More HOMEwork for Embodying Forerunners


• Ascension Process — the current Universal evolutionary Ascension Process (AP). On Earth, an entire physical human body and physical Earth world evolution from a third dimensional (3D) carbon-based frequency up to a fifth dimensional (5D) crystalline-based frequency; increasing Higher Awareness; evolving consciousness; increasing conscious awareness of ones multidimensional Selves, realities and other dimensional Beings; increasingly evolving beyond linear time and space and the consciousness and external reality that was a frequency match and reflection of it up and out into multidimensional reality and quantum or Spherical Consciousness and much more.

• Standard Embodiment Process of the AP — those humans currently living the Alchemical evolutionary Ascension Process and experiencing ongoing embodiment of greater amounts of increasingly higher frequency Light Energies into their physical bodies, consciousness and self. This energetic Stair-step process naturally increases their Inner Body vibrations, their “Light Quotient” in their physical bodies enough that they vibrationally/energetically “ascend” from one state, level, dimension, world and frequency of being and reality to a much higher, faster vibrating frequency and state, level, dimension, world and reality.

• Expanded Embodiment Process of the AP — what has been and continues being experienced by most Forerunners/Embodiers/Gatekeepers/Gridholders/Wayshowers/Pathpavers which is Embodying much more and much higher Light Energies into their physical bodies to go further with this Process and merge, Unify their Lower Self with their Higher Self in their current physical bodies. The Lower Self  incarnate aspect of “you” has been and still is Working very hard multidimensionally on ascending high enough vibrationally to come within range of and re-unite with your Higher Self. Like the Standard Embodiment Process, this Alchemical transformation is taking place in and through the current incarnate physical body, self and consciousness of these individuals. [Terms like Standard Embodiment and Expanded Embodiment Process are necessary so we can communicate highly complex transformational processes and events. They’re just words used to define what we and other people are currently living, doing, anchoring and holding vibrationally via the Ascension and Embodiment Processes.]

We’ve all known that 2017 was going to be different from all the many long and difficult AP years that got us all to this important changeover or Shift point. As usual with each of these AP years, the first-half of the year is prep Work for more of the NEW energies that comes in and anchors into each that’s capable of Embodying more NEW higher Light Codes/templates/blueprints/DNA etc. throughout the second-half of the year. In 2017, this process has reached the elevated level and stage the Forerunners have Worked so long and hard for where big, obvious, physical changes will be visible to and felt by most everyone worldwide one way or another. Said another way, now that we’ve reached the halfway point in 2017, the second-half of this year will physically manifest more of the NEW higher Earth World energies and consciousness in more and more people due to the physical Separation of Worlds taking place now.

Now that you’ve cheered and hollered, reveled and congratulated yourselves in well-deserved giddy joy over finally reaching this point, what’s up next for we Embodier Forerunners is a whole lot more NEW responsibilities and abilities on the higher/highest Ascension side of the Separation of Worlds. This is and isn’t as big a deal as it may sound at first, but, we each need to be very consciously aware that things are quickly going to be even more different for us than they have been, and that’s saying something after all these many years and decades doing this!

I do my best to be aware of all the subtle and not so subtle things that take place in me, my body, my life and consciousness throughout the first-half of each year but because we’re in 2017 (1 energies but at a NEW higher level than we’ve ever been before), I knew this would be different and to expect the unexpected as best I could. What I’ve perceived and experienced so far in 2017, I’ve written about as usual, but because we’ve reached the physical level of the Separation of Worlds everything’s felt and been different.

One of the big clues about all this that jumped out at me was when Sandra Walter mentioned that seven Solar flares had hit Saturn in April 2017. To most I suspect that statement and event sounded like not much more than a cluster of Solar flares all hitting Saturn but to me it was a huge clue that physical reality, which Saturn has ruled, and which Team Dark had taken advantage of and distorted and used to create inorganic/synthetic systems and structures and physical realities on physical Earth and in mass humanity for many thousands of years, was about to change big-time. To me, hearing that Saturn got blasted seven times by Solar flares in the first-half of 2017, told me that throughout the second-half of this year the great freeing of hijacked Saturnian energies—and therefore physical Earth reality and hijacked humanity—was going to become increasingly obvious to more and more people.

Another big clue for me was a sudden explosive-like change that took place the first few days of June 2017, that instantly pushed me out of where I had been and what I’d been doing. I suspect that the more Forerunners review their personal lives in the first-half of 2017, you’ll discover just how much your AP and EP trajectory has changed and/or been course corrected when and where needed by your Higher Self & Co. ❤

Another thing I’ve experiencing increasingly since 2013, and actually started an article about it but will include it here briefly instead, has been how certain other Ascended Masters—my beloved Master Hotei being one of a few—suddenly manifesting in my Higher Awareness to give me a look, an expression, a slight facial gesture and eye contact that speaks unspoken volumes to me in that timeless moment. Such are higher communications much of the time now at this NEW higher level of my current being and consciousness.

Some of these ancient Ascended Masters show up like this when they want me to better understand some aspect of my “ascending” into their old jobs so to speak. Many of us Embodying Forerunners have ancient “Elders”, other Beings, including other aspects of our greater Selves above us vibrationally like this that assist us at this current level because they’ve been there, done that” which we’re currently stepping into on the physical level as the NEW global spiritual and energetic teachers and guides on the AP and EP and related topics in the NEW Earth world.

Of course when this happens now with my ancient beloved past-life Master Teacher Master Hotei, all he does is project his image to my awareness with one of his endlessly comical facial gestures that radiate pages and pages of information about the fine art of being a spiritual teacher. It’s funny actually that these amazing Beings are communicating with some Forerunners now with just a split-second subtle look, just a single emotion radiated out of their eyes at us and our HighHearts across the cosmos that informs us about the “How To” of this business of becoming better NEW Earth teachers and guides. Not one word has ever been spoken or telepathed from any of them to me and vice versa, just a visual of their face emanating specific information and emotions in half a second’s time and me smiling and giving gratitude to them for that abundant information. HighHeart to HighHeart talk. ❤

What they’ve done with me, and many of us I suspect, has been to further teach us as we evolve into our NEW roles of Ascended HighHeart 5D World Teachers in this very NEW and different way. I’ve Worked on etheric levels while asleep and out-of-body with certain other humans, many well-known worldwide all my life as many “old souls” have, but this is very different. This is my continuing to be educated by some of these Ascended Master Beings but now about certain aspects of being a spiritual teacher. It never stops, only expands into something larger, higher, more complex and amazing for all the players at all the levels and stages.

Another of these related 2017 Separation of Worlds clues for me was realizing that transiting Saturn will make its last conjuntion to the GC in November and December of this year, and then two days before the December Solstice Saturn enters Capricorn (joining transiting Pluto there). These two astrological events will have an extra potent impact on the Separation of Worlds that’s taking place already. Physical reality will enter a compressed period of tremendous physical changes, some with the potential to scare the pants off the stout of heart, while simultaneously it all just unfolding like the great Divine evolutionary event all this and more actually is. Just another heads-up in a growing list of coming changes all related to the Separation of Worlds on the physical level finally Forerunners. There’s no fear here, just greater awareness.

Point is with all this that as the Separation of Worlds increasingly manifests this year on Earth on the physical level, it means that each Embodier Forerunner specifically are entering another HUGE level of individual personal change and also collectively too from an individual level. We’ve always felt the human Earth collective and much more too, but, as the Separation of Worlds becomes increasingly physically obvious to more and more “regular humans”, how we deal with that and other things too of course is paramount for multiple reasons.

One of the many NEW responsibilities and abilities the Embodier Forerunners are getting better acquainted with this year and beyond is CONSCIOUSLY realizing and never ever forgetting the fact that we are, you/me/we are the ones that Hold, that Embody, that Keep, that support and anchor the NEW into the NEW Earth world, the NEW grids etc. the NEW Codes/templates/blueprints of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle. We’ve marveled over the ancient Elder “Keepers” of Earth and on other stars and star systems for Keeping, Holding, Embodying and Maintaining the energies and codes of their times. Well, guess who the NEW Keepers, Holders and Embodiers of the brand NEW Codes are here on NEW Earth? That would be you/me/we Embodier Forerunners—aka Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Gridholders, Gridkeepers, Lightwarriors, Lightworkers, Energy Transmuters, Duality Dismantelers, Team Dark Evictors, HighHeart Conscious Creator Beings.

Take a deep breath and come to CONSCIOUS terms with this fact because you/me/we each need to own this and wear this now like never before. You know what you are; now be IT, live IT, radiate IT constantly, even when you’re in the grocery store buying toilet paper! Own IT and wear IT NEW Ascended physical 5D and higher Master HighHeart Beings of Light! Why? Because our ability and responsibility to do this is much-needed now and going forward. Who else is capable of Embodying and anchoring the NEW Codes and Energies into the NEW ascended Earth world but us? The more you and I consciously exist from this state of awareness and being, the easier it is to do it for All else. No pressure, no fear, but do pay close attention if and when an Elder Ascended Master Being shows up in your Higher Awareness and smiles at you, or winks at you, or furrows his brow and cocks his glorious etheric head slightly to let you know you’re energetically off course a tad bit at the moment. Just BE what you’ve Worked so long and so hard to become because we’ve reached a totally NEW level and phase of the AP in 2017, and now that we’ve entered the second-half of it, things are going to unfold even faster and more intensely energetically for those of us Pathpaving the way.

I know that things are getting more intense when the hot flashes side effect returns. That symptom alone means that I’m burning away more old lower density/negativity of the past lower everything, personal and for the human collective, and they started back up again a couple of months ago. As the Separation of Worlds takes place physically this year and beyond, we Embodier Forerunners are and will continue to be affected by it physically and also in NEW and different ways. Some will be side effects we’ll feel in our bodies and other aspects have more to do with our NEW abilities and responsibilities. All-in-all it’s going to get really interesting, which is saying a lot again considering what we’ve already been through! Just own IT, wear IT, radiate IT, be IT and be consciously aware that you are IT so you never again make the ridiculous error of thinking or believing that you’re just a human. 😉 You and your hard-earned energies and abilities are and will continue to be needed as we step across this invisible line in the cosmic sand that is the amazing, evolutionary Separation of Worlds & Timelines.


July 11, 2017

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15 thoughts on “More HOMEwork for Embodying Forerunners

  • Denise and All,
    Well I’ll be! Your guides making quick little faces-expressions happened to me with mine as well. I commented on your last post about seeing 3 grey bearded guides in robes, and I neglected to mention that one of them stuck their tongue out at me! Boo! The other two exchanged somber slightly worried glances that instantly communicated to me that I’ve not been putting into practice some of the highheart choices and behaviors that I should be by now. One main one was replacing judgement/grievances towards others with compassion, understanding, and love knowing they are still in 3D. I needed to deeply consider-feel the fear, wounding, or pain in them that could cause them to act out in negative ways patterns, and then take the highheart road and shine my highheart compassionate love on them. If they are ruled by ego, then they are suffering. I wasn’t doing this very well prior to June and was being a bit self righteous and judgemental towards too many people. Compassion was lacking. It also meant I needed to catch up quickly on some clearing and healing because I had become pretty stagnant as of late with some of my fear based issues (fear of rejection and low self worth) and egoic patterns (Ms. Victim) still stuck deeply in me. The tongue sticking out guide seemed a little annoyed and was like, ‘Step it up and stop doing-being these things!’ The worried guides were saying, ‘You’re behind!’

    So fast forward a few weeks after their visit which was the night I left the ER due to thinking I was losing my mind to today when all the intense, difficult, round the clock DIFFICULT amplifications and accelerated healings have taken place on no sleep, and I’m in a much more high heart place viewing people from a place of compassion, mercy, and love knowing they are a soul putting one foot in front of the other in the 3D hellish, disconnected from Source world. I’ve reached out and made amends to three family members dropping the resentment and victim-me, and we’ve healed our rifts. Even with my ex who I wasn’t speaking to, I communicated to him that even though mistakes in the marriage were made, let’s try to move forward in peace and mutual empathy. My kids are so so happy we did this and that mom and dad now speak!

    This isn’t a mind thought or just an idea of love. I can now feel this beautiful, lightdivine love in my heart for EVERYONE simply because feeling how they are me, and I am them, and we are expressions of God. I can look them in the eyes and hold that place of love when interacting sensing the unity and oneness, sensing them as me. My entire chest throat area feels SO LIGHT, soft, airy, empty, beautiful,and open as this Highheart energy has integrated, but also still balancing a bit by merging with my 3D body. The first few weeks of the integration starting on June 20 when the Highheart energy came in was pretty hellish with the ego kicking and screaming on its way out, and me in and out of intense states of terror and fear! No fun!

    Thank you Denise!

    My teen daughter is back after visiting her dad so it’s a revolving door of these kiddos at my house again. Girls and self hatred and horrific low self esteem. So many of them have it! Everything is so heavily egoic and conditional with them….if I’m pretty then I’m worthy, if I’m smart or perfect etc. We love/light workers have got to especially help our girls heal this patriarchal- female hate wounding once we get settled into the New Energy! I’m sure much of the new light energies coming in will heal it in due time anyway!

    • Colleen, you are a very courageous woman and I admire the extreme obstacles you are overcoming– congratulations for shifting to the High Heart! That ego you described here and in your previous post was never you, nor is it these young girls — as Don Juan has said, it is a “foreign installation”. Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring me to continue on mine!

      • “…as Don Juan has said, it is a “foreign installation”.”

        Yes it is a “foreign installation” Treya, one that every human has to uninstall from themselves. There’s no shame in this but we all need to be honest about what’s been done to humanity and why etc. No more co-dependence with the negative, in any of its forms. This is so important and why I’ve been stressing this point lately.

      • Thank you Treya but I’ve pretty much been dragged into this kicking and screaming! It’s been quite frightening at times! It was another tough day yesterday with incredibly INTENSE pain energy coming up in my heart with accompanying stiffness and aches in my neck, chest, and shoulders. Then followed by these huge heart bumps and thump clearings, and then heat. Body is lighter today as if heavy toxic poison has been healed out of it. I was at a horrible breaking point yesterday begging God to just let me stay in 3D and felt suicidal (but not going to act on it…hubby was there with me). The healing went on anyway and now today perceiving again from Highheart. I keep vascillating between these difficult painful wave releases coming out of every nook and cranny of this body, and then a peaceful segment of Highheart perception for a bit. Daughter had a synchronistic healing one night laying awake all night with high energy in her legs/feet with self hatred feelings coming up all night surrounding not being ‘good’ at anything and being worthless. I cleared this very painful, sad energy that day all day (and she didn’t know this)! Wow! I’m seeing a pattern of some things mirroring and happening in my daughter as they happen in me. I hope I’m not being a big blabber mouth by posting too much here Denise. ☹️ I guess it’s therapeutic to write about it, and then maybe it could help others when/if they go through this. To anyone going through it, hang in there as it’s a cycle and process that comes, goes, comes, goes! Hoping the intense waves will subside soon! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

        • Colleen,

          That was a great and honest Comment about how intense these current AP further purging of all lower stuff energies really are. ❤

          Yesterday I went to the grocery store and repeatedly got "lost" there and couldn't keep things linear so I could buy what I needed and get the hell back home again. Having said that, I just wrote a new article and published it a minute ago and while I was writing it I had the same thing happen; not being able to hold linear time space and consciousness in place and work, perceive, create from it. HUGE clue that people as to what we’re going through with all these deeper level cellular and all else repeated density purgings.

          There’s times when I can, we can get away with shifting back and forth between higher and slightly lower timelines and Earth worlds and then there’s times when it’s really hard to do that and probably shouldn’t even be trying to do so but remain entirely focused on the Now Moment purging transformations and greater Embodiment Process etc. This is how we learn… 🙂 Hang in there everyone because it’s going to be super intense like this for months.

    • lynnmarie1101,

      It’s always interesting to read about and see photos or graphic images from “professional science people” about what’s happening on all levels… because of the evolutionary Ascension Process. And the fact that this info was attained by them and reported now months before Saturn’s final conjunction to the GC and then entrance into Capricorn in December 2017, lets us all know about how everything everywhere is currently being reconfigured with more NEW Light Energy Codes while simultaneously burning off, casting off, stepping out of the remaining old lower codes from the past Evolutionary Cycle.

      We’ve entered a highly accelerated and very amplified time and phase of the AP now where we’re all going through increased Dumping of the old lower stuff/density/negativity/distortions etc. while simultaneously Embodying greater and higher frequency amounts of NEW Light Energies/Codes/Divine Source/Multidimensionality etc. Last night into today is really rough and my body is needing down time to deal with all this so today is another bigger than usual self-care day for me.

      Thanks for sharing this info lynnmarie. ❤

  • I have never thought of myself as a team dark evictor but today, I took control of a situation and fired 2 of the low energy people that were caring for my mother. The fact that my brother chose to step aside and allow this and the way I found a in home care agency that had people ready to start today, The bending of time because of what was accomplished in just a few hours and so flowing and easy is beyond anything I could ever have believed possible. I got a little iffy because I could have handled letting them go more gently? But these girls have caused so much drama in the family and have been emotional abusive to my mom so somehow I can not seem to feel any thing but relief that they are gone. I actually said I took pleasure in firing them but the pleasure is from the knowing that the crazy is gone. Mommy is free to be. Sorry if this off topic.

    • sunny,
      Very well done you! ❤ I'm proud of you for taking back your power, taking responsibility, kicking out the co-dependent bullshit parasitic people (so-called Caregivers) and improving the entire situation for everyone involved, including yourself.

      If we of the Light and the NEW everything don't stop the lower vibe tribe and their co-dependent negativity, who will? It's now up to we of the Light to no longer endure and perpetuate ANYTHING that's of the low vibe consciousness tribe. We of the Light are no longer the minority on Earth, having to suffer all the old lower ways, people, systems etc. The shoe is now on the other foot and the low vibe consciousness tribe HAS to evolve up into the Light too, or exit and exist elsewhere. So when we of the Light and in the know refuse to participate any longer in any type of lower negativity with anyone or anything, we change not only ourselves even more but we also help other people to evolve themselves and we also are informing the human collective that THEY need to improve/evolve to interact with us. ❤

      You did great sunny and don't forget how you got to this turning point in yourself.

      • You my dear Denise can take some credit for where I am now. THANK YOU 🙂
        Amazing how the family dynamics have shifted and everyone mostly positive about the changes. One of the girls lives 1/4 mile from mom and my sister decided to let her continue to do the yard which I am fine with. I believe she has a good heart. She was almost chocked to death by her adult son less than a year ago and my heart hurts for her because of it. She just not good for family or mom because she is/can be caught up in drama.

  • I actually wrote about this two weeks ago! My guides recently shared that the codes coming to earth now need translators to move them to the grid to be available to humanity and told me I need to be doing it monthly. But I am certainly having a tough few weeks physically – we’ve had repeated thunderstorms, a heat wave and even a big earthquake and the energy is tough to keep up with. Thanks for sharing your work – it’s always nice to know I’m not alone….

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