October, November & December 2018: Year-end Run for the Triple Crowns

“Have you clairvoyantly Seen and/or dreamed of seeing an ornate Crown or triple Crowns recently? I have, and it (a single Crown) was the most ornate brilliant white diamonds and pearls creation I’ve ever seen. No wonder our heads have hurt so severely this year! It’s now time to put on our NEW Light Crown(s) and Consciously Create accordingly.”

That quote was from my October 28, 2018 article, Accelerated Incoming Higher Energies. I had seen this single diamond and pearl etheric energy Crown in a dream around the middle of October 2018, and was stunned by its opulence and how much Light it radiated. I knew it was mine, my first Embodiment Process energy Crown in a series of three (Triality) if I was capable of reaching each of them, and that each successive Crown would be a much higher frequency.

My second energy Crown arrived on 11-11-11, November 11, 2018, almost exactly one month after I received the October 2018 one but this time I was awake. I had just settled myself to intentionally connect with the global 11-11-11 meditation focus and higher Conscious Creating when a series of three mind’s eye images instantly manifested. (I did my best to reproduce these three images I Saw on November 11, 2018, but of course nothing compares to the real thing.) As usual there was instantaneous knowing about each of these three images so it’s a case of visual image along with instant higher knowing about what all each image means and represents etc.

The first image looked like this and were these colors. I knew that these triple 11’s represented November 11, 2018, but at this point I did wonder why they were slightly curved and not on a straight horizontal line like how we’d normally write or type them.

  The second image looked like this and I knew these lower triple 11’s represented November 11, 2011. Again I wondered why both the first and second mind’s eye images were slightly curved like this; one set of triple 11’s arched up and the second set of triple 11’s arched down.

  The third image looked like this and was more of an overhead view than the first two and I finally knew why the first two images were positioned the ways they were. This third unified and connected image of double sets of triple 11’s indicated that those people who have lived the ongoing Ascension and Embodiment Process up to November 11, 2011 and through November 11, 2018 have united and Embodied those energies and ascension years and high primary ascension timeline within themselves, allowing those individuals to pass through this November 11, 2018 circular Crown portal of 11’s and access another higher frequency etheric Embodiment Crown. This third image was both a portal and a Crown—one in the same thing actually—but at a NEW much higher level than we had been able to energetically reach and Embody until November 11, 2018.

The next thing I realized after Seeing and Knowing these three (three is a common representation of Unity frequencies—aka Trinity or Triality frequency) images was that December 2018 will bring another even higher level of this process for the Embodiers, and in turn the rest of humanity, external reality and the Separation of Worlds. At some point within the month of December 2018, those of us that are Embodying first and Wayshowing that will be dealing with Embodying our personal third triple Crown coronations. I keep Seeing lots of brilliant colored etheric gold Light but we’ll see once we enter January 2019, what exactly our personal third etheric Embodiment Crowns look like. I’ve also been Seeing, when my physical eyes are closed, bright iridescent pastel colored patterns which I sense are both more of our NEW Crystalline Christ frequency DNA connecting plus the NEW Angelic realm codes arriving this month and beyond.

The more you/me/we Embody and “ascend” vibrationally, energetically, the more we all help everything else quickly evolve, “ascend” higher and higher too. This latest evolutionary energetic leap that happened on November 11, 2018 was bigger and more reality-changing than most of us have realized yet. November 11th was only two days ago and yet I can hardly perceive of things before two days ago! That in itself is a huge clue as to just how large this latest elevation shift actual was. We stepped through a double set of triple 11’s portal Crown and nothing will be the same because of it. And the December 2018 Triple Crown awaits us.

Know that if you didn’t See or dream or have any remembered awareness of Crowns or anything else related to these 11-11-11 portals, know that that does NOT mean you didn’t experience these things in your own ways and that you didn’t receive your first or second or possible third etheric Embodiment Process Crown. You did, you just may not have gotten to see or See your ongoing Embodiment coronations but I know you’ve felt huge positive changes since November 11, 2018. Wear you latest Crown well fellow Light-bearers and NEW EARTH world drivers, we’ve still got December 2018 to live, Embody and receive our third etheric Crowns which is going to create even greater positive ascension changes for All. Very well done everyone, very well done indeed.

❤ ❤ ❤


November 13, 2018

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48 thoughts on “October, November & December 2018: Year-end Run for the Triple Crowns

  • Dear Denise and All,
    These energies are so huge; I feel like I’m floating in an ocean of them. They come up through me. I don’t have to match myself to them, they are just there, everywhere! So far it’s been smooth sailing, but I sure can’t remember mucho. I’m in the Now, now, big time.
    Love and Light,

    • Georgia & All,

      The entire month of November 2018 has been so intense and driving, changing us and everything, but the latest ‘trajectory shift’ to borrow a Sandra Walter term that’s unfolded since about November 18th, has been unlike anything we’ve experienced before. This and much more is to be expected considering it’s the end of 2018 and we’re about to shift up in huge ways collectively with entrance into January 2019.

      I’ve tried a few times to write something about this but “it” just continues and I’ve absolutely had to sleep a lot throughout this month’s trajectory shift. Oftentimes it’s been like suddenly just passing out, getting out of my physical body so that everything that’s happening now can do so more quickly. Anyway, I’ll try to get a quickie little something written about this because I know and can feel many of you going through exceptional, NEW, weird, surreal, higher levels that have felt very Initiatic to these physical incarnate aspects of ourselves. (I just typed these words and I honestly don’t know if I’m making any sense whatsoever. This is another aspect of this ongoing “trajectory shift”.) o_O

      • “Oftentimes it’s been like suddenly just passing out, getting out of my physical body so that everything that’s happening now can do so more quickly.”

        Thank you, Denise, for expressing what I’ve been feeling intensely for the past 2+ weeks. Nothing I try to put into words even remotely makes sense to me, but I FEEL this so strongly:

        “Exceptional, NEW, weird, surreal, higher levels that have felt very Initiatic to these physical incarnate aspects of ourselves.”

        Thank you again, just thank you.

        • I’m going to get a short article done and published today that goes into more detail about this and the latest BIG November 2018 “trajectory” shift. I cannot believe that today is the last day of November and in a few short hours we’ll shift into December and continue this at even higher, larger levels! I’ve gotta get this article out today! ❤ Hugs Lane.

      • I look forward to reading how you put all this into words Denise. LOL, how does one describe something that’s never been before. This new arena is so awesome. Initiatic works, floating in ocean works but it’s so NEW, different.

        Before we lived in a sea of energies that was so familiar we didn’t know we were in sea. Even with the decades of raising vibrations we were still in that sea; but now the ‘sea’ is made up of something so new so different.
        … if that makes any sense whatsoever!

        • Holly,

          We certainly do need to create more NEW words, NEW terms to better express what all we’re currently experiencing. Words fail, and add to that one’s head feeling like its exploded anyway and words are near impossible! 😆

          I just finished and published this latest article. I couldn’t believe today is the last day of November so no matter what I HAD to get it done and up before we slide into December and all it brings.

  • That’s very interesting, Denise. I had repeated visions of a large pinecone (which I knew somehow was my pineal gland), with golden light raining down on it; just like elongated raindrops, but gold.

  • Hello Denise and everyone! ❤

    This comment is in response to Ben Stubbe who shared a link to an image of a white merkaba agate stone, and how it looks similar to their experience of bright stars reaching them. I just wanted to share how I got exactly the same 12-point white merkaba star (not agate though, a different material) about 1 year ago. I was instantly drawn to it and at the time had no idea what it represented. Nor did I give it too much thought to be honest, other than it being a home decor item as that was the section I found it at the store. After a few months I realized it represented the higher dimensions, and how I must have further activated something within me and this item was an external representation/confirmation of it in my reality. And it was only recently (few months back) that I had a further realization that it represented many other things such as the merge between divine masculine/divine feminine energies, unity consciousness, and how it was the merkaba star/our light energy fields!

    I also found myself suddenly attracted to iridescent this past summer, to the point I got an iridescent colored handbag the first week of October for my birthday! It's the only iridescent item I have as I was previously never attracted to it, nor would I have ever gotten something so bold as a bag. The few bags I had were many years, some even close to a decade old. They were damaged so had to go! I just cant believe I got an iridescent one in my external reality, so the fact you mentioned the etheric crowns and the bright iridescent pastel colors is beyond amazing. Thank you so much Denise, this is exciting! I also just wanted to add that the week before 11.11.11 I felt really excited, more so than a birthday, almost as if I was graduating for achieving something as the date got closer. No wonder I blew out several light bulbs/circuits that week, went to go ground my energy by hugging a tree near the lake on 11.11.11 as it's hard to do that here in winter with the freezing temperatures and snow up here in Canada. You mentioning the etheric crowns makes sense, I'll take that as validation, once again thank you for all that you share, it really helps me and others make more sense of this all with all of the feelings and energies we're picking up on! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • “I also found myself suddenly attracted to iridescent this past summer, to the point I got an iridescent colored handbag the first week of October for my birthday!”

      A late Happy Birthday Prabhi K. ❤

      Years ago I suddenly HAD to have shiny, reflective things in my house that reflected light instead of absorbing it. I NEEDED shiny, sparklie objects that would bounce light off of them so I started slowly replacing certain things in my house with shiny mirror finishes, wall hangings with faceted fake jewels that reflect light and pastel iridescence, sheen in drapes and bed comforter and so on. The more Light I embodied and Embodied, the more I NEEDED my house to reflect light as well.

      Last year and this I've NEEDED some iridescent colored surfaces around me and I found a couple of living room table lamps made of small mosaic Mother-of-Pearl that are just beautiful. I can look at them and see both the shine and the pale iridescent colors which is similar to the NEW Crystalline Rainbow DNA we're Embodying now. Don't feel guilty for wanting and NEEDING your surroundings to increasingly look like you! 😉

      • Thank you for the birthday wish Denise!! 🙂 ❤ Wow that makes perfect sense! I had figured about the merkaba star, and crystalline rainbow DNA activations and embodiment as I have been seeing rainbow’s on a daily basis now (or sometimes every other day) continuously for the past 3 years. They can be outside (weather permitting), and indoors from light reflection. No wonder why I’m surrounded by and have been picking a lot of shiny/reflective/sparklie/glossy/mirrors etc, thank you Denise for helping me make this connection! 😉 Some I did not even choose myself, and were already there when moving here such as the shiny interior finishes, and kitchen counters with sparkles, they reflect rainbow light or the chandelier that was already there as well which also reflects rainbows all over the wall and ceiling! I see rainbows everywhere whether it be while cooking and even getting into the bathtub! I love it though! ❤ Yesterday, before getting some groceries I walked into a store to look for something and there on the first shelf were multiple white iridescent large vases (also saw iridescent bracelets half an hour after that), made me smile as I remembered you and thought bring on the iridescent light codes!
        One last thing, Denise I wanted to make a correction to the comment I posted on your last article. I mentioned feeling a sudden change in energies where I felt “sick” from that point on in August 1998, I just realized the other night that it was not 1998 but August 1999!!! I confused the years as I was thinking of my age in terms of school years rather than my birthday which comes one month afterwards. And this wasn’t the sick as in getting the cold/flu or other common childhood things people may experience such as ear infections or chicken pox, totally different. You wrote about feeling “sick” starting overnight in February 1999 when you thought you were suddenly experiencing menopause symptoms. Funny thing is I had put that experience aside as a child thinking it was normal or perhaps it was the changes I would experience going into pre-teenager over the next few years.

  • Wow Denise, Everything you said is so true. This month’s energy has been amazing, like new life is finally able to begin. Isn’t it amazing how these energies of the highest vibration so far are so light and delicate, like Angels raining soft light. I’ve never felt so ‘home’ before, without any external world reason causing it.

    Still releasing some, mainly from the trauma of past life in this life, but it feels like it’s finally leaving for last time and it’s about time too, been doing inner work for years on this. Logically understood the past trauma and could see it from everyone’s side without judgment, and connected us all (my bio family and ex) loving each other in our higher selves but for some reason the emotional clearing has stair stepped v e r y s l o w l y.

    Not just the triple crown goes but trinity has been big on my radar. Feel totally present these days in union with what some call Father, Son and Holy Spirit, what I call God, HIgher Self and Human Me, the holy trinity. Waking up with a smile and looking forward to the day which hasn’t happened in a decade. And it’s only November 19th.

    Hearing that Karen Carpenter song, ‘I’ve only just begun….to live…’.

    • “…but for some reason the emotional clearing has stair stepped v e r y s l o w l y.”

      Yes, we can know, see and feel things intellectually but it’s the emotional level and deep, deep inside of us in our basement stockpiled wounds that we’ve GOT to chew on long enough so there’s nothing left in any of them for us to be shackled to or by. ‘To heal you’ve got to feel and deal’ with personal “issues” to finally and honestly be freed of them.

      Yes the ongoing Embodiment Process has us at the point where we’re individually taking on, Embodying within our physical bodies and selves and consciousness these higher Crystalline Christ frequencies. We are the Divine Mother, the Divine Father, the Divine Child… and more. Triple Crowns plus more.

      And yes, it’s only November 19th and look everyone at how much NEW ground we’ve traversed so far this month! December will be this and much more.

      “Isn’t it amazing how these energies of the highest vibration so far are so light and delicate, like Angels raining soft light.”

      So far it has been, felt and looked so soft, iridescent pastel colors and shapes, and super fine glitter-like GOLD raining down constantly everywhere. I’ll take Angelics any day over just about everything else leading up to Them! ❤ ❤ ❤ My higher awareness just said, “Wait until December!” 😕 Source gifts this December.

      • I love what you wrote Denise, thank you. I read this somewhere (?) and copied it; it’s good to remember:

        ‘It takes a very strong individual to sit with themselves, calm their storms, and heal all of their issues without trying to bring someone else into that chaos.
        Your journey into self-love is just that. And you are doing it.’

  • From the star tops!!! I spent the early morning JUMPING up and down yelling at the sky before my walk/jog!! I freaked someone out in an SUV watching! As of yesterday, I started to talk to the sky and tease it for being so sneaky!! I tell it, I SEE you and I know what you are doing and I give it love!! And then I praise God in the high place. Tell me I’m not crazy! But it is ALL magic and marshmallows now!! Streaks of iridescence, turquoise everywhere! The phosphorescent moon and marshmallow sky! As per usual, it’s amazing the “surprise” on the other side of another major embodiment. I see more light coming from my head/forehead, but that’s all I know of crowns for now! I wanted to mention just amazing small specific things, if that’s okay?! My body (for months and months) has been releasing awful emotional pain through the torso, for over a year. I have wondered over and over, is this “abandonment” pain? (I was given up for adoption) Is this “emotional abuse” pain? Is this just accumulation of all of the “hurt” pain? But now, unexpectedly, DENISE, it is GONE!!!!! EVERYTHING, the last remnants of sadness, depression, disinterest, disconnection, anything emotional that ever STOPPED me from getting up, going, starting my day, being on time, being reliable, ready, willing, showing up, LIVING (all massively hindered by others in “former” life … it’s GONE!!! IT’S GONE!!!! It hurt to heal, but it was ALL brought out of my body. I was unhappy feeling it, upset every time, it was scary, I complained and I wish I never had and now …I CANNOT BELIEVE THE GIFT. THE GIFT!!! I have waited all my life for such FREEDOM. I could SCREAM now. And all day probably! I am not consciously or subconsciously emotionally heavy anymore. I AM NOT heavy. Even with a little energy heaviness today and yesterday morning, I AM NOT heavy, I am like … ALRIGHT let’s KILL THIS! ;)) I’m not bipolar either! This isn’t imbalanced or hyped up/unstable. It is very, very, very stable.
    Last other “little” thing!..Ha! I discovered from the weekend of the 11th that, wow, the brain cannot be misused, the new brain. I started to think things, dumb things, old habit style, while driving in the mountains and it just zoooooomed into speed and ramped up and took off with it! I was like, whoa okay NO I won’t do that! It ran away with a thought faster and faster and I couldn’t stop it in a way! It was just so powerful, hard to pull back and undo the thoughts. I could feel actual danger, like if someone gave you a big fat military gun/weapon and said, “hey, hold this for a second” and you started to forget about it and you began shifting around, forgetting what you’re holding, and it just lights up, acts up and turns on and you FEEL it’s power and suddenly… you sloooow down, you feel you can hurt something or many things with this! My head now feels like a big energy gun globe, gold-ish, darkish reddish inside, vastly spacious and streamlined with green cords or something (lots of open space in there now) and other cords, with thick sharp smallish blades on the left and right side, outside the helmet, an organic helmet weapon. It is powerful and I am now aware of that and I don’t know what it is or what it can do or how I should use or treat it, but BAD thoughts are super, super bad…(note to me) to be lazy with any old habitual thoughts – not good! Not sure how I will learn; I’d love a new owner’s guide! :)) Lol! Love to you and gratitude for all of your bold commitment.

    • “And then I praise God in the high place.”


      And don’t ever forget to praise God in the Marcy place too. 😉 ❤ You, me, we all are aspects of Divine Source God All That Is and we all need to fully and consciously realize it and live your, my, our HighHeartLives from that ‘Self-as-Source’ level of being always now. These November 2018 (and December 2018 into January 2019) energies and codes are pushing us all to this NEW much more individually UNIFIED level within ourselves and Source and our Higher Self/Selves etc.

      Guess how much you just further uplifted, transmuted and ascended external physical earth reality for yourself and everyone else due to your latest ongoing Embodiment Process? Is everyone better understanding how the more each of us Embodies our Higher Selves, Source consciously, and every NEW Code(s) Angelic and otherwise, how much that automatically alters external earth reality? This is true and highest Pathpaving.

      “But now, unexpectedly, DENISE, it is GONE!!!!! EVERYTHING, the last remnants of sadness, depression, disinterest, disconnection, anything emotional that ever STOPPED me from getting up, going, starting my day, being on time, being reliable, ready, willing, showing up, LIVING (all massively hindered by others in “former” life … it’s GONE!!! IT’S GONE!!!! It hurt to heal, but it was ALL brought out of my body…”

      Isn’t it amazing how it, whatever “it” is for each of us, instantly can just permanently disappear from us? I experienced this earlier this year with something that’s been a major issue/concern/worry for me. Like you I had struggled and Worked on multiple inner levels on this issue within myself for many years and then suddenly earlier this year “it” was suddenly GONE, not in me anymore and I didn’t “do” anything in connection to this issue when this happened. Evidently, after we’ve done the Inner Work on our issues over years and decades, when certain much higher frequency Light energies and Codes etc. arrive here, we are automatically freed of these personal issues. This is a big deal right now because so, so much of the old lower past stuff and junk (my favorite term for all of “it”) is being removed because we’re capable of Embodying some more NEW higher Light and Codes etc.

      Congratulations Marcy and keep up The Great Work for self and for All. ❤ ⭐ ❤

      • Denise, I had to ponder your words for about a week. It’s hard for me to take credit for things, praise me. I’m slowly allowing it. Your words spelling out the good that is being done and has been done for ALL made me stop denying me and it for a minute. I can’t deceive myself anymore. I can’t be too scared of knowing something on my own anymore. I sat with it. And just let it sink in a bit each time. It hurts… to acknowledge my whole being. It’s hard…the believe I’m a part of something so helpful to humans. Ownership meant being very alone once. I’m not alone now.
        Guides have been calling me “very brave” for a week or two. I’m still taking it in…but I’m finally TAKING IT IN. 🙂 I love you for giving a shit. thank you… about to read new post! I was wondering when you would write about new-new-newness light!..wow what a NOVEMBER!!!

  • “We’re evolving to where we’re HOME always no matter what or where we are.” Yes. Still here, still standing, still loving. B.

  • Just AFTER 11/11 this year, I saw the GOLDEN LIGHT (just as I was waking up). Seemed to be at a distance, which I assume is the etheric realm? It was streaming down everywhere, very fine particles and breathtaking. At the same time, I received a message from my Higher Self: “no more connection” to my past, which I assume are the emotional residues/triggers from past experience.

    Not sure how the etheric realm feeds into the physical. Does this mean we will SEE it in the physical? All I know is that it’s here NOW and streaming down in all its beauty. xo

    • Beautiful Thelma and know that much more is coming this month, moment by moment and beyond. This is part of us receiving one or more of these “Crowns” of Light, of Crystalline Christ frequency Light and more. ❤

      “Not sure how the etheric realm feeds into the physical. Does this mean we will SEE it in the physical?”

      You already know this but you just haven’t viewed it, experienced it from this particular current Thelma vantage point. You, me, we all are Multidimensional Beings and the ongoing Ascension Process, and much more intensely the Embodiment Process, is causing us to become CONSCIOUSLY aware of this fact. These 11-11-11 energies of November 2018, along with the NEW incoming super high Angelic level codes, and more NEW DNA activations that are themselves multidimensional, and us gaining some Embodiment Crowns are all aspects of these latest evolutionary changes. More and more people are and will be able to See and Know and Feel energies, and next will be other dimensional Beings, Aliens/ETs, Angels and more — this is REAL “disclosure” which is spiritual and energetic disclosure achieved by compressed evolution or the Ascension Process.

      With our ongoing evolution, linear time and space is something we’re rapidly outgrowing and evolving beyond which also means we’re CONSCIOUSLY existing, working and functioning within quantum consciousness in multiple dimensions simultaneously. And yes, we’re increasingly able to See, Feel and Know these things because we’re no longer trapped energetically and consciously within linear physicality and time space. Welcome to a bigger creative “playground”, but know that it’s only going to get larger and more complex and vast as you, me, we continue Embodying and Ascending. This is another big reason why we occasionally feel so “fried”, so “wired”, so “hyper”, so rattled and internally vibrating constantly because we’ve Embodied so much higher Light and our CNS is struggling to expand and acclimate to being able to perceive and exist within a MUCH larger range of energies and frequencies — aka Multidimensionality in a physical body on Earth.

      So many have wanted and expected to leave physical Earth and go HOME. However, the Ascension Process is about us evolving enough so that we’re no longer only aware of linear physical life and reality but of many other dimensions, worlds both physical and nonphysical and so, so much more. We’re evolving to where we’re HOME always no matter what or where we are. In this case we’re in physical bodies that are becoming capable of dealing with functioning in multiple dimensions and remaining conscious of that and not having it cause us to get disoriented, lost, confused or fearful. We’re in physical bodies that have and continue Embodying more and more higher Light energies which means WE ARE HOME OURSELVES IN THIS HERE AND NOW ON EARTH AND ELSEWHERE. Sorry but I had to yell that from the star-tops! ⭐ ❤ 😀

      The rest of November and December into January 2019 will be more and more and more of this everyone so rest and sleep (my god I've needed to nap more in November than I ever have because of all this) and self-care because you, me, we are evolving so profoundly right now that it's almost too much to grasp at the moment. We will soon however.

      • Thank you Denise and Thelma

        I for one really needed this very important information confirmed as I do not have the development at this stage to have known clearly otherwise. Thank you Denise for yelling it from the star-tops.

        For me it has been very physically dangerous and most challenging this year. The dismantling and rebuild required for optimum results going forward. I certainly feel and sense and now experience tuning noises in my right ear every so often also. I feel that I am being checked out from time to time to see if I am online so communication can commence.

        Must be properly prepared for the true reality to be turned on again. Hoorah for that!

      • Thank you, Denise. I have been wanting to respond in more detail to your last two posts but haven’t been able to put the words together. Basically, I could say ‘ditto’ to most of the posts which, along with Sandra Walter’s posts and Lisa Renee’s article on Telepathy, have been connecting a lot of dots for me—taking only from all of these what is useful or in resonance and discarding the rest. I have felt a huge shift in energy and the resounding phrase, when I start wondering about vivid dreams and experiences I have had recently and as long ago as 40+ years ago, is: “You already know.” I recently had a profound epiphany regarding the experience I had in February of this year.

        Time for the Unity Meditation, which reminds me that I recently watched, again, this video from Sandra Walter, and it was so very helpful: https://youtu.be/BlqNJkuXGm8

        Much love to you and all here.

      • Dear Denise,

        Am so ready for a “bigger creative playground”! Hope to “see” more, though I suspect my “etheric eyes” are just starting to open from this vantage point. It helps to think of myself as Spirit in human form instead of vice versa. Love your shout-out WE ARE HOME OURSELVES …. Am starting to feel this. Love to you & all here.

    • revital71,

      Same Separation of Worlds process. These things have taken many years, decades in fact and it’s just that we’ve finally gotten to that point within all this ascension business where it’s clearly physically showing in the external world so that even the unaware are experiencing massive changes. They still don’t know what it is but they know big change is here in all ways for all people everywhere.

      I need to add too that from my perspective it felt to me like the Separation of Worlds had begun around 2007, 2006 even but that was based on what I had been experiencing; slow and steady disconnect and override of the old 3D patriarchal world.

      The other aspect of this is that from most people’s awareness what we’re calling the Separation of Worlds will be more about how the old patriarchal world and consciousness just faded away, died and disappeared and was, is being replaced with nothing but huge improvements for everyone globally. The faster the Forerunners/First Everythingers Embody more and higher, the faster the external physical Separation of Worlds happens globally for everyone and beyond as well. We’re literally energetically overriding and uplifting Earth and reality on Earth for mass humanity.

  • Just saw your post and was little surprised because indeed I saw a crown in meditation. I think it was like 00:00 local time, midnight between 10th and 11th, last weekend.
    I saw how top of my head pop open like a lid from a wooden box. That lid was a crown. Very fine one and lot’s of jewelries. Then there opened a light Pilar to the skyes and my head was full of that light too.

    Then only a few days later, I think it was Monday or Tuesday morning in a meditation I FELT how I got a heavy crown on my head. It was so clear. And I saw a very plain and elegant crown, fewer and bigger jewelry on this one. I just thought that they opened up my crown Chakra for good before I read your post 👑🙏.
    I’m curious to see what happens next month!

  • Dear Denise
    Liberation draws near.The Robe of Light descends down upon us. The Divine force we hold is in service to all of creation. The Divine symphony plays through us, The Divine dance begins and the perfect note is sounded. The 11.11.11. Stargate has certainly played its part. Love to all on the path of transcendence. Maureen

  • Denise and All, I wanted to share my highheart dream from several weeks ago with you. In the dream, I was on a large, wide and spacious road that was in the process of being graveled. The road itself had taken quite some time to be paved properly. I was in a vehicle (different looking than current vehicles today) that had a clear viewing top (like our windshield but it went all the way back) so that I could look UP and see everything. I was fascinated with this vehicle I found myself in. It had no steering wheel but just a seat for me and many colored lights and knobs on the dashboard. I looked up and saw a HUGE truck distributing gravel right in front of me/vehicle. I immediately thought “Oh shit, it’s going to crack the windshield and dent the hell out of this car.” I then heard in my mind’s eye/highheart “This vehicle/vessel is divinely protected. You are a pathpaver. You are receiving/embodying/distributing LIGHT/ENERGY (gravel). Your body (vehicle) is made to withstand it. You don’t have to DO anything (no steering wheel remember), just follow the LIGHT. Your vehicle is called Blizzard Pearl (it was like a mother of pearl color – irridescent). You (as are ALL doing/being) this work are immensely loved, supported and guided. It may not feel like it at times, but there is much gratitude and adoration for you ALL.”

    I saw others around me in similar vehicles doing the same thing as I was (catching/embodying/distributing the LIGHT). I looked further ahead and saw different looking “equipment vehicles” right at the entrance of a vibrant and magnficent bridge. The bridge was complete but the road needed a few final touches to make it easier for mass usage. That’s what you/me/all of us pathpavers, wayshowers, first everythingers have been doing. Also, I noticed something on all of our heads. I thought they were hard hats at first (because of the analogy I was SEEING), but we were ALL wearing crowns.

    When I thought about this dream afterwards, I KNEW that many of you here are a part of that team. I saw Denise on a large piece of equipment at the entrance of bridge guiding others. However, no one was more important than the other. We were equal and had our own “task” that was specifically designed and agreed upon for US for the WHOLE.

    I don’t comment often, but thought this was just too spectacular not to share with you all. I love this space that Denise has created (a safe haven, home, family, love) and appreciate all that share their experiences, honesty, hearts and more. I, too, live a solitary life and this space is a LIFE LINE. Hugs to you all.
    Thank you Denise for ALL you are and do for us here. Much love sunshine!!

    • Karina,

      Your recent dream about being on a wide road “that was being graveled” reminded me of a dream I had in September 2007, about working very hard to build and gravel a Path, an Ascension Path, for other people to travel in the coming years and decades. Here’s a link to this old article on TRANSITIONS. It’s so great to have multiple people report about these same Missions and types of ascension things and how they appeared to each of us.


      “The road itself had taken quite some time to be paved properly.”

      You better believe it, and in the beginning we did it by hand! O_o Glad to hear there’s big “dump trucks” doing it now. Guess who the big “dump trucks” actually are? You, me, us Pathpavers, Forerunners, Lightworkers, First Everythingers. 😉

      “Your vehicle is called Blizzard Pearl (it was like a mother of pearl color – irridescent).”

      What a fascinating term for this. There’s another old school term and level called Blue Pearl but what you’re experiencing is, I sense, much more than just that.


      Because your “vehicle” was/is iridescent colored means to me that it has to do with a few things such as your Crystalline Christ frequency Bridge DNA, and the incoming NEW November 2018 Angelic codes they’re transmitting to us to be Embodied and anchored on NEW ascending Earth for the rest of humanity. This is simply more layers of our ongoing Pathpaving, Embodying, Wayshowing and all the rest of it. ❤

      Big lavender colored gravel Paths; Crystalline Christ frequencies being Embodied by the First Everythinger; NEW multidimensional Rainbow Bridge DNA being Embodied by us; Embodying NEW November 2018 Angelic ascension codes and more is why many of us are currently receiving one or more Crowns.

      The receiving of a Crown or Triple Crowns now is nothing more than an energetic representation of where we First Everythingers are now within the Ascension and Embodiment Process. You pack on enough Light and NEW codes and DNA etc. etc. etc. and you automatically are changed because of it all and you radiate Light Energies and more differently than other people who've not done these things. Triple Crowns represent Christ frequency Embodiment and more. Add to that the brand NEW iridescent Angelic codes coming in this month to be Embodied by us and all of these NEW things, visions, dreams, feeling and reality changes and expansions make more sense.

      Thanks for sharing your dream about this Karina which allowed me to connect it in with what I wrote about in 2007. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Hi Denise
        I read your following article on Transitions written almost 11 years back and quoting the text from there


        “It’s obvious that many of us are and no doubt will continue to be having these multidimensional visions, dream images and messages due to the much anticipated separation from the old lower vibrating 3D Earth world reality that’s happening throughout September 2007. The Path was built, the Way made clear, the higher Ascension energies have pushed us hard for many years and now, the final energetic separation from the lower everything. The UFOs and the Phoenix bird airplane are being filled with people who’ve been activated over the past few years and are now energetically ready to exit the old lower and land in the NEW much higher energies. Now the real fun begins.”

        Denise, you mentioned there separation of world way back in 2007 and 11 years fast forward (for me personally, these 11 year just flew like few months although during these 11 years I passed through the biggest & grueling challenges of my life like job loss, career change, marriage of 18 years dissolved/divorce, residence changed, forced to move to a different state after living in my favorite state for 44 years since birth but still these 11 years flew like months making me wondered how I survived all these), now in 2018 too , you have been emphasizing on separation of world? So are these two different stages of separation of world, one happened in 2007 and other in 2018? or the separation of world which started in 2007 will culminate in completion in 2018?


      • Denise,
        Thank you for your kind, insightfull words. I began my Ascension in 1999. Your mention of your 2007 dream regarding paving triggered a dream I had around 2008. In it, I was on a road/highway that was newly layed out, it was narrow and “unchartered territory”. There were several vehicles on it going forward (me included). Once in a while, a new car would merge off a side lane onto the main highway. A time or two I would come close enough to be side by side with a fellow traveler and we would wave at one another, with BIG smiles on our face ( a look of unsurety and excitement) but we KNEW this is where we were meant to be.

        Then, I saw NOW, the same road is vast with many travelers and us/you//me “forerunners, first everythingers” are still at the lead but in more of a WHOLE union than separate (from the beginning/start of our journey).

        Also, October and November have been HUGE energy wise for me. I have had/still get many symptoms but nausea has been my new companion these few months. When the energy blasts come in, it’s intense. One day, before 11-11-11 (I was feeling it a week before) I asked “Can I hold all this energy/light/codes? I heard “You are a TARDIS. (for you Dr. Who fans, you’ll understand). You are bigger on the inside. You can hold vast amounts for you are a multi-dimensional sentient being that can travel across space and time, known and unknown. You are remembering. You may appear as a small vessel, but you are SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. ” So open up everyone, YOU are immense and can embody ALL these beautiful, crystalline codes, lights, energies, etc. I’ve always said that I would love to have a TARDIS, but to BE ONE! Shazaam!

        Thanks again, Denise! I love you, we all love you more than words can say.

  • Denise,
    In my meditation this morning I was made aware of a beautiful gold crown. It’s purpose, to hold massive amounts of Light as it enters into our Crown👑💫, the one that we came with as our birthright.. I heard the phrase “finding the Holy Grail” and saw myself as a chalice, having been emptied yet again, (recent pounding then upgrades) about to be filled to overflowing. Do you have any thoughts around this? Is it really that simple cause I sure am sometimes! Lol

  • Dear Denise and All,
    So there I was up in the Sierras for the 11:11:11:11:11. The energies were super strong; I think it may be that the whole granite range acts as a giant crystal. Then I realized something amazing: I have a visual anomaly that doesn’t allow me to have depth perception, so I see things sorta flat and have a hard time judging distance. And then I noticed I was seeing with depth perception, the trees were round and there was visual distance and it was super-real. The smoke had blown away and the sky was like a Lapis Lazuli bowl clear with no clouds or haze. I realized then I had stepped into a new world, at least for that time, really beautiful and I felt calm and light filled. I did not see a crown, nor would I ascribe to such, but it felt wonderful!
    Love and Light to you, brave Denise, and all Lightworkers,

  • Yes, I also felt a crown on my head. It feels as if has four red stones (rubies?). I never knew what it meant. I also feel a ring with a red stone on both of my hands. (In the physical world I never wear rings.) I would be happy to see the crown and the rings as tokens of some kind of graduation. Thank God for that!

  • Dear Denise, I wanted to comment on the previous thread, yet didn’t because I didn’t have any awesome event to report like so many others did, BUT I related to your writings (as always) and all the comments too. I DID note a change in my mood or feeling (for the better) around the 10th or 11th, like a burden lifted, possibly related to election results, but much more personal. I have since then slept better and felt stronger and thought it might be symbolized by transiting Jupiter leaving the sign of Scorpio! 🙂

    There was some inner change I could not explain until I read (and re-read) your last 2 posts and then it dawned on me that it wasn’t something that had “happened to me”, it was more like “something I had “left behind” or escaped or ascended from; a kind of weight that had been eliminated. I have not seen any crowns yet, but I’m a slow learner! My 1st clue to ascension came in 1995 when my whole body went numb and tingly but all the tests could find nothing wrong. It lasted 40 days (and 40 nights) and then began to go away, but during those 40 days my neighbor introduced me to a radio program called “New Dimensions” which changed my life and put me on a path away from all the brainwashing our society feeds us.

    I can’t thank you and your devotees for sharing all your insights and experiences, as I too have nobody to share these same experiences with – that would understand and not consider me mad as a hatter. I would like to mail a donation check to you if you could provide an address (email or here) as I don’t do financial stuff on line. I love you all, and yes it is “family” and community and God Bless the Internet!

    • Denise may I reply to Barb? It’s off piste I know but I would like to do it.
      No one person in human form can contain all the requirements for this momentous happening. We each bring to the Whole and each of us is of inestimable value, an intrinsic part of the Whole. It matters not if you don’t see hear or know as we have those among us who do. I feel my way as possibly do others among us. Don’t, please, judge yourself by flawed human egocentric values. You are way beyond that
      Aloneness has been a gift, an amazing gift, for us. We have had the time and space and ‘disconnectedness’ to explore our Inner Self, to wade through the personal ego accumulations. No it hasn’t been easy but can you look back on it and say ‘I llearned so much from that experience?’ Can you imagine doing that in a relationship in human form? Clearing ourselves has been of high priority for this that we have undertaken. We’ve needed to clear ourselves and connect with Our Selves. Since the 11.11.11 I have felt (feeling again) more aligned and expanded and can connect to Self and Divine Cousciousness (or what terminology you feel comfortable with) with a surety I have not felt before. Now we are coming together on line – and that somehow, for me, seems so right. No personal appearance hang ups etc brought to the mix. Just our energies and lots of love.
      I am here, you are here, we are here. We each bring a facet of the diamond to the Whole. We each have polished that facet (albeit unknowingly for me until I started this reply) in our own way that suits our talents. We have come together, we coalesce and our unity creates a breathtakingly beautiful multi-hued, multi-faceted Diamond. That’s the Whole being greater than the sum of its parts.
      Lots of love Barb you are not alone now, non of us is.

      • Thank you Ann; being alone – esp. the last 2 years – has been a blessing, you are right. Denise and all who comment here are like group therapy at its finest. Blessings to all.

  • Dear Denise & All,

    Exciting stuff! I don’t have any sightings of crowns, triple or otherwise. But the timing of the first crown, 11 November 2011 is significant for me. The words “IT IS DONE” came through me then and I said them THREE times (ha! just realized what that might mean). Had no idea WHY I was saying those words or what they meant. “Something” was done on 11 November 2011, maybe by us at Higher levels?

  • On October 24 during a meditation, I was shown a coronet of stars around my crown and forehead. Last night November 13, I had a dream in which I saw a brilliant light shining through my bedroom door. When I went to investigate, there was an even brighter light outside my front door. I looked back at my bedroom door, and saw hanging in two rows a crescent of gleaming silvery shapes, containing what looked like snowdrops or pearls – and there were little white sparkly greetings cards too… It was extremely beautiful!

  • i saw merkaba bright stars reaching me, looked a bit like this one : https://www.google.be/search?q=merkaba&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjx4IOHt9PeAhUF3RoKHQDqDcIQ_AUIEygB&biw=1920&bih=938#imgrc=pLhekF2w8HRW7M:
    ( or the one superman came to earth 😉
    how it looked does not matter i think, the message is just translated through our own imagination.

    the last few days were very intense . if this would be a finishing touch . does anyone know how our lives would be next ? or would it be just te same bud more peaceful for the whole world, slowly growing, bit by bit ??

  • Hmm, This is interesting, It’s 1:11 a.m. right now, can’t sleep, just read your post Denise; I don’t know if this counts but I watched a Netflix movie the day before yesterday about a horse named Secretariat that won the Triple Crown. In my past life in this life I was a secretary, for 30 years. Works for me, I’ll take that as a sign.

  • Denise -AWESOME!! Sooo much has occurred, that day, yesterday, today. However, I MUST add ,in case you’re not familair? That for the ancient Irish, a hgue symbol was the ‘three rays’…. ./I| well, you get the gist of the right slanted ray- lol.. Years ago, I had a dream of me as pure conscios awareness,rapidly descending down watching them come down to a lush,green and blue ‘earht/sky’ and land in some foothills/open meadow on a sunny day/morning….WOWOWOW! So many old stories, but so many eyars since Iwsa into them.. three drops in a witch’s brew..and wisdom…etc.the tree language , etc. etc. Anyway..Most were also part of the Holy Grail Fisher King legends, too. the silver bells or branches of the bards? And the whirling castle off the W /in ocean,the place of the immortals,, etc etc.. I have beenconstantly drawn /compelled every day/night to look at a clock, and all the ‘triple’sequences, be it varioaions on the 1 1 1, 222, 333, 444 and ESP countdowns.. like 4:32. 3;21, or 1221, you get the picture! Literally YOU DO!! Here’s to getting ‘crowned’.. And.. uh,,lol,always C”OsMIC humor – as oflast night, in a painful daze, attempting to use (rarely”) the microwave, only would put out triple numbers.. (I was only wanting to hit 15 second!!! ) The old nursery rhyme went through my head.. Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock.. when the clock struck one, then down he… ??? I got ‘stuck ‘ on the last word!

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