2020 Distribution of NEW ET Galactic Codes

In my May 21, 2020 article Flashing Lights In You Eye, I shared an experience I had during the day on May 19th. One ET being quickly etherically passed through my living room to deliver a specific energy upgrade. Immediately after that I experienced about 25 minutes of painless visual flashing of what looked like darker gemstone colored triangular Trinity codes in a few unusual moving patterns in my right eye. Read or re-read the article for more details.

I mention it here because something else happened recently that’s directly connected to this and other 2020 events. Over the weeks it’s become increasingly obvious that the Volunteers — those who volunteered to drop a lot of Light to be able to incarnate into a physical body on physical Earth to directly assist with the current Universal Ascension Process — Starseeds, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Embodiers, Transmuters, Gridworkers, Pathpavers, Wayshowers are incrementally embodying NEW ET Galactic codes, some specific ones etherically hand-delivered by certain ETs. Like everything else going on now, this too is part of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in 2020.

At first I was going to wait until after the June 20, 2020 Solstice and same-day Solar eclipse happened before I wrote this but it feels like I should share these different incremental stair-step dispensations of some of the NEW Galactic codes throughout the process itself. Besides that, we’re moving so quickly and differently now in Phase 2 2020 that I may completely forget what I’ve recently experienced because we’ve gone so far past that so quickly. Because of this I decided to write about each of these NEW ET Galactic code steps and layers they’ve been dispensing this year as I experience and perceive them.

My May 29, 2020 article talked about how we naturally evolve beyond our old beloved Guides and ET family and friends and Others who’ve helped us during certain years and/or decades in these current ascension lives is very much a part of all this as well. Phase 2 Level 2020 Embodiment Process

[A few years ago I discovered while rereading one year’s worth of my articles that they start in January and unfolded throughout the year like connected chapters in a book. I can’t take full conscious credit for this, because for the most part, I was so involved living and embodying and Embodying that I wasn’t always fully aware of how interconnected each and every event, energy, negative attack, positive contact, NEW dispensation, change, old release and NEW addition was. Ascension forest for the trees sort of thing. This same business has been and continues happening in 2020, Phase 2 at breakneck speed even while immobile and seemingly “doing nothing” physically. That is so not the case in Phase 2 so continue to both stay-at-home and stay-at-HOME for as long as you know you need to this year.]

Friday, June 5, 2020 was the Lunar eclipse at 15° Sagittarius 34′, and I experienced tremendous amounts of old 3D Earth worlds and realities permanently deleted. It was more of and on an even larger scale, cosmic housecleaning of not ascending Earth worlds and timelines.

Sunday, June 7, 2020 I woke up with a very strange feeling of a lot of commotion happening multidimensionally with numerous different ETs and ET groups. I woke up that morning feeling and hearing them going through something that had them excited, involved and hurried. Some ETs were not entirely happy about what was happening so certain more advanced ETs were explaining the current situation to them. There were moments of confusion in some of the less evolved and aware “younger” ETs over these current massive code changes taking place. Some of them felt they were suddenly being unfairly overwritten, overrode energetically by the more advanced ETs. I experienced these different excited, but at times slightly chaotic interactions between different ET individuals and ET groups from the moment I woke up that morning until mid-afternoon, like I was an invisible Volunteer Starseed observer in a multidimensional corner! It was fascinating, not to mention mildly humorous witnessing these different ETs and ET groups—all of which are at different levels of development, awareness and ability themselves just like humans—being so excited and hurried, confused and focused.

I perceived some of the more advanced ETs explain to some of the “younger” ETs that their old codes for humanity have expired due to Phase 2 of the Ascension Process and that everyone has reached the point (in 2020) where much more complex, higher frequency, Light infused whole galaxy Galactic codes are being delivered to the physically incarnate Volunteers to embody and anchor into ascending NEW Earth world(s).

I’m smiling as I write this because, in its way these massive changeovers from how it has been to how it’s becoming is unfolding on Earth now and in the other dimensions at the same “time”. There is no place, no level, no dimension, no galaxy that’s not going through these evolutionary changes in their ways simultaneously to what we Volunteers in human bodies are currently experiencing at our levels and what unaware humanity on Earth is experiencing at their levels now. Many don’t want their old familiar lower level stuff — codes, rules, powers, control and all else — to end now and be replaced with much higher frequency, higher Light levels, higher evolved everything. Some very minor and brief “protesting” has taken place among some of the younger ETs recently because they too are going through these sweeping ascension related shifts and changes as humanity is, as Volunteers are, as everything is everywhere. 

Monday, June 8, 2020 I finally reached full physical level release from my mom’s hospital bill from one year ago this month. There was a small amount (not small at all when you’re unemployed!) on her hospital bill that her insurance didn’t cover, and a month after she died last June I received that bill. I’d just become unemployed the first week of June 2019 because of her entering the hospital, so to have this bill show up when I had zero income from June through September of 2019 was unnerving and pissed me off. I paid my dead mother’s remaining hospital bill in early August 2019 out of my savings because I knew they’d peruse payment any way they could and until hell froze over because that is who and what they are.

For me this was a big old ugly patriarchal deal but I paid it in full in August 2019 and was glad to be free of it all. Except… oh you knew something was coming with this! The hospital kept mailing me the same bill and amount every couple months from August 2019 until June 2020. There was billing confusion on their end but it irritated me to have this continue in my life for a whole year. Eventually it was resolved on their end and I was finally free from that last hanging on bit of parasitic old lower world crap on June 8, 2020. I share this only to show how these things are all connected and how the old world and those in it are hanging on for all they’re worth because they know nothing other than what they have known at that lower level of old patriarchal Earth reality.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 I had increased slightly different feeling head pains and pressures from the bottom of my eyes up to the top of my head and even above that by about a foot or more. This was different from how it feels when any Pineal and/or Pituitary gland upgrades are happening in my head. I had moments of feeling disoriented a bit and have needed to sleep much more everyday during the daytime all of 2020. Volunteers have been having their Pineal and Pituitary glands repeatedly evolved, expanded, upgraded, turned more complex and crystalline etc. since they each began the Ascension Process, but this is Phase 2 level different and you can feel that difference in your head, eyes, awareness, consciousness, HighHeart and abilities. Do not fear this as it’s part of the current embodiment of some more of these NEW Galactic codes. Just like all else in the Ascension and Embodiment Processes this too will take some linear time for us to safely embody them all. From here on out however, expect the weird factor to amplify and in ways also NEW to you, even if you’re a Starseed. It’s been busy there and it’s been busy here and this will continue all year as the Volunteers continue embodying these many NEW, different, higher frequency and much more complex ET Galactic codes.

While the Volunteers continue embodying these NEW ET Galactic codes this year, those at lower levels of consciousness and focus continue to look to the external old world, people, groups and governments etc. to finally reveal all their long-hidden secrets about ETs, UFO and whatnot. We’re embodying NEW ET Galactic codes and those people continue playing around in the external expecting that the corrupt will suddenly come clean and share all publicly. What’s happening is that the Volunteers are embodying this first, just as they do with all the NEW energies, Light, frequencies and NEW codes etc., to make them available for mass humanity to quickly evolve, step into when it’s time for them to do so. It’s not going to happen externally — it’s going to happen internally.

From today until the June 20, 2020 Solstice and same-day eclipse, I suggest you sleep as much as your body and CNS now needs, give yourself and your body all the care, respect and room they need to embody so much NEW and so much higher frequency Galactic codes. This too is exciting but we and our bodies need to take this step-by-step to safely embody it all physically. We may be having more time anomalies during this period, more mild to moderate moments of disorientation, more head and eye Pineal and Pituitary glands pressures and visions and who knows what all! Our HighHearts are intimately connected to these NEW ET Galactic codes and brain glands upgrades so expect anything in that location, space and level now through the June 2020 Solstice. I suspect the July 4, 2020 (big hint there!) eclipse will be more whole body, more all-encompassing for the Volunteers, and more all-encompassing at lower levels for mass humanity — all very important within these ongoing Phase 2 evolutionary processes. 

Denise Le Fay

June 12, 2020


Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2020. All Rights Reserved. 

105 thoughts on “2020 Distribution of NEW ET Galactic Codes

  • Denise,
    I awoke this morning seeing your drawings of the splitting of the world into A, B and AB. Everything was fine: no worry, no anxiety, no judgement. That was quite a while ago and I’m just now feeling it. I thank you.

  • Welcome back online Denise 🤗 not sure about how I’m doing, I read things like ‘effervescent light’ , ‘existing in the new realm’ , ‘floaty wonderfulness’ and I think I wonder if I am even ascending – I’m still unable to sleep due to this night time activity, it’s getting to the point now where it’s taking me down, as it’s so hard to function without sleep and being a mom to a 1 year old! I’m exhausted beyond anything I’ve known and I’m feeling super miserable (today anyway! I know that will change) but I’m far from feeling these waves of joy that I read of others experiencing – my partner and I are also close to separating due to all of this, his lack of empathy and understanding and his desire to just ride the new has arrived and it’s all great wave despite what me and his daughter are actually experiencing! I hope every one else is fairing a lot better!! I know and trust this too shall pass!! Like it always does ❤️✨

    • No one “riding the new” or floating in wonderful at my house. This is a kick in the backside every step of the way. And the steps are often measured and minimal but like you, we are proceeding. You’ve got the right of it.

    • “not sure about how I’m doing, I read things like ‘effervescent light’ , ‘existing in the new realm’ , ‘floaty wonderfulness’ and I think I wonder if I am even ascending –”

      Donna & All,

      Yeah, about all that, from those who will remain unnamed and yet we all know who we’re talking about.

      June 2020 has been really difficult and I swear it’s just gone on and on and freaking on from my perspective. It’s like June has been a whole year unto itself. 🙄 Anyway, a couple weeks ago I started writing an article but because of a lot of things happening this month — idiots everywhere daily/nightly lighting firecrackers (small ones and huge ones that sound like bombs going off, some directly over my and my neighbors roofs), feeling extra pains from Phase 2 embodying, and I needed help from a computer person to help me take out old PC and install new PC with both of us in face masks etc. — I haven’t gotten much article writing done this month. The other thing about this, and I’ve experienced it a 1000 times over the years, is that in 2-3 DAYS things, energies, experiences, side effects etc. change so quickly that we’ve moved on to the next set of incoming energies that what I started an article about 2-3 days earlier isn’t that important anymore because we’re in another NEW place, level, phase etc.

      In this June article I’ve been trying to get written for two weeks now, I unloaded rather heavily (again this year because it’s Phase 2 fer gawd sakes!!! but I may edit much of it out now) on those fluffy blissy effervescent ascension teachers/writers that do not and never have had the many other burdens (financial and otherwise) that most of us have had — preexisting health/body conditions, children of all ages, husband/wife/mate, elder parent(s) we’ve had to take care of in every way, a typical job, house, property and vehicle(s) to maintain, years or decades of being attacked by Team Dark beings and Portal People because we’re Team Light and many other such things. Many of the people online that write about the ascension don’t and never have had ANY of those added responsibilities and difficulties to deal with in their personal lives. Others of us have had all of them and much more. There are lots of reasons for this which I won’t go into here. Know however that some of those reasons are because you can energetically, spiritually, psychically, physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically handle far, far more than other people/teachers/writers/lectures etc. Oftentimes in situations like this, what at first looks and sounds like something else is really you just being able to juggle more stuff in the physical while simultaneously ascension Working at multiple other levels energetically.

      I can take a lot Donna but lack of enough sleep EVERY DAY AND NIGHT is absolutely mandatory for me personally. My body and everything else cannot cope with all these things and NEW energies and the unaware idiots launching firework bombs over my/our houses every night without plenty of sleep time under my ascension tool-belt! I’ll get sick almost immediately if I don’t get enough sleep every night and a nap during the daytime too (unless the energies are those that wire you up so you can’t nap, sleep or even rest!). Our bodies and CNS and all else are going through way too much constantly now to NOT get enough sleep every night and day. For years now we’ve been on a 5-6 hour sleep pattern. We HAVE to sleep every 5-6 hours with short naps when needed during the daytime. The old 8-10 hours a night sleep pattern ended years ago for we First Everythingers so you HAVE to rearrange your daily/nightly situation with your 1-year-old so that you can nap during the daytime when needed. Please Donna, figure this one out for yourself and your bodies sake because these NEW Phase 2 energies (plus the old world collapse intensity not to mention the freaking pandemic) won’t ever slow down or ease off. We all HAVE to adjust our lives to match these energies so we can handle everything that’s going on in our bodies, hearts, consciousness, lives and external reality. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thanks to Donna for the comment that inspired this response and thank you Denise for the informative and much needed reply. I had a question that seemed too complex to put here and was going to email, but my answer is here! I love it when that happens. 🙂 I’m curious about sleep deprivation…when my most beloved dog was departing in 2015 there were some nights I got literally 90mins of sleep. I couldn’t imagine how I could go on and it gave me even more respect for all the parents of the world who spend more time like that than I have. Prior to this happening, I was used to catching an afternoon snooze which usually included some lucid dreaming/download etc, but I have not been able to nap for more than a few minutes at a time since he departed. And that rarely happens. I am spending a lot more time just sitting very still…kind of meditating, but not as I’ve been taught that works. Could this be a nap equivalent?

        • “I am spending a lot more time just sitting very still…kind of meditating, but not as I’ve been taught that works. Could this be a nap equivalent?”

          It’s a great help Ruth and we all should spend some time each day doing nothing but sitting quietly, intentionally opening ourselves to embody more. It’s just a really good practice training ourselves to be open and receptive to higher energies and consciousness etc. Eventually that state will be our constant NEW normal no matter what we’re doing or not doing or where we are and so on. As good and positive as all that is, there’s times when the incoming energies are so potent that we need to take a nap during the day to not only embody them more easily and quickly but give ourselves a little break from it all at the same time. And yes, even just falling asleep for a few minutes is very helpful. ❤

      • Thank you for your reply Denise 🙏🏽 It actually made me have a little cry, that and the extreme tiredness! It totally resonates ❤️✨ I was also just thinking how slow these last weeks have gone, compared to just a few weeks before when time felt so fast! And yes June has been so intense!! I know I have to work this out so my sleep, health and happiness is priority, the lack of sleep is just not possible to deal with and I know there are some changes I need to just make! 🙏🏽 Thank you again Denise ❤️ I hope your night time disturbances are at an end! To peaceful sleep for us all ✨💗

      • Good reply, Denise… at least some of the inner and outer chaos makes more sense now … emotional upheavals, physical challenges, and that freaking pandemic … so tired. And hardly any blissful fuzzy moments. Plus my sleep patterns are all messed up, too, much as I try to get enough..

        However, I see your background pattern changed so maybe you will have a new article soon, more wisdom for our exhausted spirits. Onward …

      • Hang in there Donna! I’ve been there (2 yrs of every night very interrupted sleep because youngest was crying lots at night). It’s a phase, it WILL pass. Take good care of yourself and ask people to help with whatever, so you can take a break and do something that nourishes you.

        Yes too to sleep issues now, body aches, energy hangovers and too much to handle in the practical external (bathroom leakage from nov-may, hardly any income for months, in the middle of having to sell our house and trying to move to a way smaller house with the 4 of us, banks very hesitant to give us a new mortgage, even after 17 succesful yrs, etc and this is only on the money department, could go on about relationships of all kind etc).

        The interesting thing is, that while we, for the first time in my life, risk becoming homeless and ending up with a huge debt, we both feel strong and trusting on the inside (with an occasional dip of course).

        I used to be someone who’s quite eager to control everything, but the money things are mostly out of my hands; I do what I can and find trust within somehow and my husband feels the same (luckily).

        People all around us are harder to handle as many project their fears unto us. ‘What if..’ ‘Well, we’ll deal with it when it’s happening, so far all is well in the now.’ Hope we can maintain that .

        BTW I did have something that felt like panic attacks (never ever had those in my life) the end of last year, with no real cause except for a complaining unreasonable neighbour. Since then I somehow found my middle ground/balanced state/trust back and since then it’s easier to get back on track after I’ve let myself been thrown of again.
        I can so see how so much is story and stay with the facts and my intuition.

        I do appreciate Denise and all people who read and comment. It feels vulnerable to share, I’d rather feel and share the Hosanna feelings, but it is what it is. Love to all.

        • Thank you, Denise for your reply! I will make more of an effort to nap instead of trying to “do something” through it. I’m glad to know stillness is a good direction. And thank you, Katja!! I needed to hear what you shared so much right now. The money/future/lack of control subject has been up for me recently and your comments are exactly perfect for me. xo everyone!

  • Hello everyone 🙏🏼✨🤗
    Welcome back Denise😊

    I feel…I don’t know actually 🧐
    Anxious, sad, pressure in breast, staying home a lot as I can’t really confront people Outside.
    But I try to relax and be gentle with me.
    Sending all my love and light ✨🤗

  • Hello Denise and all,
    Something unusual happened to me this week and I wonder if anyone of you had a similar experience and what ciukd this mean.
    I was very spacy between June 19th to June 23rd. I am on holiday trying to enjoy the mountains as my contry is threaten by mass media with a second wave of lockdown. On June 21st I saw in my minds eyes a hand in ghypsum just out of the blue. On June 23rd as I was by a mountain river I gave the intention to clear my energy fields…and I’ve fell in the water broking my hand and hitting my head by the rocks. On June 25th I went to the hospital just to check my hand as I could not move it and I left with my hand in ghypsum after a painful procedure and x-rays. I still choose to enjoy my holiday and the beaty of nature but I keep wandering if this was work of dark team.
    I would appreciate your point of view.
    Much Love and Light to all of you!

    • No Lacra it was NOT Team Dark or anything negative. It’s what’s commonly known as a clairvoyant vision (psychic vision) of something that was probably going to happen. In this case it was about you and not someone else and it was in the very near future, only by a couple of days. The really important thing with this is that you do not forget what you saw, how it made you feel, how fast the vision was, did you believe it or ignore it and so on. The more consciously aware you can become with having these types of precognitive visions the sooner you’ll pay attention to them and give them the credit they deserve.

      Typically when we have some type of “accident” like this, it’s because we need to slow down and be much less physically active for a while. When we refuse to slow down physically when something else is needing to happen in us like change!, some type of “accident” will often happen which FORCES us to slow down physically and get much more introspective. I hope you’re not in a lot of pain with your broken hand and I hope you USE this time to change whatever it is in your or your habits and life so another larger “accident” isn’t needed in the near future. Be wise as this was a very big lesson and gift for you at this time. ❤

  • Thank you Denise and from others that have commented about how they feel physically and energetically .
    I am so grateful to know that I wasn’t having a senior moment. Or loosing it. 🙂
    I have all those feeling from the new energies coming in as Denise and others have mentioned.
    Two questions.
    Has anyone felt dizzy or lightheaded.

    For the past 3 weeks or so I get the feeling under my left Lower arm of energy going up and down. Like little things moving under the skin.
    Just wondering if anyone has experienced this as will. Thank u all for listening.

    • “Has anyone felt dizzy or lightheaded.”

      It’s common to feel moments, or longer periods, of vertigo Cindy. I used to suddenly feel like the floor and I were falling downward. Also suddenly tipping to the side and other such things. This has to do with the constant NEW Light energies, NEW codes etc. that we’re embodying. It also has to do with the Earth going through the AP too. The old energetic magnetic grids and grid patters have been in a steady state of flux for decades because all the NEW higher frequency, higher and more complex crystalline grids and patterns etc. have been overriding all old lower ones. Magnetic changes of any degree are often felt by us as sudden emotional periods, crying for no reason, feeling like what held reality and dimensions in place isn’t there anymore, which is EXACTLY what’s happened.

      The sensation of things, energies etc. moving under the skin also has to do with your continuing to embody more NEW Light energies, more NEW codes and so on. Our entire CNS — Central Nervous System — our own human “grid system” has been and will continue to be radically evolved. In years past I wrote about this at TRANSITIONS and called it the Rewiring Process because that too, just like the Earth and the Earth grid system(s) have all been continuously evolving in massive ways to be able to embody and carry crystalline Light and NEW codes etc. You are feeling some of these energetic evolutionary changes in your body and in your consciousness, your HighHeart and on and on. ❤

      • Denise, there are not enough words of gratitude 🙏 that I have for you. Thank u from my heart ❤️ to yours. Your explanation completely summed up everything. I resonate with every word you shared. I’m smiling as I type these words to you, Cindy 👂👂👌🏼☮️🌍

  • Linda P. — I also have that same pain from time to time as well the left shoulder and arm. Ice packs help significantly.

    • Thank you Gerry that is exactly what I did and it helped, still have it today but not as acute.

  • One thing that has happened to me in the last few days is that I gained an absolute knowing that my current reality is temporary. It is a very freeing feeling,

  • Computer change-out completed, now having to learn a new system and things not working like they did with my old PC. But back online and soon back to work writing.

    How has everyone been feeling since June 20 Solstice and same day eclipse? Extra miserable? Extra pains and/or body feeling like it’s been in a car wreck or beat up? I’ve been feeling extra terrible (again this year) since Monday June 22, 2020. The Sun flickering and Embodiment energy connection has increased again recently which is some of why many are feeling pretty energy sick lately. More to say about all this but wanted to let everyone know I’m back online again. ❤

    • First of all Denise would like to wish you good luck with your new computer system, not easy having to learn something new with everything else you are experiencing. Before the Solstice/Eclipse my anxiety level was so bad I didn’t think I could cope any more, but since Monday 22nd June I am strangely calm and accepting of the madness that surrounds me. Today however Thursday 25 the June I have a sharp pain in my back between my shoulder blades as if someone has put a key in my spine and tightened it as far as it can go. Wondered if anyone else has same thing? Still feel calm and hope it lasts but hope pain goes soon. Love to you all here and thank you Denise for all you give us XXX.

      • “Today however Thursday 25 the June I have a sharp pain in my back between my shoulder blades as if someone has put a key in my spine and tightened it as far as it can go. Wondered if anyone else has same thing?”

        Thank Linda P., KathyF, it’s good to be back in the HHL writing saddle again. ❤ ❤

        YES Linda P., I've experienced this between the shoulders spine/vertebra/muscles pains off and on over the years but it's been worse for me since February 2020.

        Every time we embody and/or Embody some more NEW Light, codes, energies etc. they typically go into the HighHeart area — the entire upper and center area of the chest, Thymus gland — and this typically causes pains, pressures, thumps and bumps in the HighHeart in the center of your chest, not the lower physical heart, stiffness, tightness, soreness, bruised and achy feeling etc. This can radiate out into one or both shoulders sometimes causing them to hurt, be sore and stiff and so on. It also can cause heartburn, acid re-flux, periods of esophageal spasms between the shoulder blades at the HighHeart level, sensations of slight physical movements, rolls, thumps, rapid thudding, pounding heartbeats for a few minutes to many hours. It's ALL caused by the HighHeart expanding more as it embodies more NEW Light energies and codes etc. It is typically extra exhausting physically and makes my muscles weak and my whole body very exhausted for a few days after each big embodiment "download". This is when you absolutely HAVE to rest, sleep/nap, and do a lot of self-care after these evolutionary HighHeart energy sessions.

        I find that napping helps me "reboot" more quickly and easily after every HighHeart expansion happens. Also stretching my body and spine is for me a daily must to keep these NEW Light energies from pooling inside my physical body. If I stretch and bend and roll around on the floor every day etc. it helps my physical body to adjust to these embodiment sessions better, otherwise I can barely walk or stand up straight sometimes! So keep stretching and move your body to help these nonphysical Light energies rearrange our inner furniture more quickly and painlessly. 😉 ❤

        • Thank you Denise, I can relate to all of those symptoms and rest is the best thing for it. This was a new pain for me so thanks again for explanation.Love to all here. XXX

    • Yay … welcome back Denise. How brave of you to do a computer job that big during a mercury retrograde.. I am feeling emotionally and physically exhausted but a bit more hopeful these days…. onward and upward ❤

    • Welcome back Denise, it’s a wonder you can function at all, let alone learn a new computer system. But we’re rooting for you!

      @Linda P- yes, that specific location of pain! Comes and goes but is sooo bad when it comes! Denise replied back to me with an explanation that it’s our HighHeart expanding and along comes the bruising feeling all around the heart, including the back. So hope that helps.

      @Gerry- I absolutely agree with everything you’ve said, ditto.

      • Thanks Jain Lee. ❤ I got momentarily depressed yesterday because I couldn't get certain things to look and work the way I want them to but I was pushing and exhausted and needed to sleep. Sleep = magic! 😆 I'm slowly getting there however and adapting to this new operating system and all the changes online it causes. The last time I had to buy a new PC was in November 2011 (11-11) so I'm not surprised that Phase 2 required a new PC. 😉

      • Thank you Jain Lee, it,s a comfort to hear that by sharing our symptoms it helps us cope and that they are just symptoms and not serious problems if you get what I mean. X

  • Thank you Denise 🙏🏼
    I know the old disappear.
    I was just thinking That another year like this … no please …

  • Today, Sunday!! Ouch!!! It’s so hard to wake up, vomit and then be fried all day long continuously! Can’t imagine what you and others are feeling. And I’m so grateful it didn’t happen Saturday, which was my birthday! Hand-delivered codes…. You weren’t kidding! I think it was three days ago in the morning, shown big super beautiful geometric shape, I think it was bluish-purplish, I don’t know, can’t describe color exactly for some reason… I was shown it close up right in my face. So there was no mistaking it. It’s been exhausting, past week or two, impossible to eat past week for much of each day, loads of stuff at night. Body zapped and tired from the surgery every morning! So glad you reminded people to rest. One morning again, I could hear more commotion, very quick argument between two beings about what to give or do to me! It’s incredible. Man, it makes every sci-fi movie seem behind the game! I am so grateful… these beings assisting, revamping, elevating, don’t think any of those words fit!!! As of birthday, June 20, even June 19, I am free of all that help me back, internally etc. conscious and unconscious. I’ve truly cut a ribbon ~ and started the new life! Former will to fail is now been converted to success. I was held back by it on every level, kept me in a state so I would do this work. And boil boy have I been waiting to be free of it didn’t know that was gonna happen or if it could! I knew it was coming though or had to because of work that I step into the world to do now. Past six months, last 18 months, have been training ground for me energetically to get up and go, utilizing will power, building on small successes… to shift out of fear conditioning. Friday, a T-shirt that said SUCCESS in huge writing was in my face all during lunch… 🙂 But the amazing thing is just WAKING UP to a new state of MIND!!! Heart and soul too! I am almost bouncing out of bed even with fatigue, my life is like Cinderella heading to the ball, no exaggeration! I can’t believe it, I cannot believe my eyes and my new mind!!! praise God! Past two mornings, my life is magical and colorful with no impediments!!! I mean, WOW!!!!! It’s like being a whole different person completely. Anyway you know all this, I just wanted to share and express it fully for everyone! Hope your Sunday wasn’t too painful! 💕🌼🌞

  • Question: 🤗

    « The rest of 2020 and 2021 will be this chaotic and volatile time of the old negative Earth world no longer being able to co-exist with the ascending NEW Earth and all of us on it who are a frequency match with it. «

    If it’s gonna be more chaotic, How are we gonna co exist with the old earth ? We are dealing since so many years Already now ..
    We live in planet earth all together. So , do we have to live in an island far away for the rest of ascension ? Because its enough now …
    I’m exausted to deal and live with old believes .. law .. and you say it’s gonna be more this year and next year … 😳
    We are powerful but common ..
    it’s insane

    Thank you Denise ❤️❤️❤️

    • “If it’s gonna be more chaotic, How are we gonna co exist with the old earth ?”


      You need to never for a second forget that the fact that the world is going crazy now at an accelerated rate is due to the AP and the Embodiers living the EP in Phase 2. What’s happening and will continue to happen is that the old Earth world and all that went with it is dying and disappearing simultaneously to the NEW Earth and NEW Humans replacing it. This is the ultimate changeover, transition, shift, evolution from an old lower level, frequency, consciousness and state of being and reality to an entirely NEW higher one. This too is a process, just like the Ascension Process and the Embodiment Process have been. The old HAS to be removed and this is how that’s happening and believe it or not, it’s happening really fast now in Phase 2.

      • Thanks Denise for responding to Marie’s concerns (I hear you Marie and feel your exhaustion). Of course you always make sense, Denise, but that doesn’t make life any easier. This morning I felt so much hopelessness and doubt about ascension… so of course I came here to find my way again, even if only for a little while. Thank you Denise for being here. ❤

        • KathyF, Marie & All,

          This seems like the place and time to share a personal story that’s directly related to this. Here we go… 🙂

          For the last four or five years of the 1970s I had some ongoing dreams that were very intense and unpleasant. There was a whole series of them back then that were, in their ways, trying to remind me and prepare me for WHERE WE ARE TODAY in the AP Separation of Worlds shift. There were of course different things and tests, rapid refresher-course lucid dream Initiations in them to help prepare me for some of the stuff I’d be dealing with once I started the physical AP in 1999. I didn’t know this back in the 1970s however, only that I was being shown something very important and personally valuable in my future.

          The first dream in this 1970s series had me on some tiny dirt path — this symbolism represented the physical level, on Earth Ascension Process — following silently behind a older man and his wife who were actual living people, spiritual friends of mine at that time. He died long before the AP started but having he and his wife in this dream told me that the path I was on was a spiritual one, but the three of us HAD to move along this tiny spiritual dirt path in silence because there were violent crazy people all around that would kill us if they heard or saw us.

          While the three of us where making our ways along this tiny dirt path in super stealth mode, I suddenly heard and saw a small child hiding in a tiny dirt hole in the ground OFF THE SIDE OF THE PATH. Gotta love all the in-your-face symbolism! I stopped and looked at this child crying for help in its hiding hole in the ground, glanced up at the man and his wife ahead of me but decided I would help this child. The moment I got close enough to grab the child it turned into the demon it actually was and it quickly did its best to pull me down into its hole. I took the bait not knowing it was bait and I nearly got myself killed. Turned out there were more than violent crazy people out there trying to kill us off! There were demons too disguised as young helpless children. I fought my way out of its claws and got myself back on the tiny dirt PATH where this dream ended.

          Another dream in this series focused more on the condition of the world. It was apocalyptic, it was the first original “Mad Max” movie-like in that the old normal Earth world was gone because something had destroyed it completely and all that was left of it was this wasteland of crazy killer people, demons and other such unpleasantness. In this dream I discovered how to survive all that and continue in silence and as unseen as I could upon the tiny dirt path now all by myself.

          In another dream of this series there was more tech stuff showing up which I thought was strange considering the whole world had been destroyed, so, who or what had provided the high-tech stuff? (All of these dreams were years before any of the many famous movies about this sort of stuff were made.) And on these dreams went. Old world destroyed, humanity mostly killed off, survivors trying to kill other survivors to get supplies, food or whatever, and all the while the destroyed world is going increasingly high-tech and AI and Trans-humanist. End of this series of last 1970s dreams. The first original Mad Max movie was released in 1979.

          It’s easy to say that my dreams were nothing more than me picking up the creation of the Mad Max movie but I know they weren’t about it but about very strong probable future world reality caused by the Ascension Process. In those last five years of the 1970s the destruction of global civilization as it had been was evidently a strong probable reality. Different ETs were trying to get this same point across to different people during the 1970s too in dreams, lucid contact and so on. All of it was to let the Volunteers clearly remember that we were on a VERY tight timeline in these current ascension lives and that we were here to energetically OVERRIDE and OVERWRITE any and all other negative probably realities, timelines, hijacked Earth worlds and their timelines and so on. And we’ve done that but it took some kinda serious Work on multiple levels and dimensions and all the while being under attack by everything and everyone that didn’t want us to succeed.

          This brings us to where we are today in Phase 2, 2020 of the AP and Separation of Worlds. At one level it looks, feels and acts like all hell has broken loose, a pandemic is killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of humans, global governments are falling, are being taken over by dictators, the global financial systems are about to crash n’ burn and all the rest of it. That’s what it currently looks and feels like to those who cannot see or feel, yet, what’s actually happening is the fall of what has been because the Volunteers & Co. were successful in their Mission Work and have OVERRODE, OVERWRITTEN all low negative timelines and attempted takeovers etc. Our world and lives today are the transition between what has been (global Team Dark and human patriarchal rule) and what is replacing it all. It’s looks like this but actually is that!!!. Trust, keep your asses up in your HighHeart, do NOT slow down to help some crying child in a dirt hole that’s not a child at all! STAY ON THE PATH because we’re going somewhere excellent with all this. 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Thanks
          Kathy F, Denise and all 🤗❤️

          We are on the road,
          I have no doubt on it 🙏🏼

          I think we have to accept the discomfort the difficult moments the heaviness and the time it will take during this ascension.

          It’s just this word « Accept « , accepting this word since we are born already,with all this darkness, shadows, injustice…

          Of course I’m exausted.

          But it’s our path
          Let’s keep going,
          As always ❤️🙏🏼



        • “…keep your asses up in your HighHeart” I want a T shirt that says THAT! I need to hear it.

          It’s almost 4 AM. Forget sleep. Forget food, it seems. Energy in AP/EP 2 … Ouuchh. Sunday night, turned my lights out, looked down and honestly waited for my body to glow in the dark. It SHOULD have. I feel my eyes are about to pop out of their sockets, SO MUCH LIGHT!!!! I thought there would be a pause just after June 20…for a minute! A few days off! But, nooo, it’s like it is ALL scheduled on the highest calendar ever, high and mighty minute/second/hour activity and we’re on the magic carpet ride, no getting off. Lol I wouldn’t. Every second, minute, hour is being used. I knew we were on a mission before, but boy, I’m really FEELING the Universe’s, Heaven’s mission now! I feel their intensity, now. Their go, go, and go and no slow! Fast, no other speed. I feel they are working harder, more intensely, making the most of all and the stage we are in. We MUST get as much light here in the mix now, as possible. I don’t know/understand why, too fried to critically think now, I’m sure you could say volumes, but doesn’t matter so much, as I am just on THEIR side now. Whatever is needed, whatever it takes, for the sake of all and everything. I like the pot image pouring out at the top that you used. It feels like a POURING every day, each time and I’m LIT! My body feels like it is almost exploding tonight and one other day this week. It hurts to the hilt. Just soaked in bath at 2:45 AM to get through it… Need to share, it’s a little hard right now. thanks for listening, love to you and all.

        • Marcy & All,

          The June 2020 Solstice and same day eclipse energy Wave has been and continues to be REALLY potent, but as all things in Phase 2, different from how they’ve been prior. Yesterday, Monday June 22, 2020 I had about 5 hours of wondering if I was in the process of changing from Denise into NEW Denise or god knows what!? Pain in strange new ways, couldn’t nap, forget eating, forget even moving physically and so on. Very intense energy Wave and huge energy stair-step this one! More’s coming so lots of self-care everyone, no fear and ignore the people screaming about things and stay in your HighHeart because it’s the safe space eye of the Earth storm shift!

          Anyway, I will be off-line for the rest of today and tomorrow because of computer changes happening today. As soon as I’ve gotten everything downloaded that needs to be in the new computer I’ll be back. ❤

      • Stating this so succinctly has given me the clarity I so desperately needed. Such purpose given to the physical and emotional pain I live every day 😦 Thank you, Denise!

        p.s. I’m unsure how to put text I’m specifically referring to in the box in my comment like everyone else does. I tried to highlight it and hit the reply button. We shall see if it works out, lol

  • Hello, Denise and all Here,

    As I’ve said before, I only read Denise and do Zoom yogic sessions with an amazing guru. We just had a session where he taught us to connect with the Cosmic Hum, the sun, the moon, the earth, and ourselves in totality and it was amazing. I’m typing very slowly and am a little teary after that experience. I also feel most powerful, that I can face anything. I have an abusive person living where I live and her attacks have not affected me very much at all. I feel that we are moving apart and that she will be leaving here very soon (physically dying or moving out). I feel like it’s my personal experience of the separation of timelines and worlds. Also, a young man moved in who is clearly at a similar wavelength to me and she is attacking him already. Yesterday, I was smiling and happy and today I feel like I can say to her, Begone, and it will happen, like Poof!

    • “Yesterday, I was smiling and happy and today I feel like I can say to her, Begone, and it will happen, like Poof!”

      It does feel so wonderful to finally have enough LIGHT here for we Volunteers to say ‘Begone’ to them, to that entire reality and world and all that went with it and have it quickly manifest now. We’ve Worked so long and hard to finally reach this shift and we’re so needed to do continual Begone-ing with that entire world and its population. Conscious Creators to the forefront now please as your higher abilities are needed to help create our NEW Earth. Thanks for sharing Cat. ❤

  • “…because we’re how “Heaven” is able to be anchored into/on NEW “Earth” for humanity to move into when it’s time for them to do.” (From your response to Jain L, Marjorie & All)

    Denise, again how beautifully and apt the way you put into words what often defies description, and an experience like that which I had this morning (around 8:30am, Sunday, 21June, Phil time) affirms truth of what you say. It was like I within was the dense dissolving old, and also “Heaven” as it more firmly anchors: like old “rises” as heaven “comes” down, simultaneously, and both become “lost” in each other.. I stood “there,” (actually by my front door) while I Beheld/Saw (within) an image that I could only describe as that of a torus of countless sparkling, diamond-like fine strands, huge and expanding, growing bigger and higher. I was an observer as I also felt the strands course through my/ONE/ALL’s form/s like some central point. The frequency rise was crazy, off the charts. It took minutes after the experience before I could ‘touch down.”

    I continue to be in awe while I write this, and so humbled too. I recognize how puny the conscious aware mind is to truly fathom workings of the divine, the universal mind, God, Great Spirit, etc.

    (and I feel also rather disoriented. I checked the time and see it is now 10:41 pm evening of sunday…Did I just lose some 12 hours? Did I shift timelines? I was certain it was early sunday morning when I had the experience and I started to write this. !?! )

    Thank you for being there and for everything else that you do, Denise. Love to you and All who are here. Ever upward and onward we each/all go.

  • Dear Denise and all,
    Highheart greetings and Light to you Denise for your diligence, compassion and just plain grit on this Solstice, eclipse, five planet retrograde, with six starting Monday day! Thanks for leading us from the mirery pit into the promised new era; beautiful and Light times for all Light Workers.
    Much Thanks and well done!
    Love and Light to you and everyone,

  • Thanks Denise, as always, for all your wisdom shared, which in so many ways helps and assists us, but I think in many cases gives us Light to know what we experience and feel are not crazy, but Real. Great kuddos to you for that, when so many ‘ascension teachers’ shy away from the truth. Gawd forbid a person is honest and say how they feel and what they are experiencing, in a low energy, dark mood, etc. because you ‘will lower your vibrations’ and not ‘hold the highest trajectory or outcome’. In my experience and observation of 2020 so far, I totally agree with you – these moments are when that is being untied and released in us as well, so that we can Embody more. Part of what we feel and experience is also external, definitely yes. But for me I have found, especially since the last week leading up to the Solstice, that the sooner I honor and accept the dark corners in my being that are being highlighted and asking for closure and release, the sooner and easier it goes. I will never forget the wise words you spoke last year – ‘the way out of the muck is to master the muck’ – and that includes the dark corners in our beings, to honor them, forgive and let go, and then Embody more. So, thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🏼. I felt that exact same dark mood/cloud, that KathyF describes, this morning I woke up. Also followed by a dark night of terrible dreams. And no matter what, couldn’t completely shake it. Upon closer investigation, I could sense a deep grief and sadness, which is possibly linked to to the final clearing of more of that Old, Dark and Stuck Energies. Many in the collective are grieving this (even though I respect their views and grief, I am going WTF on the inside 🤷🏼‍♀️). Don’t know your thoughts on that?
    I have I question, and I hope you can help me get this. I work for a company that is EXTREMELY target and profit orientated. It is a classical example of an abusive, exploitative, profit-only company. It’s MD and owner (ironically a woman) has built a corporate culture with her management team (also only women) of shame, blame, guilt, public humiliation of employees, abusive language etc. Everyone in the company work on incentives and commission, not salaries. When you meet her extremely unreasonable and unrealistic targets and expectations, she pays you a ridiculous commission, but if you only meet it at say 85% you get paid peanuts. This is such a clear example of the old world, with dark and stuck energy. Yet, she and her ‘minions’ (which is less of 20% of the company, the other 80% she uses to generate income, but pay them peanuts) are thriving now. In lockdown in South Africa, she is making profits (we are selling insurance). Due to all the energetic changes of 2020, I have been not at a 100% game, because I have prioritized my Embodiment, never the less still working 12 hours every day. So, WTF is going on here? What am I missing? I am very grateful to be able to work and earn a living, but in these times of splitting of the Worlds and the Timelines, what this woman and her company does to people is not congruent with the new Earth. Please, if you can, please help me understand. Ps. Sorry for this lengthy post, I am exhausted from this day’ energies, so I’ll blame it on Mercury retrograde and the Solstice 😉😊🤷🏼‍♀️

    • “I have I question, and I hope you can help me get this. I work for a company that is EXTREMELY target and profit orientated. It is a classical example of an abusive, exploitative, profit-only company…”


      Yes, there’s not much worse than females being negative parasitic patriarchal. Repulsive on top of more repulsive.

      I don’t know the work situation where you live but based on what you shared it sounds like you’re sort of stuck at this job with this parasitic patriarchal female boss and her crew. If, IF you can find employment anywhere else I strongly suggest you quit and change jobs to get yourself free of her, them, and all that lowly negativity and parasitism. It’s not healthy on any level. Like I needed to tell you that! 😉

      “I am very grateful to be able to work and earn a living, but in these times of splitting of the Worlds and the Timelines, what this woman and her company does to people is not congruent with the new Earth. Please, if you can, please help me understand.”

      Insurance is not ‘congruent with the new Earth’ either. Insurance is parasitic as is EVERYTHING of the old world and consciousness that went with it. The hard part about this situation is that you’re wanting, needing and striving to exist within the ascended NEW Earth because you are a frequency match with it while your boss and all other people around the planet exactly like her want to continue existing within the only thing, frequency, consciousness and external reality they know and are a frequency match with which is old Earth that’s negative, entirely parasitic, patriarchal and utterly corrupt through and through.

      This is the great pain and suffering of the unfolding of the Separation of Worlds process. There are those of us who are and have increased our energy frequency — our “Light quotient” — enough to feel and be fully conscious of the density, negativity, parasitism and all else of the old lower Earth world and those humans that are still completely a match with it. It feels like it’s crushing us in all ways and all we want is for it to stop and go away and never hurt anyone ever again. That’s happening and has been for years now, just not fast enough for our liking. Now that the NEW codes for humanity are in play on Earth — the 2018 crystalline Triality or Trinity (triangle shaped) iridescent codes, AND the 2019 Radiant Diamond codes — the Separation of Worlds is happening incredibly fast now even though it may not seem like that in the outer world. The rest of 2020 and 2021 will be this chaotic and volatile time of the old negative Earth world no longer being able to co-exist with the ascending NEW Earth and all of us on it who are a frequency match with it. All other people such as your boss and her crew of parasites won’t be able to do what they are in our ascending world and vice versa. Because you know what’s going on (the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds) it’s up to you to move, to leave and find some place that’s much less negative than where you’re employed now. I’ve had this same problem, as all of us have for nearly 22 years now, with where I live and the neighbors all around me. They are of the old Earth and they have those energies, frequencies and consciousness in them and I do not so we all make each other miserable or at best uncomfortable. This misery of being trapped with lower frequency and consciousness humans while you’re Working your heart and soul out to evolve everything out of that lowly septic tank world is unbearable at this point.

      But, having said all that I want you to know that because the whole planet is now in Phase 2 with NEW Trinity and Diamond codes functioning, and the Embodiers in their final phase of individual Embodiment, that all that is now causing the Separation of Worlds to happen rapidly. This is why the chaos and pandemic and collapse and all of it is happening globally. The Light has returned and taken everything back and is deleting all the lower negativity. Your boss and her little world is ending and she doesn’t even know it. It only seems like she, like all of those people are “thriving” currently but I tell you it’s all about to crash and burn globally towards the end of 2020 and all of 2021. No fear just understanding what’s REALLY happening and why and that we’re right now in mega transition between what has been on Earth and what it’s ascending into. We all need to do our best during this time of transitional shifting. Increasingly the pandemic is going to force everyone everywhere to realize that they don’t need jobs and to earn money to literally LIVE daily and so on. The financial collapse that’s minutes away will also force humanity into the NEW higher ways of LIVING, being and creating etc. The current chaos, continued pandemic, financial collapse and coming revolutions around the world are and will force humanity out of the dying lower old and into the lowest level of the NEW ascending Earth so they can withstand those totally NEW energies, frequencies, HighHeart existence and consciousness etc.

      Short version is, prepare yourself and your life, your home and money etc. for this shift period of profound upheaval caused by the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds. ❤

      I hope I didn’t scare anyone with this dire sounding info — it was not my intention. It was however a big Hearts Up about what’s coming which is rapid and continuous change for the positive. 🙂

      • Thank you Denise, so much appreciated. Your words totally resonate with me – no fear, just grateful that I am not reading this wrong and I am not insane. I had a dream about this boss at the beginning of this year (and I rarely remember my dreams) that she was naked and embarrassed and ashamed in front of everyone she knew. To this day I can’t forget this dream. I am desperately trying to find alternative work, it is a challenge though. But I stay the course and stay centered in my Highheart as much as I can, which also guides me along the way. The landscape of my whole life is changing, like with everyone during this time, but I feel so lost and alone – all my friends and family are splitting from me during this Great Split, and when I look outward, it gets to me and pains me so deeply without my friends and family, but when I rest in my Highheart, I am whole and at peace and and excited for this to be over. Thank you for your support and wisdom 🙏🏼

      • Denise – your words pierce through the mire and fog of the dying old with their truth,wisdom,prescience. thank you!

      • Thank you for this info as it confirms I AM NOT GOING CRAZY!!! I, too, live in the midst of a lot of heaviness, negativity, etc. I am thankful my financial well being (my having to work in my former profession) is no longer a part of my life. I am thankful I am not in a position of being evicted from my home because I lost my job due to the pandemic or not being willing to go back to my employment due to the ignorance/arrogance etc. of employers, clients, etc. I am grateful I only have to leave my home to get food. It helps me to keep my vibration high and getting higher. My gratefulness about my existence expands and increases when I read and/or see what others are going through. Just this a.m., when I awakened, I gave thanks and asked that it become easier for me and all around me to flow with grace and ease as these energies ground into Earth. Thank you for the info you convey and the support you provide all of us, even those who do not know of you.

      • Hello Denise And everyone ❤️🤗

        “This misery of being trapped with lower frequency and consciousness humans while you’re Working your heart and soul out to evolve everything out of that lowly septic tank world is unbearable at this point.“

        This is what I thought when I was in France. Sooooo much old energies in Europe and the old history and limiting believes !! Sooo huge.
        Be surrounded by sleeping people it’s more and more hard but I think we have to be really in compassion as the new Earth( heart) is based on love.
        I guess we all have a “role”here 😊.
        I decide to move to Bali at the end of January.
        It’s a peaceful and spiritual island.
        But we still have Gouvernement “lost “ laws 😅.

        I only connect with people with same energies like mine.

        It’s like the others are behind a transparent wall.😉

        But It is something really hard to feel people locked in the old … 😣.

        I’m more exausted by the darkness of gouvernement stupid laws, “powerfull-non powerful” Leaders puppets.

        Can we put them on a washing machine now to 100 degrees,to clean them and make them back as pure as diamond 🤣.

        Awww god, we are on the way home
        Divine sacred and pure love home❤️.

        Even if the time is broken now, it’s hard to feel locked by laws. Closed borders etc… I hate the fact that they keep us in Prison!
        (I have someone in an another country😒)

        We are free Human beings🙏🏼

        I’m happy that some of humanity is waking up more now.

        Sorry for my English 😏

        Merci Denise and all of us❤️

        Peace and love
        Let’s shine more and more 🤗✨💕🙏🏼


  • Been really tough lately. I’ve just been keeping my head down and trying to roll with it. No information interests me these days. But on a whim, I just looked carefully at the info about this eclipse.

    center of eclipse
    30.5°N 79.7°E
    mt kailash
    31°4′0″N 81°18′45″E 

    Didn’t see anyone else point this out but – the point of greatest coverage is very nearly directly over Mt. Kailash, which is the home of Shiva and the most holy place of the jains buddhists, hindus and another that I forget.

    Its also the only mt of its height that has never been climbed by anyone out of respect alone.

    That line the video talks about, just to underscore, will be closest to the actual center of the earth when it crosses Mt Kailash.

    So.. If you were sitting on top of that mt. the line would pass – through the sun, through the moon, through you, through the center of the earth and onwards.

    • Mark,

      Thanks for sharing that interesting information about this June 2020 Solstice and same day Solar eclipse. The current great cosmic spiritual ascension overwrite is perfect and complete and in far more ways than we know. But, we’re incarnate during all this. 😉 Now that’s rare and very special.

      Kara shared an article with me last night about this Solstice and eclipse that’s very interesting too. This seems like an excellent place to include it with what you’ve shared.


      Thanks again Mark, and Kara, and everyone bask in the profound rarity of your life during all of these ascension related powerhouse “stargates”. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thanks Mark and Denise … look forward to reading the article Kara sent, didn’t see it in your comment. But maybe it’s me … hard morning … ouch … nobody said this would be easy. 😲

        • Hey Denise … link was there this time. Interesting article, but it did nothing to explain the dark mood cloud I (and my husband) are under today after a night of super dark, unremembered dreams. Ouch again 😣

        • Thanks KathyF. ❤

          As for the dark mood/cloud of today and those unremembered dreams, the majority of it is I strongly suspect, due to another HUGE chunk of old lower Earth and humanity dense Duality Team Dark crap being permanently deleted from all realities today. Today's June 2020 Solstice and same day Solar eclipse in connection with what came before it and what’s coming after it is SO much more powerful and potent than what we all have experienced during Phase 1 of the AP! Phase 2 is extremely different in every way. One of the biggies is that the old lower negativity and all who went with it are RAPIDLY being removed physically and energetically across all dimensions, worlds, galaxies and timelines. No joke this… it’s some serious multi-D housecleaning going on today and all of 2020 and 2021 and those who are sensitive, empathic, Seers etc. will FEEL all this more strongly than what and how you felt energetic things before.

          Remember how I said, somewhere O_o that all eclipses mean that the Lights — the Sun or the Moon — get momentarily “turned off” so that old negative stuff is instantly removed and NEW higher energetics are installed, downloaded during eclipses? It’s this momentary darkness or Light being covered up by the eclipse that makes it much more easy to feel, sense and/or See the dark stuff and aliens and entities etc. as they’re being ousted and permanently removed. In the very next moment you should also FEEL more of the incoming NEW replacement Light, codes, energies etc. Duality is disappearing so these energy and code changeouts (I fear I’m making up new Denise words here but whatever! 😉 ) are happening simultaneously and more of us are FEELING, Seeing and perceiving it in our own unique ways now. ❤

  • Wow … reading the most recent comments brought some relief to one of the worst anxiety attacks I have had in a long time (started yesterday). Maybe it’s not all me. But the fear and darkness are blocking out the light and the thought keeps coming … “I don’t want to do this any more, it’s too hard, I’m too old for this (70s).” And things are breaking down, falling apart in my physical world (again) to add to the fears. Oh well … onward … what else can I do? 😦

    • KathyF & All,

      I think A LOT of what we’re all feeling this year is actually coming from humanity in general. They — the unaware — haven’t dealt with this level of fears over daily potential life and death, reduced or nonexistent monies and income, not knowing what’s coming next, lack of foods and other normal supplies etc. Humanity has gotten hit with just about everything in 2020 and there’s more coming such as the increasing financial problems (Uranus is in Taurus after all).

      For many years now I’ve been clairvoyantly Seeing faces of Team Dark nonhuman, nonphysical aliens and all sorts of entities flash in my awareness. Much of this has had to do with them being forced out of their old spaces energetically the whole time their food/fuel supplies continue diminishing. In other words, for years now I’ve been witnessing more and more of TD being moved out, cut off, some escorted back to Source to be totally absorbed, and all of them doing everything they could to remain as they have been so there’s some of THAT fear and hatred we sensitives have been feeling too over the past few years. What’s going on is Universal and the more we Embody the more we’re consciously aware of and feel more of all this.

      I too am all done with this and have felt this way for years. The more I Embody, the more all done with this I’m becoming. Many of us have increasingly been feeling this way and 2020 it’s been amplified tremendously. The tension and pressures between what has been and is being deleted now and what we’re becoming is at times almost too much to bear. I often need to go quiet when I’m experiencing this and it’s been so amplified all year. And of course the June 2020 Solstice and same day eclipse and the NEW higher frequency energies coming in now are amplifying everything so we’re all feeling BOTH sides stretched to the breaking point now. Remember that eclipses briefly block out “the Light” so there’s that but that happens now to permanently remove, delete some more old negative stuff in those brief moments then much NEW enters almost at the same time so we’re feeling BOTH the old icky up and about and more NEW pouring in and replacing it all.

      Do your best to stay out of fears over things breaking and breaking down personally and collectively. I feel this too and some days it’s ridiculous but I also know that’s some of me being the age I am now and that I’m alone etc. This too is a test for us to learn to be the NEW Conscious Creators in these NEW higher ways. ❤

  • Denise,
    I have a stupid question that won’t get out of my head so I’m going to ask it of you, your opinion.
    I read research that Type O blood is less susceptible to Covid, and Blood Type A is more susceptible to Covid. That reminds me of “conspiracy”(?) theories that Blood Type O are from the “ancient aliens” /“gods” and Blood Type A are from “monkeys”.
    I’m thinking that Covid is a last ditch effort to get rid of “us” that the (former) powers that be see as lesser, but still a threat to them.
    Does blood type have anything to do with ascension?!
    Tell me I’m crazy so I can quit ruminating on this whole topic and it will quit showing up in my face everywhere!!!

    And thank you for the amazing solstice video!

    Lots of LoVe to you! ❤️💜💚

    • Diana,

      I’m working on an article about these types of things and fears about COVID-19 and all the beliefs — conspiracy and otherwise — about it. What I will tell you here is that the pandemic is NOT what most people believe it is nor is it what most conspiracy people believe it is. To some people it looks like it’s one thing and to other people it looks like something else and on and on this latest distraction goes.

      “Does blood type have anything to do with ascension?!”

      What does have everything to do with ascension for everyone, no matter which blood type one has, is everyone’s individual frequency level. How high, how low, how strong, how weak etc. is far more important than anything else. The higher your personal frequency, the less all these sorts of things matter. The brighter your Light, the less all these things matter. The greater your HighHeart, the less all these things matter in all ways. Focus on your HighHeart expanding to embody more NEW higher Light and your DNA doing the same and let go of those old lower consciousness traps that are pushed like crazy online. You and your blood are Divine and crystalline Diamonds and screw everything and everyone else who claims otherwise. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise – you always say just exactly what I need to hear!!!!! Love you so much 💜❤️💚

      • Thank you Denise! ❤️ Love this article and all the amazing comments and info in the comments 🙏🏼 I always love to come here read and reflect and find so much gold for the soul ✨❤️ I can relate to so much in this article and comments, the past few nights I’ve had the heavy dreams, one was this huge metal type ship thing imposed over humanity trying to take control and the next night was a dream of me trying to be forced vaccinations which I was refusing and claiming my rights and sovereignty and telling others the same! I since had a thought that this may be collapsing of these timeline potentials and maybe also something to do with the continued night attacks, I had 2 clear nights and then last night was full force! I also enjoyed what you wrote that the higher your frequency the less any of the conspiracy theories even matter – was a beautiful confirmation for me as I am no longer at all interested in using my energy to constantly discuss these things as they do not seem important, yet others around me try to, maybe not directly but it’s there, shame for not wanting to know these things, research these things and figure these things out! Good to know I can trust my intuition, and continue my own way, even if it’s on my own! Sorry this ended up quite long! Solstice and eclipse blessings Denise ❤️

  • So, sun, earth and moon align on the ecliptic plane…, sitting right on top of the solstice plane…, then that crosses the dead center made by the ecliptic plane and galactic center?

    Wow, the portal is getting ready to open.

    It’s just amazing. Thanks for sharing this Denise!

    • Jain L, Marjorie & All,

      Exciting isn’t it? And we all know that that level of cosmic and galactic alignment will automatically allow more NEW, never been able to be here before type Light and energies etc. to come in which we’ll embody and anchor in/on Earth and ourselves and bodies first.

      And there’s so, so much more like this coming all year and next. It’s suddenly become very obvious that the old everything — codes, grids, patterns, cycles, consciousness, humanity, Earth, reality etc. — are in the ongoing process of ending super long (many hundreds of years) astrological, cosmic, galactic cycles and ALL OF THEM are changing into different NEW cycles (and astrological elements) this year and next. It’s going to continue to be “messy” on Earth and in humanity throughout all these epic energy changeovers and yet humanity cannot NOT be affected and evolved by them all. But never forget that we go first — we embody and/or Embody everything first because we’re how “Heaven” is able to be anchored into/on NEW “Earth” for humanity to move into when it’s time for them to do so. ❤

  • Found this recently, is very interesting about the June 2020 Solstice and same day Solar eclipse showing that more is involved with this one.

    • Hi Denise,

      Wow!! Thanks so much for sharing this video! It looks like everything is about to move forward at warp speed after this weekend…..

    • Dear Denise,

      A group of blind students were not allowed to take a college astronomy class, because they couldn’t see. They came to me and asked if I could do something to help. I became livid and had a fight with the president of the college because an individual does not require physical vision to understand the concept(s) of astronomy. I went on to explain that to deny a blind person an education in astronomy was illegal. In the end I tutored the students, and the astronomy professor tested them. Naturally every single one of them aced the test, received an ‘A’ on the final, and the college had to stop discriminating against blind students. This video you posted explaining ‘the most important astrological event in human history’ which will soon be upon us took me right back to the excitement and the quest for profound knowledge of the students. Thank you for making me aware that I’d better batten down the hatches and hang on tight for the next several days, as if I haven’t already been living that way for the last six months.

      To check in with you and everyone here, I have been forced to drop dead into deep sleep in the day time, every single day, and my body is so beat up with pain I feel like I have been in a Rolfing session. There has been no rhythm or harmony lately, everything / everyone irritates me, the only physical comfort I can find is by doing strenuous physical activity, and there is no meaning for me. I am at zero. My head has expanded because now my sunglasses are too tight. The bleeding through of other realities into the one I am in continues. I have tried to read what so – called ‘influencers’ have posted online and I can barely get through several sentences. I had a fight on the phone with the medical billing department from last November, sending me a bill NOW for old medical charges. Naturally I thought of you.

      Sending you a sun shine ray, and love, as always, Cali

      • You’ve been in my awareness lately Cali F. and I’ve wondered how you were doing. Almost everything you said in your last paragraph I completely relate to. And I figured that if the hospital crap was happening with me (my dead mom’s) then I was certain you’d be going through something similar with your hospital nightmare from last year too.

        This ascension rubber band can’t be stretched any further than it now is and we all can feel in our battered bodies and attitudes that we’re so done with everything vibrating lower than were we are now. This is so intense and yet it feels like our living and feeling it all so acutely as we all are is part of it all being ended and removed. In previous ascension years in Phase 1, much of the Volunteers abilities to transmute negativity and density was focused externally but in 2020 it feels like it’s all taking place inside me and my body, you and your body etc. From my perspective this year there is no difference, no separation between my ongoing Embodiment and the collapse of everything of the old lower patriarchal world. The two things feel like one and they’re both being played out internally within me/us and my/our physical bodies this year. No wonder we’re all feeling so DONE with… everything.

        Nap every day for as long as you and your CNS and body needs. Nothing else matters now but what’s happening in and through us and our bodies. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Thank you, Denise, for acknowledging me, and I want to write again (and again, and again, and again, like a broken record, constantly skipping – in this case, in the good part!) how you have been, and are, a touchstone; I could not have survived to this point without you, and if you have been holding my, and our, collective hands, thank you, and thank you, and thank you, once more. Shedding tears, of relief, and of gratitude, to you and for you. If my hair follicles were capable of weeping they’d cry, too. Love, as always, Cali F

      • Cali, bravo to you for taking on the blind students. What a wonderful story. And I can totally relate to what you are going through physically (thank you Denise for your reassuring response, again). You all give me so much hope here. Thank you for being you/us. ❣❤❤

  • pressure at the top of the head this morning, pressure behind my eyes as well, feeling lost of movement in my head too, exhausted by all these transformations, feeling of no longer seeing the end 😦
    Disconnected with 3D
    Feeling lost ..
    seeing other doing their life normally .. feeling lost
    Thank you 🤤😞❤️

    • Marie,

      I know what you’re feeling and why but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is that you know why you’re feeling these things and almost in mourning over other people ‘doing their life normally’ as you put it and you aren’t and cannot.

      I can tell you this — there is nothing and no one anywhere on Earth now (or elsewhere for that matter) who is doing their lives normally anymore! It may look like it but it is NOT because that is gone now. All of humanity is currently in profound transition, profound endings of the old “normal” everything and this will continue all of 2020 and all of 2021. Phase 2 of the Ascension Process (which started January 2020) has not been easy for anyone on Earth so far and it’s just gotten rolling. We all need to live through this, walk through this, embody through this because it is the shift. It’s just happening differently than most expected.

      As for the increased symptoms of late, there’s dozens of causes but I’ll keep this short and say that we’re in the middle of these spring/summer eclipses, the 2nd one happening on the same day as the June 20 Solstice which happens this Saturday! Of course you feel extra energy sicknesses, pressures and inner energy movements and so on. And all that, as huge as just that is, is only one of many ascension related energy shift changes unfolding now and all year and into next year.

      You feel lost because you’re not in the old “normal” anymore. None of us are and we haven’t been all year in these very NEW to us ways and on this global level. EVER. Most everyone occasionally feels this sense of not here, not there yet either and that’s because we’re deep in Phase 2 transition out of what has been in all ways, all the way down into humanities cells and DNA. Mourn when you need to release and feel more freedom but know that this is now happening globally for the human species and all life on Earth because everyone is in an ongoing 2020 SHIFT state and condition of moving from what has been into the NEW higher level. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you Marie, Pat, Denise and Skoop for your posts. I am so looking forward to your upcoming writings regarding these subjects, Denise. THANK YOU SO MUCH 💛

      • Denise thanK you So Much for your time ❤️
        It makes me cry to feel that I’m
        not alone. I was always « different«  since I’m born. I knew it. Try to fit ALL the time in a place and society That I didn’t understand most of the time.
        I can’t complain, I had no big drama. The only thing is to felt alone all those years in front of me, Marie, the rebel/ empathic/ Extra sensitive/ indigo …with no one around me understood my Extreme sensitivity😔.
        Now everything take a place.
        But I feel sooooooo alone
        So anxious
        So sad 😣
        My god, it is something to « going back home »
        I just don’t want to suffer anymore.
        I’m myself
        I’m proud of me
        I’m a light and love person❤️
        I just feel soooo alone far from all my family ( I’m french,In bali since January. I left cause the french history, limited believes are so big, I couldn’t love this ascension over there)
        I feel like a little baby animal lost in the middle of chaos.
        I have so much love in me.

        I feel a strange weight in my plexus and stomach. as if it were always filled up.
        I’m hungry, but this big ball (as if not digging) bothers me.
        I also have for 2 months a precise pain in the upper back, under the scapula. when I breathe hard it pulls, and even at the level of the heart.
        I know that it’s the big change.
        But as I’m really sensitive and it’s new I need to feel my brothers and sisters around me 🥺💕.

        ❤️Merci , THANK YOU Denise ❤️
        Thank you 🙏🏼✨

        And also a pressure in my throat 😳
        Like a sensation that something try to block my breathe, like a ball locked in the beginning of my throat.

  • Denise or anyone else…any idea what work and money would look like in the coming years or decade? I’m asking because the more and more I live this process – the more and more total seems to be my higher self or soul self’s decision to erase more and more of my public and external life to the point where apart from being here, having an okay job but not what I would have expected (I teach piano for a living now but went to grad school in the social sciences) and living “comfortably” with my family though having no semblance of having any friends or closer relationships, my life appears very “spacious” and nice that way to myself but completely insane to the average thirty year old onlooker with that “worldly” life as comparison. I don’t care about being normal but I relate much more to older people, feel like one (feel like I’m just about done or rather, why did I come back …okay I know why etc.) to the point where it just dawned on me how vastly different I probably appear …just spoke to my sister online who is the exact opposite from me, hundreds if not a thousand and more friends on Facebook, always succeeding and excelling in anything she does like a stereotypically true Capricorn, and having the “life” experiences a young adult would be expected to have.

    I guess I am asking…and I know it’s okay but how is it okay that the ascension process has so quarantined us, for good reason too but, any chance it would grow into something more relational and less undercover? To relate to the ET aspect of your article Denise, I’ve been seeing regular in everyday things the faces of “friends”, angels, and even animals who have gone on with smiles, like they’re here for me and are cheering me on – like they are support that is non-physical when my own physical life is rather empty of that on a communicative emotional level (yes practically, I know I’ve been supported though how is a miracle).

    • Pat & All,

      I’ve got some work to do before I can get into this one in the way I very much want to. It’s a very important and I feel much needed topic now in Phase 2, but like most everything else that’s happened so far this year, it won’t be entirely fun for me or most who will read that article. Over and over this year I continue running into this same theme of my coming up against difficult ascension related things to write about that include certain beliefs, teachers/writers, groups of people, current global events etc. It’s not like I saw this coming either and I’m not giddy about it being one of my new Phase 2 writing jobs but there it is. 😐 Sorry I’m being vague with this. We’ll all dive into it as soon as I can get it written the way I want it to be explained and presented. It all has to do with different levels of consciousness in everyone now and the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. It’s a big and complex topic but it needs to be MUCH better understood now in 2020.

      • Pat, Denise & all,
        I so understand when Pat mentioned her life being spacious…I have the same feeling however, there seems to be some weird bleeding of realities in my area lately…it started when I noticed a few FB posts from people in my local community not wanting not to sound crazy but speaking of weird sounds and happenings around our area. It would start with someone saying “have you heard shots and then the ambulance?”and another person on the same street would reply no ambulances or shots, just fireworks. Some people would see the fireworks (at midnight!?) and some not saying it was definitely gun shots. Some people would hear and see black helicopters flying low and others near by, wouldn’t. Some people would hear loud screaming on the streets and some not and so on and so forth. It is just like the stories I heard about the three days of darkness, if anyone is familiar with it. Today, the weirdest of all – someone posted ‘I don’t want to sound crazy but I just saw what appears a second world war plane struggling in the skies’… like with the other posts, some also saw it (and couldn’t believe it!) and others are laughing thinking this must be some type of FB candid camera…

        • Thanks for sharing this Gabriela as I can relate to all of it and more. I think many of us can.

          There have been times, lots of them over the past many ascension years where some of the things I hear — strange sounds, movements etc. on the ground and/or up in the sky — are so unusual and freaky and I don’t even know if they’re “physically real” or etheric or timeline bleed-throughs from other times and/or worlds etc. etc. etc. I’ve been clairaudient since early childhood so I’m used to hearing nonphysical voices and other sounds but this is ascension and timeline related and SO strange. Multiple times I’ve heard what sounds like huge metal ships up in the sky grinding against each other. I assumed that this one was Earth moving either tectonic plates grinding against each other or a whole Earth sound of it moving from one frequency and/or timeline to a higher one.

          I’ve heard all sorts of sounds that don’t belong up in the sky above where I live. Seen physical animals that only exist in other physical locations (in this case I saw and it saw me too, an African Painted Wild Dog) in a southern California field next door to the house I lived in at that time. I’ve heard of some other people opening their curtains and seeing their normal outside world gone and replaced with living dinosaurs walking around in a lush landscape in the city next to where I live. Can you imagine seeing that out your living room window one morning?! And I watched a TV show just last night where more and more security cameras that people have installed on their home properties are recording super strange creatures walking around at night and/or up on their roofs and so on. Nothing is as it used to be anymore and it won’t be for a very long time. Thanks again for sharing Gabriela. ❤

      • Thank you for replying with those thoughts Denise. I feel more grounded now but waa continuously tested this weekend in those and other areas. I always am drawn to check your website in the morning, your articles and the comments here are very grounding to read. Want to say thanks.

      • Thank you Denise. Words tend to fail me even when writing in my native language but I’m glad it came across ok. In the beginning I thought that the people writing those posts were suffering from some form of PTSD but one of the most recent ones made me realise that that might not be the case. Thanks again! ❤

  • Hi Denise! I’m grateful you brought up all the galactic activity. Days ago in dream time it was like all this activity was above me as I woke, like some climactic scene in guardians of the galaxy or something LOL! But with a much larger cast! There were all these new beings, all this commotion, and I hate to say this out loud, but something like a ship or so it seemed. I was very affected by the newness of these beings and why there was so much activity. I didn’t know what to make of it. Next night it was the same, it was just frustrating to not mentally comprehend or ascertain what the heck was going on!! But it’s true, I sensed a little stress and business, seemed almost like worry, lack of sureness what was happening next. It felt like a carousel above my head, in terms of activity, so much movement and so when identifiable for me, really frustrated me when I woke up the first day from it. Thank you so much for clarifying much of it!!! I’m very happy you’re free of debt from the hospital by the way. I know what a burden like that is like. I’m so happy it’s off of you! I bet your mom is too.
    🙂 I wanted to respond before here, reach out and send love, but honestly I’ve been knocked out on and off like you wouldn’t believe, or you would!! Every day or other day. Then I have tons of energy and incredible focus at other times! Lots of stuff going through the head. Things shoot right through, travel down and I can feel energy move from the head to the nose do the teeth jaw and then right into the chest! Feels like a blue sword going right on through or maybe a blue knife, a blade of some kind! The processing time is so, so much faster! I think I must look crazier and crazier every day to folks when the joy and happiness come, it’s super Duper high! Also, when old stuff shows up, like fear especially for me, it’s super sharp clear fast and loud, like a motorized bitch on a bike coming up!..and whole situations arise to face the shit! Lol And things are faced fast! So glad to share with you! I have to shut my eyes and go to sleep now though! Peace and love to you and all those reading here. It’s crazy how fast absolutely all is moving.

  • i am so so so sooooooo happy and grateful for this post oh my goodness. i follow a blog who posted your article last month and i vividly remember resonating with it, so when i read this one just now i was like YES YES YES. (following you right after i post this!) i’m so happy you mentioned about the sleeping a lot – i slept sooooo much today and felt extremely emotional and disoriented when i woke up. i’ve been so tired, more than ever – and have been needing to take naps every single day. i’ve been experiencing the pineal gland headaches daily, and receiving messages in my dreams as well. thank you for taking the time to speak your truth – knowing that my “bodily” experiences during this ascension process are normal takes a weight off my shoulders. i couldn’t help but wonder if i should fight through the sleepiness, but it sounds like i should just give my body the rest it needs! thank you, namaste✨🦋🙏🏽💗

    • “i couldn’t help but wonder if i should fight through the sleepiness, but it sounds like i should just give my body the rest it needs!”

      NO, sleep, nap any time during the day when that feeling comes over you starlight that some more NEW Light, energies, codes etc. are about to be embodied into your physical body, cells, organs, glands, CNS etc.

      It’s so much easier for us to just take a little nap during the day, or multiple naps on those extra intense download embodiment days!, to embody these NEW codes/energies/Light/frequencies. There’s less trauma plus it’s faster to embody them when we’re asleep and out-of-body during the daytime. Think of this like when it’s necessary to reboot your computer. We’re doing the same type of thing when we suddenly “pass out” during the daytime. ❤

  • Hello, thank you for this article ❤️
    Denise, I am not sure if this is ok to share this, so I totally get it if it’s not ok to post… I keep remembering the lyrics to this lovely little tune by The B52s, Topaz. The song always makes me cry and I loved it as a teen, but it just occurred to me how profound the lyrics are with what is happening now. (Or is it just me reading too much into it.?) How beautiful this all will be. I think it explains why It resonated so much to me then, I think it was 1989, two years after the Harmonic Convergence. Way before I had a full sense of my purpose. It’s like you look back on your life and realise there were all these little triggers for remembering. Xxx

    The B-52’s
    New cities by the sea
    Skyscrapers are winking
    Some hills are never seen
    Universe expanding
    We’re gazing out to sea
    Blue dolphins are singing
    Minds swim in ecstasy
    Clear planet, ever free
    (Our hearts are traveling faster)
    (Faster than the speed of love)
    (Straight through a tear in the clouds)
    (Up to the Heavens above)
    Bright ships will sail the seas
    Starfishes are spinning
    Some hills are never seen
    Our universe is expanding
    Moon rise upon the sea
    Starships are blinking
    We’ll walk in ecstasy
    Clear planet blue and green
    (Our thoughts are traveling faster)
    (Moving beyond the Heavens above)
    Planets pulsating, constellations creating
    Voices are guiding me to the cities by the sea
    (Cities by the sea)
    Yes, I see cities by the sea
    Deep forests…“
    Source: Musixmatch

  • Just about the time I start feeling like a misfit from outer space another newsletter hits and I’m calmed and relieved that I’m not going over the deep end. Thank you! for putting words to the strange-ness I seem to experience. And To the others that post here, much gratitude. It’s the closest I can find to my high-vibe tribe! Blessings! 🙏🏻☮️😊

  • Hi Denise, once again an incredible article, thank you so much!

    Regarding your response to Tracy about people not remembering the same things, I also had one recently. My husband and I watched a movie called Mr. Fantastic, stars Viggo Mortenson 2016. We’ve watched this when the movie came out, then he downloaded it again and when it was over he really loved it. I told him that wasn’t his response when he first watched it. So back and forth him insisting he didn’t and me saying yes he did.

    I knew instantly what it meant, he’s on a different timeline than me. So thank you Tracy and Denise for starting this convo and affirming it for me and the rest of us!

    Another thing, I seem to remember nearly ALL the changes (berenstein bears, king tut mask only having cobra, jiffy peanut butter, rainbow sands of Peru never having existed before, and so many species of animals, Tiananmen Square photo of the man getting killed and the one where he doesn’t by the tank, etc), why do I remember it all when people around me do not?
    Am I and others like me, the witnesses to the changes that take places in timelines because they need to be recorded? Oh man, am I an astral reporter? That’d be cool.

    I wanted to write about some unpleasant endings with my family members but instead this one came out of me, sooo timeline…!

    Love you all❤️❤️❤️

    • “…why do I remember it all when people around me do not?”

      Jain L.,

      I’ve experienced this too over these ascension years and I believe it happens to those of us who are energetically capable of being far more CONSCIOUSLY aware of multiple timelines and multiple dimensions and all at the same “time”. What I’ve called Spherical Consciousness. Said another way, we Volunteers are capable of holding much more awareness and Higher Awareness in ourselves consciously without it causing us harm, imbalances, fears, distortions etc.

      Most people that don’t consciously know what’s going on (the AP) but are living it nonetheless at lower levels and in very different ways than we Volunteers are, are and will continue to just have their consciousness shifted, changed, migrated to the NEW higher. They won’t necessarily be consciously aware of this happening in them but you and I are acutely aware that they have and continue to be evolved like this and instantly every time it happens to them. This is getting increasingly obvious with global people protesting the old lower negativity, one nasty patriarchal issue at a time. This will however greatly speed-up because there isn’t the linear time for people to go through the very long list of global patriarchal Crimes Against Humanity that have been the norm for so, so long. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ business is just the first with all this and it will spread like evolutionary wildfire because of the NEW codes humanity is now living in. The ‘Me Too’ thing was part of this too but the whole FEMALE business will take more time and energy for the old negative global patriarchal consciousness to be entirely shifted. But even that will unfold faster than anyone would expect. It won’t be as obvious and blatant because that’s not what or how Divine Mommy Works. 😉 She has returned however and that will be increasingly sensed by humanity as these Phase 2 months and years unfold.

      Also wanted to mention that in March 2009 I strongly perceived that, and I quote, ‘I would soon be forgetting much of my pre-ascension life’ experiences and because of this I should quickly write a book about them. It was because of that awareness that I very quickly wrote A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution and it went on the market in January 2010. It’s a big blur! I don’t know how I even did it and the way in which I wrote, formatted and illustrated it!

      I suspect that once we’re not needed to hold old lower polarity/duality memories we’ve experienced any longer, that we just might let them all go too because we exist fully within Trinity, Triality, unified, merged, integrated NEW higher codes and frequency and therefore consciousness and external reality. But for now we’re consciously aware of the old lower and the NEW higher and we’re the only ones I believe that are capable of holding this position and radically different levels of lower and Higher simultaneously and not have that cause us to blow an inner fuse! 😉 Great question Jain L., thanks for it. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thanks for your response Denise, it’s good to know we have that power/awareness and not lose our minds at the same time. At times I feel like a that objective neutral camera eye that records and montages all the different “splits.”

        Funny story: I bought basil, mint and thyme. Thyme/time was the only one that survived. There are no coincidences.

  • Denise
    “I had increased slightly different feeling head pains and pressures from the bottom of my eyes up to the top of my head and even above that by about a foot or more. “…….

    Spot on with this description! I also getting waves of teeth pain and my eyes water constantly from the head pressure.
    I’m finding I’m having more and more weird interactions with ppl where either they or I remember a conversation we had, but the other person doesn’t. Is this jumping timelines? (At first I was worried I was in the beginnings of Alzheimer’s 😳) And twice this wk (once with my daughter who also saw it) across the bay we live on ….the whole coastline had changed! It was tall, dark, metallic and looked like a huge city skyline with buildings. It was seemed alien like. Thoughts on what I was actually seeing? And my vote for next craziness to hit is zombie apocalypse….we might as well get everything going at once.

    • “Thoughts on what I was actually seeing?”


      I’ve seen different things like this too since the mid-1990s. Short version is that what you’re seeing and clairvoyantly Seeing are other Earth worlds and timelines. There are other realities, other worlds very close to us now that we’re ascending to higher and higher levels, Light frequencies and consciousness etc. and we’re able to perceive them much more easily now because of the AP and all we’ve been embodying to evolve. A few years ago while out driving through the town I live in I clairvoyantly Saw a crystalline building superimposed over an old physical gas station on a corner! It was beautiful, and such an extreme contrast to the dense, dirty physical gas station in what was my current world and frequency level at that time.

      And yes, these weird interactions and attempted conversations we have with some other people where things don’t line up or make sense or are remembered etc. are also due to each of us being in different levels, Earth worlds and timelines. Those gazillions of old lower Earth worlds and timelines have just recently been deleted however which I wrote about that happened on the June 5, 2020 Lunar eclipse. The many old lower options are being radically removed now because they were not going to ascend.

      We are literally moving upward in frequencies and vibration due to the evolutionary AP and because of this we’re going to continue seeing and Seeing more and more other layers of frequency where other worlds, beings, aliens, humans and so on exist at this point. There’s this great little movie called ‘Midnight Special’ that’s being shown again on Showtime or HBO and it deals with, in it’s way, this topic of other beings existing very close to our frequency level and the occasional bleed-throughs between them and their different inhabitants and Earth and humans. I’ve written some about this at TRANSITIONS and when I have more time I’ll add some links to them here.

      • “I had increased slightly different feeling head pains and pressures from the bottom of my eyes up to the top of my head and even above that by about a foot or more.“….

        Yes; on Friday night (June 12th) it felt like my upper front cranium was burning (!), and I had to take a painkiller (which I seldomly have to do !!). – Later the same night during dreamtime; I was lost in the thickest of China; without any knowledge of the language or the ways of the community and no one could help me at all; I was completely stranded. And the worst part; I was living through this dream like it was my new reality; minute by minute for a very long time. And after a brief waking moment; the reality-dream continued part II; again minute by minute and equally scary. I really don’t know where all of that came from … – Anyway; I’m so glad you exist Denise; if you didn’t we’d had to invent you. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  • “Some ETs were not entirely happy about what was happening so certain more advanced ETs were explaining the current situation to them.”

    IMO: The dark forces are being allowed to operate more in public and show who they really are, and what they want is chaos, pain and suffering. This will continue until people vote and act for the light. Dark to light.

    • bacca,

      Obviously you haven’t read any of my earlier articles here or at TRANSITIONS about these negative aliens, demons, Portal People and all else. If you had you’d know that I am very personally familiar with some of the different negative aliens and other “dark forces” as you called them. For many years I’ve called all negative nonhuman, nonphysical, aliens, beings, entities, demons and living physical humans and humans that are Portal People Team Dark so I didn’t have to write all that out for the five thousandth time!

      The “dark forces” are not being allowed to operate or do anything else more publicly as you believe. What has happened, increasingly since 2013, is that the more Light that comes in the more Team Dark is finally seen, known, felt and perceived by more and more regular (unaware) people. They increasingly have had less and less old places to hide from humanity and human consciousness in the 3rd physical and 4th astral dimensions because of the Ascension Process. Team Dark has been forced out into THE LIGHT across Earth for humanity to finally become consciously aware of. And for years now, and I’ve personally experienced this and assisted in some cases with it multiple times, many Team Dark aliens and other negative beings and entities etc. have been removed and escorted by Team Light back to Source to be totally reabsorbed by Source because they absolutely refused to ever stop doing all the negative things etc. they have been for so long.

      My old articles and comments and book A Lightworker’s Mission are available to read here and at TRANSITIONS under those headings if you’re interested.

  • Hi Denise.Thank you.My morning ritual is coffee and read your latest writing.I notice more and more that it is challenging to be around people in a group,even people I like as my sensitivity is heightened and hard to have a conversation and I feel like there are very few now that speak the language I speak but I am accepting it as ok.The nature connection is like a balm and among the trees or near water I feel a deep connection to the earth and my soul.
    Your writing has a truth vibration I can follow and helps me keep walking forward.Much love to you and all in the group.

  • Great information, Denise! I always seem to sense when you’ve posted, and I love that! I’m experiencing a lot of what you describe, especially the new and different kind of headache and the need for rest. I’m also experiencing a lot of episodes where the environment gets so quiet, like it’s just snowed—that muffled, muted quality. A stillness. It’s the exact opposite of what used to be a very noisy nighttime experience of beings all through my home. I had a little come to Jesus interaction with them that left me sweating and hoarse from all the yelling, but it seems to have done the trick. It’s almost too good to be true, yet it be true night after night! 😄 Your work here has been tremendously helpful and comforting for years. Much gratitude for your stalwart and generous soul.

  • Thank you Denise. I have been coming to your site on and off for years now. The last few months with everything going on I have been looking forward to your posts and find myself at times checking my emails for HHL updates.


  • Denise

    Again, thank you so much. Again, I can relate to such an amazing amount of what you say. It just stuns me while I read.

    Your validation and clarity are beyond words. It is such a help for me.


  • Thank you for this information. I throughly enjoy your newsletters. It’s that unique information where you can’t find anywhere. Recently my vision has been very blurry and my eyes feel heavy. In the last week I started seeing this ball of light in my visual field like when you look at the sun too long. When I blink it’s there and it has been there non stop for the last week. It sounds like this could be related to what you are saying in the newsletter or I need to get my vision checked. I appreciate so much all the information you share. 💙

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