actually are and why we’re here in mass numbers now. So, think refresher course triggers for we Volunteers as opposed to newbie first-time trainings and Initiations etc.

      I discovered Karen Bishop online in early 2005 I believe it was. I found a link someone shared at an astrology website and was so, so, grateful to finally have found someone talking about the AP even though I’d been living it since February 1999 physically. Shortly after this I knew that Karen Bishop and myself were a sort of “tag team” and that there had been pre-incarnational Volunteer level Soul Contracts sorts of things decided on by us both. (I’ve never shared all of this publicly before so everyone reading this needs to FEEL, discern what I’m saying please.)

      Now this is not as rare or unusual as it may sound. There have been and still are more Volunteers than were needed to get the job done because all of us, I repeat, all of us knew that some of us would fall by the ascension wayside once we got down here and deep in the density and negativity and came under repeated attacks from Team Dark beings and Portal People humans. We knew that some of us would take serious beatings and attempts on our lives and sanity by Team Dark, especially during all of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. We knew that some of us would fall into addictions etc. because we were so very sensitive and couldn’t handle the density and negativity of physical life on Earth. We knew all of these things and we came anyway and we came with more than was needed so that when one dropped or checked out or stopped or died or whatever the case was there would be more immediately right there to pick up the slack and carry on without missing a beat as we all had agreed to before any of this started. This is why I’ve called Karen Bishop and myself as a sort of ascension teachers/writers tag team because I did that for her and she did that for me when either of us would become so sick from ascension energy symptoms ourselves and/or got beat-down temporarily by Team Dark attacks that one or the other of us couldn’t write our ascension related articles. Now, and this is super important everyone, everything I just said about this was from a higher level. Karen Bishop and I have never met physically and never will in these lives. But I know her well, just like I know many other ascension teachers/writers equally well even though none of us have ever met physically either. From my perspective there’s no need to. We know and recognize each other at higher levels and that’s what matters.

      I will add that Karen is a Taurus (ruled by Venus) and I’m a Capricorn (rule by Saturn). Which energies do you think could handle Team Dark and Portal People better and for the long-haul? Not bragging here just saying it often has come down to who could survive Team Dark and Portal People while Lighting the Way for others.

      One last thing about this. A couple years ago someone emailed me that Karen Bishop had died and I wrote about it here to ask readers if they had heard anything about this or if it even was true. It didn’t seem or feel right to me but I asked publicly anyway. It turned out that Karen is alive and well and that it was another woman with the same name that died. After all this I mentioned at HHL that I might email Karen Bishop to see how she was doing. Instead what I did was etherically got close enough to her for her to sense me. In this brief etheric meeting she only presented herself to me with her back to me which I knew meant she did not want to get involved with writing about the Ascension Process anymore and was happy and fulfilled doing whatever she has been since she stopped writing about the AP years ago. I respectfully backed away and won’t make contact with her in any way unless I perceive differently. ❤ ❤ ❤

      I don't know all of the reasons why I shared this particular info with you Curt, and everyone else reading this, but I do know that it’s for you personally — it’s for each of you personally. 🙂

      Thank you again Curt for your energies, honesty, dedication to the AP and your donations, whatever the amount. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • What resonated more than even the article itself was the title. I just don’t care. That suits my mood at the moment perfectly. Thank you Denise.

  • Denise, thank you very much . I’m from the first wave, everything I read from you is more or less synchronized for me. At this moment, it seems to me that I have come to the shore of a new space of peace and quiet. I don’t know how long. Good luck to all !

    • You are very brave to be in the first wave! Not sure which wave I’m in, 2nd or 3rd. I was born in late 1960s.

      • The Volunteer three Wave Groups are not based on when we were born bacca, but on who was the most capable of first starting and maintaining (and a lot more) the Ascension Process from a dead stop, from within a totally negative dark Earth world. Each of the three Volunteer Wave Groups added to and amplified it since 1998-1999.

  • Hi Denise. I think might be oversharing again, apologies. It’s just that there are all these thoughts a-swirling inside, stirred up by your article and the comments, that I am hoping I could hear your or others’ takes on. Certainly I mean no direspect.

    Even when the EP pains became tolerable, I guarded against potential energy drainage/wastage and shunned particularly spaces or groups that felt of “old” energy. I thought that my energy would be of more optimal use in meeting the heavy demands of the AP/EP process and responding to inner calls – when these come – for divine actions. A recent incursion into what I associate with the dissolving old has made me see that situations may not be as iron-clad “old or new” as they might appear to be. Energies overlap as you point out. And one could not pre-judge where people are at in their personal inner journeys nor how the melding of energies and other factors would turn out. I realized from this recent entry into the fray of sorts that I could choose to be in and with the “old,” and that doing so might be potentially beneficial (for me in terms of deeper learnings and insights and in manifold ways for the others concerned too) — it need not be necessarily a misdirection of vital energies. I wonder now if it is because a constancy in Being-ness seems to be firming up within and one is “becoming increasingly individually sovereign” as you say, that I could remain unruffled by and despite surface goings-on and keep to why I joined that virtual discussion to begin with.

    I don’t know if you and others have had the same sense of something that had to be closed like some energetic loop needing completion a loop created when one chose to be in a particular ‘old energy’ space. Feeling this way after my meeting I decided to rush a brief paper in which I shared ideas ( on broader perspectives from which people could view the whole legislative advocacy process, the proposals, the issues, next steps etc), ideas that I felt were authentic of SELF and consistent with the intent behind my entry in that space. After I sent the paper to the organizers I Felt/Saw the loop closing into a small circle come to completion. Despite the time and focus it took to prepare the paper I felt no energetic drain at all, only joy swelling within.

    I then recalled the Allegory of the Milestones. I was made aware of it 15 years ago and its meaning and import as we progress deeper into EP Phase 2 I am coming to grasp more fully only Now. I had on a nudge included below the excerpt on this from my automatic typing notes. Like in the past I fully respect and honor your discernment, Denise, on whether or not this could or should be shared in this your created space and at this time. Love and with deep gratitude always for everything you do and are — simply PRECIOUS.

    “Milestones – this is a term that in human comprehension refers to achievement or success or reaching a goal. The word is more than this. It is a code of what is required to reach a Goal, a GOD*-dictated direction. (The allegory goes this way): Go through a mile, literally a mile of distance, pick up 3 stones where the mile ended. Walk back to the beginning of the mile and leave the three stones there. What this means is that when a human being sets out to do God’s work and follow His path and s/he has a particular mission to undertake, s/he traverses the earthly mile and reaches the earthly stones (goals). But this is not the end. God’s requirement is the stones (goals) should be brought back to the beginning of the mile (journey or task). This represents the entirety of the cycle of doing God’s work through human efforts and by human hands. To get these acts to be considered as affecting the Divine scheme, the link between the beginning and the end, reckoned by earthly standards, should be made. There is nothing wasted this way.” (31.01.05) (*or Source, Prime Creator, ONE, Great Spirit, Universal Mind, etc.)

    • eleanor,

      Based on what you’ve said it sounds to me like you’re starting to make that very important evolutionary expansion out of the intellect, the left brain as “god” level into your heart.

      “Despite the time and focus it took to prepare the paper I felt no energetic drain at all, only joy swelling within.”

      That’s the start of it and eventually you’ll get to where you FEEL, you sense with other parts of your awareness than just the old lower frequency intellect/left brain. It FEELS correct with no or very little thinking involved. There are stair-steps with this too just like everything else in the AP. Eventually you will Know without using your mind/brain/intellect at all. You just Know from another location of yourself and awareness and this too grows into higher and larger states.

      Point is that you enjoy thinking and are very good at it. I used to be too, but the AP is forcing humanity to evolve out of that incredibly narrow frequency band of physical level awareness up into their hearts, then their HighHearts and Higher Awareness in general. It sounds like you’re at this changeover point where you’re learning how to trust other of your tools of perception. ❤

      • Thank you for taking the time to respond Denise. I very much appreciate it.

        Your perspectives are interesting. And I understand that these come from your unique individual vantage point, truths that you have come to, and soul journeys you have had. It is why I find refreshing and resonant your emphasis on our individual inner sovereignty as this tells me that you acknowledge and accept as well the rich diversity among even we Volunteers: our remembering and ways of seeing, feeling, and doing and how we interpret personal experiences and perceptions, construct and label our knowledge, and come to and affirm our knowing. For me all equally valuable and valid; no one dominating/dominant truth, framing, or labelling to deify or emulate; all perfect for who and where each one is.

        I know how limiting our common language is to justly reflect that mystifying and mysterious idea of a WHOLE or ONE, that which transcends, overlays, permeates the linear and the dual, hence our oft-resort to still separatist and narrow presentations of either-or, left brain-right brain, intellect/mind – heart, feeling-thinking, and so on. Also no words suffice to convey that acute sense of IS – that point of conscious awareness “beholding” that ever radiant light that ONE IS.

        I was from the early days reminded to trust not in the mundane and the surface of everything. That I should “unearth and unbury” their essence because I then will see pieces fall where they should be…

        Thank you Denise. I honor you and those other wonderful people who converge in the space you most generously share. Spirit bows to Spirit.

  • Thank you Denise for another article of profound wisdom.

    I love the title of the article. Very apropos of this moment. Lately I’ve been feeling like we’re the last truly ALONE people out there. We who know how this matrix really works, the unbelievable amount of sheer evil, layers and unending layers of it, the vast majority willfully ignorant to it, the incompatibility of our energy to what’s out there and us trying to blend in as best as we could, flying under radar for so long, all while embodying/Embodying the light for humanity trying to dodge and deflect TD…., it’s a wonder we’re ok (figuratively speaking), without experiencing a psychical break/crack.

    I just wanted to say thank you all for making it this far, we are the true warriors of light. We had to make it thus far, it was our mission. I’m giving all of us a deep from the depths of my spirit HighHeart hugs to all!

    And special thanks to you Denise, well, for being the beacon.

    Love you ALL! ❤️❤️❤️

  • “This is another aspect of becoming increasingly individually sovereign energetically.”

    Thank you Denise for this line as I kept getting the word sovereignty the last few weeks.
    Denise you and all this group really help me to keep moving forward day by day and not give up on the unfolding story.I found my first day back at work today very challenging and wanted to run for the hills and hide but I am adjusting to it and will practice staying in my own energy every day.The sensitivity is challenging around most people now so trees and water help and I am lucky to be near both..

  • Hi
    I’m wondering if you can clarify what the ‘cease and desist order’ is about and how you came to it?

    • “I’m wondering if you can clarify what the ‘cease and desist order’ is about and how you came to it?”

      Babs & All,

      Thanks for your great question Babs. ❤

      I've been repeating myself intentionally for a while with a couple of my terms for changes in the overall Ascension Process (AP) to draw attention and understanding about them. One of my terms is Phase 2 of the AP. It was, to me, very important to make people in the ascension community aware that a BIG change was coming in the AP for all of us. For speed and ease of communicating huge chunks of AP information I use the terms Phase 1 — 1998-1999 through the end of December 2019 — to indicate that phase, level, focus and energy Work the Volunteers, the First Everythingers have been in since it started physically, biologically in the Volunteers at any point within Phase 1 of the AP.

      My term Phase 2 of the AP was and is an attempt to get across to more people that Phase 1 is completed. We all need to be conscious that it’s still the AP but at this NEW higher level of energies with the main NEW codes that got fully activated globally physically in January 2020. Many of us had been embodying them throughout 2018 and 2019 but with the start of 2020 they became the NEW normal energy, physical, biological, internal and external templates, blueprints etc. for all of humanity and all else on ascending Earth. Phase 1 dealt with all it did at that level of the AP and now in Phase 2 we Volunteers continue but in NEW ways plus all of humanity is now living with/in/under the NEW codes for ascending humanity. So far the main ones are the crystalline Triality or Trinity iridescent rainbow colored (pale pastel ones and darker gemstone colored ones) that first arrived in December 2018, AND the Radiant Diamond codes that arrived in December 2019. Think of all this as across the board evolution both in humans and their consciousness and therefore in external physical global reality as well. In January 2020 they all became the NEW normal codes/templates for humanity and reality. So, Phase 2 indicates that a MASSIVE shift has taken place which we’ve been seeing in what’s happened so far this year. Much more to come however.

      Because of this shift out of Phase 1 of the AP into Phase 2 of it with the start of January 2020, there needed to be something big and physical such as the deadly pandemic to rattle unaware humanity out of their mindless daily lives on the old patriarchal “hamster wheel” called normal life and reality. Because humans have been intentionally dumbed-down for a very long time it was going to take something global, life-threatening and reality-changing to even get them to START to stop doing everything they mindlessly had been all their lives. A pandemic which is and will continue to cause all the other old negative patriarchal world systems (money, medical/big pharma etc., government(s) etc.) to fall apart is what was used to quickly and forceably SHIFT humanity out of the old negative patriarchal world and systems etc., many of them kicking and screaming about it all the way! Phase 2 is here with the NEW codes and change humanity must or else they’ll go elsewhere… which is another reason why this is a pandemic. Many people just want and need out and quickly because they do not want to remain in their current physical body and embody these NEW evolutionary ascension codes in Phase 2.

      Because of all this a Divine Intervention began on mass humanity and Earth in January 2020 to shift, evolve them out of what is no longer backed with any energy/energies whatsoever — the old patriarchal world reality. To help them and the Volunteers and all else this intentional pandemic and shift into Phase 2 of the AP began in January 2020 with what I’ve been calling its divine Cease and Desist Order on humanity globally. Again, think of it, of all that’s going on now and that will be the rest of this year and next as Divine Intervention to force, aid, push humanity out of where they’ve been into the NEW higher levels of being, consciousness, life and external global reality. COVID-19 and all its caused so far is all an intentional Divine Intervention to help humanity out of the darkness, mindlessness, greed, insanity etc. that’s been “normal” on Earth for so, so long. The greedy and unaware don’t want any of this at this point, some won’t for a very long time, but compressed evolution is here and change is mandatory for All everywhere.

      I fear I may have wandered slightly in answering your question Babs. If I have let me know and we’ll get more detailed if necessary. Also, this divine evolutionary Cease and Desist Order is going to be in place all of 2020 and 2021 because THAT’S how long it’s going to take to get most of humanity to release their addictions to, their death-grips on what has been throughout their lives and their relatives lives going back generations. The NEW codes will speed this process up considerably however. We Volunteers have been Working on releasing, cleaning, healing and energetically transmuting and returning back to neutral all of these issues in ourselves for the past 2-3 decades. Global humanity has just started it in Phase 2, however, they will burn through these mandatory shifts much faster than the Volunteers did which is a positive for us all. ❤

  • Huge gratitude for your insight Denise and for putting this subject out there. Wow! So much of what you say resonates.

    During a spontaneous NDE in 2002 I was told it’s ALL within. I was given the choice that day to “Exit or remain”. I fought to remain but afterwards my life appeared to collapse on all fronts. My guides backed off. Previous teachers, writers, healers and gurus I once followed didn’t do it for me anymore. It felt like a loss of faith but I still mourned the loss and became ‘stuck’ thinking something had gone wrong.

    Like many people, the Coronavirus lockdown finally forced me to go within and I’ve felt free to start painting again after many years. It feels like there’s been a shift into something authentic. It looks like we’re going to have to let go of a lot of what we’ve been holding onto, including some of those we’ve put on spiritual pedestals because I think only when we have the courage to go within and listen to our own hearts do we anchor our sovereignty. Thank you for bringing it ‘to light’ that we can ’be our own everything’ as you so brilliantly put it Denise!.

    With much love and appreciation.

    • “It looks like we’re going to have to let go of a lot of what we’ve been holding onto, including some of those we’ve put on spiritual pedestals because I think only when we have the courage to go within and listen to our own hearts do we anchor our sovereignty.”

      Thanks for your hard-earned personal firsthand wisdom about these things linda. ❤

      It sounds like the primary issue with your Phase 1 AP 2002 NDE was mainly to get you to end your external focus and relying on others etc. and turn internally to you/You/YOU and discover where it all really is. 🙂 Very well done you and welcome to your expanding HighHeartLife. ❤

  • Diana –Thank you for your lovely post. I had to think about it for a while; but, it became quite clear and make sense to me. Very helpful.

  • Denise, this article is such an affirmation of what I have experienced over the past several years. All the groups that were at one time meaningful to me drifted away for one reason or another. I haven’t “followed” anyone for quite some time now. Even my meditation practice is sporadic at best. I am quite happy without it all. I am finding an underlying current of happiness just beneath the surface that is becoming increasingly easy to tap into. When I do the joy simply wells up within me. It can be exquisite! I used to have to meditate to find that state. Now it is just there. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • “I used to have to meditate to find that state. Now it is just there.”

      Barbara W.,

      Yes indeed and it’s due to the ongoing embodying of more and higher Light energies and the NEW codes. Also you’ll find, we all will find, that this isn’t just about our having constant happiness within us and our being now but we’re also discovering increasing individual empowerment, peace, a deep inner contentment caused from knowing that the old lower frequency “monsters” of all types are not where we exist now. Huge sense of safety, peace and freedom from that! But yes, that sense of inner calm, empowerment, ability to Consciously Create what each of us wants or needs, security, peace and freedom from not only old Team Dark but our own old 3D level egos and ego-based consciousness and actions etc. All of this and more is why I named this website HighHeartLife in 2013 when I created it. ❤

  • Thank you for this article! I’ve moved away from almost all of my “spiritual circles” and have been spending time in my garden, growing food, playing with my children. Being a seeker has been such a part of my old persona and I cannot for the life of me remember why. I have a deep peace within me and couldn’t understand why (as on the surface its all doom and gloom) I’m new to your website and I cannot quite recall what brought me here. But I am grateful all the same. 🌈💎

  • I am 💯 with you all the way on ascension teachers. Also our guides standing back for us to micro manage our own energy. I come to you as I have for years since finding you for confirmation as you always give to what I already am experiencing. Tom Kenyon too and that’s it really his Hathor meditations are a great help. I awoke abruptly in 2001 and phew 😅 it’s bloody nuts phase 2 so far 😂 sense of humour always helps me and yes doing the work from my own home where energies stay 👌. Thank you Denise for being you ❤️

    • Thanks Lovingbutloupy.

      The more we individually I mean, become energetically self-sovereign, the less need each of us has for etheric guides, physical ascension teachers/writers, religious middlemen, multi-D ETs, new age gurus and all the rest of it/them. WE each individually (that is SO important) become ONE in ourselves. We become our “guides”, our “teachers”, our spiritual assistants and so on and all of it/that is internally within each of us. This is at the top of the entire Ascension Process — getting humans out of separation consciousness and reality from everything and back into direct ONENESS within themselves. Talk about a huge shift! ❤

  • “Getting freed from something means you’ve got a lot of Inner Work to do to release as many times as is necessary for you personally, everything that was your life and reality“

    That sentence really highlighted a tiny, blossoming knowing within me – that I am actually starting to get a lot of my “heart’s desires” but not in the way I’ve imagined it would look. And it is (stupidly) difficult to give up my “desires” when I am actually experiencing what I’ve longed for for so long!

    I hope that makes sense 😖

    The shift into internal sovereignty actually solves everything – leaving me with nothing to do – what an ego crusher that is! Ha! I am a bit disappointed in myself for not realizing and appreciating the subtle magnificence of Source solving all my “external” problems.

    Thank you so much for your wisdom and insight – (IN-sight how funny is that?!)
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!


  • Wow an amazing article thank you Denise 🙏🏽 I am sooooooo feeling all of this right now!! I’ve noticed how recently I’ve started to feel so alone again, it much resonates that used to people, situations, things and when it happens I always forget and think I’ve done something wrong I’m not keeping up etc! So good for that reminder!! 🙏🏼 And I LOVE your term ‘reality gypsy’ that totally describes me, old friends have in the past tried to use it as in an insult towards me saying I was like a gypsy always moving around and through different groups of people – never settling in staying with any 1 set of people! when I was younger I used to think that there was something wrong with that, now I don’t and I get it! However after having a child I thought I may settle but it appears not the feeling and call to move on since this phase started is so strong, not sure how but I trust we will be supported every step and I trust in me! Thanks for this in depth share, it’s very appreciated 🙏🏼🤗❤️

  • Thank you Denise for those words😊
    What an amazing moment we are living.
    As far as I remember:
    I’m alone, questioning why I’m different,
    Why I’m feeling separate from this society, why I don’t understand people, their actions etc….
    Why I dont follow the rules.
    I /we were prepared for this ascension long time ago😊.

    Things taking place step by step ⭐️

    Peace Love and Light for all 🤗🙏🏼✨❤️

  • Denise, I have been following you for years and this is one of the clearest and most brilliant articles you have ever written! “Reality gypsy” . . . love that! I just realized last night that the “virus” seems to be related to an energy mismatch and was going to write a comment to ask you about that today. I must have picked up on it while you were writing. Thank you and love to you and everyone here!

  • Once again, you speak my experience. This overlap has been expanding in my awareness rapidly since the Solar eclipse. I felt very much alone. Thank you for writing this.

  • Thank you Denise for sharing your experiences through this immense shift. I have also experience the discomfort of being around people. Before our mandatory lockdown here in Ontario, I closed my antique shop to the public. I started preparing for this shift last spring. I gave notice to all my vendors to leave before December 2019 and closed the doors permanently March 1, 2020 to the general public. My business partner started selling on line and is very successful, she does curbside service, in exchange she does my shopping and helps me out. I live upstairs and find that I can not be downstairs when people come to pick up their merchandise. I have planted a vegetable garden and working towards being totally
    Independent. I understand what is happening now and what is to come. Like We have been told for many, many years, I go with the flow.

    • WOW! That’s awesome, Mary! Thank you for sharing this. I noticed a few businesses closed late last year and early, EARLY this year. Then “everything” hit. I wondered if they had a BIG NUDGE to close and move on before all the ____________ happened. They probably did! 🙂

      Thank you again for amazing writing and wisdom, Denise.

      And thinking of you, Skoop.

      Thank you all for the very helpful posts here.


  • Zero Pointing every thing. None of it matters. No part of the past, present, future timelines is what WE ARE BEcoming. Gratitude for the time you took to write Denise, I Know I AM not even able or wanting to do that! Love to ALL ❤

  • Thank you for your always relevant sharing. I have had to unsubscribe from all the previous teachers/groups as January came in. Have been unburdened from more relationships, responsibilities than ever since phase 2 started. Have spent most of the shelter in place at home fostering cats and kittens and doing work and gardening around my home. Be your own everything is literally the theme of my year so far. Wonderful validation and insight from this article. Many thanks dear Denise!

  • My goodness. Your new computer setup was all set and ready to go for this post. How powerful, on point and PRESENT. Exactly NOW. “Be your own everything.” Says it all. My everything is sending you all the love I own and don’t own.

  • Yesssssssss. Wow, Denise!! This is incredible! So much to digest here, I will use this like a well to draw from again and again. I have had the SAME experience when I have gone to get groceries and the few times I’ve had to interact with people in and around the house I live in. I also thought it was something else… dye or fabric in the masks I have been using. I try to plan only to do one or two things on any given trip and stick to every 2-3 weeks as I can. Always so depleted by the time I get home. This has even made me rethink the neighbor’s dog that stands at the part of the fence it can see us through and barks it’s head off while I play fetch with my dog…maybe although we are way more than 6ft apart, we don’t need to be outside at the same time they are and that dog is actually doing me a favour! Haha!!

  • Thank you so much for this brilliant article Denise. – I have very recently experienced my first proof of the Separation of the Worlds; in which I was invited to a reunion party with many former colleagues. The only one not showing up at the party was our former superior; an extremely negative patriarchal person who used to keep us under his thumb. Obviously he did not dare meeting his former employees and the unavoidable karma following suit. This actually felt like a huge victory. May there be countless other victories coming up for all of us here. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

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