From the Top Down Reconfigurations

Just a quick note because I haven’t physically recovered from the latest intense personal shift that began around 2:00 AM for me on July 2, 2017. It’s still unfolding today because that’s what all of these do now; continue unfolding into the next one and the next and the next. But I felt I should mention how big and potent this latest reconfiguration blast was, is, because I know many of you experienced it starting on July 2nd too and are still dealing with it and the changes its made in you.

All of June 2017, I had constant dreams every night practically all night and I’ve never dreamed like that before. Most of them were just hyper, busy sorts of events with lots going on that I couldn’t relate to personally. It seemed a case of my witnessing these dream events more than directly participating in them. There were however a few other dreams that I easily recognized as coming from me and were about things I needed to fully release, which I did, but these were scant in comparison to the month-long onslaught of these other dreams. The more I sensed into those stranger dreams, I realized I’ve been observing (again) so much of past Earth life realities that other people have physically lived quickly leaving this level of consciousness, space and reality because more people are currently leaving that old lower level of frequency, reality, consciousness, life and physical space.

In late June I had a couple of my own old personal emotional issues with some family members bubble up for the nine thousandth time, and I stated that I was really done with all that and ready to now fully release it all from myself—body and soul—and everywhere else too. A couple of days after this cosmic declaration I got what I asked for; another Big Dump Purge! Ask and ye shall receive, and immediately now.

So as the July 2nd reconfiguration energies opened at this level, my physical body simultaneously began “dumping” from around 3:00 AM till sunrise.        There’s all the common upper-half of the body side effects such as the head pains and pressures, numb face, hearing high-pitched tones constantly, eye and vision changes, Pineal and Pituitary pressures, movements and other unusual sensations of expansion and change in them and those areas, heart flutters, thumbs and bumps in the HighHeart area, ever intensifying inner body vibrations caused by Embodying greater Light, feeling “sick” and achy and so on. And there’s the bottom-half of the body side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, general digestion problems and pains, lower back/spine pains, hips, legs and/or foot pains and so on. All sorts of extra special fun from the top down in other words.

Nothing new here other than we’re doing it all at higher and higher levels every time we go through another round of the Embodiment Process. Have you been seeing and/or Seeing other NEW “anomalies” lately around and/or coming from your physical body? Be prepared for more of this when it happens and just know that this is you and your Light being perceived by you in these new NEW and higher ways.

Okay, that’s about it for me at the moment as it’s back to a horizontal position and hopefully nap time for a while. The lower body half has finally eased up, but the upper half is still humming, beaming, radiating, screeching with high frequency tones plus aching so it’s back to more self-care. While all this is going on the low vibe tribe has played with their illegal firecrackers every night. Exactly what one needs when one is going through all that one (still) is! Guess what I’m declaring next? Guess what’s unfolding this year? Exactly what I’m declaring, Embodying and anchoring along with all the others of the High Vibe Tribe’ (to borrow Sandra Walter’s great term); physical completion of the Separation of Worlds & Timelines by the end of 2017.


Transiting Mars conjunct correction, opposition Pluto in Capricorn on July 2nd. Ouch and watch out! Sorry for the error everyone.


July 4, 2017

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45 thoughts on “From the Top Down Reconfigurations

  • Wow Denise. This is crazy stuff! I have been feeling very much the same since around that time. I have had this VERY strange frequency low vibrational him in my right ear … it started back in November. Just for about 10 minutes and would come on every few weeks. Then it began to come on more frequently and for longer until once in February it stayed for 5 days along with the feeling of being in an airplane and swimming pool at the same time. Then I get after this noise dies down, the strangest sounds. Like everyone to talks around me sounds like a computer robot. Needless to say it’s now July and it comes on so frequently but the day of the July full moon it came on and still hasn’t left. It feel permanent now, along with headaches , radiating feeling from the constant humming inside my right ear ( which now feels like it’s inside my head). Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with what seems like fast moving flip charts inside my eye lids ( when my eyes are closed) almost like weird shapes moving around really fast. The only time the ears seem to settle is outdoors in nature unless it gets really bad which happens when I stress myself out over this. My fear keeps getting in the way and creating horrifying thoughts of 3D diagnoses. There is internal head pressure involved, feels like pituitary/ pineal pain. My eye sight keeps going blurry in and out. ( this has happened a lot over the years but it’s happening a lot with this lately), my crown now hurts. Tender and prickly pain all over it. I woke up along with this on the full moon (July 9) with a sore throat, then moved to chest infection. I’m still coughing and feeling achy and yucky from this after almost 2 weeks and I’ve NEVER gotten sick in the summer before. My body is exhausted but my brain won’t let me sleep much so I’m getting 3-4 hours sleep per day most days. Now, recently I’m feeling the lower body stuff like you mentioned. I haven’t vomited but am getting nausea again ( I get this skit ehenbstuff acts up). LOTS ago clearing or old programs and purging coming up lately.
    I think I’m not understanding why things get worse and worse for me .. but I also can’t seem to let this fear go with each and every symptom that arises. My human brain wants to keep me in fear with the stories.
    Why would this strange humming in my head become permanent? Is it s frequency I’m hearing? I try to sit with it and ask my HS abut I haven’t gotten any response as my fear won’t back down and keeps telling me I must be dying .. brain tumour or something !! The longer it stays and won’t go away, the more I’m fearing this. How does one start to understand what these sounds are meant to be telling us?

    • Livia,

      “My human brain wants to keep me in fear with the stories.”

      It’s not your brain doing that but your ego. We all go through having our ego self do its best to terrorize us into all sorts of bullshit nonsense. Realize that it’s your ego self-sabotaging you and then Work on that aspect of this common AP situation.

      “Why would this strange humming in my head become permanent? Is it s frequency I’m hearing?”

      Yes it’s high pitched Light Energies and most everyone living the AP and EP hear this too. I’ve adapted to it over the years and it’s now another way to know that more high frequency Light (energies) are affecting, evolving us. It starts up every time we encounter another period of intense energies here. There’s nothing “wrong” with you; you’re just evolving very rapidly as we all are so get the ego problem dealt with because that’s what’s “wrong”! 😉

      • Thanks Denise! You’re absolutely right! Thanks for the reminder. This is the problem I need to work through, not sit and wonder about this ear thing that is bothering me … I hope it’s normal for this to give me a constant headache and inner ear ache…
        I sat quietly this morning and in a calm state asked my higher self if I’m okay and I got “yes, it’s the light energies ramping up causing this. You can relax”!! Yay!! ❤️

  • Hi Denise

    Thank u very much.
    I suffered aching pains and headaches so intense beginning July 2. Thank you so much for the information. Pretty intense time.

  • Denise & All,

    When it comes to “seeing things,” two days ago I “saw” (in my mind’s eye) a bunch of black swarming “bugs” that look like they’re writhing. I think this is the interdimensional parasitic energy field at a micro level. It’s like they’re being fried alive. And yesterday, I saw a DEAD snake!

    Blessings to us all …

    • Yes, I had a vision two weeks ago and ‘saw’ coming out of all of these kaleidoscope of patterns these three bearded, white haired older men dressed in white and gold robes. I could simply sense their energy as this other worldly kindness, compassion, love, and amazing gentleness as they related to one another as if the very closest of connected brothers with pure love for each other. They were so strong, wise, kind, and loving. The very embodiment of divine masculine presenting in the healer (priest) archetype. Their presence actually caused me to cry later at times in sadness and grief because I felt so strongly their unique-not-here-on this-Earth energy that of course strongly triggered the feeling and rememberance of Home. It was like I so so wanted to be with them and so so missed them, and just really wished I could be there with them. My gosh, are these intense ever interesting times!! We ain’t in Kansas anymore! 😩….. ❤️😇❤️

  • Yes, my balance is off too! I’m dizzy as well. I’m pretty sure I saw a quick ‘rip’ in the room. It’s like the room split in half for a second like almost a tear in the space in my living room. Anyone ever had that happen?

    Also, my body is wired all night and I don’t really sleep, yet wake up with a lot of energy all day. It’s very very strange! Anyone ever experienced bouts of this? Please tell me it evens out. I really love sleep!

    • Colleen & All,

      The wired and tired side effect, exhausting in so many ways.

      Yesterday I saw over a period of a couple of hours, what looked like transparent movements in certain areas of space in my living room. This somewhat resembled heat mirages in that they were clear, transparent and moving but I got the distinct impression that it was other dimensional beings moving about that was causing this “side effect” or energetic ripple-like movement of the space in areas of my living room. I heard nothing, just saw this many times in different areas of the room, and at times could almost See multiple humanoid shapes in those transparent energy movements like they were the cause of those mirage-like after effects that were visible.

      The higher we go now during this Separation of Worlds & Timelines, the more many of us will be seeing/Seeing other dimensional Beings that exist outside of linear time and space etc. This is going to increase so don’t freak out people when you see/See some increasingly unusual phenomena right in the same “space” as where you currently are. We’re moving through some MAJOR levels and layers now and who knows what and who we could be running into during this HUGE change. Exciting times! 🙂

      • Hi Denise and Everyone,

        All I can say is help! I’m having a freak out morning after another entire night of not sleeping! My face has been feeling numb and tingly for two weeks. In the last two weeks, tons of energy is running through this body and I’ve hardly been eating or sleeping for two weeks with healings/clearings happening at night around 2-3 am. I’ve dropped a lot of weight. Anyone else been this wired and on like this for this length of time and any insights into why the heck my body has suddenly decided it no longer wants sleep? I do feel lighter and more spacious in this body at this point after massive energy clearing since June 20. I’m gripped by fear and apprehension this morning feeling such dread, confusion, and upset about mainly suddenly not sleeping for two weeks now unless I cave and pop an Ambien. I’m scared and panicked that I could end up in the nut house or dead if this keeps going indefinitey!

        Thank you to anyone for for any insight or your expertise on this! Is this normal or am I really getting into a bad place with this? Sorry to sound so clingy and desperate 😩😥😔

        • Colleen,

          We’ve all been there with those moments of confusion and concerned over some extreme body “malfunction” or so we believe it may be at the time. When my physical body AP started in 1999, I was lucky to sleep for 45 minutes before I’d be woke up by a hot flash that lasted for about the same length of time. I remember when that progressed a few years later into finally being able to sleep uninterrupted for two hours! It was a freakin’ miracle those glorious two hours of sleep each night without a hot flash. Here we are 18 years later and I still can only sleep a total of about 4 hours a night, and that’s waking up numerous times every night. I nap during the day when able and not wired up like crazy by the latest Light Energies, but this is just the way sleep is for me now. Most people won’t be sleeping — or eating or much of anything else — like they were used to before the AP started. We are different…

          We’re in another big “wired and tired” phase now because we’re going through multiple HUGE positive changes this month, because August will dramatically push the Separation of Worlds to another level physically to a degree not experienced by anyone before. Said another way, everything this year is preparation for greater changes coming throughout 2017 and beyond.

          Don’t forget everyone that the more Light you Embody, the more it changes you, your body, your consciousness and your life and reality and the world too. The more Light we Embody, the less we’re like we used to be which means how we sleep, eat, perceive etc. is constantly changing now. This is normal even though it often feels terribly abnormal. Try to not go into fear over not sleeping Colleen because that could make relaxing — and sleeping — even more difficult. Sleep when you can and forget about trying to make your body and life fit into the old lower routines, beliefs and models we’re all used to. It simply doesn’t work and this will only get more so from here on out.

          Give yourself and your body a “time out” each day and go somewhere in your home or outside where you can be alone and not hear anything or anyone. Sit or lay down and open your HighHeart and give the highest Gratitude to yourself that you’re capable of right now. Intentionally give Love and thanks to your body and yourself for what you’re going through with the AP. That instantly puts us in our HighHearts and slows things down and makes it all feels much more correct and normal. The head/mind/intellect cannot cope with increasingly higher frequency Light Energies, but the HighHeart certainly can and is designed for it, so get out of your head and into your HighHeart and open and feel Love and Gratitude and Strength and Empowerment and on and on. ❤ Let this tactic relax you and your body and it just may also cause you to fall asleep and nap for a bit. And it doesn't matter if you only fall asleep for a few minutes of linear "time" because just getting out of your physical body for a few minutes is a reboot in the quantum nonlinear timeless level and this will make you feel great! No fear, just ongoing change/evolution. ❤ 😉

      • Thank you Denise! I’ve been going to my Higher Self and he/she/I have been given two symbols of bumps since June 20, and now just one symbol of a bump. I think the message may be something like that we are halfway through something since around June, and this lines up with what you are saying about the Separation in August. I guess my human pea brain needs to finally accept that the old is gone and this is an epic cosmic event of unprecedented proportions that we are heading into! It’s amazing to read all of the different AP teacher energy reports about how everyone on board with Ascension are massively feeling this now. But I miss my old 3D comfort zone, darn it!! 😭This is new, way out of the comfort zone and my dissolving 3D ego self is not liking this one bit! ❤️😩❤️It’s just so hard for my mind to believe that in August many of us will be living in a Highheart beginning 5D reality…..I guess there’s a little bit of too good to be true/this can’t really be happening going on. 🤔

    • Colleen,
      As indicated in my earlier reply to you, doing deep breathing/ yogic exercises such as pranayama, or the very-easy-to-do “Corpse Pose”/ Savasana can mitigate (the common) panic-attacks/ wired feelings, which are symptomatic of a ‘huge’ forthcoming upgrade. Best wishes!

      • Spica,

        I’m not going to publish your Comments because the information you’re giving to other people here (it sounds like you should create your own website for this) is old school and people have, are, and will continue evolving so far beyond ALL of these old lower frequency, lower consciousness tools from the past and ancient 3D Earth world.

        What does a 5D Lightbody integrated human need with yoga? What does a 5D Lightbody integrated human need with astrology? What does a Lightbody integrated human with fifth dimensional and higher consciousness and Self-as-Source sovereignty need with any of the old school teachings and tools? Answer is they do not, and trying to use old lower frequency tools on a person and body that vibrates far above those old tools is not only pointless, useless but limiting as well.

        Spica & All,

        With the Separation of Worlds happening all year in 2017 to a degree it hasn’t been able to before, and even more intensely now that we’ve entered the second half of the year (from the June Solstice), everyone’s old lower 3D belief systems about everything, not just spiritual but everything, are going to more quickly and easily be seen by more and more people as outdated and completely ineffective because people and reality simply no longer exists at that old lower level of frequency and reality. I’ve been polite and tolerant of this sort of thing over the past decade at my blog sites but I won’t promote anyone’s information that’s inappropriate, incorrect, misleading or outright disinformation etc.

        This is not a case of those of us farther along the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process path going back down energy Stair-steps to accommodate people with their belief systems still existing at lower Stair-step levels than we currently are. None of this works this way and I haven’t and won’t promote anyone’s Comments and/or links to other people’s material that is in my opinion incorrect, distorted or intentionally or unintentionally disinformation. People, this is why I don’t publish certain links you include in your Comments. I don’t enjoy having to say all this publicly nor do I enjoy harping on anyone for any reason. However, the time of accommodating those who don’t understand and continue trying to limit the rest of us with their old lower consciousness beliefs is over. To continue the AP YOU have to step up and change, evolve, grow and not cling to old lower ways, tools, beliefs and frequencies. And in case you don’t realize this, the Separation of Worlds means that those old lower frequency energies and codes that were those old tools and beliefs no longer exists! They have Expired along with the old lower world they came from. Harsh but true and this year and beyond it will push this fact like nothing anyone has seen or experienced before.

  • Thelma & All,

    It’s very common to be “off balance” so to speak during HUGE shifts such as what we’re going through now. I’ve mentioned before about how I repeatedly bash one of my hands and/or elbows against doorjambs when I pass through them. It’s like my ability to get my body through the threshold is slightly off-kilter even though to me it looked like I was perfectly “centered” between the right and left sides of the doorjamb. All this is so symbolic at higher levels of all this but that doesn’t help the bashed hands, knuckles and elbows… or hot frying pans that you’ve then got to clean up. These big expansion and transition states are something to navigate in all ways!

  • Thank you Denise. This is SO reassuring right now. Severe headaches over the last few days, heart thribbles (I actually tasted/smelled my excess adrenaline after a nasty shock at work with a loud noise that threw me out of body for a millisecond), plus terrible digestive pains all day today and right now. Ouchie 😞 but you’ve made me feel better about it, it’s so easy to start panicking that you’re body is falling apart, but I forgot to bring it back inside and know it’s all ok, all part of the process. It’s so interesting what you report about your dream time as ditto: such busy dreams that feels unrelated to me all through June, and it does feel, like you say like its other peoples’ lives that I’m witnessing. Was also ‘worked on’ in the M.A.S.H unit, like you described once. Actually had an endoscopy, vivid as you like, in the dream. Wow, it’s all so tiring 😆. Thank you for your beautiful insights and hope you have a nice rest. 😊 😇💗🌺🌈🌠Xxxxx

  • Hi
    Oh boy I can relate. Feel like my feet have been whooshed out from under me. Head and sinus pain, asthma, wrist, shoulders and neck so tight it’s like I have been fighting. All good fun. I was sitting out drinking a cup of tea in the twilight on Sunday and the sky and reality around me was vibrating at a speed I haven’t seen before. When I get up in the morning it’s like I never slept.
    Love to you xxxx

    • Magda & All,

      Yep, this one is a biggie for sure.

      I woke up this morning exhausted, which is common during these extra big changes within our bodies and consciousness. I also feel like I was in a battle last night — lord I hate the “holidays” as they’re just negative tools to manipulate people and Portal People and last night this was really amplified in certain low vibe tribe people.

      I’ve also got that inner weak and shaky sensation like one gets after having been physically sick and/or traumatized. It’s all part of these extra intense Embodiment Processes but it sure is intense this time. My entire gut, belly, stomach and intestines feel like they’ve been through a war, which is pretty close to all the lower body dumping/purging business that’s been taking place since July 2nd. Lots and lots of old lower stuff exiting not only us and our physical bodies, cells, organs, lower Chakras etc., but the world too.

      And while I’m sharing some more about this phase, I’ve been Seeing and Feeling a Group of nonphysical, Lightbody Ascended Master Beings gathered and Working on the AP at that level now inside Mt. Shasta. Very beautiful, and based on what I’ve perceived so far, this is indeed a really big change/shift/advancement that’s taking place right now in multiple dimensions. ❤ ❤ ❤ I wore myself out writing this if you can believe it so it's back to resting my bruised and exhausted but increasingly Light-filled physical body. Embody and Purge, Purge and Embody everyone and self-care as long as you need.

      • Dear Denise,
        I’ve been reading on your site for years but this is the first I’ve ever posted a comment.
        It’s very comforting knowing all these intense symptoms are energy related. Yet when you’re hit over and over to the point of being non-functional, I begin to question whether I’m truly or just about to die!! OMG! I’m so internally weak and shaky that I feel a if I need to get thebhell out of this bidy. I live alone and sometimes get very frightened that I won’t be able to care for myself or tell anyone how im feeling as most don’t/ wouldn’t begin to understand. I’ve been to medical doctors, hospitals and many tests only to find nothing seriously wrong. I cry a lot from pure frustration of not being able to function on a normal level. I’m tired if crying. It’s been going on for a few years and feels as if it’s getting worse instead of better.
        Right now I’m just plain scared! Please excuse all my typos. Eyes have been extremely blurred. More so than usual.
        Love, Ricia

  • Thanks Denise once again for the confirmation. I knew when I started getting tingling on my forehead followed by burning joint pains, again…with hot flashes that we were in another burn off. I stated last month as well that I was “done” with the old behavior patterns with my boyfriend, and for the first time it seems, I am seeing him in a new light. It’s been a huge realization how I was contributing to the miscommunication via old learned family patterns, and then a revelation how that had spread across all of my communications with others. This reveal happened in a flash and was aided by my boyfriend’s insight that I had never really “heard” before, as I was filtering through my lens of protection. The part of “me” in “him” that I had enlisted to teach me something finally got through, and now I can never go back to that old behavior. It’s truly liberating to be free of such a long pattern.

    • ❤ Very well done you! Higher Awareness, and the courage to act on what one becomes aware of within themselves, is the key to personal freedom. ❤

    • This pretty much sums up what I came to this week around my family issues. I realized my hyper vigilance toward my mothers care was actually my own fear of not having anyone to care for me. I live alone in an isolated area. But hey I don’t need to worry because once I become my light body self completely will it even matter?
      The dizzy wavy head feelings are wild and do make me wonder if I need a rubber room 🙂

      This process is like riding a rollercoaster in a hurricane thanks all here love reading everyone comments

      • Good job with this sunny. There’s many of us elder’s — 60 and older — that have had to confront these same concerns and fears about our being alone as we age and not having anyone in our lives to help us etc. This is something I’ve dealt with and continue to but like you’ve discovered, we can Consciously Create what we want and need. Things will change and improve as we each continue growing, evolving, ascending/unifying individually. Be open to things being so much better than the old lower ways with everything, including aging. 😉 ❤

        • Thank-you. I am in reverse ageing mode 🙂 Just without the aches, pains and drama. The physical body renewing itself and remembering how to be without the baggage that comes with the process of years. Don’t care much about any wrinkles, body size or any other so called ideals of what should be. Inside I am becoming 30 again. My mind is the hard drive that runs the software of the biology. This has been my though process for maybe a year now and its working. Discerning what is ascension symptoms and not falling into concern of body self is sometimes a challenge. That and having to function still in the world of work, supply getting and famdamily stuff. Now it is mostly 2 steps forward and sometimes half a step back, But the joy bubbles come more often and the peace tingles (oneness) can sometimes take the breath away. Love you lots sister of my spirit and on we go.

  • Would LOVE nothing more than the end of famdamily drama. Any ideas how to do that when it comes to brothers/sisters not making good common sense decisions about mom care?
    June was low dream time for me which is unusual but the last several night/day naps have been full.

  • Oh boy, do I relate to this post! Massive amounts of grief, fear, pain, anxiety have purged up in me this month with all those fun assortment of bodily happenings you mentioned! Fun times! I’ve finally trusted what the heck my higher self has been telling me since early Mayish. It communicates with inner patterns that physically move my head. I kept getting the sign of a cross and it was saying that the horizontal line of the cross was nearing its completion but with some big jump events with lots of clearing and balancing along the way. The main message was COMPLETION is nearing. The vertical line is almost complete as well meaning the nonphysical energy aspect of this entire process as to what was set up energetically. It would then move my head into this very light other worldly energy.

    Massive grief came up from a past life in the fifties and some antique fifties cars kept popping into my experience to confirm this in June. Also, massive stored pain and grief from having been married for 12 years to an extremely egoic narcissistic personality disordered wannabe ‘alpha’ male who I had my two kids with. Lots of sobbing and massive massive release of all kinds of life pain in June came up which landed me in the ER thinking I was losing my mind. Fun! You are right Denise. I sense too that we are approaching the event in coming months as you say. I am going in and out between this very light, soft peaceful heavenly sense of reality where it almost feels like I’m floaty. The world feels soft, light, and so peaceful . It happened today while the hubby and I were strolling around the town. The world seemed so beautiful, still, soft, light, and peaceful and I felt that loving oneness with others. This lasted for about 30-40 minutes in full intensity. It’s the fourth time it’s happened recently. Am I going in and out of 5D? Is it really here??? Are we really heading into this realm permanently soon????

    When I first began this process 11 years ago, I entered into that state for about 30 minutes. Life must have been showing me where the whole process was leading to.

    Then I will shift back into another wave of fear and anxiety coming up and all of this negative everything being released. Godspeed to all of us. Hang on everyone! Thank you Denise. I honor your amazing strength, courage, and incredible service to this world for holding the space of a forerunner and your dedication to humanity and Earth! You are an amazing, courageous being! ❤️

    • “I am going in and out between this very light, soft peaceful heavenly sense of reality where it almost feels like I’m floaty. The world feels soft, light, and so peaceful. It happened today while the hubby and I were strolling around the town. The world seemed so beautiful, still, soft, light, and peaceful and I felt that loving oneness with others. This lasted for about 30-40 minutes in full intensity. It’s the fourth time it’s happened recently. Am I going in and out of 5D? Is it really here??? Are we really heading into this realm permanently soon????”


      Yes, yes and yes, and very well done you! ❤

      Doesn't it feel amazing and like HOME? Heaven on Earth, Earth in Heaven. It's worth some discomfort and Work and we've done it and continue going even higher and higher with it all. We're all amazing, courageous beings. ❤

      • Yes, it feels like HOME. I want to weep. I’ve missed HOME for so long ❤️😇 Yes, my goodness, we all so courageous to go through this, it’s true!

    • Wow. yes. I have entered into this reality quite a lot the last year or so. Back in April I entered this 5D reality and it lasted DAYS!! Omg I didn’t want it to end, needless to say my disappointment when I lost that connection. I certain hope this is where we are headed.. on a more permanent basis would be wonderful but I’m sure not without the pains being felt first… oh the pains! I’m right there with you on the anxiety, fears and grief etc rushing in .. it seems to accompany all clearings for me now.

  • Aah, Denise, what a literal, figurative and everything else Goddess send you are. Two weeks of utter FATIGUE and body pain for me. I have never been one for falling asleep in my chair, on my feet, one hour after waking up and getting ready to go, hahaha. I have just been ‘taken out’ of the world and surrender. I love your posts, they make me feel the new normal. 🙂 Thank you so much for your all. ❤

    • Yes. The new normal. Thank you for saying this. I’m slowly getting here and learning to live from my higher heart! ❤️

  • Denise, heartfelt gratitude for your always on-point validations, you are so appreciated!

    With these powerful energy downloads coming with such increasingly relentless frequency, they are now knocking me totally out of commission for days at a time….like some kind of idiot with constant head buzzing, barely able to walk across the room, let alone remember why I even wanted to go there once I manage to arrive.

    This challenge & attempt to at least minimally function in 3D, while our consciousness is operating in a completely different dimension makes it virtually impossible to do much of anything except totally step away from the world of “normal people” who already think you’re bonkers anyway, since they have no relate-able reference. It is impossible to make any sort of logical/analytical decisions and especially to function in any linear “job” despite the potential income being needed.

    Having been personally living my life in service to the ascension for 20 yrs myself, and despite all the layers of personal clearing & embodiment, never has my experience been as intense as at present. I’d add one more “ascension symptom” to Denise’s already comprehensive list of cleansing, crazy dreams, feeling like standing on a vibrating machine etc- personally I can always tell when a big energy download is imminent because my normal weight physical body blows up like a balloon, including my belly looking 9 months pregnant. This persists until the download is complete & the energy embodied.

    This job of service to humanity is accepted gratefully and with highest honor, nothing I want to be doing more. Just wish this gig came with a concrete energy abundance exchange in real time 3D, considering that while being in service to 3D, often in isolation, we all still have the basic 3D needs to attend to such as housing, food, etc. sometimes while u able to remember why we walked across the room. 😄

    So much love to you Denise, your newsletters are a life-line to so many of us 💖💕💖

    • The ‘normal people’ making us think that WE are bonkers is just another pathetic ploy – like many others which are deliberately constructed to make us feel inadequate – where the opposite is true. The shoe is therefore on the other foot – we are a perfectly sane/ mature individuals embodying higher values in a place, as a blogger put in, where the ‘inmates have taken over the asylum’! 😃 As for the income, an undoubtedly challenging situation, requiring a practical solution, it may require us to think completely out of the box, throwing away societal notions in the process….very best wishes!

    • Starry, wow. Well said. I can completely relate. The head buzzing started for me In January and is now what feels permanent after coming in more and more frequently. It’s so intense that I’m knocked on my arse and laying down almost all the time… to the point of painful that I cannot function at all in 3D life anymore … my human wants to die and understand and feel out, my soul understands and says bring it on .. just want to rest and rest and rest !!

  • Hi Denise,

    OMG! I was just sitting in my chair and all of a sudden I felt my upper body down to my finger tips pulsating! Heart bumps, blimps, and whooshes. Of course, first thought “what is going on!” I then heard the “ding” on my tablet to let me know I have an email. It is this email from you. Thank you!

    This first half of 2017 has seen many life changing adjustments for me. Even death of a family member has entered the picture. Oh, yes! Family issues abound! Same old stuff that rears its’ ugly head just when you think “all is well.” Lower body; digestion, abdominal pains, back pain, continued left leg numbness; just like you have discribed. Craving carbs which boats the belly. Seems I have seen white/blue streaks of light so briefly that I do not know if I really saw them or not.

    Thank you so much for your insights which puts my mind at ease. Knowing I am not alone in this never ending ascension process is a great comfort. But, isn’t 25 years long enough! 😁

    Many hugs,

      • Ditto what Margo said. Mars is in Cancer. Mars was OPPOSITE Pluto July 2nd, not conjunct.

        Conjunctions are a fusing/melding of energy in one sign, oppositions are polarities across two signs. Conjunctions are a bomb of energy, oppositions are a staff.

        • Margo & The VacillatingPath,

          My bad Margo, I’m sorry. I saw a conjunction glyph instead of an opposition one. Either way not an easy transit between these two particular powerhouse planets. I’m cleaning my reading glasses now!

  • Hello Denise, Much gratitude for the update as it was much needed. The energies that are hitting are so intense I hardly know who or where I am. I just looked down to see that I was cradling my comforting stuffed toy like its a teething infant 🙂 So many symptoms in every body part is right. I noted that I felt a similar blast in mid January and was wondering if the two were connected as both followed the winter and summer solstices? Just a notion. For me the take down is my two tribes fighting. My ever dominant mind and left brain is making a fierce stand against its opponent the felt self. What a battle. Everything is on fire. Thank you for being such a wonderful guide. I salute your declaration of independence from my earthly pit. Blessings and and peace.

  • Thanks, Denise! I wish for you that you didn’t have to go through such extreme versions of these purges. At the same time, I’m also encouraged to know that what’s going on with my body has more to do with another energy blesst (blast) than with something I may be doing “wrong” with regard to things like food choices or stair climbing. Self-care really does seem to be the way to go through all this at least as easily as one’s own body will allow. I appreciate and am inspired by your willingness to write in the midst of so much physical yuk. That takes determination! TY!

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