A November To Remember

How is everyone doing and feeling after the intense 11-11-11 and substantial ‘trajectory shift’ transfiguration month of November 2018? A little bruised and sore here and there? More major Pineal and Pituitary “renovation” expansion head pains and pressures? Some occasional NEW Code nausea and vertigo? Oh, and how about this NEW abrupt in and out of time business happening? And increased sudden in and out of reality/realities business? Yeah, me too and more.

We knew November 2018 was going to be a doozy and it certainly was and continues to be. Only hours away is December 2018, and it will make the entire 11 energy year including the epic month of November pale in comparison. Doesn’t matter if we’ve fully adjusted and adapted to the accelerated Embodiment Process and latest collective ascension trajectory shift that took place this month. We’re only hours from shifting into the last month of this incredible 11 energy year of 2018. You know more and higher comes with our entrance into December, and then it will up-shift dramatically again when we transition into January 2019.

I’m going to list some of the main side effects I’ve dealt with the entire month of November 2018, and then experienced some of them amplify greatly throughout the collect ascension ‘trajectory shift’, which for me started Sunday, November 18th and continues today but is less severe. Again, your mileage may vary with these particular Embodiment Process and trajectory shift side effects. Also many of these side effects are ones I’ve had, you’ve had repeatedly over the past few years, however they reached very severe levels of intensity this month because we are now rapidly evolving both internally and externally.

SEVERE HEAD PAINS & PRESSURES — I’ve had this off and on since 1999, but for all of November 2018, it was at a level of intensity I’ve never experienced before. It has felt like Source has been jack-hammering my physical skull with highly focused Light to install more higher frequency Light (Photonic) energies into very specific areas in my head such as the Pineal and Pituitary glands. These head and skull pains are always incredibly precise like some form of evolutionary Light brain surgery is taking place. That’s probably closer to the truth than we know! Needless to say, it hurts, a lot physically while taking place.

The first-half of November these precise head and skull pains would suddenly move from one specific location on the top of my head to two smaller focal points on the top of my head and skull. After an hour or so it would move to another location on my head, mainly the top area but also to one side, then another side, then the lower back of my skull and then back up to the top of my head/skull and so on.

The second-half of November this Divine evolutionary head drilling, Light inserting process changed from incoming Light energies being drilled and injected into my Pineal and Pituitary glands to, both glands being etherically expanded greatly to be capable of radiating NEW higher frequency Light energies. So November 2018 was for me and many of you about having the “Light quotient” dramatically increased in our heads and endocrine brain glands—old school Crown chakra and Brow or Third Eye chakra—into very NEW and improved and tremendously expanded, more complex enlarged brain glands with matching NEW higher abilities. Hence why we’ve experienced abrupt in and out of time shifting and other related things recently.

At some point in the first-half of November 2018, I clairvoyantly Saw an image of a small quartz crystal cluster in my Pineal gland. I Saw it and thought, “Oh, look at that, how nice I have that in there now.” In the second-half of November this small etheric quartz crystal cluster had grown in size so greatly that all the points of it now stick out of my skull in all directions considerably. No wonder my head and skull has hurt so severely throughout November. When I clairvoyantly Saw how much this etheric and symbolic image had grown from the first-half to the end of November, I realized that this image represents a third Crown for me, or the start of something that December 2018 will manifest more completely. Evolutionary Stair-steps.

RELATED EYE & VISION CHANGES — Because of the Pineal and Pituitary gland expansions, you may have also had your eyes go blurry, unusually dry and/or numb feeling at times. You may have also seen that familiar white colored mist-like energy when viewing inside your home or elsewhere. Many have experienced this side effect off and on since 1999, and it has to do with periods where we’re energetically shifting to higher levels of being. Typically our physical vision will experience blurred vision and/or seeing the white mist everywhere.

INNER EARS RINGING CONSTANTLY — This side effect has become so familiar that I don’t pay much attention to it anymore. When your inner ears start ringing again, it means you’re encountering higher frequency Light energies and your physical body is being affected and further evolved by them.

SEVERE INNER COLD — This side effect doesn’t happen a lot but it usually manifests when we’re shifting rather dramatically again. When we enter NEW higher frequency levels internally and spaces externally, we often feel a pretty extreme inner cold that nothing warms up. I’m having it again now as I write this along with those old ascension related random HighHeart thumps and poundings. I will finish this article no matter what however! o_O

GREATLY INCREASED NEED TO SLEEP — This side effect has been profoundly increased throughout the month of November 2018. With such big and NEW Embodiment and trajectory shift changes taking place in us and our Physical, Energy and Light bodies in November, many of us have HAD to sleep at any time of the day to keep up with all of these ongoing and higher level changes. That plus it’s just faster and easier to Embody them while we’re out of our physical bodies for a few hours. Just sleep when you need to and don’t worry or feel guilty for doing so. Oftentimes I don’t sleep much overnight because other things are happening so when I suddenly pass out during the day because my physical body is going through another big evolutionary Embodiment change, then I sleep and am grateful for it!

WAVES OF VERTIGO & NAUSEA — As we continue becoming more and higher frequency Light, these two side effects should almost be expected. I know some people experience vertigo much more severely than other Embodiers while some never experience waves of nausea and so on. Just be careful when the world suddenly moves on you or drops away beneath you etc. Sit or lay down until you can safely move about again.

HIGHHEART THUMPS, BUMPS & MOVEMENTS — Most of us have experience this side effect many times over these ascension and Embodiment years or decades now, but again, in November most everything has been greatly increased. Because we’re about to shift collectively into 2019, which is much more elevated energetically than 2018 was, the Embodiers have been and continue experiencing amplified side effects.

Also when there’s more fluctuations in the magnetic field, my heart HighHeart typically experiences more inner thumps and bumps and poundings etc. Also increased crying over anything that moves me one way or another. It’s all more HighHeart expansions and Embodiment of greater and higher Light inside of us and our physical bodies.

INCREASED MOMENTS OF REALITY SUDDENLY DISAPPEARING — This one may sound fun until you experience it, then it’s like “Where did everything go?!” I’ve experienced this a few times in November where suddenly and abruptly everything is instantly gone. The world, my house, everything familiar in the physical world is not there, in an instant. A few moments later the old familiar external reality returns and you carry on as usual, while glancing over your shoulder occasional! Anything is possible from here on out fellow Embodiers, and we are after all intentionally shifting the human collective and assisting with the entire Ascension Process and continually lifting it all even higher for everyone that may eventually want to have a go at Embodiment too.

INCREASED PERIODS OF ABRUPTLY EXITING LINEAR TIME — I’ve experienced moving in and out and back in and back out of linear time many times over these ascension years, however, November 2018 caused me to suddenly and very abruptly shift out of linear time and “later” shift back into it. Remember years ago when one of the common Ascension side effects was forgetting something a half-second after you’d thought about it. You thought of something and got up to go into another room to get it or do it or whatever the case was but before you took three steps you’d forgotten what you were doing and why. Well, this is something like that in that more of us are suddenly and abruptly exiting the frequency where linear time is still happening and find ourselves outside of it.

I’m not talking about being in the Now Moment because I’ve been increasingly there for the past few years. This strange side effect we’ve experienced in November 2018 was and still is caused by this latest big ‘trajectory shift’. Because of all the changes taking place in us and our bodies, heads/brains and consciousness, AND because of the ongoing evolutionary Stair-step up-shifting, uplifting process, more Embodiers have been abruptly jerked out of old lower but familiar linear time and space too for that matter. Just enjoy the transitional weirdness and anomalies and don’t fret over any of it.

INCREASE SEEING LIGHTS, PATTERNS, CODES, ENERGIES ETC. — I’ve been experiencing periods where I See different energies and etheric things, patterns, colors, Lights and so on both with my eyes open, closed and when I naturally blink. The first time I Saw colorful rainbow patterns and Light codes was during the second-half of November when I normally blinked. I was washing my hands when I Saw this and played with it and could only See it when I blinked. That was new and NEW.

Seeing more new Light patterns, codes and other energy patterns and colors, and of course the Light that is YOU flashing externally around you, has continued and now happens anytime whether my eyes are open, closed, or while I naturally blink. I think this is just one more NEW to us side effect of our ongoing Embodiment Process and the ongoing higher and higher trajectory shifts and other related tweaks and adjustments in our, in the overall Ascension Process. Expect the unexpected.

Something else I very clearly and consciously experienced through these November energies and changes was what I’m going to compare to being in rehab, although I’ve never been in rehab. While I was in the middle of one of these November Embodiment processes, I was more clearly aware of the rapid-fire consecutive energy steps and automatic consequences or side effects of them than I’ve ever been before. It was amazing to be conscious enough to perceive this energetically and also unfolding in myself and my physical body. It was amazing, physical painful, then emotionally and psychologically painful and downright miserable, followed by completion of said transfiguration energy blast. The easiest way for me to express this is to use my experience with it in the second-half of November due to the trajectory shift.

I would clairvoyantly See another wave pulsation of Light come in, enter my head then and down into my HighHeart (upper chest area) This would immediately cause some physical pains and pressures in both my head, skull, Pineal and Pituitary, face and eyes etc., then down into my HighHeart. The moment that happened this unfolding Embodiment Process would cause me amplified emotional pain, frustration, anger, resentment and general pissed off feelings about certain things that are obviously still “issues” for me. This process took one or two seconds to happen; Light into physical head, down into HighHeart which automatically activated ANY remaining stuff and junk I had/have within myself still. This was a super quick boom, boom and final boom thing that happened so fast and with such amplification it was shocking.

While this was happening to, in and through me during the trajectory shift, I realized that the almost instantaneous activation of any remaining lower frequency stuff within me was much like it must feel when one goes through drug or alcohol rehab. There’s a period of intense and extreme detox while one’s personal “demons” of choice are “cast out”, expelled through the physical-level detox process. That’s the realization I had while going through a very intense phase of this November trajectory shift and amplified Embodiment. The shift placed me—and you reading this—in another higher level of energy, being, reality, consciousness and awareness etc. which instantly revealed ANY lower frequency emotional stuff or junk each of us still has within us.

This isn’t new at all and is exactly what we’ve lived through via the Ascension Process since 1998–1999. Suddenly dealing with Light coming in, being deeply affected by it in all ways, having symptoms and side effects because of it, and lastly having that Light make contact with our lower frequency stuff and “issues” etc. and having that cause emotional pains. This boom, boom and boom Ascension Process used to take years, then months, then weeks and now at the end of 2018 it takes minutes, very intense minutes but only minutes if you’re brave and willing to fully release! None of us can make higher and higher ‘trajectory shifts’ and Embody more and more and do so with any old lower residual stuff, junk, issues in us. It’s an impossibility, I know because I’ve experienced this cosmic Law many times over these ascension years. 100% pure or no-go with a lot of additional pains both physical and emotional so just give it all up. Nothing and I mean nothing can be hidden intentionally or unintentionally from within The Light.

My only comfortable and sane location for my being now is my HighHeart.

Excellent November shift fellow Embodiers and collective ascension drivers. More is coming in December and beyond and every layer now is more amplified and faster than the previous one. Pay attention to whatever it is that you need to see, See, feel, know and therefore improve.

Denise Le Fay

November 30, 2018


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67 thoughts on “A November To Remember

  • Dear Denise, I’d like to say something but it’s not in agreement with something said here. I don’t mean to be disrespectful and am hoping this is a forum where we can speak up if we differ in our sight.

    When I read the Inelia blog regarding 72% (or whatever the number was) people leaving in 2019-2020 I found myself rolling my eyes and saying yeah, yeah. At the age of 63 and doing this work consciously since 1986 I just don’t see things happening this way…anymore. I totally believe anything and/or everything is possible otherwise I wouldn’t have made it to here as an Embodier so I don’t discount it but my inner self has had me leave so many sites that perpetuated building people up to crescendos that never happen. This drains people of their energy and life force, and usually makes them unaware of what IS going on. This is the main reason I don’t read blogs anymore. I enjoy yours because it is obvious to me that you use your experience and wisdom, and consider your words carefully before sharing them because you ARE of a higher vibration and this is something that higher vibrations do. They don’t spout out whatever they see and think, they consider carefully the effect that their words will have on everyone who reads them. This fact alone reduces the number of high vibrating blogs that are available at this time.

    I’d like to close with an example. I was targeted by the dark continuously and consistently growing up and it had a field day in my family dynamic system because I was scapegoated and it became normal to harm me physically, mentally, emotionally and physically; god or love was never mentioned in our home. As I spent my life healing, understanding, forgiving and choosing a higher vibration the dark had less influence on me. I never experience dark anymore, it never affects me. I’m on a planet where it exists and when possible I assist others to remove it from their field but it is not in my arena whatsoever. For me the separation of worlds occurred years ago. The people I bump into during my day smile and are kind; we have uplifting conversations. My parents are dead and siblings ‘cannot’ reach me, no phone calls, no nothing; there’s an energetic barrier (the separation of worlds) that keeps them from picking up the phone or writing. I think it just may be possible that we leave the planet the usual way and re enter heaven on earth based on our vibration. I WANT it to happen more magically, I ALLOW it to happen more magically but I’m not waiting on something outside of me to change, I went ahead and changed, and this created my personal heaven on earth; which is still in progress.

    Thanks for listening and allowing my opinion.

  • I woke up this morning and immediately read on my Google homepage that “John of God” has been accused of abusing hundreds of woman. This has been covered up and supported by his “inner” circle and the local political community since 2005. Now, woman are coming out and speaking out about this “intentional” deception. I know so many people and groups that went there and were unaware of the darkness going on in that community. I always felt something was really “off” with that self appointed healer. So, Inelia’s article was very timely as one more example of this crap. I don’t know why I was surprised to hear this. NO MORE following any leaders for any reason. That is soo over. We are learning to source every single need from within. Thanks Denise for posting this article from Inelia.

    • “NO MORE following any leaders for any reason. That is soo over. We are learning to source every single need from within.”


      I don’t know who this asshole is and don’t care but because Divine Mother/Feminine has returned and Divine Father/Masculine is close behind, ALL of this incredible negativity and insane religious BS is done and being dragged kicking and screaming into the Light. 2019 will be this on cosmic steroids with religions, sexual negativity, female abuses etc., politics and general patriarchal greed etc. By 2020 it’s basically all going to be over for and with the global patriarchy.

      We each must become self-sovereign now because it’s time to stop following insane, greed obsessed, sex obsessed patriarchal males that only want to harm others. The 72% can go fuck themselves until they decide it’s not fun any longer to harm other people for any reason and decide to become real humans.

      • Bravo Denise you have addressed the guts of it all.
        Thelma what you had to say is also spot on.
        The points that you both mentioned have all the power.
        So easy now humanity, just get on with reclaiming your true essence.
        Enough with the needless pain and suffering it’s just so stupid. Dig deep find greater intelligence and ultimately INTEGRITY. That’s the gold. Always was always will be.

  • Dear Denise, this is Blue Cliffs I just wanted to say a big thank you for your recent articles that speak to me greatly after a further “mistake” of mine to drop back into the outer/lower “before me” world with some friends I felt like I had to complete with this December once and for all – almost tugged me back into my previous non-ascending circle I knew that I didn’t want to be involved with anymore. Anyhow I did feel completing upon that recent experience brought me a leap in my energy given the baggage I let go of and along with that the world it was from. Denise, but know you banned me from HighHeartLife, and I’ve had to do inner work to make peace with that but haven’t had the courage or heart to check back in a while as a reader not commented. I felt a some courage to today to read your site again after my mishap months ago…just wanted to see I see where you are and I honour you (I get where you were coming from and Denise I’m still learning). I tried to make amends through some last messages of mine trying to tell you it was an honest computer mistake on my part that led me to over-send comments on your site and totally troll you. You don’t have to publish this. Thank you again for being a light in the dark for us young people. Sending you love and blessings this month of your birthday to come. It’s so good to see you’ve lengthened your articles somewhat (or is that just me?) and that you’ve got the energy to write extensively as you have recently, speaks to your good health and happiness too (your enthusiasm for life despite how tough this process is). Thanks Denise, Blue Cliffs.

    • Glad you decided to WORK your way back up to consciously ascending yourself and were strong enough to release old friends etc. that you had to so YOU could continue evolving. I’ve been through the same thing as most all of us have. Also know that it wasn’t a “mistake” for you to go back down and try to live like you did before your personal Ascension Process first started. Many of us have tried this too for a lot of different reasons and it’s never a “mistake” but it sure as hell is a huge learning process for each of us!

      Know too Blue Cliffs that we ALL are continually learning, moment by moment at this point. This NEVER stops for any of us, myself included of course.

      Again, I am proud of you for learning this hard and painful lesson of “you can’t go back” once you’ve started embodying Light. Time’s short with this now so I’m glad and proud that you did what you did with your old friends and life and chose to return to your life living the Ascension Process. ⭐

  • Hi y’all, I will title this comment, “Really….. Is it just ME?”

    I am an Englishman living in the Southern United States and as such am fairly used to verbal misunderstandings on both sides but for the last several years it has been getting
    progressively worse.
    These days it honestly feels like when I try to talk to “People/humans, this includes people close to me, that I have to choose my words so carefully and yet somehow the reply just never is appropriate for what I have just said, its like they are changing my words or hearing something different and when I am spoken to, I give what I understand to be the correct and appropriate response yet they either stare at me or start talking about something completely different…
    I used to have a “knowing”, ask me a question about almost anything, and I would be able to give a detailed reply, even on stuff I had never heard of or seen.
    Now I cannot seem to give a reply to the stuff I have actually studied, it just merges into Mush!
    I have always had to work really hard to make myself keep up relationships and not turn into a hermit, mainly due to not having anything in common with most folks, but now it is making it even more difficult to not just give up on making the effort at all…
    LOL, hoping that the words written here are the same as the ones I thought I was writing.. Any thoughts, anyone ???

    PS Do not give in to physical pain, no matter how bad you feel the best remedy is to get out by water/river/lake and trees/woods, walk/hike, breath, for at least an hour and ask that the earth and tree/s take your pain away, it really works.
    Disclaimer: if you have chopped your leg off, or similar, then obviously it would be appropriate to go to the hospital or Doctor 😉
    Glad you are all here, a bit of support and understanding goes a long way.

    • “LOL, hoping that the words written here are the same as the ones I thought I was writing..”

      That made me giggle donauld because I often struggle with it when I write articles, important articles about the evolutionary Ascension Process! Without doubt the most important information and event ever and what happens to us all? “Brain fog” as it’s been named within the Ascension community. Ones consciousness, ego, sense of identity and everything familiar and well-known increasingly melts into big puddles of nothingness within us, often to the point where we can’t even string together the simplest of sentences spoken and/or written. Amazing and highly frustrating sometimes when one wants to express something important about all this. O_o

      Everything you’ve described are common Ascension Process side effects and everyone here has and continues going through them plus new ones every day and sometimes every hour or so. It helps us all to share what we’re going through and how we’re feeling because of it which allows other readers to understand how “normal” all this strangeness etc. actually is.

    • Donauld, yes that knowing, I miss it too. Trouble is we are becoming that knowing and I am fighting it, I am constantly telling “It,” that its stupid, if it knows all this stuff then why the hell would it choose so much frickin pain and it tells me loud right out of my mouth that one day soon I’ll understand! One day, I want to understand now…….we all do! Oh and I’m also talking rubbish most of the time…..I’m a little girl who should have done that with my peers 50 years ago and HS just laughs and loves and let’s me get on with it…

      At a physical level I am just moving to a cottage in the country with a garden and a Swing, so after four years of real physical challenges perhaps this really is time to ground our Self. Love you all really big much! 🌿🎶🐦🌹

    • “I am feeling actual physical shifts. No fear or anxiety involved. Is that s normal?”

      Absolutely Linda C., and this is part of the sudden time stops we’ve been experiencing due to the November trajectory shift and acceleration of the Embodiment Process in those living it which automatically accelerates the Separation of Worlds. It’s all greatly accelerating now at the end of 2018 and will only increase, expand, ascend and accelerate throughout 2019. No fear anyone, we’ve Worked very long and very hard for this. ❤

  • Linda – that’s that first time I have read anyone talking about this sense of something being nearly finished. I have been having the same sensation for quite a while. I keep drawing curtains of energy that I am about to walk through, or approaching a doorway to cross over a threshold, or nearing the end of a tunnel which opens out into a completely different way of being.

    I have experienced this physically, too. The other day I was walking in darkness along a canal path near where I live in the UK, when I suddenly had the sensation of walking out of my body, and leaving my body behind in a heap – as if it was an old suit of armour. I walked on as a light being, still me but completely different. This experience only lasted a nanosecond but I ‘knew’ I was being shown what was to come in the future.

    In the meantime, I, too, am doozy most of the time. I am also having radical ‘mood’ swings – from feeling completely aligned with The Unified Field to feeling loneliness and disconnected. Yesterday I experienced a black bubble of self hate i haven’t felt for years. I realise everything that isn’t of the Light has to come to the surface, so I am just sitting with what happens, moment by moment, and opening up to whatever I have agreed to become. What a roller coaster though! Love to you all.

    • “Linda – that’s that first time I have read anyone talking about this sense of something being nearly finished. I have been having the same sensation for quite a while.”

      Sue, Linda & All,

      I’ve been working on an article since mid November but there’s SO much continuous change unfolding personally that I know I’m supposed to wait a bit, maybe even until after 12-12 before I publish that particular information. Not because it’s unknown by all but because of higher “timing” with all this. But as Sue and Linda have said, they’re feeling–as many of us are–that we’re extremely close now to a mega important end point, an OMG at long-last a real SEPARATION point. That is the topic of the article I’ve been working on but sensing I needed to wait a bit more in December 2018. The moment I know it’s time for this article, plus the in-depth discussion in Comments here that it needs and we all need to have about it, I’ll publish it.

      It’s because of this sensation and deep inner knowing more of us have been feeling either this year, the past three years, or the past thirty years, that I’ve recently been doing things I normally do NOT do such as go into a couple of public forums and write a small bit here and there. 😮 That brief October, late November into early December 2018 personal “mission” was completed with the December 6, 2018 New Moon however (at 15 degrees Sagittarius).

      The big point is that many of us know and very strongly feel that what I’ve called The Separation of Worlds is incredibly close now and I’m talking on a physical, OMG this is really finally happening level.

      Yesterday December 7, 2018, I was suddenly impulsed to go to Inelia Benz’s site which I rarely do with her or anyone else at this point but certainly know to follow my higher impulses in moments like this. And as is always the case with situations like this I went directly to the confirmation information like I knew exactly where it was. It was a blog article by Inelia Benz dated November 15, 2018 entitled ‘What If Every Single Low Frequency Advocate Was To Leave Our Planet?’ 🙂 I strongly suggest everyone read it at least twice and then think about 2019 and 2020 and the Separation of Worlds. This is the topic of the article I’ve been trying to write since mid November in-between crushing head/skull, Pineal and Pituitary Crowning Christ frequency, NEW DNA and Crystalline Light expansions, intense eye pains and plenty of other related things. We all knew December 2018 was going to top October and November…


      I’ll get my article about all this up soon but until then, please everyone read and re-read Inelia’s blog article linked above. Hang on First Everythingers, we’re about to do something else first soon too. 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Dear Denise and all…
        I have strongly felt this split…more so in the last 6 months or so. I eagerly read the article and reread it. At first it was..yeh..could this be true? a high frequency earth?….I am definitely choosing this.
        Then, I thought what about a third choice…going home to the stars
        and.I wondered if anything is that simple…
        I have mostly eliminated lower frequency from my everyday life..by not listening to news, watching where I go etc.(other than the x-mas fairs)…..maybe there is another choice? or maybe we are here at this time to shine a light?
        I sometime struggle with this as it sounds judgmental and arrogant…that somehow we are better than……..
        maybe there are plans within plans…more contemplating to do…I feel for me..I would love to hear other thoughts….
        Love to you Denise and all

        • “I sometime struggle with this as it sounds judgmental and arrogant…that somehow we are better than…….”

          Read Inelia’s blog article again Penny and this time notice the negative religious stuff she mentions in it without going into detail about it. The past Piscean Age of suffering to get to god blah, blah, blah BS (bullshit) and BS (belief systems) still has a strong hold on many people today which is reflected in your feeling or thinking that it’s “judgmental and arrogant” to evolve. Guess who and what wants, hopes, works really hard still today to keep humanity thinking, believing and acting this way? 😉 Don’t, keep lifting yourself, your actions and life right up and out of that old lower frequency stuff and matching consciousness.

        • Dear Denise
          again thank you for your comments..it was perfect timing and explains some of my recent anger that I am expressing.
          My life has always been trying to fit a round peg in a square hole…I thought it would keep me safe…ha…no more!!!

      • Thank you, Denise. I sat down with the intention of sending you an email to say that so many symptoms are intensifying—especially eye pain/burning, high heart thumps and bumps, nausea, sudden unexplainable bursts of tears, seeing white specs falling from the sky, and the most vexing … the sudden switch from one reality to another—and then I read this post. I haven’t read Inelia Benz’s post—in fact, I’ve never heard of Inelia Benz—but I’ll read it now and look forward to the article you’re working on. I know it will be released at just the right time, as all of your writings have been.

        Much gratitude to you and all here. ♥️♥️♥️✨

      • Hi Denise and Everyone, I haven’t commented for a while but have returned to this site many times reading everyone’s comments and nodding yes; at all of them; saying yes, me too, me too, me too. This is such a strange phase. Today I’m feeling kinda lost and not sure who I am and what I’m doing here (which is such an usual feeling for me). I just want to thank you Denise as well as everyone here for sharing yourself and your experiences; it SO helps me feel less alone. Love to you all!

        • Glad you’re back Holly. 🙂

          “Today I’m feeling kinda lost and not sure who I am and what I’m doing here (which is such an usual feeling for me).”

          I’ve gotten used to this strange sense of not me, not here, not anywhere but in a constant state of spiritual and energetic growth and change. But yes, today it’s felt extra… expansive and high… which typically makes us feel small and transitional, at least for a while. We’ve reached the point within the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process where things are changing very quickly, constantly and often rather intensely. We’re all feeling the increase of BIG positive change now today, tomorrow and in 2019. It’s wonderful and strange and singular and much more I can’t put into words at the moment! Shine on everyone, shine on. ❤

      • Thank you, Denise. I haven’t read Inelia for several years, so it was interesting to read that. What she said: that we agreed to do it slowly, over 3 generations, but that we *could* do it fast, ie, next year, rings absolutely true to me.

        My problem is that literally *everyone* I knew, either went nasty, became an unconscious ‘portal person’ for dark beings, or they were casualties who fell on the battlefield (drugs, suicide, insanity, etc). I literally have no one left! I do like company and friendship, so although I can be happy alone, sometimes it’d just be nice to have someone physically incarnated around to talk to!

        • Podvig,

          I’m working on an article that will cover this issue about ‘…three generations to make the separation…’ and other related things. Most of us will not survive another three years of this hell shit fuckery insanity hatred attacks etc. of having to co-exist with the 72% of humans that only want to harm other humans and everything else. Sorry everyone for the language, not really cause I honestly feel that way about it and them and the thought of having to endure another year or two or ten or the rest of my life!!! with them. It will not happen.

          Is everyone seeing and feeling how close we actually are now to the Separation of Worlds happening physically? ⭐

        • Dear Denise and All,
          Yes, I do sense something of great import close by. My Guides described it as a “change of state”, and I don’t think they’re talking Utah or Hawaii! More like the change of state from ice to water to steam.
          I awoke this morning to the words: “Judgement Day, oh Honu Honu. When I looked up ‘honu’ in Hawaiian, since somehow I knew it was Hawaiian, it means turtle, which is my totem animal. Much to contemplate , but somehow the brain fog is keeping me calm and centered.
          Love and Light to you Denise and All,

      • Dear Denise & all,

        Have been offline the last while and glad to catch up here. I read Inelia’s article with interest, esp. the part about the 72% being those who “actively advocate their OWN or other people’s suffering” etc. I realize how many people believe that self-sacrifice and putting others first is “normal” (as taught by religion, etc.) and I can see how this works against them now. Such belief systems are deeply ingrained and reinforced by society … I can’t see how they could turn this around without conscious intent. It saddens me that this puts them in a reality that perpetuates their own suffering. I look forward to your article, Denise. Sounds awesome!

    • It has been so weird lately. Its been a wonderful feeling and a what next feeling. I actually feel a physical change as if I am in the same life but different world.

      • I agree Denise, Linda and all. I, too, have been sensing/experiencing/dreaming about the shift. The other day I was outside using a piece of power equipment (leaf blower) and it is really loud so I wear my headphones/listen to music. I had the high pitched ear sounds come through/over the music – this happens a lot – but in this particular moment, it sounded/ felt crystalline and I could tell I shifted somewhere else – I could hear it! I thought to myself “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore” and then it shifted back. It was SO COOL. Whenever I hear the high pitched sounds (and yes, they have changed a lot to a purer tone), I always acknowledge and say HELLO, I see/hear/feel you/us. The more I am aware and acknowledge the light/energy/vibration, the longer it stays and seems to visit with me.
        Thank you all for sharing your experiences and YOURSELF. Much love!!

  • Thank you, Denise.
    The ‘sudden exit from linear time’ thing, I am finding the most discombobulating. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Very hard to describe in words, isn’t it. You know when you went far away at night, so far that when you wake up it could literally take you half an hour to kind of ‘re-insert yourself’ into this timeline, this body, recall what your name is, in this reality? Well, it feels to me like doing that but while awake. Present reality, for a moment, simply not there anymore! It’s not worrisome, as I understand the whys of it, but it makes daily life just feel a bit weird!

  • Hi Denise and all. Upside down here in the UK, gut, vagina and bladder crushed to hell surges almost unbearable at times and the resentment, shit I didn’t know I had it in me! Got the head pressures and I can feel the crystalline, plus I have new pulses in the groin where the doctors saw what they described as salt and pepper crystals in my pelvic wall last year closing me up quickly telling me I had six weeks to live, ha couldn’t be that lucky! 🤣
    AND why the hell we eat I do not know. I’ve dropped 10lbs again recently, one scrawny 42 kilo woman again, only shoving it through to avoid more tubes. Still thanks to you and everyone else here I can cope and find myself laughing off the pain these days. Would appreciate help with the trajectory info when you have time, love you all Linda 🌿 💚 ☘️

    • Your an amazing woman Linda Paskins. A true spiritual warrior.

      I am privileged to know the clearings I am working through for my female lineage. Aspects of me waiting hundreds of years knowing I would return at this time to energetically repair, restore and make whole again. Heart breaking and gut wrench events where humanity has shown its very worst and most barbaric brutality towards the vulnerable . Deep fear, grief and sadness finally able to be expressed, felt and cleared. Tears shed and heart and lungs finally cleansed of the trauma.

      Repairs my lineage and restores our power and strength. Each of us does this work and what an amazing collective effort for the greater good.

      Like you Linda I walk close to the edge at times of staying in the body. Take care keep improving and thank you so much for your great efforts.


      • Thanks Lyn, 4. 44 on the clock I note, deep respect for you too, and all here in our different roles, yes the tears come easily now as the pain begins to subside, at least I hope and pray it does for us all…. I love you 🎶🌿🐦🌿🌹

  • I have found the last few weeks incredibly difficult. The constant vibrations in my head and body were worrying me so much that I thought I might have a stroke or heart attack but I hoped it was the usual symptoms, although they were much more extreme. Eased off a bit now. Interacting with people in general was worse than ever and I felt that I was invisible quite often when speaking to them. For instance, my partner and I would see someone and they spoke to him and ignored anything I said as if I wasn’t there, this happened a lot. I always feel different in this life but it has certainly accelerated recently, so I am more of a hermit for my own survival. Anger has been a huge problem too, one minute I’m ok and the next I am in a rage. I am normally very placid and take all in my stride so this has taken a lot of strength to handle, again hermit life to control and not hurt anyone else. I am feeling tested all the time and have been in lots of difficult situations this year and have handled them with Highheart but could do with a much needed break now as feel spent. Body aches and pains thrown in also, well what can I say? The only way I cope is that I know it’s not happening just to me, so I thank you Denise and everyone who shares on this site as you all make a difference and let’s keep up the good work. Blessings Linda

    • Linda Palfreyman & All,

      I’m glad you honestly shared your experiences and feelings with everyone here Linda. ❤ I've lived with and through this for so long now it's just "how it is", especially when I have to interact with unaware, ego-based, mind controlled, patriarchal people. That's not saying a whole lot of people have been and continue to "wake up" because they are thank god. Anyone else notice how some strangers you encounter while out grocery shopping etc. are suddenly picking up your thoughts and emotions like they're Sensitives? 🙂 But for those of us who've been at the Ascension Process from the beginning, it continues to be a test every time we encounter anyone of a lower frequency.

      The huge energy changes that happened due to the 11-11-11 of November 2018, AND in the second half of the month we went through another really big and important ‘trajectory shift’. If anyone isn’t sure what exactly that means, please write a Comment about it and we’ll get into that more extensively because it’s super important. Because of this latest trajectory shift at the end of 2018, everything has been greatly amplified and accelerated once again but at a NEW higher level that none of us have experienced before. Just wait until 2019 and the rest of the world enters this too! (I’m working on an article about this.)

      Two days ago I was resting because these higher energies make doing so a part of our daily lives now. Anyway, while laying there resting I listened to and focused in on the much higher frequency sounds I’m hearing in my inner ears. Most of us have had to listen to this inner ear buzzing, ringing, white noise sounds off and on since the AP started. But, these inner sounds have changed into higher and higher frequency sounds and vibrations because of the now constant elevation of our own Embodiment Process and these trajectory shifts etc. What has sounded to me like inner ear ringing (since about 2000) has “ascended” to a much higher frequency sound and vibration this year and last. While resting the other day and seriously listening to it in my inner ears/head area, I realized that this sound is Crystalline in nature and all the crystals in my physical body and head are literally reverberating from higher and higher frequency Light shining on my, on our inner crystals and newly added Crystalline DNA. Crystals in each of us acting like ringing, singing, vibrating constantly like tuning forks from Embodying higher Light and Crystalline/Christ frequencies in us and our physical bodies.

      It has always amazed me, and greatly tested me personally, when I’m treated so horribly by some stranger simply because I am Light and the NEW higher way. Lower frequency people with lower consciousness, ego-based self and awareness etc. just cannot stomach ANYONE who vibrates, radiates and affects the general environment with Christ/Crystalline frequency and Light. Humans STILL try to kill the Christ on Earth in anyone they come into contact with that has it in them. All I can tell you Linda and everyone else that continues to experience this silent hatred from unaware people is to radiate even more brightly! Seriously, “infect” the space with Light and let them adapt or leave.

      The anger stuff is normal so do not feel guilty when you’re overcome with anger or rage at the darkness. I had a wee moment of it this morning while trying to find something on TV for my mom to watch and kept finding pres. daddy Bush funeral crap everywhere. I can’t take the unaware patriarchy doing their best to deify him or anyone else. So I got angry for a moment and then intentionally overrode it all and carried on as usual. See the shit, feel the shit and OVERRIDE the shit, all of it. 😀 The Pathpavers mantra. 😉

      Linda and everyone reading this I say again, rest, nap, be still, be silent, be alone and be conscious of and from within your HighHeart space for as long as you need every day. It is mandatory that you/me/we continue the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process if you’re going for the gold. No one else on Earth can do what we can, which is override the old lower patriarchy etc. and intentionally steer the AP to higher and higher levels for ourselves and also for mass humanity now and far into the future. To continue doing this and more we’ve GOT to self-care and sit quietly and alone with the constantly increasing and higher frequencies and our Higher Selves/Source etc. that we’re Embodying. And it helps each of us, all of us Forerunners, First Everythings to honestly share our unpleasant experiences as much as our pleasant ones. We don’t help anyone if we hide the hard, painful and difficult times of the Ascension and Embodiment Processes from others living it too. ❤ ⭐ ❤

      • Thank you Denise for your excellent reply which explains so well how I have and do feel, this as always will help everyone understand and continue to work through the AP and EP symptoms. Blessings to all. Linda.

    • Linda, I so appreciated your share and my heart seriously goes out to you. My body has also been like, “why are we eating again, exactly?!?” too, lol! Also, thought this would make you laugh, out of nowhere I’ve had the most brutal men in black SUV’s lunging their car into mine and flipping me off in the middle of the road, out of nowhere! They’ve actually done, all of them, the exact same thing. They literally attempted to RAM their car into mine. I’m laughing as I write it! And then flipped me off! If it happened once, I would just smile to myself. The last one smiled as he was flipping me off after intentionally trying to crash into my car! I was sitting in my lane. Incredible. I then drew my fingers across my neck and mouthed “it’s over..IT’S OVER” with as little malice as possible. 😉 Much more effective dealing with alpha types with no emotional overload and it is easy for me to fight with men in general. They do not upset or frighten me the same. Women have frightened me far more. I’m probably the perfect person for them to insult and NOT get away with it quite so easily. Happy to do that. And I’m so game these days! Goodness, I don’t know where my big bad ass attitude has come from but it sure is ON right now! So, I just wanted to share I am experiencing blatant weird INTERACTION with those not as fortunate as me, too. I am refusing to let their bad behavior into my heart or thinking, a good practice for me. And yet I hope the last one remembers my words and neck chopping gesture for just a minute longer 😉 hope you are laughing.

  • Yes yes and yes to severe head pains/pressures, eye/vision changes, ringing, a serious increase in the need to sleep during the day, high heart action, and seeing lights/patterns/codes etc.!

    Talking about moments disappearing and exiting linear time, I had another experience a week ago when a whole 5 minutes went missing in an instant. It didn’t surprise me as its happened before, but it was exciting to see it again. The time read 13 minutes when I looked at it, turned my head slightly to the side and in the blink of an eye it suddenly changed to 8 minutes!

    Denise, in your article you shared:

    “This one may sound fun until you experience it, then it’s like “Where did everything go?!” I’ve experienced this a few times in November where suddenly and abruptly everything is instantly gone. The world, my house, everything familiar in the physical world is not there, in an instant.”

    I was a bit unsure of what you meant by everything is instantly gone. Is this where you felt you were fading out of reality and saw everything as white or light? And your right about it not sounding like fun, especially if one was to not know what was happening! You also shared your amazing new experience of seeing rainbow patterns/light codes when you blinked while washing the dishes. Did you experience seeing them in your peripheral vision (towards side of your vision) as you blink?

    • Prabhi K,

      What you’re experiencing and what I described about all of it suddenly disappearing for a few moments are really the same things. Linear time changing and not staying the same as we’re all familiar with, then aspects of our old familiar physical reality suddenly disappearing for a few moments etc. This will not only continue but increase and expand into longer periods where both linear time and space — familiar external physical reality and more — just isn’t there anymore, and then is replaced with something slightly different. We’re in continual evolutionary ascension TRANSITION, especially now which means the old magnetic, energetic “glue” that held us in linear time and consciousness and kept us all from drifting out of it (Grids etc.) AND the more we Embody AND have more NEW DNA be embodied, the more we’re finding ourselves existing without old familiar reality and time and external physical borders.

      No I wasn’t dying or moving towards the Light or anything like that. The big and very potent November 2018 ‘trajectory shift’ caused a lot of physical anomalies around the planet, within us, linear time becoming increasingly strange and all of old familiar external reality disappearing momentarily were side effects of it.

      Yes I’ve seen Crystalline rainbow colored light codes or complex patterns and more while my physical eyes are open, when they’re closed, when I blink, open and peripherally, and also wherever I look. This too is related to our recently Embodying more NEW multidimensional DNA. That is an article unto itself! but because we’ve been and will continue to Embody more NEW (to us) DNA that functions multidimensionally and quantumly, we’re all going to be experiencing more things outside of linear time and space and consciousness.

      • Thank you for clarifying Denise. ❤ I had been wanting to reply back to you for the past few days but wow, these energies are knocking me out on a daily basis. If not daily, then every other day. An intense sudden need to quickly lay down as you feel your body shutting down from whatever I may be doing to waking up 2-3 hours later.

        I thought you meant the mist experience intensified to the point everything visually turned white or into light when you mentioned all of it suddenly disappearing. I shared the missing time experience randomly not realizing that was what you meant by your experiences of all of it suddenly disappearing and being replaced with something slightly different. I knew I had jumped timelines as this has happened many times before other than missing time such as waking up to find something flipped, upside down, moved to the side, or an incidence where a heart shaped rock appeared out of nowhere (which I decided to keep 😉 )!

        You mentioning the rainbow light codes that you are seeing with your eyes closed, open, and even while blinking made me question an experience that I have had multiple times now since this summer where I see a rainbow light in my peripheral vision. It first occurred when it was dark out so at first I thought I saw a rainbow colored lightning flash. This has happened both multiple times at once where the light flashed several times or other times where it flashed once. They have happened both during evening/night and also daylight hours. The first several times it happened I figured I was seeing lightning that was rainbow colored but realized it wasn't even raining any of those times. I knew it had something to do with the crystalline rainbow activation's. After I realized it wasn't lightning I tried to rule out if was some sort of light being reflected by the side view mirror on the car (all these experiences happened while sitting in a car) but that didn't make sense either because if something was reflecting rainbow light it would be continuous and not a sudden flash when I blinked and then gone when I looked in that direction. I'm still not fully sure what this is or if it's the same light codes you wrote about, but if it starts to happen more frequently and everywhere as you shared then I will definitely know!

  • The month of November was one mother of tsunami. Waves of energy kept on coming without long periods of quiet. Each shift for me was more purging on the emotional level both past/present lifetimes centering on the heart & solar plexus. “Stuff” is being forced out. Denise, you’re absolutely right. You can’t carry the old baggage with you anymore. Done. Fini. Kaput. I feel like I’m doing inner laundry everyday in the moment.
    Ahhhh! The thrill of the chill…..I’ve experience a few days where nothing couldn’t warm me up. Food & hot bath didn’t help. I was sleeping with a fleece bathrobe under 2 layers of down comforters without even breaking a sweat in the morning. And those lovely headaches, these babies weren’t the typical neck/shoulder muscle tension variety. The pain was radiating from the center of the skull. Sometimes I felt my head was expanding. I had an inner vision seeing a small bright light glowing in the dark center of my head.
    These days I’m asking the Divine within me to help adjust my being to this new energy upgrade of existence so I can function at a routine level. I have to keep my frequency high. Physical contact with people has been quite limited. Frequencies aren’t matching up. I’m finding my actions being more and more driven by the soul/heart than the ego. I feel like a baby learning a new language. Lots of babble and laughter. Thank-you, Denise, for keeping the light shining brightly for us fellow ascension surfers!

  • Speaking of magic in the air, I too am witnessing events that can only be considered miracles. Of course, if I try (and I rarely do anymore) to explain these events to anyone, I’m dismissed as not seeing things clearly – or just a bit nutty. As of late these miracles have to do with technology, especially computer miracles, but then transiting Uranus has been hanging around my natal Saturn for many months now. Yes, I am a believer; there is magic in the air!

    What helps with my frequent bouts of nausea – usually when I wake up in the AM – is Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. Also keep lots of ginger ale and soda crackers in the pantry. My nausea comes from an empty stomach and my acid reflux comes after eating of course. For that I find antacid chewables usually gets this horrible problem under control.

    Once again Denise I thank you for your comforting words which keep me from getting fearful or depressed and the experiences of your followers are immensely helpful too. Everything must be kept in the perspective of Ascension and the High Heart as we climb the stair steps; I think of us as an army and we are the soldiers fighting against Team Dark. Bless you.

    • Gratitude High ❤ hugs back Barb K., I need all of you too.

      Everyone remember how I mentioned a few times in October and November that December 2018 would top them both and then some? That was me trying to prepare everyone for the fact that the First Everythingers are Embodying a lot more NEW higher, much more complex Light, Codes and ongoing NEW Crystalline Rainbow DNA.

      Sandra Walter mentioned recently that she's been perceiving DNA in 2019 and I've been sensing this same thing too this Fall quarter. I'm aware that humanity — I mean specifically the "regular people", the unaware people, the human masses that don't know the evolutionary Ascension Process and matching dimensional shift into 5D etc. — are going to start embodying (lower case e) some of these NEW higher DNA and NEW Codes and Light which is something that has NOT happened to them before at this much higher frequency level. This too is going to GREATLY increase and accelerate the Separation of Worlds and collapse of everything patriarchal. It’s also why greatly increased numbers of people are and will be dying. We’ve gone through mass numbers of people leaving like this over the past few years but 2019 will top all previous group exits due to elevated and accelerated NEW Light energies, Codes and now NEW DNA.

      Plenty of self-care this month everyone while you/me/we continue to lift everything up higher and higher. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I definitely am a spent Penny!….I have spent 2 weekends doing craft markets …squashed by people of all kinds..I have experienced much of the same…., ,from extreme sweating of the face, frequent bathroom visits and walking like a pegman because of the back, legs etc aching.
    My body has a softer more vibrant buzzing now and on and off I hear two tones in my left ear…C# and the main tone F#. AND my smelling has increased to sometimes an uncomfortable level…I smell from a distance and detect odours in people that are indicating some sort of stress in their bodies, I believe.
    The feeling of emptiness is with me and a wee bit of excitement in the changes coming.
    Love to you Denise and all that come here…

  • Wow…going to add to the list. Most severe acid reflex EVER, increased daily past 10 days. I couldn’t eat and thought I had cancer. Better past 48 hours. Light like laser into brain, so much nausea. Weird sudden dry intense cough in short attacks. And I knew it was not the weather. Now, long moments of being in magic, like in a hot air balloon just feet off the ground, in multi-colored wonder as I walk across campus at work and then there is the world around me…NOT in a multicolored hot air balloon Lol! I cannot believe how much it keeps changing! REALITY is changing!!! I don’t know what I am but it’s not entirely human as I once knew it. My faith is now full all heart, all alive all love now. I have NO excuses. I know my heart is real. I know I can do whatever by faith. Light is happening, as you said, faster and faster. I cannot detect a lot anymore until after. It feels super stealth. Massive energy bursts in me out of nowhere, right after. I’m wired and then realize I barely detected it. Today, wow, just wham-o I was in bed almost all day with pain and fatigue and frustration. This weekend included intense impatience, worst ever, unleashed hot alive impatience with people, anything. Regarding releasing things…I am not aware often if I’m letting go of anything. I just hurt, maybe rest and try to calm down. I give thanks, sometimes. I hope I can help the “releasing” more…if I need to..? I don’t care what happens now as much, I love divine will with my whole heart. High whole heart 😉 bless you and all helping and suffering this amazing unimaginable change … the sky! O the Sky!! I could cry every time I look up now and see and feel the downpour… it’s MIRACLE, it’s all Miracle !

  • November and especially the past week was soo intense to the point I just wanted to die and let this be over with. I love life and have no depression but the pressure on my head and body and electricity hitting my nervous system was often too much to bear! If I didn’t have some medical tranquilizers to keep me from going insane, I don’t know how I would survive cause nothing else I tried in past years helps. Next to this there is enormous heat and burning in my body, especially lower back/hip area. Electric energy pounding&swirling through my spine/solarplexus. Getting heatwaves and sweating when I eat or do too much. Cramps/pain in my hands and especially thumbs and my right arm suddenly the past months. Continuing pain and tiredness in neck/shoulder/heart area and stiffness in all other muscles. Every year and every November I expect that was the darkest time before dawn, but hey…hell no.. the year after it’s even more extreme! Figures that next to the 11 year, I’m in a personal 22 master year of intensity plus having my Jupiter Return in Sagitarius right now!
    Kind of lost my faith in a future with light, joy and playfulness after 9 years of suffering and no real breakthroughs. Just want to have some kind of life again. My astrology transits help me to trust that things will get better from February 2019 onwards when I have survived the most brutal transformation and healing transits. So fingers crossed for better times to come.

    X, Annemiek

    ps. every time it still helps a little to read stories of other people experiencing this crazy ride as I just feel like an alien in my surroundings….. thanks Denise for your insights and strength to all!

    • Annemiek,
      This is random and maybe crazy, but maybe worth trying, though you may have. I have started consumed a more alkaline diet. I drink blended spinach, sea grass (spirulina) organic powder form, lemon and water. The electrical thing, though obviously other dimensional, might be/could possibly be easier if your PH balance was more alkaline?? Since we are conduits, like wires, maybe it could be worth just experimenting?!? I wasn’t going to write this, didn’t want to sound ridiculous, but is it worth a try to make the body a little more alkaline and see if it helps? My thoughts are with you 🙂

  • Denise

    Hello there. It has been a wild November. My head is still being pummelled. It has been as if someone has been lasering my head. Esp the right side, which is permenantly blocked. I have physically been de cluttering for weeks. And it’s as is the physical stuff has been symbolic of what’s inside. It’s been painful but liberating. I don’t want to live my life how I have been, consuming in a certain way. I have known this for a long time but it’s like I have the tools to step into that now and make the changes.
    I feel like I am adrift on a light raft, in a sea of dark. And out in the distance are other light rafts making up a chain. One day I hope to make contact!
    Love and light to you

  • Yes, this month has really been as “doozy” all right LOL! I had a cold, the mother of all colds that left my body battered and bruised and exhausted (I am not prone to having a cold, it’s very unusual for me). But the strange thing is it didn’t feel “real” although I was going through hell with pain, extreme tiredness ( sleeping round the clock, no amount of sleep was ever enough) excruciating face and head pain, extreme heat and cold and violent coughing which I still have although the “cold” has gone!
    I have had and still have vibration and itching up and down my entire spine, very painful lower back and hips, knees and feet. skin rashes that come and go, feeling ravenously hungry one minute and then nauseous and repulsed by food the next. One minute happy and peaceful the next depressed, angry and tearful. I have become very outspoken and quite fearless as well when dealing with others who are aggressive, unfair and selfish. All in all, I am wondering who I am now, I am changing so much, sometimes I feel so lost and out of place here.

    Denise your posts help me tremendously as does the comments from your readers, it puts things that are happening to me/us into perspective and makes it easier somehow to cope with it all. Many thanks, love and hugs from Megan 🙂

    • “…skin rashes that come and go, feeling ravenously hungry one minute and then nauseous and repulsed by food the next. One minute happy and peaceful the next depressed, angry and tearful. I have become very outspoken and quite fearless as well when dealing with others who are aggressive, unfair and selfish.”


      Said perfectly and I’ve felt EXACTLY the same way and have had the same Ascension Process side effects off and on since all this started for me in 1999.

      The part about becoming increasingly outspoken and fearless with negativity in general has to do with 1) living the Ascension Process and 2) the Return of Divine Mother/Mommy/Feminine energies and consciousness on Earth and in humanity, females have been living, feeling and expressing this first — “Times Up” and “Me Too” etc. paradigm shifts — but males and all humanity are in the accelerated process now of having to evolve and embody this equality on Earth or leave. Tons are leaving and will continue to throughout 2019 because the whole AP is finally playing out in every way globally and on the physical.

      The eating food thing you just learn to discern what feels like you could eat it at that moment you’re considering ingesting something and NOT have it make you feel like you’re at death’s door! 🙄

      I too have run “hot and cold” emotionally with some times this is really extreme in which case I isolate myself from the unaware for their safety and my not wanting to go to prison! 😉 Seriously, this radical and extreme up/down emotionally has to do with the HighHeart opening, the ego override, the ongoing magnetic up/downs in Earth and also coming from the Sun and so on. It’s normal in other words even though it’s really rough sometimes. In years past I’ve used the symbolic story about Jesus going “postal” in the market place/money changers because he was all done with the negativity. Same thing we’ve been going through since 1999; rebellion over global negativity. ❤ It's Light not taking the Dark anymore which is very much part of being a First Everythinger.

      I still feel "alone" in this physical world and probably will for a while longer but the Forerunners are literally Pathpavers for the rest of humanity so this is normal for us to feel like outcasts…because we are and everyone should be profoundly grateful for why we are. Just know and trust that you are very much living the Ascension Process and embodying these much higher frequency Unified Light energies in yourself, your consciousness, your body and your personal life and reality. Know too that the rest of the First Everythingers, Forerunners etc. are too and this is why all of you are my higher family and only friends. ❤ Let’s rock this AP thing throughout 2019 and bring them all Home in 2020. 🙂

      • Ditto, Megan Reid!

        And, Denise, thank you for your encouraging words. Yes, since 1999 … like you said. And this especially speaks:

        I still feel “alone” in this physical world and probably will for a while longer but the Forerunners are literally Pathpavers for the rest of humanity so this is normal for us to feel like outcasts…because we are and everyone should be profoundly grateful for why we are. Just know and trust that you are very much living the Ascension Process and embodying these much higher frequency Unified Light energies in yourself, your consciousness, your body and your personal life and reality. Know too that the rest of the First Everythingers, Forerunners etc. are too and this is why all of you are my higher family and only friends. ❤ Let’s rock this AP thing throughout 2019 and bring them all Home in 2020. 🙂

        Gratitude and Love to all who share here. Onward and upward!!

  • You said it all. Describes me to a tea. I also feel close to graduation into a world filled with magic. My magic abilities are coming online. I didn’t believe it was possible, but something major has shifted in me. Hooray!

  • Head pressures not too bad for me as have assistance to make the upgrades easier but hip joints, lower back and shoulder pain is intensive and keeps me awake at time as does the bursts night after night of ongoing heat for hours.
    A lot of ancestral clean-up and past life work happening for me. My work is vey physical. Emotionally I seem to have cleaned up well but no doubt from time to time there will still be issues.

    Vibrating in head and spine for awhile and then settled. That’s another stair step taken.

    It’s 1 Dec in this part of the world and the pain is full on. Joy oh joy!

    Keep well hydrated everyone and the feet up as much as possible. Makes it a whole lot easier.

  • Living in two different worlds at the same time. I wish I could find the right words to explain it, but you do a fine job of using the words. The different worlds and the heaviness of living in 3rd dimension are a heaviness that it seems I muddle through. I feel that I can’t go on but amaze myself that I am. I feel this like I never felt before. It was always a teasing sort of feeling before but now I am totally living it every moment. I feel like it in nearly finished…whatever that means. I’m so sleepy and feel like it’s a dream world. The symptoms? Yes, all that you mentioned but I feel some kind of accomplishment or work is almost finished. Like a graduation. Does that make sense?

    • “I feel like it in nearly finished…whatever that means. I’m so sleepy and feel like it’s a dream world. The symptoms? Yes, all that you mentioned but I feel some kind of accomplishment or work is almost finished. Like a graduation. Does that make sense?”

      Completely Linda C.

      2019 and 2020 are the “finishing up” for the unaware people and physical Earth world out there. We Embodiers, Forerunners, Pathpavers etc. just need to continue doing what we’ve been doing all along with the Ascension Process and our personal Embodiment Processes. With all that’s currently evolving in our heads and HighHeart and NEW DNA, we’re going to have more and more NEW Higher Awareness and abilities, like Consciously Creating what we want for ourselves and mass humanity and so on. Keep that in heartmind Embodiers when looking at 2019 and 2020.

      • I ask the energies to be a little kinder…the symptoms still there but everything that I have to deal with at work and home work out “magically”. I am grateful for that. It’s weird but a knowing help arrives. Haha! It’s all just cool too.

  • All the above for me, plus a strange inner vibrating, just like after riding on a very bumpy road. Had sudden 10 lb. weight loss without dietary or exercise change, along with wide variances in energy level–sometimes almost hyper, others very lathargic

  • We are also having extreme hight schuuman resonnance as well geomagnetic storms. From up hight and from deep under. Much help to speed things along including the physical malaise.

  • Yup, same here with the top of the head pain/pressure. Had lightened up after having gotten super intense a few weeks ago, in fact, until today. Not too bad but definitely a bit weird feeling up top.

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