Stop Projecting Old Lower Consciousness & Beliefs on the NEW Ascending World/Worlds

This article is specifically for the people who continue projecting, expecting and applying old lower frequency consciousness, beliefs, tools and solutions on to the NEW higher frequency Earth World because it’s the only thing they’re aware of, and insist all the rest of us who’ve evolved beyond that level of consciousness do the same.

We will not go back down energetically to accommodate your lack of greater awareness, ego and/or negative ego, old belief systems, old habits and so on. Sorry but that’s not what evolution is all about. You stepping up many of those evolutionary Ascension Process (AP) energy Stair-steps is what it’s all about. And the fast easy answer to all this is that, when you evolve up those different energy, consciousness expanding, body evolving Stair-steps, you will be changed incrementally by having done so and that automatically upgrades your consciousness too. A win-win for not only you, but for everyone above and below you on those evolutionary Ascension Process energy Stair-steps.

I’ve always known how hard, and in most cases impossible, it is for anyone to be able to perceive above and beyond the lower frequency level that has been the old negative 3D Earth world we all incarnated into. I’m not special in this, everyone with a little or a lot of expanded awareness and Higher Awareness knows this about everyone that doesn’t have it themselves. It’s plainly and oftentimes painfully visible to us all, just not to you, not yet that is and we’re all doing our best to Guide you to move up these evolutionary AP energy Stair-steps despite the way you fight us, disrespect us, doubt us, and in many cases outright hate us. One thing I’d like all of you who I’m talking to specifically now in this article to do is realize that this lifetime, this evolutionary Ascension Process lifetime has been and still is hard for all of us. It does get easier the higher one goes, but getting there requires some epic personal Work on all of our parts. All as in ALL of our parts!

You know how a drunk and/or high person actually believes that you or anyone else cannot tell that they’re drunk and/or high? You know how people with mental and/or emotional illnesses etc. usually don’t know, see or realize that they’re not perceiving the world in the same ways the rest of us are? You know how all of these people — drunk, high, impaired in any way from any number of causes — always actually believes that they are just fine and that it’s YOU that’s all screwed up? This is no different than all of these other examples and you’re going to have to trust us on this one until you move up a few more energy Stair-steps to the point where you know for yourselves that this is true, which means you’ll get to experience the people below you on the AP giving you attitude and disrespect about what you’re doing, living, being, feeling, perceiving and Working very hard on. 🙂

As the high (Ascending) gets higher, the low (Descending) gets lower, so much so that eventually even many of the non-believers and narrow-minded, heartless low-vibe-tribe folks actually starts seeing and feeling the world and escalating insanity, violence, greed, ego and general negativity in every person that’s existing at that frequency around them. Once the Light is activated inside a person, they start the Process of having to honestly and consciously see, feel and know how negative, how bad, vile, corrupt and insane the old lower Earth world and reality was and is currently. Plus you get to see, feel and consciously know those lower frequency things—emotions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits etc.—in yourself too. The Light gets in everywhere and illuminates everything for each person living this AP. “Waking Up” is hard and oftentimes painful in multiple ways for multiple reasons but that is what compressed evolution is, and that is what you are either living yourself at whichever energy Stair-step you’re on today, or fighting against, which will energetically draw you to a Descending Earth world that’s even worse than what has been on Earth for many thousands of years. Choose very wisely now, even if you’re not really sure about what all is going on. Look to the Light and your own HighHeart and follow them both until you know more for yourself.

Some few remaining timelines are Team Dark creations and they have been, are, and will continue going extinct, collapsing and disappearing because the old lower frequency fuel and food energies that Team Dark (TD) parasited off from humanity is no longer available to them. 1) That old lower timeline has Expired and 2) many incarnate in-body Forerunners have Worked on multiple dimensions and timelines for many years since 2012, deliberately shutting down, closing off and dead-ending many of TD’s synthetic Timelines that they created to hide in and perpetuate themselves and their ways and agendas in. We have successfully prevented them from moving into multiple future timelines and continuing what they’ve done for so long.

Back to these three Ascending and Descending options.

Those who’ve been living the AP and EP (Embodiment Process of uniting their Lower Self with their Higher Self in their current physical body and incarnation) are the ones that have been in the Primary highest Ascension Timeline. Many more people that are aware of the AP and have been living it for many years are currently existing in one or more of the numerous Secondary Ascension Timelines/Earth worlds. Quite often we shift or jump from one of the many Ascending Earth worlds that currently exist within this Secondary collection as we continue evolving and growing ourselves and our awareness. I’ve jumped from the Primary one to different Secondary ones many times over the years but I always Work my way back up into the highest frequency Primary one because that’s where I want to be. The Tertiary Earth worlds and timelines I do not go to for the simple reason that I’ve lived in one of them for the majority of my current lifetime, and have zero need to see any of them ever again. It took too much Work to anchor this Separation of Worlds & Timelines in the first place!

My point in elaborating on this current Separation of Worlds aspect of the AP is to hopefully let you reading this better understand that you can intentionally jump timelines, can intentionally Shift from any of the numerous Secondary Ascension Earth Timelines/Earth worlds. You can and do jump, shift from one to another and then another and maybe go back to one that you felt more comfortable in and so on. I want you all to also know that you can intentionally jump or shift from any of the many Secondary Ascension Earth Timelines/Earth worlds up to the highest frequency Primary Ascension Timeline and Earth world. Again, the choice is and always has been, yours, mine, each of ours. Like attracts like and is attracted to like. The frequency you are now, your rate of energetic spin (your Inner Vibration of your Lightbody) determines which of these three options you choose based on your own frequency, consciousness, HighHeart, development and focus. Needless to say, be very heartmindful of what you’re focused on and entertaining mentally, emotionally, energetically, physically, psychically, etherically etc. because it really counts now and will carry you somewhere you may not really want to end up at.

When I’m at HOME/home in my physical house I’m in the Primary Timeline. When I have to leave my house and property to say go shopping for groceries or whatever, I do my energetic best to bring the highest Primary HOME station with me. Some days doing this is easy while other days it’s nearly impossible for me for different AP reasons. Those times I jump or shift from the Primary Ascension Timeline, down into one or another of the Earth worlds that exists within the Secondary Ascension Timelines to get my shopping or whatever else I need to buy and/or have done. After that I go HOME to my physical house that exists with the Primary Timeline Earth world where I then need to recuperate from my having jumped Timelines and dimensions.

Even many people that have and still do exist within one of the many Secondary Timeline Earth worlds jump, shift between some of them within that frequency range, meaning they are jumping Timelines too but within the same frequency and dimension, but jump you do and often more times than you’re even consciously aware of! Are you starting to better understand what being a Multidimensional human is who can and does intentionally and knowingly, and many more who unintentionally and unknowingly jump Timelines and probable Earth worlds and realities all the “time”?

So when someone who exists in one or another of the many Secondary or Tertiary Timelines projects their current level of awareness, expectations, projections, habits and belief systems on to me or any other person existing in the Primary Ascension Timeline Earth world, we SEE you and we KNOW you and we RECOGNIZE you and where you’re at currently. You however cannot do this or see or feel or know beyond the frequency range and level you’re at in that moment. That will however change dramatically the second you make the constant effort to increase your spin-rate (vibrate faster and higher due to Embodying more and higher frequency Light energies into yourself and your physical body) and go even higher vibrationally. And, this never stops for any of us no matter which of these three options each of us is currently existing within that’s a frequency match to us at this time.

Because those people that currently exist within the Primary Ascension Timeline can easily feel and are consciously aware of others that currently exist in the Secondary Timeline Earth worlds, when you try to project your current level of awareness on to us, it’s pretty much like a drunk or high person trying to convince you that they’re not drunk or high. Tap dance as hard as you want but it won’t change what we already Know, See and Feel from our current frequency, dimension and level. In case anyone is thinking that I’m sounding profoundly arrogant with all this, know that I’m well-aware of the fact that there are great numbers of higher frequency Beings than me that perceive me from their even higher dimensions and levels of frequency and awareness. “One mans ceiling is another mans floor…”

Recap: You cannot haul old lower frequency stuff, beliefs, habits, thought-forms, emotions, structures, systems, laws, governments, expectations etc. into the NEW highest Primary Timeline. It does not work that way because, as Karen Bishop very correctly said over a decade ago, “Higher and lower cannot co-exist within the same space.” Thank You Karen. ❤

You cannot contaminate higher frequency spaces with lower frequency junk from the lower frequency, lower consciousness past. Period. So stop even trying and wasting your and our time trying to do so. It’s pointless, irritating and simply won’t fly at higher levels of existence. Oh you can remain in any of the many Secondary Timelines and continue trying to replicate old lower patriarchal beliefs and anything else but eventually even the people at those levels won’t allow it there either. Again, this is compressed evolution happening right now, right here to all of us and with more kick to it than ever before so, like I said earlier, choose wisely which Timeline you honestly want to find yourself in today, tomorrow, next month, next year etc.

Be wise enough right now to know that you don’t know more than you do know, then be wise and brave enough to travel up more energy Stair-steps so that your point of view becomes so much better and more expansive as will your options to continue to even higher and higher. Said with LOVE Light ❤ because every day of every month for the rest of 2017 is going to push each of us like we’ve all never been pushed before to move our much-loved, Sacred Divine backsides up a whole lot more energy Stair-steps!

Denise Le Fay

July 14, 2017

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2017. All Rights Reserved. 

28 thoughts on “Stop Projecting Old Lower Consciousness & Beliefs on the NEW Ascending World/Worlds

  • Hi Denise, my earlier clearing dream became physical these past 2 weeks, like a cold or flu. Just lots of clearing.

    My biggest challenge is that when im working i get lost in my employee idenity and that world. I live an isolated personal life, so my awareness is easy to lose. I serve people all day long in a retail position

    The positive is that from time to time i snap out of it.or i realize im in it….my beliefs and identity….but not much more than that while im living that role if employee coworker person . Also its easier to tell myself the truth and realign once im alone again.

    Im constantly aware of how i talk to myself at home amd make sure to focus on the truth.

    While im not sensitive to the state of others around me i am amazed by what i read, peoples thoughts and beliefs when they give an opinion, are often so viscious…spell? Behavior is so aggressive and combative. I must share that i realize im able to see this or recognize this clearly because MY inner paranoid combative fear state of mind is healing and changing over to truth. Again its one thing to intellectually believe higher truth, and a whole other journey to Live it.

    • “Again its one thing to intellectually believe higher truth, and a whole other journey to Live it.”

      I’ve said that many times over the years Edith because it is so deeply true! Intellectually knowing something isn’t nearly enough with the AP; living it and being permanently evolved by it is. We have to do the AP with our very cells and fibers so that all that old lower frequency and consciousness and beliefs crap and negativity is transmuted and removed from us. This is mandatory and the AP and EP gets the job done, repeatedly! 😆

      You’re doing get Edith and never forget that your job is what you do to earn money — it’s not what or who you are. ❤

  • Helpful…you see I’ve noticed some odd things lately.

    Firstly, almost everyone in the street ignores​ me. Or treats me as invisible. I literally don’t feel at all connected to them, as if we’re walking in different worlds.

    Secondly, I’ll generally find outdoors to be a happy place, especially nature. But every now and then, the whole vibe around me will switch… it’ll turn from happy to sort of grey and slightly hostile or miserable.

    This isn’t just happening in busy towns but also alone in nature.

    It’s not my internal vibe, it’s my surroundings.

    It’s like the difference between a warm holy church and a desolate ghost town.

    I assume this could be me unconsciously​ switching timelines.

    The book I’m reading is 1984. It reminds me of how I imagine the worst earth world timeline could be.

    Coincidentally, I think the 1984 world is a real place. I’ve communicated with the auras of the characters from the book. It may be another world.

    I despair when I read other light workers reports and they idolize people who I know are black magicians​. It’s like…these light workers are either completely mad, or totally SICK…

    Do they want to live in a 1984 fear torture control grid that much?

    Either they’re ignorant, in which case I sigh and thank God they’re not making the choices, or they know fully well they’re deliberately leading masses into enslavement, in which case they’re sick.


    • Starlight & All,

      Some others had commented about experiencing other people simply not seeing them and I’d meant to reply about this interesting AP side effect. I experienced this with many people throughout the entire decade of the 2000’s. Because I was deep in the worst of the worst of my physical AP that whole decade, having the low-vibe-tribe not see or feel or sense me at all, and nearly run me off the road when I was driving, and/or get all up in my wee tiny “space” in some store while shopping and trying to find something while having every freakin’ AP and menopause symptom, was oftentimes WAY too much to bear. It was an incomprehensibly horrible and difficult period and phase and at times I wanted to kill certain people for being so unbelievably unaware, rude and self-absorbed.

      Eventually I realized that I was literally vibrating just fast enough back then to be out of sync with them and the world, and to most of them I was invisible because of this difference in individual frequency rates/spin rates/vibration/Light. In that decade I experienced not being able to see certain physical buildings for this same reason, and I also often would see other lower vibe people like I was looking at them down a long narrow tube or tunnel which only meant that I was not in the same frequency and world as they were. Very strange side effects of the AP and everyone, this and related “anomalies” caused by the current Separation of Worlds & Timelines is going to amplify and expand from here on out with the energies of August 2017 escalating this LIKE CRAZY!

      Reality is no longer held in place like we’re used to in the old lower Earth world. Everything is in flux and flow and shift and twist now and this is only going to amplify and expand starting in August and for the rest of this year… and beyond too. I often feel moments of sheer bliss because the negativity of the old world is gone — because I’ve ascended above and beyond it. Moments later I’ll feel everything suddenly go all …”it’ll turn from happy to sort of grey and slightly hostile or miserable.” The great news with this is that it now comes in and goes back out VERY quickly and I can feel that that lower energy is gone again and I’m back up in a higher frequency and space once more. These fluctuations and other related “anomalies” caused by the Separation of Worlds is to be expected so everyone be prepared when “reality” gets strange and twitchy and not “normal” from time to time.

      “I despair when I read other light workers reports and they idolize people who I know are black magicians​.”

      These people are NOT and never have been Lightworkers but just unaware people either intentionally or unintentionally spreading disinformation. The more people awaken and evolve, the less this negativity will be able to affect those who can honestly See, Feel and Know from Higher Awareness and Higher Consciousness. See it, see them, get angry over it and then walk away from it all because the longer any of us focuses on that or other related negativity and BS, the more time we’re not doing and being where we’re supposed to be during this extremely important Shift time in the AP and EP processes. ❤

  • Denise,

    You include in lower frequency things, “habits”. I’m becoming afraid to do anything. I’m sewing a quilt (I always have somesuch sewing project), I read novels, I do yoga with a class, I garden. Are these habits of the lower frequency? As usual, I am probably over thinkings this.

    • Gerry,

      No, especially when they are positive like being creative, calming, relaxing, helping one to be more HighHeart focused etc.

      By habits I meant things that we all do out of habit that are or have become unconscious repetitive acts (either mental, emotional or physical) that are of a lower frequency like worry, fear, doubt, self-doubts, guilt, anger, fighting, obsessing etc. Your becoming “afraid to do anything” is the problem, not what you’re doing. 🙂 ❤

      I've had a very intense week energetically and I'd intended to get that article written by now, but the Ascension Embodiment Process always comes first, so I'll get it done asap everyone. It will include issues like this and how the August 2017 energies are going to (they are already!) push all of us into much greater positive changes. It's time to cast-off so much more of the old…

  • Aloha Denise….
    This is the awkward time for sure… I needed reminding of this…. moving past patterns…LOL….. Thank you!!!

  • Great article and comments! This was very helpful to me in that while I’ve been in this process for decades I’ve always seen/understood/known everything from the perspective of frequency/vibration. Never really got into “timelines” per se so all this recent info about timelines has been a bit confusing as to what that meant/how that fit into my bigger picture. Now I get it!!! Timelines are really many different frequencies/vibrations and so where we are/what we put our attention on frequency/vibration wise is a higher or lower vibration/frequency, i.e.,TIMELINE. These up/down/sideways vibrations/frequencies I’ve been feeling/experiencing all along with people, place and things are different timelines! Woo hoo! Yes!!! Seems like a “duh” moment maybe but lol, something big just fell into place for me! This really deepens/expands the picture for me. Yay!

    It’s been so weird, as others have commented too, to see the/my outside world change so much recently. It really is like being on the outside looking in, or vibrationally speaking, above looking below, and there’s no desire whatsoever to go in/down there anymore. I’m happy to be at home with my wife, who’s pretty much a vibrational match with me, and we marvel at how happy we are in our little world. Something else I notice is when I speak to someone, after about two, three sentences they start interrupting/talking over me. I’m thinking it’s because vibrationally they aren’t able to hear me for very long as we’re in two very different timelines. Observing/witnessing all of this is fascinating and such a confirmation of what’s happening now in the bigger picture.

    Love, love, love the Zombie/Walking Dead analogy!!!

    • “Never really got into “timelines” per se so all this recent info about timelines has been a bit confusing as to what that meant/how that fit into my bigger picture. Now I get it!!! Timelines are really many different frequencies/vibrations and so where we are/what we put our attention on frequency/vibration wise is a higher or lower vibration/frequency, i.e.,TIMELINE…”


      You got it! ⭐ ❤ It’s all about different frequencies. Now I don’t need to write that follow-up article. 😉 Kidding, I’ll go into this more in it but you’ve figured this out perfectly.

      Lower thoughts, emotions, actions etc. ARE lower frequencies which means lower worlds, realities and timelines etc. Higher thoughts, emotions, actions, focus etc. ARE higher frequencies which means higher worlds, realities and timelines etc. This is why it’s so very important NOW to be aware of our thoughts, emotions, actions, and focus because with the Separation of Worlds & Timelines happening NOW, what we’re thinking, feeling, focusing on, doing and being automatically aligns each of us with a like frequency world and reality.

    • Yes, I’ve noticed that the more 3D folks seem to quickly lose interest in what I have to say and quickly get away from me. I almost feel invisible to them. When I’m in a higher vibe group of spiritual folks, conversations flow and connections are more fun and easy.

  • Dear Denise, Another wonderful, insightful post. I also find it very hard to go out shopping. The large drug stores (on every corner now) I despise. The lights are harsh and check out people just stare with a fake smile. I envision our New Earth as much as I can…beautiful and sparkling and natural. There is a war going of such huge magnitude it is hard to imagine. But war it is. May we all stay high in vibration and hold on to each other as we ascend. Much love to all.

  • Denise
    Many years ago I remember watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I didn’t care about the “stuff” or the people. My higher self was teaching me about dimensions and timelines in its most rudimentary form. Commercials for causes like Save the Children and political ads would be interspersed. How, I would wonder, is it possible that so many diverse, completely separate paths could exists on this planet seeming to never touch each other? It was a wonderful foundation and illustrative of what to look for as I began to understand the concepts you talk about so eloquently.
    It’s all breaking down now…bleeding one into the next. Understanding that there is a Primary timeline (heaven in the old vernacular) kept me pushing forward when my personal timeline would get muddy. It helped me know that what I was seeing and believing, would become part of the great sorting as time unfolded. You were the great voice (after years of wandering) that confirmed my knowing that in the end the ♡Hearts♡ would have it.
    Stairs steps baby 🙂
    As always, I’m sending you much love and respect.

  • This post helps me make sense of how especially when I recently went to Costco, I felt as if I was amongst the land of the walking dead. It was almost eerie to be there and observe the collectively low vibe state of all the humans in that store. One low vibe lady screamed and shook her fists at me in the parking lot because I didn’t see her walking across a cross walk, and then when I apologized explaining I simply hadn’t seen her, she shook her fists and screamed more obscenities! First time that has happened to me in ages and ages, and I thought it was noteworthy that this very low viber attacked me after much clearing work had been done and I was holding more Highheart energies that day. I found shopping in Costco that day to be repulsive and depressing to be honest, and other places I’ve been too have felt off lately too.

    Is that an example of going from a primary to a secondary timeline? It just feels so off, unappealing, and like you are a stranger in a strange-kind of yuck land. 🌍❤️

    • Colleen,

      Yes it’s very clear when we “descend” vibrationally, frequency- wise I mean from a higher frequency and consciousness level and space and enter one that’s vibrating at a lower, slower frequency. It’s like oil and water in that the two things, people, awareness etc. simply do not mix. They actually irritate each other and this irritation only gets worse when higher comes into contact with lower frequency and MUCH lower frequency people!

      A longstanding joke with Team Dark has been to get mass humanity to like, to be entertained by movies/TV shows about Zombies and the Walking Dead etc. It’s a great joke to them because they’ve intentionally caused the majority of mass humanities multi-leveled “retardation” — spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic, conscious, physical etc. — and they have a good laugh over that by making Zombies and the Walking Dead type movies and TV shows that the unaware think are great. Mass unaware humanity are the Walking Dead, the Zombie nation etc. Makes me feel icky just thinking about it to write this. If humans only knew how they’ve been intentionally unplugged to keep them in this barely alive Walking Dead Zombie state because they make better worker ants that way.

      Yes, the Dark hates the Light and will lash out and attack it and anyone whose Embodied Light within themselves.

      I’m going to try to write a follow-up article asap to this one because I didn’t talk about how to intentionally shift from a Secondary timeline up into the Primary one and other related tidbits of info. Plus there’s this increase in negativity that works through the low-vibe-tribe people, AND, how it’s really pushing out negative energies at those who are the Light and the ‘High Vibe Tribe’ to borrow Sandra Walter’s great term. I got hit again last night at 3:00 AM (big clue there!) via a Portal Person that lives across the street. We’ve never even seen each other but that doesn’t matter to TD. Sometimes it’s amazing how childish Team Dark is now, plus so obvious with their frantic tactics to try and get any of the High Vibe Tribe people to “fall” energetically and get mad, get scared, angry, fearful etc.

      There are days when I simply cannot cope with leaving my HOME/home to go shopping and have to put it off until I feel more empowered, grounded, integrated and Sovereign once again. And, this is escalating this year like crazy due to the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and all that goes along with it… which is more than I can even comprehend! Hold the Light everyone because you are the Light and when you feel a bit shaky because you’re going through another HUGE change yourself, lay low and go through what you and your body are and once that anchors better then make a mad-dash to do all the grocery shopping you have to do. Wow and wow huh? 🙄

      • Thank you so much Denise. This is all very helpful. This place we’re in right now feels like we are a group of early pioneers showing up in the desolate wild, Wild West, and we only have our own Higher Self connections and you AP teachers to help us navigate a totally new existence. As I go along, I gain more trust in my HS, but you teachers are lifelines and lighthouses, and I thank GOD for your more advanced understanding of this! It’s like we are climbing very technical routes up the mountain now, and need more and more specific tools and techniques to continue the journey. Your latest blog post has shown me that moving forward I really need to protect my higher vibrational state by avoiding as much as possible places like my daughter’s school, sporting events, and low vibe tribe stores and restaurants. I recently plugged in to some spiritual communities that do openly acknowledge that we are in fact ascending and that the insane world is falling apart. The people are generally higher vibe.

        I can get so very sad, lost, disoriented, grievous, depressed, lonely, and repulsed when hanging around in the 3D zombie places. At times, this past month I actually felt intensely suicidal from this because it was agonizing to feel stuck in such a horrible, ugly low vibe world that I do not want to be in any longer. I was vascillating between the higher dimensions and then dropping back to 3D, and it was just brutal because I was perceiving it in all its ugly horribleness with no illusions left. I was seeing it for what it is and this was frightening at first. Those suicidal-I can’t be here any longer- feelings have cleared, healed, burned up, and passed. It was very painful and agonizing having this come up and then riding the healing wave with it for about a day. Very difficult but felt infinitely lighter when it burned off and cleared away by the next day.

        It’s time to really consciously now more than ever before navigate our lives choosing Highheart thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and accompanying emotions as we remain grounded in the Now. We must nurture this state by not dumping ourselves down into places, people, situations i.e. Zombieville that hold no compatibility with Highheart living as much as possible. So I suppose it’s no more coasting along. We really have to step into being cocreators and co-nurturers of these new energies. Yes, wow, wow, and wow.

        Looking forward to reading your next post Denise as I definitely need help with navigating the different timelines and am pretty much stumbling along here with limited practical, day to day skills to apply. Just so amazed each time I clear something painful and horrible, and then wake up alive the next day lighter and somehow improved than before! This is the awesome miracle! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

      • Ha! Denise, I love your comment about the Zombies – this has occurred to me as well. People are becoming more and more entranced by their technology and programmed in various ways to stay in a low frequency based on fear and survival. I do feel like I’m “under attack” sometimes when I step out of my home environment for whatever reason. I look forward to your post on HOW to intentionally shift from one timeline to another. Many of us are doing it unconsciously right now, and your insights will help. Blessings.

  • Nice post, Denise – Most people on Secondary timelines are unaware of what they’re spewing out (or feel they’re entitled to spew out what they want) and are the least likely to READ your article, though I hope some do. Last weekend at a family BBQ, as I was helping my sister in the kitchen, my nephew’s wife called me some nasty names behind my back to others there, knowing that I would find out. There was no call for it, and I struggled to stay out of reaction mode. The feeling of disrespect was palpable. I find myself staying away from most people because of all the egoic posturing and insanity.

    I think as the Separation of Worlds becomes more defined, the Primary timeline will feel clearer and purer and the Secondary timelines will become darker with fewer Light-filled beings in them to balance things out. Maybe that’s the way it has to go, so people will notice how yucky their worlds have become and can choose differently before it’s too late.

    Blessings to you & all here.

  • Hi Denise.

    Its interesting how certain we are about our beliefs and mistake beliefs for KNOWING. This was me, and I had no clue that I didnt KNOW. And the big clue that will help people realize they dont know like they thought they knew will be fear based reactions and being defensive, plus their life in general goes downhill. No inner peace…

    At this point thats all i can address bcuz so far thats what I’ve come to know about me. I kept asking myself why was my life crap if i knew what i thought i knew. And i knew bits. But bits are not a cohesive big pic. I realized one needs inner stability and foundation for more knowing….or thats my latest belief and my common sense. I figure one must be able to use responsibly what comes with knowing and or remembering.

    And the clearing Denise! I have read about heavy duty pineal and throat clearing. My throat was sore and all the coughing centered from there. Last night i dreamed i was pulling great wads of hardened pus gunk out of my mouth. My clearing dreams are all similar. This time my focus shifted to something new for me. The gunk got caught in my teeth in long long strings and it was very tight and difficult to remove. I was using my hands. Eventually the gunk became pure black and less solid but i maintained focused on removal from teeth, my fingers covered in black stuff. Also im aware ive been bombarded with memories and angers , all the times i held back saying what needed to be said, but yet at the same time all of it was created when i felt a victim and afraid of people and circumstances, from childhood up till i learned differently which is recent. 🙄

    Lastly i want to know that i know im not my thoughts or my beliefs which ive come to understand what is often meant as attachments .

    I appreciate all the guidance from all the folks walking higher and cleaner and knowing. Thank u Denise. If u all didnt share, there’d be no handy way to challenge our own thinking and beliefs! We’d remain deeper in the dark doing it totally the hard way! 💖

  • Thank you Denise, as always these are things that need to be said and heard. It is a great reminder to me to try and stay in Primary and not get sucked back down. I have always been a very social person but find myself not socializing much like I used to. I like to keep to myself most of the time and stay in my higher frequency, it feels so much better.

  • This article comes at a precise time for me. Earlier today during meditation I believe I visited the “Primary Timeline” or as it was referred to me by a light being, the New Earth at the highest dimension. What I saw was new earth being prepared and worked on by and for light workers/beings. I could see lights coming and going from this new earth as light beings (and not just humans) returned to their other timelines of existence throughout the cosmos. The secondary earth you spoke of was referred to as “dead earth” which I understood this place was froze from progressing on and dying. This new earth will be the final resting place for all who belong there. Again, not just for humans but for all cosmic light beings. It was a beautiful sight. Glowing, sparkling rivers and valleys. Vegetables and fruits growing in vivid color. This place is where I choose to be. Thank you Denise for the wonderful article. We are on our way. The hard work has paid off.

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