2020 Eclipses: Points Where More People, Realities & Timelines Abruptly Leave

Typically eclipses are energy points where some people and things suddenly exit. They quickly die, leave and abruptly disappear from the world reality they were previously a part of. This has always been a common aspect of Solar and Lunar eclipses and not something specific to the current Universal Ascension Process.

However, the present Ascension Process utilizes Solar and Lunar eclipses just as it uses Equinoxes, Solstices, astrological transits and rare aspects between certain planets and energetic angles to evolve things more quickly. With Solar and Lunar eclipses, when the Lights go out for a few minutes, some people and other things quickly exit the world stage during that brief darkness. When the lights go out briefly due to eclipses during the Ascension Process, much of what needs to go quickly does so, and in Phase 2 2020 this is incredibly amplified to the point where entire old Earth world realities and timelines just were and will continue to be abruptly removed. Such was the case yesterday, June 5, 2020, during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15° Sagittarius 34′.

[That Lunar Eclipse was not conjunct the Milky Way Galactic Center as some have claimed. As of June 1, 2020 the GC is 27° Sagittarius 08.1′. Because it’s the GC we’re talking about here, a much tighter conjunction orb of only 1° on either side of 27° is used by most astrologers.]

Eclipses during the Ascension Process have been times when a lot is both removed and installed simultaneously. Out with more of the old and in with more of the NEW higher. Eclipses are comparable to when the magnetic field is reduced which allows the old codes, templates and residual old lower frequency energies that went with it to be permanently removed on very large scales and replaced with more NEW higher codes, templates and energies and so forth. Magnetic fluctuations in Earth and humans allow this as do all Eclipses which makes them both important and potent within the ongoing evolutionary process.

All day and night yesterday, June 5, 2020, felt even more strange than Phase 2 in 2020 has already been and that’s saying a lot! To me the whole day and night felt and visually looked like a tremendous amount of old lower Earth world realities, timelines, agendas, consciousness and people were permanently exited, permanently removed from this and all other old lower frequency Earth realities. To perceive this all day and night yesterday was amazing, rare and a great personal gift. And as is always the case with the Ascension Process, there was more going on at the same time and that was another big Phase 2 increase with the Embodiment Process in most of the Embodiers.

It’s nearly impossible to accurately describe what Embodying a bit more looks and feels like. I’ve tried and failed in my opinion every time I have. It’s nothing like what I, and I suspect most everyone else whose living the Embodiment Process now too, expected. It’s far more natural and normal with next to no special effects, high drama, flashy light-shows or other such highfalutin phenomena. Me and ME just get a bit closer aligned from my physical, incarnate Denise perspective. How each of us feels that is highly personal and individual I suspect which makes discussing this all the more difficult. It is I can say, not what I expected and far more natural and normal and isn’t that just perfect! It also makes one even more unwilling to tolerate egos, bullshit, lies, hustles and hustlers of all types and levels everywhere.

All day and night during yesterdays Lunar Eclipse I clearly felt and saw uncountable numbers of old lower frequency Earth world realities and timelines and people instantly and permanently deleted, removed from the ascending timelines. It was another massive level of the Separation of Worlds & Timelines removed from where I, and you reading this, currently are. It was another phase of grand sized deletion of numerous old lower Earth worlds and realities that would have never ascended and therefore needed to be permanently removed so as to continue cleaning up after our evolving selves. Simultaneously to this massive removal of old, not ascending other Earth world realities was an increase of my personal Embodiment. To express any of this or anything else, I have to use linear words in linear sentences in sequential linear paragraphs and hope that that makes the sense I intended it all to. However, the real reality is that it’s all happening at the same time — the old lower being permanently deleted in Phase 2 2020 because some more NEW higher is being Embodied by those individuals living the Embodiment Process in Phase 2 2020. You get even larger and because of that much more residual old lower reality clutter gets permanently deleted.

Then you brush your teeth and go to bed and sleep and continue energetically Working from those levels.


Then this will happen again but slightly differently with the June 20, 2020 Solstice that has a New Moon Solar Eclipse hours apart the same day. Expect an even larger level of this then. Expect what you may not yet be able to fully perceive as these Phase 2 Embodiment energy stair-step Eclipses and more are traveled by us. MUCH was permanently cleared yesterday that needed to be deleted while we Embodied some more of what each of us needed to. These actions will of course be reflected in the world reality we currently live in now. It will get worse out there because it’s getting better out there and all that is normal believe it or not. Well done Embodiers, two more to go and then what comes after that.

Denise Le Fay

June 6, 2020


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22 thoughts on “2020 Eclipses: Points Where More People, Realities & Timelines Abruptly Leave

  • This article in a nutshell:
    Mind blowing and incredible info, the kind that gives you shivers!

    Then it finishes up with:
    “Then you brush your teeth and go to bed and continue energetically Working from those levels.”

    Hahaha, I love you Denise, you’re awesome 😎

    • Haha yes, that line “then you brush your teeth” made me laugh as well. It’s so true though, we do continue working energetically and that too non-stop. Thanks for the laugh Denise. And thank you for this article, all previous articles written, all your support, you maintaining this website, and thank you for all your comments in the comment section (and everyone else too)! Excited to see what the upcoming solar eclipse/solstice and lunar eclipse bring this summer, 1 down 2 to go! It’s been a wild ride so far, and it makes sense considering we are in phase 2. The crazy thing is the other half of 2020 is still left to go. So hang on everyone, I know a lot of us including me are dangling on a string but we got this, like always ❤

  • Interesting. If someone leaves this reality, does that mean their body dies? Or does something else happen?

  • Hi, Denise!

    I have a question for you. Do you have any technique you use when leave the house. And I don’t mean to protect from harm, but rather to sustain outside for a longer period of time. After only 20ish minutes today started feeling nauseous and oppressed. When came back home had to recuperate on the sun and do some restoring meditations. Considering that the Big shift won’t happen in the next how long what and people still need to go and do things. Was just wondering…



    • You could be sensitive to energy, like me and my wife. I would visualize a silver glowing shield around you and ask your spirit guide(s) to prevent negative energy from reaching you. However, you cannot depend on them to do all the work, you must eventually learn to do this without help. Namaste.

      • Hi!

        Thanks so much for your reply. It’s getting harder and harder to go out. I guess the expedite evolvement of the body and clearing are at two different places. Until a complete separation of the timelines, it’s going to be that bad. My mom also was complaining about feeling more and more unpleasant when she leaves the house. Hope you guys stay strong and unyielding to the sways of the negative energy.

    • Elina,

      I just got back from a 7AM run to the grocery store basically to hopefully find toilet paper. Wearing a mask in there, while in what is clearly a dramatically and permanently changed energetic environment (everywhere), made me very tired as usual so I’ll need to rest and recuperate too. It’s so obvious at this point that humanity is traumatized by everything that’s happened so far in 2020. To be expected and it’s easily seen and felt inside stores.

      I’ve ALWAYS wrapped myself up in Light before I leave my house, my property. That’s the main thing I’ve always done. It’s no different than physically getting dressed to leave the house except this layer, this aspect is entirely energy related. You put on a sweater or a jacket etc., you also intentionally put on a field of Light Protection around your entire physical body, well above your head and well below your feet. Do this repeatedly for a month and visualize it strongly in your mind’s eye and HighHeart and DEMAND, Consciously Create that you are constantly protected from any and all lower negativity etc. etc. etc.

      When we leave our homes to go out into the world for whatever the reasons, we typically have to deal with all the lower frequencies, lower consciousness etc. that’s coming from other people, other unaware people. The more sensitive you become the more you feel this in other people, locations, products, foods, actions and so on. This is why we need to “beef up” our own Light before we enter these lower vibrating energies, and even doing that doesn’t always work totally and you find you need to recuperate or sit in the Sunlight as you mentioned (that’s great) to cleanse yourself and your body/bodies.

      I’ll talk more about the “Shift” in upcoming articles but know it’s happening now, not in the future. It just isn’t happening the way most people have been told it would. 😉

      • Thanks, Denise!

        Looking forward to your new article. I always match my own experience with your descriptions of events that take place.


      • I know exactly what you mean. I thought I was an introvert but when I’m around nice people with good energy, I’m not quiet, I’m Mr. Talky Face. lol. One time I went into a store in Florida and the energy was so positive it hit me like a wall and I started crying. And I’m not a crier really. But it affected me that much.

  • “Typically eclipses are energy points where some people and things suddenly exit. They quickly die, leave and abruptly disappear from the world reality they were previously a part of.”

    Thank you so much Denise for being the Lifesaver that you continue to be! – While I know that the following is sort of “too much information”; I just have to talk about it; due to the synchronicity of it all. A couple of years ago I sufferred form a sinus inflammation; and in the aftermath a polyp developed; which has prohibited me from breathing normally for quite a while now. But on the day of the eclipse I briefly touched my nose and it just fell out abruptly; and I could breathe again! – Such is just not normal; but hey; what is indeed normal any longer?! – On another note: This week I will finally be going back to my beloved cabin out there on the rugged coastline where the frequency is totally different; and breathe freely!! – Hope to see all of you there; energetically! – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  • I’m finding that jobs around the house, garden etc are not I suppose getting easier but THEY are getting done with EASE, if that makes any sense and before I even know it they get done. Much love Denise

    • Excellent point Angie and I’ve experienced this too. If I don’t think about it or plan on doing it and spontaneously just dive into something that needs to be done, the doing of it is so different and beyond linear time. It’s more about our attitude and remaining open energetically instead of the old lower ways of thinking, planning, preparing etc. before we did physical things like this. Another very interesting side effect of our ongoing evolution.

      ⭐ Also, thanks Angie for buying my books and I hope you enjoy them. ❤

    • Hi Angie, spot on! I HAD to get my veggie plants in the ground yesterday, but first I had to rototill and weed and with the head pressure I’ve had I was dreading it and been putting it off, but finally yesterday I just went outside and started to do it, and then, like you said, I just got in the groove and before you know it, all was planted and done with ease. Had to take a nap afterwards, of course. Same thing happened a few days prior with weeding some flower beds that were out of control, very hard work, but somehow got done quite “easily”. “)

  • Denise,

    Thanks for explaining yesterday for me, along with everything else in your article. Everything that you say matches so perfectly. Your validation and clarification makes it all so much easier. You are a powerful asset in this incredible transition. Thank you dearly for your hard work, it is deeply appreciated.


  • Thank you Denise! But damn it’s hard sometimes! But on the other hand? It’s also easier. Whatever realm this is presenting to me is like learning to ride a bike for the first time. It’s like being unsure and the boom, I’m doing it. The physical stuff still happening but less noticeable because I’m getting used to it. Just streaming along and choosing with more confidence and enjoying the present moment.

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